How tall is Jeroen Krabbe

Jeroen Krabbe's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

Dutch Actor best known for roles in films such as The Fugitive, Ocean's Twelve, Soldier of Orange, The Living Daylights, The Fourth Man, Robin Hood, The Punisher, Kafka and King of the Hill.

Jeroen Krabbé 1983

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6ft 0.13in (183.2cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jun/17
I think 181cm for Krabbe and 186cm for Rutger could be on the money
James B said on 20/Dec/16
Wtf I thought he looked taller than ford
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Aug/16
I thought he looked close to Ford's height in The Fugitive.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Mar/16
Mmm, Rutger Hauer had him by a good two inches in Soldier of Orange. I would say either Hauer was a stronger 6'1 or Krabbe perhaps more 181.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jan/16
@Rob, can you add a photo and add Soldier of Orange, The Living Daylights, The Fourth Man, Robin Hood, The Punisher, Kafka and King of the Hill?

Taller than I thought. Certainly has a lot of charisma though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jan/16
Can we please stick to talking about Jerome Krabbe and his remarkably average stature (by Dutch standards)
centerguy said on 7/Jan/16
I think the Dutch students at high school or college are much taller those adults at Holland. I was an exchange student in Netherlands. I am 184-185 cm. There were 18 boys in my class, I am the fourth shortest, the rest of 14 guys are taller than, the tallest one was around 210 cm, and he was only 17 years old!!!
Dingus said on 28/Oct/15
I agree Sam, I rematched the film and noticed that deepening on the angle and perspective filmed at he only appeared taller when they movie makers needed him to look menacing. In many scenes it was obvious Ford and Jones had ~.5-.75 inches on him.
Sam said on 29/Jul/15
No he wasn't Dingus, actually looked quite similar to Ford in the climatic confrontation as I recall. I doubt Ford had lost as much by then.
Dingus said on 15/May/15
He was taller than both Ford and Jones in the Fugitive by a noticeable margin.
avi said on 7/Dec/13
yeah seems to be between 5'11 and 5'11.5 id say strong 5'11 i doubt hed be my height
Ron said on 31/Jul/11
I doubt Montenegro is that tall and anyhow its a fairly small sample. Mr. Krabbe comes from the tallest nation in the world, I believe the average Dutch male is 6' tall. So he is around the average male height.
issuetall said on 11/Feb/11

I doubt that. I saw that an article which said the average height of Montengro is around 6'3. And many people form different counties who had visited Montengro, they(American, Englishmen, French,Bonian, Romania, Serbian, Russian, Australian, Greek,and so forth)all said the average height of men in Montengro can be 6'2-6'3. I don't believe that all of them lied about height in Montengro, they also didn't necessary to do that.
Bon said on 1/Dec/10
well said Rampage.
Concerning his height, in European Jigolo he struck me as a 6'2 guy, i guess his refined clothing with his vertical+overweight look gave me wrong impression.
Shikoku said on 18/May/09
finally some recognition for the Groningers
Rusty said on 29/Mar/09
I always thought this guy would be a solid 6'2".
Arcuato said on 7/Jan/09
Hello guys. I'm 187cm (~6'2") and I can say about my self experience that in netherlands the people are the tallest that I ever saw (I live here long time), first groningen and after that amsterdam. I have been also in belgrade in the last september (no tourist there) and they are not far from dutch, but a "little" less.I travel also to Split but there was impossible to compare because there was many many tourist, but in my opinion in Split they are smaller than in Belgrade. I will go the next summer to croatia again and in this time I will travel to montenegro, but sinceraly I think that they will be equal that in Belgrade (a little bit smaller than in amsterdam). In conclusion: Groningen >= Amsterdam >= Belgrade >= Split (with tourists), and of course that I'm tall (but in the good way) in all the places. What do you think friends? That I have the true and in montenegro the people would be like Belgrade or finally in montenegro live the tallest people (for me now it's in Groningen)?
Senna said on 13/Dec/08
I'm 100% dutch and a proud 5'7 girl. And honestly, most of the time I feel tall compared to other girls here. I really don't think that 5'9 is the average height for females in the Netherlands. It is too tall. Most of my female friends are 5'6. Just wanted to let you know:P Jeroen is fantastic by the way!
Jürgen said on 30/Nov/08
I am German, and I used to study in Bologna for one year. I was surprised how tall young Italians are. Among the students, most males were more than 185 cm. I know, because I am 185 myself. A lot were like 190.
gfab said on 22/Oct/08
Hi Herve, a question on French people. I was some time ago in the south coast of France. People seemed to me rather short. During another trip (near the border with Germany, but don't remember much more) people seemed to me tall enough. How is the distribution of height in France? I guess there are great differences according to which area you consider, as well as in Italy. Thank you.
Herve said on 12/Oct/08
I am the French man who made statistics about tall people from the Dinaric Alps (Dalmatia, Herzegovina and Montenegro). My studies are not yet over, but I think that the tallest people in Europe are the Serbs from Trebinje (Herze-govina) and the Montenegrins from Niksic, indeed inhabitants of what was old Montenegro in the past year (the average for young men is 186 cm). Then come the Croats from middle Dalmatia (Split) with 185 cm on average. The question now is to know if the official height of Dutch (184 cm or 185 cm) was taken on students or not. In the first case, it's prooved that the average is taller than among non-students. For sure, if you measure young students from Split, the average will not be 185 cm any more, but 186 or even more. Also if the Dutch's average was got in the north of Netherlands, it is necessarily higher. By the way, the people from eastern north of Italy (Fiume) are descendants of Slav people, which explains they are much taller than in the other parts of Italy. Let me tell you too that French people are also taller and taller (177 - 178 cm today among the youngs).
gfab said on 9/Sep/08
Lmeister, it's not possible to apply the average italian height to every area of Italy. Tallest italians are in the north-east, and they are of scandinavian height (about 180cm average that is about 5'11). Shortest ones are in Sardinia (about 172 average). No surprise if Cox met a lot of 6' feet guys in Pisa or taller. Anyway in Toscana (the area of Pisa) the average height, as far as I know, is not 6', that's sure.
Lmeister said on 29/Aug/08
What are you smoking Cox??? Young Nortern Italian guys are taller, but the average height for the whole Italy is still a bit below 5ft9...
Cox said on 28/Aug/08
Italian average is 1.72? Lol maybe in 1800, they're around 6' I saw that cause I spent 1 year there in Pisa :)
annonymous said on 6/May/08
In Balkan states you would still be tall, but not a giant, because there are so many people who are your height or taller. Even in Split you would be considered tall, just a little over younger generation average. My guess is that average among yougsters in Split is about 184cm.
Arcuato said on 5/May/08
Hello friends. a concret question... I'm 1,87 cm. (6'2"), if I go to "groningen" or "split" I would be in the average height or slightly tall among all the people (not in a reduced group) ?
annonymous said on 3/May/08
Hello friends, I have a concret question... whit a 1.87 cm (6' 2") would I be in the average height in "Groningen" or in "Split" in your opinion ?
Shikoku said on 1/May/08
That's not so strange the guys in the south of the netherlands are 2 inches shorter then in the north.
annonymous said on 1/May/08
Montenegro has the tallest height average of all former Yugoslavian states. Bosnia-Herzegovina is probably second tallest. Serbia and Croatia are about the same. The difference between these four countries from the tallest to shortest is less than an inch.
gfab said on 1/May/08
Shikoku, Croatia is small, but the long and thin coast go southwards 400km. And of course Dalmatians in the south are different from Slavonics in the north (Croatian friends, if any, please confirm) and from other races which live in local zones. What you say prove that I'm wrong as regards Holland: even there there is no uniformity. I have to change my conclusion, coming to somewhat stronger than before: we are ALWAYS forced to reason on rather small areas, even with small countries. As to Croatia, I have a further update, since I returned yesterday from Zagreb: there people are taller than in the north coast, but shorter than in Dalmatia (south coast). Croatia is really a puzzle, as concerns human height. Greetings.
Shikoku said on 27/Apr/08
that could be close to the truth because they average male from greece is 176.5 wich is close to 5'10 but that still is shorter then the usa who average on 5'10.5 ;)
jordan said on 26/Apr/08
Whats crazy is the lighter skin Greeks in Greece average about 5'11 while the shorter, Darker ones seem to be 5'9. Greece is still taller than the US on average though.
Shikoku said on 25/Apr/08
True, people like to exagerate about height, but even soccer clubs dont always be very honoust about heights, Owen who is listed as 5'8 here has been described 5'11 by real madrid jst as an example. Anyway no in my beleive there is no place in the netherlands where 5'11 comes even close to average, some parts in the south have been measured as 6'1 recently, but 5'11 is everywhere considerd short, heck most college girls in the north here average on 5'11 (so not women and men in their 20's more like 18-20 year old college students they tend to be quite huge) anyway i would like to know whereyou got those official heights? the last time they where all measured by the fifa was for the WC in germany back in 2006, and if i count everything up even the guys from suriname i still come to 184.6 on average (wich is like 6'0.8), not even considering that midfielders usualy are short, and wingers are mostly also shorter then average guys^^
morning-6ft said on 24/Apr/08
Shikoku:yes im talking about the Dutch 'soccer'team,i chose to analyse the soccer team because i know their heights are measured accurately,and judging by their heights i would say the average height of Dutch male's in their 20s is 5-11.5-6.0.i think 6-1 is not accurate as its based on the government census,and we tend to exagerate our heights when we are asked.
Shikoku said on 24/Apr/08
No gfab, you know that the difference between young dutch guys in the north and in the south is a good 2-3 inch on difference. And thats because the south has much influences from belgium who only average on 5'10 these days, And whilst you say that smaller countrys are much accurater to put an average on than a bigger country, you directly say that the 'relatively' small country Croatia has big average height differances over their country, however i dont beleive the other guy if been to rome, and i felt so much more comfortable about my height than back her in Groningen, i was about 6 feet back then but still i was taller than 9 out of 10 men i saw^^ Although rome isn't wuite franctly 'north' as you claim where the almost 6 feet comes from

@ Morning-6ft: if you mean American Football, we dont even have an own compitition anymore, the sport is as good as dead around here^^ if you talk about soccer, then no they aren't generally taller then normal guys^^
morning-6ft said on 22/Apr/08
i was looking at the heights of the Dutch football team,and i was surprised!i was expecting the average height to be 6-3 to 6-6 especially since footballers are generally taller then the average man,but i found most players were between 5-11 to 6-1 and very few beyond 6-2.and most of these guys were in there 20s,so the statistics of dutch average height being 6-1 for 18-25 year olds dont seem to fit,im going to try looking into this further and get back to u all.(yes i do need do get out more lol)
gfab said on 21/Apr/08
Dutch friends, you erroneously think that italians are one race, and that the statistics is meaningful all over Italy. But it is not so. Read my previous post in this list. Matt's comment is not at all crazy: according to different areas, in Italy, you meet very different people: in Sardinia, Sicily, or the south in general (with some exception in some areas) people are about 5.7/5.8, but in north-east of Italy young people are almost 6 feet average, as Scandinavian people, with a lot of 6.3/6.4 guys, and not rare are those around 200cm. It is clear that statistics does not work for countries which have long stretches of land, such as Italy. Another instance is Croatia, the statistics you find (1.80 average) is of no use: in the south coast they're taller than Dutch, in the north coast they are much shorter. Also Germany is not uniform, so when dealing with a "large" country, it's probably better to reason on smaller areas. Statistics makes much more sense for "compact" countries, such as Holland, Denmark, or Montenegro.
Jasper said on 15/Apr/08
@ Shikoku, I'm from Gelderland (center of holland near Utrecht) You where confirming me, because first my name was Tall dutchmen. I'm 14 years old 6'3 tall and 6'4 on Brooks (extra big shoes EU size 50) And indeed, 6'1.25 - 6'1.5 seems ok...
Shikoku said on 14/Apr/08
@ Jasper, What part of the netherlands are you from then? I'm 15 6'1.25, 6'3 in airmax though :P

anyway, i dont get why you made that comment about my speculation about the average height in italy (i was actually talking to tall dutchmen with that :P). But for young guys through whole of the netherlands i think 6'1.25-6'1.50 is indeed a safe estimation.
Jasper said on 13/Apr/08
Shikoku, you're right, in Groningen and Friesland the young people are 6'2-3 indeed, but I was talking about the avarge, which is still on 6'1.5, and you are confirming that the young Italian people are not 6' because you say that they are 5'9...
Shikoku said on 10/Apr/08
young italian men 18-20 years old who are the tallest generation till now aerage on 5'9 in the tallest parts of italy and a little less than 5'8 in the shortest part, the tallest region in the netherlands groningen-friesland is 6'2-3 for young guysm so get your facts straight and i have been to rome
Tall dutchmen said on 1/Apr/08
Matt, are you crazy, you're saying that the young people in Italy are about as tall as the Dutch avarage??? I don't think so, maybe it looks like 6' for you, but the Italian people are listed at number 15 of the general european height with 172 cm for men, and 164 cm for no way most Italian young people are 6'. I don't think you're dwarvish in a country with small people, and don't say this isn't true because I've been to Italy myself enough to tell you this.
Matt said on 26/Mar/08
Hi David...about statistics on height and Italian population. Well, David, to be honest Italian young people especially in Central-Northern Italy are often six footers and people like me (5.8) are somehow dwarvish. You should come to Rome and see it yourself
Jasper said on 21/Mar/08
I didn't notice that Jeroen Krabbe was so small, for dutch meanings he is. The avarage height in Holland (for a men) is about 6' - 6'1", I'm about 6'3" but i'm only 14 years old...the doctor said i'd be 7' at max....but expected is 6'9"
deepak said on 12/Sep/07
I think height is most important thing in building a personality.The average height of Indian women is much less than Uropian ones.
guy said on 27/Jun/07
I'm from Canada and there are a lot of short people but it seems more tall people. I guess they balance each other out so that 5-10 or whatever the average is supposed to be probably isn't the most frequent height. I'm about 6-1 and am not necessarily that tall especially if I go to a bar where there are lots of young people. The younger kids all mostly seem to be at or over 6-00 or that is the perceived norm. The frequency of guys 6-3 and over just seems too unrealistic for what the average height is supposed to be here, but it's right in front of me. Mind you this is Vancouver and it was noticeable compared to a more average East.
Flying Dutchie said on 20/May/07
Lol!!! jeroen krabbé is 1.84 :P not that it is a big deal, but ive seen him for real, im 1.80 and hes really a good 4 centimetres taller than me, dont just take heights of someone in a film!.....i dont have proof or something but i aint a liar too....because he is well build you underestemate his height.
He has a son named martijn krabbé he is really short i guess 1.70 but he isnt an actor so forget this:P just an extra comment!

Greetings From The Netherlands
bikagyura said on 29/Apr/07
Is this a joke? He is AT LEAST an inch taller than Harrison Ford in The Fugitive... Either he is this or they have made a pretty awesome effort in making him taller through "the magic of film"!
Jerry said on 25/Apr/07
Hi I am from India. I found all these comments quite interesting. I agree with most of them. Here in India for e.g the older generation is quite short but now the youngsters are growing rapidly. The Jat commmunity of northern india now has average of 5'10" for males. It has all to do with the quality of food. while i worked for an upscale car company, i used to notice that all the customers were around 5'11" or more which indicated they were from rich households and hence better food. This is a country where there is lots of poverty so we may unfortunately see a new class of people emerging, the rich and tall and the poor and short.
Antony said on 15/Sep/06
I would say Canadians would have to be in the Top 3 tallest in the world. for example. i am 6'6. i have a crowd of friends of 10 people, and no one is under 5'10, and thats including the girls! and many other people i meet are maybe about the same. not all, but some.
gfab said on 5/Jul/06
On David remark. I think statistics on italian average height could be right. In the north-west of Italy average height is about 178cm, and here in the north-east people are taller. I'm 183cm (6'0) and in the area Veneto/Trentino/Friuli one out of three (I'd say one out of two with young generation) is taller than me. It is quite easy in this area to find people above 190cm (6'3). So it's possible statistics is right, since north of Italy raises the average height.
Andrej Milanov said on 30/Jun/06
The Dutch are probably not the tallest nation anymore, since Montenegro got independiance
ferg said on 4/May/06
Don´t forget mention Montenegro , with 193 of average height.
David Cali said on 24/Feb/06
I think often statistics can be wrong.I am from Italy and I live in California and I think people here are at least once inch taller on average than italians.Yet, according to statistics, the average height of italian men is 176cm(about 5'9 and half) and average height of US men is 5'9 1/2, which seems absurd, because everyone knows that italians are shorter. I think the statistic about italian height is pretty accurate, because I am 177cm (about 5'10) and I am about average for young people(but i can tower over old people). Yet most young men in California are taller than me, so I guess average height for american males 18/25 is between 5'11 and 6 ft.
Mary said on 1/Jan/06
There it is-Gary Oldman is 5'9". So Jeroen is taller.It wasn't just the tophat.
Mary said on 26/Dec/05
Wow- I never would have thought that people would get so excited about average height! That stat on Holland came from your very own Radio Netherlands International website! (what does Wereldomroep mean, by the way?)
What's all the crap about free hospitals in Canada? My province (Ontario) no longer pays for my physiotherapy for a troubled back. Medical care is NOT entirely free, and has seriously declined in the past 10 years. Waiting times are too long for surgery, and there is a dire shortage of doctors & nurses. Well, this has been fun, I'm writing from Canada, wherever you guys are. I would love to visit Holland- do those canals freeze in winter so that you can (ice) skate on them?
Mary said on 26/Dec/05
Of course Hollywood actors are chosen for their height/looks. Too bad most of them lack talent and culture, and are dead boring. This is why I've started watching European films. For Mr Krabbe & others, thank you & keep up the good work.Bye the way, I'm Canadian, female, and 166 cm (5'6" or so.) At home, only slighly above average height. While living in Japan and South Korea, I was considered tall. Asia's youngsters are towering over their granddaddies these days... Anyway, in regards to Mr Krabbe...5'11" - a respectable height. He paints, he cooks, he's cute... he's perfect!
minime said on 8/Dec/05
I have absolutely no idea, but there are a lot of people who'll go study somewhere else from where they live :) Groningen is a great city, though it's a bit too far from everything else for me. I like being in the center :p

I don't know about the 5'7", but earlier on they were saying numbers like 5'9" :) about 30 years ago the average was already 5'5"-5'6" so I suppose 5'7" isn't really that hard to believe. I don't know in what age range though! Because a lot of older people are smaller of course.
Kellie said on 7/Dec/05
I know, isn't that weird? My little sister stood next to me yesterday and was like "Wow, you're short!" (she's 13 and my height already, the little minx).. It depends on where you live but I really never feel tall. Can't believe the average is 5'7'' though, are there that many tall people? Ah well, I give up ;).. Really don't have a clue on Jeroen.
(btw, what's there in Groningen that they don't have in Maastricht? I hear the theater programme is better in Limburg, but what's the north got to offer? Just being curious ;))
minime said on 6/Dec/05
Kellie, Rintje probably studies at the University of Groningen or HBO!
Anyway, I'm 18, 5'4" and Dutch (not a 100%, but born and raised here). I'm always surprised when in US tv shows (like on Gilmore Girls a couple of times) they call 5'7" tall! Here it's sometimes even considered small! Although the average does seem to have grown the past years...I thought it was about 5'7" for girls and 5'11" for guys a couple of years ago but apparantly that's wrong...well what do I know? :p Most people I know would say someone is tall when he rises above 6'3" or above 5'10" for a girl.
Aaanyway, about 5'11" to 6' seems alright for Jeroen :)
Gretz said on 6/Dec/05
In The Netherlands and Belgium for Tall People. and
Kellie said on 3/Dec/05
Wow, that's amazing!! Is that something from our generation (I'm 18)? Coz from what I've seen, men were NOT that tall a couple of decades ago..
(Btw, why on earth are you going to school in Groningen when you're from Maastricht?!)
Rintje said on 2/Dec/05
Not all the Dutch are tall. In the south, people tend to be smaller than in the south. I'm 19, come from Maastricht, but study in Groningen. In Maastricht, my height of 1.85 is average, but here in Groningen it's without doubt under average. Here I should guess average height for the young men would be 1.90. In my class there are 12 boys, 10 out of them are are taller than me, though most are only around 5 cm taller. The tallest is 1.99, the second tallest 1.98, the third tallest 1,95 m. The smallest in class is 1,84, and he and I are the only ones under 1,90! People are not this tall in Maastricht.
Living Shoe Lift said on 26/May/05
I live in Holland myself, I am a 181 cm male (still growing) and I feel kinda short. It seems as if all males tower over me, and the women being around my height. And by the way, it's no good comparing Dutch celeb's heights with those of Hollywood. Everyone knows that in Hollywood the actors are selected on their height, and in Holland this is not the case.
Bill said on 23/May/05
Agreed, although the people of this region have always been very tall, something the ancient Romans found out when they invaded northern Europe, some people will have inherited these tall genes but most Dutch men are under 6-1.
Mr.K said on 23/May/05
All these talk about an average height of 6'1" for the male population in Holland is pure crap. Holland has together with parts of former Yugoslavia and some parts of Africa the tallest population in the world. According to the European Union the average height for young Dutch males (15-25 years) is 182.3 which is close to 6'. But when you talk about average height you must of course include all male adults. I am a middle aged man at 186 cm and I'm definetely much taller then most Dutch men between 40-50 years of age. The correct average height in Holland all ages included is 179-180 cm for men or close to 5'11"
Lenore said on 22/May/05
Yeahh i'm dutch and im a female and im 1.77 so about 5ft10 and im never EVER feel tall when im outside walking or something.
Most dutch girls are about 1.73, could be less, could be more but that is a good average. And im so surprised about all these tiny woman in America..
Smoke said on 19/Apr/05
Well the Netherlands, like almost every country has it's share of tall people, and the younger people in particular are considerably taller than their previous generations. However, this is the case throughout many developed countries in the world, therefore again, I don't see how Holland in particular, is exceptionally taller than everyone else.
Jackie said on 19/Apr/05
Of course you are exaggerating with 7'3", but it is a fact that The Netherlands have many clubs for (extremely) tall people and about as many websites where the tall can find anything from clothes, cars, office chairs etc. It IS becoming a problem, for real. MSN group of a 14 year old, 6ft girl!
Issheuhboy said on 18/Apr/05
As in Canada, it's about health. Holland has the greatest natal care in the world, therefore a baby is not stopped from achieving its maximum height through any impediment caused by inadequate birthing facilities, and is free to grow to the average Dutch height of 7'3".
Smoke said on 18/Apr/05
Jackie I think your theory on the food additives is a pretty accurate one, because here in Canada we are seeing young people get taller and taller, and it has to be something in the food. I am considerably taller than both of my parents, who were born and raised in Europe, and in general the average height of young people born or raised here is quite high, possibly approaching 6'0" already. So I imagine the averages will only continue to climb both in Holland, Canada, and many parts of the world, but I'm still unsure how Holland already gets those 6'1" and 5'9" average heights. In Canada I believe it's 5'11" for men, and about 5'5" for women.
Jackie said on 18/Apr/05
My parents are first generation from Indonesia, they're old enough to be my grandparents aged early and late eighties. My mom in her prime was 5'3", my dad in his prime was 5'9". They're mixed. My paternal grandma was 5'7", taller than her full blooded Dutch husband! On average in my family the women are of all heights in all generations. We have, as I said tall women two generations before me, yet my smallest female cousin of the third generation is barely scraping 5 ft (born and raised in the US). Everybody born and raised in The Netherlands, however on the female side is up from 5'4", and all males in my family born and raised here are up from 5'11".
Now maybe my family was on the tall side for folks who have their roots/race in Indonesia.
It's the older generations of native Dutch that are indeed not as tall as, lets say, people of 40 and younger......
Smoke said on 17/Apr/05
So I take it then that this height average only takes into account the people who were born and raised in the Netherlands? Again, I noticed that many people in Holland were still shorter than me, and I'm supposed to be average height there. Again, people in many of the Dutch colonies (Indonesia) are some of the shortest people in the world, and it suprises me that the first generation people who come to Holland factor in, and still have Holland as being the tallest country in the world. Again, from my visit there, I didn't notice the people to be exceptionally tall at all, no different from here.

[Editor Rob: The German average male is now supposed to be 180cm]
Jackie said on 17/Apr/05
I myself am the second generation of the old colonies and know that others of the 2nd generation who were born and raised in The Netherlands are much taller than the generation before them. Now, personally in my family I already have several tallish people, the tallest standing 6'1" (male) and 5'10" in the first generation who were still born and raised in the colonies. But still the 2nd generation is even taller than that on average.
Our theory is that it has to do with all the artificial additions in the food, perhaps even growth hormones. We know descendends from the colonies, 2nd generation, who both stand around 5'5", whose first generation parents stand around 5'2", yet the third generation absolutely towers over them from their teens on at 6'1" and 6'3"!!! and are still growing!
The average height for girls in our country is now 5'9" and for boys 6'1" which are heights they reach in puberty, say around the age of 16!
I'm 41, but the shortest boy in my class at the age of 16 was 5'11"!!! We're talking 1980 here.
Smoke said on 16/Apr/05
The interesting thing about the Netherlands and height is that many people in the Dutch population either come from, or have roots in countries where people are traditionally not very tall. For instance many of the Dutch colonies in Asia, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean all have notoriously short average heights and yet here is Holland, the tallest country in the world. I'm not quite sure as to who exactly this national average in the Netherlands does take into account, and I myself have been to Holland and I didn't notice the people to be particularly taller on average than here in Canada. I'm 6'1" (185.5 cm) and I felt just as tall in Holland as I do in my own country, yet Canadian men are supposedly 2 inches shorter on average. I don't recall towering over anyone in Holland, yet I don't really tower over people here either. I'm really unsure of the means for finding this average height for the Dutchmen.
Smoke said on 14/Apr/05
It's really interesting that America, even in comparison to Canada is that much shorter. I would say that some parts in the States have much higher averages than others, for instance the Midwest will have a considerably higher average say New York City. From what I heard, Holland has a 6'0"-6'1" average while America has a 177 cm average, and yes here in Canada it is 180 cm. I mentioned something about this on Mark Paul Gosselaar's listing.
Issheuhboy said on 14/Apr/05
Not that this is, but America is actually quite down the list as far as national average male height (AMH) is concerned. In the UK, the AMH is 5'10, in Canada 5'11 (free hospitals etc.). America's AMH is 5'9.5. Holland's is 6'1, which, if you've been there, is slightly weird! Being 6'0, I'm used to being marginally taller than most people here in the UK, but there I felt eye to eye with most people.

[Editor Rob: yes, some countries are over-taking others. A few in Eastern Europe have a near 6ft average. Dutch have really been growing the last 30 years!]
Mary said on 13/Apr/05
I thought he looked pretty tall compared to Gary Oldman in 'Immortal Beloved'.
Factoid: On average, the Dutch are the tallest nation - the Yanks are second.

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