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5ft 11.86in (182.5cm)
Johan said on 6/May/16

He sometimes looks a legit 6'5" guy ! He hits 6'6" with cowboyboots that he wears regularly or close enough. You can see that with pics next to Jason Momoa and other 6'3"-6'4" guys. He is taller than them.

@Aza That will interest many female readers here.
Aza said on 4/May/16
He is 6'0 in the morning fully erect.
Alex said on 2/May/16

Padalecki claimed his shoe height once, he said to be 6'4 but he looks 6'4 in shoes, so he's 6'3.
c-mo said on 23/Apr/16
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 12/Apr/16

He looks 5'10" in the above photo (5'9 1/2" if you consider footwear),


NO!!! just NO!!! he doesnt look 5'9.5 - 5'10 in the pic

are you fu**ing serious ? wash your eyes or something
Johan said on 13/Apr/16

Padalecki claims 6'4" and looks more often than not he is 4 inches taller than Ackles so how is he claiming shoe height?

Sometimes its in the 3 inch range but then Ackles has a strong footwear advantage with his logger boots.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 12/Apr/16
He looks 5'10" in the above photo (5'9 1/2" if you consider footwear), but he has awful posture in that photo. I think that he's really a bit over 6 feet tall.
Alex said on 12/Apr/16
To be fair, almost everyone claim their shoe height, not only Jensen, the same Padalecki claimed his shoe height.
Johan said on 11/Apr/16
Jensen at 6'3" would put Jared at 6'7" !!

Didn't really think that comment through did you?

I still think he is a 5'11.75" guy who claims shoe height.
Flyin said on 11/Apr/16
181.5 is my 20 minute absolute tops out of bed height. Ankles is leaning in massively. Despite the half inch footwear advantage he makes 183cm. Also remember Rob is a strong 5"8.
Alxr37 said on 10/Apr/16
I think he looks 6ft easily. In the pic he looks tall and he's slouching
S.J.H said on 10/Apr/16
I would argue jensen ackles is not over 5'11.5 and come in worse he could have measure around 181.5cm
MrTatum said on 10/Apr/16
@joe 193cm night "in a matter of beauty Jensen is more beautiful than jared" Who ever mentions beauty when it comes to men? I've heard "Handsome", "Cute"and "Hot", I don't know about "Beautiful". "Beautiful" seems to fit Woman more and "Handsome" would be the closest equivalent for a Man in my opinion.
@Joe Click Here
Alex said on 8/Apr/16
Joe, chill out, Rob is a real gentleman to let you speak, so, shows respect. Jensen around 6'3 what kind of fanboy are you? It is a joke? Maybe you're trolling...
Editor Rob: as I mentioned before that weekend on stage With Alan ritchson he's a couple of inches smaller.
Joe said on 2/Apr/16
The clowns on this site strike yet again lmao. 6' for Jensen Ackles? GTFO. There is photographic evidence of Jensen almost being 6'3 in his mugshot on the show. But I'm sure you fools will just overlook this.
Editor Rob: Minus 0.7 inch of hair, 1.5 inch of boot and camera perspective and you are struggling with 6ft...but you would overlook that right ;)
Frank said on 30/Mar/16
Prime example of somone who's taller than 180cm, but under 183cm. The exact number within that range is impossible to tell unless he is measured in barefeet, or at least without his massive boots that he keeps wearing... Solid height, but not quite enough to be considered tall yet.
Jim Hopper said on 28/Mar/16
Weak 6-0 if he had those 0.5 more footwear on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
I wouldn't argue 181cm. He does look 6ft most of time...
189 cm man said on 17/Mar/16
181-182 range
Nils said on 16/Mar/16
To be honest he appears a solid 6ft on the show next to Jared.
But then you can speculate on the actual footwear advantage he has.
When they pose as agents u can see they use the same shoes.
It seems to me there is atleast 4.5 inches between them then.
Possibly 5 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Mar/16
184.5cm out of bed isn't impossible
yarrakuş said on 6/Mar/16
morning 184 night 182
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Mar/16
If he was really 6ft1, he wouldn't be getting dwarfed by he inflates Jared's height to make his claim look a little more valid
Satchy said on 29/Feb/16
Agree that max erected height is 183 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/16
Jensen Ackles: 182-183cm
Jared Padalecki: 193-194cm
S.J.H said on 10/Feb/16
Don't think much myth happen for jensen's height. People are wasting time here alot. It's likely he was 5'11.75 barefoot and 6'1 with shoes, why not?

Jensen weak 183cm (Solid 182cm)
Jared Padalecki solid and legit 193cm
Aza said on 7/Feb/16
Doesn't look a strong 6ft in the pic with Rob with 0.5 inches shoe advantage. Would guess maximus erectus 71 inches in the evening . Could be 72 inches first thing in the morning.
Alex said on 4/Feb/16
184 cm Ackles in normal shoes? Pretty close. In Supernatural he wears all the time big boots, a good 4 cm of heel. With this boots he seems something like 184-185 cm, nothing more. It's more accurate to say that in normal shoes (2 cm of heel), Ackles is 183 cm, like in the photo with Rob, and 181 cm barefoot.
Danny 1.98m said on 27/Jan/16
Met Jensen and jared and for me they look somewhere near their listed heights.
1.94 jared
1.84 Jensen
That's in normal shoes.
Alex said on 26/Jan/16
6'5 Padalecki? 6'1 Ackles? LOL Jensen is really a funny guy, but really, I think he have some problem to accept his height. Jensen is no more than 180-181 cm without his boots, and no more than a solid 6'3 Padalecki without his boots.
Short AF said on 24/Jan/16
The boots he wears are a solid two inches. Nothing under,
Click Here
The Comment from the manafacturer says the heel is two inches. He wears Chippewa, but most logger boots are the same.

Plus Im 5'7 and I wear these boots and im around 5'9 in them.
I have a pair that I've worn for a year and they're no less then 1.2-1.75inches after wearing them every single day.
Red Wing said on 16/Jan/16

I have a pair of boots in the exact same style (logger boots) that Jensen loves wearing especially when standing near Jared. They definitely give at least a solid 1.75 inches over barefoot, 2 inches if you use a Dr. Scholls work boot insole and not the paper thin one that comes factory standard.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 4/Jan/16
Do you think that Jensen might use lifts ? I mean,I have take a look in random photos and ocasions on him with Jared and he hardly looks 4 inches shorter.Like you said,he always have big boots but Jared also use a big footwear.Maybe he use lifts to look nearer his old claim 185,5-186
Editor Rob: I think he's more just a keen fan of bigger boots than outright lifts. He's certainly worn the 1.75 inch styles at times on the show, and in person the few times I seen him he was in a boot...
Len said on 4/Jan/16
Not seeing the 6'0" in Rob's pic at top, even accounting for the lean. Especially considering Ackles had a bit more footwear than 5-8 Rob.

He's a 5'11" guy, at most. I think Rob got fooled a bit by Ackles' upswept hairdo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/16
Weak 6ft: 182-182.5cm lowest
Flat 6ft: 182.5-183cm lowest
Strong 6ft: 183-183.5cm lowest
Judd ISR said on 26/Dec/15
As I said before, IMO Jensen is at his common low point 182,5 cms, so that is enough to classify him as a (weak) 6-footer...

If Rob will downgrade him to 5'11.75" than he will downgrade Nicholas Cage, Tom Hanks and others too...
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 20/Dec/15
@Andrea,please stop trying to downgrade Jensen
Rob has said that he could be a whisker under 6ft but the actual listing is fair.Just take a look in him with Jared.Sometimes he looks 5 inches smaller but others barely 2.Generally 4 inches.Jared is a good example of 6ft 4 and could also measure a tad over like .25 . Jensen at 4 inches smaller like 6ft is fair enough . Just accept the damn listing
Lonestar said on 6/Dec/15
Hes only 5'11.5 and always had 0.25-0.5 more shoe than jared padalecki , so that is why he assume padalecki was about 6feet5 but just a modest 6'4 guy
Andrea said on 29/Nov/15
And since you said that the chances that you meet him again are very low i guess he'll keep his 6' listing, right? 6' is not an awful listing, i'm sure he'd measure that mark at some point of the day (maybe earlier in the day) but 5'11.75 would just be a better listing! Reading the old comments, you said that, comparing him with other people you know, he didn't look under 182! But i also read that you said he had just 0.2 inches more footwear so maybe you thought he had a bit smaller advantage that he actually had ("a good 0.5 inch")! You can argue anywhere in 5'11.5-6' range in his case, but 6' is probably a bit too optimistic and 5'11.5 a bit too low, so 5'11.75 would be a good compromise!
Editor Rob: yes, at one point I found a side on shot of his boots that weekend and they turned out to be thicker than I thought when looking down at them in the photoshoot. Much more like a 1.5 than 1.2 styles.
Andrea said on 28/Nov/15
What do you mean with strong 6' range? If he had 0.5 more footwear and he still gets listed at 6', he should have looked at least as tall as the young chap (who is actually 6' 3/8)!
I ask you because he looks nowhere near 6' in this picture but he obviously must be slouching! I wouldn't say that he COULD fall into the almost 6' range but that he MUST be a weak 6'... You said that a guy like Daniel Cudmore was a very small fraction under 6'7 at worst and he turned out to be 6'6.5, so half an inch under... Do you think that Jensen might be 5'11.5??? I'd just put him at 5'11.75 but maybe on a very bad day he might measure nearer 5'11.5? That's certainly the lowest i'd argue, though!
Editor Rob: anywhere 6ft - 6ft 0.5 range. I'd say 5ft 11.75 is quite an arguable figure, but i'd probably need to see him again.
Andrea said on 27/Nov/15
Rob, without considering the footwear advantage, did he look as tall as the 184 young guy (from the HC)?
Editor Rob: I'd say in the strong 6ft range. To be fair he could fall into the almost 6ft range barefoot, but I doubt really that much under it though.
MalcolmReynolds said on 27/Nov/15
Great actor, it's too bad he can't be honest about his height.
AJ Morales said on 17/Nov/15
Funny. I always thought that he was 186 cm (6 ft 1.25 in).
Although, he still looks very short next to Jared Padalecki.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/15
@Judd ISR: I'd toss A completely. Not convinced he's a strong 6ft guy in the evening. That would make Padalecki 6ft5 or more. He's more likely to dip slightly under 6ft in the evening than stay above it. He could very well be 184-185cm out of bed though so C is probably the best maybe D on a bad day.
Allie said on 10/Oct/15
After looking at his pics with him and Jared, I think he looks more like 5'11.5.

Also, Rob how much height do you think he's losing by leaning? And inch or so?
[Editor Rob: yes about an inch I'd say.]
Andrea said on 8/Oct/15
Rob, i just saw you reloaded old comments and i must say it's quite interesting to see what people (and you too) thought almost 10 years ago... Of course the old mate Viper didn't think he was over 5'11 :)
I just read that you saw him with other people you know and didn't think he was under 182, which is fair, even if the picture doesn't show that at all! You also said at one point that maybe he wore lifts in the show, before meeting him i guess xD
What are the other pages where you put the old comments? I'm curious to see them!
[Editor Rob: I've no idea, as pages get refreshed some comments from mid 2005-9 might appear on the lesser visited pages. Yes, a bunch of old G comments might return as well!

I managed to find a backup of comment data from the 2005-9 era that I could use...other backups had different fields/structure so it never worked the last time I attempted.]
SteelEyeball said on 4/Oct/15
Rob, I have the same boots and they are 2in. I can provide photographic proof, if you'd like.
[Editor Rob: yes, it would be useful to see a tape beside the heel, as it shows how he can walk taller than 6ft on the show at times.]
Judd ISR said on 4/Oct/15
Rob what binomial would fit him better?

A) 185,5cms/183,5cms
B) 185,0cms/183,0cms
C) 184,5cms/182,5cms
D) 184,0cms/182,0cms
[Editor Rob: C-D, somewhere in that is probably more realistic.]
Maximus said on 2/Oct/15
Click Here
There is a picture of the boots he wears on Supernatural. Rob, what would you say the heel is on those?
[Editor Rob: I posted before about them, they definitely can give over 1.5 inches, 1.6 or 1.7 depending on how thick the insole is.

It's why when Misha Collins was wearing vans sneakers jensen could look a solid 2 inches taller.]
Allie said on 1/Oct/15
When you guys say "182" do you guys mean 5'11.5 or 5'11.75? I assume the latter because when people say weak 6 ft, that means a fraction off..
[Editor Rob: it can mean either really]
Aza said on 27/Sep/15
Looks a weak 6 footer.
Josh said on 11/Sep/15
He's leaning in this picture. Standing straight he's probably over 6'1. Take away the boots, he is a solid 6 footer. Nothing more, nothing less.
Andrea said on 30/Aug/15
Naah, 181 I'd be very surprised if he was that low! I think around 182 is fine, he's definitely a weak 6' but can pull off 184 on the show with his thick boots! Ian is a tricky guy, he can certainly look over 176 but he seems a guy who has "grown" through these years, meaning he very likely has worn small lifts at times! As for Jensen i'd be surprised if he was only 181 as much as if he was a full 183! 5'11.75 is a believable range for him!
colin said on 23/Aug/15
rob, don't you think Jensen could be a little under the 6ft mark? Maybe 181cm?
Because next to 5'9.25 Ian he looks at most 5'10 with bad posture

Or do you think that Ian happens to wear enormous mega lifts?
because if that is the case, it's ridiculous
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/15
He was in one season of Smallville...
Panda said on 21/Jul/15
Seems like the general consensus on this page is that Jensen Ackles is more 182 cm. tall so a weak 6'0". Rob maybe you should downgrade him to 5'11.75" (182 cm)? I think that would be a fairer listing for him.
Jenilynn said on 16/Jul/15
I think that both are tall you can look on the television show and see that both Sam and Dean are not short I think that Dean is about 6'1 and Sam is about 6'5 just look at their Surroundings like the car then standing beside it look at the height of the car window. I would really love to meet dean that is my one fantasy in my life
Maximus said on 4/Jul/15
Rob, how was this guy in person? Was he friendly, etc.? Really want to meet him!
[Editor Rob: he was ok way back at the first event, I think in later event he was more tired, although I enjoyed his stage talk more the later time, maybe more confidence and comebacks/banter.]
Zach said on 29/Aug/12
@Zero, agree with your comment there.
zero said on 28/Aug/12
This guy is probably a strong 5'11 guy and wears thicked heeled boots.
Jake: 1.82 m--1.83 m--1.84 m said on 24/Aug/12
Yeah he's easily 6ft.
Zach said on 22/Aug/12
I did post some pics of this guys dodgy footwear but seems to have gotten deleted.
Reality said on 17/Aug/12
I think he's 6'0.5,6'1 ain't impossible as well.
tom said on 9/Aug/12
Id say 6.0 for sure,maybe 6,1" due to the way he is bending sideways.
ray 6' 158 lbs said on 7/Aug/12
i think jensen is 182 cm at mourning and 179.5 cm at night he is 165 lbs in supnat season 1 and in bloody valentine 3 d,and after he is 34 alredy and hes getting fatter he is 185 now,and i read on the net he can bench press 210 lbs and padalceki can 325 lbs.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 30/Jul/12
Rob, i saw an interview of Jared where he says that Jensen is 6'1 and that he's 6'4! How cant he notice he's too much taller? In all the pics the 4 inches difference is the minimum difference between them!
[Editor Rob: Jared is probably at night still 6ft 4 himself.

little chance Jensen is 6ft 1 unless it's morning height.]
Tyler said on 27/Jul/12
Solid 6'0". Maybe 6'0.5".
Triplescrew said on 26/Jul/12
Ackles is a decent 6'1" in his boots, 6'0"-ish in normal shoes, and probably hovers around a strong 5'11" barefoot.

That's how I feel after watching 7 seasons of Supernatural, assuming Padalecki is 6'4" which I do not doubt.
uk183cm said on 15/Jun/12
Nothing over 6ft for Jensen, probably 182cm
Hob said on 13/Jun/12
in Supernatural recently jared wore bigger footwear than season 1-3 more often in sneakers and look 3" top over jensen, so recently i had notice jared look closer to 4.5" taller than jensen ackles. he could be 5'11.5 than 6'0. i think he was 6'1 in shoe.
Patrick said on 7/Jun/12
He definitely is 6 foot-tall. Whteher it is on this picture or in SV or Supernatural. Beside a 6'4 Jared, he would look real short otherwise, what he doesn't.
Reg said on 31/Jan/12
@Rob What happened to all the comments. It was a large page i remember last i visited.
[Editor Rob: a portion of recent comments got wiped]
nice guy said on 29/Jan/12
he's 180cm ( 5'11 ) without his massive boots ...wearing them as he does in supernatural he's 6ft area 183cm /184cm...his 6'1 claim is bull
Denise said on 28/Jan/12
I think Jensen Ackles can sing really good acting. He also looks really sexy (well without the beard he looks much better) good that he wears in supernatural no. I mean what is the man wants more !!!
nina said on 30/Jun/09
The stunt man/guy in the suit on My Bloody Valentine 3D, in discussing his role and how he prepared for it, mentioned that it was an unusual role for him because they had to had to make him taller in order to match Jensen's height(they also had to pad him out to match Jensen's size). He said he is 5 ft 11 and they made him 6ft 2. So I do think that points to Jensen being anywhere from 6ft to 6ft 1. As well both the director of the film and the writer mentioned that they were surprised how big Jensen was when they met him. This is not an unusual comment. I think he just comes across, for whatever reason, as smaller than he actually is on screen because alot of people in real life meet him and then say "He's a big guy, I was surprised".
lily said on 23/Jun/09
in this picture he's with dannel harris who's 5'7.

Click Here
Josh.J said on 18/Jun/09
does look slightly taller than michael rosenbaum. then again we dont know what he's wearing. looks a like a solid 6ft guy. i could by 5'11 if he has monster shoes on.

Click Here
Click Here
wowuguys said on 17/Jun/09
hes a tricky one.. im a huge smallvill fan and in one scene where him and michael are tied up hands in the air he does look 1 inch over michael but for some reason i have a hard time seeing him at 6' (doesnt mean he isnt) but i see more 5'11 or 5'10 but who knows
6'1" guy said on 17/Jun/09
looks about 6 feet
Josh.J said on 17/Jun/09
clay dont pay too much attention to sid. he made some mistakes and instead of owning up to it like a man he goes on the offensive. clearly a sign of someone with deep insecurities and needless pride. anyways i have noticed throughout the show that jensen is slightly bow-legged. probably doesnt affect his real height much but could affect his posture.
J.Lee said on 15/Jun/09
oh he's defininetly at least 6 rob
Josh.J said on 12/Jun/09
jensen looks closer to welling than i'd imagined. he looks a solid 6ft.

Click Here
Clay said on 11/Jun/09
Sid, saying a characters name completely wrong is not opinion. You made a mistake simple as that. It's Castielle not Casio, those names sound nothing alike. You are telling me to get a life ? I'm not the one who brags about being more muscular than everyone else.
sid said on 8/Jun/09
Jensen is 5'11 max..he was no more a inch then I am..
Haze said on 5/Jun/09
hes got a good lean going on. but even if he straightens up i see 5'11. so 6' seems possible
J.J. said on 2/Jun/09
6'0.5" is possible
sid said on 2/Jun/09
Clay casio was a watch, perfect...
sid said on 2/Jun/09
Clay Jensen was atleast a inch taller then me..we where pretty close eye to eye..he's 5'11 5'10 min..casio who cares.i don't really care clay.. no ones perfect..if we where perfect how are we suppose to learn from our mistakes. if your perfect your not from this planet pal..If I wanna say casio I will..I'm not not doing nothing,I'm speaking my mind, its called dont like what I read don't respond perfect...casio Catielle. sounds the same to me..get a life man.. i have intitled to my opinions.. you never seen jensen in person I have how would you know he would be 5'11 to 5 I saw him in person..he looked the same height or a more then 5'11...besides he wears thick soled boots to make him 6ft...Jared looked 6'4 def taller then tom.. atleast 1.5 to 2 inches..your just judging by photos, im judging by person.remember u dont like my opts then dont read it
Anonymous said on 30/May/09
I agree that Jensen is bending.
Jenna said on 29/May/09
Ok guys just to confirmt the whole height thing jensen is just a fraction over 6ft, and yes he is bowlegged (too much riding)he has pretty big hands and feet, oh and if your wondering yeah thats pretty big too!!!!, oh and im 5'7 and there is no way Silvester is 5'9 this site is kinda funny x
Clay said on 29/May/09
Jared makes everyone look like a shrimp, except maybe guys in the NBA.
Sare said on 28/May/09
'he makes me look like a shrimp', I seriously love this guy! :D he's gorgeous!
DaShawn said on 27/May/09
I'm 5'10 without shoes and believe me two inches is not much. Take it from a person that has dated men a couple of inches shorter or taller than me. In the photo Jensen Ackles is leaning towards Rob as taller people tend to due to compensate for the height differ. In addition, you can only tell how tall someone is my standing side by side with shoulders back with the other individual. Don't judge what you see in picture or screen. On the screen if a person is standing upstage at a angle they may appear to be leveled with the actor across from them. So take the above photo with a grain of salt. Take it from a person that have dated men either two inches shorter or taller than my natural height.
Comets said on 26/May/09
seriously rob, you look like the love child of gerard butler and sean pertwee, kidding, but the resemblance is uncanny... ever thought about becoming an actor? :)

[Editor Rob: not in front of the camera, but maybe one day I'll be an extra, that's as far as my talent would stretch ;)]
Natalie said on 25/May/09
Just look at that photo..
Click Here

I think this guy is no more than 5'11 (180cm)..
nina said on 23/May/09
Hmm, he is bowlegged, maybe he just doesn't stand straight all that often? :) Plenty of people who actually work with him have commented that he was taller than they thought he'd be. He might be bending his knees a little in the pic above.
Clay said on 23/May/09
LOL Casio, wasn't that an old VCR brand ? Misha Collins plays Catielle.
sid said on 19/May/09
PEOPLE did you guys watch the season finale of supernatural, well theres a angel name casio, played by mischa, he is listed at 5'10, jensen looked barely ever taller. he probably had o'5 inches to maybe a inch, 6,0 to 6'1 is absurbed...jensen is around 5'10'5 to 5'11 I have seen jensen in new west here in B.C we looked around the same height I wasn't too far from him, and I am 5'10 he could be a tad taller.. eye to eye i would have thought 5'10 max 5'11 he could be a inch taller then me..he isntno more.
MAJ said on 18/May/09
On a season 2 episode of Dark Angel (2001), when he is about to fight, he is announced as 6'. If he was taller than 6', why wouldn't he have had that corrected?
Shakers said on 7/May/09
he is 182. not 6`1.
dire said on 5/May/09
i think he is 183-184...he looks so on many pictures with Jared...
Shakers said on 5/May/09
Vladimir, this is not jensen (Din Winchester) height.
It is growth of other actor playing the werewolf turned in Jensen.
Vladimir said on 21/Apr/09
Hey u guys remember this from Season One, episode 15 "The Benders"?Click Here

It's when Dean is talking with that police officer in her office, and he's trying to find info on his missing brother, and she finds this info on both brothers. According to this, they're both 6'4? That's just weird. Why would they both be listed at the same height, even though Sam is clearly taller than Dean. That's just weird.
Nick said on 16/Apr/09
karly, just because he says he's 6'1 doesn't mean it's true. Tom Cruise used to say he's 5'10... how did that turn out. Men often lie about their height, just like woman lie about their weight.
Clay said on 14/Apr/09
Nope he is about 6 foot, 6'2 on Supernatural because he wears thick boots. Are you not the same guy who made the absurd claim that Jared Padalecki is "6'2.5 at best". LOL Jensen is just about 6 foot and Jared is a full 6'4. Get over it.
Anonymous said on 12/Apr/09
yeah 6 feet is a stretch, i bet he is just 5'11
Hugh 190cm said on 8/Apr/09
Might be little over 6ft out of bed.
jeremy said on 8/Apr/09
hey...i was wondering ther's a picture in supernatural wer sam,dean and john are standing together, and dean(jensen) looks 5'10" next to john(jefery dean morgan)
mofo said on 8/Apr/09
Exactly but Iam banking on 5ft11.25 defernetly not lower or higher.
Alex said on 7/Apr/09
When you see the pics of me and Rob, I am more taller near Rob than Jensen is. Jenson is more than just 5'11 flat but doesn't hit 6'0 at midday or evening. 5'11 1/2 looks most accurate for him now.

[Editor Rob: yeah, jensen claiming 6ft 1 is unreal.]
mofo said on 4/Apr/09
He's 5ft11.25 not 6ft if you look at the pic above he might be leaning but his right shoulder is higher up than if he stood straight (pendulum effect)and isn't that much higher than robs shoulder. Plus his eye level if you compensate for the lean is'nt that high either a true 6ft standing next to a 5dt8 guy his eye level would just about be level with the top of the 5ft8 guys head (has a true 6ft1 guys eye level would just be over the top of a 5ft8 guys head).
dope said on 30/Mar/09
Jensen always gives off the impression of a decent 5'11. I don't see him anywhere near 6'1.
linebacker40 said on 29/Mar/09
Very similar height to me. He probably wakes up between 6'0"-6'.25" and goes to bed between 5'11.25"-5'11.5". He's definitely in the gray zone between average and tall.
sid said on 25/Mar/09
jessica Jensen aclkes is 5'11 he had a inch on me.. I saw them both jensen and jared..Jared looked 1'5 inch taller then tom.. who is 6'2'5
dude said on 23/Mar/09
did any one see the latest episode of supernatural on the head of a pin? that when alastair breaks loose he lifts dean up in a chokehold above the ground and you see a snapshot of his shoes while he is being lifted up..they are a minimum of 2 inches..
jessica said on 14/Mar/09
Jensen is 6'1 tall, or 185 cm, he aint small at all, he definetely is not under 6 foot he is a tall guy and Jared Padalecki is 6'4, both are mega fit I love them both, supernatural rocks.
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/09
Interesting. I always thought that he had Michael by at least an inch during Season 4.
Patrick said on 5/Mar/09
Nice thought Yaspaa ! Jensen is nice too and deserves it. I have just watched a Smallville
Yaspaa said on 1/Mar/09
happy birthday Jensen.
Yaspaa said on 23/Feb/09
Here is a screencap from an episode of Dawsons Creek,he's pictured with 5'9.5 Geoffrey Lewis and does look close to 6'0. Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Feb/09
Hmmm... He looked very average height in "My Bloody Valentine", kind of short if anything. Seemed more 5'10" than 6' or even 6'1".
Yaspaa said on 18/Feb/09 nugget! That's the silliest thing I ever heard.
sid said on 10/Feb/09
Atleast 5'11 in boots 6ft, he does have big heels man..adds a extra. I saw him in newest here in B.c he didn't look barely taller then me. I estimated he looked a inch taller then I am 5'10, maybe 1'5 max on me
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/09
Jensen is 6,1 and Jared is 6,3 nuf said
Da Man said on 8/Feb/09
Jensen is way smaller than Jared minus camera tricks and footwear advantages. Over 4" shorter.
Rim said on 5/Feb/09
Id say Jensen is about 6ft1,
because Jared is 6ft4 and Jensen isnt that much smaller
and anyways..who cares how tall they are!
it doesnt matter if he says hes 6ft1 when hes not!
i probably do the same!
Da Man said on 3/Feb/09
Buck says on 2/Feb/09
"Well, if Jamie King is 5'10 then Ackles can't only be 5'11. Click Here"

Except 5'6" Jessica Alba (in heels) only looks around 2" shorter than Jensen there. Hmmm...
Buck said on 2/Feb/09
Well, if Jamie King is 5'10 then Ackles can't only be 5'11. Click Here

Ackles stuntman in My Boddy Valetine, Cris Carnel, is 5'11 and he said in an interview that it was one of the first times the actor he doubled for was actually taller then him. Sorry, I can't seem to find the interview again.

I say he's 6'
Suz said on 28/Jan/09
As I just pointed out on the Jared page, I am 5'11'' in bare feet, and Jensen had at least two inches over me with us both in trainers. Believe me, a girl notices these things.
rob89 said on 23/Jan/09
Honestly i only see 5'11 tops in this photo. I can't see why everyone thinks that's 4+ inches of difference, EVEN if he straightened up. The top of the editor's head would still reach Ackles' forehead, and since he doesn't seem to have a particularly long forehead, that's not 4 inches. Don't let his hairstyle trick you either.

Of course this doesn't mean he really is only 5'11, it's just one photo afterall. I'm just giving my opinion on his height based on this pic. I think the difference between him and Jared was only about 4 inches as well, so if Jared really is 6'4 then Ackles could very well be 6'. Padalecki definitely isn't under 6'3, so this guy could be anything between 5'11-6' i think.
Ed(1) said on 21/Jan/09
Ackles did look to be a solid inch taller then Smith in My Bloody Valentine, and this was while wearing construction style boots to Smith's cop boots. If Ackles is a legit 6ft first thing in the morning, then it's safe to say he's in the neighborhood of 5ft11.25 by the end of the day if not less. They do a lot of night shoots in Supernatural with him and Padalecki running all over the place, so maybe his looking a bit shorter at times is due to the normal shrinkage through the day. Either way, I don't think I've ever seen him without boots on with exception of the one episode I mentioned earlier where him and Padalecki stood barefoot side by side, and honestly he didn't look 6ft at all.
Zach said on 20/Jan/09
Agreed with Alex. Unless something fishy was going on with footwear, Ackles was taller than Smith in MBV, albeit only slightly.
Alex said on 20/Jan/09
If Ackles is as low as 5'11 1/2 which is the lowest I'd buy him at because he's over 3 inches taller than Rob. Kerr Smith is a guy who can look taller than he is. Would be something if he was as low as just 5'10.
Alex said on 19/Jan/09
Both Ackles and Kerr Smith are both listed at 6'0 on this site. Ackles was an inch or so taller than Smith in My Bloody Valentine so I'd say 6'0 for Ackles and 5'11 for Smith.
Ed(1) said on 16/Jan/09
Curious, the episode was Yellow Fever back from October 2008 I believe. Both Jared and Jensen take their shoes off at the request of the sherrif and walk into his office standing side-by-side, and Jared had an easy 4 inches if not more on Jensen.

Check out the Jared Padalecki page to see the pics posted by Yaspaa from last November.

Rob has him at a safe estimate, but I have a feeling he's a bit less then a full 6ft.
?? said on 16/Jan/09
in the pics of him with jared,and jared has his arms around jensen's shoulder,well one of his shoulder is elevated...and considering that the height difference i say would be 6"1.....
Josh said on 16/Jan/09
180cm or 181cm barefeet thats right
Curious said on 16/Jan/09
"On the show the other night they both took off their shoes and stood side by side barefoot"

What episode was that?
6'1 said on 14/Jan/09
At least 6' Click Here
Allnew2009 said on 12/Jan/09
180 or 181 barefeet, 6'1 in footwear.
Linebacker40 said on 5/Jan/09
This guy is a tough one to call. Anywhere from 5'11"-6'1" is a reasonable guess. I say he's a solid 6'.
hjr6 said on 25/Dec/08
solid 5'11"
Jim said on 22/Dec/08
Well, in this picture, he does look about 10 cm(4") taller than you, Mr. Rob Paul, so I guess you sized him up quite accurately.
pity said on 20/Dec/08
in Smallville he looks very small
S4M said on 19/Dec/08
That picture by Yaspaa showing Jensen playing the guitar on his legs sums it all up. As pointed out, he does have ENORMOUS heels on his boots, which do make him 6'1 for the purpose of being casted opposite to Padelecki. 5'11.5" at most for Jensen.
Alts said on 18/Dec/08
Perhaps 5/11.5
Josh said on 11/Dec/08
to me he is 5'11.25 (181cm)
Anu said on 6/Dec/08
Jensen is 6'1. It's just that in Supernatural he seems so short. And that is because Jared Padalecki is so tall, like 6'4. Beacause if you compared Jensen in Smallville, with ex. Michael rosenbaum who is known to be 6ft, there you can see that Jensen is taller than him.
spence said on 6/Dec/08
Rob.. This guy is no more than 5ft11.. You should check on his footwear.. is true.. Time to round down him.
Maribel said on 27/Nov/08
About 1m81.
Deh Ape said on 27/Nov/08
Yeah, I'was curious too, in the episode when they go into the jail to stop the killing there, when the picture is taken (jail-style) they have the height ruler behind and I assumed it was tampered with. It says that he should be about 6'1" - 6'2", but when they are standing in line with the other prisoners he' amongst the shortest ones and Sam/Jarad isn't amongst the tallest either. If he's 6'1" then a few of those "inmates" have to been over 7' and I really doubt that.
LuV said on 26/Nov/08
Really?He looks short in Supernatural...
6'1 said on 17/Nov/08
I wouldn't doubt him being 6'1
BackStageJim said on 17/Nov/08
6'1 easy in dress shoes @ recent SPN con. Jared noted I'm more 6'5, mostly torso, having shorter legs then most tall guys.
Alex said on 13/Nov/08
He's leaning and is still 3 inches taller than Rob. If he straightens he'll probably hit 6'0.
Josh said on 13/Nov/08
5'11 tops.
Alex said on 12/Nov/08
5'11-6'1 is one of the tougher ranges to guess for guys height if you notice.
Yaspaa said on 10/Nov/08
Strong 5'11 or weak 6'0.
Peter said on 9/Nov/08
He is 5`11, 6`1with his special boots on the show.
Lenad said on 9/Nov/08
I dont think it would hurt to drop him to 182cm.
Yaspaa said on 8/Nov/08
Big heel Click Here
Edwin Williams said on 7/Nov/08
I'm 6'3" (about 3 inches taller than Jensen is) and I thought I was the only jolly giant here (lol). By the way, and not that it matters, but why is Rob's face cut out in this pic?
Eva said on 4/Nov/08
I can't claim to have really met him but I once stood behind him in an elevator. He was certainly 6ft plus. I'm 5'8" and he took me by surprise because I didn't expect him to be that much taller than me. I didn't notice his shoes because I was too busy checking out the shoulders!
n said on 3/Nov/08
Jensen Ackles is actually tall, people just don't think so when he stands next to Jared Padalecki because Jared is INSANELY tall
Jewell said on 27/Oct/08
He is 6'- 6' 1". if u think about it 4 inchs seems alot in the height department when u stand next to someone who is 6' 4".
Ed(1) said on 24/Oct/08
Yeah XYZBLAST, on the show the other night they both took off their shoes and stood side by side barefoot, Jared had an easy 4-5 inches on Jensen! Also you could get a good look at his boots, which are like logging boots with some serious heel. I'd say 5ft11.5 tops for Ackles!
xyzblast said on 24/Oct/08
he looked even shorter when they both took off the shoes. Maybe Jared is getting taller, lol.
jen said on 11/Oct/08
Personally, i think we can all surmise how tall Jensen really is but only people who have actually stood next to him have the better judgemnent i believe! Anyone here met him?
ellena said on 10/Oct/08
who cares how tall he is, he's freaking hot! Im around 5'2, so i'd be so short standing next to him.
Jo said on 2/Oct/08
Misha Collins is 5`8!!!!
Gwalhaved said on 30/Sep/08
This pic just proves what a nice guy Jensen Ackles is. He's obviously leaning in towards Rob and slouching a bit trying to make himself look a little shorter than he actually is - maybe because he knows how it feels standing next to Jared. Per Misha Collins, the actor who plays Castiel on the show and who is measured at 6'1", both Jared and Jensen are gigantic. Misha says that usually when he meets other actors in person, they're miniature versions, but Jared and Jensen are both tall. OMG - next you'll be measuring other body parts to see who's the bigger man! Please guys, let's face it, Jensen has a killer set of genes, including naturally curled eyelashes that most girls would kill for (at least Rosie Perez would), awesome green-gold eyes and a brain smart enough to contemplate becoming a doctor. And if height were a prerequisite for fame and fortune and getting girls - well, Prince broke all those rules years ago. When my boss caught me comparing myself to the impossibly sylph-like model doing a shoot in front of our NYC office, she said - "Face it, they're freaks of nature, they're not like the rest of us! They're like aliens or something." Never made me feel any better - but hey...
Bongo said on 26/Sep/08
And for those who say Jared's got only 3 inches on Jensen, take a look at this. Click Here

You can also see their shoes. I'd give Jared a good 4+ inches on Jensen.
Bongo said on 26/Sep/08
@ Ed(1): I totally agree with your scenario. They usually make Jensen wear those Logging boots whereas Jared tends to wear normal (inch or so) sneakers). Obviously, with the heel advantage that Jensen has, he'd tend to gain more height than Jared, which why some fools on this page believe Jared to have only 3 inches on Jensen (when in fact, it's more like 4-4.5 inches). But then again, producers will never have a shrimp like Jensen wearing the same shoes as Jared.

Anywho, with that in mind: Jensen is a strong 5'11.5 to 6'0 TOPS! Jared is definately the 6'4 he's billed at without a doubt. (after all, he's got the physique and frame of giant.)
Ed(1) said on 22/Sep/08
Vampiric I have no agenda to discredit Ackles, I like the guy! He's a good actor, and definitely entertaining to watch on Supernatural, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't think he's 6ft1! The evidence is in the pic above with Rob who met him, and said he looked near 6ft if not shorter while wearing what looked like 1.25" heeled shoes. Go back and rewatch Supernatural and you'll see he's consistently wearing big heeled boots(either construction style or Logging boots)to Padalecki's flatter heeled shoes. I peg Ackles at 5ft11.5 tops to Padalecki's 6ft4. With the boots he wears on the show he's probably scraping 6ft1, while Padalecki is an easy 6ft4.75-6ft5 in his shoes.
Vampiric said on 21/Sep/08
So Ed, let me get this straight - you do believe that Jared Padalecki is indeed 6'4 but you don't believe that Ackles is 6'1?
Either way, with boots or not, on a Hollywood chart or on a real one.. no one here can prove for sure how tall he is unless they meet and measure him themselves.
Let it go, fellas. The guy seems very tall to me, plenty of ladies like him, he's famous and talented.. let's leave it at that.
Ed(1) said on 21/Sep/08
Vampiric, come on you can't buy the Hollywood height charts used in movies!! You do realize the movie studio, or in this case the TV studio's goal is to make their star look larger then life? So based on that chart Ackles is between 6ft2 and 6ft3! LOL!!! Next time you watch Supernatural check out the heels on his boot, they are at least 1.25-1.5 inches easy. In one episode he wears logging boots which have an even more extreme heel, sort of like a cowboy boot. He's somewhere between 5ft11-6ft tops!
Alex said on 20/Sep/08
Thing is he is still 3 inches taller than Rob with him leaning. He's gaining at least 1/2 inch more standing straight.

[Editor Rob: I keep meaning to try to find a fuller size of his footwear, there is a chance they were more than 1.25...]
Umar said on 20/Sep/08
He's like 5"10, and even under 6" with his hair.
Vampiric said on 20/Sep/08
Click Here After you check out this picture if you tell me he's under 6 feet then either you're BLIND or you're stupid.
Ed(1) said on 15/Sep/08
Interesting enough, in the film Devour Jensen's character's license says 5ft11. This film came out back in 2005 right around the time Supernatural started it's run
Alex said on 8/Sep/08
He's over 5'11 but may not be 6'0. At least 5'11 1/2 but could very well be 6'0 too.
Mel said on 6/Sep/08
hes 6ft1
no debate
Ed(1) said on 5/Sep/08
Jensen definitely looks in the 5ft11-6ft range, but I don't think I'd go much further then that. It's pretty clear that even with the big boots he wears on Supernatural he's still a good 4 or more inches shorter then Padalecki. Depending on the camera angles they can make Jensen and Jared look within a few inches of each other, but then when the camera pans back and takes them both in walking side by side, the difference is glaringly obvious!

Rob has him at a good height, though I could see 5ft11.5 on the low end! As for Padalecki, he's an easy 6ft4!
Vampiric said on 3/Sep/08
You've GOT to be kidding me. Jared Padalecki is 6'4, that's why he makes Jensen seem short. But he isn't. Whoever says he's under 6' - you have no idea what you're talking about.
Angela said on 29/Aug/08
Jensen is 6'1". I was stood in exactly the same place this guy was and he towered over me. I was in front of him and heard it from the horses mouth that he is 6'1" and Jared is 6'4" So Jared makes Jensen looks short next to him on screen. Jensen literally has a presence that demands the whole room take notice of him.
Chlawk said on 18/Aug/08
I was bending the same way with my co-dancer on prom and had about the same possition as Jensen was here.. When I saw the picture I thaught I was looking an easy 6ft1 myself and was 15 centimeters bigger than her.. and when we where both standing normaly in a nother picture.. I was still looking 6ft1 (I am a week 6ft thaught) and oh no.. she was looking 5ft11 all the suden.. there are certain angles that mess with your head.. I bett if he would stand straight.. he would apper smaller! And as far as I saw.. he loves bigg ass boots.. he is no way bigger than 6ft, a solid 5ft11... and no way Jared is 6ft6.. I would say a weak 6ft4.. in the Prison episode on Supernatural.. he was about the average.. now don
Manuel said on 15/Aug/08
Ruga, could you please post a link where Eric Kripke says Jared is 6'6"?
Mr. R said on 12/Aug/08

which of Jared's brothers is 6-7? Older or younger? Do you have a pic of his whole family together?
Ruga said on 8/Aug/08
Are you kidding? Jared Padalecki is close to 6ft 6 inches tall. Not impossible, his brother is at least 6ft 7, so tallness runs in the family. Eric Kripke the producer of Supernatural recently said Jared was 6ft 6 but I'll assume he was rounding up a little. There are photos of him from 2007 in the lobby at a play in Fort Worth, Texas and he is literally towering over everyone in the crowd. Just about every actor who works on the show comments on how extremely tall he is. Of course 6ft 1 Jensen(even a 6ft 1/2 Jensen) is going to look short next to Jared. People who work on the show are always joking they feel sorry for Jensen because he's tall but next to Jared he doesn't look it so people assume he's short. Then they meet him in person and are always surprised by how big he is because they expect some 5ft 9 pipsqueak but it turns out that his co-star just happens to be huge. So I'd be willing to believe Jensen is either 6ft or 6ft 1 quite easily.
Chlawk said on 7/Aug/08
Click Here

If you look very close in the end... you see he has platform boots on that ad about 2 inches.. and looks a solin 10 centimeters smaller than Jared... he might be 5ft 11,.. no way he is 6ft...
Hugh said on 21/Jul/08
Looking at this picture(Click Here), i don't think Jared is 4 inches taller than Jensen... I guess 3 inches. But we can't see their shoes here... Again, here (Click Here) i guess same difference... 3 inches..
Jessicaa said on 18/Jul/08
OMG, I'm 5ft8.5 and look how much taller he is than somebody that is 5ft8.
In Supernatural he looks really small with sam but thats because Jared Padalecki is really tall himself, making Jensen look like a shrimp, sorry Jensen, i really really really love you though!!!!!!!


Click Here

Click Here
Yaspaa said on 17/Jul/08
Authority,have you looked at any of the previously posted pictures,under 6'3?!,here is a tip,when the pacifier is out of the mouth... dont talk!
JO said on 13/Jul/08
In the eipsode in supernaturl where the lady keeps on dying in a car crash and shes looking for her husband. Well that actress is 5`10. She was in no more than 2 inch boots. She was exactly the same height as Jensen.

But, Jensen was also in his boots (1 inch) Id say he is a strong 5`11.
AAAA said on 6/Jul/08
The doorways in my house are all 6'7. The ones in my dorm at school were 7'. I seen 6'4 ones in older houses
Elisabeth said on 5/Jul/08
Omg, he is 6'1! This hotty doesn't look like 6'1 next to jared! Looks more like 6' or 5'10".
Authority said on 5/Jul/08
Funny how at the bottom people are estimating 5'10" - 5'11," now he's magically climbed to 6'1." Jared was quoted earlier in this thread as saying himself he's 6' 3" so he may be slightly under this figure. He never appears to be super tall as he comes in under door frames with plenty of room to spare, a 6' 4" guy would almost have to duck under most doorways.
Yaspaa said on 5/Jul/08
6'1 is probably his height in footwear,actors all seem to do this.
patrick said on 2/Jul/08
This guy not only is quite tall at minimum 6 feet or even 6'1 but alkso very broad shouldered. He definitely needs to be in order to appear next to a guy as Jared and not looking ridiculous.
In Smallville, h eplayed a couch and I always found him really credible.
In the pic he visibly is leaning as result he loses a good inche.
Vampiric said on 1/Jul/08
6? No. 6'1 ? Yes.
WantingToBe6FT said on 1/Jun/08
Has, and always will look at least 6'0.5" to me
Yaspaa said on 27/May/08
Authority and Chrissy,6'1 for Padalecki is the lamest estimation ever,I think it's time to visit the doctor or an optician.
Zack said on 23/May/08
chrissy, "Authority", is that you?! If you're talking about Jared from supernatural, the dude is 6'4". Jensen looks to be a solid 6'0, end of discussion.
Authority said on 23/May/08
I say he's 5'10" like Chrissy below as his younger brother on the show can't be more than 6'1" and he has several inches on this guy.
Brad said on 22/May/08
6'1 would be almost pearing over the top of Rob's head (that is if he is 5'8). Jensen seems like a 6 footer, though I personally would give him a STRONG 5'11 and a half. He's leaning after all, so I'd give him 182cm. I think he's most likely 6'1 with shoes. Especially in Supernatural, he seems to be taller than when he's offscreen. Jared usually dwarfs him offscreen (looking at all the previous postings). Jensen must be using some elevator shoes in Supernatural.
Davey said on 21/May/08
looks close enough to 6 foot to me.Maybe 182cm
Anonymous said on 17/May/08
6'1 is a little tight but hard to tell as he's leaning in slightly! people who are tall naturally slouch to appear shorter and more on a level with the people they are with especially if they are a lot shorter (like me!) but if they stand up straight with shoulders back they can imediately gain 2-3 inches easy!
Yaspaa said on 15/May/08
6'1 is stretching it never mind 6'2.
xyzblast said on 10/May/08
lol mmm you havent seen many Indian actors have you? Yes, he is also a great actor. But he has to stretch a lot to be 6'2.
mmmm said on 7/May/08
mmmm GOD i'd eat him alive haha

there's no way that he's less than 6'0 honestly he's just bending down
if he stood up straight he'd be 6'1/6'2 i recon
mm said on 2/May/08
Isn`t Jensen looking sweet. He is the best looking actor I know
6' said on 13/Apr/08
Chrissy is your vision impaired or logic. He is clearly leaning...
Ruby said on 12/Apr/08
Who are u kidding chrissy?? Jensen is more than 2 inches taller than Rob. Its obvious he is leaning in the pic. You silly nut lol. Ehhh indeed! ;)
Chris175 said on 11/Apr/08
there is no arguement here that he is between 5-11 and 6-0 just look at robs comments on down the page.. he knows how to judge height
Boxing Fighter said on 11/Apr/08
Rob, by that photo he looks like 5ft11 max! Don't you agree?

[Editor Rob: he's dropping height with posture, although he has bigger footwear than me. 182 or 183 is the argument I think.]
Bj25492008 said on 11/Apr/08
Chrissy that's more than two inches sweety. More 3 inches. The reason there isn't more is if you pay attention Jensen is leaning, and that takes inches away. If he had been standing fully erect then there would a 4 to 5 inch difference.
jonny said on 11/Apr/08
but he can a little bit under that..elling its 6'2 and jared its 6'3
jonny said on 11/Apr/08
he is a 6 footer
Yaspaa said on 10/Apr/08
chrissy said on 10/Apr/08
jensen is only 2" taller then rob
oijoijaf said on 3/Apr/08
he could be bigger than 6.. but hes adorable.. why does it matter? LOL
Millie said on 1/Apr/08
If Rob is about 5 ft 8, then Jensen is definitely at least 6 ft tall going by that picture. He's leaning down and he looks at least 3 inches taller doing that. So standing up straight, he'd definitely have at least 4 to 5 inches on Rob. Which would make him 6ft to 6ft 1.
Yaspaa said on 1/Apr/08
Kay,you are are right he doesn't walk like a frog. He would look silly jumping all over the place.
Popo said on 31/Mar/08
He's leaning in this picture so he could very well be 6'0.
Kay said on 30/Mar/08
Jensen looks a right 6'0 with shoes or slightly less without.

"Charliemoto" is harsh there, "curved legs" "walks like a frog"?! That is quite insulting. Where's Rob and the can of cyber-erase for ya??
Yaspaa said on 30/Mar/08
Er,thats what I said Charliemoto, 5'11.5 maybe 6'0. It is the lame estimates that bug me,the one's that are ridiculous.
Anyway Matt is right,time to chill,ahhh.
Charliemoto said on 30/Mar/08
impossible Anonymous he's not 5'10, he is 5'11 and change perhaps 6'0 on a good day but he does look mostly 6'1 in the show with those shoes he's wearing (noticed some strange heels too) which imo give 1 inch and half dropping from 6'1 to 5'11.5

makes sense, he isn't 5'11 flat like me though he does look slightly taller but boy he's got horrible curved legs he walks like a frog in the show they are kinda twisted outward if you pay attention.

so his height's average is 5'11.5 and on a good day perhaps in the morning 6'0 but not for long.

@YESPAA - nobody wan't to give Jensen or Jared the height we want, we're sharing out point of view this is what this site is all about, and almost all evidence point to him being slightly below 6'0 not 6'0 flat.

Matt said on 30/Mar/08
Lol chill Yaspaa. Jensen is maybe 6' in the morning and 5'11.5 in evening. Scientifically we get a minor-temporary height boost after a night's sleep.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/08
The mug shot below proves he is 5'10/ 10.5
Does only look 5'10 on the show.
Yaspaa said on 29/Mar/08
There is too much evidence now for any doubt that Jared is a good fair bit over 6'3.
1 - Noticeably taller than Tom Welling
2 - Very close in height to Edward Herrmann
3 - Pictured with John Schneider making him look prominently shorter.
4 - Pictured with Marcia Gay Harden making her look tiny.
Jensen looks (straightened out) a solid 5'11.5 and maybe 6' and on Supernatural jensen looks to be 4-5" shorter than Jared,so people, stop saying that they are the height's you want them to be,smell the roses and acknowledge there actual summit's.
Yaspaa said on 29/Mar/08
Lauren Graham would be 5'11 - 6'0 in heels so Jared wouldn't tower her and he was shown in the show standing next to 6'5 Edward Herrmann and Jared was only 0.5" shorter.
Deke said on 28/Mar/08
I think 6'1
Check this video with jensen, Padalecki and Tom Welling (Tom Welling is is 6 ft 2.5):
Click Here
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/08
Looks 5'-11" I only see 3 inches difference
venus said on 28/Mar/08
Yeah, and Jared's height is completely exaggerated. Jared is 6'3, Alexis Bledel is 5'7, and Jared wasn't towering over her or Lauren German whose 5'9. Jensen looks to be what 5'11 if you ask me in Devour.
Charliemoto said on 28/Mar/08
"Shawn Jones says on 14/Mar/08
Call me gay, but Jensen is a very good-looking man."


hahahahahaHAHAPPY? :D j/k j/k

Jensen is 5'11.5 imo
Yaspaa said on 22/Mar/08
Andrew,that picture you sent in. No wonder Jared is so big, look how much he eats!lol.
Yaspaa said on 21/Mar/08
There is more than a head between the top of Jensens and the top of the doorway and if Jensen Stood back a touch,directly underneath the door,there would be even more. It isn't a house they are in,maybe some kind of business.Sometimes doorways need to be larger so that large cabinets and other equipment can fit through easily.
The average male head is 10" so that looks like a 12" gap which equals a 7ft doorway.
brother_h said on 20/Mar/08
that pic.

usually in normal places the doors are 2 meters high(close to 6'7) in that pic the doors dwarf the tall one by nearly 6 inches. i say the doors are higher like 6'8 or 6'9.

my house has 6'8 doors and i kept thinking i was shorter than i really was haha
xyzblast said on 19/Mar/08
hehe Brenda.
Brenda said on 19/Mar/08
ok.....Shawn, tell us how you really feel? lol you could always stop by one of his many fansites too. ^_^

anyhoo don't forget Rob mentioned that this was at a convention he met him? you can bet the hair and makeup people were there to give him a more "flattering" look.
Shawn Jones said on 18/Mar/08
Don't you agree Yaspaa? ;) It's just that after browsing through the pics that Glenn and Rob have taken with celebrities on this site, many of the pics of these celebs aren't the most er... shall we say, flattering shots of them. Shows how ordinary they look away from the bright lights of Hollywood. This guy, however, is an exception to that.

PS, Rob, sorry to go off-topic dude, I know this is a website dedicated to discussing the height of celebrities. Just had to get that off my chest is all.
Yaspaa said on 16/Mar/08
That's a refreshing statement Shawn.
Shawn Jones said on 14/Mar/08
Call me gay, but Jensen is a very good-looking man. No airbrushing at all in this pic, and he looks just the same as he does on camera. Even if he was only 5'11, I'd take being 5'11 with his looks over being 6'4 and average-looking/homely anyday.
Josh said on 12/Mar/08
I agree with Daniel and Good picture Andrew there Jensen looks under 6'0 I still give him 5'11.25 (181cm) the most.
S4M said on 12/Mar/08
Damn, Jared looks huge in that photo Andrew. He looks like he's 6'5! But Jensen definately looks like a 5'11, AT LEAST!
Yaspaa said on 11/Mar/08
Nice picture Andrew,but I think that doorway looks higher than 6'7 maybe 6'10-7'0.
Andrew said on 8/Mar/08
You can see on this pic Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki near of a door. Click Here and the doors have allways the same measures (about 2 meters), on this pic you can see thaht jensen Ackles is a little shorter that 183!

Sorry for my bad English!
Lindsey said on 6/Mar/08
Jensen standing straight is clearly a few inches taller than Rob's head so he is easily 6'0.
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/08
he is at least 6'0 for sure
Daniel said on 4/Mar/08
In the picture he looks 2 inches taller than rob when not standing straight, I am guessing he should be 3 inch taller if he stands up real straight around 5'11 (180-1cm)
Yaspaa said on 2/Mar/08
If Jenson stand's straight his eyeline would be the top of Rob's head,4"ish = 6'0.

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