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5ft 11.24in (180.9cm)
Glenn said on 20/Sep/06
While Im more a Purple fan,I still think Zep is more diverse.yes,those are great songs they left off.I dont know if I can listen to and my friends killed Zep for me.for sure cant hear 4.Houses I havnt played in 12 might be due time.I only met Hunter and Ronson(5-8).yes,Hunter is fact I met both together at a Def Leppard concert.
Middle-sized Cat said on 20/Sep/06
Didn't mean to start a musical discussion, but it was a good one! Thanks, guys. For my money (and personnel changes notwithstanding), Purple are even more diverse than Zeppelin. They pioneered a Classical slant on hard rock, Mk.1 were heavy before Zep, and Mk.3 invented funk metal with Stormbringer (which Zep seemed to respond to with Phys. Graf. a year later). Houses of the Holy is Zep's most adventurous album - almost Prog - but I think 2 is way heavier than Presence. Planty's voice changed after 4 - became poppier - and they left 2 of the best '78/9-era songs off In Through the Out Door (Darlene and Wearing & Tearing. Both bands, though, are swell.

Mott the Hoople, contemporaries of Zep and Purp, are all an inch apart: Overend Watts - 6'; Ian Hunter - 5'11"; Mick Ralphs - 5'10"; Verden Allen - 5'9"; and Buffin - 5'8". Neat, eh? : )
Glenn said on 19/Sep/06
Page is flakey like that.he canceled the benefit for Artur Lee cause he was"busy".he told this to a source I know.well that pic was 2000,and he told me he was we are nearing 2007.I know he has a solo cd coming out sometime late in year or spring.and a double cds worth of songs originally intended for Plant, with another singer.Plant turned it down.
Brad said on 19/Sep/06
In an interview today, Jeff Beck said he wants to work with him again but Page says yeah and then blows him off time and time again.
Glenn said on 17/Sep/06
Given as much as I hate Zep 4,Page is a GOD.and 4 has diverse complex songs.unlike Purple.I GIVE credit when due.Levee Breaks,incredible.Physical album,top 10 or 20 greatest albums ever made.and Grant is 6-3.met him when he was with The London Quireboys.
Glenn said on 17/Sep/06
I dont listen to smoke on the water for a Deep Purple fix.that is played out.but so is Led Zep 4,which is overated big time.many will disagree with you on Prescence.its their heaviest album.the metal heads, usual say you dont want to argue,but get snotty by saying it sucks.thats couldve said you think its their least good album.SUCKS is being hostile or rude.long live Ritchie Blackmore.In Rock smokes most Zep albums,except 2 and hysical.dont try it with me.I own 10,000 lps and 10,000 cds pal.unless you can match that,dont tell me what SUCKS.I know Zep 4 sold 24 million copies,but it doesnt mean its the best.thats meathead mentality.just like Number Of The Beast is Maidens biggest.ask any REAL OLDSCHOOL mMaiden fan,and they will tell you exactly what Ill tell you.Beast is the least good of the classic lps.meatheads get force fed Stairway and know its a classic and buy.same with Floyd.the 4 lps before Darkside,blow Moon away.why,simpler music force fed to cattle.the stupid public.
Brad said on 17/Sep/06
Ya had to see Zeppelin live before judgement. I saw them 6 times. '75 was the best though Page was big time zoned out. Bolin I'd see in 3.2 bars in Colorado once in awhile '75-'76. He was 5' 7" if that. Really talented player but a major chemical in-take artist. I thought Hughes was taller. He must have had big boots on. The guy still won't stop talking about Bolin and its been 30 years.
Anthony said on 16/Sep/06
"Presence" sucks. It's their worst album. There's four good songs ("Achilles' Last Stand", "Nobody's Fault But Mine", "For Your Life" and "Candy Store Rock") and that's about it. I suppose they are played out, but you can say that about just about every great band. In regards to Deep Purple, "Smoke On The Water" is just as overexposed as "Stairway To Heaven".

But alas, let's not discuss this here.
Glenn said on 16/Sep/06
Paice is 5-7 tops.Coverdale is 5-11.Glenn Hughes fooled you.he is around 5-9.Roger Glover is 5-8.Steve Morse is 5-7.Ian Gillan is now you know.take it from a man who met ALL except Bolin,Evans and Simper..Blackmore,and Lord are correct.I might have to agree with you on the band.I prefer Purple cause Zep is played out.yes,Zep was more diverse and complex.which is what I like.but I can only listen too Prescence and Physical.oh, and 3.
Anthony said on 15/Sep/06
Peter Grant I believe was about 6'3. A very big and tall man.

And not to start an argument, but Deep Purple ain't got nothing on Led Zeppelin, the greatest band in recorded history.
Middle-sized Cat said on 15/Sep/06
This seems a good place to post Deep Purple's heights (an even better band than Zep... Heck, glad my email address isn't here!):

Ritchie Blackmore - 5'11"; Jon Lord - 6'-half-an-inch; Nick Simper - 6'; Rod Evans - 6'1"; Ian Paice - 5'8"; Ian Gillan - 6'2"; Roger Glover - 5'9"; Glenn Hughes - 6'; David Coverdale - 6'; Tommy Bolin - 5'8"; Joe Lynn Turner - 5'5"; Joe Satriani - 5'7"; Steve Morse - 5'9"; and Don Airey - 6'. So now you know.
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
Thanks Brad.Peter Grant,now thats a tall guy!
Brad said on 14/Sep/06
He's 6'. Page isn't 5' 9". The road crew were a bunch of losers. Peter Grant was a fat slob.
John said on 13/Sep/06
Saw these guys a concert in nyc. Plant was 6 page was 5'9. Jones alittle shorter than Page. Bonam was short and fat. theyre road crew were totally rude. Plant was same as me 6feet. Kept complaning about the stage.
Brad said on 11/Sep/06
He reminds me of LL Cool J and a lot of rappahs (NY accent) who walk the stage hunched with their arms swung out....can't judge height.
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
True Brad.but 3 inches is ridiculous.anyone,including myself can be off by an inch.
Brad said on 10/Sep/06
Yeah, we got lives....fighting about 1-2 inches on celebrity heights all the time. Kinda sad, but fun.
Glenn said on 9/Sep/06
Thank you Brad and Anthony.Mcfan is a cool guy,and I held back for months cause of me Mcfan is the worst judge of height on the site.Frank2 was 100% deadly accurate compared to him.Im sorry Mcfan,but enough is enough.with all due respect,I dont want to hurt your feelings.I found you so civil,that you can attack me all you want now,and Ill stay shut.please dont hate me.I DONT hate you.I like you.DONT LEAVE THE SITE.just stand corrected like a man and lets learn together.we can still have fun.
Brad said on 9/Sep/06
I don't think I ever seen him stand straight onstage. Even when he was blasted with lasers in 1975 at The Nassau Coliseum he still folded over holding his pick at the crowd when he was doing the wizard noise-making. That was the loudest show I've ever been to. Ear shattering. Page would be 6'.
Anthony said on 8/Sep/06
mcfan, Page is 6'. Even when Plant had on the boots that lifted him into 6'3+ territory, Page looked max 3 inches shorter:

Click Here

(I have this pic hanging in my room BTW).
mcfan said on 7/Sep/06
I am still completely shocked at Glenn's claim of 5'11 - 6ft for Jimmy. He only ever appeared at the most 5'10 (maybe even 5'9). I thought Clapton was taller than him years ago by an inch. I'll buy Plant at 6ft but not Page. Of course, he never stood up straight in any of the Zep concerts I've seen.
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
I thought 5-11 for years.then at the airport in white skippies he shocked me at 6ft.
Marc said on 2/Sep/06
Brad: the guitarist in my band is a solid 6'0", but with his guitar on his back, slouches a bit, so he's about 5'11. I stand up straight usually, and am 5'11", so we match height if he is wearing his guitar during practice or a gig. Page probably gives the impression he is shorter because of guitarists' tendency to slouch whil playing; this behavior continues when they are away from their instruments, too.
Brad said on 8/Aug/06
Hard to tell in the 70's onstage as he wore boots & those funky platform shoes. Bad posture is correct. 6' is about right. Most of Songs Remains The Same movie was filmed on a soundstage much later. The recording was overdub city. I asked Plant this and he kinda laughed and said "aaah welllll...". I watched Stevie Nicks do a Red Rocks concert after the concert!. Get those close-ups!
Glenn said on 28/Jul/06
Strange point but true.never thought of it that way.I met the 2 of them together in 1994.and almost again in that 2nd Plant pic.Plant jokingly told me he was looking for Page.turns out Page WAS in town around the corner! and nobody knew.except maybe one friend who keeps secrets to avoid competition.
Danimal said on 27/Jul/06
Do you think that Page and Plant are actually the same height today? Looks that way to me, based on your pics.
Glenn said on 26/Jul/06
Straight,but he squeeze an inch more.
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
Glenn, he was standing pretty straight in that pic with you.
Anthony said on 25/Jul/06
Thanks Glenn.
Glenn said on 25/Jul/06
Read what smart people like Pat and Anthony say.Page has peak of 6ft.he has terrible posture.lifts are a cheap excuse.
Danimal said on 24/Jul/06
Funny, didn't Plant state that John Henry Bonham was 130 pounds after he performed Moby Dick in the Song Remains the Same? I always thought, how is that possible?
Anthony said on 23/Jul/06
"As I said on the Plant entry, Page didn't look very tall to me on the pics I've seen. Both Plant and Bonham look noticeably taller and Jones is a tad taller also."

Actually, in most pics I've seen of the band, Page and Bonham always look more or less the same height. Bonham was about 5'11 or 6'. Look at that pic in D. Ray Morton's post, there is virtually no difference between them. Bonham always looked like a big dude, in height as well as size. Page generally looked as big as him.
Anthony said on 14/Jul/06
I agree, Pat.

I too think Plant was 6'2 on the nose when he was younger, but I think he lost height when he was in his infamous car cras from 1976, doing bad damage to his back and ankles. Because of that, he may have been down to 6'1 when Glenn met him.

Page after going through several photos, I think Page may have been 6'0 or a tad over when he was younger, close to 6'1 but not quite their. His footwear was never as outrageous as Plant's.

Oddly enough, as I type this, I'm listening to "Stairway To Heaven".
Pat said on 8/Jul/06
Right, Page and Plant both are tall, and have long legs.

Before any age-related osteoporosis started to show, Plant was 6'2 (without his boots with heels, which were a mainstay!)

After '77...Page's posture frequently made him appear a bit shorter, although still a tall guy- I'd put him at 6 ft.
D. Ray Morton said on 26/May/06
Yeah, I always thought Bonham to be within the 5'10"-6' range. Eddie Kramer described him as "a big guy."

Bonzo and Page look pretty close here: Click Here
Glenn said on 13/May/06
Bonham was 5-10 to 6ft.I think your right.
Gigantism C said on 11/May/06
I agree with Anthony; I'm the same way. They are bigger guys. I saw Plant and Letterman shake on Late Show, and they are about the same height. (He had performed 'shine it all around'.) I believe Page in his day was pretty easy 6'1" with regular shoes. And Plant I bet was closer to 6'4" with shoes in his mountaineous days. haha.
Glenn, I bet Bonham was a little taller.
I know this isn't the most acute judgement, but look at the proportions of these guys in the 'Royal Albert Hall' Concert in 1970. If Page is only about 5'11", his arms and legs are like spider legs. And Bonham looks like a 'full-grown' type of man. Physically he was not small.
Plus... Glenn is probably actually 5'8'' in bare feet. But from the pic's, it looks like his face and body compensated in width of face and robusticity.
Glenn said on 8/May/06
Plant told me himself he is 6-1.Im guessing Bonham was 5-8 to 5-10,being his son is 5-8.and jonesy is 5-8.
Anthony said on 7/May/06
Plant and Page are big guys. I love Zeppelin, and I learn as much as I can about them, including the members' heights. Plant is definitely over 6', 6'2 seems about right, and Page looks about 5'10 1/2 to 5'11 to me.
The Horse of FUNK said on 5/May/06
He looks 5'11, maybe a weak 5'11, like 179cm, in Glenn's pic. Top of Glenn's head comes over his eyebrows by at least an inch. That's definitely 5'11.
Glenn said on 22/Mar/06
Yes,I saw plant look 6-4 in looking 5-11.5 in sneakers.he told me himself he was 6-1.Ive seen page look 6-3 in boots and looking an impressive 6ft in sneakers.
Jah said on 20/Mar/06
I have met both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. I was shocked at how big Plant was during the Manic Nirvana tour and shortly after there was a Musician interview with him in which it started out by saying that he was 6'4". That seems about right to me. When I met Page he seemed at least 6' to me, and if you look at the pictures of him next to Plant you'll see he's not a whole lot shorter. Bonham was close to, and when you hear him play drums it sounds like a giant!
Ed A said on 25/Jan/06
I hung out with Page at his table in a bar for a while during the Outrider tour in '88. He was a bit taller than me and Im 5'10", so I would think 5'11" is about right. In 1982 I met Plant on the set of MTV. My 6'2" cousin was with me and Plant was definitely a good in or more taller, Id have to say at least 6'3. Granted he probably had boots on, but he's gotta well over 6'....
Tubbs said on 16/Jan/06
This has to be one of the more surprising heights on the site, I was always under the impression he was down in the 5'8/9 range, but to see that he is atleast 5'11, and that he looked 6'1 in 2003 has shocked me. I've got loads of Zep stuff,cd's, dvd's, books, magazines, and he never looked that big, but that is probably, as mcfan has pointed out, due to the fact that he slouched when playing, and also bent his knees, the picture below shows how Jimmy may lose a few inches due to his stance whilst playing.
mcfan said on 15/Jan/06
I stand corrected. I really thought Page was smaller, but he always slouched so much while playing guitar that it might have given the impression of a smaller man. In this photo here he does look around Plant's height:
Glenn said on 15/Jan/06
for your info Page looked 6-1 in 2003! this photo was 2000. he looked 5-11.6-3 in 1991! with boots on of course.tricky guy.tough photo with.
mcfan said on 13/Jan/06
I'm shocked by this! I thought Page was like 5'9 at his peak. Robert Plant was three inches taller than him and Plant only claimed to be 6 foot. Even in the Denmark concert (1970) from TV where they're next to each other, Plant is much taller than Page and he's not wearing nothing but normal shoes. How positive are we that this Glenn in the photo isn't 5'6.5-5'7?
Danimal said on 13/Jan/06
Robert Plant was marginally shorter than David Letterman in 2002 (4 years ago). Whatever David's height is, subtract about an inch and you get Roberts's height and then subtract a couple more and you get Jimmy's.
Tubbs said on 13/Jan/06
One thing i've noticed is that Jimmy is one of the few guys in pictures with Glenn who is smiling! Anyway , if Page is 5'11, which it looks like he is, then Robert Plant must have been atleast 6'1 in his Zeppelin days. I've met Plant, and to me he looked 5'11 himself, maybe 6ft at a push, Plant looks like he has lost a couple of inches over the years then.

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