How tall is Josh Radnor

Josh Radnor's Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

American actor, best known for playing Ted Mosby on sitcom How I Met Your Mother. On twitter he mentioned his height, saying he stood at "6 ft exactly".

How tall is Josh Radnor
Josh & Kathryn Hahn
Photo s_bukley/

How tall is Josh Radnor
Lindsay Price & Josh
Photo s_bukley/

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Average Guess (88 Votes)
5ft 10.92in (180.1cm)
berta said on 27/Jan/23
neil patrick harris always edged him out, but had perfect posture. In real life they are very close. Josh have very relaxed posture. I cant see him under 181 if harris is 182 or 183 like he was listed before.
Robin1 said on 1/Sep/22
He does not look 181cm at all. He’s 178cm max
Desky said on 13/Jul/22
178cm at best
Wehrmacht180 said on 6/Jan/22
179 cm
Pere said on 22/Sep/21
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
Solid 5’ 11”
Jake said on 20/Aug/21
Rob, what do you think he measures out of bed? If he measures 6ft does that not give him the right to claim it? He’s not lying after all. If measures under 6ft out of bed then it is a little cheeky.
Editor Rob
I think Radner can sometimes look barely 5ft 11 with others, though his posture is not what I'd call the best.
Out of bed the highest I think he could ever get is 6ft. I'm not a fan of claiming out of bed height, though some do!
James Hedington said on 9/Jul/21
Looks a fraction under 5'11" compared to NPH. But, to be fair, NPH in HIMYM is always wearing a dress heel (2.5cm thick) whereas Radnor is wearing a low profile casual shoe (1.5cm thick). So i'd guess Radnor is 181.5cm straight out of bed and just a tad under 180cm as a daily low. I'll give him 5'11" (5'10 7/8" more likely).
Jakepaulisznall said on 23/Mar/21
Looks a 0.25 under 5’11 not over it tbh can look an inch shorter than NPH I think at times doesn’t only look 0.25 to half an inch
nicster said on 15/Feb/21
Nah you can tell in most episodes he's a solid inch shorter than Neil Patrick Harris, he's prolly 180 cm
slim 6'1 said on 11/Feb/21
Solid 5’11”, the quarter inch is unnecessary 👍
Genau said on 27/Dec/20
I dont know if it is just me but on himym his legs look so short does he have long torso and shorter legs for his height?
Genau said on 21/Dec/20
who would you give the edge between him and Sebastian Stan
Editor Rob
Stan maybe leaves me with a taller impression, though I would think they are pretty close when getting measured
Pat m said on 28/Nov/20
Literally just watched an episode of HIMYM and he looks shorter than 5ft11.5 Neil Patrick Harris, my guess is he's under 5ft11 but close to it, 5ft10.75, casting agents probably measured him 6ft in shoes and he just went with it
Aidan 5'10.5" said on 14/Oct/20
6 foot claim fine but “exactly” come on man
Cameron9982 said on 9/May/20
He dosent seem 182cm
Nik Ashton said on 27/Apr/20
@ mark thompson - That is super interesting! 😀👌
Nik Ashton said on 3/Feb/20
Felipe Teixeira said on 19/May/19
There was an episode with Ralph Macchio, he is 5'8 and look very short among the others, I think Josh Radnor is 5'11
Lara said on 5/Mar/19
I think he is 1.80 m.
James G. said on 5/Jan/19
Spot on listing.
Hitler said on 30/Oct/18
His proportions don’t even look like a full 5’11” here
Rourke said on 29/Jul/18
Some people need to realise that you can’t just assume 5’11” is enough to round up to 6’ because it’s noticable. There a people over 6’1 who just say they’re six foot because it’s easier, but we know they’re a little over and they don’t care too much about it.
anonymous89 said on 4/Apr/18
would I he considered fairly tall given my slim build I can give taller imoression on would say 178cm barefootis fairly tall
ItsGreg said on 25/Mar/18
@Anonymous that sucks you only ended up weak 5'11- strong 5'10 if your dad was 6'4, if your mum was taller say 5'5-5'6 you could have ended up 6'0 or even if you had more tall genes as I know a lad who ended up 6'3 his parents where 5'9 and 5'5.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/17
this person was me by the way lol my father 6 foot 4 my mom 5 foot I had myswelf measure 5 foot 11 with shoes dress shows 5 foot 11 1/2 I guess I would be considered fairly tall slightly above average same height as guy pearce and law I even have their build
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/17
rob if a person was 181cm in dress shows 180 regular shows would they be 179 cm barefoot and if when measuring your height if top of your head hits 71 inch measuring tape r u 5 foot 10 barefoot
Editor Rob
maybe more like 177-8 zone
berta said on 18/Sep/17
hm is there really just 1/4 of an inch beetween him and NPH ? i would say half inch ore even a fraction more. well i havent scene the show for a couple of years but with good posture NPH was 1 inch taller
Matt said on 23/Aug/17
barely makes 5'11"
HonestSlovene said on 14/Jul/17
I'd say exactly 180 cm.
Jjjj said on 13/Jun/17
Think he is 1 inch shorter then nph
Heightster said on 9/May/17
Met him in person. Twice. Large head, agreed. Puffy, hair-piece/weave add-on. No lifts. 5' 9" to 5' 9 1/4" minus shoes. Kinda serious, disheveled, sad looking dude.
MaxB said on 7/Jan/17
@Lynx Are you sure you know who Penn and Radnor are? Because Penn was clearly several cms shorter than Radnor and Harris on that show.
Lynx said on 4/Dec/16
Kal pen is listed at 178cm but is clearly 2 inches taller than Josh Radnor on how I met your mother please exPlain
TJE said on 29/Nov/16
The 0.25 is unnecessary.
spainmen191cm said on 29/Oct/16
Interesting claim. Nice found Ron. Its very important to spot what the person claims as his height
Editor Rob
like I said, sometimes when I update a page I will have a look and see if there is any claim, in his case he claimed's too high I think.
spainmen191cm said on 24/Oct/16
Rob, could you add a photo of him, and make a category for How I Meet Your Mother?
Editor Rob
I will also add his own height claim.
Ted89 said on 2/Sep/16
Same height of Eric McCormack (180 cm or maybe shorter)

Click Here
c-mo said on 9/Aug/16
I think :

Josh Radnor : 178-179cm

Neil Patrick Harris : 180-181cm

Jason Segel : around 192cm

Cobie Smulders : around 172cm

Alyson Hannigan : around 162cm
Mklove said on 5/Aug/16
I've seen him in the flesh and Josh Radnor just has a big head and his puffy hair makes him look 5'11... He's actually just a fraction over 5'10 and possibly 5'10 1/4
stingjr said on 28/Jul/16
5'10 at best
Questionaire said on 10/Jul/16
Incorrect listing.. He's 5"9 3/4
Charizard said on 7/Jul/16
Meet and greet videos of him with NPH standing aside to thank the audience there was a 3 inch difference and Neil was
Bill said on 5/Jul/16
Segal 6'3.5
NPH 5'11.5
Radnor 5'10.5
Marshmallow said on 5/Jul/16
Jason Segal during an interview "forgetting Sarah Marshall" got asked "how do you feel about being the tall guy on tv compared to his other co cast members?" He replied "well Neil is 5'11 and Josh Radnor is 5'10 to some extent and that he's used to being the tall one 95% of the time.
Charizard said on 30/Jun/16
I genuinely think he is only 177-178cm
Watch the episode on how I met your mother "good crazy" there is a Radnor standing next to NPH and it looked like a 5-6cm difference.
grizz said on 24/May/16
Mat said on 19/May/16
Rob are you sure on 181 cm for this guy? Look at this: Click Here

He looks noticeably shorter than 182 cm Neil.
Even with the best possible posture (which NPH held in that photo btw), Radnor would still look 0.5 inch shorter than Neil. Next to the girls in heels, who aren't particularly tall to start with, he doesn't look like a strong 5'11 guy-cut off his puffy hair and he's basically on par with girls.
BT said on 23/May/16
I've seen several times on HIMYM where Radnor appears to edge NPH or at least is the same height when they are both wearing dress shoes and Radnor doesn't stand like an old man. A 0.25in difference between them is about all I would want to argue.

Also, Segel can go from looking barely 4 inches taller than both of them to looking close to 5 inches taller. He's probably a Iegit 6'4 guy who just looks nearer 6'3 when slouching. A fraction under the 6'4 mark is arguable, but him being 6'3.5 or less would mean that Radnor and NPH are likely 5'11 flat or less - which doesn't seem likely.
Mat said on 23/May/16
Dmeyer everyone looks taller to you
Dmeyer said on 21/May/16
To me when hé has good posture hé isnt more than 0,25in shorter than Harris , Harris stands well And oftenly And 1-1,5cm more shoes
Mat said on 21/May/16
So Rob, could Josh be 5'10.5?
Editor Rob
wouldn't guess him that low, a 5ft 11 only maybe
Mat said on 19/May/16
I mean, look at this. Click Here This is the best picture to judge. They look close, Neil looks a smidge taller, BUT, Josh is a little bit closer to the camera. I don't believe there is only 1/4 difference between them Rob.
Editor Rob
there could be a half inch or so, out of the two Josh looks a more looser postured fellow compared to Neil.
Mat said on 19/May/16
Rob are you sure on 181 cm for this guy? Look at this: Click Here

He looks noticeably shorter than 182 cm Neil.
BT said on 19/May/16
NPH can appear near 6ft at times because he does everything in his power to do so, Radnor can appear 5'11 or less because he doesn't give two squirts. He's got a bigger head and face than NPH, and more hair, but he slouches badly and wears baggy clothes and flat footwear - of course he'll appear a bit shorter at times. When the conditions are more equal and Radnor is standing close to properly, he doesn't appear even a hair shorter than NPH.
Paleman said on 20/Mar/16
Strange, for some reason I always thought of him as a strong 5'9" or something like that, I didn't expect him to be this tall... But as usual I trust your listing Rob.
Dame said on 26/Jan/16
him next to the actress who plays stella he isn't much taller so I give him 5''10 half.
grizz said on 15/Sep/15
Flat 5'11 for him, 5'11.25 for NPH.
Peyman said on 11/Sep/15

thank you buddy
well, 180 is truly a good guess
although 179 & 181 are both arguable.
he is like 182 cm there
which is 180 barefoot.
Jane said on 28/Jun/15
radnor and harris are even, if harris may have a quarter or half inch advantage.... it is true that throughout the show he constantly has an inch to 1.5 in advantage, but this is due to stronger footwear and a much better posture
cole said on 28/Apr/15
@Peyman: If he was wearing what he's usually wearing - a converse/vans type shoe, which would give around 1.5 cm, he wouldn't be under 180. He's also a sloucher, so 181 is a fair shout. But I don't recall seeing that mugshot, do you know which episode?
Peyman said on 11/Apr/15
soild 191 for segel
5ft 11in for Neil
& 179 for josh

there is an episode where you can see a mugshot of Ted, he looks 5ft 11.5in on shoes
that would make him 179 barefoot.

I wouldn't believe the 181 listing for him.
Hypado said on 4/Mar/15
Josh Radnor's height is 5ft 11.25in (181 cm)

Perfect listing.
CDS said on 2/Mar/15
This comment by Adolf says it all; LOL:

I watched an episode where they had Barney drunk and Ted asked him who was taller. Barney said that Ted was taller and that he(Barney) wears lifts on all of his shoes.

5'11.25" for Radnor; 5'11" (maybe even 5'10.75") for Harris. 6'4" for Jason Segal
cole said on 13/Nov/14
@Adolf: IRL they look quite similar: Click Here Hard to tell who'd be taller.
Blehh said on 12/Oct/14
My sister met him at temple. He's not a full 5'11 cause of his hair. closer to 178/179cm.
George said on 4/Oct/14
180 cm seems fair I guess, he doesn't really look taller than this in the show. Maybe it's the posture or his footwear, but Neil Patrick Harris always seems to have at least an inch on Josh.
cole said on 24/Apr/14
Hopefully the link for the Timberlake-pic works this time: Click Here
Billy said on 21/Apr/14
Josh looks as tall as ne and im 5'9.75
lelman said on 27/Mar/14
In the 5'11 range, 179 minimum.
johnny said on 16/Mar/14
178-179cm. can look taller than he really is in shoes.
FreddyKrueger said on 21/Feb/14
to be honest he always looked 5'10 to me and his 5'11 area claim or listing, doesnt change my mind one bit

I live in germany so basically 5'11 is average over here thus a common sight (actually low average for the younger generations nowadays), and radnor defintiely does not look like a legit 180-181cm in barefeet.... well, in shoes maybe

5'10 radnor / 5'11 for neil

Click Here
jordydecke said on 19/Feb/14
if he is actually 5'11 or 5'11.5ish in his shoes then that does make me doubt Segel's claim of 6'4. I've been watching the show a lot lately and often looks like there's less than 5 inches difference between them. I have a friend who is 6'4 and he towers me more in photos etc more than Segel does Radnor...
5ft10guy said on 4/Jan/14
5ft11 flat for Radnor is good since 5ft11.5 for nph is more accurate as well. Radnor hair gives him the look of being taller
Realist said on 3/Dec/13
Josh Radnor:179 NPH:181 Segel:193 Allyson Hannigan:163 Cobbie Smulders:170
Blaze said on 2/Dec/13
181 for Josh, 182 for Neil
Chris said on 8/Oct/13
Rob you said Neil's head is around 9,25 inches long. Would you say Josh's is around 9,5 inches long according to this pic:Click Here
Editor Rob
I'd say it was somewhere in that range
cole said on 5/Sep/13
Regarding How I Met Your Mother. I know that both Radnor and NPH are 5'11 range guys, and it's getting really obvious now as I look back on old episodes. Especially those where real 182-183 cm range men Chris Elliot and Wayne Brady was guest-starring.

In one scene Chris Elliot looks shorter than NPH from a certain angle (up close), I believe it was filmed to the purpose of making NPH look taller, as when they zoomed out to a straight shot, Chris looked about an inch or so taller, in less footwear.

Same thing when NPH was filmed with Brady, he looked taller most of the time, but when the cameras zoomed out for a brief moment, it was clear that Brady was taller. I don't know if this was done on purpose, but it clearly suggests, and further strengthens my belief that NPH and Radnor are 5'11 guys.

I'll see if I can find some of these moments, and others, and get me some screenshots.
Emily said on 31/Aug/13
Do you think he has an above average/big head for his height Rob? Regarding this pic:Click Here or this one Click Here i really noticed that. Especially compared to Neil (who has a small head for his height i think) and Jason. Do you think it's close to 10 inches?
Emily said on 31/Aug/13
It's true that he has horrible posture while NPH has the opposite, but i do think Radnor's shorter than Neil and is in the lower end of 5'11 range. Or a flat 5'11. When he slouches, Josh can look 5'10 range.
cole said on 28/Aug/13
Also he looks nothing over 5'11 next to 195 cm range Pablo Schreiber. Pablo, by the way, also makes me doubt Segel as a legit 6'4. He looks a bit taller next to Radnor than what Segel does.
cole said on 28/Aug/13
I'm sorry, but what are you guys on about? First of all: he doesn't look that much shorter than Neil in these new photos? He absolutely does. But it doesn't really change the fact that they are about the same height barefoot. The reason why NPH looks taller in these shots, are quite obvious really. NPH has stronger footwear, he's making himself as tall as he possibly can, which he does in every shot. Radnor is wearing flats, AND he is slouching.

You can find many shots that suggest they are even in height. And I strongly believe they are. The pics you can find of NPH looking taller is basically all about him having a far better posture, and also, mostly a footwear-advantage.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Radnor looks like a 180 cm range dude next to strong 6 footer Richard Jenkins, so I am pretty sure that 181 cm is the absolute max for Radnor. So to be fair, you could give him that 1 extra cm because of his tendency to slouch and wear lesser footwear. He is a guy who deserves the benefit of the doubt, and therefore be given the tallest you can see him, rather than the lowest, because he always seems to be at a disadvantage that doesn't justify his real stature at all. I think it's wrong that NPH, who does his outmost to seem taller in ever picture ever taken of him, gets a 6ft listing, a listing I clearly think he doesn't deserve.

Honestly it's not that hard to see that, if Radnor stood up right, with his best posture, he would be about the same height as NPH. So if either of them is ever close to 6ft, it's Radnor. But Radnor absolutely isn't 6ft, so by that simple logic, neither is NPH. Like I have said plenty of times already, they are both 180 cm range guys, 181 cm at best.
Darren said on 4/Aug/13
@Elias, yeah, you're probably right. Here's another photo from the same event (Comic Con 2013) Click Here and Radnor doesn't look much shorter than Harris on this one.
Elias said on 4/Aug/13
Darren,josh is slouching in your pic, by the way you can see that cobie smulder is taller than neil patrick harris in heels
Darren said on 2/Aug/13
He looks much shorter than NPH on this pic Click Here
Yeah said on 29/Jul/13
He's shorter than 179 Bryan Cranson by inch or half an inch, any thoughts on that Rob?
Eddie said on 25/Jun/13
He looks closer to 5'9
cole said on 22/Jun/13
There's a couple of scenes where you can see that NPH, even in dress shoes, and Radnor barefoot, slouching, because he had been locked out of the apartment without his shoes, are actually about the same height. It might have been camera-work, but I thought it looked interesting.
ken said on 13/Jun/13
he isn' tall 180 181 at the maximum, he is at least 2-3 cms shorter then niel patrick harris, who is a 183-4 guy
johnny said on 18/Apr/13
Click Here 5'11'' seems about right for his leg torso proportion
5ft10guy said on 29/Mar/13
I can see NPH as 5ft11 and him 5ft10.75,5ft10.5 at the absolute lowest or nph at 5ft11.5 and josh at 5ft11 flat. Josh is more flat 5ft11.
AD said on 21/Mar/13
Just seen the new episode of HIMYM where they're fantasising about being bad-ass teens ...Ted's having a mug shot taken and he's just skimming the 6ft mark on the chart with the very top of his head, will be wearing shoes and accounting for his hair (which was flattened down in that scene) I can't see him barefoot above 180cm
Dmeyer said on 30/Jan/13
New 181cm guy
Peyman-6ft said on 29/Jan/13
NPH : 5ft 11.5in ( maybe even 181 flat )
Radnor : 5ft 11in ( no less than it)
Segel : 6ft 3.5in ( seems shorter at times , but he's not under this mark IMO) this guy is at least 4cm taller than Chris Pratt
Smulder : 5ft 7in ( I thought she is 5ft 7.75in , but I respect Rob's estimate )
Hannigan : maybe 5ft 4in , not sure though
perfect starring in HIMYM by all of them
Hew said on 14/Jan/13
Good to see him downgraded Rob :) Altough I think a flat 5'11 would suffice, this is more fair.
Balrog said on 8/Jan/13
Well, Radnor is a sloucher and wears flat shoes but still he doesn't strike me for a strong 5'11''. Looks average too many times. 179-180 cms my guess.
Trey said on 8/Jan/13
He looked 5'11 with Obama aswell. Looks nothing over 5'11 with Jenkins. 5'11.
Hew said on 6/Jan/13
I've actually seen him listed as tall as 6'1 (!), I've also seen him at 5'11. Mostly he gets listed 5'11.5 or 6ft. I have no problem buying a 182-183 cm listing, but I just don't think it's very likely, unless the people I've seen him with is taller than listed.

Like this for instance, with Richard Jenkins (listed 6'0.5 at this site):
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I don't know, he looks closer 5'11 to me. What do you think Rob, is this listing maybe 0.25 or 0.5in too generous?
Hew said on 30/Dec/12
I don't know if it's all camera-angles, but he seems a good inch taller than NPH in a couple of episodes from season 2, when both are in dress-shoes. He also looked a good inch taller than Bryan Cranston at a couple of occations, sometimes they looked close in height though.
SAK said on 28/Dec/12
Thorvald says on 22/Oct/12
Jason Segel - 188 cm
You are out by 2inches.

Radnor looks 5f11/181cm.
Toby said on 25/Dec/12
I worked as a super in the movie HappyThankYouMorePlease and got the chance to speak with him face to face for a while, really nice guy. I'm 6ft and he was at least 1.5" shorter than me. 5'10.5" no more.
Trey said on 19/Dec/12
Like NPH, he doesn't really look this close to 6ft with 6'1 Obama, or most 5'10-11 people.
Dmeyer said on 13/Dec/12
Hé is very close in height to nph
elias said on 3/Dec/12
Click Here
Leung said on 10/Nov/12
true achello. NPH is slightly taller than Radnor.
achello said on 9/Nov/12
Honestly people, how did you conclude that he is taller than NPH? On every shot, Harris looks slightly taller than him.
Hew said on 4/Nov/12
Take a look at this: Click Here

They look the same height. Both 5´10-ish imo. Radnor was the same height as 5´10 proven Jimmy Fallon and 5´10 Bryan Cranston. You have them both listed rouhgly 4 cm in the wrong direction, Rob.
Thorvald said on 22/Oct/12
Jason Segel - 188 cm
Josh Radnor - 180 cm
Neil Patrick Harris - 180 cm
Kal Penn - 178 cm
Cobie Smulders - 170 cm
Alyson Hannigan - 163 cm
Chiara said on 21/Oct/12
It´s weird cause he sometimes looks taller than NPH and other times shorter. He has terrible posture though while NPH has excellent posture. I can see him actually being taller than NPH.
Silent d said on 5/Oct/12
180cm. He has big hair.
Mary said on 8/Sep/12
In one episode of HIMYM he was barefoot along with Cobie Smulders, and he was clearly 3 inches taller. Cobie is clearly around 5'7.
BigT said on 1/Aug/12
Looked 5'11 with Obama, he needs a downgrade.
c-mo said on 1/Aug/12
this guy has the look of a 178cm guy .....his appereance screams 5'10

in one episode of "how i met your mother" you can see that bryan cranston and him are almost the same height

Click Here here you can see it ...go to about 5:50

josh radnor could be 180cm but he doesnt look taller ...i would even buy 178-79cm

what do you think rob ? regardless of this episode i think he has the look of a 5'10 man but this episode gives even more reason to question him
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 30/Jul/12
NPH is exactly 6 feet (1.83 m), Radnor is close to Harris at around 182 cm. 5 ft 11.5 in is realistic for Josh Radnor.
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
The guy who played the assistant of mosbious designs is 181-182 cm tall, Josh looked shorter than him by at least 2-3 cm. He also looks the same height as Kal Penn, they both have terrible postures. Josh is taller than NPH, I´m sure of it. NPH looks different height in almost every picture, he´s a lift wearer. NPH also looks the same height as his boyfriend when they are in simular footwear, they also have the same proportions.

Josh Radnor - 180 cm
Neil Patrick Harris - 179 cm
Kal Penn - 178 cm
achello said on 24/Jul/12
No way he is 183 cm as listed many places...its an insult to 6'0 tall people
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 26/Jan/12
I think he's 181-182 cm. Was he listed higher here before?
jake, 1.82 m/ 1.83 m said on 15/Jan/12
1.81 m for Radnor, solid 1.83 m for Harris.
Dmeyer said on 4/Dec/11
Very close in height With nph , many Times wear converse and slouch and still looks 5'11 range the Guy is 5'11.5 maybe more on a good day
JamesP said on 29/Nov/11
He´s more like 5´11" flat. He´s taller than NPH when they are both in the same footwear and Radnor isn´t slouching.
Radnor: 1.81m
NPH: 1.80m
Tarrance said on 15/Nov/11
He looked a good 2-3cm taller than 176cm aging Cranston (178cm at peak). I don´t think he looks taller than 180cm to be honest. Looks as tall as NPH with a slouch but when he stands straight he might be 0,5-1cm taller.
Josh Radnor: 180cm
Neil Patrick Harris: 179cm
LAN Jiao said on 7/Nov/11
Maybe he 181.
Nick said on 3/Nov/11
i guess he s like 5 foot 10.5
5'10guy'n'growing said on 31/Oct/11
5'11 straight he never looks "tall" just above average at best with tall girls like the girl with scrubs and that 70s show both who are tall and he was the same height as the girl from 70s show both with converse.5'10.5 lowest 5'11 tops
nice guy said on 29/Oct/11
u kidding right? when i saw this guy on how i met ur mother i thought he was a weak 5'8...anyways lets give him 5'10 any more than that doesnt match his short limbs and overall short or average appearance...real 6feet guys look different/ taller, take arnold for example
MBH said on 6/Oct/11
NO WAY he is 5'11.5 he is barely 5'11
jake, 1.82 m said on 27/Sep/11
He's more 5ft 11in (1.80 m)
Johnny said on 26/Aug/11
I recently met him and certainly not 182 cm. I have a 6 ft 6.25 inches (199 cm) and was a good 8 inches taller than him, so he has at most 180 cm
Kyle6foot said on 11/Aug/11
I walked past him in LA last week. I am 6 foot, and I remember I had very flat shoes that day. He seemed at least an inch, or closer to two shorter than me, in simular shoes, 5´11 with the shoes, maybe 5´10 - 5´10.5 without them... I would assume NPH is simular height, maybe a little taller?
Peter said on 31/Jul/11
I though I was with him in 2007 met, I would say that he is so by at least 3 inches shorter than me - 6 ft 2.5 (189 cm), so he has to not more than 182, more like 180 cm.
JD183 said on 5/Jul/11
he doesn't look that tall in HIMYM but keep in mind that, at 5'11.5, he's the shortest male character.
Gorgon said on 26/Jun/11
Last year i met Josh in New York, and he was a very friendly and funny guy, he was abut my height, 5´10.5", and he did not seem to try to make himself look taller, as his posture was pretty bad, and he was wearing regular shoes. This listing might match him when in shoes, but barefoot he is probably an inch or a half shorter.
Tacos said on 30/May/11
He looked just a tad taller than 5'10" Peter Bogdanovic. And surely, Bogdanovich has to have shrunk a bit over the years, probably 5'9" or 5'9.5" now, that puts Radnor at something around 5'10", 5'10.5" (178-180 cm) And NPH is actually shorter than JR, BTW. I have met them both and i am 6'1" (185 cm) and i could easily see that i was at least 2 Inches, if not 3, taller than both of them. This was at the summer an we were all wearing similar footwear.
Bambi said on 23/May/11
He kinda looks 5 ft 10 and so does NPH.
Kate said on 16/May/11
I don't know if he's really taller than NPH, but I'm sure that they have the same height in any case ! Although in one episode when NPH called him "little" Radnor replies that they are the same height... And as anonymous and Efi A said it, NPH wears suits and shoes with small heels... So I think he's 5'11" (1.80) or even a bit more... maybe 5'11.5" as said, but I don't think NPH is 6'0"...
Andrew6ft2 said on 25/Apr/11
Josh Radnor is taller than Neil Patrick Harris, and that is a fact!
But neither of them is close to 6 foot... NPH is 5´10.75" or a weak 5´11", (180cm), and Radnor 5´11.25" (181cm) when he streightens up.
JayJay said on 19/Apr/11
Is NPH really 6foot? In that case - Radnor might be a flat 5'11", I'm sceptical to the 6foot and 6'1" claims on NPH. Barefoot, i would put him at 5'11.25", and Josh Radnor at 5'10.75" or 5'11".
Andrew1995 said on 19/Apr/11
AJ says on 7/Dec/10
how can someone be 8'1''

Actually, it's possible, Sultan Kosen is 8'3''
E said on 2/Mar/11
looked same height as jimmy fallon on his show last night...
linke said on 22/Jan/11
he wears sneakers most of the time and doesnt have a nph posture,i agree with dmeyer there.Rob is 6' possible or even 5'11.75 in that case?
linke said on 20/Jan/11
He could be 5'11.75-6'0
leung said on 20/Jan/11
Radnor was surprisingly close in height to Kyle MacLachlan in HIMYM
BJ said on 19/Jan/11
allmost in every part of "how I meet your mother" looks this guy 2 cm shorter than Neil Patrick Harris. I thing 181 cm fits this guy best
JayJay said on 11/Dec/10
Every celeb is listed higher than they really are. You have to see them in person to know their exact height. Both NPH and Josh Radnor looks 5´10-5´11" to me, tops.
AJ said on 7/Dec/10
how can someone be 8'1''
Anonymous said on 28/Nov/10
Neil Patrick Harris is SUREly 8'1" The same height as a 6'1" guy on SNL. And an inch taller than matthew morrison on Glee. Yeah, I watch Glee.
5/10 Guy said on 24/Nov/10
Solid 5'11 Guy maybe 5'10.75
JJ said on 26/Jun/09
I'd say he's a about 5'11 180cm at most, and there is no way Jason Segal is only 6'4. He's about 6'4.5~6'5 195cm
Josh.J said on 17/Jun/09
paul that picture is very wrong for height comparison. there are plenty of other pics where radnor looks taller than nph. Click Here

but on the show he has consistently looked an inch or so shorter than nph and looks no more than 5'11"~5'11.5". his hair style gives the illusion of him being taller than he is.
Leung said on 15/Jun/09
182cm is reasonable, he is only slightly shorter than Barney (NPH) in HIMYM.
wedge said on 15/Jun/09
180-182cm is definitely the right range for this guy. In the episode with Sarah Chalke (171cm), there was a long segment where you could see the 2 of them full-length. She was wearing high heels and he was wearing wearing thin-soled pumas. He was consistently 1-2 inches taller than her.
ChucktheSchmuck said on 13/May/09
He looks it.
Austrian said on 8/May/09
looks 5'10-5'11 to me

by the way is Jason Segel really only 6'4? id easily buy 6'5 or more for him
Paul said on 13/Apr/09
He doesn`t look 5'11.5 compared to Neil Patrick Harris in this picture: Click Here
I`d say 5'10 at most, 5'9 or 5'9.5 is more probable.
matt said on 16/Feb/09
josh is 6'0 (1.83 m), he's quite a tall guy, Neil Patrick Harris is around that too, maybe 6'1
anonymous said on 24/Dec/08
He looks 5 foot 11 next to 5 foot 4 alyson hannigan. He is taller than i expected.
kevin said on 20/Dec/08
saw today an episode of how i met your mother and he was a bit shorter than Bryan Cranston (guy from malcolm in the middle, listed here as 179cm). so he could be shorter than 182cm.
Alucard said on 10/Dec/08
This is accurate. He is no where near 5'9"!...that's a complete joke. hahaha
Michelle said on 29/Nov/08
No way is JR 5'11.5". I'm 5'10", and I was at the premiere of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay and I was standing right next to him. He's shorter than I am. I'd say 5'8" to 5'9".
Andy said on 2/Sep/08
The entire cast of How I Met Your Mother is tall except Alyson, Josh states in the show that he is the same height as Barney(NPH), Neil is 6-6'1
Kris said on 2/Jan/08
No, I don't think so.
Whenever I see him standing next to NPH (who's 6 feet) he always looks at least inch shorter.
William said on 21/Dec/07
does he look like a 6ft dude here :

Click Here

I really don't think so, maybe 5ft8. No ?
schnitz said on 23/Jun/07
jason segel who plays marshal is 6'4"!

josh is definitely 6ft+ so is NPH!
Jesse said on 19/May/07
he is about 6 feet tall. the whole cast is tall.. the shortes is Alyson Hannigan whos 5'6.NPH is 6'0.
Random Person said on 23/Jul/06
I'm watching 'How I Met Your Mother'and he looks about 5'7 to 5'10, unless the rest of cast is incredibley tall
Maggie said on 5/May/06
I don't think this is his height. I was watching "How I Met Your Mother" the other day and he didn't even look close to 6ft.

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