How tall is James Blunt

James Blunt's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

British Singer best known for songs such as You're Beautiful, Goodbye My Lover and 1973. In a Guardian newspaper interview in 2014 he mentioned his height, saying that "At 5ft 8in, I'm not quite as tall as I would have hoped" and that "I joke about my height and always say I would love an extra two inches -I am not sure where - but I actually quite enjoy being small, because tall people look gangly on stage. I was once a reconnaissance officer in the army and, when you're creeping around in bushes trying not to be seen, it's better to be small."

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Average Guess (17 Votes)
5ft 7.29in (170.9cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Feb/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸ» Happy Birthday James! πŸ»πŸŽΆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Wishing musical marvel and one-time soldier James Blunt a Very Happy 46th Birthday!

5ft7. πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ°

Abey B said on 27/May/19
I actually think he’s about 5 ft 6. I’m sure I’ve heard him referenced as being this height many times over the years.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Feb/19
I have accessed James Blunt's page via new addition James Blake's page. Both are British musicians, but polar opposites in height, with a huge 10" difference between the two James B's!

Whereas I know precisely nothing about the music of James Blake, I am a keen fan of James Blunt. I own a couple of his earlier albums, and his lyrics are truly written from the heart. Having an ex-army boyfriend probably helps my understanding of what he writes about. Sometimes, James can get brutally honest as to what he's endured.

It took a TV programme before my bloke actually liked him. The singer was funny and self-deprecating, and who can't fall for traits like that? I saw the same programme a while later and I liked James even more afterwards and yes, you could tell from that show that he wasn't as tall as you might think a
soldier to be, but as my boyfriend will verify, it's brains, overall fitness and 'using your loaf'* that holds you in good stead in the armed forces.

Ironically, I was listening to some of James's beautifully melodic songs a mere few days ago. He gets 5ft7.

* The term 'using your loaf' has its origins in the Army, should you be interested!
smolmark said on 16/Dec/18
Ed Sheeran is listed as 172 cm and he looks just a tiny bit taller than Blunt in this picture Click Here so I give him 170 cm.
IRememberWhenRockWasYoung said on 14/Aug/18
Clarkson makes everyone look like a cockroach. That guy would mog the tallest NBA player.
Peter175 said on 8/May/18
I'd give him a quarter more
joel said on 28/Dec/17
so is it case-closed on this guy? cuz i'm interested in celebs my height (171 cm).
Editor Rob: well I'd say Blunt's own claim of 5ft 8 has always seemed a bit much, more 5ft 7 than 8.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 8/May/17
Jeremy Clarkson (probably around 6'4 nowadays) towered over him on tonight's episode of Top Gear. Bang on 5'7 seems sweet.
Johnson said on 23/Mar/17
Look at the shoes. Sheeran and Blunt are similar. 172 and 173
Peter175 said on 22/Mar/17
Johnson, that looks a classic 5'7 next to a classic 5'8. Ed might be 5'7.5 at the least
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Mar/17
Well, it goes to show that you don't have to be massively tall to succeed in the army!
I've seen James on Keith Lemon's show being a good sport by making a fool of himself and I loved it! I did notice that he wasn't exactly 5ft11 or 6ft, but if I'd have had to hazard a guess, I would have gone for 5ft8!
I also like his music and heart-felt lyrics!
James gets 5ft7.25 from me. I can't see him being the 5ft8 he says he is! πŸ’‚πŸŽΆ
MD said on 10/Mar/17
Then that says something about Ed Sheeran's height, not Blunt's.
Johnson said on 7/Mar/17
James Blunt and Ed Sheeran

Click Here
Johnson said on 6/Mar/17
@Rob check the pictures with Ed Sheeran. Same size
Nova176 said on 3/Jan/17
Rob, what height is this woman? maybe 6ft range? I know she's wearing heels but Blunt is wearing 1.5 cowboy boots, easily pushing close to 5 9
Click Here
Yorkshire said on 10/Feb/15
Ha, 5'8" is what I guessed just from videos. I don't like tall men....5'8" or 5'9' is perfect...he could be 4 ft tall..I still think he is 'Beautiful'! :)
nick said on 3/Dec/14
Height is good for some sports and looks, but does not describe a persons personality, although taller people are sometimes more confident
Terry Adams said on 22/Nov/14
@Tansu, you wrote, "Whoa! I thought he was taller. I'm surprised and disappointed.". Really? You think human worth/worthiness should be based upon height? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was 5'6", and Gandhi was 5'3", but by your definition they would be either subhuman or inferior as men (Saddam Hussein was 6'2", btw). YOUR shallowness cheapens life, and YOU are the one who is subhuman, you are bloody ignorant.
Don dons said on 29/Jun/14
Still love him whatever his height....size means nothing!
Tarik said on 26/Apr/14
I saw him up-close on stage recently during a concert. He looked 5'9 at most and he was wearing some big army boots which probably give a few inches.
jb1987 said on 17/Apr/14
He did a show with helene fischer. shes a famous german singer and claims 1.58 m..but shes more like 153 big heels she was mayber 163..and he was still nearly 10 cm 170 plus shoes...170 cm seems oke for him
Dan said on 22/Jan/14
Looked smaller than Dermot O'Leary on Jonathan Ross.....Ross and Russell Brand towered over him. Funny guy though, some of his comebacks on Twitter are priceless!
leonari said on 8/Sep/12
Thanks Andy. Heightism is getting stronger on this site. Pathetic.
Andy said on 7/Sep/12
Tansu says on 3/Sep/12
Whoa! I thought he was taller. I'm surprised and disappointed

Heightism at its finest. You're a horrible person.
Tansu said on 3/Sep/12
Whoa! I thought he was taller. I'm surprised and disappointed
leonari said on 1/Feb/12
Could be 5'6.5 at his lowest.
theenforcer22 said on 31/Jan/12
Not that it matters, but I've seen quotes where he states he's 5ft6
Emily said on 15/Oct/11
I met James earlier this year. There is no possible way he's 5'7. I'm 5'3, and he was maybe 2" taller.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 1/Oct/11
I think he's 5ft7 with his big shoes on! He looks so short!
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 26/Sep/11
Check out the heels
Click Here
Sup! said on 20/Aug/11
I thought to myself hey lets check out James Blunt (I was expecting 6foot plus) when i saw this page i was like :O No offense to him or anything but i thought he was VERY much taller.
whereisyourgodnow? said on 29/Nov/10
He's much shorter then Simona Ventura,an italian anchorwoman,that is about 174 cm tall.I'm surprised too 'cause he really looks much taller in his video
Will said on 20/Nov/10
James Blunt is only 5'7"? I thought he looked really tall in his music videos, like 6'0"? But he's 5'7"? Whoa! He must got to wear lifts for most of the time. It's hard to believe he is on the shorter side when people insist Blunt is just only of average height. Anyway, 5'7" for a man isn't too short though.
whereisyourgodnow? said on 11/Nov/10
minus then 170 cm for sure,from a live appeareance in a live show in italy
be short matters only in sport
whereisyourgodnow? said on 11/Nov/10
I'm surprised that he's minus then 170 cm for sure,from a live appearence in an italian tv show :)
height and wheight matters only in sports
sam said on 6/Dec/08
looks like a 5'8 guy
miser said on 28/Nov/08
"martin says on 18/Jun/06
He does look 4-5 inches shorter than current girlfriend Petra Nemcova - she's 5'10."

Can you please show me a pic that shows her 4" taller than him? Petra doesn't look 5-10 next to James, she looks like 2" taller than him when she's not wearing heels in most pics that I saw.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Halb said on 5/Nov/08
On Loose Women Gabriella Cilmi just said he is a bit shorter than her, and she said she is short.
Len said on 5/Oct/08
The height of a man or a woman does NOT make a person any more or less of a man or woman. That's a bunch of you-know-what. Five foot seven is average height for a man, and five foot two is average for a woman. A few inches taller than the average is described as slightly taller than average. I am five feet and 11 and three-quarter's of an inch tall on a very tall day and five feet eleven and a half of an inch on a short day! I don't ever wear high heels because I don't like them. Very tall females tend to lean like trees in high heels. They do better I feel to wear lower heels, which are healthier for their backs and necks. Shorter females in heels do not lean as much -- but some still do a bit. I am female, and I think all men -- except career criminals, are interesting creatures. When I speak to a very short man, I'm not standing there thinking about how short he is, and by the same token, I'm not thinking height issues about a tall man either. I'm thinking about what we are discussing. In regard to Glenn, I miss his wonderful photos with celebrities very much. I'm not sure what was said that got Glenn suspended -- but it is my understanding he is supposed to come back. Is this true? If so, this is a great thing. If this is true, we should all thank Rob for his pardoning of Glenn. I am expecting to see some really wonderful photos...that is, if he is really coming back here. His photos made this site more interesting. If you -- Rob, have some ground rules for visitors at this site, make them clearer for people who need some guidance. It's fun to guess the heights of celebrities. Also, I read on occasion there are tall women who suffer emotionally when judged as being too tall. In regard to short men, I had an Italian great grandfather who was five feet five at his tallest. He married a woman who was five feet eight inches tall, and she was always wearing high heels on top of this! She had a lot of tall brothers and a tall father. I got some of the tall genes -- but one of my great uncles from this union was six foot three, and the other was five foot six! My great grandfather and his sons (great uncles to me) never gave my height a second thought. My family on this side did joke that I inherited my Italian great grandfather's second and third toes. They are webbed. Yes -- they really are! Just the second and third. All this meant to me when I was growing up is that I could not indulge in a then popular fad -- toe socks! I'm really glad about that now. Toe socks are ridiculous! In case you are privately wondering if I am any good at swimming -- I don't brag.
Len said on 11/Sep/08
This section on James Blunt would be better with a nice photo (or two) of him standing next to one or two people to add some perspective and interest.
leonari said on 4/Sep/08
I agree with ben: Especially chicks coming here dissing men who are a bit below average like James Blunt who is 5'7" or myself at 5'7.5" or guys like Editor Rob at 5'8" are a joke and nothing short of pathetic. Ok if a girl is like over 5'10" I can understand that they want a man taller than themselves. What I have observed over the years is that really short women are indeed the worst at that! Really short for me is below 5'3" for a woman. These gals have more issues and hangups on height than any 5'7"-5'8" men. They go around dissing nice , good looking fellas who are a bit under average. It's a joke!!! Hey missies out there: A tall guy is not ' giving 'you any inches. In fact they make your tiny legs look even shorter and stumpier. No matter how high your heels are. Some chicks here have balls . Why do you let comments like those mentioned by Ben through Rob is a true mistery... I thought discriminating remarks are not welcome here
Yet if you go through you find hundreds of ' em. Either by tall guys who think they are the **** because they are over 6 feet or quite often by tiny chicks. Glenn gets banned... And for what???
You Rob are the owner and Editor of this site. YOU should have explained Glenn the boundaries and not give in for years (!!!!!) when he was threatening to leave if you don't ban Frank2, Brad, Vaj etc. YOU gave Glenn all that Power. And most people when becoming more
And more powerful will start to abuse that power. Just like Glenn. It's not
Pretty but it's human.
Suddenly you had enough and banned Glenn from one day to the other.
With all due respect: ... Well...
I better keep this last comment to myself.
ben said on 3/Sep/08
how pathetic some of you are on here, let me say comments like "if he is 5ft8 its a waste of a man" are superficial nonsense. you are so blind to what makes a human being special and a man a man. its all to do with the heart and mind of a man, his values and morals, and the fact he is real and not fake in so many superficial ways. is your heart right?
G.K. said on 25/Aug/08
When I saw his clip 'u are beautiful' I thought he was 180 cm minimum , now I see I was wrong
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
I agree with nathan. There is no way this dude is bigger than 5'6"
mike said on 15/Jun/08
well said Arturo :)
nathan said on 4/May/08
I saw him last night. he seemed about the same height as me 5'5" to 5'6".
The Dude said on 28/Apr/08
Arturo, even if nowadays height is supposed to be a minor issue, it continues to play an important role in social and business environements. Height, specially for men, is still associated with succes, strength and virility. This perception may occur only in a subconscient level though.

That explains, in my opinion, why so many people trying to spot the height of celebrities. In fact, I beleave that people in this site are looking for a confirmation that also average and short people can become celebrities. This will undoublty boost the self esteem.
Braden said on 27/Apr/08
He looks 5'7" to me.
glenn said on 5/Apr/08
i read 5-6 for this guy.but ive seen candid street pics of him where he looks 5-8 to 5-10.
Shawn said on 3/Apr/08
I saw yesterday on Star World,James Blunt appearing on Ellen's show.If Ellen DeGeneres is 5'7" then Blunt should be half an inch taller than her.Both were in sneakers.Rob/Glenn,why dont you clarify him in person and upload a Blunt's pic??
Luke99 said on 1/Apr/08
Misty you are deluded. No chance is Blunt 5'2. To say so is ridiculous. Can I go around saying I'm 6 foot now?
Leon said on 21/Mar/08
I'm genuinely surprised. In his music videos he seems about five ten. Maybe it's because he's really slim.
Misty said on 14/Mar/08
Well, I was introduced to him and he was standing next to my young son after the concert in Nantes the day before yesterday and he is about 5' 2"!. No taller. (And he was born into the army so no height restrictions applied to him). Talent and charisma have bugger all to do with height, the ladies adore him and rightly so. When someone is perfectly proportioned they can look tall when filmed away from other people. And some of the 'biggest' movie stars are absolutely tiny, they just look great on camera. Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise (yuck).......James Blunt is very well-spoken thanks to his english public schooling, and has enough intelligence and money not to give a toss about what people think about his height!
Chris said on 13/Mar/08
Saw him on Jay Leno, I would say Jay was 3.5 inches taller. 5'7
John said on 13/Mar/08
Met him in London recently, i'm 5'6 in flats and he was the EXACT same height as me, so he is without a doubt 5'6. He has quite alot of hair, which makes it look like he is an inch taller, but he's definately 5'6.
JustPassingBy said on 23/Dec/07
Arturo, only god knows your answer.
But, some, some people, search for their fav artist in this web. Let's say this John Doe is a fan of James Blunt, and his height is 5ft 7in.
After knowing that his height and James height is at the same. He is telling himself from the inside.."hey, I'm not that short after all, I'm just average"
So, John Doe might, boost a bit of his confidence about his height.
But, then again, posting thousands of comments about James Blunt, "his height is that","no,his surely 5ft 8in",and,"nah,met him. His 5ft7in". LMAO. As if you people can tell how height he is by only looking his photo. You people can't even guess your own height when you're standing in front of a mirror, and you're guessing James height from photos??
The truth is, only he(James) knows.
Arturo said on 23/Dec/07
Yeah but I'm asking why? What makes it so important? I'm asking all us humans to look inside ourselves and really ask why we care so much.
JustPassingBy said on 23/Dec/07
horacle, I'm not saying you're wrong nor saying you're correct.
But, in my opinion, height doesn't play the role "Very Important", unless you're under 4 ft.
Being taller doesn't make you smarter, cooler, gives success or W/e.
Back to James Blunt, well, he's not too Tall or too Short, he's just at average height, for UKs. Because we know, most males from US are 5'9" and above.
horacle said on 17/Dec/07
Arturo you're right but unfortunately height is very important nowadays in our superficial society (for womens, job...etc)
Arturo said on 15/Dec/07
Humans!! This is pathetic! Look how many posts there are discussing this dude's height! Why is it such an issue? Ask yourself why you care so much, seriously! First and foremost, height is NOT A CHOICE. So why do we judge people as being worse for being smaller? Secondly, in the world of art, business, medicine, science, creativity and intelligence are what matter, not how high off the ground your skull is! Some of the people in this forum seem to have the right idea but good god people you are all sounding like a bunch of superficial children who care about who is bigger than whom! Please do yourself and all of us a favor and think about why the hell height is such an issue!
horacle said on 14/Dec/07
I thought like everyone that he was 5'7 but he was at french tv 10 mins ago and he looked 5'10 with cowboy boots. So he is at least 5'8. I think he is 5'8.5.
Antron said on 15/Nov/07
RE: Bloke - Military Heights
If there is any sort of requirement it's likely to be much shorter than 5'7." 5'7" is on the short side, but its well within normal bounds. While the image of soldiers seems to be large, smaller guys tend to do quite well because they tend to be quick and agile. Think about gymnasts.
In the US military there are max. weight requirements (much more important to be fit than tall), as well as max. height limits for things like fighter pilots. No reason to think UK is much different.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/07
Saw James Blunt on Wed night at a party and he is 5'6" max. I am 5'7" and had on four inch heels and felt like an amazon next to him. Shocked at how small he is. Husband who is 6'4" always said he's short, now I have to eat humble pie.
Leung said on 21/Oct/07
Look at how happy Lachey looks in that photo. Could it be that he is happy standing next to someone that makes him look like a tall man?
kealan said on 21/Oct/07
anyone seen his film clip "1973"? i'm not being biased or a massive james blunt fan but he definitely looks at least 5'10. He doesn't look short.

Seriously check the clip out.
glenn said on 19/Oct/07
lachey is 5-9.
leonari said on 19/Oct/07
If lachey is ineed 5'9" there is absolutely no way that Blunt is 5'8" and even 5'7" looks off. Maybe Lachey is also a big lift wearer if not James Blunt can be happy if he is 5'6".
glenn said on 18/Oct/07
wow.he looks 5-5 there.i saw a pic that a photog i know took where he looks a bizzare 5-10 or so.and the photog said he was tall.never saw him.
razz said on 17/Oct/07
is nick lachey is 5'9 how tall does ti make james disregarding the shoe heel differences> Click Here
i wud say 5'6-5'7...
Rick James said on 14/Oct/07
Last night on Rove, he looked about the same height, if not a bit shorter than rove, but taking into consideration shoes, i'de say they are the same height - about 173cm.
Bombay Rocker said on 24/Sep/07
He can be 5 feet 8 for sure. Doesnt look that short with Rob Thomas who is strong 5 feet 9 and does wear heels sometimes. I think Blunt is between 171 - 173.
sam said on 18/Sep/07
he may be 5'8
bloke said on 17/Sep/07
Blunt was a soldier at one point, is their a minimum height for the British military?
Real said on 11/Jul/07
wow.. I took for granted that this guy was 5'10+
I never really paid attention to him, but he always looked tall for some reason
seems that I wasn't alone
I'm starting to realize there are numerous celebs under 5'8
JB Bedlamite said on 23/Jun/07
JB's hight is 5ft 8ins tall it says so on JB's FAQs on his broad link: Click Here and also a JB fan site on his height as well link: Click Here but to some maybe to all james hight will be a mystery after all he's a mysteryman like james bond lol maybe unless a fan girl meets him with a tapemeasure! lol maybe his hight is a illusion with camera anges and taller ppl makes he seems taller or maybe his having his hight days lol 1 day he's sightly taller next day sightly shorter or he's getting taller slowly but he does seem awlly short besides hollywood always make ppl seem taller on tv but win u meet them in person they shorther then wat u throught or maybe it's the hight and type of shoes he's wearing (i seen him wear flat sneakers/shoes in most pics in 1 pic i seen he's wearing red boots *red boot pic can b c on JB's offical site under pic. dariy*) or maybe he's standin on his heels 4 du press but all in all his hight is a mystery (maybe....?)i also agree with "UNK" and "short asian dude"
UNK said on 6/Mar/07
B.D, you are an idiot. "Despite he is short he still seems to be good". Do you really think height has anything to do with your musical talent? Please don't try to tell me that you are at an advantage in music if you are tall... I don't want to go through the list of shorter than average artists here, but i will if you insist. This isn't basketball... height has nothing to do with music, painting, writing, or any real art.

short asian dude, you are 100% correct. Height doesn't matter in the arts. It only matters in some sports, where being taller can help you physically, and in superficial aspects of life that shouldn't concern an intelligent person.
B.D. said on 5/Mar/07
Fact that James Blunt is short and he is succesful doesn't mean that height doesn't matter, it means that he is so good, because despite he is short he still seems to be good.
short asian dude said on 28/Feb/07
damnnn, never knew he was so short! doesnt look that short, and only looks about and inch or two shorter then his model gf. Well i think thats great!, we need more short good looking men in this world, to show the rest of the world that height doesnt matter.
GK said on 27/Feb/07
Blunt may be way heΒ΄s 5.9 lol.. his whole body is tiny which makes him look abit taller..with his boots and lifts he could be 5.75-5.8 ?
MD said on 14/Jan/07
Doesn't it look like, if anything, Blunt is slightly upground of Carlos, there?
leonari said on 14/Jan/07
luke87: he is 5'6". Trust me.

[Editor Rob: if this were flat then I'd agree to downgrade]
Glenn said on 13/Jan/07
Thank you MD.
MD said on 12/Jan/07
There's no way he's 5'9" or even 5'8" and that picture with Rob Thomas proves it. 5'6".
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
I heard and read 5-6.
bombay rocker said on 10/Jan/07
After having a look at her pics with his gf petra nemcova(, i am sure he is no more than 173 cm and thats what is listed on his official site. Though i am not ruling out the possibility of lifts. He can easily look anywhere from 5 feet 7 - 5 feet 9
luke87 said on 30/Dec/06
i would say a strong 5'8, no way is he 5'6 leonari.
leonari said on 27/Dec/06
5'6"- time for a serious downgrade,really.
MD said on 26/Dec/06
Another picture for reference, with Rob Thomas, however tall we finally decide his height to be 5'8.5"-5'9":

Click Here
MD said on 14/Jul/06
Parker, you MUST have meant that Elton John was taller by approximately 2", so blunt was in some serious lifts.
Suzie said on 12/Jul/06
He was a tanker in the military. He can't be very tall. They don't put tall guys in Armor units. They don't fit and long legs hit against everything.
Parker said on 6/Jul/06
OK magazine July 11th. There is a full length photograph of Blunt stood next to Elton John. Blunt is taller by approx 2 inches.
MD said on 27/Jun/06
Rob, everyone is saying 5'6", please take another look at this one.
J. said on 27/Jun/06
He's not that famous (in the US, atleast) to be anything than polite to fans. Psst hit wonder, on these shores.
Glenn said on 26/Jun/06
I heard he was a dick too.and 5-6.
Tanni said on 25/Jun/06
I saw him at concert - went for his autograph - Tara, your right, he IS rude! Was 5"6ish!
Glenn said on 20/Jun/06
He is 5-6.
leonari said on 19/Jun/06
ROB this guy is 5'6"...lokk at the last pic woth his hot new model girlfriend...she has 4 inches on him...
martin said on 18/Jun/06
He does look 4-5 inches shorter than current girlfriend Petra Nemcova - she's 5'10.

Click Here
British Guy said on 29/May/06

Still think this guy is shorter...

Hope there are more people that agree!!

Really think you should take him down maybe

Around half and inch looks more 5ft 6in, to me


[Editor Rob: remember that this guy regularly wears wold out trainers, 1/2 inch size a lot of the time]
Tara said on 21/May/06
I just actually met him a couple of days ago after his gig, he's no more than 5'6, extremely short guy and a bit rude as well.
S said on 3/May/06
In his video he was taller than Mischa Barton.
Scott said on 22/Apr/06
I once saw a photo of Tom Cruise in a scene. He was standing next to another actor . A shot that did not show them head to toe. To make Tom look like he was as tall as the other guy they had him stand on a box. Haha. Some people are larger than life of course and ultimately their height doesn't matter.
leonari said on 1/Apr/06
The guy is clearly 5'6". Not a tad over that...I have looked at many, many...many pics and he always looks this height.
Katelyn said on 24/Mar/06
i was browsing james blunt stuff , i read this whole colum thing about other peoples comments, i know orlando bloom is exactly 5"11 , my best bet because you cant make short people look tall , well you kinda can , but James Blunt would be 5'8 -5'9 , its just everyone is use to men being at least 6'. I'm adicted to his new song , wiseman. damn!
MD said on 11/Mar/06
Actually, after seeing some more pics of Tim Kash next to people like Adam Levine, he actually looks like he is more around 5'9"...
MD said on 11/Mar/06
Looking through some pics I found a pic of him of Tim Kash (a British pop news person), who I calculated to be 5'10" (same height as Xhibit if he is really 5'10" - Click Here)

1. Click Here

2. Click Here

As everyone has already pointed out, 5'7" is still a bit too much.
Becky said on 27/Feb/06
i think i agree with a lot of ppl because sometimes i think he's an inch shorter than many people think he really is
leonari said on 21/Feb/06
More in the 5'6" department ROB...
anonymous said on 18/Feb/06
iris said on 31/Jan/06
This guy looks quite tall in the "youΒ΄re beatifull... " video in the snow (over 6ft) , but when he sang at SNL he looked remarkably 170ish tops!
175cm16andgrowing said on 29/Jan/06
Yeah but he doesn't try to hide his height in elevator shoes. And why was he listed 5'6'' not too long ago? I think he's 5'6''.
Polska said on 29/Jan/06
Does anyone else think this guy is a Tom Cruise look alike. Looks about the same height too.
A tall Swede said on 27/Jan/06
I saw James Blunt in concert two nights ago, and I just could not stop thinking about how short and little he was! The guy on the bass behind him looked like a giant in comparison - no wonder he was never allowed to come to the front of the stage. At one point Blunt stood next to the drum set and, swear to God, the basedrum reached him to his waist! The guy's tiny, there's nothing else to it. 5'6" at most...
Larkin said on 15/Jan/06
This man is itty bitty! I saw him perform live at SNL and, gorgeous as he is, I couldn't get over his height! I'd put him at no taller than 5'4".

[Editor Rob: yeah, the more I see the more I want to take another cm from him. To be fair to him, sometimes he wears 1cm type shoes so can look even shorter]
Shortie said on 15/Jan/06
I remember a radio announcer talking about him after he came in to the studio. She said she is around 5 ft 1 and was wearing heels when she met him. She said she would have stood at about 5 ft 4 and they were the same height. They were all making fun of how little he was. Definately not 5 ft 7.5
MD said on 12/Jan/06
I suspect he should be brought down to even 5'7" seeing as how Orlando Bloom leans down quite a ways and is still taller than him:

I'm not James Blunt said on 4/Jan/06
Hmm.. I really like his album, and I could really care less about his height, but coincidentally I was browsing around, reading some articles and found this:

Part of the article:
'And second, James Blunt is not a tall man. In fact, he's so small, his nickname in the officers' mess was Weener.

"He is very little," admits one London beauty who knew Blunt back in his military days. "But all the girls thought he was handsome and he's got such a beautiful voice it's enough to turn any girl's head. He's an all-round lovely guy. And, of course, every girl loves a rock star."'

"he's so small" "he's very little"

in my opinion, someone who's 5 ft 7 or 5 ft 8 isn't "so small" or "very little"

[Editor Rob: he's one guy I'm thinking of taking 1/2 inch from this the 5ft 7-8max range]
Southpaw said on 10/Dec/05
No way he's anywhere near 6 ft. He was on Conan and Conan towered over him. I'd like to say anywhere from 5'5 - 5'8.
British Guy said on 4/Dec/05
Long Time Since I Have Been Here...

Just Been To A Concert No Way He Is Over 5ft 6in...

Rob Good To See The Site Coming On, By The Can You Downgrade Him?
John said on 3/Dec/05
I wouldn't put him over 5'5". I just saw him in a promo for tonight's SNL. He looked about 2-3 inches (at most) taller than Amy Poehler (5'2"), whom he was standing next to.
annon said on 24/Nov/05
He is VERY short. I'd say 5'5 or 5'6. I'm 5'2 and in heels, he was the same height as me. Georgeous still thought.
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/05
I saw his gig in cardiff in october, he seemed average height on stage, as a i was quite close, regardless whether hes tall or not, hes bloody gorgeous and his gig was awesome!
? said on 31/Oct/05
it'd be a shame if he were 5'8 thats a waste of a good man!
ANON said on 30/Oct/05
? said on 21/Oct/05
Yup Hes 5 Ft 8
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/05
Nah, taller than that, around the 6ft mark, possibly taller by an inch or so.

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