How tall is Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles Height

6ft 0in (182.9 cm)

American actor best known to tv audiences for his portrayal of Dean Winchester on hit tv show Supernatural. In film he can be seen in My Bloody Valentine 3D. In a 2005 edition of the Boston Herald he mentioned his height, saying "[Jarad Padalecki] about 6 feet 5 inches - of course he won't admit it. I'm 6 feet 1 inch and he makes me look like a shrimp. It's funny because all our guest stars come on and say, `Oh, you've got to be kidding me'". This photo is from an Asylum Supernatural convention in 2007, England. He had a good 0.5 inch thicker boots than my sneaker in this pic.

Jensen Ackles at Asylum convention
5ft 8 Rob with Jensen

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Average Guess (124 Votes)
5ft 11.92in (182.7cm)
Canson said on 13/Oct/17
@Rising: I think he is as is Misha both have to inflate Jared to make themselves taller. Both claim shoes while Jared claims barefoot. I can’t put Jensen over strong 5’11”
Terry said on 4/Oct/17
It's just so hard to believe, the height thing, because when they stand next to the tiny petite women, Jenson DOESN'T TOWER over a women that's 5'3???
Norman said on 19/Sep/17
No way for a 6'0 claims, he looks 5'10.75 and 5'11.75 with shoes and the 0.5 advantaje
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Sep/17
@Bobby: If that comment was to me then I must clarify I never said Jensen is insecure because he adds an inch to his height - though I think he adds a bit over an inch - I said he's height conscious because since it's obvious he's more than 3" shorter than Jared, Jensen says it's actually Jared who is lying about his height and saying he's shorter than he really is, which clearly isn't the case. Add in the fact he's usually wearing 1.5"-2" boots and look at my May 17th post and see him standing with his usual big boots and chest out closer to the camera than Jared who is slouching and it seems likely he'd rather be a big 6'1" guy then a guy struggling with 6 feet, especially always appearing with his 6'4" co-star. Hell, he's even going up on his toes here next to a slouching Jared! Click Here I'm not saying he's Robert Downey Jr. or Vin Diesel, but I don't think you can put him in that category of guys who could care less about their height. Many people instinctively lean when taking a photo with someone much shorter and Jensen's boots probably made him at least 4" taller than Rob that day.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 12/Sep/17
Hmm... Rob, how would Tom Cavanagh compare to Jensen Ackles?

I'm inclined to give Tom Cavanagh the edge.
Editor Rob: the odds on Cavanagh being slightly taller are greater I feel....but I don't think it is really much.
Canson said on 4/Sep/17
@Bobby: well if he has to add an inch to his height I don't know what you call that? He obviously wants to be an inch taller so I would call that insecure. And as far as him inflating Padalecki to make his own lie believable that is insecure and sad
Morfeo said on 3/Sep/17
He is a legit 5'11.25 but no more.
Guest66 said on 2/Sep/17
Somehow I've totally missed the 0.5 thicker boots thing, if so then you can make a 5'11.5 case for this fellow.
Mr. Thompson said on 27/Aug/17
5'11 and 5'11.25 max with his better posture, 6'0 impossible and 6'1 is a joke.
Bobby said on 25/Aug/17
Jensen is insecure because he claims an inch above his real height? Okay then... I'm pretty sure 6ft and 6'1 would look almost identical together. I always thought he looked 6'1 on the show. He certainly didn't look short, and Jared is for sure a big 6'4.
elena said on 25/Aug/17
looks 5'11 here but he has awful posture.6'0 is correct if he straightened up
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Aug/17
Are these the boots he wears on the show? Click Here Says the heel is approximately 2" and the platform about 0.75". Of course, he wears other boots in the 1.5"-2" range as well.

I disagree with Guest66 about Jensen not being height conscious because he's leaning here. He's much taller than Rob, especially with the boots, but stand him next to a legitimately tall man like his co-star Jared and you see Jensen wants to be as close to his height as possible and even adds an inch to Jared's height to explain the difference. I think he's 182 cm anyway.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Aug/17
If he was really 183-184cm he wouldn't need boots to look 185cm. He'd pull it off with something much more low cut and would just generally look it more often. A real strong 6ft guy should be heading up toward 6ft2 in boots. Just compare him to Stephen Amell. Even with the advantage, he looks noticeably shorter w/h Rob...
Canson said on 18/Aug/17
Clear as day he is insecure about his height and claims his shoes. Now he is trying to assess Padalecki a shoe height to make his lie believeable
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 18/Aug/17
He's 183-184 CM tall.
Canson said on 16/Aug/17
I agree Slim182. I have had friends over the years (maybe still associate with one who does this) that would inflate others to make himself taller. He at least now doesn't inflate others he will take his height to the half mark or around that. I hate people who do that for no reason especially when they start D1cking around with your numbers because of their ego or insecurity.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 14/Aug/17
@Slim 182 cm

First you said Ackles is a full 6'0" and only 5'11 7/8" because of dehydration, then you say he's only 5'11.5"? I'm confused.
As for your username, changing it isn't hard at all. You just have to clear your cache, whether you're on a computer, phone, or tablet.
Slim 182 cm said on 13/Aug/17
I agree, hes only 5'11.5, so he missed out on the 6' mark, so he inflated his costar and wears boots, and stands with erect posture. I saw a couple episodes going a few years back, I even believed his imdb claim, because his footwear bolstered him up big time.

But dude, you're still not getting it, there's no edit username button... if I were to sign in from a different device then yes I will make myself a better username for sure, But I guess my phone can retain this one. Give or take I'll update it soon, Rome wasn't built in a day ;)
Canson said on 13/Aug/17
@Slim182: I think you misunderstood what Rob was saying about dehydrated. You won't show the affects of that unless you've been on your feet for egregiously long periods of time like hours on hours and usually won't show that until nighttime. As for this guy he tried to make Padalecki 6'5" so that should say enough about his height right there in that he is inflating him two inches. Bobby3342 another poster here met Jared and said that he's 6'4" like he is
Jani said on 12/Aug/17
I think this listing is pretty fair. Looks like in the 182-184cm range.
Truth said on 12/Aug/17
5ft11.75 is the perfect listing for Jensen guys
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 11/Aug/17

If you're 6'0", then why don't you change your username to Slim183cm? I mean it's your username so you can do what you want, but it'll confuse people when you list yourself as 182cm. Btw your comment about Ackles being 5'11 7/8" because he was dehydrated cracked me up even more.
Junior said on 11/Aug/17
I believe Jensen is about 5'11.75" but 6'1 sounds inflated
Slim 182 cm said on 10/Aug/17
You crack me up, lad, I'm the flat 6' as of recently. Possibly more, im not below 5'11.9, which would be the very worst.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 10/Aug/17
@Slim 182 cm

He would most likely be around your height, 5'11.75" or so.
Nick said on 9/Aug/17
He have 0.5 shoe advantaje and still looks less than 6'0, 1.81 max.
Slim 182 cm said on 8/Aug/17
He does look 181 in the photo above, but he's leaning...

he's a legit 5'11 seven/eighths, but he may have been dehydrated at the event losing that eighth. so he may be the full 6', but no more. His listing is fine guys.
Guest66 said on 4/Aug/17
He is obviously leaning here with Rob and loosing quite a bit of height. Judging by his posture he doesn't seem to be a height conscious guy at all. Listing is fair.
justbringit said on 3/Aug/17
on conan that he wore a normal shoe he didn't give a 6ft impression
Michael CD said on 2/Aug/17
I remember him walking past me leaving a convention, I'm 5'11 and we looked pretty eye level.
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Aug/17
He didn't have his big logger boots recently on Conan and could actually look more 5'11"! I'll stick with 182 cm range. Seems like a guy who just missed the magic 6' mark and tries to look 6'1" with big boots and posture, especially alongside his 6'4" co-star.
Pierre said on 31/Jul/17
By considering the shoes and postures he's 5"11' max imo
eminmim said on 27/Jul/17
1.82 imo
Everett L.Berry said on 21/Jul/17
Supernatural is a cool TV show. I've seen every episode at least 2-3 time's each. I'll never get tired of watching this show.
Murat said on 18/Jul/17
No more than a strong 5ft11½, 6"0 is impossible and not even with shoes would arrive the 6"1 mark. Jensen said that Jared is a 6 feet 5 when he is 6' 4" (as he has mentioned) only for giving himself a inch more than he really is.
blazer said on 16/Jul/17
I think it's fair to say Jensen wears lifts occasionally on set and maybe for comic-cons. There are too many pics of him looking 5-6 inches shorter than Padalecki compared to him looking only 1-2 inches lower on Supernatural. My guess is that he is 5'11 to 5'11.5 going by his height compared to other actors and weeding out the ones that he is wearing those super heels.
Slim 182 cm said on 7/Jul/17
Rob can you please add the imaginary height lines to the photo? It would help with the deduction.

Agree with 6"0.0
Editor Rob: because he did lean, I didn't think it was as fair to put them.
Jessica Vasquez said on 6/Jul/17
He's 6'1. He has said so at Conventions, it's been mentioned by other members of the cast at conventions, and when I looked up 'Jensen Ackles', it says his height is 6'1. Misha is 6 feet tall which makes sense since he is an inch shorter than Jensen and you can tell on TV too. Jared is 6'4, 3 inches taller than Jensen, which is also noticeable on TV. These were confirmed for the actors.
Jessica said on 6/Jul/17
He's 6'1. He has said so at Conventions, it's been mentioned by other members of the cast at conventions, and when I looked up 'Jensen Ackles', it says his height is 6'1. Misha is 6 feet tall which makes sense since he is an inch shorter than Jensen and you can tell on TV too. Jared is 6'4, 3 inches taller than Jensen, which is also noticeable on TV. These were confirmed for the actors.
blazer said on 26/Jun/17
Something isnt right. He looks a little over 5'11 with Rob, however next to Padeleki (6'5 in shoes), Jenson only looks about an inch shorter often. How is he getting a 5 inch lift?
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jun/17
He's 183 cm but no more.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/17
Rob, what are the chances of him measuring 5ft11½?
Editor Rob: less than 11.75-6ft range
Melissa said on 31/May/17
Jensen is more like 1.81-1.82 max, no chance for a 6'1" claim.
Alex 6'3 said on 27/May/17
182.5 cm I think is right for Jensen.
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
Actually, I'll go 182 cm. You see pictures like this and it's obvious he's a guy trying to look taller: Click Here He finds big boots like that even outside of his typical logger boots and you see his posture in a photo like that while standing closer. I think it's safe to say the difference between Ackles and Padalecki is bigger than it often looks given that so the low end makes sense.
RisingForce said on 16/May/17
In fairness, a guy like Rock Hudson who I think there's a decent chance was between 6'4" and 6'5" or could be anywhere in that range, claimed both 6'5" and 6'4" in his prime, said he wanted to be shorter, so it's not unheard of a guy Jared's range might want to be shorter, especially for casting, but Jared in reality is simply a legit 6'4", perhaps even between 193-194 cm and then down to 193 cm at night, but shorter than Hudson was, imo. Ackles could very well be 6'0" and look his claim in those big logger boots, I'm not sure yet since I'd like to see more of him at red carpet events in dress shoes. From what I've seen of Supernatural, sometimes they manage to minimize the difference to not much more than a few inches, but other times you can tell it's larger. I saw one where they both take off their shoes entering a home, but it was a (conveniently for Ackles) short scene. Seems like a fairly tall guy who may want to be taller, which may be influences by his tall co-star. Funny enough, Milo Ventimiglia who has developed quite the height complex inflates himself at least 1.5", yet still described Jared at his actual 6'4" instead of inflating him to match like Jensen did.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 11/May/17
What's worse than Ackles claiming 6'1" is the fact that he inflates Padalecki to 6'5" so that his 6'1" claim can look more legitimate, which is BS because Padalecki never claimed to be 6'5"
berta said on 5/May/17
he have the body to pull of 185 wide shoulders. if he had lifts that made him 188 it would still look normal on him
shiva 181 cms said on 14/Apr/17
@ Rob 5'11.75 is perfect for him if you insist big padalecki is 6'4 and no taller up close
ThatGuy said on 12/Apr/17
The only "massive boots" I've ever seen him in are 1.5-2" logger boots. Not "massive" by any means! It's extremely common for guys to wear 2" cowboy boots, they have a similar heel to his work boot. Unless you're suggesting he wears lifts inside the boot, which is entirely possible.
Also, in one of the episodes in season 10, when he gets arrested by the cop towards the end of the season, the cop is going through all his IDs, some of them say 6'0, and some even say 5'11.
As far as the difference in the mugshots, the proof is in the pics - Sam in the season 2 mugshot is 6'5, and dean is 6'3. In the second mugshots later, Dean is 6'0 while sam is 6'3. Clearly the tape is different or they're both wearing different shoes, though I'd go with the tape being wrong because Sam seems consistent in his shoe choices.
Julia said on 7/Apr/17
I actually think Jensen is more in the 5'11" area. Remember that on Supernatural and even in real life, he often wears lifters or boots that make him taller.
Bobby said on 5/Apr/17
I feel that strictly within a show, an actor's character may have to be a certain height so even if Jensen is just 6ft, he could feasibly get away with claiming 6'1, and maybe Dean Winchester is actually 6'1. I do know though, when I used to watch the show religiously... that there was an episode where both Sam and Dean were captured by local constabulary... Dean's mugshot showed him at the 6ft mark while Sam's mugshot was a little over the 6'3 mark (Makes sense because he's 6'4). Take from that what you will, but maybe in-universe, Dean Winchester is 6'1 while Jensen Ackles is in actuality, 6'0.
Simon said on 17/Mar/17
Rob, do you think 5'11.75 is more accurate? He usually wears thick boots to make himself look taller. Plus, Jared usaully wears thinner footwear than him.
Editor Rob: either 5ft 11.75 or 6ft, for me it's got to be somewhere in that range.
GOD said on 16/Mar/17
Rob read this, I have figured out Jensen's height with PROOF !

He's 5ft 11in (180cm), could be less BUT for sure isn't any taller .

Click Here

here in the above photo, he is a bit below the 6 feet mark (ignore his spiky hair), his eye level is at 5ft 5in and he most likely has his shoes on ( don't think he would have removed his shoes for a single shot ) I'm 5ft 9in and my eye level is right at the 5ft 5in mark and Jensen has an average (to small) sized forehead, I would think of him as a strong 5 ft 10in nothing more than that, And he wears massive lifts !

Click Here
He's nearly hitting 6 feet 3inches with his massive boots !
josh jeffords said on 15/Mar/17
Looks a very weak 5 11.5 in photo 6 foot should look over your head.
Even with the lean especially with the goofy guy listing at 6 5 hes a weak 6 4 at best.
He not an athlete so any claim is likely in his over sized boots.
King of the hill 91 said on 15/Mar/17
Rob in supernatural he claims 185cm in the show people say he is short repeatedly how is 185cm short even if he is at the most six foot tall i mean what height can people say is knote short
Editor Rob: King, maybe it's more in reference to being beside Jared a lot over the last 12 years or so...certainly not a short guy being near to 6ft!
justbringit said on 8/Mar/17
hey rob do you think there is any chance of 182cm considering his huge footwear?
Editor Rob: justbringit, I think it's a toss up, either 5ft 11.75 or 6ft.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Feb/17
184.5-185cm straight out of bed is believeable
Ben said on 16/Feb/17
Come on, Jensen is no more than 182cm tall. He must be around 181-182 but 183 is impossible
berta said on 31/Jan/17
I THINK 6 FOOT IS FAIR. for some reason he manages to look to tall to be under 6 foot even if he wears boots all the time. i think he is 6 foot on the dot
Sam said on 21/Jan/17
Of course he'd be over 6'0 flat in the morning, maybe not quite at lunch time, and probably drop a fraction shy tea time.
Peter 179cm said on 18/Jan/17
If Jensen were to straighten out in the pic he would still look max 182cm.Take out his shoe advantage and you get him at 181cm flat.Reason is he looks 178 with 1.5cm more footwear and bad posture so he's basically MAYBE in the 180-181 range,imo.He's a solid 5'11 at night claiming 6'1-laughable! 😈😆
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jan/17
No, a tad under 6ft is more feasible than a tad over. The 183-184cm range guys that Rob has met have less show and still beat him out
Jack said on 27/Dec/16
Correct listing
Anon said on 9/Dec/16
Definitely taller than Misha Collins...I think may be a tad over 6 feet, next to Jared!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Dec/16
Rob, would he clear 6ft out of bed?
Editor Rob: Rampage, after putting on his slippers, smoking jacket and letting the dog out for it's morning jog, he'd still be over 6ft flat.
King of the hill 91 said on 20/Nov/16
A chance of 183 .5 rob some people say at one point he was put 178 cm what do you make of that whats the lowest you would put him and hiest
Editor Rob: I wouldn't put Jensen at a fraction over 6ft...though I think if he was under six foot, it's not by much really.
Booker said on 7/Nov/16
182 cm
King of the hill 91 said on 7/Nov/16
The claim of 186 cm when i put in his height is rubbish a strong 182cm you get people thing 185cm i thing a weake 183 cm or flat rob 183 .5 cm yes or more chance of pigs flying haha
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 7/Nov/16
"Jensen Ackles' Height is 5ft 11 7/8th in (182.6 cm)"
S.J.H said on 7/Nov/16
Jensen ackles look at least fraction taller than a worst 6'0 claim dylan mcdermott. He may not be under 182cm and mcdermott not over 5'11.5 (181.6cm)

Jensen ackles height 5'11.75 (182.2cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Oct/16
Rob, when you rack up 1000 votes eventually and you get a mean of say "5ft11.86in" or whatever will you list him at that exact figure or round it to the nearest quarter?
Editor Rob:
the guessing option is further down the page, so a good chunk of visitors to a page won't ever see it...I think it would take many years for 1000 guesses on Ackles!

The average is still the user average, it is useful to see a general opinion. Especially if it was half inch or more different than my guess...then maybe I should look closer and see if I think my guess was too low/high.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Oct/16
He doesn't fall below the 182cm mark. I think overall he looks like a 6ft guy
Tedrenegade17 said on 11/Oct/16
when him and Misha Collins stand next to one another and no footwear advantage is present for either one of them, I would say Jensen is at least 1 inch taller. I think 182-183 cm would be this guy's height. 183 in the morning probably as low as 182 by night.
Tedrenegade17 said on 11/Oct/16
when him and Misha Collins stand next to one another and no footwear advantage is present for either one of them, I would say Jensen is at least 1 inch taller. I think 182-183 cm would be this guy's height. 183 in the morning probably as low as 182 by night.
Aza said on 11/Oct/16
It gives me great pleasure to guess Jensen's Aclkle's evening height as 5'11.5 feet. I do no way see 4 inches diff with Rob in pic above including footwear advantage.
Johan said on 21/Sep/16
Just remember Jensen tends to wear 1.6 inch boots on Supernatural so he would have an inch of footwear or close to it on Jim and then around 1 inch taller. So Jim thinking he is around 2 inches taller than him isn't that crazy.

I think JIm is a 5'10.5"-5'10.75" guy last years and could have had an earlier in the day measurement or with shoes.
184guy said on 20/Sep/16
If Jared is really 6'4.25 So there's no way that Jensen is a mm under 6'
In the show they are always using similar footwear( boots) and strangely there is occasion where Jensen looks max 1 inch shorter than his co-host
Andrea said on 20/Sep/16
Well, even Jim Beaver thought Jensen is "a good two inches taller" than himself (assuming that Jumblejim visitor was the real Jim)...
The truth is that he is not even the full 6'...
Now, Alan Ritchson looks near enough 6'2... Click Here If you think they look similar, then yeah he's 6'2 :)
6'3 manlet said on 20/Sep/16
183.5cm 2-3 hours out of bed isn't out of the question. There is no way he is 184cm however.
Sam said on 20/Sep/16
@Caitlin, you're probably around 5'10 but just assume you're near 6'0 if you think Jensen is 6'2. Judging by the pic I wouldn't be surprised if he measured 182cm considering he has a shoe advantage. Explain why he looks a good 2 inches shorter than 6'2 in the picture with Rob who is 5'8, not Benedict btw.
Caitlin said on 16/Sep/16
I am a very tall woman - just shy of six feet, 5 feet 11 3/4 inches. I have been to four conventions now, and Jensen is definitely the 6' 2" and Jared is absolutely 6' 4" or 5". They are not exaggerating. And it's nice to get to the photo op room and no longer be the tallest person in the room. Chris the photographer is also super tall so that's delightful. :-) By comparison I'd say Rob Benedict is about 5 8 and Misha is maybe 6 feet tall but maybe 5 11. :-)
Brandon said on 27/Aug/16
5'11.75" is his height
Greg said on 27/Aug/16
@J I know what you mean I'm basically 5'11 in the morning but I drop a fraction under and go to bed at 5'10.5. How old are you by the way? I'm 20 and been done growing since 17. 6'0 is a solid height and I feel like it would be perfect for everything. But 6'2" for me is the ultimate ideal height.
J said on 26/Aug/16
I wish I could grow like him, I used to see him listed at 5'10" or 5'11" and now he's 6'0" (and 6'1" on Google). I'm only 5'10" and used to think I was close to him (we look similar) but I guess I'm more like his kid brother.
TK said on 10/Aug/16
As an avid supernatural fan, I can say jensen is 6'1 next to jared who is 6'4. In the show they where equal boots and this can be seen. At conventions, Jared wears thicker footwear so appears taller
Panda said on 30/Jul/16
Rob are you ever gonna downgrade him (Jensen Ackles)?
From the looks of pictures and comments on this page 5'11.75"/182 cm seems to be a more accurate listing. He could be 5'11.5" at worst but still he should be listed at 182 cm.
Editor Rob: nobody could be exempt from a downgrade...if I see enough evidence that I think one height seems a better fit than the other (a kind of tipping point) then it may be changed.
Andrea said on 24/Jul/16
Rob, is that wrestler really 6'1? Jared looks at least 6'5 there...
Editor Rob: the argument is he could be 6ft only
Dustin said on 23/Jul/16
I think he's bow legged would that effect his height?
184guy said on 23/Jul/16
How tall Jensen is looking here with The Miz
Click Here
Probably using his high boots
Ren said on 18/Jul/16
Rob show the height scale in the picture please
truth said on 18/Jul/16
Yeah overall he looks 5'11.75-6'0.
Omid said on 15/Jul/16
Rob have you seen this?
Click Here

Collins is closer than Ackles to the camera and both have nearly the same posture, Jared is a bit further and Beaver is the most further from the Jensen 6'0 I can buy, Jared 6'4 I can buy but Collins and Beaver JUST one inch shorter than Ackles?
Editor Rob: in person I really would say they are an inch shorter than ackles looks.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/16
Out of bed: 184-185cm
Before bed: 182-183cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jul/16
Rob, how likely is 180-181cm?
Editor Rob: it is unlikely I'd say. THe lowest I'd guess would be 182, but I feel anywhere in 182-3 is possible, 184 is too much barefoot for him.
Roy said on 30/Jun/16
@Rob,. In the pic above, do you remember if he was wearing the same logger boots that he wears on supernatural? If so those boots have 2" soles and not the normal 1.5" boot soles.
Editor Rob: not as big as 2 inch, but then I didn't know the exact brand and some boots can be thicker than you expect.
Alex said on 29/Jun/16
180/181 cm barefoot, 183 cm with shoes, around 184-185 cm with big boots in Supernatural. He always look a little shorter (about 3 cm) then Stephen Amell..
truth said on 23/Jun/16
Between 182 cm and 183 cm, he is a legit 5'11.75 - 6'0.
TJE said on 21/Jun/16

If you have a lower eyelevel and his eyes were barely above yours then he's the same height as you.
Anon183cm said on 20/Jun/16
I used to think to myself, I'm taller than Jensen Ackles. But actually, if he is 184.5 out of bed and 182-182.5 in the evening, then he is the exact same height as me. I claim 6ft anyway.
jtown said on 19/Jun/16
I can finally speak from experience! I went to a supernatural convention & got pics with him. I'm exactly 5'11" 34. Equal shoes, him in boots me in sneakers. His eye line was barely above mine
& I have a bigger forehead. Pure 6 footer!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jun/16
Rob, could you bring this guy down a tad?
Johan said on 6/May/16

He sometimes looks a legit 6'5" guy ! He hits 6'6" with cowboyboots that he wears regularly or close enough. You can see that with pics next to Jason Momoa and other 6'3"-6'4" guys. He is taller than them.

@Aza That will interest many female readers here.
Aza said on 4/May/16
He is 6'0 in the morning fully erect.
Alex said on 2/May/16

Padalecki claimed his shoe height once, he said to be 6'4 but he looks 6'4 in shoes, so he's 6'3.
c-mo said on 23/Apr/16
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 12/Apr/16

He looks 5'10" in the above photo (5'9 1/2" if you consider footwear),


NO!!! just NO!!! he doesnt look 5'9.5 - 5'10 in the pic

are you fu**ing serious ? wash your eyes or something
Johan said on 13/Apr/16

Padalecki claims 6'4" and looks more often than not he is 4 inches taller than Ackles so how is he claiming shoe height?

Sometimes its in the 3 inch range but then Ackles has a strong footwear advantage with his logger boots.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 12/Apr/16
He looks 5'10" in the above photo (5'9 1/2" if you consider footwear), but he has awful posture in that photo. I think that he's really a bit over 6 feet tall.
Alex said on 12/Apr/16
To be fair, almost everyone claim their shoe height, not only Jensen, the same Padalecki claimed his shoe height.
Johan said on 11/Apr/16
Jensen at 6'3" would put Jared at 6'7" !!

Didn't really think that comment through did you?

I still think he is a 5'11.75" guy who claims shoe height.
Flyin said on 11/Apr/16
181.5 is my 20 minute absolute tops out of bed height. Ankles is leaning in massively. Despite the half inch footwear advantage he makes 183cm. Also remember Rob is a strong 5"8.
Alxr37 said on 10/Apr/16
I think he looks 6ft easily. In the pic he looks tall and he's slouching
S.J.H said on 10/Apr/16
I would argue jensen ackles is not over 5'11.5 and come in worse he could have measure around 181.5cm
MrTatum said on 10/Apr/16
@joe 193cm night "in a matter of beauty Jensen is more beautiful than jared" Who ever mentions beauty when it comes to men? I've heard "Handsome", "Cute"and "Hot", I don't know about "Beautiful". "Beautiful" seems to fit Woman more and "Handsome" would be the closest equivalent for a Man in my opinion.
@Joe Click Here
Alex said on 8/Apr/16
Joe, chill out, Rob is a real gentleman to let you speak, so, shows respect. Jensen around 6'3 what kind of fanboy are you? It is a joke? Maybe you're trolling...
Editor Rob: as I mentioned before that weekend on stage With Alan ritchson he's a couple of inches smaller.
Joe said on 2/Apr/16
The clowns on this site strike yet again lmao. 6' for Jensen Ackles? GTFO. There is photographic evidence of Jensen almost being 6'3 in his mugshot on the show. But I'm sure you fools will just overlook this.
Editor Rob: Minus 0.7 inch of hair, 1.5 inch of boot and camera perspective and you are struggling with 6ft...but you would overlook that right ;)
Frank said on 30/Mar/16
Prime example of somone who's taller than 180cm, but under 183cm. The exact number within that range is impossible to tell unless he is measured in barefeet, or at least without his massive boots that he keeps wearing... Solid height, but not quite enough to be considered tall yet.
Jim Hopper said on 28/Mar/16
Weak 6-0 if he had those 0.5 more footwear on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/16
I wouldn't argue 181cm. He does look 6ft most of time...
189 cm man said on 17/Mar/16
181-182 range
Nils said on 16/Mar/16
To be honest he appears a solid 6ft on the show next to Jared.
But then you can speculate on the actual footwear advantage he has.
When they pose as agents u can see they use the same shoes.
It seems to me there is atleast 4.5 inches between them then.
Possibly 5 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Mar/16
184.5cm out of bed isn't impossible
yarrakuş said on 6/Mar/16
morning 184 night 182
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Mar/16
If he was really 6ft1, he wouldn't be getting dwarfed by he inflates Jared's height to make his claim look a little more valid
Satchy said on 29/Feb/16
Agree that max erected height is 183 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/16
Jensen Ackles: 182-183cm
Jared Padalecki: 193-194cm
S.J.H said on 10/Feb/16
Don't think much myth happen for jensen's height. People are wasting time here alot. It's likely he was 5'11.75 barefoot and 6'1 with shoes, why not?

Jensen weak 183cm (Solid 182cm)
Jared Padalecki solid and legit 193cm
Aza said on 7/Feb/16
Doesn't look a strong 6ft in the pic with Rob with 0.5 inches shoe advantage. Would guess maximus erectus 71 inches in the evening . Could be 72 inches first thing in the morning.
Alex said on 4/Feb/16
184 cm Ackles in normal shoes? Pretty close. In Supernatural he wears all the time big boots, a good 4 cm of heel. With this boots he seems something like 184-185 cm, nothing more. It's more accurate to say that in normal shoes (2 cm of heel), Ackles is 183 cm, like in the photo with Rob, and 181 cm barefoot.
Danny 1.98m said on 27/Jan/16
Met Jensen and jared and for me they look somewhere near their listed heights.
1.94 jared
1.84 Jensen
That's in normal shoes.
Alex said on 26/Jan/16
6'5 Padalecki? 6'1 Ackles? LOL Jensen is really a funny guy, but really, I think he have some problem to accept his height. Jensen is no more than 180-181 cm without his boots, and no more than a solid 6'3 Padalecki without his boots.
Short AF said on 24/Jan/16
The boots he wears are a solid two inches. Nothing under,
Click Here
The Comment from the manafacturer says the heel is two inches. He wears Chippewa, but most logger boots are the same.

Plus Im 5'7 and I wear these boots and im around 5'9 in them.
I have a pair that I've worn for a year and they're no less then 1.2-1.75inches after wearing them every single day.
Red Wing said on 16/Jan/16

I have a pair of boots in the exact same style (logger boots) that Jensen loves wearing especially when standing near Jared. They definitely give at least a solid 1.75 inches over barefoot, 2 inches if you use a Dr. Scholls work boot insole and not the paper thin one that comes factory standard.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 4/Jan/16
Do you think that Jensen might use lifts ? I mean,I have take a look in random photos and ocasions on him with Jared and he hardly looks 4 inches shorter.Like you said,he always have big boots but Jared also use a big footwear.Maybe he use lifts to look nearer his old claim 185,5-186
Editor Rob: I think he's more just a keen fan of bigger boots than outright lifts. He's certainly worn the 1.75 inch styles at times on the show, and in person the few times I seen him he was in a boot...
Len said on 4/Jan/16
Not seeing the 6'0" in Rob's pic at top, even accounting for the lean. Especially considering Ackles had a bit more footwear than 5-8 Rob.

He's a 5'11" guy, at most. I think Rob got fooled a bit by Ackles' upswept hairdo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/16
Weak 6ft: 182-182.5cm lowest
Flat 6ft: 182.5-183cm lowest
Strong 6ft: 183-183.5cm lowest
Judd ISR said on 26/Dec/15
As I said before, IMO Jensen is at his common low point 182,5 cms, so that is enough to classify him as a (weak) 6-footer...

If Rob will downgrade him to 5'11.75" than he will downgrade Nicholas Cage, Tom Hanks and others too...
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 20/Dec/15
@Andrea,please stop trying to downgrade Jensen
Rob has said that he could be a whisker under 6ft but the actual listing is fair.Just take a look in him with Jared.Sometimes he looks 5 inches smaller but others barely 2.Generally 4 inches.Jared is a good example of 6ft 4 and could also measure a tad over like .25 . Jensen at 4 inches smaller like 6ft is fair enough . Just accept the damn listing
Lonestar said on 6/Dec/15
Hes only 5'11.5 and always had 0.25-0.5 more shoe than jared padalecki , so that is why he assume padalecki was about 6feet5 but just a modest 6'4 guy
Andrea said on 29/Nov/15
And since you said that the chances that you meet him again are very low i guess he'll keep his 6' listing, right? 6' is not an awful listing, i'm sure he'd measure that mark at some point of the day (maybe earlier in the day) but 5'11.75 would just be a better listing! Reading the old comments, you said that, comparing him with other people you know, he didn't look under 182! But i also read that you said he had just 0.2 inches more footwear so maybe you thought he had a bit smaller advantage that he actually had ("a good 0.5 inch")! You can argue anywhere in 5'11.5-6' range in his case, but 6' is probably a bit too optimistic and 5'11.5 a bit too low, so 5'11.75 would be a good compromise!
Editor Rob: yes, at one point I found a side on shot of his boots that weekend and they turned out to be thicker than I thought when looking down at them in the photoshoot. Much more like a 1.5 than 1.2 styles.
Andrea said on 28/Nov/15
What do you mean with strong 6' range? If he had 0.5 more footwear and he still gets listed at 6', he should have looked at least as tall as the young chap (who is actually 6' 3/8)!
I ask you because he looks nowhere near 6' in this picture but he obviously must be slouching! I wouldn't say that he COULD fall into the almost 6' range but that he MUST be a weak 6'... You said that a guy like Daniel Cudmore was a very small fraction under 6'7 at worst and he turned out to be 6'6.5, so half an inch under... Do you think that Jensen might be 5'11.5??? I'd just put him at 5'11.75 but maybe on a very bad day he might measure nearer 5'11.5? That's certainly the lowest i'd argue, though!
Editor Rob: anywhere 6ft - 6ft 0.5 range. I'd say 5ft 11.75 is quite an arguable figure, but i'd probably need to see him again.
Andrea said on 27/Nov/15
Rob, without considering the footwear advantage, did he look as tall as the 184 young guy (from the HC)?
Editor Rob: I'd say in the strong 6ft range. To be fair he could fall into the almost 6ft range barefoot, but I doubt really that much under it though.
MalcolmReynolds said on 27/Nov/15
Great actor, it's too bad he can't be honest about his height.
AJ Morales said on 17/Nov/15
Funny. I always thought that he was 186 cm (6 ft 1.25 in).
Although, he still looks very short next to Jared Padalecki.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/15
@Judd ISR: I'd toss A completely. Not convinced he's a strong 6ft guy in the evening. That would make Padalecki 6ft5 or more. He's more likely to dip slightly under 6ft in the evening than stay above it. He could very well be 184-185cm out of bed though so C is probably the best maybe D on a bad day.
Allie said on 10/Oct/15
After looking at his pics with him and Jared, I think he looks more like 5'11.5.

Also, Rob how much height do you think he's losing by leaning? And inch or so?
[Editor Rob: yes about an inch I'd say.]
Andrea said on 8/Oct/15
Rob, i just saw you reloaded old comments and i must say it's quite interesting to see what people (and you too) thought almost 10 years ago... Of course the old mate Viper didn't think he was over 5'11 :)
I just read that you saw him with other people you know and didn't think he was under 182, which is fair, even if the picture doesn't show that at all! You also said at one point that maybe he wore lifts in the show, before meeting him i guess xD
What are the other pages where you put the old comments? I'm curious to see them!
[Editor Rob: I've no idea, as pages get refreshed some comments from mid 2005-9 might appear on the lesser visited pages. Yes, a bunch of old G comments might return as well!

I managed to find a backup of comment data from the 2005-9 era that I could use...other backups had different fields/structure so it never worked the last time I attempted.]
SteelEyeball said on 4/Oct/15
Rob, I have the same boots and they are 2in. I can provide photographic proof, if you'd like.
[Editor Rob: yes, it would be useful to see a tape beside the heel, as it shows how he can walk taller than 6ft on the show at times.]
Judd ISR said on 4/Oct/15
Rob what binomial would fit him better?

A) 185,5cms/183,5cms
B) 185,0cms/183,0cms
C) 184,5cms/182,5cms
D) 184,0cms/182,0cms
[Editor Rob: C-D, somewhere in that is probably more realistic.]
Maximus said on 2/Oct/15
Click Here
There is a picture of the boots he wears on Supernatural. Rob, what would you say the heel is on those?
[Editor Rob: I posted before about them, they definitely can give over 1.5 inches, 1.6 or 1.7 depending on how thick the insole is.

It's why when Misha Collins was wearing vans sneakers jensen could look a solid 2 inches taller.]
Allie said on 1/Oct/15
When you guys say "182" do you guys mean 5'11.5 or 5'11.75? I assume the latter because when people say weak 6 ft, that means a fraction off..
[Editor Rob: it can mean either really]
Aza said on 27/Sep/15
Looks a weak 6 footer.
Josh said on 11/Sep/15
He's leaning in this picture. Standing straight he's probably over 6'1. Take away the boots, he is a solid 6 footer. Nothing more, nothing less.
Andrea said on 30/Aug/15
Naah, 181 I'd be very surprised if he was that low! I think around 182 is fine, he's definitely a weak 6' but can pull off 184 on the show with his thick boots! Ian is a tricky guy, he can certainly look over 176 but he seems a guy who has "grown" through these years, meaning he very likely has worn small lifts at times! As for Jensen i'd be surprised if he was only 181 as much as if he was a full 183! 5'11.75 is a believable range for him!
colin said on 23/Aug/15
rob, don't you think Jensen could be a little under the 6ft mark? Maybe 181cm?
Because next to 5'9.25 Ian he looks at most 5'10 with bad posture

Or do you think that Ian happens to wear enormous mega lifts?
because if that is the case, it's ridiculous
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/15
He was in one season of Smallville...
Panda said on 21/Jul/15
Seems like the general consensus on this page is that Jensen Ackles is more 182 cm. tall so a weak 6'0". Rob maybe you should downgrade him to 5'11.75" (182 cm)? I think that would be a fairer listing for him.
Jenilynn said on 16/Jul/15
I think that both are tall you can look on the television show and see that both Sam and Dean are not short I think that Dean is about 6'1 and Sam is about 6'5 just look at their Surroundings like the car then standing beside it look at the height of the car window. I would really love to meet dean that is my one fantasy in my life
Maximus said on 4/Jul/15
Rob, how was this guy in person? Was he friendly, etc.? Really want to meet him!
[Editor Rob: he was ok way back at the first event, I think in later event he was more tired, although I enjoyed his stage talk more the later time, maybe more confidence and comebacks/banter.]

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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