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Peak: 6ft 0.34in (183.7cm)
Current: 5ft 11.35in (181.2cm)
DDFAN said on 4/Apr/09
he could be just a tad less than that, jane seems to be leaning in ever so slightly
DejaVu said on 4/Apr/09
Travolta looks more like a strong 181-182cm next to 5'10 Thomas Jane. Click Here
Hugh 190cm said on 2/Apr/09
I watched Pulp Fiction Yesterday and this is what I would've guessed.

John Travolta 6ft1.75
Samuel L. Jackson 6ft2.5
Bruce Willis 6ft0.5
Uma Thurman 5ft11.5
Ving Rhames 5ft11.25
glenn said on 26/Mar/09
yes,risingforce.they did.
RisingForce said on 26/Mar/09
John could have been 6'0.5", pushing 6'1" like Nicolas Cage. Didn't they look the same height?
Dani said on 25/Mar/09
Hugh says on 6/Feb/09
I am suspicious about Travolta being 6ft2."

Hugh have heard the word "shoe lifts"? That's the explanation why Travolta goes from 6"0 to 6"2 sometimes. Don't be naive, he's clearly 6"0(183cm). He looks tallish in movies like saturday night fever coz he's surrounded by short people and he wears his 70's high heels.
Dani said on 25/Mar/09
6'2'' sounds right. In his "Welcome Back, Kotter" days, he was about an inch shorter than co-star Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Freddie "Boom-Boom" Washington), who is 6'3''. In Domestic Disturbance, he was no more than 3 inches shorter than 6'5'' Vince Vaughn. Great movie!"

You're stretching travolta's height. Travolta himself has said he's 6 feet tall and a little bit. 6"2 is too much. He's tall but not that tall.
glenn said on 25/Mar/09
i agree with anon.he seemed taller in those days.i never understood 6ft flat.
Anon said on 24/Mar/09
6'2'' sounds right. In his "Welcome Back, Kotter" days, he was about an inch shorter than co-star Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (Freddie "Boom-Boom" Washington), who is 6'3''. In Domestic Disturbance, he was no more than 3 inches shorter than 6'5'' Vince Vaughn. Great movie!
ivan said on 24/Mar/09
Ok, Travolta is 183cm, a legit 6"0. He hasn't lost any centimeters since his teen days. Rob has him perfect. He's a tall guy and looks tall all the time.
RisingForce said on 24/Mar/09
Travolta is a legit 6 footer and he has been since the 70's.
ACG said on 20/Mar/09
oh we're getting stallone-type estimates for Travolta!!
H Warner said on 17/Mar/09
about 30 years ago I was leaving a phone booth and John Travolta was waiting to enter. We were eye to eye. I was 5 foot 7/8 inches. He is much shorter than he claims. Typical celebrity. I was very surprised to see how short he really is. This took place just outside "Just Desserts" in San Francisco.
H Wagner said on 17/Mar/09
about 30 years ago I was leaving a phone booth and John Travolta was waiting to enter. We were eye to eye. I was 5 foot 7/8 inches. He is much shorter than he claims. Typical celebrity. I was very surprised to see how short he really is. This took place just outside "Just Desserts" in San Francisco.
ACG said on 14/Mar/09
I think he still stands a strong 6' at the very least. Never 5'10.
\\\\_-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-_/ said on 12/Mar/09
Phil said on 11/Mar/09
6 ft. Allison Janney was clearly taller than him in Primary Colors. I'd say 5' 10". Then again the weight he put on for that movie may have pulled him down an inch or so.
Tommy said on 8/Mar/09
"then why do 5'8 guys come up to his eyes?

people can lose 4 inches in height.
he is more likly 5'11 now. you can lose height in your 40's."

Dude, what are you smokin'? it's impossible that a human being can lose 4 inches of height unless he has a serious illness. People lose normally between 2-3 centimeters starting in his late 50's. If you exercise properly, you can delay the time when you start losing height.
Glenn says he's seen Travolta go from 5"11-6"2: the explanation is simple: he wears lifts to make him look taller. Travolta is 6'0(183cm)which is his height since his teen years. I don't think he's lost height yet.
TELLEM said on 4/Mar/09
he a bit shorter than 6'0.5-6'1 james gandolfini in get far as with delroy lindo...they never showed both men exactly next to each other at the same time.
dani said on 28/Feb/09
I can't believe that the editor has Travolta at 1.83cm. He's a weak 5'11(1.80cm)at best. Glenn is 5'8 and Travolta looks only a couple inches taller than Glenn. You guys should think about downgrade Travolta. I'ts clear he wears lifts from the way he walks. People who are saying he's 6'1 or 6'2. You guys are way off.
\ -_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 24/Feb/09
Yeah. He also looked no more than 1.5-2 inches shorter than Delroy Lindo (6ft4).
\\-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 20/Feb/09
Looked close to 6ft2 in Get Shorty and Pulp Fiction.
Willem-NL said on 16/Feb/09
I read once in the german "Bravo" a Music Newspaper for teenager in the end of the 1970th that he was only 178 cm at this time !
Hugh said on 6/Feb/09
I am suspicious about Travolta being 6ft2.
tim said on 31/Jan/09
What is with this. the guy has to be 6'1. he's about 2 inches shorter than jackson so saying he is below 6'0 is absurd. and is it just me, or did he seem way taller than nic cage in face off. i remember cuz he was about the same hight as the african american who played tito, if not taller, and then when they switch faces and nic cage is playing the character he is at least an inch shorter. why must everyone downgrade celebrity's can't they be their real height.
Hugh said on 23/Jan/09
How tall did he look in 1990, Glenn?
italian boy said on 20/Jan/09
he is 5.11 no more i think
Hugh said on 19/Jan/09
Glenn when did you first meet Travolta?
glenn said on 15/Jan/09
i dont think i have either.
glenn said on 13/Jan/09
travolta might be the nicest actor to serious.people should learn from scientology perhaps.all joking aside,i dont believe in any of that.
TELLEM said on 13/Jan/09
and he looked a flat 6'0 next to the dea agents at the airport bust
Hugh said on 13/Jan/09
In Get Shorty he looked every bit of 6ft2 next to Delroy Lindo and Gene Hackman.
Hugh said on 13/Jan/09
Now, James don't be too hard on your dad. I sometimes question his scientology. He sometimes goes over the top with it. But I am sure it has played a major part in pulling through during such a difficult time. Anyway John is certainly not 182cm lol.
glenn said on 13/Jan/09
uma is 5-11.5
TELLEM said on 12/Jan/09
thank you derek d. he looked around 6'0 next to james gandolfini in get shorty...i'll buy a strong 6'0 for his peak
Lenad said on 12/Jan/09
Probably a strong 183cm or a weak 184cm in his youth and a strong 182cm or a weak 183 today.
derek d said on 12/Jan/09
The barefoot dancing scene with Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction should end this discussion. She is what, 5'11? He look at the very least 1 inch taller but could even be 1.5 inches taller in some parts during the dancing scene. 6'0.25 - 6'0.5 sounds good for peak.
Rex said on 12/Jan/09
He looks just like my father and has the same attributes that make one look taller than normal...its all in the jaw and fathers 5'11.5 but so many people always think hes 6'1 or 6'2..its all from his wide jaw and shoulders projecting a larger image...also something that can add to the illusion of height is longer than proportionally ideal my family for some reason our wing span totally exceeds our 5'8.5 but my wing span is 5'11...people think im 5'10...I think John has all these characteristics
Lenad said on 10/Jan/09
Maybe 182cm today?
Hugh said on 10/Jan/09
Possibly. He genuinely looked 6ft2 in Pulp Fiction and Be Cool.
Hugh said on 9/Jan/09
The top of travolta's head comes to Cromwell's eyeline. 4 inches.
glenn said on 9/Jan/09
great find cb.
cb said on 8/Jan/09
not taller than 5'11. today! Not only on the pic with glenn, but also here.
Click Here
Even if Cromwell is still a full 6ft6, Travolta doesn't make more than 180cm.
ACG said on 7/Jan/09
keep in mind that glenn's posture isn't the greatest in this pic either....
glenn said on 6/Jan/09
in person he strangely looked 5-11 that night.
Hugh said on 6/Jan/09
He looks 6ft max next to Glenn but I think he could look taller if he sorted out his poor posture.
glenn said on 6/Jan/09
thanks rob!
Hugh said on 5/Jan/09
Travolta is a strong man. he will pull through. I know he will.
Hugh said on 5/Jan/09
I only just found out today. Poor guy, I hope he and his family get through this very dificult time. God bless him.
Midget said on 4/Jan/09
I agree Glenn. He has always looked 6'1" to me even recently but with his extra weight he has put on it seems to mask his height a bit. At least 6' now though nothing less.Total tragedy about his sons death. Tragic loss for his whole family.
TELLEM said on 4/Jan/09
6'0.5 peak for travolta no more, no less
Mike said on 3/Jan/09
I feel sorry for him about his son's death
glenn said on 1/Jan/09
no way was travolta ever 6ft flat in his prime.i agree,maybe 6-1 in the morning for him in his prime.
Hugh said on 31/Dec/08
Wow so his height is all over the place then. I'd say he's at least 6ft0.5.
glenn said on 31/Dec/08
saw him look 6-2 during the pulp fiction premiere next to uma.and during the filming of pelham,1,2,3 in sept 2007.and 5-11 6 months before that.
Hugh said on 30/Dec/08
Well glenn saw him at 6ft2 frequently enough.
Hugh said on 30/Dec/08
I saw him look anywhere from 6ft-6ft3.
Lenad said on 28/Dec/08
Never looks 6'2. 6'1 possible but I'd put more money on 6'0.
TELLEM said on 23/Dec/08
yea ur right hugh...theycould have been the same height, but then again gandolfini is listed here at travolta coulda been a strong 6'0 peak, maybe still today
Hugh said on 22/Dec/08
He's referring to Princess Diana when he said 'and I think she was, too' I saw a picture of that somewhre. Travolta was about 2 inches taller than her.
Hugh said on 21/Dec/08
TELLEM, Travolta was leaning against the car and Gandolfini was standing straight.
amber said on 21/Dec/08
i know how tall he is cause when i was in florida i met him at disney world and his daghter and his wife and son i asked how tall are you and he said six foot two or six one somewhere around there.
Hugh said on 11/Dec/08
Maybe in the 70's perhaps?
TELLEM said on 11/Dec/08
gandolfini is 6'1 by the way
TELLEM said on 11/Dec/08
travolta was .5-1 inch shorter than james gandolfini in "get shorty" the scene where there both standing by their cars at the airport parking lot after the dea guys busted travolta at the airport
stephen said on 10/Dec/08
john's height is really weird. in FACE/OFF he appears shoter than Nic Cage, who i think its fair to say is 6'0. i dunno whether its cos he has a belly and is quite overweight in that film. and then in pulp fiction he appears tall, taller than uma thurman and not much shorter than 6'3 samuel l. jackson.
Hugh said on 9/Dec/08
I'm not sure about this guy. I want to say 6ft2. And I mean 188cm! But I know I'm going to be laughed at if I say that he is that tall. I could've sworn he claimed 6ft2 as his height. My memory is buzzing.
Jay said on 5/Dec/08
John is definitely a 6-footer, and was definitely 6'1" in his peak. I've seen most of his movies, including several viewings of Sat Night Fever. I don't think he ever reached 6'2", but he came close in his younger days (in his peak).
- J
MisterD said on 23/Nov/08
I have one of those teeny bopper collector books on him from the 70s from around the time he did Grease. It stated him as being 6'0", so he is probably at least that height or a tad shorter now.
brandon said on 23/Nov/08
i met john travolta one time and i'm 6 foot 2.5 and i towered over him...he is 5 11 at best, guaranteed
dmeyer said on 23/Nov/08
i think john was about 184 cm peak looking 6 ft 1 with a lidl heels now he looks 5 ft 11.5 tops lately he can looks 6 ft with cowboy height lately
Hugh said on 23/Nov/08
In Grease and Pulp Fiction he looked every bit of 6ft2.
Hugh said on 22/Nov/08
I'm not sure. He really did give the impression of 6ft2 in Be Cool.
Daii said on 21/Nov/08
In Face Off, him and 6'0 Nicholas Cage were basically the same height, so he is probably 6'0
Josh said on 21/Nov/08
5'11.5 now a days.
Hugh said on 21/Nov/08
Aleks, were Jackman and Travolta say close in height.
Aleks said on 14/Nov/08
I used to work at a hotel in New York where they held a press junket for swordfish, I'm 6'5 and Travolta and Jackman were both much taller than i expected, both easily being over 6 feet tall.
Mike said on 31/Oct/08
Hugh I hear ya Ive seen pics with Travolta and Whitaker and Whitakers taller but not by alot but Travolta's pic with Glenn isnt the greatest considering Travolta is leaning but Travolta barely looked 3 inches taller/or 5'11 then/with Glenn (but congrats to Glenn on getting this legend over a yr ago for his collection)
anonymous said on 23/Oct/08
He's 6 foot. In sword fish he was a few inches shorter than hugh jackman. He was slightly taller than uma thurman in be cool. In pulp fiction samuel l jackson was at least 7 cm taller than him.
Hugh said on 20/Oct/08
when they enter the bar they're is 2 inches between them.
Hugh said on 18/Oct/08
Travolta's broad frame might've made him look taller. But he genuinely looked 2 inches taller than Uma Thurman.
Hugh said on 17/Oct/08
Travolta looked 6ft2 there. Without a question. Now I'm not saying he is 6ft2. Remember his broad frame can make him look taller. The part where Uma and John go into the bar he easily looks 2 inches taller and Uma is in heels. Travolta also towered over Eric Stoltz whose 5ft10.75 accding to this site. He also had about 2 inches on Ving Rhames. As for Big Sam. It was the afro that made the height difference between them noticeable. They looked eye level.
Hugh said on 16/Oct/08
Abosolutely not! 1 inch Max. In some scenes they even looked the same height. John was 2 inches taller than Uma Thurman.
Hugh said on 15/Oct/08
There was about an inch between John and Big Sam.
Hugh said on 14/Oct/08
Between Who James?
Hugh said on 12/Oct/08
I think Travolta just gives the impression he's shorter because he's quite burly. He was in much better shape back 20 years ago. In the 70's he was bone thin, in the 80's he was quite buff and in the 90's and now he's fat. In Pulp Fiction he was clearly 2 inches taller than Uma Thurman. At the Academy awards he looked 1 inch max shorter than the Rock and pretty much the same height as Forest Whitaker, maybe half a centimetre shorter. I wish I could show you the proof but I still do not know how to download pictures on to this site. I'd be grateful if someone told me.
Hugh said on 11/Oct/08
And there is a strong chance that Jackson was 6ft3 back then.
beatlefan said on 11/Oct/08
Not quite eye level but only about an inch shorter than Sam in Pulp Fiction to my eyes and I've seen it loads of times!
Hugh said on 10/Oct/08
They were eye level.
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/08
how come every movies hes in he looks smaller then six feet
Hugh said on 7/Oct/08
In Pulp Fiction he looked close to Big Sam actually.
Mister Lennon said on 3/Oct/08
This guy was never 6'2. That was one of the most absurd legends that i have never heard. He looked a solid 6 at much. Only see movies when he was at his peak,like grease or saturday night fever. He never looked 6'2. He has always been in the 6 range.
Hugh said on 3/Oct/08
For years I thought this guy was 6ft2. Then I heard about the whole Hollywood height thing. If I became famous they'd probably describe me as 6ft4 lol.
ronyo98 said on 27/Sep/08

don't you see that camera favoures Marcus big time. Without taking this in consideration there would be 3-4" , but in reallity there's no more than 2" difference.
Manitobaboy said on 26/Sep/08
Conaway's nuts. He's gone down the tubes in many ways. He was brilliant in Taxi and did some good stuff on broadway but in the 90s and early 2000s, he got inot some weird stuff - I've seen interviews with him where he's barely coherent.

That said, Conaway was a solid 6'1" and Travolta just a hair over 6'.
lillo thomas said on 17/Sep/08
Marcus is closer to the camera but I don't see a difference greater than 3 inches between the two . Travolta reach his eyebrow level .
Viper said on 17/Sep/08
Yeah, but Marcus still has about 4 inches on him there.
Hugh said on 16/Sep/08
In reality there's probably 1-2inches MAX between them.
Viper said on 15/Sep/08
6-2 Marcus Allen just towers over Travolta here. Click Here

I see 4-5 inches there.
Hugh said on 14/Sep/08
C'mon Travolta's a tall guy. He's over 6ft.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/08
this, along with the adrien brody listing is by far the most off estimation on this website. these are people i've met, and i don't have any reason to photograph.

i'm 6'0'' and change, in the late evening, and travolta is shorter than that by an inch.
Hugh said on 31/Aug/08
Okay, Travolta is almost 6ft2. He's barely shorter than Forest Whitaker. 6ft1.75.
stefan said on 13/Aug/08
if john travolta is 6 foot then why in pulp fiction is he so much shorter than samuel l jackson in the begining when the go into the apartment and start shootin guys
OutBenchThis said on 4/Aug/08
Hey Rob, here's a pretty funny quote from Noel Gallagher paraphrasing the words of Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) : "My back's f*#ked. F*#king John Travolta in 'Grease'
Shawn said on 30/Jul/08
He looked an inch shorter than cage in Face off, is he really 6 feet tall?
mikec said on 23/Jul/08
i remember reading somewhere that someone thought this guy was 6'3". which makes sense because in saturday night fever he wore really huge heels.
Alex said on 16/Jul/08
No more than 6'0.5 peak and today 6'0 or just under.
BK_Daniel said on 23/Jun/08
He managed to lose a lot of height over the years. These days he looks 6 feet standing shorter than Ray Liotta and Hugh Jackman but in Grease he was 6'2"ish. My gues is he's 183 cms at lowest(in the evening)nowadays and was 186 cms in his peak.
Hugh said on 1/May/08
I actually meant Tim Allen whose around 5ft10/5ft11. He looked the same height as 6ft1/6ft2 John C. McGinley. In some scenes he was shorter and taller then Liotta.
dmeyer said on 28/Apr/08
at the premiere he look the same as liotta with low heels sneakers and travolta had cowboy heels
Hugh said on 26/Apr/08
Looks 188ish in Wild Hogs beside Ray Liotta.
Bob H. said on 25/Apr/08
Just this moment (4/25/2008) saw Travolta with Michael Eisner on Fox News. Eisner was at least 3 to 4 inches taller than Travolta. I have to believe that Travolta is NOT as tall as he claims. Have never noticed Eisner towering over stars in recent TV appearances. And he has been on TV a lot over the last couple of years.
Bill said on 25/Apr/08
Travolta is probly 6'0 tall now. I think he used to be almost 6'1 b/c he did look shorter than Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction, but not by more than an inch to an inch & 1/4, let's just call him 6'0 tall b/c he's sure close
glenn said on 24/Apr/08
i think cage and travolta are both 6ft.5.but travolta can look 5-11 or 6-2.cage looks 6ft to 6-1.travolta varies more.age,weight,lifts.
Hugh said on 24/Apr/08
I actually thought Cage looked noticeably taller than Travolta in Face Off. That's probably because Cage is skinnier and slouches a lot more. But if he is actually 6ft2 i would not be suprised.
glenn said on 24/Apr/08
hugh is the man on the site besides me.
Hugh said on 23/Apr/08
I meant ' it's not lifts'. Sorry for any confusion.
Hugh said on 22/Apr/08
I've seen 6ft-6ft3. He's definately over 6ft. Can look 6ft2 and it's lifts. Watch domestic disturbance. There's about 4 inches between him and Vaughn.
dmeyer said on 11/Apr/08
thanks glenn i witnesed travolta at about 6 ft 1 in he had 1 in shoes maybe lifts inside ,then closer to 6 ft the next time and he can look 5 ft 11 in some late movies i agree that with massive lifts he can look near 6 ft 2
glenn said on 11/Apr/08
no dmeyer makes the most sense cause we have seen him.and his height fluctuates.lifts amost for sure.
Viper said on 10/Apr/08
Matthew makes the most sense.
dmeyer said on 10/Apr/08
he can look 5 ft 11 to 6 ft 2
dmeyer said on 10/Apr/08
he can look 5 ft 11.25 alot lately as well as 6 ft and sometimes 6 ft 1 defenetly a lifts wearer in be col he looks taller than uma in 3 in heels so 6 ft 2 then he looks barely as tall as her in sandals 183 peak 181 now
glenn said on 10/Apr/08
not a complete joke at all.while he may not be over 6ft.5 in his prime,he sure can look taller as i and others witnessed in the flesh.6-1 and 6-2.and as small as 5-11 in a months time.
Mattiew_- said on 9/Apr/08
Anything over 6'1 (peak ) is a complete joke .

He was never 6'2 , His peak was 184 cm if you ask me , not a chance in hell he was taller .

Look at how Samuel Jackson is at least 2" taller in Pulp Fiction .
Plus being 6'2+ would mean he lost 2.5 inches now ( while he isn't that old ) .
Is he another Hulk Hogan ? Seriously John can thanks the cowboy boots .
Mike said on 5/Apr/08
Hugh you've met Travolta?? He can look up to 6' way u serious?? Anyways John at his peak prolly close to 6'1..current height 5'11.5 to 6'0.5..he still looks tall in pics however with Glenn (postures not the greateast) he does barely look 5'11...Id guess hes still 6 feetish with a .5 inch radius
Hugh said on 5/Apr/08
I think anything below 6ft for Travolta is ridiculous. Even 6ft itself doesn't sound right at times.
klbh said on 4/Apr/08
travolta is leaning over
Lukas_6' said on 4/Apr/08
there is a clip on Stallone's site where you can see Travolta with Fiorello - italian showman - Fiorello is said to be around 5'11 - 6'. Travolta is clearly taller, at least one inch. I guess the guy is 6' barefoot or maybe a little bit more!
glenn said on 30/Mar/08
hugh is 1000 percent correct.i too have seen travolta go from 5-11 to 6-2 in a months time.and 6-2 or more in 1994.
Hugh said on 29/Mar/08
Travolta is over 6ft at the very least.
Hugh said on 29/Mar/08
Yes in the flesh.
Clark said on 28/Mar/08
freddy"boom boom" washington is listed at 6'1" and Vinnie was never taller on the show.....I guess that was before height made a big deal,before they were 'stars'.
ACG said on 28/Mar/08
hugh: in person?
Hugh said on 28/Mar/08
I've seen Travolta anywhere from 6ft to 6ft3.
Hugh said on 28/Mar/08
USA Today describing his current appearance '6ft2, 246lbs'.
Hugh said on 28/Mar/08
Watch the scene where Uma Thurman and Travolta get out of the car. The restaurant scene. Theres clearly two inches between them. And Uma is in heels.
When I first noticed this I'd have put Travolta at 6ft2 at least. but don't want to be known for overexaggerating and if I am i'm sorry.
Hugh said on 24/Mar/08
Can you explain the 2 inches over 6ft Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Viper?
Viper said on 23/Mar/08
Good god Hugh, you think everyone is taller than their listed height on here.
Hugh said on 22/Mar/08
He could be 6ft2 unless he wore lifts. He was about 2 inches shorter than 6ft4 Delroy Lindo and the same height as legit 6ft2 Gene Hackman in Get Shorty.
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/08
6 ft peak 5 ft 11 now maybe he lost 1 in at 52 in isnt impossible
sf said on 12/Mar/08
Nothing worse than John Travolta singing "Let her in" on American Bandstand. Still recovering from the nightmares...
Little Boy said on 12/Mar/08
Geez people! I'm 5'8 & in regular shoes I'm like 5'9 1/2...Travolta is probably 6'0 1/2 in his boots! He is not 6'2! Just as Nicholas Cage is like 6'0 flat! & 6'1 in shoes! Gene Hackman has lost some height at his age but I would not put him any lower than 5'10 barefoot! He was never 6'2! I think Travolta is about 5'11 barefoot now! & Uma Thurman is not 6'0! I know she looks it but she is 5'10 barefoot
brother_h said on 12/Mar/08
then why do 5'8 guys come up to his eyes?

people can lose 4 inches in height.
he is more likly 5'11 now. you can lose height in your 40's.
Danny said on 10/Mar/08
Nope I didn't I just put my opinion based on how he presents in movies ;) Thats crap worth opinion I know. Do you see him over 6 feet nowadays ?
glenn said on 10/Mar/08
you met him danny?
Danny said on 9/Mar/08
I've never seeen him over 6 feet...

I'd say 5' 11 maybe 5'11.5 at peak
glenn said on 2/Mar/08
i totally agree with dmeyer on the dancing scene.
dmeyer said on 29/Feb/08
he had cowboy heels and the wild hogs premiere so more 5 ft 11
dmeyer said on 29/Feb/08
i think both uma and john looked their height of 6 ft 0.25 and 5'11.5 in the dancing scene
diana said on 27/Feb/08
ok ok if john travolta is really 6 feet tall
can someone do the honor of explaining to me why uma thurman looks so much shorter than him in pulp fiction if she's also 6 feet tall... (which she is)
dmeyer said on 25/Feb/08
looks about 5 ft 10.5 with glenn but in person looked 6 ft 0.5 in i was 184 cm with shoes on and he was steel a bit taller so 6 ft 1 to 6 ft 1.25 with shoes on he had only 1 in heels so 183 183.5 barefeet but i think 6 ft peak 5'11.5 now wears lifts to look taller
Leung said on 5/Feb/08
well said TJ.
metsfan said on 5/Feb/08
Your all wrong saw John at Key Biscayne ritz and took a photo with him.Im 58 and the top of my head is at his eyes
TJ said on 4/Feb/08
James, you fail to account for the fact that Jonathon Ross was also wearing shoes.
glenn said on 24/Jan/08
he got the boot for fighting with me too much.even when i cooled it down he would start insulting me or hinting im a liar.
Caesar said on 23/Jan/08
the shredder says on 14/Jan/08
HA , Frank2 is BACK !!! Glenn , bring it on LOL ! ... Its Miller time for me LOL !

[Editor Rob: it isn't him.]

What happened to him anyway?
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/08
I think his peak was 5'11", now about 5'10.5". in shoes was 6'
brother_h said on 15/Jan/08
Grrr my post never seem to be going through, why not?

i meant bare foot yes.
the shredder said on 14/Jan/08
HA , Frank2 is BACK !!! Glenn , bring it on LOL ! ... Its Miller time for me LOL !

Editor Rob
it isn't him.
dmeyer said on 13/Jan/08
glenn see willis at 6'1 and frank2 at 5'10 ,that is a 3 in differance
Anthony said on 13/Jan/08
Travolta actually looked only about 5'10 in "Hairspray". But he had a lot of padding and added weigh to him there so he couldn't really stand straight. He was shorter than Walken in almost their scenes, except for Travolta's ultra-puffy wig.
Frank2 said on 13/Jan/08
Travolta is 6. Willis is nowadays about 5`10"
glenn said on 11/Jan/08
travolta can still look 6-1 and was close to that in his prime.
Leung said on 11/Jan/08
Travolta is still a 6 footer. He just looked a lot taller in his youth because he was a lot thinner.
maucet said on 10/Jan/08
brother_h, do you mean barefoot or in shoes?
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/08
brother_h, do you mean barefoot or in shoes?
dmeyer said on 7/Jan/08
so 6'0.25 peak 5'11.5 now
dmeyer said on 7/Jan/08
in person did look easy 183cm 3 years ago
dmeyer said on 7/Jan/08
rob i agree with you john was solid 6' peak like 6'0.25 ,but are you sure he is 6'0 now he rely looks under that mark in late pics ,are you sure he is as tall as 183 cm now

Editor Rob
maybe he drops to 182cm and because of heels can still maintain in pics looking good 6ft...
bam said on 7/Jan/08
on the back of the face/off cover, travolta is a hair taller than cage. Odds are, both were identical in height. Various posture could make cage or travolta look shorter.
dmeyer said on 7/Jan/08
can look 5'11 alot it dosnt mean he is
dmeyer said on 6/Jan/08
if rob says solid 6 ft peak the 6'0.25 it is , i trust your judgement he did seem about 184 in person 3 years ago
dmeyer said on 6/Jan/08
he can look a smidge shorter than cage in a few pics in the 90s, so either cage is solid 6'1' wish he is probably not i think' maybe trvolta was never 6 more like 5'11.5 to 5'11.75 ans now 5'11 flat look 6 ft easy with cowboy boots,to me weared elevator or big heels in the movies to look bigger at premieres ,he couldnt have lost more than 0.5 in at early 50s and he look an easy in under 6 ft arnie with relax posture ,rob is it possible john was never 6' but looked 6 ft + because of footwear , i think 182 peak 180 181 now ,even considering posture he look max 3 in on glenn so 5'10.75

Editor Rob
I think Travolta peak was solid 6ft, just look at him in stuff like Grease.
brother_h said on 24/Dec/07
oh whoops, made an accident.

5'6 and under is short
5'7-5'9 is below average
5'10-6'1 is average
6'2-6'10 is tall
6'11-7ft w/e is Giant

In new zealand the average is 5'10, but they have been planning on changing it to 6'0 aswell because 50% of the north island is over 6'2(mainly 6'3 to 6'8 guys)
the girls is 5'3 and always has been. about 70% of the north island for females is 5'3-5'6.
Socom said on 7/Dec/07
In the picture(not counting the lean) he looks 5'11.5
chris said on 2/Dec/07
brother_h haha you call 5'7 and 6'1 average??Haha 5ft7 is no way average and so is 6ft1....average for a man nowadays is 5ft9-5ft10.Anything from above 5ft11 is tall.(exept in holland and germany maybe)
dmeyer said on 2/Dec/07
i agree under 6 ft for a men it isnt tall ,
Schnouzer Breath said on 2/Dec/07
i read some article, somewhere, the other day that said avg. height in u.s. is now about 5'10" (it was an article about how the "dutch" are tallest people in the world, over 6 foot on average because of there diet and healthcare system)
brother_h said on 27/Nov/07
5'6 and under is short
5'7-6'1 is average
6'2-6'10 is tall
6'11 and over is giant
this is for men.
there are alot of people who say john is 6'2 and keep saying that.
thiers a pic of him with that whitaker guy whos 6'2 aswell and whitaker was an inch taller
ted T said on 13/Nov/07
I think the majority of men would argue with 5-11 being tall.However tall starts from 5-11,5.Really,For 1/2 inch?Who's gonna notice?Only the one who was measured yesterday.
ted T said on 11/Nov/07
Rob,do you consider 5-11 tall,average or short?

Editor Rob
well, I'd call legit 6ft guys like say Michael Shanks tall, to 5ft 8 6ft is tall range. 5ft 11, it's what, 1.5 inch above average? so it's tricky. You'd find more women calling a 5ft 11 guy tall though.
dmeyer said on 31/Oct/07
i agree uma can look about 6'2.5 pearson in heels
dmeyer said on 31/Oct/07
5'11.25 now 6'0.25 peak he looks to have lost 1 in even considering the sloush he seems 5'11 tops with glenn or maybe he was never taller than 5'11.75 and wore lifts but in sandals in pulp fiction he looks over 6 ft
guest3090 said on 25/Oct/07
in pulp where uma and john are dance barefeet john seem to look a bit taller than uma
bam said on 23/Oct/07
standing next to uma thurman, who can give a 6'3 impression in heels, I'm not suprised Travolta wore lifts at the pulp fiction premiere.
glenn said on 22/Sep/07
i think he was a hair over 6ft in his shrunk a bit.uses proper footwear to look taller.
Mike said on 21/Sep/07
Hey Glenn you've seen Travolta 5'11 to 6'1 in the past couple of months what would u guess his real/natural height is ??? 6 even the height you didnt see?? or possibly closer to 6'1 or 5'11
Anonymous said on 3/Sep/07
Click Here

I just finished to watch this video with travolta and toni tennille in 1976, and I found out that toni's just a little bit smaller than travolta... She's 5-foot-11... I give 6' or 6'1...
Mike said on 2/Sep/07
Its strange that Travolta looks small next to Glenn, however both men are kinda slouching, and Travolta can look close to forest whitaker whose 6'1 to 6'3..Im guessing (dont know how tall he is but hes over 6 looks like a big guy)Id say Travolta has got to be inbetween 5'11.5 and 6 ..just a guess
Mario said on 28/Aug/07
Makes sense being tall and wearing "big" lifts. ¿?¿?
glenn said on 28/Aug/07
thats what i thought too chris.i saw him appear close to that at the pulp fiction premiere.
chris said on 28/Aug/07
Was he not 6'2" in his prime back in the 70s?
dmeyer said on 27/Aug/07
in the pic he was 5'11 and now 6'1 so big lifts
dmeyer said on 26/Aug/07
hey glenn how tall was john 3 weeks ago
glenn said on 25/Aug/07
yeah mike,he was huge 3 weeks ago.these celebs are enigmas.
Mike said on 25/Aug/07
Interesting Glenn, so Travolta could still be 6 even since u've seen him at 5'11 and 6'1, in the past couple of months maybe next time u'll se him at 6 even or 5'10 or 6'
dmeyer said on 15/Aug/07
after looking at some pics he can look a bit over 6 ft in cowboy boots so could be 5'11.5 now and was 6 ft to 6 ft 0.25 in wath botters me is that he can looks similar height with liotta wearing 0.55 puma and john has 0.75 boots and for some reason you list liotta at 5'11.5 when he could be 6 ft
dmeyer said on 15/Aug/07
even thaugh travolta is a bit over weight sometimes he isnt that fat i met him he was slimer than me like 220 to 240 looked easy 6 ft or alidl over and now looks a weak 5'11 i dont think he lost 1.75 in at 52 rob said that 0.5 to 0.75 in by 50 is over average so average is more 0.25 to 0.5 in aproching mid 50s max 0.75 in
dmeyer said on 15/Aug/07
if he stand totaly straight it will make him 3 in over glenn so 5'10.75 maybe glenn has 0.25 in shoes adavantage so max 5'11 he was 6 ft 0.5 in 3 years ago when i met him so his shoes had a very small heel so even if he had lifts he was aleast 5'11.75 in 2004 for some reason in 2007 looks to strugle with 5'10.75
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/07
i agree 6'3 jk absolute max 5'11.25 glenn saw him struggle with 5'11 last time liotta is taller than him even thaugh he is shy of 6 ft gandolfini has 2 in on him 5'11 but did look a bit over 6 ft 10 years ago
glenn said on 14/Aug/07
i agree viper.thats too low.
Viper said on 14/Aug/07
5-10 1/2 is too low for Travolta. Hes no shorter than 5-11. Could still be around 6-0.
dmeyer said on 12/Aug/07
travolta peak 6'0.25 in now 5'10.5 in now
Anonymous said on 9/Aug/07
looks absolute max 5'10.75 in wild hogs the same as alen and john has cowboy boots i doubt he is shorter than 180 181 maybe posture glenn did say last times he was struglling with 5'11 like 5'10.5 but did look 6 ft to 6 ft 0.5 in in sandals near jackson 13 years ago he might have lost 2 cm since he is overweight and small bones so he was never over 6 ft probably weared lifts to apear 6'1 to 6'2
glenn said on 7/Aug/07
ive seen travolta look between 5-11 and 6-2.
thekiddd said on 3/Aug/07
Does anyone have a youtube link for the episode number where he quotes his height?

Editor Rob
James said on 2/Aug/07
Glenn, I remeber the scenes in Pulp Fiction when he was dancing next to Uma Thurman they both looked very even in height. Travolta may have had a slight advantage but barely noticible.
JanJ said on 1/Aug/07
In pulp fiction he was like 6'1 compared to 6'2.5 jackson
dmeyer said on 31/Jul/07
i agree glenn he gave me a over 6 foot apearance when i met him 3 years ago
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
For sure dmeyer.he was 6-2 at the Pulp Fiction premiere here in 1994.
dmeyer said on 30/Jul/07
if you saw him 6'1 it means is back with lifts
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Saw Travolta again last week.and might be again alot since he is filming here.he was back to the 6-1 I used to see him at years ago.
steph said on 29/Jul/07
christopher walken is listed as 6 foot and on hairspray john travolta is wearing heals and they're about the same height..
LittleBadass said on 27/Jun/07
dmeyer said on 26/Jun/07
he did look a hair over over 6 ft 3 years ago and he had 1 in shoes that seemed low cut but he realy dosnt even look 5'11.5 with glenn
LittleBadass said on 26/Jun/07
dmeyer said on 25/Jun/07
i agree glenn barely 5'11 for him or 5'10.75 in that photo
dmeyer said on 25/Jun/07
i was 240 pounds 108 kilos with stiller nowi am 280 pounds i was 287 i wish i could go back to 240 pounds my goal is 220
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/07
Have seen him with Robert Duvall,who most say is no more than 5'7 barefoot. Travolta was barely taller than him. I would say he is 5'10 barefoot now, maybe a bit taller when he was younger (5'10.5 - 5'11)
Mike said on 9/Jun/07
D-Meyer that's you next to Ben Stiller?? if Stiller's about 5'7 you look alil over 5'11. Dude you can't be 240 unless u have very big legs or lift weights alot (well at least you dont look it) Travolta looks around 200-250 depending on the time of yr/movie he's Basic Travolta looked in great shape....In Wild Hogs and some other movies Travolta looks at least 230
Alex said on 8/Jun/07
At the movie awards this year he looked around 6'0 actually.
Gramps said on 6/Jun/07
dmeyer; there is no way you are 240 pounds at 5'11" in this photo:
Click Here
...not unless you look like Conan the Barbarian under that shirt!
dmeyer said on 5/Jun/07
so basicaly average men at 70 loose 1.2 in and women 2 in so some men loose only 0.5 in and some men 2.5 in i have a friens who looks 5'10 and claims 5'10 and he is 84 years old so eiter lost nothing or was 5'11.5 to 6 ft
dmeyer said on 5/Jun/07
183.5 to 184 cm peak 180.3 to 181 now
dmeyer said on 5/Jun/07
he is more 220 230 look at my pics at ben stiller i am 240 and i seem slimer
Gramps said on 5/Jun/07
I'm about the same height as Travolta. From his photos, he looks like he fluctuates around 190-210 pounds.
dmeyer said on 4/Jun/07
rob john looks under 6 ft now even in cowboy boots he look under 6 ft at wild hogs premiere so 5'11 to 5'11.25 he eiter lost 1 full in or 1.25 in and was 6'0.25 to 6'0.5 at peak or lost 0.5 in and was 5'11.75 he looks 180 alot lately
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
i think weight makes you shrink when you are like john goodman like 300+ travolta AINT THAT FAT
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
is 180 possible for john he looks it in many pics in 2007 but in 90s looks 184 185 cm alot taller than hanks by 1 in
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
is 180 possible for john he looks it in many pics in 2007 but in 90s looks 184 185 cm alot taller than hanks
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
i agree with glenn we can't put evrything on lifts in pics he looks no more than 5'11 lately and was 6 ft he might have lost a full inch its possible if you look at basic he looks barely 1.5 in taller than connie and he had aleast 0.25 in shoes advantage so 1 to 1.25 taller and she is 5'10 so was already only 5'11.5 in person seemed 6 ft to 6 ft0.5 in in small heels like 2 cm
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
ROB EVEN THAT IN PERSON HE LOOKS 6 FT STRONG 3 years ago now he looks mear glenn and gandolfini no more than 5'11 possibly 5'11.5
dmeyer said on 1/Jun/07
he is realy headint to the 5'11 mark today he looks shorter than gandolfini by aleast 1 in
gabriel said on 27/May/07
i dont know guys he was shorter than uma thurmen in Be Cool i dont think she wasnt wearing high heels, He looks barely 2 inches taller than glen. Hes not leaning all that much he probably wore lifts. next to thomas jane they look about the same height exactly and thomas jane is around 5 10ish He looks tall in Wild hogs compared to william h macy, Martin, and tim allan, but he looks shorter than 5;11* Ray Ilotta
Anonymous said on 24/May/07
in his youth he was without doubt inthe 185cm range, look pulp fiction he's taller than 183 uma, and 1 inch less than 188/189 samuel l.jackson. And same height of tarantino. He's not 5'11 even today imho.
Gramps said on 23/May/07
glenn says on 23/May/07
do you think health played a factor with you gramps?
Nah...nothing special, plus I've had a bad lower back since I was about 20.
17,181* said on 23/May/07
wow.He really seems 5'11 here.
glenn said on 23/May/07
do you think health played a factor with you gramps?
Gramps said on 22/May/07
[Editor Rob: you've beaten the average with just 1/4 inch, I'd be happy with that at 60, I think you once posted a pic of yourself with your daughter on here?] I think you're right, Rob. Maybe a year ago, or so.

glenn says on 22/May/07
your lucky gramps you didnt lose height.why do you think that is?
I dunno, Glenn, just genes I suppose.
Alex said on 22/May/07
At 52 he could have easily lost 1 inch.
glenn said on 22/May/07
your lucky gramps you didnt lose height.why do you think that is?
dmeyer said on 22/May/07
i agree at 60 to loose only 0.25 in is pretty good most people will loose 0.75 to 1 in
Frank said on 22/May/07
Glenn say if you met me 3 tomes and 2 of those times i was wearing lifts in my shoes and the third time you met me i did not wear lifts I wou;ld appear shorter right....My point is Maybe Travolta did not lose height ??? Travolta was heavy a couple of years ago but he was never Obese where the weight made him lose height and he not an Old MAN...I dont know if he did or didnt lose height but there is a good chance he wore lifts also
TheJerk said on 22/May/07
Yes he did. I remember the picture. Like a year and a half ago.
Gramps said on 22/May/07
Glenn: I'm six feet and living in San Diego. Saw one of our high school basketball players at the 10-year reunion (had known him since elementary school). He was a solid 6'2" at school but barely six even at the reunion. Go figure! Saw a similar dude at my 40th reunion a couple years ago - - from 6'2" to 5'11".

Editor Rob
you've beaten the average with just 1/4 inch, I'd be happy with that at 60, I think you once posted a pic of yourself with your daughter on here?
glenn said on 22/May/07
gramps-my father(5-8) was 78 when he passed.never really lost height.another 25 year old friend of mine appears 5-9 to me and others around him,and is really 5-11.hence my stallone friends weight makes him that way.he then will stretch out like dmx and proove me wrong.plenty of chameleons of height tall are you gramps? what part of the country are you from?
Robert said on 22/May/07
Nobody looses height unless he or she is old.
That is all a tall tale.
Diogeneze said on 22/May/07
seemed like he wore boots alot in the 70s, adding to the ellusion of heighth.
Gramps said on 21/May/07
Glenn: hey dawg! At 60 (later this year) and 230 pounds, I've only shrunk 0.25" from my early twenties. Depends on the person, and other factors, like injuries.

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