How tall is Joss Stone

Joss Stone's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

English singer. Many times on stage though she actually is barefoot, so some photos when she's performing with somebody else might suggest an appearance of her being fairly shorter. In 2007 on Peta Pr said "I'm 5 feet 10 inches and not exactly wasting away".

How tall is Joss Stone
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I’m almost 6ft in my bare feet and sometimes, when I’m all dressed up, I think I look like a transvestite.

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Average Guess (13 Votes)
5ft 9.58in (176.7cm)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Dec/19
She look more 177cm than only 5'9 1/2 or a full 5'10.
Nik Ashton said on 14/Dec/19
She looks like a skyscraper! 🏙!
Canson said on 12/Dec/19
Never knew she was this tall. Even the estimate surprised me but I see her pic above and it makes sense
Nik Ashton said on 10/Dec/19
I do know that Joss once claimed to be almost 6’0”!

Look at diss:

Click Here
promich said on 8/Dec/19
There's a photo of her onstage, barefoot, standing next to Jeff Beck, he's wearing boots, and she looks to be a hair taller. I think 5'10'' is accurate.
khaled taban said on 21/Aug/19
C'mon Rob , She is really tall but not quite 5'10", I would give her 5'9.5" max.
Nik said on 15/May/19
This girl looks seriously tall!
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/17
With Denise Van Outen Click Here With Prince Harry Click Here I'll give her 5'9.5 and give her the benefit of doubt on her dropping some height in a lot of pics. She generally looks too tall to only be 5 ft 9 flat but it's not impossible.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/17
Mmm this pretty much rules out 5 ft 10, look at her here with Lineker and Cameron Click Here Those heels and still not much taller than Lineker. If she was a genuine 5 ft 10 she ought to look very close to Cameron's height in shoes in those heels. Maybe she is dropping some height though.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/17
She does look a convincing 5 ft 10 in proportions to me Click Here but then a 5'9.5 could just about give that look.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/17
She has a fantastic image and look for a singer though, spot on really, about as cool as you can get. I could image her supporting Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock or Isle of Wight Fesdtival or something. She must have a great life.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/17
@Rob OK, she always looked a tall girl to me but look at this Click Here It pretty much makes it impossible that's she's really 5 ft 10, even taking into account her posture. Button does look taller than 5'11.75 there with Jodie though unless you buy the 6'1.5 I once thought she could look. Is Joss more 5'9 range?

Click Here With William and Harry. Considering their heights in shoes she can't be far off it. The thing is when you look at pictures of her she really does look like a 5'10 girl.
Rojina said on 9/Dec/16
I had her down as 5"7-max..Then again when she started out she was just 17 so she could have hit a growth spurt between then and now...
Evon said on 3/Apr/16
Google Joss Stone and Jenson Button (F1 driver). He's listed here as 5'11.75.... There's more than 1.75 inches in their height in those pics.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jan/16
Funny how stars like her and Mischa Barton used to be probably among the most popular and then barely get comments in 9 years!
Editor Rob: there is gap in comments for a few years so there would have been more, but interest in their height and overall level of fame will fade for many celebrities.
BGee said on 14/Dec/14
I think she's 5'10. She's got long legs that can get gangly on women who hit 5'11 or over.
JB Steel said on 25/May/14
6' 1" (1.85 m)

Robbie Williams, Height
barney said on 22/Sep/13
come on rob she is not 5-10...there is a clip with robbie williams and even with heels she looks shorter than him.. in the same video when she is barefoot she looks about 4 inches shorter than robbie and he wasn't wearing boots... if she is 5-10 robbie is 6-1... i dont think so.. please answer me
Sam said on 16/Dec/11
It's funny I've seen the Superheavy photos and Jagger is always noticably taller. But I also noticed that Jagger is wearing weird shiny sneakers that look very similar to what we've seen Robert Downey Jr. wear, while Joss Stone is barefoot. Since Jagger appears a few inches over Stone in his special shoes, I suspect that she is roughly equal to whatever Jagger's actual barefoot height is these days.
Big T said on 16/Dec/11
She is clearly shorter than Mick Jagger. Can't possibly be 5'10". Rob goes easy on the ladies.
5'8.7678 said on 16/Oct/11
@Moke: With Gottschalk she look 5'9 on the nose. With Button she looks a bit under 5'9. She looks 5'9, Rob.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
No she is around 5'10" and if anybody would know her barefoot height it would be Joss!!!. She was on Leno the other night and looked about 2 inches shorter than a 5'11" Leno in shoes.
littlesue said on 30/Apr/11
I would'nt have put her at 5ft 10. She was pictured at the Brit awards a few years back standing with Robbie Williams, in her very high heels she was still not level with his height, I would say 5ft 8.5
Moke said on 29/Apr/11
I doubt she's the claimed height. With 6'3 german Host Thomas Gottschalk (who's in shoes): Click Here
- and with 6ft Jason Button: Click Here Click Here
M.P. said on 16/Nov/10
How can she possibly be so damn tall? She looks like average height of 5'6" or so. I would've never guessed her being almost six feet tall! That's amazing!
Doug said on 7/Apr/09
Woaa I had to idea to be honest she was so tall. The typical British singer tends to be short, although Joss is far more talented than most. Not surprising she likes to walk barefoot, shes taller than the vast majority of girls and a lot of guys anyway so obviously feels comfortable. Interesting that Prince William had around 6 inches on her. He is very tall though, and still looks it even next to 6'6" rugby players. Prince William reaches around 6'4" in shoes I think, William is 190cm 6.2.75" barefooted I believe.
J.J. said on 10/Feb/09
I just saw her perform with 6'1" Yolanda Adams who was at about 6'4"-6'4.5" in her heels & Josh was still barefoot & did indeed looked 6" shorter. She is definately a solid 5'10" girl. One of the genuine listings
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/09
Joss Stone and Yolanda Adams (1.85) Click Here
caleb said on 3/Jan/09
my brother-in-law met her on NYE in exeter in devon. he's not one to think about peoples' heights (like me!), but he volunteered the fact that she is really tall - much taller than u'd think - and very attractive in the flesh.
George said on 29/Oct/08
She's wearing heels but a little bit more shorter that mandy's heels. I saw it in a photo.
Virginija said on 22/Aug/08
I agree with Astrid. I'm 5ft 10 too, and it doesn't mean that i can't be feminine and wear heels :P
Emilie said on 27/Jun/08
Perhaps she is barefoot or has really flat shoes on. Mandy Moore probably has heels on.
Ras said on 19/May/08
What do we guys think about this pic with Mandy Moore? Could she be barefeet?

Click Here
Emilie said on 30/Mar/08
Hey! I completely agree with Rach, Willow, Olivi and Astrid! I myself am a girl who's about 5ft 10 and it doesn't bother me, although because I am quite skinny I probaly look even taller than that-closer to 6ft. I'm aware that I'm quite a bit taller than the average girl but at the end of the day why should everything be judged by height? I think Joss Stone looks great at her height and like the majority of other people have said here, if she wants to wear heels then she should.
Astrid said on 21/Dec/07
Don, you aren't an "insecure short guy", you're an insecure tall guy. I agree with Rach, if you think a tall girl in heels looks "freakish" you clearly have issues. It's like saying a short person in flats looks "stupid". It's their prerogative; girls can wear what they want! I'm only just on 5'10"... and I think if a girl wants to be feminine and wear heels, she should GO FOR IT, whether she is 5'0 or 6'0! :)
Evanna said on 7/Dec/07
There's an interview with Joss in the latest issue of InStyle, and her height is mentioned: "... says the 5'10" soul singer, all trace of her infamous transatlantic accent erased." Plus in all the pictures taken on the occasion, she's either barefoot or in Uggs. There's also a pic of her and Will Young, and she dwarfs him. I believe she's 5'10" at the very least.
ras said on 7/Sep/07
Aanshelm, MHouillon, Leno has a terrible posture, and he's overweight. It could be possible he lost an inch, but still his posture isn't the best one. I do think Joss Stone is like 5 ft 9.5-5 ft 10 but not a quarter over that.
Willow said on 7/Sep/07
thanks to most of you! im 5'9/10 (idk, its 178 in cms) and i never wear heels, the only non flats i ever wore were kitten heels, n what are they like a 1/4 inch!!?? so im now inspired to wear real heels and any insecure little men can kiss my ass! lol, JOSS LOOKS GOOD IN HEELS!
Rach said on 6/Sep/07
I think she looks fab in heels- as do any tall girls who want to wear them!!!She's not butch or anything, so she has every right to wear whatever footwear she wants- heals or no shoes at all. I bet Don wouldn't complain if it was a 5'10 model wearing the heels, but you don't have to be a model if your tall, and heels don't have to be just for models if you are tall. The Anonymous dude is right- anyone who thinks it looks freakish has SEVERE ISSUES with themselves, so if you don't like it, leave us tall girls to do our thing...IN HEELS!!!
don said on 14/Aug/07
I just seen her last video and noticed how she was towering over pretty much everyone barefoot...Also, wearing heels when you're that tall does look stupid, you're already about 6-7 inches taller then the average girl, so whats the point in looking freakish? Im not one of those insecure short guys, im 6'2..which is fairly just saying it does in fact look weird, no matter what you've coerced yourself to believing, I once had a girlfriend who was 5'11 who was convinced she was average height..
MHouillon said on 12/Jul/07
Yes, Anshelm. Leno was only slightly taller because of his shoes. I'd say, Joss might be 179cm (5'10.5"), but claims the easier spoken "5'10".
Victorian said on 11/Jul/07
@ Evanna

I agree, that's why I my guesses for her height aimed to 5'10" or a bit taller; 6-3 is 5-15, minus 5 = 5-10. 'Wills' being in dress shoes and Joss barefoot makes it between 5 and 6 inches which brings us to 5-10 again (or taller if it was more 5 than 6 inches).

Nice show of her last weekend, BTW.
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/07
Wearing heels when you´re 5´10 is no biggie.It looks sooo GREAT!Anyone who has a problem with that has personal confidence issues to deal with.Why would anyone have a RIGHT to tell another person what to wear and what not to wear?!Talk about fooling yourself if you think anyone is born with a right to tell other people what to do.Only parents tell their kids what to do and then the kids grow up and then they go about living their own lives.Tall with heels is definatly a plus.
Evanna said on 4/Jul/07
Victorian, you should also consider that she was barefoot in the concert for Diana, and still looked like a big girl. And Wills wore dress shoes. I'd say 5'10" is correct for Joss.
Victorian said on 30/Jun/07
Did I say 6 inches. Make that 5.
Victorian said on 30/Jun/07
After I saw Prince William towering over her today, I was curious how tall she actually was. Gotta say I'm quite surprised. But then again, 'Wills' ain't short either (6ft3)....although I thought that I spotted a 6 inch difference between the two.
Anshelm said on 29/Apr/07
Hmm, Jay Leno had only that much on her, that they probably would have been the same height if Jay too had been barefoot.
Myself 6'3" said on 7/Apr/07
It's not scary at all. Hellz yeah, wear those heels.
Guys, well, just grow up a bit, that's all.
olivia said on 23/Mar/07
aaah, yes it is fine to wear heels at that height! If guys are scared that says way more about them than it does about you being tall...if you want to wear heels you do it!
Jason said on 25/Feb/07
No, youll look extremely tall. imagine wearing 3 inch heels when ur 5'9.5". YOU'LL LOOK 6'0.5"! Scary, Scary thought (for us guys).
chloe said on 3/Jan/07
woot she's the same height as me! spooky. but how is that five nine and a half because isn't five ten about 178cm? ah well. do you think its okay to wear heels when you're this height?
Gillian said on 14/Aug/06
I thought 5'7'' were 1.77m? I tipped it in a converter and 5'7'' came out. I wanted to know that because my boyfriend is 1.77m tall. But I thought Joss was too... Don't thing she's even taller than 1.77m. And about the shoes: I also prefer walking around barefoot, not because I'm tall, just because it feels being close to the earth and nature. But I, being really sensible, can't go out barefoot on street or anywere... that's the only reason I do wear shoes and maybe because they look good with my jeans ^^
Tony said on 10/May/06
She is Maxim Online's girlfriend of the day, they have her at 5'7"
jon said on 11/Mar/06
She's no Sharapova but I think she's a easy 5'10 or maybe even close to 5'11. She looks quite tall whenever I see her on awards shows and she's never in heels.
CHLOEE said on 10/Mar/06
i think she actualy draws more atention to her height for not wearing shoes as she would wearing them! Ano she has this whole hippie thing going on but theres no need not to wear them even walking down the side walk ? Bit extream! She's about 5'9.5 i'd say now looking at more pictures!
Amanda said on 8/Mar/06
She is probably close to 5' 10" but she goes barefoot so she looks shorter than people who are 5' 10" (because they look 6' in shoes). I think that if she were barefoot and stood next to someone who was 5' 10" and also barefoot, you couldn't see more than 1/4" difference in height.
MsGumbo said on 1/Mar/06
yeah she's 5'9....this girl loves to wear her feet rather than shoes..She's a modern day hippie.
Serene said on 13/Feb/06
I saw a site and a celeb magazine,both listing her as 5'9" only..
Mika said on 15/Jan/06
I am 5' 9" and she and I were the same height. Maybe she's 5' 10" with shoes on.
CelebHeights Editor said on 28/Nov/05
In Daily mail magazine it described her (paraphrasing here): "Tall...Self-consious of her 5ft 10 height, one of the reasons she performs barefoot"
Danny said on 24/Nov/05
Rob I think she look more taller than 5'9. She looks so tall barefoot with no heels at all. She must be in the 176,177 range right???????????? I know a friend at my school who has similar body shape to her and height and she is also nearly 177cm when she got measured.
JUSTMATT said on 18/Nov/05
She exactly the same height of Bryan Adams! Look photos on

[Editor Rob: yes, and beside elton john doesn't look much more...the question is she barefoot? She's hard to pin down cos of her love of going barefoot not only on stage, but even at Events.

Seriously, you'll be surprised how often she is barefoot...this is a girl who'll even bear the elements of the dodgy london sidewalk in her love of being barefeet!

which makes her height all the more puzzling!]
CHLOEE said on 17/Nov/05
Omg this girl must be at least 5'9 if not an inch taller. She looks no way 5'7 not even when sloutching :S:S ! Madnnees if u belive that !! :S
Ricardo said on 28/Apr/05
Yeah every bit of her adds up. 5'10" and so beautiful and so sweet. Anyone see that episode of punkd? Damn i just fell in love with her after watching that, she has a great personality.

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