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5ft 10.17in (178.2cm)
MarcusTheSwede said on 15/Nov/14
Jude is 5'9 nothing nothing more he always wear lifts he is slim build but nothing over 5'9
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/14
Could be a weaker 5ft11
Normal Norman said on 29/Aug/14
That 5' 9" claim is an attempt at humour. Don't be fooled by it. Can look 5' 10.5" though.
Not Tall said on 26/Aug/14
He's 5' 10.5".
Spirit Level said on 24/Aug/14
I do think that 5' 10.5" (179 cm) is accurate for him. He can appear taller at times with decent footwear though.
Spirit Level said on 24/Aug/14
I can't see him above 5' 10.5". 5' 9" is undercooking him.
Guy said on 27/Jul/14
He looks like 177-178
cole said on 27/Apr/14
With 6'2 Richard E. Grant: Click Here
He certainly doesn't look under 5'11 there, but is he wearing lifts though?
Sean said on 24/Apr/14
@Maio, I just saw that for the first time and thought that was kind of funny. Also when it was said that even with lifts, making Hawke two inches taller would be "impossible."
viennese said on 24/Apr/14
about 2 years ago he was shooting a movie called "360" in vienna, where i met him and his cast in a less crowded bar(on the top floor of a hotel) around 11 pm. i didn't pay much attention to him, but at one point he walked right past me and seemed to be just a smidge taller than me. im usually about 5'10.25 late in the evening. he was wearing regular dress shoes, i was in converse. to cut a long story short: probably around 5'10.5-75
blond said on 24/Apr/14
He is the same high of Matt Damon...178
James B said on 2/Apr/14
Arch Stanton says on 1/Apr/14
Mm in g imaging them on the DVD cover of Enemy Fiennes actually looks easily an inch taller than Law. IN the film I didn't think he looked taller than Jude at all although granted his posture wasn't always great and he was often arms around people and leaning talking to people. I don't think you could really argue under 5'10 anyway. He's taller than you think.

He did not strike me as looking tall when i saw him in London just average sized and I am only 5'7 range.

However he was hunching down and wearing a hat. Probably did not want to get recognised.
leonari said on 1/Apr/14
Maybe he wears Lifts but Downey is the king of LIFTS. He doesn't mind that its obvious... He could afford the best footwear (like Don's) but he prefers to stuff his shoes with the absolute max lift possible so that anybody looking at his shoes notices that something weird is going on. Love Downey- one of my favorite actors of all time but his lifted shoes are pathetic
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/14
Mm in g imaging them on the DVD cover of Enemy Fiennes actually looks easily an inch taller than Law. IN the film I didn't think he looked taller than Jude at all although granted his posture wasn't always great and he was often arms around people and leaning talking to people. I don't think you could really argue under 5'10 anyway. He's taller than you think.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/14
Law looked a pretty similar height to Joseph Fiennes and thought he looked slightly taller if anything but they were about level in their scenes together. Rob has Fiennes at 5'11,5!
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/14
Doubt it Jamie. Jude looked a bit taller than Joseph Fiennes in Enemy at the Gates.
jamieorr4 said on 1/Apr/14
i honestly think 5ft9 is probably true he doesn't look much tall than Robert downey jr who i think is between 5ft6 and 5ft7 and also jude does wear lifts
Arch Stanton said on 14/Feb/14
He does seem to edge out Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain but it might be camera angles I don't know.
rancher said on 3/Feb/14
listing seems accurate but more or less in the 5-10 range

imo he comes off very average height, almost short in his films for whatever reason
Dural said on 28/Jan/14
Arch Stanton says on 27/Jan/14
180 is definitely more likely than 175 though, Click Here with Daniel Craig he looks about this.


He's closer to the camera.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Jan/14
180 is definitely more likely than 175 though, Click Here with Daniel Craig he looks about this.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Jan/14
Fully agree on your label "chameleon of heights" Rob. Jude Law is one of the very few celeb guys I which I'm actually convinced of what he is. In recent photos he really seems 5'9 range, but then in other photos he can look easily 5'11", and it's the same in his films. In the talented Mr. Ripley I think you can rule out him being as low as 5'9 flat, but anything from 177-182 he can look at times!!

For instance see him with 5'9.5" Ewan Mcgregor

Click Here


Click Here

You could argue anything from 176 to 182 in those two photos alone. Is he a lift wearer? I doubt it, he tends to wear campus like sneakers a lot. His height is all over the place though...
James said on 7/Jan/14
Well rob he did not look much bigger than 5'9 when I walked past him Paddington.

Guess pavement and his build made him seem smaller?
Editor Rob
it's a helluva lot harder judging height out and about on the street. I'd be very surprised if he measured around that mark.
Arthur said on 5/Jan/14
I don't get it Rob. If Jude said he's 5'9'', why would you say he's 5'11'' ???
Editor Rob
I think he was trying a bit of humour, I don't think he looks just 5ft 9
cole said on 26/Dec/13
@Editor Rob: I agree; can't see him as a flat 5'9. I'm just saying proportionally he doesn't strike me as your average 5'11 flat guy - but more like a 5'9ish guy (a very strong 5'9, 177 cm+). But I understand proportions doesn't tell the whole story. For example I am 5'10.75 and a bunch of my 5'9ish friends have legs just as long as mine, or a tad bit longer even - whilst my torso is as long as my 6'1.5 friend's, and my arms are even longer than his...

Back to Jude Law... I take it you wouldn't argue 178 or slightly less as a possibility for Jude then?

Either way I think the 5'11 is a bit generous. 178 cm range - maybe that's his low, and that he generally walks about 179 and wakes around 180?

5'10.5 or 5'10.75 I would say is fair for him. Maybe put him at 5'10.75 to begin with?
cole said on 24/Dec/13
I could actually see him telling the truth (partly) with his 5'9 claim - when you see him on his own, he has the proportions of a guy around that height. He looks around the 6ft mark only in his lifts. I'm reading "I am 5'9 (or so), but if I want to appear taller (like 6ft range), I have the tools to do so" in his quote in Allure. I don't think he's a flat 5'9 though - 177/178 cm range seems probable. 179 cm might be possible, but a strong 180 cm (5'11 = 180,3 cm) - I just can't see that as his barefoot height.

What do you say Rob? Time for a downgrade? Anywhere between 177 and 179 cm will do.
Editor Rob
179 is a possibility, but I can't see him as 5ft 9
James said on 2/Dec/13
Clive Owen 6'1.5 (187cm)
Jude Law 5'10.5 (179cm)
Realist said on 2/Dec/13
About 3 to 3.5 inches less than Clive Owen who is 186-188, 5'10.5 is correct.
James said on 29/Nov/13
Rob I was near primrose hill in London yesterday and i walked past jude law.

Honestly he looked a little shorter than 5'11 from my perspective. I did have on big shoes but do you a weak 5'10 could be on the cards?

What do you think rob maybe a shade less than 5'11 for law?
Editor Rob
a weak 5ft 11 is possible for him yeah
Dejavu said on 5/Nov/13
I agree with lelman that he is a left wearer. He can look 5'10 range to a good 6'0.
Louis said on 4/Nov/13
Rob, what do you think about this photo? it's weird, on every other photo jude look taller
jlm is leaning a little bit, but does angle favours him a lot?
Click Here
JJ said on 24/Oct/13
They say 6'1 in Gattaca, albeit he is in a wheelchair...
lelman said on 17/Oct/13
Clearly a big lift/elevator man. Can look anywhere from 5'9"/5'10" to 6'1"/6'2", just look at Chachi's photos. Not to mention the photo with Guy Ritche and Downie Jr, posted below.
jordydecke said on 16/Oct/13
Strong 5'9 no more, no less.
Chachi said on 1/Oct/13
Somehow Jude is able to go from this: Click Here

to this: Click Here

Doesn't make much sense, seeing as most people believe Craig is a smidge under 5'10. Jude clearly wears special shoes for special occasions.
FM said on 7/Sep/13
Yves, I saw that movie also - I think it's possible he could have had lifts throughout the movie. Check out the premiere picture with them. Pretty close in height, unless you think Jude is wearing lifts.

Click Here

To me he looks like he could be any from 5'9" to 6', as he said.
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
Seemed 5'10 with Robert Downey jr. In Sherlock holmes.
thedude said on 4/Sep/13
this guy can look anywhere from 5'9 to 5'11..
shamrock said on 25/Aug/13
Flight attendant alert : 5'11- 6'00. Carried him on a flight. Taller than one would expect.
FM said on 22/Aug/13
Rob, I know you've seen this pic, but what do you think about it:

Click Here

You have Daniel Craig listed as 5'10.25, and looks like he has a inch and some change on Jude Law- making his 5'9" claim seem accurate. They both are in normal shoes, no heel advantage to either one. And the ground looks level to me.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't use a shot like that to compare'd be better with one were they are standing together on flat ground, that's a pavement and they are on the move.
cole said on 2/Aug/13
Rob. The people who claim to have met Jude in the description, Steve on the airport, and Noodles, is that legit or have you just picked any random comments from the comment-section?
Editor Rob
either comment/email, but they are like any comment really so I think better removing them from the description these days.
Balrog said on 2/Aug/13
Like I said before I think he claimed his real height and admitted that he wears funny shoes "If I'm feeling tall I say 6 feet (with my lifts and special shoes on)"
cole said on 1/Aug/13
Holy mother of lifts! Click Here
Editor Rob
maybe Downey is selling Jude some spare elevators :)
Height obsession said on 25/Jul/13
He is obviously no higher than 5'9" if he says he is only 5'9"
Come on Rob get real.
romanspqr said on 24/Jul/13
*wearing nikes...stupid spell check.
romanspqr said on 23/Jul/13
OK. Daniel Craig and Jude law pic. Daniel Craig is taller. Yet he is listed at an inflated 5'10.25, even tho Keenan Thompson, 5'8, is about the same height as Mr bond. But ignoring that fact for a does 5'11 person, wearing he should be pushing 6ft, get dwarfed by a guy standing 5'10.25? I'm calling shenanigans on law, Craig, Damon, Pitt, and clooney.
cole said on 22/Jul/13
cole says on 16/Jul/13
Yeah, 5'10 - 5'10.5 seems like a reasonable enough range for Jude. You sure on 5'11 Rob?
[Editor Rob: 179 isn't impossible]

Perhaps 5'10.5 is what he should be listed? His proportions doesn't look the best, and he tends to wear rather chunky footwear. What do you make of his 5'9 claim, was he joking?
cole said on 16/Jul/13
Yeah, 5'10 - 5'10.5 seems like a reasonable enough range for Jude. You sure on 5'11 Rob?
Editor Rob
179 isn't impossible
Will said on 2/Jul/13
Agreed that Jude is 5ft 10in. Maybe not quite 5'11".
cole said on 30/Jun/13
He can look 5'11 or more at times, but I am sure he is closer to 5'10 in reality.
Joe joe said on 25/Jun/13
Click Here

here is jude with solid 6'1 Micheal Caine. I've met cain and can confirm he is 6'1 which is my height. Jude has better posture than cain in the foto.
Silent d said on 22/Jun/13
The daniel craig photo proves that he is not 180cm. He also has a shoe advantage. He is wearing nike hitops and daniel craig is wearing converse like shoes. 176cm at most.
James said on 20/Jun/13

I was 175 bang on at 16 measured around midday. Now at 22 I measure 182.5 at midday. From 21 to 22 i've frown 0.5cm so im finishing up, although I know someone a year older than me who at age 22-23 had a mini growth spurt of a solid 2 inches, hope for us all yet!
truth178cm said on 18/Jun/13
Matt Damon is 177/178cm, same as Jude Law.

@Craig yeah I was also only 173-174 at 16. Though I kept a record and finished at 19 at 177-178cm. You can grow an inch after 16. If we stopped at 16, the average would be like 5ft9 tops. From 17-19 you stop growing.
Craig 177 said on 12/Jun/13
I've got a mate who claims 5' 9". He's actually 5' 10.25". We're both TenPin Bowlers, so I've seen him in all types of footwear and just in socks.

Believe it or not, some people are very modest when claiming their height. Possibly because they don't really care about height or may have not been officially measured since they were like 16...

I personally reckon Jude Law is 5' 10". He doesn't look 5' 9". 177 cm bare minimum.
Oz said on 2/Jun/13
Since he said 5'9 I'm assuming he is 5'9
Selena said on 25/May/13
Why is he 5'11 on here if he said himself he's 5'9? Like we know his height better than he does?
jean said on 23/May/13
I dont understand why he is listed as 5"11 if he stated he is 5"9
Chris said on 22/May/13
I´d guess he is 176 -177 in Mr ripley he is barley taller than Gwyneth and about the same height as Matt Damon.
Click Here
lelman said on 21/May/13
Always assumed he looked about 6', but he practically stated that he's 5'9 there so I'm gonna just go with 5'9" or 5'10".
gian92 said on 3/May/13
he looks me 5'11.50 because near Channing Tatum he was only 3 cm shorter .
penguinboy25 said on 17/Apr/13
Eh 5'10 about average range. Can look taller at times because of a narrow build though.
MaskDeMasque said on 6/Apr/13
5'9 range. Skinny dudes look taller, I'm 5'9.5 and weigh 9 stone(used to weigh just over 8!) and when people guess my height they always say either 5'10 or 5'11.
Craig 176 said on 25/Mar/13
Actually, 5' 10" looks right for Law. The lowest I've seen him appear is 5' 9.5" but he may have had footwear or ground level disadvantage on those occasions.

Yeah, nothing below 5' 10". I still think that 5' 11" barefoot is a stretch though...
Craig 176 said on 22/Mar/13
He can certainly look 180. I can see why Rob's listed him as this. But he can appear 5' 9.5". He's worn lifts before, no doubt about it. I reckon he's 5' 9.5" barefoot and wears 1.5 inch lifts to reach 5' 11".

177. Not 5' 9" flat.
Louis said on 17/Mar/13
Click Here

Click Here

it should work now
Louis said on 15/Mar/13
Click Here
Christoph Waltz with Harvey Weinstein

Click Here
Jude Law with harvey Weinstein

Jude can't be taller than 5'9
kevin said on 6/Mar/13
i like this guy doesnt care about height cause he looks clearly taller than his 175cm claim. its the same with him losing hair, he isnt hiding it at all. hard to believe that he would wear lifts to reach 180cm. but still could be 179cm it would be the mean of both of his claims (175 and 183).
Louis said on 20/Feb/13
ROB, how big difference do you see between lewis and jude?
Jude was in dress shoes so cm or 2 footwear advantage
Click Here
Editor Rob
in the set of photos he can look 2.5-3.5 inches taller than him
Tempest said on 18/Feb/13
There's no possible way we're going to pin down heights to half inch margins. There are too many factors at play to get that close. If Jude Law says 5'9" and you think he looks taller, I think it's time to reassess how you judge heights and handle your site. Seems as though you've taken his honest 5'9" claim and his 6' joke height, drawn the marks on the wall and threw a dart somewhere in between.
M said on 15/Feb/13
I don't get it. He states his height as 5'9" and he is listed as 5'11"? Very, very few men would claim to be smaller than they actually are.
Silent d said on 11/Feb/13
The photo with sienna miller and daniel craig is mind blowing. 5 foot 9.
littlehuge said on 9/Feb/13
Jude Law is at LEAST 5 foot 10. I met him when I was on holiday and we were both wearing flipflops!! I am just over 5 foot 10. You can't get fairer than that!
Hew said on 9/Feb/13
refresh says on 21/Jan/13
Click Here look at that lifts,180 cm guy doesent have to wear those:)

He's on a film-set, and like klem says, they are simply boots, giving him a 4,5-5 cm boost. But I agree he's not 180 cm barefoot. What he is exactly though, I can't tell, probably between 175 and 178 cm.
klem said on 21/Jan/13
refresh says on 21/Jan/13
Click Here look at that lifts,180 cm guy doesent have to wear those:)

Those are just boots, 1.75 inch, not lifts. And believe me guys even at 180+ cm are height conscious and want to look taller, around 6-0. I am 182 cm and I like to wear thick shoes to have 6-0 to 6-1 feeling.
As for his height, I think 5-10 would be spot on.
refresh said on 21/Jan/13
Click Here look at that lifts,180 cm guy doesent have to wear those:)
Balrog said on 21/Jan/13
I really think he claimed his real height and also admitted he wears lifts so that's why he can go from 5'9'' to 6'0''
truth said on 20/Jan/13
5ft9-5ft10, lower the listing please.
lulo said on 19/Jan/13
Jude statement about 'it depends on my mood' says it all, that is definitely a statement from a guy insecure about his height, just think about it. Would a guy comfortable about his height play around like that? trying to throw off the person asking the question? No.

He's 5'9, 5'10 at most, the pics with Keanu and Kevin Spacey say it all...Needs a downgrade Rob!!!
I can tell Jude was one of the celebs to contact you to tell you his 'real' height.
refresh said on 15/Jan/13
i am 176-175cm barefoot,in regular shoes i am 178 + my hair up and there you go just like 180cm! imagine with lifts and good body? see my point? 175-176cm:)
Louis said on 6/Jan/13
Click Here

Rob, what do you think, I know it's not perfect photo but it seems like these are elevator shoes
Editor Rob
I wouldn't think they look much more than some dress shoes, but you could always fit a small lift in a shoe, a cm lift is hard to tell in any shoe.
Balrog said on 5/Jan/13
He could be 5'9'' and wears lifts, pictures with Reeves shows that.
Louis said on 1/Jan/13
He looks 2in taller than rdj
Both in big lifts
173 jude 168rdj
Hew said on 30/Dec/12
What he's saying with his "It depends on my mood, really. I'm five nine, and some days I only feel five nine. But if I'm feeling tall, I say six feet!" claim, is that he's 5'9, but he have to tools to appear 6ft. He's the most obvious lift-wearer in all of Hollywood. 5'9 at best.
Louis said on 27/Dec/12
Click Here Jude Law with Prince Charles
Click Here Kevin Spacey with Prince Charles
Click Here Jude Law with Kevin Spacey

Jude is lift wearer, he is 174 max
Louis said on 27/Dec/12
one of Hollywood's worst lift wearers

2004 with Keanu Reeves
Click Here

2009 with Keanu Reeves
Click Here
Silent D said on 13/Dec/12
Louis i just saw that photo and it is mind blowing because he has bigger shoes on. He must have custom lifts at events. 5 foot 9.
Louis said on 10/Dec/12
jude is lift wearer
5'9 is what jude said himself
The Horse of FUNK said on 10/Dec/12
Yeah, Rob might want to check out that link AAAA posted on December 4th. Some interesting photos in there and I think it firmly squashes these 5'9" estimates for Law.
The Horse of FUNK said on 10/Dec/12
"AAAA says on 4/Dec/12
with Lennox..Click Here"

Wow, that was actually a really interesting gallery. Even saw Bruce Willis in there. Bruce looked about the same height as David Beckham next to Lennox Lewis.

Law actually looks taller compared to Lennox than Willis. WTF?
Joey said on 7/Dec/12
he's 5'11 (180cm) in his lift shoes and 5'9.5 (176cm) at best in barefeet
Louis said on 5/Dec/12
Jude: i'm 5'9....People always go, "God, Jude's really short.

he looks tall because he's lift wearer
my opinion 173 max
AAAA said on 4/Dec/12
with Lennox..Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 29/Nov/12
He looks a similar height to Pitt I think, upper average range. If I could hazard a guess I'd go with 179cm.
jeff said on 23/Nov/12
I stood next to Jude Law in an elevator in London and he was 3 to 4 inches shorter than I am - I'm just on 6 foot.
Louis said on 14/Nov/12
Click Here
i wonder how much he can get over barefoot height with this shoes
James said on 8/Nov/12
There is an old photo from 1999 where Jude looks 5'10 flat next too 5'11.5 Sean pertwee.... it might just be because Sean is closer too the camera?
Chameleon said on 25/Oct/12
Click Here
refresh said on 24/Oct/12
let me translate this for you "i'm 5'9" barefoot so 5'10" in sneackers and when i go to premiere or something i wear lifts and i'm 6' i said this becaouse everyone notice that! " he is 5'9" he look 5'9" you have pic that 177 dude posted,end of f****** story.
Louis said on 22/Oct/12
Silent d
did you see this photo? Click Here
craig is 174 max Jude same height or tad shorter
Adam said on 22/Oct/12
Their average is 185.6 last time I heard, which is more like 6'1.1, and I consider a 1.1" difference to be near 6'. Sorry I didn't specify it down to the CM, but that is why I said "near" point out these few tall regions have exceptional averages, not just the Dinaric Alps, who is the only nation (so far) that slightly breaks a 6' average. Is that specific enough? Which is beside the point is the first place: 6' is not representative of the average human height.
Silent d said on 21/Oct/12
Barely taller than robert downey jr? He looks at least 8-10cm taller. Jude might be a lift wearer but he's more 180cm than brad pitt. I will settle for 179cm.
Louis said on 19/Oct/12
You said Only the tallest regions in the world average near 6ft
And i gave you example of avg 6'1.25
Adam said on 18/Oct/12
Yes, I am aware of the Dinaric Alps, and they are hardly representative of the average human height.
Louis said on 7/Oct/12
tallest people are from area of Dinaric Alps
Av. for men is 185.6 and for women 171
Adam said on 4/Oct/12
TobyTheTank says on 11/Feb/12
I see some of you users calling 5'11" - 6'0" tall. That's not tall at all, that's average. 6'2" is tall.
In my family it 's normal to be 6'1" +, so 6'3" is where tall starts at :P

Ummm, good for you? Only the tallest regions in the world average near 6ft. The overall average male height worldwide is not anywhere even near that. Most European countries average around 5'9.5 to 5'10.
bodwaya said on 2/Oct/12
michael caine is actually 6 foot 2
Abbs said on 30/Sep/12
I've seen pics of him with Michael Caine recently, and he's about 2 inches shorter than that; Michael Caine is 6'1", so 5'11" would be right around Jude's height.
Big T said on 29/Sep/12
175-177 cm at most.
bodwaya said on 11/Sep/12
in repo men hwas 4 inches shorter then whitaker 6 foo 2. Nothing more than 5 foot 10. his thin frame makes him look taller. He alwasys gets towerd by 6 foot .like clive owen in closer. In enemy at the gates he is only taller then 5 foot 9 ed harris by an inch. case closed 5 foot 10
Mathew said on 2/Sep/12
At 5'11", why would he claim 5'9"? That makes no sense.
Shaun said on 26/Aug/12
Well Maximus my sister also thought Brad Pitt was short. I also thought at one time Leo di Caprio and Timberlake were shortish too. 5'11" range for some reason may have a mixed perception. A legitimate 1 metre 80 or above though shouldn't really ever appear "short" in public and will usually look tallish.
Desert007 said on 23/Aug/12
I just watched Jude Law in the 2004 movie Closer with Julia Roberts. He walks right up to her and is taller. I'm thinking, he must be standing on a step, but it showed him walking right up to her. So then, I'm thinking, he must be wearing elevator shoes.... That's how I landed in this "thread." But there's no denying that Nicole Kidman is definitely 5'11" and definitely taller than he. But I do think he probably wears any number of "lifts" and elevator shoes!
Maximus said on 22/Aug/12
So when is 5'10" short???.....I'm 5'10" and no one ever calls me short. I think its the perception that some actors try to embelish their height with an extra 2" to 3" so when someone actually meets them they believe that they should be 6'1" instead of 5'10" for example.....Vin Disel who is between 5'10" and 5'11" but some people believed him to be 6'1 to 6'2.
John said on 19/Aug/12
Jude said he is 5'9 so he was probably in lifts when you saw him, 5'8-5'9 is his height, could be even less
mimi said on 17/Aug/12
Past by him on the street in NYC a year ago. He was doing a play. I was surprised. He was probably 5'10" or 5'11". I always thought he was short. He is average height, has a largish head. More masculine looking in person. I've always thought he looked effeminate and small in movies.
177 dude said on 13/Aug/12
Rob, take a look at my most recent post.

Do you see 5' 9" range for Jude Law? I sure do.
Editor Rob
it's a funny one the 5ft 9 quote, does he look 5ft 9 - sometimes he might, but he can look 5ft 11 a lot to me!
monaug5 said on 9/Aug/12
(176 - 177 cm) the proof is all over this thread
177 dude said on 9/Aug/12
Those of you who believe that Jude Law is a legit 5' 11", prepare yourselves for a shock.

Jude Law with Prince Charles - who is in the 5' 9" range:
Click Here
Click Here

And then, he magically grows (as you do in your 30s)...
Click Here

With trickery he can appear 5' 11" (180 cm). But in reality he's no more than 5' 9.5" (177 cm).
BigT said on 5/Aug/12
I'm thinking 5'10 at best, 177 cm is ideal for him.
bodwaya said on 4/Aug/12
in road to perditon he was 2 inches shorter then 6 foot tom hanks. No more than 5 foot 10
Louis said on 2/Aug/12
he said 5'9 and that's abaolute max
c-mo said on 2/Aug/12
Kim says on 30/Sep/11
I met Jude backstage at a play in London. I am 5 foot 8 and I was wearing boots with 3 inch heels. I stood right next to him for a pic and we were then about equal height. 5 foot 11 very accurate for his height.


uhm that makes him 5'10 since he wears shoes too

i thought he is 179-182cm

but now i think he is more like about 178cm maybe 177cm at night nothing under that ...but who knows
Louis said on 25/Jul/12
Difference is more than just inch, at least 2, maybe ecen 2.5
BigT said on 25/Jul/12
Daniel Craig is taller for sure, he´s 178 cm flat. I am actually starting to think that Jude Law really told the truth with his 5´9" claim.
Louis said on 25/Jul/12
I think that this is the best pic because both are in sneakers, and on other photos they are are in dress shoes, and if Jude is in elevators they can give him more than 2 inch advantage over Craig
and he never looks more than inch taller than downey jr, i think he is 5'8
Louis said on 24/Jul/12
Rob, do you think that pic i posted is good enough to say that Craig is taller than jude or you still see jude taller?
Editor Rob
there's images of them near the same height and Law taller, the odd one showing craig taller.
Louis said on 24/Jul/12
Rob, do you still think that he is 5'11?
Editor Rob
at times he can look smaller
Louis said on 24/Jul/12
Click Here
Marcus said on 14/Jun/12
You really think that Jude isn't wearing lifts?
Jesse said on 14/Jun/12
The picture Nic posted says it all really...
But Downey Jr. is 5'7", and those boots he's wearing seems flat, but actually adds a good 3 inches, kinda like bieberboots. So he's 5'10" with them on, and Jude looks about 5'11" with the dress shoes, so basically 5'9.75" - 5'10" barefoot for Jude Law.
Marcus said on 14/Jun/12
i've seen him at the Donmar - in Anna Christie and he is in 5'7 range
Chameleon said on 13/Jun/12
LOL, look at the pic NIC posted!
Nads said on 12/Jun/12
Used to work at a cinema where he was a fairly regular customer, I'm 5'3 and he was barely a few inches taller than me standing really close, I'd say 5'7/8 absolute max, but was totally gorgeous :)
joe joe said on 11/Jun/12
@TobyTheTank 5'11-6'0 is not average. for the average american or british male the avererge is 5'9"- 5'10" fact. the talest nation states are Denmark were the average is 6'0" and the netherlands around 6'0" to 6'1"
nic said on 10/Jun/12
Its Official guys, we can finally put this to rest. The pic says it all: JUDE LAW IS 5'9" Click Here
JohnnyRB said on 12/Feb/12
@cora: Diaz is not a full 5ft8 and she is slouching a little bit and those dress shoes of Jude Law arent so flat, they surely have an inch heal.
TobyTheTank said on 11/Feb/12
I see some of you users calling 5'11" - 6'0" tall. That's not tall at all, that's average. 6'2" is tall.
In my family it 's normal to be 6'1" +, so 6'3" is where tall starts at :P
My 12 year old brother is 5'11.75", he'll probably be very tall. My 50 year old brother was 6'0.5" at 15 and stopped at 6'3.5". I am 6'1.5" myself so i'm among the shortest in my family, only my dad (6'1") and Grandpa (6'1.25") is shorter out of the adults.
Anyway, Jude is probably bang on 5'10", never looks "tall" as you would say 5'11" is. Got stumpy legs and average torso.
Chris said on 3/Jan/12
Law was clearly joking when he said "I'm five nine, and some days I only feel five nine. But if I'm feeling tall, I say six feet!" In a good day he might be an inch taller but three inches?!. Plus the guy always looks in the "strong" average range (5'10-5'11) 5'10.5 could be accurate for him. 5'11 is the max i could buy for him. He looks 2-2.5'' shorter than Clive Owen (listed 6'2 here, LOL, that guy is 6'1)
Bon_ said on 3/Jan/12
Such a laughlable thread. He was just joking when he said 5'9, like surely lol
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 2/Jan/12
He's not taller than 5ft 10.75in (180 cm), probably 1.79 m.
Paul said on 1/Jan/12
this guy is 5'9 guy, he even said.
Adz said on 29/Dec/11
I watched him on the Graham Norton show the other day and I honestly think hes a bit taller than 180 possibly 181, maybe a six footer out of bed.
Silent d said on 20/Dec/11
On letterman he looked really tall. He has the build of a six footer. I think he was wearing lifts on the show but he's still cool. 180cm is right.
the real truth said on 18/Dec/11
he said he sometimes feels 5ft9 and sometimes 6ft, well to conclude this:

69 + 72 = 141 /2 = 70.5 so he is 5ft10.5 or 179cm hahaha.
kevin said on 16/Dec/11
one thing is for sure, hes taller than just 175cm. for me at least 178cm if not the 180cm as listed above.
Silent d said on 14/Dec/11
He looks tall. Once when he was standing next to paltrow and she was taller. She had heels on. 180cm. Much taller than downey jr.
Sam said on 12/Dec/11
In the pictures that Jay posted, it appears Robert Downey Jr. is wearing his "special" shoes to that event
maio said on 11/Dec/11
5 ft 10 in/178 cm it's fair for him. He's 1 in/2,5 cm shorter than Uma Thurman.
jay said on 9/Dec/11
wtf look at him here:

Click Here

same height as rdj!
Cora said on 5/Dec/11
I'm surprised no one has used Cameron Diaz as a comparison. She's commonly accepted as 5'8" and Jude is taller than her in these pictures where she is wearing heels. His shoes look quite flat.

Click Here
Donny said on 30/Nov/11
I'm 1.80m in the morning, 1.79m rest of the day. Law seems the same. Agree Rob?
Editor Rob
it might be nearer than the 5ft 9, which I do find hard to believe.
Physics Enemy said on 18/Nov/11
The probability of a Hollywood actor downgrading himself by 2 inches is not zero ... it's negative. Site visitor Steve inflated Law by 2", as he thinks he's 2" taller himself. Just like most of society who inflate height.
Physics Enemy said on 18/Nov/11
He looks 5' 9", he stated 5' 9", he is 5' 9". He's listed at 5' 11" to allow other celebs to keep their inflated listings. e.g.) Pitt, Clooney, Di Caprio. Pitt is 5' 9.25", Clooney is 5' 9" and Di Caprio is 5' 9.75".
Paul said on 13/Nov/11
He looks solid 175cm

ROFLZ at 5'11. Rob deserves a smack for that listing!
Editor Rob
Jude Law bazinga'd people with that 5ft 9 quote.
Physics Enemy said on 13/Nov/11
He already said he was 5' 9" lol. This case was closed long ago!
Teo said on 12/Nov/11
That makes him 5'9" tops as Bleibtreu is probably closer to 5'7". Case Closed.
Dural said on 30/Oct/11
Jude Law with Moritz Bleibtreu (on the left, blue jacket) who claims to be 173cm....

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Physics Enemy said on 22/Oct/11
You're a bad height estimator Shaun. In that pic, Law is standing straight as an arrow and Fry is leaning in massively. There'd be at least 6" difference if Fry stood up as straight as Law.
Physics Enemy said on 19/Oct/11
Legend - If Jude Law is 5' 9" because he claimed it, then why isn't Damon 5' 10" and Stallone 5' 10.75"? Why isn't Bieber 5' 8"? Cruise 5' 9"? Hehe. :-)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/Oct/11
I dont think hes 180 but if clive owen is 188, hes 183! But clive is NOT. 188 :)
Physics Enemy said on 11/Oct/11
Kim - But you're forgetting he would get 1.25-1.5" from his own shoes, which makes him 5' 9.5" - 5' 9.75". And there's always a chance you're a bit under 5' 8".
Kim said on 30/Sep/11
I met Jude backstage at a play in London. I am 5 foot 8 and I was wearing boots with 3 inch heels. I stood right next to him for a pic and we were then about equal height. 5 foot 11 very accurate for his height.
Shaun said on 18/Sep/11
Click Here

If anything he is looking 184cm next to 194cm Stephen Fry. And Fry is deifnitely a strong 6'4", weak 6'5" guy as proved in comparison to Jonathan Ross and Prince William.
Shaun said on 18/Sep/11
Actually I saw a photograph of him next to 6'4.5" Stephen Fry I think it was and he actually looked 6' even.
n00bz said on 14/Sep/11
Here is an article stating Robert Downey Jr. has to wear 4" lifts to match Jude Law's height for Sherlock Holmes:

Click Here

If Jude Law was 5'9" as he claims and Downey is 5'8" as listed, Jude in flat shoes and Downey in thick boots should have solved that minor height difference. But apparently, that's not the case..(My best guess is Jude was either joking about his height or he doesn't know/tall enough to not have height issues and lie about it...?) He's always looked like a tall guy to me proportionate to his surroundings, so I think 5'11" as listed should def. be around the mark!
mARTIN said on 13/Sep/11
Physics Enemy said on 12/Sep/11
Jude claims 5' 9" yet gets listed at 5' 11"? Mmmm. Poor Stallone!
Legend said on 30/Aug/11
He's 5'9 because he claimed it.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 25/Aug/11
Looks max 2 inches shorter than clive owen! This means: first) clive is just 6ft1 or a strong 6ft1 like 186 (the pics with tim robbins clearly proof that); second) jude law is 5ft11? Imo he's more like a strong 5ft9, 176!
nonno said on 20/Aug/11
Jude is 175 at most with a glance. Come on he is short, look at his arms his legs, don't you guys have any tall friends? why can't u see the difference?
Dmeyer said on 16/Aug/11
Anywere 179 181 cm 5'11 covers thé guy
James said on 11/Aug/11
Could look 179cm with keanu reeves.
jake said on 11/Aug/11
could 5ft10.5 be nearer Rob?
Editor Rob
sometimes he can look 5ft 10 range, other times 5ft 11, the 5ft 9 he said maybe with bad posture.
AJ said on 3/Aug/11
Just saw the AI DVD's making part for Gigolo Joe...

in one of the bits he looks only 2 inches taller than Spieldberg (5ft 7.5) I think he's a weak 5'10 AT MOST
Shaun said on 31/Jul/11
Looks almost the same height as Uma Thurman at Cannes.
Azza said on 29/Jul/11
weak 5'10...178cm maybe 180 in morning
James said on 26/Jul/11
still don't buy 5'11
Matt said on 18/Jul/11
come on rob, get some morals. lol i agree, guy looks more like a 5'11 guy than a 5'9 guy. there is nothing "wrong" with him being listed at 5'11.
adz said on 14/Jul/11
Legend, Jude probably isn't bothered about his height as much as you. I think he is his listed height.
Legend said on 11/Jul/11
He's 5'9. I don't know why anyone would think he's over the height he claimed for himself. Thats ridiculous and you list him at 5'11 because site visitor Steve claims it. That is just not right on so many levels.
c-mo said on 10/Jul/11
looks at least 179cm and 182cm at most ...he must be somewhere in this range
Shaun said on 8/Jul/11
5'11" barefeet is pushing it I think. He does not look 6' in footwear to me.
TruebloodFan said on 6/Jul/11
@Hiram says on 2/Jul/11
Close to 5"10

Hiram said on 2/Jul/11
Close to 5"10
Gareth said on 1/Jul/11
5'11" in lifts, 5'8.5" barefoot...
Ali said on 16/Jun/11
So let me get this straight. He himself states about his height:
''"It depends on my mood, really. I'm five nine, and some days I only feel five nine. But if I'm feeling tall, I say six feet!", sometimes though he deadpans.''

He sais ''I'M FIVE NINE''! Yet he is listed at 5'11. Rob
can you explain this one?
Editor Rob
there's always a chance he didn't say nine and said something like ten I guess.

I would be very surprised if he was really just 5ft 9 though
James said on 8/Jun/11
remember he is scrawny and skinny in build and maybe does not always stand with good posture. that might make him look shorter than he really is.
James said on 3/Jun/11
dmeyer says on 1/Jun/11
5 ft 11

In lifts
James said on 31/May/11
I think he's a lift wearer for sure esspecially when on high profile public appearences.
Chameleon said on 31/May/11
I dont recall him looking 5'11 at the Oscars next to RDJ.
adz said on 31/May/11
Adrian says on 28/May/11

Thats because he wears freaking 2 inch lifts with god knows what inside, dumbass.

So you think Jude wears 2 inch lifts plus some more inside? So 3 to 4 inch lifts? Wow....
voiceless dental fricative said on 30/May/11
The other possibility of course is that he's a lift wearer. But if he were really that height conscious, would be actually admit to being 5'9?
voiceless dental fricative said on 30/May/11
Another one with Deniro: Click Here

He's 5'11.

As far as his 5'9 claim goes, I see number of options:

1. He was joking
2. He mis-measured himself
3. He stopped measuring himself at age eighteen thinking he had stopped growing at that age, when in fact he kept growing for a few more years.
4. He is an avid fan and user of Celebheights and said it to toy with us.
Adrian said on 28/May/11
Adam says on 5/Apr/11
This guy is a legit 5' 11. He stands up well against 6 footers and looked a good couple inches than Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes.

Thats because he wears freaking 2 inch lifts with god knows what inside, dumbass.
adz said on 23/May/11
TruebloodFan says on 19/May/11

Theres more than two inches there. Stop putting down every comment which states his listed height to make yourself feel better.
TruebloodFan said on 19/May/11
@Shaun says on 16/May/11

that's a proof he's 5ft9.5 next to nowadays 5ft7.5-5ft8 De Niro.
Springer said on 16/May/11
176cm, skinny and wearing lifts at Cannes 2011.
Shaun said on 16/May/11
Click Here

This is proof enough for me he aint under 5'11".
James said on 2/May/11
a few inches under 5'11 i think
adz said on 29/Apr/11
Why do people write 'end of discussion' so annoying to read. As for the 'I'm 5ft 9' comment I think he doesn't know his true height so said what he last got measured when he was 15 or something.
Bon_ said on 28/Apr/11
For rationality's sake he said he's 5'9, end of discussion
James said on 23/Apr/11
Rob do you think 178cm is possible for Jude Law?
Adam said on 23/Apr/11
"Anthony 6'2" says on 28/Mar/11
Jude Law 5'11"? Give me a break! He's tiny! 5'9.5" tops."

Wow, 1.5" difference that makes him he's tiny, lol. You're an idiot.
Pastore6foot1 said on 19/Apr/11
Its wierd that s regular 5'9" man can claim whatever height he wants, get a pair of lifts, and suddenly get everyone thinking you are 6 foot. Jude Law likes to look at himself as the perfect man, but He has at least been honest about his height, 5'9.5" seems spot on, 5'11" is s joke...
mcfan said on 15/Apr/11
Tom Hanks is not quite 6'0. Jude Law is almost 2 inches shorter than him. He's 5'10, not 5'11. I've never seen Jude Law look 5'11.
TruebloodFan said on 7/Apr/11
@Adam says on 5/Apr/11
This guy is a legit 5' 11. He stands up well against 6 footers and looked a good couple inches than Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes.

at his weak 5ft10 he stands lower that 5ft10.5ers like Nicole Kidman, that's how he stands. Downey needs a serious downgrade to 5ft6.5. Law 177cm, Downey 169cm.
rafa said on 6/Apr/11
I would say he is about 5'10.5"
Adam said on 5/Apr/11
This guy is a legit 5' 11. He stands up well against 6 footers and looked a good couple inches than Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes.
horacle said on 2/Apr/11
at least 180 cm (5'11)
Anthony 6'2" said on 28/Mar/11
Jude Law 5'11"? Give me a break! He's tiny! 5'9.5" tops.
James said on 27/Mar/11
5'11 is the start of tall. Jude looked 5'9 with 5'8 Matt Damon. I think Jude Law is 5'9 besides why would he get so many short sightings? 5'9 itself is not short either since its classic average height.
Dominic said on 23/Mar/11
Any guy over 6ft is gonna call a guy under 6ft, short. The reality is 5'11 isnt short. I actually think Law is a legit 5'11 unlike Brad Pitt.
ticktock said on 16/Mar/11
Michael Caine, in his new bio, says that Law (as well as Tom Cruise) is "short".
TruebloodFan said on 11/Mar/11
if only I get to be a celebrity one day. being 5ft8 in reality, and saying that I'm 5ft8, I'll get listed 5ft9 at least. He is shorter than Kidman. And she's under the 5ft11 mark. 5ft11 is Sigourney Weaver territory. 175-178cm, average height man.
Rich said on 9/Mar/11
Jude truly makes it a living nightmare for guys like Rob, lol. Maybe his earlier 6ft1 modelling listing was because he is actually 5-11 and his shoes and hair was added on, that would be his 'Hollywood Height'. He seems quite chillaxed about his height and doesn't seem to wear lifts which suggest to me he's at least 5-10, looking at the photos and 5-9 would be falling abit short, pun not intended. 5-10 for him sounds right, seeing as it is exactly in the middle of 5-9 and 5-11.
Matt said on 9/Mar/11
He wasn't 2 inches taller than RDJ at the Oscars, but RDJ isn't 5'7 (closer to 5'8.25). There's no way Jude is anything other than 5'9...This isn't good for credibility, it needs to be changed
TruebloodFan said on 1/Mar/11
5ft11 is out of the question. he's average height, ranging 5ft9-5ft10. no more, no less. for once i agree with Bon - downgrade time.
TheVerve180 said on 28/Feb/11
he is 5ft10/5ft10.5, damon 5ft9/5ft9.5
Teo said on 28/Feb/11
Looked 2 inches taller than the 5'7" Downey Jr. at the Oscars.. 5'9" i think so.
Bon_ said on 25/Feb/11
one of the most ridiculous listings, he said himself he's 5'9 yet by some unknown agenda he manages to be listed at 5'11.
jtm said on 18/Feb/11
maybe to keep matt damon at 5'10 lol.
tell-em said on 17/Feb/11
he stated hes 5'9", why is he listed at 5'11"?
Bon said on 21/Jan/11
Downgrade time - 5'9
AnonymousIntx said on 19/Jan/11
I've read somewhere where he was claimed to be 6-1 or 2 and I thought that just couldn't be. @Rob- are all/most of these celebheights with or without shoes? Or perhaps whatever someone says? And when someone tell others their height, should one tell heights with or without shoes? Because I just tell them 5-11 though I wanna tell them 6(wearing shoes).
Legend said on 7/Jan/11
He's 5'9, no more.
Boom said on 1/Jan/11
Needs to be downgraded 1-2 inches, just saw Repo Men, looked 5'10" max.
Mr Mayfair said on 25/Dec/10
5'10'' - in his shoes...5'9'' is more like it.
Bon said on 20/Dec/10
He said 5'9. That's it.
James said on 5/Dec/10
Edgar183 said on 29/Nov/10
Worked with the guy recently, 5'11 is about right, didnt have lifts. Good posture though
Lenad said on 28/Nov/10
probably 5ft11-ish
Anonymous said on 24/Nov/10
He said he was 5ft9: why is he therefore down as 5ft11?
Larc186-188cm said on 24/Nov/10
Click Here

Looks around 5'11+ next to legit 6'1 Michael Caine (was 6'2 at peak)

Click Here

Looks close enough to listed 6'0 Rufus Sewell.

5'11 minimum for sure.
MD said on 24/Nov/10
Honestly, is there any reason why Robert Downey, Jr. rarely looked more than inch shorter than Jude Law during all their promotion for Sherlock Holmes? Was Robert Downey is lifts the entire time over that span of months?
Lizzie Sparrow said on 6/Nov/10
Cracks me up how many people on here--or their relatives--have "met" Jude...truly amazing! Makes me laugh even more about how everyone seems the need to state that they're several inches taller than him. LOL! Any shorter, and the way everyone who's "met" him tells it, it would seem he's just a few inches away from being a troll. Poor Jude! That's okay, I'd take him if he was 5'2; the guy's got heart and does a lot of good things for humanitarian causes--that makes him 10 feet tall in my book.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/10
taller than you'd think. in reality, probably about 5'11
peteyork said on 7/Jul/09
Well an inch or two above Matt Damon
Silke said on 7/Jul/09
I've just seen him in London, I'm 183 cm and he just about reached my eye level, so he can't be more than 175 cm.
teddy89 said on 7/Jul/09
maybe i found something interesting: if you google "jeremy gilley" you can find a lot of pics with him next to judd law. Judd is 4-5 inches taller in some pics and about 3 inches in others. Now we just have to know how tall is jeremy gilley!! The fact that judd towers over him doesn't mean that judd is a giant because jeremy gives me the impression of being quite short!from 5'5 to 5'7 but if someone of u know for sure how tall he is we can definitly answer to the question:"how tall is judd law?"
teddy89 said on 29/Jun/09
From 175 cm to 178cm and then that's what he stated!!! Why would he lie? I am 5'8 and proud, why do i say that i'm 5'5?
shell said on 23/Jun/09
He seems 5'9, and that's what he stated. He looks average, not tall.
James said on 14/Jun/09
Thats what my uncle thought when he met him Frank2
Frank2 said on 13/Jun/09
I figure he's 5'10" max.
Debbie said on 12/Jun/09
Sorry flash_of_eden I can't buy 6ft tall. Not after seeing him next to Sean Penn.
flash_of_eden said on 8/Jun/09
Pretty sure; my stepdad is 5'10" and he stops at my eye level.
James said on 8/Jun/09
eden you sure your 6'2?
flash_of_eden said on 4/Jun/09
Maybe he hadn't gotten measured in a long time, or simply believed he was only 5'9" but was mistaken? I'm 6'2" but I hardly ever feel particularly tall, especially when I go out. I would say Jude is just a modest guy and doesn't attach a whole lot of importance to his height.
Debbie said on 4/Jun/09
Why would just say 5'9 if he were taller? I would imagine ANY man in Hollywood would certainly not downgrade their height if anything they always say they are taller than they really are. He has a small frame and is about an inch taller than Cameron Diaz who is listed here at 5'8, but is more like 5'7 so that would put him around the 5'9 mark. It just doesn't make sense that he would say he was shorter if he really was 5'11. Why would someone do that??
flash_of_eden said on 1/Jun/09
He looks considerably taller than RDJ in Sherlock. Strong 6' I'd say.

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