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6ft 4.8in (195.1cm)
chucker said on 18/Feb/14
This guy looks at least 6'5". Please stop with the 6'4ish bologna.
Joe said on 15/Feb/14
Rob, eyelevel of 6'0.5?
[Editor Rob: possibly more 6ft 0.25]
176,2Tunman said on 12/Feb/14
Looks about 6'5 maybe a hair Under.Rob, do you think Parrack was only 1in shorter? Judging from pics with you he looks a solid 1.5 shorter at the minimum.Maybe a little downgrade for Parrack to 6'3.25-3.5?
[Editor Rob: not a huge amount between them really, at most an inch, whether both would be exactly 6ft 4 and 5 is debatable]
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/14
Mm I was thinking 195cm was like 6'4.85 or something and 196cm 6'5.25". 195cm is bang on 6'4.75" pretty much isn't it and 196cm slightly nearer a flat 6'5",
Arch Stanton said on 9/Feb/14
Rob maybe 195cm would be a better listing? Balrog said Tom Hopper looked a bit taller. You yourself said he could be a whisker under 6'5". I'd go with the Tim Robbins listing.
sigge said on 4/Feb/14
I see about 8.5 inches between him and you Rob. I wouldnt guess he is over 6'4.5, but if you say 6'5 i trust your estimation!
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jan/14
If measured on Rob's stadio yeah I think he'd come it at roughly 195cm.
Balrog said on 20/Jan/14
No, jordydecke. Manganiello constantly looks a big inch taller than Segel.
jordydecke said on 14/Jan/14
if he is a legit 6'5 then there can be no doubt surely that Jason Segel, at his lowest, is 6'4. Been watching HIMYM lately and there looks to be very little between the two guys, sometimes half an inch at the most!
Hypado said on 9/Jan/14
6ft 5in (196 cm)
nick kanellakis said on 27/Dec/13
wow alcide is gigantic 6'5 is too tall best height in my opion is 180cm 183 cm or 178
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Dec/13
Might be more 6ft4.5-6ft4.75
Arch Stanton said on 20/Dec/13
6 ft 5 isn't tall though, it's above "average", you have to be 7 ft to be considered tall nowadays, right fellas? ;-]
Mathew said on 12/Dec/13
I think he's likely a 195 cm guy rather than 196.
Turkey Tom said on 1/Dec/13
Joe with kevin nash
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Nov/13
5ft8in - 5ft11in average
6ft - 6ft3in tall
6ft4in+ very tall
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 21/Nov/13
I was looking at some posts from earlier this year about whether 6'0 is above average or tall in the USA. I'm a solid 6'0 and I do feel in the tall range but not a solid tall though. I usually feel taller when around guys average height or below but in more crowded places if I go out there will be plenty of guys taller than me 6'2 plus where it does make 6'0 seem more in the "above average" range. With the average US male being 5'9-5'9.5 range it makes 5'11-6'0 above average but 6'2 is where you really hit that solid tall range
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 said on 21/Nov/13
Has very near a full head on Rob and whats his head length probably 9.5 inches. Def a strong 6'5. May even measure 6'5.25
Ud191cm said on 9/Nov/13
@Arch Stanton

I see him more as Bruce wayne though..
Arch Stanton said on 24/Oct/13
That's a pity Rob he couldn't make it. Admittedly I think Cavill facially more resembles what Superman should look like but Joe could have always worn blue contact lenses and crouched a bit! @Sam. Well he surely spends at least 1-2 hours in a gym probably 5-6 days a week and is always on a strict diet of chicken and green veggies, probably has a few cheat days every now and then, but when you look like he does it is a lot easier to be motivated to work out so intensively! It is part of his job though really to stay in peak shape and he can afford to!
Sam said on 22/Oct/13
I'm about the same height as Joe but less handsome and jacked, unfortunately. I actually wouldn't care to spend as much time in the gym as he presumably does. I was pretty impressed that he was the guy who played Flash back in Raimi's Spider-Man.
Mike T said on 17/Oct/13
I think he's 6'4" because you come up to his chin and that's like 8 inches.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Oct/13
Well, there's no way Cavill beats Joe in terms of physicality in every way, but perhaps they perceived Cavill as nearer to the traditional idea of Superman than Joe and maybe thought he was a better actor. I'm not convinced Cavill is a great actor, I find the guy wooden.
[Editor Rob: Joe said that weekend I met him that he had a fitting for the costume but his True Blood schedule scuppered any chance of actually being given the role.]
Sam said on 14/Oct/13
He was down to the last two in content for Superman but lost out to Henry Cavill. He definitely has the stature and physique for superheroes...I'm not sure on his acting range, I think his performance as Alcide can be stilted at times but the character is often badly-written so it's hard to tell.
lelman said on 14/Oct/13
I'm surprised he only weighs 220 here. My dad (whose 5'9.5") weighs 230 and he doesn't look much bigger than Joe here.
Kyuss said on 6/Oct/13
**** knows why joes not cast as a comic book superhero,,total brick and legit 6-5" guy.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/13
Click Here He says he gained 20 pounds up to 250 implying he is normally 230. 220 must have been his "cut" weight.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/13
Ud191cm says on 14/Sep/13
I think Rob he's one of the most handsome tall guys in Hollywood!! I mean at over 6'4 people start to look very brutish but this guy looks smart and his physique is also good according to his height. What must be his weight?
[Editor Rob: this year I think he put on more weight, maybe he's nearing 240 range for a recent film he's doing, although 2 years ago he said 220 range]

He said he has recently bulked to 250 pounds for the new movie.
Ud191cm said on 14/Sep/13
I think Rob he's one of the most handsome tall guys in Hollywood!! I mean at over 6'4 people start to look very brutish but this guy looks smart and his physique is also good according to his height. What must be his weight?
[Editor Rob: this year I think he put on more weight, maybe he's nearing 240 range for a recent film he's doing, although 2 years ago he said 220 range]
Jones said on 13/Sep/13
I love how on every super tall guys page there's always a debate over what "tall" actually is and how defensive the comments always are on really short guys pages. lol
Mathew said on 11/Sep/13
Blaze says on 30/Aug/13
@Mathew lol I forget how much I mention it because I get asked at school a lot how tall I am and it kinda sticks in my head, it's really just cause I'm 15 and it's really unusual.


I think I was 10 cm shorter than that at 15 and wound up growing another 5 cm. I say weak 6'5" for Joe, he's definitely close to 6'5".
Lorne said on 11/Sep/13
Shouldn't he be 195 then?
Lurk said on 10/Sep/13
@Rob: If he's definitely shorter than Height Challenger 15, why don't you downgrade him? Shouldn't these estimates be as accurate as possible? Just list him as 6'4.5 or so
berta said on 9/Sep/13
195, could be 194,5
cole said on 8/Sep/13
Rob how do you think he would compare to Height Challenger 15?
[Editor Rob: 15 is what you call strong 6ft 5, joe I think dips a little below that mark.]
Blaze said on 30/Aug/13
@Mathew lol I forget how much I mention it because I get asked at school a lot how tall I am and it kinda sticks in my head, it's really just cause I'm 15 and it's really unusual.
Mathew said on 26/Aug/13
Blaze says on 10/Aug/13
I'm 195cm but I look taller with my legit 5'8 friends than joe does with rob. maybe downgrade to 195cm


You seem to mention that you're 195 cm in every single post, which sound suspicious.

Anyways, I think 195 cm could be a better guess at Joe's height though, he looks a tad shorter than Kirzinger to me.
Kyuss said on 25/Aug/13
very close id say,6-5" max,maybe 1/2" below it. no more.
Yaspaa said on 22/Aug/13
Joe was an inch taller than Alexander Skarsgard at the True Blood premiere, a solid inch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/13
Tom Noonan, Tom Hopper and Ken Kerzinger look taller than Joe.

More in the 194-195cm range. That's still huge though and will easily get guessed at 6ft5.
Blaze said on 10/Aug/13
I'm 195cm but I look taller with my legit 5'8 friends than joe does with rob. maybe downgrade to 195cm
Mike said on 6/Aug/13
Click Here
This guy is taller than Joe Rob
[Editor Rob: they are both near 6ft 5.]
PepsiCola said on 31/Jul/13
Nah im wrong with Tom Hopper being 6ft6 maybe hes like strong 6ft5 :)
PepsiCola said on 31/Jul/13
Joe Manganiello is standing traight in the top picture .
PepsiCola said on 31/Jul/13
O my gosh i think he is not 6ft5 , Tom Hopper is taller, or Tom Hopper is 6ft5 and Joe Manganiello 6ft4 or Joe Manganiello is 6ft5 and Tom Hopper is 6ft6 !, look at Tom Hoppers nose its higher than Joe Manganiello nose and Tom Hopper is not even standing that straight compare with the top picture.
Yaspaa said on 29/Jul/13
195? Hahaha.
man said on 20/Jul/13
6'4.75-195 i think is spot on
BEASTMAN said on 19/Jul/13
@avi: Alright, maybe Joe is slightly less than 6'5. I said 6'5 for him because I thought he was very close to it, so I rounded up, just like I rounded up to 6'6 for Tom when I thought he was 6'5.5. Anyway, if you look properly, Rob barely reaches an inch over Tom's chin. That makes a 9 inch difference. However, Tom has 1/4 inch less footwear, so he's about 9.25 inches taller, making him roughly 6'5.25. Tom is taller than Joe. BTW, Rob has himself listed as just 5'8.
avi said on 18/Jul/13
You must realize Hopper is hardly 6'5. Even Rob said he definitely wasn't more than that. This guy is just as tall or even a hair taller.these guys have 10inch heads and rob comes close to 2 inches over the chin!! So let's humour you and say rob comes 1.5 only over the chin. This puts these guys at 8.5 inches taller so 6'4.5! And I said I'd give them like 6'4 3/4 considering rob may be 5'8.25 . Either way both these guys are more likely to measure 6'4.5 range then over 6'5.
BEASTMAN said on 16/Jul/13
6'5. Probably 1/2 inch shorter than Tom Hopper who I believe is 6'5.5.
Emil said on 12/Jul/13
Well, I'll hope for Anthony Mackie that he'll never meet this guy :D
Sam said on 12/Jul/13
Let's not go down that path! And you thought actors lied about their heights...
Mike said on 12/Jul/13
Who looks taller in person Rob?Joe or this guy: Click Here ?
[Editor Rob: Joe can walk about smaller than 6ft 5, he can look a 6ft 4 guy in person at times, but I think they are quite close.]
hurricane brat said on 11/Jul/13
this might be a little off topic, but i'll say it anyway. There is this stand up comic called Gabriel Iglesias ("Fluffy"). He had a role in that movie magic mike which also had joe in it. Fluffy was telling this hilarious story on stage about how Joe's character who is a stripper in the movie is called 'big d*** richie' because he is well endowed. But in real life Joe isn't, so they had to get prosthetic help in the movie. So maybe being 6'5 doesn't guarantee EVERYTHING :-P lol
Arch Stanton said on 6/Jul/13
He was in the Daily Mail yesterday (with a hair cut) and I read a few comments saying "is he a giant or something or is everybody really short" as he was head and shoulders above everybody around him. I think he looks better with longer hair but he'd look good even with a shaved head.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jul/13
He edged out Alexander Skarsgaard, who is 6ft4.5/194cm.
Definitely around around his claim
Dan said on 28/Jun/13
Click Here at the true blood season 6 premiere with Alexander skarsgard.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jun/13
That's fair enough Johno but by the way you post it comes across as a "he's definitely not 6'5" that's laughable, max 6'3.5".Viper always used to do the same thing and always LOL at most of Rob's heights and downgrade everybody by 1.5 inches. I think 194 or 195 is possible and it wouldn't surprise me if he measured 6'4.5" on the stadio but Rob is generally tight when it comes to full 6'5" listings and the fact that he's met Joe and feels confident that he looked nearer 6'5" than 6'4" is enough for me.
Ali Baba said on 24/Jun/13
Sorry, Rob. I misread it and completely misconstrued what you were saying. I don't know how.
Johno said on 24/Jun/13
Arch, let's not take this debate in another angle. I simply state what i see and if i were to state 6'5 or even 6'4.75 then that wouldn't really be my opinion (right or wrong) -- i would be lying ...

This isn't about discrediting, no one discredits anyone on here by merely stating their estimates - it's just how they see it.

As i said before, my opinion is my opinion and i will continue to express it - that's according to the spirit of debate and that's a good thing.

I don't see joe as a 6'5 - i see him as more of a 6'4. Joe could realistically measure 6'5 on his medical records. He could measure 6'5 on his dr's stadiometer. He could wake up in the morning and visit his dr and in turn, his dr could measure him at 6'5 whilst the stadiometer hovers over his head slightly, the way most dr's usually measure heights - non of this, accurate, tap on the head the way rob does it. So yes, joe officially could be measure 6'5 but, i don't believe he would measure that in the evening, if rob were to tap-tap measure him. I believe he would be more of a 6'4 especially since i only estimate in 1/4 fractions that's why i chose to estimate him at that - pretty straight forward.
EzioAuditore711 said on 24/Jun/13
6'4'' flat. Doesn't tower over Sam in True Blood like he does with Rob here.
Ali Baba said on 23/Jun/13
Rob, with his head tilted down in that shot it creates the illusion of a longer head because you aren't looking at the top of his head, you're looking at the back of his head. With the other pictures the only thing he seems to have is more hair.
[Editor Rob: yes that's what I'm saying - tilt your head a little and your head can look 1-2cm longer than it is]
Arch Stanton said on 23/Jun/13
What I want to know Johno is why you discredit Rob so much having met these people in person and having considerable experience with measuring people of known barefoot height and gauging people in comparison. If he says something like "in 2006 I met Christopher Lee and he looks 6'2"-6'3" I'd take his word for it. As Rob says, even he has got some heights too high or too low, but generally I think he has a very impressive knack for guessing heights. That he could be 1-1.5 inches out for Manganiello is unlikely unless he was wearing lifts.
cole said on 21/Jun/13
Ali Baba says on 17/Jun/13
Cole, Manganiello's head is not any longer than Rob's in the above pictures. An easy side by side comparison shows that.

Well, that might be the case, but in the bottom two pictures, Joe's head seem bigger to me. What do you say Rob? Did his head seem rather big when you met him? Maybe it's just the hair..
[Editor Rob: tilt eyes a little down and his head will be about 10 inches like the bottom shot]
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jun/13
Johno, how tall do you think Darius Danesh is? See him with Jonathan Ross. that's a good test for troll. He claims 6 ft 2. Must be 6'0.5? How about Gary Cooper,also claimed 6 ft 2.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jun/13
Hey Jimmy, Skarsgard is only 6'2 max wink wink. Johno you must admit you downgrade almost everybody by 1.5 inches. I think you look too much into "star measured in shoes rounds up" which admittedly is common in Hollywood but some of the guys are legit.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jun/13
Conan at a flat 6'3" is crazy Johno.
Ali Baba said on 17/Jun/13
Cole, Manganiello's head is not any longer than Rob's in the above pictures. An easy side by side comparison shows that.
cole said on 16/Jun/13
@Johno: Manganiello has a big head, that add's at least an extra cm. So if you look at the top of Tatum's head, and see a 10-11 cm difference, it's because Joe's head is borderline abnormally long. I spot a 12 cm difference between the two, if you look at the top of their heads, rather than where the top of Tatum's head reaches on Joe's face. Tatum I think can look 182-183 cm more than he looks 184-185 cm, so 195 cm for Manganiello is fine. Rob's head reaches about the same point on both Joe's and Ryan McPartlin's (194) faces, and adding Joe's extra head-length, I'd say 195 is a better fit than the listed 196.
jimmy said on 15/Jun/13
Click Here
jimmy said on 15/Jun/13
Johno this one is for you.He looks a bit taller than 1.93-1.94 Skasgard.
Johno said on 11/Jun/13
Joe is near 4 inches taller then channing tatum. In most pictures i see of them, the difference appears to be a bit less then 4 inches.

Channing tatum himself, rob lists at 6'1 and i put at 6'0 but honestly, he does appear to be a 5'11 ranger so with tatum i have a hard time believing he looks anywhere close to 6'5, or above 6'4.5 -- even 6'4 seems just about peak.

Having joe at 6'4 even i could live with. It's a nice compromise because with tatum he is suspiciously looking like a 6'3-ranger.

Channing tatum 5'11.5 - 6'0
Joe manganiello a weak 6'4 based on a circa-6'0 tatum but with a strong 6'0 tatum joe is a bit over 6'4 ie 6'4.25 and with a 5'11 range tatum he looks 6'3.5 (The parameters i first put him between ie 6'3.5 - 6'4.25)
Johno said on 10/Jun/13
Arch -- go and read my first ever post on here and then we discuss my parameters and check my range.

''A truly great estimator?'' Yes i admit i am not a professional height estimator. I never knew they had a qualification in it ....But if there is such thing as a good height estimator, i reckon that person should be impartial and be open to others opinions -- i clearly do not believe i am full proof thus, you see me adjust my estimates to take account of other's opinions. You seem pretty sure about yourself -- i don't believe that is a desired quality in any walks of life. A 0.75 inch variance or margin of error is clearly acceptable.

Check when i say ''not even an inch'' and ''would edge'' that should give you a clue of what i mean. I give basically give celebrities the benefit-of-the-doubt. From the example below, i said possibly strahan would edge joe and then i stated there isn't most likely an inch between strahan and conan and inturn, the difference between conan and levi would be less then 0.5 inches. I have put levi at 6'2.75 - 6'3, if you add all the statements above, strahan would possibly be a flat/weak 6'4 and joe, a weak 6'4 but instead i give leeway and try to stretch them up. I haven't really shifted that much in opinion.

Clearly from the bottom set of pictures with rob and joe, taking footwear into account and posture, joe would dip below 6'4 in some part of the day. I have also said barkley was clearly taller with rock then strahan. Barkley is 6'4.75. He has said it many times and has been vocal about heights. He is a bit shorter then jordan and under some new evidence, jordan might only measure 6'4.5 and that's during the daytime not evening. Barkley is the same height as the current lennox lewis, who i had at 6'4.25 thus there is no way strahan or joe are in the 6'4.5 - 6'5 range as you insinuate.

Arch, i notice that you and lucio use the word 'troll' quite a bit. It is usually the height inflaters that tend to do so. I don't think your a troll -- i think your there to deceive ...

Jordan 6'4.5 - 6'4.75
barkley 6'4.25 - 6'4.75
strahan 6'4
joe weak/flat 6'4
conan 6'3 - 6'3.25
levi 6'2.75
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jun/13
LOL, Johno, you're a troll. I love the way he diminishes clear height differences or even reverses them!! Funny how you've gone from 6'3.5" MAX to 6'4.25 for Joe now!! Already you've admitted you were out by 3/4 of an inch, if you were a truly great estimator you'd have remained with the same guess all along!
vegas said on 8/Jun/13
barkley is not less than 6'5, if barkley is 6'4.75 then peak hulk hogan is no more than 6'4, barkley had more height on flair and gene than a 1991 and mid 1980s hogan had, barkley was also more than 1 inch taller than 6'3.75 barefoot measured dwayne wade on video and wade looked a solid inch taller than zach levi
Johno said on 7/Jun/13
Zachary could be between 6'2.75 - 6'3 with 6'2.5 challenger.

With conan, zachary had lower profile canvas shoes on and o'brien most likely in larger formal footwear and even then the difference looked about 0.5 inches. I would conan at 6'3.25 the most.

Conan looked initially 1 inch shorter then conan at first but i believe the difference could be slightly less when they stood together, which could mean strahan could be 6'4 - 6'4.25.

As i said before, he would be shorter then barkley when comparing both standing next to the rock and it appears he would be and not his 6'5 claim.

Strahan and joe looked very similar in height in Arch's video but as i said then, strahan could edge joe if you were to draw a line meaning, joe could be a flat 6'4, you could also stretch him to 6'4.25 or maybe a weak 6'4 but seriously, he is not 6'5. He just doesn't give that look ...

Conan 6'3.25
Barkley 6'4.75
levi 6'2.75 - 6'3
strahan 6'4 - 6'4.25
Joe 6'4 - 6'4.25 possibly dips below 6'4
vegas said on 7/Jun/13
Johno says on 28/May/13
strahan weak 6'4

strahan was taller than conan o brien, conan was noticeably taller than zach levi Click Here

levi looked 190cm with rob comparing him to a measured 189cm guy Click Here
Mikey T said on 6/Jun/13
Looks 6'5" to me. My friend is about 6'6" and I'm about 5'9" and that looks similar to what I look like next to my friend
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jun/13
Skarsgard is a typical endomorph Ali, that's why.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jun/13
No Balrog, his weight before was around 230 not 220. 220 was him at a really cut weight a while back, He said he was 220 to Rob, but I'd say he's probably more naturally 230-235 and 250 more bulked.
Balrog said on 3/Jun/13
Taller than Skarsgard by a bit. If he gain nearly 20 pounds then he's close to 240 not 250.
Ali Baba said on 3/Jun/13
Dave says on 30/May/13
Click Here joe standing next to alexander skarsgard who is listed at 193-194 cm.

It looks like Joe has a much higher shoulder level but Skarsgard makes up a lot of it with a longer neck. Looks like they have two completely different body types. Interesting.
Nety W said on 3/Jun/13
He is definitely a real good looking Italian, and he is really tall in height and thick in size. He looks like he can be a linebacker for the NFL. Really tall and really good looking. Super tall indeed. I might even think of watching the TV show true blood, if it is available of Netflix, what a tall, good looking Roman man.
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/13
Click Here

@3sticks. He said he gained 9 kg here and weighs 113kg now. Which is about 250 pounds rather than 220, you were right about that.
jimmy said on 29/May/13
By the way Johno I saw Jordan in Greece 2 weeks ago.He looked big 1.96 guy in person.
Johno said on 28/May/13
Sambora does not look quite 6'0 to me and the difference between him and strahan is more 5 inches, or 4.5 inches.

I believe strahan edged joe in that video you supplied and like i said before, the way he matches upto the rock and the way charles barkley does, a 6'4.75 quite clearly would be taller then strahan who inturn is around joe's height or a bit taller.

Sambora 5'11.25 - 5'11.75
strahan weak 6'4
joe weak 6'4
Arch Stanton said on 28/May/13
Strahan had a good 6 inches on Richie Sambora Johno. Are you telling me Sambora is 5'9.5" tops?
Johno said on 27/May/13
Click Here

Strahan looks a bit under 2 inches taller then the rock.

Click Here

Here is the rock with the strong 6'4 charles barkley. Barkley nearly has 4 inches on the rock and makes him look pretty short. Strahan just about has 2 inches on the rock and does not dominate the rock.

Bottom line, a 6'4.75 charles would have about 1.5 on strahan, he blatently has more height on the rock then the supposed 6'5 strahan does. Barkley has the proportions of a true 6'5 contender, joe manganiello and strahan don't.

Further, in your video, when joe and strahan are level, it appears strahan edges joe. You can't see where joe's head reaches due to hair but you can with the bald headed strahan. I believe strahan edges joe and in turn, a 6'4.75 charles barkley would have noticeable height over strahan and joe if they were to stand together.

All this is secondary anyhow, i put alot of faith in rob's pictures - they take precedent. With rob, i always stated joe would actually be a weak 6'4 if rob were to straighten and taking account of joe's footwear advantage and now due to videos, i am further convinced that joe is a weak 6'4 - it all adds up for me.

Charles barkley 6'4.75
michael strahan weak 6'4
joe manganiello weak 6'4 (safely off the 6'5 height)
Ali Baba said on 27/May/13
Actually Arch, the article says they measured him from the tip of his tailbone to the top of his head at 36 inches. It doesn't say they measured his total height. All they were worried about was how to make them look equal height when seated.
3sticks said on 27/May/13
I think hes 6'5.

What Im really surprised though is his weight. He looks more than just 220 pounds.
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/13

Click Here

This article he claims to have measured Michael Strahan and says he's 6'5".
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/13

Click Here

See 0:40-0.55 Michael Strahan is an NFL listed 6 ft 5 255 lbs. NFL heights are usually pretty accurate. Are you telling me Joe is still a weak 6'4"? Joe clearly looks the taller guy!
Balrog said on 22/May/13
6'4.75''. A weak 6'5''. Still a really tall dude.
Johno said on 21/May/13
Well cimparing to rodman, he could be 2 inches shorter, although the picrure was poor. I remember rodman being listed at 6'7 in the past. He is nearly an inch taller then jordan. I would realistically put rodman a weak 6'6.

With kevin nash, some people say he wasn't more then 2 inches taller then joe but seriously the difference is nothing less then 4 and maybe even more. If you check joe's fb page he has some private snaps with him and the difference looks like 5. Nash to me is nowhere close to 6'9, with recent ali baba and tyler mane pictures whereby mane came out 6'7 max, nash would have hard time passing 6'8. I would nash at 6'7.5.

Joe is a tall man but i can't see him tall as kobe bryant nor jordan. If the double shot above, he looks 6'4.5, in the single shot with rob he looks 6'4 and taking his apparent footwear into account, logic dictates that he couls dip below 6'4 in the evening. He seems he could stand near an inch taller the 6'3 kevin sorbo with rob and slim, good posture man that could hover around 6'4 most of the day and sink below it in the evening could easily look like a 6'4-6'5 range because of the huge difference in height. Yes, i can see joe as a 6'4 range man but also partially in the upper 6'3 range man in the evening - yes.

rob 5'8
tyler man 6'7
nash 6'7.75 max
joe weak 6'4
rodman weak 6'6
jordan 6'5/weak 6'5
Arch Stanton said on 19/May/13
There you go Johno not a chance of him being 6'3.5", if Rob even goes as far as to say "he looked nearer 6'5" than 6'4"" he's clearly nothing under 6'4"
Johno said on 17/May/13
Maybe 193cm could be good estimation.
Arch Stanton said on 17/May/13
Rob, you've met Joe in person. What is the percent chance he is as low as 6'3.5"? Johno assumes that everybody's height is inflated by 1.5 inches as in fairness a high amount of actor's heights are fudged by about that. But guys as tall as this are far less likely to be fudged by 1.5 inches!! It seems obvious to me he doesn't look under 6'4.5" but am I missing something here? Johno seems adamant he's right. I mean Joe surely looked noticeably taller than the challenger you measured at 6'3.5?
[Editor Rob: dropping posture he could look in the 6ft 3-4 range, but standing tall he's nearer 6ft 5 than 4 I thought.
I actually remeas]
Balrog said on 11/May/13
192? Man this Mr Killer Shrimp is the worst downgrader ever.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 8/May/13
johno said on 4/May/13
Joe only looks 6'4 5 in that doubeshot with rob but nor jenny, rob is losing height. In the lower pictures joe looks under 6'4 so i don't understand where this 6'4.5 minimum comes from Arch/shaun or whatever.

We both are looking at the same pictures. To borrow a quote "it's plain to a blind man," rob is losing height to poor posture and if were to use the law of averages in comparison shots jenny, rob and joe, joe would average less then 6'4 so i don't know where this 6'4.5 minimum has come from especially considering his footwear advantage.

We have all taken group photos before, we can all deduce how much height rob could be losing and how much joe is gaining. 6'4.5. could be near his morning height but possibly 6'4 is his morning height.

As with all hollywood actors, joe is exaggerating height and in this case by 1.5 inches - standard. He is probably not good at guessing height especially he consider his brother 6'8 ......... 6.8 !!! Lol no wonder he thinks himself as 6'5.

Arch you need to quit this distorted fanboy-ism becaue it's seriously annoying.

Rob 5'8
Joe 6'3.5
Arch Stanton said on 2/May/13
The worrying thing is that I think Johno has actually convinced himself that Joe is 6'3.5!! You could argue 6'4.5" but anything under that is obviously a joke.
Johno said on 1/May/13
Masonari, rob is 1 inch shorter in the double shot as compared to the bottom solo picture where his head surpasses joe's bottom lip by half an inch.

The one where joe is wearing a white t-shirt and with a lean, joe has shrunk down to 6'2, although joe is losing more height then rob in that picture, it's very hard to imagine joe gaining inches if he were to straighten.

Joe, more or less maintains good posture whereas rob's height fluctuates. It would be very hard for rob to gain height beyond his actual height but easy to lose it.

We can compare the top shot with the other height challengers but that would be unfair since rob's posture is poor there and this isn't even taking account of joe's footwear.

Joe 6'3.5
Masanori said on 30/Apr/13
Ice, you have no idea what you're talking about. If you stand 6'.05" then your eye level would be at the top of a 5'8" person's head. This guy's head almost COMPLETELY CLEARS Rob's. In fact, he doesn't even reach his bottom lip.
If the average person's head is 10 inches, then an 8.5-9" difference here is VERY believable.
You clearly think you look taller than you really do.
Ice said on 27/Apr/13
ROB you really seem to have a problem with believing 6'5 claims of A LOT of people . I mean there are guys listed as 6'4 on this site who seem taller next to you than Joe ? BTW he looks like hes barely 6'3 on this picture with you yenny . A real 6'5 guy should completely dwarf a 5'8 guy . Im 6'0.5 and I look almost as tall as joe when i stand next to a 5'8 person , no joke
Johno said on 26/Apr/13
PS Just realised joe was flash from spiderman. He has changed. It seems he got work done to his face but is the same height 6'3.5
Johno said on 26/Apr/13
Vegas says on 14/Nov/12
Greenbolt says on 8/Nov/12
Rob comes up to Joe's lower lip while holding worse posture. 6'3.5'' for this guy.

the chap on the left rob measured ~6'3.5 barefoot and joe is easily an inch taller with good posture Click Here


Yeh good comparison but the picture with the challenger 6'3.4, is placed about 0.5 inches lower then the one with rob and joe. Plus, with the challenger rob is standing straight whereas with joe, rob is obviously losing height as compared to joe and joe has the footwear advantage. So if we factor in all the above, the 1 inch reduces to 0. Joe is about the same height as the 6'3.5 challenger. Jimmy check out vega's comparisons below.

Rob 5'8
Joe 6'3.5 ( Could be a fraction taller )
jimmy said on 25/Apr/13
@Johno I think that 6'3" is too low.I don't believe that Joe is 6'5" but 6'4.5" is fine.Rob should downgrade him since he said he was slightly shorter than Tony Todd and around an inch shorter than 15.Rob did he look 2 inches shorter than #15 in person as Johno claims? I can that in photos.Max 1".
Arch Stanton said on 25/Apr/13
Johno, see the comparison with Cudmore, i suppose Cudmore is 6'5 tops..
Arch Stanton said on 25/Apr/13
Mike, Johno is the worst troll on the website. I mean compare him to 6'3.5" Challenger, Joe is shorter, sure he is Johno. But I guess when you're barely over 5ft like yourself estimating the heights of men is difficult.
Johno said on 23/Apr/13
On second thoughts, please compare him to the 6'5.25 challenger 15. Extrapolate and compare both pictures together. Use the comparisons where rob is losing the least amount of height (rob is nearly always losing height due to the taller celeb having their arm around him, so they effectively shorten him) He stands tall with challenger 15.

The bottom pictures would be better comparisons. Challenger 15 would be a good 1.5 inches taller without even taking joe's footwear and posture advantage over rob. In reality, the 6'5.25 challenger 15 would be good 2 inches taller then manganiello. The shot where manganiello is wearing white t-shirt would be a better comparison.

Rob 5'8
Manganiello 6'3-6'3.25
Miky said on 19/Apr/13
Joe actually looks a bit taller than McPartlin in person.
jimmy said on 18/Apr/13
Yes Rob he is an inch taller than Parrack,Segel,Ed Quinn,but all of them are closer to 6'3" than 6'4".And in person i doubt that he looks as tall in person as strong 6'4.5" guys like McPartlin and Hetzberg.As I said before max 6'4.5".And his brother doesn't look 5 cm taller than Joe.More like 3.
Mike said on 17/Apr/13
Lol Rob why all these guys insist tha Joe is 6'3"-6'3.5".Did he look same height or shorter in person than a Jimmy Parrack?
[Editor Rob: he was a bit taller]
Mathew said on 16/Apr/13
I'm thinking maybe Joe at 195 cm and his brother at 199 - 200 cm range (about 6'8" in shoes.) I think Joe looks pretty close to a legit 6'5", probably 6'4.75". His brother doesn't look more than 2" taller than him.
Johno said on 14/Apr/13
God, i love actual comparison shots rather then pure speculation.

Strictly judging ...

In the double shot, looks 6'4.5 with rob and 6'4 with jenny (rob losing height)

In the single shot with the black shirt, robs head surpasses joe's lower lip (rob's skull same length as joe's) difference between rob and him 7.75 - 8 inches.

Since in both shots, the taller man has the advantage of always standing up straight and resting their arms on the shorter individuals, the shorter individual always loses height thus, that 7.75 - 8 inches difference between him and rob and jenny is more rather, 7.5 inches making joe bordering 6'3.75 at his lowest, as you can clearly deduce from the above pictures. Also, there is a slight footwear advantage.

Rob 5'8 - 5'8.75
jenny 5'8 - 5'8.75
Joe 6'3.5 - 6.4.25 (Clearly 6'3/6'4 tops person is very tall, as you can see from the above shots)
jimmy said on 14/Apr/13
Most of the 5'10" guys that I know claim 6'.Someone claimed even 6'1".They are surprised when I tell them that I am 1.81 because they are clearly shorter than me.

@Arch Stanton There is not a chance in hell that Kevin Nash is taller than Lebron James.Actually Lebron looks taller than Nash does with Paul Wight.
Mathew said on 14/Apr/13
His brother does not look as tall as 6'8" next to Joe. Maybe 6'7", but I really doubt he's anything more than that.
EC said on 12/Apr/13
@jgdomino says on 6/Apr/13
LOL, 6'0 is taller than 90 percent of the population in the US. If you dont feel tall at 6'0, you have some kind of complex.

6'0 is plainly tall, not above average.

Bro , im 15 , 6'.05 / 184 cm and dont even feel tall for my age . I live in Europe btw , and nobody would considere me tall for my age .
Ice 195 said on 12/Apr/13
His brother is nowhere near 6'8 .. Total fraud . His brother doesnt even have a inch on him
Arch Stanton said on 10/Apr/13
Kevin Nash as low as 6'7?? Not a chance.
tomas said on 9/Apr/13
Who looked taller in person.Joe or Tony Todd? You have them both at 6'5".
[Editor Rob: Tony might have edged him out a fraction]
Balrog said on 8/Apr/13
6'0'' in the US is 2.5'' in taller than average. Above average are 5'11'' men.
6'0'' men is the start of tall, but not solid tall. 6'1'' is solid tall because already has more than 3in on average man.
jimmy said on 7/Apr/13
Joe : 1.94
Joe's brother : 1.97
Nash :2.00 - 2.01
Arch Stanton said on 7/Apr/13
Yeah Ali he does look more 199-200cm than 203cm in some of those photos. He looks 6'6.5" tops in the 14th Warner photos and that's if Joe is 6'5" flat. The photo I saw was taken at the place of first one and his brother was taking a drink I think and did look twice the height difference you see in the warner one 3 inches rather than 1.5. Possible he is more 6'7" of course.
Lillo thomas said on 7/Apr/13
Nope 6-0 is only above average in the USA .
jgdomino said on 6/Apr/13
LOL, 6'0 is taller than 90 percent of the population in the US. If you dont feel tall at 6'0, you have some kind of complex.

6'0 is plainly tall, not above average.
vegas said on 5/Apr/13
not sure where the 6'3 claims are coming from when he is clearly an inch taller next to rob than a measured 6'3.5 barefoot man, his eyeline is at least half an inch above the other chaps eyebrows (eyebrows are usually half an inch above eyelines)

btw i was off by just 2mm on robs measured friend during the height challenge, i said 191.5cm instead of 191.7cm Click Here
Ali Baba said on 5/Apr/13
Arch, here is every pic I could find of the two together:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He looks nowhere near 6'8" and not even 6'7"
Lillo Thomas said on 4/Apr/13
Ice you don't feel tall at 6-0 in the united states and I believe you . 6-0 is only above average . Roughly 2 inches taller than the average young men in the usa . The start of solid tall in the USA is 6-2 barefoot .
jimmy said on 3/Apr/13
@Baba how tall do u think Jason Segel is? He looks vey close with Ferrigno.Joe looks noticeably taller than Jason though.
jimmy said on 3/Apr/13
Then he is at most 6'4.5" which makes also Nash at most 6'7" and his brother at most 6'5.5".His brother is not 6'8" even with shoes on.
Meathedz said on 3/Apr/13
I could see Joe being 6'4", maybe right when he wakes up in the morning. I certainly do not buy any 6'5" for the man.

I've measured a 6'5" AND a 6'6" man in person before. They look VERY tall compared to most people. So much so that everyone guessed them as even taller than that. By the way the 6'6" guy was listed at 6'8" by the NCAA when he played. This is WHY I am a skeptic about the matter. Exaggerations and BS are VERY common, and it gets even easier to get away with exaggerating the taller they get.
Jay said on 3/Apr/13
Arch Stanton says on 1/Apr/13

Type in Height Challenge in the search box Look at 13 the pictures and the results. That is how a measured 6'3.5" looks next to Rob. And even if Rob is not standing at his best or has footwear disadvantage or whatever he's met him in person and judged his height, regardless of the photographs and said he looked very close to what he claims.

I saw Joe in person last week.He is no more than flat 6'3".For sure!!!
jimmy said on 2/Apr/13
In the bottom left picture(in which Rob stands at his tallest) the top of Rob's is roughly 1.5cm(0.65") under Joe's lower lip(Rob's hair add a couple of cms extra height).So according to Rob Joe has about 0.15" more footwear.Rob is closer to 5'8.25" than flat 5'8" most of the day.So Joe needs to be 8.9" to be a legit 6'5" guy.If his head is a bit longer than 10" then he is.Else he is at 6'4.5"-6'4.75".Is Joe's head that long Rob?
[Editor Rob: my hair gives about 1/4 inch...I don't think his head is much more than about 9.5 inch range]
Ali Baba said on 2/Apr/13
Arch Stanton says on 1/Apr/13
His brother actually does look a legit 6'8 in comparison too, he looks like a supper tall Clive Owen his brother.
You must be looking at a different picture than me. If Joe is a legit 6'5" (which I don't believe he is) his brother still is not even 6'7". He's an inch taller than Joe at the most.
jimmy said on 2/Apr/13

You 're pushing it too low with flat 6'3".I know that Joe isn't a legit 6'5" guy,but i don't think he is much less than that(Maybe 6'4.5" is more possible).Maybe #15 looks noticeably taller in person because he has no neck.

P.S: @Arch Stanton only in their dreams Nash is a solid 6'9" and Channing Tatum 6'1"
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/13

Type in Height Challenge in the search box Look at 13 the pictures and the results. That is how a measured 6'3.5" looks next to Rob. And even if Rob is not standing at his best or has footwear disadvantage or whatever he's met him in person and judged his height, regardless of the photographs and said he looked very close to what he claims.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/13
6'3" for Manganiello?? haha LOL.

Click Here With 6'1" Channing Tatum and 6'3" Chris Hemsworth

Click Here With solid 6'9" Kevin Nash

The lowest you could argue is 6'4.5" barefeet.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/13
His brother actually does look a legit 6'8 in comparison too, he looks like a supper tall Clive Owen his brother.
Meathedz said on 31/Mar/13
Quote:----"Editor Rob: remember joe has more footwear.

And This is taken just before the double shot in our hotel room which shows I'm not standing aswell as jenny is..."----

Based on Joe having thicker footwear than Rob, how 5'8" Jenny stacks up, and knowing that a LOT of men exaggerate by 2", and the height challenge picture, I put Joe M. at about 6'3".

Legit 6'5" men REALLY stand out, and that is tall enough where normal height people actually mistake them for being taller due to the way we tilt our heads back when looking up.

I know several guys 6'5" and over, including one from the military, who I MEASURED on the annual fitness test, who was an even 6'5", and most guys referred to him as 6'7" o 6'8" as a description, mistaking him for being taller than he really was, and he was built like Joe, not skinny.

When you REALLY get to 6'5" thats kind of height people will think you are taller than you are.

If there is any doubt when you see a guy in thicker shoes who says 6'5", trust your instinct, he isn't even THAT tall.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Mar/13
Agree with Cranberries, guy with long legs and arms usually look less bulky and lighter than they are. Just look at Clint Eastwood, he was around 215 pounds but didn't look it because of his lanky build. And yes, I think 220 is Joe's lowest at lowest body fat, as you say almost always he's heavier than that. I'd say he is mostly 230 odd even 240 when bulked and not so cut.

@Elijah Why do you think!! ? How many guys would really measure up to him in both height and looks? Most guys would look average stood next to him and I don't just mean height.
ice said on 28/Mar/13
@ Elijah im 15 , legit 6 foot and dont even feel tall for my age . Call me deluded , but im 6 feet myself bro and im telling you now : I am NOT considered tall for my age .
ice said on 28/Mar/13
@ jed : if you dont believe me than look op the national average heights on Wikkipeddia . No way the average height in the US or Europe for young adults is under 5'11 . Absolutely no way .
ice said on 28/Mar/13
@ jed average height for a dutch man is about 6'(183 cm) as listet on the national health foundation (every man is messured when he does his army service patrole) so its pretty clear that 6' is average in Amsterdam . In almost all European countries average height is over 5'11 . i wouldnt considere anything under 6'3 as tall these days . But i have to agree with you on the height exagerating thing . A 19 year old guy from my school claims 192 cm (6'3.75) , but there is really not that much difference between him and me (15 y o , 6 feet ) . He is also build big so he even gives a shorter impression , he can look as short as 6'1 but i guess he is 6'2 , but no more than that . I know a lot of guys who have big builds , big heads and are around 6'2 . They whish they were taller and claim heights over 6'3 . They really dont look tall to me at 6 foot , but i guess a lot of people around 5'7 can bee fooled easy by there exageration . I know a man who really is 6'3.75 (192 cm) so i know how a guy who is in the legit over 190 cm range and he does look kinda massive , other than these guys with large frame , big heads who are 6'2 and are not much taller than a legit 6 footer . I wouldnt wanna be like them .
Len said on 26/Mar/13
@George: He can be 220 lbs because he's ripped, and he also might have longish legs/short torso.

If you're all muscle and proportioned a certain way, you can look like the Hulk at 220 lbs.
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/13
6-4.5 100%,6-5 very possible imo.
george said on 21/Mar/13
The guy looks massive.Only 220 pounds?I think he must be around 240.
Elijah said on 17/Mar/13
@Shaun: why would Rob need to be a brave man to take a photograph with him? Doesn't make any sense to me at all.

@Jed: yes I've been saying this time and time again. So called younger generation isn't noticeably taller and average definitely still isn't near 5'10".
jimmy said on 7/Mar/13
@Ali Baba if Joe is only 6'3"1/2 that would make Kevin Nash around 6'6"1/2 which is impossible.I can't get it.Nash is at least 6'8" barefoot.
john said on 1/Mar/13
@gavros.I think that Joe is a more legit 6.5" guy than Armie is.Armie has a Stallone posture in almost every pic he is in,which can make him look taller than he actually is.
My height estimations about some of the tallest actors:
Nonso Anozie:198cm
Joe/Vince Vaughn:195cm
McPartlin/Skarsgard/Harmer/Tyler Perry/Padelecki:194cm
Ed Quin:192cm
Zachary Levi:191cm
Would you agree Rob?
Tony said on 28/Feb/13
@Jed that is an interesting point which pretty much is align to what I have experienced in the U.S. People always say average height is so and so but what I would like to find out is what is the median. I have a theory that the tallest people tend to drive up the average a lot, making the average higher than the median. It makes sense that you feel tall at 6'1", that is a really good height my friend, I hope you enjoy it.
gavros said on 27/Feb/13
About an inch shorter than Armie Hammer in pics.6'3"1/2 is possible Rob?
James said on 24/Feb/13
6'4.75 (195cm) before bed.
Ali Baba said on 19/Feb/13
His brother is only about an inch taller, if that. His brother stretches pretty hard and Joe is relaxed. Click Here
Balrog said on 6/Feb/13
Elijah for younger generations the average height is getting closer to 5'10''. So 6'0'' flat might not be the start of tall. 6'0.5'' could be the start of tall range and 6'1.5'' solid tall and 6'3.5'' very tall.
Elijah said on 5/Feb/13
Now that we got that out of the way... this guy is huge. Would probably scrape most doorways. I have a friend who is about 6'8" (coincidentally this guy's brother height) and he has to duck whenever he passes, his head is a few inches too high.
Elijah said on 5/Feb/13
6 foot and over is tall, despite what is written almost every day on here. It's simply too tall to be just above average. 5'11" would be tallish... 6'-6'2"=normal tall range. 6'=start of tall. 6'1"=solid tall (so in the middle). 6'2"=strong tall (top of the range). 6'3" starts very tall.

6'2" is strong tall not solid (which means "middle" in this context). 6'3" is very tall. Anybody who says 6' isn't tall is deluded. It's almost 3 inches above average height...
Arch Stanton said on 4/Feb/13
Well, my sister would agree with you that anything over 6 ft 2 is too tall for a guy. A legit 6'5" is very tall but I think a guy like Cudmore is more what you'd call extremely tall than Joe. I still see 6'3"-6'6" as very tall range really. 6'5.5 maybe, 6'6" -6'9" is what I think is what you could call "extremely tall" and above that giant as you say. Proportions have a big thing to do with it I think, guys like Joe and Daniel don't look freaky at their height and are well proportioned, unlike several guys I know in that range which really look awful and stretched looking.
Balrog said on 29/Jan/13
6'0'' is tallish but over is start of tall. 6'2'' is solid tall. To me at 6'3'' starts very tall and 6'6'' you start to standout more than very tall. I agree that over 6'9'' is giant.
Lillo Thomas said on 29/Jan/13
6-0 is above average in USA . 2-3 inches taller than average in USA . In Latin America and Asia were the average is about 5-7 , 6-0 is indeed tall .
Lillo Thomas said on 29/Jan/13
Oops I mean 6-0 is above average .
Lillo thomas said on 28/Jan/13
6-0 isn't tall . It's only about average . And 6-2 isn't very tall . 6-2 is normal tall . Anything over 6-4 is very tall . 6-5 and 6-6 are indeed very tall heights . Anything over 6-9 is in the giant range .
Xina said on 26/Jan/13
SO jealous of these pictures! I have a huge crush on this guy!
Ajax said on 25/Jan/13
@ Arch Stanton

6'5" is extremely tall! Normal tall would usually be like 6'. Hell, anything over 6'2" is when it starts to get excessive IMO and a lot of people's opinion.
Josh said on 18/Jan/13
he looks around 6'4.5
Nick said on 18/Jan/13
he is 193cm tops, my guess.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jan/13
Yeah I think anything up to 6'5" is normal tall, but I think anything over that, like 197cm and up is really into exceptional range. But the big reduction of 6'5" listings on here as opposed to 6'4" is very substantial, I mean compare how many 6'5.5" celebs you have listed compared to 6'4" flat. Freakish tall I think is anything over 2 metres, but it depends on build. Cudmore for instance is exceptionally tall but he doesn't look freaky, same with that Peter Jones guy. Peter Crouch on the other hand!! I think things would start to get real awkward at anything over 6'5", a legit 6'5" is pushing it, even Jamie Theakston said so!
[Editor Rob: cudmore is much more of a standout because he's got a bit of bulk and maintains good posture for a very tall guy.]
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jan/13
A strong 6'5" guy like challenger #15 who never drops under it clearly shows how big a genuine barefoot measurement at that size is.
[Editor Rob: challenger 15 has an average eyelevel and not a long head so i'm sure he can look six six to many people.]
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jan/13
Rob, is a legit 6'5" the start of where you classify guys as exceptionally tall? I've noticed on a lot of 6'4" range guys you often have a hard time believing a lot of those who claim 6'5" are really that big barefoot. A 6'5" listing on here and above seems coveted LOL. But I think there's something to what I'm saying as compare the number 6'4" rangers on here to 6'5"ers, there's a marked drop, much more than 6'3"-6'4".
[Editor Rob: a true six five is very tall, maybe six six just gets you into a zone were you stand out a lot more]
Balrog said on 28/Dec/12
He is a really tall guy and yeah he does looks around 6'5''
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/12
"The runt of the litter" haha, love that quote
I think 6ft4.5-5 is bang on
Mathew said on 14/Dec/12
Arch Stanton says on 13/Dec/12
I think Segel is close to 6'4", maybe 6'3.5". Manganiello looks a lot better with longer hair and a beard, he doesn't look as good with short hair and clean shaven.


Yeah Segel is probably a legit 6'3.5" rather than 6'3" flat. Joe does seem about 6'5" or so.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Dec/12
I think Segel is close to 6'4", maybe 6'3.5". Manganiello looks a lot better with longer hair and a beard, he doesn't look as good with short hair and clean shaven.
Ali Baba said on 30/Nov/12
Since the original site won't let me link to the middle picture Click Here
Ali Baba said on 24/Nov/12
Segel with Joe:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Segel with Lou (impossible to find one where Segel is not slouching to Lou's height):
Click Here I find it interesting how small Segel's head looks next to Lou's in this picture.

Click Here Looking at the pics it looks like Segel could be losing 1 to 2 inches by slouching but it's hard to be sure.
Ali Baba said on 24/Nov/12
Segel is more 6'3" than 6'4" considering he's barely taller than 6'2" Lou Ferrigno.
Yaspaa said on 22/Nov/12
Was taller than Jason Segal On 'How I met Your Mother'. If Segal is 6'4, Joe is around the 6'5 area.
James said on 19/Nov/12
Joe looks too be pushing 6'5.5 if height challenger is 6'3.5
[Editor Rob: remember joe has more footwear.

And This is taken just before the double shot in our hotel room which shows I'm not standing aswell as jenny is...]
Arch Stanton said on 18/Nov/12
Looks nothing under 195cm in the 6'3.5" comparison..
berta said on 18/Nov/12
a little under 6´5, 195. i am a little over 196 in the evening. 196,4 or something and i measured my mother to 174,8 in the evening. and when we stand side by side, the difference is like the difference on these pictures, maybe a little more. he is 195. 196 is a little to mutch
tom said on 18/Nov/12
6-5 ish looks good.
Josh B said on 14/Nov/12
@Vegas he'd need to be 1.5 inches taller really speaking what with the footwear advantage he had.
getting_taller said on 13/Nov/12
Rob! Who looks more massive?, this guy or Khal Drogo, they both look the same height to me, but that guy Ryan McPartlin looks taller than both lol that just me.
[Editor Rob: I think joe standing at his tallest is taller than jason]
Ali Baba said on 12/Nov/12
Actually I'm starting to agree with Greenbolt. Especially with the boots Manganiello is wearing. He has a shoe advantage as those boots probably add around 1.5" to barefoot height.
Arch Stanton (Shaun) said on 9/Nov/12
Rob could you do a comparison with him and somebody and you against your height chart measurement, I want to prove to Greenbolt he's way out.
[Editor Rob: in the double shot I did drop a little more posture compared to jenny, you can see Here right before we went down for our photo...]
Greenbolt said on 8/Nov/12
Rob comes up to Joe's lower lip while holding worse posture. 6'3.5'' for this guy.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Nov/12
Tim says on 1/Nov/12
I'm 6'5" and this guy is definitely a legit 6'5" @Arch Stanton

He's not a strong 6'5", a strong 6'5" guy wouldn't dip under the 6'5" mark. He could average 195cm and dip to just below that at lowest. But he is close enough to 6'5" I think legitimately to claim it.
Tim said on 1/Nov/12
I'm 6'5" and this guy is definitely a legit 6'5" @Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton said on 31/Oct/12
If you measured Joe barefoot at the end of the day I doubt he'd be a full 6'5", I think he could drop to 6'4.5". As Rob says he didn't look as tall in person as Big C.
The Exorcist said on 28/Oct/12
He's 6'5".
Chameleon said on 27/Oct/12
Shaun ur way overreacting, im better looking than he is face-wise only though, cuz his physique and height destroys mine.
Thorvald said on 23/Oct/12
He´s got to be 194 cm. He looks exactly the way my 194 cm friend Mats looks with my 173 cm friend Jonas, like the two pictures at the bottom with you, Rob. He looks closer to 196/197 cm in that top photo though, that´s odd.
[Editor Rob: Big C with Rob, now he is 196cm and looks taller in person.
Shaun said on 22/Oct/12
Click Here

That's his brother on the left, 6 ft 8, he wasn't kidding. Looks nothing like Joe though and has blue eyes.
Shaun said on 22/Oct/12
Click Here

He looks pretty huge, even sitting in the chair. He's a little too perfect though isn't he LOL, Kelly looks intimidated by him. He's the sort of guy most women would think "he's out of my league" I think.Rob you're a brave man being photographed next to him!
Shaun said on 22/Oct/12
Yikes, possible actually Cranberries. I saw Tyler Perry stand next to Richie Sambora and he looked massive like 6 ft 6, he made Richie look 5'11". Joe does actually look bigger in that photo!
Shaun said on 22/Oct/12
Morning height he might be 6'5'5" of course.
Shaun said on 22/Oct/12
Cranberries says on 14/Oct/12
I wonder if it's possible Joe is over 6'5"? He certainly has a very large frame; his arm span is massive and his hands are huge, like an NFL defensive end. He's taller and bigger than Tyler Perry, who I've always thought was a giant because he dwarfs nearly everyone.

Doubt it, doesn't look more than 2 inches taller than 6'3" Chris Hemsworth. I'd be interested in seeing a comparison of Challenger #15 and Ryan McPartlin and Rob in comparison with Joe. Joe has a lot of hair on top which might make him seem a little taller. A legit 6 ft 5 is pretty huge.
TNTinFL said on 15/Oct/12
Actually taller than I thought!

For some reason, I always thought he was about the same height (or even a little shorter) than the character of Eric Northman. Must have been some camera angle magic because he is certainly looking 6'5" in those pics.
Mathew said on 15/Oct/12
The top pic with both Rob and Jenny he looks 6'5". The one in the white shirt he looks more like 6'3", but it seems that he's bending. Yes, he is taller than Tyler Perry because Joe actually is 6'5" (or 6'4.75" at least). I don't even think Tyler is a legit 6'4" to be honest.
James said on 7/Oct/12
Wow he's big
Ace said on 7/Oct/12
there's lots of female celebrities who look 'flawless' in person, a few who I thought looked as good or better in person were from those who spring to mind...Christina Hendricks, Eliza dushku, Karen Gillan, Maggie Grace, Elyse Levesque, Dania Ramirez]

Don't forget Erica Durance Rob. She looks absolutely stunning in your photo.
maximus said on 7/Oct/12
Wonder how he would do as Super Man....definetly tall enough as the official height of Superman is 6'3"
Silent d said on 27/Sep/12
I assume you are a girl shaun or do you just appreciate the fine male form? Charlize theron has to be up there right? There are a lot of very attractive actresses but I have never met any to comment. I just see the likes of charlize theron, mila kunis, natalie portman, sarah shahi and other actresses on tv. If i saw them in person i would be so excited and probably can't talk. When did you start being obsessed with celeb heights? Joe is definitely 6 foot 5.
Josh B said on 22/Sep/12
@xdlol Click Here Taller than this guy who's 6'5.25?
xdlol said on 18/Sep/12
easily 6'6 (198cm)
Shaun said on 13/Sep/12
Click Here

Well, mmm, I know which I'd rather look at!!!
zero said on 12/Sep/12
Well Shaun I don't pay much attention to that details, I prefer look on women hehe, my point was that you could be shorter than 6'0'' or taller than 6'2'' height isn't such a big deal for most of women, yeah most women feel attracted to tall guy's because they feel more safe, not because short guy's and very tall guy's are less attractive than tall guy's.
Shaun said on 11/Sep/12
Ian Somerhalder though looks like he was made in a Hollywood cosmetic studio. Like they picked the best nose, eyes, jaw, hair from a catalogue and animated him. If he had Jackman's height and frame I'd be convinced this was the case! He looks a little too androgenous to me. Joe on the other hand looks very masculine facially, aside from height and physique.
zero said on 10/Sep/12
To me the ideal height range for a men is between 6'0'' and 6'2'' but guys like Manganiello looks good at 6'5'' same thing with Ian Somerhalder at 5'9''. The most important thing is be happy the way you are.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 9/Sep/12
No way 6'4, this guy is huge, I see 6'4.75 and 6'5 in all the pics.
The height listed is correct.
Shaun said on 9/Sep/12
Rob what would be the very tallest height you'd like to be? Can I ask what sort of look you consider perfection for a guy? Is Manganiello the best looking guy you've ever seen or do you think generally that guys nearer a flat 6' and lighter coloring and lighter framed is more ideal? I think you said that Christina Hendricks is the most attractive female celeb you've met.
[Editor Rob: I don't pay as much attention to looks as I'm trying to observe height for the site, Joe is certainly a very handsome man as is guys like Jensen Ackles...being 6ft 5 or 6ft, I'd probably choose Jensen's height, although you can certainly cope being very tall, but with every inch above 6ft 3, society is less built towards the very tall height range.

there's lots of female celebrities who look 'flawless' in person, a few who I thought looked as good or better in person were from those who spring to mind...Christina Hendricks, Eliza dushku, Karen Gillan, Maggie Grace, Elyse Levesque, Dania Ramirez]
Shaun said on 9/Sep/12
I agree with c-mo, 6-5 is the sort of height which is borderline excessive. It can look great, perfection, if you're built and look like Manganiello but any taller and things really start to get awkward. Let's be honest that most 6 ft 5 guys you'll see in public are not the greatest looking guys generally are they. I know a legit 6ft 7 guy and trust me he's too tall, keeps banging his head on door frames and light fixtures and is dead cramped in cars and frequently gets nasty comments in public like "freak" and "howz the weather up there". A legit 6 ft 5 is damn big and is the tallest I think I'd like to be. I wouldn't mind being a giant for a day or two to see what it is like but imagine carting around a body over 6 ft 6 everywhere your entire life, I think it would be a curse. Impressive on a basketball court or in the open in public perhaps but would definitely be awkward.
zero said on 27/Aug/12
When I saw trueblood I guess him at 6 4 230 pounds, I wasn't so wrong after all...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/12
Rob, is there a chance he's just 6"4?
[Editor Rob: I think he's got to be close to his claim]
c-mo said on 22/Aug/12
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Aug/12
No height is too tall


do you really think that ?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Aug/12
No height is too tall
Shaun said on 15/Aug/12
Hob says on 31/Jul/12
he still can't be over 6'4. a 6'5 guy would have look struggle a lower chin top over 5'8 tip head like challenge 15 big guy. rob & jenny nail his 6'5 claim down. kevin nash would probably be like closer to 6'7.5 than 6'9 listing.

Rob is Hob Lan Jiao/Steve? Because I think I can detect it, even if you had photographic proof of 6'5" he'd still be claiming 192cm.
supero said on 11/Aug/12
I thought Joe was gorgeous in Magic Mike, and lucky me, I have the silver haired, perfectly proportioned, 55 year old version of him (6'4" tho) at home! And yes, the women hit on the tall guys who are good looking all the time...
Witchdoctor said on 5/Aug/12
The difference between him and Ryan mcpartlin is that mcpartlin looks around 1.94m with Rob while Manganiello looks a minimum 6'4.5!

and Rampage how well do you think you would fair against this guy since you are in the same territory muscle wise?
Mathew said on 3/Aug/12
He does look roughly 6'5" to me in these pics.
Dave618 said on 3/Aug/12
Yeah, I'm pretty tall, during the day I fluctuate between 6'2" and 6'1 and 1/2" (barefoot) and usually in most any situation I'm the tallest dude in the room or damn near. But in the odd event one of these guys in 6'5" or 6'6" range walk buy, on the street or at the mall, it's a very disconcerting feeling! Seriously, I think 6'4" is the tallest I'd want to be. After that, it starts getting into too tall for comfort zone. Being gawked at and having to stoop under doorways is not my idea of a fun time.
anonUKguy said on 1/Aug/12
This guy looks like superman or something, he's huge. I am slightly jealous.
Witchdoctor said on 31/Jul/12
(weak 6'5 225 lbs). I wonder how many ladies hit on him in just one day lol,he just looks like what any women would come up with if they were supossed to draw tall dark and handsome.This is coming from a straight guy.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 31/Jul/12
Rob, did he look taller than ryan mcpartlin? And was he taller than the last big challenger?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure he looked quite as tall as the 6ft 5.2 guy does in person but he's likely close to what he claims.

Ryan does in person have a longer head which can sometimes change perception...

Nonso Anozie did look taller in person than both Ryan/Joe do.]
witchdoctor said on 31/Jul/12
Rob could you also add or link the pic where he is wearing a white top,I know he does n't look 6'5 in it but it still a cool pic!
[Editor Rob: I just bunged them to the bottom of the main picture, I suppose ladies aren't going to complain about an extra pic of Joe :)]
Hob said on 31/Jul/12
he still can't be over 6'4. a 6'5 guy would have look struggle a lower chin top over 5'8 tip head like challenge 15 big guy. rob & jenny nail his 6'5 claim down. kevin nash would probably be like closer to 6'7.5 than 6'9 listing.
praf said on 31/Jul/12
here is joe with 6'9 listed wrestler kevin nash
Click Here
Hob said on 28/Jul/12
i won't be suprise joe was shorter than 6'4 ryan mcpartlin without footwear advantage next to rob. joe here was probably 6'3.75 while see his footwear like 0.5-0.75 advantage shoe next to rob, jenny in 2cm less sneakers. max 6'4
[Editor Rob: I posted the link Before.

that photo is taken in our room half an hour before the double shot shown here, mine/jenny's footwear are around 0.75 inch, his really didn't look more than an inch to me.]
Witchdoctor said on 27/Jul/12
Rob is the a chance his a hair below this like 6'4.5?
[Editor Rob: I think he's close to his claim ]
Candyman said on 26/Jul/12
Looks around 6-3 due to his lean-athletic build and long torso. Compare him to other people over 6-4 like George Romero and you will see that he is no less than 6-4.75 at the end of the day, but 6-5 most of the day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jul/12
I think 6ft5(196cm) may be a morning height.
In Magic Mike he didn't look more than 3in taller
than 184cm Channing Tatum.

Real height is 6ft4.5(194cm), maybe 195cm
witchdoctor said on 24/Jul/12
1.96m(6 ft 5) and maybe the 220 lbs claim is a bit old?he looks around 230 lbs!
Hob said on 16/Jun/12
this straighten up posture + advantage shoe he can't be any more than 6'4. 6'3.5 by lowest. so 6'4 same height as ryan mcpartlin.
Vegas said on 13/Jun/12
he is clearly more than 7.5 inches taller than rob in the above shot, minimum you could argue is 6'4.5
Jesse said on 13/Jun/12
Vegas: Yeah, but as far as I understand Joe had footwear advantage in the pic with Rob. My point is 6'5" is too much, 6'3.75" is probably close to Joe's brefoot height IMO.
Vegas said on 13/Jun/12
Jesse says on 12/Jun/12
6'3.5" at the absolute max

well he is taller in that photo next to rob than challenger 13 who measured 6'3.5 Click Here Click Here
Jesse said on 12/Jun/12
6'3.5" at the absolute max
Mr. R said on 12/Jun/12
@HollywoodFan Joe carried Elizabeth Banks off stage, not Charlize Theron.
Hob said on 11/Jun/12
rob, a question. did he had advantage footwear ?
[Editor Rob: This photo is taken half hour before the main joe one, our sneakers are roughly 0.75 inch, his shoes didn't look more than an inch.]
Witchdoctor said on 10/Jun/12
can someone here do a comparison him and 2cm shorter Ryan mcpartlin.
Shaun said on 9/Jun/12
As if he doesn't look perfect enough, he also gets to carry Charlize Theron. Luckiest son of a beeatch alive!! Yeah he looks a fraction taller than McPartlin. People of Italian descent which I'm assuming he is are usually good looking but they are rarely this tall and handsome. I've noticed his physique seems to be the most desired in the world right now, he's on the cover of a few mens health and bodybuilding mags this month I think.
HollywoodFan said on 6/Jun/12
On the 2012 MTV movie awards this past Sunday night (6/4/12), Joe was in firefighter gear & looked unusually close in height to 6'0" Channing Tatum (like no more than 2 inches taller), which kind'a floored me! And I think he had on boots as well! Was a bit surprising to me! Carried Charlize Theron offstage, so that must've been fun!
[Editor Rob: Joe is a big handsome guy in person.

He said he weighs 220 pounds aswell.]
yomismo said on 28/Jan/12
Other photo of entire body:
Click Here


Click Here
Sam said on 24/Jan/12
In a recent Entertainment Weekly, there are a series of pictures where Manganiello looks bizzarely close in height to 5'11.25" buddy Matt Bomer. I suspect Bomer must be standing on something or the pictures were angled to make them look closer in height. Manganiello looms a little larger here:
Click Here
yomismo said on 26/Dec/11
It depends on the photo with Chaske Spencer, from other angles:
Click Here
Click Here
Nick said on 17/Dec/11
"Moke says on 13/Oct/11
With 6'1 Chaske Spencer: Click Here"

this is actually the only good and liable picture based on perspective I see here, if the guy next to him is 185cm Manganiello can be 190/1cm at most.
Sam said on 16/Dec/11
You have the two mixed up. Ed Quinn is the shorter guy in the pale jacket and Joe is the bigger guy in the blue shirt...oi vey, you all should know that
ChiasmataX said on 15/Dec/11
@ VDF Joe looked about 6'2- 6'2.5" in that picture if Ed Quin is listed 6'4 here. Rob needs to downgrade this guy.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 27/Nov/11
With Ed Quin(rob has a photo with) he doesn't look under his claimed height

Click Here
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
i think he is 6'4 and jason segal 6'3 compare 6'1 bill hader.

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