How tall was John McCain

John McCain's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American Politician, remembered as the Republican nominee for President in the 2008 election and for his work as an Arizona Senator.

John McCain official portrait 2009

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Average Guess (15 Votes)
5ft 8.75in (174.6cm)
Harsha said on 28/Aug/20
I met John McCain in the Spring of 1997 on Capital Height. He appeared to be either 5’7” or 5’8” at the time. I don’t know if he was ever 5’9.”
Ndomingu said on 1/Nov/19
McCain probably was 5’9” (maybe weak one) in his peak years, but as a politician in the 21st century he could look in the 5’7” or 5’8” range. What’s amazing about his legacy was how many democrats I’ve heard of saying that he was a surprising friendship they had with him. Even Bush and Obama think McCain helped make them better presidents. RIP McCain to a wonderful legacy in American politics as an Arizonan Senator.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 11/Sep/19
His peak height was 5ft 8 half and latest height before his death in last year Aug 2018 was around between 5ft 7 quarter and half range.....
RIP McCain even though I wasn't his fan.
Mark Wang said on 2/Nov/18
Rip Mccain, but he was probably 175 cm at his peak and by the time of his death he's probably around 172 cm.
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Aug/18
RIP. He could have been this in his prime, but shorter during his political career. I heard him described as around 5'7" and "short" from someone who met him during the 2000 GOP primary. I don't believe that, but I can believe he was 5'8" range by then.

And yeah, Ron Paul has been 5'10"-5'11" range the last decade or so, but difficult to say exactly since he's like a lot of men that age and doesn't always stand the height he'd measure. 6 feet or so in his prime is believable when you see him with Reagan during Reagan's 1976 campaign or early in Reagan's first term. Rand appears to have gotten his height from his mother.
MJKoP said on 26/Aug/18
RIP, back to peak.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 25/Aug/18
He's passed on. I was no fan of his but it's always a moment when such a towering (maybe not literally) figure in US politics dies.
Mark Harrison said on 25/Aug/18
McCain only looked 5'7" last year. Probably 5'9" as a young man.
Alex Jones Hater said on 24/Aug/18
Lindsey Graham is 5'5 or 5'6. He's shorter than Rand Paul
Paul said on 19/Aug/17
Chuck Schumer is 6'1? Since when? He looks consistently in the weak 5'10 range to me. At least in photos of him with Obama/Biden, he doesn't stack up.
Unanimous said on 13/Aug/17
How tall do you think that Ron Paul is?
Unanimous said on 13/Aug/17
What do you give Ron Paul?
Editor Rob: could have shrunk from a good 6ft range to 5ft 10-11 today
Greg said on 28/Jul/17
Chuck Schumer (horrible posture like mine but was 6'1" when younger and is probably no lesss than about 6' now) next to supposedly 5'8" John McCain - folks, I'm not seeing a 4" difference
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Im 171CM said on 21/Jun/17
Looked 5'10" guess that was in shoes and his earlier years...
Main Man Ray said on 28/Oct/14
mama costa, you better check your compass. McCain was never held by the Japanese. It was the vietnamese!
Realist said on 30/May/14
Rob, peak 5'8.25 today 5'7.25 has'nt lost much height.
MD said on 20/Oct/13
It'd really help if you knew who he was captured by. Only his arms were effected by the torture from the Vietnamese; any height he has lost is due to aging.
mama costa said on 18/Oct/13
John mccain is a great american hero. I have heard that he was several inches taller before being held captive by japanese. They also say that his captivity somehow affected his arm length. I would like to see a picture of him back in his college football days if anyone has one.
jam said on 23/Aug/13
John Mccain in 2008 looked like he was 5'6 to me.
greg said on 9/May/13
What Jack said; maybe I'm missing something but he doesn't look 6 inches (or anything close) shorter than Prince Harry here:

Click Here

Unless McCain is wearing seriously big lifts, he looks about 5'11" to Harry's 6'2"
Jack said on 9/Oct/12
Rob he looks almost the same as 5'11" Bush.Click Here I can't see 3 inches difference here at all or maybe Bush is shorter than 180 cm?
[Editor Rob: the lower angle might make them appear a bit closer? But it's true they can look just 2 inches apart in photos.]
Will said on 6/Sep/12
John McCain is not 5ft 8 at all. He is more like 5'5"-5'6" tall.
Mathew said on 6/Aug/12
I firgured him at 172 cm when he was running for president. Don't know how much he shrunk from his prime.
Will said on 24/Nov/11
John McCain is 5'9" maximum but with massive lifts on. He is of about average height, at 5'7" basically. McCain is one of the shortest politicians that I've seen in the United States. He is short but very successful with politics.
george555 said on 18/Oct/11
John McCain is about 5'7-5'8, with shoes he might be 5'9.
Sully said on 17/Oct/11
John McCain is a notorious lift wearer. Hes about 5'7.

If this guy were a legit 5'9, there wouldn't have been so much talk of his height during the election back then.
MT said on 5/Sep/11
dude is not taller than 5'6.5...5'7" is even a stretch to me
Mr Democrat said on 3/Sep/11
@atlanta gman... Seriously dude was they any need for "a minor incident with the tape getting stuck in his buttcrack"? The man is a decorated war hero who deserves to be treated with RESPECT for his irrefutable courage and bravery. (Obama for re election)
atlanta gman said on 12/Jul/11
A friend of mine is a chiropractor that has personally worked on Mccain. The chiropractor measured Mccain with no shoes, in fact he was completely nude. Other than having a minor incident with the tape getting stuck in his buttcrack, he was measured without issues. Mccain was an even 5'5 with his arms outstretched (as much as they could be--considering his "war injury")
brad said on 14/Apr/11
Shook his hand at a rally. Seemed about 5-10 but was obviously wearing thick shoes judging by proportions I would say 5-9 is exactly right! Because his arms were broken and are bent and his posture is poor sometimes he looks shorter.
Flys4Food said on 6/Mar/11
I managed a small airline in the Cincinnati area. About three years ago McCain came through that airport. I stood shoulder to shoulder with him after shaking his hand....he's 5'8'. I'm 5'9" but I didn't look at his footwear. Very Very nice man.
Will said on 5/Mar/11
John McCain is 5'6"-5'7" tall.
Me said on 28/Oct/10
Anonymous is a ridiculous person! 5'5 is just absurd as That would put McCain over 7" under Obama, why are absurd comments like that even allowed on here? He might as well claim that Danny DeVeto is 2'5...

As for him being 5'8 now, I must say, I think he's still 5'9, since his daughter looks like an average-sized woman, and she's barely up to his chin.
Phil said on 7/Jun/09
Looks to be 5'6
OutBenchThis said on 1/Jun/09
He's the shortest looking 5'8" I've ever seen. Are you sure this is right Rob? Maybe in heels..i'd have thought 5'7".
Teh Lulz said on 22/Apr/09
Giuliani is about 5'9 - McCain is about 2.5 inches shorter than him - he's a good 5'7.

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Antonio said on 14/Apr/09
Just watched him on the "Tonight Show". It was quick, but he seemed only 1.0 to 1.5" shorter that Jay.

Are we sure Jay is 5-11? Could he be 5-10? If he is 5-11, then could McCain be 5-9.5 to 5-10?
Charlie said on 12/Apr/09
In response to the Todd Palin comments, I believe Todd to be 5'8 1/2". Seems like the perfect height for him.
T.J. said on 5/Mar/09
hate to disagree rusty, but he was only two inches shorter than my 5'9", well actually 5'10" in work boots. 5'7" seems right for mccain
Rusty said on 5/Mar/09
McCain has been described as 5'6" and looks like a 5'6" guy, he needs a downgrade.
T.J. said on 15/Feb/09
I was wearing work boots, Lynn, and they made me close to 5'10.5"
McCain was wearing dress shoes. He was only about 2 inches shorter. I think he's 5'8" personally, at his lowest 5'7". He was no 5'6".
Lynn said on 14/Feb/09
if you don't use lifts but only regular shoes, than from what you say it is really possible that McCain is 5'6".
T.J. said on 10/Feb/09
Lynn, I agree with Rob, you can be missinformed. John McCain was a little shorter than me. and I'm 5'9". I met him and Obama when they came to Indiana. John McCain was about an inch or two shorter than me. 5'6" is way to short.
Lynn said on 9/Feb/09
This is a good site, but some height are completly wrong.

About McCain from his Medical Records Click Here

"He weighs 163 pounds, healthy for his height of 5 feet 6 inches."

[Editor Rob: 5 feet 6? You realise some newspapers actually write down facts incorrectly?]
T.J. said on 2/Feb/09
wow brent, your comment was stupid. He was torchured mercilessly. That's why he has an unnatural walk. I think he could have been close to 5'10 before he was torchered. After he was torchured, he was probablly 5'9, but with his age, i think nowadays he's in the 5'7/5'8 range
Matt said on 31/Jan/09
There is no way he is 5'9", this needs to be changed. He is 5'7", or a shade under, at most.
wrenchola said on 11/Jan/09
He has an unnatural walk because he was tortured. He can't raise his arms above a certain point.

That said, he probably wears shoes.
Brent said on 10/Jan/09
McCain is not 5'8!! this needs to be changed immediately!! its quite obvious he wears lifts or some type of elevator shoes. He has a very stiff unnatural walk and it looks like he is always wearing lifts, big ones too like 2-3 inches. On Jay Leno he looked near 5'10! so he had to be wearing lifts I would give McCain 5'7.5 at the very highest. Probably 5'7, there's no way he is taller than Glenn.
mma fan said on 3/Jan/09
Todd palin was about 3 inches shrter than Biden when they shook hand at the end of Vice-presidential debate. Biden is slightly shorter than Obama, If we assume, he is 6'0.5, Todd palin should be around 5'9.5
Chris said on 2/Jan/09
Todd looks about 5'9" to me, 5'10" max.
Phil said on 1/Jan/09
It was funny because there were times when the Palins looked almost the same size when Sarah was wearing high heels. Todd's a nice looking man but not a tall guy. I would say he had an inch on John and Cindy.
MD said on 31/Dec/08
Todd, was only marginally taller than McCain. I estimate he's 5'9" or so, very average looking.
Stiffelio said on 30/Dec/08
Phil, Todd Palin is at least 5'11 if not 6'. John McCain is 5'8 1/2.
Phil said on 29/Dec/08
John McCain--5'7"
Cindy McCain--5'7"
Sarah Palin--5'5"
Todd Palin--5'8"

Definitely the shorter ticket. Obama and Biden are both six-footers and Obama's wife is about 5'11".
Anonymous123 said on 23/Dec/08
The broadest shoulders ever on a tall man: Pier Gerlofs Donia! His chest was braoder then the chest of Angus McAskill and his hands crushed coins and lifted horses.
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/08
Man there aint no way he's 5'8-5'9/ he's a good 5'6 tho but no more
Daniel Kirsner said on 27/Nov/08
I've seen him listed as 5'7"...
Josh said on 10/Nov/08
I would say a bit under 5'8 more like 172cm .
Reid G said on 9/Nov/08
McCain is the kind of "man" that has deceiving height. Obviously there is much disagreement on this site. His stubby limbs and puffy face make him appear munchkinlike. I think his proportions are throwing off the people that estimate him at 5'2. Even if he wears lifts, he is at least 5'4".
alexthefox said on 7/Nov/08
i agree with other alex. obama towered over him every debate they had.
Alex said on 6/Nov/08
I agree with him looking 5'7.
Sherman's master said on 6/Nov/08
Fred, He might have slam dunked something but it was not a basketball. So, I cannot agree with how you arrive at your conclusion, but based on my analysis of the swarzenegger picture, I think you are spot on with your estimate of 5'10--but this was back in his college days. Once you figure in his humpback and elderly shrinkage, you can place him right within the current range of 5'4"-5'6". Does anyone have a picture of McCain with Gary Coleman or someone else closer to his size?
G man said on 5/Nov/08
Sherman is lucky his master must be a genious. That is some very complicated analysis. The arm jutting should have very little effect on angle. This blog has arnold at 6'4' putting mccain at 5'11' TO 6 even.
Fred said on 5/Nov/08
Mccain has near perfect posture. In college he could dunk a basketball and the roster listed his height at a respectable 5'10".He is what we call a little big man.
G man said on 5/Nov/08
As a chiropractor I am trained to analyze spines and I have noted that mccain has a severely kyphotic thoracic spine (humpback). This makes his arms appear to jut out. This could easily make him appear 4-5 inches shorter. If excited he could get much taller. I would estimate his true height to be 6 feet.
The G Firm said on 4/Nov/08
Back to the the thing with his arms, show the guy some compassion. Imagine if you were held captive in a foreign country, malnourished and weak, and the only way to relieve the stress was from continuous manual stimulation. Years later, your arms might still "stick out kinda funny."
Sherman's master said on 3/Nov/08
pjg, While I appreciate your thought provoking analysis, i think you are wrong. The angle of his arms would also be affected by the fact that they stick out kinda funny. Also, what if swarzenegger was bent over at the hips--the geometry would be completely different. Lastly, I don't think you can assume that swarzenegger is 5'8".
pjg said on 1/Nov/08
In a picture with arnold swarzenegger it appears that mccain is about 5'6". Clearly if he gave arnold a reach around he would have to stick his arms about 30 degrees above the horizontal. This assumes arnold is about 5'8".
Rezzzzz said on 1/Nov/08
he suffered from arm injuries during his captivity as a POW
Viper said on 31/Oct/08
I talked to another guy who met Mccain and he said 5-6. Hes nothing taller than 5-7 thats for sure.
WS said on 30/Oct/08
I MET McCain in Minneapolis in the 90s... I am 5'10, and McCain was MAX 5'7"... sorry, nothing against him ( I am voting for him) but he is not a tall man... I am guessing he has lost a little height just due to age (dude is 72)... but height does not have anything to do with quality of leadership (Napoleon was 5'3"!!!!)... George W Bush is always listed at 5'11", but I can see him being 5'10.5", which is consistent with the way he and McCain appear in pix together.
Big T said on 25/Oct/08
Antron, your estimation only makes sense if Letterman has bare feet. Otherwise, if they have the same footwear, McCain would be 5'8 1/2"
EJ said on 24/Oct/08
Why don't we look at his MANY PHOTOS WITH PAL GEORGE DUBYA to ascertain his height...
Antron said on 21/Oct/08
In Phil's video with Letterman, McCain looks 4.5 in shorter (comes to about dave's brow) if you pause it at0:42. Letterman is about 6ft 1 so McCain is 5'8.5" in shoes. McCain is probably 172cm barefoot in my estimation 5'7.5", a 'weak 5'8".' Letterman and Obama are of a similar height.
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
no if McCain is 5'7 then Bush is 5'10.5" , actually McCain is 5'8" Bush is 5'11.5"
MD said on 20/Oct/08
He may have short arms, but their appearance is compounded by the fact that he had his shoulders and arms broken on more than one occasion. If he could swing and carry them in a natural range of motion, they wouldn't look so short.
flash_of_eden said on 20/Oct/08
actually i noticed that too. his arms are on the short side.
anonymous said on 18/Oct/08
am i the only one whos noticed how short his arms look? they look like chubby baby arms
Da Man said on 17/Oct/08
McCain looks just about exactly 4" shorter than Obama in every debate and in every appearance together. It's consistent.

McCain didn't EVER look only 2-2.5" shorter than Obama in the debates. That's completely untrue. If McCain is wearing lifts, they are mild as his shoes look completely normal.
MD said on 16/Oct/08
I'm not a fan of either of the two, but I must say that's it's more than obvious that he wears lifts for certain appearances particularly with Bush and Obama. It's particularly obvious in debates with Obama when he comes on stage looking only 2 to 2.5 inches shorter than him, when he's looked much shorter next to him before they started running for president.
Vegas said on 16/Oct/08
if the only reason you guy are downgrading mccain is because a few websites claim he is 5'7 then i have news for you, websites can be wrong, very wrong, most take their information from one source so if one is wrong 75% of them will be wrong eg. here jan nortje is listed at 6'1 despite being much closer to 7ft Click Here they made the mistake by talking the 6'1 height from the official pride site Click Here

i am not american so i really couldn't care less who wins but excuses like a guy in his mid 70s is wearing lifts are pretty weak imo
Viper said on 16/Oct/08
Hes wearing lifts for sure. Not a huge height difference when he shook Obama's hand. And it looked like he was wearing platform shoes at the last debate.

Hes 5-7.
dawizz said on 16/Oct/08
saya rasa McCain tak lebih tinggi dari 175cm
Antron said on 15/Oct/08
Im not sure he was ever 5ft 9in, though Im willing to concede that his injuries may make his limbs 'off' so to speak. I think now he is solid 5ft7in and change. His shoes might have subtle lifts, you know maybe just some layered Dr Scholls even, not anything major, to make him more in the 5 9 range.
trueheight said on 15/Oct/08
If McCain is 5'7 then Bush is 5'8.5
trueheight said on 15/Oct/08
his arms were broken for 6yrs. Why would he wear lifts? he's 73 and has had his legs and hips injured numerous times.
McPoo said on 13/Oct/08
In the town hall presidential debate with Obama, McCain's proportions looked impossible. The length of his arms and torso compared with his overall height had me convinced he was wearing lifts. At the first presidential debate, I also noticed the difference in height between the two men was smaller than it should have been, although the stage may have been altered to put them at comparable height.

I'd say 5'7 or 5'8 naturally but he seems to wear lifts sometimes, maybe just for these big TV appearances...
Phil said on 10/Oct/08
YouTube video of McCain on Letterman: Click Here

At 0:42, there's a good shot of them standing side-by-side, and Letterman has at least 5 inches on McCain.
Viper said on 10/Oct/08
Mccain has looked short to me. I think hes 5-7 and wears a small lift at times.
Frank2 said on 10/Oct/08
McCain is most likely 5'9" when he stands up straight. He did have his legs broken and from what I gather, more than once. Amazing he looks as good as he does, what with the beatings he sustained as well as suffering from cancer. Really amazing when you think about it.

Obama is closer to being 6'2". He's as tall as Bill Clinton and he's taller than Al Gore. I'd also add, Obama is very thin. Probably weighs in at under 165 lbs. I'm 5'11", weigh about 185 lbs. and when I look at myself in the mirror I get depressed.
Jogho said on 10/Oct/08
John McCain is pretty heavy built it seems. Looks of a more powerful built then Obama who is just a skinny man. After all, he has endured a tough life and it shows.
Stiffelio said on 9/Oct/08
Am I the only person thinking Mccain grows taller every time I watch him on TV' In the latest debate against Obama, McCain looked a mere 3 in shorter than Obama. They both seemed to have similar type of dress shoes, no apparent lifts. I think the reason many people view McCain as short is his overall body appearance. After all the physical hardships he's been through his body took a big toll. His arms and shoulders move like held by a straight jacket and he walks like Astroboy. But standing upright he's no short man. 5'9" at least.
Frank2 said on 9/Oct/08
You met his double because he's not 5'7". McCain doesn't wear lifts.

What utter garbage.
Pj said on 9/Oct/08
Met him In NH on two occasions and I would say 5'7 or a bit shorter. I am 5'8 and we were both wearing dress shoes on each occasion. He is such a great guy and we joked a great deal about Army Navy football (I attended West Point). He is a giant in my eyes...
EJ said on 8/Oct/08
He didn't look that much shorter than "that one" in last night's debate. Must have been wearing like 3" lifts.
Derek said on 7/Oct/08
That's the thing with height loss. Some people can lose 2-3 inches by age 70 and some may lose only a fraction, if at all.
Vibram said on 7/Oct/08
Average man loses 2cm of height a decade after around age 50, so yeah he could of been taller than 5'9" back in Nam. I always thought McCain was 62-65 age range until I read these posts. I'm just over 5'9" at age 30 and I'd take 5'8" at a snap at 72, it doesn't look that bad in your 70's; taller guys in their 70's tend to stooper a lot more, only accentuating the aging process.
Jogho said on 4/Oct/08
Pier Gerlofs Donia was taller, obviously. He stood at a height of well over 7 ft tall. He lifted horses and bended coins. He beheaded several head in one blow. The guy was a monster!
Brah said on 3/Oct/08
Look at the 0:41 mark on this video. McCain looks at least 5'8" with President Bush:

Click Here
Nicky said on 3/Oct/08
@ Frank2,okay I was just speculating. That's how he looks to me. I guess 5'9" would be a maximum,but I don't think it would be higher than that
Frank2 said on 2/Oct/08
Nicky, you can think all day long, but that doesn't make McCain 5'7". I met him. Stood right next to him and no way in hell is he that short. This is simply ridiculous.
Antron said on 2/Oct/08
I was referring to US Presidents. None have been of below average height (below 5'9") in the last 100 years. Jimmy Carter around 5'9" is the closest we've come in recent history. I'm on pretty solid ground man. I'm guessing you may not live in the US.
Nicky said on 2/Oct/08
I think McCain is around 5'7"-5'8"
Palin is around 5'3"-5'4" in my opinion.
I was reading an article in the last People magazine or some other magazine, and they talked about Palin. Someone said that she is short so she wears a lot of Franco Sarto heels.
I think she looked tall in the Katie Couric interview because Katie is around 5'0"
Anon_V said on 1/Oct/08
Also, his wife is supposed to be 5'7 and when she's in heels, he's still a little taller. Although, I'll certainly defer to the person who has met him. First hand accounts are always the best.
Anon_V said on 1/Oct/08
There's a press conference photo of him with a U.S. pastor who is around 5'7 and McCain is noticeably taller, by several inches. I agree with some previous comments that wearing lifts would be precarious when you've already got a severe limp from prior war injuries.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/08
Jacky says on 30/Sep/08
every other site says 5'7....

he even looks that short if not shorter

show me a photo or video of mccain looking shorter than 5'7 or even 5'7 flat for that matter, he is barely inches shorter than obama and barely 2 inches shorter than george W, he looks 5'9
Jacky said on 30/Sep/08
every other site says 5'7....

he even looks that short if not shorter
Anthony David said on 28/Sep/08
Actually i calculated that 5'8" 1.73m is the current world average for men, so its a good height.
Anthony David said on 28/Sep/08
5'8" is pretty average, although i dont need a tall president but a smart one.
TNTinCA said on 28/Sep/08
He might have even been taller than 5'10" at his peak. He did suffer a pretty severe back injury that was not treated during his imprisonment in Vietnam.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/08
Reagan's real height was 5'11/11.5 peak, he was listed at 6'1. He had shrunk down to 5'10 near the end.
guyfrommars said on 27/Sep/08
"Antron says on 23/Sep/08

Because short guys don't seem to get elected President these days... stupid, but true."

Stupid and not true.
Sarkozy - 5'5"
Putin - 5'7"
Medvedev - 5'4"
Berlusconi - 5'5"

Actually most of our elected leaders are short guys.
trueheight said on 25/Sep/08
he was 2.5in shorter than Reagan back in the 80s, making him 5'9.5.

If McCain is 5'6, then Bush is 5'8, Brown is 5'9 and Barack Obama is 5'10. Laughable isn't it?

And for those who say McCain wears lifts, that's just pure speculation on your part; proof or gtfo.
G said on 25/Sep/08
I met Sen. McCain once and came away thinking that he was about 5'7 1/4" or MAYBE a bit under 5'8". In any case, he's a funny guy (though I cannot say that I intend to vote for him).
Viper said on 25/Sep/08
5-10? You must be one of his campaign advisors I see. Thats nuts.

The reality is hes a short guy at around 5-7 barefoot.. I love the guy and will be voting for him, but Im realistic about his height.
Anon_V said on 24/Sep/08
I'd guess in the 5'9 range now and I'd bet at his peak he was around 5'10. The official campaign website has archival footage of him during and after his Hanoi imprisonment. He was very thin when released, he looked taller than a couple of the American officers who greeted him in '73. There's also a film clip of him walking with Reagan and there's very little difference in their height. In his book, "Faith of my Fathers", he states his father, Admiral Jack McCain was only 5'6.
Viper said on 24/Sep/08
Yes Frank, but I wouldnt put it pass Mccain to wear small lifts at certain times. We know other presidential candidates have done it before.
Derek said on 24/Sep/08
5'7" is definitely short, unless you're Mexican or something like that.
Luigi said on 24/Sep/08
I think now that he is older, he is 5' 7'', which btw, it's not short!
Antron said on 23/Sep/08
Click Here
Looks way shorter than Obama and of similar height (probably slightly taller) compared to Lieberman. I think Lieberman is 5'6" or 5'7"
Antron said on 23/Sep/08
"trueheight says on 19/Sep/08
Why in the heck would McCain wear lifts? Can you imagine a 72yr old man whose had his legs broken in half a dozen places prancing around w/ lifts?"

Because short guys don't seem to get elected President these days... stupid, but true.

I think he's more like 5'7.5" and wears generous dress shoes, not necessarily lifts. 5'8" peak.
Frank2 said on 23/Sep/08
If McCain is truly 5'6" then Bush is 5'8" and every single person photographed with McCain is at least three inches shorter that we thought. Think about this and start using logic.
Captain Spaulding said on 23/Sep/08
John McCain has been the only presidential candidate this year that dont have secret service protecting him, he doesnt have a big ego so he probably dont wear lifts either.
Viper said on 22/Sep/08
Nobody knows for certain that McCain wears lifts. Its speculation at this point. I think hes 5-7 and wears a small lift at times to look 5-8-5-9.
George H. said on 22/Sep/08
I think McCain may look shorter because of his body shape and the funny arms (which I know have a tragic reason for looking the way they look, but it gives the impression they're short, too). My guess is a solid 5'8" maybe even 5'9".
Captain Spaulding said on 21/Sep/08
John McCain doesnt wear lifts.
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/08
His medical report in March this year says he is 5'6!! so his peak must have been 5'7. he could wear lifts to make himself appear taller! ....5'6!!

[Editor Rob: 5ft 6 is an erroneous report.]
trueheight said on 19/Sep/08
Why in the heck would McCain wear lifts? Can you imagine a 72yr old man whose had his legs broken in half a dozen places prancing around w/ lifts?

Get real Viper
Frank2 said on 19/Sep/08
Like I've said repeatedly, politics has zero to do with the accuracy of a person's height or at least it shouldn't come into play. I'm not supporting Barak Obama yet I've repeatedly defended his height as being 6'2". Even posted photos showing him with people who are 6'2" and he looks to be the same height.

McCain is not under 5'8" and most likely is close to being 5'9".
A-Bomb said on 19/Sep/08
Frank2 is a Republican - via past admissions on this site. But Im not and I honestly dont see anything less than 5'8" for him - especially next to Bush and i just cant imagine him wearing lifts
Mihangel Jones said on 18/Sep/08
paylin is 57in or 4-9 acc to her fisical.last am byth.
Viper said on 18/Sep/08
LOL, Frank said Obama looked to be 6-2 which isnt true either so he isnt defending anyone.

I think MCcain is a lift wearer at times to look taller than his 5-7 height.
matt Thomas said on 17/Sep/08
I agree Frank2 im thinking you're a republican and thats why you are so adamantly defending McCains fake 5ft9 height Obama however is a legit 6'1
Viper said on 17/Sep/08
Yeah, but the 5-7 listings just dont come out from out of the blue. I believe thats his barefoot height. And Im sure there have been presidential candidates throughout the years who have worn lifts.
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/08
How tall is Sarah Palin? (seems like the right place to ask since she's not listed)
Frank2 said on 17/Sep/08
If you read that he was 5'7" it wasn't from any official medical record. He doesn't wear lifts. Come on! Get real!
Viper said on 17/Sep/08
I thought I read where his medical records in the army said 5-7? A couple of blogs Ive read seem to say Mccain wears lifts at times to look taller than his 5-7 height.I could buy that. They wouldnt pull the 5-7 stuff out of mid-air.
bam said on 17/Sep/08
he really isn't a short guy
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I guess he is on the stocky side, and is surrounded by tall politicians most of the time.
trueheight said on 16/Sep/08
Viper: 5in still makes McCain 5'8.

That med report you posted Real is dubious b/c there are other med reports that have him at 5'9.5 (ask Rob, has the link). Plus McCain doesn't wear lifts, he wears dress shoes, watch his appearances on the View, Leno, Letterman, you can see his shoes and socks clearly when he crosses his legs.
Frank2 said on 16/Sep/08
Look at him with other people. That's how I judge his height. He only appears a couple of inches shorter than Bush. McCain is stocky and stocky people tend not to look tall on camera.
Viper said on 16/Sep/08
Then hes the shortest looking 5-9 guy Ive seen in a while.
Chris said on 16/Sep/08
I think 5'8". He was a couple of inches shorter than Nixon 35 years ago, and is a little shorter than Giuliani now. But I certainly see more than 5'7". Or he's 5'7" and wears lifts?
Gonzalo said on 16/Sep/08
He looks around 5`9 to me
Viper said on 16/Sep/08
I see 5 inches between Obama and McCain.
Real said on 16/Sep/08
I've always seen 5'7. But check this article from CBS about his Medical Exam.. scroll to the very bottom.. "5'6, 163"

Click Here

trueheight (and countless others), have you ever heard of lifts?
trueheight said on 15/Sep/08
yeah in that context he was complaining to the interviewer that though his dad and brother are tall, he's only 5'11.

Viper, if McCain was 5'7, that would make Obama only 5'11 - too short for him. He's four inches shorter than BO
Frank2 said on 15/Sep/08
To my knowledge Bush never fudged his own height. I have a documentary done on him when he first ran for president and on a plane he tells this woman journalist who follows him around doing the documentary that he's about 5'11". He says it right on camera.

Viper, what can I say? I met him, you didn't. My wife met him. We stood and spoke with the man for at least ten minutes and no way on earth is he 5'7". He's closer to 5'9".
MD said on 14/Sep/08
Bush got away with fudging his height by about three quarters of an inch, if I remember, correctly. He's no more than 5'11", but his doctors gave him 6'0", one year, and then something like 5'11.75" in another year.
Viper said on 14/Sep/08
Mccain was probably never 5-9 in his life. 5-8 peak I could maybe buy. And now 5-7 today.
Phil said on 14/Sep/08
gpb says on 13/Sep/08
I'm laughing at the idea that 5 feet 8 OR 9 inches for man is not short!

I consider 5'8" 'below average' and 5'9" to be in the average range.
trueheight said on 14/Sep/08
MD, that's nonesense. Bush couldn't get away w/ lying about his height. Compared to ppl like Stallone and others who add up to two inches. GWB has always looked just under 6ft - his dad is 6'2 and brother is 6'3 - how tall do you think he 5'8 lol?

McCain is 5'8-5'9; And that's considering that Obama is 6'1 MAX. If anyone claims Obama is any taller, than that would make McCain over 5'10, which is not likely.
MD said on 14/Sep/08
No, at least that doesn't explain Bush's reported height. Presidents are measured at their yearly annual physical, or at least the doctor reports that they are measured. It's quite clear that the president gets to pick what height they want to doctor to report.
Frank2 said on 13/Sep/08
Bush is a solid 5'11" and has said so.

I happened to call up my MD and asked if it's the usual procedure when having a physical. He said he always weighs and measures height to see if a patient falls into the correct ratio of height vs. weight. I even asked a friend who's a MD and he told me the same thing. Maybe they do it differently in other cities, but where I live, they measure heights. I had my height measured by my Chiropractor and I didn't have to ask.

And one more time. McCain is not 5'7". He's minimum 5'8" and most likely 5'9".
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/08
yah sorry guys but i saw him on that show "the view" and he was much taller than all 6 of those women. I don't know what this proves, other than he is taller than 6 women. Bam.
gpb said on 13/Sep/08
Sorry, this link was forwarded to me & I didn't pay attention that this site is all about height! Disregard, my disregard of the height discusson.......
gpb said on 13/Sep/08
I'm laughing at the idea that 5 feet 8 OR 9 inches for man is not short! It certainly isn't tall & it certainly isn't important...Every man under 6 feet tall I've ever met claims taller, so even if McCain IS exaggerating, it's no big deal!! By the way, I'm for Obama, so this isn't partisan.
JD said on 12/Sep/08
"Most heights you see listed in doctor's charts are self reported."
Does that explain why they list Bush at 5'11.5 and McCain at 5'9.5?
Alex said on 12/Sep/08
Since 18 when I go to the doctor they weight me, not take my height unless I ask for it to be taken.
MD said on 12/Sep/08
He's right. The last time I was measured was when I was a child or pre-teen, and I'm in my early 20's. Unless you ask to get measured, it's my experience that they don't do it.
WantingToBe6FT said on 12/Sep/08
5'7", hands down
JT said on 12/Sep/08
Paddington says on 12/Sep/08
I'm a doctor, and to be honest with you it's rare for *adults* to have their heights measured. Most heights you see listed in doctor's charts are self reported.

Depends on the doctor. Further, a full physical at the Mayo Clinic would likely involve a height measurement. Also, it's not uncommon to be measuring the height of a patient approaching age 70 for assessing osteoporosis, etc.
trueheight said on 12/Sep/08
I'm 23 and have always gotten my height measured in my visits for physicals. I've had 5 since turning 18.
Jordan said on 12/Sep/08
I was measured by my coach at 5'10.25, but i went to the doctors the other day and they used the height tool that is on the scale and brought it down. I was only 5'9.75 when i always though i was 5'10.25. So sometimes the measurement tool cool be off maybe, who knows.
Frank2 said on 12/Sep/08
Where do you practice? I recently had a complete physical and my height was measured along with my weight.
Paddington said on 12/Sep/08
I'm a doctor, and to be honest with you it's rare for *adults* to have their heights measured. Most heights you see listed in doctor's charts are self reported.
trueheight said on 12/Sep/08
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How many inches of difference does that look to you Rob? I think 4in. The begining and the end are best for comparison - in the middle they walk down a ramp. I think Bloomberg is around 5'6
JT said on 12/Sep/08
Per his Mayo Clinic records from March 2005, 5
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/08
I met him, and we were both in business shoes. I'm 5'9" in those shoes and he was about an inch taller than me, so I would say he's at least 5'9" without those shoes.
trueheight said on 11/Sep/08
McCain met Obama again today. And again, 4in difference max. So he's at least 5'8
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/08
If his medical exam says he is 5'7......then he is 5'7 (that means he was measured and his height was recorded as 5'7!) also he is listed everywhere as 5'7 (expect on this site!)

[Editor Rob: his medical exam stated 5ft 9.5 from a few years ago.]
Frank2 said on 11/Sep/08
Look, I met McCain and he's not that short. He's minimum 5'8" and most likely 5'9". Who else here has met him and shaken his hand? My wife met him too and she confirms he not that short. This is getting to be a joke.
Arj said on 11/Sep/08
Trueheight says

"His arms give the impression of a shorter man; they were broken over and over again in his captivity."

If you actually believe that spin I've got an Eiffel Tower I can seell you for cheap.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/08
McCain is 5'7". His campaign made public part of his medical exam results when Senator McCain began his run for president and people were questioning his age, then 71.5 yrs. The information included his height at 5'7". Some people make jokes about this, but it is what it is.
Frank2 said on 8/Sep/08
McCain is closer to 5'9" and could be that height. He's not 5'7". And claiming he might be 5'6" is ludicrous.
Julie said on 8/Sep/08
How tall is Sarah Palin?
trueheight said on 8/Sep/08
Stretch, that one image proves nothing.

Out of the hundreds I've seen of him w/ Reagan, Bush and Nixon - he's 5'9. Even at 72, he doesn't look lower than 5'8.5. His arms give the impression of a shorter man; they were broken over and over again in his captivity.

And Anon, Bush is no less than 5'11 - maybe 5'10.5 now due to age but no less. Obama is 6'1. Both confirmed in pictures w/ UK PM Gordon Brown who is 6ft.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/08
Rob,I think its time for a downgrade on McCain to 5'7"

On TV he looks as small as 5'6"

His height has always been listed as 5'7" (That would make Bush around 5'9")
Stretch said on 7/Sep/08
John McCain may be a giant in politics but he has been self-conscious about his 5'7" height virtually his entire life. During his first Arizona senatorial run he ran against a tall Democrat named Richard Kimball who humiliated him on-stage by saying "he was standing on a soapbox" (actually a custom made platform.)
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Also 5'8" said on 7/Sep/08
kinda makes me feel short.
Alex said on 7/Sep/08
Obama could be anywhere from 5'11 to 6'1.
Viper said on 6/Sep/08
Im not 100 percent sure Obama is 6-1. He looked 6-0 at most shaking hands with 6-4 Bill O reilly.
bkzsmith said on 6/Sep/08
McCain would not be the shortest president of all time. James Madison was about 5'4".
ozzfest said on 6/Sep/08
How tall is Sarah Palin? She looks around 5'4" to me, anybody know?
Alex said on 6/Sep/08
I am not sure on this guy. I dont pay attention to him much, let alone his height but I'd say 5'8 maybe?
Frank2 said on 6/Sep/08
I think McCain is 5'9" when he stands up straight. He's not short if one's definition of short is way under average height. All these listings for him being 5'6" tells me some folks have it in for him.
trueheight said on 6/Sep/08

I think it should be obvious to you by now why he picked Palin - she has become a political star in the past few days. Romney was a no-win; I know many Protestants (older) who would simply not vote for a Romney ticket.

I can only think of one - 5'8 Dukakis and 6'2 Lloyd Bentson in '88 - but they lost.
trueheight said on 6/Sep/08
when he met Obama a few weeks ago at Rick Warren's church, Obama looked max 4 inches taller, same w/ Warren. You can find the video on YT.

If Obama is 6'1, that makes McCain around 5'9. I still think he's around this height.
Viper said on 6/Sep/08
5-8 peak and 5-7 now Id say.
Mr. T said on 5/Sep/08
Palin looks 5'6" in heels.
Frank2 said on 5/Sep/08
Being short of stature never stopped Harry Truman. Politics has little to do with a person's height, at least in America.
Illustrator said on 5/Sep/08
I have noticed that the taller Presidential candidate tends to win US elections. Obama has won before they've even started kissing babies!

Setting aside the gender and physical attractiveness issue, does anyone think height was a factor in McCain's Veep selection? The Prez has to look Presidential with a capital "P" and having a Veep tower over you isn't a good look. Looking back at the past 50 odd years of the television age most Veeps have been shorter or on par with the boss. There have been a few exceptions but the height differential hasn't been huge. (eg LBJ 2.5 inches over JFK, GHWB 1.5 inches over Reagan to name a couple). Can anyone imagine McCain looking Presidential with 6'3 Romney towering over him? At least he would have been eye to eye with Liberal Joe if the party hacks let him have his way. Any creedence to this height selection theory?
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/08
Rob, when you do a google search, With McCain and height, all the listings show 5'7?? Is that his real height? Does he wear lifts? to appear taller!

[Editor Rob: I don't really follow politics but I suspect those in the opposing camp would perpetuate the myth McCain struggles with 5ft 7.]
Phil said on 4/Sep/08
How tall is Sarah Palin?
anonymous said on 4/Sep/08
leonari, james madison, the 4th president of the united states, stood at only 5`4.
EJ said on 4/Sep/08
He looks to be the same height (roughly) as Joe Lieberman. I always used to hear that Lieberman was 5'8".
bam said on 4/Sep/08
i'm absolutely shocked. I alwasy thought this man was barely 5'7.
Frank2 said on 4/Sep/08

Nope. Hardly. Study history. The shortest US president was James Madison at 5'4". Then. after him, next in line were Benjamin Harrison and Martin Van Buren at 5'6" each. John Adams, John Quincy Adams and William McKinley were all reported to be 5'7".

McCain seemed taller to me than 5'8" when I met him at a political action meeting several years ago. More like 5'9".
Stiffelio said on 4/Sep/08
At long last McCain is listed. Thanks, Rob. I think he might still be 5ft 9in though.
A-Bomb said on 4/Sep/08
Here he is next to Reagan in the 80s Click Here Both their heads are down so it's not the greatest comparison, but he looks 5'9"ish. I think McCain was 5'9" 1/2 at his peak - no shorter than 5'7 3/4" at the moment.
leonari said on 4/Sep/08
so if he becomes President will he be the shortest U.S president of all time????? That would make the 3 Presidents of the most powerful countries below average. Putin: 5'7". Sarcozy:5'6". McCain: 5'8".
Am I right Rob?
miko said on 4/Sep/08
Near enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks about 4" taller and he is 6"0, so this is about right.

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