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6ft 3.76in (192.4cm)
Astaroth said on 2/Aug/14
Strong 6'3" definetely. Handsome in a picaresque way - weak actor though.
Mike T said on 26/Jul/14
This guy's gonna do pretty good as aquaman
Tommo said on 15/Jul/14
Looks all the 6'4 with that photos James posted, if Tyson's a legit 5'10.
James said on 11/Jul/14
Jason standing along side a 5 ft 10 mike tyson Click Here
haris said on 6/Jul/14
6'4 easily
Berek said on 25/Jun/14
Accurate 6' 4". Looks about 8" over Rob, accounting for his ridiculous headpiece.
Andrea said on 15/Jun/14
Yeah, but would you say he looks a big 6'4 in these photos? Just basing on these photos...
[Editor Rob: in the photo with me, maybe 6ft 3.5-4 range rather than 6ft 4 solid]
kyuss said on 13/Jun/14
Im 6-2.75" I grew after 21 about 1.5". I was very active and still are,same height 20 years after.
Andrea said on 12/Jun/14
Rob, i'm just curious... How much difference you see in these photos with you? I know you said he's gotta be close to 6'4 but if you saw this photo of him and a 5'8 guy like you, would you say he looks 6'4? To me, he looks near 6'3 (not saying he's only this though)
[Editor Rob: I think pretty close to 6ft 4. The day jenny got hers I saw him several times up close and thought he looked more 6ft 4 than 6ft 3.]
Ace said on 10/Jun/14
Spainman, my dad had a two inch growth spurt at 21 (shortly before graduating college). He went from 6'2 to 6'4. It's rare but not impossible.
spainmen said on 11/May/14
Rob do you really believe that this guy started growing at college at age 18?
[Editor Rob: he could have gained some last stretch]
Swamp said on 2/May/14
If the short guy is 5ft 8 then I would gues the tall guy is around 6ft 2 - 6ft 4, So I'd say 6ft 3
Tommo said on 8/Apr/14
I think Jason's what you'd call a weak 6'4. As others have said, not sure why he'd try claim being even taller when he's 6 foot 4 and built like Zeus. Did he seem a nice guy when you met him/was there much interaction Rob? Comes across well in interviews and such.
176,2Tunman said on 28/Mar/14
Sam,Parrack is probably a little less than 6'4 probably somewhere between 6'3.25" and 6'3.5".Momoa I think is a solid 192 like 6'3.5" or 6'3.75" they would be very close though Momoa could be a little taller...
Well listing both of them at 6'4 is still fair since sometimes they can give the impression of being at that mark.They won't be far from it that's sure.
Sam said on 21/Mar/14
Rob, do you think he would edge out Jim Parrack or are they really exactly the same?
[Editor Rob: they could look similar, but then the days I saw jim I had less footwear so...]
Emmett said on 19/Mar/14
@RobV, I agree there are definitely settings where the bigger the better is the philosophy, and I think you're right in that the cut-off for wanting to claim taller is probably 6'6. If you're in a nightclub, or a crowded indoor space, 6'5 or 6'6 doesn't stand out as awkwardly tall as it might in other places. I go to concerts a fair amount, and I always wish I was 4 or 5 inches taller so I had a better view. Everywhere else I'm pretty content with 5'11.
RobV said on 17/Mar/14
@Ian C. I think that the point is that, whatever is said about 'ideal' heights, there is just no doubt that 'bigger the better' often seems to have great kudos in many situations. I know from working in clubs the number of very tall guys who like being the biggest - "I'm definitely taller than you" kind of thing. And like you say about your own height, when it comes to it, you don't like it seeming downgraded. It's only when you are around that height, maybe, that you realize its great advantage and still push it! I think the desire to claim taller stops at around 6'6" though generally.
Emmett said on 16/Mar/14
@avi, 6'4 is no biggie? He's the one with the personal experience of actually being 6'4, not you. I do agree that 6'1-6'2 is probably ideal, and 5'11-6'0 is preferable to 6'3-6'4, unless you're an athlete where hugeness is an advantage.
chucker said on 12/Mar/14
Could be six 4. I'd say a fraction under.
avi said on 5/Mar/14
@Ian C. says on 20/Feb/14

6'4 is no biggie. 6'5-6'6 starts to be kind of rarer and much more awkward. i think 6'1-6'2 or so is ideal. 6'3-6'4 starts to get out of whack in which you are better off at 5'11-6'0.
Ian C. said on 20/Feb/14
It is interesting, RobV that Momoa would feel a need to exaggerate his height, assuming that he has. I'm six-four myself, I get ragged on about it all the time, and when I see somebody as tall as I am I usually think, that guy's freaky tall. And Momoa is not just tall but heroically well-built, so what premium does he seek in claiming a fantasy inch of height? Even so, somebody once asked me if I was six foot three and, swear to God, I was offended that he apparently thought me shorter than my magnificent, true height.
chris said on 28/Jan/14
He seems shorter than the 6'3.5'' height challenger. I think he's closer to 6'3'' than 6'4''.
Dago Red said on 20/Jan/14
Stallone looks thrilled to be in that pic with him.
Balrog said on 19/Jan/14
Rob actually basing in shoulders level, Momoa and Padalecki look the same... Also Jared is closer to the camera but honestly this guy isn't under a solid 192cm.
cole said on 9/Jan/14
6'4 is very believable, could be a fraction under it, but he's surely more than a flat 6'3.
avi said on 3/Jan/14
Hes so full crap. He didn't start growing in college. He wasist likely a few over 6'0 in high school the grew to6'4 first year on college. I'd say he grew an inch tops after HS.

Yeah its greed I think. I'd hate saying I'm 6'3-6'6. If I was 6'3 would I say so? Yeah but I'd always feel awkward because its gawky to be too tall. I don't want to be in the same class with those simple minded football players and jocks . If I was 6'2.75 I'd say 6'2. This guy is 6'4 flat bit still has the audacity to try and push for more.
PepsiCola said on 13/Nov/13
Maybe Jason had a relaxed posture with jared like the picture taken with Jenny, He is alot taller with you in the pictures than with Jennys picture.
PepsiCola said on 12/Nov/13
Yea i knew Padalecki was 6,5 because he is the same height as Derek Mears Click Here
[Editor Rob: are you basing that on him and a leaning momoa with unknown footwear?]
John said on 10/Nov/13
Standing next to jared padalecki Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/13
"Jason Momoa's height is 6ft 3.75in (192cm)"
Mathew said on 22/Oct/13
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Sep/13
He's most likely 6ft3.5-6ft3.75


Yeah I think so too. Weak 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Sep/13
He's most likely 6ft3.5-6ft3.75
Lillo thomas said on 8/Sep/13
I don't know this guy don't give me a legit 6-4 impression . He looks 6-3 next to rob .
Lurk said on 2/Sep/13
6'5 is ridiculous. Though not s ridiculous as his claim that he is still growing at 32!
lelman said on 31/Aug/13
Strong 6'3" / Weak 6'4". Damn big guy.
RobV said on 24/Aug/13
It is interesting isn't it that Rob, who is a dispassionate third party trying to source an accurate impression of people's heights, feels Momoa is not 'a big 6'5" like he claims'. The quote above from Momoa in the intro claiming that height is surely a classic PR job to try and claim for yourself taller than you might be ("I think I'm 6'5" now" - think?! - and "still growing" - when you're well over 30? What height might you claim next year? 6'6"?). This is not a criticism, just making the point about the importance of height, even to very tall guys, of which he undoubtedly is one. It's my assumption that he is laying down the marker to be able to claim more than he probably is. What this shows is that even guys who are in that top percentile still feel the need to push at the limit in claims. If it were felt to be such a disadvantage being that height, they would be claiming 6'2"/6'3". Many years ago I met Dolph Lundgren several times and had a similar impression, that he pushed his claimed height an inch or two more than it was. Interesting.
avi said on 8/Aug/13
definitely 7 inches here minimum. if you draw lines you'll find it is more 7 inches than 8 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Aug/13
He does look a strong 6ft4 in the bigger photo, I will admit.
berta said on 2/Aug/13
i think he is 194 never under 193 and never over 195
Lo sgozzatore said on 23/Jul/13
Pepsi, it would be interesting to see them next to each other. These pics are pretty bad... I think Jared would be a little taller because he's a full 6'4 and Jason Momoa more 6'3-6'4 range
PepsiCola said on 22/Jul/13
there are other pictures with Jared but jason is prettty far behind him Example Click Here the other picture he is standing direct beside him
Mathew said on 21/Jul/13
Somewhere between 6'3" and 6'4" imo.
Jason said on 19/Jul/13
He stood next to me at a comic con in London recently. I was intrigued that he wasn't as tall as billed. I estimated he was about 6'3". Didn't see what his footwear was (he was wearing that same Ecky thump hat, though!).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jul/13
Oh another addition to the fake 6ft4 club.
That's now 7
Emil said on 11/Jul/13
He was still growing at 32 years of age? LOL
Silent d said on 10/Jul/13
Sasha can you please tell me the exercises to get a little taller? I'm 5 foot 10 and I know some people who are shorter than me who want to get a little taller. 6 foot 4. No way 6 foot 5 or taller. I think he was joking when he said he was still growing. How tall do you think he was in high school rob? He said he was short so i'm guessing about 170cm.
cd said on 10/Jul/13
Actually theoretically, once the epiphyseal plates fuse the bones cannot get any longer. The only way you are possibly increasing your height is by stretching exercises or by improving your posture.
Sasha said on 9/Jul/13
cd says on 9/Jul/13
Lol, this guy is definitely a solid 6'4" guy but it's ridiculous him claiming that he was still growing after age 30!

Theoretically, people may grow till 35. For example, I am 28 and I continue growing. Though, I do special exercises for this. During last 7 years the speed of my growth is approximately 0.5 cm/year. So some people don't notice their late growth, if they are not interested in their height and don't measure themselves.
cd said on 9/Jul/13
Lol, this guy is definitely a solid 6'4" guy but it's ridiculous him claiming that he was still growing after age 30! If that were the case he wouldn't have even started puberty in his early twenties!
Sasha said on 8/Jul/13
The same height difference as with Kevin Sorbo. So 6'3"-6'3.25" will be more accurate.
Sasha said on 7/Jul/13
Looks 7" over Rob. So 6'3", unless Jason stands not very straight.
tommie said on 5/Jul/13
this guy can easily look 6 ft 5 in shoes. a giant to my eyes. no matter where he will show up on earth, people will look up to him.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I saw him quite a lot at a con just this weekend and I think he still looks near 6ft 4.]
cole said on 26/Jun/13
Anywhere between 191 and 193 cm covers this guy, he can look the full 6'4, but no more.
Dave said on 22/Jun/13
Click Here standing near David Hasselhoff in baywatch Hawaii.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/13
192cm/6ft3.5in. In Baywatch Hawaii he was a little shorter than Hasselhoff
Lo sgozzatore said on 18/Jun/13
Ahahah! Your uncle is 6'2 and you are 5'10 and it seems like this? There's something wrong. You're probably 5'7 max and think to be 5'10...
This guy isnt under 6'3!
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/13
He claimed 6 ft 5 on Conan. Conan didn't top and dispute it either...
Titan of Engineers said on 3/Jun/13
rob next to his lipps and rob max 173cm. 6inch lipps-had width. 15+173=188cm ..190 max.
e.g i am 5'10. my uncle is 6'2. we together, seems like this.. thats celeb hyperbols
BRUTAL said on 23/May/13
The way you guys go on, it's as if nobody is allowed to actually be more than 6ft 3. Legit 6ft 4 plus actors like Jason and Liam & Chris Hemsworth are all lowered an inch or two by you jealous dudes.
Anon said on 17/May/13
He is 6'5" this is a picture of him next to someone 6'6" and 6'4" Click Here
Lee said on 16/May/13
Click Here standing with nikolaj coster waldau who is listed at 6 ft 1.5
LG69 said on 15/May/13
Jason is 6'4" and not a mm over.
Bard said on 6/Apr/13
6'3 at least. Doesn't look 6'4 in the photos.
Anon said on 25/Mar/13
6' 3.5" out of bed, I guess.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
Not 6ft4...but I'm not buying 6ft3 flat.
6ft3.25, 6ft3.5 or 6ft3.75
Lillo Thomas said on 22/Feb/13
He is looking in the 6-2 range max 6-3 . That's assuming Stallone is wearing lifts . Stallone can look this days 5-10 5-11 in lifts .
Anonymous said on 11/Feb/13
looks 6'4" next to sylvester stallone Click Here
Silent d said on 31/Jan/13
How short was he in high school rob? Was he under 165cm? Is it possible to have a 30cm growth spurt after the age of 18? that is crazy. I thought he was huge in high school. He looks like a really big guy. Joe magniello looks bigger than him though. With jenny he looks about 16cm taller which would make him 189cm. He looks 6 foot 3.5 next to rob. I would say 192cm is a safe bet.
Mikey T said on 28/Jan/13
6'4" is right that's how my friend (who is 6'4") looks next to me
PepsiCola said on 24/Jan/13
Cliff Simon twitter page (baal) from sg1 picture with Jason Momoa:
Balrog said on 9/Jan/13
Yeah he does looks around 6'4'' maybe just 192 cms but not under. Weird that a very tall guy claims more height.
PepsiCola said on 8/Jan/13
He ain't 6'5 i can tell i can see Joe Manganiello is 1 inch taller so 6'3.75 or 6'4 is fine
Maximus said on 8/Dec/12
Thought he was 6'1".....6'3" makes sense and is a tall in hollywood and actually anywhere else.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 23/Nov/12
6,3.25 fits him the best I think. I don't believe he is even a weak 6,4
James said on 14/Nov/12
Looks 6'2 in johns pic
John said on 22/Oct/12
Click Here standing next to a 6 ft 6 Nonso Anozie
Moke said on 21/Oct/12
I think he's very, very tall ;) Click Here
matt678 said on 29/Sep/12
big guy like 6 ft 3 and probalby a solid 220
Shaun said on 26/Sep/12
I'd go with 6'3.5.
johno said on 31/Aug/12
with jenny, he quite clearly is a 6'2 - 6'2.5 and with rob, whose slightly leaning with his arm over his shoulder, he looks 6'2.5

Jason Mamoa 6'2.5
TNTinFL said on 15/Aug/12
Actually thought he was taller. Like 6'5". He pretty much dwarfs almost all other cast members in the shows he has been in. Except maybe against some of the Wraith extras in SG-A.
ray 6' 158 lbs said on 8/Aug/12
i think he seems really tall but he is 191 cm in my eyes he is 230-240 lbs in his prime and usually 200-220 lbs ia guess
Mathew said on 6/Aug/12
192 cm / weak 6'4". Very tall guy but he's no 6'5".
trotter said on 6/Aug/12
id say 6 foot 4
ANDREA[ITA] said on 4/Aug/12
Rob, you look quite unsure about this guy! It seems you too are not convinced he'd measure 6'4... You usually are quite sure with people you met! With this one, you just say he looked taller than 6'3, closer to 6'4... Is 6'3.5 a possibility?
[Editor Rob: I've not changed him since adding him, but one thing he doesn't look is a big 6ft 5 like he claims.]
avi said on 31/Jul/12
what the hell? he isn't a true 6'4 let alone 6'5!!!! i believe he grew in college but probably was a weak 6'3 in high school and by end of college hit a weak 6'4. Not seeing 8 inches especially not in the Jenny picture.
getting taller said on 29/Jul/12
In that 2011 interview,he's already 32 yrs. old and still he said he's still growing?wow is that even possible?lol.
Maximus Meridius said on 27/Jul/12
Rob is it possible he could be 6ft 5in range he was 6ft 4in out of high school he said he is 6ft 5in now is it likely he grown taller after highschool.
[Editor Rob: saw him again a few times over a weekend and think he.s nearer six four]
matt789 said on 24/Jul/12
defintley 6 foot 4 i actually thought he was more
Ngrganto said on 4/Jun/12
He looks 191-192cm but not taller.
sasa said on 20/Jan/12
I think 6'4-6'4 .5.
steven said on 16/Jan/12
this guy look pushing 190cm and i recall he look 3cm shorter than david hasselhoff in baywatch.
shewşonko said on 1/Jan/12
6'4 flat in night
PatB said on 29/Dec/11
There are really only three heights; too tall, too short and just right. Momoa at 6'4" is just right - for a Conan that is. He looks a couple inches taller than Arnold in the part. Our former governor was bulkier but looked stiffer. Momoa moves better at least on screen.

Soon I expect Momoa will cast in some movie with Duane "The Rock" Johnson. them to be close in height but Momoa a hair taller.

As for the people who insist that he's not really 6'4" but only 6'3.75". Please. You can change that much by just inhaling. All human heights should be understood plus or minus an inch. You can't really measure exact height you can only sample.
samuel said on 27/Dec/11
191cm-192cm at best...
johno said on 25/Nov/11
6'3 evening, with jenny looks a bit shorter due to bad posture
Shaun said on 18/Nov/11
Absolutely Physics, somewhere between 6'3.5" and 6'4" barefoot I agree. I think 6'3.75" could be spot on. He's definitely hitting the 6'4" mark at some point in the day.
Randa6 said on 16/Nov/11
Sigh. He is unbelievable. Lisa Bonnet is so lucky. Momoa AND Kravitz? The universe is so unfair....
Mathew said on 16/Nov/11
Anything from 6'3" to a weak 6'4" seems fine to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/11
192cm-193cm tops...
Rikashiku said on 5/Nov/11
He looks like a weak 6'3".
Physics Enemy said on 2/Nov/11
Matt's height chart is flawed and has fooled people on this page. He's assuming Rob is 5' 8" in his trainers. He's not. He's 5' 8" and small change barefoot, and solid 5' 9" with trainers. So the 6' 4" mark on Matt's chart should be close to 6' 5" really. That puts Mamoa at 6' 3.5" - 6' 3.75".

The more I look at it, the more I think he's 6' 3.75".
Physics Enemy said on 2/Nov/11
Oooops, sorry Legend. I made a big mistake. Volunteer 5 was further back than Rob in their pix together, which made him look shorter. If he was level with Rob, he'd have looked taller and Rob would barely hit his nose.

I think 6' 2.5" is still on the low side, but I could definitely buy 6' 2.75". Infact I think he's struggling with 6' 3" after checking it out more closely.

I'm going to midway between your estimate and Viper's; 6' 2.75". 6' 3" Max.
[Editor Rob: volunteer 5 is on the same plane as me, I know because I checked it, Jenny herself checked it side on and our feet positions surely back that up?...if you angle your foot like his right foot it shortens it's apparent length, plus my socks are thicker at the front and not tight to my toes like his :)

I would say with great confidence our heads were within 2mm.
Physics Enemy said on 2/Nov/11
You can't tell height Legend. Volunteer 5 was a bit under 6' 2.5" and Rob made it well past his nose. Rob doesn't get near Mamoa's nose, infact he reaches his top lip if you draw a line across Rob's head. Mamoa's well over an inch taller than Volunteer 5. Mamoa's a solid 6' 3.5", possibly pushing 6' 3.75". Not a full 6' 4" though other than early in the day (perhaps).
LAN Jiao said on 30/Oct/11
Tman says on 26/Oct/11,

im not what you say sensible posters on this page. jason mamoa is what cousin had told me he saw him real in newyork on a vacation with his family , he never mention how tall he is. it is the curious me who ask him is mamoa a big guy though like 6'4? so he told me around 6'3 he walking just near beside him side by side does't look a 6'4 guy he say.
i don believe him either but he had say is the guy formerly from bay watch who is near enough seemingly 6'4 hasselhoff height and recent apear as a lead in new conan barbarian film. i cant take away my comments here as "troll" as you think as you can read it but believe or not is your choice and others, be frank i took 50/100 chance believe what my cousin told me cos i don know he saw the right guy or just someone look-alike. is not because i think mamoa is 6'3 so i prank a stupid post here and wanted him dead down 6'3 is foolish..
in real we donnoe maybe he is real 6'4 i donnoe.. but in pictures and film he does looks it 6'3 to me and i guess lots of visitors agree he look 6'3 range.

Tman said on 26/Oct/11
LAN Jiao says on 25/Oct/11
My 5'8 cousin met him in person. He say 6'3 , i ask could he be 6'4 or abit under he say not a chance. Because momoa had a good posture in level converse along my cousin walking side by side in newyork, my cousin say he came a build of 220pounds and legit 6'3.

Lan you were one of the few sensible posters on this site,please dont turn into one of these trolls roaming about!
LAN Jiao said on 25/Oct/11
My 5'8 cousin met him in person. He say 6'3 , i ask could he be 6'4 or abit under he say not a chance. Because momoa had a good posture in level converse along my cousin walking side by side in newyork, my cousin say he came a build of 220pounds and legit 6'3.
goal height 183cm 6'0 said on 25/Oct/11
192.8 out of bed
191.5 rest of day
190.5 before bed
Shaun said on 20/Oct/11
Well he does look 191-2cm with Rob in the photo and McPartlin obviously looks 194-5cm range. But just because the photo suggests this doesn't mean it is actual. If Rob met Momoa and was sure he looked around a legit 6'4" then he is very close if not spot on. I'll agree that he never looked 6'4" in Baywatch.. he looked 6'2.5" range next to 5'10" Jason Brooks.

Momoa is a natural ectomorph for sure, see Baywatch Hawaii!. He had to work damn hard to put that muscle on pretty sure of that.
Nick said on 18/Oct/11
if he is 193cm how can this guy be 194cm? Click Here
Shaun said on 16/Oct/11
At worst 6'3.5.
Mathew said on 14/Oct/11
No way 6'5" barefoot. 6'5" in boots, fine. High 6'3" I could give him, 6'3.5" to 6'3.75" max. He looks 6'3", 6'3.25" max in the pics.
LAN Jiao said on 4/Oct/11
6'3 is tall on earth any place country you stepped on. Mamoa could't be 6'4. 190-191 close truth. Let alone 6'5 claim.
Tman said on 4/Oct/11
Rob in the pic with you he looks quite Ectormoph(small boned),in person how did he look to you? ... because this guy has just gone through a dramatic change and his frame no longer looks small at all!
[Editor Rob: looking at Conan he definitely put on a good bit of muscle to his frame from the times I saw him, he wasn't as bulky, probably 30 pounds lighter.]
Sword said on 30/Sep/11
He looks more about 6'3 in these photos.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 24/Sep/11
@Kostas: I don't think his head itself is particularly large, although certainly his head/facial hair and strong features contribute to that appearance.

To me, especially going back to his Baywatch days, his head looks like a ~24-incher. Not big for a guy his height.
Josh B said on 21/Sep/11
His 6'5 claim is just ridiculous in all honesty. I mean look at Ryan McPartlin aka Mr Awesome, he's not 6'5 and looks miles taller than Momoa.
r3v001 said on 16/Sep/11
Rob is my math or reasoning off? the top of your head comes directly under his nose so if your 5'8 and he's 6'4 then from the top of his head to the bototm of his nose is 8 inches? That doesn't seem right or am I missing something?
[Editor Rob: if a person had a very long head, or dropped an inch in posture then it's possible.
Kostas said on 14/Sep/11
i am surprised that so few people commented on his head size
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/Sep/11
He could be a strong 6ft3, like 6ft3 before bed and almost 6'4 out of bed!
Alex said on 6/Sep/11
6'3 is my guess.
Shaun said on 5/Sep/11
6'5" agreed James is ridiculous. You'd have noticed in Baywatch if he was that big. But I can't see him under 6'3.5".
rob89 said on 3/Sep/11
More like 6'2.5" - 6'2.75" in these pics.
James said on 1/Sep/11
6'5 is ridicolous when you see him with rob and jenny.
adams1818 said on 29/Aug/11
I still think that 6'4" is too much for this guy. For sure he is closer to 6'3" range than 6'4", 191 tops.
Legend said on 25/Aug/11
Now this is a tall guy. And he carries it well.
Nick said on 22/Aug/11
and another proof here Click Here with 188cm (possibly 187cm) listed Christopher Judge.
What is funny indeed is that this guy goes around fairs and shows claiming that he is 6'5" and people believe it:) LOL BTW Conan o'Brien is NOT 192cm as well..
Nick said on 22/Aug/11
people will be ever free to suck up and shovel down their throats all kind of exaggerations, hollywood garbage of height, muscle mass and whatever else, but the truth will always be there to shut their stupid holes down.. click here Click Here
JuhaP said on 18/Aug/11
Jason was on Conan yesterday. He looked as tall as Conan, if not a little taller. Said that he is 6'5". That might be pushing it, but anything under 6'4" is bs.
Matt said on 18/Aug/11
@James Hehe, in Sweden, 6'2" and over is considering being tall
James said on 17/Aug/11
True tall is 5'11.5 and over. Guys who are 5'10 and 5'11 flat will say there tall but in reality there still in the average height range for men.
Hansen said on 16/Aug/11
6ft4 for momoa out of question. a flat 6ft3 no doubt, look a solid 6ft3 range. some funny people even gives him down at
Shaun said on 16/Aug/11
"When you're in the "true tall" range of 6'3"+"

That's very tall range. "True tall" is over six feet.
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 14/Aug/11
You forgot the link Centinella. Anyway, yes, he's huge... But a 6'5" guy looks huge to me. When you're in the "true tall" range of 6'3"+, every inch makes you seem so much larger to people smaller than you.
centinella said on 13/Aug/11
this guy is huge,i met him and he can't be under 1'94 cm.check out this video and see how tall he is
JPP said on 12/Aug/11
I read that he did indeed bulk up to around 235lbs for his Conan and Khal Drogo roles. Here's the link (just read underneath the top two pictures for a bit).

Click Here

PS I saw him at Comic Con this year and he definitely is a big guy. He easily stood out against almost everybody in the room in terms of sheer size. I'm guessing a lot of people who criticize him for "being too small to play Conan" have never seen him up close.
Nick said on 12/Aug/11
"Lenad is sexy says on 11/Aug/11
im not seeing anymore than 7 inches taller"

that is, no more, he is just about 188/190cm in boots rest is exaggerating to me. LoL to all 193cm claims..
Shaun said on 12/Aug/11
Click Here

Standing in flip flops looks a legitimate 6'4" to me. Looks about 235 pounds to me now or 16 and a half stone which would be about right as it said he usually weighs 215 and put on 20 pounds of muscle. It is astounding how different his body looks from the Baywatch days where he looked a skinny 180-190 pounds. Compared to Arnie as Conan obviously he is still "skinny" but still a beast.
Lenad said on 11/Aug/11
im not seeing anymore than 7 inches taller
ANDREA[ITA] said on 8/Aug/11
Strong 191, no more! He could be near 6'4 in the morning, like 192 but no more!
Tyler said on 27/Jul/11
@Shaun THANK YOU! That picture I posted of Jared, Amanda and Derek is more than enough evidence to show that Jared is around 6'5". I think Derek Mears may also be closer to 6'6" than 6'5". Maybe 6'5.5".
Nick said on 14/Jul/11
@ Mathew, indeed, in fact Momoa is 190cm tops in his boots. Check my previous post to find out the proofs. Not that he isn't tall he is and truly big guy just never ever 193cm period.
Mathew said on 14/Jul/11
Weak 6'4" tops for Jason Mamoa. Possibly less.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
Mamoa was defo an ectormoph in the Baywatch days. Now looks like a meso to me.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
S***t Padalecki is tall. I assumed that chick was like average and 5'5" or something and thought how Padalecki and that 6'5" bloke Derek Mears or something? didn't tower in the way guys of that height would. But hell if she is a legit 5'8.5" they are massive, as she'd be 5'11" range easily in those heels. Padalecki looks as if he could be close to 6'5" actually. I see Mamoa as a weak 6'4", 192cm range.
Sam said on 11/Jul/11
def. not 6'4, 6'3 at best
Tyler said on 7/Jul/11
@John looks 3 inch to me. Either that or two inch. In that case, that makes Momoa 6'2" at best.
John said on 7/Jul/11
@Tyler: There is a beach scene (barefeet) on "North Shore" with Momoa and Righetti, in which she definitely looks 5'8''. I don't think she's wearing 3-inch heels in your pic, either - there are other pics in which she looks taller next to Jared.
Nick said on 7/Jul/11
@Tyler I believe that you should check this one out Click Here as a 193cm guy can never look like it next to a 180cm person. There's 6/7cm tops difference between Ackles and Padalecki.
Tyler said on 7/Jul/11
@Nick, believe me Jared Padalecki is definitely over 6'4".
Nick said on 6/Jul/11
agree with Tyler, the 195cm "Hollywood" listings for Momoa are laughable, 193cm is still a very inflated stature. His real height is no more than 187/189cm barefeet he might scrap 190/1cm in boots perhaps...I personally don't think Padalecki is a full 193cm either though he might be closer to a real 190cm.
Tyler said on 5/Jul/11
Ok, you and Amanda Righetti are around the same height Rob, right? And Jason Momoa and Jared Padalecki are both listed as 6'4", yet in this photo: Click Here 5'8.5" Amanda Righetti in 3 inch heels barely comes up to Jared's head. And she is closer to the camera. Her posture is a little off, but she would probably only come up to Jared's mouth. Where as you guys seem to come up to Jason's mouth. Unless you guys are in 3 inch heels, someone's height is wrong.
Nick said on 3/Jul/11
His height is between 187/189cm barefeet not a wibet more, I'm pretty sure now. Just check better the proofs I've provided;)
HeightMan said on 3/Jul/11
One things for sure if you watch him in Baywatch 10 years ago and see him now he has changed massively in 10 years. His whole head and body size has ballooned

Heads stop growing quite early. In fact they hardly grow from age 4 to 15.
Mathew said on 30/Jun/11
He looks shorter in these pics, I 6'3.25" with Rob and 6'2.5" - 6'2.75" with Jenny. But I'll give him a weak 6'4" - 6'3.75" or so.
Josh B said on 28/Jun/11
Had at LEAST an inch over christopher judge, he's 6"2.5 i think so 6"3.5 absolute minimum. Perhaps slightly under 6"4 like 6"3.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jun/11
Only looks 189/190cm with Jenny
Terryman said on 22/Jun/11
1,93m 235lbs(for Conan)
Terryman said on 17/Jun/11
shaun people always said i was crazy when ever i said that,if you compare any wwe superster's head with that of any normal guy who is almost same size as him you would see that the wwe superstar would have a more larger head,i think it the drugs that they use to become larger and perhaps their bones enlarge too?Triple h was extremely ectormoph when young but now he just damn huge same goes for mamoa!
dicksock said on 15/Jun/11
He's 6'3"-6'4" for sure.
Legend said on 13/Jun/11
He looks 6'2.5 in the pictures.
Nick said on 13/Jun/11
"Here one more next to Lisa Bonet note that she is in ultra flat shoes and he is in boots in this picture Click Here judge yourselves. " wish to add the shoes Lisa is wearing are ballerina which are basically totally flat while he is wearing 3cm boots, so assuming Lisa can't be more than 155cm, Momoa is 189/190cm tops in his boots.
Shaun said on 11/Jun/11
One things for sure if you watch him in Baywatch 10 years ago and see him now he has changed massively in 10 years. His whole head and body size has ballooned. In the Baywatch days this guy had a skinny physique and also a small head. His body and head now look huge. BTW he did not look 6 inches taller than that 5'10" Jason Brooks in Baywatch Hawaii. 4 inches tops.
James said on 11/Jun/11
Nick says on 10/Jun/11
@ James if something the cap makes him look taller, just because you don't see the top of his head just check the other pic with Jenny and you know what I mean..which is also more accurate cause is more close up.

In photos looks a legit 6'4 but maybe that is becuase his wife is so short? With rob looks a strong 6'3.
Nick said on 11/Jun/11
Here one more next to Lisa Bonet note that she is ultra flat shoes and he is in boots in this picture Click Here judge yourselves.
Nick said on 10/Jun/11
I wander how tall this James Kallas next to him can be doesn't look more than 180/3cm guy Click Here if you watch the video Click Here
Nick said on 10/Jun/11
@ James if something the cap makes him look taller, just because you don't see the top of his head just check the other pic with Jenny and you know what I mean..which is also more accurate cause is more close up.
Nick said on 7/Jun/11
thanks Cranberries my opinion still stands I'm quite sure Momoa height is between 187 to 188/9 or maybe scraping 190cm barefeet. I'd say he is around this heights values which to me seems fair all in all as already mentioned to spot 1cm more or less is really hard.
Cranberries said on 5/Jun/11
"Nick will you shut up?"
People on this forum need to learn to respect eachother. Commenting on someone being tall, short, or a height-cushioner is not the equivalent to personal insults and attacks. Nick should post all he wants (although if he could compress his posts a little more...). I take every single one of his posts and pictures into consideration, and they're all helpful. The only things that AREN'T helpful are immaturity, rudeness, and volatility.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Jun/11
Yeah i gotta admit he looks a solid 6'3 in the photos, like 191! but no less! so maybe he's not 193 but stop saying he's 187-188 -.-
James said on 3/Jun/11
he's wearing a weird cap with rob which might make him look shorter cuase you can only see half of his head?
Moke said on 3/Jun/11
6'3" which means Hemsworth can't be more than 6'2.5". Sounds plausible to me.
Shaun said on 2/Jun/11
Nick will you shut up? Hemsworth is an OBVIOUS legit 6'3". He was easily 4 inches taller than 5'11-6' Alf Stewart on Home and Away and could often look 6'4". He's 6'3" solid. Momoa is clearly close enough to 6'4" to claim it and looks minimum 192 cm. . LOL at 6'1" for Hemsworth.
Nick said on 31/May/11
Also please take into account another proof here Click Here is Momoa next to Chris Hemsworth which has never stricken me as more than 186/7cm guy as I've recently posted on his profile on this website.
Nick said on 31/May/11
Rob accept my apologies, I already said I was sorry but I was just trying to guess on the guy height like anyone else. I was just kidding on knowing;) the guy but if you know yourself this person is 5'8.5" Click Here how can be possible Momoa is more than 190cm, not really.

[Editor Rob: maybe he's wearing more shoe, who knows]
Nick said on 28/May/11
sorry about the different nicks from now on I'll use this one only! but could you post this please? Click Here Momoa with Michael Raymond James who is listed at 5'9" or 175cm. I guess is a good proof that Momoa can't be more than 190cm shoes on.

[Editor Rob: I know you are clambering for jason to be 6ft 3, actually one of your nicks claimed to know a 5ft 9 guy. Actually the guy goes to conventions and claims 5ft 8.5 himself.]
James said on 27/May/11
Yeah he does look 6'4 in pics but with rob and jenny does not look 76 inches at all.
Nick said on 25/May/11
to be honest I don't see that 1 inches or 2,53cm difference between him and Alan Ritchson I tried even with a magnifying glass but no way, Momoa look 1 to 2 cm tops taller than Ritchson or Benjamin Ayers or any real 188cm (barefeet) person reported on this site. Rob please more proofs are needed;)
Nick said on 25/May/11
I've been posting a lot of evidence that he is nothing more than 190cm lately but non of them is published, why?

[Editor Rob: because you used different names, sometimes this can get a little annoying. I'm more likely to ignore people who continue to do it!]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/11
Looks 6ft2.5-6ft2.75 with Jenny and just a little below 6ft4 with Rob

6ft3.5(192cm) is a safe bet maybe 6ft3.75
thorterr said on 24/May/11
is he the guy thats now on game of thrones?

[Editor Rob: yes he's on that now]
Mathew said on 22/May/11
servingthemjuisce says on 11/May/11
6'3.75 and nothing more, 6'4 is a push, to the people who think he doesn't look about 6'4 you have to take into consideration that he could be dropping a bit of posture in the pics the secound one more so, also rob is 5'8 1/8 and jenny is also a solid 5'8

I agree with that.
Cranberries (6 ft. 3.25 evening, 17 years) said on 19/May/11
Lisa Bonet is listed as 5'2" everywhere, but I could put her as low as 5'0". With both of them in flat footware, Lisa NEVER comes up to Momoa's shoulder. You try measuring the distance from just under your shoulder to the top of your head; for me, it CANNOT be less than 16 inches, an enormous disparity (more than 3 times the average height dimorphism). And my head isn't even as big as Momoa's.

Momoa at 188 is ridiculous. How on Earth are you even coming up with that? Are you looking at his proportions or something? Because Momoa is a textbook leptomorph/mesomorph; he has a very sturdy build and doesn't look like a stick insect. Big head, long, broad torso, androgenic bone structure and appearance...

Look at any piece of evidence from this thread; anything under 192 is outlandish and baseless. Learn to compare, by the way. All heights are WITHOUT SHOES; unless you have a picture of Momoa barefoot, then you don't really seem to understand how heights work.
Shaun said on 19/May/11
I agree with Cranberries that this guy is a legit 6 ft 4. This is not because he simply dwarfs his missus but because he CLEARLY has the frame of a legit 6 ft 4 man. Look at the second photo of him in flip flops, that is definitely how a legit 6 ft 4 looks, I have no doubts. At worst he is 192cm barefoot.. I'm not buing all this 189cm crap. Yes he did look more 6'2.5" in Baywatch but he isn't as low as that. He is looking HUGE right now after all that bulking up but it has taken its toll on his face, his face looks puffy and bloated too. He used to be such a skinny dude in Baywatch but now he's a monster and is looking close to 250 pounds I think.
Nick said on 18/May/11
@ Cramberries, man that pictures are very bad to judge anyone height due to angles and distances... however one should keep in mind that Lisa is about 150cm maybe 155cm with a stretch and he is about 188cm barefoot. Do the math there's at least 33cm between them enough to dwarf any 150cm person. This doesn't mean he is 193cm though.
Cranberries (6 ft. 3.25 evening, 17 years) said on 17/May/11
Well, Momoa makes Lisa Bonet look like a little toddler. Momoa has an enormous and surprisingly proportionate skeleton. I'd put money on him being at least 193.5 in the evening.

Making Lisa Bonet look like a 4-year-old:
Click Here
Click Here

I think just about every guy wouldn't mind dwarfing people like that. No such thing as "too tall" if you look and feel good.
Nick said on 17/May/11
@Observant come on give it a lack you know yourself he is no more than 190cm in shoes, so that makes the difference between him and Ritchson undetectable in pictures just check them next to each other. Furthermore I'm only saying that if the man is 190/1cm in shoes he CAN'T be more than 188cm barefeet or mathematic is just an opinion.
James said on 15/May/11
Well looking at photos of him on the internet he does come across as an honest 6'4 unlike some guys who are 6'2 or 6'3 like Ed Quinn.
Nick said on 12/May/11
@ servingthemjuice so you actually agree then that if he look 191cm in shoes in the pictures he can't be no more than 188/89cm barefeet or my name is Jon Bon Jovi.
Observant said on 11/May/11
@Nick: i'm debunking your statement that ritchson is the same height as momoa, which he clearly isn't by at least an inch, you can ramble on about what you think people said but the fact clearly remains, ritchson 6'2, momoa 6'3 and thats obvious, if you can't see it then maybe its time for rehab.
Nick said on 10/May/11
@ "praf" he must be bouncing or slouching in that pic anyway he is never over 190cm.
daniel said on 5/May/11
his height is around 190cm in shoes hence no more than 188/9cm barefeet. I agree with "Nick" he doesn`t look more than 190/191cm shoes on.
James said on 2/May/11
does not appear over 192cm with rob
Nick said on 30/Apr/11
@Observant I didn't see that previous post so I don't understand why you're so persistent with it, if you take into account a slight percentage of defect given by shoes or perspective they are in fact same height, as for a cm or less difference (meaning Momoa might be 190cm instead of 188/9cm, sure as death he does never go over 190cm in shoes so 193cm is clearly inflated like you said)I might smoking pot but you are indeed injecting yourself with some heavy stuff if you really believe that you can spot that little gap in a picture. End of games, chill out now;)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 28/Apr/11
Just stop saying he's only 189-190... he's at least 191 in comparison with rob... 192-193 is about right!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/11
192/193cm or a weak 6"4
amazing said on 24/Apr/11
Click Here look very similar to Benjamin Ayres pic too..
Observant said on 24/Apr/11
@Nick: i said Momoa was 6'3 when you come out of your alternate reality you will see my comment i made earlier. As for Ritchson being the same height as Momoa truely the most idiotic post ever in the history of idiotic posts, put down the giggle weed.
Nick said on 22/Apr/11
@ Observant certain drugs that you clearly use are indeed improving your visus and therefore endowing you with special gifts that allow you to see a mm up or down:) again check better the two images of Ritchson and Momoa Click Here (possibly when you're not high;) and discover the truth, btw this guy has never look a hair over 190cm in his shoes so the only one in need of detoxication is you and the rest who believe he is between 195/193cm.
Observant said on 21/Apr/11
@Nick: lol your own comparison fails, robs head is under momoa's nose and its above ritchson's,robs eye level is further below momoa's chin level, also ritchson also has slight footwear advantage. Its pretty obvious also that there is more distance between momoas eye level and top of robs head versus ritchson, so stop smoking that pot now.
Aaron said on 21/Apr/11
To evaluate Momoa vs Ritchson, Momoa definitely has a larger build than Ritchson, and going off appearances alone, I'd say Momoa has a 15 lb. weight advantage, which is significant considering Momoa has less muscle. Momoa's head is larger than Ritchson's, and the neck is shorter. Momoa has at least an inch higher shoulders and his head is about 1.5" taller too. Account for the difference in neck length and Momoa still has at least an inch on Ritchson.

Also take into account footware; Momoa has less. I think it's pretty obvious Momoa's the bigger man.
Nick said on 18/Apr/11
"Observant" the only one who is been on "something" will be you, point out where you see an inch over Ritchson if you can, before insulting people.. either Rob's and Jenny's heads come at Momoa tip of the nose or slightly over, likewise in the Ritchson pic. Rest is jabbering.
Observant said on 17/Apr/11
lol you guys obviously have been smoking pot if you think hes the same height as ritchson, hes about an inch taller.
Aaron said on 4/Apr/11
Maximus, Hemsworth actually does need lifts for Thor. He's small and he hasn't been seen without his lifts for promos since his role was announced. Moomba is bigger than Hemsy; I'd say 6'4.5" early morning, 6'3.5" evening.
Nick said on 2/Apr/11
compared with Alan Ritchson Click Here

they look same height.
Ray said on 30/Mar/11
agree with 188/190 listings no more.
Jason said on 29/Mar/11
189-190 is closer to the truth;) 191cm tops shoes on.
PHL said on 24/Mar/11
more like 6'3 ... maybe a strong 6'3
maximus said on 12/Mar/11
Good height for Conan the Barbarian.....another actor who doesnt need lifts to look tall.....just like the actor for Thor.
REALITY said on 11/Mar/11
@ anne so you can perhaps explain how this man who is clearly no more than 190cm in shoes would be 193 barefeet? At 193cm barefeet he will look like a giant everywhere (being 195-6cm in shoes easy) which is Tim Robbins height perphaps.., which sure he doesn't. Still at 187-8cm barefeet which makes him 190-1cm in shoes is still a tall guy so what is the problem? Everyone is just trying to point out the truth, not the hollywood blabbering or some "upgraded" listed height.
anne said on 6/Mar/11
this guy is 6'4. 6'3 and 6'2 is just ridiculous
Jake T. said on 6/Mar/11
I see 7 inches there with Rob and looks similar with Jenny so maybe 6'3 for him.
anne said on 5/Mar/11
why does everyone here try to downgrade people?
REALITY said on 2/Mar/11
at 191cm flat he will look 194/5cm easy in shoes so there's no way he actually is that tall since he look 190cm top in both pictures perhaps with Rob a cm more(without hat;), hence makes him no more than 187/188cm barefeet rest is fantasy:)
Viper said on 1/Mar/11
He looks 6-3 with Rob
James said on 28/Feb/11
What was his footware like rob?

[Editor Rob: I believe in the day Jenny got her photo it was a 1.2ish inch boot, and when I saw him roughly 0.8 inch.]
James said on 28/Feb/11
With rob looks 189cm and with jenny looks 190 or 191cm at best

[Editor Rob: I think he looks taller than 6ft 3 flat.

I really think the weekend in 2009 when we saw him walking about several times he looked 6ft 4.]
Observant said on 28/Feb/11
lol the reason he looks 6'4 is because almost everyone inflates their height, hes 6'3, this is what 6'3 should look like.
Blackray said on 26/Feb/11
Your guys are jokers, he's a definite 6'4" guy.
Anonymous said on 23/Feb/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Jan/11
6"3.25-6"3.5 is nearer
Completely agree, the photos don't give a 6ft4 impression to me.
REALITY said on 14/Feb/11
c'mon this is how a real 187/189cm guy(barefeet) looks. The rest is just jabbering.
Candyman said on 13/Feb/11
Weak 6'4" on a good day
Chuck said on 23/Jan/11
Wow I'd say 6'4" judging by these 2 photos. Jason even seems to have relaxed posture as well. But as usual, seemingly everybody on this site tries to deny 6'4" when they see it. There are even some people denying Christopher Reeves's as 6'4", so that just proves how ridiculous it gets on here sometimes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jan/11
6"3.25-6"3.5 is nearer
REALITY said on 22/Jan/11
Like "Pit" and "Matt" haves mentioned, if the guy reach 190 cm in shoes, what does it mean? He can't be more than 188 cm barefoot.
Pit said on 21/Jan/11
Rob, you only reach 1.73m with Shoes?
Click Here

[Editor Rob: 173cm barefoot is the lowest I go]
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/11
Yes he is 6 foot 4 compare him with john schneider
Shaun said on 6/Jan/11
Rob have you looked at Matt's height chart? Isn't 192cm more accurate?

[Editor Rob: he might come in at 6ft 3.5 in that photo]
James said on 1/Jan/11
6'2.75 (190cm)
peggy1 said on 23/Dec/10
i think rob had this guy spot on at 6'3.5, he probably just upgraded him to please you whiners :/
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Dec/10
191cm-192cm at best...
Matt said on 9/Dec/10
This is where 6 foot 4 comes up to against him ----> Click Here

more likely 6ft 3 guy
Pamco said on 27/Nov/10
Doesn't look 6'4 at all with those two pictures to judge, I would rather pin him down around 190-191 cm.
Viper said on 25/Nov/10
Id say 6'3
REALITY said on 24/Nov/10
@ Moke I think 193cm for this guy is crap, I mean at that height he would be 195cm easy in shoes not to mention hes tendency to wear cowboy boots, so even 196cm in those things and you think he will look like this next to a 173cm person? I guess that you are joking lad, and you know it:)
Mikaela said on 16/Nov/10
He was my backyard neighbor growing up. Definitely 6'4". I'm 5'10" and he was towering.
REALITY said on 15/Nov/10
No no he is 188cm at most I mean it, this is how you look next to a 170-3cm person I'm sure since I'm 188cm myself;) at 192-3 he would really be taller than this.
Moke said on 7/Nov/10
You yourself know that you're kidding so please stop it. 6ft 3.5 is the truth.
REALITY said on 6/Nov/10
With Jenny can be 187-188cm MAX, with Rob maybe a full 188cm.
Sam said on 26/Oct/10
6'3, not 6'4
J.J. said on 22/Jun/09
Looks 6'3" in this picture
LG69 said on 15/Jun/09
Solid 6'3".
Doug said on 14/Jun/09
In Baywatch Hawaii he only looked 6'2", definately didn't look 6'4". Hasselhoff always looked the way a legit 6'4" does, Momoa looked 6'2" ish maybe 6'2.5" max. There is a scene where he walking barefoot alongside 5'7" Stacy Kamano (Kekoa) and he looks about 6 inches taller not 9 inches taller. Rob have a look at Baywatch Hawaii on YouTube. He doesn't look 6'4" in it.
Doug said on 30/May/09
I thought he looked more like 6'2"-6'3" on Baywatch but I now know that that JD guy in Baywatch Hawaii is 6'1" himself so Mamoa must be 6'4". I was surprised to learn he was 6'4" until I saw him in Stargate and pictures of him in boots and looks around 6'4"minus the footwear. I guess he has the big Polynesian genes mixed with Eastern European ancestry I believe so not surprising he is a huge guy.
Lost said on 16/Apr/09
Dude! Who is this creepy dude with the white block on his face - everytime I google an actor I find a picture of him standing next to them and telling the world their height....and then everyone in the comments goes on and on about how wrong he is and that this actor is actually and inch shorter....
spence said on 6/Dec/08
pics above makes me guess his more like 191 than 193.. unless Rob is taller than 173ish range..
ed2 said on 30/Oct/08
He looks shorter than 6ft5 Aleks Paunovic:
Click Here
Click Here
BackStageJim said on 29/Oct/08
The guy is 6'4. We were in Mini-Mart getting munchies at con (creationent), and he stood next to the exit door and it was 6'6, but he was in his combat boots ... shave 2"
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 21/Oct/08
No more than 6'4 or less.
Daniel said on 9/Jul/08
Yes, 6'4'' is what he seems to be. He is the guy that was once married to actress Lisa Bonnet, isn't he?

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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