How tall is Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

American cat expert, known for hosting TV show My Cat from Hell. ABC News described him as "6-foot-2, 275-pound" and another article mentioned he used to weight 400 pounds before getting down to about 250.

How tall is Jackson Galaxy
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6ft 1.71in (187.2cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/20
When Jackson snuggles into bed for a night's sleep or a nap and pulls the covers back to make himself comfortable, I'd like to know how many times he's had to manoeuvre a cat of his just to climb into bed.... πŸ€”

I'm about to do that now with my orange tomcat, Pixie!

Jackson gets 6ft2, a cat 🐈 and a Seasonal Tree. πŸŽ„

Merry Christmas Jackson from all the cats you've helped and have yet to help plus the 'Cat Guardians' whose lives you've made easier.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Oct/20
🀯 Correction Time! 😣

That shouldn't have been '150 points more', but '150 pounds'. 😺

πŸ˜»πŸ‘Œ "We love Jackson! He loves us!"
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Oct/20
I never knew that Jackson used to weigh 150 points more!

That's an awful lot of cats! 🐈
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Oct/20
Being as I am a great fan of 'My Cat From Hell', I'm delighted to have found a doggie equivalent programme. It's called 'Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly', and is very funny indeed.

The guy who sorts out the canine problems is called Graeme Hall. Like Jackson, he's a tall guy, but I don't think he's as tall as Mr Galaxy. 🍫

Graeme is helping a dog owner with a randy dog, with a particular fondness for humping hairdryers, which is hardly ideal when his owner works as a hairdresser, and takes him, Packo, to work! Fortunately, Graeme has worked his magic on the pooch, and now Packo is no longer searching for inanimate items. Phew!

I wonder if Jackson watches this? I'm sure he'd find it highly entertaining! Animal lovers, in my experience, adore all animals.

6ft2 😹🎸

FriedChicken said on 1/Oct/20
Honestly had no idea he was tall from the show.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Sep/20
Wow! I've just this second arrived back into the TV room and the weeny kitten, who is 5-weeks-old and named Misty Blue, has made it through her life saving surgery! 😺 That has put me in a marvellous mood and has got my day off to a swinging start.

Misty is being given back to her family, which includes a little boy who is getting his family pet back on his BIRTHDAY!

I do love happy endings. πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Sep/20
I just looked up and turned my TV's volume up to see a tiny silvery grey kitten on a programme called Bondi Vet who has breathing problems. She's a rescue kitten too. The chances of her needing surgery are high.

No, I can't stand this. I'm going next door to use my exercise machine. This is more upsetting than the nasties of horror films to me, and rubs in just how many sick kittens and cats are out there.

One thing I like about Jackson Galaxy is that he sheds tears for the cats under his care if things don't work out. That makes him a Big Man in my books, regardless of his height. 🐈

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Dec/19
I am watching the enigmatic, energetic Jackson Galaxy deal with a ginger and white cat called Autumn. There are two kiddies in Autumn's family and they are expressing concern that there is a racoon in the vicinity and the little boy and his younger sister are worried about Autumn's safety.

The Pussycat is clearly perturbed about the situation because he is insecure, and spraying. The solution is to set up a 'catio', which is Jackson's own word for a patio that has been specifically designed for a cat! It has a cat climbing frame and special cat nesting boxes, and it's refreshing to see Autumn marching about in his own cat haven without looking behind for danger all the time. His spraying days are well and truly over.

Finally, Jackson gives the children bits and pieces so that they can design Autumn their own idea of cat toys. How nice is that? The kids will feel that they're contributing to the cat care programme this devoted man has mapped out for Autumn, and they will grow up to be loving and responsible cat carers.

I've never seen any of Jackson's clientele taller than he is, and I was honestly expecting to find 6ft3 or 4 for him, but doesn't it just go to show that a true 74 incher, who is more than likely to be an inch taller upon waking up, is really very tall indeed?


Nik said on 19/Oct/19
His personality will make him 10 foot tall to many people and cats!
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Dec/18
πŸŽ„ Ahhhh! I just saw the 6ft2 Jackson with tears of delight in his eyes over the success he had with a 14lb Tabby-and-White Tomcat called Marco, who kept attacking a tiny 4lb dog. Well, not any more, as Jackson worked his magic on Marco and now the two animals are friends and the relationship of the young couple is flourishing!

What a lovely Christmassy story, full of good cheer!


Nik said on 10/May/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Yes, this gentleman will be 10 foot tall to you, many other people, and many cats!

Also ... I like the name "Burberry"! I could always find a website for pronouncing names and find one where the person speaks with an American accent!
Nik said on 10/May/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Last year was a terrible year, like you said. Losing three cats was terribly unlucky and everyone who ever knew them will always remember them with love and affection. It is good that you were able to have celebrations on Manelia's 9th Birthday, this will have helped you, Christopher, and all your cats, during a very difficult day. Also Manelia will always be loved and you will have celebrated the love that everyone had for her.

Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/18
@ Nik ...and likewise! He is a 10-Footer to me as well as many cats! 🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱
Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/18
@ Nik - Thank you very much. It would have been Manelia's 9th Birthday on the 24th April, but we still have her sister Livielia (born one of four kittens including another girl and a single boy, and then, of course, the lovely Manelia), so the day wasn't without its celebrations. πŸ˜πŸ‘‹

πŸˆπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ β¬… 'Cake' made of fish with candles on!

To lose three cats in a single year was a dreadful thing indeed, and they will always be loved and NEVER forgotten.

Cheers Nik and thanks once again! πŸ‘
Nik said on 8/May/18
@ Sandy Cowell

I am sorry what you and your family went through last year and it is kind of you and your family to offer your thanks to Rob and I.

It must be said that Jackson is a truly inspirational person and what is there not to love about him when he spends his life saving so many cats from misery and death, he is 10 foot a person for me!
Sandy Cowell said on 6/May/18
This time Jackson has helped a cat called Burberry! I love the way the Americans pronounce it! LOVE IT! I've been in stitches every time the funny little name has been mentioned!

Well, our big helpful guy has done a lot of standing this time and yes, he looks every inch of 6ft2! πŸ±πŸ˜†
Sandy Cowell said on 6/May/18
@ Rob and Nik - A big 'Thank You' from me and my family. We remembered Juicy on his 10th Birthday, March 3rd.

I am watching Jackson's lovely programme 'My Cat From Hell' as it now features on 'Quest Red' - at 6.25 in the morning, so bang goes my Sunday lie-in! This episode is about a mentally unbalanced cat in need of cat 'stabalising' tablets from the vet's! (He he he - it sounds funny!)

Well, as you can guess, the cat, Penny Lane, owned by a couple of pretty, young fair-haired girlfriends, DOES get better and the girls declare that they love Jackson at the end! That's what I like to hear! For all the cats he's saved from misery or even from being put down, I love him too!

I must add, of course, that you cannot help but notice how tall Jackson is! He wasn't standing near any humans in this episode, but even sitting down next to the two girls, who look to me like they could be a model-girl height of 5ft6/7 (though Twiggy would tell me that's small for a model!), well, Jackson still looks enormous positioned sitting on the same-sized easy chairs! You can also see how tall he looks compared to the cat furniture and I used to have the very same cats' climbing frame myself, now up-graded to a better one because the cats wore it out! I was a bit taller than it myself, but Jackson could spit on it effortlessly!

I would no way question that Mr Galaxy is 6ft2, so that's what goes in the box!

Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
Jackson Galaxy had very low sets of eye level like mine. My eye level were low set compare to most people from top of head to mid eye level measure 12.9cm precisely lower eye lip was 13.3cm.
Nik said on 31/Dec/17
@ Sandy Cowell

It is really cruel that Juicy was taken from you too early and I have so much sympathy for you, Christopher, and Jim. I hope that Rob and myself have helped you and Christopher and what we have said reflects that our thoughts are with you, Christopher, and everyone who knew Juicy.

Sandy Cowell said on 30/Dec/17
@ Nik - Thank you so much for your kindness. Juicy was actually just short of ten, so he lived a whole year longer than I originally said, but that is still far too young.
He was a marvellous character, bringing in tiny animals, like frogs, to bounce round the house, which I would rescue and take outside. He wasn't as cruel as many cats; I think he wanted to keep them as toys! Once he brought in a pond goldfish, which he pilfered from someone's pond! Jim thought it was hilarious, but I shot upstairs to put it in water to save its life, but was too late.
Most of all, he was a big, loving bundle of a cat. I keep calling his name as normal, particularly yesterday, and it hurts like mad when I realise that he is no longer with us.
Thank you Nik, and you Rob, for being so kind and caring. It means the world to my brother and to me. πŸ˜”πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜ž
xxx! xxx!
Editor Rob
Nik said on 30/Dec/17
I really am lost for words Sandy. Take care.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Dec/17
Thank you so much Nik. It was so unexpected. He was our biggest, tallest, rangiest cat, a true gentleman; a 'gentle giant'.
He has just today been buried in the garden. I wrapped him in one of my skirts. It was a pink one, but Jim always said he had a 'girlie' miaow - and he did! It was lovely!
Thank you once again and thanks also to you, Rob. πŸˆπŸ’œ xxx xxx
😿😿😿😿😿The others say their good-byes. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Nik said on 29/Dec/17
@ Sandy Cowell

I want to say again how sorry I am to hear about Cordercy, my thoughts are with you, Christopher, and Jim, at this terrible time. I know that you will all support each other and offer each other the strength to cope as well as you all possibly can, but it will be hard. I feel really sad for you all and my thoughts will continue to be with everyone who knew Cordercy.

Nik said on 29/Dec/17
@ Sandy Cowell

I want to say again how sorry I am to hear about Cordercy, my thoughts are with you, Christopher, and Jim, at this terrible time. I know that you will all support each other and offer each other the strength to cope as best as you all possibly can, but it will be hard. I feel really sad for you all and my thoughts will continue to be with everyone who knew Cordercy.

Sandy Cowell said on 29/Dec/17
Thank you Rob.
I really appreciate that.
Nik said on 29/Dec/17
@ Sandy Cowell

I am terribly sorry to hear this awful news. My thoughts are with you.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 28/Dec/17
His forehead looks very long and has a low eyelevel, but the fact that he's tilting down his head might be accentuating it.
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Dec/17
@ Rob, Nik, Connor, MaryAnne, Gladstone and everybody who knows me.

I just went downstairs to find my tomcat Cordercy (Big Juice) lying dead.
I don't know why, he wasn't even 9 yet. I am so taken back. He was Manelia's uncle and leaves a sister Cordercelia and niece Livielia. A dreadfully sad and premature passing.

RIP Juice xxx
Editor Rob
very sorry to hear that Sandy, my thoughts are with you. 😿😿
MJKoP said on 27/Dec/17
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/17
blimey, that's a big ass dome....don't think he's 275lbs, more 240-250lbs range

If he were to lift his head up(and had hair), it really wouldn't look out of the ordinary.
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Dec/17
😺 The American cats say "Meeeeoow!" The English cats say "Miiiaaaoooow!" The Cornish cats are retorting with a chorus of "Ooaaah Miiiaaaoooow" while the Scottish cats aren't lagging behind! Oh no! They are joining in with their "MacMiiiaaows!" In fact cats everywhere are celebrating today because their hero Jackson Galaxy has made it on to and they couldn't be happier! Why is this then? This is because the huge, tattooed fella pictured here never gives up on ANY of them! I have seen him in tears over the cats he meets! He LOVES them - he travels for miles to help the unlikeliest of cats and he makes every one of them a success story! Here he is then, all 6ft2 of him, (I had suspected him to be taller!) at last on Celebheights! 🐱
Thank you SO much Rob! I am absolutely delighted! 🐈
Editor Rob
Dude 173 cm said on 27/Dec/17
What is his eyelevel?
Editor Rob
he could have a 5-inch eyelevel and a bang on 5ft 9 eyelevel.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/17
blimey, that's a big ass dome....don't think he's 275lbs, more 240-250lbs range

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