How tall was Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American actor best remembered for roles in Casablanca, The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, To Have and Have Not, High Sierra, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo, The African Queen, The Caine Mutiny and Sabrina. He was oft described as a 'Cinematic Dwarf' when in fact, he wasn't as short as many would have you believe. At times he wore really outrageous shoes on set to give him a taller appearance - literally having blocks attached to his shoes. In the film Dark Passage he gives his measurements as "40 chest, 15.5 collar, 34 sleeve, shoe size 8b."
I'm five feet nine and one-half inches. I weigh 150 pounds, the same as when I was nineteen, believe it or not. I just don't gain weight or lose. - Bogie: The Good-bad Guy, 1965
Bogart was slighter than I imagined - five feet ten and a half. - Lauren Bacall

Humphrey Bogart 1945

How tall is Humphrey Bogart
Physical Exam Age 18y 5mo (Ht: 5ft 7.5, Weight: 136 lbs)

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Average Guess (59 Votes)
5ft 7.75in (172.1cm)
Henrik said on 11/May/23
He was above the average of the overall population, yes. Probably not among upper class people when taking them into account alone.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Apr/23
Bogie had a long angular face and head which belonged on a taller guy, and short torso length, compare the length of his face to his torso in the above photo! Bogie was probably a little over average for a guy born in 1899, I'd say 5 ft 7 would have been about average for his generation, Sinatra, born 1915 maybe 5'7.5 was bang on average.
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Apr/23
Humphrey had a very distinctive look and was quite a Casanova!

5ft8. 😁
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Feb/23
Oh, how awful. Bogart died when he’d just turned 57 of cancer of the oesophagus. I had no idea until I checked him out just now.

For a man born at the tail end of the 19th century, Humphrey wasn’t a bad height at all. He gave a lot of pleasure to many, and people still sing a funny little ditty about him to this day.

5ft8. 🕯
Henrik said on 2/Jan/23
The average stature wasn't lower in all societal groups in the past. Cambridge students in 1888 averaged 5ft 9 and Oxford students in 1911 5ft 9 3/4. Not really lower than the national average for white males in the UK and US is today. It's the "lower" social and occupational groups that have grown taller up to the modern day. There used be a discrepancy (with convicts being the shortest of them all) that I think has largely faded today.

Bogart was born in a wealthier family, I believe, and so he would probably have been under average height amongst the group that he socialized with.
Aro said on 26/Mar/22
I was always thinking that Bogart was a small guy, but for a guy born in 1899 5ft 8 is by no means small. In those days it was at least average height!
Parker said on 4/Feb/22
Almost worth pinning these barefoot pictures of Bogey with Bacall

Click Here
Click Here
MJKoP said on 12/Dec/21
Rising174cm said on 31/Jan/21
I always said 5'7.5" so with the measurement, I'll stick with that. The old 2" rule.

Due to his appearance during his later years, I'd wager he grew past the age of 18(if that measurement is indeed accurate).
Iamfrench said on 19/Aug/21
Looks 5 ft 8 1/2
Ronald CS Lewis said on 1/Apr/21
I love the old movies so much that I watch the vhs dvd only no satellite no cable, I been burnt out on the pay tv commercial and ad free with vhs dvd. The old time actors were talented no high tech or special effects to draw viewership. The older movies very classical and no so liberal they don’t play to the political correctness BS, freedom to speak and act.
Rising174cm said on 31/Jan/21
I always said 5'7.5" so with the measurement, I'll stick with that. The old 2" rule.
Spencer said on 14/Jan/21
Weak 5'8"
Editor Rob said on 31/Dec/20
I added a part of the document which showed nearly 18 and a half he measured 5ft 7.5 and was 136 pounds.
James B 172cm said on 14/Jun/20
Looked this
JustSomeBlocke said on 13/Jan/20
Another great actor whose cinematic greatness leads to false height estimates (IMHO). No more than 5'7'' barefoot really.
Pearl Bath said on 27/Aug/19
Orlando said on 30/Apr/19
"Bogart was slighter than I imagined - five feet ten and a half." - Lauren Bacall
Oh, come on, Lauren... Cut the bull. 5' 10.5" (or 1.79 m) is not "slight", but strong average. And Bogart was a weak average, for sure. I guess no more than 1.71-1.72 m. Just look Bogart next to 5' 7.5" Bacall (surely not very high heeled...): Click Here or next to a mature Katherine Hepburn (said to be 5'7"): Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 30/Mar/19
Bogart's platform shoes during the filming of "Casablanca"... Click Here
Neelasish Send Roy said on 13/Mar/19
What was Bogart's Peak height, Rob?
A)5'9 1/2"/176cm
C)5'8 1/2"/174cm
E)5'7 1/2"/172cm
F)5'7 1/4"/171cm
Editor Rob
A-B seems too times C might seem possible, but D I stick with. F-G I rule out entirely.
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 29/Oct/18
What was the exact height of Humphrey Bogart,Rob?
A)5'8 1/2"/174cm
B)5'8 1/4"/173.5cm
Editor Rob
You could make a case for either of them...but I feel less than 5ft 8 or as high as 5ft 9 is harder to argue.
greg lehmann said on 19/Oct/18
What Humphrey Bogart is me all time favorite movie of 5'7" Coast Guard veteran Bogart? This is a very tough call,since he made so many movies I would call "requirements" in your video "diet." One Bogart movie I have and love (and have loved since boyhood) is The Caine Mutiny. After Lee Marvin pilfered Capt. Queeg (Bogart driving)'s strawberries,he was court martialed for calling Queeg a "wild maniac what can't run this ship!" Then in the end,Jose Ferrer whacked Marvin with champagne after he was convicted of leading the mutiny! His Best Actor Oscar winner The African Queen is great,too. And yes,Bogart even did two westerns,The Oklahoma Kid and Virginia City. But Key Largo was Bogart at his best! While Johnny Rocco (Edward G. Robinson up) held patrons hostage during a hurricane on Key Largo,Bogart explains about how in 1935 a relief train attempting to carry supplies to Key Largo hurricane victims was blasted off the tracks! (What Bogart said was TRUE! That hurricane killed over 600 people.) And he did a pair of light comedies,Sabrina and We're No Angels. Then in the "final round" movie of Bogart's gifted career,The Harder They Fall,it was very painful for Bogart to play a sportswriter blasting open a massive scandal of boxers being manipulated by their managers (and sadly true since many boxers managers have "top heavy" organized crime ties and a poor boxer suffered a broken jaw and violent concussion after he was knocked out of a title bout,leading Bogart to ask a gifted 1950's heavyweight boxing champion,Jersey Joe Walcott,why the referees kept the fight going when Bogart and Walcott knew the boxer was getting walloped,Walcott told Bogart,"Some guys just can't take the punishment." That's true,but sadly,when The Harder They Fall premiered on June 8,1956,Bogart was dying of cancer of the esophagus,taking his life on January 14,1957. (He was 62 years old.) Bogart also represented QUALITY and CLASS sadly lacking with 70% of the performers NOW! When you watch Humphrey Bogart movies,you'll notice he stuttered and lisped a lot because of a broken jaw he suffered serving proudly in World War I for the United States Coast Guard! Final verdict on favorite Humphrey Bogart movie: Key Largo. (Bogart's Frank McCloud character had served in the Coast Guard in World War II captured Rocco and deported him.)
Rabindra Shankar Sen Roy said on 25/Sep/18
Could Humphrey Bogart would be 5'8.5" at his peak or only 5'8” on 1920's-1930's,Rob?
Rabindra Shankar Sen Roy said on 24/Sep/18
Rob, Is it possible that the peak height of Humphrey Bogart was 5'8.5" (174cm) or 5'8" (173cm) not more than it?
Editor Rob
You could make an argument for 8.5, and say that Bogart claimed 5ft 9.5 (but it was an 'in shoes' height).
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 29/Aug/18
No, Rob you are right. I personally believe he was 5'8.5" at peak and shrinks to 5'7" at last days. In 1940's he was 5'8". But in Casablanca he looks 5'10"-5'11" with his heels& 5'9.5" with his boots.
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 27/Aug/18
Could Humphrey Bogart would be 5'10" or 5'9" at peak on 1920's-1930's or only 5'8", Rob?
Editor Rob
Depends if you believe his own claim or not...personally I don't believe he was that tall (5ft 9-10).
BogieGirl said on 16/Jul/18
I watch Bogie movies at least once a day, and constantly try to figure out his height. In The Caine Mutiny, he looks so tiny compared to practically every actor in that movie. He also looks really small in Sabrina, but these are movies he made as he aged, and a person can lose in height.

I would say hes closer to 5'7.
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 24/Jun/18
In Casablanca it was stated that Ingrid Bergman was 5'9" and Bogart was 5'8" tall. Bogart wore 3 inches lift to become 5'11" with bergman. 5'11" height is most attractive height for a male. He said "I'm five feet nine and one-half inches.
Rabindra sankar sen roy said on 23/Jun/18
I Casablanca it was stated that Ingrid Bergman was 5'9" and Bogart was 5'8" tall. Bogart wore 3 inches lift to become 5'11" with bergman. 5'11" height is most attractive height for a male.
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 15/Jun/18
He said "I'm five feet nine and one-half inches. I weigh 150 pounds, the same as when I was nineteen, believe it or not. I just don't gain weight or lose." That is correct. He is 5'9.5" Tall. His minimum height is 5'7" and max will be 5'9". I think he would be solid 5'8" or 5'9" at max.
The Shredder said on 19/Nov/17
Rob , how much do those lift looking brinks he has on that you posted? They look at least 4 inches.
Editor Rob
yes, he already has his shoe heel, plus the custom block lifts, so about 4 inches comfortably to his height. You can see why in some films Bogart could look tallish!

There were photos not long ago of DeNiro in a smaller version of these prop lifts, maybe they did some scenes normal shoes and then wanted him looking more intimidating so put him in the External block lifts.

of course this is Scorsese's The Irishman, DeNiro is not walking about in big lifts normally, he wears pretty average footwear most of the time.
JJAK said on 7/Oct/17
Looks quite small in Maltese Falcon and in Petrified forest clearly below average even in the b w days.
He did wear lifts in both he was obvious but he is listed 5 8 probably on the weak side 5 7.5-75.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 17/Sep/17
A perfect example of what a 5'8" gentleman looks like. Had about 2.5 inches on Cagney.
RichardSpain said on 2/Aug/17
172 cm when he was young
170/171 cm since his fifty years old to before his die
Sam said on 19/Apr/17
In The Roaring Twenties, when he was still more of a jobbing character actor supporting James Cagney in the lead role, he pulled off looking in the range of 3 inches taller than Cagney. Oddly enough, despite his slighter height, Cagney never gave as much of height-conscious and insecure impression as Bogart would once he hit stardom.
Click Here
Bogart was like half an inch taller I think as the exact American average for his generation. I think the perception of movie stars as tall, larger-than-life guys was around at that time due to Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, etc., even though a lot of leads in noir/gangster films were on the short side, plus tall ladies such as Ingrid Bergman, were what lead him to lifts.
RisingForce said on 2/Apr/17
Some have said he measured 5'8.5", which would explain his claim as being in 1" shoes, but Frank2 and others said he measured 5'7.5" in the Navy, which I find much more likely as he would have been average for his generation, but shorter than you expect a movie legend to be.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Mar/17
His voice is part of his appeal Sandy!! His voice and unusually long face for his height and super skinny frame. His voice was important for his screen persona, gave the impresison of a chain smoking detective eternally stuck in his office. He had an amazing presence and made many of those noir films far better than they'd have been with another actor. A true icon.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Mar/17
@Rob, caught some earlier Bogart films recently. At times he looks between 2 and 3 inches taller than Edward G. Robinson, which if Robinson was 5'4.5 that would put Bogart at nearer 5 ft 7. BUT, having seen Edward G's footwear in many films I'd guess he was beating Bogart with his shoes. Bogart started to look noticeably taller by his 40s films, not sure when he started wearing lifts. I've also noticed that Bogart frequently seemed to be standing by guys inches shorter than him. I wonder if he was that conscious of it and wanted to look tall on screen.
Editor Rob
Bogart is a really tricky guy...always worth reminding ourselves of What he wore on occasion to appear comfortably taller than he really was.
James said on 22/Jan/17
His voice was caused by chain smoking and heavy drinking.
nino said on 23/Dec/16
we have here in europe definitely proofs that Bogart was 165 cm, dont forget iNGRID bERGMANN was of european origin
Barjbar said on 20/Dec/16
I read he was 5'7" There are pictures of the 6" platforms taped to his shoes that he wore in the final scenes with the 5'9" Ingrid Bergman on the internet if you search.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/Dec/16
He strikes me as a lift wearer with an incredibly annoying voice! How he was a 'chick magnet' is beyond me! I think he was 5ft8.5 at his peak, and I am not taking off any height just because his voice grates on me!
When I hear his name, I think of that little song that turned his name into a verb!
Shredder said on 18/Dec/16
I think he was 5'8 1/2. He can look easily his claim in films but he did wear lifts.
Editor Rob
Shredder, his waxwork was supposed to be 5ft 8 and 1/4.
James said on 17/Dec/16
Bogart wore lifts in films with Bacall. He was 5'8", but could look 5'10" on screen.
Scott said on 22/Nov/16
He always looked around 5'8'' to me. At the least, I'd say he was 5'7 1/2'' and nothing less.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Oct/16
He's nearer the camera there though Parker. I agree he doesn't look under 5 ft 8 there though.
Parker said on 16/Oct/16
In this pic Bacall has ground advantage on a barefoot Bogie and he still looks taller than her.
Click Here

Can't see Bogie at less than a solid 5'8 IMO.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Oct/16
I think 172 might be spot on, around 5'8.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Oct/16
@Rob, the problem with this guessing feature is I forget a lot of the ones I've voted on and what I voted on some!

OK he wasn't 5 ft 6 or 7 but 5'10.5 Lauren? She could never have believed that! Possible she was using the 2 inch rule. I get a 172 impression from him a lot, but just when I think weak 5 ft 8 he'll pull off 5 ft 9. If you really look at him in films, his frame is that of a slight man, more typical of 5 ft 7 range than 5 ft 9 or 5 ft 10!. Overall around 5 ft 8 I think is OK
Editor Rob
if in doubt vote again...if you already voted it's not an issue.
John Gomes said on 5/Aug/16
I saw Carney at his Martha Vineyard place many times.He was short but powerful.His handshake was powerful.His son ran a shop gas station.
Tom said on 16/Mar/16
With lifts he could look 5'10".
charlie said on 5/Mar/16
i just watched Sabrina 1954 . 5 foot 10 William Holden standing beside a 3 to 4 inch shorter Humphrey Bogart I would say Bogart was5foot 6 inches. I made a mistake on my last post. Bogart is 5 foot 6 inches....was.
charlie said on 1/Mar/16
Humphrey Bogart was 5' 7. He was no wear near 5 foot 9 as some people suggested in this Article. The movie Sabrina Humphrey Bogart is numerously standing along side of 5' 10 William Holden and you can see a difference.Now the question is was William Holden really 5 '10 or perhaps maybe 5' 9 which would make Bogart even shorter. It's been known that male actors from the silver screen up to now wear lifts and always add an inch to their height. Sure why not? if a short guy is 5 foot 4 he may as well say 5 foot 5 and who's going to question him. That gives him an extra inch less for people to talk about. Bogart never tuck me as a tall person. He and Cagney seemed to be very close in height in the movies they did together and Cagney was about 5 foot 5 inches.Seeing Bogart in The African Queen numerous times i can only recall how short i thought he was. Now i am 5 foot 10 inches and looking in the mirror i really do appear very tall and 5 foot 10 matches me very well. Bogart was 5' 7 inches.
Chaz said on 15/Nov/15
5'8''? why would he be said to have been short? when that was average height at that time?
Parker said on 12/Aug/15
Bogart in his lifts with 5'9 Ingrid Bergman
Click Here
the shredder said on 11/Aug/15
That's a big claim and I do not believe he was that , But 5'7 is bs. I honestly think he was over 5'8 but not 5'9
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Aug/15
Rob, I'd say he could have hit that mark in dress shoes.
He looked average in Casablanca.
Sam said on 10/Aug/15
Yeah, Bogart's biography by Eric Lax refers to him claiming 5'9.5" (without providing the quote) and also his being claimed at 5'7.5" early on in his career, with the truth being he was right in between those two. However, it also states that Bacall was as tall as him.
Steve said on 9/Aug/15
I checked out Knowitall's claim of 5'71/2" and it's correct. But I seriosly doubt Bogie had a 40" chest. Probably at most 38". He was small boned and it shows. He wore jackets with padded shoulders.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Aug/15
@ Rob, his height in lifts! Great photo BTW it's almost like he's touching us.
Editor Rob said on 9/Aug/15
I thought I had a quote for Humphrey, but finally found one...he claimed to be 5ft 9.5!
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jul/15
He pulls off looking 5 ft 9 with guys like Fredric March and Rod Steiger. About an inch shorter than both. Had to have been in lifts in most of his films, even if not big ones.
RKV said on 6/May/15
Definitely too short to play Marlowe (described as "six feet one half inch" in The Long Goodbye novel). Similar to Daniel Craig difficulty.
Arch Stanton said on 4/May/15
Rob also mention he was described as 5 ft 10 and 165 pounds in it. I think the stats are all legit except they were calling his height in lifts haha!
Arch Stanton said on 4/May/15
Rob in the film Dark Passage he gives his measurements. Can you mention "In the film Dark Passage he gives his measurements as "40 chest, 15.5 collar, 34 sleeve, shoe size 8b." I think those are legit.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Dec/14
I've heard 5ft7 and 5ft8 being mentioned for this guy.

Rob, would somewhere between those be closer?
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 8 is ok for him, I wouldn't go as low as 5ft 7.
Sam said on 12/Dec/14
Bogie's second wife, Mayo, was a scary character, a basketful of crazy really. Bogie was a dour kind of guy and probably an alcoholic but he had a strong moral code. He pointed to his early relationship & marriage to Bacall as his happiest but right around their wedding he got drunk & mean and then left her crying so he could go off alone on his boat. The Lax bio from Bogart is a good read. His Dixon Steele character he didn't like as it may have been too on-the-nose.
littlesue said on 30/Nov/14
Arch,old Hollywood biographies hard to get now, have probably read over 100 but some on the same actor/actress. I look in Charity shops for them but once a year I get hubby to take me up to Hay on Wye to the book shops there where I pick up a few.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/14
@Sue By your estimate how many Hollywood biographies have you read? I agree it can be compelling reading. I must read more myself!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/14
@Sam LOL I wasn't aware of the toupee.
Ed T. said on 9/Nov/14
5'7-5'7.5'' seems most likely. Certainly no taller than 5'8".
In Angels with Dirty Faces, looks to have two-three inches on Cagney, who was most likely between 5'4" and 5'5".
Watched Crime School with Bogart and the Dead End Kids the other night. Although the Dead End Kids were not tall, Billy Halop was probably 5'8" or close to it. Bogart looked about 5'11" next to Halop. He must have been wearing those Shoe Blocks in that film. He would never try that with Cagney. Cagney would have probably belted him if he pulled that Shoe Block nonsense.
Bogart looks small in The Caine Mutiny. Granted there were some tall actors in the cast of the Caine Mutiny, such as Fred MacMurray, but Bogart looks rather small. Can't believe he was ever 5'9". Even 5'8" seems a bit of a stretch.
Sam said on 27/Oct/14
To me the fact that Bogart was self-conscious about his height, wasn't big or tall, wore a toupee, was physically abused by his second wife, came from a rich family, or wore lifts doesn't diminish my admiration for him or make me consider it laughable to call him tough...I've read bios of him and he could be tough, and could physically take down considerably bigger dudes if they ticked him off.
elRey said on 25/Oct/14
character, that's how
Parker said on 16/Sep/14
I read somewhere that bogie would stand on a step to appear taller in movies. He was. 5' 7" but looks to be talked than Bacall in movies. Yet he wasn't. How could a short skinny guy with Barney fife physique be tough? Laughable.
JER said on 25/Aug/14
The photo that Parker refers to on this page is clearly the definitive answer for me. Take a look, Bacall was a tall 5'8" model before her movie career, so judging from the photo, Bogie must have been around 5'9" tall in bare feet.
John said on 28/Jul/14
5ft 7in maximum.
Realist said on 19/Jul/14
5'7.5 Rob, the US Navy thing is accurate i am quite sure as Knowitall says, will u be able to search for his ID from 1918 Detective? That'll be it. Even in todays world a 5'7-5'8 guy is able to survive, in those days it was more than enough, i dont know about 2060 though.
Greg Lehmann said on 5/Jul/14
Closer to my 5'7" height. It was painful watching him last year in The Harder They Fall,about boxers being manipulated by greedy managers,but I could tell he was dying of esophogal cancer,which took his life in 1957 at the age of 62. It was painful seeing Bogart manage a boxer who couldn't fight,and when Toro was KO'ed by a broken jaw,he asked boxer Jersey Joe Wolcott why his boxing protégé kept taking those poundings,and Wolcott told Bogart,"Some guys can sell out,others can't or won't." Then in Eddie Willis' (Bogart) attempt in the final scene to get the government to outlaw boxing,it didn't work out. But it was a great way to end the movie.
Sam said on 28/Apr/14
That was close to his height, in his Casablanca "shoes"!
littlesue said on 25/Apr/14
I'm just reading Lauren Bacall's autobiography and she has jus met Humphrey and she describes him as 5ft 10.5!!
Parker said on 29/Mar/14
Looks an inch taller tha Alan Ladd in this picture. Not sure what either had on their feet but looks reasonable for a 5'7.5 Bogie
Click Here
Knowitall said on 20/Mar/14
Like I said, Bogie was measured at five-seven & 1/2 when he enlisted in the US Navy in 1918.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Mar/14
5'7.5" is very possible but I doubt he was shorter. In a lot of his films he was stood by six footers.
Lebensdorf said on 8/Mar/14
I would say he was about 5'7. This was average for men of his era but "average" is always seen as somewhat short anyway. There were a lot of male leads well over six feet in those days -- Gary Cooper, Rock Hudson, Gregory Peck, John Wayne, etc, so Bogart was on the short side no doubt about it.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Mar/14
Always makes me laugh at the beginning of the Big Sleep

"You're not very tall are you"

"Well I try to be"

Realist said on 1/Mar/14
He was called short in his generation. 172 was the average at that time. Don't you think he was shorter. Nobody goes on calling Sean Penn (173) or Matt Damon (175) short.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Feb/14
Rob can you tweak it, it's To Have and Have Not.

Bogart looked dead short in The Caine Mutiny. Even though it had a tall cast he could look 5'7" range in comparison at times.
Sam said on 19/Feb/14
His biography claimed that he stood 5'8.5" and was around the same height as Lauren Bacall.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Feb/14
Rob can you replace Angels with Dirty Faces with To Have and Have Not, that film was primarily Cagney's really, he wasn't the lead in it, although he is associated with it.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Feb/14
Rob here's a challenge: adding some more of his notable films. Obviously he appeared in tons of good films but the ones I think which should be covered which are missing include: Angels with Dirty Faces, High Sierra, To Have and Have Not, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo, In a Lonely Place, The African Queen, The Caine Mutiny and Sabrina.

Really looked short in High Sierra. He could look as low as 5'7" range at times. Didn't think much of that film which is rare for me to think that of a Bogart movie.

Bacall? She looked pretty tall, somewhere around 172-3.
Lorne said on 16/Jan/14
How tall do you think his wife was, then Arch?(Bacall, of course) plenty of pics around, even barefoot, he's taller, yet they are both oddly listed 5ft8 now. Bacall was listed 5ft7.5, but then Rob decided to upgrade her, well fine, but Bogie should get a quarter inch then, or take one from her(I'd do both) since he is(well was) taller.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Nov/13
Can look 5'7 range in Beat the Devil
Arch Stanton said on 8/Nov/13
Holden looks almost 3 inches taller in Sabrina, and Bogie looks about an inch taller than Audrey Hepburn, somewhere around 5 ft 8 seems right. He could seem taller at times because of footwear and because he had an unusually long face for a guy his height.
Lorne said on 18/Oct/13
He was taller than his wife, they shouldn't be listed the same. IMO, Humphrey Bogart's Height is 5ft8.25in, Bacall 5ft7.75, though I could certainly see him 5ft8.5
Arch Stanton said on 29/Jul/13
Could have sworn that Rob once had Bogart at 5'8.5". I'd guess he was 172-3. 5'7.5"-5'8" looks more accurate to me, this is surely a good downgrade. He wore massive stacked heels and still looked way shorter than guys over 6 ft.
Knowitall said on 17/Jul/13
Bogart was about five seven and a half. That's how he was measured when he enlisted in the US Navy in 1918 when he was 18.

With lifts he could appear to be five nine in shoes, but that was about it.

They also used tricks such as placing him on boards or closer to the camera than the taller actor he was standing next to.

In Sabrina, he was visibly shorter than William Holden who's listed as having been five eleven.

In the film To Have and Have Not, Walter Brennan purposely made himself appearbto be shorter by keeping his legs bent. In real life Brennan was at least six feet tall and could have been six foot one. He was the same height as Red Skelton who was supposedly six two.

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Robby D said on 14/Jun/13
I have just been watching the film, "Dark Passage" staring Bogart and Bacall. In one of the scenes Bogart gets out of bed and he is at least an inch taller than Bacall. Therefore unless he wore lifts in bed I would say if Bacall was 5'8" then Bogart would be nearer 5'9".
tex said on 13/Jun/13
many, many pics of Bogart and Bacall on their boat, the Santana. Bogart is slightly taller than Bacall, who is listed as 5'8" on this site. He is probably 5'8" and 1/2
Parker said on 1/Jun/13
Peter Lorre looks an inch or so taller than Rooney.....5'3 a good estimate,and Bogie 5'8.
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Arch Stanton said on 18/May/13
Him and Lorre must have had the same zapatero, as in Casablanca Lorre had on those block shoes like you describe here! He must have been very height conscious because I've noticed he often has actors shorter than him stood next to him so at times he even looks quite tall. But he was definitely noticeably shorter than Sydney Greenstreet who was listed at 5'9" and looked it easily.
Arch Stanton said on 17/May/13
Watching Casablanca right now and he's got 5 probably 6 inches on Peter Lorre who I'd guess at 5 ft 3. I could buy 5'8.5" but nothing more.
Parker said on 17/Mar/13
5'4/5'5?........absolutely absurd. Where on earth do these claims come from?

Here he is barefoot with his 5'8 listed wife. She's got ground advantage.

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Julian St. Pierre said on 9/Mar/13
Don't be ridiculous. He looks downright average - 5.10ish in African Queen. 5.4? Come now.
Rob Bryant said on 3/Feb/13
I've got a old book about Hollywood. It has a picture of Bogart taking a smoke break. He's sitting down with his legs crossed. He actually has 4x4 blocks duct taped to his feet. If he was 5'-9" the extra 4" would make him 6'-2". But if you look at the fact that he was about the same size as Sly Stallone, 5'-5" the extra 4" would lift him up to 5'-9" which is what he claimed to be. If you will notice all short actors, 5'-4" to 5'-6" claim to be 5'-9".
Rich said on 24/Jan/13
All I know is this; I saw his footprint in Hollywood and man did he have small feet. Probably a size 3(uk)
Mammal X said on 4/Jan/13
I can believe Bogart was a bit under 5'8"...maybe as low as 5'7". Anything lower than that seems dubious. There are a TON of photos of Bogie and Bacall boating, barefoot, side-by-side. He is a little taller than her, and she was a legit 5'7".
Jack said on 30/Jul/12
I think he was 5'8.5", I think he looked shorter than he was because of his big head.
Sam said on 25/Oct/11
According to his biographers Eric Lax & A.M. Sperber, Bogart was 5'8.5", which (if I recall correctly) was cited as measured when he was going into the Navy. He didn't always look quite this mark in photos to me, though close.
lorne said on 23/Oct/11
Bogart was NOT under 5ft8. Sorry people, but his wife was a solid 5ft7, and he was comfortably taller her. Seriously, just look at Parkers pics... No way a 5ft7 guy could look 3 or 4 inches taller than a 5ft7 woman, lifts or not!!!

Personally, I think he was a fraction over 5ft8 from watching his movies, but it can be hard to tell since it is hard enough judging exact height in modern times; much less the 30s and 40s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TruebloodFan said on 17/Oct/11
agreed folks, he did leave an under 5'8 impression.
guyfrommars said on 21/Sep/11
"The Tom Cruise of his era" - except that Bogart was actually a good actor, he starred in quality films and wasn't a member of a brainwashing sect.
Sam said on 21/Jul/11
Not only does he look taller than Ingrid Bergman thanks to his huge lifts in Casablanca but also looks close to to the height of 6'3" Paul Henreid.
guyfrommars said on 10/Jul/11
Logan: No, he was not 5'5", but yes, he was shorter than Bergman in Casablanca. But Ingrid was 5'9" and wore around 3-inch heels. Bogie was 5'7" and even in his lifts, he was shorter than her, so they used different methods to make him look taller: camera angles, have him standing on a box, etc. But Bogart was certainly not 5'5". But he wasn't 5'8" either. I'd say 5'7" barefoot.
Reed said on 3/Jul/11
NO WAY 5'8"... 5'6" or 5'7"
Mr. Kaplan said on 8/Jun/11
One of the greatest actors of all time, but that doesn't make him taller. He was 5'7".
Parker said on 7/Jun/11
Humphrey and 5'8 listed Lauren Bacall

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I don't think Bacall was as tall as 5'8, but I think 5'8 is fair for Bogart.
jtm said on 3/Jun/11
he wasn't as short as 5'5 but i think 5'8 is generous.
Parker said on 2/Jun/11
I must admit, considering Bogart and Bacall were about the same height, its pretty impressive what lifts and posture can do.
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Parker said on 1/Jun/11
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Parker said on 31/May/11
Logan says on 30/May/11
i've heard that he was actually 5'5'' and while filming Casablanca even with lifts he was shorter then Ingrid Bergman

Both parts of the statement are BS. Here he is with the 5'9 listed Bergman
Click Here

ok, he may have been in lifts but it is pretty clear
a) He's not 5'5
b) He's not shorter than her in his lifts.

5'8 is a reasonable estimate for Bogart, maybe a tad shorter.
Logan said on 30/May/11
i've heard that he was actually 5'5'' and while filming Casablanca even with lifts he was shorter then Ingrid Bergman...they used a lot of tricks so Humphrey would appear taller
Florian Defontaine said on 24/May/11
Humphrey Bogart is the most legendary actor of all times, he's my idol .
cheers, Bogie forever

Florian Defontaine
rafa said on 15/Apr/11
Hahah those shoes are funny. He was one guy who maybe was shortish but definetely had charm with women; like Frank Sinatra or Tom Cruise, height has nothing to do with having charm with women.
guyfrommars said on 13/Feb/11
Yes, he is at least an inch taller than Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. But she was closer to 5ft6. Also, Bogart was a lot shorter than 5ft11 William Holden (in reality, closer to 5ft10). He was 5ft8 in his shoes (when not wearing lifts), and 5ft7 barefoot.
Matt said on 13/Jan/11
"Aleks says on 26/Feb/10
After watching Sabrina, I am 100% POSITIVE Bogart was the same height as Audrey Hepburn, so he wasn't over 5'7"."

That is not true. Sabrina is one of my favorite movies and I've seen it at least five times. Bogie is AT LEAST an inch taller than Hepburn, likely even more.

Also, 5'8" was NOT the average height for an American male when Casablanca was made, it was between 5'9" and 5'9.5."

And the average height for a Hollywood star at this time was definitely not 5'11"-6'1", it was closer to 5'10". If you take all the actors on AFI's top screen legends, you will find that Laurence Olivier is taller than most of them at 5'10".
Shadow2 said on 11/Jan/11
In Bogart's last movie ("The harder they fall" in 1956) he worked with a young actor (and wrestler) named Mike Lane who appeared to be at least 6'8", a foot taller than Bogart. Lane did TV work in the 1960's and 1970's, and looked a maximum 6'6", not 6'8". In the Bogart movie, Lane is even four inches taller than Max Baer (Snr), who was around 6'4". Rob, has Mike Lane ever been mentioned before on this site, and was he made to look taller than his actual height (??) for the Bogart movie?
Frank2 said on 21/Jun/09
By the 1950s, Bogart was probably down to 5'7" and wore lifts that boosted him by about two and half inches so with his lifts he was no more than 5'9.5". He's still nearly three inches shorter than 5'11" Bill Holden in SABRINA. Holden wore shoes with a heel no bigger than an inch so he was about 6' in shoes.
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/09
Bogart looks almost 2"taller than Bacall in that pic.I cant understand how anybody can say they look of similar height.I think 5'7" to 5'11" is average height for a man.Under 5'7" is short and over 5'11" regular tall(to 6'3",over that is really tall).
Chris said on 20/Jun/09
Austrian 6'1 average? Where? in Giant Land??lol
I live in the U.S.A., and in public I tower over a VERY large amount of people. Im 5'11" 1/4 and 5'10 3/4 when I slouch a!
5'7 is pretty much average now. (with 5'8" being dead on average height) I visit this site all the time. its addicting wanting to know how tall a person you admire is. great job guys! :)
guyfrommars said on 14/Jun/09
Good picture about Bacall and Bogart barefoot! I believe they both were 5ft7. Bacall wore flats or shorter heels (2 inches in "To Have and Have Not", flats and small heels in "The Big Sleep"). Bogart as the leading man had to be taller than her and wore lifts or platforms to achieve this.

In "To Have and Have Not" Bogart is wearing what seems to be leather boots, closed on the top and covered by his trousers. Perfect to hide huge lifts inside.
Parker said on 23/May/09
Not the best photograph in the world,but does look similar in height to Lauren Bacall
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Dean said on 21/Apr/09
According to reliable records including Naval induction records , Bogart was 5'7" . Throughout his prime he weighed no more than 135 lbs. which would give him a spare to fair build for his height . He was about average for his time .
leonari said on 11/Apr/09
Doug: 5'6.5 is rather 169-not 168
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
Personally I would have estimated around 168 about 5'6.5" as his actual height. At 57 shortly before his death he weighted just 80 pounds which is lighter than Kylie.
Doug said on 11/Apr/09
I thought he only looked 5'7" max too.
guyfrommars said on 10/Apr/09
Bogart looked taller than 5ft7 Lauren Bacall (5ft9-5ft10 in the heels she's wearing) and much taller than 5ft6 Marcel Dalio in "To Have and Have Not". He had a pair of lifts probably.
SHAUN said on 26/Mar/09
5'6" or maximum 5'7" He certainly doesn't look 5'8". I would go for 168cm.
Willem-NL said on 9/Feb/09
Humphrey Bogart was 168 cm. In Cassablanca he stands on a orange box for kissing Ingrid Bergmann (174 cm) !
tme said on 16/Jan/09
Bogart was born in 1899, when the average height for American men of his generation was only around 5'7" (in Europe it was certainly no taller). In his book "Bring on the Empty Horses", David Niven described Bogart as "tiny", which I doubt he would have had Bogart been of average height (Niven himself was around 6'0"); this leads me to think Bogey was no taller than 5'6".
gcm said on 9/Jan/09
Yes, I think definitely 5'6" - 5'7" - I think 5'7" is about right. As far as comparing to Cagney - Cagney was 5'4" absolute max. maybe a touch less. Funny that so many of the tough guys of the era were quite short. Bogart, George raft, Certainly Edward G Robinson & Cagney. It does give a little more edge to their performance somehow though.
Ed T. said on 7/Sep/08
Bogart may have been slightly under 5'8", possibly 5'7.5". He looks to be no more than two inches taller than James Cagney in "Angels With Dirty Faces" and its quite possible that Cagney was below 5'6".
apo said on 28/May/08
dinaric alp people (bosnia,serbia,croatia) are also as tall as the dutch, especially the new generation. You can check the internet to see it for yourself. But obviously the avg. height is not 197 cm, but 185cm for 20 yrs old.
joe said on 22/May/08
he was not so short as many believe but he wore shoes with gigantic high heels because many actors of this time were very tall. So everyone thought he is a dwarf. The name "cinematic dwarf" fits more the "great" Danny Devito!

@ Frajer - normally people from Scandinavia or the Netherlands are the tallest.
the average high of Dutch is 185 cm and they are on top in world! so don't tell us that you are a little bit over average height with 197 cm in Bosnia. maybe people there are tall but not so tall and of course not the tallest in the world!
joe said on 22/May/08
he was not so short as many believe but he wore shoes with gigantic high heels because many actors of this time were very tall. So everyone thought he is a dwarf. The name "cinematic dwarf" fits more the "great" Danny Devito!

@ Frajer - normally people from Scandinavia or the Netherlands are the tallest.
the average high of Dutch is 185 cm and they are on top in world! so don't tell us that you are a little bit over average heigh with 197 cm in Bosnia. maybe people there are tall but so tall and of course not the tallest in the world!
Frajer said on 13/Apr/08
not only in monenegro. BOsnia, Serbia and Montenegro are the tallest men on earth. Im from southern bosnia near montenegro and Im 197cm. Im a little bit over average height. its nosurprise to see smb over 2metres and even women are sometime without high heels on my eye level.
HawksSens said on 15/Feb/08
You know how I could know Bogie was faking his height in Casablanca?
His height changes between shots.
Sometimes he's way taller than Ingrid Bergman, sometimes shorter, sometimes the same height and I heard he sat on books and stood on boxes to make himself look taller...
Carsalez said on 1/Feb/08
he was in Sabrina but with stacked healed shoes and Audrey Hepburn wore "flats" John
leonari said on 30/Jan/08
How in the world can a man of his era where 5'10.5 was without a doubt 1.5 inches above average be called short all the time... I don't buy it. No way. With Stallone it's different 1) Mega action hero (people imagine him huge)
2) Mountain of muscle (which can make you appear short if you are not well over 6 feet)

Bogart looks max 5'8" and I say thats generous.
glenn said on 29/Jan/08
wow.that tall?.possible.ive read 5-6 alot.not the 5-4 on.why would a 5-10.5 man have women stand in ditches?.im not doubting it.stallone is claimed 5-4 to 5-11.
Michael said on 28/Jan/08
Lauren Bacall in her 1978 book states that Boggie was 5'10 1/2" She was 5'8". She doesn't seem like a woman who would twist the truth.
leonari said on 25/Dec/07
Charlie: check your favcs before posting and. In Montenegro men are 6'1" on average. They are the tallest people in the world.
charlie said on 24/Dec/07
Austrian, you should check your sources. There is no country in the world (some small groups of people maybe, tribes etc.) where 6'1" is average height for a man. Don't try to pass off your opinion as fact just to look cool, it just isn't working......
rollabluntallitaftermath said on 26/Sep/07
surprising, he looked around 5'11 in Casablanca
Kevin T said on 8/May/07
"Does anybody have any idea what movies Bogart -wasn't- wearing lifts in?"

The African Queen, he was wearing boat shoes. So if you can find a shot of him with Katharine Hepburn full-length, you'll have a rough guess.
Drew said on 7/May/07
Just saw 'Sabrina' and Bogart is exactly as tall as Audrey Hepburn (170cm).
Drew said on 5/May/07
Austrian, is that a joke? 6'1" average! HA! Now that's funny.

And yes Bogart was 5'8".
sam said on 15/Jan/07
6'1" is average only in Serbia, Montenergo & Bosnia. The average American man is barely over 5'9", not 5'10"+. Many countries have similar height stats to the US. The shortest-known country, on average, is North Korea, where the average man is about 5'4.5".
TJ said on 14/Jan/07
Austrian, you would call a 6'1 guy average? If you consider the stats, that's absurd.
Austrian said on 14/Jan/07
5'8 average height? lollipop

5'10-6'1 is average

anything below is small, anything above tall

and anything below 5'7 is tiny, anything above 6'4 is huge

(speaking for men)
Nolifts81 said on 2/Oct/06
In his biography they say: "He was measured barefoot at 5'8.5" I am a great fan of Bogart, I've seen all his movies. Yes, his shoes were sospicious in each movie he did but I think he used only shoes with 2 or 2.5 exterior heels, no lifts inside.So, in movies he lookes near the 5'11" with his shoes on(2 or 2.5 exterior heel). He wasn't short for those times.
Glenn said on 24/Sep/06
HA! can you believe Jar lives near me and doesnt sign or do photo OP?
Glenn said on 23/Sep/06
Do you think anyone would notice if I had on those externals?

Editor Rob
just wear long pants...but you're gonna be walking like jar jar binks
Glenn said on 22/Sep/06
Rob-I thought Bogie was 5-6? Im shocked at 5-8.where did you come with that conclusion? as for him never wearing lifts Lisa,that would be the start of his career.and I doubt he was ever liftless.but if he was 5-8,then its possible.5-8 isnt that short.Im just not sure he was ever that tall.5-6 seemed to be the law.

Editor Rob
maybe he deserves it for having the audacity to wear the most outrageous 'external' lifts in movies!
Lisa said on 20/Sep/06
Does anybody have any idea what movies Bogart -wasn't- wearing lifts in? Would be interesting to know, and what the circumstances were (if he did) to set the elevator shoes aside... I wish guys wouldn't do that (cheating!)
Someone said on 24/Jul/06
Ingrid Bergman wasn't 5'8''. This site says she was 5'9 but in my opinion she looks more like she was around 5'9.5 or 5'10. So yes, they probably had a hard time making her look shorter than Bogart.
Frank2 said on 26/Jun/06
Benny was about 5'7".

Bergman was 5'8".

Her she is dancing with Bogie: Click Here
She's most likely barefoot or wearing ballerina slippers while he's wearing lifts. That's Casablanca's director, Michael Curtiz looking on.

A scene from Casablanca: Click Here

Anonymous said on 26/Jun/06
bergman was a tall woman. u can also tell hes wearing lifts in scenes with paul henreid and conrad veidt, both of whom are listed as 6'3"
Regus said on 24/Jun/06
Yes whenever you see him in Casablanca for example, you just Know Bogie is on lifts or whatever in his close-up scenes w/ Ingrid. She was at least two inches taller than him.
Tiger said on 15/Mar/06
Bogart on 4 websites (at least) is listed at 5-8 1/2 and here Rob has him at 5-8 1/4. The photo with Benny makes alot of sense, in that Benny is 5-8. Also: 'Movie Encyclopedia' and 'Hooray for Hollywood' (a reference I just came across in an old, dusty box of goodies and hope to use frequently-it is a 'stats/trivia' guide for movie stars and is copyrighted 1980) both list Bogey at 5-8 1/2. Did anyone realize that Bogey in 1916, at the age of 17, was 5-8 and 125 lbs! Now that is light!
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
Bogart with Jack Benny: Click Here
Dick Kraft said on 3/Mar/06
The belt line of an actor reveals that the short guys are on a box or they have the longest legs known to man. Bogart was always looking down at Bacall, but both of them are 5 - 8. OK, Bogie comes in at 5-8.25, a quarter inch.
Leeroy said on 23/Jan/06
There is not a 2.5 inch difference. And I still say Depp is 5'8.25". With those cowboy boots it would make him between 5'10.25" - 5'10.5". I can't be sure but I don't think the cowboy boots are more than 2 - 2.25 inches. They could be 2.5 inches but I can't be sure. It is really hard to know if they are only 2 inches or 2.5 inches or more because Depp has added lifts. Glenn is said to be 5'8" and if you give him heels of 1.25 inches that would make him 5'9.25" or so. Depp has his hair pulled back so it might add on to his height. Depp can't be over 5'11" or near 6 foot when he wasn't that height with larger heels on in Wonka. Depp isn't more than an inch or so taller in this photo. SOME SAY 5'7" OR SO AND SOME SAY 5'9" OR SO. WELL I SAY 5'8" OR SO.

I read in a book that Depp's family compared him to Bogart or something. Called him Bogart or something. Don't exactly remember. Bogart is 5'8"ish.

I also want to add that I have a friend who worked on the Elizabethtown soundtrack. She didn't think Orlando Bloom was very tall and she is 5'6". So maybe Bloom is more like 5'9.5" or so. It seems possible to me.
sam said on 17/May/05
In an Army physical in his 20s, Bogie was measured at exactly 5'8 1/2". To Bill, you have to consider that the photo was from Casablanca where he was co-starring with Ingrid Bergman, who was 5'10" and wearing 3 inch heels, and Paul Henreid, who was 6'3". If you see the film, he looks about the same height as Bergman and almost as tall as Henreid, so his lifts added about 4 to 5 inches to his 5'8 1/2" frame.
Bill said on 18/Apr/05
Although there is a picture of him with a pair or 4" blocks strapped to his shoes, its in the Guiness book of movies, check their heights in any film and subtract 4" for bogey.

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