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5ft 11.86in (182.5cm)
Bosco said on 2/Mar/08 are so right
I agree with everything you said
Josh said on 1/Mar/08
Sorry I don
dude said on 1/Mar/08
so alog with jensen their dad on teh show john also wears lifts to look 6 foot 1?..n he wore them with daiv boreanaz who must hav also worn them to look 6 foot1? lol neither jensen nor david breanaz who also had taller actors on the show angel like alexis denisof , andy hallet n j august richards who are 6 foot 2 n 6 foot3 taller than david n he did not need lifts..the point is that is how a 6foot 1 inch man would look next to jared ..
Yaspaa said on 28/Feb/08
If Jensen is wearing similar footwear to Rob then he look's a solid 6'.
He say's that Jared is 6'5 (probably 0.25-0.75" taller than Jared really is),then he can exaggerate his own height by a similar amount, from 6'ish 6'1ish. At noon - 6'0.2
Tango said on 28/Feb/08
Well, looking at some the previous picture postings, Jensen looks a LOT taller ON SCREEN when standing beside Jared. His eyes level off with Jared's nose tip on screen, whereas it meets Jared along the chin offscreen. No doubt, Jensen probably is in the 5'11 to 5'11.5 range, but Jared is probably a solid 6'4. I think they make Jensen wear a 2-inch lift in his shoes so that he doesn't look ridiculously short on screen. So with lifts...Jensen is 6'1, and without lifts: 5'11.5 or so!
dude said on 24/Feb/08
the reason jensen looks short is cuz hes next to 6 foot 4 padalecki..john winchester their dad on the show is also 6 foot 1 like jensen n proof of tht is when he made a guest apperance on the show Angel in season 4 n is the same height as david boreanaz who is a legit 6 foot 1 so if john n jensen r the same height long with john n david boreanaz ..then david boreanaz n jensen r the same height which is 6 foot 1.
Nick said on 22/Feb/08
Jensen probably is 6'0 or at least 5'11 (min) even in this pic.
lanaishot said on 21/Feb/08
Jensen doesn't seem to be standing straight at all in the picture with rob but to be honest rob seems to have a really bad posture aswell so to me he looks 5'10 or maybe 5'11 (very max) according to this picture
vano said on 13/Feb/08
if tom welling is 1.89 then jared is max 1.91 cm because if u watch again that scene u'll see the high boots at jared and tom is wearing sneakers sneakers give tom max 3 cm and the boots give jared 7 or 8 cm so reconsider the diference between them..
J.M. said on 1/Feb/08
Sorry "Josh", but when tilting in the pic Jensen looks about 3-4 inches taller than Rob. If Jensen was standing normally he'd be right at 6ft tops (6'1" with shoes).
6' said on 1/Feb/08
Josh said on 31/Jan/08
In the picture with Rob he doesn
taryn said on 26/Jan/08
i like this pic this is a good example of his height and he looks good in a goatee
Alex said on 25/Jan/08
He's over 5'11 but may not be quite 6'0.
brother_h said on 23/Jan/08
he looks 5'11.

and that tom welling looks 6'0 maybe, im comparing him to that black guy on the fog and the black guy is 6'1. he is slightly shorter than that hoffman guy and he's 6'2.
david banner was there when that 6'2 guy said he was 6'2 and david banner would be 6'4-6'5 just by comparing him next to him.
so did snoop dogg who's meant to be 6'4 right. he was taller than everyone even that 6'1 black guy.(sorry i dont know their names, i dont really pay much attention to tv stars)
Tango said on 22/Jan/08
So Rob, are you agreeing that Jensen is a (minimum) 5'11.5"? Because personally, I don't believe that if he were to stand straight that he would exceed 6 feet in height. But then again 5'11.5" and 6 feet are almost indistinguishable.

[Editor Rob: 182-183 is a good estimate. 185cm is poor estimate.]
Tango said on 21/Jan/08
So Rob looking from that photoshop posting of you and Jensen, you two were obviously wearing shoes (I'm assuming). Yet, with that photoshop height editor, it still puts Jensen at about 5'11 with that tilt he's got. So are you saying that if he were to stand straight, he would top out at 6 to 6'0.5" feet max (WITH SHOES)? If so, then what would his barefooted height be??

[Editor Rob: those are barefoot height markings. For him to be 6ft that lean should be near 1.5 inches.]
HeightMaster said on 14/Jan/08
Looks anywhere from 6 to 6 1/2.
Chlawk said on 11/Jan/08
Is most pictures he seems to be 5'11 next to Jared, I would give him a 6'1 in Supernatural, but there the camera is his friend...
Alex said on 11/Jan/08
Hes over 3 inches taller than Rob if he stood up straight. Shortest he would be is 5'11 1/2.
Yaspaa said on 10/Jan/08
Nice one 6'
6' said on 9/Jan/08
Dude I look way taller than 5'8 people at 6' too...however I am usually standing straight, and Viper you have to remember Jared had a growth spurt. You've also seen the pics of Jared and John Schneider (sp) from Smallville you definitely know that Jared is taller than him and he is billed at 6'3... or if you need a repost Click Here and here Jared looks 6'4 at least Click Here here too by the way Jensen seems as tall as tyra there and we know tyra is wearing a heel and her hair lol.
brother_h said on 8/Jan/08
at the eyes its 3 inches. or eye brows it is. or i guess its really how much hair they have or how they wear it.
im gonna have to take a look.
S4M said on 8/Jan/08
Jensen is definately 6'0 feet tall. Jared is easily 6'4. Jensen's eye level meets Jared along his lips or upper lip area, right below the nose. That's a good 4 inch difference!
Viper said on 8/Jan/08
I have to agree with you here brother. Jared looks 6-3 max to me and Jensen being 5-11. Remember that Jared looked an inch taller at most than 6-1 1/2 Brian Van Holt in House of Wax. Jared looked as short as 6-2 1/2 in that movie.
Yaspaa said on 8/Jan/08
Jared was eye to eye with 6'5 Edward Herrmann in the later episodes of The Gilmore Girls,however when the show first started he was 6'2. I think his late growth spurt is confusing people. Someone on this site has mentioned Jared being 2' taller than tom welling on Cheaper by the dozen. All things considered Jensen looks to be around 6ft.
brother_h said on 8/Jan/08
jared is 6'3. on the news i think it was last year or 2006. it said he was the tallest actor at 6'2. then i see on the net that hes 6'4.
i reckon 6'3 for jared.

this guy looks 5'11. even if he stands up straight he'll still look 5'11.
Karly said on 8/Jan/08
jensen ackles IS 6' 1'' he's confimed it heaps so why do you keep debating it.
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/08
if he's 6ft then im 6'6 because i look waaay taller next to 5'8 people at 6'1
Ash said on 5/Jan/08
I lurve Jensen, but he is 5'11.5. Jared is a freaky 6'4.5
Donnie said on 19/Dec/07
Jensen is exactly 6'0 tall. No way shorter.

I'm 171 cm, and half a head shorter than my uncle 183 cm.
So I do think Jensen is 183cm (half a head shorter than 194cm - Jared)
Itzel said on 15/Dec/07
I love Jensen Ackles and I think he's fairly tall. About 183 centimeters. And he looks shorter [waaaaaaaay shorter] next to Padalecki, 'cause actually the guy is freaking tall.

He's 6.1!
Mandy said on 9/Dec/07
he is 6.1 he is pretty tall.
r said on 4/Dec/07
he`s 182cm at most, mabye a tiny bit under that to
G said on 3/Dec/07
This guy is 6'1" in the same sense that John Goodman is under 200 lbs.
Karly said on 2/Dec/07
Jensen is 6'1. He has said it many times.
ted T said on 25/Nov/07
Even if he was standing straight Rob, he wouldn't reach 6ft range,maybe 5-11,5 or a flat 5-11 is closer to the truth.
6' said on 25/Nov/07
Ya, I think people can agree he's a dead on 6 footer
xyzblast said on 23/Nov/07
Because Jensen is such a nice guy and Supernatural is so cool, I will give Jensen the 6'0. But he sure ain't a millimeter taller than that.
AAAA said on 21/Nov/07
I see 4-5in between jensen and jared personally
PaulG said on 21/Nov/07
looks a solid 5ft11 to me...
Kevin Durant said on 20/Nov/07
I think Jensen Ankles is 6'0" while Jared Padelecki is a legit 6'4.5", or possibly a legit 6'5" as his mourning height.
AAAA said on 20/Nov/07
I agee with the strange angles, but they were the best I could find.
6' said on 20/Nov/07
Selena Im not seeing your 6 inch gap in the pictures posted by AAAA..and I don't think Rob is losing an inch with slouching abou. Jensen looks like he's losing 4. Also Jared is not 6'3 more like 6'4 to 6'5
xyzblast said on 20/Nov/07
AAAA some of the pic I think are due to weird angles or something but some are good tho. JP is clearly looking at least 4.5inch bigger than JA there. I think 5'11.5 for Jensen makes more sense. In this pic with Rob he is loosing 1inch due to slouch and is max 3inch bigger than Rob even with the slouch. So that puts him at 6 feet flat. But wait Rob is slouching a bit too and loosing around .5inch. Making Jensen 5'11.5.
Selena said on 20/Nov/07
AAAA Greats pics at least 5-6 inches difference hes no more than 5`11
AAAA said on 19/Nov/07
A few of Jared and jensen.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
rob18 said on 19/Nov/07
He looks about 4 inches shorter than Jared,so whether he's 5'11 or 6' depends on Jared's height. If Jared is only 6'3 then Jensen is more like 5'11. I don't think he's shorter than that though.
6' said on 19/Nov/07
Eh I'm now waiting for him to send a full pic with the measuring stick against him ...
Igor said on 18/Nov/07
In pic, Jensen Ackles is a 5'11.5(1'82m), maybe a full 6'(1'83m).
xyzblast said on 18/Nov/07
Finally! but both of them are slouching. Yup, he is 5'11.5. He is not a full 6 feet but close. Rob, he is giving 6 feet impression because he is close to it and is very wide. If Jensen is 6'0 then JP is 6'4.5.
snfan said on 18/Nov/07
this is what i have to say other than the fact that jensen looked really hot in this picture. jensen's ex joanna krupa is 5ft 8in. and jensen towers over her,except when she's wearing high heels.
snfan said on 18/Nov/07
jensen looks really hot in this picture,but that's not all i want to say-Rob is 5ft 8inches,and with jensen croching just to reach the guy, he's about 5ft 9inches,so if jensen was standing up straight(which he wasn't doing just to not make the shortass look bad}he would be about 6ft or 6ft 1inch. count rob's forehead and compare it with jensen's forehead(not the hair,the forehead!)and imagine if jensen was standing up straight i would add 2 or 3 inches to him,so do the math people,and stop hating on my favorite actor,cause nothing pisses me off other than people talking trash to people i like(except for jared of course,who i used to like but now don't because of his big ego!) P.S. sorry about the shortass comment i was just really mad.
6' said on 17/Nov/07
Ah..sorry, I saw your post below that one. I see what you mean, it looks doubtful that he's anything below 6'. And Paul, maybe the guy confused Jensen with Jared?
I think in the picture Jensen loses a good inch or two.
Paul said on 16/Nov/07
Wait, he looks 6'3? I'm sorry to completely disagree, but that doesn't make any sense. With both of them clearly slouching even standing straight and tall he looks at the max 6'0, maybe even 5'11.
AAAA said on 16/Nov/07
Plus, I wanted him to be this height, helps to back up other guys sizes, such as welling and padalecki. And for Ideal height comparsion I would like to see straighter( I am not being scarcastic). Not stiff as a board but more like rob with routh.
AAAA said on 16/Nov/07
6'....Just a joke man. I doubt he is insecure. Just fibbing a bit. I wouldn't blame him. No one likes being dwarfed. And he has a monsterous co star, who would make most look small. And if you were to read below, I have maintained he is 5'11.5 at the shortest, and generally a 6' guy.
bobby said on 16/Nov/07
no hes 6ft 1/2 to 6ft2 hes pretty tall
Katie said on 16/Nov/07
I definitely think he's 6'1 at LEAST judging from this picture with 5'8 Rob.
mofo said on 16/Nov/07
rob when he stood straight did he seem 6ft1 also what foot wear did he have trainers boots e.t.c?

[Editor Rob: he gave 6ft impression. Not 6ft 1.
Very similar to guys like Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan in stature.

The good thing about cons is that all the footwear is photographed in talks etc if they do them so I can check and also anybody else could easily check aswell. He had on a little more than me.

I've pretty much been in exact 1 inch sneakers for whole of 2007.]
Da Man said on 16/Nov/07
Even if Jensen stood with military posture here, Rob would still easily reach above Jensen's eyeline. Jensen looks to be struggling with 6'0".
Kevin said on 16/Nov/07
6'1 no way
6' said on 16/Nov/07
Ya, AAAA...he's so insecure about his height that's why he wears 4 inch lifts and does scenes only with people 5'6 and below...or maybe he hunched cause Rob is a little shorter? Unless you like photos where one guy is standing next to someone as stiff as a board.
patrick said on 16/Nov/07
Anyway, even Rob is a bit hunching: Jensen looks 6'3, not less here. His way of slouching makes him loose a good inch and he still remains clearly taller by 3 inches than Rob. Look at the Jensen's eyebrows line and forget the hair!
At 5'_, Rob is not small at all but he looks so here. Boy! that is obvious! Ask Rob himself after all!
Joy said on 16/Nov/07
Well Rob is 5`7.5 (5`8 in the morning), Taking into account jensens hair too ad the hunch he is no more than 5`11 barefoot in the morning.

[Editor Rob: unfortunately for your wants of a 5-11 ackles, I am 5ft 8.6 out of bed and 5ft 8 in evening.]
AAAA said on 15/Nov/07
I wonder if he ever stumbled across this site and decided to hunch on purpose, so we couldn't get a great visual to estimate. In fact, I wonder how height wary he is?
ras said on 15/Nov/07
6 ft tops.
B said on 15/Nov/07
Rob has him about right, besides Rob is hunching a little bit, this guy is 182 cm or 183 cm. Rob's hair is

cut shorter then Jensen's plus Rob is hunching a little remember this.
Catsman said on 15/Nov/07
He's a "Hollywood" 6-1, ie. 5-11 to 6-0 by the look of this.
ted T said on 15/Nov/07
He doesn't appear taller than 5-11.
Alex said on 14/Nov/07
Jenson had Rob by 2-2.5 inches and thats with him leaning. If he straightens he is going to gain another inch at least. 5'11 1/2 is most likely his height.
Viper said on 14/Nov/07
Jared is 6-3 at best and Jensen looks to be 5-11-5-11 1/2.
Derek said on 14/Nov/07
Unless Rob has an advantage in footwear, I can't see Jensen at anything over 5'11".
6' said on 14/Nov/07
Yes! he looks about 6 feet nice pic btw, what do you think he looks like in the pic rob?

[Editor Rob: I know he dropped a good inch in posture there, unfortunately.]
AAAA said on 14/Nov/07
If he stood straighter, then he'd look what I said he is in the past 5'11.5 at the lowest, 6 footer in general, and could probably get away with 6'1 to the average looker b'c of his brushed back, spikey, faux hawk thingy haircut.
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/07
no way hes 5'11 if that..
venus said on 14/Nov/07
Jared is taller than Jensen, but he is NOT 6'5 or 6'4. I give him 6'3 the most. Alexis Bledel is what 5'7. He didn't exactly tower over Bledel, and his hair is rather big, so the hair automatically adds aditional height.
Alex said on 14/Nov/07
He's leaning with Rob so would be about 4 inches or damn near it. 5'11 1/2 to 6'0 he looks. I'm at least 6'0 myself and I think I look a bit taller next to 5'8 guys than he does.
patrick said on 14/Nov/07
Rob, what do you think? I find he looks 6' but you were "closer"; what kind of shoes did he wear etc.
Thanks for answering.

[Editor Rob: he had what looked not under 1.2 inches, but I wouldn't argue he's less than 182cm, he gave close to 6ft impression really.

this was taken pretty early from what I recall, 10am morning.]
Peetie said on 14/Nov/07
Jesus !!! he's exactly hot !!!!!!!!!!

I think he's handsome and cute.

And he taller than Rob around 8-10 cm. may be 182-183.


Rob , Where do you met Jensen ?

[Editor Rob: that was May of this year at a smallville convention in england.]
Danius said on 30/Oct/07
looked 5'11 to me in supernatural, that other tall guy looks 6'4. this guy cant be more than 5'11..
Rory said on 30/Oct/07
I've met Padalecki once in a club, and once for sure, he's not 6' 5. My friend is a solid 6' 4 and I'm 6' 2 an he was right in the middle, maybe a little more than 6'3. But thats tall enough.
And after watching "Supernatural" and seeing Jensen he could probably be 6' 0 maybe a little less, but if you think about it, 3 inches is quite a lot..
6' said on 28/Oct/07
They wear the same footwear imo ya hair can be an illusion when it comes to height I dont feel like arguing hope fully they will have a pic of him soon he may only be 5'10
joy said on 28/Oct/07
He looks shorter, because he is shorter. He wears boot cut jeans all time which hides his leg shape. He is 5`11 max, hes a good 5 inches shorter than jared, not to mention he wears "special shoes". Plus jared wears his hear down, jensen spikes his hear which adds height.
6' said on 27/Oct/07
I agree. Tinyurl is meh usually but someone should get a shot of him, I'm pretty sure he is a 6 footer maybe he looks shorter cause he is bowlegged?
XYZblast said on 27/Oct/07
tinyurl is stupid. you cant even put link to images. But yes its about high time one of the admins should get a shot with Jensen.
XYZblast said on 26/Oct/07
That is the closest I've seen Seen Ackles come but I think thats due to relaxed posture of Jared.Click Here Since Jared is a big guy from his eye to top of head is at least 5.5 inch. All in all Ackles is at most 1 in above his eye. Which easily puts him less than 6'0. I think its about high time one of the admins of this site get a shot with this guy.
6' said on 25/Oct/07
I'm not seeing the advantage : / , I think he seems 6' here Click Here
XYZblast said on 25/Oct/07
6'1 is more than "little over." Look at the ground, Ackles is on higher ground. 5'11.5 is the absolute max I can go for Ackles. While, 6'4 for Jared is accurate.
6' said on 24/Oct/07
XYZ he's looking at least 6' next to Jared 6'1 is a little over. But he is def a 6 footer
Tommy said on 24/Oct/07
he looks 10cm lower 193cm jared padalecki.. 183cm sounds ok..
XYZBlast said on 23/Oct/07
Ackles is 5'11. 6'0 is very doubtful and 6'1 "All hell breaks loose." Does he look 6'0 near 6'4 Jared? Click Here
6' said on 23/Oct/07
I believe I have a found a good picture Click Here
joy said on 20/Oct/07
Rosenbaum is 5`11.5 on this site. In that pic tyler posted jensen looks to be slightly under 5`11 barefoot. 6` he may be leaning but rosenbaum isnt standing straight.

[Editor Rob: Rose and Ackles have had scenes in smallville together...ackles is not shorter last time I seen an ep with them.]
6' said on 19/Oct/07
hes leaning tyler and rosenbaum stated he was 6' so i'm gonna disagree
Tyler said on 15/Oct/07
Click Here
Shorter than rosenbaum again! hes no more than 5`10.5
krys said on 9/Oct/07
Click Here

In the CW premiere video, Jensen only looked to be about 3 inches shorter then Jared, although Jared was very relaxed though. Even so, theres definitely a 3-4 inch difference between them. If Jared is 6'3 like he claims, that puts Jensen at 5'11 -6 foot and possibly 6'1 like he claims when he is wearing boots. Tom barely looks 2 inches taller then Jensen but then again, it looks like Jensen and jared might possibly have a footware advantage. Either way my estimations for the 3 are

Jensen 5'11 - 6 foot

Tom 6'2 - 6'2.25

Jared 6'3 - 6'3.5
Axxo said on 8/Oct/07
It's so obvious .... that he is 6'. I don't know why people think he is 5'10 does it make you happier or something but he must be at least 6' he stands pretty close next to Jim Beaver and Jeffery Dean Morgan
Josh said on 8/Oct/07
Jo is right its so obvious hes in the 5'10 5'11 range .
JO said on 2/Oct/07
Erica your wrong!, i have screencaps of the episode, she was wearing boots. Maybe a 1.5 inch heel if that. Not to mention Jensen wears big boots with a 1.5 inch heel. so that cancels out, not like jensen was bare footed in the episode. He is not more than 5`10.5, in boots 6 feet even.
Erica said on 1/Oct/07
Remember Tricia Helfer being in the "Roadkill" eppy? Well, she's 5'10. She wore (approx. 2 inch) heels in this episode. Heels put her at about the same height as Jensen. So, obviously Jensen is about 6'-6'1" tall. Besides I think he knows how tall he is and he's said 6'1. & not to mention, Tricia said in an interview it was refreshing to work with taller men 'cause she's so tall they're usually looking up at her so she got to look up for a change.

[Editor Rob: that Tricia is one actress I'd really want to meet properly.]
Kaitlin said on 23/Sep/07
jeez, am I the only person who would LIKE it if he was shorter than six feet? sheesh... I googled it hoping he was 5'10" 'cause that would be HOT (a lot shorter would be great too) But oh well...
6 feet is tall in my book and shorter than that is not a bad thing sillies
mary said on 20/Sep/07
I truly think he is 6'1 compare to jared which is four iches taller I would say yes jensen is 6'1 I am in love with jensen ackles
Anonymousxyz said on 13/Sep/07
I dont know guys but I just dont see him at 6-0 near 6-4 Jared.Click Here I would peg him at 5'11.5" at absolute max though I believe he is 5-11.
JK said on 9/Sep/07
He does look about 6'0''
AAAA said on 9/Sep/07
I trust Rob that he is a 182 cm guy. At least I think Robsaid he looked tat when he met him. He never gave me a 6'1 appearence, though he could pull of 6' ft illusion with the right footwear. Maybe he is almost 6'1 in some speial shoes or boots.
On a side note, I don't get people claiming to be a certain height and then not doing anything to give that illusion. Saying your 6'1 doesn't make people think you are 6'1. At least take a page out of Pitts book and get some chuncky heels, some concealed lifts, and always wear high Tops so you can conceal some more lifts

[Editor Rob: 182cm is the lowest I'd go. I'd need a nearer ideal photo, unfortunately I didn't get an ideal pic of myself with this guy...

Purely for the notion of this site I don't like it when a celebrity doesn't stand properly, same goes for myself.]
Viper said on 9/Sep/07
He looks dead on 5-11 max, no more.
Anonymousxyz said on 8/Sep/07
Ackles is 5-11, doesnt look like a 6 foot tall guy at all and 6'1" is out of question. There was an episode called "In my time of dying" or something like that where he walks barefooted in the hospital and didnt looked like 6 feet tall. Jared looks sometimes 6-3 and sometimes 6-4 on Supernatural but I can buy the 6-4 for Jared and 5-11 for Ackles.
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/07
Ok....I'm sick of all this stuff about him being 5'10 and crap like that. Anyway I found an image of him in the episode SPN he's next to Ken Kirzinger who is about 6'6 ( he played Freddy.) Anyway it looks as though Jensen is about 6' - 6'1 Click Here
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/07
I am actually friends with the guy and he is 6'1"
Original said on 25/Aug/07
He is 5'11.5" - 6'0"
megan said on 12/Aug/07
i met jensen in cali and im 5'7 and he is at least a good 5 inches taller than me.
Paul said on 11/Aug/07
I'm Sorry, I don't mean to disagree with you MD, but in that picture he looks at least five, maybe six inches shorter than Jared. Which is usually the case in almost all of their straight on shots, so it's not just the angle or how they're standing in this picture.
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
He's 6' in the photo where it says he is 6'3 he is obviously wearing boots. I think Jared is more like 6'4.5.
MD said on 24/Jul/07
I can't see shorter than 5'11". What's the difference here with Jared? It doesn't look anymore than 4" at the very most, to me.

Click Here
Josh said on 23/Jul/07
I agree with Viper hes 5'10 5'11 the most .Hes obviously not 6'0 ,6'1 in his dreams.
bobsanders said on 20/Jul/07
It's amazing how people use other ppl's height to compare and conclude one person's height. It's completely can you be so sure the of the height you're comparing to, and then use that as the standard measuring tool? No one ever REALLY's the guesstimation game all the time
Amy said on 2/Jul/07
Jensen is 6'1 Jared Padalecki is 6'4 on the show Supernatural they say Sam (Jared) is 6'5 and that Dean (Jensen) is 6'4 this is mainly because Dean is older than Sam but Jared is a couple of inches taller than Jensen although Jensen is quite tall 6'1 also i have met Jensen in person and i am 6'0 and he was about an inch taller than me at the least he is incredibly nice and even sexier in person :)
sarah said on 1/Jul/07
he does look a little short compared to jared during supernatural or tom welling from smallville but i don't think his height is what the audience cares about he'd still be hot if he was 5'o.1 in!
dmeyer said on 25/Jun/07
compare to garcia anf fox he looks closer to 6'0.5 in

[Editor Rob: I remeasured my trainers at 1 inch flat, his shoes looked like no less 1.2. You could say his range is 182-4, with 183 being most likely, although these still are always estimates.]
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 22/Jun/07
Then again, (I'm not sure If anybody noticed this because they were to busy looking at another blooper) but Terry O Quinn's height is listed in a Lost episode as 5ft 10, even though he is atleast 6ft minimum. Same case here with Jensen Ackles maybe....

Click Here;sa=view;id=202
Bibi-NL said on 22/Jun/07
Well, it's a Hollywood mugshot, so who knows how accurate it is. But again, wouldn't they want to make him look taller, or at least his actual height, and not several inches shorter? 2 or 3 inches isn't exactly a small difference...

Also, the shot seems to be exactly at face level, and not higher or lower. So it's not an illusion created by camera position.

So, Dean Winchester is either 6'1" but barefoot and slouching, or he's really just about 5'11".
Viper said on 20/Jun/07
Right, If hes wearing shoes then hes 5-10 in the mugshot. Either way hes not over 5-11 there If thats a true, legit mugshot photo.
Bibi-NL said on 20/Jun/07
Also, in the mugshot he's probably wearing shoes too, so that's minus another inch... You'd think that when making these props (the height chart) they'd want to make the actor look taller, not shorter.... I don't think he's 5'9", but 5'10" is possible. Let's give him another inch for slouching, that's 5'11". There's no way he's 6'1", and now I'm even beginning to doubt the 6' listed here.
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
Actually that mugshot shows that hes more 5-10, because his hair is sticking up to reach the 72 inch mark.
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
Paledelki is closer to 6-3 than 6-5. I still give Jensen no more than 5-11 at best.
Bibi-NL said on 19/Jun/07
Here's a screenshot with his mugshot (well, Dean Winchester's) and stats: Click Here

According to his stats he's 6'1, yet the top of his head minus the hair barely reaches 70", maybe 71" which is 5'11". Hmmmm...
bphaines said on 18/Jun/07
Jensen is at least 6'1". I saw him in person signing autographs after "A Few Good Men" and he's an inch or two taller than my husband who is just barely 6'0". Padalecki is easily 6'5".
Elisabeth said on 15/Jun/07
Like I said last month he is a little on the short side.Compared to Jared Padalecki.I say jensen is at least 6'.But he is really really cute!When a person is that cute,height does not matter all that much to me!
AAAA said on 12/Jun/07
Jensen was a liyyle under 6'3, and Jared was a slouching 6'5.5 and would have looked over 6'6 if he stood up straight. Jensen had great posture. Jared had awful posture
Its A Punjabi Ting (UK) said on 11/Jun/07
If you watch the Supernatural episode 'Folsom Prison Blues,' they have mugshots taken. Jensen Ackles comes in at 6ft 3, and Jared at 6ft 5. Could be wearing big shoes, so kind of dispells the theory of Jensen being 5ft 10.

Click Here
CJ said on 6/Jun/07
Jare Padelecki said it himself that he was only 6'3 and jensen is only like 2-3 inches shorter than him. so yeah about 6'0-6'1. but he's still cute!
pgv said on 31/May/07
That's a two inch difference. Freeze it at the 1:27-1:28 mark. Also, Jon Heder is in the clip at the :20 mark, notice the small difference in height between him and Kimmel. Heder is the 6'1-6'2" range. I think Kimmel and Ackles are 6'0.5-6'1" range.

Rob is right about the im db. Jimmy Kimmel's height is now listed at 6'1" over there.
Pete said on 31/May/07
Click Here

Ok, above we have Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel show. There is only about an inch if that between them. And Matt is 5`10 max. Jensen is no taller than 5`11.
Betty said on 30/May/07
internet movie data base im db, list kimmell at 5`10. Thras usually issue by agencys. I tried to change the height of a celeb and they have so many regulations they just dont let anybody change the height.

[Editor Rob: no, no, no. Half the heights come from people who actually also visit this site, they like to height fight over listings. I'm sure there's ongoing height battles over there...Kimmell gives his height as 6ft 1, that's the official 'toe the line' height.]
Anonymous said on 29/May/07
I'm looking at 6 feet min.
Click Here
Viper said on 29/May/07
Kimmel looked 5-10-5-11 max with 6-2.75 measured Terrell Owens.
pgv said on 27/May/07
You're absolutely right. He is the same height as Jimmy Kimmel.

Click Here

Except Jimmy Kimmel isn't 5'10.

JK is slightly shorter than 6'2" Matthew Fox.

Click Here

He's slighter taller than 5'11 Jorge Garcia.

Click Here
Betty said on 27/May/07
He was on jimmy kimmell show who is 5`10, he was the same height as him. Rosie perez was also on the show that day. H is no taller than 5`11. more like 5`10.5 with boots he is 6 feet.
pgv said on 23/May/07
Hey Rob,

I'll email you.

[Editor Rob: please do pgv. If you're from US I do remember talking to one lady (who said she was with a friend, her name started with M) on friday and remember another american in a queue for a photoshoot, I think...but don't quote me, I thought a girl from Ireland was from Canada, and a girl from Germany the US, so maybe I'm not as good as I thought with accents!]
pgv said on 22/May/07
Nah, pgv are initials for something else. I'm a girl.

with all those women there weren't a huge amount of guys floating about

Tell me about it! I meet a grand total of three guys, one of whom was helping Wayne with the con.

[Editor Rob: whit, I thought you were a guy. Sorry :), are you English/american/european, I've no idea who you could have been...I must have spoken to folk from about 10 different countries, I heard spanish,german,dutch,chinese,norwegian,american,irish and australian accents. I am shocked how far people came for that event.]
pgv said on 22/May/07
I didn't see the incident but I made friends with some stewards so I heard an earful.*g* Now, that I'm thinking about it, I did meet a guy named Rob. Hmmmm..*evil grin*

[Editor Rob: wasn't me, honest ;) well, maybe, I don't know, with all those women there weren't a huge amount of guys floating about...pgv does that stand for Paul something?]
pgv said on 19/May/07
Rob, I have to disagree about Jensen's height. I was at the Asylum con too and that is not a mere 5'11.5. If that is the case, I would be 2 inches shorter. I truly believe he's in the 6'0.5-6'1 range. Did you take pictures with any of the guys?

[Editor Rob: ah, you were there cool. I seen a lot of pics of him with others and honestly, no less than 182 I said but never looked over six foot, he had on solid shoe remember. Yes I got photos with jensen justin and alan and allison mack/alona, those two guys looked a good couple inches taller than justin in that ceremony. Lutz was a pretty funny guy.. Did you see that incident aswell?]
xD said on 17/May/07
Holy crap..I'd hate to be one of the cast members of Supernatural...
Viper said on 13/May/07
Well, I cant see Ackles anything over 5-11 either.
Anonymous said on 13/May/07
I kind of think that he is 6-1 with shoes on, he does look 2 - 3 inches shorter then the supposed 6-2.5 Tom Welling so I'll say 6-1 with shoes, 6-0 - 6-0.5 without. He is bigger then he appears.
anonymous said on 11/May/07
I watched an interview where he said he was 6'1"
Viper said on 11/May/07
You cant go by builds always. And for his build it gives me a 5-10 impression actually, though I think hes more 5-11.
Anonymous said on 10/May/07
I'd probably say 6'0 to 6'1 is correct. I am a similar build to him and He does look taller then me, even when standing next to Jarred. I'm about 5'10-11ish btw, just under 6 foot or bit over depending on foot ware.
Elisabeth said on 9/May/07
The guy is cute and all.But,next to the other guy on Supernatural,he look's kind of short.No affense Jensen.
schnitzelferk said on 1/May/07
LOL, did anyone see the new supernatural where theyre put on them height boards?

They made jared 6'6 1/2" and ackles 6'3"

they bumped there heights up a good 2.5" through both of them at least by the looks of it haha.

[Editor Rob: the boards were the correct height, the camera wasn't at the top of their heads]
rochelle said on 30/Apr/07
i would say that jensen is that tall, but that must mean that jared is a lot taller which is easy to tell.
i am not a tall person myself so i would definately say that jensen is 6'0" if not taller.
samiami said on 28/Apr/07
ok guys final answer. i had the chance to meet jensen about a month ago. i am 5'10 and he was way taller than me at least 3 inches. he is deffinately not 5'1o or 5'11. hes about the same hieght as my friend whos 6'1.
AA said on 16/Apr/07
Compared to 6'4" Padalecki, does look 6'0"-6'0.5" without shoes. I'd say 6'0".
Metre said on 7/Apr/07
If you watch early season 4 Smallville when he is in the change room, he is the same height as the lockers which are standard 72" so he's 6ft with sneakers.
Ria said on 31/Mar/07
Well to be precise, Jared isn't exactly 6'5, because then he'd be towering over Jensen way more than what we've seen in their sci-fi thrillers "Supernatural". I'm not saying Jared isn't tall , probably a solid 6'3 according to measuring tape standards; and that would make Jensen a solid 6ft. Looking at his leg proportion and limbs, I'd say 6ft is dead on for Jensen.
Metre said on 13/Mar/07
I'd say he was 5'11 tops if you look at his interview with Megan Mullaly who is 5'4 (Click Here) and Michelle Williams who was his costar in Dawsons Creek who is 5'4.
Lily said on 5/Mar/07
Oh, I didn't mean Michael Rosenbaum! I was talking about another Michael (from Dark Angel). :) But glad to know someone agrees about the height!
schnitzelferk said on 4/Mar/07
Click Here

ackles is taller than a pretty much 6'0" michael, ackles is 6ft, 6ft 1/2" tops.

Thing is he slouches, and he is a pretty broad guy, if you watch supernatural or whatever he has big shoulders and theyre spread far out, his armspan is probably 6'6" or something lol.
This can lead to him looking small.
Lily said on 28/Feb/07
Jensen looks short because he keeps getting casted next to taller actors (Jared Padalecki, Tom Welling, Michael Weatherly). In contrast, when he was on DOOL and Dawson's Creek he looked his height--which is ABOVE 5'10''. I don't know why people continue to speculate when fans who have met him personally, including myself, state that he is not a short man. Granted, he's definitely not 6'2'', but he IS a solid 6'-6'1''. Tricia Hefer who is 5'10'' is guest starring in an episode of Supernatural and he's taller than she is.
Viper said on 22/Feb/07
Hes 5-10 1/2.
Chris said on 22/Feb/07
he could be 5'10/5'11 - why not? Some guys can look tall at this height. I am 5'11 and and sometimes considered's gotta do with the build which can make you look taller.
G-unit said on 22/Feb/07
He was a model back in the days, so I guess he must be at least 6'. In supernatural he looks 5'10 next to his brother, but that's because he's so tall
schnitzelferk said on 16/Feb/07
"It's funny when did the above average 6 foot guy get called short?"

When did only 1 inch less 5'11" get considered short?

I think a 6'4-5" guy has the right to call even 6'2" men short-as a joke, because compared to them, 6'2" is short.

The show likes to add little bits of humour to them.
From watching countless episodes of supernatural, ackles can look 5'9", and can look 6'2" sometimes 6'3" in one episode where hes ill-slouching, and still manages to only be a few inches off jared.

Jared himself can look quite short too, he can sometimes be quite a lot of inches off standard looking 6'6" doorframes.
But i recently heard you americans have 6'8" doorframes which might explain it.

The guy is no shorter than 6ft personally.
ok said on 15/Feb/07
i think your all right, i mean different shoes can add a good difference between a couple of centremeters. boots, runners whatever its all the same. he is probably just under 6 or smack bang on it. look at him when he is standing next to jared, there has got to be about 3 to 4 to 5 inches difference.
oh and also check out the length of his arm from his shoulder to his elbow. thats always a good indication of how tall some one is - the length of micha barton's arm shoulder to elbow is massive and when i met her in LA she was huge. im a tall guy and we were practically eye to eye.
Anonymous said on 14/Feb/07
I remember in one episode this season where Jared calls Jensen's character, "Bossy, and short." It's funny when did the above average 6 foot guy get called short? I'm 5'9", so what does that make me? lol I know I would get towered over a guy like Jared, because he's 6'4' or 6'5" Anyway, I believe he is about 5'11"- 6ft, because he sometimes seems it. The reason why he can look shorter is, because of Jared and he does have broad shoulders. His build can make him look shorter.
sianna said on 26/Jan/07
yeh i think it was the ktla interview
Lillian said on 21/Jan/07
I met Jensen Ackles when he was on Dawson's Creek, and trust me, he's taller than he looks. I was actually kind of amazed. I'm 5'11'' with heels and he was most definately a good several inches taller than me. It may be the fact that he has very broad shoulders that makes him seem stocky. He once said in an interview that when he watches himself on screen with Jared, he looks like he's only 5'9''.
sianna said on 18/Jan/07
stop repeating the same thing over and over viper, we understand that you believe he is no more than 5'11 or whatever, but most of us know that he is taller. People who have met him have only continued to say that he is 6' or over, so why continue to argue? I thought for a while that he may be only 5'11, but on the first episode of the second season of Supernatural, Jensen is barefoot the whole time, whereas Jared is in shoes the whole time and if he is 6'4 he would be 6'5 in shoes, heres the pic (hopefully it works!)Click Here you can see that Jensen would come up to his eyes. I was also watching this small interview where a model Yoanna House was talking to Jensen at a Launch Party for like the CW network. Yoanna is 5'11 and was still an inch shorter than Jensen, even though she was in heels.
Viper said on 16/Jan/07
Hes no taller than 5-11.
sianna said on 15/Jan/07
yeh i have to agree with schnitzelfrek....just because a shoe may look bulky doesnt mean that it'll give you a large height advantage....example, a 3 inch heeled shoe will NOT make you three inches taller, it'll make you 2 inches taller. so when people go on here & say how he wears like runners that'll give him 3 inches extra or wateva, it isnt true! there is NO WAY that Jensen is shorter than 5'11, if he was he's body would be like proportioned differently and you would be able to tell. x0x thanks!
Aguatin said on 5/Jan/07
sorry for my bad english, Im from Argentina. I have to say that jensen seems 6 or 6`1, no less. Jared its 1,93. So images show that 8 cm of diference. See the diference between JAred and other actors in "house of wax". You will see that hes taller than averyone. So its true hes like 1,93..because chad is 1,83 (And no one can say hes less than 1,83..just see he next to Hilarie Burton)
most girls use 4 or 5 cm shoes so that its another thing to think about.

I believe the height that they say. Perhaps some is that height with shoes on. But no less. Just see in YouTube the video about supernatural behind the scenes. Jensen is clear 1,85..1 cm more or doesnt matter..
schnitzelferk said on 26/Dec/06
yes the HEEL of the shoe outside can look bulky, but if you feel inside the shoe-its just for look, if you (painful i know but i have done this) get trainers, cut them down, the ACTUAL sole and everything is only 1/4-1/2", 3/4"-1" max on smart shoes.

Ive got a guy who can just skim a doorframes top in smart shoes, barefeet he escapes it by 1/2" inch, i measured.

The outside of the sole looks a crapload bigger than the actual size.

can you imagine 2" of hard material like that underneath your feet?
Itd hardly bend, you wouldnt be able to freaking move, theyd be like platforms.

Measure yourself fiarly when in trainers, i barely gain 1/4" in new trainers.

Ackles id say is a fair 5'11.5", no shorter.
tim said on 16/Oct/06
autumn that is a bit of a phib, jensen is in no way 6'1 barefoot nor is jared 6'5 i think your friends over estimate.. someone cannot be 6'1 if they are caught at 5'11 with shoes on, nor can someone be 6'5 when caught at 6'3 with shoes on..
Autumn said on 14/Oct/06
My friend met Jensen. She is 5'10" in heels, which she was wearing at the time. He had running shoes on and was a minimum of 4 inches taller than her. Another friend met Jared. That friend is 6'1. The friend that met Jared didn't say what shoes Jared was wearing, just that he felt short beside him. jared was 4-5 inches taller. So I believe the reports that Jensen is 6'1" and Jared os 6'5", but then, I'm not jealous of them.
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
Yes James, most actors are 1-2 inches shorter then their listed heights, as are most athletes. Anybody who reads this site shouldnt be shocked anymore. James I agree on all your heights that Jared is 6-2 1/2-6-3. Welling in the 6-1 range and Jenson 5-10 1/2. Thats what it certaintly looks like to me at least.
packers_fan said on 24/Sep/06
Click Here
Click Here

Dude there is a link to some dress shoes and some casual sports shoes, if it doesnt work just search on google images neway, virtually any shoes nowdays give an inch, im a shortass at 5'9 but when i play basketball my nike shox shoes put me to 5'11 my flip flops put me at 5'10 you can even just measure the heel of the shoes i guarantee youll be hard pressed to find some under 2cm
james said on 24/Sep/06
you get like 2cm in thin soled sandals man, remember an inch is only 2.8cm so some asics or nike trainers give about 3cm which is abit over an inch, and and at awards night or on occasions like that the dress shoes can give easy 1.5-2inches. Thats one of the reasons i dont put jared at 6'4 barefoot, because if he was you would get people claiming they see pictures of him at 6'6.
There is not a chance your shoes give a quarter of an inch, that like .7 of a cm seriously either you have had your shoes for about 10years and there is no sole on them or the bottom is made out of cardboard.
Schnitzerlferk said on 24/Sep/06
James, you wear some bigass shoes man, my height increases by 1/4" in trainers, and 1/2" in smart shoes, you must be talking about some heavy gear boots.
Jared has grown since acting remember, hes quite young.
In cheaper by the dozen he is AT LEAST 2 inches taller than tom welling, and tom being 6'3" in shoes james, that makes jared quite tall.
james said on 24/Sep/06
ema you have to understand the reason viper downgrades everyone is because everyone in hollywood either fudges their height or puts their height as it is with 1-2inch shoes on, now when you are in hollywood as everyone does it all the heights corellate with one another unless you catch them with a bare foot shot, now personally in my opinion jensen is 5'10.5, that means with normal shoes on he reach 6'0, jared is around 6'2.5 without shoes on he reaches around 6'4 just the same as alot of people bring tom welling into this topic he is just under 6'2 with shoes on he is over 6'3.. the reason jensen can in no way be 6'0 is because with jared at 6'2.5 without shoes that is 189cm 6'0 is 183 cm now 6cm that isnt all that much as he'd come half way up his forehead, however he doesnt reach jareds eyes. sesh!!

[Editor Rob: ackles is 'standing tall' in many pics with jared who might not be as forceful with his posture.]
Roadrunner said on 24/Sep/06
He is probably 5'11" barefoot, 6' with shoes
Viper652 said on 19/Sep/06
Jenson looks 5-10 1/2 next to Jared.
no one said on 18/Sep/06
i think jensen looks quite short compared to jared, also he has little legs!
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/06
Viper652 why do u downgrade everyone? Is there anypne you believe is the height they say they are? And why are u so rude?
Josh said on 28/Aug/06
Hahaha Jensen 6'1 and Jred 6'5 hahaha thats so funny .
Viper652 said on 26/Aug/06
Ema, do you beleive the earth is flat as well?
Ema said on 25/Aug/06
If Jensen said hes 6ft 1 then thats what i believe. And Jared's 6ft 5! Jensen said so in an interveiw. Sesh
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/06
Jensen was taller then Rosenbaum, yet both claim to be 6'.

My guess is Ackles is barely 6', and Rosenbaum 5'11".
Josh said on 24/Aug/06
Its not true he doesnt look an ich taller than chad they look about the same he looks like 1cm taller than Chad by that chad is like 180cm and Ankles 181cm.
Viper652 said on 17/Aug/06
Hes not 5-9. Really does look 5-10 1/2 - 5-11. I think Jared looks 6-3 Max next to him.
darkavatar73 said on 17/Aug/06
I bet he is like 5'9! Scott Paterson(Luke) on Gilmore Girls is 6'! He looked short next to 6'4 Jared Padelecki but not as short as Jensen!
George said on 16/Aug/06
Michael Rosenbaum is about 1.5 taller than jensen, id say he is 5'10.5 barefeet.
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/06
I still only see Jensen at 5-11 Max.
AA said on 28/Jul/06
I'm pretty sure this guy is 6', he does look about 182-183 cm tall. Jared is 6' 4" (what a difference!)
sianna said on 22/Jul/06
yer but if he WAS to wear elevator shoes thye would make him Jared's height...
SH said on 7/Jul/06
In regards to people who think it is impossible to inflate their height by 3'' - 4''. I have to back Viper up. I am 6'1'' and I get short people coming up to me on ocassion saying "wow you are so tall, what are you 6'3'' or 6'4''" and that is in person. Taking this into account, it is easy for someone to do the say they are taller than they are, given a bit of good camera work. In addition, I meet people all the time who are like 5'10'' max and they claim to be 6' and that is in person not on camera.

I do however believe Jensen looks between 5'11.5'' to 6'0.5''
sianna said on 7/Jul/06
yer i have to agree with viper u gotta look through the pages...i searched through n i think its the 2006 appearance one with chad
Viper652 said on 6/Jul/06
Cant see the first picture and in the 2nd hes closer to the camera. Dont see 6-0
ginny said on 1/Jul/06
these are a few pics of him which i think prove he is 6' or even a tad over...
1. Click Here
( he looks about an inch or more taller than 5'11 chad michael murry)

2.Click Here
( looks about 2 and a half inches taller than 5'10.5 patricj dempsy)

so yer 6' seems right
sianna said on 25/Jun/06
if people have claimed that he is 6'2 and alot have said he is taller than what they thought than why isnt he listed as 6'1

[Editor Rob: I watched an ep of this show recently and noticed padalocki wore thinner soles than ackles and in many of the shots they purposelly put jensen nearer the camera. I would have thought 6ft 1 if pad is 6ft 4 aswell, actually didn't look 4 inches...]
TheJerk said on 13/Jun/06
I haven't seen too much of the guy, but a solid 5 foot 11 sounds good judging off of Jared.
sianna said on 22/May/06
i highly doubt that Jensen wears lifts in the show but...coz if he did hey would make him the same height as Jarrad
Glenn said on 15/May/06
Ive see shatner look 5-10 in the early 90s I guess in he looks 5-8.SLY still looks 6ft to me in public.I give him 5-9,5-10.
sianna said on 15/May/06
geez u really r a nasty one arent u viper! well i think the difference with those actors you mentioned is that people expect them to be that height simce they are so well known....
Viper652 said on 14/May/06
"no one in their right mind would lie about their height by 3 or 4 inches!"

In Hollywood they do. William Shatner still claims that he is 5-11, when hes really around 5-7, 5-8. Sylvestor Stallone claims hes 5-10, when its very debatable that hes around the 5-7, 5-8 range.
sianna said on 12/May/06
seriously viper652 i think u r being wayy too harsh 2 one in their right mind would lie about their height by 3 or 4 inches! i thing pvg is right..since her friend HAS met Jensen and Jared and u on this fan site is has sumthing bout a girl who saw them on an interview, and another girl commented saying that they are both very tall, just Jensen doesnt look that tall next 2 Jared >> Click Here << soz guys u have to scroll down 2 see the comment...and this photo...they are practicaly the same height. >> Click Here << Jensen always slouches whereas Jared doesnt, which is weird considering he is lyk 6'4!
Viper652 said on 11/May/06
"5ft10 is ridiculous. You cannot claim to be 6ft1 being 5ft10."

Of course you can, especially If he is 5-11. Because that would go with the normal fudging of 2 inches to your height in hollywood anyway.
pgv said on 10/May/06
"Well, I think your friend is a terrible judge of height. Funny, I think Jared is exactly my height at just under 6-3, and I tower over most people as well."

You "think"? Have you actually seen him in person because if you haven't, you can keep your rude comments especially about my friend to yourself.
Boxing Fighter said on 9/May/06
5ft10 is ridiculous. You cannot claim to be 6ft1 being 5ft10. 6ft is ok to me. He looks a lot smaller than Jared, but not that much, and he doesn`t uses lifts on supernatural.
Viper652 said on 5/May/06
"I got a friend who visited the Supernatural set recently. She pegged Jensen at 6'1" and Jared at 6'4" or even 6'5". She said Jared towers over everyone."

Well, I think your friend is a terrible judge of height. Funny, I think Jared is exactly my height at just under 6-3, and I tower over most people as well.
paige said on 4/May/06
i cant believe how tall is jensen ackles is and even jared is the same they are both good looking i love to meet them
pgv said on 3/May/06
I got a friend who visited the Supernatural set recently. She pegged Jensen at 6'1" and Jared at 6'4" or even 6'5". She said Jared towers over everyone.
Kenshin said on 28/Apr/06
The guy who plays their dad seems to be an inch taller than dean so if any1 knows how tall he is than we can figure out jensens height.
sianna said on 27/Apr/06
i doubt that he wears lifts, coz he always look bout 2-3inches shorter than Jared, even when they r like @ events n stuff, n he wouldn't wear them EVEYTIME they r 2getha in this photo they are both standing straight and arent that far apart in height. i dont think he'd say he is 6'1 n really be 5'10...probably 6'. Click Here
Josh said on 25/Apr/06
I agree with Viper hes no more than 5'11 ,saying hes 6'0 6'1 sounds crazy.

[Editor Rob: this guy might actually wear lifts on that superghost show...hmm]
sam said on 25/Apr/06
anyone who stands next to jared padelecki looks like they are hella short...
Jackie said on 24/Apr/06
I was being sarcastic when I said that Jessica Alba is 5'11'. As if to say that Jensen Ackles is nowhere near the height they are giving as 6'1". Like I said, I don't think he is anymore than 5'10". There is nothing wrong with that height. But for some reason they all stretch the truth. I know Jessica Alba is 5'6", I read it somewhere. And Jensen was not much taller than her in that show and most times she wasn't wearing heels.
sianna said on 24/Apr/06
watdo u mean oz bob... agree that they are both very tall....but wat was the last thing u said?
oz bob said on 23/Apr/06
Well every actor in supernatural must be really tall then as most are taller than both actors.
Viper652 said on 22/Apr/06
Jared is really around 6-2ish to 6-3 maybe. Jensen cant be any taller then 5-11 Max. Alba is also 5-6 Max.
J-Dog said on 21/Apr/06
Jackie Jessica Alba is more around the 5'6.5 to 5'7" mark I hear. Isn't that Jared guy from supernatual 6'4"?
Jackie said on 21/Apr/06
All guys want to be 6 foot and all girls want to be thin. If you were an actor would you say you were 5'10" (which is what I think Jensen Ackles height is) or would you say over 6 feet? Especially when you are working with a guy that is 6'3". On Dark Angel he wasn't that much taller than Jessica Alba. What is she 5'11"? Most actors lie about their height, I have seen a great many of them because I live in NY. Most of them are alot shorter in person. The actresses too. So I don't blame him for doing it, but I also don't believe the height he is giving.
sam said on 21/Apr/06
The difference between them looks pretty substantial to me. More like 2-3 inches. 6'0.5" compared to 6'3" looks right.
sianna said on 21/Apr/06
yer link i agree with you...Jared is always standing straight, whereas Jensen tends to lean or slouch alot. If you see on Supernatural, when they are both standing next to eachother, with straight postures, Jensen is only and inch or 2 shorter.
Link said on 18/Apr/06
whats this whole "he looks 4-5 inches smaller than jared"
at most he is 3 inches shorter, making him 6'1"

Il agree with this 6' 05" as he will lose 1/2 inch with general walking and posture negativities.
everyone measure themself when they go to bed and when they get up, theres a good 1 inch difference sometimes 2.

problem with comparing people is there stature and posture, in the episode where dean gets sick in supernatural he looks 1 inch shorter than jared yet ackles is SLOUCHING!

hes 6'1
you can play around with 6'0 but no less than 6
sianna said on 15/Apr/06
no one would lie about there height by 2-3inches. he's probably 6' or 6'.5 coz if he says he'z 6'1 he'd give himself an extra inch or half, but 2 say ur 6' and b 5'10 is too much of a difference and u would notice. Just coz there is a big difference between him and jared doesnt mean he's 510 and jared is 6'2. jared has said with Jensen one that he is 6'5, and Jensen sed that he looks 5'9 next 2 him. im 5'3.5 and next to my friend who is 5'6 i look 5'!!! so looks can b decieving...
Viper652 said on 15/Apr/06
There is no way Jenson is over 6-0. He looks like an honest 5-10 1/2 to 5-11. Jared looks 6-2 1/2 to 6-3. Jared says hes 6-3 anyway. And Ive always pegged Tom Welling around 6-1.
Anon said on 13/Apr/06
On Dark Angel, they gave his height on the show in an episode as 6'.
Link said on 12/Apr/06
jensen looks 6'1" ish in smallville if you get the right scenes where theyre both next to each other.

In cheaper by the dozen padalecki is a good 2-3 inches taller than tom, whoever said he stood on an apple box-no he didn't, trust me

My dad is 6'2 (tom wellings height) and my uncle is 6'7" (not quite youre 6'8" claim but ah well) and the difference in them two is amazing, padalecki only looked at MOST 4 inches taller than tom-and thats being very friendly, realistically it was only 2-3.

Id say hes a solid 6'4 and possibly a tad more in mornings.

jensen id say is 6'1", he looks about 3 inches shorter than padalecki in supernatural, sorry but i used to be 5'11, and i have a friend who's practically 6'4" and our differences were f***ing loads, no way is jensen 5'11, hes a solid 6'1"
Sydney said on 11/Apr/06
Hey!!!Anonymous I saw that you said that in "The Benders" Dean Winchester was stated as 6.4 when it was Samuel Winchester(Jared Padalecki) on that screen there it said 6.4 175lbs.Pay a little more atenttion you might have gotten confused but it wasn't Dean they were refering to it was Sam.
Josh said on 5/Apr/06
No way he`s 5-11 tops theres a huge difference between him and Jared in supernatural hes always looked 5-11 to me maybe 6-0 (183cm) with shoes on.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/06
When jensen ackels was on Dark Angel , he was fighting in a cage and the announcer called him at 6'0. He could be 6'1 but definitely no taller.
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/06
He's max. 183cm
Amie said on 11/Mar/06
i think that jensen ackles is about 6'0. but he looks reli small when he is nxt to jared p. maybe he is only 5'11 lol
sianna said on 8/Mar/06
hmm i see you hav added and extra half inch to Jensen's hight Rob lol.

[Editor Rob: he's creeping up and down]
sianna said on 24/Feb/06
i totally agree with u anonymous. y r people thinking Jensen is only about 5'10 or 5'11! the only reason he looks short is coz jared it soooo tall. he sed on KTLA that coz Jared is 6'5, and he is 6'1, he feels and looks 5'9 next to him.
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/06
Jared Padelecki is at least 6ft 5in if not even slightly taller. Jared was at least 2 inches taller than John Schneider, who is about 6ft3, in a recent photo and Jensen was only a couple of inches shorter than Schneider in pictures taken within minutes of each other, standing literally right next to each other. So given that, Jensen Ackles is at least 6ft tall if not 6ft 1. 6ft 1in is not at all out of the question for his height.
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/06
In an interview i saw, Jensen said he's 6'1 and Jared's 6'5
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/06
In supernatural episode"The Benders" was this information: Dean Winchester(Jensen) 6'4 height 175lbs Brown hair Green eyes. Its so funny.:-)) Jensen 6'4 :-))
anna said on 14/Feb/06
Jensen said in KTLA he is 6'1 and that Jered is 6'5 that in some scenes he needed an apple box(LOL)
anonymous said on 9/Feb/06
i agree with sianna, he may only look shorter than 6' coz jared is so tall. Jared is wayyyy taller than just 6'3 or6'3. he looks 6'4. jensen is 6' mayb 6'1, i dont think he would lie about hez height by 2inches, mayb an inch, yes.
sianna said on 16/Jan/06
i just saw the 1st episode of Supernatural last night. diffentately 2-3inches shorter than Jared. at the most he could be 5'11, but no shorter. jared looks taller than 6'3 though, mayb 6'3.5??
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/06
Jensen in KTLA said that he is 6'.
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/06
But first time when He said that he is 6'2 was after Supernatural began. He's 5'11 or 6' but more no.
annonymous said on 5/Jan/06
I saw an interview on the TV Guide channel, where Jensen Ackles said that he was 6'2" and that Jared was 6'4" (he was listing their common interest in eating, saying that they are both "big guys")
Anonymous said on 4/Jan/06
Look at this, this is most probably joke. Jensen 6'2. :-) :-)
SmallvilleFan said on 30/Dec/05
Based on many interveiws I'd say he's 6ft. And It is true that from TV people are taller in person.
Jer said on 5/Dec/05
definitely not a 6 footer...he is 4-5 inches shorter than john schineider who is supposedly 6'3. Prob looking at 5'10-5'11 range
daffodil said on 28/Oct/05
He looks a fair bit taller than Jessica Alba, and he held his own on Smallville, but on Supernatural, even in the promo shots where they could uses boses/angles/whatever, he looks tiny next to Jared P. No way that is a 3 inch difference!
Lex said on 27/Sep/05
Jensen looks 4 inches shorter than Tom Welling, for me he is a solid 5'10 bare foot, but in shoes he could be 6ft...

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