How tall is Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg's Height

6ft ¾ in (184.8 cm)

American actor best known for playing Eric Weiss in TV series Alias, Matt Parkman in Heroes and Sean Blumberg in Felicity. On he said "I'm 6ft 2".

How tall is Greg Grunberg
5ft 8 Rob and Greg (age 42) @ Eclipse 2, 2009

How tall is Greg Grunberg
5ft 8 Rob, Greg, 5ft 8 Jenny @ Eclipse 2, 2009

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Average Guess (80 Votes)
6ft 0.32in (183.7cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Nov/22
Jack Coleman absolutely wrecks Grunberg's claim to 6ft2 in photos. Check them out on his page
Jolapizza 6'0 5/8 said on 9/Oct/22
He looks 6 foot flat
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Oct/22
In the bottom picture, Greg is looking at Rob as if he’s just farted!

Pierre said on 28/Aug/22
I see him around 6"0' here but not above this mark.In the highest pic he stands a little bit closer to the camera than Jenny and Rob that advantages him a little bit imo.
berta said on 30/Oct/21
184 cm
Elene said on 10/Aug/21
Looks anywhere between 6’0.5-6’1,average guess is too low
Alistair Khaled Noufal said on 2/Aug/21
6ft 0.5 might be closer imo
Jason 6'6 said on 26/Jun/21
I can only see him being at 6’1 flat at most
Nik Ashton said on 14/Jun/21
He could be height twins with Zinedine Zidane!
Chris Junior Hernandez said on 10/Jun/21
In Big Ass Spider Greg look as short as flat 180cm standing alone. I guess over shape size pull off negative height than positive. But i trust Rob since he give Greg 6'0.75" then at least more chance he did not went down below 6'0.5"
Nik Ashton said on 28/May/21
Grunberg would grunt at the average guess!
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/May/21
I just saw this dude on Pawn Stars. Obviously not 6'2" but next to 5'9" or so Rick Harrison, 6' to 6' 1/2" looks fair. He's put on a few pounds since his Felicity days. Seems like a bit of an edgy guy.
OriginalAnon said on 30/Apr/21
6' flat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/21
I’m confident he’d measure closer to 6ft1 than 6ft
mark thompson said on 26/Jul/20
more like 6 foot flat, 6’0 1/4 would be generous enough.
Cockstride said on 10/Apr/20
6-2??? Lol. 6-0 more like.
Jkiller said on 21/Mar/20
6'1 1/4th (183.5cm)
Deep Purple said on 20/Jan/20
6'2 with a classic jump from him
TheBat said on 11/Oct/19
6'2" in his dreams. 6'0.75" at the max.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 6/Sep/19
He is more of 5ft 11 3/4 in those pics. Doesnt look as tall as 6ft in those pics due to his weight....
K.A 188 said on 19/Jul/19
He is 188 in his DREAMS....
Just another solid 6footer claiming to be 6ft2.
Nik said on 9/Jun/19
He looks smaller in these photographs!
Nik said on 5/May/19
He is way short of being 6'2"!
'Annonymous' said on 15/Apr/19
Hi Rob! I believe that the list you gave Greg is okay, but I recently sent a lot of Greg's photos and videos next to Amy Lee and she really could look close to 5'4" next to him and I hope that you have noticed their footwear, besides I sent earlier also a lot of other photos of Amy along with other people to justify why I think that 5'3.75" would be a better option for her. Rob, remember that you met Greg in person and seeing Amy next to Greg I wouldn't really guess Amy shortet than 162 cm. I hope you've seen all the photos and videos with Amy I sent. Rob, many women wear high heels and Amy often wears ordinary shoes. Rob, I hope this time you will answer my comment and I really think Amy deserves a 1/4 inch upgrade.
Editor Rob
5ft 3.75 is a possibility, but there's always data I'm accumulating - like say Walken, in King of New York he's with Giancarlo at one point and really I couldn't imagine him over six feet, but then I have still to see earlier stuff...
movieguy12 said on 27/Jan/19
In the back to back photo he looks bigger in comparison to Rob than in the top photo where they stand side to side. In that photo he looks about 5'11''. I doubt he reaches 6'2'' though. Like many guys he thinks or says he is taller than he actually is. I suspect that more than a few people have had a mild shock if they get properly measured at a medical say. They found out they were an inch maybe two shorter than previously believed. Obviously some guys give an accurate measure of their height but in my experience most add on an inch or so.
Andrea said on 7/Dec/18
Hard to believe he's anywhere near 6'1 with Boris here: Click Here
kraj76 said on 2/Sep/18
As someone who is 196 in the morning and 194 in the evening it is hard for me to say I'm 6'5", how do these people just randomly add 2 and 3 whole inches? Don't they get how funny they sound? There is no way this guy is even 6ft. If you are this insecure, at least wear lifts so that you may somehow sound reasonable, this guy may even be less than 5'11".
Editor Rob
He really doesn't look under 6ft in person.
Manu said on 1/Aug/18
6ft 1 to me, with Hugh Laurie he doesn't look so small
Ian555 said on 28/Jun/18
Definitely not 6’2. I would guess 6’0 for this guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/18
Looks 6ft0-0¼ in these photos. But I still think his official height is 6ft0¾(184.8cm)
Zampo said on 6/May/18
This was the first listing I was about to question Rob on however I have read his responses to comments and is open to the idea, he may measure less than the mark listed. Personally, I think the listing is a little generous. I think he would measure anywhere between 6'0.25-6'0.5. Maybe 184 cm on the dot when standing fir a measurement.
MSJC said on 26/Feb/18
He looks a lot like Dom Joly.
DK said on 15/Feb/18
The fact that Heath Ledger, Channing Tatum and Damian Lewis are listed lower than this bloke is mind boggling.
Felipe said on 22/Jan/18
A litle taller than Grant Gustin in Flash.
Anon said on 25/Dec/17
Barely 6'. 6'2''? What is he on? Laughable.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 16/Dec/17
With 6ft2.5 James Valentine Click Here
With 6ft0.25 James Denton Click Here
With 5ft10 Adrian Pasdar Click Here (I think Pasdar has a footwear advantage at this event)

I've tried to guess this guy for a while and he's tricky. Doesn't seem like he likes to stand tall and he is a heavier dude too. Wouldn't put him under 6ft, but he seems closer to that 6ft1.
Editor Rob
he's miles from 6ft 2, but in person I think if standing at his tallest will measure over that 6ft mark.
John said on 6/Dec/17
What is with six footers tacking on an extra two inches? You're tall enough, man. Quit it.
Tim said on 19/Aug/17
6'0.25". No more than that
World Citizen said on 29/May/17
Looks no more than 182 cm to me
Mickey said on 28/May/17
i would guess 184
anthony said on 6/May/17
1.83 is the max for him. he doesn´t exceed that height in my opinion.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/17
Rob, who looked taller Grunberg or Tennant?

I think Greg might look shorter because of his weight
Editor Rob
Tennant in person does appear taller I feel, but Grunberg still has to be somewhere 6ft+ range.
Giorgi said on 1/Feb/17
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 13/Dec/16
"Greg Grunberg's Height is 6ft 0 3/8th in (183.8 cm)"

Rob, you should hire this guy. He knows everybody's height with mm accuracy. :))
Editor Rob
Grunberg is over six foot...the question is how much.
berta said on 7/Jan/17
184-185 is my impression
abcd said on 16/Dec/16
185 is good
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 13/Dec/16
"Greg Grunberg's Height is 6ft 0 3/8th in (183.8 cm)"
josh jeffords said on 23/Oct/16
Didnt watch heroes but I always mistook him for Jon Favreau..
Both claim same height which seems equally off 6 .75 seems geneous.
He does look a strong 5 11 more and very heavy 230 at 5 11.
If he was 6 1 250 carries it well though but I bet Candy would tower over him.
Sam said on 20/Sep/16
He just has a big head so can appear shorter eye level-wise, but if you look at the top of his head I really do think he is a legit 184cm.
Brandon said on 14/Sep/16
I'm not one of the clowns that come one this site just to ignorantly downgrade but honestly he barely looks 6'0". I can give the benefit of the doubt and go 6'0.5" but that's max.
Sam said on 22/Aug/16
He looks 6'0.5 next to Rob and Jenny.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/16
I think he's 184/185cm standing upright. He's deceptively tall…
slothee said on 7/Apr/16
6'0" that's it
abcd said on 15/Feb/16
185 sounds good
IdkAbout6'1" said on 11/Feb/16
He looks 4 inches taller than you max. If you stand about 173cm in these pics I personally don't see him as anything above 183~.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/16
He'd measure 6ft0½(184cm) at his lowest.
Rory said on 19/Nov/15
Rob, when you go with someone's afternoon height what time are you thinking they'd woke up at ? Like 7am ?
Editor Rob
on average somewhere in that range
Rory said on 19/Nov/15
Rob, typically what measurements are you thinking for 6'0.75 guys, like 186.5-187 out of bed and 184.5-185 at night, somewhere within those ranges ?
Editor Rob
184.5-5 range afternoon I'd say, although with Greg, I think he can probably look a 6ft guy to a lot of people, but I think he isn't a guy who looks like he might measure taller than he generally can look.
wartank said on 25/Oct/15
Over 6' cannot be right. Looked 3" shorter than Jack Coleman in various scenes on Heroes. Looks roughly 3" taller than Rob above.
I'd say 5' 11. 5"…or a hair more
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 2/Oct/15
Looks 6 feet even.
Armandy 6'1.5 said on 4/Aug/15
183 cm, no more
Andrea said on 1/Aug/15
I don't know, with you and Jack Coleman it's really hard to believe he'd be near 185! I can believe a smidge over 6', if he stood straight, but 185???
Do you think if he stood straight he would be only 4 cms shorter than Coleman?
Editor Rob
184 is arguable at times, I think he looked over 6ft when at his tallest for sure, 6ft 0.5 or 0.75 I think he could measure near.
Andrea said on 31/Jul/15
Rob, do you really think he'd measure 185? He looks maybe 182 range with you? He can look 2.5 inches shorter than Jack Coleman (in some pictures he can actually look close to 3 inches shorter), so it's hard to believe he's really near 185 at times, let alone his 6'2 claim!
Editor Rob
he walks under 6ft and over 6ft when standing at his tallest. Generally I think he can look just a 6ft guy, but would measure over it
Triplescrew said on 30/Jul/15
I can't see more than a strong 5'11" for him.
rocky said on 12/Apr/15
does anyone know what kind of jacket he is wearing?
Hypado said on 21/Feb/15
Greg Grunberg height: 6ft 0.75in (185 cm)

A strong 184 cm guy and a weak 185 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/15
Rob, is it possible that he might measure 186-187cm out of bed and rounded that up to 6ft2?
Editor Rob
he could be in that range straight out, but I think he's probably just rounding a shoe height.
Dmeyer said on 24/Nov/14
Aleast 250-60
Chris said on 4/Oct/14
Is his head longer than yours, Rob? 10 inches?
Editor Rob
in the top shop it's closer than in the bottom shot which is more level, so I'd say in the 9.5-10 zone is possible, somewhere in between that range.
Brooke 186cm - 187cm said on 7/Aug/14
HAHA. 6'0 (183cm) . 184 cm with " big head " .
5'8.5'' guy said on 24/May/14
nope. hes a weak 6 foot.
person said on 25/Apr/14
@Mark Yeah I did haha
No Surprises said on 25/Apr/14
haha I thought it was Dom Joly too! Probably a similar height to Joly as well.
Hypado said on 6/Apr/14
6ft 0.5in (184 cm)
Mark said on 1/Apr/14
Who else clicked on this pic and thought it was Dom Jolly?
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 6/Oct/13
Kind of looks 5ft 11 range here but he looks like he could drop quite a bit of height with posture, maybe he could be 184 or 185 if stretched out
Jack said on 29/Sep/13
He has a really big head
Lucas said on 29/Aug/13
6'0,5 is right for me!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jul/13
@Maximus: an out of shape 230lbs.

6ft0.5-0.75 range is spot on. Near 6ft1 but not quite.
PepsiCola said on 27/Jul/13
No way 6'2 ! , 6'1 is spot on.
Tim said on 15/Jun/13
Looks like 1.82 m to me
Johno said on 8/May/13
About 5'11.75
Aragorn 5'11 said on 15/Jan/13
Definitely 6'0.75 if not 6'1!
Maximus Meridius said on 10/Jan/13
Rob how much would say this guy weighs he looks about 230 range he is a big guy he is not someone you want too mess with.
PLB said on 13/Nov/12
I'm actually looking for Greg Gutfeld. But he's not here. I was reading a blog with a controversy about his height. I said to myself - Wait, I know just the place to look - Celebrity Heights. But he's not here
Lo sgozzatore said on 3/Nov/12
Rob, you really think this is only 1.5 inches difference?
Click Here Click Here It seems more! Maybe Grunberg doesnt stands straight and loose one inch? mmm
Larc-186.7-188.6cm said on 27/Oct/12
He has a very low eyelevel for his height, seems to be 5'6 range instead of 5'8, but has a longer head, he's definitely 6'0.75 with decent posture.
But I still can't see a full 6'1 like Zachary Quinto.

He's not that far from Jack Coleman.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Aug/12
Jack Coleman - 6ft2.25/189cm (rounds down by 0.25in)
Greg Grunberg - 6ft0.75/185cm (about 187cm in shoes)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Aug/12
Near 6ft2 in shoes.
Andy 5'11 said on 5/Aug/12
he is 6'1 trust me, i was stocky before and i did look shorter
ChiasmataX said on 20/Dec/11
I see him as the same height as the dude from height challenge # 10 during the day and slipping near 183cm at night. His weight certainly made him looked taller in this picture.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 17/Dec/11
doesnt look a legit 6'1... Rob, is it possible he's just 6'0.5?
Editor Rob
I think his weight can certainly make him look 184 range, but he might standing tall measure near 6ft 1
Silent d said on 17/Nov/11
6 foot 1. Same as alex o'loughlin.
Joe said on 17/Nov/11
i reckon he could be about 184cm. 6'2 is unrealistic. his head is HUGE!
LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
maybe in pics he did't stand tall. i beleive 6'1 in person but not here.
goal height 183cm 6'0 said on 28/Oct/11
exactly 183.XX

184cm at most
Tyler said on 9/Oct/11
I'm not seeing a 5 inch difference between you and him, more like 3 or 4. He looks 5'11" here.
Sean73 said on 9/Oct/11
His ego makes him 6-4!
jeremy said on 1/Oct/11
his eye level isn't even your hairline rob 5ft11
Dmeyer said on 3/Sep/11
To me this Guy is solid 6'1 and it prooves pics are not accurate hé looks mush taller than 5'11 plus vartan
5'10 guy said on 31/Jul/11
6'1 all the way I know this guy from felicity and wondering the actor who played his friend Noah height is
Josh B said on 21/Jul/11
I find it hard to believe you can definitely decide to within 1cm what his height is. Dmeyer was merely saying that he CAN look it, not that he IS it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/11
He's not 186cm, Dmeyer.
Dmeyer said on 26/Jun/11
CAN look 186 cm on alias
Lenad said on 11/Jun/11
the top of Robs head is level with Gregs eyes. 4-4.5 inches. solid 184cm is my estimate
James said on 10/Jun/11
looks shorter in pics probably cause he is heavy.
Josh said on 10/Jun/11
More like 6'0
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jun/11
Looks a solid 5ft11 in the bottom right and a solid 6th on the left.

I think 184-185cm is his range
James said on 22/May/11
i think 6'0.5 (184cm) is bang on the money for Greg
GABRIEL 175 CM said on 13/May/11
huge head, let's say 6'0.5 = 184 afternoon height
Josh B said on 10/May/11
Hahaha, put him next to his Heroes co-star Jack Coleman who is a very strong 6ft 2in, make him eat his words :P
James said on 1/May/11
Looks 183cm in the bottom left pic although he is twisting his head.

in the top pic maybe 185cm if he stood up straight?
Godred said on 30/Apr/11
Clearly not 6`2, doesn`t even look 6`1 - maybe in shoes, he looks more around the 6 foot mark to me, but certainly not 6`2.
James said on 29/Apr/11
he could probably whup keanu reeves butt in a fight though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Apr/11
6"1.5 is in shoes, Dmeyer

184cm(6"0.5) or maybe we could push that up to 6"0.75. But honestly he can look shorter than 6"0
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/11
lol yeah he definitely looks like a chubby version of Neo...he's also similiar in height to Reeves

Dmeyer thinks he's at least 6"1 and he along with Rob and Mr.R is one of the contributors that
meet celebs and who's estimates are taken seriously...I don't know what to think. He certainly is not looking 6"1 let alone 6"2 in these pictures
dmeyer said on 27/Apr/11
on screen oftenly looks 6 ft 1.5
James said on 26/Apr/11
Lenad is sexy says on 26/Apr/11
Looks more 6'0-ish. I'd give him 184cm max. He's pretty solid though i sure as hell dont want to fight him

Yeah he looks strong but i a friend who is similar height as greg (6ft) and weighs 224 lbs and he could probably beat up greg.

on a side note dosen't he look like a spitting image of keanu reeves but heavier????
Lenad said on 26/Apr/11
Looks more 6'0-ish. I'd give him 184cm max. He's pretty solid though i sure as hell dont want to fight him
dmeyer said on 17/Apr/11
in pics he looks 6 ft but he is 6 ft 1 like i am about 5 ft 11.5 and look about 6 ft 1 in^pics
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Apr/11
184-185cm max
Aaron said on 4/Apr/11
6' even, and for those of you saying he has a big head, fatness really does give you that illusion... it makes your whole face bigger.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/11
Could be 184cm
James said on 14/Mar/11
yeah clearly not 6'2
anon said on 8/Mar/11
Why would he even claim he is 6'2'' when he is clearly a couple of inches shorter? Talk about being self concious...
James said on 22/Feb/11
He looks 182cm leaning forward inthe top pic. in the bottom left pic he looks no more than 183 with rob but maybe he ain't standing properly?

I agree though he's a 6'1 guy that probably looks 6ft a lot.
Mathew said on 17/Feb/11
I think he's 6'1".
dmeyer said on 8/Feb/11
rob did you notice in alias he looks easy 2 in taller than 5 ft 11.5 vartan on screen he is an imposing guy no less than 6 ft 1
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/11
5ft11.5-6ft what are to thinking rob he is clearly not 6ft1. If he was his eye level would be around 5ft8.5 and it's clearly not.

Editor Rob
I think he can walk around like a 6ft guy, but he could measure near 6ft 1.
James said on 30/Jan/11
He looks 183-184cm in the bottom left pic.
5'7.56 said on 22/Jan/11
Greg is 6', he can appear a bit shorter but this guy has a big head alright.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/11
6"0.25-6"0.5 barefoot

In shoes he'd probably be in the 6"1 zone like 186-187cm
James said on 17/Jan/11
6'2 in shoes maybe
short man syndrome said on 1/Jan/11
definitely not the 6'2 he claims, but still tall.
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/10
Barely 6 foot. If this guy was really 6'1" then I could easily claim 6'2".. I am 6 feet even and I look taller than this with 5'8" people.
James said on 30/Nov/10
Maybe its his posture but he looks 184cm with rob. maybe 185cm if he stood properly? he's heavy as well and that can make you look shorter.

I think though he could be 6ft.75. Defenintly dips under 185cm at night.
RampageClover said on 29/Nov/10
lolo said on 24/Nov/10
thats 6' tops
6'1 if he has no shoes
Matt said on 9/Nov/10
From the first picture I used robs height comparison thing and it actually brings him to only 182.5cm! or 5ft11.75
Hugh 191cm said on 7/Jul/09
It's weird cause the older comments are all arguing for him to be 6ft2!
Barry Langcaster said on 23/Jun/09
I highly doubt his 6'2 claim also does not look 6'1, I would say from these photos 5'11 to 6'.5 no more. He either figures he is 6'2 or is lying about his height.
sprint84 said on 9/Jun/09
Looks 5'11" in the top photo. Accounting for slouch, he is probably a fraction over 6'. 6'2" in shoes maybe.
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Jun/09
Downgrade to 184cm. But I wouldn't go lower than that.
Lenad said on 31/May/09
A solid 6ft0 183-184cm looks right
Lenad said on 28/May/09
6ft2 in his dreams
18and5'8'' said on 28/May/09
hhmmm, this guy is taller than i first thought...i thought he was 5'9''-5'10''
Ian said on 27/May/09
Sorry doesn't look 5 inches taller than 5ft8 Rob. He looks 4" taller. 6ft1 would be his morning height but here looks 6ft and in the bottom picuers looks 5ft 11. How he can claim 6ft2 I just don't know how he can unless he means with shoes.
Anonymous said on 26/May/09
he looks 6'0, eh 6'0.5 because robs a strong 5'8
i guarentee he isnt a millimeter over 6'1 in the morning
6'1 is his MH
Roger said on 24/May/09
Rob, will you correct the typo in the headline ("I met hime...").

Anonymous said on 24/May/09
He looks more than an inch shorter than 6'1 Leonard Roberts Click Here who btw looks 6'0.5 with Rob Click Here
bam said on 23/May/09
i do find myself scratching my head about why tall guys boost their height claims. However, he doesn't look over 6'1, robs listing is spot on.
James said on 23/May/09
He's a short looking 6'1 guy, defnintly not over the 6'1 mark. Then again I have a 6'2 friend who can look 6'1 because of how heavy he is.
Ali said on 22/May/09
Looks 6 foot
Jon said on 21/May/09
this guy is hard to nail down, even in those 3 pics above. the top pic, id say about 6'0.5 to 6'0.75. Back to back foto, maybe 6'1 seein as hes nt actually standing straight, and the last 1 probably 6'0 or 6'0.5. gd pics though :)
Anonymous said on 21/May/09
Seriously Rob? He looks 5'11, but you are saying that he could gain another 2 inches by stretching out?

Editor Rob
I think he looks near 182cm but would add a good 2cm more with posture.
Lmeister said on 21/May/09
Nice pics Rob :)
Brah said on 21/May/09
Rob, did he recognize you from the 2007 meeting?

Editor Rob
nah. He did find it a little amusing what I wanted us to hold up though, it was an in-joke for Jenny.
wtf said on 20/May/09
el toppo said on 20/May/09
I agree. Here he does look about 5 foot 11. But in Hollow Man he looked a lot taller than 6 foot. I suppose it all comes down to how well you can sell it.
Derek said on 20/May/09
He doesn't look anything over 6'0" with Rob. Even with a large head, 6'1" would be the absolute most.
James said on 20/May/09
He's looks kinda like a heavier version of Keanu Reeves.
James said on 20/May/09
182cm with a slouch in the top pic, 6ft with poor posture in the bottom left pic and in the bottom right pic 5'11 flat. ALthough I woudlen't rule out a weak 6'1 like 6'0.75. Rob do you think 6'0.75 could be closer to the mark?

Editor Rob
I think he's near 6ft 1 when standing with his best posture. I was watching him with people in photos, sometimes he done it, but a lot of time he wasn't standing tall.

hence why I said do a back to back to try to get a better photo.
rob89 said on 20/May/09
Looks 6' tops. More 5'11 actually.

Editor Rob
I think because of his weight, he carries himself shorter at times, I seen him look 5ft 11 with a slouch, but noway that short.

This guy isn't shorter than someone like Alex.
Anonymous said on 20/May/09
Steve, the point of the site is to get an accurate (to the extent it's possible) measure of celebrities' heights, not an arbitrary number.

Self-reported is, well, self-reported.
Anonymous said on 20/May/09
He has exactly 3 inches on Rob.
Looks 5'11/5'11.25.
Steve said on 20/May/09
No offense to anyone here, but I think it's just a tad disrespectful to put someone shorter than what they tell you they are. I doubt he's 6'2", but, you know.

Editor Rob
If they have said a height and I've found it I always mention the quote. You can believe the celebrity.

I'm just giving my own guess!
miko said on 20/May/09
Maybe not quite a full 6"1.
bam said on 20/May/09
rob you grew!
Alex said on 20/May/09
He def doesn't look 6'2. 6'1 perhaps but I could go as low as 6'0 1/2 for him. Yet you have guys like Jack Coleman who is listed at 6'2.5 looks a lot more taller next to Rob than this guy does too.
_-_-_-Hugh-_-_-_/ said on 5/Mar/09
DOes look close to 6ft2. 186/187cm zone perhaps?
George said on 26/Jan/09
Looks around 6'1, probably just adding an inch because 6'2 seems to be "officially tall" in the celeb world.
dmeyer said on 1/Nov/08
when he stands tall true 6 ft 1er
dmeyer said on 6/Jul/08
somenone that is over 6 ft i likey to not lie about height to me he seems more6 ft 1.5 than 6 ft 1 flat he looks 2.5 in taller than 5 ft 11.75 vartan considering vartan could be 181 ad that greg had a bit more footwear it steels rings him to a bit over 6 ft 1 i thing greg is aleast 6 ft 1.25 and likely 6 ft 1.5 but if he claims 6 ft 2 and yu lidt him 6 ft 1 there must be a reason
dmeyer said on 29/Jun/08
looks 6 ft 1 on alias might be 6 ft 2 morining
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/08
that height looks right
Monique said on 4/Feb/08
read all about Greg at the heroes strike at Click Here
Adam Brennon said on 4/Feb/08
Looked a regular big fellow in 'Hollow Man': not huge.
chris175 said on 28/Jan/08
yeah i thought that myself Anonymous, but i think chino might be shorter than this guy maybe 5-10 or so, glenn have you ever met chino moreno, the lead singer of the deftones? it would be cool to know what height he is cos my brother met him in belfast and said he wasnt that tall, my brother is 5-8 and thats whats making me think about 5-10 or so for chino
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/08
Does anybody else think that this man looks like the lead singer from the Deftones, Chino Moreno. They're about the same height and build aswell.
Socom said on 8/Dec/07
Larger head = more height. I say 6 ft even
Erik22224 said on 8/Dec/07
Wow looks 6'0 to me i think he maybe pullin tricks on yeah to act taller
Anthony said on 8/Dec/07
Greg is not under 6'1. I'd bet my house on it. For the HRG thing, Coleman almost always has a footwear advantage.
brother_h said on 8/Dec/07
bloody hell hes got the biggest head ive ever seen.
6ft would be my guess.
Evanna said on 7/Dec/07
Cool pic Rob, Grunberg rocks!
Brah said on 6/Dec/07
Rob, you have a link to the Heroes Season 1 DVD at the top of the page. Expanding the ad revenue, eh?

Editor Rob
expanding fanbase, its a good show, well first season was. Not seen any of season 2 yet...
leonari said on 6/Dec/07
he ain't 6'2. pretty sure of that.
ACG said on 5/Dec/07
i've actually been in contact with Mark Riccardi, Grunberg's stuntman on the show. Riccardi also doubled for Travolta in Face/Off and Broken Arrow. Anyhow, after looking at several pics of Riccardi with Grunberg and then Riccardi with Travolta, I can determine that they are all about the same height(as you'd probably expect). Riccardi lists himself as 6' even on his official site, btw. and here is the pic: Click Here

it's kind of hard to judge because greg is hunched way over so mark looks taller, but if greg straightened out, i'd doubt he'd have mark by more than an inch.

you can see more pics of riccardi compared with other actors @ Click Here
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/07
Great actor on HEROES! He was on an NBC special a few months ago about new shows on the network and appeared a little shorter than the star of the show "CHUCK". Anyway, doesn't matter. The guy's a great actor and seems friendly to his fans!
mofo said on 5/Dec/07
Now now mr robert what does the blanked out writing say!
I'd give the gregster 6ft theres a scene with HRG and he looks 2 inches taller and he 6ft2!

Editor Rob
he does carry himself like a 6ft guy but I questioned his posture, I was standin there talkin to him just before he was going for lunch as every other person was getting a pic when he was sat in his chair. The picture was for a friend, sorry, hence I had to blank that message ;) Greg laughed though...

hrg is more 189cm though...
6' said on 5/Dec/07
People think this guy is almost 6'2 yet Jensen Ackles who I think is pushing 6'1 gets billed by many as 5'11.5....?
Anthony said on 5/Dec/07
Greg is awesome. Great pic, Rob.
Danius said on 5/Dec/07
was listed at 6'2, then 6'1.5, now 6'1? This guy's huge head throws his height off, I think if he stood up straight he'd have Rob by 4-5 inches, be generous and give him the 6'1.5, 6'2 is debatable.
Lynn said on 5/Dec/07
He is slouching a lot. Is a tall man, 6'1" minimum
ted T said on 5/Dec/07
I would say 6ft.He looks like that in this pic.
Big-T said on 18/Nov/07
Click Here

could be 7/8 inches above 5'6" Masi Oka
Anthony said on 2/Sep/07
This guy's heavy build and tendency to slouch threw me off honestly. I initially pegged him at 5'9.
Sean T said on 23/Jan/07
Michael Vartan is closer to 5'11", Greg was the tallest on Alias and looks to have at least an inch over Carl Lumbley and Victor Garber.. (both about 6'1"). My guess is closer to 6'1.75"..
Elisabeth Grace said on 22/Apr/05
He looks around 6'2" when standing next to 6'0" Michael Vartan

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