How tall was John Wayne

John Wayne's Height

6ft 3 ¾ (192.4 cm)

American actor best remembered for starring in films like The Searchers, True Grit, The Quiet Man, Stagecoach, Fort Apache, Rio Grande, Rio Bravo, The Man Who Shot Liberty Vance, The Alamo and The Green Berets.
Height: 6ft 3 and 3/4. Weight: 212 pounds - Wayne's 1943 O.S.S application form
He wore lifts; everyone talked about it - Capucine
I did a movie with Duke and was very surprised to find out he had small feet and wore lifts and a corset. Hollywood is seldom what it seems. - Rock Hudson

How tall was John Wayne
Photo by Ned Scott, via Wikimedia Commons
John Wayne was so tall they put me on an apple box in the studio where they shot the close-ups. - Red River co-star Colleen Gray
Wayne liked big guys; everyone was a midget to him. Smaller guys annoyed him. - Richard Widmark
Many people don't realize it, but John Wayne was once a very short young fellow. When he first went to Hollywood and wanted to play the role of a cowboy, he was so short he had to ride a collie that was disguised as a horse. - Columnist Mike Royko
John Wayne had four-inch lifts in his shoes. He had the overheads on his boat accommodated to fit him. He had a special roof put in his station wagon. . . . The son of a bitch, they probably buried him in his goddamn lifts. - Robert Mitchum
[Wayne] is the type of guy who when asked his height, answers like this: "I'm 6-foot-4, 52 years old, have five children, two grandchildren and I love good whisky."
My grandfather was so graceful, even though he was a six-foot-five, 260-pound guy, and it was because he was so strong. It allowed him to move in a certain way. Plus he had tiny feet. He was six-feet-five-inches and his feet were as big as mine, which are 10s. And so he walked with his toes, like a dance.
-- Brendan Wayne, Vulture

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6ft 3.31in (191.3cm)
LSU alum said on 26/Jan/21
Marathon Man doesn't like Wayne. Probably because of his politics, I've said it before, photos, and video is not good evidence,too many variables that we can't see. Wayne was listed at 6'4" when he played football. He was a very tall man. Marathon Man don't judge peoples height by their politics. I personally like Wayne as an actor. I like an entertainer for their entertaining abilities, not their politics. People need to stop being influenced by entertainers when it come to politics. Look at all the issues, and make up your mind. The world will be better for it.
Outlaw said on 22/Jan/21
The most irrefutable evidence available that Wayne was over 6'3" is the photo of him barefoot with Ron Howard in The Shootist. I can't find the photo to post, however. Howard was at least 5'8" and in work boots, so 5'9"+. Wayne had at least 5 inches on him and Wayne was around 68 at the time (The Shootist was 1976).

Here is an unrelated photo of Wayne and his wife Pilar: Click Here

Now I don't know how tall Pilar was at the time, but if Wayne were standing straight in this photo, I can see a 13-14 inches of difference.
Hong said on 20/Jan/21
Click Here Here's John on Rowan and Martins laugh in,the guy beside him is Dan Rowan,he is listed as 6ft2,John looks comfortably 2 inches taller,or maybe a bit more?
MarathonMan said on 17/Jan/21
No way, Rob. Wayne was never taller than 6'2 - 6'2 1/2...even Rock Hudson, a humble person and actor who never cared about his height much (he had no problem saying he was one inch shorter when he got older - something that the Wayne NEVER would do) said Wayne wore lifts all the time. You can see it when Wayne and Hudson stood next to each other - Hudson seemed 3 inches taller. Wayne, 6'4'' at his peak? pffff...ludicrous. Wayne at his peak 6'2 1/2 tops; when he got older 6 1 1/2''...oh yeah, and the great american hero STILL wore lifts when he got older UNLIKE Jimmy Stewart. Stop the nonsense.
Editor Rob
maybe Wayne lost height in his late 40's.
Hong said on 9/Jan/21
Click Here John doesn't look so tall next to Nixon inthis pic,it's from 1972 Wayne was 65 and Nixon 59 I think?
Hong said on 9/Jan/21
Click Here In this one Wayne looks much taller than Nixon,compared to the previous pic.
Hong said on 9/Jan/21
Click Here Here's Wayne with Richard Nixon,he doesn't look as impressive in height and build there.
strawberry Jerry said on 6/Jan/21
Wayne was a bit shorter than Gary Cooper whom I believe was 6'3.25-6'3.5. Judging from what I've seen he might have been 6'2.5 barefoot, at times 6'2.25 minimum- 6'2.75 maximum.
Tall In The Saddle said on 3/Jan/21
IMO, like Eastwood, Wayne's exact height is a bit difficult to nail. Both clearly tall but specifically how tall? Wayne is that bit more problematic given the popular suggestion that he wore lifts. So, even when the Duke appears to be standing a good 6'4", one might still wonder if it is due to enhancing footwear.

I guess if one genuinely stands 6'4" there shouldn't be too many instances, if any at all, to suggest they perhaps stood less than same. IMO, there are a reasonable number of instances to suggest Wayne was perhaps at least 1/2 inch below that height. Wayne appeared with a fellow golden era actor, 6'4" listed John Carroll, in THE FLYING TIGERS 1942. Wayne was about 35 yo so full peak assumed. Here's the trailer for the movie and I think there's sufficient vision to indicate that, overall, Carroll clearly edged Wayne.

Click Here
Lins 5'11.25 said on 2/Jan/21
At 1:29 minutes of the interview, John Wayne claims to be 6'4 Click Here
Ian C. said on 2/Jan/21
Good picture, Georg, and the first real evidence I've seen that Wayne exaggerated his height. He's wearing a cowboy costume in the picture too, which suggests that he was wearing cowboy boots.

I am certain that Max Baer Jr. was six foot four, because he always seemed about an inch taller than Buddy Ebsen, who claimed six foot three. So Wayne might have been as low as six foot two in the early sixties.
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Dec/20

Great photo. Both Baer Snr and Wayne aren’t standing fully straight and Wayne is a bit in the background but still worthy for some comparison. The shoulders on Baer Snr are unreal. Of course that’s Barr’s son Max Jr aka Jethro Bodine on the right standing pretty straight. Max Jr was a solid 6’4” himself.
Soda machine said on 30/Dec/20
6-3 peak weak.
Tall In The Saddle said on 29/Dec/20
Actually, the question of Wayne's lung removal gave me cause to look it up. It seems that the conventional approach was an angled incision going from the front, underneath the middle of the chest around to the back. In Wayne's case, it was reported that the tumor was of such size that it was more suitable for them to cut through the back only, thus no scarring visible in the said photo.
Georg Altvater said on 28/Dec/20
On this photo, John Wayne is standing very close to Max Baer, former Heavy Weight Champion, who is listed with 6ft 2 1⁄2 in (1.89 m). Wayne looks not taller.
Click Here
My opinion: Wayne was a tall man in this times, but he was "Big John Wayne" and he worked with shoe lifts. There is a photo with Gary Cooper, both with flat sandals - I think Cooper looks a little bit taller and another photo shows him with Gregory Peck, in a movie-pause. P.
giving him a light .... may be Peck looks 1 cm taller. But this is my opinion and you can make look people taller and smaller with camera-sights. Photos are often lying.
Ian C. said on 26/Dec/20
Well, this is embarrassing. When a lung is removed, he surgeons go in through the back. You can't go in through the front because the heart and all the vessels leading to and away from it are in the way. When a lung is removed, the patient loses a few ribs in the operation.

So my little theory that Wayne exaggerated the severity of his condition was kinda dumb. Sometimes I exhibit more imagination than is strictly congruent with objective reality, and this has been one of those times.
Ian C. said on 25/Dec/20
Here's an interesting mystery. There is a picture of John Wayne, ostensibly taken in 1969, standing with his shirt off on the set of the movie The Undefeated. Wayne was said to have had a cancerous lung and several ribs surgically removed in 1964. In the shirtless picture, there are no scars on his bare chest. How could that be?

Possible explanations: The photo is a fake. Except that it looks pretty real, and Wayne's body in it looks pretty much like you would have expected it to look after seeing him with his shirt on. Or, when the lung and ribs were removed, the surgeons took them out through an incision in Wayne's back. That would seem unlikely, as they'd have had to cut through a lot more flesh, and would have destroyed muscles Wayne would have needed to use his arms. Also, I've never heard of anyone getting heart surgery except through the front of the chest, so no one would get lung surgery except through the front.

Or maybe Wayne's story about the lung removal was fiction. Wayne made one movie in 1964 (Circus World, which was a flop), and three in 1965. If he really did have a lung removed, he had remarkable powers of recuperation for a man in his early 60s. So I suspect that the lung cancer surgery story was a fake.
Height_Guesser said on 23/Dec/20
Wayne was 6’ 3.5” peak but in his final years he was 6’ 2.5”.
Rich Paul said on 22/Dec/20
Definitely 6-4 peak height.

Click Here
meezemaker said on 21/Dec/20
No way that tall.

He was same height than Lee Marvin...6'2

+ boot and lift...

Just watch the movie: the man who shot liberty valance...
newbie said on 14/Dec/20
It is difficult to judge his height when people use film examples where he spends the entire shot leaning or slouched. Not sure what we’re supposed to judge from those. Still for me the best image I’ve seen is of a clearly bare foot Wayne with Ron Howard (wearing boots) with door frame and wall as a visible comparison guide, which gives a much better idea of just how much taller and elderly Wayne is. For him to be 6’1 like some want to claim he’d have been the only person gaining height in old age.
itsmoe!!! said on 23/Nov/20
Here's a still of John Wayne in his pre lift days next to 6'1 Ian Keith on "The Big Trail". Makes you think that news article back in the 20's describing early career John Wayne as 6'2 was on to something...

Click Here
Vincent Caleb said on 2/Nov/20
My favorite actor of all time other than Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. I’m not sure about 3/4 over 6-3, but he could be 191 cm peak like Clint.
Hong said on 21/Oct/20
Click Here Here's a clip from The Big Trail,Wayne is 23 years old,he is wearing flat shoes and looks not so tall as later in his career.
Bobadob said on 18/Oct/20
6-3 peak imo
Tall In The Saddle said on 16/Oct/20
Yes, it's the early 30s films that raise questions. Was Wayne simply surrounded by a lot of tall fellow actors back in the day OR did he lift a bit when his star began to rise? As I've noted before, in dress shoes, Wayne barely rocked any advantage over Randolph Scott but in westerns, though both in cowboy boots, Wayne appeared to grow that bit taller, suggesting not all cowboy boots are equal, particularly if you're the star.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Oct/20
Yes I observed that a long time ago. Wayne oddly looked no more than 6'2.5 in those early 30s films. But later on in terms of body frame he really had the frame of a guy around 6'4. I do think he often wore lifts in his cowboy boots to accentuate his height further, he could make Dean Martin look Rob's height at times! His boots did have that "Stuffed" look about them when he walked in a lot of those westerns, I don't think his "walk" was a cooincidence.
FrankR1 said on 23/Sep/20
The only reason that John Wayne would ever wear "lifts" is to play the role of a freak like Frankenstein. Years ago, several websites listed Wayne's height as 6'5" and he looked all of 6'5" on screen in various roles. Now, many sites have him listed at 6'3.75, which seems more like his height from 50+years old than his peak height.
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Sep/20
I used to treat the claim that Wayne wore lifts as a straight up Urban Myth and certainly there was no shortage of same in Hollywood.

BUT, Wayne's old early 30's films really do raise some questions. He simply does not appear to stand as tall as he did later in his career, when fame truly came his way. The "walk" he developed curiously manifested later also and, even if by coincidence, it did appear to reflect someone walking in excessive heels. Wayne's height advantage appeared most prominent when in cowboy garb, all important boots included. In non western films, in dress shoes, Wayne appeared to lose that "edge" in height. Certainly, as compared to the same actor (viz Randolph Scott) in both western and non western roles, Wayne's advantage notably decreased when he moved from cowboy boots to dress shoes. Informally, off set, Wayne did not stand as tall as one would've guessed from his apparent stature on screen. And then there are all the comments by fellow celebs re: lifts to be getting on with...obviously some tongue in cheek in terms of exaggeration but possibly based on a measure of truth.
itsmoe!!! said on 5/Sep/20
John Wayne standing next to 6'2 Harry Woods in 1931's Range Feud. The ground is slightly uneven, but Woods and Wayne look similar in height.

Click Here
itsmoe!!! said on 5/Sep/20
John Wayne standing next to 6'1 Tyrone Power Sr. in The Big Trail.

Click Here

There are several 6'1 actors in this movie that look almost as tall as Wayne. Look at The Life Of Jimmy Dolan from 1933, where Douglas Fairbanks Jr. looks almost as tall as Wayne, and we notice a pattern. Wayne looked 6'2 before his stardom break in STAGECOACH. Then as his stardom did his height.
Matt6'5 said on 21/Aug/20
Not gonna lie, there is something psychological about being even taller. I generally wear flat chucks (Chuck Taylor canvas sneakers) to not draw attention to myself. My wife bought me some dress boots which add at least 1.5ins. It’s crazy but fun to be that much bigger!
Sinclair said on 17/Aug/20
6’3.75” seems a reasonable listing for Wayne’s peak. Rock Hudson seemed to have about an inch on Wayne in The Undefeated. I recall Wayne had a slight edge on James Stewart in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and I suspect a peak George Kennedy was just a tad taller than a peak John Wayne.
Lankyweasel635 said on 16/Aug/20
That old "Servicio de Migracion" to Mexico of John Wayne's from 1948 showing his height or stature as"Estatura:1.88m" which is 6ft 2in is quite the surprise.

Maybe he shrank from his army listed 6ft 3.75in measurement down to 6ft 2in by 1948 and either didn't pay attention to what was recorded, didn't know the metric to imperial conversion, or just kept saying 6ft 4in out of habit.
Willes190 said on 12/Aug/20
@Arch Stanton: Very well said.
Jug said on 6/Aug/20
I would say slightly under 6'4, probably a strong 6'3. A big-framed 6'3 could look 6'5 to the casual observer. Next to Gary Cooper he looked about the same height--6'3. It was well known that he wore lifts in his boots. A lot of taller guys will wear lifts to appear truly massive. Maybe he got used to being very, very tall with lifts so he continued wearing them.
Chris Mitchell said on 16/Jul/20
My grandfather could've been his twin and was the essential role model for masculinity
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jul/20
I see they're taking down a Wayne display because of what he said about blacks. They'll be renaming the Los Angeles airport soon mark my words!! What he said was disgusting about blacks not being responsible (Woody Strode was certainly dozens of times more responsible than he ever was with health for instance) but you can't underestimate the impact of general societal beliefs and environment in which you grew up in. Lincoln if he'd lived hundred and thirty years later would never have said what he did either. Times change. Even what was acceptable to say in the 90s and early 2000s you can't say today. I couldn't give a rat's ass about colour or race, but it's getting stupid, every advert I see it has a white person, a black person, a Chinese person etc, you can just tell that "we need to cast a black person" is a major component of advertising or filming nowadays.
strahberry Jerry said on 12/Jun/20
yeah, someone would've needed to stand on a box...dibs on a strawberry one!.L.O.L
Nik Ashton said on 9/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - There are a lot of strawberries, berries, Nik’s, and dogs, and James’s, on celebheights!

Just about everyone would have needed to be on an apple box if they were to be filmed with John Wayne!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jun/20
@ strahberry Jerry - I'm getting the distinct smell of strawberries when I visit this website!

👃🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 😃"Mmmmmmm!"
strahberry Jerry said on 7/Jun/20
I agree with you Andrew, Arness seemed to have 2.5 -3 inches on Wayne. It's hard to pinpoint or estimate Arness's real height though, it's possible he was a bit over 6'6, 6'6.25-6'6.5, most likely. I don't know for sure if Wayne resorted to wearing lifts in those movies featuring him and Arness. I think Stewart edged Wayne out. Stewart was no less than 6'3.25.
Andrew Melese said on 4/Jun/20
Rob, in the two films he did with James Arness, there are many shots of them standing side-by-side. To me, Wayne looks 2.5-3 inches shy of Arness. Wasn't Arness 6'7"? If so, It seems to me Wayne may have even been a full 6'4" if not maybe 1/2 cm over at his peak.

On the other hand, he looks shorter than James Stewart in the Shootest, sugggesting he shrank considerably between 1953 (when Wayne and Arness did Hondo) - and 1976; which would also seem reasonable given his multiple cancer episodes.In the Scott Eyman biography,he Eyman also cites people who noticed him shrinking during the 1970s.

Anyway, if he shrank say 2 inches (not that much for an old, lean-framed, very tall man), I would think his starting point prior to shrinking may have been 6'4" 1/5 at most; Perhaps .3 inches anoce the OSS listing.

In The Quiet Man, he also appears at least 3/4 inch taller than the large, irish fellow, and at times ovet an inch taller.

What do you reckon Rob? Is it possible he could have been a full 6'4" or slightly above at during his prime?
Tall In The Saddle said on 29/May/20
@Georg Altvater

Great info. Wayne listed as 188 cm/6'2" on an official document. Very interesting. If Wayne was only 6'2", he certainly stood notably taller than that in his better known films as a major star. IMO, he looked about 6'3.5" at best, quite an uplift for an actual 6'2" guy.
marcus said on 29/May/20
Just watched a video on the Wild Goose. Duke's Captain, who started as a deckhand/carpenter, when Duke bought the boat in 1963. He said they had to raise the ceiling height in the cabins to 6'8" to accommodate Duke's 6'4.5" height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/May/20
Doesn't he look sweet and innocent in this picture, Rob? 😁👍
Editor Rob
In his early 20's he was an Innocent looking guy
weak 5'8 said on 28/May/20
At 5 foot 8 or something, it's understandable if you wear lifts. I don't think he wore lifts to appear taller. I think he wore them for better posture and to appear much slimmer after he had put on weight. Do you agree Rob?
Editor Rob
Whether Wayne really wore lifts in his boots or if it was unsubstantiated rumours that grew legs is up for debate.

There's no smoke without fire right 😏
Georg Altvater said on 27/May/20
I found an old "Servicio de Migracion" to Mexico by John Wayne from 1948. You see Estatura: 1,88m - that's 6 feet 2 inches. 1948 was early and at that time size wasn't so important to him. I sometimes suspected he was only 6'2''. Yes, he was a big man, but he always wanted to look like a 6'7''giant. In this times you had had some other very tall man in Hollywood like James Stewart, Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck (today we have Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone etc.) who look in reality a little bit taller than him. Maybe that explains his lifts.
Your can find the Servicio de Migracion here (at the end):
Click Here
Tall Sam said on 26/May/20
Wayne did look pretty short in The Big Trail (maybe 6'2"-6'3") I do recall, especially compared to around middle age in Rio Bravo and subsequent films where I feel he may have started wearing some sort of lift. I don't think there's a lot of known actors in Big Trail. I'm sure theres a some difference in the way they film male actors once they're movie stars more favorably in various ways, including making them seem taller in frame. I'm not convinced that Wayne was actually under 6'3.5" despite that film.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/20
John Wayne was born 113 years ago today. I remember when he died suddenly back in
'79; the world wasn't ready to lose him. He was 72 years, 2 weeks and 2 days old.


RIP John Wayne 🕯️
Tall In The Saddle said on 24/May/20

It’s hard to estimate height for guys who wore big heels almost always like Walker. Pretty sure Walker had some heel advantage over Price. A much older Walker in some reasonable heel looked up to 1” shorter than Selleck. There is also a pic of older Walker standing alongside Ron Ely and Clint is shorter by up to a couple of inches. Hudson didn’t wear heel so much unless the role specifically demanded it. People have compares how Hudson stood relative to Jack Benny as compared to Walker but again Clint was in western garb including heel whereas Hudson wore dress shoes. On appearance think Hudson’s sheer height was more often accurately presented than Walkers.
strahberry Jerry said on 23/May/20
Yup, The BIG Trail, I've watched it, Wayne was 22-23 , very young , he appeared to be shorter than in subsequent films. It's also very true some people don't stop growing until they are 26, that would explain why he didn't look as tall as usual, aside from the mocassins of course.Truth be told in Big Jim McLain he looked close to 6'4, I don't know, actors may appear taller in some movies.
Arch Stanton said on 21/May/20
6.3.5 would have been the minimum Rock could have possibly claimed for anybody to believe it. 6'5 would have been a dreadful height on a form for an actor looking for leading man romantic roles. I've seen virtually all Wayne's films with the exception of some of the lost silents and early 30s ones. Just when you're dubious of him being near a real 6'4 he'll clearly look it but there are still doubts. Have you seen The Big Trail Jerry? Wearing mocassins in that I thought he looked as low as 6'2 range in that film.
strahberry Jerry said on 19/May/20
Yeah, I accept it, at least in Horizons West Hudson looked 6'4.5 next to a slouching Arness, and 1.5-2" taller than Wayne in THE Undefeated where, according to his claims, he was more like 6'4, that's the reason why I think Wayne was hovering around the 6'2.75 measurement in his prime and 6'2-2.5 in The Undefeated. Wayne's boots would enhance his frame quite a bit. Definitely a big man.
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/20
Sorry, there's absolutely no chance Rock Hudson was only 6'3.5. Watch any of his 50s films, particularly Giant.
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Apr/20

I also subscribe to the belief that Clint Walker was possibly more in the realm of 6'5" or a bit over. Early in his career, he was actually described as 6'4.5" and Clint always wore big heeled boots.

Clint Walker had an easy 2 inches on Vincent Price who without the shadow of a doubt looked a legit 6'4 man in his prime. Rock Hudson you could argue 6'4 range but Clint Walker the worst you could argue I think is 196cm. He just looked too big to be anything under that.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Apr/20
Quite a few celebrity height estimates have been made, in large measure, relative to John Wayne's assumed height of 6'4" or near enough to. This includes Tucker, Cooper, Stewart and Scott to name a few. Additionally, it seems these estimates have been made more from illusory movie scenes and less so from informal photos which aren't so contrived or carefully framed.

I don't know that I can move The Duke all the way down to 6'2.5" or even 6'2.75" but it's possible I suppose. On the flip side, if Wayne was moved down to 6'3" or even a bit below it would better support current CH listings for the actors referenced above. As it stands, if Wayne was actually more or less 6'4", then I would say the above actors are underlisted. I linked the following photo on Gary Cooper's page, but it is conversely relevant here also has it includes Wayne. It's an informal photo in which Cooper appears clearly taller - Click Here

I also subscribe to the belief that Clint Walker was possibly more in the realm of 6'5" or a bit over. Early in his career, he was actually described as 6'4.5" and Clint always wore big heeled boots. I don't necessarily agree that Hudson was dropping 1.5" to Walker in SEND ME NOW FLOWERS. Clint's character was intended as the bigger guy, and again, Clint is wearing some significant heel. In the one scene that they can be compared, Clint is standing on higher ground. Hudson moves closer for a moment and straightens himself up and IMO, in that moment, gains a lot back in the height diff. but remember Clint still has the heel advantage and slightly higher ground.
As much as I have seen of Hudson so far, I wouldn't go less than 6'4.5" nor discount a full 6'5". Also, I thought Wayne was dropping a bit more than 1" to Hudson anyway, and who knows Wayne might've had heel advantage at any rate.
strahberry Jerry said on 26/Apr/20
Yeah, 6'3.5 is possible for Hudson's peak. Had he been 6'5 he would've looked 2" taller than Frank Wilcox listed at 6'3.25, in Never say goodbye (1956).Oddly enough, at times, Wilcox looked taller!!. I also remember watching a movie where he and Eastwood appeared to be the exact same height. Needless to say 1.5" shorter than Walker. Regarding Wayne's height I always got the impression he was more around 6'2.5-6'2.75. That's the reason why he appeared to be slightly shorter than 6'3.5 Cooper, that's the reason why he looked 6'2.5 as a young man in his thirties and forties. One more thing, Fonda looked shorter next to Jimmy Stewart than next to Wayne, there's these two movies, In our Merry way and Fort Apache. I suspect many of these celebrities gave their height as their height in sneakers,so, a lot of them who claimed 6'1.5 were 6'0.5 barefoot, that's the reason why Fonda looked 6'0.5 next to 6'3.5 Stewart, bottom line, they were telling the truth about their height but not the whole truth. So I can't give Wayne more than 6'2.75
bobbyh3342 said on 20/Apr/20
once again wayne was only as high as 6 2.5 barefoot in his prime,,,, as he was a inch shorter than rock at 6 3.5.. and rock was 1.5 shorter than clint walker at 6'5.... walkers wife said she measured clint and he was only 6 5.25 in his barefeet,,, so clint being 6'5 kind of blows a hole in rock hudson being 6'5 and wayne being 6'4
Wayne Fan said on 19/Apr/20
He was roughly 6'4 in his prime and shrunk down to around 6'2.5ish as he aged and wore lifts at that point because he was an actor. He had some back issues btw which obviously can lead to some above average losing of height. Pretty standard stuff folks. No need to over analyze it as it certainly isn't anything all that important. Look at him in Stagecoach, hes towering. No way any guy over 6 feet is wearing lifts for any reason in 1939.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/20
Weak 6ft4 is spot on peak. Usually wore boots so probably did appear 6ft5+ a lot. Could look below 6ft3 in his final years
Tall In The Saddle said on 23/Feb/20

Here's one of the pics I think you're referring to. Click Here

There are several photos from the same event, a segment in 1978 celebrating past western stars on ABC's Silver Anniversary celebration.

There is also some vision on YouTube. John Wayne passed in the following year aged 72.

It's frustrating though, because they had other stars like Clint Walker, Michael Ansara and David Carradine, all together at the one time, but they were all standing on different, tiered steps. Would've been good if they actually all stood together on the same flat ground for a bulk height comparison. Maybe there's more photos out there besides the ones of just Connors and Wayne.
BigDaddy said on 16/Feb/20
Please folks search the internet for a John Wayne photo with 6-5” Chuck Connors. You can clearly see John Wayne is only 6-2”.
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Jan/20
Agreed. I wouldn't "shrink" Wayne down to 6'2". No way. Perhaps not the full 6'4" but at least very close.

At least from my POV, talk of Wayne enhancing his height isn't necessarily to suggest he wasn't around 6'4". Rather, it's to suggest that even though tall, it seemed that Wayne's height was sometimes given some boost amongst comparably sized co stars so as to ensure Wayne's edge. There is also the reasoning that Wayne might've worn lifts with age onset height loss.
Hong said on 21/Jan/20
@ Meezemaker thats Gary Cooper.
Canson said on 17/Jan/20
@Joe: I agree on both. At minimum 194-195 range. Wayne looked taller than 6’2 to me. But I get Bobby’s frustration as we are the same height. However, I don’t get second guessed as often after I claim my height as he does. It’s usually when I don’t claim it first. However, it has happened to me too where someone else argues with me. So I get the frustration for sure
Canson said on 17/Jan/20
@Joe: I agree on both. At minimum 194-195 range. Wayne looked taller than 6’2 to me
joe### said on 16/Jan/20
i don't agree with what bobby said wayne always seemed taller than 6'2 and rock hudson at the peak looked between 6'4.5-75
meezemaker said on 18/Dec/19
How u can get a photo where he mooks more and less and at the appearance less if u put away his can he look smaller than the 186cm`s Cary Grant...

Click Here

On the photo with flat shoes for both he looks barely same height, probably 185-184cm.

It misses 3 inches at least!
strahberry Jerry said on 13/Dec/19
In Fort Apache Wayne didn't look 6'4 either, I'd say 6.2.75-6'3.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Dec/19
In numerous films I've seen now Romero could sometimes look 6'2.5-75 range, but some earlier ones could look 6'3. John Wayne oddly looked 6'2 range in the Big Trail, looked nowhere near 6'4, but most films clearly looked near it.
Tall In The Saddle said on 18/Nov/19
I'm on board with the assertion re general height inflation - particularly in Hollyweird. Makes it difficult because relative to one another their alleged heights might seem to add up - say, actual 6' guy claims 6'2" and actual 6'2" guy claims 6'4" - you will see a 2" diff. between them and figure their individually claimed heights are correct.
Personally I wouldn't go as low as 6'2" for the DUKE - but my belief that Wayne somehow "gained" more height in cowboy boots than the other guys has firmed somewhat. Height comparisons can revolve a smaller group of celebrities whose height we "think" we know. Back in the day Wayne was a lock 6'4" - as such a good number of actor's heights were calculated on how they stood relative to Wayne - e.g. Gary Cooper appeared to stand virtually equal which leads some people to believe Coop himself was 6'4". However, one can go the other way and assume that it is Wayne who should be hauled back closer to Cooper's listing of 6'3" - which is corroborated at least in the example of photos alongside Max Baer Snr who was listed as 6'2.5" - not much between them but Cooper is slightly taller.
Canson said on 14/Nov/19
@Bobby3342: bring a tape measure to work and fry those two guys that you say claim 6’5” and tell you you’re 6’6”. That’s the way to prove it.
bobbyh3342 said on 12/Nov/19
john wayne was 6'2 plain and simple rock hudson was 6'3.5 ,,,heights are so over inflated that a legit barefoot 6'3 is billed at 6'5 and a legit 6'2 is 6'4 and 6'1 is 6'3.. it drives me crazy,,, i am 6'4 and am told at least 10 times a week that im 6'6 or at least 6'5 ,,,,
Tall In The Saddle said on 10/Nov/19
Interesting. I glean that Romero's listing was downgraded from 6'3" to 6'2.75". Personally, I would give Cesar the full 6'3" as per averaged observations. At any rate, even reducing Cesar further to 6'2.5", I still see Scott as about .5" taller at least and certainly taller than Scott's own current listing of 6'2.25". As he stood (notwithstanding claims of lifts) I think Wayne's listing of 6'3.75" is fair - as they stood relative to each other at different times and relative to other celebs - I would go Cesar 6'3", Scott 6'3.5" and Wayne 6'3.75".
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Nov/19
Hi Rob - in ref. to same the clip linked in previous post - at 21.44 mark the view is from behind Romero who is closer to camera - personally I still see Scott with the same height advantage and at the very least he doesn't appear shorter than Romero who is listed 6'3" while Scott only gets 6'2.25".
Editor Rob
Romero could be 6ft 2.5 range
Tall In The Saddle said on 31/Oct/19
Hi Rob

I've perused quite a few pics of Scott and Wayne in normal shoes and I would only give .5" to Wayne at best - and there are also photos in which Scott looks virtually the same height. The only pronounced edge I see for Wayne is when he is in cowboy boots. I think this is more an argument for an upgrade of Scott than downgrade for Wayne.

Moving from Wayne I would compare how Scott stacks up against 6'2.75" listed Romero - comparison starts at 21:21 Click Here. For one thing I don't think anyone would argue that Scott appears as the taller man - and IMO he is at least .5" taller and I would go so far as 1" taller - relative to Romero's listed height even if we only allowed Scott .5" advantage it would still put him at about 6'3.25" and I think overall Scott came across as being at least that tall.
Editor Rob
I think with Scott a bit nearer the camera in the bar scene, he could seem taller, but I am not sure he really is based on that.
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Oct/19
I never used to question Wayne's 6'4" but the older pre stardom films and some later films do give cause to wonder - though there were periods in Hollywood when there were a greater number of taller actors than not - pre stardom one of Wayne's more regular co-stars was listed as 6'4" himself - and appeared to slightly edge Wayne.

Curiously, in westerns Wayne appeared that much taller than co-star Randolph Scott - in other films with both in street clothes and shoes Wayne didn't appear much taller.

Wayne appeared to stack up well against Woody Strode in Liberty Valance - though Strode often didn't stand tall as second fiddle in the film - even so, there were scenes in which Strode appeared to have the edge - and while Wayne was in mainstay cowboy boots I think Strode wore normal shoes - just as Stewart did in the same film as well as the SHOOTIST.
Editor Rob
I'd have said Wayne in normal shoes was still at least an inch taller than Randolph from what I remember of them.
Ian C. said on 12/Oct/19
You make some good points, thatdude, but John Wayne would almost certainly have shrunk quite a bit as he aged. I doubt if he ever exercised or watched his diet a day in his life after he got cut from the college football team in his youth. He just relied on his natural size and strength to get by, and that was plenty until he hit early middle age.

There are pictures of Wayne as a young football player, and he looks at least six-three and closer to six-four. Look at his scenes with certified six foot four Woody Strode in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, standing face-to-face on a level floor, and their heights are very close. (I think that Lee Marvin wore lifts in that movie in the scene where they square off in the eating place to make him look as big as Wayne.)

And I would suggest to you that professional actors, even the ones who make their livings as supporting players, tend as a group to be taller than average. Wayne was a very tall man in the real world, but just fairly tall in the movies, because the actors he worked were also quite tall. That's my theory.

Another fairly good indicator that Wayne was six-four is that almost all the people who interviewed him remarked on his size. Not one ever wrote that he was shorter than they had expected.
thatdude said on 5/Oct/19
@ian c.
i am not talking about his costars,i was referring to the extras in his prelift movies,compared to them he looked nowhere as tall as a 6'7 guy looks "the undefeated" (1969) he was clearly 2 inches shorter (even with lifts) than 6'4 rock hudson (in a 1967 interview hudson said he shrinked to 6'4).it's quite funny that anyone could look at this pic Click Here and claim he was anything close to 6'3,6'4.
Ian C. said on 3/Oct/19
So many of the supporting roles in John Wayne movies are played by tall men, and I wonder if this was done on purpose. Just as shorter leading men skew the heights of the actors cast in their movies downward, Wayne might have preferred to work with taller actors, to avoid seeming monstrously huge. Which he kind of sort of was.

You notice that he had no problem working with James Arness ( six foot seven) in Big Jim Mclain.

So did he wear lifts? My guess is maybe, after he was sixty. But that would have been legitimate, as the characters he played when he was over sixty were usually about forty. And hw wore a hairpiece and a corset, which was fair movie fakery for a man his age.
thatdude said on 8/Sep/19
SORRY John wayne's fans but there is no way he was 6''s basically impossible.i just watched his pre-lifts 1930 movie "THE BIG TRAIL", those years the average male height in the u.s was 5'7,if john was a real 6'4 he would have been like a 6'7 man of today.have you guys ever seen a 6'7 dude walking down a street full of people?search for pics of lebron james and see how gigantic he looks.
Andrew Brown said on 28/Jun/19
Mon is back wohoo, John Wayne was a huge man and is a legend.
Mon said on 25/Jun/19
With the downgrading of Sterling Hayden and doubts cast on others, I think it is likely Wayne was more like a flat 6'3''. There is no one you can point to as a reference point because everyone added by giving their height in shoes (as height for weight tables were done then) and thus added 1 inch. Then actors or their agents built up the legends some more. Finally, leading men got favourable camerawork. He was taller and more solidly built than any other A list Hollywood leading man for two generations. All you can be is of your time.
Tunman said on 20/Jun/19
Some actors comments are really funny.4"lifts?btw he seemed very similar to Robert Ryan and not walking in an awkward way suggesting he had any lifts.The same Robert Ryan was maybe 1.25 or at most 1.5"smaller than Rock Hudson,and maybe 3.5"over Mitchum rather than 3.75"so I'm not ruling out 6'3.5"for him.6'3.5"give or take a small fraction is the arguable range for both dudes imo,still comfortably taller than Peck but not that much taller than dudes Like Cooper or Stewart
Also if anything Wayne had a good 3cm over Mclaglen although the latter was probably heading towards 188-9 range when turning in The Quiet Man.
roger the dodger said on 18/Jun/19
He was my as well as most mens idol. I being 6'5" at 24 when I met him in person in 1977. He was wearing shoes....with a small heel. I was wearing sneakers he was taller than me by about 3/4". 6'4" not out of the question...maybe 6'4.25". My 6'7" uncle met Jimmy Stewart in Indiana Pa. where my uncle lived and where Jimmy was from and visited. This was probably late 60' early 70's. He said Jimmy was about 6'2 6'2.50"
Johan 185 cm said on 20/May/19
Phil Donahue clip is quite revealing posted below. He still looked 6'3" next to 6' Donahue and he was 69 years old , he died 3 years later.
movieguy12 said on 19/May/19
The clip below posted by thismoe is pretty cool. Wayne looks tall but not sure he looks 6'4''. The surprising thing for me was that Wayne was pretty lean in his youth. The heavy set middle aged guy is the image most people have of Wayne but he looked really different as a young man. I think he was initially promoted as a heartthrob style actor but didn't achieve wide spread fame till he was older and had filled out considerably. I doubt if Wayne was under 6'3'' though.
dbrunje said on 2/May/19
Rob, percentage wise, how sure are you of this height? Given that so many other of his peers attest to him being a perpetual lift wearer.
Editor Rob
I'd say from earlier films, he looked near his claim with 80-90% confidence.
tree said on 27/Apr/19
If David Huddleston was 179 older Wayne looked 191 -192 considering his boots looked thicker in Rio Lobo
Click Here
At the age of 54 with 6ft4 Selleck,probably lost height,looks more 177cm Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Mar/19
Click Here Robert Mitchum is only 6'0 and he must have hate John Wayne so much say he put 4" lift. Lol. I did suspect Wayne is only 6'2-6'2.75" barefoot. Click Here:
John Pollock said on 10/Mar/19
I remember seeing Wayne in "The Sons of Katie Elder" He was supposed to be 6'4" and 200 pounds. There is no way a man that height with the stomach he had at that time could have been less than 250 pounds.
Neelasish Send Roy said on 10/Mar/19
What is his peak height,Rob? Is he really was 6'3.75" or 6'2"?
Editor Rob
I know you submit a fair few comments, but I can't reply to them all, because I try to spread around my comments to various people if I can.

Wayne at over 6ft 3 makes more sense than 6ft 2.
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Mar/19
@Harvey - cheers. Tried before got zip. This time came straight up.

Click Here

I've never read Wayne described as 6'2" elsewhere. I suppose if Wayne only hit 6'4" in boots then it would stand to reason that an actor like 6'3" James Stewart would hit close to 6'4" in average heels - at times Stewart could look pretty the same height as Wayne -Randolph Scott is listed 6'2.25" on this site - in roles in which both wore dress shoes Scott appeared barely shorter than Wayne.
Unsub 5'10" said on 7/Mar/19
Some guys keep growing until the age of 25. A spanish friend of mine was 191.5m at the age of 24, he grew taller until he was 25, today he's 6'4 but looks 7' tall. Wayne was 23 in 1930 so, he still had room left to grow, maybe he was 6'2.25 at age 23, I don't know if he grew up to 6'4 but 6'3 is possible and plausible for him.
HarveyFinkelmatter said on 5/Mar/19
Do a google search of" John Wayne Photoplay 1930" and it will come up. Makes you really think that the 6'4 was in boots.
Tall In The Saddle said on 2/Mar/19
@Havery - wow, that's interesting. Is there anywhere on the net the Photoplay might be viewed? I personally couldn't see Wayne as less than 6'3" but it's interesting that he was once listed at 6'2" - perhaps at a time when being 6'4" or near enough to might've seemed too tall for a leading man?
HarveyFinkelmatter said on 21/Feb/19
A 1930 article in Photoplay magazine states that John Wayne is 6'2' and 198 pounds . Could that be his real height and the 6'3 3/4 is in boots? Thanks. You all have a great sight.
Tall In The Saddle said on 10/Dec/18
@Andrew Browne - you're a savant - your memory serves you perfectly.

I shouldn't have promoted what I read elsewhere online without due critical analysis - AS IF Wayne would be so exact as to state 6'3.75" in the movie - ha. Whoever wrote that probably remembered the scene when Wayne stated his height but substituted the celebheight listing in for good measure.

After Fitzgerald picks Wayne up from the train station and they're travelling along in the buggy he suggests/asks 6'6"? of Wayne - Wayne responds "4 and half" - not that I am telling you what you don't already know - lol. I suppose from tiny Barry Fitzgerald's vantage point Wayne would easily look a good 6'6".

Anyway for the fun of it here's the clip in question - about 3.40 Wayne states his height. Must get me a copy of that movie - haven't seen it for soooo long:-

Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Dec/18
@Tall In The Saddle: Good post and I agree with you on Wayne in those classic films. The Searchers in particular is outstanding, including Wayne's acting. I have to agree with most who say Wayne should have won the Oscar for that instead of True Grit. Considering Wayne wrote 6'3.75" himself, we can be sure he was at least somewhat shy of the full 6'4". I also used to assume he was. As I said, it could be less than an inch with Scott depending on posture, hair and camera, but I agree that Wayne's listing looks questionable compared to Scott's listing. Whether that's Scott being taller than listed, Wayne being shorter than listed or both, I don't know. And agreed on Connery's presence. Of course, Russian accents were always problematic for Western Cold War films. Remember William Hurt just used a British accent in Gorky Park lol.

@Andrew Browne: Yeah, I also remember his character claiming 6'4.5". It stood out to me because other than that, I'd never seen him claim anything besides an even 6'4" even though it was his character in the movie. Great film, though as Tall In The Saddle said.
Andrew Browne said on 10/Dec/18
No I think he says 6'4.5" if memory serves me correctly
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Dec/18
Just another titbit - I mentioned the movie THE QUIET MAN which I haven't seen for a long time - I just read that at the start of the movie Barry Fitzgerald (I think) asks Wayne - Sean Thornton - his height - and Wayne answers an exact 6'3.75" as per this sites information.
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Dec/18
@Rising - interesting. From that pic without strongly arguing against 1" I would only give Wayne maybe .5" on Scott - Wayne's hair styling maybe slightly higher also. Crazy thing is if we give Wayne 1" adv over Scott in that photo and factor that this site lists Scott at 6'2.25" then that would put Wayne at only 6'3.25" himself. However, I personally think Scott was closer to 6'3" if not bang on - and based on that reckoning I would rate the Duke as 6'3.5".

I was surfing a few really old Wayne flicks - I came across one SAGEBRUSH TRAIL featuring Lane Chandler who featured in several Wayne flicks and was listed as 6'4". IMO Chandler was clearly taller edging Wayne by at least .5" or so.

I've always used to buy Wayne as a solid 6'4" no qualms but now not so sure he didn't lift here and there during his pinnacle days - even if just a little. Definitely a very tall imposing dude any way you slice it but maybe around 6'3.5" at best. Of course the data is than ideal so estimating same isn't an exact science

I am not necessarily a fan of westerns or Wayne but among the best movies I have seen are THE SEARCHERS LIBERTY VALANCE THE SHOOTIST and the COWBOYS as well as THE QUIET MAN. I think Wayne's performances in same were great - the man could act and he perfectly carried the nuance of the stories - some try to cull him out in terms of absolute character stretch - but you could say same of a lot of Hollywood's golden era greats - who's gonna say Bogie wasn't great? - but Shakespeare would've be totally wrong for him too! Lol.

More modern era - Sean Connery. Great actor but essentially I saw a lot of Connery himself in each and every role - Connery's real life persona being compelling enough - he even had the swag to retain the Scottish accent as a Soviet submarine captain in Red October - Hoots mon!
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Dec/18
Those are great clips! Not just for showing his height, but I'm a fan as well. I can't believe some of the vitriol directed at Wayne in the comments. I'm surprised he doesn't look taller with Fairbanks Jr. and honestly, I'm not sure I see a full 3" difference with Donahue. Difficult to say because of Donahue's hair advantage, but then Donahue is tilting his head and slouching. It can honestly look more like 2" when they first greet or a little more than that, maybe 2.5". It can look at least 3" at one point, but that seems to be when Donahue is slouching. It's too bad the camera didn't show them straight on when Donahue was putting his hand over Wayne's head. Also a good pic with Randolph Scott. Duke does look at least an inch taller there to me(by the top of their heads), but he also appears closer to the camera so it could be less than an inch if Duke is getting an advantage.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Nov/18
@thismoe!! - that is a great clip. Cary Grant is listed on this site as 6'1" which I think is about right - and I also think Grant had a slight edge on Fairbanks who is listed at 6'.5" which I also think is about right.

At least in the clip Wayne does not come off as 6'4" against a just over 6 feet Fairbanks - as you said, barely scraping 6'3" maybe. Can't see the footwear but one would guess as implied that they are both wearing standard boxing shoes so no footwear advantage either way

I've said before I see anomalies in photos with Randolph Scott (listed here at 6'2.25") and Wayne - sometimes Wayne can look up to a good 2" taller yet in other photos there's not a lot to choose between them. I will say that I think Scott was more like 6'3" - anyway here's a pic showing Scott very close to Wayne - Link - Click Here
Andrew Browne said on 26/Nov/18
@Tall In The Saddle, ya hadn't seen it before. Can't get full interview Wayne had with Parky, I think it was done when Brannigan was been shot. The bit that I did see I thought Parkinson treated Wayne very badly. You knew by the interview that he didn't like Wayne or his views.

If you look at modern day actors been interviewed on different chat shows you'll find that most are just full of bs. Contrast that with the likes of Wayne you find he was very humble and respectful of the audience as he knew they were paying his wages.
thismoe!! said on 26/Nov/18
Oh damn. It was already posted. Well here's a different, GREAT clip. Pre-fame John Wayne with 6'1 Douglas Fairbanks Jr. This is before Wayne had a big image to uphold and had no reason to wear lifts. He's taller than Fairbanks but Fairbanks stacks very well against him. Wayne looks 6'2 in parts of the clip (not stating that I believe Wayne's real height was 6'2, just that he looks it here). Maybe weak 6'3 but I don't believe 6'4 was his height without shoes.

Click Here
thismoe!! said on 26/Nov/18
This is a great clip! John Wayne shows up to be interviewed by Phil Donahue in front of an adoring crowd. At 1:28 Six foot Phil says, "I didn't expect him to be that big did you? You're six...two?" And John Wayne hesitantly interrupts, "Four!" Read into it what you will.

Click Here
thismoe!! said on 26/Nov/18
This is a great clip! John Wayne shows up to be interviewed by Phil Donahue in front of an adoring crowd. Six foot Phil says, "I didn't expect him to be that big did you? You're six...two?" And John Wayne hesitantly interrupts, "Four!" Read into it what you will.

Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 26/Nov/18
@Andrew - Great upload. Relatively new to YouTube, I stumbled upon it just recently myself chasing up Wayne interviews.

There are also IVs with Barbara Walters and Michael Parkinson but I note Wayne also mentioned IVs with Merv Griffin and Johnny Carson which I am yet to see.

Funny how Donahue enthuses over Wayne's height/size yet only affords Wayne 2" above Donahue's own listed height of 6'.

I'd say Wayne appeared at least 3" above Donahue - focusing more on eye level and mindful not to confuse Phil's super thick helmet like hair with his actual height.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Nov/18
@Canson - slight confusion - I'm referring to Rock Hudson not THE Rock Dwayne Johnson.
Canson said on 24/Nov/18
@Tall in the Saddle: I buy Rock having lost height. Although he was never as tall as he claimed to begin with. I have him 1/2” below where Rob has him today. 6’2.5-.75 and 6’2” today max
Andrew Browne said on 24/Nov/18
Sorry here is link.
Click Here
Andrew Browne said on 24/Nov/18
Just looking at Wayne on a talk show with Phil Donahue. Phil says jeez you're a big guy, what are you 6'2". Without hesitation Wayne says 6'4".

Donahue is listed as 6' and Wayne looks maybe 3" taller. Wayne was very eloquent and charming and Phil treated him with respect even though they would be polar opposite politically.
Andrew Browne said on 22/Nov/18
Firstly I'll say that was a great film. I thought Wayne and Marvin were excellent in it. Such a supporting cast though they were brilliant.

Woody was a fine specimen. I'd say of the 3 he had the edge. He was dropping height when near Wayne and Stewart.

Reminds me, I must watch that movie again.
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Nov/18
Throwing Woody Strode into the fray. Listed here at 6'4" and appeared to be easily that height relative to other actors. In The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance '62 Strode didn't really appear taller than Wayne at any time.

In my eyes Strode only ever looked even with Wayne at best and at other times a tad shorter. All things being equal I would've expected Strode to have the edge - though Strode often slouched during the movie - perhaps in line with the subservient status of his character.

However it was achieved, I still tend to think Wayne generally ensured that he came across as the biggest guy in his movies - when it was reasonably achievable - certainly it would've been too much of stretch for Wayne to have pegged back fellow actors as tall as Arness and Hudson.

Anyway, here's a nicely put together montage of Strode as Pompey in Liberty Valance with the song written for the movie but strangely not included in the movie. You can judge for yourself how Strode measures up to Wayne as well as Stewart toward the end of the clip

Link Click Here

I'll also note that it was apparently a "magic bullet" fired out of Wayne's rifle from the shadows - Wayne's secret bullet is fired at roughly a 45 degree angle but Marvin reels back AS IF he was hit directly by the bullet fired from Stewarts gun. Anyway, no big deal, a GREAT movie nonetheless.
Tall In The Saddle said on 21/Nov/18
I agree it seems unlikely Rock would lose any height by age 41/42 and it didn't appear that way on screen. However anything is possible and there is also Hudson's own quoted words re the matter. Hudson also said that Wayne wore lifts, had small feet etc. Context is always important and is all too often left out - perhaps some of these statements aren't to be taken so literally. Anyway, there is also the question as to whether Rock himself was a strong or weak 6'5" in the first instance.

A real Dr. in the West just might wear something more durable than normal shoes given the natural terrains he would be traversing - in doors maybe a different story. Any which way, I think Doc Hollywood Stewart did wear normal shoes in the Shootist - sufficient costuming to convey his role as an intellectual Dr. - vs Wayne the gun slinger who was clearly wearing cowboy boots. I think Stewart appears in about 3 separate segments of the movie - one of which shows a shot of his footwear (not perfect vision) but they do appear to be normal shoes.
Andrew Browne said on 18/Nov/18
Rock was only in his early 40s so couldn't see him losing any of his 6'5".

I'd say A Dr. in the West would have wore boots.
Mark Harrison said on 18/Nov/18
Ron Howard is 5'7".
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Nov/18
@Andrew: I agree with you on Wayne and Stewart at their peaks and as I brought up before, seeing Wayne barefoot with Ron Howard in boots had me thinking Wayne was still 6'4" years ago and I have a hard time seeing Howard less than 5'8" myself, though I doubt he was ever 5'9". But the problem is Rock Hudson claimed he had shrunk to 6'4" by 1967. The best scene to compare him to Wayne in The Undefeated is at the end when they drink with Rojas(Tony Aguilar) because they seem to be on pretty solid ground. Here's a few screenshots from that scene: Click Here I see more than just an inch. The least I can see would be around 3 cm or 1.2" range, but Hudson's boots were not cowboy boots and did not have as big of a heel as you can see here: Click Here So even if we're conservative and say Wayne's heel advantage was only 1/4" or so, that still makes him about 1.5" shorter barefoot as of 1969. I've considered that Hudson may have rounded and shrunk from say 6'4.75" peak to 6'4.25" by 1969, but even that would still put Wayne a shade under 6'3" by that point. The only way I could see Wayne close to his peak height then would be if Hudson just made up the whole thing about shrinking and was actually still 6'5", but that seems like an odd thing to make up. Only then could I see Wayne 6'3.5" at 61-62.

@Tall in the Saddle: You make a good point about Stewart's shoes. I don't remember what he wore in The Shootist or if there's a clear shot of them, but as a doctor, I thought there's a good chance that Stewart playing a doctor would wear normal shoes as opposed to cowboy boots.
Tall In The Saddle said on 15/Nov/18
Wayne had the edge but the Duke and Stewart(who I have as over 6'3" and up to 6'3.5") were very close in height any way - slight change in ground, posture etc. could see Stewart sometimes stand higher. I too remember the stills from the Shootist which had Stewart appearing taller in some shots - perhaps I also got that impression from the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance -I guess at least in both films Wayne had advantage in cowboy heel while Stewart as the dude would've worn a normal heel - though I haven't seen either film for a long time.
Andrew Browne said on 15/Nov/18
People claim he wore lifts because he lost height. I don't agree and I'll give you to examples.

1/ In Brannigan 1975 he has at least .5" on 6'3" Mel Ferrer who was 10 years younger. He is wearing regular shoes.

2/ The Shootist 1976 he is barefoot but towers over a booted Ron Howard. Ron was at least 5'8" and Wayne had him by 5" at least
Andrew Browne said on 15/Nov/18
Not much in it I'd agree. Peak Wayne slightly under 6'4" and peak Jimmy slightly over 6'3".
Rising - 174 cm said on 14/Nov/18
lol look at the top of their heads in the first photo you posted. I'm not sure there's any difference there and Wayne might be 1/4" to 1/2" taller in the second at most. Minimal enough that Stewart might make up the difference by just slightly improving his bad posture. But in fairness, I think I was wrong about them in the actual film and was probably thinking more of Stewart looking taller in stills from the film and those taken on set: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Andrew Browne said on 10/Nov/18
Click Here
From 1978 Wayne still looks taller.

From late 70s Wayne still taller.

Click Here
Andrew Browne said on 10/Nov/18
That's pure bs, Jimmy Stewart was never taller than John Wayne even in The Shootist.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Nov/18
@Tall In The Saddle: My thoughts are similar. I can believe he was around the 6'3.75" figure, but Wayne played heroes in movies, particularly westerns until he was what? 68? If Rock Hudson really shrunk to 6'4" by 1967 then it puts a 61-62 year old Duke at roughly 6'2.5" because Hudson looked a good 3 cm taller, perhaps an inch and a half even, but Hudson's boots were not cowboy boots like Wayne's and the heel looked at least a fraction less. The lift thing is so widespread it's difficult to dismiss entirely since not all claims were second-hand or obvious jokes. My best guess is it's something he might have done in a few films to compensate for height loss. I'm somewhat skeptical Hudson was a flat 6'4" and had lost a full inch by then, but even if we went from say 6'4.75" to 6'4.25" by then, that would still put Wayne under 6'3" by his early 60's. With that said, I'm not sure Wayne shrunk much more after The Undefeated because you can see him barefoot with Ron Howard in cowboy boots. Howard can't be 5'9" because despite perhaps 1.75" advantage in that scene, he's more than just 5" shorter. I actually thought Wayne was still a full 6'4" because I thought Howard was 5'9", but Wayne looked a bit shorter than Jimmy Stewart to me by that point, which adds up more with how he looked next to Hudson 7 years earlier. Interestingly, Wayne's boots look to have a full 2" heel to me in Angel and the Badman(1947): Click Here A cowboy heel will be 1.75" just as often, but maybe I'm wrong and that photo just makes it look bigger.
Tall In The Saddle said on 6/Nov/18
I agree with Rob. I certainly don't think Wayne wore lifts 24/7 - perhaps just here and there - for the competitive edge and perhaps later age height loss. That's how I came to accept the possibility that lifts may have been involved - and also due to my perception that Wayne's height even as compared to the same actors from one movie to another seem to vary - sometimes appearing close to even or just a bit taller while other times appearing quite notably taller.
berta said on 3/Nov/18
Rob was he really in lifts? Not that anyone of us know but i mean he didnt look taller than 6 foot 4 at any time.If he had lifts then he would have been 6 foot 6 to people.
Editor Rob
I think there is some truth in the lifts, but it's been exaggerated by some others to make it seem like he wore them a lot. A cowboy boot in itself is a lift of sorts, it's just a more visible style of boosting height.
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Nov/18
I think that Wayne was 6'4" or close enough to in reality. Therefore the idea of lifts is initially counterintuitive until you accept the possibility that Wayne simply wore same to gain a clear edge over actors of comparable or equal height. In some shots/scenes Wayne doesn't appear to hold a lot of advantage if any over actors like Randolph Scott, James Stewart, Forrest Tucker etc. Yet in other shots/scenes Wayne appears to hold a clear advantage over those same guys - so that anomaly alone makes me wonder.
greg lehmann said on 19/Oct/18
John Wayne stood 6'61/2." That's a half inch shorter than my Coast Guard veteran brother in law,6
7" Dennis Crowley. Picking the best John Wayne movie he ever made is almost impossible since ALL John Wayne movies are video collection "requirements." But when I asked Dennis to pick the best John Wayne movie,his vote went to The Searchers. He is correct on that! And Wayne did stunning war adventures,but he could not legally serve in World War II because JOHN WAYNE WAS DEAF! He suffered a perforated eardrum as a child. Wayne also popped up on a Wagon Train episode,The Colter Craven Story and as What's My Line? mystery guest in 1960 nailed by Tom Poston on just the 5th clue! Wayne even directed The Alamo. But his final movie,The Shootist,not only capped his gifted career,he played a gunfighter dying of kidney cancer wanting to die peacefully,but his reputation smothered that. (Ironically,Wayne died three years later of kidney cancer!) Another QUALITY and CLASS act we need MORE of now,but unlikely to nab!
Ian C. said on 17/Oct/18
I think that Robert Mitchum quote above was just Mitchum having a little fun. Robert Mitchum was a guy who liked a joke. Although Wayne probably did wear lifts as he grew older, because heroic size was part of his mystique. But nobody could wear four inch lifts and walk straight, surely.
Editor Rob
I'm sure there is some jest in what he says, but an awful lot of people seemed to be in on the gag about Wayne wearing lifts.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Oct/18
Seeing John Wayne with Sophia Loren, wearing normal boots, not the huge ones he often wears in westerns, easily 8 inches difference, anybody who thinks under 6 ft 3 should see Legend of the Lost, really looked near 6'4 with Loren.
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 21/Sep/18
In Govt papers he was described as 6'3.75" tall and weighs 212lbs is true. He was not 6'4". He wore boots to be 6'4.5" in The Quiet Man.
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 29/Aug/18
He looks not more than half an inch taller than 6'3" Gary Cooper.but above he was 6'3.75" tall and weighs 212lbs was true, Rob?
berta said on 28/Jul/18
i believe john wayne was taller than clint eastwood at peak. i thought john was 193 but its a very specific height claim so i guess he was just under 6 foot 4. Clint was probably never taller than 191 in the afternoon. even at peak i sometimes could get a 189 Wibe from clint. IN big boots he looked 192 range. without it ,in normal shoes, around 190.
Rabindra sankar sen roy said on 23/Jun/18
He never looks solid 6'4".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Jun/18
A peak John Wayne was taller than a peak Clint Eastwood.
Sid 186.1cm said on 20/Jun/18
6'4 peak.
Later days 6'2 3/4
Neelasish Sen Roy said on 15/Jun/18
He is 6'4" tall at peak and weighs 230pounds
Rabindra sankar sen roy said on 15/Jun/18
In his driving liscense wayne described as 6'4" tall and weights 230 pounds.
Sid 186.1cm said on 11/Jun/18
He was a giant for his time
Bill williams said on 12/May/18
John Wayne was a little over 6-4 at peak stretching. Clint was never 6-4 NEVER! People liked Wayne because for generations he was the model of what a man should be. He was said "I play the type of man I wished I would have been" His legend was so great that it will never be surpassed. But this world is changing, and changing fast. But back to his height- theirs a web sight who list him as 6-4.4 I believe this as his wife claimed and his personal secretary. I think he probably shrank an inch later bet held up pretty well.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/May/18
@ Archie Wilson - That was a very interesting read! 👍😊
Archie Wilson said on 9/May/18
Born in 1935, I was 6ft7 at my peak during the 60s. I'm now 83yrs old and struggle to hit 6ft with my hunched neck. Old age, as you all know, affects height detrimentally and it's a damn shame in my opinion. It can make, what was once a tall a proud man, feel like a shadow of his former self. That said I can understand The Duke wearing lifts. Anyway I'm going on a bit... the reason I comment is because I met him back in the 60s at a rare TV interview, I used to be in sound production. Standing 6ft8 (shoes on) he was around, I'd say, 4inches shorter than me so with lifts and a heel on I'd estimate 6ft4. Without I'd say, in the 60s, around 6ft2 barefoot. IMHO.
Michael Voisinet said on 5/May/18
I say John Wayne is approximately 6'4'' tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/May/18
He was most likely measured at this and just rounded up 6ft4. By the 70’s he looked a good inch below it though
Ian C. said on 3/Apr/18
John Wayne was an excellent actor, jock, if he had a good director, like John Ford or Howard Hawks, who pushed him, and if he had a good screenplay. But bless you, he was terrible in True Grit. That book is a favourite of mine, and Wayne completely misses the character of Rooster Cogburn as Cogburn is presented in the book. Wayne reads two lines as if he thought Cogburn was being serious when he spoke them, even though Cogburn is clearly joking. ("I always go backwards when I am backing up," and "That's the position those [pursuing vigilantes] took.") He just did his standard John Wayne character, only with an eye patch and without a corset. And, if Wayne was serious about making that movie well, why did he agree to appear with Glen Campbell? I'll bet John Wayne could sing better than Campbell could act.

Jon Wayne won the Oscar that year when it should have gone to Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy.
Lkk said on 15/Mar/18
Definitely above 6'3 but it can be assumed he was bit lesser than that in his later days. Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 26/Feb/18
Rob, would you keep John Wayne if you were doing 1/8ths?
Editor Rob
I would still keep John on 3.75, I feel he once measured it and then went with that officially or just rounded to 6ft 4 whenever he may have mentioned his height.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 7/Feb/18
@jock I agree.

I'd say this listing is fine.
jock said on 5/Feb/18
why do people think Wayne had height issues, the guy was tall end of, whether he was 6-3 or 6-4 I am sure he couldn't have cared less,in many of his films he was happy to work with taller actors such as Mazurik ,Hutton ,Arness and Hudson etc,
as for being a poor actor watch the film TRUE GRIT,
along with actors like Fonda,Stewart,Scott,Cooper,Peck etc he was box office in that era,
many people didn't like him because of his political views,
Gonzalo said on 5/Feb/18
ScandinavianSupremacy said on 30/Jan/18
Poor actor and one of the most insecure men about their height above 6 feet I've ever seen

ScandinavianSupremacy said on 30/Jan/18
Poor actor and one of the most insecure men about their height above 6 feet I've ever seen
Rance said on 23/Jan/18
I'm a 70.s kid and grew up watching Wayne and Eastwood, in the westerns their cowboy boots had 2 - 3 inch heals anyway, and so Wayne and Clint would come across as a good 6ft5 especially Eastwood who was slimmer than Wayne I believe both guys were 6ft 3barefoot
Sam said on 31/Dec/17
Good shot, both Mazurki and Wayne look as listed.
cobra said on 30/Dec/17
Also, Wayne made at least 3 films with 6-5 Mike Mazurki. Here is the best pic I've been able to find in my short search comparing their heights:

Click Here

In the other pics I've seen Wayne looks closer to Mazurki's height but the angles in those aren't good.
cobra said on 30/Dec/17
Wayne looks taller than 6-3 Cesar Romero in Donovan's Reef.
Unsub 5' 10 said on 24/Dec/17
There's a picture of Fonda And Wayne from the movie " in harm's way" where Fonda looks as tall as Wayne, maybe a tad taller, I put It down to camera angles though. From What I have seen Wayne was 2" taller than him.I Guess a lot of people would want to overlook that photo.
John lutes said on 23/Dec/17
If John Wayne is 6 foot 4 then how tall is Maureen O’Hara 5 foot 7 1/2 I that does not match up in the movie The Quiet Man he does not appear to be 8 1/2 inch taller than Maureen
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 23/Dec/17
Click Here

He looks taller than Robert Ryan here.
Richard said on 23/Dec/17
Wayne is closer to the camera than Eastwood and was probably wearing boots.
Rory said on 23/Dec/17
That picture of Wayne with Clint though is inadmissible as evidence imo because it makes Clint look 6ft1.5-2 which everyone knows is far too low for Clint because he was 6ft3.5. Wayne must have been on raised ground or had Cowboy boots on whilst Clint was in flats or something.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 22/Dec/17
Click Here

He’s really taller than Clint Eastwood.

I wouldn’t go under this mark.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Dec/17
He was most likely measured at this mark, whether that was a mid-morning or afternoon measurement is anyone's guess...but I do not for a second believe that he wore 4in lifts!
TRIPLE said on 15/Dec/17
My uncle met John Wayne. He said Wayne was at least 6'3. My uncle was 5'11 and said Wayne was four inches taller. Wayne was wearing tennis shoes.
LordHumongous said on 13/Dec/17
6'1 barefoot but 6'3 and a bit with lifts & high heel cowboy boots :) He definitely wanted to portray himself as a bigger man for the tall lead cowboy roles - it just goes to show from all the celeb quotes above..
James said on 10/Dec/17
Wayne never looked more than 6'3" in films.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Dec/17
Yeah wore lifts to look 6ft5 range...
Gonzalo said on 7/Dec/17
SSG. Jerome Goodwin (USA Ret.) said on 4/Dec/17
I saw both John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart in Person and they where both taller then me at 6'2" (my Height).

Very interesting comment, Mr Goodwin, thank you. How much taller than you were both actors and legends?
Sue said on 7/Dec/17
I never understood why John Wayne was so popular. He was exactly the same in every movie. I didn't consider him to be a good actor.
SSG. Jerome Goodwin (USA Ret.) said on 4/Dec/17
I saw both John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart in Person and they where both taller then me at 6'2" (my Height).
otisville said on 29/Nov/17
knew a man who made a special fishing rod for john wayne back in 1968, came to the door in just shorts and a flat pair of deck shoes, said he was bald but towered over them, said he was a blast to drink with but a very big man
Anonymous said on 27/Nov/17
lifts don't add much height they r hidden in shoes they r difficult to walk in.U don't need lifts if ur a male above 6 foot!
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 25/Nov/17
Rob, who do you think would be the taller of the bunch, Lee Pace or John Wayne (both at their peak)? Or would you toss a coin?
Editor Rob: hard to pick who would be taller, but a cowyboy boot wearing 25 year old Wayne would certainly look taller standing with Pace in a normal shoe I feel.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 23/Nov/17
He did edge out Clint Eastwood.

This listing is fine.
James said on 19/Nov/17
Wayne said he was less than 6'4" at his peak. His comment in "The Quiet Man" was about Sean Thornton's height, which in any case might not have been accurate. I expect some people say Wayne was shorter because they disliked his support for blacklisting and the illegal US invasion of Vietnam.
dave said on 18/Nov/17
Thanks Rob for your comment below. He appeared so many times on film and in public with flat shoes its just impossible. People who have run into him by accident ( aiports etc...) continue to verify he was a legitamate 6-4 guy. I believe he wore something on one side for a while while his ribs healed. The man was big and I believe him when he said his exact height was 6-4.5 in the quiet man.-especially at a younger age. No reason on earth to add a half inch to a heavyweight boxer! Thats also wahat his wife and secretary verified in thier books. I believe he lost very little as he got older but did have some bad injuries-especially when they were filmiming the undefeated where he broke 3 ribs , and this wasnt long after having 4 ribs removed. He has been in so, so many movies in his life wìth regular shoes. He made a 6-2 person seem small. I guess people like drama and contraversy is just that. Plain and simple-john wayne in his prime was 6-4 plus a little. Its just cant be denied. He was known for his blunt honesty also. Was a good man who stood up for what he truly believed in his heart was right
James said on 16/Nov/17
Wayne also wore a wig in every film from "Wake of the Red Witch" onwards, in addition to having plastic surgery, so there's no reason he wouldn't have worn lifts in films. He even admitted to Rock Hudson that he wore lipstick in films so his lips would show on camera.
movieguy said on 15/Nov/17
Mitchum, Hudson and others. They can't all be lying about the lifts. Come on it was all part of his image. Hollywood and the movies are about fantasy and illusion. People are happy to be taken in by superheroes jumping between galaxies or time travel but find the idea of a movie star wearing lifts to appear a bit taller to be totally unbelievable.
Editor Rob: sometimes a joke becomes a running gag and others jump in on it.

But then, here is another quote from bit-part actor Russell McCubbin to add to the others:

"I met John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable. [Wayne] wore lifts in his shoes, and he wore a hairpiece. He was a good fella. Well, people either liked him or they didn't. He hollered and spat tobacco. I got along with him fine."

Maybe it was really an open secret and Wayne joked about it! Or others on set noticed he had them...

there's no smoke without fire...or in Wayne's case, no cowboy boot without a lift in it. 🤠
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/17
He was probably below 6'3" without lifts.
Richard said on 5/Nov/17
Wayne had plastic surgery in 1969, so I can believe he wore lifts as well.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Nov/17
Rob, do you believe he wore lifts?
Editor Rob: I would have said many years ago it seemed unlikely...he certainly wasn't like a guy like Burt Reynolds who had special cowboy elevators made to give 3.5 inches total height!

Wayne may well have worn them for a role at one time. Sometimes running gags can originate from an actual truth.
Bruno said on 1/Nov/17
John Wayne had smallish feet for a big man. He's son Ethan said he was 6'4" and wore a 10.5-11 shoe US size.
Unsub 5'10 said on 31/Oct/17
A friend of mine is 6'4 and wears size 7 shoes, he has pretty small feet for his height. No way was Wayne a small guy , nope.
Junior said on 30/Oct/17
My deceased grandpa face features look over 90% identical to John Wayne although he was only 5'10 before passing.
jim said on 30/Oct/17
If the foot prints in cement at the Chinese theater on Hollywood Blvd are real he was a small guy. no way was he 6'-4" with tiny feet like that!
James said on 26/Oct/17
Wayne was an old man in "The Undefeated".
James said on 26/Oct/17
Fabian is only 5'10".
Bruno said on 26/Oct/17
movieguy said on 24/Oct/17
The lift wearing has been mentioned by a number of Wayne's fellow stars. I doubt if it was totally false. As I have previously said Wayne was the unusual case of a tall man wanting to appear even bigger.

That doesn't stack up. Why wouldn't he wear lifts when he acted in The Undefeated with Big Rock. As I said before he had no problem acting in films with taller actors.
Bruno said on 26/Oct/17
Looks pretty tall beside Fabian, just shows he didn't need them and never wore them.
James said on 25/Oct/17
That isn't a scene from the movie. Wayne was not wearing ordinary shoes in "North to Alaska".
James said on 25/Oct/17
Wayne was wearing boots in "North to Alaska", not shoes. I couldn't even finish the film because it was so stupid.
movieguy said on 24/Oct/17
The lift wearing has been mentioned by a number of Wayne's fellow stars. I doubt if it was totally false. As I have previously said Wayne was the unusual case of a tall man wanting to appear even bigger.
James said on 24/Oct/17
Those weren't the shoes Wayne wore in the film. That photograph wasn't during filming.
Bruno said on 24/Oct/17
James said on 23/Oct/17
Stewart Granger also said Wayne wore lifts in "North to Alaska". Heights on the imdb are usually not accurate.

And does it look like he is wearing lifts with Fabian James????

You're lifts on the brain James, give it a rest.
James said on 23/Oct/17
Stewart Granger also said Wayne wore lifts in "North to Alaska". Heights on the imdb are usually not accurate.
Bruno said on 21/Oct/17
James said on 20/Oct/17
Fabian wasn't six foot.

Possibly not James, a well known movie site states him at 6'0".

Strange though James from the set of the very movie you said he wore lifts in, his flat shoes suggest otherwise.
Poor old Capacine had a lot of issues.
James said on 20/Oct/17
Fabian wasn't six foot.
James said on 19/Oct/17
So many people have said Wayne wore lifts. Capucine said he was wearing lifts in "North to Alaska" in 1960, and Paul Picerni said Wayne wore lifts in "Sands of Iwo Jima" in 1949.
Bruno said on 19/Oct/17
John Wayne looking chilled on set of 1960 North to Alaska with 6'0" Fabian. Regular shoes.
Click Here.
Unsub 5'10 said on 19/Oct/17
I would rule out the lifts.
James said on 14/Oct/17
I doubt Hudson would have lost any height at the age of 43. Stewart looked taller than Wayne in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", even though he was wearing ordinary shoes and Wayne was wearing cowboy boots with lifts and big heels.
cobra said on 14/Oct/17
Wayne with 6-4 Buddy Ebsen, 6-2 Bax Baer, and 6-4 Max Baer Jr.:

Click Here

Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Oct/17
We see them in The Undefeated and we do know their footwear in that film. The difference could be called around 3 cm (roughly 1.2") but Wayne had standard 1.75" heeled cowboy boots, which would give him about 1.6" of actual height. Hudson had boots with a smaller heel than cowboy boots, but how much smaller is what I don't know. Somewhere from a 1/4" minimum to 1/2" max footwear difference in all likelihood. And watch The Shootist. You see Wayne and Stewart indoors early in the film when Wayne's character is examined. Stewart clearly seemed the taller of the two to me. Probably not much taller, but I remember being surprised.

But one thing I at least sort of agree with is I'm skeptical myself about how much height Hudson had actually lost. I think it's possible he had been say 6'4.75" rounding up to 6'5" and had maybe shrunk to 6'4.25", which he rounded to 6'4".
James said on 12/Oct/17
Ferrer could have lost height as he was about 60.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Oct/17
@Rob: I certainly agree he cleared 6'2" until the very end. He still looked huge with Ron Howard, whom I can't see as tall as 5'9", but must have been at least 5'8"-5'8.5". A barefoot Wayne still towered over Ron Howard in cowboy boots, which means definitely over 6'2". Jimmy Stewart must have been one of those men who didn't lose much by late 60's. I believe when Stewart mentioned shrinking it was a dozen years after the film. I've noted others who lose height relatively early and then don't seem to lose much more so I agree Wayne was probably one of them. Perhaps he ultimately shrunk down to 6'2.5" and was 190 cm by The Undefeated in early 60's.
Bruno said on 11/Oct/17
No sir I think we have pics of Wayne and Stewart in the 1970s both wearing regular shoes and Wayne looks about .5" taller.

Hudson may have said he dropped to 6'4" but hard to believe at early 40s. Himself and Wayne pictured side by side with other actors looks to be at most
.75" diff. Can't see heels?

Mel Ferrer was a legit 6'3" and Wayne appears around .5" taller in Brannigan 1975. Both wearing shoes. So even by 1975 Wayne had lost very little height.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Oct/17
My mistake, Rob. I should have said public claim. Frankly, I'm surprised Wayne ever bothered with the 3/4". Unless Wayne had a really elaborate plan to lie about his height including on a document not seen by the public then, it does suggest he measured 6'3.75". Weight is interesting as well and believable, though his weight was certainly well above 212 later.

But yeah, if Wayne was 6'3.75" then he must have lost height by The Undefeated as Hudson looked about 1.5" or over 1" taller despite Wayne's footwear advantage. But if Hudson could shrink that early then Wayne could have easily shrunk even more at almost 2 decades older. Wayne did still seem a big man in the Shootist more than a half dozen years later, but shorter than Jimmy Stewart who was roughly the same age. So there's a good chance Wayne was below 6'3" the last decade of his life.
Editor Rob: Hudson certainly made Wayne look at most 6ft 3, but some men at that height in their early 50's will have lost a bit, I think Wayne had 25 years of films and wasn't near his peak by then. Through the 70's I don't think Wayne lost a big amount, he still seemed like if he stood tall he'd clear 6ft 2.
cobra said on 10/Oct/17
I believe Wayne had trouble running because of an old football injury. Could be why he always appeared to be slouching as well. That slouching could definitely have an affect on how tall he looked.
James said on 8/Oct/17
Wayne wasn't at his peak height in "The Undefeated" after having two ribs removed in 1964. He also seriously injured himself twice making that film when he tore a ligament in his shoulder, and fell off his horse.
Editor Rob: Wayne fall off a horse? Never, simply doesn't happen...he was kicked off, though, after feeding the poor beast a rotten apple.
Unsub 5'10 said on 4/Oct/17
Interesting...Had Wayne been 6'3.75-6'4, he would've been closer to Hudson's height in The Undefeated, Hudson was down to 6'4 by that time. I don't think, Wayne at the age of 62 had already lost 3-4 6'2.75-6'3 would make a lot of sense to me. It's important to say, though, he really was an imposing man and was aware of that.
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Oct/17
@Rob: In case you want a quote directly from Wayne, here's a screenshot of a 6'4" claim Duke made in 1960 printed in many newspapers(e.g., Arizona Daily Star, Tallahassee Democrat, Statesman Journal, The Courier-News etc/) when he died in 1979: Click Here The articles are dated June 12th in 1979 -- the day after Wayne died. Also, I don't know if it's worth mentioning, but Wayne's character in The Quiet Man claimed to be 6'4.5". Movie claims often don't represent the actor's actual claim, but it'd be interesting to know if Wayne ever claimed this.
Editor Rob: in most situations I think any guy nearly 6ft 4 would have said 6ft 4. The 6ft 3 3/4 is also a direct statement from the hand of Wayne on a government form.
Gonzalo said on 2/Oct/17
The Mike Royko quote sounds like bu****it and make-believe. Shouldn´t even be taken into account. The rest of the quotes are highly interesting
movieguy said on 1/Oct/17
A recent biography of Wayne mentioned I believe the lift wearing, this was as he got older and lost height with age. I think there are too many quotes on the matter by people that knew him for it to be wholly fantasy. With or without lifts he was a tall guy who I believe was bit under 6'4''.
LoganNoll1996 said on 30/Sep/17
The quotes above by Robert Mitchum and Mike Royko seem to be nothing more than poking fun at his imposing figure which is one of the most distinguishable things about him. It's the same as jokingly referring to a big guy as "tiny".

Even if he did wear lifts(and that's a big IF), he did suffer injuries throughout his career(removed lung, broken ribs, ect.) that could've affected his posture and was gaining weight. If he did wear lifts, they were most likely for support or so that he could appear his full height onscreen.
jervis said on 20/Sep/17
Movieguy,I would hope that people don't make up random websites and fabricate stories just to suit their opinion of peoples heights,but it dose happen,maybe Richard is genuine,but Clint Eastwood at 6ft1.8,that more than 2 inches under his billed height,I find highly unlikely.
movieguy said on 20/Sep/17
Richard, you appear to be the same guy who posted on the Robert Ryan page saying that you had met Clint in the 70s and guessed him as just under 6'2''. I believed your posting and stated so on the Clint page. Most other posters seemed skeptical. Below though you state Clint as being 6'1.8'' and say you got this from a tailors site. I'm a little confused as to whether the Eastwood estimate comes from meeting the great man in person or whether it is something you got from the net or both. Clint is my favorite actor btw but that doesn't mean I always believe the publicity. Obviously if you mention a site that no longer exists some people are going to be doubtful about your claims. That doesn't mean that you aren't right of course.
Rory said on 19/Sep/17
Clint Eastwood 6ft1.8 ? Lol, believe that and you'll believe anything.
movieguy said on 18/Sep/17
jervis, I'm skeptical this tailors site ever existed. If it was genuine then my apologies to the guy that mentioned it in his post.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Sep/17
In Allegheny Uprising Wayne was barely taller than 6'3 George Sanders when stood face to face, Wayne looked 6'3.5-75 in comparison I'd say with similar footwear I think.
Richard said on 17/Sep/17
I noted that it did indeed disapear. I shouldnt of asked them where they got their info grom ,which I probably shouldnt of. This was about 7 yrs ago. Did you notice I also swore on my fathers grave that this site did-DID- exist. So what..... Now im lying too I guess. Man, you guys really or incredible in how youll just dismiss anyone or anything to fit your own judgements.
jervis said on 15/Sep/17
That's ashame about the website going missing,if you could prove Clint Eastwood was 6ft1.8 peak that would be surprising. and have a big effect on the heights of so many actors on celebheights.
movieguy said on 15/Sep/17
Tried to find the tailors site mentioned by Richard but failed. Tbh I'm doubtful its exists. Would be fascinating if it is a real site with genuine measurements of the stars.
Richatd said on 14/Sep/17
The website has since vanished. It was a .org or a .net website. It was the 1st website that had the Rocks ( Dwayne Johnson) exact height down to a tee. When I saw him together with Michael strahan on live with kelly there was exactly about a half inch difference between them with strahan being the taller. Also interesting enough, if you google John Carrol he is lisyed as 6-4. Yet this web site listed him at 6-5.2. Then watch the flying tigerd and when him and wayne were standing on flat floor together he was indeed about a half inch taller than wayne. Exact again. I wrote them asking where they got there info from as it seemed to accurate to a tee! I might of made a mistake since they dissapeared . Were they perhaps doing something illegal to obtain this? Whimo knows. But it had been consistent with what I see . Also please dont forget, wayne probably had to where some form of brace on one side as he went back to work within 6 months after losin 4 ribs and a lung. I have wathed all his. Movies down through the yeats and I dont think he would lie about a half inch. Nor do I believe his wife would. Nor do I believe would his secretary. I urge you to read "Duke: A love story" by Pat stacy, in which james stewart praised as an honest ,intamate portrayal of john wayne and his last 7 years. He hated being petty and probably fely saying 6-4.5 was bing petty over half an inch and being vain. Why he gave it in the quiet man was because thats part of being a fighter- is your height weight etc.... Otherwise dont you think 6-4 would be plenty big enough. No reason at all to add a half inch except for what I said.
0lus dont forget Mitchum claim is rediculous ( thats 2 morr boot heels stacked on top of one another inside a heeled boot alrrady. Plus when asked: well how tall is he?
Mitchum replied " John eayne is 6 feet 4.
Then why does he wear lifys?
Mitchum: Oh, he has a bad back and some other issurs...for support.
Notice he didnt lie About how tall he was. Im telling you it was nothing more than one side that he had to wear as a brace untill his cartilidge healed dtc.... Man, I wish that website was still around. Yeah its easy to say Im lying too- But Im not. People are going to believe and twist things to fit what they want to believe. I believe the people closest to him. Also Ill swear on my fathres grave that this website was real and thats what wayne was listed as 6-4.4 inches. Take care
Bruno said on 11/Sep/17
Oh James read what I have written son, my implication is that Wayne had no issue acting with taller actors.

Woody Strode was = or .25" taller in Liberty, same for Tucker. That's allowing they were 6'4" or over.

Jimmy must have shrunk a lot in the 70s when Wayne was pictured in reg shoes with him Wayne looked .5" taller.
jervis said on 11/Sep/17
Richard I would like to know where you got Clint Eastwoods tailors measurement please.
James said on 11/Sep/17
He wasn't the tallest in that awful film "Sands of Iwo Jima" - Forrest Tucker was taller than him, even though Paul Picerni said Wayne wore lifts in the film. James Arness was at least three inches taller in "Big Jim McLain", and James Stewart looked taller in TMWSLV even though he was wearing ordinary shoes and Wayne was wearing cowboy boots with lifts.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Sep/17
Marvin could pull off 6ft2 at times but other times could really just look 6ft1. 186cm is the lowest I'd argue for him
Arch Stanton said on 10/Sep/17
Marvin was taller than 6' but not 6'2. The more I've seen of him I think 186 peak might be more accurate.
Bruno said on 9/Sep/17
movieguy said on 9/Sep/17
James I agree John Wayne probably wore lifts. However I think his was the unusual case of a tall man wanting to look even bigger. I'd say lifts are usually wore by short to average guys to look taller. Let's say for argument sake Wayne was 6'3'' or so, with lifts he could look eye to eye with guys that were 6'5'' or 6'6''. Maybe he was the full 6'4'', the lifts added even more to his height. Wayne always had to be the biggest man in his movies regardless of whether this was true in reality. It was part of his image.

Give me a break, was he the tallest in the undefeated, Hellfighters, Sands of Iwo Jima, Big Jim Mclain, Chisum, TMWSLV etc. Get a grip man.
movieguy said on 9/Sep/17
James I agree John Wayne probably wore lifts. However I think his was the unusual case of a tall man wanting to look even bigger. I'd say lifts are usually wore by short to average guys to look taller. Let's say for argument sake Wayne was 6'3'' or so, with lifts he could look eye to eye with guys that were 6'5'' or 6'6''. Maybe he was the full 6'4'', the lifts added even more to his height. Wayne always had to be the biggest man in his movies regardless of whether this was true in reality. It was part of his image.
James said on 8/Sep/17
Lee Marvin was six foot.
Bruno said on 8/Sep/17
Unsub 5'10 said on 7/Sep/17
Wayne had 6-7 cm on Marvin in that pic. We would need to know Marvin's real height. Hal Baylor looked slightly shorter than Wayne i.m.o.

Hal height may have been rounded up like a lot of actors. Marvin I think was probably 6'1.5". Him and Van Cleef looked similar in TMWSLV.
Richard said on 8/Sep/17
From a tailors site with stars heights.john wayne was exactly as he claimed. He wore flat shoes so many times that it was impossible to wear lifts of any kind.go ahead and put a tape measure in a shoe and even look at one inch. Go ahead. You people obviosly havent a clue about height. By the way the tailor measurement was 6-4.4 inches. The 6-3.75 came from his lat college measrement when he was 18 yrs old. And yes. Clint eastwood im amfraid tailor measurement was 6-1.8 inches. Sorry to dissapoint so many people who want to call J.W. a liar . They get on here and literally make things up or twist something they want to be true. Every last photo standin still with rock hudson side by side proves that .Rock hudson did not shrink a inch at 42 yr old. The idiots like mitchum said jon wayne WAS 6-4 but also wore lifts . Thdy asked him why. He said for support because of his back and the one side missing 4 ribs. He made sure he didnt lie about how tall john wayne was without lifts so he couldnt be sued. Darin said the same thing and said dukes already 6-4 ,I dont know who are what he was trying to be bigger than.! Rob look at those photos again of wayne and hudson very little difference on flat ground. So perhaps maybe hudson want to be noticably taller than wayne and slipped a half inch lift in. Wayne never ever wore lifts . He continued to wear flat heel shoes through out his life. Rob the evidence speaks for itself just as his wife said and his secretary. Thrse people are just calling everyone who knew him well liats. The fact is look again. Rock hudson was a legitamate 6-5 and every last picture on flat ground side by side without wayne standing like a board like hudson there is barely any difference. 6-4.4. Just like hr said and his wife annd secretary and the people who said he wore lifts: that he was 6-4. Look again. Go all the way back to mike mazurki and every other pictue . With forest tucker etc....
Man, some people are just haters and liars.
Unsub 5'10 said on 7/Sep/17
Wayne had 6-7 cm on Marvin in that pic. We would need to know Marvin's real height. Hal Baylor looked slightly shorter than Wayne i.m.o.
James said on 7/Sep/17
Too many people who worked with Wayne said he wore lifts for him to have really been 6'4". Capucine, Paul Picerni, Bobby Darin, Robert Mitchum and many others all said he wore lifts.
jervis said on 6/Sep/17
Johan,I agree 100% with you,Wayne looks 6ft3.75 next to Marvin there,both men are in flat footwear in that scene, if you watch the movie,know lifts there.
movieguy said on 6/Sep/17
Wayne and Eastwood the two giants of the Western in more ways than one. Both officially 6'4'' but some estimate them as low as 6'2''. I think the evidence is pretty conclusive that Wayne wore lifts, there are too many quotes on the subject by people who knew him as shown on the top of this page. I read a book by Gary Wills on John Wayne years ago. There is a little passage about a guy meeting Wayne and being surprised to see him bald and under 6'4'', Wayne was minus his hairpiece and boots. The guy in question was a nailed on 6'4'' and was taller than Wayne. I think Wayne was a big man who wore lifts to make himself look taller. Having said that I doubt if he was much less than 6'4'', the lifts just added to an already big stature. I love that photo of Clint and Wayne, lifts or not Clint does look pretty small in comparison to the more robust older man.
Ali said on 5/Sep/17
6ft 2 without lifts
Bruno said on 4/Sep/17
Unsub 5'10 said on 3/Sep/17
I've bin watching the fist fight scene in Big Jim Mclain and a few minutes before when Wayne was talking to the party members, I would rule out 6'3.75 like I once said, unless almost everyone around him had been 6'2 and over 6'2, I guess that shouldn't have been very common in 1952. He also looked way shorter than 6'5-6'6, Alan Napier.

The only part of that film where Napier and Wayne stand close to each other is near the end before the fight scene. Wayne appears about 2" lower which would be about right.
The heavy he is fighting is Hal Baylor who is listed as 6'4" on a well known movie website.
Johan said on 4/Sep/17
Some of the posters in here are nuts, Wayne 6'2" ?

Lee Marvin listed 6'1.5" and for sure a good 6'1" guy, do you see 1 inch here because I see easily 2 inches.

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Rory said on 3/Sep/17
Yh I wouldn't read too much into that photo of Wayne and Eastwood. In the pic there looks an almost 2 inch difference between them and whilst Wayne might have been taller you could argue...the difference wouldn't have been as much as 2 inches between them. I've seen pictures before too where a person looks easily taller than someone and then in another from the same day and time they look identical height, it can go up and down like that that's why one picture alone can never be seen as credible evidence.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 3/Sep/17
I change my mine. He did edge out Clint Eastwood.
Unsub 5'10 said on 3/Sep/17
I've bin watching the fist fight scene in Big Jim Mclain and a few minutes before when Wayne was talking to the party members, I would rule out 6'3.75 like I once said, unless almost everyone around him had been 6'2 and over 6'2, I guess that shouldn't have been very common in 1952. He also looked way shorter than 6'5-6'6, Alan Napier.
Bruno said on 3/Sep/17
He learned to walk like that, plus Wayne had smallish feet for a man who was so big. His son says he wore a 10-10.5 boot.
Jug said on 2/Sep/17
I still think he was near 6'4 even barefoot. Do lifts account for his signature gait, I wonder?
Bruno said on 1/Sep/17
The Karl said on 31/Aug/17
Arguably the most height conscious actor of his generation...and still gives us fits about his true height. Who knows for sure, somewhere in the 6'2 to 6'3.5 range seems to be the consensus. If he was really over 6'3 flat I doubt he would have been so obsessed over his lifts, which he most assuredly used on a regular basis. Being viewed as the prototype 6'4 Big Man was paramount.

If he was so height conscious why would he act with taller actors?
There is not one scintilla of proof that he ever wore lifts.
jervis said on 1/Sep/17
Clint looks 6ft1 and very scrawny compared to Wayne in that pic.It must have something to do with camera angles and footwear advantage in Wayne's favour.If you look at pics of Clint next to Don Seagal you will see the difference in height between Seagal and Clint, and Seagal and Wayne, in that pic are very similar.But I still think given Wayne's age at the time of the picture,Wayne was the taller of the two at peak,that's Wayne 6ft3.75 peak and Clint 6ft3.
Bruno said on 1/Sep/17
Richard said on 30/Aug/17
Ron Howard is exactly 170.

So he was taller than 170 peak as the word is implies present tense and Ron is in his 60s now.

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