How tall is Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

Spanish former professional footballer who played for Real Madrid and Porto. He once claimed to be 183cm and 184cm tall.

How tall is Iker Casillas
Photo by photoworks/

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Average Guess (169 Votes)
5ft 11.07in (180.5cm)
Lava said on 11/Apr/21
179,1-179,5 cm. guy.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 6/Apr/21
slim 6'1 said on 31/Jan/21
Nearer 5’11” than 6’ so this listing is fine I guess 👍
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Dec/20
181.5 could be likely
recapa said on 14/Dec/20
edeged out beckham so the listing works just fine.
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Oct/20
Strong 5’11”
Van Halen said on 6/Sep/20
Vexacus said on 19/Sep/17
Solid 6'1 , one of the best goalkeepers in history.

YordanDamyanov said on 6/Sep/20
Ramos, who is at most 6 foot flat, has always edged him by 2 cm. I think 5'11 or 1,80 is perfect for him.
im6 said on 3/Sep/20
182 is good
OriginalAnon said on 29/Aug/20
180cm max.
Slim 6'1" said on 14/Aug/20
Lava said on 13/Aug/20
179 ~ 179,5 cm / never 181 cm or 182 cm
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 30/Jun/20
Rob, Casillas got measured 182.2cm at madrid, what are your thoughts? he has to be atleast 181cm, 181-182cm.
Editor Rob
Earlier in the day there's no reason why he might not have got 182cm.
Matt Evans said on 24/Jun/20
Looks around 5’11, 179-181, never looks 6’1
& Usually looks under 6’0 too. 180cm
For me.
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 23/Jun/20
@Rob, How is it possible for Casillas to be 181 cm when he looked an inch shorter than Rafael Nadal who is 182cm ?
Editor Rob
I am not sure Nadal is only 182cm.
QM6'1QM said on 28/Feb/20
The one of the greatest goalkeeper in history ever. He always been solid 2 inches shorter than Cristiano Ronaldo. 180 cm is a good working mark for him, honest.
Ema said on 2/Jan/20
Casillas looks 5ft 10 next to nadal
Nik said on 1/Nov/19
He is not very tall for a goalie!
Valois 2.0 said on 27/Jul/19
He's listed as 6'1 by Google now.
criss said on 14/Jul/19
Rob, the measurements from this site are midday, or evening?
Editor Rob
Generally I'd think of afternoon because there is a much bigger difference between 7am and 1pm versus 1pm and 7pm
Hijoputamus said on 11/Jul/19
178 for Iker
Sampex said on 4/Jun/19
Click Here what's your Guess to Karius Rob?
Editor Rob
Could seem over 6ft 2 there, but I would have thought he had a bit more sneaker so 188 range could be possible.
Johnnie said on 13/May/19
Lol at 181 Casillas!
The guy is 5’10 and a half at best.
175cm Mark said on 7/Apr/19
This man looks 5cm (ATLEAST) shorter than Cristiano Ronaldo, so he is not taller than 181cm.
JustForFun said on 10/Jan/19
Rob 5'11.25??
Watch this pic with Nadal who is 182.0 measured at stadiometer. Iker Casillas is 178.5 cm barefoot.
Click Here:
Editor Rob
He can look a weak 5ft 11 at times.
SAM CHERRY said on 11/Nov/18
Iker always seems to be a 5’11” kinda guy at 180 cm
Lava said on 28/Oct/18
179-180 cm
Rheem said on 18/Oct/18
Rob, what's your guess on this lady next to him? She is listed at 1,75m
Editor Rob
Well, it's hard to tell how tall she she is invisible!
Ema said on 12/Jul/18
5'11" or 180cm.
CZV said on 2/Jul/18
Rob what do u think?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Can look 3cm shorter
Xavi said on 25/Jun/18
I met Casillas in a hotel in the northern part of Spain. Entering the elevator I found it a bit funny that he as a goalkeeper is shorter than me.
I measure 180 or 5'11. Even my company commented on his height...

He was shorter than 180 without any discussion of footwear or a slouched back.

Khaled Taban said on 30/Apr/18
Just 181cm or 182cm maximum.
Hunter said on 12/Apr/18
As listed, 5ft 11.25
James the real one said on 10/Feb/18
Just 5' 11".
HonestSlovene said on 21/Dec/17
Decent 5'11".
Filippo said on 5/Dec/17
Lol! He is not even a full 5'11!
Height said on 3/Dec/17
Taller than Ronaldo R9 1cm to 1.5cm taller than this listing.
hardguy said on 30/Sep/17
5ft 11.11in (180.6cm)
Vexacus said on 19/Sep/17
Solid 6'1 , one of the best goalkeepers in history.
Johnson said on 5/Sep/17
182 cm. Rajoy is 186 and he is 4 cm shorter maximum
Slim 181 cm said on 14/Jun/17
He's been listed as low as 175 and as high as 185. Pegging him in between sounds fair.
jjj said on 7/Jun/17
Wow. I knew he was on the shorter side for a goalkeeper, but he never appeared this height on the tv to me. Looking at pictures with other players i can see he is about 5'11 now. Very surprised i do have to say, but clearly it shows that height is not the be all and end all for a world class goalkeeper like him!
ok said on 19/May/17
Raw Height is a private stuff but I suspect he is 5"10(1.78cm barefoot) and 1.81cm in mitre boots . Too handsome to look at height
James said on 21/Apr/17
I think is time for a new downgrade. 5 ft 11 would be spot on.
RichardSpain said on 6/Apr/17
with shoes maybe 183 cm /184cm . Without shoes 181/182cm not more.
Johnny said on 15/Mar/17
On flat ground he can look 2 full inches shorter than Ronaldo, so nearer 5ft 11 flat than nearer 5ft 11.5.
Johnson said on 15/Mar/17
@Filippo look at the pics of Casillas with Rajoy. Rajoy is as tall as Obama
Astolfo said on 15/Mar/17
Casillas measures only 1,80m. I believe he should measure even less nowadays. The proof is in the link below.

Click Here
Johnny said on 14/Mar/17
@Rob how much difference do you see between Casillas and Nadal? Click Here
Filippo said on 13/Mar/17
Ahahah come on, he doesn't even reach 180!
6 foot 17 yrs still growing said on 12/Feb/17
5 ft 11 listed arjen robben edged him throughout their years in madrid as well in 2014 world cup
Johnson said on 19/Jan/17
@James I said gut bust measurement. I don't consider gut bust on my listings so I couldn't list Casillas over 182 cm. You should consider Casillas has poor instance, always.
But please look pictures of Casillas with Rajoy (as tall as Obama), or Zapatero 184 cm... you will see they are close enough and in suits.
James said on 18/Jan/17
Oh, I almost forgot it.

Click Here
Click Here

Di María is 1.79 at most that explains why Casillas can look slightly taller than him

Another pic that make Casillas look 1.80 (5' 11"):
Click Here
James said on 18/Jan/17
I am of the opinion that Casillas is a typical 1.80 guy. No more, no less. I have friends that claim 1.80 themselves and they look the same.

Casillas is waaaaayyyy shorter than 185.5 Cristiano Ronaldo:
Click Here
Click Here

Look at Casillas' sneakers and you will notice his foot are nearer the camera than Benzema's ones, that explains why he looks similar.

In this pic, Benzema looks 1.83, Cristiano 185.5 and Casillas no more than 1.80:
Click Here
James said on 18/Jan/17
@Johnson No Johnson, no. Look at the poll. Most people think Casillas is in the 1.80 range. And football players are measured in the morning so almost everybody think Casillas is 1.80 range in the morning. 182.5 is unbelievable for most people. I think Casillas is 182.5 in sneakers only, but not barefoot.
Johnson said on 30/Dec/16
With a gut bust measurement Casillas reaches 182.5 in medical test of course.
MDV said on 15/Dec/16
Rob, can you please add Sergio Ramos? He is in extraordinary shape and very discussed in the world for his goals in the last minutes of his matches ! Best defender at the moment in the world!
6 foot is perfect for him: always 2 cm more than Casillas
James said on 11/Dec/16
@Johnson Coentrao is 1.76. Ozil is listed here as 1.77 (he can be 1.78 at most). Coentrao is 2 cm shorter than 5' 10" Ozil and like 9 cm shorter than Cristiano:
Click Here

Casillas is 2 cm shorter than Ramos, while Ramos is 2 cm shorter than Bale:
Click Here
Click Here

I still think Casillas is 1.81 morning height and 1.80 most time of the day. 1.79 just before going to bed.
Johnson said on 8/Dec/16
Casillas is 182 cm easily. Look at him with Coentrao 179 in a good pic, no tricks

Click Here
James said on 21/Nov/16
@Lynx His 1.80 measurement was done in 2003 when Casillas was already 22 years old.

Click Here
Johnny said on 21/Nov/16
If what Johnson is saying is true....then Casillas didn't grow after 15.
Johnson said on 19/Nov/16
@Lynx also I put messages below an old document dating back when he was 15-16 years old listed at 182 cm. Very real in the weight too
Lynx said on 19/Nov/16
I found an old document from Real Madrid (when he started on the club so he wasn't famous) and he's listed as 180 flat.
Click Here
Also here is a picture with a spanish youtuber (at his right, with the wood hat) who is 174/175 and Iker doesn't look more than 5cm over him.
Click Here
Aaron Zamora said on 10/Nov/16
He makes David Beckham look a weak 5'11.
Andrea said on 7/Nov/16
Rob, from what his 183 and 184 claims come? Considering you think he's 181 range, i would have said "maybe he measured in shoes and went with that", which is believable considering that a 181 guy could easily measure 183-184 range in shoes...
But again it seems he said to be 186 in shoes... Do you think it is just pure "upgrading"?
I'm not much into football, so I really don't know how tall he looks with others but, from reading the comments, it seems that nobody believes he's near his claims, let alone the 185 listings he generally gets listed at...
Editor Rob
one of the visitors linked to a big interview and said he claimed the 183cm there. I think if anybody looked at him with Ronaldo, less than 183 is believable, although I don't think he'd be less than 181 range, I did think a solid 181 range was possible.
Borats Chicken said on 6/Nov/16
Rob, i clicked football players and hes the only one there?
Editor Rob
yeah it was the wrong category, he's in the Soccer Players now.

I had decided at the start to use soccer to distinguish from Americans use of the Football term for NFL.

I find it confusing myself as I never use soccer, but since the majority of visitors are American, you can understand why I call it that.
Josh said on 6/Nov/16
He looks 5'11 flat. I don´t know why teams list him as 6'1.
Johnson said on 6/Nov/16
@MDV I would request Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Pirlo, Del Piero, Totti, Seedorf and of course... Carles Puyol
MDV said on 6/Nov/16
Rob, Casillas page has 66 comments and 48 votes in few days; more than anybody added recently. If you consider to add more footballer like Ronaldo luis,Ronaldinho,Buffon you will be more and more popular.
Editor Rob
that's more than I would have expected, but then he has been a big soccer name in the last 10+ years so many have seen him. Some people, well visitors might not know their height, so can't really offer an opinion.

But it is useful seeing a lot of guesses on new pages.
Johnson said on 5/Nov/16
The picture of Ronaldinho and Pato is bad to prove anything

Ronaldinho is taller than Pato. The Proof!!!

Click Here
Tony Stork said on 5/Nov/16
[Editor Rob: Tony, 169 range is possible, but I think she has a little bit lesser posture than Iker has.]

Yeah that's true, Iker has an excellent posture in that charity event pics. So ur saying that she might b near 5'7"?
BTW she's Pretty
Editor Rob
Tony, yes 169-170cm is very likely...and the two girls beside her are certainly not too bad either.
spainmen191cm said on 5/Nov/16
Rob, how tall do you think is Morata? he claimed 190cm on a tv program
Johnson said on 5/Nov/16
@James there are bad days and mistakes on medicals because of the person who measures. Kaká could be in that moment like 0.5 cm down his typical height. Cristiano could be stretching but I doubt much that his medicals are under of 186 mark. Marcelo was 18 he was 171.8 but now he is not under 173.5 for sure
Tony Stork said on 5/Nov/16
@Editor Rob,

How Tall is the Girl Standing next to Iker?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Her Model Agency lists her at 5'7, she's probably not that far off the mark.
Editor Rob
Tony, 169 range is possible, but I think she has a little bit lesser posture than Iker has.
MDV said on 4/Nov/16
Morata 187 cm
Pepe 186 cm
Ronaldo 185 cm
Bale 184 cm
Benzema 182-183 cm
Ramos 183 cm
Casillas 181 cm
MDV said on 4/Nov/16
@James I don' t know about Ronaldinho.
At the beginning I had your same opinion because Ronaldinho was clearly shorter than Beckham in the pics I saw, so 178 would fits him. But later i checked some pics of Ronaldinho and mike Tyson ( real 178 cm) in the same footwear and Ronaldinho was always an inch taller. So I'm very doubtful about him. Truth can be in the middle at about 179 cm; but for what I saw he can be anywhere between 178 and 180. That's why I asked Rob to make him a page: for see the average guess height about him (:
James said on 4/Nov/16
@Johnson Not only you claim with no evidence that Pato is 1.80. You also claim Ronaldinho is 1.81. Don't you see the contradiction? Ronaldinho is shorter than Pato, how can he be 1.81?
James said on 4/Nov/16
@Johnson Almost 24 years old Pato looks 1.79 with Neymar:
Click Here
Click Here

Pato is listed everywhere as 1.79 and looks it. I don't know why do you have to inflate his height with no evidence.

Click Here

Your 1.81 claim for Ronaldinho is just science fiction. He is kinda similar to 1.77 listed (probably 1.76) Seedorf and shorter than 1.79 Pato.

Ronaldinho is a legit 1.78 guy.
James said on 4/Nov/16
@Johnson Ronaldinho is shorter than 1.79 Alexandre Pato and almost identical to 1.77 Clarence Seedorf. He is 1.78 m. He is shorter than Pato, so he is obviously less than 1.80
spainmen191cm said on 4/Nov/16
I agree with James, about he has a height complex. I mean in his interviews he always says "he is 186-7 in shoes" I think that is, because he has always been criticized for being a short goalkeeper. He probably would like to be 6ft3
TD said on 4/Nov/16
I see you've downgraded him. This listing fits him better. A legit 5.11, strong 5.11 guy. When you compare him to Ramos a 6ft weak 6ft guy, and Beckham, a 5.11, more likely in my opinion, a weak 5.11 guy, this listing is more accurate for casillas.
Johnson said on 4/Nov/16
@James Pato was 179 as junior. Now he is 180 cm. Ronaldinho is similar to Guardiola 182 cm (no more than 1 cm apart)
James said on 4/Nov/16
On the medicals he was 100% sure standing on tiptoe, since he obviousy has a height complex. He is always lying about his height, his 184 cm claim is absurd. On the medicals Ramos was listed as 183 cm when he is minimum 2 full cm taller than Iker. Kaká was also listed as 185.6 cm and Cristiano as 186.5 cm. Those medicals are innacurate.

Morning height: 181.4 cm
Afternoon height: 180.6 cm
Night height: 179.8 cm

Since his afternoon height is 180.6 cm he can be correctly roundep up to 181 cm
Height said on 3/Nov/16
He could be a solid 182 cm.
James said on 3/Nov/16
@MDV You always make extremelly accurate guesses. But your estimation of Ronalinho's height is wrong.

Ronaldinho is shorter than 1.79 ALlexandre Pato and only 1 cm taller than 1.77 Clarence Seedorf:
Click Here

Ronaldinho is also clearly shorter than Beckham:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If you are still not convinced, look how similar he is to 1.77 Clarence Seedorf:
Click Here

Ronaldinho is 1.78 m
Johnson said on 3/Nov/16
I put messages below the listing of 182 cm when he was 15-16 years old. He is clearly taller than Raul who has always been listed 180 cm tall. (178 cm at 17 years old) Nobody can deny that in medicals he is 182 cm
Joe said on 3/Nov/16
Yeah, 5'11.25 is a better listing.
I still feel like 5'11 is closer, but a quarter inch difference is a margin of error.
Giorgi said on 3/Nov/16
I knew this guy was 182 cm max. It's cool how the world's legendary goalkeeper is shorter than you haha
MDV said on 3/Nov/16
@Editor Rob: well the average for Iker after 34 votes was right on 11.25, I think that is a good consensus to put him on the 181.

Ronaldinho, maybe in the future he will get a page, he could be nearly 5ft 11.

So Robbi, let's make it official and add the Ronaldinho page at 5 ft 11 :)
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 3/Nov/16
i think he is 180cm or 181 cm
Jay 184cm said on 3/Nov/16
@ Joe In your photos with Beckham, they look the exact same height. He is therefore no taller than 180cm.
Ronaldo said on 3/Nov/16
Pepe 186 cm
Ronaldo 185.3 cm
Bale 184 cm
Benzema 183 cm
Ramos 182 cm
Casillas 181 cm
Ronaldo said on 3/Nov/16
Morata 189 cm
Pepe 186 cm
Ronaldo 185.3 cm
Bale 184 cm
Benzema 183 cm
Ramos 182 cm
Casillas 181 cm
Johnson said on 3/Nov/16
@anon real height is the usual height in medical controls... you said like "Casillas is claiming morning height" as if it was wrong. Nobody is around claiming evening nor saying less height than in medicals... is a little absurd
TD said on 2/Nov/16
Definitely 5.11, probably as legit as it will get, maybe 5.11.25 suits him best... 5.11.5 is being kind to him.
James said on 2/Nov/16
Click Here

He has been listed as 1.80 when he was 22 years old. According to other sources he is 1.82 or even 1.85.

But pictures don't lie:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He is 1.81 next to Ramos
Editor Rob
181 on the nose might be more accurate the more I see of him.
Fe said on 2/Nov/16
@Editor Rob.

how tall would that make Ronaldinho then?

he's not that far off Casillas
Click Here

in fact, he looked taller next to Valdes than what Casillas looked.
BTW he met Mike Tyson (who u met) and looked an easy inch on him
Click Here
Click Here

They're in the same footwear, so does that mean 5'11 or 11.25" is Possible for Ronaldinho?
Editor Rob
well the average for Iker after 34 votes was right on 11.25, I think that is a good consensus to put him on the 181.

Ronaldinho, maybe in the future he will get a page, he could be nearly 5ft 11.
HB said on 2/Nov/16
He appears noticeably shorter than Bale and Ramos. Seems very close to Beckham as well. I guessed him as 180 cm.
hijopotamus said on 2/Nov/16
Met him.
180 for Iker.
Really humble down to earth guy.
spainmen191cm said on 2/Nov/16
Rob, spanish goalkeepers are so overlisted. De Gea is listed always 6ft3-4 and that is a joke if we compare him with Federer!
Click Here
spainmen191cm said on 2/Nov/16
Rob, he also claim to be "1,84 and 1,86 in football sneakers" here is the article
Click Here

So he has claimed both 183 and 184. But the more I look at him the more I see 5ft11.25
Johnny said on 2/Nov/16
@Rob what do you think of this photo? How much difference do you see between Casillas and Ronaldo? Click Here
Editor Rob
bearing in mind his sneakers are less than Ronaldo's, he still doesn't look more than 180-1 range...the thought that Real Madrid used to be describing him as 6ft 1 is a real eyebrow raiser!.
Johnson said on 2/Nov/16
@Judd we should not judge based on just that pic. But I can assure Barthez is 180 cm, he is listed like that, nowadays as a car driver in official web of his car team
Judd said on 2/Nov/16
I am not sure about this listing.
Here he does look a tad shorter thanFabien Barthez who always looks no taller than 5'11"... Click Here
I think maybe Barthez has a small advantage but for sure a 182 cms next to a 180 cms doesn't seems as Casillas next to Barthez...
Johnson said on 2/Nov/16
Casillas began that season with 15 years ol. The article is when he was just turned 16. But the medicals are at the beginning of the season

Click Here
Johnson said on 2/Nov/16
@anon he has always been listed 185 cm. 183 cm was just a little confession. I have the leaked listing of Real Madrid: 182.2 cm exactly. And I have the listing when he was 15 years old he was Cadete (not even junior) and he was listed 182 cm in a magazine
anon said on 2/Nov/16
How many people even know their exact height unless they have been measured accurately, I am sure a lot of people claim their height in shoes or compare to others going off other people's claims, He said 1.83 in an Interview which could have easily been he got measured in morning or in shoes.
Jay 184cm said on 2/Nov/16
Looks 180cm with Ramos in those photos James has posted.
Also looks the exact same height as Di Maria (180cm) and Benzema, strangely (think he claims 184cm too.)
Looks 2 clear inches shorter than Ronaldo in the photo Johnny posted.
I'm saying 180-181cm at most.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 2/Nov/16
He has small head and his body still looks under 5'11
Balrog said on 1/Nov/16
Nail it Rob, this is exactly what I'd have guess for him. Maybe 181cm, but I don't he's lower than that.
kevin said on 1/Nov/16
next to beckham alonso and alot of others he looks closer to 181 then 182
Joe said on 1/Nov/16
For me, he looks exact the same height as Beckham.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If Beckham is 5'11, then Casillas would be 5'11 ± 0.25.
He doesn't look tall enough to be 5'11.5 tbh.
Cr said on 1/Nov/16
i think casillas is 181 max, he always looks 2 cm shorter than ramos and crisitano looks taller than sergio ramos
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Nov/16
I don't get why he's listed at 6ft1 despite him claiming 183cm.
James said on 1/Nov/16
In my humble opinion he is 1.81. Here's why:

This is from a 2003 Real Madrid's calendar (Casillas being 22 years old). Here Casillas is listed as 1.80:
Click Here

In this text written in Spanish, the author explicitly says that this official Real Madrid's document is from 2003:
Click Here

And compared with 183 cm listed Sergio Ramos he looks nearer 1.81:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In this 2006 interview for the Spanish journal Marca, Casillas claim himslef to be 1.84 barefoot and 1.86 in sneakers:
Click Here

"Mido 1,84, no me considero una persona baja. Con los tacos mido 1,86" Translated: "I am 1.84 m, I don't consider myself to be short. In sneakers I am 1.86 m tall.

Thanks so much for adding him Rob. Thanks for exposing this height liar. To lie about your own height is extremely immoral.
Johnson said on 1/Nov/16
@spainmen191cm please connect to "foro". A day we were talking there about Piqué's 'height' I have something important to tell you
Johnny said on 1/Nov/16
@Rob what do you think of this photo? How much difference do you see between Casillas and Ronaldo? Click Here
Rory said on 1/Nov/16
Would probably measure 181cm flat at his lowest, he looks visibly shorter than 6fters.
anon said on 1/Nov/16
Good Listing, He is likely 181-182cm range, 5'11.25- 5'11.5 I would give him the 5'11.5 based off that, as you say not quite a flat 6'0 but looks a solid 5'11 range guy, cant see him being under 181cm
Johhny said on 31/Oct/16
@Rob 5 ft 11.25 (181 cm) will be a better fit don't you think?
Editor Rob
from what I've seen I think somewhere over 5ft 11 but not a full 6ft.
Sam said on 31/Oct/16
Similar height to Valdes. Barely taller than Wayne Rooney to be honest.
MDV said on 31/Oct/16
Good to list famous player Rob.
I personally think that he is more 5 ft 11.25 in because he was very close to Beckham... or Beckham is a 5 ft 11.25 in and Casillas is 5 ft 11.5in
spainmen191cm said on 31/Oct/16
I think its a good adding to celebheights, he is listed everywhere at 6ft1!
Johnson said on 31/Oct/16
Great addition!!!!! I think he is 1.82
Tony Stork said on 31/Oct/16
@Editor Rob,

R u sure he's this tall? I would've guessed him more around 181 range rather than 182. He looks a bit over an inch shorter than Raphael Nadal, a good inch shorter than Bale and 1.5 inch shorter than Zidane. 182 isn't impossible, but I thought 181 would b a better fit.
Editor Rob
well I think 5ft 11.5 is probably the most, I could see the 11.25 argument...I do though think he could be taller than a guy like Beckham.
DruceLee said on 31/Oct/16
Rob, did you see him with Beckham? He could be 181 or 182...this is good listing for him
DruceLee said on 31/Oct/16
Rob, did you see him with Beckham? He could be 181 or 182...this is good listing for him
Editor Rob
he can look the same as Beckham at times, but also can seem to edge him if standing well...the odds are more likely he is a bit taller I feel.

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