How tall is Ja Rule

Ja Rule's Height

5ft 6 ½ (168.9 cm)

American Rapper and Actor. He has claimed 5ft 9 several times, even venting on twitter that he demanded 3 inches:
There's so much false info about me in the media like for starters I'm 5'9 not 5'6 lol...
Wikipedia Google is the most inaccurate s**t ever lol how are they still in business??? Anyway somebody fix my shit I'm 5'9 not 5'6.
I'm 5'9" 170 Lil n**ga wit the heart off a lion

How tall is Ja Rule
Photo by PR Photos
F**k it if ya'll insist on me being 5'6 that's cool I'll just stand on my wallet!!! Lmao... #Shortpeopleproblems πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©

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Average Guess (27 Votes)
5ft 6.16in (168cm)
TheDon1528 said on 19/Dec/22
Around 5’6”
Duhon said on 1/Sep/22
~5'6" man with the heart of a giant.
Benjamin's Jam said on 14/Aug/21
No way 5'6 looks more like 5'8-5'10 range
5'10.9er said on 8/Feb/21
Man hes insecure thats like me claiming 6'1 1/2 lol
ygchris said on 14/Oct/20
if you people think this guy is taller that Rob the editor you need to check yourself into the hospital.
Lover_thorn3 said on 23/Jun/20
Some comments are a little harsh. Hes visibly taller than 5’4 michelle and hes not even standing straight. I think 5FT7 flat.
Bobby Brown said on 24/Dec/19
Hahaha 5’9 what a joke he looks as tall as 5’4 Michelle Rodriguez

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TheBat said on 15/Dec/19
5'6" flat. Him claiming 5'9" is like me claiming 6'1.25"-6'1.5". His claim is an absolute joke.
James Sinclair said on 7/Oct/19
Ok rob, looking at that picture with usher I didn’t realise Ja was that short
James Sinclair said on 29/Sep/19
Hey rob
Would you give usher a weak 5’8
And Ja Rule 5’6
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Editor Rob
There could be anywhere from 1.5-2 inches between them, although Rule is probably losing a bit more height than Usher.
c-mo said on 17/Sep/19
he is 5'9 in his dreams . he looks as if he is a little bit shorter than glenn and glenn is 5'6.75

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he is leaning a little but so is glenn . anything above 5'7 is impossible and 5'6 flat is very likely . he is not even quite 5'8 in the morning let alone 5'9 but claims 5'9 ? this is very annoying

and lol at him saying

" I'm 5'9" 170 Lil n**ga wit the heart off a lion "

sorry dude I am a real 5'9.25 at nighttime (5'10 in the morning) without shoes and without hair and I am not a "lil n**ga" .....because of guys like him people think 5'9 and sometimes even 5'10 (man sometimes even 5'11 ! ) is short

Ja Rule you are 5'6.25 or something around that . not a single millimeter taller than 5'6.75 at night thats for sure . deal with it
GangstaBob said on 19/Aug/19
LOL, "How is google still in business?" Like google's entire business is based on reporting the heights of washed-up rappers. Ja you's a clown bruh...
TheBat said on 12/Jul/19
5'6" even. His 5'9" claim is an insult to actual 5'9" guys.
Frsh king said on 21/Apr/19
He is 5 foot 7 and a half and that's being generous
Zampo said on 24/Sep/18
@KJabril91: Indeed, used to think he was around the 5'8 range (must have been is personality) back in the day.
KJabril91 said on 22/Sep/18
Hey Rob. I have to agree with you on Ja Rule. At first I though he was 5'8, now I realized that he's slightly shorter than I thought he was.
Powerhouse said on 5/Apr/18
5’6.5 is about right for him, he doesn’t come off as particularly short though. His proportions don’t look bad, you can tell he is short when standing next to taller people though.
Brad said on 17/Nov/17
Pretty good record hosing down the streets and only one summons, most restrooms are locked in NYC cause of the junkies. My brother and I hosed down Harlem from the elevated section on the New Haven line in '74.....123rd to 120th got a shower, plus Burger King cups and French fries. Ja Rule? Same height as the G.
MJKoP said on 14/Nov/17
Some nostalgia for ya.

Glenn said on 20/Sep/06
5-6.or Im 5-10.

Translation: "Durrr....looks like we might be the same height after all. OOPSIES!"

glenn said on 23/Apr/07
the rush post? my recent ugly looks? that i agree on? my short spells in the clink? too private to get into here.disorderly conduct,trespassing,and other ludicrous accusations beyond my control.all trips beyond my control pretty civil believe it or not.ironically just 48 hours ago i obtained my first public urination summons.i spray the streets for the last 25 years,once or more a day.finally got caught.not a bad track record.and i checked to make sure coast was clear.

Translation: "Yeah, I've been arrested and sent to jail many times now, but it's NEVER my fault! I mean, could you possibly imagine ME being accused of 'disorderly conduct'??? The sheer nerve of some people! It's all another conspiracy, I'm sure....just have to figure out what that conspiracy is, as well as if and how I can connect it to my fetish for hairy hominids. And I just admitted that I've been whipping my member out on the streets of NYC for the last quarter century. Just thought I'd reiterate that part for ya. Hey, Mr./Ms. Celebrity, could you please shake my perfectly sterile and clean hand?"
Peter175 said on 6/Nov/17
Good upgrade.

Just 10 more quarter inch upgrades until its legit.πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Just joking, but I honestly think Ja Rule could pull off 5'7 with Jlo and a few other celebs. Get's flat or weak 5'7 from me
Peter175 said on 5/Nov/17
Clearly near or over 5'7. With 5'10 Mike Tyson, it's not 4 inches or even close to it

Rob, I think Mr Rule deserves an upgrade.

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Editor Rob
certainly 5ft 6.5 is probably nearer.
Lee168cm said on 26/Sep/17
Funny that he looked pretty close in height to Leslie neilsen in scary movie 3 not muxh shorter? Could he have wore lifts in that film?
dsds said on 17/Aug/17
i honestly think 169 is a fairer bet for ja rule... compared to someone like jonah hill who I do think is closer to 5'6
World Citizen said on 28/May/17
Btw Rob I think you're telling us the truth but can you show me some pictures that proves he is 5 ft 6.25

Because I'm seeing he wants to be so much that people are admitting he's 5 ft 9.
Editor Rob
with a solid 6ft 5 guy like Plaxico, who might have near 2cm worse posture compared to Ja Rule, I think 5ft 9 is a bit optimistic, somewhere in 5ft 6-7 range is more believable.
Johnson said on 24/May/17
Anyway I think he must be taller than 1.68. If Jennifer Lopez is 1.64, he is taller than her performing on heels vs sneakers
Editor Rob
5ft 6.5 is certainly believable, over 5ft 7 I'd struggle to make an argument for.
World Citizen said on 23/May/17
I wonder why he thinks he is rather 5'9 than 5'6? Did he measured himself at home?
Johnson said on 23/May/17
The question is. Ja Rule can't be barefoot on the mugshot but in sneakers
Editor Rob
Johnson, I think ja rule will be in footwear, it's commonly how suspects are treated, just shuffled in to a mugshot area without asking to take shoes off.
Johnson said on 20/May/17
@Rob in your mugshot where you appear 5'11 and you were 5'9.33 your level eye is according to what you actually were in sneakers (5'4-5'5 level eye).

Top of head you look taller but not about level eye. So we should compare Ja Rule level eye and top head. There are 2 different versions of Ja Rule's mugshot picture

I think according to all that, looking top head and level eye that if he is barefoot he must be around 173 no less and if he is in sneakers would be 5'7 no less
Editor Rob
you could make a case for 5ft 7.5 I think, his eyelevel certainly looked raised slightly so would be 4 inches from eyes to top of his head in reality.
Johnson said on 20/May/17
Same height as Rob Paul. A good 173
Cameron said on 1/Apr/17
He actually wasn't far from 5'9" in this mugshot. Click Here I'm assuming that's with shoes though. Wouldn't be shocked if he's close to 5'7".
Arthur said on 4/Feb/17
Rob you might find that interesting. An interviewer from time has an article about meeting him and remembering she was a smidge taller than Ja rule, and she claims 5 foot 7.
Nova176 said on 28/Jan/17
I think he's nearer 5'7 than 5'6 flat. If he were really 5'6 range, he'd look short most of the time, which he doesn't. Ofc he does look short a lot of the times, but he gives out big G range vibes and might be 5'6.5-75.
eee said on 21/Nov/16
i think he can pull off average height... 5'6.5 is possible
eee said on 6/Aug/16
with 5'8 T.I.
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gog said on 28/Jul/16
as a 5'6er, the typical lie is saying that im 5'8, most people don't care/notice and believe me. but 5'9, is kind of a long shot. long shot indeed...
Lindsey said on 21/Jun/16
Come on man quit playin... Eminem said it, you no taller than little Hailie Jade! lmao
jay said on 27/May/16
in the the pledge remix hes standing next to nas who i know for a fact is around 5'9 because i saw him in person at jimmy kimmel back in 08 nas is taller than ja rule no way is he 5'9 .that would mean nas would have to be closer to 6ft and hes not .he was performing with kerry hilson whos 5'11 she taller than nas . id say jarules more around 5'7 accurately
Phil said on 23/May/16
50 cent killed 5 foot 6 ja's entire career.
Phil said on 22/May/16
5 foot 9? no way. maybe in high heels.
shl said on 18/Apr/16
@Morning height 182 cm you must be insecure stating your height this exact
Morning height 182 cm said on 4/Mar/16
I know I'm not tall but to hear somebody being mad for not being called 5'9 makes it comforting being 5'11.6
VegasChic86 said on 24/Jan/16
I walked past him tonight. I'm 5'8" and he was definitely not 5'9" he's probably 5'5"
johemoth the dog said on 11/Jan/16
5'9 in girls platform heels. He doesnt seem like the type to wear them though....
Will said on 15/Oct/15
Ja Rule at 5'9" is a joke. He is more like 5'4".
Alex said on 4/Sep/15
Rob , how come it says he's 5'9 in the mugshot of him ?
Editor Rob
Looking at the mugshot, it appears the photographer is quite close, it's hard to say how much extra height he could gain from it.

If you took a mugshot 10 feet away you aren't going to be getting much more than your actual height, but if you take it up close, sometimes you can get a significant amount.

Here is what I mean, 10 feet away and then a few feet away. Click here can add more height. I'm appearing 5ft 11 but I was 5ft 9 1/3rd in sneakers.
MD said on 4/Sep/15
So, @D is Ja Rule, right? lol Love how this mad it in the national news.
the shredder said on 4/Sep/15
He is leaning on a car though next to tip toeing G lol I give him 5'7
ok said on 2/Sep/15
maybe standing on a 3ft stool he is 5 9.
Editor Rob
this thread demands the Return of...

Big G, who defies the Rule!
Silent_D said on 28/Jul/15
I met him in person last thursday at a concert and he was about 5 foot 6.
Bishop said on 17/Apr/15
5'9"?!?!?!?!? My sides are on the moon right now.
Clay said on 19/May/14
He was like an inch or two shorter than glenn who Rob measured at a weak 5'7.
What evs said on 3/Apr/14
He lives in my town. He is only 5' 4". His son isn't tall either.
MD said on 1/Nov/13
Yeah, Silent d, one of the entertainment shows just did an interview with him, and he's gotten huge. He was always muscular, but now he's buff.
Silent d said on 29/Oct/13
He looks huge now when he got released out of prison. More muscular and tank. 5 foot 6. He has never been 5 foot 9 in his life. I'm a big fan but he is not 5 foot 9. At least he knows how to make food using the microwave.
Matt said on 2/Oct/13
Hey I have actually seen him in real life, on a "concert" a few years ago at a club. He came outside of the club while I was standing there, just about 3m away from him.
I can guarantee that he is NO where near to 5'9, even 5'6 seems too tall. I would actually put him more on 5'4-5'5. He is really tiny, and this is coming from a 5'8 guy myself.
LDK said on 14/Jun/13
5'6" my ass. I'm 6' 7" and I was standing next to him playing craps in Vegas on NYE. He is lucky if he's 5' 4". He is tiny as hell
Joe said on 11/Jun/13
You people are clowns, 5'6 for Ja Rule? Watch any of his videos and you can see the man is 5'9. Would someone who is 5'6 look like this next to Fat Joe who is a legit 6'0? Oh wait, you guys are going to say he's wearing boots even though you have no proof of that lmaoo. Look for any picture of Ja and Fat Joe who is a legit 6'0. You'll only see a 2-3 inch difference.
Ja Rule @Ruleyork : "There's so much false info about me in the media like for starters I'm 5'9 not 5'6 lol..."
Gaz said on 11/Apr/13
Lol people thinking his 5'9'' because of this picture Mugshots/celebrity/music/ja-rule" target="_blank">Click Here should watch Rob's vid Click Here explains it all. Plus his most likely wearing shoes in the mugshot.
lascious said on 20/Mar/13
Ja Rule is about 5.5 3/4. Lil wayne recently said he was only 5.5 in one of his songs. I dont know why Eminem dis him because he's clearly about the same height as Ja Rule. On MTV with Carson Daily (Eminem) looked atleast an in to an in 1/2 shorter than Marky Mark listed at 5.7. Anybody remember that. Ja rule is about 3/4 taller than wayne. I really don't care i came across this site cause i thought it was interesting and now i'm hooked. lol.
Joe said on 3/Mar/13
In his latest mugshot in jail he's listed at 69 Inches, which proves he's a legit 5'9. List him up, no way is he 5'6.
Brad said on 1/Mar/13
Must wear custom Timbs with some lift in the mug shot. What custom footwear can do is amazing with the 5' 9" line at the top of his head. He "proudly claims 5' 9"". He sure does in monsters.
Tallsmall said on 22/Feb/13
In his police mugshot he looks to be just over 5'9''. His footwear, however, is not visible
leonari said on 8/Feb/12
He ain't no 5'7". Don't get me started on 5'9". Rob has him spot on.
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
He is awesome bu 5 foot 9 is way too much for him. He always looked 5 foot 6.
wtf said on 6/Dec/11
go watch the video of ja rule and lil wayne and you will se ja rule is taller than 5'6 lil wayne by at several inches
Adreanna said on 18/Aug/11
Ja Rule is short why do u think in the song hailies revenge by eminem they make fun of how tall he is at the end of the song
Brad said on 11/Aug/11
Booking photo this week was 5' 8.5" in DOC footwear. He's 5' 7.5"
JJ said on 11/Jul/11
HA whaat? hes only 5'6? I thought he was tallerr.! like 6 feet no jokee
Rocky said on 29/Jun/11
Ja Rule isn't ver muscular, realer...

He has very low percent body fat, and has a high shoulder-to-waist proportion...which makes him look muscular than he is, with the whole "V-shaped" muscle look.

He's 5'6'' and between 140-155 lbs.
asda said on 8/Apr/11
Click Here
around the same height as ti who is leanin slightly
305 ALL DAY said on 27/Jan/11
i saw in a source magazine b4 that he was 5'3"....
Loki said on 13/Dec/10
looks about 3-4 inches taller then lil wayne, so i say 5ft8!
Arbey said on 6/Dec/10
I'm 5'5,but a small mouse,has a longer tail,jajaja.So,don't worry Ja Rule.
jeffatkins said on 16/Nov/10
proof hes 5ft8 i think you should change it Click Here
non idiot said on 13/Nov/10
his mugshot list him at 5"8 why u downgrading him u just dnt like him u can fiund the mugshot at the smoking gun
doner said on 27/Oct/10
hes 5"7 aparently a reporter asked and he was mebarassed and replied only 5"7
anonymous said on 24/Dec/08
I just watched fast and furious and he was 15cm shorter than 6 foot vin diesel and he is really skinny and small. Love his songs.
lego kid said on 28/Nov/08
The US Rapper and actor. He proudly claims "5ft 9" as his stature.
lol wat a bunch of **** wen i saw him last year i was 14 and he was about an inch shorter than me so i would say 5,6
Linda said on 1/Oct/08
Jenifer Lopez is around 5'5-5'6, and when she wears heels, she is a tad taller than him. He's DEFINATELY around the 5'6 mark, if that!
Leung said on 24/Aug/08
Brad says on 22/Aug/08
Ja said 5' 9"? No wonder I find his vinyl issues of his releases for 99 cents in L.A. by dozens, he's done.

I loved the song
Brad said on 22/Aug/08
Ja said 5' 9"? No wonder I find his vinyl issues of his releases for 99 cents in L.A. by dozens, he's done.
Clay said on 22/Aug/08
Straight from the mans mouth: ''Im only 5'9''

craig said on 11/Jun/08
well everybody sayin that glenn is leanin look at ja if he stood up straigt they would be the same hieght so i would say 5'8 maybe 5'9 his bio said 5'8
glenn said on 10/May/08
bigballin-did i say that? your putting words in my mouth.
bigballin said on 9/May/08
hahahaha. im sorry about this one glenn, but mel, dogg, that is just ridiculous. since when does eastside have anything to do with blood? anyway, i'd have to say he's around 5'6" maybe a lil taller.
seanprice1 said on 7/May/08
hes throwin up 'empire'...., tell em rob...
an0n said on 8/Apr/08
eastside dusnt mean he bloods fool it mean eastside period! and 5ft6 would be right
mel said on 6/Apr/08
hes throwin up east side whih means hes a eastside blood
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/08
what is the hand sign that Jarule is holding up mean?
mike said on 4/Mar/08
this guy is about 5'6", 5'7" at most. i saw him on the subway and i'm 5'10" 15 year old. i think this guy is only 5'6.5"
Rocky said on 12/Feb/08
There's no way he is 5'9'' Patrick. I've seen so many endless posts of people saying around 5'10 and 5'11 saying they felt like Arnold Swarzenegger when standing next to Ja.
S.P said on 1/Feb/08
if Lil wayne is 5'5.5, then i would say Ja rule is 5.7.5, rekon both them wearing timberlands in. .Uh Oh [MUSIC VIDEO]. gd song even tho ja's sh*te. haha.
krash said on 18/Jan/08
Sorry but this guy is short if youve seen him in real life youd realise hes not 5ft 9 unless he wears 4-5 inch high heels lol
glenn said on 18/Jan/08
maybe its dyslexia.leung,i want to laugh,but i cant.i bump into this guy alot.
Leung said on 18/Jan/08
Has anyone seen the movie Little Man where they use special effects to stick Marlon Wayans
Gago said on 17/Jan/08
I think Ja was stoned when he was measured, 5'6 seemed 5'9, Glenn, when you meet him next time, please ask him what's the drug called, that makes you see numbers transported/reversed.
Realheight 88 said on 17/Jan/08
Exactly glenn.You are almost 2 inches taller than him if you stand straight.Just look at the shoulder levels.
glenn said on 16/Jan/08
i dont know how people cant tell that im taller leaning in too.
leonari said on 16/Jan/08
Patrick: 5'9". Man... where do you live?? The same planet Ja Rule is living? cause he also thinks or claims 5'9" whch is a joke for JA. The man is 5'6".
sofia said on 16/Jan/08
Patrick says on 1/Jan/08
He always looks quite tall . Dont know why . He appears to be 5' 9" . In this pic with glenn ja rule is leaning on the car and glenn is standing straigh and ja rule is still glenns height ( look at the heads ) , so I guess if he stands normally he is a bit taller then glenn . It quite possible that he is 5' 9".

yea.. they look like the same heigth in this pic but ja has a cap that gives more heigth 2inches
red said on 12/Jan/08
hes throwing up eastside if you didnt know...
ballaNshotcalla said on 11/Jan/08
My brother met Ja at NikeTown for the 2000 NBA all star party and he is NOT over 5'5". He said he looks taller because of his slender frame. My brother is 5'8" and he said he shook his hand and gave him the half hug, and saw the top of Ja's head !! lol.......true story
kim said on 6/Jan/08
I met Ja Rule a few years ago. I'm 5'5" and had on 3 inch heels. I was taller than him
Patrick said on 1/Jan/08
He always looks quite tall . Dont know why . He appears to be 5' 9" . In this pic with glenn ja rule is leaning on the car and glenn is standing straigh and ja rule is still glenns height ( look at the heads ) , so I guess if he stands normally he is a bit taller then glenn . It quite possible that he is 5' 9".
Mike said on 1/Jan/08
LMAO! did he really say he was 5'9"? there's no way, this guy is tiny. the listing is right.
Realheight 88 said on 8/Dec/07
In my opinion, he's 5-6.25 as rob has him.
glenn said on 7/Dec/07
i guess im 5-11! not sure what ja rule was throwin up with the hand signs.i was in peace mode.5-5 sounds low.seemed 5-6.
Antron said on 7/Dec/07
anyone notice that Ja's basically throwing up "The Shocker"...
H said on 6/Dec/07
Well, Glenn, you know what this means; don't you? If Ja Rool is five feet nine inches as you stand next to him -- your are two inches taller now! Also, what's with the sign language?
Pete said on 6/Dec/07
He said he was 5-5 on conan o'brian show. so i guess thats his height!
sofia said on 6/Dec/07
what do you think he thinks chris if glenn said him self that jarule is 5.7
chris said on 6/Dec/07
i think he is more like 5ft7..what do you think glenn?
C. said on 5/Dec/07
LOL. 5'9"?! It's easy to see that he's clearly nothing above 5'5-6", even in his videos and on film. Like someone mentioned earlier, he can't even make it up with muscle...nothing. It's so clear to see.

I'd say 5'6" max. He isn't that much taller than Ashanti.
spree said on 28/Oct/07
Im 5-7 and jarule is taller than me when I was next to him. But I dont know if he had regular sneakers or not
Rocky said on 24/Oct/07
Ja Rule is no where near 5'9'' or 5'8'' for that matter. Judging by the pic of him next to Steven Seagal, one can definitely tell the huge height difference, especially with a HUGE angle in Ja's favor.
Leung said on 21/Oct/07
The only way Ja Rule is reaching 5
Andre said on 18/Oct/07
Yes in sneakers, in those sneakers there are probably 1.5 inch soles, plus the outsole, that is about 1.5 inch? That would make 5.9 yes in sneakers, ;P
Vinny said on 16/Oct/07
in the new irv gotta series on vh1-ja rule looks 5 9 in sneakers
MEL said on 17/Sep/07
hey rob, if ja rule is 5ft6 and lil wayne is 5ft6 well ja rule is taller than lil wayne in their new video titled "Uh- oh"
Leo said on 11/Sep/07
Hey Rob, theres a typo with Ja Rule's name in the pics caption.

Editor Rob
yeah man, there's sometimes method to what appears occasional spelling madness ;)
Mo said on 10/Sep/07
HAHA, 5'9, he wishes he was that tall! I think he is the same height as lil wanye, around 5'5 or shorter!
Anonymous said on 21/Aug/07
Darryl are you blind dude, Ja is obviously taller than lil wayne in the new video. Sort your eyes out
Darryl said on 22/Jul/07
new video for ja rule and lil wayne shows that they both same height which means they both 5'6
Mr.Wong said on 11/Jun/07
Here is the script to that Conan Episode
Nothing about height in there
Click Here
phil said on 10/Jun/07
i thought he said he was 5'5'' on conan o'brian show, and definatley looked it next to the towering 6'4'' o'brien
Brad said on 4/May/07
I sprayed a Navajo hut in Monument Valley Utah last week at midnight. I was looking over my shoulder for an arrow. I left a dollar on the plywood counter where the people sell their wares cause I felt sorry for the sacred ground.
glenn said on 23/Apr/07
the rush post? my recent ugly looks? that i agree on? my short spells in the clink? too private to get into here.disorderly conduct,trespassing,and other ludicrous accusations beyond my control.all trips beyond my control pretty civil believe it or not.ironically just 48 hours ago i obtained my first public urination summons.i spray the streets for the last 25 years,once or more a day.finally got caught.not a bad track record.and i checked to make sure coast was clear.
Brad said on 22/Apr/07
Man I admire Glenn's honesty....I saw what he wrote under a Rush post and didn't ask in fear of a Glenn meltdown. Er, kind I ask, er, how-why-what-when? Line busting at a concert ticket sale? Pushed & pushed back? IRT fare jumping? I did 125 MPH on 684 near White Plains N.Y. in a '72 Ford Maverick once...lucky for me the trooper was at breaking speed when I passed him. At a buck twenty five in a 55 zone you get jailed. Never had a speeding ticket or seen a jail cept through a YMCA trip...all we saw were drunks.
glenn said on 22/Apr/07
they ask you usually.believe me,i know.
Viper said on 22/Apr/07
I wouldnt take those arrest sheets TOO seriously. Sometimes they are right sometimes not. Ja Rule probably told them 5-8 out of his mouth.
Derek said on 21/Apr/07
Arrest sheet has him at 5'8"? Ja Rule must have been in Timberlands.
glenn said on 20/Apr/07
brad,you just ate your words on nas here especially.
Brad said on 20/Apr/07
5' 8" on his arrest sheet NYPD.
Rocky said on 9/Mar/07
But leonari, derbi might have him at 5'10''. LOL.
Rocky said on 23/Feb/07
I have to wonder if this was the worst case of overestimation used by a person featured on
Lmeister said on 19/Feb/07
Just saw Ja Rule in some MTVs PR show. He looked 5'9''-5'10'', but I guess the camera angles made him look taller and he had really thick trainers. He is 5'6'', but can look 5'9''...
leonari said on 16/Feb/07
Rocky: rule is so far from 5"9"..hate the guy...50 really ruined his career...hehehe...hohohoh.hahahhaa
Rocky said on 23/Nov/06
To be fair, Seagal's footwear is questionable in the photo but still, Ja Rule isn't 5'9''...LMAO.
leonari said on 19/Nov/06
J-Dog said on 18/Nov/06
Rocky, wow that is amazing, Segal looks like a giant and he is way back.
Anonymous said on 25/Oct/06
Maybe 5'9'' is his morning height? J/K!!!
Derek said on 12/Oct/06
Ja Rule is 5'9" just like I'm fat(I'm 6'1" 150).
Glenn said on 30/Sep/06
Exactly you been?
the shredder said on 27/Sep/06
5'9 ? ... now thats funny ! thats funnier then marky mark claming 5'10 ! ja rule is 5'6 max and mark is like 5'7.5 !
Rocky said on 25/Sep/06
That's only true if the person has wider shoulders, narrower waist/hips, and long legs - for people with very much a pure ruler shaped frame, he/she can look much shorter than it really is, regardless whether he is 5' or 7'.
Cantstop25 said on 24/Sep/06
"who are very heavy set or rail thin will look shorter than they are"

Your right about heavyset people appearing shorter, however the thinner a person is the taller they are going to appear. Your mom was probably wearing heels in the photo or you just have bad posture. Or hair can often play a big factor in how tall a person appears as well.

P.S. Eat some food lol
Glenn said on 21/Sep/06
Thanks Leanari.
7 said on 21/Sep/06
put ja rule at 5ft 6 please not 5ft 6 and a quater. rob why do you give ja rule extra inches for

Editor Rob
he deserves it for claiming 5ft 9!
leonari said on 20/Sep/06
ROB: thanks for putting Ja back to the 5'6 he truly is...And Glenn: great picture. Obviously Glenn is 2 inches or by the very least 1.5 inches taller than Ja ..We can close the file on Ja. I was right from the beginning: 5'6" or 168 cm. Nothing above that nothing below. He is an idiot for claiming 5'9"
sf said on 20/Sep/06
Yea, maybe 5'6"...
Glenn said on 20/Sep/06
5-6.or Im 5-10.
Rocky said on 20/Sep/06
I think 5'9'' is a clear typo Rob. It's really 6'9''.


Editor Rob
no, he's 5ft 9, he insists he is, the guy on the right is 5ft 10 and is playing down his height ;-)
sophie said on 2/Aug/06
if hes only 5 6 hw tall must jlo be cos on the vid 4 im real he luks quite abit taller than her n i heard jlo was 5 6
Glenn said on 23/Jun/06
Never met him.heard 5-6.
leonari said on 22/Jun/06
GLENN: Have you met Ja Rule??? If yes how tall do you think he is??? Please respond. Thanks man.
Glenn said on 21/Jun/06
5-9? HA HA HA HA!
Quietman said on 20/Jun/06
oh please i am 5ft 11 1/2 inches tall i met him he was lot shorter than i was like 6 1/2 inches tall and he do lie about his height i was dead laughing after he he said he told conan he 5ft 9inches tall is amazing he do lies
Viper652 said on 16/Jun/06
Even 5-6 is a stretch.
leonari said on 16/Jun/06
he threatened to release another album if I didn't give him 1/2 inch...OK ROB thats a reason I can accept. Another album would be a nightmare...But he still ain't over 5'6"...I don't know how you came up with 5'7"...Because the guy said he is 5'9" on Conan???PLEASE!! The guy is an idiot and thinks people are as dumb as he is and that they will believe this stupid lie. I just hope that you know for yourself that 5'7" just ain't accurate for this guy ROB.
7 said on 14/Jun/06
rob long long ago u had ja at 5ft 6in why give him an extra inch

Editor Rob
he threatened to release another album if I didn't give him 1/2 inch!
JOE said on 11/Jun/06
hey i did see ja rule today up close.. he was not that tall i am like 5' 9 and he was definally shorter than me..
leonari said on 4/Jun/06
ROB why do you have him at 5'7"???
J. said on 17/Apr/06
A 2002 feature in Ebony describes him as '5-foot-6': Click Here

Also, one memorable moment in Karrine "Superhead" Steffans' 'memeoir' Confessions of a Video Vixen, was her alleged first meeting with Ja Rule. She said something to the effect of how she was surprised that they were pretty much the same height as he seemed much taller and more muscular on television. Her offical website lists her height as 5'5".

There's no way he's above 5'6". He never looks taller.
sitiko40 said on 4/Jan/06
He looks at the most 2 1/2 inches taller then Ashanti who is listed as 5'3 here, so I have to say this height listing is somewhat correct :)

If you take a look at the RollingStone magazine (issue 989 december 15 2005 - page 44 bottom left) you will see a picture of Ja Rule standing next to Amber Ridinger along with Ashanti (who looks to be slouching a bit). He looks at most 2 1/2 inches taller then Ashanti considering she's slouching and he's closer to the camera, for those of you who don't have that issue I took a picture to show it (sorry for the quality, camera phone).
C said on 1/Dec/05
I don't know about this listing. Ja Rule looks a good 2-3 inches taller than Jennifer Lopez in the "I'm Real" video. I would say that he's at least 5'8''
phast said on 30/Nov/05
That's funny Ja Rule said he's 5'9 on conan. I remember watching some tv show about how Ja and 50 Cent had beef and how a fight between the two would be no contest because 50 has half a foot on Ja. I just don't understand why these guys lie about their height, it just draws more attention to the fact that they're short, right? I have much more respect for short guys that don't lie or don't stand so straight to the point that it looks uncomfortable. That just gets negative attention.
Money said on 24/Oct/05
I've stood shoulder to shoulder with this cat and we were both wearing Air Force 1's. I'm exactly 5'8.5", and he's at least 2-2.5 inches shorter than me.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
Ja is 5'6" flat. Eminem, D12, and Obie Trice ridiculed his height on a song called "Doe Ray Me".
leonari said on 30/Jun/05
CoolJ nice comment...guys who measure themselves 5'9 and are 5'6" have some brain problems
CoolJ said on 30/Jun/05
"im right":

You need to re-measure yourself.
leonari said on 30/Jun/05
im right you are a joke...probably you are below 5'6 and thats why you say you 're the same height as JA. He is tiny...He looks tiny. In the movie with PRAS he is a full head shorter!!!
im right said on 29/Jun/05
i've meet him and hes exactly my height, 5'9"
SH said on 27/Jun/05
In Half Past dead 6'4'' Segal towers over Rule, the difference looks like 1 ft many a time during the film, 5'6'' looks about correct.
Shavenis said on 26/May/05
Ja Rule is 5'6. According to People Magazine. And Jay-Z is 6'4 according to a web site thing that I forgot what it was.
leonari said on 11/May/05
How come you list him at 5'6.5 when he really is just 5'6 TOPS. Did you change it? I remember you had him at 5'6" not too long ago.Am I right?
hmmm said on 5/Apr/05
i mean of course hes short but i doubt the 5 foot 8. every picture i seen he looks at least 3 inches taller than ashanti with high heels. i think his shoulders make him look shorter. hes just a really slender guy. i mean eminem looks taller than him by a few inches but he is only 5 foot 8. i think people should bring into obetter sonsideration of body size too. and he is obviously taller than j-lo.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/05
oh please...i met him after his court trial in 5'7 1/2...and he was shorter then me..Its amazing how much they lie....
Monty said on 27/Mar/05
Ja Rule is 5'6, DMX 5'9, P.Diddy is 5'9 everyone else is just about right.
J. said on 27/Mar/05
I took those heights into account when I did the little 'Rapper-Heights' page ...some of those heights are inaccurate but the majority are in the right ballpark. Ja Rule is 5'6" on a good day but with the help of camera angles and nice posture, he can appear 5'8"-ish; Flav's 5'7"; Cam's no more than 6'0", he said so himself (he was once was a high school basketball star); Diddy's exactly 5'10". But that's a good page to reference to talking hip hop heights! :-)
hmmm said on 27/Mar/05
I've seen his mug shot and it listed him as 5 foot 8. i'd givr him that. he just looks shorter because he has slender shoulders. when he did a performance with j-lo a couple years ago on mtv he was still taller than her.
really short said on 19/Mar/05
I got his autograph a month ago and he was tiny...I'm 5'10 1/2 and i seriously towered over him....He's like 5'5..not just that..i was watching conan and he honest to god said he was 5'9...I almost died of laughter
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/05
I met him back in 2001. I wouldn't be suprised if he's really 5'5" and a half and gets rounded up. He's very short. It's intresting, in music videos, they use all kinds of tricks to make him look average height. When I met him, he had his hair in a puffed up afro hairstyle. I assume it was an attempt to seem bigger.

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