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5ft 10.17in (178.2cm)
burby said on 31/May/09
Law could be a weak 5 ft 11
Downey Jr. looks like a weak 5ft 7 maybe 5ft 6.5 even
I think Downey is only getting 2 inches with the lifts.
James said on 26/May/09
Even funnier I M D B now have him at 6'1.
Austrian said on 21/May/09
i think hes 179 or 180

6' is ridiculous
James said on 13/May/09
At the end of the day its only a picture. The pic is at an angle as well but yeah the agnle does seem to be in Judes favour. If you look closely Penn actually looks a smidge taller.

Adam my 5'8 uncle met Jude Law in London and to him he looked short so anythings possible!
adam said on 12/May/09
marcelo u got it right bro, and james go back to the sean penn n jude pic, look closely n you will see sean penn's knees bent so he is not, "standing with a very straight posture".
Marcelo C. said on 12/May/09
Beyond personal impressions, I come to a conclusion due to some pictures brought to this web by other guys: in one of them, 5
James said on 10/May/09
In that pic with Jude there are a few things you have to consider

1. We can't see thier shoes

2. Penn is standing with very straight posture

3. penn looks to be applying the Mckellen technique to Jude

4. Penn could be wearing big lifts

5. We can't see the flooring their standing on. Maybe Penn is standing on somethning?
Debbie said on 10/May/09
Thank you Adam that picture proves it. There is only a slight difference in height no one can argue that.
RW said on 8/May/09
I think he is somewhere between 5'10 and 5'11.5
Lenad said on 6/May/09
It doesnt matter that he says he's 5ft9 because he's taller thats for sure
adam said on 5/May/09
hey this is jude next to 5-8 sean penn only an inch difference Click Here
Debbie said on 22/Apr/09
Nicole Kidman wore heels in Cold Mountain NOT 4 inch heels, of course not, but maybe 1-2 heels and Jude did not appear to be taller NK is like 5'11 or 6' she is a TALL woman for sure. If you watch the scene when he kisses her before going off to war it give a clear view that she was taller than him.
Chloe said on 16/Apr/09
Well, if you watch Cold Mountain you can clearly see that Jude is slightly taller than Nicole Kidman who is 5'10. I'm guessing he must be 5'11.
Scata said on 16/Apr/09
This guy looks 5'11 to me on the dot. I'm in the 5'11-6'0 range so I have a good eye for others similar to my height, judging from his build and slightly taller than average height in relation to other people in many pictures.
FrenchGuy said on 4/Apr/09
He's taller than Justin Timberlake!

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Sam said on 3/Apr/09
I actually thought he was about 5-6.Wow it's hard to believe.
Mr. R said on 3/Apr/09
He is listed at 5-11 in the May 2001 issue of People.
Doug said on 2/Apr/09
Definately surprising isn't it as he always gives the illusion to me of being a 5'9" guy. Most people think he's a shorter man, perhaps its his small frame. Why would he claim 5'9" if he is 5'11".?
Hugh 190cm said on 25/Mar/09
181cm-182cm in the morning maybe.
anonymous said on 23/Mar/09
5 foot 11 after watching the holiday.
lexi said on 22/Mar/09
Am I the only one here who thinks he appeared over 6 foot in Closer? There was a scene when he meets Julia Roberts' character within the first 20 minutes of the film and he looked about 3 inches taller than her. At first, I though she was wearing flats, but the camera then showed her wearing boots that made her about 3 inches taller. That would have made her the same height as him, however, he still had her about 3 inches, possibly 4. Does anyone think he was wearing lifts or the camera had ways to make him taller than he really is?
RisingForce said on 26/Feb/09
If Law was 5'9" then why was 5'8", 5'8.5" Robert Downey Jr. atleast an inch shorter while Downey was wearing elevator shoes? Law isn't under 5'11".
Debbie said on 23/Feb/09
glenn, either Jude is taller than 5'9 or Michael Caine is shorter than 6'2. Don't see why Jude would lie about being shorter and I think he must know his height. Most people I know do.
MD said on 21/Feb/09
How about the pictures I posted of him and Branagh? No one has remarked on them, yet. They show footwear and everything.
RisingForce said on 20/Feb/09
If he's 5'9" then Robert Downey Jr. is 5'6" and we know that's not true.
glenn said on 19/Feb/09
except he isnt 5-9.he is 5-11.looked it barefoot next to 6-2 michael caine.
Debbie said on 19/Feb/09
I don't understand the debate if he said himself he is 5'9. Celebrities may lie about being taller than they are but they certainly don't lie about being shorter lol
Debbie said on 18/Feb/09
RisingForce she wasn't wearing heels in that outfit I have other pics that show her footwear better. She's wear tan suede flat pirate boots. I did think the pic I posted wasn't the best, but it was too late, so I kind of agree with you. On the flip side if Kate Moss is listed on this site at 5'5 then look at this pic which clearly shows Kate is taller than Sienna, Kate is wearing heels, but Sienna is wearing short heels and if Kate lifted her head you can clearly see she is about 2-3 inches taller than Sienna, sorry if I just confused you lol. This is why I think Jude is smaller than his stated height, he said himself 5'9 so why is he listed as being taller?

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RisingForce said on 18/Feb/09
Bad example Debbie. He dwarfs Sienna Miller and she might be wearing heels and how doy ou know she's not 5'5"?
Debbie said on 18/Feb/09
NO WAY!! is Jude Law 6 ft tall. Look at him standing next to Sienna Miller who is listed here as 5'5 but obviously she is not (definitely needs to be down graded)

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RisingForce said on 14/Feb/09
No less than 5'11" and very possiblly 6'0".

In the upcoming film Sherlock Holmes. 5-8ish Robert Downey Jr. was given huge elevator shoes to try to look Jude Law's height and they couldn't make him that tall.

Here is an article detailing the story. Click Here

The article also describes Law as 6-1.

Even with Law's head down you can tell he's about an inch or 2 taller than Downey despite Downey's documented footwear advantage. Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

That rules out 5-9 for Law and almost certainly anything below 5-11. There'd be no need to use tricks to make a 5-8/5-8.5 guy look taller. It wouldn't be difficult to make a man Downey's height look the height of a 5-10 man either. The fact is that even in massive shoes Downey looks shorter than Law. 5-9 is absurd now after that and 5-10 is downgrading.

Law is between 5-11 and 6-0.
ChucktheSchmuck said on 3/Feb/09
He has a extraordinary large head...that's a fact. Make him appear shorter, I think. He looks just under 5'11 to me. Not under 5'10 though.
derek d said on 30/Jan/09
I just watched Slueth and saw the barefoot scene. Yes he is barefoot in most of that scene but when it came time for the shot of both of them next to each other, it was not a full body shot so he could of been wearing shoes for that take. He's a tricky one.
UK star said on 27/Jan/09
I have met Jude Law whilst working at heathrow airport, i would say he was slightly taller than me, but he had some kind of cowboy looking boots on, he is around 182cm; not shorter.
Hugh said on 17/Jan/09
Sorry James. didn;t realize you had clearly stated your uncles height.
don said on 14/Jan/09
If he said he's five nine in Allure magazine doesn't that just prove he wears big shoes/lifts?
average76 said on 8/Jan/09
Why would he claim 5ft 9.5, if he was taller? Ewan McGregor is 5'7. By the way lifts could have helped both of them in a few occasions (especially in movies!)
Hugh said on 3/Jan/09
How tall is your uncle?
Hugh said on 22/Dec/08
What was your uncle's description of him.
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/08
glenn I saw sleuth

and you are guessing wrong, its almost impossible to figure it out beacuse the angles of the camera plus, caine wasnt wearing shoes, it was like sandalsand they add like what.. 1cm??, jude is a 5'10.9 or a weak 5'11!! I saw sleuth and I know I'm right more than 5'11 for jude is crazy
Martin said on 9/Dec/08
He can look pretty tall at times...pretty hard to pull off if you are under 5'11 tbh.
Zach #2 said on 9/Dec/08
never looked 5ft 11" to me, my guess he's 5ft 10.25" out of bed height, same as me and Daniel Craig
RisingForce said on 7/Dec/08
If he says 5-9 then maybe he's just 5-9 and change, then again maybe he was in a bad mood that day....
sam said on 6/Dec/08
he's pushing six foot
glenn said on 21/Nov/08
jude was 5-11.5 to 6ft barefoot next to 6-2(now barely 6-1)micheal caine who was in shoes in that movie slueth.
Zach # 2 said on 20/Nov/08
no taller than 5ft 10, he just doesn't have the look of a 'tall' guy, just average.
Hugh said on 4/Nov/08
182cm seems bang on. He looked the smae height as Leanardo Dicaprio in the Aviator. Could've sworn he looked 6ft1ish next to Forest Whitaker.
RW said on 26/Oct/08
I think he is anywhere from 5'10 to 5'11.5
anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
He is a short man. He was shorter than gywelneth paltro in heels. In the movie enemy at the gates he is about 2-3 inches taller than rachel weisz. In Alfie he was about 6 inches taller than sienna miller. I would say he's 5 foot 10 to 11 no taller.
Zach said on 28/Sep/08
Jude is a 'bang on' 5ft 10", I just watched 'Love Honor Obey' and Jude has half an inch on 5ft 9.5 Ray Winstone.

5 ft 11" is too generous, I'm 5ft 10" barefoot, and Jude looks exactly the same height as me
RW said on 16/Sep/08
Have you met jude law frank2? where is this picture with Forrest Whitaker people are talking about?
Frank2 said on 14/Sep/08
I doubt Law is any taller than 5'10".
Hugh said on 13/Sep/08
He looks 184cm next to Whitaker.
howie day said on 12/Sep/08
bareefeet on the movie sleuth, next to michael caine...Is saw the movie and glenn said he looked 5'11.05..hahaha funny..beacsaue he was on lifts and was barely like 2 inches shorter than caine maybe less...but then barefoot..he looked a lot shorter...and with camera angles it was hard to notice but I did it and law its not taller than 5'10...maybe 5'10.05 but that the max!
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/08
in alfie next to miller he looks 5'9
Margherita said on 27/Jul/08
I saw him bare feet in Mr Ripley this week and he was about the same height as Paltrow. They are without shoes on a boat in that scene.
Victorian said on 25/Jul/08
He was slightly taller than a high-heeled Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. I'd put him at at least 5ft11 because of that, although they could've used lifts to make him a bit taller than a lifted - probably near 5ft11 herself - Diaz.
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/08
Looked 5'11" in Closer, I thought. He wasn't that much shorter than Clive Owen who is, at the very least, 6'1".
Leon said on 2/Jun/08
He looks 5'11" to me; six foot, just over, in dress shoes.
dmeyer said on 28/May/08
this guy could be 181 182 range also hanks looked near 6 ft 2 in road to perdition even thaugh hanks dosnt wear lifts but he did in that movies he looked 15 to 17 cm over 173 tucci when i met both there is no mre than 10 ti 11 cm between them also hanks looked 3.5 in taller thazn craig in the movie
ArryUK said on 27/May/08
Met him in the airport BA first class, I am 182 he is no less
Margherita said on 26/May/08
Jude Law was about Piers Morgan's eye level or 3-4 inches shorter.
Margherita said on 25/May/08
He genuinely was 5'9 to 5'10 at the Best of Britain show when standing on stage next to Piers Morgan
Daniel said on 24/May/08
I agree, Glenn, 1.82m for Law (at least) makes the most sense to me
Anonymous said on 21/May/08
Come on. Ffs, 5'9 is under average. No way Jude Law is under average height. He is somewhere around 5'11"
glenn said on 21/May/08
he is 5-11.5 him in barefeet next to a once 6-2,now 6ft.5 michael caine in shoes in slueth.
Debbie said on 21/May/08
Jude is thin and linky so I believe the 5'9 and the fact that he said it HIMSELF several times (that I have read). He could pass an extra inch or two because of his small frame.
sam said on 10/May/08
6'5 LOL! - he's barely 6 foot!
chris175 said on 10/May/08
still cannot believe his 5-9 claim, he is 5-10.5 min for me
clark said on 8/May/08
Jude was considered for General Zod in the new Superman movie. Since his height and looks are similar to Terence Stamp.
Anonymous said on 4/May/08
my mum's dog met him and hes 4 foot tall and theres no way he wasnt not horter than him by at leat 1 feet. Hes 6 foot 5!
Daniel said on 2/May/08
This Ewan McGregor thing is getting too far to be going on JUDE LAW's page, don't you think?
glenn said on 29/Apr/08
ewan i thought was a 5-9 guy.he is 5-10.5 with horrible posture.
Big Fawley said on 28/Apr/08
Leonari, You spew a lot of insults but offer no evidence. You say "I am between 5'7" and 5'8" and belive you me that I know that there is no way I could appear as tall as Ewan on screen." But how can anybody believe anything you say when you spout delusional BS like "his features scream that he is in the 5'10 department". Wow, a guy's height can be deduced from his features? You can repeat to yourself "Macgregor is 5'10" til you're blue in the face, that doesn't make it true. Until you come up with some evidence, your posts are garbage.

James, I am not making "accusations". A person's height is fact, not a character assessment. I don't care if Macgregor is tall or short. I make a guess of his height based on the photos I've seen of him and Law together, and based on what Macgregor's fans say about their relative heights.

There's a lot of assertions made here without basis. I thought this place is supposed to be about heights, but obviously there are psychological issues. Clearly some people think it's an insult to be short and goes about defending their idols' heights. My God, get yourselves a shrink!
glenn said on 27/Apr/08
last i looked i have a pic with ewan.and he looks 5-10.
leonari said on 27/Apr/08
Big Fawley: I saw plenty of evidence (your uninspired posts!!) to be quite sure that you have no clue about heights. NONE! Somebody who says Ewan is 5'8" or even 5'7" has no clue . And you mention bove of these heights. Listen fool: I am between 5'7" and 5'8" and belive you me that I know that there is no way I could appear as tall as Ewan on screen.He has bad posture no doubt but all of his features scream that he is in the 5'10 " department. Guys like you who want to downgrade perfectly average guys have some issues. Nonsense is what you write dear friend. pure nonsense. Glenn says 5'10.5". Doesn't that tell you anything? man to quote Mr. T: I pitty the fool...In this case you little fawley
Big Fawley said on 27/Apr/08
Ewan Mcgreggor is 5ft10.5? NO WAY. I have seen Law so I know his approximate height. Ewan is definitely shorter than him by at least 2" in all the photos I've seen and by the fans' descriptions (fans of both of them). Both of them slouch, but not all the time. See the pic of Jude & Ewan together, no slouching. Ewan is 5'8" AT MOST. Obviously the height issue is not going to be sorted out here because everybody believes their own evidence. But I've seen plenty for myself to say that 5'10-1/2" Ewan is PR nonsense.
glenn said on 27/Apr/08
ewan is 5-10.5. with horrible posture looking 5-9.jude is possibly 5-11.5 with great posture it seems.he sure looked it barefoot next to a 6-2(now 6-1) michael caine.
Big Fawley said on 25/Apr/08
James, you said "It's beyond me how my 5ft8 uncle saw him as short though." That's why I asked you if your uncle confused him with Mcgregor. Even Mcgregor's fans say he is quite short, 2 or 3" shorter than Law. It'd make sense that Law is 5'10" or 5'11" (seeing him next to Caine and Whitaker) and Mcgregor is 5'7" or 5'8".
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/08
Come on, you can't have that slender body and being 5'9"'s impossible. He is nothing under 5'11"...
Mattiew_- said on 24/Apr/08
Jude Law always seemed 182ish to me .

I don't buy him being shorter than 180cm
Grace said on 24/Apr/08
I think what his quote means is that, when he says 5'9" he's just trying to be modest about his height and that's how he "feels", but i guess he feels tall when he's feeling good and confident about himself. He probably meant his height is 6ft but in a witty way hehe
derek d said on 21/Apr/08
Thats one movie i've never seen... if he looked that barefoot next to Caine i guess you are right about 5'11..... I just wonder how some celebs don't even know their own height.
glenn said on 21/Apr/08
are you kidding me? he was 5-11ish,6ft,barefoot next to 6-2 michael caine in shoes,in slueth.ok,caine lost height,but he is 6-2 with the shoes at least.some deluded posts here.
derek d said on 20/Apr/08
I agree he can look tall but I really think he is only 5'9 (possibly 5'9.5). If he says he's five nine then he is. I mean that quote is referring to wearing lifts. I myself am only 5'9 and depending on my mood I can appear 6 'ft (lifts of course) I think he is fooling all of you with lifts.
Grace said on 20/Apr/08
I saw Jude Law before, and he had very gorgeous and small features, i believe he was between 5'8" and 5'10" no more
Big Fawley said on 10/Apr/08
From this photo (link below), non-slouching Ewan looks at least around 2" shorter than Jude. It's not a full height shot but I've seen photos in other places showing him 2 or 3" shorter than Jude. If Ewan is 5'10.5", then Law is 6'1" at least. That's not right. Law isn't that tall. Ewan is 5'7", at most 5'8" is my guess. Law is 5'11" or so.
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glenn said on 10/Apr/08
he isnt that type of guy,i dont think.
glenn said on 9/Apr/08
ewan is 5-10.5.look at my pic with him.he does have horrible posture that can make him look 5-9.maybe jude is a strong 6ft with the help of his shoes(not lifts) and ewan slouches too much to 5-9ish.
glenn said on 8/Apr/08
james-i was more complaining about someone else here i believe.not begin
Big Fawley said on 8/Apr/08
James, This is just a guess, but may be your uncle was simply mistaken about the person he saw? I don't know of any book-signing event with Jude Law, but there may have been a few with Ewen Macgregor when he was flogging his book/video about his motorcycle tour(?). Dunno why but lots of people confuse Law with Macgregor. Macgregor is tiny, is what I heard (though I've never seen him in real life), and from photos, he's a few inches shorter than Law.
glenn said on 8/Apr/08
i respect you james.your entitled to your opinions.and im glad you respect mine.and admit maybe you or your uncle might be for my pics,i wish some people here would realise that.most do.
Daniel said on 7/Apr/08
and Law is no less than 5'11''
glenn said on 5/Apr/08
there is alot of bs here.nothing against james,but i see forest a few times a year,and he is still 6-3.
Big Fawley said on 4/Apr/08
Leonari, I don't give the snot in my nose what you believe. YOu can believe whatever BS you want. I saw what I saw.

This is a video of Law and Whittaker at the filming. I was there on a different day, but same place. Whittaker appears at around 1:50 minutes in. I must've misremembered about Law being taller than Forest because I wasn't looking at Forest but I wasn't that off. The two of them look very similar in height.
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glenn said on 4/Apr/08
how the hell is jude law that short when he is 5-11.5 at least, barefoot next to a 6-2 michael caine in shoes? given,caine is barely 6-1 now.but that makes law 5-11 min.there was around a 2 inch difference at most.and law towered 5-10 mick jagger,who himself can look 5-9 to 6ft,in no lifts.
Leonari said on 4/Apr/08
Big Fawley... Big Fawley: we almost believed you .. Forest Whitaker shofter than Jude Law...
man you are soo off I gotta give to ya: your bull hurts my eyes.
Big Fawley said on 3/Apr/08
I only saw him in a crowd while he was shooting a movie. I could not tell exactly how tall he is, but I could guess based on the crowd. He is not tall; he is not short so I said before, around 5'10" to 5'11" is my guess. He was not wearing lifts as I made a point of looking at his shoes. He was quite a bit taller than Forest Whittaker but I was not that close to say by how much. I don't see how my own height has anything to do with his height. I judged his height from the people crowding around him watching the shoot. I don't care if you think I'm making it up. You could also be making up your 'uncle' story.
Big Fawley said on 2/Apr/08
James, so you think 5'10' is short? I saw Jude Law in real life. I would guess he's 5'10 or 5'11'. Short? NO WAY.
jonny said on 1/Apr/08
he is 5'10
watch the movie midnight in the garden of goood and evil and he only looks a bit taller than kevin spacey who its 5'9 and also he looks a lot shorter than john cusack
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/08
This guy got to be a solid 5'11". Isn't this dude almost as tall as Michael Caine? I know in their most recent film together their was a case of "height swapping". In which in some scenes Micheal would appear slightly taller than Jude, but other scenes Jude actually looks taller than Michael. This usually only happens two actors are close to the same height.
Big Fawley said on 22/Mar/08
James, I am pretty sure Jude Law never promoted any book. Your uncle must have been mistaken.
Bosco said on 12/Mar/08
I think he is 5'10 and a half barefoot
in regular shoes he casn be like 5'11.05 in lifes
thats is what I think its true
French guy said on 8/Mar/08
That's true, but I was also 2 inches shorter than 6' Ron Perlman in Enemy at the gates. Weird...
Danny said on 2/Mar/08
He looks so short in this photo for some reason
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Anon said on 24/Feb/08
I met him at the airport, I am 5 11.5 and he was at least as tall as me
Big Fawley said on 20/Feb/08
That was Joseph Fiennes, not Ralph, in Enemy at The Gates. I don't know how tall Jo is compared to Ralph, or to Jude.
RB said on 17/Feb/08
I think he is 5'11.5. He was only hair under Ralph Finnes in 'Enemy at the gates'. Fiennes looked 6ft to me.
Big Fawley said on 4/Feb/08
To add to what French guy said, I was at the Eaton Centre and I saw him with Whitaker. They both played security guards or something so they had on the same uniform, including the shoes. If Whitaker is 6'2", then may be Jude is 6'.
glenn said on 26/Jan/08
ask anyone with all due respect,mick has never looked taller.looking 5-11,6ft mainly on stage,in thin soled,low cut shoes.he did use to give me and the rest of the world illusions of 5-8 years ago.
chris175 said on 26/Jan/08
havent seen that pic glenn, but what age is mick jagger? he may not be a full 5-10 anymore, im not sure. i would accept 5-11 for jude law, its not rediculus, hes not shorter than 5-10 though, the barefoot pics beside caine show that
Big Fawley said on 25/Jan/08
I finally saw him in person. I'd say 5'10" to 6', but that's just a guess. He is very graceful, with a man-boy's build. He's taller than some, shorter than others; definitely NOT short though.

I saw his Sleuth with Caine. Glenn is right, it's a great film, not actually a remake at all. Brillian even.
glenn said on 23/Jan/08
then how is it jude towered a 5-10 mick jagger? who jagger himself can look taller than 5-10 or smaller.
chris175 said on 23/Jan/08
jude law is a classic example of a solid 5-10 guy who can look 5-11 or 5-9
glenn said on 22/Jan/08
that would be impossible cause he looks in the 5-11 region barefoot next to 6-2 michael caine who is in shoes in the great remake to slueth.
Marcelo C. said on 21/Jan/08
Glenn: Considering Mr. Law said himself he
Marcelo C. said on 21/Jan/08
Glenn: Concluding all the opinions: time to upgrade Mr. Law, at least 1 and 1/2".
Austrian said on 4/Jan/08
i just saw Closer again.... and its funny cause Clive Owen's character makes a comment on Jude Law's character's height in the movie: he says "hes taller than he looks in the photo", and when Julia Roberts' character replies "but there was only his face in the picture" he says "yes, but his face indicates a shorter stature".... which is exactly true for Jude Law, to me
Don said on 10/Dec/07
I saw Jude Law at premiere of movie Sleuth in November he was the same as the englsih actor Kenneth Brannagh both look 178cm. US measurement 5ft 10 and quarter.
Antoine said on 30/Nov/07
I'm a bit confused. I recently saw a photo with Jude Law and Sean Penn! Both Were standing side by side and Law looked no more than an inch taller than sean penn!!! How tall is Jude Law!
Stench said on 11/Nov/07
Right I think there's 2 iches between Cain and Law and if you look at the trailer Law wears boots in the elevator scene
balegirl said on 29/Oct/07
Just saw the trailer for Sleuth. He looks no more an and inch shorter than Michael Caine. Very confusing because Christian Bale looks more like 2 inches shorter than Caine in Batman Begins and this site has him listed as six feet. I think Jude wears lifts.
RW said on 29/Oct/07
we need glenn to get a picture with jude.
derek said on 27/Oct/07
I think he may of meant depending on his mood to wear lifts or not. No lifts = 5'9 the desire to wear lifts = 6'..... Personly I feel he's more towards 5 '10 though.
RW said on 23/Oct/07
Why did he say "i'm five nine" then instead of just "some days I only feel five nine"? very confusing quote. Its weird because sometimes he looks 5'9-5'10 and other times i see him he looks almost 6 foot (mostly on film)
glenn said on 23/Oct/07
reread my post paddy.
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/07
"It depends on my mood, really. I'm five nine, and some days I only feel five nine. But if I'm feeling tall, I say six feet!"

The way I understood that quote was that he was feeling 5ft 9 in at the moment he was asked the question.
paddie said on 22/Oct/07
I've just seen a photo of him, in a weekly magazine about celebs 'n gossip, standing next to M. Jagger and S. Miller. He was approx 1'' shorter than Mick. I would say 5'9-5'10 for him. And seeing the other photos of him, I would certainly not put him somewhere near by 6'0. That's for sure.
Daniel said on 20/Oct/07
Yes, RW is right. In that movie the guy looked 6ft tall at least most of the time
glenn said on 19/Oct/07
this guy is one of those 5-11 guys that can look 5-10 and 6ft is what i think.he is very slueth he looked 5-10ish at times with caine and then in barefeet looked 5-11 next to caine.confusing.then he towers 2 inches over mick jagger who is 5-10.
RW said on 18/Oct/07
thanks Pete. i think 5'9 is definately wrong for jude. he looks at least 5'10 and i do believe the 5'11 claims people make for him. in the movie alfie in some scenes he even looks 6 feet or 6'1 with the right camera angles
pete said on 18/Oct/07
he was on the high part of the sidewalk (if you know what I mean) and was definitely taller. He just seemed taller than i expected. I think 5'11 is good. Not 6.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/07
I'm not disagreeing with the assessment of Jude's height in the least, but I find it funny how many people on this website chose the "he doesn't have the body of a (insert height here) guy" argument. Since when has any given height between 5'7 and 6'3 been attached to any specific body type? I know tall guys with short legs, short guys with long ones, tall fat guys, short fat guys, tall skinny guys, short skinny guys that look tall, tall guys that look short...

The moral of the story is that body type and height have no real correlation within a couple standard deviations of average height.
RW said on 16/Oct/07
Pete, is 6 feet to tall for Jude though?
pete said on 15/Oct/07
I saw him yesterday in Toronto. I am 5'10 and he was definitely taller than me. 5'11 sounds right.
Daniel said on 12/Oct/07
You're right Valeri! The man cannot be less than 5'11''
Valeri said on 12/Oct/07
I agree radio_man,I heard that he was supposedly a little taller than Dicaprio on the Aviator set,it can be viewed on the dvd behind the scenes I think. If so then definitely a firm 5'11. lebensdorf,to me he looks a consistent 5'11 in his movies,maybe because hes around my height,so I can kind of judge comparing him to my physical appearance.
radio_man said on 6/Oct/07
law is 5' shorter than that..
Lebensdorf said on 4/Oct/07
Jude Law 5'11''? He seems about 5'9'' in the movies. I would have thought even shorter, actually.
Valeri said on 22/Sep/07
Law either doesnt know his height and gave one from long ago,when he was still 5'9 or hes foolnig us all very wisely.there are soem rare shots where he looks 5'9,but all in all 5'10-11 everywhere.
miles smiles said on 19/Sep/07
Everyone should check out timber's pic from Aug. 31. Law looks 5-9, especially if Branagh is the 5-9.5 that's listed. Law's legs appear shorter than one would have thought, too.
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/07
But how come he is claming that he is 5.9, and according to some people, he is in reality 5.10-5.11. Isnt that kind of strange? Very few people clame a lower height then they actually are
Daniel said on 18/Sep/07
More probably 5'11'' to 5'11.5'' I'd say, judging from his body type as we can see him in the movies and photographs
Big Fawley said on 17/Sep/07
I agree with Valeri that Law is 5'10" to 5'11". Just look at all the photos of him with other people. BTW this place is about heights. Whether Law is 5'7" or 5'11" he's still a great actor so nobody's bashing him one way or the other, BUT all the objective evidence shows he is 5'10" to 5'11".
Valeri said on 17/Sep/07
yes.Frank.I'm mentally let's move on from me to the heights shall we. And you should learn to read,I said stupidity is not knowing theres 12 inches in a foot.and ignorance is thinking your 5'10 ig youre 5'7.plain and simple.and no Jude law is not 5'7 and may not be that mate.
Frank said on 14/Sep/07
Props to Alfie! I graduated from law school in 2005...wrote the California State Bar and passed!! Based on my legal undestanding, and based upon the submissions Valeri has made, it is safe to conclude that Valeri is mentally challenged! Valeri, where is your argument? Your response lacks merit absolutely! Jude Law may be 5'7" or 5'11". The operative word used here is "generally" people find that they are 2-3 inches shorter than what they had presumed. There is no stupidity in making this assessment. There may be ignorance or incompetancy, but NOT stupidity! Valeri, I am not insulting! I am simply submitting facts!
timber said on 14/Sep/07
uh, actually, in candids he looks 5'8-5'9 to me...
Valeri said on 14/Sep/07
alfie.Not insulting,but I think only a stupid person wont hnow that theres 12 inches in a foot and call himself 5'10 if hes 5'7 without even measuring.Thats ignorant.I have never overestimated my height,I have always known it. in cm though. Jude has a body of a 5'10-5'11 guy,plain and dont have to see him in person to know that hes no 5'7-5'9
RW said on 13/Sep/07
i still think Law is 178-179 cm
timber said on 13/Sep/07
His shoes do look more like boots than dress shoes, and he could have lifts inside...
ALFIE said on 13/Sep/07
12 inches is the equivalent to a foot! Misunderstanding of this fact leads to the height descrepency we find in this correspondence. For the longest time, I thought I was 5'10". That was until I had my doctor check my height. On three different occasions, it read 5'7 1/2". I have spoken to many people, including siblings who are evidently shorter than I am, and they insist that they are well the range of 5'10" and up. At the end of the day, visuals are best...Taller is taller and shorter is shorter and that is the best visual measure for assessment. In any event, moving forward, if you want to know the truth about your height, visit your doctor or personal trainer and do the measuring flat footed. It is my opinion, that generally, you will find you are 2-3 inches shorter than what you thought. This follow up is not Jude law bashing! He is actually one of the better actors in hollywood, theatre trained. And he has print modelling facial features, no doubt. That is hard to find in hollywood. No taking away from him, hollywood's best actors are in the 5'7"-5'9" range. eg. James Dean, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Sylvestor Stallone, Al Pachino, Humphrey Bogart... this list is endless! If doing follow ups on line is important enough for you, take some time and invest in your own physical credentials!
Valeri said on 13/Sep/07
never will I buy 5'7 for Law,not even 5'9.5'10 yes,5'11 also maybe. but 5'7...come on now,were not naive,whatever you saw.
Big Fawley said on 11/Sep/07
Alfie, What rubbish! You noticed his heel to be well over 2 inches, really?? He was only at the premiere wearing dress shoes here:
Click Here
Looks like regular dress shoes to me.

Jude Law, uh huh. You need to get your eyes checked man.
FrenchGuy said on 11/Sep/07
Heavier than you thought, bigger head than you thought,out of proportion,cow boy boots... are you sur it was Jude law? lol
ALFIE said on 11/Sep/07
I just saw Jude Law at the Toronto Film Festival. For all those that would like to know his it goes... Jude law is ranging between 5'6 1/2" to 5'7". I am 5'7 1/2" and he was slightly shorter than I am. The misconception people are having about his height is because he has a VERY big head compared to his body. At first sight, his unusually big head is amplified, leaving the impression of a big man. I also noticed that his lower body was wider... All in all, he was much more stalky, and out of proportion, than on film. I also noticed that he carried much more weight and width on his face than on film. Camera puts on about 15 pounds, so I would expect him to be thinner in person, however he was actually heavier. Then again, camera shots and lighting play a huge factor in achieving a slim appearance. In addition, his suit pants were covering the heal of his black cowboy style boots. I noticed his heel to be well over 2 inches, as he stepped up the curb. Ladies and gentlemen, I can guarantee you that my assessment is correct. But no worries, Hollywood's best actors are predominantly in his height range.

Editor Rob
load of tosh. Is Law shorter than kenneth branagh? Branagh in a film with paul mcgann is taller...and mcgann is never shorter than myself.
RW said on 3/Sep/07
i think Law might be more 5'10- 5'10.5 ...i think he is slim which makes him seem like he is 5'11-6' range
Martin said on 31/Aug/07
FrenchGuy: The thing is that he ground he stands on, is leaning. You can see it if you take a close look.
FrenchGuy said on 31/Aug/07
hum hum...
Click Here

Caine 186, then jude law about 176, 177 at most. Boom!
RW said on 31/Aug/07
intriguing picture timber. i think law might be 5'10
timber said on 30/Aug/07
Wearing Nikes, he appears exactly same height as 5 ft 9.5" Kenneth Branagh here, and their posture is good: Click Here
Adam Brennon said on 23/Aug/07
5' 11" barefoot, sorry for the confusion.
RW said on 23/Aug/07
i am confused adam, so does this mean you think he is 5'11 barefoot or 5'11 in shoes?
Adam Brennon said on 22/Aug/07
Well RW it's recently occured to me that I havent taken footware into consideration. I was wearing flat casual shoes and in the course of the encounter I honestly did'nt think to look at his. Judging from his tallish figure, he was either a solid 5' 11" wearing formal, heeled shoes or a 6 footer in flat shoes.
dmeyer said on 22/Aug/07
there are pics were law looks only 1.25 to 1.5 in shorter than kidman in heels so aleast like a 6'0.5 person so 5'11 for law no less
RW said on 21/Aug/07
so adam what would you guess his height was?
Adam Brennon said on 21/Aug/07
It's rather unusual for men to claim to be shorter than they are. Jude Law is definately well over 5'9". I know this because I walked within inches of him once at the Royal Festival and got a good look at his overall physical profile in relation to mine. He had a clear edge on me height wise and I'm 5'10.25" bare foot.
18,181 said on 18/Aug/07
as far as established height,they are both nowhere near 5'9 for grammar,I type quickly and dont check,dont have that much time on my hands,so if you want grammar,go to school,that's the right place.
Big Fawley said on 6/Aug/07
181,181: Can you type properly please. Your post is incomprehensible except for the last bit. I don't insist that Law is 6'1", but then I don't know how tall Caine really is. Both of them could be 5'9" as far as your pics show.
181,181 said on 4/Aug/07
you can loo kat the premeire pics as well fawley,4 for the caine lift thing. fawley,you should really understand,that wants youve seen the first pic,,logic is that Im talking about caine and law in this movie with the pics jsut next to the first one I gave,soem need a silver platter really.
why insist? in movies,its a common thing to use lifts so you can be closer to taller castmates,the 1.25inch lift mostly. and caine is over 6'1,are you really going ot insist law is 6'1
Big Fawley said on 27/Jul/07
I mean I want to see evidence, not lazy assumptions. In Closer, Owen's character was supposed to be brutish so naturally he should tower over Law's character. That says nothing about their real heights.
Melvin said on 27/Jul/07
Owen isn't like John Wayne who wants lifts when he is already a giraffe.
Big Fawley said on 26/Jul/07
18181: I don't know about Branagh, but how do you know Owen isn't wearing lifts in Closer?
Melvin said on 25/Jul/07
Branngh isn't quite 5ft10. Wears thick treads usually.
Clive Owen "owened" Jude Law by about 4 inches in Closer.
Big Fawley said on 24/Jul/07
18181: What pics are you talking about? The pics you linked don't show their feet at all so, what lifts? Why do people insist he's got lifts? I've never seen him in anything but normal shoes (and boots, which naturally have a bit of a heel).
18,181 said on 24/Jul/07
and ignore the same height as caine pictures,those are clearly lifts there.
18,181 said on 24/Jul/07
Click Here
- hes teh same height as kenneth branagh,the director next ot him.So hesn ot 5'11,more like 5'10.

Editor Rob
his posture appears looser and he's still slightly taller.
Melvin said on 23/Jul/07
She drops a hip sometimes but those images on Big Fawley's link are really good for comparison purpose and very high resolution. Even if the Diaz question remains we still have Kate Winslet clearly an 1.5 inches shorter than Jude Law in those heels. Diaz maybe 5ft 7.5 at most from those photos and 1/2 an inch shorter in 3 inch heels. Law at 5ft 11 in shoes / 5ft 10 barefeet confirms most of what you have at the head of the page. Go on change them. Liven up the place a little!
Melvin said on 23/Jul/07
Wow good find Big Fawley. If I didn't see Kate Winslet together with them I would still be confused about Cameron Diaz's height. Those photos finally proved to me that Cameron Diaz is not 5ft 8-9. She is just over 5ft 7 and little taller than Kate Winslet. In these photos Winslet is 5ft 10 in heels and Diaz is 5ft 10.5 in heels. Jude Law is 5ft 11 in shoes! That brings him down to 5ft 10 barefoot. Half an inch less than I thought and an inch taller than he thinks of himself.

Click Here
Click Here

Rob, how does that look to you? Diaz, Law and Craig have to be brought down an inch after all this??

Editor Rob
if she stands tall here. Half the time she's dropping a hip.]
Big Fawley said on 22/Jul/07
Melvin, I don't think he wears lifts on the red carpet with Cameron Diaz. He has on regular dress shoes, from what I can see (pics at link). In his dress shoes he's still taller than Diaz in heels. It's impossible to figure out his height...
Click Here
Melvin said on 22/Jul/07
Jude is always an inch to 1.5 inches taller than Daniel Craig so he has to be 5ft 10.5 minimum at his lowest point of the day. He usually wears dress shoes not boots. I have no doubt he has been wearing lifts on the red carpet with Cameron Diaz because in heels she would be near 6ft and still shorter than him.
18,181 said on 21/Jul/07
melvin,the possibility of him being 5'9 is minor,but it exists.Hes almost always wearing those boots of his,giving him 2 inches. 5'11 with them he can fool people.more so on sets,where they use standard filmlifts most of the time for the shorter stars.Though I think hes 5'10-5'11
Melvin said on 16/Jul/07
If he was five nine then a whole lot of actors he worked with will have to have an inch or two knocked off them.
RobertJ said on 12/Jul/07
I think it's already be stated but doesn't he admit his true height above? "I'm five nine".....
Melvin said on 12/Jul/07
Law could have been mistaken when he said 5ft 9. For years I didn't know my height. I thought I was 5ft 8 for the whole of my 20s because I was under the impression I stopped growing at 16. I measured this year (32 years old) at 5ft 9.75 (morning height). I was shocked. I had to keep double checking. For years I thought I was almost 2 inches shorter than I am. That's what happens if you don't measure. Many people don't measure themselves.

I think Jude Law is between 5ft10 to 5ft 10.5 and underestimated himself.
angel s. said on 10/Jul/07
I stood next to Jude and his former wife Sophie on a small elevator in Thailand. I am 5'9" and was wearing 3" wedges, making me 6'. I remember thinking "wow, I'm taller than Jude Law?" He was wearing boots with a bit of a heel, too. I would NOT say he was 5'11", I would say 5'9" or 10". I also agree with the person that said why would Jude lie about being 5'9"? P.S. His former wife was TINY!!!
17,181 said on 8/Jul/07
no less than 1.5 in those shoes
timber said on 6/Jul/07
re the pic with Lewis Hamilton, the heels of Law's boots appear to be pretty substantial...larger than 1 least, it appears so.
MD said on 5/Jul/07
That still makes him closer to 5'7" than 5'9".
17,181 said on 5/Jul/07
the guy is no moe than 5'11 so 5'11 seems quite right.
17,181 said on 5/Jul/07
Click Here
they both have great hairpieces in the mive too.
17,181 said on 5/Jul/07
this is funny here. a typical studio shot,making all the guys almost equal.jude looks 6'1 ig ciane is still 6'1.25..i think now at 74 Caine is 6'1 flat max,didn't look 6'1 with jackman in the prestige,though looked taller thna supposed 6ft bale.
MD said on 4/Jul/07
I kind of figured Lewis Hamilton was closer to the 5'7" than the near 5'9" height he gets listed at. He looks small.
horacle said on 4/Jul/07
5'9 is impossible, he's between 5'10.5 and 6 feet, i think 5'11.5
Antoine said on 3/Jul/07
In response to MD! Both Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are both identical in height! I have met Alonso and we both were wearing the same shoes (racing shoes) alonso was no more than 5'6! I am 5'7! Which would put Law in his shoes that look to be about 1 inch heel 5'9 no more than 5'10!
Brent said on 29/Jun/07
rob....when are you going to put everyone at 180 as 5-10.75 and NOT 5-11? its really confusing

Editor Rob
I store in inches and display the nearest cm. Hence 181cm is 71.259 inches and 180cm is 70.866 inches, so 180cm is the closest to 71.
MD said on 14/Jun/07
Strange. Here he is with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton who's listed 5'7" to 5'8.5", the latter being the 'official' listed height.

Click Here

Click Here

But, here he is looking 6'0"ish with Jonny Lee Miller listed at 5'10", here:

Click Here

His show heel accounts for some of this, obviously, but I'm still unsure of his height.
Realme said on 13/Jun/07
Click Here
This is a picture of him and Cameron Diaz in "The Holiday". It's hard to tell their actual heights, because I believe she is wearing some kinda of heel in her winter boots, and they are both looking down. Watching the movie their did seem to be more than just 1 inch of height differential. I think he's 5'10.5 or almost 5'11, but not fully there.
sarah said on 8/Jun/07
i saw him in Hamley's toy store in London last year and i was actually suprised how tall he was. i had him pegged at about 5'9 but he was definately taller than that. i'd say skimming 6 foot
Bobbe said on 27/May/07
5:11 no less maby even 6 feet.
Georgy said on 27/May/07
5'11" seems right cuz he seems a bit taller than 5'9" cameron diaz in The Holiday
bam said on 12/May/07
he is 5-9.5 and wears lifts
Daman said on 11/May/07
That was a typo, it was meant to say, 5'11" (1.80m) I should know, I was the one who sent it to correspond with this site.
Frenchy said on 10/May/07
He's back at 5'10 3/4'' on i.m.d.b (from 5'11 3/4")
BloodyXtears said on 9/May/07
When I met him.... I stood beside him, and he was way taller than me, and I'm 5'6" ... yes I am a girl :P
xD said on 9/May/07
Haha, same. I'm 5'3" and my best friends are all 6 foot...
dmeyer said on 2/May/07
law is between 179 and 181
lillo thomas said on 1/May/07
my favorite height range for a girl is between 5'4-5'8. Yes a feel like hanging with a kid with those 5'2 and under girls.
TheJerk said on 29/Apr/07
Yes, 5-11 is too high. He has said that he is 5-10, doubtful that he would underlist/overlist himself. He is English after all they're a bit more truthful about the real number. I see 5-10 or even a bit less when I see him in photos.
Marianne said on 29/Apr/07
I wonder...does really tall guys, like 6 foot 4 inches, think of petite girls, like 5 foot 1 inches, a kid? Does it feels like they are hanging with a kid?
Drew said on 25/Apr/07
Click Here

He's at least as tall as 5'10" Omar. He is a legitimate 5'11" to me.
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/07
Cameron Diaz, in the pictures, is usually slouching down to be shorter than Jude
Franco said on 19/Apr/07
HAHAHAHAHA 5'11 ??? are you crazy? :D

check the picture in I.M.D.B standing next to mrs CAMERON DIAZ, he is 1 inch taller with shoes and closer to the camera!!

this guy is 5'10 MAX and im betting 5'9.5
TJ said on 12/Apr/07
Anonymous, if Sienna was 5'4 and Jude 5'11, the top of her head would be around the centre of Jude's mouth. To only come up to his shoulders, she would be more like 4'11, unless Jude has a miniscule head :-)
Frenchy said on 11/Apr/07
@boxing fighter
Sorry but you choose a picture with a really weird angle. Actually there is only one scene in alfie you can use to compare them (no uneven ground issues). It is the scene just before when they are walking together and Jude law appears clearly 1 inch taller than epps.If Epps is 5'10,5'', then Law is really the 1,82 he was listed at first. Personnaly, I can't tell how tall he is. Somethimes he stands 5'9'' with 6footers (Ron perlman), 6' with 5'10'' guys (Epps, Damon with lifts)... I hope Glenn will get a picture with him, then you take an ich from what glenn says and you got it (according to glenn, Damon is 5'10'' lol, Farell 5'11'' LOL, Timberlake 6'1'' LOL... Glenn must be 5'7'' max)
Mr Mayfair said on 11/Apr/07
5.11? Come off it! We listed him as 5.10 (in his shoes) so try 5.9.
The only way Joe Fiennes is pushing six foot would be with stilts on!
Actors can look taller than they really are cos we like 'em skinny - the camera adds 20-40 lbs to a bloke.
Boxing Fighter said on 10/Apr/07
Looks smaller than 5ft10 Omar epps in alfie:
Click Here
To me, 5ft10 max!
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/07
I know sienna, she ain't 5'6 shes about 5'4 and if jude was 5'11 she would only reach his shoulder and she does reach his shoulders and goes past them making him 5'9. Look he said it himself
Frenchy said on 5/Apr/07
In enemy at the gates, Jude is a bit taller than Fiennes who is near 6 feet according to the height listed here. Though, Mr Law is a lot smaller than Ron Perlman (at least 2 inches, there is a scene they are standing together a long time in the scene they're jumping from roof to roof). If Fiennes is really 5'11,5'', jude law is at least this height and perlman is 6'1,5''/ 6'2''. If Perlamn Is really 6' as listed here, Jude is 5'10'' max! the same for Fiennes
Jewel said on 31/Mar/07
he told everyone that he is 5 9'' also he is noticably shorter than nicole kidman in Cold Mountain
Scarlet said on 7/Mar/07
Daniel Craig isn't 5'10. When the Casino Royale DVD comes out look closely at every barefeet scene with Eva Green. 5'9 maximum, even 5'8.5. Jude Law is an inch taller max.
17.181-182cm* said on 7/Mar/07
next ot 5'10 Daniel Craig he looks 5'11.I must say I though he was shorter.Now if we could only see him next to brad or leo or even orlando or george.Though we did see him next ot Mckellen.
MD said on 4/Mar/07
Yes, something needs to be changed. Even if we are to buy the 5'10.25" for Daniel, that means Jude isn't 5'11":

Click Here

Click Here
Scarlet said on 4/Mar/07
I'm with 5'9.5 too. There is too much evidence Daniel Craig is just about 5'9 and Jude Law is slightly taller. Both are in the same area as Paul Newman at the Road to Perdition premier. All are 3 inches shorter than Tom Hanks. Paul Newman's height nowadays is less than 5'9.
misha said on 3/Mar/07
Those who think Jude Law could not have meant what he said about his height are not looking at the context of his statement - he is obviously not joking because he repeats himself and then immediately admits that he sometimes does exaggerate his stature. No man who is 5'11" would ever say "I'm five-nine, and some days I only feel five-nine." How in the world can anyone keep insisting he's 5'11" after he has made a statement like this? I'm with Viper at 5'9.5".
glenn said on 3/Mar/07
he is 5-11ish.i saw him tower 5-10 jagger at a premier.jagger this night was 5-9ish.
horacle said on 2/Mar/07
I really don't know why he sayed 5'9 maybe it was a joke or something like that but he always look taller than this even whith regular shoes.
Viper said on 2/Mar/07
I think there is a good possiblity that Jude just admitted his height on this page. 5-9
horacle said on 28/Feb/07
i think jude law is 5'10.5/5'11 (no less)
morris said on 26/Feb/07
yeah hes taller than johnny lee miller who is 5ft 10 in Love Honour and Obey
Antoine said on 26/Jan/07
Ok here is the scoop...Sienna miller is not 5'6! She is not even 5'5!!! Jude law is 5'9! Sienna miller is 5'4!
wasa said on 16/Jan/07
I think he's at the least at the far end of the 5'9.5 mark (177cm) , would make sense regarding his statement, and especially when looking at recent pictures of him and Cameron Diaz. So i would give him around 5'10.
Thierry said on 18/Dec/06
Look at the last pictures of him with kate winslet, Diaz... on getty images there is Rufus Sewell with them. The guy is supposed to be 6'. Then I'd buy 5'10'' for Mr Law... If the guy is 6'1'' , 5'11'' for Mr law...
no name said on 12/Dec/06
If you compare Jared Leto with, who is said to be 5.9 with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law with Cameron Diaz it's obvious that Jude just can't be taller than Jared Leto
anonymous2 said on 30/Nov/06 sighting Nov 29th, 2006 @ 1pm
"Jude Law heading into Good Morning America studios this morning. He was very short, and was wearing a sharp looking suit..."
anonymous2 said on 17/Nov/06
why would he joke about being 5'9"? was he just being modest? doesn't seem likely.
Matt said on 14/Nov/06
We should really be killing two birds with one stone here. We have photographs of both Jude Law and Daniel Craig going barefoot against Gwyneth Paltrow. In neither case do the guys dominate Paltrow. At best, they have her beat by an half an inch or so, not taking into account potential slouching.

I'd stick both Craig and Law at 5'10.5". Both regularly get owned by genuine tallies, though Law appears to fluctuate simply because he slouches half the time. Law can also appear taller because he is so darned skinny. 5'11" for either man is a high end estimate.
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
i think law is aleast 5'11 since he look only 1 in or so shoter than kidman in 3 inches heels
dmeyer said on 13/Nov/06
looks 5'10 to 6 in pics so 5'11
manicpanic said on 11/Nov/06
apparently not :)
thanks "anonymous2", lol
anonymous2 said on 9/Nov/06
I don't see how he could be any taller than 5-9 without lifts. he looks awfully close in height to gwyneth paltrow, who is listed at 5-9 but who I think is 5-7.
Click Here
manicpanic said on 8/Nov/06
I'm still a believer in the 5'9" theory. Am I the only one?
Paul said on 4/Nov/06
That's it Viper652. Why the hell should he say that? I'm still not sure about him. Probably he just has bad body proportions. 5-10 could be true.
Viper652 said on 1/Nov/06
If hes truly 5-11, then I am just baffled at why he would say hes 5-9.
Glenn said on 31/Oct/06
And nearly everyone is wrong.anything below 5-11 is absurd.I said it many times,Jude was 2 inches taller than 5-10 Mick Jagger at the Alfie premiere.
Paul said on 29/Oct/06
Nearly everbody here says that Jude Law is 5'9''. Come on, the guy needs a downgrade.
jon said on 28/Oct/06
my mate met him and said he is quite small and of slight frame. He says he was no taller than 5'7''-5'8'' ish.
Lestat said on 17/Oct/06
Matt. He is really short... 173, 174 max. And he has a large frame, which makes him look even shorter. Jude's about 5' 9'', no doubt.. sigh, when does this height decreases to an understandable number? 180 is a really high number for this guy.. i think fans wouldnt be so upset if the truth is shown here. Are u guys afraid of that? Who cares, after all? A true fan wouldnt like him less, just cause he is 5' 9''!!
snrub said on 9/Oct/06
I saw that pic too. Definetly no taller than Craig
Rastus said on 9/Oct/06
Great pic in the Sunday Times mag yesterday of Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller and Jude Law walking along the street. Craig has flat soled deck shoes and Law has basketball trainers. Craig (who I think is actually 5'10" and a bit) looks to be a good couple of inches taller than Law. Definitely puts Law at 5'9" max.
anonymous2 said on 26/Sep/06
Penn is 174cm(5'8.5") max, so doesn't the pic noize posted on 15/Sep/06 make an excellent case for Law being at most 5'9"?

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