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Peak: 6ft 0.34in (183.7cm)
Current: 5ft 11.35in (181.2cm)
glenn said on 21/May/07
how is that nice? pulp fiction is 1994.the man lost with 5-10.5,42 year old friend looks 5-9 happens.its not always age.its weight too.
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
nice gramps he looks aneasy 6'1.5 in that pics i think he is steel 6
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
if totaly straight she is 2 in taller that wath they were when i met them on be cool he looked 6'0.5 and she looked 6'2.5 in 4 in heels
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
i agree with frank he did look oftenly 6'1 in the 90s probably wear small lifts like 2.6 in elevators he did look about 183 to 184 cm when i met him probably 5'11.75 today
Frank said on 21/May/07
Travolta is not that Old to lose height he wore Lifts most of the times to look over 6ft....He is leaning in the picture so he could be close to 6ft
5'11.5 guy said on 21/May/07
To be fair Travolta looks like he's leaning in a little here. I'd say he' still around 6'.
Red said on 21/May/07
No way he´s 6´0" in that pic with glenn. I´m 6´0.5" and my wife is 5´8" and she´s under my eyelevel, so if glenn is 5´8" Travolta is under 5´11".
Gramps said on 21/May/07
Travolta in dress shoes with the 5'11.5" Uma Thurman wearing heels:
Click Here
Gramps said on 21/May/07
Dunno about him being under six feet, but here is a photo taken last month with the 6'2" Forrest Whitaker, and Travolta looks taller. Shoes look normal, too.
Click Here
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
at 52 even he has extra weight he does exercise he shouldnt have lost more than 0.5 in so
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
i agree glenn one of the nicest even also he did seem 6'0.5 in near uma thurman when i met or 6'0.25
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
looks no more than 5'11 in that pic probably 5'11.25 and was 6'0.25 he looked 6 ft easy 3 years ago when i met him eiter small lifts or lost some height
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
looks no more than 5'11 in that pic probably 5'11.25 and was 6'0.25
Danius said on 20/May/07
wth is going on. i thought travolta was 6'2? this guy barely looks 5'11
Viper said on 20/May/07
I dont think Travolta has lost any height. I beleive he wears lifts sometimes.
Anonymous said on 20/May/07
travolta barely looks 5'10 if he is in fact 5'10 more like 5'9 if glenn is a legit 5'8, i guess at 17 years old, im 3 inches taller than travolta
Anonymous said on 20/May/07
Was he talking about Uma Thurman in the Pulp Fiction comment?
glenn said on 20/May/07
he did lose height.
Frank said on 20/May/07
Alex he 52 years old and I dont believe he lost any height he just wore normal shoes like Robert said.....Also John did something with his hair because i seen a picture of him in People Magazine and he looked like he was Balding pretty bad and now you see him and his hair looks fuller
MHouillon said on 20/May/07
Nonsense! 5'10 for Travolta ?

184cm-185cm (6'1-6'0.5) was heyday height, 183cm (6ft) is actual height.
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Well, we can all agree that he isnt 6 ft anymore.
Robert said on 19/May/07
This time he was wearing regular shoes.
Alex said on 19/May/07
Glenn, I agree. The man has lost height over the many years.
glenn said on 19/May/07
i was expecting this 6ft guy.he was barely 5-11.i saw many times at 6ft,6-1.years ago.
the shredder said on 19/May/07
This photo and the Macy photo puts Tim allen at about 5'9.5 and Martin Lawrence at 5'6 , 5'7 !
Alex said on 19/May/07
No way 5'11-6'0 with Glenn. Looks 5'10. He use to look 6'0. He could have lost 2 inches.
Red said on 19/May/07
He looks 5´10" with Glenn.
Diogeneze said on 19/May/07
interesting, always thought this dude was taller - facts seem to prove otherwise tho...
Melvin said on 18/May/07
He is 5'11. Met him.
James said on 18/May/07
you mean 5ft11
Frank said on 18/May/07
John probably wore Big heels to look 6ft 2 and he probably is about 5ft 11 to 6ft barefoot...I dont believe he shrunk
Felix said on 18/May/07
And you say Sly is 5'9-5'10? Jesus :P He ain't!
TheJerk said on 18/May/07
I always thought he was honest about the figure. Weird.
Anonymous said on 18/May/07
5'11 barefoot max. Does look quite short next to Glenn! when he said six, a little over six, that was not his barefoot height. with dress shoes about 6' peak. Did only look a max 5'11 on the Johnathan Ross show a few weeks ago. Was also wearing cowboy boots on the show to give him a height boost!
Jordan said on 18/May/07
John is lookin short here. I see that he is leaning so maybe 6'0. The reson why I say he is short b/c I alwats thought he was 6'2. Guess Not.
Lynn said on 18/May/07
I am not surprised.

Some times ago he came here in italy in a show with the great showman Rosario Fiorello. They were same height, no more then 5"11 barefeet.
Pete said on 18/May/07
in that one movie BE COOL he appears a lil bit taller than uma. dont know wjat they were weraing tho'. has anyone checked them out on this movie?
Drew said on 18/May/07
He really looked only 5'11"? Lost more than an inch? Man I better start exercising..
glenn said on 18/May/07
i was shocked to see him at 5-11.i remember him looking 6-2 at the premiere to pulp fiction next to uma.i was there.perhaps the nicest celebrity ever.
the shredder said on 18/May/07
Wow , he hardly looks 6 foot at all ! ... Maybe never was past that mark ? ... Although I was about 100 feet away from him on the set of " A Love Song For Bobby Long ! ... He was in the street and even that far away he looked like he had a body that would be well over 6 feet tall !
Gonzalo said on 26/Apr/07
He looked shorter than William Hurt and Gene Hackman who must be around 6`2. So travolta must be around 6`1
will said on 16/Apr/07
travolta is small 5'11 at best ,6'2 my backside no way unless he was then shrunk,
Height Tracker said on 13/Apr/07
I don't think Travolta looked 6 ft in Wild Hogs. He seemed shorter than Ray Liotta in a lot of scenes.
Mike said on 13/Apr/07
So Glenn you've seen Travolta 5'11 to 6'2 wow!!!!!! didnt think he varied that much, thats good he's one of the nicer celebs around but just for fun Glenn how does his hair look in Does it look like a weave/hairpiece or normal if you saw it...its the most sought out hair in hollywood
glenn said on 5/Apr/07
i saw him look 6-2 at the premier for pulp fiction next to uma thurman.
Vegas said on 3/Apr/07
travolta and ross from friday night Click Here As well as the 1-1.5" height difference between the two, Travolta looks to have cowboys type heeled boots on.
Viper said on 3/Apr/07
Marcus Allen looks 6-4 sometimes in pictures.
the shredder said on 3/Apr/07
If Marcus Allen is taller then 6'2 ? ... Then is Alfonso still 5'6 Rob ???

Editor Rob
one nfl height that probably is rounded down a little, he could be good postured 189cm guy, or even a brandon routh type fellow, who seems to look bigger the more pics you see of them...
GPM said on 3/Apr/07
My friend is 6'1", and met Travolta at a party in L.A. He says that Travolta is nowhere near 6', closer to 5'10".

Editor Rob
likely he could have lost 1cm, at peak weak 184 as he claims, now struggling to hit 6ft, but 5ft 10? Actually, see wireimage, there are photos of him with Marcus Allen...but then there's photos of marcus allen looking taller than the 6ft 2 nfl player glenn met, shannon sharpe, See bottom left image
TJ said on 1/Apr/07
There could have been as little as one inch between Ross and Travolta - it was hard to judge - but Ross was definitely taller and Travolta was wearing large heeled boots. Ross always says he is 6'1.5 and I believe that.
PC said on 1/Apr/07
Mr D, I got the privilege of watching Jonathan Ross twice (again last night) and when Ricky Gervais and John Travolta were dancing, Ross came in, got spun around on the floor, and when he stood up he looked at least 2 inches taller than Travolta who himself was wearing big boots. Perhaps he's more 5'11" these days, although he looked a legit 6 footer until Ross came into picture. Gareth Gates btw looked very close to Ross, 6'1" is not far off the mark.
Vegas said on 1/Apr/07
Ross was at least an inch taller than Travolta on Friday night, it could have been 1.5" in fact. And as Mr D says Travolta was wearing very big boots, imo Travolta is under 6'0. 5'11.75" seems right.
Viper said on 31/Mar/07
Ross is probably 6-0.
apper said on 31/Mar/07
On Friday night with Jonathan Ross, Travolta was exactly the same as Ross who is 6"1.5, and he was wearing flat shoes. I dont know what to make of it.
AA said on 23/Mar/07
That's quite curious: if somebody is 6'0", can easily pretend to be 6'1". It's almost unperceptive. But if you are 5'10", you can't pretend to be 5'11", 'cause people can see the difference! In Hollywood, you have to "cut" 1-2 inches to find the exact height of someone...

And another thing: can somebody PLEASE explain to me why all the 6'0" actors ALWAYS "grow" to 6'2" in height listings??

Editor Rob
in 1976 he's described in one paper, "Travolta, a native of New Jersey, is 6 feet tall", I think he's always been at peak what he says, a strong 6 footer, nowadays he might have lost 1/2cm, or just his posture is a bit poorer
glenn said on 18/Mar/07
he can also look as small as 6ft.
dmeyer said on 18/Mar/07
i believe you glenn i have seen him look 6'1
dmeyer said on 18/Mar/07
it is true on be cool he was near 6'1 when i saw him he could be as short as 6 ft ot weak 184 but he can easily look 6'1 in the 90s movies he has done if he claims 6 or a lidl over that means 184 he might have slip 1 in lifts in some movie to look a hair over 6'1
Anonymous said on 17/Mar/07
I saw "Wild Hogs" today, and Travolta look 6' tops. As a matter of act, 5'11.5 Liotta looked a little taller than him, though he wore boots trhoughout the movie.
glenn said on 17/Mar/07
i have seen him look 6-2.
Anthony said on 17/Mar/07
No way is he 6'2.
Viper said on 16/Mar/07
Its pretty obvious that Travolta is 6-0.
AdamCheb said on 16/Mar/07
i think he's 6'2 in the very least. he was very comparable in height to 6'3 robert wisdom in face/off. looked taller sometimes, actually. also if michael jakcson in 5'9, 5'10 in his prime, i saw pic of a young(but fully grown) michael jackson with travolta and travolta looked well over a few inches taller than jacko.

BUT.....mark riccardi, travolta's stuntman in face/off lists his own height as being 6' even on his website. but it's still very possible that travolta could be taller, in action fast paced action scenes, its really impossible to notice if the stuntdouble is 2-3 inches shorter than the actor himself
Mike said on 7/Feb/07
That newsom dude looks over 6'3 easily i saw another pic where newsom was alot taler then travolta and d i think travolta's 6 even, in boots 6'1, arnold is closer to height to newsom then travolta is with newsom (newsom has alot of pics with both actors).
Heightcritique said on 5/Feb/07
Actually, Newsom is 6'4" or 6'5". My friend is 6'3" and Newsom was much taller than him when he stood next to him. I don't think Travolta is less than 6'1".
Gordon said on 3/Jan/07
He is for sure not 6-2.
He is 6' maximum, even less.
TJ said on 3/Jan/07
I'm not sure I see any difference in what you have said AA. Assuming the slouching anecdote is true, it doesn't confirm that Conway was taller than Travolta, it just suggests that Travolta wasn't taller than Conway. If they were the same height, Conway would still have to slouch if they wanted Travolta to actually appear taller than him. See what I mean?
AA said on 1/Jan/07
TJ - Sorry, I wrote it wrong. Here it goes:
JEFF CONAWAY had to slouch, to make Travolta taller. So, that means Jeff conaway is taller than Travolta, by that time...
If Travolta is 6'0.5", maybe 6'1", means that Conaway has to be over that! Probably 6'1" plus!
emilio migliozzi said on 31/Dec/06
I worked with Travolta on Battlefield Earth. He is 6'2". Because I am 6 feet. I was a standing for him and other actors on the set. He is as charming as you would expect him to be. At the time I was shocked to see that he had a huge pot belly at the time.
dmeyer said on 31/Dec/06
i think he looked easy 6'1 in the 90s but since he dosnt claim more than 6'0.5 so maybe he is only 184
TJ said on 30/Dec/06
Read again what you wrote though AA. He had to slouch to make Travolta look "taller than him". If they were the same height, he would still have to slouch to make Travolta look taller than him, right?
AA said on 29/Dec/06
Another one: I just read that Jeff Conaway had to slouch to make Travolta taller than him, as he was the lead actor! There it go... Jeff is taller than him for sure!
AA said on 29/Dec/06
I am watching Grease right at this moment, and he looks the same height as 6' 1" Jeff Conaway. Maybe his hair in this movie makes him look taller... but I still believe he's 6-1!
Mr. Stench said on 28/Dec/06
I met him at Disney World in Orlando, he looked 186 cm to me.
ted said on 26/Dec/06
I reckon he is about 6' he is noticeably shorter 2"? than Lorenzo Lamas in grease.
dmeyer said on 25/Dec/06
looks shorter than a 184 friend of mine in a pic so could be 6 flat
dmeyer said on 12/Dec/06
in basic barely looks 6 feet in 1.5 in heels but most of his career looked 6' to 6'1 in films in the barefeet scene with uma he did look a hair taller so 6'0.25 make sens in person he looked my height or 2 cm taller but i had 1.4 inches heels and he 1 inch heels 184 make senshe is in the 6 to 6'0.5 zone
dmeyer said on 8/Nov/06
did look easy 6'1 in the 90s movies possibly coler to 6 ft now in person looked no less than 6'0.25
Glenn said on 7/Nov/06
I agree.a hair over 6ft.
Anthony said on 7/Nov/06
Just finished watching "Pulp Fiction", and I must say that Travolta looked bang-on 6'0.25 throughout the entire film. He was at least an inch taller than Ving Rhames in flip-flops and in barefeet was still taller than Thurman.
Anthony said on 30/Oct/06
No offense, but 6'3 to 6'4 for John is a bit rediculous.
Dr. Flem said on 27/Oct/06
This legend has to be around 6ft3 to 6ft4, judging by the movie grease. He is easily the tallest star in that movie, unless he has lost a couple of inches. It was 1978, I guess
mike said on 13/Oct/06
travoltas prolly 6'0.5, but who cars hes over 6 but not a full 6'1, this .25 .33 .5 is alil silly but hes seriously between 6 even to 6'1 like my opinion of arnold currently, hes not the big action star so lets say 6 even, with travolta its hes almsot 6'1 but not unless he wears big boots where he looks close to 6'2, hes really 6 even or ALMOST 6'1
Height Detective said on 1/Oct/06
Travolta and Cynthia Rhodes
Click Here

Travolta / Slater
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Travolta on Primary Colors
Click Here
Travolta and Vince Vince Vaughn
Click Here
John Travolta
Matt O'Leary
Teri Polo
Click Here
dmeyer said on 19/Sep/06
i do have some coment to change for example eckhart was about 1 inch smaller than me also ealy was 1 to 1.25 smaller than me grant was 0.5 in smaller than me exibit like almost 2 inches smaller
Anthony said on 15/Sep/06
Travolta is not 6'2. I really don't think he's more than 184 cm. Rob's listing is pretty much accurate IMO. He himself even stated it.

He still does get listed as 6'2 in some instances. A magazine described his current frame as 6'2 and 246 pounds.
Rocky said on 11/Sep/06
At least 6'2''...look at this photo next to 6'5'' Vince Vaughn. The ground they're standing on should be level because in the movie, he was a speedboat salesman and they're both standing on a flat deck/dock made of wood so very very little change of ground causing an error there.
dmeyer said on 1/Sep/06
he didnt look taller than cage in face maybe a hair smaller so if travolta is 6'0.25 so is nic cage a friend of mine met both hanks and cage and cage was taller i have seen hanks and travolta seemed taller but we werent on the exact same flore but is defenetly 6 feet or a hair taller pushing 6 0.5 but he did look 2 inches smaller than barry shabaka heinley who is 6 1.5 so hanks might be 6 flat but in person with good posture did look 183 184 range one of the p.a was about 1 inch taller than me so 184 185 and travolta was a hair taller than the p.a so he was about 6 feet 1 but the flor wasnt great to judge height but he is clearly 183 to 185 range maybe he was wearing a lithel lifts since uma was wearing 4 inches heels in that scene
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/06
in the pic travolta is almost 2 in smaller than arnie in a recent pic so how can you list travolta at 184 and arnie at 183
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/06
I'd say 6'0.5", he looks almost about 6-1. He looks shorter these days cuz he's not as slim as in his "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever", compared to him in "Pulp Fiction" and movies in his old days.
Brad said on 12/Aug/06
About 6' 1". I think a meeting of Jennifer Lopez & J.T. ended her casting as Sue Ellen Ewing real quick. Way too short for J.T..
Glenn said on 29/Jul/06
That would be nice,but impossible.Sly would be the shortest,or maybe not by much if he doesnt take off his shoes.Willis would probably look a hair shorter than Travolta and Arnie.Travolta and Arnie and Travolta would probably look the same,going by what everyone else sees lately,and if they are in shoes.
mike said on 29/Jul/06
Ps glenn, if your ever at an event where travolta, arnie, sly, and willis are together, to clear up this controversy of their heights, you should ask them to take a barefoot pic with you and see what they say (watch out for sly's reaction we all know your 5'8, then we can compare the others to you, we'll know currently whose taller travolta or arnie, and where willis stands between the other 3
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
Thank you Rob.yes Sly can be 5-7. 99% chance he isnt.sorry for the outburst.
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
Actually 3 inches!.SLY AND COLIN.
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
I like that.merely offering his estimations.then he was way off alot.nice way of putting it. Mike- I have bad luck with Travolta.I only see him in time at a hotel,which is where I get 90% of the names,and he is so nice that he signs so much,that people going home to work,would stop and accumalate such a crowd that I could get near him for photo with.a crowd of 100! saw this kind of thing happen a few times.Travolta withou a doubt was at least 6-1 in his youth.
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
I reread your comment Rob and it amazes about 2 INCHES Rob,never mind an were right on one thing,he didnt shave an inch off of everone(only me to 5-7 remember?),it was 2 INCHES.please dont kiss the guys ass,as much as I respected him,he gave me a hard time and would bud in to my postings.

Editor Rob
I'm addressing the commenter's point that 'everybody' was shaved by frank apart from travolta...sure, say 'vast majority' or 98%, but I'm just throwing a few other names to add to travolta.

and he was merely giving his own estimations, albeit in a manner that came across to many as being undisputably correct, something, which clearly he wasn't, since estimation is a guessing game and that's why they are 'mere estimations'. Nobody has a divine right to assume they are 100% correct all of the time, which is something you haven't done - you are open to the possibility of someone being shorter/taller than you thought.

I disagreed with many of his estimations, if I agreed you'd be seeing sly, farrell at 5ft 8 and many more.
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
Come on Rob.5-7 for Sly,5-8 for Colin Farrel,5-8 for Don Johnson,5-9 for other 5-11 guys I cant think of(Matthew Mcaune?) or spell,the guy was off a lot,and a small handful would ridicule him for it.(Elvis ?)your giving the guy too much credit and he was downright wiseass when corrected.could never be question his stories were authentic,and I LOVED reading them.even Patrick Stewart he and I might be wrong on cause I did see him at 5-8 and 5-10.maybe the 5-8 was a slouch.with rare exceptions,only a few, contributed pics.these other hot shots have contributed nothing but photo proof,and will never match my accuracy or range of pics.Im wrong on occasion and admit it.ala THE ROCK.I could only tell you what I saw.illusion or not.Frank was so stubborn,he left from frustration,not admiting I know you appreciate me Rob,but please admit Franks faults too.I know temper,and very rare height slipup.anything else feel free to mention.
mike said on 26/Jul/06
hey glenn i think travolta's 6 even to 6'1, you gotta get a pic with the man "chili palmer",.. did frank really leave the site for good, and was arnold the only person frank didnt shave off an inch or so that he met/guessed height???

Editor Rob
frank wasn't shaving an inch off everybody, he was merely offering his own estimations. Remember he'd said:

McQueen looked 5ft 10, arnie had him by good 2 inches, Leno who he met regularly was 5ft 11, even clooney, duchovny nearer 6ft 1 than 6ft...banderas 5ft name a few

of course estimations are never always going to be accurate to the cm
Glenn said on 24/Jul/06
Though some of your statements are jokeful lately such as Page at 5-9,I agree with you on this one.Travolta always looked 6-1 or taller to me.Frank had a habit of shaving 2 inches off of everyone and could never be wrong.
Mike said on 27/Jun/06
I believe frank is right on almost all of his height estimates,just for the fact that he's been lucky enough to meet these celebs, but sometimes even if u meet someone let's say 3-5 times all in sneakers or boots you get a 1 inch radius. Exp with travolta, he should be 5'11 minimum 6'1 maximum. Glenn and Frank agree on most heights themsleves, not all though, but their both at a good height to judge other people's (5'8 and 5'11), although i would guess frank would be better at guessing people like john travolta brad pitt george clooney denzel washington, and bruce willis b/c their all close in height while glenn would be better at estimating the stallone's, charlie sheen's, michael douglas, matt damon's, robert deniro's, billy crystals.
Frank2 said on 22/Jun/06
Well now, Gramps, what are your opinions based on? Whatever the majority think?

Ayreon, I did watch Pulp Fiction and when the two are dancing they're almost the same height. And Uma is barefoot while Travolta is just wearing his black socks. I've seen Uma and she's my height. She usually wears flats.
Gramps said on 22/Jun/06
Well Frank2, now that we've all seen it etched on your stone tablets from up on the mountain, we can rest easy that you have all the REAL heights.
Frank2 said on 20/Jun/06
For the last time, Bruce Willis is 5'11". Travolta is 6' even. Samuel L. Jackson is 6'2". Why is this so hard to comprehend?
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/06
Click Here

Very recent pic of him next to Arnold. Either Arnold really is 6'2" (or 6'1") making Travolta 5'11" to 6'0" max.
Glenn said on 10/Jun/06
Correct Alex.
Frank2. said on 10/Jun/06
TJ is correct. Travolta's about 6'. I never, ever read where he was 6'2". Of course, the taller he is, the taller Sly is. There just might be a height conspiracy among actors. Where's Oliver Stone?!!
Alex said on 9/Jun/06
I agree with this listing but I do remember hearing he was 6'2. He's at least 6'0 and could be closer to 6'0.5 maybe. He seems the exact same height as me.
TJ said on 7/Jun/06
Travolta is not 6'1, but he is 6ft. He calls himself 'a little over 6ft', which seems to be accurate when comparing him against others. I'd say 6ft or a tiny bit above. This of course proves that Sly is not 5'10, as there is the pic of them together where Sly is wearing boots, and even then Travolta is more than two inches taller.
Frank2 said on 6/Jun/06
I agree. When he did Broken Arrow at Fox and I saw him, his shoes were on the big side making him look at least 6'1". Then seeing him compared with other tall actors I can now say he's closer to being 6'. Uma Thurman is my height. I've stood right next to her when she was wearing flat shoes. When Travolta took off his shoes and danced with her in Pulp Fiction they were almost the same height. Both were barefoot in that scene. Samuel L. Jackson is about 6'2". In Pulp Fiction he was at least two inches taller. Check the scene where he and Travolta are walking together, both wearing flip-flops.
Viper652 said on 6/Jun/06
Travolta isnt 6-1. Hes a solid 6-0 though.
dmeyer said on 4/Jun/06
jackson is 2" taller but he was 6'3" at the time so 6'1" for travolta
dmeyer said on 23/May/06
it is true that he looked near 6'1" when i met him he looked taller than 6'0.25"
Viper652 said on 22/May/06
Gavin makes Travolta look 5-10 tops there. And thats being nice.
MD said on 22/May/06
Gavin Newsom is listed routinely as 6'3", but I think he looks a little taller, actually, maybe an inch.
J. said on 21/May/06
Gavin Newsom usually gets listed and described as 6'3" ...don't know what that means for Travoltas height. Notice Travolta's nervous smile in that photo. ;-)
frank p said on 19/May/06
TJ, yeah I see your point. But I guess I still feel especially due to egos in that field, they would've altered the script to say like, "an over 6 foot Angel." Now IF he wasn't an established star THEN yes I agree with you. But he is so...
TJ said on 18/May/06
Frank P, I understand your point about not understating an actor's height in a film, but does it really apply here? If Travolta is as little as 0.25 inches over 6ft, I don't imagine they would feel the need to mention one quarter of an inch.
sam said on 18/May/06
Check out "Urban Cowboy" he is the same height as Scott Glenn, 5' 11" Maybe another 1/2" with big shoes.
frank p said on 1/May/06
I just watched the movie "Micheal." In the script, William Hurt says a line "a 6"0 angel in Iowa," while referring to Micheal. Now, without referencing to Hurts height on this site, Hurt was about an inch over John. And as I've said in the past, no star unless he was portraying a person for historical accuracy, would have the character listed as SHORTER than he actaully is. Meaning, if John was over 6"0 they would've modified the line to fit his height, not understate it. You know what I mean?
Frank2 said on 28/Apr/06
Here's Travolta with Jackson: Click Here

And here: Click Here
Frank2 said on 28/Apr/06
No, Jackson is two inches taller.
Demon smoke said on 27/Apr/06
This guy has to be the only Celeb in history to put down his height. In Pulp Fiction he and Samuel L Jackson are like the same height and Jackson is like 6'2
Viper652 said on 21/Apr/06
Rob's listing for Travolta is perfect.
George said on 12/Apr/06
I saw Travolta in Walt Disney World's Italian Pavillion (Alfredo`s Restaurant) and I think he understimates himself if he said he is 184 cm. I think he's 186 as I looked at him and he wasn`t wearing big shoes.
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
I saw Travolta several times when he was at Fox filming Broken Arrow. He looked to be well-over six feet in the shoes he was wearing. And Stallone is short.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
I bumped into Travolta at 24 hours fitness in santa monica on ocean park. He came in with a trainer. I couldn't really tell if it was him at first because he had a bald spot and he looked way older. But after working out next to him and hearing him talk it was definitely him. People started asking if he's John travolta and he said yes, and couple people went up to tell him how much they enjoyed his film. He really surprised be because he was a pretty big guy. I would say 6'2 with normal trainer shoes on. He definitely has alot less hair in real life though. He left not long afterwards because too many people were coming up to talk to him...
benjamin jones said on 5/Mar/06
I met both john travolta and stallone. john is at least 6'1'' or taller hes taller than uma thurman when shes not in heels and she is six foot without shoes. im 5'11 1/2'' and travolta was a lil over me. stallone when i met him i asked him how tall he was and he said without lifts 5'8'' with them, around 5'10'. you all are out of your minds!!!
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/06
i am glad you agree 6'0.5" is possible
dmeyer said on 22/Jan/06
after watching getty images travolta looks 6'0.5"=184 cm maybe 6'0.75" on a good day but defenetly 6'1" or 6'1.25" at his peak wath do you think rob

Editor Rob
I have him 'weak' 184, but a proper 6ft 0.5 isn't out of the question...a 'little' over 6, that can be a 1/2 inch he means...
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/06
I met him in seattle and he was one star ive met that seemed a lot shorter in person, was up here looking at planes, I would say max 5'11.
dmeyer said on 15/Dec/05
yeah rob the comment about travolta being 184 185 cm is mine i workrked on be cool and he looked aleast 6 ft 0.5 in if not 6 ft 0.75 in at 50 yeaes old he could easily have been 186 187 cm 20 years ago i think when he says a lithel over 6' he means aleast 0.5"
TJ said on 23/Nov/05
ROUTH, if he's 6'3, why has he said in interviews that he's just a shade over 6ft and why is he only a tiny amount taller than Uma Thurman when both are barefoot?
ROUTH said on 22/Nov/05
i like him i met alot of celebritys he one if my favourite Actors he is 6"3
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/05
i met travolta he looks over six feet he looks 6ft0.5" or 6ft0.75"=184 185 cm when john says a lithel over 6' he means aleast 184 cm
kenneth soh,sg said on 18/Nov/05
he's 6ft tall(1.83m)believe me.. i once saw john travolta from a talk show and bare foot mearsure his height two years ago...
mercifullming said on 15/Nov/05
Sean T's pic showing S.L.Jackson towering over Travolta has warped perspective.Look at the corners of the elevator behind them.It is way from horizontal.
Brett said on 2/Nov/05
6'0.25" is like 183.5cm, and I reckon Travolta is really no more then this.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/05
John Travolta is about 6'1". My friend met him while he was shooting "Look who's Talking", and said my friend is 5'10", and said Travolta had a good 3 inches on him.
TJ said on 16/Sep/05
Travolta is a little taller than Uma in Pulp Fiction, but there's not much in it. No way he is 5'9. There are too many instances where he towers over others for that to be the case. There's also the Stallone/Travolta pic where Stallone has probably a 1.5 inch shoe advantage and is still probably 2.5 or so inches shorter than Travolta. If Travolta is 5'9, that would put Stallone at 5'5, which is ludicrous. A little over 6ft sounds right, putting Stallone at around 5'8.
Itziar said on 14/Sep/05
this height seems pretty accurate to me, but that would put Uma Thurman up to 6 feet, in Pulp Fiction she dances barefoot with Travolta and they are almost eye to eye
talker said on 10/Jul/05
I've seen Travolta in the mid80's,he was standing about 10yards away from me,not close enough to really measure,but he looked about 6'.
McFan said on 9/Jul/05
I would give John Travolta, at the most, 6'0.5. He just looks as he always did -- 6 foot.
Hani said on 6/Jun/05
in these pics he looks 182 about an inch taller than jay leno, he is for sure not 6'2 like he is listed.
click here

Robson said on 29/May/05
Look at this picture when he stands beside Adrian Lester who is 6'1
Big Dave said on 5/Apr/05
I think that John Travolta is 6ft tall,183cm. I think that he has lost about an inch in height over the past few years. In Pulp Fiction he did look a maximum of two inches shorter than Jackson. He also looked 4.5- 5 inches taller than Christian Slater in Broken Arrow. He started looking shorter after making that movie
sean t said on 17/Mar/05
I think he is 6' exactly.. maybe slightly over.. He is dwarfed by sam jackson in this shot (sam is looking up but they are both standing straight)
And in this picture he is BARELY taller then 5'10" Tom Jane...
Silent Knight said on 6/Mar/05
I once saw an interview with him where he said he was 6' 2. I think its rounded up from 6' 1 though.
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/05
look at pics of him next to UMA THURMAN at the Be Cool Premiere..she has atleast 2 inch heals and he still is about an inch taller

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