How tall is Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

British musician, best known for being part of Led Zeppelin. On his passport he claimed to be 5ft 11.5

How tall is Jimmy Page
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5ft 11.25in (181cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Dec/23
Even my Mum loved Led Zeppelin. Jimmy is one of my favourite guitarists of all time. I saw Led Zeppelin at Knebworth in 1979 and Page and Plant at the Shepherds Bush Empire in 1998.

The concerts were faultless.

5ft11. 25. 🎸
Sandy Cowell said on 31/Jan/23
How great to hear Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song playing at the beginning of the film β€˜The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’! It could have been a cover or a re-recording, and if it was, it was a bloody good one!

⭐️ The song was from Led Zeppelin’s third album, the tracks of which were written in Wales. I had a signed copy of it on tape, autographed by Jimmy himself. It was a Brazilian issue.
viper said on 15/Jan/23
Jeff Beck can't be more than 5-7
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jan/23
There was a misprint in the music press at the time I saw Led Zeppelin in 1979. They said he was 36 to Robert’s 32. He was 35.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/23
πŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸŽΈ Happy Birthday Jimmy! πŸŽΈπŸŽΆπŸŽ‚

Wishing the great Jimmy Page a fantastic 79th Birthday, and
a very happy and healthy New Year.

5ft11.5, peak. XXX πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Slamo said on 30/Dec/22
Next to the guitarist in Metallica recently looks over 3” taller.
1984here said on 12/Nov/22
Personally looked very close to 6-0 peak. Now 5-11 range still.
John A Smits said on 28/Sep/22
This is a contradiction. Page has a torso of a short person, but has legs and arms of the length of someone tall. Also the posture problem, very real.Regardless, now or in the past , with or without thick heels, 5-9 1/2-5-11 tops.
Sandy C said on 7/Aug/22
⭐️ BTW, Chinatown was a rock group.
Sandy C said on 4/Aug/22
@ Greg99 - What a very interesting comment!

I totally agree that Ian Gillan HAD to be well in excess of 6ft. My friend, Justine Cole, wrote for the rock newspaper Sounds, and she spent the night with Ian….. talking!

Justine was a lovely girl and I met her when she was an β€˜A’ level student. She had a relationship with a guy from Chinatown. He was a very lucky guy! Justine was my height, and she said Ian was huge.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jul/22
I watched Led Zeppelin’s performance at the Live Aid 1985
last night, followed by a Jimmy Page interview. He’s a very interesting guy.

greg99 said on 12/Jun/22
I wouldn't have thought 6'ish, so I think a good call by Rob. Saw him twice on stage, Ally Pally Christmas 1972 and one of Zeppelin's Earls Court shows in 1975.
BTW, an old post from Glen marks Gillan as 6' which I think is low - he was closer to 6'2" in his younger days - I saw him at the Marquee in '77 or '78 and was surprised at his height.
V for 1984 said on 12/Jan/22
Next to Chris Cornell he looks near 6-0.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/22
πŸŽΈπŸŽΆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ Happy Birthday Jimmy! πŸ˜„πŸŽ‚πŸŽΆπŸŽΈ

Here's wishing musical genius, Jimmy Page, a fantastic 78th Birthday today, followed by a healthy, happy year ahead.

5ft11.5, peak height. πŸ»πŸ˜„πŸŽ΅πŸŽŠ XXX

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Jan/22
I thought Jimmy looked nearer to 5ft11.5, even when I saw him play with Robert Plant in Spring 1998, at the Shepherds Bush Empire, when he'll have been 55.

He gets his guess on his Birthday!

Stinky 186 cm said on 27/Aug/21
At his peak I think he was about a strong 5’ 11” to be more honest 5’ 11 1/4” and now looks like a strong 5’ 10”
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Aug/21
⭐ Six days after seeing Led Zep, my collection had grown from 2 albums to the entire 10. ⭐

I even painted 'Led Zep' on my long, red fingernails for the concert! πŸ’…
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Aug/21
It's 42 years ago today that I went to see Led Zeppelin at Knebworth park. Along with The Who at Charlton in 1976, it was the best concert I've ever seen. Both were open air concerts. I'd like to have seen Pink Floyd in the same environment. I think it's more exciting and you meet loads of fellow rock fans. My late boyfriend saw Pink Floyd perform Ummagumma in the late 60s when in his teens, just as I was when I saw the two aforementioned concerts. Boy, was I jealous! πŸ˜£πŸ˜‰

Jimmy gets 5ft11.25 - peak. He looked tall to me! Robert was noticeably taller though.

James B 171.5 said on 27/May/21
just wondering rob do you think ringo was 5ft6 flat in late 2014 when the photo was taken?
Editor Rob
I'd think he could have been that range.
James B 171.5cm said on 22/May/21
Rob how tall does Jimmy look near Ringo starr? Click Here
Editor Rob
looks about 4 inches difference there
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/21
I've just read on my phone that Jimmy has been reunited with a guitar of his which was stolen in 1970. He named the musical instrument 'Black Beauty', and he's delighted to have it back!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Feb/21
Oh yes, when I saw the band on the 4th of August, 1979, I read in the programme that Jimmy said it was a shame that the kids of today weren't more into classical music. It was then that I felt grateful that I had no choice but to spend the first five and a half years of my life with classical music playing and yes, I feel it did contribute to my taste for progressive rock and not mundane chart rubbish, although there are exceptions, and I liked nearly everything in the charts as from 1966 onwards, when I had the chance to listen.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Feb/21
I've just watched Jimmy play Chopin's Prelude No 4 and giving it the rock treatment. It was at a concert in New York, dating back to 1983, and sounded like any decent rock number. If Led Zeppelin hadn't had classical overtones, I doubt that she would have been so fond of them.

Jimmy gets 5ft11.25. πŸ§”πŸŽΈπŸ’•
Soda machine said on 21/Jan/21
Hasn’t lost much like others his age. 5-11 range
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/21
πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽΆπŸŽΈ Happy Birthday Jimmy! πŸŽΈπŸŽΆπŸ’πŸŽ‚

Wishing Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page OBE, one of the greatest musicians of our time, a sensational 7️⃣7️⃣th Birthday today!

He was one of my first rock idols, and my bedroom walls were adorned with pictures of him in concert with Robert Plant.

5ft11.25 πŸ€— XXX 🍻🎈🎁🎊

Hong said on 27/Aug/20
Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Jul/20
When I saw Led Zeppelin in August 1979, I read Jimmy Page's interview - obviously - and he mentioned that youngsters should get into classical music. Suddenly, I didn't feel so bad that I was brought up on the stuff, not hearing a pop song until I was five and-a-half! I didn't like soprano voices back then, but I do now.

Jimmy gets 5ft11.5. 😁🎸🎢
181-182cm range.
Chinybobs said on 1/Jul/20
It’s strange this because I was shopping in Highgate last year and Jimmy was in the deli right in front of me haha. Very thin guy and seems very well mannered. Im just under 6-3 and I’d say he’s around 5-11 maybe. Certainly not a short guy for sure. I can believe almost 6-0 as a young guy maybe.
joe lombardo said on 20/Jun/20
All the heights are exaggerated. First off, if you look at a press release for Deep Purple's In Rock album it clearly states the Ritchie Blackmore is 5 foot 5 inches tall. Of course, he wears huge heeled shoes all the time. I met Ian Gillan backstage at the Long Beach arena during the Perfect Strangers tour, February 1985 I believe it was, and he and I had the same type of shoes on-flat with practically no heel. I was SHOCKED to see that he and I stood exactly eye to eye and were the same height. I'm 181 cm or about 5 foot 11.25 inches in my bare feet so that's Ian's height. He's a tad shorter than 6 feet tall. So of that there is no doubt.
James B 172c, said on 14/Mar/20
Rob what’s your opinion of jimmys height here with Noel galleger?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be 5ft 9 now!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jan/20
πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Jimmy!πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽ‚

Jimmy Page celebrated his Birthday yesterday, 9th January. I hope he had a great time.

5ft11.5 🎢🎧🎸

Caldonio said on 15/Nov/19
Lost little height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Aug/19
What a great concert that was - at Knebworth, 40 years ago tonight! 🎸


I bought all the music papers afterwards, and the height difference between Jimmy and Robert wasn't huge, but it was noticeable.

I recommend the film 'The Song Remains the Same'. You get many height comparing opportunities.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Apr/19
@ William O'Jell - I saw Led Zeppelin play at Knebworth on the 4th August 1979 - the week after I left school. There wasn't a great deal of difference between Jimmy and Robert, so I really can't dismiss Jimmy's claim of 5ft11.5.
They were fantastic, coming on around midnight! My fellow fans were ever so friendly and I made a whole host of friends, some of whom I bumped into at other rock concerts and heavy rock haunts.

On the day I went I had just two of their albums. Six days later, I had all nine! Their album 'In Through The Out Door' had just been released. πŸŽΌπŸŽΆπŸŽ›οΈπŸŽΈπŸŽ™οΈ

Cheers William!

Jimmy gets 5ft11.5 because there is only the one box. This represents his peak height.
William_O'Jell said on 13/Apr/19
Definitely 5 feet 11 inches in the 1970's.
Spencer Dobkin said on 11/Mar/19
Weak 6 foot peak. 5'11" now.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/19
πŸŽ‚πŸŽΈπŸŽ›οΈπŸŽΌHappy Birthday Jimmy!πŸŽΌπŸŽ›οΈπŸŽΈπŸŽ‚

Sending you all the very best on your special day and many thanks for all the brilliant music - which even my Mum liked!
James Brett said on 20/Dec/18
Looks shorter
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Dec/18
I wonder what Jimmy thinks about the playing of his masterpiece 'Kashmir' on the 'X' Factor? It certainly adds to the build-up of the excitement!

Then only yesterday, the powerful song was played on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' during one of their trials!

When I was 18, and I was playing it loudly while doing my homework and my Mum was doing the ironing, Mum said to me, "What's that piece of music?"

I replied, "It's called 'Kashmir'. Why, do you like it?"

She said, "Like it? It's SENSATIONAL!"

I must rate it quite highly too myself! Over the years, I've bought the album 'Physical Graffiti' three times!

I will give the magnificent Jimmy 5ft11, though I'm sure he was nearer to Robert Plant's height (6ft1) when I saw him in 1979 and even in 1997!
lee168cm said on 27/May/18
How tall would his girlfriend Scarlett sabet be Rob? There's photos of them together. Could she really be the 5ft 7 shes listed as?
Editor Rob
Might be 5ft 6 ish
James B said on 19/Dec/17
Rob i was speaking too my friend (the guy in the photo with Paige) last Saturday and he told me he was measured 6ft at the gym in trainers.....
Editor Rob
Page at times can seem as short as 5ft 9, though I think it seems a bit unlikely overall..unless he has lost more height.
Ally N said on 12/Dec/17
I would go with 5'11" peak. 5'10" now
James B said on 9/Nov/17
My friend who had 3 inches on Paige in the photo further down can look a weak 6ft in person.
Tibone said on 7/Nov/17
5'11 now, 5'11.5 at his peak. People saying 5'4-5'6 are mad.
Rob said on 22/Oct/17
I was standing a few metres away from him at Gatwick airport a few years ago where he was collecting a ticket. I am 5 8" he was at least 3" taller than me if not 4". I am conscious of my height so I pick up on such things. What I noticed was he was very thin.
James B said on 2/Sep/17
Rob if my friend is 6ft how tall do you think Jimmy looks in comparison?
Editor Rob
hard to think he was over 5ft 9 there...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/17
If Plant was 186-187cm range then 182cm is arguable for Page. I think it's safe to say that both guys have lost a substantial amount of height probably from years of hard living on the road, I think Plant had a back injury though
James B said on 30/Aug/17
This 5'11 1/2 talk is nonsense

Here is Jimmy with someone I know who claims to be "6feet tall" and he looks 5'8-5'9 with him Click Here
Liberty183.3 said on 22/Jun/17
Shorter now.
HonestSlovene said on 6/Jun/17
5'11 peak, 5'9.5" now.
Charlie said on 29/May/17
He was listed 5'8 a few years ago. I feel he is 5'8
RisingForce said on 21/Apr/17
Thanks, then it seems I can almost certainly give Coverdale a 179-180 range since Page at 48-49 is likely peak height or at worst, 1 cm below. Coverdale always gave a taller 6 ft+ impression on stage. Perhaps it's the powerful baritone, much like Tom Jones.
RisingForce said on 19/Apr/17
Rob, how tall would you say David Coverdale is/was? I've heard 5'10.5", 5'11" and 6'. Here he is with Jimmy Page: Click Here 5'10.5" looks plausible to me if Page was still 5'11" in his last 40s.
Editor Rob
doesn't really look much between Page and David, would think very close if measured.
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Oct/16
Hi Rob! A little piccie of Jimmy Page would be nice, preferably on stage in one of his far-out outfits!
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Oct/16
It is well believable that Jimmy Page's height is 5ft11 now, though when I saw Led Zeppelin play at Knebworth on 4th August '79, just after I said good bye to my schooldays, I would have ranked him nearer to 6ft1 Robert Plant, say 6ft.

Then in the Spring of '98, I saw him again at the Shepherds Bush Empire. He was still tall, but it would be fair to say that he'd lost a bit of height, though not much. 5ft11 seems a good guess,especially as 18 years have elapsed since I last saw him!
new orleans band said on 9/Aug/16
Before Hurricane K destroyed our city, and Tower Records, I would see Plant with his kids. 6ft easily. Also ran across Mr Page; 6ft again.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/16
Plant could have been a 6ft1Β½ guy, IMO. Could even pass for 6ft2 at times. I'd consider moving to 186cm. Definitely had a good couple of inches on Page.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/16
Rob, how possible is 5ft11Β½ peak?
Editor Rob
it is arguable enough, it depends on how tall a guy like Plant really was.
Jim Hopper said on 14/Oct/15
The Infamous manager of Led Zeppelin. Also was in some films with big actors in the 60's.
Jim Hopper said on 12/Oct/15
Rob how about Peter Grant on here?
Editor Rob
not so familiar with him
dj spin said on 19/Nov/14
jimmy is of the iconic guitar players of the time, he was and still is ahead of his time in engineering and sound reproduction. The time he invested in sound was perfectly executed for the sound of Led Zeppelin, The Honey Drippers. He also continues to inspire young guitar pickers today.
Townsey said on 24/Sep/14
Jimmy is 5 foot 11 inches, with platforms on stage he was a tad bit taller than plant, who is 6 foot. Jimmy was very very small and skinny thought, he had a 26 inch waist and I'm sure close to and if not smaller, chest.
Musicman said on 16/May/14
I just saw a costume on display, in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, that Jimmy page wore in the 1970's. I was surprised that it was so small. The chest and waist size were about the size of a skinny 14 year old boy. It was worn with 2-3 inch platform soles, so that the hem of the flared trousers were just off the ground (completely covering the shoes). The shoulder height was less than my shoulder height by about 2 inches. I'm 5'8", therefore Jimmy Page would have been about 5'6" with 2-3 inch platform shoes on. Without the platform shoes, he would be either 5'3" or 5'4". I always thought he was tall, but if you saw how small the chest and waist sizes were on this costume, you'd realise that it made his body look taller in relation to the abnormally narrow width. Pages' costume is displayed next to one worn by Adam Ant for his Prince Charming video, and Pages' was way smaller . Adam Ant has said in interviews that he is 5"8", so the Stats do not lie. If any of you ever visit London, go to the V&A Museum, and see Pages' costume for yourselves, and you'll know straight away, that he was tiny.
Γ§ said on 16/May/14
Beck uses some shoes that add like 2 inches at him, see him lately.
Γ§ said on 12/May/14
Beck wears shoes that add something like 1,5 inches.. saw him latelly, I consider him a 5ft8 (with shoes)
Anti-Tory said on 1/May/14
Page and Bonham look the same height in almost all pictures. Very different in build, of course! I did once see John Paul Jones in a shop, and he was 5'8"-ish. Plant's at least 6'.
kyuss said on 15/Apr/14
Click Here 2 min 50 seconds.
kyuss said on 14/Apr/14
With stevie tyler {5-9"} close to 5-11.5"".5-11" min. Watch video at 2 min.50 seconds.
FC said on 5/Nov/13
I worked with Beck once. He's def at least 5'9", as I'm 5'10". Not sure about Page.
SK said on 27/Aug/13
lightining wrote, "A simple comparison in body size to his Gibson Les Paul guitar (38.5 inches long) from numerous performance photos proves he's shorter than posted here" and "Jeff Beck is 5ft 6 1/2 inches and he's a tad taller than Page."

lightning's assertions don't make any sense. Page has always made that Les Paul look tiny on stage. Besides, his other signature guitar besides his Les Paul was his doubleneck EDS. If Page were short (shorter than 5'6-1/2" as lightning claims), he would have looked ridiculous playing that huge guitar.
SK said on 27/Aug/13
Jimmy Page is almost 70 and he played a heavy Les Paul slung low his entire life, so he's probably lost a bit of height due to age and poor posture. Having said that, lightning's assertion that he's shorter than Jeff Beck (who lighting says is 5'6-1/2") is ridiculous. Page has always looked 5'11", which was tall for a British musician of that era. Plant is 6'1" and was always the tallest member of the band, but as PennyLane pointed out, Page usually wore flat shoes while Plant often wore boots with chunky heels. Both were tall and skinny in their prime, and Page consistently looked about 2" shorter than Plant, except when Plant was wearing boots with big heels. If you look at "The Songs Remains the Same" DVD or that iconic photo of the band in front of their plane, Page was consistently the second tallest member of the band.
Click Here
Also, if you look at old pictures of him with The Yardbirds, he was the second tallest member of that band also, and they always had him sitting down or standing at weird angles to make Jeff Beck look less short.
Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/13
Well, he's verging on 70, probably lost an inch. 5 ft 11 peak I think is about right but my feeling was 177-8 range next to Grohl accounting for his posture.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/13
Rob, do you think he looks 5'11" in that clip?
Editor Rob
he can look in 5ft 10 range
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jun/13
Rob, pause at 7:00 Click Here doesn't even look close to this next to Dave Grohl today
PennyLane said on 6/May/13
WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU ON??? 5FT6???? All the guys in Zeppelin were known to be close to and around 6ft tall! In the younger days Jimmy wore MUCH flatter shoes than Robert who wore chunky 70's heel shoes of approx 2" height. Jimmy Page is approx 6ft tall. So the passport height of 5ft 11.5 is most likely right. Also my ex met Jimmy and my ex is 6 ft 2, he said Jimmy wasn't much shorter than him.
wiltonstilts said on 23/Apr/13
Jimmy paige seems 2 or 3 inches shorter than plant possibly more. I'm not sure what shoes they had on but it appears that plant has always towered over jimmy paige. Hmmm who knows .. I think jimmy paige is a lil shorter than 5'11 maybe 5'09, 5'10 at his peak.
lightning said on 12/Apr/13
Folks, I can certainly say Jimmy Page (guitarist) is NOT 5ft 11in tall...he's much shorter. A simple comparison in body size to his Gibson Les Paul guitar (38.5 inches long) from numerous performance photos proves he's shorter than posted here. Also saw him in 1970 and he was shorter than Plant. Jeff Beck is 5ft 6 1/2 inches and he's a tad taller than Page. Just sayin...
Led said on 27/Mar/13
Do you think maybe 5'9.5?
Bushbranch said on 30/Dec/12
Noel Gallagher is 5 ft 7:

Click Here
kiki said on 23/Jan/12
there is a picture of Jimmy's passport and it states that he is 5'11 1/2", FWIW.
pete said on 15/Nov/11
standing next to Jimmy page a couple of days ago at Gatwick Airport he is for sure 5.11 I am a strong 5.9+ with a solid pair of shoes he was at least 3" taller than me with what looked like 1" flat heels, though otherwise he looked frail and very thin.
somebody new said on 30/Oct/11
in they're peak Jimmy sure looked about 2 inches shorter than Robert Plant, who himself claims to be 6'1, so ... believe it or not its likely he want over 5'11. Nowdays they kinda look the same height
stevie ray vaughn said on 27/Oct/11
no way was he 5 11 look at the guitar
somebody new said on 15/Oct/11
is this his peak height, Rob ?
SK said on 15/Sep/11
Greg makes a good point about Page being noticeably taller than the other guys in the Yardbirds (except for maybe the bassist). Look at their old photos. They often had Page standing in the back, sitting down, etc., so that he wouldn't tower over Keith Relf and Jeff Beck, who were much shorter. Also, if you look at that iconic photo of Led Zeppelin where all four members are standing in front of their airplane, Page is the second tallest member of the band after Robert Plant, who is 6'1". In the photo, he is taller than John Paul Jones (listed at around 5'9") and John Bonham (listed at 5'10-1/2" and 6'0", but I don't think he was quite 6'0" because he never appeared to be taller than Page in photos). In fact, if you look at any old photos of Led Zeppelin where they're all standing, Page was consistently the second tallest member. It's not fair to estimate his current height because he probably lost some height due to aging, back problems, and years of playing a Les Paul slung low. 5'11" in his younger days sounds right.
Robby D. said on 9/Sep/11
He was definately around 5'11" in his peak, however, I read that through years of playing a weighty Les Paul so low, almost to his knees, that the strain has told on him and now he has lost height because of it.
SK said on 9/Sep/11
It's possible that he's lost some height over the years (he's 68). Plus, he's had back problems, so his posture isn't what it used to be, but he always looked like a solid 5'11" when he was younger (that was tall for British rock stars of that era). Just look at the "Song Remains the Same" concert. When he stands next to the 6'1" Robert Plant, he looks about 2 inches or so shorter than him. Page is wearing flat shoes. Plant is wearing boots. The person who assumes that Page must be smaller because Les Pauls are "small" guitars ignores the fact that Page also played that iconic doublenecked Gibson EDS. If Page were any shorter, it would have looked ridiculously huge on him, but it didn't.
Moi said on 19/Aug/11
Well as you get older you get a little shorter. Jimmy was 5ft 11" back in the 7Os I believe but since age has caught up, now he's 5ft9"-5ft10"
fripouille said on 30/Jul/11
if the edge is Edge is 5'10" and a picture of jimmy with the edge and jack white, you can see, that jimmy is about 5'10" at the very most!!! --- Click Here
Steven said on 1/Jun/11
He was pretty skinny back in the day, Les Pauls are small guitars and he doesn't have alot of slack on that strap. So, he looks alot taller than he really is. Can't be taller than 5'9-5'10
me said on 18/Feb/11

The les paul is a small guitar with a small fretboard and body. Surprised the heck out of me seeing how small it really is at the guitar center. Always thought it was big like the jazz guitars.
Mark Corrigan said on 13/Feb/11
I met him in Novemeber and I'm 5'8". Let me put it this way, he's maybe an inch taller than me, if that!
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/11
I met him in Novemeber and I'm 5'8". Let me put it this way, he's maybe an inch taller than me, if that!
RTh said on 27/Nov/10
I'm pretty sure Jimmy Page is 180cm tall. I've been next to him and he was just as tall as I am.
LG69 said on 3/Nov/10
Jimmy has always looked 5'10" to me, but he's very skinny so that can make somebody look taller. I don't think he was 5'11". Robert Plant looked about 5'11" in his prime. Hey "mp", NO WAY is Plant 6'3". If he was wearing 3" heels maybe, but not barefooted.
Spencer said on 26/Jun/09
Hey guys I heard peter grant was 6'4 in a book, and that how tall I am. Also in the book, a photo showed robert about an inch or two shy of peter, so that make robert like, 6,1? Jimmy looked to be about 5'10, 5'11. Jpj looked about the same as jimmy and john bonham was short, like 5'7-5'8.
mcfan said on 25/Jun/09
I would lower Page to 5'10. I don't think he was ever 5'11. He looked the same height as Clapton back then. I'll give Plant max 6'0.5 - 6'1 and Page max 5'10.
hjs said on 21/Jun/09
I'm rather confused because Jimmy's height, although I have to agree with glenn some of the way, seems to be all over the place as the years go by. In in 1970s I'm certain he's at least 5-11, 6-0, but once I begin to look at the pictures and videos of him in the 1990's he looks to be everywhere from 5-10 to 5-7. And just recently when I watched this Foo Fighters(it was in 2008) concert, he looked to be about 5-8 or 5-9, maybe just a little shy of 5-10. And yes there were camera angles where I could see what shoes he was wearing. I can certainly see how people can call him 5-7, but certainly not in his prime, although its certainly possible he lost height from bad posture if you just watch how he stands when he plays in virtually all videos.
Anonymous said on 14/Jun/09
wow. Quite a bit off on the Jimmy Page height. 5-11 in four inch heels. He stands no taller than 5-6 to 5-7.
jf said on 13/Jun/09
You are claiming there is a more than 5+ inch difference between Page and Plant? LOL. OK.
Miss Music Biz said on 2/Jun/09
Interviewed them in 1969. Page seemed tiny to me, and I'm 5'8". Plant was at least 6'1". And Peter Grant was ginormous.
jf said on 24/May/09
People saying Robert Plant reached 6'1" must not know what it means to be 6'1".

No way in hell did Bobby Plant peak at 6'1". Read my comment on Plant's page. I explain how his lanky body and skininess with the long blond hair and standing on stage all the time probably adds like 2-3 inches. I'd credit Plant with a barefoot peak of 5'-11.5" TOPS. He was the tallest member of LZ though, about a half inch or maybe slightly more taller than James Patrick Page.
glenn said on 15/May/09
thank you tubbs.finally someone backs me.jimmy can look 5-10.5,5-11 with bad posture.6ft standing straight in converse,out of bed.i witnessed it.and was shocked.he did give me a 6-3 illusion once with his afro and huge heels once.1991.
tubbs said on 14/May/09
There is footage of Jimmy stood next to Jack White at the Toronto film festival, he looks very similar in height to White, if White is the 6'1.5" he is listed, then Jimmy is atleast the 6ft Glenn has been saying he is for a long time. Maybe an upgrade is required for Jimmy.
T.J. said on 1/May/09
Plant was 6'1"/He's even said so himself.
People look tall on stage. Meat Loaf always looked giant, but you'd be suprised he's only 5'11". Don't let the illusion of an elevated stage fool you.
Plant nowadays is 5'11"ish And I'd say Page peaked 6'
Doug said on 7/Apr/09
Always looked about 5'11" I thought, maybe 6'. Plant always looked very tall and rangy I would have thought Plant was 6'2"ish in his prime.
Elliot said on 1/Apr/09
Plant was 6'2 and page was 5'11-6 foot, its an inch. who cares? They wore high heels alot too in the early 70's
T.J. said on 22/Mar/09
6'0" in convers. that's even what glenn thinks
Austrian said on 23/Feb/09
yea, since Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite bands ive seen a lot of pictures and video material on them, and definately none of them was short, the only one who was below average is John Paul Jones

Page was definately at least 5'11 in my opinion, Plant around 6'1, Bonham 5'10 to 5'11
T.J. said on 19/Feb/09
He looks 5'11" while slouching, but i see 6' as his height, and so does Glenn .
Glenn, do you remeber what kind of shoes he was wearing?
T.J. said on 3/Feb/09
Rob should really upgrade Jimmy to 6'0"
He never looked much shorter than Robert Plant who was in the 6'2" range in the early Zeppelin days.
glenn said on 3/Feb/09
cause he is tj.good eye.
T.J. said on 2/Feb/09
Looks 6' to me.
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/08
Page had an afro at once!!! Now that
glenn said on 19/Dec/08
jimmy page is without a doubt 6ft.i mistakenly thought 5-11 for years.not accounting his horrible posture.saw him in converse look 6ft and my friend who isnt into height mentioned how tall page looked.i was shocked too.he looked 6-3 to me once in big boots and afro in 1990.boot and afro added to the illusion.
Austrian said on 17/Dec/08
if Page isnt exactly 180 then he must be very close to it
Robert Plant said on 29/Nov/08
Rob, time to upgrade Pagey
Jack said on 26/Aug/08
How tall's Leona Lewis then? She dwarfed him in Beijing.
Brad said on 5/Aug/08
6' with ease, when he stands up straight which is rare on a stage.
glenn said on 18/May/08
rob has this wrong too.he is 6ft stretched out.saw him in skippies look this.
Diabolik said on 17/May/08
I think Jimmy may be an alien because he's built like one (He may even be a shapeshifter). I remember trying to figure out how tall he really was years ago by looking at pictures. I noticed strange things. He has the longest limbs and shortest body I've ever seen. His fingers are oddly shaped (like E.T.'s when he reaches for the Reese's Pieces)and look about a foot long in some pictures and then his hands look tiny in others.

He really does have bad posture and the reason is that a Les Paul weighs about as much as a tank, and all the years of 3 hour shows while playing one takes it toll. I know he also wore (and may still continue to wear) dress shoes with generous heels.
glenn said on 25/Feb/08
haha.and some other putdowns too middlesizecat.
Middle-sized Cat said on 25/Feb/08
Glenn is master of the ironic, non-rude put-down. :)
glenn said on 1/Feb/08
yes,correct im not taller than 5-8.
glenn said on 1/Feb/08
maybe you can write english better.maybe you can meet 6ft jimmy page.not 5-11.maybe you believe what sometimes the band doesnt endorse written by them.maybe you can look at my 1000+ pics on the site before you open your mouth and see im 5-8.maybe you should know my 20 year history with led zeppelin and a 1000 celebs.maybe...
Joe said on 12/Dec/07
I met SRV back in 1984 and he was on the short side. I'm 5'11" and was at least 3 inches taller than him...super sweet cat.
glenn said on 10/Dec/07
page is 6ft.rob has this wrong.and joe perry is shrinking.
Nicole said on 9/Dec/07
Jimmy has always seemed tall to me, and in a bio he was called tall and thin when in his 20's. Now I saw Jimmy with the Black Crowes a few years ago in Boston and Joe Perry jumped up onstage for a song. I couldn't believe how short Perry actually is, as Jimmy(who has always had bad posture) towered over him.
glenn said on 10/Sep/07
joe perry gave the strange illusion of 5-7 the other night to me on the street.and tyler looked 5-9.of course in reality or in youth tyler was 5-10 and perry around is a legit 6ft.
ParkingLinks said on 10/Sep/07
Saw Aerosmith last night in Detroit... Joe Perry really tries to look like Jimmy Page. I had to do a double take a few times (i thought i was watching 1976 Jimmy Page on stage).

Click Here
Middle-sized cat said on 21/Jun/07
Page may be slim, but he can look after himself. They say he once got hassled by a sailor at an airport, due to his having long hair, and Page just casually smacked him around. Peter Grant had to remove the sailor for his own safety!
Tubbs said on 6/Jun/07
Having seen footage of Jimmy performing with P Diddy yesterday, Jimmy looked to have an inch on him, making him nearly 6ft in '98. I must admit this is a surprising one to me, always thought he was down in 5'9 region. Also been watching a lot of Zeppelin lately, and there isn't too much between Jimmy and Robert. Jimmy probably looked 6ft + back in the mid 70's, due to him being rake thin. As for first metal riff, I always thought it was meant to be 'You Really Got Me', which supposedly Jimmy Page played, not Dave Davies. You seem to know your stuff about British music Glenn...not just the obvious stuff like Zep and Sabbath, but also Big Country, i never realised they were known in America.
Brad said on 12/Apr/07
Jeff Beck in '65 with The Yardbirds was the first real metal sounding riffs to my ears. Sam The Sham told me he was crazy.
glenn said on 7/Apr/07
really? didnt know about that macca song.macca also dabbled in new wave heavily with the mccartney 2 album.everyone has dabbled in metal and metal is so disrespected.michael jackson with beat it and dirty diana.janet jackson with black cat(all songs featuring metal guitar gods).prince,the time.john mellencamp even.bryan adams.mana,shakira.reo speedwagon.well they are boderline.then there is pink floyd with parts of the wall and the first album.journey is a pop metal band actually.and so is boston.people are aghast when i say things like that.but to proove my point,these bands are in metal bios and discographys i im not the only one who hears it.on the first printing of the debut boston album,its say s influenced by british heavy metal.and this is 1976.british metal was only sabbath,zeppelin,and deep purple.priest were hardly known.maiden were a garage wave influenced everyone in the early 80s too.van halen,billy idol,macca,steven stills,robert plant,genesis,big country(punk roots) etc.
Anthony said on 7/Apr/07
Paul dabbled with meatal a 0bit in his solo career. Things like "Helen Wheels".
glenn said on 7/Apr/07
also, i want you (shes so heavy).revolution.
E said on 6/Apr/07
Met Robert Plant at a pub and had a beer with him...he is about 6-3, very large
guy in frame...surprisingly so. Also, Robert was very cool and charming in an affable English rock star aristocrat kind of way.

By the way...Heavy Metal can be traced back to the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows" and later McCartney's "Helter Skelter" pushed it out into the forefront.
glenn said on 25/Feb/07
stevie died one year before i started.met his brother a couple of times .his brother is i think 5-9 or so.stevie is around the height you say.
tubbs said on 24/Feb/07
Glenn, did you ever meet Stevie Ray Vaughan, he's one of my favourite guitarists, or had he died by the time you were getting autographs? he looks around the 5'7 region to me.
Middle-sized Cat said on 1/Jan/07
Always thought he was just trying to help the stagehands by sweeping up with his hair! You're right, seriously, and I've no idea how he plays like that. The guy from Yes, Steve Howe, holds his guitar just under his chin.
Aacme said on 31/Dec/06
Well, the posture he adopts on stage is probably because of the way he puts his guitar so low, I mean it's nearly under his stomach and he still manages to play it...He must have long arms or just had to lean over to be able to pick up all the strings..
Middle-sized cat said on 27/Dec/06
Just saw Zeppelin's DVD, at last. In all footage that I saw, Page adopts a posture that makes him look shorter even than Jones! Then he stands up properly, and is almost as tall as Plant. Baffling!

Both frontmen looked very moved at the end of that Knebworth show, which proved to be their last UK show as LZ.
Dries said on 20/Dec/06
Always seemed smaller to me ?? Is he wearing platforms?
Glenn said on 8/Dec/06
Yeah,it was KERRANG.used to be the best actually.they were just picking any height out of the air with that I think.
Middle-sized Cat said on 8/Dec/06
Thanks, Glenn. A certain UK rock magazine screwed up!
Glenn said on 8/Dec/06
Yeah,he does look short next to them.but they are the tallest band possibly.and I did read 5-10 for Chris too.he is at least 6-1.
Middle-sized Cat said on 7/Dec/06
What really surprised me, re. Jimmy's height, is that he appeared quite a bit shorter than ALL The Black Crowes when they recorded together. And Chris Robinson is said to be 5'10, an inch or two less than Pagey! Strange.

However, in the pictures with David Coverdale (the '93 Coverdale/Page album era), the two seemed exactly the same height; DC says he's exactly 6'. So maybe it's down to good old posture.
Glenn said on 3/Dec/06
Strecthed out,he is 6ft.saw him in skippies look that tall at an airport.
Anthony said on 2/Dec/06
Getting back to Jimmy's height, I saw him on the London Music Hall Of Fame Awards (Led Zep were being inducted), and when Jimmy took the stage to accept the award, he did have an inch on 5'10 Queen drummer Roger Taylor, so he's definitely 5'11. He's also really aged. His hair is grey and thinning, and he looks older than he really is. Hard to believe the pic with Glenn is only six years old.
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
Lot of hardcore fans,including myself love Born again. sf-Roth is back for awhile now.I posted this 14 hours ago.dont know why it did pop up.they just only announced Roth 2 or 3 weeks ago.
Middle-sized Cat said on 10/Nov/06
Sorry to go slightly off-topic, but Black Sabbath with Ian Gillan proved that some ideas should just stay as they are - abstract! It was SUCH a relief when Gillan got back with Purple a year later... The Van Halen situation is similar.
Glenn said on 9/Nov/06
When things with Roth didnt work out for a 3rd or 4th time,they were looking into getting a 4th singer.geez.good ones sf.I love all and have all of Hagars solo stuff.didnt get the new one yet.
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Nov/06
"Oh wait, what am I thinking? K-Fed's available! He should be the next Van Halen lead singer. Fed Halen."

Actually, one of Nostradamus' early predictions was that Britney would divorce the K-man, flip out, and start an Emo band called FedEx.
sf said on 9/Nov/06
Not putting Cherone down, the whole idea was stupid to me - just didnt' think it was a good match and would work. And, it didn't.
Lmeister said on 9/Nov/06
I totally disagree with U guys. VH3 rocks and Cherone did a really good job. It is totally different than all the other VH albums, but still really awesome...Sammys new music sucks bigtime. He cannot write good stuff anymore...too much of tequila with Mike...
sf said on 9/Nov/06
Oh wait, what am I thinking? K-Fed's available! He should be the next Van Halen lead singer. Fed Halen. It's late - just don't got too much in the "clever" department right now.
sf said on 9/Nov/06
Hell - the whole Cherone thing was idiotic. Did Eddie and the boys just keep thinking they could get one singer after another? Shows you how cocky Eddie is/was. Personally - I think they got lucky. Not many bands could just replace a very charismatic and flamboyant singer and great frontman (at least at the time) like Roth and survive. Maybe it's time to recruit someone else? Mmmmm...what's Vanilla Ice doing these days?
Brad said on 8/Nov/06
Noodling with an Extreme noise.
Glenn said on 8/Nov/06
Theres a crazy story about Eddie paying a visit at the cd pressing plant complaining about the escorted him out.Eddie also said the cassette version had the best sound.sadly no vinyl anywhere worldwide on this one,not that I know of.guess not much a loss.Eddie forgot the most important part-the music sucked.they had a bunch of leftovers,and wrote more and recorded around an albums worth of stuff for a followup.Eddie canned the whole project over something other than failure.cant get into details,but use your imagination.its over a band member.not Michael.the band members ways.use your gut.Im plagued finding a copy of Live Right Now on Vinyl.
Glenn said on 8/Nov/06
Also the most returned cd in history.Eddie pathetically sings one track.if it was a cd by another group,its VH standards its a massacre.WB took a bath for sure.a giant public size swimming pool bath.
Anthony said on 8/Nov/06
Haven't heard it, but I hear "VH3" is awful.
Brad said on 8/Nov/06
Gary is a fine singer but the material was at a time Eddie was "Dracula". Warner Bros. brought out the soap on that bath.
Middle-sized Cat said on 8/Nov/06
Wow. Even our head tutor at music school held that VH3 is awful, awful! Can it be THAT bad? I quite liked Extreme...
Glenn said on 8/Nov/06
One of the worst cds EVER.
Brad said on 7/Nov/06
It really sucked. Sammy's wife (the latest) is a fox.
Glenn said on 7/Nov/06
It did suck.
Brad said on 7/Nov/06
That last V.H. LP stunk. I got an advance Warner cassette of it and threw it off the 101 bridge at Woodman after 1 listen. I remember Carol Miller at WPLJ putting the first album on the day of release....L.A.'s in the house, London just folded....sorta like hearing "I Will Follow" by U2 on WLIR the first time or Stevie Ray Vaughan on WNEW-FM.
Glenn said on 5/Nov/06
Yeah,I album,so far.that sucks.
Brad said on 5/Nov/06
Our rock writer out here last week said Azoff got the deal together and there is no record deal, just VH with Roth on a big tour. He said Anthony is probably out. Can't wait for Sammy to say his mind. RnR Hall Of Fame? I doubt Sammy shows up. "Plain Jane" by Sammy shoulda been a hit...."Dock Of The Bay" 45rpm too, backed by Boston. I saw Sammy blow away a lot of groups as an opener '78-'79.
Glenn said on 5/Nov/06
Irving is a Sammy thing,I think.
Hoss said on 4/Nov/06
I saw Parliament at MSG back in '78. He was dead by then I think. I asked Clinton about Hazel and he muttered those MFers at Warner Bros. own him now, I don't. Wish I saw Frosted....I've seen The Go Go's every tour since a dump club in Mount Vernon NY in '81. Jane rocks. Wolfie Van Halen/Roth in VH in '07? Anthony out? I wonder why. I guess too close to the red rocker. Irving Azoff representing the group? Eagles type of tour: high ticket prices.
Glenn said on 2/Nov/06
Im such an idiot I mighve attended a Frosted concert come to think of it.
Glenn said on 2/Nov/06
I have the Hazel cd.came down in price I tall was he?
Brad said on 2/Nov/06
The "punk" version of I Love New York by Madonna is the best thing I've heard this year. She took her dance song and put a 1977 Ramones beat to it. Amazing. 2 CD's on Smashing Orange. Eddie Hazel's only legit CD is just amazing. Funkadelic guitarist who drugged to death. Spacey Hendrix style. Very hazy smokey sound from around '76. It was expensive on Rhino/Handmade. Might have come down in price. Like "The Destroyer" I saw play basketball at the Rucker courts years ago, he's a legend few people know about.
Glenn said on 1/Nov/06
Roth has kinda short dirtyblond,brown hair.Brad,Im listening to the Frosted cd right this minute.its good.and before that Smashing was ok.they have 2 cds? any more obscure bands you recommend? I finally got the band Sugery ok.
Brad said on 31/Oct/06
Anybody have a picture of Joe Lynn Turner without his wig? How bout Rick Nielson without his cap after '76? Gene Simmons without his wigs? Roth without his? I bet these guys look really funny all bald now. Dwight Yoakum without his hat is pretty hard to top.
Glenn said on 31/Oct/06
No,I hear you Sf.I hear cd sales stateside by them were a shockingly low 5000 for the last 2 cds each.a death metal band will sell 10,000-100,000 per release.L.A. Guns went from 800,000 initially per release to 30,000,then 15,000,now this.
Glenn said on 29/Oct/06
Really? I didnt know that about Tommy.
Middle-sized Cat said on 28/Oct/06
Bonnet is 5'10"? Interesting. He must slouch a bit. Still, he does look same height as Schenker on Assault Attack (what a great album).

One of the smallest man in rock has to be UFO's 'Atomik' Tommy McClendon. Phil Mogg, 5'8", towered over him! 5'3", I'd say. He was a fine guitarist - prolly still is.
sf said on 27/Oct/06
I just feel bad for the guys having to sign cd's at a used cd store!! Well, as long as people still appreciate them, I suppose that's all that matters.
Glenn said on 26/Oct/06
Bonnet is 5-10.Sf,I still buy L.A. Guns cds when they come out.Im a fan.some short guys there.Traci 5-6.Phil Lewis 5-7.
Middle-sized Cat said on 26/Oct/06
Thought Joe Lynn Turner was short. ALL of Rainbow's singers were as small as Purple's were tall! Bonnet is pretty short, isn't he? Blackmore was always tallest man in Rainbow (although Don Airey is about the same). Freudian?
Glenn said on 25/Oct/06
Might even be 5-5!
D. Ray Morton said on 25/Oct/06
He's 5'6"?!? Never would have guessed. One of rock's most underrated vocalists. He made Malmsteen's group sound a s***load better, too.
Glenn said on 24/Oct/06
Any Rainbow era is Joe Lynn,thats a short guy.5-6.I know Boz from Company.I didnt know he passed.
Middle-sized Cat said on 24/Oct/06
Ok, Boz Burrell was a singer in the '60s. He was offered a job in The Who (after Daltrey punched Moon!), but turned it down. He had a minor hit with 2 Dylan songs (I Shall Be Released / Down in the Flood) in '68 - Blackmore, Lord, Simper and Paice were backing band, on loan from new band Deep Purple. Boz joined King Crimson in '71 as singer, but Fripp taught him bass from scratch. Really. He was last of original 4 to join Bad Co, mainly as bassist. He showed a wacky sense of humour in the songs he wrote for BC. Oh, and he was 5'10" (I think). A sad loss, as was Cozy's.
D. Ray Morton said on 23/Oct/06
"Yes, I am definitely getting some Rainbow."

I have to admit that I'm also a huge fan of the Joe Lynn Turner era. "Stone Cold," "Can't Happen Here," "Street Of Dreams" it.
Glenn said on 23/Oct/06
Cozy was 5-10,appearing shorter.refresh my memory on boz.I know the name on tip of my toungue.thanks.
Middle-sized Cat said on 23/Oct/06
Thanks, Glenn. By all accounts, Cozy was a fine man.

It's sad about Boz Burrell, who died aged just 60 last month.
Glenn said on 22/Oct/06
If Im wrong,Im wrong.please correct me anyone.dont be afraid.I only get nasty usually on the Sly page when someone gets wiseass.I thought it was this page,but I guess not,I recently mentioned Cozy at 5-10.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Oct/06
Apologies for intercepting the Paice question, Glenn. : )
Middle-sized Cat said on 22/Oct/06
Thanks, Glenn. : ) Met Paice in '03 at a drum clinic - a real gentleman who answered some well-obscure questions from me and others.

Anyone know how tall Cozy Powell was? My guess is 5'10" - between Blackmore and Glover!

PS My sister swears by Come Taste the Band. I prefer Last Concert in Japan; Bolin sand and played Wild Dogs fabulously well. Fave non-Blackmore DP albums - Purpendicular and Abandon, and maybe Bananas.
D. Ray Morton said on 22/Oct/06
"Come Taste The Band.underated by fans and the public,but praised by musicians,famous or not."

"Getting' Tighter!" He changed the whole character of the band overnight. Instant funkfest.
Brad said on 21/Oct/06
Appice had that double bass set up and the monster kit with his name on it. He was just too loud for Rod. Tony Brock? I think he fit better. Kenney Jones always sucked. Daltrey just hated the 4-4 beat on every song. No fills. I never saw Purple with Bolin. I only saw him in clubs around "Teaser". Hal went through 7 wives & a Rolls, 6 figure incomes, etc.. I think he put out a comedy CD recently. Most beautiful gals at a rock show: Rod Stewart/Rick Springfield/McCartney/Buffett. Ugliest: Kiss/Crue/80's metal bands.
Glenn said on 21/Oct/06
Come Taste The Band.underated by fans and the public,but praised by musicians,famous or not.
D. Ray Morton said on 20/Oct/06
I'm a Bolin fiend to this day ("Teaser" is an all-time fave...and what about his work on Cobham's "Spectrum"?). Did you get to see him live with Purple?!

Appice was great with Rod in the late 70s, though Rod would famously refer to Carmine as "The Dentist - too many fill-ins!" Carmine would start playing a crazy fill and Stewart would glare back and point to his teeth. Appice had a way of stealing the show that threatened bandleaders.

Hal's a favorite of mine, as well. A real trailblazer in all sorts of ways. Lovely guy, too.
Glenn said on 20/Oct/06
Schenker will also sign your lps upside down in bad red marker if your not faster.I knew I mixed up something cat.Purple are a happy bunch.always nice.first time I met Paice was 1991,Slaves period.I have a group photo with 3 members
Brad said on 20/Oct/06
Tommy Bolin was amazing. I used to see him in 3.2 bars in Denver just tear the place up. Deep Purple was crashing but he really kicked that band though he did every drug in the world. I saw his bodyguard "Tiny" 15 years ago. He looked 6' 7" 450. A Suge Knight lookalike. Bolin was the tiny one. He went in flames 30 years ago. Carmine Appice's solo with Rod Stewart in '79 might have been the best solo I've ever seen. Hal Blaine is my favorite drummer of all time. His work on all the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Phillies, Tommy Roe hits etc. is copied to this day.
Danimal said on 20/Oct/06
It's a shame to hear Ronnie Dio's new live album that just came out (Holy Diver Live). It's painful and sad to hear just HOW much his voice has decayed even in the last 10 years.
D. Ray Morton said on 20/Oct/06
Paice is a gentlemen - would you agree, Glenn? Met him last year (he was playing with Chad Smith). Much shorter than I'd pictured; looked funny next to Smith and vice-versa. I loved his work with Moore.

I'll third and fourth that "Rising" recommendation!

"Pete Way is a drunk."

Wasn't everyone in UFO a drunk?
Middle-sized Cat said on 20/Oct/06
Glenn - Please don't think I'm being smart (I'm not!), but it was Paul Raymond - he was in Savoy Brown. Parker was in UFO from the beginning to '83, and then sporadically until now (permanent, let's hope). Agree re. Rainbow Rising; Long Live Rock'n'Roll also. And any live '75 - '78 stuff! By the way, did you meet Ian Paice when he was with Gary Moore?
Glenn said on 20/Oct/06
Sf-start with Rainbow Rising.
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/06
Phil Mogg is about 5' 8". Schenker is 5' 10". He's the fastest autographer I've ever seen. He signed the UFO/MSG catalog in under a minute. Pete Way is a drunk. I know somebody who saw him fall into a urinal. Who wears wigs in the rock world past and present. David Lee Roth/Arthur Lee/Herman from the Scorpions/Quiet Riot singer....
Middle-sized Cat said on 19/Oct/06
PS Yes, Mad Shadows and Brain Capers - Inspired chaos, deceptively well-played. Fantastic records. First album and Wildlife also great, but mellower. Spooky Tooth also rocked!

PS2 Schenker always huddles over his V-Guitar. Maybe his posture is poor now. Thought he was quite tall. Tonka Chapman must be quite tall too.
Middle-sized Cat said on 19/Oct/06
Anthony - Great to know teenagers have taste in music! Nirvana was last 'new' band I enjoyed. Did you hear Hunter-Ronson's version of ..Dudes? Closer to Bowie's version instrumentally - guitar went through chorus as sax had with Bowie's. Brill!

Glenn - Thanks for those heights! Phil Mogg and Paul Raymond must be 5'8", I reckon. Mogg was a boxing champ at Anthony's age, so the other UFOers treat him with respect/caution (except Schenker when drunk... Long story!). Thought Gary Moore was 5'7"; is he taller? And how did he upset you? Sounds interesting!
Danimal said on 18/Oct/06
Dio always raised the bar!!! He's been at it for 49 years now (his first recording). The man is in his mid 60's today and STILL powerful as ever! Eve if he's only 5'1"-5'4" and 130 pounds soaking wet!
Glenn said on 18/Oct/06
True.Dudes was written for Hoople first.
Brad said on 18/Oct/06
Gillis was with Ozzy in NYC in '82. RR just died. Ozzy was like Frankenstein in front of the castle but they got through that leg of the tour. The Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell show at MSG (I think with B.O.C.) really was great. Dio kicked that band in the ass. They were on life support when I saw Van Halen just blow them off the stage two years before. Get the Smashing Orange MCA CD from '94. Jim Morrison arises and is backed by Nirvana. Incredible. Jane Wiedlin's (Go Go's) punk band Frosted CD from about 10 years ago is killer.
Middle-sized Cat said on 18/Oct/06
Anthony - Golden Age of R'n'R got me into Hard Rock overnight. Wonderful song. Actually, although Bowie wrote All the Young Dudes, he didn't record it himself until after MtH had a hit with it. Mott the Hoople's earlier albums are classics, and really heavy. Brain Capers is up there with Deep Purple in Rock.

SF - Roll Away the Stone was actually a bigger hit than ..Dudes, and Hunter wrote it. And don't forget Ralphs' huge hits with Bad Co.

Danimal - Agree 100% re. Rainbow with Dio & Powell. The greatest.

Glenn - Do you know how tall the UFO and Lizzy guys are / were? (Glad you like both bands; they had a lot in common.) I know Phil Lynott was 6'2"; Pete Way looks darn tall!
Anthony said on 17/Oct/06
I don't like Mott The Hoople's version of "All The Young Dudes". I prefer Bowie's original. "All The Way From Memphis", "Roll Away The Stone", & "Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll" are their best songs IMO & are all better than their version of "ATYD".
Glenn said on 17/Oct/06
True Sf.but Mott the Hoople had some complex and sometimes darker stuff.underated.Mott and British Lions were good too.Mott was an offshoot of Mott The Hoople as was Lions.Mott was also an influence to hair metal musically.
sf said on 17/Oct/06
Yea, but Mott The Hoople's one big hit wasn't even written by them, so it's hard to maybe give them as much respect as some. Rainbow's good. Sweet, while I like them, are a made-up band just like the Monkees and 3-Dog night. Doesn't mean they weren't good, though.
Glenn said on 17/Oct/06
Rainbow,like Sweet,never had a gold album here in the states.they never hit 500,000 in sales.shame.obviously Rising is one of the greatest lps of all time.Im the king of obscure Rock/metal,especially 70s.May Blitz and Tucky Buzzard anyone?
Anthony said on 16/Oct/06
Mott The Hoople I always felt never got the recogniton they deserved, either.
D. Ray Morton said on 16/Oct/06
"Personally, I think Rainbow from 1975-1978 were criminally underated."

Amen to that!
Viper652 said on 16/Oct/06
Sweet is a cool band.
Danimal said on 15/Oct/06
Personally, I think Rainbow from 1975-1978 were criminally underated.
Glenn said on 15/Oct/06
Sweet was metal for sure and the most influential to the hair metal bands.
Anthony said on 14/Oct/06
IMO the most underrated hard rock / metal band was probably Sweet. They were probably more glam rock, but they were pretty heavy.
Glenn said on 12/Oct/06
True Brad on Mod.and yeah UFO is the most underated band next to Thin Lizzy.Mechanix was great.import cd only.out of print I think.saw Hurricane open for Stryper.the singer is in Foreigner now.Smashing Orange.vaguely remember the name.Im not kidding Brad,Im searching for it! Im a music junkie! anyone else recommend something obscure?
D. Ray Morton said on 11/Oct/06
UFO - great band! Ditto for Hurricane (I'm glad someone remembers those guys).

Who was playing guitar with Ozzy? Gillis?

Brad said on 10/Oct/06
Yeah. I saw UFO open for Ozzy at Madison Square Garden in '82. They kicked ass even without MS. Mechanix just rocks. I need to get that CD, I've worn that album out like a tire. Hurricane from the big hair L.A. days was really good. Brothers of the Quiet Riot bass & guitar players if I remember. They just smoked. Smashing Orange was Jim Morrison fronting Nirvana. Their '94 MCA CD is just amazing. 99 cents all over. Catch it.
Middle-sized Cat said on 10/Oct/06
The most underrated hard rock band ever - UFO. The classic years with Schenker were up there with Purple, Zep and Lizzy, and some of the rest is as good. High Stakes & Dangerous Men, with Laurence Archer, was ace melodic hard rock. Phil Mogg has the perfect voice - R&B and rock in one.
Brad said on 9/Oct/06
I saw Soundgarden in a basement club. They were like early slow Sabbath circa '71. Lotta bottom end deep bass and moaning vocals. Nirvana was like a punk Cheap Trick. The Who were a Mod band. Mod became punk, dirtier clothes, cutting edge music for youth.
Glenn said on 9/Oct/06
Anonymous was me.
Glenn said on 6/Oct/06
You know your stuff Anthony.My Generation was the first punk song.
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/06
Yeah,weird how Plant is.I know based on conversations I had with him,he loves Moby Grape,Taj Mahal and obviously Love.all 3 Im for.not metal,but hard rocking at times.Vinny Appice,Bill Ward,Neil Peart,Tommy Aldridge are among my faves.forgot about The Outlaws.Page,Beck,Clapton and Blackmore used to go watch these unknown guitar players together and copy from them.
Middle-sized Cat said on 6/Oct/06
Funny to see that Planty hates Black Sabbath. He's also slagged off Deep Purple, but isn't silly enough to say they can't play. Ian Paice is about the most technically accomplished drummer in rock.

Still not knowingly heard any Soundgarden, but Audioslave are pretty neat.
Danimal said on 5/Oct/06
Soundgarden was a lot heavier than Nirvana.
Anthony said on 5/Oct/06
" You Really Got Me certainly played a big part, plus some early Who songs,"

A lot of people credit the early Who material for planting the early seeds of what was to become punk rock. "My Generation" is often considered to be the first punk rock song.
Middle-sized Cat said on 5/Oct/06
Page is said to be a mage, or modern-day sorcerer. Who knows? He certainly bought Boleskin House in Scotland, previously owned by Aleister Crowley, and very haunted. Some live pictures of Page have blurred images, as though some presence (no pun!) were around him. Zep's success is actually a bit scary. Only LZ1 failed to get to No.1.

The late DJ, John Peel, reckoned the first heavy metal single was Keep-a-Knocking, by The Outlaws ('64), with Blackmore on guitar. You Really Got Me certainly played a big part, plus some early Who songs.

Glenn, glad you can see the heaviness in Nirvana. Paper-Cuts!
Anthony said on 4/Oct/06
I'm not very shocked that Page is an actual Satanist. I'm sure Plant and the others were into it (though last time I checked Plant I think got into that whole Indian mysticism stuff). I did creep me out when I first hear about it, but I generally try to forget about it when listening to them because I find it hard not to not listen to them, even if it disturbs me. They have too many great songs for that.

And yes, Page on "You Really Got Me" is definitley among the the first metal moments. The riff is probably the most well known recognized riff in rock and roll.
Danimal said on 4/Oct/06
Robert Plant to this day hates being associated in any way with Black Sabbath (they used to play the same pubs in 68-69, in Birmingham). Plant states that Bohnam said that Bill Ward had no talent and that Paranoid was @#!#@.

Ozzy never liked the term Metal and neither did Gene Simmons. He always said that it's rock n' roll and that's it. God of Thunder, War Machine and Unholy WAS metal, whether Gene admits to it or not.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
Like it or not Viper,with all due respect,a song like Whole Lotta Love is Metal.there is a vast diverse world in Metal.yeah,Anthony ,but the shocking truth is Page is a true Satanist.Sabbath just read up on it.yes,your right,Jimmy Page on guitar playing You Really Got Me was one of,if not,the first.thanks for reminding me.Acid Rock was another term used back then.usually for the more Psychedelic bands.I used to get a kick out of people calling the Melvins alternative or grunge and Soundgarden denying they were Metal when BOTH acts,especially Melvins are blatant Sabbath worshippers.thats another hate of mine,perhaps #1 to get into another time-BANDS THAT DENY THEY ARE METAL.dont get me started.
Danimal said on 4/Oct/06
Which brings me back to my #1 point. late 80's and early 90's Seattle Grunge was directly influenced by early 70's Sabbath.
Anthony said on 3/Oct/06
Glenn, I never really disagreed with you on Led Zep being metal. I'm sorry if I cmae off like that. I greatly acknowledge their impact on the genre. I think Sabbath is more straightforward, doom & gloom type metal. I love Sabbath, but I find them a bit too heavy for me as I've stated. That whole Satanist thing kind of bothered me too, but I guess i'm being somewhat hypocritical in that aspect since Zeppelin had that associated with them as well.

As for when heavy metal started, a lot of people I've read credit The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" as the first heavy metal song.
Anthony said on 3/Oct/06
Nirvana is metal. IMO.
Viper652 said on 3/Oct/06
I dont consider Led Zep heavy metal.
Glenn said on 3/Oct/06
Nirvana and the Grunge scene was another form of Metal.absolutely.
Middle-sized Cat said on 3/Oct/06
We used to disagree at college over Nirvana - metal or not? I say yes.
Glenn said on 3/Oct/06
So you agree Zep is metal to a point.Metal actually had its roots in Blue Cheer,Cream,and Hendrix.not to mention Iggy and stooges and the whole garage and psychedelic scene.even Love,had metal moments.not just my opinion.all this before Zep and Sabbath.lets not forget Helter Skelter,I Want You(shes so heavy) and Revolution.Im sorry,those are Metal songs.not Rock.Stones had a few too.after 1972.
Anthony said on 2/Oct/06

Led Zeppelin
Late 1968
Side One
Track One ("Good Times, Bad Times")

I love Sabbath though, though at times I find them a bit hard to listen to.
Glenn said on 2/Oct/06
The start of pure Metal.
Danimal said on 1/Oct/06
BLACK SABBATH (1970) Side ONE, Track ONE. That is the definition of HEAVY METAL.
Glenn said on 24/Sep/06
Then lets not the first use of the words Heavy Metal.a book named The Naked Lunch by William Boroughs.long before it was used in music.2nd was Steppenwolfs Born To Be Wild lyric "Heavy Metal Thunder".
sf said on 23/Sep/06
Did some research, and found out I was wrong. At least one of the references I found said, that someone was describing Jimi Hendrix as heavy metal falling from the sky. Not Zep. Another reference said that someone related to Black Sabbath, I think, referred to them as having a sound like heavy metal.
Glenn said on 23/Sep/06
I agree Anthony with not hearing it with Allmans.but thats what I read a couple of times.I guess I hear it in the long jams a bit.Trey from Phish told me he has to listen to metal to be able to play his kind of music.he loves Slayer and Iron Bruce Springsteen,Tom Petty,thats true with the Stones and Beatles.even those 2 legends have a metal song or 2.
Middle-sized Cat said on 23/Sep/06
Ok, my interpretation of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal (which most of my friends and relations share, I think (?) ). Hard Rock is epitomized by Thin Lizzy - hard riffs, vocals in a lower register, melody, decipherable lyrics, a blues quotient, and a willingness to use various influences. (And Philip Lynott was 6'2", by the way!)

Heavy Metal? Metallica, Maiden, Motorhead.

(Glenn, thanks for confirming Hunter's height. I know that Ralphs is just over 5'10", as I met him, and I'm exactly the same height!)
Viper652 said on 23/Sep/06
Thanks, Glenn

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