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5ft 9.02in (175.3cm)
Anonymous said on 17/Apr/07
I still have to say that if cameron is 5'8 as listed here, she should be 5'8 too. Look at her next to Cameron Diaz. Not taller than half an inch next to her. And they both are know for using very high heels.

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talker said on 14/Apr/07
Gwyneth is a tall girl,5'9" sounds right, check this page with J.Garner who says she is 5'8" and probably is(listed so here).Gwyneth looks 3"taller,probably wore higher heels there.But taller anyway.
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jan said on 7/Feb/07
well i think she's 5 foot her films she looks mega big...sorry, but she really does. Hahaha.
timber said on 14/Jan/07
ria, that was me on 5/Dec/06, and i was referring to Helena Christiansen being listed at 177cm on her website, not Gwyneth. Gwyneth is clearly shorter than Helena.
ria said on 14/Jan/07
hello anonymous2???? 5'7 is 170 cm NOT 177 so she is clearly more that 5'7. i go with 5'9!
anonymous2 said on 5/Dec/06
actually, Christiansen's own website has her at 177 cm, so still only 5'7 for Paltrow.
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/06
same height at Diaz. 5'7-8"
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/06
Helena Christiansen is listed at 5'9" and she is about 1.5 to 2 inches taller here:
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Gwynnie is 5'7"
dmeyer said on 17/Oct/06
she is like 5'9 so 6 to 6'0.5 in heels so look like a 5'11.5 guy when is in heels
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/06
Just food for thouht. Would someone 5'9" really wear these 4 to 5 inch heels doing every day shopping etc. I am 5'8" and I wear flats to formal occasions because heels make me so tall. I really think it's safe to say that by pics and her taste for huge heels, she is not over 5'7.
Chris said on 3/Oct/06
She's 5'8-5'9 without heels. Just like Mandy Moore.
anonymous2 said on 22/Sep/06
I think they may both be 5'7, actually. There is some debate as to whether Bening is truly 5'8. Gwyneth is wearing killer heels in that pic, giving her perhaps 4 inches over Bening, who may be wearing more modest heels, giving her only 2 inches.
Coffeecakes said on 22/Sep/06
There are pics of her being presented with an award by Annette Benning who is listed here as 5'8. Now in these pics, Gwyneth looks taller by at least an inch and a half.
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Chris said on 18/Sep/06
Did not realise thoose were 4 inch heels
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/06
Those are bad pics, Chris. At the premier pics shown with Gyllenhaal she was in 4" Christian Louboutin heels. In that picture it just looks like flats for some reason. And in the other pics you can't see any feel or posture. In all other pics here she is 5'8" at the absolute Max.
Chris said on 18/Sep/06
She is wearing flat shoes. Click Here

Gyllenhall has a bad posture but Palrow looks tall.Click Here

Click Here

Next to 6'1'' Chris Martin Click Here

I always seen her as 5'10'' and I think she is close to that height.
Brad said on 17/Sep/06
She wears boots with big heels a lot. Hard to judge her.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/06
Michael Stipe is 5'8" and she's in huge heels. Again, Paltrow is a hot 5'7" at best. (Most people say Stipe is actually 5'7" anyway).
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Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
in normal heels, just at lenny kravitz height, 5'8.5".
She's 5'6.5".
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/06
She does look the exact same height as Elizabeth Hurley and I just watched Austin Powers and she is Mike Myers height in three inch heels. Hurley appears closer to 5'5" and Paltrow 5'6.5" tops.
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/06
She really does appear closer to 5'6.5" than 5'8".
anonymous2 said on 4/Sep/06
Paltrow and 5'5.5" Preston do appear very similar in height there in that pic tho. Paltrow could be 5'7 or even 5'6.5.
dmeyer said on 4/Sep/06
she looks 6 feet 1 in heels near affleck she cant be under 5 9
Coffeecakes said on 3/Sep/06
I don't know, to be honest none of those pics convince me of her being as short as 5'7. In all of those pics, you can't see the shoes clearly and she appears to not be standing straight. Gwyneth has terrible posture and NEVER stands straight. She is at least IMO 5'8 1/2.

Her heel:
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Standing next to Ben:
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Anonymous said on 16/Aug/06
Same height as 5-6 Stefani:Click Here
Brad said on 15/Aug/06
5' 7" and that's the fact jack.
Karen said on 9/Aug/06
It does seem tht she that she should be downgraded to 5'7 1/2 for now.
Anonymous said on 8/Aug/06
Gwyneth paltrow and 5'5.5" Kelly Preston wearing the exact same shoes:
She is 5'6.5" MAX!!
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A shot of the shoes: Click Here
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/06
More evidence that Paltrow is 5'7"
Here she is with A GUY LISTED AT 6'1"-6'2" (AND HER SANDLES HAVE A 2-3 INCH HEEL)
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Anonymous said on 26/Jul/06
She is one inch taller than Hurley (or same height): 5'7" probably.
John G said on 17/Jul/06
Man I was fooled, I thought she was 5'9" she towered over Jack Black. I thought Jack Black is 5'5" wow I quess heels make a difference. She so tall when she was going out with Ben Affleck who is 6'2" right? and she was wearing flat tennis shoes. When she with Blythe Danner her mother is 5'7" she towers over her.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/06
Paltrow is under Andre 3000's 5'10" in heels. She is 5'7".
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Anonymous said on 29/Jun/06
She is way shorter than Gyllenhaal too.
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Anonymous said on 28/Jun/06
With Toni Collettt, 5'6"
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Anonymous said on 28/Jun/06
Again, with Jack Black and one link with example of footwear:
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Anonymous said on 28/Jun/06
Here she is with Jack Black. She is in 2.5 inch platforms and I think without them they would be the same height
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Anonymous said on 26/Jun/06
If she were 5'9" this would be the height difference WITHOUT heels. She is 5'7" at a maximum.
mm said on 18/Jun/06
I think that Gwyneth's height is one that has been exaggerated for a while, and after looking at a lot of these pictures, I would put her at 5'6 and 1/2, especially after comparing her to Chris Martin, who is 6'1 and 1/2.
Frank2 said on 11/Jun/06
Mark is about 5'9". Here he is with 5'5" Al Pacino: Click Here
anon said on 10/Jun/06
Minnie Driver isn't 5'10. And if she were that would make Paltrow 6 foot. She's not that big.
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/06
I just watched view from the top and she is the exact same height as Mark Ruffalo. So how tall is he?
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/06
How can you have her at 5'9" when she is just at Michael Douglas' height in big heels. She is 5'7".
A said on 2/Jun/06
Gwyneth looks 1-2' taller than 5'10" Minner Driver here: Click Here

If Gwyneth is only 5'7", she'd have to be wearing 5-6" heels even if Minnie is wearing normal 1" shoes. I just find that really unlikely
Anonymous said on 3/May/06
Anon: that is an excellent find! She is most certainly NOT 5'9". I'd say 5'7" fits just right.
anon said on 26/Apr/06
Click Here

Sorry if the above address doesn't work. Anyway, it's from photobucket and it's Gwyneth standing shoulder to shoulder with Michael Stipes, who in a radio interview said he is 5 foot 9 1/2 on a good day. Gwyenth is wearing heeled shoes, but it is difficult to tell how high:
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Anonymous said on 25/Apr/06
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She is quite clearly not near 5'9" I think 5'7" is a maximum here.
Coffeecakes said on 23/Apr/06
Yup it was Barrymoore, I just took a quick glimpse before I typed my comment.
Coffeecakes said on 23/Apr/06
Just one more pic. With Heather Graham and Madonna.

Click Here

[Editor Rob: barrymore I think?]
Coffeecakes said on 23/Apr/06
Here is another pic with Ben Affleck. As you can see, it's obvious that she has a slight slouch.

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Coffeecakes said on 23/Apr/06
What I am wondering is why people keep posting pics where the people are not standing right next to each other? Most of the pics, I see one person practically behind Gwyneth and vice versa.
I really believe that she is minimum 5'9. I have never seen anything that proves otherwise.
kampioen said on 17/Apr/06
Some other proff for Gwyneth's height:
Gwyneth with Ellen (171 cm) -> Click Here
And another one with Ellen:
Click Here
One with Oprah (169 cm)
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Height Detective said on 16/Apr/06
Check this photo Click Here
Martin - Paltrow
absent said on 16/Apr/06
In Sylvia she looks same height as Daniel Craig.
kampioen said on 11/Apr/06
Here's Gwyneth with Prince Charles: and taller than him.
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Anonymous said on 4/Apr/06
No one over 5'* can wear the 5 inch Balanciagas that she wore to the Golden Globes and look only 2 inches taller than 5'8" Anthony Hopkins. It is totally off that she is over 5'8'.
raj said on 3/Apr/06
can anyone post the pic of her with Pitt both barefoot on a beach? they look same paltrow should be around 6 feet!

she does and hour and a half of ashtanga yoga everyday 6 days a week so she probably increased her height an inch or so due to better posture and the good stretch.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/06
Perhaps at some angle she could be taller in her 4 inch heels but that still leaves her below 5'8".
Gonzalo said on 31/Mar/06
Shorter than Leno? Am I dreaming or she looks taller? At least that`s what I see in that pic
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/06
Nope. She's 3 to four inches shorter than Leno. Indisputable. She's 5'7.5". Tops.
kampioen said on 27/Mar/06
I closely watched Famke Janssen and John Hannah in 'Circus'.Famke is almost 1,5 inches taller than Hannah, who in Sliding Doors is the same height as Paltrow. That makes Paltrow 5,9.5 or 5.10 (in case Janssen is 6.0).
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/06
It makes no sense that she is at 5'9" here when she is 4 inches shorter (at least three) than Jay Leno (who you have at 5'11" but most believe to be 5'10" tops).
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Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
I stood nect to her all during an Arcade Fire set at ACL and we were both in sandals and she is 5'6", bottom line. Check her out in Anniversary Party with Michael Panes, she is his height and he is 5'5".
anonym said on 21/Mar/06
there is here too much people say, that all celebrities must be shorter than real. i think, it is not real. Forexample, Gwyneth. i stood next to her in Los Angeles, and she was really 6'2 with her heels. She is 5'10 real life, it is true!
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
It is weird that she is 3 inches shorter than Anna Malova, 5'10"
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/06
She doesn't need a downgrade. Rob is right about her being 5'9". Here she is with 5'6.5" Beyonce. She looks 2-2.5" taller than her.
Click Here

[Editor Rob: sorry, all the beyonce world pics don't work]
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/06
Next to 5'2" Sheryl Crow, 5'9" just doesn't hold up. Looks like it's really time for a 5'7'-8" downgrade. And Madonna is in for her 5'2" downgrade. Good finds with sheryl crow, actually. She is photographed with a lot of people and we all know she's 5'2" or under.
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/06
I think the anthony hopkins pics are all too telling. It just seems way too off to have her at 5'9" when it is clear she is a bit shorter than him. Like, very clear and hard to argue. Even if we pretend he's 5'9", she is still just at 5'8". I think there is no argument agaist downgrading to 5'8" at least.
kampioen said on 26/Feb/06
At the end of the movie Sliding doors they are in the elevator, where you can see their shoes are the same. They are the same height then.
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/06
at what point are Hannah and Paltrow wearing the dame heels? Weird. Actualy, in the restaurant scene when she looks his height or taller, she is wearing 3 inch stacked heels. He is also only about 5'10". So, she is still about 5'7" or 8".
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/06
This is all slightly off. Gwyneth Paltrow is 5'7" in real life. I take Yoga at the Equinox gym where she takes yoga time to time. She is not at all 5'9". Actually, she an d Tyra Banks have both been in and Tyra is clearly 5'10" and Gwyn is clearly 5'7".
kampioen said on 20/Feb/06
Closely watched Sliding doors. Gwyneth is (with 1,5 inch heels, taller than john Hannah. When the have the same heels (in the elevator) they are the same height. So truely she must be 176-177 cm.
berry said on 3/Feb/06
Paltrow and Northam photos from Emma:
The only problem is who knows what Jeremy Northam's height is? He's listed as 6'2 but I don't buy it. Look at this photo of him next to 5'7-8? Cate Blanchett:
If you go to gettyimages there are at least two still from the Golden Bowl and he looks shorter than Uma Thurman. Don't know what kind of shoes Uma wore.Also some photos of him with Nicole Kidman, but the angles are terrible for estimating relative heights.
I would put him somewhere around 6 feet.
This is getting to be a headache. I still think there's nothing conclusive that puts Paltrow at 5'9-10. I'm still inclined to go with 5'7-8 range, and those who have seen her seem to put her there too. Anyone else out there have first hand knowledge of Paltrow's height?
As for the GGlobes, she was wearing those 4 inchers, again!, and Hopkins is a shortish man, and he always looks so, that is, I really don't think he does the lift thing.
Lara said on 3/Feb/06
By the way... you guys never heard of a short man wearing 2-3 inch inserts in his shoes? I assure you it's pretty common, and I'd say it's even more common in the acting world. It's far more likely that Hopkins is wearing inserts.
Lara said on 3/Feb/06
You've only got to watch her in 'Emma' with Jeremy Northam. Plenty of very clear shots in it, including feet. She looks, at the absolute maximum, only 2.5 inches shorter than Northam, which would put her at the very least at 5'10". She's clearly a tall chick.
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/06
Wow. The Golden Globes were very very telling. Take her shoes off and she is an inch plus shorter than Hopkins. You kind of have to downgrade this one. 5'7.75"
Serene said on 25/Jan/06
She is tall but below 5'10.. I suppose.. she is slim and pretty.. which makes her more noticable in height as 5'10..but she is not 5'10"..
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
no way she near 5-10....if you seen shallow hal ...even in high-shoes ..she's only about 3 to 4 inches taller than 5-6.5" jack black in every scene
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
Hmm, take a look: This is irrefuatble evidence to the fact that she is 5'7".
Anthony Hopkins 5'8" (or 5'7.5"), plus the 2-3 inches taller minus the four inch heels, leaves her at 5'7 or 8".
Please, downgrade.
Great shot of the 4" (yet FABULOUS!) shoes:
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
Watched Golden Globes last night and she is only an inch and a half taller than Hopkins when she has 4 inch heels on. Set him at 5'8" in dress shoes, she is 5'10.5 in heels and 5'7" in real life. Take a look at the photos and go ahead and downgrade. it's really nexessary, in relation to Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Angelina Jolie and all the other stars she is seen next to.

[Editor Rob: Hopkins is a funny one...Mr R agreed he was a legit 5ft 8 range, 174 might not be that far from the truth...I mean beside Glenn he looks legit 174 range, although as I mentioned on his page his CV does claim he was 5ft 10 in his 'youth'.]
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/06
I would just set it at 5'8.5", although I believe she's shorter.
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/06
I really do think this link is very telling. She can't be 5'9" flat foot. Looks very 5'7".
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/06
Interesting: Liv in flat sandals, and Kate and Gwyn in same shoes. How tall is Kate, 5'5"? 5'6"?
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/06
Blythe Danner by 5'8" DeNiro. She comes to about 5'5" (taking the heels height off). Gwyneth has said herself that she is 1.5" taller than her mom (on the View). That leaves the max, 5'8".
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/06
I would check her out on pages 40-42 on It quite clearly shows her at better camber with Chris and at an airport. She comes in around 5'7.5".
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/06
No, way. She is at the top of the hill, coming down behind him. He is 5'11", she is raised up in that picture to 5'8". She looks, if you even out the Camber to be 5'7.5".
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
By the way, GP is not 1.5" taller than Roberts. Same. And Roberts is only 5'6" maximium. This is too talll for GP. Though her beauty is equal to 8 feet tall if that's what it takes. I stood by her at a Coldplay show too. She is 5'7".
Cassie said on 30/Dec/05
If Kirsten Dunst is 5' 5.5", then Julia Roberts is 5' 6.5" and GP is 5' 8".
LAAnonyme said on 20/Dec/05
Pretty sure Miss Gwyneth is at a maximum 5'8.5" - sometimes she looks shorter than this due to slouchy posture.
Britpop said on 15/Dec/05
No way, Julia Roberts has been outed by too many sources that she is really 5'6".
nj said on 14/Dec/05
I think Julia is closer to 5'7" or 5'8", making GP 5'8" or 5'9". I also think Jay is closer to 6'.
Britpop said on 14/Dec/05
i just found this pic of her and Mary Wiggmore:
Isn't Mary 5'5" or something?
Z. said on 14/Dec/05
She's not much taller than Leno in 4" heels. He is 5'10", minus 4", she is most likely 5'7".
Z. said on 14/Dec/05
Julia Roberts (who's truly 5'6")and Gwyneth:
Z. said on 14/Dec/05
Did anyone here watch her on Ellen. Hello, they were same height. If anything, Gwyn had an inch, making her 5'8. 5'9" is outlandish, I'm sorry.
Z. said on 14/Dec/05
BRITPOP IS on to it. Those pictures are perfect. I agree that she can't be over 5'8".
said on 14/Dec/05
177cm is crazy. I think she is at 174 only. She just couldn't be taller.
dmeyer said on 14/Dec/05
hey rob 177 cm is possible
Grus Grus said on 14/Dec/05
Gwyneth towered over other tall lady, Julia Roberts:

Not much taller than 173 cm Julia, +3cm perhaps correct?:
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
In heels, still considerably shorter than 6'1 Affleck.
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
Again, not that much taller than Roberto Benigni, in heels. She really is coming out to 5'7" the more I look around.
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
This is what Gwyn is good at. She is 5'7", in 3.5 inch heels (she wears the biggest shoes, always) stands next to a 5'5". actress in flats. She appears 6 inches taller when reall, whe is only maybe 2" taller.
Britpop said on 13/Dec/05
That pic with Kim Basinger, she is in flats and she is closer to 5'5" in real life. Check her out next to Robin Williams at an event, with her in heels.
Britpop said on 7/Dec/05
Here it is:
cc said on 5/Dec/05
Do you have a link for that picture with Elle Mcpherson?
BritPop said on 30/Nov/05
She is 5'7.5". Everyone kows that, silly. Almost 5'10" is absurd. Check her out on Gett with Elle McPherson in flip flops. Gwyn matches her 5'11" or 6' with Paltrow-esque 4" heels on.
Madeline said on 16/Nov/05
I met her in 2000 and we had a conversation about an artist we both enjoy. She was sweet and articulate. I know that she was 5'7.5 or 5'8" because we were both in trainers and I am 5'8". But she was way skinny and lanky. No one here goes off meetings/sightings but I know what I know. The whole thing was really cool. I also saw her a couple years later (just a sighting) at Robert De Niro's restaurant in Tribeca. She was wearing heels that time, so was I, and still, about my hight (my sister said shorter but...). I had a cigarette outside at the same time she did too and listened to her talk to her friend and laugh a lot. She is rediculously perfect. But not extremely tall as some believe.
Meli said on 16/Nov/05
Gwyneth looks at least 174cm, i have compared her to so many differen't actors in movies and pics. There is no way that she is as small as 170/171. But she does wear alot of really high heels often. To anyone who did meet her what was she like? i am a big fan!
Madeline said on 16/Nov/05
No way. She definitely Looks a little over 5'7". 5ft 7.5 in. That is no 5'9".
Z. said on 15/Nov/05
ii, Claudia Schiffer is more like 5'11/5'11.5 though, not 5'10. So from that picture, I would say Gwyneth is about 5'9.
ii said on 14/Nov/05
With 5'10" Claudia Schiffer:
berry said on 13/Nov/05
Antoher photo, with Liv and Ben Affleck:
berry said on 13/Nov/05
Here is a photo of Gwyneth with Liv Tyler, both wearing sneaker. She is clearly shorter than Liv:
link 2

link 2
ds said on 11/Nov/05
No way 5'7! It's really ridiculous how people round down. When you get measured, you usually stand up as straight as you can, more than you would normally. If she was measured 5'10, she could easily slouch and take off 2 cm, 176. I went to the Paris Hilton post, who's listed as 5'8" in most places, and people are saying she's 5'3". It's possible to round an inch or 2, but 5!? Gwyneth is listed as 5'1" in lots of places, 176-177 is pretty accurate, she doesn't seem like the type that would lie.
berry said on 10/Nov/05
Seriously. Why hold onto 176 cm?
JUSTMATT said on 10/Nov/05
here we all agree Paltrow is no more than 5.8 Rob and also who met this girls says she is 5.8 so why you still have her at 176 cm? You have at least to put down her at 174 (in my opinion off course)....
berry said on 9/Nov/05
Batman, if you can find evidence that Basinger is really 171 cm, I'll eat my batshorts.
JUSTMATT said on 9/Nov/05
Rob if you go to you will see some photos of Paltrow with Jay Leno. Paltrow has at least 4 inches heels and in a photos she is exactly the same height of Leno, so max 183cm. Without 10 cm heels she is just 173 cm! What do you think?
Madeline said on 9/Nov/05
My weird story is that when I met Gwyneth Paltrow in 2000, she was randomly with Michael Bolton. I have no idea how tall he is but she was two inches shorter. She wasn't wearing heels. I am 5'8" and she seemed exactly my height if not a hair shorter. Oh, yes, I did meet Michael Bolton. He was very nice but I don't remember how tall he was, wasn't paying attn.
ii said on 9/Nov/05
She said on The View that she "one inch taller than my Mom". So, how tall is Blythe Danner in real life?

[Editor Rob: maybe nowadays in the 5ft 7ish range, unsure [how much] shrunk, although there was a quote from actress Marylin Burns, - "So then I was Susan and Blythe's stand-in! Blythe [danner] is about 6 feet, Susan [sarandon] is about 5'7" and I'm 5'2"]
WHAT said on 9/Nov/05
In this pic with 5'8" (max) (most say 5'7") Paul Newman, Gwyn is wearing 3.5 inch wedges. She is 5'7".
WHAT said on 9/Nov/05
In that picture with Kim, Even if Kim were 5'7", Gwyn would still only be 5'11" in that picture and that is with her standard 3-4 inch heels. Take 3 inches off of 5'11" and you still have a 5'8" Gwyneth. She is not as tall as 5'9" (or 5'8" really). I saw her in Shakespear in Love and Perfect Murder this week and she comes out to about 5'7" in those films. She is so beautiful in Shakespeare in Love.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/05
Why was she still shorter than Ethan Hawk in 3 inch heels? In Great Expectations? There is no way she is 5'9".
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/05
I watched a Perfect Murder last night and Gwyneth is 3 inches shorter than Michael Douglas. How tall is he?
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/05
If you took the standard 3.5" heels off her, she would only be about an inch to two inches taller than Basinger, who is short. I don't think Paltrow can be above 5'8".
berry said on 9/Nov/05
off topic, but... I had no idea there was such a thing as a $710 shoe!
Batman said on 9/Nov/05
Photos of Gwyneth and Kim Basinger (171 cm). Kim is not wearing heels, Gwyneth maybe have heels and she is at least 10 cm taller than Kim? Gwyneth is 177 cm!
What said on 7/Nov/05
I met Chris at ACL. He is 5'11" Not even 6 foot. Next to my 6'2" best friend, he really is under 6'1".
JUSTMATT said on 7/Nov/05
Rob are you sure Chris Martin is only 6.1?? Because ih he is that height than Paltrow is 5.7 in my opinion!
berry said on 7/Nov/05
Photos of Paltrow and Martin soon after Apple's birth. She is not wearing heels in these:
JUSTMATT said on 5/Nov/05
If Tyler is 5.10 well, I think Paltrow is max 5.9 0r 5.8
JUSTMATT said on 5/Nov/05
Rob com'on...she is for sure no more than 5.8-5-9 max without shoes!!
What said on 1/Nov/05
Liv with 5'7" sister.
Liv is 5'8.5"
Gwyn must be 5'7"
Anonymous said on 1/Nov/05
I watched the whole show. And taped it. They are the same height in my eyes. My fellow-viewers thought her a tad shorter than ellen.
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/05
Diane Sawyer is in 2.5" heels. Gwyn's are 4" heels. I would say Gwyn is one inch shorter than Diane Sawyer.
berry said on 29/Oct/05
The Leno comparison is another good one. And she is wearing the same 3-4 inchers in the photo with Diane as she is in the photo with Spielberg. That's why she looks about the same height as Diane Sawyer, I suppose.
Check out her shoes in the photo-- the fourth row, fourth photo down:

Anonymous said on 27/Oct/05
I urge you to watch Emma. She is not much taller (if at all) than Toni Collette.
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/05
I don't know. It's pretty convincing that 5'7.5" is as high as she goes. Look at her in 4" heels beside Leno. Leno is 5'10". If Gwyn were 5'9" she would tower over a 5'10" dude in 4" heels. 5'7" hits the nail on the head.
What said on 27/Oct/05

Steven Spielberg is 5'7"
glow said on 27/Oct/05
By the sounds of things, most of the previous posters are convinced she's shorter than her current height that's listed, and there's quite a bit of evidence to suggest this. I think it's time to downgrade her, Rob!
berry said on 26/Oct/05
Thanks, Anonymous, for the Turlington and Burns picture. She does look all of 5'7 there. I'm sticking with 5'7 for Gwenyth too for now. In the Cypress Hill photo, not only are the shoes not visible, but I think that pose (with both arms over the shoulders of the people next to her)makes a person look taller too. I've seen photos of her with film costars doing the same pose. I don't think she's trying to look taller, but just does because of the pose. I've posted links to photos of Gwenyth and Brad under the discussion of Brad Pitt's height and that comparison is also convincing to me that she is about 5'7.
What said on 26/Oct/05
The thing is, I am 5'8" and I met Paltrow. She was not over 5'8", for sure. Someone 5'8" would not wear the 4" heels that she wears and still be shorter than anna malova. And I that picture with Sen Dog is not good for analyzing things because you don't know her shoes, or anyone's posture...She isn't over 5'8" though.
Gawker Stalker said on 26/Oct/05
Yeah, 5'7.75" is perfect, Rob. With the lankiest frame ever.
A-Bomb said on 25/Oct/05
Sen Dog is not 5'7". He's definitely a strong 5'8er. I'm a tad over 172cm, I met him, he was slightly taller than me, but shorter than my 5'9" brother. I have no proof, you can say i must be shorter, but i wouldn't bother debating that unless you've met him as well. Despite his lean, she also has a slight hunch which is why i put her at around 5'8 1/2".
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/05
Turlington looking 5'7" next to 6ft 1" Ed Burns:
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/05
Sen Dog is 5'7" and in that picture, he is leaning into Gwyneth, losing some height on camera. They are both probably 5'7", same height. It is actually great evidence to the fact that she is under 5'8". At most she is just touching 5'8".
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/05
Rob: I think 5'7.75".
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/05
Seeing how much taller Anna Malova is (and Anna is 5'10"), I don't think Paltrow could really be too close t0 5'9". She is most generously 5'8" and most reasonably 5.7.5".
A-Bomb said on 22/Oct/05
O.K I just looked up Cypress hill in Gettyimages and there's a picture of Bill Maher next to Sen Dog. Bill Maher cant get enough of telling everyone he's only 5'8" so i'll take him on his word that he is. Sen seems the same height or maybe a quarter inch taller. So I'll put Sen at 173cm, which will make Paltrow around 5'9"ish, maybe 174.5cm at min.
A-Bomb said on 22/Oct/05
I just saw a picture on the net of Gwyneth Paltrow and Sen Dog and Bobo from Cypress Hill on DJ Muggs website (it's on its own window so I have no address you can check out the website if you guys like, under the cypress hill section in the gallery). Now Gwyneth seems an inch taller than both. I've met Sen Dog and Bobo, they were not shorter than me (my minimum height is 172.1cm), but they were both visibly shorter than my brother who was also there 5'9". So I'd say they are between 172cm and 173.5cm. Now Gywneth could have been wearing high heels, but if she's 5'7" wearing high heels she'd be towring over both which she does not. So I'd say that Gywneth is minimum 5'8 1/2" and max 5'9 1/2". So in my mind at least i'm satisfied she is not as low as 5'7" and possibly not 5'8".
berry said on 8/Oct/05
Those pictures help, especially considering the discussion about Kate Moss' hieght. 5'7 for Gwyneth seems correct to me. Does that mean that Christy Turlington is also 5'7?
berry said on 3/Oct/05
Yes, I could be wrong about Ellen's height - I just found a number on the web, so not reliable. 5'7 seems to be the consensus, which makes perfect sense given all the comparisons so far. But what about the following photos in which she is walking with Christy Turlington, who is supposed to be 5'9. Don't they look the same height?
What said on 29/Sep/05
Anna Malova was Miss Russia 1998. She is 5'10". Gwyn is about 3 inches shorter.
What said on 27/Sep/05
I shook hands with Gwyneth three years ago. We were both in trainers. I am 5'8" (and probably .25 inches shorter than 5'8" to be specific). Gwyn was my height if not a touch smaller. I didn't know that there was any argument about her being over 5'7". She just isn't.

And I saw Ellen Degeneres' stand up in 2002. She is about 5'6".
berry said on 23/Sep/05
There's a picture on planethelium of Gwyneth walking next to Ellen Degeneres:
I think they look about the same height, and ellen is about 5'8.
mytwocents said on 16/Sep/05
I meant to add that Blythe is probably really only 5'5, not 5'7 as listed. So that puts Gwyneth at 5'7.
mytwocents said on 5/Sep/05
Have no idea if this is a good photo for comparison, but here is one of Gwyneth from It shows Blythe Danner, who is 5'7 and wearing some heeled sandals, walking behind Gwyneth who is in flip-flops. They look to be about the same height to me.
CelebHeights Editor said on 21/Aug/05
From Aussie Daily Telegraph, "She is also far from fragile, much taller than you might expect, even allowing for the stiletto-heeled boots under the jeans"
Z2 said on 2/Aug/05
At the beginning of the first apartment scene of, "A Perfect Murder," it has Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow raising their glasses to make a toast. There are many tricky scenes of Gwyneth looking taller, then looking shorter, due to the camera being close, and then the camera being far away. I dropped all these theories when I saw the scene where Michael Douglas is in Gwyneth's room, picking out Gwyneth's outfit for the art show they'll be attending. In this particular scene, there is a full clear view shot; Gwyneth is barefooted and Michael Douglas seems to be wearing 1.5" heels. Gwyneth is clearly shorter and doesn't appear to be monsterous as many people see her to be. On my view, (and this is MY opinion), Gwyneth looks to be a solid 5'7".
Sticks said on 2/Aug/05
1. There wouldn't be any significant lifting required to make her look nearly as tall as Jude Law or Matt Damon. I don't want to get into an endless discussion (who am I kidding, here I am) of all of her dozens of movies. It's just a stupid point. You aren't a director and neither am I. Maybe as part of Paltrow's agreement to work on some of her projects she insists on being shot to look nearly as tall as her co-stars. What you can't explain to me is why directors don't change her relative height if they want to and can. If you don't have an answer to that question you need to give this point up.

2. Exaggerating by 2-3 inches might be obvious if you know what height she should be, are close enough to determine the discrepancy and care. Even then, it's conventional wisdom that stars lie about their height. I was reading and posting on this site for a long time before I thought to post about a star I met. Why? His height didn't interest me. I'm not the only one doubting her height.

Another consideration: if someone wants to estimate the height of a woman wearing heels, they should just take the height she's standing at and subtract the lift they figure she's getting. But heels do make a person seem taller, which is why people wear them. We don't always look at feet and maybe even if you do, you have to consciously work to adjust the impression and think, "she's not 5'9.5", she's 5'7" in heels that give her 2.5" of height."

3. I don't care about Mischa Barton or what you think she really feels about her height. I've already looked for pictures of Daniel Craig, a guy I've never even seen in a movie. I'm not about to take an interest in yet another person and surrender utterly to this stuff. There's nothing to be concluded about Paltrow with the evidence about Barton. Please start using a higher grade of evidence.

On to your part two of your post: I've already responded to this point about heels and posture and you haven't improved it at all. She wants to be seen to be tall but not at the cost of outing all her non-tall powerful movie star friends. Stars are calculating.

About being teased at school, she could have been 5'6" in grade nine and been teased by a single short boy a few times. Lying or telling the truth, it doesn't matter. The rest of your post is more of the same old stuff, you're just more impressed with it all the time. Have you come up with an opinion on her height yet?
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/05
By the way, in order for Paltrow to be that height, a few things ALL have to be true:
-she's making herself (already tall for a woman) appear even TALLER by exaggerating her height, yet she developes postures to make herself look SHORTER beside certain male celebrities, yet she wears high heels to make herself look TALLER; she's either very calculating or very confused
-she somehow gets away with exaggerating her height by 2-3 inches; people are just not interested in commenting on her height (is this a general trend in the population? what is it about Paltrow that makes her height less interesting, not just to certain people, but to everyone who's met her?)
-she convinces directors to make her appear tall on screen (APPRECIABLY taller than Angelina Jolie, Mike Myers, ...; a 5-7/8 actress needs director's tricks to do this)
-she either lied in her biography or had early growth spurt (in reference to being teased at school)

This proposal requires so many details to be met. It is so specific. The alternative proposal is: Paltrow is simply tall, 5-9/10 women are not uncommon. You might even propose a list of details that makes Paltrow at 5-5 a possibility, but that requires MANY things to be true (e.g.: she has special lifts in her socks; she develops a posture that makes her tall but look short; she pays the directors to make her taller on screen; ...), and what are the chances of all these details being true?
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/05
1. I'm not saying that directors can't make her appear shorter. I'm saying it's pointless to make a 5-7 actress look even taller on-screen. I don't think directors want to make every 5-9/10 actress a few inches shorter (depends on the male costar's height), but it's as pointless to make a 5-7 actress a few inches taller. If you don't think she looks tall on-screen, here are a few examples:
-nearly as tall as Jude Law in "Skycaptain"
-taller than all her main costars (female and male) in "A view from the top"
-as tall as Matt Damon and Jude Law in "Talented Mr. Ripley"
-nearly as tall as the leading man in "shakespeare in love"

2. Exaggerating by 2 inches is obvious. Your suggestion is: people are not interested in commenting on her height, even if they see she's exaggerating 2-3 inches. Compare that to Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz, both listed at 5-9. This site lists them at 5-8/8.5. Let's be safe and push them down to 5-7. Even so, they are only exaggerating by 2 inches, yet their heights are questioned fiercely.
"If I'd spotted her at 5'7" I wouldn't have known to say that she should've been taller."
That's because you didn't know what her listed height was, so of course you wouldn't be surprised even if she was 5-5. Even if you aren't interested in Paltrow's height (albeit being so active in her thread), out of the thousands (or more?) people who've met her, wouldn't some suspect anything or be interested in her height? Even if I'm not interested in her height, but I happen to meet her and she appears 5-7, then I'd probably go to the Pitt thread and say something like "I've met Paltrow and she's 5-7, that makes Pitt short!"

3. I think Mischa Barton truly hates being tall. People are saying she's rounding DOWN her height -- she's getting questioned the other way around. Heck, once she even claims that she's 5-7.
Anonymous said on 30/Jul/05
My take on Gwyneth is that she does not look that tall on screen. A truly tall actress would have to be barefoot to do all her scenes, as to not tower over her fellow actors. I believe the press feeds off of other sources and keeps building a persons height up. To me, Gwyneth looks 5'7".
sticks said on 30/Jul/05
1. I've never said she always wears lifts on screen and that's not my conclusion. As you should know, I don't agree that she always appears as tall as her co-stars. I wouldn't even agree that she's always noticeably tall. I said that she's appearing at about the height she was intended to appear. That might involve flats or heels, camera angles, different footwear for the men, slopes or any combination of those. You are not getting the truth about Gwyneth Paltrow's height from watching the movies. Make explicit this claim if you believe it: The directors want her to appear shorter than she does, but can't do anything about it because she's actually 5'9" - 5'10".

2. I didn't know what height Paltrow was listed at before checking it on this site and I didn't check until the Pitt thread was already huge and only then because it was relevant to his height. If I'd spotted her at 5'7" I wouldn't have known to say that she should've been taller. Consider the possibility that her height is just not that interesting to people. She's listed at 5'9" on dozens of sites (not sure how you missed them) but I don't think it matters. I think listed heights are generally just plausible lies and that a lie got her to 5'9". You don't have any evidence here, you're just claiming that there would be more posts about it if she was lying. We don't know how many posts to expect for lies of x inches. Maybe the average number of posts for a female star exaggerating two inches rounds to zero. It's weak.

3. I don't think she was talking specifically about supermodels. I think the idea is that you have to make your height consistent with the heights of the people you're seen with, everybody else is adding something, so you're supposed to. Even if Mischa Barton claims she hates being tall, that wouldn't say anything about whether her listed height is higher than her actual height. Why is Paltrow listed at 5'9", 5'9.5" and 5'10"? It's not because her height's changing. It's because the listed heights aren't the truth.
Anonymous said on 30/Jul/05
By the way, a person who sees Paltrow and estimates 5-9/10 wouldn't go around telling others "I met her and she is 5-9/10!"; they'll get a response like "yea, we know; what's your point?"
On the other hand, if a person sees her and estimates 5-7, then he'll probably tell others, "hey people, Paltrow is actually much shorter than what you think."
In a nutshell, if people expects her to be a certain height and sees her at that height, then it's no big deal; but if she appears shorter than people expected, then they will start questioning.
Sticks said on 27/Jul/05
Here's my honest assessment of your evidence:
1. Weak. She's going to appear to be whatever height they want her to appear. cf. Sigourney Weaver and Mel Gibson.

2. We don't know how many people doubt her height listing based on sightings because we don't have any sightings to judge that with. There's going to be some sort of tolerance for height lies in any event. A woman claiming to be two inches taller than she is might be uninteresting to people who care about that sort of thing. The absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence.

3. a) You think it's unlikely. I think it's likely. As Heidi Klum, who claims she's really 5'9" but adds a half-inch said in Allure, "You always have to make yourself a little bit taller. You have to lie a little bit because that's what everyone else does." I'll take the word of a tall-ish, famous, beautiful woman about what her kind does over yours.
b) First, we don't know if it's part of a larger lie about her height. If she's lying about her height, she's going to get the backstory right. If we're disputing her honesty about her height you can't use her word supporting her claims as evidence. The acme model biography involves an awkward, tall girl who became beautiful and famous. It wouldn't be hard to pretend it was true of someone who wasn't teased or tall. Second, if it happened around puberty, a girl 5'7" could easily get teased.

There's nothing persuasive here at all. On the other side of the coin, Jude Law has said he's 5'9", so he's not likely taller. People say he's really short and two recently reported sightings have him at 5'7" (max) and 5'8". Actors lie about their height, so the sightings are consistent with 5'9" as an exaggeration. He's never claimed to be taller and admits people always say he's really short. The average-height Law sightings can be explained with lifts. If Paltrow's shorter, as you believe, how tall could she be?
Sticks said on 23/Jul/05
I didn't check out the link.

a. Maybe she'd exaggerate her height because at some point she wasn't teased about it and started to like it.

b. Maybe her agent and publicist, in constructing her image, thought that she should be taller. People learn early on who they have to be and what they have to do to make it in Hollywood. If fame meant she'd have to exaggerate her height a bit, I doubt getting teased as a little girl would stop her.

c. Maybe she didn't get teased at all and it just makes her height claims more plausible.

d. If she grew to her adult height before others grew she could have been teased even though her adult height isn't that tall.

Altruistic to care about the image of her boyfriends and co-stars? Do you not see her slouching, bending at the knees and leaning in pictures with Pitt, Damon and Law? It's all a part of the game. Nobody would succeed for a long time in a place like that if they didn't play ball.
Anonymous said on 23/Jul/05
Something else that's interesting:
Scroll down and in one of the posts it says "I've read biographical stuff on these women [including Paltrow] and they all suffered terrible teasing and abuse at school growing up, and hated being tall at the time but overcame it, and difficult as it was, ignored the jerks who were cruel."
If she suffered humiliation from her height, why would she exaggerate her height? How tall do you have to be to be made fun of? Paltrow must be really altruistic, doing all this just to make her costars and former boyfriends look taller. But I doubt she has an interest in doing that. A celebrity cares mostly about his/her image, not those of her costars and former bfs.
Sticks said on 20/Jul/05
1. I don't think that she looks awkwardly tall in her films. I think her height's part of her appeal. She's supposed to be tall and willowy. We know that directors and casting agents care about the way male and female leads look together. I'm sure they don't leave their apparent height to chance any more than they ignore costumes and hope whatever the actors wear to work will look good on camera.

2. I don't agree that all she wears are exposed high heels, but I don't think it means much. I think she's doubted less than Julia Roberts because she's taller. In fact, there's a getty images picture of the two of them together and Roberts does the arm-around-the-neck thing, yanking Paltrow down awkwardly. Can't see the footwear though. Roberts has also been around longer so the doubts have accumulated. Paltrow's very thin, which makes her look taller than she is. We're more interested in men's heights, generally, and she's had some more-famous boyfriends who may distract people who would otherwise try to guess her height. And she may be such a small distance from the height people think she is that it doesn't merit mentioning. If I thought she was 5'9.5" and met her and she was 5'8", I doubt I'd mention it. Even for very famous people who have been around for twenty years, like Mel Gibson, there aren't many sightings that quantify height.

Like you, I think she's shorter than Law because of the pictures we've discussed. Based on those pictures, she can't be much taller if she is taller. Law's likely shorter than he claimed to be (because most actors, especially non-tall male actors, lie about their height), 5'9", but he might've rounded down. As he's admitted, people "always" say he's "really short", and that's just not the experience of a man 5'10" or more. He doesn't look like an enormous guy on screen, so a 5'10"+ Law shouldn't shock people who see him into saying he's short.
Anonymous said on 19/Jul/05
here are some things to ponder at:
1) do directors give Paltrow lifts in movies to make her almost as tall as the leading man? usually they try to make the man taller, I'd say. do you seriously believe that the 30 or so directors she has worked with all coincidentally want to make Paltrow -- and only Paltrow -- look taller on-screen? I know you've said before that directors could make her shorter if they really wanted to, and concluded that it must be because the directors want her to look tall -- you are right, but they'd only shrink her height if she peaked above the leading man. If she was only slightly shorter than the leading man, the directors may forget about and tolerate it. But are you saying these directors actually put LIFTS on Paltrow? (it's one thing to tolerate an awkward actor-actress height difference; it's another to deliberately make the actress look awkwardly tall compared to the actor)

2) VERY few people ever question Paltrow's height; in public, she usually wears exposed high-heels with no lifts (as you have agreed on), so anyone meeting her should see something suspicious if she exaggerates her height by 2 inches. If she claims herself to be near 5-10, and yet people see that she is actually only 5-10 wearing heels, then they will start to question her height. However, her height is hardly ever questioned. But take Julia Roberts, however, someone who (like you've said) really isn't the 5-9 she claims to be. She receives far more doubts about her height. There are people who met her say she is shorter than they expected, or that she looks tiny. Go to her thread and have a look. So the question still remains: how did Paltrow manage to avoid suspicion? (most male actors do so by wearing lifts to public events, but Paltrow cannot) Why hasn't anyone met Paltrow and say she is shorter than expected?
mytwocents said on 18/Jul/05
I have to go with Sticks. I believe she adds two inches to her height, so I think she is probably 5ft 7.75. I think it's hard to tell with her because of her slender frame which gives her the illusion of greater height, just as it does with models.
Sticks said on 18/Jul/05
Anonymous, I don't care if it was sarcasm or not. You'd understand me better if you thought that I was sincerely trying to understand and communicate with you. I told you my estimation of the posture penalties to explain why I had said initially that based on the picture she's around 5'7". Even if we can't have a productive disagreement about it (like the Paltrow/Affleck height ratios), you could at least see that the view that Paltrow is around 5'7" is consistent with the picture. I'm not trying to make any headway. This whole enormous discussion involves me defending my views. My only real goal in this is to show that no evidence disconfirms those views. You're looking to show evidence that contradicts them. So, even if we can't get anywhere arguing about postures, it's at least reasonable for us to agree that there's enough room for error there for Affleck to be losing an inch more than Paltrow. That means the picture's consistent with my views. I looked at Affleck's neck and the bend in his leg and compared that with Paltrow's posture and what I estimated she'd lose in mid-stride to give my best estimation of the difference in the penalties. It's not a precise science as we both apparently know, so we don't have to argue about who doesn't actually know it.

We're doing the math the same way, so there's no dispute there. So the 'perfect posture' analysis has Paltrow at the high end of my range or above. Consider it concluded. The real life issue is whether that means she's at the upper end of the range or beyond it. Would you say we can determine that she is or isn't from the evidence in the picture you've provided? I would hope, given all of the talk about the size of the errors involved in posture penalties, that you would say it can't be determined. And we would agree.
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/05
"I estimated the posture penalty and I think it was pretty clear that I wasn't 'insisting' that you had to agree that he was losing more height, because I said 'let's assume they've got perfect posture', and said more than once that I didn't want to argue postures. But you wanted to argue about posture and here we are. You said correctly that there's no way to determine who's losing more height. Then I think you thought you could make headway by making an argument of posture. Why would you bother to make an elaborate argument on the topic when I clearly didn't think any argument would go anywhere?"
if I wanted to make headway I would've said, "from looking at their postures, I estimate that Paltrow loses more height," just like you did
I know you wish that wasn't sarcasm, but I chose the number 0.5 inch for a reason: because you somehow estimated posture penalty to 0.5 inch accuracy.
If you didn't want to argue about posture, then why did you tell me your estimated penalty for posture? I haven't even said anything about Paltrow losing more height. If you really want to forget about posture, we could do that now: assume both Affleck and Paltrow loses the same amount of height due to their postures. Again, I have no idea how you got that 0.5 inch estimate just by looking at their postures.

"As I've said, nothing in the picture disconfirms anything I've said about Paltrow. Or would you like to show otherwise?"
Using your ratio 0.932 and a very modest 6-2 for Affleck, Paltrow is still 5-8. Using a more realistic 6-2.5 for Affleck, Paltrow is 5-8.5. Using my 0.94 ratio (which in my opinion is more accurate as it was measured from head to heel, point to point, not from head to some point between the feet), Paltrow is 5-9. Your range is 5-6.5 to 5-8.5. All these three estimates lie on the upper end of your range (else completely above your range).
Sticks said on 17/Jul/05
Yep, I missed the sarcasm, but I'm not convinced it was sarcasm. I estimated the posture penalty and I think it was pretty clear that I wasn't 'insisting' that you had to agree that he was losing more height, because I said 'let's assume they've got perfect posture', and said more than once that I didn't want to argue postures. But you wanted to argue about posture and here we are. You said correctly that there's no way to determine who's losing more height. Then I think you thought you could make headway by making an argument of posture. Why would you bother to make an elaborate argument on the topic when I clearly didn't think any argument would go anywhere? I believe Affleck's losing more height, but it's not a judgement that I could defend any better than you could defend any contrary view. Just because we can't determine the penalities objectively doesn't mean those penalities aren't different. As I've said, nothing in the picture disconfirms anything I've said about Paltrow. Or would you like to show otherwise? Face it, you've written a ton trying to disprove several height ranges I've given, and you haven't got anything. If you had anything you would've presented it by now. Either make an argument that you think demonstrates that I'm wrong about one of those height ranges or drop it.
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/05
"As I said, I don't want to argue posture with you. It's not just bewildering that you think that you can model Affleck's pose and Paltrow's in that picture with such accuracy that you can determine that their posture penalties with less than a half inch error, it's funny. I'm sorry, man. Do you realize all of the errors involved in that? You're just too far away from the land of the reasonable to have this discussion with. You claim to be too humble to make definitive statements about people's heights and then you think you can determine the height Affleck's losing with his legs bent in those pants with that hunch by striking his pose and measuring yourself? That's confusion beyond words. Some of it was worthwhile, so happy trails, anonymous. I wish you well. Let's go like this: you insult me and we'll be done with it."
You seem oblivious to the sarcasm in my statement. Yes, I "concluded" that each person loses 0.5 inch due to my "evidence," but that's basically what you did: you insisted that Affleck loses at least 0.5 inch due to his posture, and how did you come up with that number? -- by looking at the picture and using your eye judgement, now how much error is involved in that, just as much error as modeling their postures? Perhaps now you can see your reasoning from an outside perspective. As I remember I was the one to say "You can't possibly tell who's losing more height in this case."
Sticks said on 11/Jul/05
With your characteristic attention to detail, you missed the fact that I said "estimate" not "calculate" the distances of both actors from the camera. I don't agree that you can determine that she's further away from the camera and really just wanted you to make a claim that had a significant consequence on her height that was reasonable given the picture. Nothing in the picture disconfirms what I've said about Paltrow.

As I said, I don't want to argue posture with you. It's not just bewildering that you think that you can model Affleck's pose and Paltrow's in that picture with such accuracy that you can determine that their posture penalties with less than a half inch error, it's funny. I'm sorry, man. Do you realize all of the errors involved in that? You're just too far away from the land of the reasonable to have this discussion with. You claim to be too humble to make definitive statements about people's heights and then you think you can determine the height Affleck's losing with his legs bent in those pants with that hunch by striking his pose and measuring yourself? That's confusion beyond words. Some of it was worthwhile, so happy trails, anonymous. I wish you well. Let's go like this: you insult me and we'll be done with it.
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/05
you might realize that there is absolutely no way to calculate the distance of either actor from the camera without knowing the distance from the lens of the camera to the film. let's call this distance D
all I can tell from the picture is that Affleck is about 13.9D away from the camera (assuming he's 6-3 in shoes) for Paltrow's distance from the camera, there is no way to calculate that unless you know Paltrow's height (which defeats the purpose, since that's what we are trying to find out) and the lens-to-film distance

about your posture penalty, how did you come up with that? this is how I did it: I measured my own height in perfect posture, Affleck's posture (bent legs, slightly hunched back), and Paltrow's posture (one foot half a step forward). Result: both lose about 0.5 inch compared to perfect posture. There is no difference due to posture.
Sticks said on 9/Jul/05
I'll just respond to this post for now.

I didn't change my mind about the 5'7" thing. I calculated it using a posture-penalty difference of an inch. I then thought that I didn't want to argue posture with you because the argument becomes acrimonious and worthless. I think a modest difference in the posture penalties is .5", based on Affleck's hunch and leg and what may be a conscious effort to seem smaller (they may not have been shooting on a gentle grade by accident). I don't want to debate posture, but if you work out Affleck's height using her height as 5'7.5" with the half inch posture penalty difference, he's 6'2" using my .932 ratio. You get .94 and that's reasonable agreement. For the rest of this, then, for the sake of less bs and acrimony, let's assume they've got perfect posture.

Estimate the distances of both actors from the camera and calculate the percentage height penalty for Paltrow that results. I'll respond to the rest of your stuff after you do that.
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/05
I see you have changed your mind about Paltrow looking like 5-7.

"Good picture. Your analysis of it neglects the slope of the ground. If you look at the ground, you’ll see Affleck’s feet are lower in the picture. That’s because even though they’re about an equal distance from the camera (which is why he’s in profile looking at her and you thought we could compare heights), they’re on a grade."
There is probably a tilt, but Paltrow must also be standing farther from the camera. If you rotate the picture until the apparent tilt is gone, Affleck looks like he's learning forward, and the dog will be tilted sideways.
Also, the dog's feet are the same level as Paltrow's (if she puts that lifted foot down)? If there is such a big tilt as you claim, then the dog must be standing behind Paltrow (in order for their feet to be the same level), and she's pullin it along.
My ratio is 0.94, assuming they both have the same sized hair (you have to measure from heel to head, there are just too many points "between their feet"); that makes her 5-8.5 (if Affleck is 6-2)
About posture: remember that she is in the middle of walking and taking a step. You can't possibly tell who's losing more height in this case.
Sticks said on 6/Jul/05
Anonymous wrote:,%20Gwyneth
how tall is Ben Afflect if Paltrow is that short? Ben is only about 3" taller (Paltrow's head comes to Affleck's forehead -- 2/3 of the distance from eye to top of head,0,0); even give Paltrow 1 inch shoe advantage (assuming she's wearing 2-inch heels and Affleck has 1 inch shoes). Affleck must be under 6 feet

Good picture. Your analysis of it neglects the slope of the ground. If you look at the ground, you
Mr. X said on 29/Jun/05
I've noticed alot of the discussion about Gwyneth's height been mostly happening over at Jude Law's name. Lots of people there thinks Gwyneth is probably closer to 5'9 than 5'10 due to that photo of her and Law looking about teh same height, and Paltrow's in 3 inch heels. I always thought Paltrow was 5'9" and that photo practically confirms my belief.

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