How tall is Halle Berry

Halle Berry's Height

5ft 5.25in (165.7 cm)

American actress from films like Die Another Day, X-Men films, Cloud Atlas, Swordfish, Executive Decision, Catwoman, Gothika and Monster's Ball.
At 5ft 6in I was too short [for runway], anyway.
- The Telegraph, 2001
I'm 5'5" so I was never gonna be a supermodel.
- The Voice, 2000

How tall is Halle Berry
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Average Guess (27 Votes)
5ft 4.68in (164.3cm)
Sepanta said on 28/Aug/17
Please check it again, Rob. Because most people say she's not in this height. I also say 5'4 but not 5'5.
Tom said on 7/Aug/17
accurate listing
Phil said on 25/Jun/17
She looks like a short 5 foot 3 woman.
Adijos said on 12/Apr/17
I think she ie 5'5.75" (167 cm) tall.
Cameron said on 25/Mar/17
5'5" flat IMO.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Mar/17
@ Keira - Oh, that makes sense! Unfortunately, I missed that episode of Ellen's show! 😫
Keira said on 19/Mar/17
Halle Berry is shorter than Ellen DeGeneres.
Giorgi said on 11/Mar/17
She usually seems shorter. I expected about 5'4
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Feb/17
The first film that really made me sit up and take notice of Halle was 'Gothika'! She was brilliant in it and played what I consider to be one of the scariest possible situations that a human being could ever find him or herself in!
She was locked away in a mental institution, having at one time been an excellent therapeutic doctor. I felt SO sorry for her! The spirit of a murdered girl was trying to get through to her to put paid to some unspeakably evil crimes against young women.
They were also taking place within the institution! Halle looks helpless and tiny in this film - it is one of the first things I noticed about her, apart from how pretty she is! The offending monster (one of two, if I remember correctly!) is WELL over 6ft as well and about 20 stone, which just emphasizes Halle's small stature. All she can do is to use her larger-than-average brain capacity and gifts of empathy and sympathy as a woman in order to defeat him!
I would have believed 5ft3.5 for Halle actually! I have only read that she's 5ft5, but I think she might be smaller. I was going to go along with 5ft4.5, as written here, but I shall go with my instincts - 5ft4 of absolute perfection!👍
divincodino92 said on 20/Feb/17
163 at max
Sepanta said on 17/Jan/17
She seems to be between 5'3-5'4.
SewellAnthony said on 26/Sep/16
Gabriel Aubry no more than 6'1
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Arch Stanton said on 6/Mar/16
@Rob can you squeeze in Cloud Atlas, Executive Decision, Bulworth, Catwoman and Swordfish?
jackie said on 8/Jun/15
in cloud atlas, she was always the smallest next to her costars even with heels. she seemed like she was more 5'4. i can't imagine shes under 5'5 though. beautiful face indeed, but dont really like her body proportions.
SK said on 14/May/15
I've seen her in person several times, and she never looked over 5'3." She might even be as short as 5'2". She's not 5'5" or 5'6". She wore very high heels around Gabriel Aubry, who is 6'1"-6'2", and a woman who is truly 5'6" would have easily looked at least 5'9" in high heels, but she always looked too short next to him to be 5'6". In the photos of the two of them together where she wasn't wearing heels, she looked almost a foot shorter than him. Anyway, I always thought she was short and pear-shaped in person.
april said on 27/Oct/14
she looks average height. wouldnt be surprised if she were a bit under this listed height.
177cmGuy said on 18/Sep/14
I'm assuming she is 165cm but at times she can look anywhere from 162-165cm range. Anyway it's a good height for a women
Sal said on 5/Mar/14
Halle looks like she is 5'5". That's it.
Loz said on 7/Dec/13
I was an extra in a scene with Halle in Die Another Day and I'd say she is no more than 5'2
kk said on 2/May/13
shes beautiful. she looks above avg. 5'5, id say. i notice she has short and stubby legs though.
191 guy said on 28/Apr/13
Rob, check some of her pics with legit 6'2 gabriel aubrey, she seems just an inch over his shoulder... I believe she's no more than 5'3
miss_me said on 23/Mar/13
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Check this video. She says she's 5'2
[Editor Rob: I think she's kind of talking about high school days of being 'fat' at 135 pounds]
Dette b said on 30/Nov/12
I think she looks 5 foot 4 at the most. She is a very thin woman and she can carry her height very well on the big screen, especially in hills.
jewel said on 29/Nov/12
I met Halle Berry when I was helping her in a store. She is closer to 5'2" and maybe 5'6" in heels. I'm only 5'4" and I was looking down on her.
jewel said on 29/Nov/12
I've served Halle in a store and if she's 5'5" it's with heels. I'd estimate her at 5'2" tops. I'm 5'4" and I was looking down.
runt said on 19/Nov/12
The first time I saw her was Jungle Fever where she looked shorter than Spike Lee. Could be camera tricks though.
shewşonko said on 30/Dec/11
166-167 cm.weak 5'6
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Dec/11
Silent d she can look taller because she always wears big heels but shes not over 166!
Silent d said on 20/Nov/11
She always 5 foot 7 to me. I'll say five foot 6. Tall build.
Shaun said on 15/Nov/11
Andreaita has a point, strangely Aubry looks 6'1" tops next to almost 6'3" Tom Welling. But see the Bruce Willis pics if Aubry is 6'1" or even 6'0.5" Willis is nowhere near 5'11!! Aubry has 4 inches on him.
Shaun said on 15/Nov/11
Aubry 184cm? And Bruce Willis 174cm?
Shaun said on 15/Nov/11
Actually Aubry could be a legit flat 6'2" but that would be a relaxed barefoot tight marker measurement later in the day, I actually think he is probably nearer 6'3" out of bed. He's definitely not under 6'2", much taller than Bruce Willis.
bb said on 8/Nov/11
here is a photo of her with Ellen Page who was wearing flats or something like a 1 inch heel. Page is 5 feet or 5'1. Berry looks about 6 inches taller with what looks like 4 inch shoes. Also looked to be similar in height to Anna Pacquin as noted earlier.
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I think 5'.55 is close but on the generous side of being close. I would say 5'4.5 - 5'5. She never looks that tall to me even with big heels on the red carpet.
LAN Jiao said on 1/Nov/11
Andrea, you are funny.. read my point if you think is wrong:

willis had claim 6'1 which is big laugh, he is not even a 6footer at peak, but a good 5'11 peak.. probably lost a cm nowdays..
6'2 gabriel aubry had an obvious 9cm on a bald bruce willis 179-180cm.
ashton kutcher had only 7-8cm often apear taller than willis.
jared padalecki who is 6'4 and dead on it who had tom welling by 1.5in

aubry is listed many site at 6'2 and looks it obviously with willis without advantage shoe and tip toe stuff..

ashton kutcher is listed from 6'2 to 6'3 and listed 6'2.5 here which is still higher than his real stance at 6'1.5 compare next to willis beside aubry.
padalecki is dead on 6'4 no farther while welling had always look most 4cm shorter which spell out his only 6'2.5 and 6'2.75 a less chance

while you are giving kutcher 6'2 and aubry dead on 184cm max which naturally making ashton kutcher 6'0 and willis like a 5'9 average guy. people will start think lol. although james is abit troll at saying aubry look 190cm next to willis hes a funny judge at some point everyone knows i know the welling pics along aubry but it does't help aubry in camera angle most of it and welling near camera and had better posture. unless you proof pics of welling more pics of him face to face with gabriel aubry top him 5cm over therefore people here will trust you dead on now..

last point to the reality welling is't over 190cm and mostly top 189cm solid.
gabriel aubry is a less chance under 6'2 and ashton kutcher is shorter than aubry so no 6'2 is apply on his height. bald willis now is not under 179cm..

last conclusion result:

willis 179cm
padalecki 193cm
ashton kutcher 187cm
gabriel aubry 188cm
last we have mighty superman from smallville named Thomas John Patrick(welling) at 6'2.5
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Sep/11
AShton Kutcher is no where near Welling's height! Ashton is just 6'2! Remember Aubry looks at least 2 inches shorter than Tom Welling, and im still generous! So Gabriel must be max 184!
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Sep/11
If Aubrey looks 190, Tom Welling must be no less than 6'5!
James said on 26/Aug/11
kutcher is 6'2.5-6'2.75.

Aubrey looks 190cm with now 179cm bruce.
Shaun said on 26/Aug/11
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That's about how a 6'2.5" guy looks next to a 5'11" guy. Aubry clearly looks taller than Kutcher does if you look at most other photos. Aubry is very obviously 6'3" range.
Shaun said on 26/Aug/11
ANDREA[ITA] says on 9/Aug/11
Aubry is nowhere near 6'3''! He's much shorter than tom welling, that rob listed at 189!

You are wrong sorry. Compare how Aubry looks next to Willis. Now compare how Ashton Kutcher who is Welling's height looks next to Willis. Nowhere near 6'3"? Extremely close to 6'3" if not on the button.
Iexie said on 17/Aug/11
I'm 5'6 and my dad mentioned that he'd met her her a couple years back. He believes she is the same height as me.
Iexie said on 17/Aug/11
I'm 5'6 and my dad mentioned that he'd met her her a couple years back. He believes she is the same height as me.
sid said on 15/Aug/11
she IS 5-4 said that herself
and OBVIOUSLY looks that as well
ANDREA[ITA] said on 9/Aug/11
Aubry is nowhere near 6'3''! He's much shorter than tom welling, that rob listed at 189!
Shaun said on 17/Jun/11
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Aubry looks a clear 6'3" next to 5'11" Bruce Willis. Anything over a 6'2" listing is considered undesirable in male models so he like Marcus Schenkburg is listed as 6'2". I think Rob as her height spot on here. If you compare her to 5'8" Olivier she can look near his height with boots.
Shaun said on 17/Jun/11
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Aubry looks a clear 6'3" next to 5'11". Anything over a 6'2" lsiting is considered undesirable in male models so he like Marcus Schenkburg is listed as 6'2". I think Rob as her height spot on here.
shawnn said on 30/May/11
she stated 5'7
Milky said on 7/Apr/11
Aubry is a legit 6'2" maybe even 6'2.5" and Halle looks 5'6" max.
mememe said on 23/Feb/11
he is 5'6 period so everyone stop complaining. rob is right.
George H. said on 8/Feb/11
@Jul: Berry's not standing up straight in that picture with her ex. Here she is in 2 shots with Warren Beatty, who is also 6'2". In one shot she's wearing sneakers Click Here in the other shot she's wearing high heels Click Here
Jul said on 7/Feb/11
From this article, the 3rd pix shows a big height difference between Halle and her ex-bf. He is listed as 6'2". I would think someone who stands close to 5'6" wouldn't look as short, even wearing flats.

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kelly said on 11/Jan/11
halle looks much taller in movies, i never thought she could be shorter than 5'7...must be her body structure...5'5-5'6 is possible, but i doubt she's shorter than 5'5...infact megan fox looks much shorter, then i find out she's not. weird.
jtm said on 27/Nov/10
nata do you remember when because i think that is closer to the truth and by the way i meant to say im now convince on my 10/23 post.
Nata said on 14/Nov/10
I once heard in Enews that she said she wish she were taller: " I'm 5'4. I wish I were 5'8," Halley.
Mimi said on 2/Oct/07
She was on Oprah today and looked absolutely tiny standing next to her. Click Here
talker said on 20/Aug/07
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she looks 1.5"shorter than 5'6" Beyonce.I say 5'4.5".
Junior said on 12/Jun/07
Check out the video of her on Ellen Degeneres - she is roughly the same size as Ellen, and Ellen is in her usual flat shoes whereas Halle Berry has on like 4 inch heels!
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Dreg said on 6/Jun/07
I first saw her in a bit part in Spike Lee's "Jungle Fever". I took her for a petite, but she was doing scenes with Samuel L. Jackson. Maybe my perspective was off. But all of you guys claim SLJ is only like 6' or something. So I'm confused...
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
If she's 5'3 than Rock is 6'0, yea right. I think this 5'5.5 listing for her seems accurate enough.
UK said on 19/May/07
Josh! There is a BIG difference between looking tall on camera and actually being tall in real life. That is what the movies are....make belief!!! Based on evidence she barely 5'5.
Josh said on 19/May/07
She cant be under 5ft 6 if she looks so tall in die another day.
My guess would be 5ft 6.5 or halle really could be a full 5 foot 7 like she said.
glenn said on 14/May/07
like you said,your new to this.17 years meeting celebs.youll never match me and i know my height and how to gauge celebs.what celebs did you meet?
New to This said on 13/May/07
Glen is 5'8" with shoes, all these stars are lying approx 2-3".. WHY then list the height they say? You know they are LYING!! Basically whatever the you say they are, I know it's approx 2-3" shorter...Halle is 5"3 tops....LMFAO.. 8)
mysterygirl said on 10/May/07
to me, she looks 5'2 to 5'4 tops.but has an amazing body, so nice my humble opinion, and as a woman, i think that she and salma hayek has the two amazing bodies in hollywood... i have heard that halle berry had an breast enlargment but who knows...
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/07
I think 5'5.5 is correct. My brother saw her in LA and said she was the same height as our sister (5'5.5). He also mentioned that she was shorter than he expected.

I've heard Halle say she was 5'7 on multiple occasions. An interviewer would ask why she didn't continue with modeling. Halle would say, "At 5'7, I was too short." I think she was listed as 5'4 before she got really famous.
anie said on 5/Apr/07
So what's her height? I think it's about 5'4.
Viper said on 4/Apr/07
Whats amazing is there are estimates of 5-1 and 5-2 for her here. That would put Rock at 5-9-5-10, lol.
Sam said on 4/Apr/07
I met her on a Canadian movie set people....and she is 5'5 SOLID. I am sorry to break it to you Viper and to others but she is 5'5 so lets not fool ourselves with this BS that she is taller...SHE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex said on 4/Apr/07
I think the 5'5.5 could be right. A lot of the time when someone says they're 2 heights like 5'11 and 6'0 normally they're fall in between.
Viper said on 4/Apr/07
Shes not under 5-5. Here she is with the Rock. Both wearing trainers. If shes shorter than 5-5 then the Rock is no taller than 6-1. Click Here
Franco said on 2/Apr/07
saw her exactly 4 days ago in Florence she was taking a picture of a statue and i came about 6 meters from her, she had flip-flops and assure you she looked 5'5!
i know because my mom was with me and she's exactly 5'5 (used to be 5'6) and was almost eye to eye with halleberry (berry was 1-2cm taller).

so 5'5 barefoot 5'5.5 flipflops and 5'6 with sneakers
Mika said on 31/Mar/07
Anonymous...I am not sure if you are the same person from the AJ site but why do you want to increase their height when clearly they are not as tall as they claim? Now how are YOU going to argue with official quotation from the Voice??? SHE IS A SHORT AS 5'5 on a good day!!!! Get real cause now I am just wondering whether you are not a PR person trying to justify the height of you shorter clients on sites such as these!?!??!? I smell a rat amongst us ed Rob
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/07
5'6. mo more, no less. and, when did she say she was 5'5? i've always heard she was 5'7

[Editor Rob 'The Voice' in 2000...]
Anonymous said on 14/Feb/07
I used to work with a guy called Lars about 12 years ago. His brother worked at Halle Berry's gym in LA. I had always assumed that she was very small, so enquired about her height. Straight away, he said "your height and your build". I am 5' 6.
Louisa said on 31/Jan/07
Met her on the beach - she's surprisingly small - About 5"2-3! She always looks taller in films!
Glitter1 said on 15/Jan/07
anonymous said on 10/Jan/07
no way. easily 5'6.5. c'mon, in gothika she is only about 2 inches smaller than 5'9 robert downey jr. in flats. very long, skinny frame. no less than 5'6.
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
In "Boomerang" with 5'9" Eddie Murphy she looked 5'4"ish.
ice said on 2/Dec/06
Hold on. You mean to tell me that this BD person is a fake, too? that's priceless. Thanks for the info. He/she will be ignored from now on.

[Editor Rob: I can confirm what Paddy had said, a lot of fake comments were on this page, I deleted them all, all 'estimating' halle 5ft 2 or 3 of course...doh!]
Bd said on 22/Nov/06
What??????? I - I really don't know what to say... I - you don't have any evidence and you've never met her. Okay. And no - I have no pictures of me and her. None. But what I can't understand is how anyone ANYONE can make up a height of someone, based on nothing more then assumption, and undermine everyone who has ever met her.

Okay - I want people who have met her in person - people who have ACTUALLY STOOD NEXT TO HER to write in....okay - and I want to know if anyone who, like me, have been next to her, can possibly say she is over 5"2ish. Anyone who thinks she wasn't small. And people who have met her who thinks she was small and about 5"2ish write in too! Lets hear from people who have met her!

Bearing in mind the results aren't relivent to anything very important - we'll just have to trust that people don't just write rubbish or back themselves up with another name (how sad would you have to be to do that - why lie about it either? I mean what does that prove?). Okay. Lets JUST hear from people that have met her!
Bd said on 21/Nov/06
Ice have u met her? Have you? Because I need to know whether you have ANY evidence whatsoever about throwing out 'all this 5'2, and under business'. Come on - step up to the plate. Tell all the people on here who have met her and say she is 5"3 and under they are lying. I mean - your not just assuming are you? You have evidence? I met her - stood next to her in flat shoes. I am 5"4 - (measured by a doctor) - she was smaller then me. She was standing next to my little sister - who is 5"1 and she was about 1 inch taller then her. (We measured my sister to be absolutely sure when we came back - I mean I wouldn't go on this website and just ASSUME anything). So come on Ice - tell me what evidence you've got?
ice said on 18/Nov/06
I ahve to say about 5'4 for Miss Berry. The fact that she can look tall, throws out all this 5'2, and under business. I'm not saying she is tall, because there's a lot of evidence that proves otherwise, but she can look it. 5'4 is really the only height that you can look short, tall, and average with.
Lostgirl said on 12/Oct/06
She is here in Vancouver (October 2006) currently filming and I stood right next to her in an elevator in the Metropolitan hotel for at least a minute, I am 5'4" and she is about an inch shorter than I am, we both had on flat shoes.
There is no way on earth that she is 5'7" or anywhere near that height!
anonymous said on 11/Oct/06
i stumbled upon this site very interesting. i didn't know there could be so much fascination with celeb heights but then again. anyway halle is 5.25". she is a family friend and i ain't saying anymore to that.
Editor Rob said on 7/Sep/06
The original quote about her height was in Telegraph 2001:
"At 5ft 6in I was too short, anyway".

In The Voice, an article in 2000 she is quoted: "I'm 5'5" so I was never gonna be a supermodel"

I've seen this before, Denzel in original article claimed 6ft 1, in a british 'regurgatation' the journalist took off the 'one' from the quote...
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/06
A new height enigma. On one hand, you can't believe she's more than 5' 2", on the other, you're convinced she shouldn't be less than 5' 6".
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
5' 7". There isn't a big model agency that is going to touch a 5' 5" gal. I knew a girl who was 5' 7" and Elite basically told her height was very very important. I hate to think about the 5' 5's & 6's..
ice said on 14/Jul/06
5'1?! Woah, let's not get carried away. I think she's shorter than her 5'6 claim, but not that small. I don't think even a celebrity can get away with lying about 5 inches without terrible speculation. look at sylvester stallone and tom cruise. They don't even lie by that much, and people still talk about them. The lowest I can go is 5'3, and 5'4 is the max. She just looks far too short on too many occasions. Add it up. Oprah, Sharon Stone, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Eric Benet, Vivica Fox. I mean how many times can the excuse of lifts or higher heels be used. That's six different people right there. Her luck can't possibly be that bad LOL.
Maryelle said on 10/Jul/06
In pics with her new bohunk, Gabriel Aubry, she looks to be no less than a foot shorter than he is. Unless he's 7' tall, she's got to be pretty short. I'm thinking around 5 feet. I'd put her at 5'1" or 5'2".
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/06
Rob, she needs a downgrade to at most 5'5". Here she is with Penelope Cruz (5'4.5") at the Oscar. They look about the same height.
Click Here
Matt said on 6/Mar/06
I saw Halle with her model boyfriend this weekend in NYC and she is AT LEAST 5'5, maybe a little bit taller.
Mr. R said on 28/Feb/06
Halle was sitting in front of me at Tina Turner's last concert. Debbi is right...she is frighteningly thin...almost anorexic! But she seemed between 5-4 and 5-5 to me!

Debbi said on 27/Feb/06
I don't know why these celebs lie about there height! I have met her - visted studios for a tour and she stopped at our groups to say hi - she was wearing flat shoes (for once) and was smaller than a friend who is 5ft 3. She is really tiny in person - cos shes really thin (MUCH thinner than she looks on screen - camera adding pounds must be true! - her arms were soooo thin!) but she NO more than 5ft2!
Marc said on 22/Feb/06
Maylu has a point. I saw her ina magazine next to Robin Williams (5'7") and she was wearing 3 inche heels and had only about an inch over him. I lean more towards 5'5".
J. said on 1/Feb/06
Hmm, next to Gabriel Aubry, who is listed as 6'2" by his modeling agency, Halle doesn't look quite 5'6"-ish.
Anonymous said on 29/Jan/06
Here's a better picture of Halle and Sharon Stone. In this pic you can see both their shoe attire. Halle looks 3" or so shorter compare to Stone (5'8"). She's probably 5'5".
Angie said on 29/Jan/06
to Ice... I'll give her 5ft4 tops and that's pushing it..she's no taller than that...look at the picture of her and Oprah..Oprah is 5ft7 she's about three incehs shorter on that photo and i would assume they're both wearing heels.. now go figure
ice said on 16/Jan/06
To Angie: OMG.I remember that scene. I don't know think as little as 5'3, but she was definitely shorter than vivica. I'll be real nice and give her 5'5.
heightfan said on 11/Jan/06
I just saw Catwoman, in the scene where Halle and Sharon Stone have their fight, with Stone barefoot and Halle in heels, Halle is still 2-3 inches shorter. IMO she is 5'4" at best.
Angie said on 8/Jan/06
Halle Berry need to stop playing. She's trying to be more than what she is "overgrading" her height. Vivica Fox is 5ft7 all day long. Halle can't be 5ft6 , bc why in the movie "why do fools fall in love" she still comes nowhere near vivica, in the scene by the pool. Vivica has on no shoes, Halle has on least two and half inches. Halle Berry is no taller than 5ft3...sorry to all the Halle Fans. lol
CelebHeights Editor said on 30/Dec/05
Found it...I knew there was a quote out there by her, only took me an age to find it ;)

In the telegraph newspaper, 2001 in relation to her doing modelling she is quoted: "At 5ft 6in I was too short, anyway".
angel said on 8/Oct/05
Anonymous-she's definitely not 5'4'' ! I read in the US weekly mag. that she's 5'7''. Maybe, the editors rouded the number, I would say she's 5'6.5''
Miss N said on 19/Jul/05
In her 'catwoman interview' with Oprah she appears an inch shorter than the media queen. I'd put her at 5 ft5.
Bri said on 12/Jul/05
She's about 5'4 my stepfather personly know her & said she's about 5-3 or 5'4
Di said on 10/Jul/05
It makes sense that she's shorter than 5'7", because when she was standing next to Britney Spears on SNL, they looked about the same height, and Britney's 5'4".
tracy said on 25/May/05
I saw Halle at a grocery store in Montreal and she walked right by me. I'm 5'6(barefoot) and halle was about 1 inch shorter in heels!

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