How tall is Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

Canadian actress best known for playing Robin Scherbatsky on TV series How I Met Your Mother. In film she can be seen playing the role of Maria Hill in Avengers Assemble and other Marvel Universe movies.

How tall is Cobie Smulders
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Average Guess (47 Votes)
5ft 7.29in (170.9cm)
Iman Ahmad said on 15/Nov/19
I Guess she is 170,8 cm barefoot .
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/May/19
Shes one of the most solid 5'7 like Caitlin Gerard.
Tar?k said on 17/Feb/19
She looks 5'9" on HIMYM. Almost a 2 or 2.5 inches shorter than Barney. What do you think about that?
Nik said on 3/Sep/18
I like her name! She does look 5'7" range!
Nik said on 2/Sep/18
The average vote is possible!
Mimi said on 30/Apr/18
Could she be 5ft7.5? Most of the time she's looking over 5ft7
Editor Rob
A chance of a little over 5ft 7
annymoud said on 12/Jan/18
so bascia;;y kevin Corrigan is between 5 foot8 and 5 foot 9
Editor Rob: possibly nearer 5ft 9
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
here is pic kevin Corrigan next to 6 foot 1 craig robinson he looks maybe 174-175cm Click Here:
Editor Rob:yeah he can look roughly that zone.
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/18
rob how tall would say kevin Corrigan who claims he is 5 foot 9 next to cobie. because he has an inch on cobie and 2 inches under guy I feel he is 5foot 8 barefoot Click Here:
Editor Rob: I'm not sure I'd go as low as 5ft 8 for him, though would need to see a bit more.
berta said on 18/Sep/17
for some reason i always thought she was tall on how i meet your mother.i woudl have thought maybe 171-2 but its like 5 years since i saw that so i guess this listing is fair
Johno said on 16/Aug/17
She gives off a 5'9 impression
Hans Meiser said on 17/Jun/17
Looks exactly 5'7.
spainmen191cm said on 29/Oct/16
Rob, she didnt claim any height? It would be interesting to find her claim
Editor Rob: sometimes a claim is found years later, even this year there has been a few found for listings that are 10 years old.

But I haven't seen anything from her...
Charizard said on 21/Jul/16
She loves her heels let's just get that dragon out of the room but the heels throw her height all over the place ๐Ÿ˜‚ My guess is 5'7 half
Sam said on 4/Nov/15
She's a girl who can appear taller in part because of her build, I thought she was near 5'8" but upon a closer look she's a weak 5'7". Killam seems to be a lucky man BTW
cole said on 9/May/14
@Emily: Taran can look near 6'1, yeah. He'd probably claim that. 184-185 cm range is possible.
Silent D said on 5/May/14
She looks taller than 5 foot 6 to me. 5 foot 7.
Realist said on 8/Feb/14
That put NPH and Radnor no 5'10.5.
Emily said on 4/Jan/14
If you think NPH's head is around 9,25 inches, how long is Cobie's head according to this pic?Click Here
Is that a 2cm difference?
[Editor Rob: a good half inch, maybe nearly 2cm is possible.]
@john joe said on 1/Jan/14
Same, she is rarely not in high heels in that show though.
Emily said on 11/Dec/13
How tall is her husband Taran Killam? Around 6'1?
Pedro said on 4/Nov/13
In her resume she is listed at 5'8".
john joe said on 1/Nov/13
I always thought she was like 5'10 in HIMYM
Simon said on 24/Sep/13
About 5'7-5'7.5 i say.
Adriano said on 2/Aug/13
Interviewed on the view saying 5'6.I would say that looks right so 5'6.
aaa said on 28/Jul/13
in the 8th season she wears 4 inch heels and looks almost the same height as mike tyson who is 5 10'
so i guess she is like a 5 6'
Lo sgozzatore said on 25/Jul/13
Rob, you want the pic?
[Editor Rob: I think she can appear anywhere between 5ft 6 and 7]
Lo sgozzatore said on 24/Jul/13
Rob, i have not seen anything with her except an episode of Smallville where she had like 3 inches of heels and she still looked about 4 inches shorter than Michael Rosenbaum. You think she might be shorter than 5'7?
Emily said on 22/Jul/13
I think this photo here is very weird:Click Here
She's packing like 4 inch heels, and is shorter than Neil. Then again, Neil is taller than Josh by more than one inch.
Balrog said on 17/Jul/13
Rob did she was listed higher before? She looks between 5'7'' and 5'8''
Jim R said on 11/Apr/13
I really think Cobie is closer to 5-9. She started out in modelling, and on the show Marshall once told her "No offense Robin, but you're freakishly tall." Maybe 5-8.5 to 5-9.
Peyman-6ft said on 12/Feb/13
Rob ,
do you really think NPH has a comfortable 5inches on her ?
How about this one ?
Smulders :5 ft 7.5in
NPH : 5ft 11.5in
Chiara said on 25/Aug/12
She often looks just a little bit smaller than Josh and Neil on the show but i guess she wears heels then. That height is definetely correct, in the mininum 5ยด7.
Screwloose said on 1/Aug/12
Wow, thought she was taller. Like 5'8 or 5'9.
Bohoko said on 5/Jun/12
Probably right.
i-Clarke-93 said on 26/Jun/09
I think anyone on this page will agree he's not 6'8 , he should he downgraded to 6'7.
Big King said on 25/Jun/09
rony192cm you idiot! Lundgren already claimed his height as 6'5.5"! The annoying one is you because you have no idea about what you are talking about so stfu!
rony192cm said on 12/Jun/09
This guy is no more than 6'7. He should be downgraded. As for Dolph, he stated himself to be 193cm (6'4). He coulded been 194cm in the past do, but sure never a strong 6'5 what that anoying Big King sez
Mamun said on 11/Jun/09
Yes that I agree James !


James said on 11/Jun/09
Mamun one more question to you on this page. Did he look like maybe 6'6.5-6'7?
Big King said on 11/Jun/09
Rob, as you can see that Mamun has the same opinion as me. Schwartz is not a legit 6'8".
Mamun said on 10/Jun/09
I am sorry James he didn't !


James said on 9/Jun/09
Mamun did he look 6'8 to you?
Mamun said on 8/Jun/09
He had Nikkies on my friend James !


James said on 5/Jun/09
Well I think we need to ask mamun about what kind of footware Scott had on in the pic. If you look closely Mamun is a bit closer to the camera that Scott as well.
Big King said on 3/Jun/09
Rob, I watched some photos of Schwartz and where's the problem to give him a legit 6'7"? He's already shorter than Kane who is at 6'7.5" and Tyler Mane who is 6'8" as well on CelebHeights.
Big King said on 3/Jun/09
James, well that could be true but he looks a weak 6'7" beside Mamun. I'd go for 6'7.5"-6'8" while Lundgren could be a strong 6'5" guy. That would make 2.5 inches height difference between Lundgren and Schwartz.
James said on 2/Jun/09
Big King I think he is a full 6'8 since he has several inches over 6'4.25 Dolph Lundgren.
Big King said on 31/May/09
James, I'm sure that he never really bothered to measure himself or maybe he hits 6'10" with his high heels lol ;) He is a legit 6'7" guy to me.
James said on 20/May/09
Maybe he just feels like he's 6'10 and hasn't botherd to measure himself. Although feeling and being are two different things entirely.
Big King said on 20/May/09
James, you can order your friend that he should tell Scott that he never looks 6'10". That's a clear evidence where he stands beside Mamun on this photo. He doesn't even appear gigantic in his films.
James said on 14/May/09
Well maybe he knows in reality he ain't 6'10. He might just be trying to live up to his tough guy screen image. And maybe he thinks being as tall as he is '6'8' the average guy won't be able to tell the difference between 6'10 and 6'8.

Big King I did actually email Scott last summer asking his height and he replied "6'10". Can't remember how much he stated his weight as in the email?
Big King said on 12/May/09
I even don't know how he came to his 6'10" claiming if he isn't a legit 6'8" already. He might push 6'7" but 6'10"??? Hell no!!!
James said on 10/May/09
I'd sway more towards 6'8 because he still looked quite a bit taller than Dolph Lundgren who was wearing chunky shoes next to him.
Big King said on 5/May/09
Yes, he looks no more than 6'7". 6'5" and 6'6" might be a little bit too low for him but he's definitely not over 6'7". I don't know why Rob won't agree again.
Big King said on 2/May/09
Well ok, let's be fair. Scott looks 6'7" beside Mamun.
rony192cm said on 2/May/09
judging by this photo he's no more than 6'6-6'6.5
Boss said on 28/Mar/09
6'8 looks right for UBG.
FeRn said on 25/Mar/09
198 cm - 6,6 no way in hell is he 6,8 and 6,10 is a joke, in fact he could almost be 6,5. i mean cmon mamun is litte, 5,8 is short and he towers over him the same way a 6,5er would. if mamun was 5,10 then mebe 6,8 but that is obviously not the case.
Sam said on 23/Mar/09
Looks 6'6, 6'7 tops. Still a big boy though. Im 6'0 and to me 6'7 is ****in large.
Atoadaso said on 4/Mar/09
why would he claim 6'10", that's just a blatant lie. He is 6'7" max, and probably closer to 6'6".
Mystery_Man said on 16/Feb/09
Theres no way hes 6'8". Iv seen a pic of him and Tyler Mane side by side and Tyler whos a legit 6'8" has 2 inches on him. Id say 6'6".
lillo thomas said on 3/Feb/09
Ian 5-8 guys are about the shoulder level of legit 6-8 guys . In the pic above he look about 6-5 . 6-6 is the absolute max you can give him .
lillo thomas said on 3/Feb/09
Ian 5-8 guys are about the shoulder level of legit 6-8 guys .
rob89 said on 2/Feb/09
He only looks 6'5 to me in the above photo, even if his head were straight like Mamun's. His posture looks good to me except for his slightly tilted head, so he's not losing that much height. 6'7-6'8 Kane also looks clearly taller next to Mamun than UBG (yes, EVEN considering his head tilt). If he were a legit 6'8 then Mamun would barely reach his shoulder, but he's clearly well above them here, up to UBG's chin if he straightened up his head. 6'6 TOPS imo for this guy.
Anonymous said on 1/Feb/09
why did he say he was 6 foot 10 isnt 6"8' tall enough
Dr Almonds said on 31/Jan/09
6'7 sounds good if he stood up strait 6'7 not 6'8 thats an inch too tall and 6'6 seems a tad bit short for Scott(in this picture he can appear 6'6 but keep in mind Mamun is standing strait and Scott is tilted). Even by this picture you can see it .
Source said on 31/Jan/09
Think he is 6'10. If you're that tall there is no reason to exagurate...
Annoyed said on 31/Jan/09
looks shorter than Sid Eudy !!! ( who is remarkably listed at 6'6.5" )
arnie said on 30/Jan/09
If Mamun in 5'8 then Scott is 6'6.5 because you can clearly see there is less than a foot difference between them a tall fella but I dont think he is 6'8
The Ben said on 14/Jan/09
6'8 looks good, plenty of pics with hima and other big movie guys and he doesnt dwarf them, just doesnt have an imposing look though, even though he is tall!
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/09
i mean to be 6'8
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/09
6'5 deffo, he looks waay to short next to mamun
Giuseppe said on 10/Jan/09
this guy is 6ft 6 ins
fern said on 10/Jan/09
6,6 no taller
Brent said on 10/Jan/09
Looks at least 6'8, his head is around 9 inches long probably and he still has an inch or so on Mamun
Lozzer said on 9/Dec/08
I don't think this pic is clear enough to predict tbh...???
Ian said on 9/Dec/08
6ft5 max lillo you have no concept of heights. He is a head taller than Mamum. my head is about 10inches and I'm 6ft tall. His head looks bigger than mine 11"+ and he angled on the side (12") He is about 6ft8.
Rafael said on 9/Dec/08
i would say 6 ft 5

cuz um 6
lillo thomas said on 8/Dec/08
In the pic with mamum he actually look 6-5 max . 5-8 is about the shoulder level to legit 6-8 guys.
adam said on 27/Nov/08
Come on Rob. This man isn`t 1,5 inches taller than Sid Eudy or taller than Kane.
Hugh said on 27/Nov/08
I wonder how much he weighes.
Da Man said on 8/Nov/08
"Surprised by the image with Kane,looks two inches shorter. Has to be said he only looks 6'5" to 6'6" in this image."

He is loosing probably an inch to posture, but even if he was standing with Stallone posture he'd still be shorter than Kane.
Elf said on 8/Nov/08
Amazing thing is he has the ability to make 6 ft 4-5 guys who normally appear huge like Seagal and Lundgren to look very slight of build and quite small. Actually in the image below with Steven Seagal he could be 6'8". Nothing more though.
Elf said on 8/Nov/08
He has always looked 6'7" -6'7.5" to me judging by an image of a doorway I've seen of him standing in it and compared to others. Huge man, looked about three inches taller than Steven Seagal and about two -three inches taller than Vince Vaughan so anything under 6'6" is obviously incorrect. Surprised by the image with Kane,looks two inches shorter. Has to be said he only looks 6'5" to 6'6" in this image. Definately not 6'10".
Da Man said on 26/Oct/08
Kane is clearly and plainly taller next to Mamun, even accounting for posture.

I took the rotation out of both pics: Click Here

In the original Kane pic it is rotated a bit in Kane's favor, in the original UBG pic it is rotated a bit in Mamun's.

The above pic is fair to everyone. So I'm not sure why UBG is at 6'8" while Kane is 6'7.5", makes little sense to me.
Clay said on 12/Oct/08
Kane is genuinely 6'8-6'8.5.
Alex said on 12/Oct/08
I'd give him 6'8.
Donatello said on 12/Oct/08
I don't see how this guy could be 6'8" when Mamuns head is well over Schwartz' shoulder level. I thought the top of your shoulder blades to the top of your head is usually around 10-12 inches. I'd give this guy 6'5" 3/4.
Umar said on 30/Sep/08
This guy is like 6"6.
Drexyl said on 18/Sep/08
If Kane is only 6,7.5" next to Mamun, then this guy is no more than 6,7".
Big King said on 8/Sep/08
Also with Mamun, he looks over 6'5". If he already stated his height as 6'10", then he could be maybe 6'9" or a bit over. But somehow that's right. Beside Mamun he looks around 6'7".
Alex2 said on 27/Aug/08
A little biased to have this guy 6'8" and Kane below 6'8". Kane clearly looks talelr with Mamun Rob.
Michael Thompson said on 1/Aug/08
I have personally met Scott, and he is about 6' 7"!
1990boy said on 31/Jul/08
He looks more like 6'5" to 6'6".6'8" is a little extreme.
Frank said on 29/Jun/08
Listen i have 3 .5 inches on Mamum Taker has about the same size difference on me than Schwartz has on Mamum
Clay said on 28/Jun/08
6'6'....pffft. Close enough to 6'8''.
Alex said on 28/Jun/08
I wouldn't say over 6'8 with Mamun.
Blue Man said on 28/Jun/08
This dude is 6'7'' or 6'7.5''...nothing more
Ed Kline said on 27/Jun/08
A solid 2-2.5 inches taller than Vince Vaughn. He's at last 200 cm. Probably one of those 6'8 out of bed when he was young guys.
Yaspaa said on 27/Jun/08
There is no way a 14" difference there,he looks a bit shorter than Kane,6'6.75
Andrew said on 8/Jun/08
well, look, i mean if your an incredible height like he isthen you maybe choose to downgrade your height if anything, but not put it up. If he says he's 6'10" then we should just take his word for it.

Another thing would be that someone that tall will easily have very lousy posture (slouch) Unlike guys under 6'0" like Mamun here, who of course always make sure to be standing absolutely up the ass straight, an enormous guy like Scott wouldn' worry about that (though slouching too much can cause some back problems potentially)

So once again, i'd just go with his 6'10" claim.
ed2 said on 22/Apr/08
He looks shorter than 6'8'' Tyler Mane
Click Here
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/08
Lol this guy looks no bigger than Kane or Undertaker, if anything hes smaller looking at Mamuns pic.
Da Man said on 11/Jan/08
Kane's right arm is closer to the camera, but his head isn't. Just look at the head sizes, they are basically identical in Nick's pic.
LV said on 9/Jan/08
Wrong Nick. You can't use those pictures for comparison purposes because Kane is MUCH closer to the camera. I think Schwartz would be taller than Kane barefoot.
nick said on 25/Dec/07
Click Here
Kane and Shwartz. Even wehn i made his head straight compared with mamum he is around 6'6.5
nick said on 25/Dec/07
Click Here
Here is a pic with UBG straightened as if he didnt have his head tilted. He looks about 6'7 with his head not tilted
Mamun said on 23/Dec/07
I am wishing every one here A MARRY CHRISTMASS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR .


Mattiew_- said on 22/Dec/07
So Sid is 6'6, Kane is 6'8 and Nash 6'9 ...

This guy then cannot be 6'8, please someone post a comparison , it's obvious that has much more than one inch on him ...
Jason said on 19/Dec/07
ed says on 15/Dec/07
''If you compare the picture of 6'4.5'' George Hertzberg they look to be the same height next to a 5ft8 person. Maybe Schwartz has a bad posture.
Click Here
Go to the page of Krist Novoselic where you can see a 6ft7 person next to a 5ft8.''

His posture isn't good here. I would say he really is about 6'7''.
JT said on 16/Dec/07
Click Here I've seen Garcia many times in person. He's about 5'9". With Rock Click Here Of course we can't see the footwear.
Vegas said on 16/Dec/07
193cm??? so i guess i can downgrade all these guys now so

Bernie Mac is no longer 6'2, he now becomes about 5'8 Click Here
Randy Quaid is 6'0 and NOT the nearly 6'5 i thought he was, bad news for chevy chase he was about 5'10 Click Here
Dolph Lundgren has been fooling us the whole time, he is about 5'11 really Click Here
5'11 for Steven Seagal too it seems Click Here
Vince Vaughn is really only 6'0, that spells bad news for Tom Brady who was at least 1" shorter than vaughn Click Here
James Marsden 5'10?? more like 5'5 at best Click Here
Ed O'Neill 6'1, more like 5'8 Click Here

thanks guys for clearing that up, :O
ed said on 15/Dec/07
If you compare the picture of 6'4.5'' George Hertzberg they look to be the same height next to a 5ft8 person. Maybe Schwartz has a bad posture.
Click Here
Go to the page of Krist Novoselic where you can see a 6ft7 person next to a 5ft8.
Antin said on 15/Dec/07
203cm? lol looks 193-194cm
Big Show said on 12/Dec/07
Jason I'm familiar with the PWI, but I've never held much value to it. The article I listed was printed before PWI's list and has the exact same numbers (6'7 and 303 lbs) as PWI does, coincidence, possible, but I don't think so. PWI certainly didn't get their numbers from any billings of Schwartz when he was using Joshua Ben-Gurion gimmick, because his height at this point was already boosted to 6'10.
cantstop25 said on 12/Dec/07
I know I dont have a problem with you either, I meant to ask you what your problem was with professional wrestlers
Jason said on 12/Dec/07
I was talking to JT, I don't have any problem with you.
cantstop25 said on 12/Dec/07
"Yeah, because a pic like that proves anything"

yet when some random guy that nobody knows claims to be 6'1.5" and takes one picture with the big show in which you cant see there feet. you feel that it confirms his height is not 7'

seriously dude wheres the beef?
Da Man said on 12/Dec/07
Look at their waists, Schwartz is standing on something there with Big Show.
Jason said on 12/Dec/07
Big Show, ''that mag'' strongly suggests you weren't even familiar with PWI and the PWI 500 ... yet you think you know they got their listing for Schwartz from that article? I seriously doubt it.
Jason said on 12/Dec/07
JT says on 11/Dec/07
''Think they might be wearing different size footwear there Jason to be of comparable height? (Click Here) But you already knew that.''

Yeah, because a pic like that proves anything. Are Piper and Show even on the same plane? Or is it like that inane Sid/Mean Gene & Show/Mean Gene comparison?
cantstop25 said on 12/Dec/07
lol nice pic there jt, schwartz is probably on his tip toes next to show. no way are they close in height schwartz always struck me as 6'7-8". though looks at best the same height as sid next to mamum
Big Show said on 12/Dec/07
Here a few billings of Scott Schwartz during his wrestling days:

As Goliath the Giant in 1982 (billed as 353 lbs, I'm not so sure about the height though. It says 2.3m which is equal to 7'6.5. That should probably be 2.03m which is 6'8 and that sounds a bit more realistic).

Click Here

As Giant David in 1981 (billed as 6'9 and 330-335 lbs).
Click Here
Click Here

When Scott Schwartz took up the name Joshua Ben-Gurion the billings of 6'10 began.
Click Here

Here PWI list Schwartz as 270 lbs.
Click Here

I think the 6'7, 303lbs that PWI listed, comes from this newspaper article from the early 80's.
Click Here
Viper said on 12/Dec/07
Hell, only looks 1 inch there Jason, not even 1.5 inches to me.
JT said on 11/Dec/07
Think they might be wearing different size footwear there Jason to be of comparable height? (Click Here) But you already knew that. Still waiting for that photo you claim to have of Ron Reis only a few inches taller than Big John Studd. Still scanning it?:)
Alex said on 11/Dec/07
Could be just an inch actually but Big Show has over 100lbs on him and Schwartz is gotta be over 300lbs.
supes78 said on 11/Dec/07
Jeez. That's a big dude. I think I see more than a foot difference with Mamun though.
Jason said on 11/Dec/07
Viper says on 11/Dec/07
''Big Show only had 1.5 inches on this guy?''

Click Here
Da Man said on 11/Dec/07
I don't see 6'8" here. Sid, Kane and Nash all look taller than this guy to varying degrees.
Viper said on 11/Dec/07
Big Show only had 1.5 inches on this guy?
Alex said on 11/Dec/07
Also Krist Noveaselic looks a good 6'8 next to Glenn I think too.
Alex said on 11/Dec/07
Yea, I use to think 6'9-6'10 but I think 6'8 now.
Jason said on 11/Dec/07
PWI get their stats from listings/previous listings. The WWF used to bill Zeuz as 6'10''-6'11''. I didn't see Hogan at 6'10'' on that page, but he's been billed that high in the past. Anyway, the point is Schwartz isn't gonna have been billed as being shorter than he is.
Big Show said on 11/Dec/07
Jason says on 10/Dec/07
Schwartz used to be billed as 6'7'' ( Click Here as #451 ''Joshua Ben-Gurion - he's Jewish, as is Nash). I would say he's either that or 6'6 1/2'' at lowest. He's also clearly more slouched and relaxed than what Nash is with Mamun.

He was listed as 6'7 in that mag, but that was not his billed height. He was billed as 6'9 when he wrestled under the name of Giant David. If you believe that mag, than Hogan is 6'10 as Zeus is also listed as 6'10 and we know that that Zeus is 6'5 (that's the height he claims himself).

Btw. it's only one pic. If you're downgrading Schwartz on this one pic, start downgrading everybody he's ever posed with, and there are quite a few he posed with.
Viper said on 10/Dec/07
6-7 Krist Novaselic looks a lot taller with 5-8 Glenn than Schwartz with Mamun.
LV said on 10/Dec/07
Hasn't this picture been posted yet (Click Here)? This clearly shows him several inches taller than the 6'5" Vince Vaughn. This picture shows their footwear (Click Here). Not much advantage for Schwartz. I can see 6'8" no problem. Here he is not much shorter than Paul Wight (Click Here). I'm guessing Schwartz is wearing lifts though.
Frank said on 10/Dec/07
Mamums 6ft 6 cousin appeared taller than Schwartz
sf said on 10/Dec/07
Hey Rob - how about Sherwood Schwartz???
Jason said on 10/Dec/07
I'm not basing his height off one pic; I've said all along he's about 6'6 1/2''. And on that topic, all you fellas were quite adamant this bloke was 6'9''-6'10'' ... what happened? ;)
Jason said on 10/Dec/07
Schwartz has good posture there? lol.

Rob ... what do you make of UBD vs. KN's posture (and anything else) in the Mamun pics?

[Editor Rob: in this pic possibly mamun's head is slightly closer, the 6ft 7 listing I still ain't sure on...]
cantstop25 said on 10/Dec/07
"He's also clearly more slouched and relaxed than what Nash is with Mamun."

no hes not, he just has his head bent downwards, but his body is straight. Nash's posture is definitelly worse, schwartz has good posture here except that his head is down. Nash dwarfs him, based off the pictures Id say nash has him beat by a heft amount and that even sid has him beat, though unlike a lot of people on this site I would never claim a persons height based solely off of one picture.
Jason said on 10/Dec/07
Nash looks taller, but not by much.
Jason said on 10/Dec/07
Schwartz used to be billed as 6'7'' ( Click Here as #451 ''Joshua Ben-Gurion - he's Jewish, as is Nash). I would say he's either that or 6'6 1/2'' at lowest. He's also clearly more slouched and relaxed than what Nash is with Mamun.
Alex said on 10/Dec/07
Mamun is a little shorter next to Nash than he is next to Ultimate Bad Guy.
Jason said on 10/Dec/07
Big Show had about 1.5'' on him.
ras said on 10/Dec/07
He's leaning his head a bit but I don't see him over 195 cm at all.
Danius said on 9/Dec/07
Kevin Nash is like 2 inches taller than this guy in the pics. 6'7-6'8, no more
cantstop25 said on 9/Dec/07
based off of these pciture with mamum it looks as though nash would dwarf this guy, defnitelly by more then an inch.
Derek said on 9/Dec/07
Doesn't look more than 6'7".
Dave said on 9/Dec/07
nash looks considerably taller than this guy when compared with his manmun pic, and lets also remember that nash is nowhere near straight in his pic with manmun,.... i wonder how the guys can claim nash as low as 6'6 when this guy gets 6'7 or so comfortably....

i think this guy is a legit 6'7.5, but then kane might even be a bit taller, and nash is certainly a few inches taller.
Jason said on 9/Dec/07
Looks the 6'7'' he got listed at, I reckon...
JT said on 9/Dec/07
(Click Here) 6
Esox180 said on 9/Dec/07
Click Here
Frank said on 9/Dec/07
He does not look that tall too me next to a 5ft 8 guy.....Undertaker had the same height difference on me and im close to 4 inches taller than Mamum
Brah said on 9/Dec/07
Mamun with another big man!
OutBenchThis said on 9/Dec/07
looks 6'9" big mofo what ever the exact height is!
Alex said on 9/Dec/07
I see 6'8 with Mamun.
Mojave said on 12/Nov/07
I stood right next to him at an autograph convention this past spring. I'm 6'2" and he was easily 6'9" or 6'10" (what he's usually listed at).
Vegas said on 9/Oct/07
why the downgrade on this guy rob?? He looked 6'8"+ next to steven seagal, randy quaid, dolph lundgren, brad pitt and vince vaughn
Anonymous said on 15/Aug/06
with 5'9" nikki ziering

Click Here
PoisonInGotham said on 6/Aug/06
Are you guys seriously arrguing about the height of a man that you don't know? If you knew him JUST Measure him! He is A Friggin' Giant,,,, enough said?
weekly said on 31/May/06
Here is Scott and Vince Vaughn during Starsky and Hutch: Click Here I guess there is a 4.5 or 5 inches different between them. But then look at Click Here to recognize what shoes is wearing Scott and what Vince. I think Scott's heels are about 2 - 2.5 inches higher than Vince's. Then it's about 2 - 3 inches real difference between these tall guys. And if Vince was 6'5 as supposed, it would make Scott about 6'7 - 6'8.
bob1 said on 12/Feb/06
From his website I found a tonne of info from his pro=wrestling days, when he went under the name "Joshua Ben-Gurion". The quote before the picture on his website reads: "Ranked #451 In Pro Wrestling Illustrated Greatest 500 Wrestlers of all time!"

#451, and he's listed as 6'7" -

Now to me he looks 6-8 to 6-9 in many of his photos, so perhaps 6'10" is from his later wrestling days? In some photos howver, he does look about 6-7, but perhaps his actual barefoot height is more around 6-8, if perhaps he grew a bit more since the 1980's. Tis odd...
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/05
I would say this height you guys have listed here is accurate he is slightly shorter then 6"10" tyler mane.
Jason said on 7/Aug/05
He said 193cm in an interview in Sweden -

[Editor Rob: he can't decide...supposedly said 193cm (or was it in feet inches?) in a Swedish interview, supposedly told a guy at a karate class he's 194, said in an interview on Rocky casting that being 6ft 5 appeared to be outwith the max 6ft 3 they wanted. The truth is in that range for sure]
Bleemo said on 24/Jul/05
He's almost as big as the Big show....

Also this photo gives you a better look at the height difference between him and dolph, if you measure it across like a sad git like me, you'll see dolph comes to his eyes, which is generally 4.5 inches below the top of the head. That would put the big fellah anywhere from 6ft8.5-6ft9.5, depending on which height you believe Dolph to be.

[Editor Rob: for a guy that big I think I'd give the 5 inches as the eye to head here...]
Jason said on 23/Jul/05
Dolph's also said he's 193cm (6'4'' flat).
cantstop25 said on 21/Jul/05
dolph is wearing army boots those have to add more height then scoots sneakers.
plus dolph is 6'5" id give scott 6'9"
RLG said on 11/Jul/05
Scott and Dolph Lundgren:

I'd say Scott is about 3.5 inches taller than Dolph, which would put Scott at 6'8.25" if Dolph is 6'4.75" like he said.

Scott has lots of pictures of him next to famous people he's worked with:

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