How tall was Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

American comedic actor, director and singer, best known for films like Artists and Models, The Ladies Man, The King of Comedy, Funny Bones, Boeing, Boeing, The Nutty Professor, The Bellboy, Living It Up, The Family Jewels, The Sad Sack, and Three on a Couch. At his peak Jerry claimed to stand 6 foot tall, and in latter years on his driving license 5ft 11.

Jerry Lewis - 1960s
Dean must be the adult, but Jerry has to be the kid - the little guy - I loved that. I was as tall as Dean, except I worked in a crouch and I had his shoes lifted. Just so that I could work the crouch better. He always looked that much taller than me on the stage because I'd shrink. When I stood upright introducing him or something, I was Six Feet.

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5ft 10.3in (178.6cm)
Gerald S said on 27/Aug/23
Below is a link to The Patsy, Rob.

Click Here

What made the height comparison between Lewis and Wynn harder, was that although Wynn had posture advantage, Lewis had hair advantage!
Gerald S said on 26/Aug/23
Rob, I watched The Patsy recently, and I honestly could not decide who was taller out of Lewis and Keenan Wynn. It was too close to call.
Editor Rob
Don't think I've seen that film before.
Frank Col said on 27/Dec/22
Lewis was in fantasy land regarding his height imagining he was 6ft. He was never taller than 5ft 10, similar to Dean Martin who was 5ft 9.5.
Sinclair said on 30/Jul/22
Rob, at 54:30, you can find a comparison between Jerry Lewis and Keenan Wynn, to further deduce Wynn's height.

Click Here

Who has the edge, I cannot positively say. Granted that Wynn did look more or less 5'11" in The Patsy. Maybe 5'11" actually is still a figure to consider for Wynn? Lewis could seem 5'10.75" or even 5'11" but I have heard rumours he is no more than 5'10". Two big 5'10.5" guys at peak in my mind.
greddagr8 said on 8/Jun/22
Hey rob, about how much height did you think jerry lewis lose in this photo in 2013. idk if you answered this in the comments already.. He towers over martin on the second pic

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks like 5 inches lost there. Whether he 1-1.5 inches worse off, in terms of posture, is harder to tell. I think maybe at least that might explain some of it.
Ian C. said on 3/Jan/22
Regarding your driver's license question, Rob, in Canada you renew your license every five years, and the only thing you have to affirm on your new license is your current address. Also, they take a new picture. (My driver's license picture now looks like the final picture of Dorian Gray.) As for your height, they measure it the first time you apply for your license, and after that, for all subsequent re-issues, they just carry forth your original height and weight.
Editor Rob
In the UK they never included anything like Height. If they ever introduced height & weight measurements, heck I will happily do that job 😄
Bradley said on 30/Oct/20
5-11 peak.
RL Chambers said on 30/Oct/20
I saw him on stage and he was about 5'8" or less. I am 5'8" and he appeared to be shorter than me.No Way he was 6'.
RichardSpain said on 3/Jun/19
Google listed him 183 cm or six foot

But I think he was less than that

Maybe 179/180 cm in peak younger
bess said on 5/Aug/18
I stood next to him in the San Diego airport in the early 1990s. He was shorter than my 5'8".
MJKoP said on 30/Jun/18
You can add this at the top, Rob. Apparently, he still claimed 6'0" during the later years of his life and 5'11" at the very end...guess he finally came to terms that 6'0" was impossible to believe in his late 80s.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Do people in America alter their license if they shrink with old age or do most just cling to their youthful peak?
zoki said on 10/Mar/18
I think Jerry Lewis was around 5ft11, 180 cm, 181 cm barefoot at his prime, Dean was 5ft10 179 cm more like, Jerry and Dean claimed all their lives that they were 6ft but neither of them was 6ft. I think both of them were wearing lifts. Dean started first to apear taller then Jerry, and Jerry started also wearing boots after their split.
Josh Jeffords said on 7/Mar/18
Shorter than rocky marciano after retire not 5 10 so sorry.
macfan said on 14/Dec/17
Lewis was 5'10, 5'11.5, depending on his lifts. If you notice in the old films he varied too much so he is obviously wearing lifts. He's very to judge. I think he was only 5'10, but he did wear lifts.
James said on 13/Dec/17
Lewis was 5'10" at his peak, and 5'5" when he died.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Sep/17
Maybe that huge hunch in Larry King's back makes everyone look much taller because Jerry hadn't been near 5'9" for decades by the time he died. His back problems probably had a lot to do with it, but even by 80, he wasn't looking taller than maybe 5'6" range to me.
Tom said on 28/Aug/17
I have to change my opinion on Lewis's height. Watching Visit to a Small Planet I noticed not only was he the same height as Earl Holliman who was most definitely 6', Lewis was only an inch shorter than 6'1'' Fred Clark. So perhaps Lewis was six feet after all. But Dean Martin was shorter. Without lifts he was two inches shorter. With lifts he was the same height as Jerry.
Tom said on 26/Aug/17
Larry King claimed Lewis in his prine was 6'3''! I had a chuckle when he said that while discussing Lewis on CNN right after Lewis died. King also claimed towards the end Lewis had dropped down to 5'9''.
JD said on 26/Aug/17
I thought I'd mention a strange one. Larry King was invited on CNN, there's a clip on Youtube now but it's titled for Carol Burnett, not Larry, and Larry King guessed Jerry Lewis was 6'3 once and shrunk to 5'9, I think he said. I can believe he was 6'0-6'1 at one point and downplayed like he's said before. Odd that Larry would guess so high. He's not a short guy himself, when he stands up straight.
Tom said on 23/Aug/17
Lewis tended to make himself look shorter by slouching. But when he stood erect as he did in Visit to a Small Planet he was almost as tall as 6' Earl Holliman. Watch the movie and you'll see what I'm talking about. So I believe he could have been 5'11'' in his prime. On the other hand, Dean Martin was around 5'10''. Maybe even half an inch shorter. He usually wore lifts. Lewis only started wearing boots with big heels after he seriously injured his spine which caused him to lose height. It's amazing he wasn't permanently paralyzed.

A great talent. He will be missed.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Aug/17
Looked exactly this with weak 5'9 Tony Curtis in Boeing Boeing I thought and am pretty sure he edged out Dean Martin when in equal footwear (rare).
MJKoP said on 20/Aug/17
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/17
We really seem to be losing all of the 90 ish legends this year, Connery, Eastwood, and David Attenborough watch out!!

Well, better THAT than be on a streak of Heath Ledgers...
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/17
We really seem to be losing all of the 90 ish legends this year, Connery, Eastwood, and David Attenborough watch out!!
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/17
RIP Jerry, seen almost all of his and Martin's films. The most annoying, abrasive voice ever LOL but a great entertainer.
MJKoP said on 20/Aug/17
RIP, strong 5'10 peak. MUCH shorter in his later years...(dead at 91).
even said on 19/Jul/17
anything under 5'10" is out of the question , my guess is 5'10.25"
Ian C said on 27/May/17
Jerry claimed that he was taller than Dean, but because Jerry was the funny one and Dean the straight man, they were always shot in such a way that Dean appeared taller. Interesting attitude in that if it was true: the more serious partner must be taller.
mister_lennon said on 10/Mar/17
Deniro was 5'9 peak.
Tom said on 7/Mar/17
Lewis wore boots in King of Comedy with big heels. And if he only had two inches on DeNiro that means he was nowhere near 5-11. DeNiro in his prime was around 5-8.
richie said on 21/Dec/16
solid 5'11". He had close to 2 inches on DeNiro in Kings of Comedy
jwwjr said on 22/Nov/16
theres a photo of Phil Silvers looking at Jerry with Dean in between.Its on a colgate comedy hour website.Phil and Jerry are only about 2 feet apart.Basically same height.My opinion 5 ft idea what kind shoes.
gp said on 17/Nov/16
There is a video of the MD Telethon 1952 whwer you have Dean Martin Jackie Gleason and Jerry .Jerry is the tallest while Dean seems a tid bit taller than Gleason.Yetr they have been all given the 5' 10.5 height
jwwjr. said on 23/Feb/16
I saw Jerry Lewis tv special from nov.1968.guest Dean Jones. A good height scene of them together later in show.Possibly Dean jones was a little taller but they looked pretty close.Looked like both had normal low shoes.
Steve said on 5/Oct/15
During the reunion with Dean on the MD telethon, Jerry wore boots with 2" heels.

I doubt Jerry was taller than 5'10" in his prime. By the late 1960's he lost height due to repeated spinal injuries.

Dean went to bed with lifts. No more than 5'10" in his prime. He could have even been 5'9.5" because without lifts he looked slightly shorter than Jerry.
Sam said on 17/Aug/15
Yeah, Lewis really threw himself around a lot, I bet he had almost as many injuries as Jackie Chan and not nearly in as good shape as Chan was. That certainly can cause someone to lose quite a bit of height.
Charlie said on 25/Jul/15
Years ago in Their prime Jerry was no doubt over 5'10" but now that hes close to 90 in age and has suffered a serious back accident and of course old age decreases you're height.He could possibly be 5'6" to 5'7". And waking up earlier than most people will have a lot to do with height to. If jerry woke up a few hours earlier than these other stars that would indeed make him shorter as well. Many different factors. Back accidents can drop you're height several inches leaving you with a very poor posture
Sam said on 20/Apr/15
In Method to the Madness, the clip of Jerry reuniting w/ Dean shows that not-quite-in-character Jerry was indeed very similar in height to Martin, Frank Sinatra looked about 2-3 inches shorter than both.
Sam said on 1/Apr/15
Arch, how about Funny Bones and Boeing, Boeing in his credits?
His performance is kind of similar in Bones to King of Comedy, but I think it's one of the most underrated films from the 90s.
Sam said on 31/Mar/15
Saw him with Tony Curtis in Boeing, Boeing recently and he certainly didn't look 1.75 inches taller, don't know if he had any serious footwear disadvantage like with Martin but Lewis never looked more than half an inch over Curtis IMO.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/14
Generally he looks shorter than Dean Martin but Martin tended to wear lifts a lot. In some scenes in You're Never Too Young Martin can look easily 2 inches taller but there's a scene in which they're dancing on the school playground, Lewis is in flat shoes but you can Martin's wearing customs making him look taller. They're not big ones but you can see the raised back on them when his trouser leg lifts. If he wasn't wearing them they'd be close in height I think but I'm still not convinced they're the same height, I think Martin had the edge but he might be getting more height from the shoes.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Nov/14
Must have been camera tricks in some parts. I mean They made 5'11 Norman Alden look 6 ft 5 next to him.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Nov/14
Rob there's a typo on couch. Have you seen the original Nutty Professor? There must have been some VERY tall guys in it and some of the guys in the gym were at least a head taller than him!
Editor Rob
not for a long time
Arch Stanton said on 29/Oct/14
Rob can you add a photo and American comedic actor, director and singer, best known for films like Artists and Models, The Ladies Man, The King of Comedy, The Nutty Professor, The Bellboy, Living It Up, The Family Jewels, The Sad Sack, and Three on a Couch.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Jun/14
I thought he looked a bit shorter than Dean Martin in Artists and Models, but Martin was probably wearing lifts!
Knowitall said on 23/Feb/14
Peak heights:

Peter Lawford - five-eleven

Jerry Lewis - five-ten

Dean Martin - five-nine & 1/2

Joey Bishop - five-eight

Frank Sinatra - five-seven

Sammy Davis Jr. - five-three

Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear. - Mahatma Gandhi
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/14
Maybe it's the egos of the Rat Pack for the listings between 5'10" and 6'1". It's no cooincidence that all of them reportedly wore lifts and inflated their heights!! The public did think of them as larger than life figures though, none of them wanted to be seen as the average range they were I guess!
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/14
Knowitall makes a lot of sense. I'd guess Martin was 5'9.5" too!!
Knowitall said on 18/Jul/13
Dean Martin wore lifts.

Jerry lost height after he suffered a serious back injury falling off the stage in Las Vegas in 1965. It nearly left him paralyzed.

His peak height was five foot ten. In later years that dropped by a couple of inches. Now at age 87 I doubt he's any taller than five six.

Dean was probably five nine and a half and a little over five eleven in lifts.
Tempest said on 14/Mar/13
Dean Martin was slightly taller than him - at least in the late 70s. JUST slightly -- at 2:32: Click Here

BUT Jerry Lewis wore lifts in The King of Comedy.

Click Here

His calf was longer than his thigh. You have to watch the movie - in motion - to really see what I'm getting at.

Rob, if you've never seen The King of Comedy, it's great, but Jerry Lewis appears to be wearing lifts in it. Check it out.
talltalez said on 22/Jan/12
is there really 1.75 inch height difference between tony curtis (you have listed at 5ft 8.75 in) and jerry lewis (listed 5 ft 10.5 in) check out this photo of the two stars, pictured together at their peaks in 1950s:
Click Here
Brad said on 6/Dec/11
Solid 5' 11" in the 1950's, his spine has compressed, lots of surgery. 5' 8" now.
george555 said on 4/Dec/11
I would say 5'10-5'11, 6'0 is pushing too far-nowadays he is more like 5'7-5'8
Joseph said on 31/Aug/11
I meet Jerry at a charity event in 1990 (New York city) and got my picture taken with him, I even asked him what height he was, he replied 5ft 11 inchs in my younger days but now barely 5ft 9in!, I am exactly 5ft 8.5ins and he was a fraction taller than me. PRETTY SOLID EVIDENCE
talltalez said on 20/Jul/11
here are jerry and dean with rocky marciano, who is usually listed at 1.79m. they both appear to be taller than rocky and on the 1956 newsreel footage jerry is certainly is taller when they shake hands at start.
video is:
Click Here
talltalez said on 19/Jul/11
in this 1960s show with andy williams, jerry and andy stand close together for over 5 minutes; Click Here
jerry looks at least 10cm taller than the 1.69m andy williams... and williams' shoe heels look about 1cm higher than jerrys.
KUrt said on 28/Apr/11
5'10.5? Haha, you REALLY need to take off about two inches.
Jonathan Doan said on 16/Mar/11
Russ, Jerry has had many issues with his back after years of pratfalls and physical stunts, and has had surgeries and such. I'm sure he has lost a good deal of height due to this, plus old age.
Russ said on 10/Feb/11
If he was 5'10, how come he is now level with '5ft 6 and a half' Dustin Hoffman??! Nobody shrinks 4 inches! He was probably 5'8 max in his youth.
Mr. Kaplan said on 13/Dec/10
Looks the same height as Dean Martin. Solid 5'10".
Shadow2 said on 18/Nov/10
I saw Jerry in person a while back. At 84 he is at least 4" shorter than his peak height of just on 5'11". In a 1955 movie with 6'1.5" Raymond Burr, Jerry is barefoot in a scene with Burr, and is no shorter than 5'11". He was certainly taller than Curtis and Martin (without lifts).
Frank2 said on 30/Jul/08
FYI I'm back.

In his prime, Lewis was about 5'10". I met him several times. He and Dean were the same height. Dino wore lifts sometimes to make himself appear taller than Jerry. Both men lost height as they aged. Dean appeared on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson on many occasions. Early on he and Carson were the same height. But later on when he appeared he was slightly shorter. I met Carson and can state without reservation that in his prime he was 5'10".

Sometimes on his TV variety series, Dino wore boots with two inch heels. Lewis started doing this in later years on his telethon as he lost height. Lewis did so many pratfalls severely injureing his spine that it's no wonder he lost height.

No celeb ever lost as much height as Bob Hope. In his prime he was about 5'10" but towards the end of his extremely long, productive career he ended up at about 5'6". I saw him a few years before he died and I could easily look over the top of his head and I'm 5'11".
lazur said on 7/Jul/08
Seniors tend to not realize they've lost height, so when they claim to be taller than they are, they believe it. My mother went from 5'5" to 5'1" by age 85, and still referred to her 92 year old brother as being 6' , even though, as young as 74 , he was already at least 5" shorter. Between degenerating spines and stooped posture, it's not unusual to lose more than 6" in apparent height between ages 28 and 88.
pjama said on 13/May/08
wasen't jerry taller than dean martin? I remember reading a book that said jerry would take the heels off his dress shoes and glue them to deans to make it appear that dean was taller than jerry. could it be true?
glenn said on 3/Mar/08
jerry lewis was at least 5-10 5-11.had alot health 5-7 now or a little less wouldnt shock me.
Paul said on 2/Mar/08
I recently saw JL on an episode of Law & Order. I was shocked by his height compared to the other actors including the women. I always had the impression he was over 6 ft. tall. He almost looked as short as Mickey Rooney!
patrick said on 25/Feb/08
For those who doubt how "shrunk" a man can get because of age, back problem etc.: have you recently seen Jerry Lewis? He was not short at all and arguably taller than Dean Martin. (The latter had to wear some kind of lifts to look as tall or taller). Now, Jerry Lewis is most probably less than 5
Ann said on 5/Jan/07
JL is listed as 5'10" here.
Click Here
Ann said on 2/Jan/07
I don't think JL is 6' tall any more. He was shorter than Gary on the MDA Telethon at least the past 2 years. We all lose height with age, and the man is almost 81 years old.
Robert said on 17/Dec/06
Jerry is taller than Dean Martin. I saw that in some pictures,and that is right, because i have heard that they intentionally want to show Dean Martin to be taller than Jerry, and not the other way around.
therefore, the picture where jerry is taller than dean, says the truth.
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
He appeared a couple inches shorter to me next to martin.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/06
Jerry is exactly 6ft well as his son and Dean. If you heard the story...he took the lifts off the bottom of his shoes and had a shoemaker stick them to the bottom of dean's to have the "taller affect".
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
Not the same at all.heels are not discreet,and if too big,can be embarrasing.lifts are hidden inside one knows.
Paul said on 9/Sep/06
Lifts, giant heels. Same difference and serve the same function. The heels on Lewis' shoes were very large and lifted him to a taller height.
Glenn said on 9/Sep/06
Except you cant SEE they wernt lifts.why do people make that mistake? I say 5-10 in his prime. 6ft? thats a little high, no?
Paul said on 8/Sep/06
In watching this year's MDA telethon I noticed Jerry wearing some big lifts and he was still noticably shorter than most of the people he appeared with. He can't be more than 5'7" in his bare feet anymore.

Several years ago Wayne Newton was on the telethon and Jerry, realizing he was being dwarfed, said something to the fact that he was 6' tall and Newton was a giant. Newton had a grin on his face that said "yeah, right".

Ed McMahon at 83 has also lost height. He looked quite frail this year and is no longer the commanding presence. I saw him in person in 1997 and although I wasn't real close to him he appeared to be about 6'1" to 6'2" at the time.

Gene P said on 18/Aug/06
I ran into Jerry Lewis around 1991 at the marina near the San Diego Convention Center. He was in great spirits, clowning around and briefly chasing a pretty girl who jogged past him on the boardwalk. He may have been wearing lifts, but he certainly appeared to be taller than 5'10.5". I would have estimated 6'1" or slightly taller. I recently read his book, "Dean & Me, A Love Story." In it, he states that he and Dean were both 6 feet tall when they began their career together. He recalls having a half-inch added to the heels of Dean's shoes so that Dean would appear taller than him in their stage act. If Jerry has exaggerated his height, he's certainly sticking to the story.
jimw said on 26/Jul/06
Speaking of Larry Gates,the actor from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.He was living in Conn. years ago..I knew this, and saw him in my local grocery store in northwest Conn.I was surprised he was tall.About 6ft or a little more.
MHouillon said on 31/May/06
Looks 177cm (5'9.5) nowadays. Was 2005 in Germany, receiving the "golden camera", and compared to many other celebs, he did look this height.
Frank2 said on 26/Apr/06
Ed Sullivan was shorter than I thought. Here he is with William Shatner: Click Here
Frank2 said on 22/Apr/06
5'9" Tony Curtis with Jerry: Click Here
Jerry was an inch taller in that film.

5'9" Curtis with a shrinking Jack Lemmon: Click Here

Curtis next to 6'2" Cesar Romero: Click Here

Here's Romero with David Niven: Click Here
Niven was supposedly 6', but seeing him next to Cesar and knowing he was about an inch shorter than 6' Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife leads me to believe he was in reality about 5'11".

Frank2 said on 22/Apr/06
Check out this site: Click Here
Once there, scroll down and click on the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis radio spots done for The Caddy. A word of warning: It contains a lot of four-letter words. I used to have a copy of it years ago. When you listen you'll notice that Dean was the funny guy, not Jerry. Dean had a mind like a steel trap. He may not have been properly educated, but he could cut right through and be just as witty as anyone.
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
5'10" Jackie Gleason, 6' Gerald Ford and a shrunken Bob Hope: Click Here
Frank2 said on 12/Apr/06
Danny Thomas and Milton Berle: Click Here
By the time of this photo both men had lost an inch or two. The last time I saw Berle he was down to about 5'8". Danny was about 5'9" when I last saw him.

Danny not looking like he was supposedly nearly 6' in this shot with 5'7" Jack Benny: Click Here

Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
So is there any viable reason left to believe that Lewis was near six feet tall after looking at this photo of him with 5'10" Vic Damon?: Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
5'8" James Gleason, A bald 5'7" Bing, Lorayne and Alan Mowbray (who was 5'11"): Click Here

5'7" Crosby with 5'7" Ed Sullivan: Click Here

Sullivan with 6'1" Harry Belafonte looking down on him: Click Here

Ed with The Beatles: Click Here

Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Frank standing next to a bald Crosby: Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Tiger, you only see an inch difference between Hope and JFK?: Click Here
If so I'm wondering about you. There's a definite two inch and a half inch difference. Do me a favor. Take out a tape measure and look at how long an inch happens to be.

"Bob, there's no way you're 5'11.5". No way on earth!": Click Here

"So Dean, how come you're taller than me? We're both supposedly nearly 6'": Click Here
"That's cuz I wore my lifts and you didn't baby."
Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Bob Hope with 5'11" Richard Carlson: Click Here
I knew Richard going back to when he did the old syndicated 1950's TV series I Led Three Lives. He and my mom were friends. I saw him many times and that was his height. Watch the film The Ghost Breakers and you'll see that Hope is shorter.

Hope with the astronauts: Click Here
Everyone with half a brain knows that in order to keep the weight and size down on the capsules they had a height restriction of 5'10".

Hope and Bill Clinton: Click Here

Hope with Ford: Click Here

Here's Bush Sr., Clinton, Hope and Ford: Click Here
How does a man who was 5'11.5" shrink by six inches? Hmmmmm?

Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Yeah, sure. I only see about a three and a half inch difference: Click Here
But then I'm standing on my head with my eye's closed!

Hope with Nixon: Click Here

And here: Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Arnold, Nixon and Hope: Click Here

Arnold with 5'11" President Bush: Click Here

And here: Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Here's Hope standing in a hole (in one) next to Ford: Click Here

Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Hope with JFK and LBJ: Click Here
I suppose that he's the same height as JFK. Well, Tiger? Explain that one. It should be a pip! I need a good laugh.
Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Gee! 5'10" Hope looks taller than 5'9" Desi Arnaz: Click Here
Maybe Desi forgot to wear his lifts! And check out how short Lucy is for those who still think she was 5'8". Lucy was 5'6". Period. I met her over the years and know that to be true. And Tiger, it's mentioned in at least one bio so it's not just me who's saying it
Frank2 said on 11/Apr/06
Bob Hope with 6'1" Kirk Alyn who played Superman in the old theatrical serial: Click Here

Tiger said on 10/Apr/06
I have never said that Nixon is as tall as Ford. I said that, based on your photos, Nixon COULD BE the 5-11 1/2 that he has been documented at. I thought that you said we see what we want to see; that height is a matter of perception. Maybe YOU see what you want to see! There are number of references, including Hope's own website, that state his height as 5-11 1/2. I am not making that up; go look for yourself. I know that you are not going to care because "you met Hope." My "perception" for my "inane beliefs" is no different than giving us 2 photos of Errol Flynn and Paul Lukas, which show them the same height, and telling us that Flynn is 2 inches taller. They were both 6-2!
Tiger said on 10/Apr/06
Hope has been documented at 5-11.5; doesn't he look that against the 6-0 1/2 JFK? Doesn't Nixon look about and inch or a hair more shorter than JFK in that photo? In the American Photo Library photo, doesn't Nixon look the same height as the 6' Ford? You really see a 2-inch differenec with Nixon and Ford in the photo where they are shaking hands? Isn't Ford closer to the camera in both photos with Nixon? Even if Nixon appears 2 inches shorter than Ford in the first photo, that is one photo. Shouldn't all the photos show a 2 inch difference?
Frank2 said on 10/Apr/06
Eisenhower with LBJ: Click Here
You do agree that LBJ was 6'3"? FYI Eisenhower by the time he was President had lost an inch and was about 5'9".

Nixon with LBJ: Click Here

5'11" Forrest Gump with LBJ: Click Here

Nixon and Ford: Click Here
I'm waiting to hear what excuse you have for Nixon being two inches shorter than 6' Ford. And that was back when he was still President, not an old man.

Nixon with Ford: Click Here
I still see a two inch difference. But then my glasses work.

I suppose Nixon is taller than Reagan in this shot: Click Here
By the time of that photo, Reagan was about 6'. He had been 6'1" during his days as an actor. So according to you, Reagan shrinks an inch and Nixon shrinks almost four inches. Makes sense.

Yes sirree! Nixon is the tallest in this shot!: Click Here
And I'm Superman!

Nixon with 6'1" Bob Dole: Click Here

Maybe Nixon is standing in a hole: Click Here

"So Jack, why do you always get the box to stand on?": Click Here

Nixon and JFK: Click Here

Yeah, Tricky Dick is only a half an inch shorter than JFK: Click Here
And cows can fly!

Here's 5'10" Bob Hope with JFK: Click Here

Nixon still standing in a hole: Click Here
Frank2 said on 10/Apr/06
Tiger, you obviously need glasses. That or become the new White House Press Secretary. I haven't seen such spin since back when Tricky Dick was twisting in the wind over Watergate.

Like I said, my dad knew Nixon. I met Nixon. He was 5'10". You believe what you want. I'll go with what I know to be true. I'm still looking for the photo of my dad with Nixon which just might clear this debate up once and for all. But I suppose if I do find it and post it you'll probably find some excuse to still claim Nixon was nearly 6'. I'll bet in the photo of me with George Segal you see him being taller! How about where I'm standing with tiny Tippi Hedren. Is she taller? Maybe she was standing in a hole and I was on a rock.
Maybe it's night when it's day. Maybe the background is a matte shot!

Tiger said on 9/Apr/06
Nixon is behind Ford in the first photo and about the same height in the second photo. To me, Nixon appears to be his documented 5-11 1/2 / 6 feet, based on those photos. But also, Carter looks to be his documented 5-9 1/2. Let me guess, I see what I want to see and all of these heights are embellished! Of course, in the last photo, Nixon looks to have lost some height. That photo looks to be a number of years after the second! Nixon was probably close to 75 or more!
Frank2 said on 9/Apr/06
Come on Tiger! Nixon was never, ever more than two inches close to being as tall as Ford. Just go back and look at photos of them together. You see what you want to see, it's clear to me after reading many of the excuses you've come up with.

Nixon with Ford: Click Here

Here's the Presidents: Click Here
It's clear that Ford and Reagan are just about the same height. Carter is at least four inches shorter than both men and about two inches shorter than Nixon.

If you think Tricky Dick is as tall as Ford in this shot, I have a good optometrist I can recommend: Click Here
Tiger said on 9/Apr/06
Just looking at the presidents, looks like Nixon is a hair shorter than the 6' Gerald Ford in the first pic and the same height as the 6' Ford and the 6-1 Reagen in the second pic (Nixon also seems to be the same height as the 6-1 Reagan in the first pic).
Frank2 said on 8/Apr/06
Burt Lancaster and 6'3" Gary Cooper: Click Here

Burt with (l to r)6'1" Jack Overman, 5'10" John Hoyt, 6' Jeff Corey and 5'8" Whit Bissell: link
Frank2 said on 8/Apr/06
Jerry with Sammy Davis Jr.: Click Here

With Jimmy Carter: Click Here
Frank2 said on 8/Apr/06
Somehow the wrong link showed up. Try this one: Click Here
Frank2 said on 7/Apr/06
Jerry with President Carter: Click Here

Now compare Carter next to Ford, Reagan, Bush and Nixon: Click Here

Or here: Click Here

Jerry and Dean looking small next to Burt Lancaster: Click Here
Burt's official height is listed at 6'2" but I think he was closer to 6'1". He was a little shorter than 6'2" George Reeves in From Here to Eternity.

Jerry and singer Vic Damone on the Paramount scoring stage circa late 1950's: Click Here
Damone was well-under 6'. There is no way in hell that Jerry or Dean were any taller than 5'10". I know people dismiss the fact that I've stood next to them. Just go by the photos. Look at the films they were in and how short they are next to actors who are truly 6' or more.

Here's 5'10" Danny Thomas with 5'10" Damone: Click Here
And yes! Thomas was just 5'10" and lied about his height.

Damone with Danny: Click Here

Damone with 6'3" Ed McMahan: Click Here

Damone not looking much taller than 5'8" Russ Tamblin: Click Here

Damone next to a slumped Dick Van Dyke: Click Here

Damone with Mel Torme: Click Here
Mel was a little guy, but what a voice!

Damone with 6'1" Basil Rathbone: Click Here

Enough proof?

Frank2 said on 2/Apr/06
By the way, I watched The Caddy last night courtesy of TCM and noticed once again that Jerry as well as Dean were considerably shorter than 6'1" Fred Clark. Now why is that? I mean did they do it on purpose by always slouching? Or was Clark lying and actually 6'3"? Well, folks, I saw Fred in person and can vouch that he was 6'1".
Frank2 said on 2/Apr/06
Ralph Meeker with 6' Emile Meyer: Click Here

For those who say, "Who in the hell was Larry Gates?" here's what he looked like: Click Here

Gates was in the classic film Invasion of the Body Snatchers and was several inches taller than 5'10" Kevin McCarthy.

Here's Larry and Kevin with a "pod": Click Here

Here's a shrunken Larry Gates with 6'3" Patrick Duffy: Click Here
Frank2 said on 2/Apr/06
Can anyone explain why Dean Martin was about three inches shorter than 6'1" Larry Gates in the film Ada? How about Dino being much shorter than 6'1" Ralph Meeker in the same movie? If the man was tuly 6', he'd have only appeared to be an inch shorter and that simply was not the case. And please explain to me why Jerry Lewis was shorter than so many 6' tall actors he appeared with. I'm waiting for a proper explanation. And it wasn't that he purposely slumped in all those films. By the way, anyone look at the photo of Lweis taken with 6' John Landis I put here? Tell me why Lewis is so much shorter than Landis and remember that these days Lewis usually wears custom made boots with two inch heels.
Frank2 said on 2/Apr/06
Here's a shot from The Patsy: Click Here
That's Lewis with 5'10" Keenan Wynn and 5'10" Phil Harris. Next time it's on TV watch it and you'll see that Jerry isn't taller than either man. And please watch Visit to a Small Planet and see how short Jerry looks next to truly tall actors.

Here's Keenan with 5'10" Ernie Ford: Click Here
I met both men and can say without reservation that they were no taller than 5'10". I also met Phil Harris and he was about an inch shorter than me as was Jerry Lewis.

"Despite all this hectic activity, Jerry gives the appearance of being ageless. Six feet in height, 170 lbs., hazel eyes, and black hair."

Tell me, does this look like he's 170 lbs. to you?: Click Here

Or here?: Click Here
And notice his hair isn't black. Hasn't been in many years.

It's time for people to wake up and face facts. Most of the male celebs listed here are not as tall as stated. Most under six feet lie about their height. Steve McQueen was one of the few who told the truth and look what a response people give him saying he was a shrimp. Then when true shrimps like James Dean's height are questioned, people come to their defense. I swear, you people amaze me to no end.

Frank2 said on 2/Apr/06
Ed, You are correct. Jerry was slightly taller than Dean. Now, I met both men. I spent much more time around Jerry and he never looked taller than 5'10" to me so perhaps my friend was right about Dean being shorter than 5'10". I do know that Dean just about always wore lifts when on camera He wore the same variety as did another not so tall Latin actor, Desi Arnez who some people still believe was close to 6'. And Mike, If you see four to five inches in that photo with Lweis and Benny you must be drinking something stronger that Irish coffee! Do me a favor. Take out a tape measure. OK? Got it out? Fine. Now pull it out (the tape measure smart guy!) and look at how small an inch happens to be. There's a two inch difference in that photo. Had it been four to five inches, Benny would have come up to Jerry's eye level. I'm simply amazed at some of the various responses I read on this site. You folks really need to get into politics or better yet work for publicity departments at entertainment corporations. They're always looking for people who can twist anything so as to make it credible.
mike c said on 1/Apr/06
Frank 2, just clicked the Lewis page after a brief respite...testing done Tiger and just had to comment on the picture of Jerry and Benny our expert Frank provided.....Frank, you must be kidding! Were you drinking Irish coffee when you wrote, "And once again, how can Jerry be 6' when he appears only a couple of inches taller than 5'7" Jack Benny?" My friend, there's more than a couple of inches in height diffenece in that photo (I'm 59, and a couple means 2!!)Use your imagination ( and we all know you have one) and straighten up Jerry...we're talking 4-5 inches my photo expert friend...and you can take that to the bank!
Ed C said on 29/Mar/06
I've just recently obtained a brief video for a Martin & Lewis movie promotion for one of their early movies. It has them in the ring both wearing sneakers with a chimpanzee. It's obvious that Jerry Lewis is taller than Dean Martin. So whatever height they were at that time, Jerry Lewis is taller than Dean. I'd guess at least an inch taller maybe more.
larry said on 21/Mar/06
He lived to be 100. And he probably had some form of degenerative condition. That could be anything from osteo-arthritis of the spine to mature sculiosis. Did Mr. Hope ever have back/disc surgery? Still, 4 inches is a lot. My great grandfather lived to be 103 and lost ~ 1.5 inches.
Retired? :-) Lucky guy, I'll probably get eaten or something! Just kidding, I hope.
Frank2 said on 20/Mar/06
Then explain please why Bob Hope went from 5'10" to under 5'6".
larry said on 20/Mar/06
He does look to have shrunk, but 5"? As I've stated somewhere else on the site
(sorry): males CAN lose 2-3 inches by 80-90 years old, but smallish, caucasian women are more inclined to suffer significant bone mass loss. To lose 5 full inches in height would require a significant trauma in a normal sized male. I know Mr. Lewis is in poor health, but is it a disease that causes bone mass loss or severe spinal curvature or collapse? I LIKE Jerry Lewis (and Dean Martin) a lot, so I wouldn't try to downgrade either. I think a more likely scenerio is that Jerry was 5'9.5" to 5'10" and has shrunk to 5'7" 5'8".
Frank2 said on 19/Mar/06
I'm retired. DeNiro is about 5'8". And in King of Comedy, Lewis wore boots with two inch heels. After he had a couple of serious back operations, I'm sure Lewis shrunk by at least two inches. The poor guy was in constant pain after injuring his spine doing so many prat falls on stage during his act with Dino. I'm absolutely amazed after all he's gone through that Lewis is still among the living.
Tubbs said on 18/Mar/06
Jerry looked atleast 2 inches taller than De Niro in Kings of Comedy, so 5 '11, maybe 6ft was possible. Frank2, you must have a lot of time on your hands.
Frank2 said on 16/Mar/06
How about,

Five foot two, eyes of blue
But oh what those five foot could do
Has anyone seen my gal

Turned up nose and turned down hose
Never had another beau
Has anyone seen my gal

Now if you run into five foot two covered with fur
Diamond ring and all those things
Bet your life it isn't hers
Could she love could she woo
Could she love could she coo
Has anyone seen my gal

Five foot two, eyes of blue but oh what those five foot could do
Has anyone seen my gal
Now if you run into five foot two covered with fur
Diamond ring and all those things
Bet your life that it wasn't her

Could she loving could she coo
Could she could she woo
Has anyone seen my gal

as sung by Dean Martin?
Tiger said on 16/Mar/06
We should do statistical analysis and lay down (probability) which height will occur most often (called the 'mode' in stats). My choice: 5-10 1/2. This would be a great exercise for my students!
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
I told you so!
Tiger said on 15/Mar/06
Rob, I've been thinking about Lewis' height. He has stated his height at least twice as 6 feet. Now, I am very much for hearing it from the star's mouth, but it also must be consistently documented. I can also see being off by a half-inch to an inch, but not more than that.I think if Lewis were truly 6 feet, one would see it consistently documented and one does not. Just from an internet perspective, I have seen 5-10 to 6 feet. My 'Movie Encyclopedia'(1987 Williams) states Lewis' height as this : '5-10 1/2 (Lewis states 6 feet)' That is excatly how it is written. I don't know. If Lewis stood up as tall and as straight as possible, he could reach 5-11. He always appears in photos to have a slight slouch and Dino always has the height edge in photos/video footage (for the most part) to me. Should we down-grade him to 5-10 1/2 ? As I write this I am pouting because I know Frank2 is going to say I told you so. I can take it though; bring it on! :)

Editor Rob
since Lewis these days looks about 5ft 7, losing 5 inches would be at the tip of the 'extreme end'. Interesting that a 5ft 10.5 listing exists. Sometimes when I see such a 'half inch' listing in a magazine, I always the interviewer came up with it if its not directly attributed to the celebrity
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
Here's a shot of Jerry and Dean standing next to cartoon voice actor Daws Butler:
Click Here Daws was about 5'1" and wore gigantic shoes to boost him up when he operated the hand-puppets for Time for Bennie when it aired live in the 1950's on KTTV Chnennel 11 in Los Angeles. I know since I was on the set as a kid and watched them work. And standing behind Jerry is Stan Freberg who was back then about 5'11" to 6'. You can see that he's taller even though he's in the background. Here's Dean and Jerry with Phil Silvers who was exactly 5'10": Click Here
Here's Martin and Lewis with 6' tall band leader Dick Stabile: Click Here Dean and Jeery with Sinatra:Click Here Of course none of this will change Tiger's mind.
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
And nobody explained this shot: Click Here Director John Landis who's six feet tall literally towers over Jerry.

Editor Rob
there's no doubt he looks to have shrunk, by how much is a good question...
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
And once again, how can Jerry be 6' when he appears only a couple of inches taller than 5'7" Jack Benny? Click Here Will someone please explain it to me. And don't say Benny was 5'10" or I will scream!
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
Here's a shot of Jerry with 5'10" Vic Damone taken on the Paramount scoring stage sometime in the 1950's: Click Here
Here's Damone with 6'1" Basil Rathbone: Click Here
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
Tiger, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. Interested?
Tiger said on 8/Mar/06
From I don't know the copyright date of this particular biography site, but it says, "Despite all this hectic activity, Jerry gives the appearance of being ageless. Six feet in height, 170 lbs., hazel eyes, and black hair." Now, I assume this info was given before Lewis took ill and put on so much weight in mid to late 90s. Possibly earlier.
Frank2 said on 26/Feb/06
I first met Jerry back when I went to military school with two of his sons, Gary and Ron. He looked about 5' 10". Then many years later I met him at a a party and he was my height which is 5' 11", but I noticed that he wore huge heels on his custom made boots.
Mikex said on 25/Jan/06
Can't believe those photos below. Lewis looks like he's turned into Dudley Moore. What happened? I just posted a comment about Dean Martin stating how tall Lewis has always looked.
Rut said on 8/Jan/06
What about adding Jerry Lee (the singer) to the site..?
I think the height that he stated is correct, let's see what you come up with..
Mike C. said on 25/Oct/05
Jerry was just as tall a Dino...both at least 5'11" to 6.0.Now, if you've had the back trouble Jerry has had, you, too, would be a lot shorter. My grandfather died at 102...was 6 feet tall at age 25, when he stood next to me at 90 years of age..guess what? 5'6" height! Something happens to spine with age,'s called curvature...See the Dino and Lewis movies from the late 40's and the 50' question, Jerry was just as tall as Dino...both are/were very talented men and great entertainers....Jerry 5'7"..yeah!, but consider all the crap his body has gone you, Jerry!!! You, too, Dino!!!

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