How tall is Joel Madden

Joel Madden's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

American singer from Good Charlotte.
I'm 5"9 but can be taller when i dress up like prince and wear my platforms.

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5ft 7in (170.2cm)
Paul Wood said on 15/Jul/19
To those saying he's 5ft 10in, he's 5ft 7in. I've seen many photos of him with Benji Madden and there's a difference of about an inch between them, not four inches. Also small height differences between identical twins of the same gender are extremely common. Interestingly, the shorter twin has a taller wife, and the taller twin has a wife shorter than himself.
oih said on 15/Dec/16
twins differ in height
Kelvin said on 14/May/16
Is he really 170cm?
Dame said on 16/Jan/16
5 foot 7 half.
Angelaa said on 18/Jan/14
Usually other sites adds a few inchs, but there they state he is 168 cm in height.
Ian said on 7/Sep/13
Look at him on the first episodes of The Voice Australia. He's no higher than 5ft 4, but soon wised up and started wearing very high platforms.
anon said on 8/May/13
I think it's about time he deserves an update. He looks 5'9" exactly
Emily said on 21/Apr/13
What´s his height now? I think he looks 5´10 range now.
true said on 12/Apr/13
5'10 now in bates motel , 1" shorter than his brother who is 5'11
Nameless said on 3/Apr/13
He is approximately 5'5.
Michael said on 17/Sep/12
His minimum height now is around 168 cm.
Gabrielle said on 9/Jun/12
Do a 2012 update!
SIlent d said on 30/Nov/11
He is not 5 foot 9. Not even close. At the arias, ruby rose was much taller than the brothers. She had heels on but it was a big difference. He always looked 5 foot 5. Rob do you know how tall ruby rose is? I read somewhere that said she is nearly 6 foot but i've seen photos where she is shorter than 5 foot 9 models. I took a photo with her and we are about the same height and she had small heels on maybe 3 inches. I'm 178cm so i would say she is 5 foot 8. Benji was shorter than paris hilton who is 5 foot 7. I would say 5 foot 6 but i'm being generous. That means benji is 5 foot 5.
Carla said on 31/Oct/11
i interviewed him in 2011 and he is not that tall. I am 5"1 and he is maybe about 5"5 my aunt is 5"3 and she was wearing heels and they were almost the same size if not the same.
Derrick said on 19/Oct/11
Voiceless thankgod im not the only one who laughed at this 5'7 lol
voiceless dental fricative said on 21/May/11
No way in hell is this guy anywhere near 5'7

Getting utterly slaughtered by Peter Facinelli who we have confirmed at 5'10.25
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josh said on 12/Apr/11
i saw them today, up close. He's shorter than me an im only 5'8
Anonymous said on 20/Feb/11
Yeah that pic with phelps is benji. Benji is shorter than joel.
mr. error said on 20/Jan/11
i think 5'7 - 5'8 cuz look the pic withte pharrell williams (5'7 - 5'9) joel is a bitt smaler
Ruben said on 8/Dec/10
he is 5'10 now
linke said on 26/Nov/10
Matt, his page has been retired.
Rob,how tall is highmore these days,he looks 5'8-5'9 in that pic with 6'1 nighty.

[Editor Rob: I was going to wait till freddie finished growing, now he looks somewhere in 5ft 8 range I think]
Matt said on 28/Oct/10
He is a LOT taller now he looks only a few inches shorter than Bill Nighy. You seriously need to update this is ridiculous.
wowuguys said on 16/Jun/09
actually he does look quite a bit shorter than 5'11 guitarist i think 5'6 for joel is perfect and as for benji i think he's 5'5 max but more likely 5'4 1/2.. im a big gc fan btw and no way benji is anything over 5'5
angie said on 13/May/09
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with 6'1" carson daly. (according to celebheights)
jaclyn said on 16/Sep/08
Omg! Haha I know I met him aug 12th and he REALLY IS short! And a lot smaller than I thought he'd be, I thought he was more muscular. Hahahaha. The show was amazinnnnn..
babybutter said on 30/Jul/08
he seems to like short girls
hilary duff- 5'1
nicole richie- 5'1
iza said on 27/Jul/08
i met him stood next to him and he is nooooo taller the 5'4 my jaw dropped when i saw how short he really is!
xxbestexfriendxx said on 11/May/08
whats the point in arguing when you can ****ing clearly see it in the pic that he is an inch or two shorter than Glenn..
So that makes him 5'7!!
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/08
He is not only 5' still, that is crazy. Look at gettyimages and you will see that he is taller than Hayden Penatairre when she is in heels.
carrah hmre said on 30/Mar/08
freddie is 5' 6" (1.68 m) trust me on that one. i certainly know.
tomtom said on 18/Mar/08
joe I agree
Joe said on 17/Mar/08
Assuming Glenn is 5-8 and not taller, the max I can give this guy is 5-6.5 since he is closer to the camera and wearing a hat, not to mention Glenn isn't standing fully straight.
GSP said on 15/Mar/08
mule..their eye level is only 1 inch MAX apart...the hat puts him over glenn. 5'7 looks just about right give or take .25 either way.
Anonymous said on 15/Mar/08
I think this guy is 5' 6". Looks to be 2 inches shorter than Glenn, everything taken into consideration in the pic. Maybe 5' 7" is possible.
glenn said on 14/Mar/08
i agree mule.they were both noticebly shorter than me.
mule said on 13/Mar/08
he is 5'6 he only looks taller because of his big ****ing hat on his eye level height gives it away at least 2" what do you think Glenn in your honest opinion?
Lmeister said on 12/Mar/08
Actually he might be bit shorter than 5ft7, but not much. At least this and Benji Madden pics prove that nowadays Glenn is 5ft8 and in the earliest pics 5ft7...
Ian said on 11/Mar/08
Spot on 5ft7. Good photo for comparison. Of course Glenn is clearly 5ft8, mad mikey, why would he lie?
glenn said on 11/Mar/08
i tried telling everyone i was 5-8 long ago.some clowns seem to think footwear was pretty flat too.i think he had vans.
Evanna said on 11/Mar/08
Fraternal twins? Don't think so... Anyway my point is that identical twins are never 100% identical, except in the movies when they are played by the same actor. :)
Antron said on 11/Mar/08
just a note, the Olsens are fraternal not a good example in this case
Yaspaa said on 10/Mar/08
I've always been taller,thinner,better looking,more intelligent,more photogenic and definitely more modest than my imaginary twin,she's an ass!
Evanna said on 10/Mar/08
I have an identical twin, but I'm about 1.5" taller. I've always been taller (and thinner) than sis, even as kids. But other than that, we're pretty much the same.
Other examples of identical twins on this website: the Olsens - Ash is about an inch taller than Mary-Kate; the Phelps twins (from Harry Potter movies), Rob lists them both as 6'3", but admits that one is fractionally taller than the other; "The Cheeky Girls" Monica and Gabriela Irimia, supposedly 5'6" both; etc.
B said on 10/Mar/08
Antron you are right because my brother and I are Identical twins and I am 176cm 5' 91/4'' and he is 172cm witch is around 5' 73/4''. Most identical twins are not the same height.
Anonymous said on 10/Mar/08
i'd say 5'7.5 maybe.
Ras said on 10/Mar/08
I'm okay with the 5'7, probably more like 5'6.75.
Antron said on 10/Mar/08
"WHY is joel taller than benji, they are identical twins are they not? read somewhere that benji is a vegetarian. could that be somewhat the reason?"

Beacuse height is genetically influenced but not bound. You have the ability to be certain range of height, not an absolute target. I would no to the veg theory, as 1) I've never seen any research that correlates the two and 2)if there was a correlation, it's likely that Benji chose to be a vegetarian after he'd done most of his growing.
dural said on 10/Mar/08
he does look 5'7" at most in the pic.
Anonymous said on 9/Mar/08
benji is 5'6ish and joel is 5'7-5'8.
Rachelle said on 9/Mar/08
Joel and me: Click Here

I am leaning in quite a bit, I took the picture myself.
jon said on 29/Feb/08
WHY is joel taller than benji, they are identical twins are they not? read somewhere that benji is a vegetarian. could that be somewhat the reason?
Antron said on 29/Feb/08
He's def not 5'9", maybe closer to 5'8" ?
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/08
He is definitely not 5'0" anymore, just go to Getty Images and you'll see that he's definitely grown. There are some photos with Hayden Panettiere and others and he's taller.
Belladonna said on 18/Dec/07
Um, next to 5'1 Nicole Richie in flats
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he's definitely in the 5'7-ish range
Smoking Monk said on 6/Nov/07
I work at a TV station and was in an elevator with Joel Madden and the other guitarist (not the twin). Am I 5'7" exactly and Joel Madden was much shorter. Seriously he looked like he was no more than 5'5". Also he is ****in tiny in general, i.e. small head, small everything. Obviously, he likes very petite girlfriends.
Die or Live said on 27/Oct/07
I always though that joel is 5'9 and benji was 5'7 becuase i saw that somewhere and i know that joel can't be shorter than my mum and shes 5'8
John Smith said on 20/Oct/07
They were on Rove Live recently. They are both shorter than rove. Rove is 173cm, 5'8=172.5cm.
OutBenchThis said on 20/Oct/07
Why isn't Benji listed here?
gcfan said on 30/Sep/07
Joel is 5 foot 9 and benji is 5 foot 7. get your facts rite.
Bombay Rocker said on 16/Sep/07
Ok Rob, so if joel is 170, how tall is benji? I am curious to know your opinion. Cheers
Bombay Rocker said on 7/Sep/07
He is not 5 feet 7, atleast 173 closer to 174...if joel is 5 feet 7 then benji is what 5 feet 5.5, that ain't the case.
6'3'' JK said on 17/Jun/07
Joel always looked 5'7'' to me and nothing higher
beautyqueen said on 16/Jun/07
I was thinking he was about 5'6-5'7, definitely not 5'8-5'9. Have you seen pictures of him with 5'1 Nicole Richie. He is only a few inches taller than her! I'm not talking about her in heels. I've seen pictures of her in flip-flops and him in sneakers, and he only looks 4-5 inches taller than her. Either Richie is downplaying her height or Joel is really 5'6-5'7.
Bombay Rocker said on 26/May/07
He clearly is taller than 5 feet 7, atleast 5 feet 8.5 perhaps 5 feet 9, rob even you know that. Benji is atleast 5 feet 6.5, close to 5 feet 7. Benji looks atleast 5 cms shorter than joel so either benji is 165 - 166 or joel is atleast 5 feet 9.
Anonymous said on 25/May/07
Benji Madden is 5'7'' and Joel is 5'9'', because Sophie Monk is listed here as 5'7'' and appears to be the same height as Benji, which would make Joel 5'9'' as he is clearly taller then his brother!
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Drew said on 10/May/07
Why is he listed as 5'7" Rob? He is listed as 5'9" everywhere and he looks about that height compared to 5'11" Billy Martin (the lead guitarist) for example.
Josh said on 4/May/07
He looks 5'8 5'9 .
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/07
5'8" seems reasonable for him. His brother seems only to be 5'6ish. I don't see more than that for either.
Kevin said on 14/Mar/07
he is listed as 5'9, what do you think rob ?
Joe said on 21/Feb/07
what about benji? Joel is clearly a good 2 inches taller :S how come?? all sites list benji as 5-7 and joel as 5-9 5-10.... if joel is 5-7 then benji is about 5-5? don't think so...
Amanda said on 5/Feb/06
He is 14 on February 14th.
Freddie is NOT 5' 6". Look at pictures of him next to 5' 6" women, or 5' 9.5"-5' 10" Johnny Depp! He doesn't even come close. I think 5' even is probably the most accurate height estimate.

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