How tall was Jack Palance

Jack Palance's Height

6ft 3 ¼ (191.1 cm)

American actor, best remembered for films such as Shane, City Slickers, The Big Knife, Sudden Fear, Panic in the Streets, I Died a Thousand Times, The Professionals, The Lonely Man and Che. In a Chicago Sun 1994 article, he said: "Used to be 6-foot-4. Now that I'm old, I slouch. So, I'm 6-foot-3"

Jack Palance - 1954
Im 6-3, weigh 215, and they always end up giving me an enormous horse I hate. I like a little horse, easy to get up on.
-- Newark Advocate, 1994

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6ft 3.05in (190.6cm)
Hong said on 27/Apr/23
Click Here Here's 75 year old Palance with 6ft3.5 listed Chevy Chase, either Plance was still 6ft3.25 as listed peak or he was taller in his youth, because in that movie he was equal to the much younger Chase, and on occasion looked slightly taller.
Hong said on 26/Apr/23
Click Here Here's 75 year old Palance with 6ft3.5 listed Chevy Chase, either Plance was still 6ft3.25 as listed peak or he was taller in his youth, because in that movie he was equal to the much younger Chase, and on occasion looked slightly taller.
Hong said on 26/Apr/23
Click Here= Look how he towers Billy Crystal,a very tall man,he looked similar to 6ft3.5 Chevy Chase even in old age,I think this guy was closer to 6ft4 at peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Apr/23
Piccoli looks at least 6ft with Jack...
Gerald S said on 13/Apr/23
Rob, does Michel Piccoli look a weak or strong 182cm with Palance below?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
With Palance looks near 6ft.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/22
Wayne’s tough guy persona was a little overblown due to his stardom. I’m sure he could hold his own but I wouldn’t put him in the same category as Jack Palance or Robert Mitchum. They were both competitive boxers and blue-collar guys at their at their core. They incorporated a lot of that into their work and it’s why they were phenomenal onscreen.
Sinclair said on 20/May/22
My congratulations go out to Palance for reaching the mighty height of 6’3.25”, for his one handed push-ups at the Oscars and for living to the mighty old age of 87.
Dr Decker said on 29/Jun/21
6-3. No more
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/21
Palance in my opinion looked one of the toughest guys in Hollywood in his prime. Really looked like a killer, I would rather have had a fight with John Wayne than Jack.
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/May/21

Sure. We can't the see the feet and the angle is skewed a bit. Cool photo anyway. Interestingly, Baer Snr was also listed as 6'3" at different times and he often came across as the biggest 6'2 1/2" (if that was his height) that you'd ever see. He certainly looked to have at least 1 1/2" on 6' 1 1/2" Joe Louis.

I can't find it again but I located an old photo online some years back, a group shot, book ended by a young Max Baer Snr and Victor McLaglen. Very similar in height but I'd probably give McLaglen the slight edge though they were well spaced in terms of position. Later, though still tall, McLaglen definitely lost some height through the years, off peak in THE QUIET MAN and that much more off peak in his appearance on RAWHIDE.

For fans of the golden era, I can't recommend enough McLaglen as guest of honor on THIS IS YOUR LIFE on YouTube. He has a brother appear who was somewhat taller than himself. Amazing life and he did in fact box the great Jack Johnson all the way back in 1909 when Johnson was champion and there is photo to attest to same. Johnson himself was a shade over 6 feet and described as the "Galveston "Giant" in his day though he isn't looking so big next to his younger contemporary, Old Vic. Click Here
Ian C. said on 3/May/21
Palance was an interesting body type. He was 33 when he appeared in Shane, and in that movie he seemed to be rather thin, even though he was obviously extremely strong. When filmed from the side, he appeared to be downright slender. He had a waistline like Fred Astaire. Then, a few years later, he had beefed up and had become the hulking brute he was to be for the rest of his career.
Jtm said on 23/Mar/21
sorry that picture doesn't change my opinion especially when we don't see their feet.
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Mar/21
Here's a nice photo of former HW Champ Max Baer Snr with Palance. The angle isn't perfect but just based on what you can see, both guys appear reasonably on par with one other. Baer Snr is mainly listed at 6'2 1/2" peak. If accurate, I would say Baer Snr stood very solidly at that height and arguably slightly in excess of that height. A big guy all round.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Mar/21
Rob, maybe 6ft3½ peak?
Editor Rob
it would be the most I feel I would go to.
Lankyweasel635 said on 17/Feb/21
In the 2007 book, "I'm Chevy Chase - and you're not", Chevy is quoted as describing working with Jack Palance, saying that "Jack was a wonderful man, a big hulking man almost my fathers age, and taller than I am, and intimidating-looking. There wasn't Tinsel Town remotely around this guy. He lived in Pennsylvania on a farm. He was well read. He was quiet and a sweet guy. He was just terrific." The book also highlighted the little known piece of information that Jack Palance was a professional heavyweight boxer in the 1930s under the name Jack Brazeau. So both were definitely tall fellows and no wonder Jack Palance could do those one handed or one fingered push ups! This comment provides further evidence of both individuals being tall in height and as they are both listed in same range in the 6ft 3in / 6t 4in range, combined with the quotes below, Rob's listings seems pretty spot on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/21
Rob, is his 6ft4 peak claim a bit much or is there may be some truth to it?

He could look it at times I thought...I'd give him the full 6ft3½
Editor Rob
would need to see more, but last time I seen him in a 70's tv show I didn't think he looked as tall as 6ft 4
Tall Sam said on 22/Oct/20
"Not too much acting talent"...ouch. I think Palance did well at his stock in trade type character, not everyone can sell a variety of characters. If you wanted a big, grinning, chiseled, unsettling and crazed tough guy with what looked to be some deplorable thoughts running through his mind, you had Palance on hand.
M.P.R.Stephenson. said on 20/Oct/20
As someone else said , he must have been difficult to cast . Not really good looking , but tough, menacing, with not too much acting talent, certainly 6ft 3ins .
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jul/20
Looksa lot like Fred Willard in that photo
Jtm said on 4/Feb/20
even in his 70s I doubt under 6'3. maybe in his final years he was 6'2. I would say his peak height was 6'3.5 min since he was clearly taller than a legit 6'2 (many believe 6'3)Charles heston.
greg99 said on 31/Jan/20
Looking at a 1991 Leno interview of Palance on the tonight show - he towered Leno when they greeted, would have thought at least 6'2" even then
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Oct/19
"Now that I'm old, I slouch. So I'm 6ft3."

That's very gracious of him! Jack even underestimated his height by a quarter-of-an-inch, so he can't have been unduly hacked off about it! 😂😂😂

Good luck to him for that. It's a shame he's no longer with us.

⭐ Tonight I noticed the name 'Palance' pop up at the end credits of the original version of 'The Omen'. The name belongs to one Holly Palance and I checked out whether she's related to Jack. She is his eldest child, born in 1950, and played the ill-fated nanny of Damien (the) Thorn (...y Brat), who hanged herself from a window at a children's party. ⭐

From me, due to there being the one box, Jack gets his optimum height - 6ft4.

RIP Jack Palance XXX
(18th February, 1919 - 10th November, 2006)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Feb/19
Full 6ft3½ peak and still around 6ft3 in later years. Only a bit shorter than Daniel Stern in City Slickers
Canson said on 6/Dec/18
6’3 range at his peak. He didn’t look any shorter than that
James said on 30/Nov/17
Palance admitted he thought most of his films were rubbish. He was very good at playing hammy villains in films like "Barabbas".
movieguy said on 25/Nov/17
6'3'' I'd guess. Watched him in The Big Knife last night and he looked fit and athletic in a boxing sparring scene in the movie, did look like the one time heavyweight boxer he'd been in his youth. One of the few Hollywood tough guys who was likely equally tough in real life. I think he didn't look like a typical Hollywood leading man and was probably not easy to cast. For an actor with his charisma maybe didn't have so many great roles.
berta said on 16/Oct/17
the average vote seems to low. i would not go under the current height for his peak. i think he was 192 cm guy at peak.
even said on 28/Jul/17
legitimate 6 foot 3
James said on 27/Jul/17
If Palance was 6'2" in the 1990s but still claiming 6'3", then his peak height of 6'4" was probably an exaggeration.
Josh said on 16/Jun/17
When I was a freshman in college (1995), Jack Palance came to our school for a function. I somehow ended up standing next to him in an elevator. I am 6'3" barefoot but was about 6'2" then (I grew an inch in college), and he was at least 1.5 inches taller than I. I would say that he was an easy 6'3.5" and possibly even 6'3.75", and it wouldn't have surprised me at all if he touched 6'4" in his prime. He was a really big guy.
Jordan87 said on 3/May/17
Arch Stanton,

Amazing the Klitz Comparison. Hats off to Big Wlad by the way for Giving the Young Lion Joshua a nice fight. If Wlad was 5 years Younger Joshua would have lost at least by Decision.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/16
192cm for definite if Heston was a solid 189cm (some even argue 190cm for him)
James said on 18/Oct/16
Palance was 6'3".
Arch Stanton said on 11/Oct/16
He actually looks pretty near 6'4 with Heston imo but we'll see he had a bit of ground advantage. Looked taller than this IMO.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Oct/16
@Rob, check out 40:38 here Click Here I think he has a little ground advantage but I think you'd be closer with 6'3.5, especially as some people think Heston was this himself haha. Always looked taller than this to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/16
Rob, could 6ft3½ be closer?

Click Here
Click Here

He was still looked roughly about 6ft3 in the early 90's. I can believe he lost a full inch by then. So maybe even 6ft4 isn't a tough sell either
Editor Rob
not ruled out a strong 6ft 3+ for him yet.
Canson said on 9/Jul/16
@Arch: he def looked a healthy 192-193 in his prime maybe his night was a 6'3.75 measurement but he looked almost legit to me
LoganNoll1996 said on 17/Apr/16
He was described as 6'4" throughout his career and could look it in most of his films, plus he could give off a similar height impression as Clint Eastwood and John Wayne who were both 6'3.75" at their peaks. I think 6'3.5" is accurate if not 6'3.75".
Sam said on 2/Apr/16
Yeah, definitely see that resemblance to Klitschko. They don't get much more intense than Palance.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/16
"Jack palance's height is 6ft 3½in (191.77cm)"
Anonymous1 said on 22/Dec/15
...Looked right up there with Chevy Chase in Cops and Robertsons. In my opinion, this guy was largely underused in Hollywood. Such an imposing, distinctive guy.
Canson said on 22/Dec/15
I can definitely very easily see him being 6'4 in his prime like he said. Wouldn't argue this one at all
LoganNoll1996 said on 21/Dec/15
No way he is 6'3". Their are times where he looks this but their are other times where he could look a full 6'4". I think 6'3.5" is a better estimate for Palance.
Jason said on 6/Dec/15
Palance in this photo looks very much like the Klitschko brothers, Wladimir and Vitali.
Ian C. said on 30/Nov/15
Actually, Arch, people with acromegaly have severely distorted features. Think Richard Kiel or Ted Cassidy. Palance, like Lee Marvin, just had an unusually strong, masculine head. He had been a boxer, which accounts for the slightly damaged look.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Sep/15
I always think of him as 6'3.5 now too Sam! I think he could look a weak 6'4 guy at times.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Aug/15
Palance had such broad cheekbones and strong bones in his head that he almost looked acromegaly like I thought.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Aug/15
Rob, can you respond!
Editor Rob
I updated the page. Yes, he has an Eastern European look.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Aug/15
See what I mean, first glance you'd swear that was Klitchko! Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 8/Aug/15
Haha I just realized Palance was actually Ukrainian like Klitschko too. A young Palance looks very similar to Wladimir. Very broad cheekbones and that sort of intensity in the eyes.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Aug/15
Rob can you add a photo and films like The Big Knife, Sudden Fear, Panic in the Streets, I Died a Thousand Times, The Professionals, The Lonely Man and Che!?
He looks very leggy in The Big Knife, obviously a clear 6 ft 3 guy, possible he might have measured a bit over it.
Sam said on 21/Nov/14
Rob, could you take another look at Palance?
Sam said on 23/Sep/14
Rob, is there a chance that you could list him at 192 cm to split the difference between 6'3" and 6'4" because at times he could have been a near 6'4" impression in his roles from the 40s through the 70s?
Gonzalo said on 2/Jun/14
He was a couple of inches taller than Lee Marvin in Attack! So probably Jack Palance was taller than 1`91
Ian C. said on 18/May/14
Here's more evidence that Palance was crazy, Sam: Frank Gifford writes in his autobiography of making a movie with Palance about a barbarian (Attila the Hun?) Palance's character was supposed to drag a woman into a fire, and he nearly did drag the actress into the fire. Gifford is a very nice man, and he was careful not to say anything mean about anyone in his autobiography, but he came close to saying that Palance was violently unstable.
Sam said on 24/Apr/14
I think its possible he peaked between 6'3" & 6'4"...he was one scary dude, in size, looks, voice & demeanor. One time while filming a fight scene he & Burt Lancaster beat each up for real... its hard to imagine, say, Tom Cruise or Vin Diesel doing that today.
Ian C. said on 2/Mar/14
Derek has an interesting idea: When you die you grow an inch. Or you get your height exaggerated as a consolation for being dead. Actually, Derek, I have more than a few oddball posts on this site myself, so I am no one to rag on you.
Ian C. said on 7/Feb/14
Palance provides an interesting example of how, in a movie whose star is short, height becomes irrelevant. In Shane, Palance played the deadly gunfighter Jack Wilson, and Alan Ladd, who was short, played the hero Shane. A character who has seen Wilson is asked to describe him. In real life anyone who is six foot four would of course be described as tall. But the character asked to describe Wilson just says, "You'll know him when you see him. Kinda lean." Because in a world where Alan Ladd is the hero, height as a concept doesn't exist.
jimbo said on 23/Jan/14
I saw him at JFK in 1990 and he was imposing; not just tall but large, but looked oldddd.
thebad7 said on 23/Jan/14
Phenomenal actor. Like Lee Van Cleef or Big Bill Smith, he makes crappy movies worth watching because he is such a visually engaging actor; in supporting roles, he's the guy who can steal a film with just an appearance in a single scene. I always liked him because he was one of the first major movie stars to embrace strength training and daily physical fitness routines.

Just watched him in 1950's PANIC IN THE STREETS and 1976's SANGUE DI SBIRRO. Tall, lean but muscular guy. In both films, despite the 26 year time difference, he still towered over almost all his co-stars. In the latter, a minor 70s Italian crime drama, he stars alongside 6'9" billed George Eastman, and Palance looks only a few inches shorter when standing face-to-face with Eastman. I've seen both 6'4" and 6'3" listings for him. Interestingly, I had the opportunity to see his official boxing records--he was a prizefighter prior to WWII--and he was listed at 6'3". He was about twenty at the time the measurement was taken, so it's possible he grew another 1/2" to 1". He was a very no-nonsense man and honest. In his prime, he was 6'4"--he always was noticeably taller than 6'2" or 6'3" listed actors--and even into his eighties (up to his death in 2006) he was still tall. If he lost any height, it was minimal. In 1994's COPS & ROBBERSONS, he looks identical in height to 6'4" Chevy Chase--with Chase having only about 1/2" on a then 74 year old Palance.

I should note that like Lee Van Cleef, Palance always had good posture.

His listings:
Early 40s/early 80s: 6'4".
1994, age 74: 6'4" immediately out of bed, 6'3 1/2" the rest of the day.

Arch Stanton said on 26/Jul/13
I saw him in something the other day and he looked 2 inches taller than a 6'1.5" listed actor, can't remember who it was, but I remember thinking he was probably around 6'3.5".
Derek said on 28/Sep/12
This guy has passed away, so do you think it might be okay to list him as the 6'4" he said, or do you think he was never over 6'3" in his prime? What do you think?
jwwjr said on 7/Jun/12
Looked like he towered over jack carson at "A star is born" premiere, 1954,so close to 6ft 4 ,especially in the 1950's
maio said on 5/Jan/12
Peak: 6 ft 3 in/191 cm
In 1992: 6 ft 2 in/188 cm
jake, 1.82 m said on 10/Oct/11
He looked 6"3.5 (1.92 m) in earlier films such as Sudden Fear. By 1994 he looked maybe slightly below Chevy Chase. Chase might've only ever been 6ft 3in at his tallest.
thebad7 said on 31/Mar/11
One of the last true tough guys. He is sorely missed. I liked him best in 1957's THE LONELY MAN. He was a tall, muscular guy--even towards the end of his life. Watched him recently in two films: 1971's CHATO'S LAND, next to Charles Bronson, and 1966's THE PROFESSIONALS. 6'4" sounds right for him--he looks this in comparison to co-stars Robert Ryan and Woody Strode--both of whom were billed at 6'4".

He was in a great Midas commercial with Lee Van Cleef back in the late 1970s and he looked to have about 1" on 6'2" Van Cleef.

Mr.V said on 7/Mar/11
According to this site , Palance and Charlton Heston were supposed to be the same height at prime , but in the movie "Arrowhead" Jack is obviously at least an inch taller . The man always claimed he was 6'4 and I believe that's correct . Heston on the other hand I've always been skeptical he was a full 6'3 , maybe 6'2.5 was closer . Now watch this video from 1.35.00 to 1.36.08 .

Click Here

Palance clearly looks taller . Also from 0.40.35 on he has the edge on Heston even wearing normal shoes when Chuck is wearing boots . What do you think , Rob ?
5\\\'7.37 said on 7/Jan/11
6'4 seems right, he was massive even when old.
PatB said on 28/Dec/10
Shane demonstrates one of the big disadvantages of being tall. Palance was a foot taller than Ladd. In a basketball game there would have been no contest. In a boxing match also. But in a gun battle, Palance was just a bigger target. Shane shot him right between the eyes, while Palance's bullet went harmlessly over little Alan's head.
Sam said on 4/Mar/09
Looked like a bigger height discrepancy than 4 inches between Nicholson & Palance. In Attack, Palance & Buddy Ebsen are exactly the same height to my eyes, which confirm 6'3" for Palance.
stevie said on 18/Jan/09
Standing next to Nicholson in Batman he looked about four inches taller and Nicholson is suppose to be around 5 9 so nicholson had lifts on in that seen?
Outlaw said on 15/Jan/09
Jack at 6'3"? No, no... He said when he was older he around 6'3," but that he was 6'4" when he was young, and I believe he always looked it. Like others are saying, in Cops & Robbertons, he was at least the same height as Chevy, if not taller. He was really an underrated actor.

Take care and may the Lord be with you all.
mcfan said on 24/Nov/08
Interview from Cops & Robbertsons, Chase says Palance was 6'4.5. I don't have an opinion on his height, but he did look slightly above Chase in the film.
Lebensdorf said on 30/Oct/08
Officially, he was 6'4''. I'm sure if he was 6'3'' he would have said 6'3''. It's not like there's something better about being 6'4'' when you're 6'3''. Why dispute?
Frank2 said on 20/Aug/08
Palance was a solid 6'3".
Bob H. said on 18/Aug/08
Watching "Attack" 1956 as I type. Palance is absolutely excellent. Tough, believable and very commanding in his role. In every sceen with Buddy Ebsen, Palance is just a tad taller. Maybe 1/2 inch. Great movie and performance from Palance. Movie also has Lee Marvin in tough role.
bad radio said on 26/Mar/08
he's one tough son of a gun...i wouldn't want to get into a fight with him.
sam said on 8/Mar/08
even bigger than 6'2. looked like chevy chases height in cops and robersons. I will grant him at least 6 foot 3!
patrick said on 16/Apr/07
J.Palance was a real tough and in the same time, cool and very clever man; as were J.Wayne, Bob Mitchum and all these wonderful 30ies to 50ies actors; He was HUGE and i remember a report about a ceremony whit Jack Carson who was not known for being a "short" or feable guy! Jack Palance really towers over him!
As regards "Shane", awesome movie, this is so tricky in the way stars were shot, forget it as a reference! I always admired how G.Stevens managed to make A Ladd not looking a dwarf next to Palance, Johnson and even 6' or 6'1 Van Heflin! Good job!
Glenn said on 13/Nov/06
Didnt know that sf.yeah it burns me Anthony.
sf said on 12/Nov/06
Did anyone know how in the movie, "Shane" they put him on an undersized horse just to make him look even bigger?

Don't know why they did that as he was nearly a foot taller than Ladd!
Anthony said on 12/Nov/06
Would've been awesome if you did. Seemed like a cool guy.
Glenn said on 11/Nov/06
Im a fan.wonder if any of my friends met him.I sure didnt.
Anthony said on 11/Nov/06
Truly great loss. R.I.P. Jack, you were one of the best. And definitely 6'3-6'4.
Editor Rob said on 7/Sep/06
Chicago Sun 1994 article, he said: "Used to be 6-foot-4. Now that I'm old, I slouch. So, I'm 6-foot-3"
Larry said on 9/Jul/06
Palance was about 2" taller than 6'1" Anthony Quinn in BARABUS (sp?).
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/06
I think I've read that he boxed as a heavyweight as a youngman and was actually rather good. So he was pretty tough in real life too. Of course he will always be remebered for being rather scary in Shane.
sam said on 11/May/06
You're sneaking an inch. Jack was 6'2"
larry said on 24/Mar/06
Sounds right for Walter Jack! :-) Always looked like a scary guy!
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
Jack was 6'3" in his youth. I saw him a few times when he was in his early seventies and he still looked nearly that tall. In the film Second Chance he appears to be two inches taller than 6'1" Bob Mitchum. By the way that film was shot in 3-D.
ColinG said on 7/Feb/06
Someone else here is talking about "six-inch lifts". I hope it's just a joke I'm missing. Otherwise, is the suggestion that the guy's wearing high heels borrowed from a drag artist?
Gramps said on 26/Dec/05
Jack slouching a bit with Sinatra:

Jack facing Nicholson:
D said on 25/Dec/05
he was in a horror film with peter cushing in the 60s, i cant remember what it was called but palance was a few inches taller than cushing, who at the time was proberly about 5'11"/6'
Dave said on 24/Dec/05
He looks a good 4 or 5 inches taller than the 5'10'' Robert Vaughn in an old 'UNCLE' episode. 6'3'' seems plausible.
mcfan said on 21/Dec/05
Chevy Chase said Jack Palance was a half-inch taller than him in Cops and Robbersons. I'm pretty sure Chase was 6'4 or very close to it. He was 2.5-3 inches taller than Bill Murray in Caddyshack.
Tiger said on 20/Dec/05
McFly: you mean you don't know? Isn't it obvious that Jack Nicholson is wearing 6-inch lifts? Or is Palance really only 5-11? It has to be one of those two scenarios.

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