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6ft 2.3in (188.7cm)
T said on 5/May/11
I cant believe u think this guys taller than landham
Godred said on 3/May/11
I could buy 187 - 189 - so lets meet in the middle hey?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/May/11
189cm is closer than 187cm

In Identity he was 3 inches taller than Ray Liotta
Bon_ said on 1/May/11
I absolutely don't buy full 6'2 for him. He never looks so tall.
James said on 30/Apr/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Apr/11
Have considered moving Cusack to 189cm, Rob?

No i think he is more 187cm than 189cm look at him in this clip compared to 194cm tim robbins looks 187 or 186cm to me in comparison
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Apr/11
Have considered moving Cusack to 189cm, Rob?
RobertJ said on 25/Apr/11
Not that this needs posting since most agree Cusack is legit 6'2'' but these are some old photos of him with Chaz Palminteri whose listed as 6'2.5'' and they're pretty even (Cusack may have a slight edge). We can't see footwear but it's more evidence to justify adding a half inch to his listed height, as well as further show he's a solid 188cm.

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Apr/11
Ben Affleck and John Cusack are both 6"2.5(189cm)...

Anything under 6"2 for either of them is off the mark
Bon_ said on 17/Apr/11
186-187 cm definitively, 6'1.5
TruebloodFan said on 13/Apr/11
he's in Ben Affleck's height range. 189 morning 188 day 187 at night. 6ft2 is totally ok for Cusack to claim. 188 night is also a strong possibility.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Apr/11
6"2.5(189cm) is closer
Johan Cruyff said on 5/Apr/11
I saw him once and i belive he's:

Morning (out of bed)= 6'2.5" (1.89 m)
After 1,5-3 hrs= 6'2" (1.88 m)
After 5-10 hrs= 6'1.75" (1.87 m)

6'2" it's fine for him but if he claims to be 6'2.5" it's fine, too. However i think he's not over that measure.
Menace 195cm said on 29/Mar/11
I personally know John and we used to hang out sometimes. Those were the old days. He is a little shorter than 188cm, i think he is 187cm to be exact (as I could remember)
anon said on 28/Mar/11
189? no way. Always thought this guy was 6'1'' but I suppose 188cm isn't unreasonable though I would guess 187cm.
Bon_ said on 27/Mar/11
6'2.5 is ridiculous no offense
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/11
Rob you should really put some consideration into the 6"2.5
Bon_ said on 24/Feb/11
yeah Rob I'm not suggesting anything definitively but I go on side with those who said that Cusack doesn't appear SO tall in his movies, It's obvious he's more than legit tall but I'm not sure of 189 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/11
Rob perhaps 6"2.25(189cm) could be on the ball?
Bon_ said on 16/Feb/11
He might be as low as 6'1.25

[Editor Rob: there is an argument he could be 6ft 2.5, it's not an improbable, it's probably more probable than 6ft 1.25.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/11
Anything below 188cm is not a fair argument
paciugo said on 28/Jan/11
looked about 1-2 cm taller tha Samuel L. Jackson in 1408
Bon_ said on 25/Jan/11
I say he's like 6'1 and 7/8ths
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jan/11
6"2.25(189cm) is spot on
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/11
he had 2"on G.Hackman face to face,in the movie "runaway jury",easily 6'3" as many people here say who have met him,and should be believed.
Legend said on 11/Jan/11
He's 6'1.5
MARKO said on 9/Jan/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/11
Looked 0.5in taller than Jackson...but remember Jackson is not over 6"2 flat today
Truth Teller said on 31/Dec/10
Was one inch taller than Samuel L. Jackson in "1408".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Dec/10
Chow Yun Fat is 6"0.5(184cm)
Bon said on 4/Dec/10
Closer to 6'1 than 6'3 IMO.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/10
Looks near 6"3 in Gorsse Point Blank like 190cm.

I think this guy is a strong 6"2
James said on 16/Nov/10
Rampage with Robbins he does not look over 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/10
188-189cm range..about the same as Samuel L. Jackson
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/10
I met him in Moscow 1 year ago - he is very tall, about 189-190 cm.
Hugh 190cm said on 16/May/09
Big Sam doesn't look under 6ft2 to me at all. If anything he may 188cm-189cm. Big sam at his peak was 190cm or 6ft3 flat at the most.
James said on 11/May/09
Yeah but Samuel L Jackson could be as low as 6'1.5 today.
Hugh 190cm said on 9/May/09
Actually wouldn't rule out 6ft2.5 for this guy. He looked the exact same height as Samuel L. Jackson.
Hugh 190cm said on 10/Apr/09
Ali let me stop you there. Personally I think Cusack is a 6ft2 guy plain and simple. Big Sam likewise stands tall at 188cm and probably closer to 6ft3 in his youth. A young Clint Eastwood would easily clear John Cusack by a good 2 inches and today Eastwood stands maybe 1cm under Cusack or completely eye level.
Ali said on 6/Apr/09
I used to think this guy was 5'9 or so. He never looked
tall to me, but looking at pictures of Cusack and other
celebs, I would say he is about 185 cm.

Same height as Samuel L Jackson and an old Clint Eastwood.
6'2 I don't buy. Neither Jackson or the old Clint are
Hugh said on 25/Jan/09
I doubt Cusack was that much taller than Big Sam. At the premiere of 1408 Jackson looked a good inch taller than John Cusack.
Matt said on 18/Jan/09
Just watching 1408, cusak looks 1 or 2 inches taller than sam jackson, they stand face-to-face several times in the movie and he is consistantly taller...
Hugh said on 10/Jan/09
6ft2.25 maybe.
sarah said on 20/Dec/08
i've been watching his movies for years,i'd say 6'2-6'2 and a half sounds reasonable.being john malkovich was strange,but entertaining as well.
Aaron said on 10/Dec/08
Big King, what else could you possibly mean by 6'3" on a website concerned with height? Give us more credit than that...
Hugh said on 1/Nov/08
Sorry. I meant Cusack was slightly TALLER than Ramis. Ramis isn't 6ft2 anymore. More 6ft1.5 range these days. I met that fat four eyed slob back in 1997. Incredibly rude guy. Much more rude than say Bill Murray.
Big King said on 21/Oct/08
Cusack doesn't look even shorter than Samuel L. Jackson. Both are around 6'3" and, yes I mean 6 FEET 3 INCHES!!!
Hugh said on 17/Oct/08
Looks slightly shorter than Harold Ramis in the Ice Harvest.
Chris said on 22/Jun/08
well, in 1408 which i watched for the second time this morning, it seems like 6'2" is perfect for cusack, when compared with with samuel l jackson, who is listed as 6'2" to 6'3", there was almost no diff in height, jackson looked only just taller at some angles during the film, so id say 6'2" is perfect for him
Ivan 6'2.25 said on 13/May/08
He is no more than 6ft2 and appear sometimes shorter than 6'1 depend to his posture while wearing boots.
glenn said on 30/Mar/08
i just obtained a recent one.he is either very sweet or runs away.
Hugh said on 29/Mar/08
Glenn I'm suprised you even got a picture with him because he normally hates being spotted in public.
Hugh said on 28/Mar/08
Yeah 6ft2 alright. He's a pretty broad guy yet he slouches aswell.
C said on 20/Mar/08
He's either 6'2'' or 6'3''. I didn't notice how tall he was until I watched Better Off Dead recently. He towered over everyone on screen, including the guy who was supposed to be the new stud boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend. Only Cusack can pull off underdog roles despite his towering presence.
glenn said on 20/Mar/08
thats a classy thing to say fern.
glenn said on 20/Mar/08
he can sure leave a 6-3 impression sometimes.i see him almost what seems monthly.6-2ish.
nate said on 19/Mar/08
is 6-3 possible?
SABELLA said on 6/Mar/08
hey, james noway that he is 6ft1,5 , he looks 188cm in this pictures and in other movies
glenn said on 22/Jan/08
thanks for the support mms.anytime for you people.everyone misspells my
MMS said on 21/Jan/08
Uh I just noticed I misspelled your name twice...sorry GLENN!!! -_-
MMS said on 21/Jan/08
Thanks for the answer back Gleen you're a cool guy :)
glenn said on 19/Jan/08
he was actually nice above.but,yes can be a jerk.obtained a recent one.this was 2 years ago.nice in the newer pic too.
MMS said on 18/Jan/08
Gleen-is he a jerk I've heard differencing in opinions?...he looks slightly annoyed in the picture.
Pretty cute for an older guy though...
x-me said on 11/Jan/08
correct, 6'2 only in his shoes(1,84 barefoot)
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/08
he DWARFED 5'8" jeremy pivens in Serendipity. Has to be near 6'2
glenn said on 6/Jan/08
its only a picture.and pics can be decieving.i have a very recent one where he appears taller.
msn87 said on 5/Jan/08
looks no more than 6'0 in that picture, and Glenn's not even standing straight up, so maybe even 5'11. If the angle in this pic favors Glenn, then MAYBE 6'1 but no more then that. *DOWNGRADE PLEASE*
Robbie H said on 2/Jan/08
he looked the same height as samuel l jackson to me in 1408, it was just his hair that made him look a bit taller
Sara said on 25/Nov/07
Yea when I watched 1408 he seemed little taller then Samuel L. Jackson so i believe he is a solid 6.2
KingNick said on 9/Nov/07
If you watch 1408 (which is a great movie btw) he looks he same height as Samuel L. Jackson. I thought they were both 6'3", maybe they're both 6'2"?
J-Dog said on 7/Nov/07
I am starting to wonder if Cusack is slightly taller than 6'2"?
saga said on 3/Nov/07
Cusack is definitely a solid 6'2. There's a scene in 1408 where he's standing beside Samuel L. Jackson in the elevator, John is clearly 1 inch taller.
Jackson is probably 6'1-6'1.25 i guess.
Chris said on 30/Oct/07
John Cusack was taller then Samuel L Jackson in "1408" by an inch or so. Jackson is no more then 6'1'' maybe 6'1
Ed said on 22/Oct/07
He was only looking an inch shorter than Conan O'Brien when he was on the other night. O'Brien in that very show claimed he was 6ft4.5, and said Cusack was really tall for a celeb, and that most who come on his show are shorter then they're made out to be. Cusack was the exception to the rule he said.
Valeri said on 3/Oct/07
yeah.I can give Cusack 6'2 for sure. it looks like 6 inches too with glenn. tall guy,nice height.much like hugh jackman and clive owen.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/07
Just saw 1408 and he looked taller than 6'2" Sam Jackson
Marco said on 19/Sep/07
He looks at least an inch taller than 6 ft 2 Samuel L. Jackson in "1408"
Ted said on 19/Sep/07
the film with Tim Robbins was Tapeheads. I thought Cusack was 6'3 but in the movie against Robbins there was 3 inches difference. So 6'2
Kate said on 25/Aug/07
I knew he was 6ft 2 i knew it!! john always always looked tall and broad in many of the films ive seen..but here he only looks a few inches taller than that guy..whos technically 5ft 3! Omg well i'm 5ft7 and abit so waht does that make me compared to john!? well maybe you guys should change the other guys height to make those many veiwers worry me..

but yeh cool picture..i do like the way john has his hand near to his if hes rob in High Fidelity and was about to say "alright everybody..i do like 'love your way'.but by marie de-salle"
sam said on 13/Jul/07
Although in certain pictures he looks taller, Cusack looked about the same height to me as Jackson in 1408. I guess it's a question of perception.
RobertJ said on 12/Jul/07
Not a great pic since you can't see footwear but he looks at least Jackson's height. Looks like Cusack has put on some weight.

Click Here
mcfan said on 7/Jul/07
Anthony is correct. Jackson was an inch shorter than Cusack in all of the scenes in 1408. The shoes were just normal footwear. Either Jackson or Cusack needs to be revised. Cusack was an inch taller than 6'1 Dan Aykroyd so I would say Jackson might only be 6'1.
cusackfan said on 13/Jun/07
Yup I have it confirmed now. (hes tall) And that explains why even with all the photographers in my way on the 1408 red carpet, I was still able to see his smiling face clearly and get a nice pic, LOL. :)
Anthony said on 12/Jun/07
If Cusack 6'1 or less than Sam Jackson is 6' at the most. Cusack has at least an inch on him in all the still photos from "1408" I've seen.
Mr. R said on 12/Jun/07
A few years ago he was on Lettermen, and they stood back to back and Cusack was taller! If Dave is not the 6-2 as cliamed, then Cusack sure is. If Dave IS the 6-2 he claims, then Cusack is between 6-2 and 6-3.
G-unit said on 2/Jun/07
he looks so much 6', but when you compare him to others he definintely is about 6'2
anonymous said on 26/May/07
maaybe 6`2.25, but likely closer to 6`1.5. i had a friend who met him who told me that they could not believe how tall he was. she is 5`11 (and beautiful beyond all reason), and she said that he was huge.
anonymous said on 17/May/07
I always thought of him as being 6`1. 6`2 is plausible, but 6`2 MAX!
anonymous said on 7/May/07
like Travolta, Quaid (dennis), and the rest of the bunch viper?
Franco said on 1/May/07
now that i think about it he doesn't look taller than 6'1

this guy goes into the downgrade list, doesnt look anywhere as tall as Dr.House hugh laurie who's 1.88m
Viper said on 11/Apr/07
Ive always thought he was one of those many 6-0 guys billed at 6-2.
TheJerk said on 9/Apr/07
I always thought 6-1 or a bit more.
Franco said on 9/Apr/07
in that pic with glenn he looks no more than 6'1 honestly.

6'2 with shoes, 6'1 barefoot.
Anthony said on 26/Jan/07
Click Here

The trailer for the new Stephen King movie "1408", starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. There's a scne in it where you can compare them, and Cusack definitely seems to have an inch if not more than Jackson, who's for sure at least 6'1.
G-MANN said on 13/Jan/07
I think he's being modest in that quote, he's about 6'2.5".
Jason said on 27/Dec/06
Might just be bad posture, I think he's about 6'2''.
Viper said on 26/Dec/06
Does this guy wear lifts? Half the time he looks 6-0.
julie said on 26/Dec/06
watching high fidelity, towers jack black, not surprised at hearing he's 6'2.
Glenn said on 15/Dec/06
Appeared 6-2.
sam said on 13/Dec/06
Glenn, what was your estimates of Cusack?
James said on 6/Dec/06
I doubt he's under 6'2". He's usually the tallest person in his scenes, so this would make sense. He also doesn't strike me as someone who cares how tall he appears, hence the relaxed posture. You can't downgrade someone based on just one picture.
Viper652 said on 1/Dec/06
Haha, Cantstop is great. I bet some people think I look like a linebacker just because I have pretty broad shoulders too. Cantstop, 6-0 1/2 is probably right on the money, wouldnt rule out a flat 6-0 either.
Rackon said on 1/Nov/06
I stood near John Cusack when I was an extra on Eight Men Out. I also ran into him a couple times in Chicago when his New Crime Productions was still producing plays there. I also stood next to him for a few minutes before he received an award at the Chicago Film Festival. I'm 5'11", my dad was 6'1" so I have a pretty good inner radar for this height range.

Cusack's easily 6'2". He tends to slouch a little bit...possibly due to leaning over to talk to much shorter friends LOL (see Jeremy Piven). Thus the rounded shoulders may make him seem shorter than he really is. But he's truly a tall person. When he stands straight, in a pair of average shoes, you could be forgiven for believeing him 6'3". Surprisingly, while he's slender and small boned, he's very broad in the shoulders (at least the last time I saw him). He looks incredibly Irish with his dark hair/eyes and very pale skin - no surprise there.

You need to be careful about making absolute judgements about height from photos. They can be useful but they can also be misleading. Depending on depth of field, even a person a couple inches in front of another can look taller relative to the person next to him/her. Lenses can distort. You also can't very often see if two people are standing level or what kind of shoes they're wearing. Not criticizing the pic above, just making a general comment. the

[Padraig: Editor Rob grumbles about such things in an article 'perspective' on the site. Its true though, that last paragraph.]
Viper652 said on 12/Oct/06
I see 185-186 in the picture.
sam said on 9/Oct/06
A Philadelphia Inquirer article from years ago listed him as 6'3", although he's certainly not looking that next to Glenn.
David said on 22/Jun/06
I was on an airplane with him once years ago. I am 6ft 1.5 in. He seemed at least 6ft 3in. to me. I was actually shocked at how tall he was (and pale skinned too!).
elliottsmithfan said on 9/Jun/06
Saw him yesterday in Malibu... I'm pretty sure he's 6'2 or even 6'3ish... and BROAD. He looks like a linebacker.
A said on 4/Jun/06
He looks even taller than 6'2" here:
Click Here(I)
And I'm pretty sure Diane Lane is wearing heels at events like these. Something is very wrong here...either Diane is 5'2" or John is 6'5"
TheJerk said on 5/May/06
anonymous: are you then saying he is 6 foot even? 6 foot one would be a better estimate
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/06
All actors round up a bit. I used to be an x-ray technician and saw John's chart which showed his height at 73" but they always measure patient's with shoes on.
matthew said on 9/Mar/06
hes definitely never looked even 6feet!! , thats amazing
Anonymous said on 27/Jan/06
Actually taking into account postures (of which Glenn's may be slightly worse) I think he looks more 6'1" - 6'1.5ish guys...
Glenn said on 23/Jan/06
celebs arent always nice.

[Editor Rob: yeah, he looks kind of annoyed ;-)]
Danimal said on 22/Jan/06
I see 6'2". Didn't know he was this tall.
J-Dog said on 22/Jan/06
An strong 6'2", by the way Glenn it's amazing you have gotten all these shots, and each celebrity seems to have the same look of their face, less smiles than I expected, keep it up man!

Anonymous said on 22/Dec/05
i think it's too much for him. in identity he looks max 5 cm taller than liota and i think maybe 185-186cm is more fair
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/05
He is definitely 6'2". I bumped into him at a club in Chicago several years ago - I'm 6" tall in heels and he was a couple of inches taller than me.
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/05
rob i think he is a strong 6'2"

[Editor Rob: yes, he can be one of these guys who may push 189, but I remember Tim Robbins facing up to this guy once, forget the film but...robbins would make any guy look short!]
Anonymous said on 28/Nov/05
Because the part specified a character 6' tall!!??
movielover said on 11/Nov/05
In the movie money for nothing, there was an annoucment over the PA at the airport saying be on the look out for a 6 feet tall white american male. So why would he annouced at 6 feet tall in the movie if he was actually 6'2

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