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6ft 7.5in (201.9cm)
Anonymous said on 24/Sep/17
He is 6'8 3/4" or 205 cm in my opinion and his weight is around 440 lbs or 200 kg in his strongman events his most likely around 420 lbs 190 kg
Jackson Martinez said on 21/Sep/17
Rob, any Chance to see him again for another picture in the near future?
Editor Rob: I think it is unlikely.
A Man said on 17/Sep/17
I wonder how much the guy on the left weighs. Gotta be over 550 lbs.
JacksonMartinez said on 17/Sep/17
That's very interesting!
The commentator said hafthor has told him to shrink more than an inch through the day since he is so heavy.
Over 6'9 in the morning and 6'8 in the evening.
Seems like hafthor knows the fact of morning and evening height. I think sportsman like him who weights far more than 400 pounds through competition months and less than that through the other months have to know everything about their body stats for health reasons. I am sure they have to measure him a lot.

Probably he really was over 6'8 when he was younger and thinner but now due to his weight he can shrink to a fraction under it but still could be measured over 6'9 in the morning.
That's totally realistic and the fact that he described it so precisely makes it more believable.
Duhon said on 13/Sep/17
Rob how tall would you say these gentlemen flanking Hafthor's side's to be? Click Here
Editor Rob: taller guy could be near 7ft 2
BenLyons96 said on 10/Sep/17
Click Here here the commentator says his 6'9 in the morning and shrinks to 6''8 during the day at 1:34
Jackson Martinez said on 8/Sep/17
Seems like the average guess is way below your estimate Rob.
The lines are probably the reason and aren't the lines more accurate than a guess by you?
I mean you both have very good posture and the camera is at a nearly perfect angle.

Maybe he is only 6'7 max (Afternoonheight)
Editor Rob: he really does seem over 6ft 7 in person though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/17
Rob, who looked taller up close this guy or Tyler Mane?
Editor Rob: Mane could look extremely tall up close, granted there was a good difference in sneaker, I would say he certainly looked at least as tall as hafthor...who of course is also very tall, he's taller than Nairn today up close!

nairn 4-5 years ago - when he could still stand tall - looked taller than hafthor.
2toes said on 31/Aug/17
He hasn't a menacing face
Jackson Martinez said on 25/Aug/17
Thor is nearer to the cam than Bill Walton. Bill Walton has more shoe in this picture.
Going by the lines here in the pic with Rob, I would say Thor is 200cm max. That would put Bill Walton to 205 or 206.
That's realistic. Their claims don't matter als long we have these lines from Rob.
These lines are not lying.
Lambo said on 24/Aug/17
Thor's claim of 6'9" looking more believable here, stood next to Bill Walton (listed as 6'11.75")

Click Here
Aswin MK said on 17/Aug/17
Rob - I am quite surprised that you state his height as 6 foot 7.75 as he is clearly a foot taller than you. For example, his head alone would be 11+ inches not just 10 inches as shown in the scale. Your head is also clearly an inch below the bottom of his head (11 inches of his head + 1 inch = 12 inches). He is easily 6 foot 8 at the minimum.
Sam said on 11/Aug/17
Rob, how tall does the guy next to thor look?

Click Here
Editor Rob: looks 6ft 3 and claims it
BIG N said on 2/Aug/17
And 2.05 meters is slightly under 6'9" it's 6'8 3/4" 6'9" is 2.06 meters.
BIG N said on 2/Aug/17
I thought 203 cm was 6'8"
Oanh said on 23/Jul/17
Stanislav said on 17/Jul/17
206 cm ( 6 ft 9 )

even said on 20/Jul/17
the man on the right stands a full 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 380 pounds .
Stanislav said on 17/Jul/17
206 cm ( 6 ft 9 )
Tyson said on 16/Jul/17
Out of bed 6'8
Low 6'7
Kurtha Seidd said on 3/Jul/17
His shoulder level is very low, about 5'5, that's more typical for 6'5-6'6 person
S.J.H said on 29/Jun/17
6'7 as i take more look at him. He only can be 6'7.75 with sneakers and 6'9 with solid 1.6' range boots in the morning
hunt said on 11/Jun/17
He cam in 2nd again in WSM 2017,it must be very frustrating that he can't win it.
Canson said on 6/Jun/17
@Shane: I sorta understand where you come from with the argument but many outside here don't know that method and many also don't give it a thought to go out of their way to measure themselves waking up (except us nuts here on celebheights!!!). I can see the appearance of height but the number itself that one claims is just that a claim. Guess it all depends on ones perception of how tall 6'2" really looks. Me personally unless with maybe a bit more footwear that isn't noticeable I'd guess you 6'1" maybe 6'1.5 (since we're close to 3" apart) but at that point I'd just say he's probably rounding up which most people at that point do in fairness. Depends on what time others measure I guess too as to what they will claim
World Citizen said on 1/Jun/17
A flat 6 ft 7 looking to the height chart.
Shane said on 30/May/17
@Rob: I Agee with that on compression. No doubt. I guess it's just different philosophies. I believe true height is the tallest height one can measure barefoot. So if he can measure 6'9" at any point in day I count that as his true height. I know some see it differently. I'll by the way Rob, can you please check your youtube messages and write me back ? Thanks
Editor Rob: sadly, I no longer check youtube, the last time I did there was about 100 spam comments about motobolla secret or some secret program, I think there is about 5 of these on the go in youtube.
Shane said on 29/May/17
6'9" in shoes is my guess. 6'8" barefoot early in day.
Shane said on 29/May/17
@Rob: If you think Thor is possibly 6'9" in the morning, why do you have him listed under 6'8" (which I believe he is, minus shoes). If he can measure 6'9", he's 6'9". :)
Editor Rob: guys his size have greater potential to shrink 1-1.5 inches through the day.
Johno said on 26/May/17
Looking massive at this year's WSM 2017, topped his group. I reckon either him or Hall take it this year.
Drax said on 24/May/17
How many inches is that between y'all rob?
Editor Rob: pretty near 12 inches.
Oanh said on 3/May/17
Danimal said on 7/Apr/17
He has claimed to be 6'8" in interviews. Imo, he's max 6'7.5". Brian Shaw claims to be 6'8", yet is around 6'6" legit. I can keep going regarding the World's Strongest Men competitors.

Yeah, Brian Shaw is not 6'8" as he claims. He's shorter than Hafthor who is himself under 6'8"
I'd say Brian at best is 6'7", but he is likely 6'6.5"
Arch Stanton said on 17/Apr/17
His diet is insane, like half a kilo of fish or meat every two hours, his intensines are permanently digesting food. He eats 6 kg of food a day and nearly 1 kilo of pure protein. Like The Rock, what he eats is generally healthy, generally meat/fish, eggs and greens, but it's incredibly excessive when you need to eat huge meals every two hours to maintain body mass. He's what, 30 stone now?
Strong 5ft9 said on 17/Apr/17
Hey Rob, do you think 6'9" is possibly his morning measurement?
Editor Rob: yes, it is very possible.
Oanh said on 15/Apr/17
Arch Stanton said on 5/Mar/17
420-450 pounds??? Extremely unhealthy. He's putting his life at major risk getting that big. Over 350 pounds is already too big, but 450 is asking for an early grave.

Yes it is. My buddy, who is naturally a big guy, weighed 301 lbs at his heaviest(5'10.5" tall). His doctor told him he needed to get down to 200lbs at most. He dropped to
250lbs, but has a long way to go. The weights that some of these guys are is just too much for good health.
Oanh said on 14/Apr/17
Rob, I always thought Hafthor looked taller than Brian Shaw(6'8"?). Do you think Brian could be 6'7"?
Editor Rob: yes there is a chance shaw could be a bit smaller than Hafthor, how much is debatable....
Vegas said on 10/Apr/17
Danimal said on 7/Apr/17
He has claimed to be 6'8" in interviews. Imo, he's max 6'7.5". Brian Shaw claims to be 6'8", yet is around 6'6" legit. I can keep going regarding the World's Strongest Men competitors.


Well there isn't an inch and a half between Thor and Shaw and Shaw has 2+ inches easy on Ralf Moeller in photos so either Ralph is shorter than you claim or Shaw is taller...
S.J.H said on 9/Apr/17
I think rob head was a little behind Hafthor
toma said on 7/Apr/17
He is huge
Danimal said on 7/Apr/17
Randomdude said on 31/Jan/17
yeah,here is Eddie and Big z Standing right next to each other with good posture Eddies easily 2 inches shorter than Z

6'1 range for Eddie would probably be about right

Big Z has also been given 6'2" listings earlier on in his career. Eddie is MAX 6'1".
Danimal said on 7/Apr/17
He has claimed to be 6'8" in interviews. Imo, he's max 6'7.5". Brian Shaw claims to be 6'8", yet is around 6'6" legit. I can keep going regarding the World's Strongest Men competitors.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Apr/17
According to James B, Hafthor shouldn't be anything over 220 pounds :-).
Arch Stanton said on 6/Apr/17
How old is Hafthor's granddad? 207 cm is about 6'9.5. He currently looks about 6 ft 7. I doubt he was ever a legit 6'9.5, possibly he got measured at that in his prime in shoes and was more 6'8.5. His father looks like he could have been a strong 6'8 when younger too. How many guys could claim to have a 207cm grandad who is 6 ft 7 even in old age LOL? One in 100 million?
Arch Stanton said on 6/Apr/17
His dad looks like a giant Adolf Hitler LOL. Can't see any facial resemblance to his dad but you can see that his height is clearly genetic!
Supermanfan380 said on 5/Apr/17
During the announcing of Europe's strongest Man this year Colin Bryce mentioned that Hafthor told him he wakes up at 6'9" in the Morning but his extreme body weight causes him to lose over an inch throughout the day. Actually everyone loses height throughout the day. Anyhow Hafthor has a long torso in relation to his height, and likely very thick vertebra as well. The Cushioning between the bones is probably also thick, and there is a lot that can compress throughout the day, so I see this as very plausible. This would also make Rob's estimate pretty spot on when he met Hafthor.

6'9" morning and just a pinch under 6'8" by noon.
Editor Rob: it is believable he is 6ft 9 on wakening.
Jackson Martinez said on 1/Apr/17
The guy on the left is his father. In an Interview he said he is 6'9" to 6'9".
The guy on the right is his grandfather. He said that he was 207cm when he was young.
On facebook he mentioned his current height is 6'7. Click Here
It's the comment from Reynir Ásgeirsson.

On the picture you have posted his dad and his granddad have both an inch more shoe because Thors shoe has nearly no sole.
My guess for them is
Father: 6'7.75" - 6'8.25"
Son: 6'7.5 - 6'8
Granddad: 6'7
Duhon said on 31/Mar/17
This is Harthor with his dad and uncle I believe Click Here How tall do you estimate them to be?
Johno said on 13/Mar/17
Depends on what angles your viewing Shaw and Thor; at the Arnolds and on many occassions on the stage where Shaw and Thor brushed past each other and Thor looked larger. I know he measured his weight at 195kg a few backs on the scales with shoes on and then he later he stated 205kg; so he is somewhere between 195kg - 205kg and Shaw has never put his weight above these boundaries.

If you look closely, Thor has noticeably larger calves and thighs, so this is where the extra weight might be.
A Man said on 10/Mar/17
Thor and Shaw look the same height there. Thor usually comes out about half an inch taller.

It wouldn't surprise me if Thor weighed 452 lbs at the moment. You can tell he's put some mass on, he's got a belly now. It does make me wonder what Brian's weight actually is. He always claims 420-430 lbs when he's competing but he looks heavier than Thor. It wouldn't surprise me if he was up in the 470-480 range in reality.
ManKo said on 6/Mar/17
He seens to be as tall as Brian Shaw in this picture (here Shaw is slighly taller but he is wearing higher shoes too)

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 5/Mar/17
420-450 pounds??? Extremely unhealthy. He's putting his life at major risk getting that big. Over 350 pounds is already too big, but 450 is asking for an early grave.
Jb1987 said on 4/Mar/17
He has now a bodyweight of 205 kg or 452 lbs
Baks89 said on 4/Mar/17
Ive always wondered if lifting some of largest weights in the world would result in early adulthood shrinkage for guys thors and shaws height.
Rob do you think these guys could end up shrinking in their early 30's? I myself lift 200-250kgs on a weekly basis so i am interested if theres been any studies done.
I think hathor wakes 6'9 and ends up about 6'7 at his low
Editor Rob: I think by late 30's some big lifters might suffer, through wear and tear or 1 disc having damage.

Remember a guy like Tom Daley at 21 was saying how he has disc bulge and degeneration in another because of his training, and he's a diver, not lifting big weights, but rotation elements caused him problems.
Ice said on 10/Feb/17
ROB what are youre foughts on Eddie Hall beeing listed at 187 cm ?
Editor Rob: ice, I'd certainly say 187-8 range is more likely than 190cm range.
Jackson Martinez said on 7/Feb/17
Around 6'6" is quite impossible. Sorry, but this guy is not below 200cm.
Click Here
6'6" would put Ben Revere at 5'6" max. This is impossible.
He is listed at 5'9 and is similar to Robs Height.

A lot of spam in your post saying that he must be a liar because he is an actor and a strongman.
These athlets train harder than anyone else. And I guess you know that the lines represent his barefeet height.

By the way Rob:
Yesterday he mentioned to be 192kg (423 lbs) on his facebook channel.
He looks very very big right now.

Going by many comparisons -depending on his actual weight- he is at least 6'7.5.
So why is he a liar when he claimed 6'8 in many interviews?
NIck said on 4/Feb/17
Movie star and steroid user?! great combination to for inflated height :) its very peculiar Hafthor is standing there 200cm in shoes, that makes him, just little less barefeet maybe around 198cm
pukpuke said on 3/Feb/17
He maybe lost 2 or 3cm because of extreme weight training

205cm could be his original morning height before the strongman
Randomdude said on 1/Feb/17
I forgot to post the link

here is eddie hall and big z beside each other

Click Here
Randomdude said on 31/Jan/17
yeah,here is Eddie and Big z Standing right next to each other with good posture Eddies easily 2 inches shorter than Z

6'1 range for Eddie would probably be about right
ddark said on 31/Jan/17
and 203cm out of bed
ddark said on 31/Jan/17
Flat 6'7 (200cm) for sure

as u can see, rob is not standing straight.

and rob is flat 5'8
Lambo said on 30/Jan/17
Yeah no way is Eddie the 6'3" he claims. Big Z is 6'3 and Eddie looks around 6 foot compared to him. Definitely a lifts wearing kind of guy.
Yas said on 28/Jan/17
I'd give Eddie 6'1. Shahlaei at 6'2 has an inch on him.
Randomdude said on 25/Jan/17
Rob how tall do you think Eddie Hall is?

personally I would say 6'2
Editor Rob: sure he claimed 6ft 3, but might be a 6ft 3 in sneakers guy.
Vegas said on 22/Jan/17
Richters looks about 6'11.5-7 foot range to me

Schilt and Struve are only billed that. I don't remember Schilt being that much taller than Jan Nortje who himself didn't look all that much taller than matt bloom (Albert, Tensai, Giant Bernard) whom I have met in person
Supermanfan380 said on 17/Jan/17
Alex V. said on 1/Dec/16
Angles are so strange sometimes, look at these photos...

Semmy Schilt and Stefan Struve Click Here Click Here

Semmy Schilt and Oliver Richters Click Here

Big Show and Oliver Richters Click Here

And they are all, similar in height...

If you notice in the Photos with Big Show, Show has himself positioned a lot closer to the camera than Olivier. Also, if you notice in the photo of them talking to each other, Olivier is looking down, and Show up. This looks like a good case of Show out angling. Wrestlers are well aware that in a photo with a taller person they need to get closer to the camera. Those photos are not so good for telling height differences. Good example of this is the 3 guy picture with Hafthor, Ragnar Nathanaelsson, and Egill Jonasson. You would think Ragnar was the taller, but in actually it is Egill my 1cm.
berta said on 10/Jan/17
dont think he is mutch taller than 200 meter 202 is max i think could he be only 201?
mrtguy said on 6/Jan/17
Thor's has the biggest arms compared to every pic of celebrity he has with *Rob
dmitrifps said on 5/Jan/17
Rob, what would be a specific and accurate height listing (TV version) for the current Gregor Clegane (Robert Strong played by Thor) when he's in his full Kingsguard Armour from helmet to heel next to Cersei (5' 5") and the other people in certain scenes?
Editor Rob: They portray him as tall as possible in gear, like a 7 footer.
jonsnow said on 4/Jan/17
I saw a strongman video where he claims 6'8''. 6'9'' is probably a listing in shoes from when he played basketball. both his father and grandfather are around the same height which I think is pretty need. he was encouraged to do strongman after being spotted in the gym by an icelandic strongman legend who said he had the biggest bone structure he had ever seen
MacReady said on 3/Jan/17
Yeah 'just because', I saw that on The World's Strongest Man. Considering Thor's height and huge body weight I find it believable that he could drop over a inch through the day. So his claim of 6'9'' (out of bed) may be true.
It's such a shame he missed out on the title yet again; he has the required massive strength, but just needs to work on his technique and application.
just because said on 1/Jan/17
On a recent wsm the commentator colin bryce stated that thor was 6ft9 in the morning and 6ft8 in the evening
A Man said on 30/Dec/16
@ Duhon
I'd agree with that. I'm the same age as him (a couple of months older in fact), and when I found out he was actually younger than me I couldn't believe it. Looks easily in his late 30s.

Same with Eddie Hall though, he's only 6 months older than Thor and he looks well into his 30s as well. Part of it's due to the size of them, but the lifestyle must surely provoke accelerated aging as well.
Danimal said on 30/Dec/16
Haftor is 6'7.5"
Brian Shaw is a legit 6'6" (6'8" is in basketball shoes£.
Duhon said on 23/Dec/16
Aside from his height Hafthor must be in the running for the oldest looking 28 year old in the world. The drugs cannot be having a good affect on his overall health.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 22/Dec/16
Click Here

Hafthor is closer to the cam, so to me they look around the same height
184cm said on 8/Dec/16
Looks a weak 6'8"
Johan said on 7/Dec/16
Richters only looks 7' there with the tallest guy from NL. 3 inches difference.

Next to Big Show I would have said 7'1" and if that Schelts guy is 6'10" then again he looks 7'1".

I saw a few more pics with Hafthor and to be honest it looks more 5 inches difference.

So Hafthor at 6'7" would make Richter 7'0 and 6'8" would be 7'1".

So the listing here is good, Richter could fall between 7' and 7'1". Ofc a big guy like that probbaly wakes easily at the 7'2" mark so its not like he is lying.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 7/Dec/16
Jim K said on 5/Dec/16
Looks a flat 6'8". Amazed at how Rob's head is larger than Bjorn's so this kind of throws off the readings, but he does look at least 6' 7.75" at lowest


Bjornsson's head is way bigger than Rob's, you should get your eyes checked.
Jim K said on 5/Dec/16
Looks a flat 6'8". Amazed at how Rob's head is larger than Bjorn's so this kind of throws off the readings, but he does look at least 6' 7.75" at lowest
Duhon said on 4/Dec/16
This is Richters next to the 7'3" tallest man in the Netherlands Click Here

I wouldn't say that's a 4" difference. Maybe 2"+?
Johno said on 2/Dec/16
Click Here

Khali here was probably at his largest and he had some massive legs to; probably around 170-180kg at less than 10% bodyfat and a legit 7'0 or so, was probably the most largest muscular man ever. Some were taller and some heavier but for share combination, i reckon he was hard to beat.

Big Show and Andre would have been close but if they had to cut, i doubt they ever had more pure muscle mass than Khali.
Johno said on 2/Dec/16
Mr Richter is certainly impressive. He seems to be filling out his height and that is pretty difficult for his height. He does not look to far off The Great Khali's bodybuilder days and he seems just as tall, maybe slightly shoter than Khali. Khali still the tallest/largest bodybuilder ever. He used to have madive legs aswell as upper body when he was in his 20s but obviously due to his condition he could not train legs later on.
Johno said on 2/Dec/16
Richter looked a good 4-inches or so shorter than Netherland's tallest man who is 7'3 or 7'4 i think?

Sammy Schelts is nowhere near his listed height of 6'10; these K1,Pride heights were/are usually way-off; more so than Hollywood at times.
Alex V. said on 1/Dec/16
Angles are so strange sometimes, look at these photos...

Semmy Schilt and Stefan Struve Click Here Click Here

Semmy Schilt and Oliver Richters Click Here

Big Show and Oliver Richters Click Here

And they are all, similar in height...
Duhon said on 25/Nov/16
Here's the Richters fellow next to a life-size statue of 7'6.5" Rigardus Rijnhout Click Here
Johno said on 24/Nov/16
@Berta, Rich is no more than 5'10. He wears chunky boots and i suspect lifts in most bodybuilding conventions.
Johno said on 24/Nov/16
That Oliver Richters was the same height as Big Show when they met so that 7'2 listing is out for him, more like 7'0 max possibly less. As you can see, he is taller than Thor.
Vegas said on 21/Nov/16
Andrew said on 30/Oct/16
Doubt WSM lie, they don't have to, unlike wrestlers. Brian Shaw is a legit 6'8"

If Shaw is 6'8 then WWE wrestler Braun strowman ( Adam scherr) is also 6'8
Johan said on 21/Nov/16
If that guy is really 7'2" then he can look around 6 inches shorter so about 6'8" 203 cm as he claims.
Duhon said on 17/Nov/16
Hafthor posing with 7'2" bodybuilder Oliver Richters. Not the best angles but what's the difference here? Click Here
Crane said on 6/Nov/16
Let's put an end to this with a proper list of "6'7.5".
josh jeffords said on 1/Nov/16
Dude is massive I watch Stong man and he is tallest of any real competitors in years.
Pretty sure he is listed at 203 cm which looks to correspond to 6 7 .75 Worlds Strongest Man
Thats weird he is now 416lbs and 6 9 who knows maybe he is growing..
He is taller than Brian shaw who claims 6 8 but looks under 6 7.
They claim an average of 6 3 and he ##$$$!# towers most like 6 ftrs or less.
These guys are always hurting their back and legs so he wont be that tall for long.
Should watch him try to do regular sports it hilarious!
Hope he makes it to real cinema always had a crazy theatrical presence.
Andrew said on 30/Oct/16
Doubt WSM lie, they don't have to, unlike wrestlers. Brian Shaw is a legit 6'8" and Thor is slightly taller in some match ups in WSM. 2015 deadlift round they congratulate each other and Thor is definitely ~1" taller. Oberst is considerably shorter than both and probably 6'6".

Terry Hollands lives literally 15 mins down the road from me Medway UK, have been to his gym and Terry is a legit 6'6, and again, some WSM rounds Terry is next to Thor. He is 6'8 minimum.
berta said on 17/Oct/16
rob what height is rich piana he looks in the 6 foot range to me at worst just under 6 feet and at best 6 feet half inch?
Editor Rob: compared to Hafthor I'd have said somewhere around that zone.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 16/Oct/16
I don't understand, he is 6'6.75 in the pic with Rob and a listed over 6'7.25 is a joke...
Game of Thrones is fashionable and a good tv programm, so the votes are of the fans. Please downgrade Rob, is the time, regards :)
Guanzo said on 14/Oct/16
He is 6'9'' with basketball shoes maybe 6'8''.75
Johan said on 3/Oct/16
Its possible ofc considering the listing. Funny thing is Hafthor has claimed numerous times 6'8" and was also listed 203 cm during his basketball days but they still insist on him being 6'9" - 206 cm.

His country uses metric and he has never claimed 206 cm , its always been 203- 204 cm.
tomato said on 2/Oct/16
I put him at 204 cm so at least the full 6 ft 8 in.
S.J.H said on 22/Sep/16
Up here hafthor atually look 26.5cm-27cm zone taller than big rob. If rob usually stand like 173.2-173.4cm in his video then Hafthor is really a solid 200cm to 6'7 not sure if he can stretch up the extra 0.75 in person. 6'7.75 stays a myth as i wonder how would peter crouch look next to rob..
Ice said on 16/Sep/16
Funny how Oberst claims 6'8 when he's clearly below the 200 cm mark ..
leoberg124 said on 10/Sep/16
It seems Sun Ming Ming, he is 236 cm (7'9")
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 9/Sep/16
Towering the Mountain

Click Here
Mark said on 29/Aug/16
He's huge...
Johno said on 22/Aug/16
Rich Piana, would be lucky to be a strong 5'10. He is a 5'10 at best. Wears some massive boots.
Bard said on 18/Aug/16
Looks a solid 6'7, maybe a little more.
Teutonic Titan said on 15/Aug/16
Robert Oberst is 6'06", or so his college roster listing says: Click Here. Given that, it is easy to see Hafthor is 6'08" plus. Besides, Hafthor and his trainers have always said he was 205 cm (80.71").
A Man said on 11/Aug/16
Oberst always claims 6,8" but he's nowhere near. 6,5.5" max I'd give him.
MD said on 8/Aug/16
I've heard that Piana is lucky if he's 5'11". The six-foot claims are total bunk.
leoberg124 said on 6/Aug/16
Bjornsson and Piana. Piana is estimated 183-185 cm. Can Bjornsson look 6'8"?
Click Here
It seems Oberst has short neck. If Oberst 6'6", can Bjornsson look more than 6'8"?
Click Here
Jackson Martinez said on 3/Aug/16
@Jeff and Rob
The guy next to Hafthor is famous professional physique competitor Jason Poston.
He is listed as 174cm (5ft 8.5)
Leonardo 173cm said on 2/Aug/16
He looks two meters with you, 6'7.25 is a better estimation than about 6'8.
Jackson Martinez said on 1/Aug/16
Ok, thanks for the reply
Videos like this are very good to catch attention.
"Versus Videos" or "Top10 Videos" seem to be very popular in modern culture :D
Maybe in future you could fill them with more content although it's just a hobby.

Isn't the comparison with this two pictures a bit unfair?
You're standing much better with Thor then with Nairn. Big Bad Johns pictures show that there wasn't a 2inch differnece between them,
even back in the days when Nairn could stand his full height.
I think that your estimate about Thor is very accurate. 202 - 203 cm is my guess also by going through many comparisons and no lower than that.
And for Nairn max 206cms a few years ago (maybe taller than that in his younger years) and a few inches shorter than that today.
Editor Rob:
The listings on this site are basically still more what I am thinking, in videos (which are just a little bit of visual entertainment and I wanted to keep quite short) you can say a person looks over a certain height range...

it's also a way to reuse some older content.
Jeff said on 29/Jul/16
Would 5'8 be a good estimate for the guy in the cap next to Thor? I've seen him listed at 5'10 but he seems to be reaching just under Thors chin, same as you.

Click Here
Editor Rob: I would have said he looked taller than me, but it might be possible Hafthor dropped a bit more height, hard to say exactly though. 5ft 9 might be possible.
TJE said on 28/Jul/16
Why not just leave him at 6'7.5 if he can look anywhere between 6'7 and 6'8?
Editor Rob: maybe it is better to go with the upper end of a guess than the lower.
Jackson Martinez said on 27/Jul/16
Hi, in which Video is that?
Rob, isn't a downgrade needed after your helplines?
Editor Rob: I was trying to show that Nairn is taller in person than Hafthor.

The lines are a guide, but in many cases I feel are pretty accurate, in other cases though a celebrity can look shorter/taller than they suggest.
I do think he is over 6ft 7, but maybe not a full 6ft 8.
Clive said on 26/Jul/16
Why in your video do you say he is 6'7-6'7.5?
Editor Rob: it's what he can look.
Peter 179cm said on 8/Jul/16
About 201cm imo,so just over 6'7.
mrtguy said on 21/Jun/16
Rob, The Mountain's head isn't small or very large for his height, Up close if you were to compare his head to Nairn it wouldn't be a big difference.
leoberg124 said on 16/Jun/16
Koklyaev 6'3-6'3.5 (191-192 cm) and Bjornsson looks 4-4.25 in. taller, he can be 6'8.
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Jackson Martinez said on 1/Jun/16

I think Robs Guess seems very accurate.
I also met him once even though I was not close to him. He seems very very tall and large.
But you have to admit that a man who is almost 6'8 is very tall.

Surely he wakes around 6'9 or more, but I think due to his mass he could shrink to 6'7.75.
The lines show him as 6'7.25 but like Rob already said: It's just a guide and in real life and on photos wihth taller people (6ft+) he seems close to 6'8 to him.
Declan said on 31/May/16
Thor when he first came on the scene at wsm was billed at 6'10, and now at 6'9. I've met Thor and he is atleast 6'9 no doubt. He is very wide and muscular which isn't typical of such a tall guy, that's why people are trying to rob him of a few inches lol!
Sam said on 27/May/16
I take it that he's still behind the mask as Franken-mountain in the current GOT season...I was thinking for a moment they had Whyte step in again (he's now credited for digitally capturing Wun-Wun the northern giant). They do a good job making Thor seem even taller than he really is in crowd scenes.
Lord Beerus said on 23/May/16
Now he looks 6ft7.25. Before, in this picture he looked 6ft7.75. Rob what happened did you cut off part of his head in this picture.
Editor Rob: the lines were too thick, this is a more accurate representation, although it is still a guide.
Damian said on 14/May/16
Jackson Martinez
Would you compare his size and physique with people like the Big Show or King Kong Bundy?
He doesn't appear as big or almost as big as them. He is a big dude, but not a giant whale or an elephant.
Although, he does appear he could look 6ft7.5 barefoot, and if he stood taller than he is in this photo, possibly 6ft8, but I wouldn't go anything above that.
pedro builder said on 13/May/16
Saw him at the worlds strongest man. He is 6'9.5" at least, he is taller then Ryan Shaw who is 6'8" another monster.
Johan said on 4/May/16
He looks 6'7.5" with the lines. Im sure a guy that size does indeed wake at 6'9".

Next to 6'1" range guys shown by Rob on this page he is minimum 6'7.5" and closer to this listing.
Sixseven said on 2/May/16
On this picture he appears under 2 meters Interesting.
S.J.H said on 30/Apr/16
I check out enough of hafthor picture else where i believe rob listing is accurate but only in the morning he could hit this range slightly over 202cm and hold a strong 201cm mid day
Jackson Martinez said on 20/Apr/16
he was actually 185kg, when he won the Arnold Classic Brasil a few weeks ago. This is more than 400 pounds.
And to his height.
You can not go only by Robs Helplines.
With taller people, le looks at least 6'7.5. Even nearer 6'8.
6'7 1/2" is maybe the lowest for him, but surely not under it.
Damian said on 17/Apr/16
I think he is about 6ft7, and with his hair makes him look about 1/2 an inch taller than he actually is. If he was more than 6ft7, forget it his head isn't more than 10 inches. By the way rob, but we're his legs and knees slightly bent when this photo was taken. Lol, he says he is 379lbs, which is more honest than what other affiliations list him as. Yea, I doubt his more than 400lbs, no way.
James B said on 14/Apr/16
Jackson Martinez- well to be fair Hathor reaches 6'7.5 under the helplines but that is with the 'slight' help of his cm thick hair.

If he had shaved his hair of he defo would look no higher than 6'7 or maybe 6'7.25 under the lines.
Jackson Martinez said on 12/Apr/16
after you did this helplines:
would you still say, he could be measured more than 202cms?
Editor Rob: I think it is still very likely, in person I would have guessed over 6ft 7 flat up close.
James B said on 11/Apr/16
Rob I think hathors legs are spread apart further than yours
Editor Rob: unless it was a wide stance it barely has any effect, I demonstrated once in A video and did the measurement to show the kind of range of stance where you don't get much difference...
Johan said on 11/Apr/16
Again there was a footwear swing. Tyler mane had a 0.5-0.6 in advantage on Rob and here the footwear with Thor is equal. Mane looked in the 6'7" range and Thor is at least 0.5 inch talller because of less shoe .
mrtguy said on 10/Apr/16
S.J.H said on 8/Apr/16
Hafthor look closer to tyler mane 6'6.75 to 6'7 not sure about the extra 3/4 given what's wrong?

I don't see Hafthor under 6'7''
S.J.H said on 8/Apr/16
Hafthor look closer to tyler mane 6'6.75 to 6'7 not sure about the extra 3/4 given what's wrong?
leoberg124 said on 5/Apr/16
Look this video. Larratt is 6' 5" and Thor can be 3 in taller.
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Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 1/Apr/16
Yes, this guy is a big man for sure. I can believe this listing.
Ice said on 27/Mar/16
ROB would he edge out Brian Shaw ?
Editor Rob: the odds might be in Hafthor's favour.
mrtguy said on 22/Mar/16
Rob, can you see Thor waking up at nearer 6'10'', he lifts very heavy weights and I think I think he can lose near 2 inches in a day compared to the average man??
Editor Rob: yes, it is far more likely a guy of his stature would lose over an inch.
berta said on 22/Mar/16
HI Rob it would be fun if Magnus samuelsson was added on celebheights. The strongman.
James B said on 19/Mar/16
Yeah not over 6'7 under the scale.
Jackson Martinez said on 25/Feb/16
@A Man

Agree with all that heights:
Big Z 190-191cm.
Eddie hall 187cm
Mike Burke almost 198cm, Terry Hollands a bit under it.
and Robert Oberst 198cm.

except for Thor and Brian Shaw.
Brian Shaw sometimes can look 202cm.
and Hafthor can look 203cm (a full 6'8) in some comparisons.
Johno said on 25/Feb/16
Although u believe, Thor would be no taller then 6'7 or Brian Shaw 6'6.25 in the evening though.
Johno said on 25/Feb/16
@Agreed A Man but only if Rob is his average height of 5'8.5 or early morning height.
A man said on 22/Feb/16
Doesn't surprise me that Thor isn't 6,9". WSM inflate heights just like the WWE does.

Here's what I reckon for all the big boys:

Thor 6,7.75"
Brian Shaw 6,7"
Big Z 6,3"
Eddie Hall 6.1.5"
Mike Burke 6,5.75"
Terry Hollands 6,5.5"
Robert Oberst 6,6" (but laughably claims 6,8")
Tabitha O'Brien said on 21/Feb/16
In strongman they say he is 6' 9" (2.06m) but in the picture he looks the same because Brian Shaw is 6' 8" (2.03m) and when Thor stood next to Brien, Thor was definatly taller then him.
The Ben said on 21/Feb/16
Wow, I always though he was a legit 6'9.
Rob's generally spot on with his height estimates, this one is quite surprising.
He's still a monster of epic proportions.
I'm surprised how much height had on Triple H. I wonder if Triple H has lost height with age, I always pegged him at a throng 6'2 but he looks around 6'1 these days.
S.J.H said on 20/Feb/16
Hafthor listed as high as 6'10 but he don't even look more than 6'7 else where and only look 6'6.5 with rob.From many source of pictures he look a solid 200cm guy so i'm think he could be 6'7 if he get measured the extra 0.75 is way too generous
Musclehed320 said on 17/Feb/16
Rob, do you recall the footwear you and Thor had on when you met? Thor wears Chucks a lot, was he wearing them on when you guys were pictured together?
Editor Rob: normal shoe about an inch so similar range.
Charlie said on 17/Feb/16
"I can't make-out any real difference in height between him and 6'8" listed Brian Shaw" thats because Thor is standing with wider legs spread, he is taller than shaw. So if shaw is 203 cm wich he prob is, thor is around 205 wich seems legit...
Johno said on 11/Feb/16
He comes out at 6'7 roughly not including hair, under this scale.
A man said on 10/Feb/16
There have always been giants in strongman. Back to Phil Pfister 10 years ago, and Magnus Samuelsson and Janni Virtanen a bit further than that, and Nathan Jones and Ted Van Der Parre even further than that.

I get what you're saying but I think these things just go in cycles. Someone like Mariusz or Ver Magnusson can dominate again.
Duhon said on 8/Feb/16
S.J.H said on 7/Feb/16
Atually hafthor look more like 6'6.5 here

Put your clicker over the picture to highlight the ruler. He comes out right under 6'8" where Rob has him listed.
Crane said on 8/Feb/16
6'6.5..... He's more of a 6'7-6'7.5!
Musclehed320 said on 8/Feb/16
John, I'm not saying the shorter guys cannot still be competitive.

The point is that the really tall guys, if they have thick enough bones, can potentially hold so much heavier body weight that they can eventually eclipse the shorter guys on static strength, or come very close. Combined with the dynamic events which favor Tall men will be enough to will overall, and even in the AC 3 of 5 events are virtually always heavy Dynamic events – Frame uphill carry, Yoke, Stone, Throw for height, 1 arm Dumbell (more dynamic than it looks).

There reason they did not become as competitive until recently was that taller men were not able to fill out as much. It also isn’t just Shaw and Thor, they may be the tallest, but other guys in the 6’4”+ range are a dime a dozen in this sport. You got guys like Jerry Pritchet DL over 950 and OHP over 450 as well. Guys like this still have room for more muscle as well.

That is the issue, the shorter guys literally run out of skeletal room for more muscle. When you look at a guy like Eddie Hall (who is over 6ft himself), compared to Thor Bjornsson, which of those two guys clearly looks like you could add another 50 pounds of muscle to him still?

Thor, obviously, his height is not just longer arms and legs, but he has thicker bones, bigger hands, and a larger torso with larger internal organs. Eddie Hall is closer to his own Genetic limit in terms of adding any significant amount of muscular bodyweight, and his static strength at this point it is going to be more about his central nervous system up regulating – which is finite as well.

You will always have a few guys in the 5'11" range out there, but them winning the major events will become less and less common. Z is a fairly tall man, at least 6’2” and is the best OHP man in modern recorded history. We have some other great OHP guys, and some of them are tall men. Robert Oberst has an incredible OHP, and Shaw’s has improved tremendously too. Not sure what Thor’s OHP limit is now, but its way over 400, and if he can get the Austrian Oak 445, at the AC will make him another one of the few men who could do it, and most of those guys were pretty tall. Michael Burke 6’6” has gotten it, Robert Oberst 6’6” (claims 6’8” but that’s exaggeration), Misha 6’5” and so on. Yes Lalas and the Dimitar are both under 6ft and have handled it.

There are other potentially tall strongmen out there as well. Kirill Sarrychev is a Russian powerlifter; he has long arms, but none the less at 6’6” hold the Bench Press WR at 738 pounds.

The one arm dumbbell press has also been dominated by tall guys in recent years, actually it’s a VERY good event for Thor, he often beats both Z and Shaw in that event, and this year Thor has been practicing with a 129kg (283.8 pound) dumbbell.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 7/Feb/16
Like the ruler in the pic by putting the mouse on it, great idea!!

Rob, only here or more pics with that gimmick?
Editor Rob: if on a phone/tablet you can click the image to see the other version, if you don't have a desktop. I will add more over time. A bunch of photos I don't think it would be of much use for (like those near in height), but for bigger differences it's just a visual alternative.
S.J.H said on 7/Feb/16
Atually hafthor look more like 6'6.5 here
Johno said on 5/Feb/16
@Musclehed320, agreed; we can thank Brian Shaw for evolving the support into a giant's game although, Big Z, at 6'2 is still dominant and Eddie Hall at 6'1 - 6'2 is still progressing. There was also Dimitar who at 5'10 is Top 10 last year and Lalas won the Arnold a few years back in the competitive Giant era and beat Brian Shaw whilst doing so; he is nothing more then 5'10, around 5'9 - 5'10.

Guys like Mariusz was pretty short for a strongan, listed at 6'1 ---- no taller then 5'11 and along with the 6'0 max Poundstone were last of the 'small' strongman to be dominant and in Mariusz defense he did beat Big Z a number of times before coming second at his last outing; whereby he came before Brian Shaw aswell, since then the support has evolved into a larger man's one. Events such as Keg Toss, truck pull and fingle's finger highly favour the tall man. Events such as deadlift are a 50/50 split, longer pull but longer arms to for the taller man. I don't believe a squatting event would favour the taller guy and the trademark Strongman event, the Stones have been neutralised due to the restricted and uniform height of the stands thus not really a taller man's event any more.

For me, i believe the shorter athlete maybe more suited for the Arnold, where the events are more static and are heavier; the heavier, the better. Any light event will favour someone with longer limbs because they can use momentum and leverage, aswell as longer stride advantage, whereas the WSM will not be suitable. Events such as the deadlift, dumbell press, hay carry etc, will require more core strength and stability, something the shorter man can possess. A 5'11 strongman, weighting 360 ilbs would be ideal for the Arnolds especially with shorter arms, the heavier and more simple static events will suit them. A heavier weight will be more about just brute strength and momentum and leverage will play a lesser role.

For me, Shaw and Thor are between 6'6-6'7. I believe taller men upto 6'10 can still competitive and optimal and really push the weight and heigh boundary before height becomes adverse. So i expect an athlete a couple of inches taller then Shaw and weighing 500 ilbs down weighing before evolution slows down and it becomes primarily about training.
Musclehed320 said on 4/Feb/16
Ghode said on 21/Jan/16
Doesn't matter how big Sean O'hagen is . its strongman, not big man. you have to be quick and FAST which is why Eddie Hall and Robert Oberst will never win WSM. Pudzanowski was the the ultimate strongman at 6'

Hafthor is strong and fast. he is almost there. came close to winning it a couple years ago -----

Yes, strongman is about Strength, Speed, and Endurance combined – with the primary emphasis being that first one, strength. Keep in mind that durring Mariusz Reign the implements were not as heavy as today, and the WSM was in direct competition with the then IFSA – where Zydrunas was dominating. Big Z by the way who has won 7 AC’s, and 4 WSM’s – with stronger competition than Mariusz faced.

If you had Pudz going up against Brian Shaw of today, with the wieght of Todays implements, Shaw would smoke Mariusz. Shaw has more static Strength AND is faster with more dynamic strength at a heavier bodyweight. Why? Well on top of the fact training methods, and competition have increased in recent years, SO also has the size of the athletes, and a LOT of it has to do with HEIGHT.

This sport will in the future be dominated by GIANTS. Now that they are closing in on the static strength of the shorter guys, the reality is that the frame size is the biggest limiting factor.

In the past very few tall men were ever able to gain enough muscular bodyweight to fill out their frames. With the modern hormone use, food intake, and training methods these tall guys are now mangaing to fill out better. Thor recently Deadlifted 990, and his OHP is 420+ (and possibly a lot more we’ll find out at the AC this year), Shaw now has manage to clean and press the 445 Oak 2 years ago, that is heavier than Mariusz ever managed. AND Shaw and Thor have smoked Mariusz times on race events as well – with heavier implements. Their throwing for distance power is profound as well.

Mariousz was great for his time, but as Svend Karlsen has noted: “it is becoming a sport of Giants” – and Bill Kasmaier has also commented on this, saying it was inevitable.

I give Thor about 205cm he claims which works out to about 6’8.5”. This is looking at the top of his head in Rob’s picture. Keep in mind they ends of Thor’s collar bones curve downward slightly, giving him a low shoulder to height ratio. Thus one needs to look at the TOP of his head – and keep attention to his footwear.

Quick question for Rob; did you by any chance see Thor’s footwear when you met him? He wears Chucks pretty much everywhere, easy to see on his facebook page, and those are flat as flat gets.

As far as the 212cm Sean O’hagan goes, he is currently Ireland’s strongest man as 24, and if he follows the pattern of Shaw and Thor he certainly has the potential to be incredibly powerful, his height is absolutely an asset.
Erlend said on 29/Jan/16
Click Here

How much do you think he has on the guy on the left, considering the guy on the left was wearing height increasing soles?
Editor Rob: he can look 5 inch range taller, maybe a bit more if he wasn't quite standing as tall as the other guy.
mrtguy said on 29/Jan/16
Rob, were you dropping more height with Nairn or Thor? Click Here
Editor Rob: with Nairn I'm standing barely even 5ft 7 really...with Thor I'm standing much better.
184.3cm (Night) said on 23/Jan/16
To me he looks 6'7 in the pic with Rob but with other taller guys he looks closer to 6'8. Rob posted a pic with a 6'1 friend if you scroll down and then there is 'big bad john' who Rob also says is 6'1 range. He isnt under 6'7.5" even after a long day as he edges out 6'7-6'7.5" Brian Shaw.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 22/Jan/16
@Rob how can you agree with the commentary saying that Hafthor can LOOK 199 in the picture ?
His head is obvious somewhere in the 10in range and you only reach the lower part of his neck.
IF he can look just 6ft 6.5 in the photo than Cudmore looks 6'5(including the 0,4in difference) tops with you and we know that is BS
Editor Rob: I don't think he is that low, but I could easily be in a photo with a 6ft 6.5 guy and look 1, 2 or 3 inches under their head. Depends on camera height, position, lense.
184.3cm (Night) said on 21/Jan/16
How tall is 'big bad john' ? Im guessing 6'1 considering his pic with thor. He does make Nairn look 6'8 range as well.
Editor Rob: in person I'd put him somewhere in that range
Ghode said on 21/Jan/16
Doesn't matter how big Sean O'hagen is . its strongman, not big man. you have to be quick and FAST which is why Eddie Hall and Robert Oberst will never win WSM. Pudzanowski was the the ultimate strongman at 6'

Hafthor is strong and fast. he is almost there. came close to winning it a couple years ago
mrtguy said on 17/Jan/16
Rob, it's the same guy with Nairn and Thor, OMG I don't think Nairn would hit 6'9'' anymore, that one pic Nairn took with you was his Lucky day.

Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob: 'big bad john' as he calls himself I think stands ok sometimes, but I've seen him lose height in photos too.
A man said on 11/Jan/16
Damn that's a big boy. Shaw looks small next to him and that is saying something.
Johno said on 10/Jan/16
Strongman as a competition and the athletes seem to be getting taller and larger. Another tall strongman, Sean O"Hagan is taller then both Thor and Shaw and weighs around 430 ilbs. He looks a couple of inches taller then Shaw and seems to out-size him. He is young and if he devoted more time to strongman, he is a potential to weight between 450 -500 ilbs before be fills out his height of 6'10 - 6'11.

Here he is with Shaw.

Click Here
Duhon said on 8/Jan/16
Here is a good comparison pic including footwear taken from what ManKo posted: Click Here I do see a slight advantage to Hafthor and yes he's in sandals but they don't appear to be particularly thin ones. I'd say he has roughly .25" on Hafthor maybe .5" at most taking account of footwear.
Johno said on 8/Jan/16
It is interesting to note, Shaw and Thor are of similar stature but Thor seems to be purposely staying trim because of his film career, whereas Shaw is thicker and larger. Savickas Zadrunas is around 6'2 - 6'3 and is thicker in every department as compared to Shaw except forearms, thicker neck, shoulders, chest, biceps, thighs, back, calves.

Shaw appears to have more height then him due to longer shins rather then upper torso or thigh bones.
Johno said on 8/Jan/16
Concaved insoles*
Johno said on 8/Jan/16
Manko, nice comparison. Yeh, judging by that picture, Thor is 0.5 inches taller then Shaw and Shaw has some moderate thickness Basketball shoes on whereas, Thor has on some convexed insole sandles on thus, Shaw has footwear advantage. The actual difference would be close to an inch.

If Thor is 6'6.5 - 6'7, as judging by the above comparisons, Shaw is around 6'6 flat.
ManKo said on 7/Jan/16

I think that Shaw its really close to Thor too, based on many pics, specially this one where you can see the shoes well. What do you think rob? Do you think that Brian Shaw is almoust as tall as The mountain?

Click Here
Johno said on 7/Jan/16
Duhon, the difference actually looks to be greater then 0.5 inches more rather, 0.5 - 1 inches and Thor seems to have sandals on.
Duhon said on 7/Jan/16
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Johno said on 4/Jan/16
Duhon, Brian Shaw is about half an inch shorter.

You are basing that from what? In the photo especially if you take into account the slight hair advantage Hafthor has I don't see .5" there. You can maybe argue half that if you must.
mrtguy said on 6/Jan/16
Johno, It's pretty obvious Thor took steroids, he couldn't of been "the worlds strongest man" with them. Big Show once got arrested for punching a guy in the jaw, his thick sized hands have done some serious damage to that guy causing an injury and that guy who Big Show punched happened to be 6'6''.
A man said on 6/Jan/16
Duhon, Thor has a wider stance and a footwear disadvantage in that photo. In other photos with Brian he usually comes out 1/4 to 1/2 an inch taller.

Rob's 6,7.75" for Thor looks about right and I'd put Brian at about 6,7.25"

Brian is a monster though, usually competes at 430-440 lbs. Would love to see him next to the Big Show to see how they stack up mass wise.
Johno said on 4/Jan/16
Duhon, Brian Shaw is about half an inch shorter.
Johno said on 4/Jan/16
mrtguy said on 22/Dec/15 
Rob, I think Big Show is a good candidate to compete with Thor.


Big Show would be visibly 3-4 inches taller then Thor and would basically larger then all the Pro-strongmen currently on the circuit. He would also out-size Brian Shaw aswell.
Duhon said on 2/Jan/16
Hafthor in a line-up with the World's Strongest men competitors. I can't make-out any real difference in height between him and 6'8" listed Brian Shaw, look about dead even really. Click Here

So perhaps Shaw is a legit 6'8"?
Andrea said on 1/Jan/16
pablo, there's nothing to laugh :)
Thor is looking 199 range with Rob here! I'm not saying he IS just 199 but he does look that next to Rob!
I think Rob can confirm that too ;)
Editor Rob: well it's true, my head with hair is almost 10 inches, so you've got a ruler right there in the photo.
Yaspaa said on 27/Dec/15
@Jackson, The pics of Conan with Nathan Jones show them to look about the same. I don't even think Conan is 6'11.
mrtguy said on 22/Dec/15
Rob, I think Big Show is a good candidate to compete with Thor.
mrtguy said on 22/Dec/15
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 22/Dec/15
haahha 1,99 my....
He has very near to 1 feet on Rob.He could be 6ft 7.5 but 6ft 6.5 ? Are you kidding like you did with the 6ft 3 Manganiello ?

Totally agree this guy is at least 6'7.5 at his lowest. He probably loses the most height, more than any other celeb on this site because he's quite heavy than he looks from excessive weightlifting, his height can fluctuate any time any day . Anyone who's over 6'5'' and weighs well over 350 lbs could lose up to 1.5-2' in one day. Johno and Andrea open your eyes he's NOT 6'6.5 he clearly looks taller than Cudmore in comparison with Rob by an inch atleast.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 22/Dec/15
haahha 1,99 my....
He has very near to 1 feet on Rob.He could be 6ft 7.5 but 6ft 6.5 ? Are you kidding like you did with the 6ft 3 Manganiello ?
Andrea said on 21/Dec/15
Yeah, he looks around 199 with Rob here...
Johno said on 20/Dec/15
Looks about 6'6.5 here.
Irregular Contributor said on 17/Dec/15
Rob, do you think if this guy stood next to Conan Stevens, he would look similar to how Kane looks next to Big Show?
Editor Rob: there is a chance Conan is 6ft 11, so there might be 3 inches
Ice said on 7/Dec/15
ROB would you say his hands are big , like even for his size ? They look enourmos compared to yours
Editor Rob: yes he had big hands up close.
Strongman said on 20/Nov/15
Hafthor's height fluctuates because of the massive compression and decompression his body goes through pre and post training. The yoke event ensues a lot of spinal compression considering you're walking with 400kg+ on your back. It is not surprising to see him look as low as 6'7" flat and as high as 6'8" and change.

If it's worth anything, here's a picture of a friend of mine with Brian Shaw at WSM 2011 in NC. He's 5'11" barefoot. Shaw is about the same height as Hafthor, possibly half inch shorter.

Click Here
mrtguy said on 6/Nov/15
Rob, do you think most WSM competitors do anything to take steroids for monstrous strength and earning the name "Worlds Strongest Man"?
Editor Rob: I am more interested in trying to keep to the height aspect, but I'm sure on other forums there's tons of discussion on steroids and supplement usage.
Duhon said on 31/Oct/15
Hafthor standing between a 5'11" and 5'9" UFC fighters, all barefoot Click Here
Chaz said on 30/Oct/15
I would not bother to much saying about any strongmans body weight, they go up and down all the time,Laurance Shahlaei posted on he's facebook about 6 months ago of him on scales down to 136kg,go on there now he has just weighed 151kg befor he's first powerlifting contest,
mrtguy said on 27/Oct/15
Rob, Hafthor actually weighs over 400 lbs Click Here I wouldn't be surprised if he outweighed Nairn.. gotta say all that weightlifting gives him huge mass.
mrtguy said on 25/Oct/15
Like Hafthor, would you say Nairn is 380 lbs Rob?
[Editor Rob: at times you think he could be 400's easily, especially seeing him last year.]
Eidur said on 18/Oct/15
@Dan and Rob
The two giants next to Hafthor are the tallest men in island: Ragnar Nathanaelsson(left) and Egill Jonasson (right)
Both are around 7ft 2. Ragnar isn't taller than Egill Click Here

Here is a video for proof. Click Here
They were announced as the two tallest men in Island. They even got measured in this video.
It's the same day they met Hafthor. Egill is one cm shorter than Ragnar with being 217cm while Ragnar is 218cm.

In the photo with Hafthor one could believe Ragnar is way taller than Egill.
Dan said on 14/Oct/15
Hi Rob. Just curious, how tall would you say these guys in a picture with Hafthor are? The one on the left must be over 7ft! Click Here
[Editor Rob: unfortunately the link didn't show the right image, but if it is the one with 2 taller guys yeah that guy said he was near to 7ft 2 I believe.]
Jackson Martinez said on 5/Oct/15
Rob - first of all I want to thank you for this site and for taking so good care of it.
At the beginning it must have been a hobby to you, but now a lot of work I guess.

Height is a very interesting topic to me too. Most Peoples keep their real height for themselves and then there is the showbusiness with so many lies.
Once I've met two very tall guys in a club. The taller one claimed to be 205cm (6'8.7)and the other one (an inch shorter) said 211cm (6'11). The guy who was shorter likes to being that tall (very straight posture) and the other one not that much (very bad posture and not much self confidence). So it is all about what people want other people think about them.
Then I am a real barefoot 5'9.75 guy (177cm) and I am taller than all of my self-claimed 5'11 (180cm) friends.
There are also so many girls shorter than me saying that they are 177 or 178 cm.
So I always have to hear that I coud not be that short and that I have to be at least 5'11, but I am even only 5'10.3 out of bed.

Back to Thor:
Click Here I put the line that high because Hafthor has a very very pointed head. Click Here
Going by many comparisons and reading all the threads I think Hafthor could beat him barefoot. Mane 201.5 - 202.0 and Hafthor 202.5 - 203.0

In his basketball times he was always listed as 203cm Click Here
2004 when he was 15 (U16 European Championship) and 2006 when he was 17 (U18 European Championship)
In the islandic teamphotos he is always as tall as the other 203cm guys.
I think these young guys were all measured barefoot for such a competition.

He probably measured 6'9 out of bed and shrinks down to a hair under 203 at his lowest.
[Editor Rob: for both of them you could say they are roughly 6ft 8. In person I did get a taller impression from Tyler, but his frame I think helped as he is slimmer than Hafthor, so vertically can give off more illusion of being taller.]
Jackson Martinez said on 4/Oct/15
Thor has a bit more shoe I think but..
I still coud not say how tall Hafthor is - he can look everything between 202 (with Rob and Arnie for example) and 203.5 with other people.
Even a bit more in the shots next to Magnus Ver Magnusson or Colin Bryce. (more shoe is here possible too)

Based on this photo Click Here and the fact that Big Z is a legit barefoot 6'3 - Hafthor could look 6'8 - 6'8.25.
He has a half of his head (13cm) on him. He also has a inch on Brian Shaw who is at least 6'7.25.
I think all of them have perfect posture in this picture.

Another picture: Click Here
The woman on the left is Annie thorisdottir (169cm / 5'6.5 - listed at 5'7).
Here he can also look 6'8 - 6'8.25 and I have already considered his thick soles.

In photo comparisons it is hard to tell. I think he is near 6'8.

How tall did you guessed him, when you saw him the first time? - without the photo comparisons.
So what does he look in person?
[Editor Rob: he looked nearly as tall as Tyler Mane, but then Mane had a more significant shoe advantage (like 0.6 inch) so I felt Mane was taller...they may well measure very close barefoot. Guys in that range might shrink nearer 1.5 inch range.]
mrtguy said on 3/Oct/15
Click Here
He's looking 6'8''+ here with Goldust.
Duhon said on 3/Oct/15
Rob, these gentlemen are supposed to be in the 6'4"-6'5" range does this look correct? Click Here
[Editor Rob: the bloke on the left could look near that 6ft 4-5 range, the other guy not so much.]
J.M. said on 2/Oct/15
Rob, would you agree that tall people can look even more taller when they are inside of a room?
I always guessed somebody's height at least two inches taller when they were in a building.
I know it sounds weird..

Devon larrat
[Editor Rob: yes, sometimes I understand that situation]
sixthreeoutofbed said on 30/Sep/15
thanks Rob

6'4 for devon looks right?
[Editor Rob: between 6ft 4 and 5 could be possible]
sixthreeoutofbed said on 29/Sep/15
how tall pro armwrestler devon larrat looks close to the moutain in this video

Click Here

legit 6'5?
[Editor Rob: he could look a good 3 inches smaller]
Jackson Martinez said on 29/Sep/15
Rob, could you do a site for Conan Stevens?

There are a lot of people who does not believe he is a real 7 footer.
Here is a video of him - saying by his own mouth that he is 210cm tall.
Click Here At the 10th second.

Many people from countires that use the metric system (so almost the whole world :D) convert a foot to 30cm and not to 30,5 what they actually should do. I did it wrong too for a long time.
So a 180cm guy becomes a 6 footer and a 210 cm guy becomes a 7 footer.
A little later a the video at minute 0:30 there comes another guy for size comparison who agrees for being 175cm.
Conan Stevens converts it to 5 foot 10. I think this is proof enough that he has some little deficits when using the foot/inch system.

Btw: With the other guy he looks more in the 6'9.5 6'10 range but also by being 2.08m and believing that 210cm are 7 feet it is easier to say "I am 7 feet tall" than knowing that 7 feet are actually 213cm.
Jackson Martinez said on 12/Sep/15
Hey Rob,
Ben Revere (listed at 5'9) always seemed to me like a legit 5'8 -5'9 guy.

Does he really look shorter than you in this pic Click Here
or is it just the angle or something?
[Editor Rob: I would say that's roughly about 5ft 8 versus 6ft 8]
mrtguy said on 11/Sep/15
Woah he is 100 pounds heavier than Lesnar.
Rifle said on 5/Sep/15
How tall is this guy next to Hafthor?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be nearly 6ft 10]
shoe said on 19/Aug/15
Hi Rob, could it be that he has lost a cm or two from all that weight lifting.
I notice that when Im lifting heavy I measure a few mm less than regularly but when I take a brake for a few months I go back to normal.
BorkLaser said on 16/Aug/15
Superman, LMAO!!
Rifle said on 10/Aug/15
Who do you think is rarer a 6'3.25"(191cm) woman like Gwendoline Christie or a 6'10"(208cm) man?
[Editor Rob: it is probably similar ratio, quite rare to see.]
Superman said on 3/Aug/15
I thought his name was spelled Halfthor, and then I couldn't imagine how tall a Wholethor would be.
Matthew190 said on 29/Jul/15
mrtguy says on 9/Jun/15
Rob, He is definatley looks similar to James and Cudmore,etc...


He's clearly taller than Cudmore.
ManKo said on 21/Jul/15

I think Bjornsson is 6´8 barefeet, and Brian Shaw is 6´7 barefeet, I met both of them and I would say that there are no lower than that.
Arnoldo said on 20/Jul/15
Brian Shaw is exactly 6'7.5 and i believe him.
Bian Shaw seems like the most humble and honest person on earth.
When he was asked about his height he said he is 6'8 or exactly 202cms barefoot.
This is 6'7.5.
Hafthor seems a half or 3/4 inches taller than him.

I am still sure he can be measured 6'8" and more than that in the morning.
Ghode said on 18/Jul/15
Brain Shaw claims 5'8" as well. Hafthor is taller
Ghode said on 18/Jul/15
The video Arnoldo attached says it all. he claims 6'8" himself. probably 6'9" with shoes on... seems like every one these days ( especially athletes) go by their height when wearing shoes/cleats/wrestling boots or whatever
Guyster said on 6/Jul/15
I'd say that Hathor is exactly 6'8 tall very strong man,I hope after his power lif

ting days are over he becomes an actor.
Arnoldo said on 16/Jun/15

You're right about the angle. I didn't consider that.

But you're also wrong in another point.

You said HHH is up to Hafthors nosetip and only reaches to Howards underlip.
You're wrong about that!
You forgot the head angle.
Hafthor leans his head forward. (you can see the top of his head)
While Horward leans his head back. (you cant see the top of his, but more of his neck) I hope you know what I mean. (my english is not the best)
Hafthor could also leans his head more back so that HHH would only reach to his mouth.

But still I see at least an inch difference between them.

Almost everybody on the internet just wants to win their discussion.
They dont care about the truth.
I hope you are comprehensible about that.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 13/Jun/15
Click Here

even in a black shirt he looks more impressive than peak Hulk Hogan and peak Sid Justice
mrtguy said on 9/Jun/15
Rob, He is definatley looks similar to James and Cudmore,etc...
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 8/Jun/15
Arnoldo says on 4/Jun/15
The photos of Duhon are better.
Triple H has exactly the same posture in both pics.
Even Hafthor and Dwight Howard have same postures because of the way Triple H wanted to take the photos. No one seems to have camera Advantage.

straight out: WRONG

HHH has the same position posture, but the camera angle is way higher in the haftor pic making the gap to HHH bigger than the lower angle in the Howard pic.

Then look at the wall in the Howard pic, big tilt to HHH`s advantage narrowing the gap even more!
So your lines are useless, the angle in the Howard pic is just to low to compare the top of their heads.

If anything we can say HHH is up to Haftors nosetip or a tad under and derotating the pic with Howard, HHH is at best at Howards underlip so more like 1.5-1.75" between Howard and Haftor.
Arnoldo said on 4/Jun/15

these photos are all different.
Look how they stand on that photos and I'm sure they dont stand perfectly on one line to Rob.
In the photo with Rob Hafthor looks 6'7.5. Thats right.

The photos of Duhon are better.
Triple H has exactly the same posture in both pics.
Even Hafthor and Dwight Howard have same postures because of the way Triple H wanted to take the photos. No one seems to have camera Advantage.
These ones are better to compare. I think they are perfect because they're nearly identical.

Dwight Howard is builled as 6'11 and claimed hisself being 6'9 barefoot.
So how tall is Hafthor Björnsson then?

Click Here

I dont see more than one inch difference.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 4/Jun/15
Click Here

Nash is still a strong 6´8.5", Haftor looks 6´7.5" at best with Rob,
Mane had 0.6" footwear advantage over Rob so a tad shorter than Haftor - Mane 6´7.25"

Haftors head imo 10-10.25"
Nash´s head easy 11", maybe 11.5"max

Lol Haftor makes both big guys look kind of skinny
Duhon said on 4/Jun/15
HHH with 6'9" barefoot measured at 18 Dwight Howard Click Here and with Hafthor Click Here
Steve said on 2/Jun/15
I also think that he is a full 6'8 or 204cm. I think Robs listing is off by 1cm, he easily looks a full 6'8 if Rob is 5'8. He looks 6'8 in most of his photos.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/15
Rob can you add (about 380 pounds) in brackets for those of us who don't work in kg ;-)
ManKo said on 28/May/15
This guys trains for strongman events, he squats regularly 700 pounds, deadlift 800 pounds or more, is always lifting heavy stuff, I guess his spine compression is bigger than the average guy.
Arnoldo said on 27/May/15

He never said he is 6'9

watch minute 2:33 Click Here
You can hear it from his own mouth. "I am 6'8" he said.

During the tournament they still mentioned him 6'9.

In the photo comparison with Rob he looks 6'7.5 but he could lose that half or quarter inch easily on that one pic by bending a very very little bit.
It is hard to guess somebodys height on a pic with comparing to another one who is a foot shorter... and don't forget - we are talking about 0.5 or 0.25 inches.
In the other photo with Robs Con friend he seems a bit over 203cms.
Even on the photo with Triple H he seems 6'8 by calculating only 6'1.5 to Triple H.

So I dont think he is lying.
I would bet he is a full 6'8 and even more than 6'9 out of bed.

Rob is there a chance to upgrade him to 6'8 because on that photo with your friend he really seems to be a full 6'8 or do you doubt it?

You are the one who could see him from a near distance. I never had that chance.
Would you say 6'8 is impossible?
Paul said on 27/May/15
Thanks Rob and no, I don't blame you for not arguing with him. He's big enough. I think he is around 6'8 even. That would make fellow strongman Brian Shaw maybe 6'7.25, although in my view most people of average height or taller (but under 7'0) would generally vary by a maximum of around 0.8in over a given day with the exception of when extremes are applied, eg. working for 12-15 hours hard manual work without a rest or lying down for 15 hours and taking measurements quickly following in each case.
hal said on 26/May/15

6'6" to 6'7" in shoes? LOL, that story's either fake or you're terrible at estimating a person's height.
Paul said on 26/May/15
Can I ask Rob, did you tell him at the time he was telling fibs over being 6'9? Even if he was adamant, never the less I'm sure you could have persuaded him otherwise of his claim.
[Editor Rob: I'm never going to argue with an actor over a height, I'm just guessing, it still ultimately won't change what they are measured at.
I think near 6ft 8, but maybe he measured 6ft 9 out of bed easily, a guy this size could very well shrink 1.5 inches.]
Arnoldo said on 24/May/15
Hey Rob,

How much do you lose during the day?
I am 178,6cm out of bed, still over 177cm during the morning and 176,6 in the evening. Even I am that short, I lose excactly 2 cms.
What would be my true height?

And we talked about Height Lies.
Do you think Guys like Hafthor were measured in shoes or in the morning or do you think they are just lying because it is very common that almost all tall celebrities gave themselves one inch on their real height.
[Editor Rob: 0.6 up to 0.8 shrinkage. It depends on the out of bed height. I used to consistantly get 5ft 8.6-7 range, but over last few years can get 5ft 8.75-9 range out of bed. My evening height is still 5ft 8 1/8th though.]
RoelC said on 23/May/15
With WWE Wrestler Triple H
Click Here
If Bjornsson stood straight, you'd probably be looking at a 7 inch difference.
Luke Skywalker said on 20/May/15

How much do you think a guy like this could lose during the day (from the morning-tonight)? What about some of the NFL linemen? How much do you reckon they lose from start-end of the day?
[Editor Rob: once you get that tall, 1.5 inches of loss may not be uncommon.]
hal said on 19/May/15

Of course there'd be people saying that. Just like every 6-footer has people who say he's actually 5'10" or 5'11", every 7-footer has people who say he's actually 6'10" or 6'11". Even though they don't really have anything to back it up.

I think Conan looks like a legit 7-footer. Not sure what to think about Hafthor. He said he's 205cm(6'8.75") in an interview, and I could buy that. But one thing's for sure, he's not under 6'7".
184.3cm (Night) said on 18/May/15
Well people say Conan is 6'10.5" so Nathan comes out at 6'10 just as Rob has him listed.
EvilSecondTwin said on 13/May/15
Hafthor isn't under 6'8". I've been around pro strongman, now NXT wrestler, Adam Scherr and trained with him on a few occasions. He's remarkably the same height, if not 0.5 inches taller than Brian Shaw.

Scherr BARELY cleared a 6'9" door frame in shoes. His hair squished under it. I think the WSM billings for height aren't nearly as inflated as WWE.

Shaw: 6'7.5-6'7.75"
Hafthor: 6'8"-6'8.5"
Chaz said on 10/May/15
Click Here 6'2'' Eddy Hall had he's first Powerlifting contest yesterday in Germany he weighed in at 181kg 398lbs 28st that should tell you that Shaw is way over 420lbs now.
Luke Skywalker said on 9/May/15
Here is a picture of Brian Shaw, Thor, and Zydrunas Savickas

Click Here
Duhon said on 8/May/15
Click Here If my previous link didn't work.
Duhon said on 7/May/15
Conan Stevens next to Nathan Jones Click Here Would be great if they could ever get all the actors who played the Mountain together including Ian White.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 6/May/15
Stevens is similar in height to Nathan Jones. I think Jones is 6,9.5 and Conan is 6,10
robert said on 4/May/15
Hey rob you should add conan stevens most people say hes 6ft10.5 not a legit 7ft as he claims
just because said on 3/May/15
Heres an interesting little video of the 6.7 400 pound shaw trying to get on an aircraft Click Here
Duhon said on 2/May/15
I'm pretty sure Rob added Hathor more so due to his involvement with Game of Thrones than his strong man career.
Arch Stanton said on 1/May/15
Rob are you not interested then in the other strongmen? I've noticed a few people mention Brian Shaw aside from those too.
[Editor Rob: I don't know if I'd add him.]
Arch Stanton said on 1/May/15
Andrea says on 28/Apr/15
Rob, how tall do you think the bald guy is?
Click Here
Click Here
He's a famous italian presenter who has proudly claimed to be 185 for years, a few years ago i've read somewhere he claimed to have shrunk and to be 184 in a tv show and last years he claimed to be 183...
[Editor Rob: 182 range might be possible. He may well have lost 2cm.]

Yup, just what I guessed, in 5 ft 11 range, I'd imagine when younger he might have genuinely measured 183-4 as is probably telling the truth.
Chaz said on 30/Apr/15
Andrea says on 28/Apr/15
Rob, how tall do you think the bald guy is?
Click Here
Click Here
He's a famous italian presenter who has proudly claimed to be 185 for years, a few years ago i've read somewhere he claimed to have shrunk and to be 184 in a tv show and last years he claimed to be 183...
[Editor Rob: 182 range might be possible. He may well have lost 2cm.

I have seen Big Z meny times going back to 2003 when he was only 150kg and he's the height he says 190cm.
Andrea said on 30/Apr/15
Yeah, i think he might still reach the 182 mark, if measured! Granted he can look no more than 5'10-5'11 at times but his posture is not that good... I think he's never been a full 185 but maybe earlier in the day in his 20's he might have measured close to that! I can believe 183-184 at peak and now more 181-183... He also said his son is 195 but he really doesn't look much more than 2 inches taller than him, i doubt he's taller than 188! But he thinks he's a big 195 guy...

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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