How tall was Jean Paul Belmondo

Jean Paul Belmondo's Height

5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm)

French actor best remembered for roles in films such as Breathless, The Professional, A Woman is a Woman, Pierrot Le Fou, Le Voluer (The Thief of Paris), The Man from Rio, Two Women, Mississippi Mermaid, Cartouche and Le Magnifique. In a 1981 book he was described as "Belmondo is six feet tall and weighs only 143 pounds", although in a 1966 article the author said that "Belmondo stands five feet nine".

How tall is Jean Paul Belmondo
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Average Guess (28 Votes)
5ft 9.49in (176.5cm)
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/23
He reminds me a lot of Stallone facially and in height. Between 5 ft 9 and 5 ft 10 makes most sense, 5'10.5 was definitely too high. Gert Frobe actually looked a full 6 ft 1 with him.
meezemaker said on 16/Jan/23
Cant imagine belmondo over 175. He always weared heels...most of all the last century actors were between 160 and 175. A few over 180
Sinclair said on 28/Sep/22
Worthy add Jean-Claude Brialy had roughly a good half inch on Belmondo in A Woman is a Woman and Male Hunt.

Jean-Claude Brialy: 5’10.25”
Jean-Paul Belmondo: 5’9.5”
Sinclair said on 14/Sep/22
Rob, Belmondo came off as a solid 5’9.5” in Breathless.

But whether Belmondo was more 5’9” or more 5’10” range in his prime, I really couldn’t say anymore. Too close to call. All I can say for now is that Alain Delon and Jean-Claude Brialy were both definitely closer to 5’10” than Belmondo.
Sinclair said on 24/Aug/22
Belmondo and Delon, two weak 5’10” guys; Belmondo was no doubt the weaker 5’10”.
Sinclair said on 15/Jul/22
Rob, at 45:00, lurks a good comparison between Ventura and Belmondo for further reference.

Click Here

Ventura is barely clearing 5’7” there, I must admit. Still probably 5’7.25”.
Sinclair said on 4/Jul/22
Rob, does Lino Ventura look under, on or over 5’7” with Belmondo?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Solid 5ft 7
Sinclair said on 12/Jun/22
Rob, is Belmondo eligible for the slightest downgrade to 5’9.5”?

Yes Pierre, I can still see 5’9.25” as a good possibility, Belmondo was more likely under 5’9.5” than over it. If Belmondo was 5’9.75” he would have been the same height as Delon and at times there was a good half inch between them. However, in a couple of the last photos I felt the camera was favouring Delon and in these attached photos, Delon and Belmondo seem more or less the same height with supposedly similar footwear. Delon also held onto his height better than Belmondo over the years.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

But at the end of the day, I would be the last person to claim Delon as shorter than or the same height as Belmondo. I just remember cringing over their height difference the last time I watched the end scene of Borsalino, it was too close to call. Also, when I look at Delon I rarely see a full 5’10” guy.

For instance, here Delon does not strike me as a full 5’10”: Click Here
Or here: Click Here
Or here: Click Here

Delon is also commonly described by numerous sources as 177cm tall; Belmondo as 176cm.
Pierre said on 12/Jun/22
Alain Delon around 5'9.75"/5'10" peak = Jean Paul Belmondo around 5'9"/5'9.25" peak
Pierre said on 11/Jun/22
@Sinclair I don't agree with you,Alain Delon next to Jean Paul Belmondo had not systematically a better posture,and finally he was looking clearly taller than Jean Paul= Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Shoes = Click Here Click Here Click Here

Here in 1980 the difference looks slimer Click Here but here are his shoes = Click Here = sole looking very curved under his foot that could mean probably a big heel.
Sinclair said on 3/Jun/22
Yes, Gabin would be a most worthy add, Rob. What height would you give him on this site? 5’7.75”?

Funnily enough, I had a vivid dream the other night that Gabin was finally given a page (with a picture of him from Le Soleil des Voyous) and was given a full 5’8”, not too far off at all. One comment of many on the page also mentioned something like “Procureur Machard from Spiral” which is funny because Dominique Daguier, the actor who plays that character, reminds me of Gabin in appearance. I then had a look at the French actors tag and Maurice Ronet had received an upgrade to 6’0.5”! Michel Galabru was also added on the tag but in at about four inches too tall at 5’11.5”! All kinds of other new additions then came up but no Jean-Claude Brialy :(
Tall Sam said on 23/May/22
I second a page for Jean Gabin, he was an icon of French cinema early on, in fact possibly the biggest French star of the 30s to 40s, staying on as more of a character actor later on.
Sinclair said on 7/May/22
Actually, looking again at Delon and Belmondo, there really wasn’t much in it between their heights, probably only 0.25 inches like Rob has listed, instead of half an inch. Delon’s posture was superior to Belmondo’s a lot of the time, maybe Delon was more height conscious? Now I really do see 5’9.5” as appropriate for Belmondo, a flat 5’9” is finally completely out of the question for his peak in my mind, he also had a good two inches on 5’7.5” Lino Ventura in Classe Tous Risques. To be fair, Delon was more likely 5’10” than 5’9.5” at peak despite 5’10.25” Jean-Claude Brialy’s sheer advantage on Delon in Christine (footwear most likely had some role to play in that 1.5 inch height difference).

Click Here
Sinclair said on 19/Apr/22
5’9.75” 100% more likely than 5’10” and 5’9.5” 100% more likely than 5’9.75”. I look at my 5’10” self and find it hard to imagine that Alain Delon was that height, let alone Belmondo.
Sinclair said on 15/Apr/22
Rob, how tall does Belmondo look with David Niven?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Not as ideal a comparison, but I can imagine David over an inch taller
Sinclair said on 30/Mar/22
Rob, maybe 172cm for Jean Gabin?
Sinclair said on 16/Mar/22
Belmondo definitely wasn’t over 5’9.5” at peak but I don’t see under 5’9” peak as possible either. Bourvil often struck me as 172cm, he edged out 171cm Lino Ventura and had about an inch on 5’7” François Perier. Belmondo had Bourvil by about 3-4cm in The Brain, I thought. A flat 5’9” is not out of the question for Belmondo but is probably a tad stingy. I would have thought 5’9.5” Marcello Mastroianni to have been a small fraction taller than Belmondo however. There was also at least half an inch between Belmondo and 5’9.75” Alain Delon in Borsalino.
meezemaker said on 16/Mar/22
I dont think Belmondo was that height. Juste watch the movie called "the brain" where he is playing with "Bourvil" 's 171 cm ans you will notice maybe just 2 cm between both, and also belmondo always looks nearly 2 cm less that Delon.

Last point, just watch that two photo. Eddy Barclay (dressed in white) was 174 cm and Didier Barbelivien is 168 cm. I would say like I always though, Belmondo was 175-174 cm .

Click Here

Click Here
Sinclair said on 30/Dec/21
I honestly only saw 7cm between Belmondo and Jacqueline Bisset in Le Magnifique in the pool scene and Bisset was more likely under 5’6.5” than over it, but I can see how 5’9.5” for peak Belmondo is not a preposterous listing by any means.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Dec/21
An old man with wealth and charisma and a tan attracts women like the one in the photo above, regardless of height haha! She looks like she'd be a lot of fun. :-) Yeah I think you're about right now, 5'9.25 was too low as I said.
Malcolm Oliver said on 12/Dec/21

Personally, Delon seems like a legit 5’10”. Though it’s hard to tell with lifts or not, I think at his peak he reached such. I can definitely agree that Belmondo always appeared shorter near Delon.
Sinclair said on 5/Dec/21
Rob, in the first scene of Borsalino in the video posted below in November, as Alain Delon walks out of the police station at about 20 seconds in, don’t you think he looks a bit under 5’10”, especially considering his heels?

I still however maintain Delon was taller than Belmondo.
Sinclair said on 23/Nov/21
Thanks Rob, could you please downgrade Belmondo one more quarter of an inch to 5’9.5” and Delon back to 5’9.75”?

What you had for Delon before at 5’9.75” was perfect, in Eclipse I came to the conclusion he definitely could never have been 5’10” range. In La Piscine and The Sicilian Clan I came to a similar conclusion. That being said, I think Belmondo is still more in need of a slight downgrade than Delon. 5’9.25” works for Belmondo as I have always maintained but 5’9.5” is still reasonable enough.
Malcolm Oliver said on 23/Nov/21
I think these new listings do justice to their actual heights. Belmondo is a weak 5’10 and Delon edges him out by a little bit; in most frames of them together, the latter looks taller more times than not. 5ft 9.75 and 5’10 respectively.
Tunman said on 22/Nov/21
Yeah,having Delon as the taller one makes more sense although I would still have put 0.5" difference between them.Idk I feel he could be like Mastroiani a legit 5'9.5" (and both got a 176 listing which could very well have been closer to 176,5 in fact).
Tunman said on 19/Nov/21
Rob Click Here
If you stop at 2:00:00 you'ill get a good shot where they're wearing the same shoes and Belmondo looks a good 2cm smaller,even in the case where Belmondo might be slightly disadvantaged by the camera it seems very hard to believe they're the same let alone Belmondo turning taller,again I just feel the 176 mark must have stemmed from an actual measurement,what's your opinion?
Editor Rob
yeah I remember it mentioned by Sinclair in September and watching it again, hard to argue Delon looked the cloer to a 5ft 10 guy...albeit in that scene it looked like Jean was a little bit further away maybe adding another fraction difference. I think 5ft 9.5 and 10 could be argued for them.
Empire of the sun said on 25/Sep/21
Hey Rob! What would be the height of French actor Gerard blain?
Editor Rob
in the short range compared to someone like John Wayne
Sinclair said on 16/Sep/21
Rob, what height would you put Lino Ventura at?

When standing with 5’9.25” Belmondo in Classe Tous Risques, I can’t see Ventura any taller than 171cm. Charles Bronson is also at least an inch taller than Ventura in The Valachi Papers and so is Jean Gabin in The Sicilian Clan. Alain Delon has Ventura by over two inches in The Last Adventure.
Editor Rob
171 seems a decent enough estimate for him,
Arch Stanton said on 12/Sep/21
Though I see that site won't let you watch for long now without asking you to sign into Google etc. I wouldn't trust logging in on that site! I think that and are mainstream though.

I wouuldn't have put him at 5'9.25 with Bisset.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Sep/21
RIP, one of Europe's most prominent actors of the 60s and 70s!

You can see him barefoot with 5'6.5 Bisset at 15 minutes , it's OK it's not one of the bad Ru sites, 15:20 you get the best shot, nearer 5'10 than 5'9 in my opinion. Click Here Later on he did look shorter than Delon but I wouldn't have guessed him
meezemaker said on 9/Sep/21
Belmondo look at least one inch mess than jean rochefort in most scene and nezrly an inch more than Bourvil 's 171 cm.

An inch less than delon in borsalino althought both are wearing heels. 174 in the good pot!
Futy Adore said on 8/Sep/21
He passed away yesterday.So Geraldine Chaplin's ig postes q pictute with that Ms Chaplin and i got an "encounter" in a Film Festival and she is almost my size(5'4,75")..Maybe 1 cm shorter.So JP belmondo seems to be 6 inches tops higher than her.So he is 5'9,5".
Sinclair said on 8/Sep/21
Rob, any chance of a downgrade for Belmondo please? I feel certain Delon was taller than Belmondo.

RIP indeed Monsieur Belmondo. In Borsalino, Delon can look an inch taller than Belmondo at times and there looks to be at least 1-2 cms between them when Belmondo isn’t stooping. Thus, I now think Belmondo was more likely 5’9” than 5’9.5” but I’d still vote 5’9.25”. In any case, a solid 5’9”. However, if anyone has any photographic evidence to support Belmondo being taller than Delon, I’d be very interested to see it.
Stiffelio said on 6/Sep/21
RIP Iconic French actor of so many great movies of the 60s thru 80s
Totigno said on 6/Sep/21
RIP Mr Belmondo
Tunman said on 14/May/21
Rob,I saw that some sources are indeed giving him 5'9 and others 5'9.25 or 176.Pretty sure the 5'9 of the 1966 article stems from that 176 and that they didn't care about fractions
Tunman said on 24/Apr/21
The strange thing is that one source gave him 5'9 and another 6'which in both cases is certainly not the actor's claim
The source you're referring to is probably "la bonne taille"and the 169 claim was reported from the visitor's grandfather's mouth who allegedly met Ventura,not directly from the actor himself so I'm not sure we can rely on that one.Even with Belmondo at 5'9.25(which is really the minimum when compared to Delon,but can still corroborate the 5'9 listing of that 1966 article) he still won't be less than 5'7.25
Sinclair said on 24/Mar/21
Rob, could Belmondo please be downgraded to 5’9.25”?

Alain Delon seems a tad taller than Belmondo in nearly every photo they’re in, particularly when Belmondo’s better posture is taken into account. 5’9.25” would also complement Belmondo’s 5’9” listing in the 1966 article.
Editor Rob
I'd need to watch some more, but I can see the argument that he might be that low.
meezemaker said on 14/Nov/20
No way. Belmondo height 174, maybe 175 but no more.

Whereas Lino Ventura claimed 169cm and 82kg
Arch Stanton said on 15/Aug/20
Belmondo has looked roughly 5 ft 10 in a lot of films though. I never saw him as a 5 ft 9 range guy.
Sinclair said on 13/Aug/20
I think Belmondo was a tad shorter than Alain Delon, as seen in Borsalino, but the height difference between Delon and Belmondo was not significant. I’d estimate 5’9.75” for Delon, 5’9.25” for Belmondo. At a pinch, maybe Belmondo could have pulled off 5’9.5” but in my opinion, 5’9.25” seems the best option for Belmondo’s peak height.
j-c said on 28/Nov/19
I love that guy!
I think he was 176cm
meezemaker said on 15/Nov/19
He was 174 cm.

Bourvil who claimed 171 was 2-3 cm smaller than him in the movie "the brain" 1969. I can t see 3 inch difference.

Delon s height 177 always got 2-3 cm on him.

belmondo was know by wearing boot ..
tree said on 4/Jul/19
That was in 1997
tree said on 4/Jul/19
Around 60 Alain was taller a bit taller then Belmondo,the host is 176cm Click Here
Looked it with Van Damme,Robbie Williams
Fabrizio said on 6/Jun/18
Belmondo e'175,5 cm
Patrick said on 9/Oct/17
Approximately 175cm.
Smaller than Jean Rochefort (178) in the movie "Les tribulations d'un chinois en Chine)

Rochefort: 178
Belmondo: 175
Delon: 177
Deneuve: 167
Bardot: 166
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/17
5'10 flat looks accurate with Bisset in Le Magnifique. Both barefoot by the pool and Belmondo looks between 2 and 3 inches taller. Belmondo had a surprisingly great physique, obviously dedicated to fitness, like Charles Bronson I think he was a heavy snoker and drinker too, can't understand all that effort going into fitness and then polluting it like that!
Adijos said on 21/Mar/17
Peak 5'10.75" (180 cm)
Now 5'9.25" (176 cm)
Arch Stanton said on 20/Sep/15
Taller than 5'9 unless he wore lifts all the time. He was a few inches taller than 5'6 Catherine Deneuve even in a heel. Spot on I think at 5'10.5
mande2013 said on 11/Sep/15
Maurice Pialat and Carlos Saura are underrated.
mande2013 said on 11/Sep/15
How is Bresson underrated? He's one of the most prominently ranked directors on They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? (
g.z said on 27/Aug/15
179cm it is absurt. his height is 174-176cm
Sam said on 4/Aug/15
Arch, on your old idea on Asselin. I really like Bresson, actually think he's often underrated as one of the greats, even something as bleak as L'argent, but I personally just can't stomach cruelty to animals, so Au Hasard Balthazar was too disturbing for me to enjoy. The ending is beautiful in its own awful way, sort of like the hunting scene in Rules of the Game. I don't recall any individual actors' heights from Balthazar.
Chase Witherspoon said on 2/Aug/15
I remember Le Professionnel well and he seemed a compact average 5'9" in that role, he was probably c.50 yrs... 176cm sounds like a more realistic peak imo...
mande2013 said on 21/Jul/15
I think the point is Delon and Belmondo were solid 5'9+ guys in their respective primes, even verging on 5'10.

As for other French New Wave icons, what do people think the heights were for say Anna Karina, Jeanne Moreau, and Jean-Pierre Leaud. You could also throw in Jean-Claude Brialy.

Karina I'm guessing was 169-170 cm range. Jeanne Moreau was a more modest 160, but hardly tiny for a female. A tiny female would be someone like Veronica Lake. Leaud's listed as 5'7 just about everywhere but I suspect he was more like 5'6, possibly 5'6.25. 6'1 Michael Lonsdale had almost a whole head on him in Stolen Kisses. Leaud was just an excellently built and proportioned guy for his height, which is why he didn't always give such a small impression. Brialy I guess was 5'8.5-5'9 range. What do people think?
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jan/15
Sam how tall would you guess Philippe Asselin, a one off actor from Au Hasard Balthazar? He looked 6'3" or 6'4" to me. Stood out a mile compared to François Lafarge who was surely nothing over average.
Julian said on 7/Jan/15
I think he was 176cm. in his prime years. In my oppinion Delon was jus a little bit taller then him.
Sam said on 6/Jan/15
I'd agree, but a likeable kind of seedy.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jan/15
Something a bit seedy about him I always thought!
Sam said on 6/Jan/15
Delon had kind of pretty looks. I'd say Belmondo has an ugly-handsome kind of looks, along the lines of Javier Bardem and (his on-screen hero) Bogart.
littlesue said on 5/Jan/15
I'd say this was about right, not the best looking of blokes, funny mouth on him, Delon much better looking!!
Sam said on 5/Jan/15
Actually, on even footing, I think Belmondo edges out Delon. Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jan/15
Looks better now than he did back then IMO.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jan/15
Rob can you squeeze in Two Women, Mississippi Mermaid, Is Paris Burning? and Cartouche?
Gonzalo said on 3/Jan/15
He was shorter than Delon. Are you sure he was that height?
Sam said on 2/Jan/15
Thanks!! This is what he looked at peak. Now in old age, he can look maybe 5'8"-5'9" range. 5'9" & 6'0" are too little & too much, that's seems fairly certain.

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