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5ft 7.76in (172.1cm)
Anonymous said on 26/Dec/05
As mentioned before I am 182cm tall and 125cm is the beginning of my rib. 153cm is approximately my shoulder length. 125-130 cm should be the beginning of her ribs too.(for someone with 185cm tall). Anatomically it is a must, i think. There should be some place for heart,lungs! Could someone explain me, how it is possible? Because if her legs are 125cm tall then her ribs should be at least 10-15 cm above her legs.Lets say 135-140 and then her shoulders 165-170!!
Gotxo said on 26/Dec/05
Lol Rob, i was to mention than one, cause i measued my legs in the way described the time when i knew it. The problem is that in Spain she was advertised as 180cm.
(in press) Later 185cm too in tv (if that length is true is more belivable for a 6'1"er)
Anonymous said on 26/Dec/05
The better measurement system should be from my point of view the inseam length.It is less arguable and easier to measure. I also think that the legs' length claimed by the artists or models is the end of pelvis bone.(easier to measure). I also don't believe that someone with 6'1" leghth(adriana sklenaranova) could have 49 inches legs' length. Because by me 49 inches is approximately the beginning of my rib.
Gotxo said on 25/Dec/05
Usually the women have a comparative longer length of their legs to their total height than men. What i've described is the standard medical model, the right one in terms of science. I'ts obvious that for a 173cm women that's an exageration. I've roughly 1 m (39-40in) being 5'11". Are we to belive everithing that's advertised?

[Editor Rob: 185cm ADriana Sklenaranova claims her legs as being near 49 inches!]
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/05
after your description it is impossible that someone with 5'9" height has a legs' length of 44 inches. Because the point you are mentioning is below the one i measured at least 2-3 inches. I am 6 and my legs' length to gotxo description is 40-41 inches. I is very difficult to find the exact point.
Gotxo said on 24/Dec/05
Anonimous, legs lengnth is usually measured from the feet to the trocanter a little spike on the Femur bone. The reason to do that is the tip of the Femur, the highest point on it. Ther is another branch that conects the Femur with the hips, the head of this branch may be above the trocanter, but it can take even almost 90 degrees with the femur (not in a vertical plane)
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/05
Legs' lenght could also be another topic for discussion. I don't know exactly how to measure,but i think end of the pelvis bone could be the legs' length.It is approximately at the same height as the navel.(maybe 1 inch higher than the navel)
badboykl98 said on 23/Dec/05
Just out of curiosty. How you guys measure legs' lenght?
sflacali said on 21/Dec/05
Come on now people...female celebs just look really tall because they have small faces and they're really skinny...I was once working as a set nurse at erin brokovich and julia was 5.6 max...she has really small face and very very very slender figure which accounts to the illusion that she is tall.
gunit said on 20/Dec/05
In Pretty woman she mentioned that her legs are 44 inches. Actually I am 5'11"1/2 or 6. My legs are 43 or 44 inches. It couldn't be true that her legs are 44 inches, because i think that my legs are also tall compared to other people at my height. I personelly believe that she is 5'9" tall and her legs 41,max 42 inches
jeff said on 17/Dec/05
Please don't try and gauge her height by comparison with Richard Gere when they appeared in Pretty Woman. Invariably, Gere's height is listed as 5.10 and a half so Julia, taling into account three inch heels is regarded as about 5'8. Richard Gere would be lucky to be 5'9 and a half wearing very generous heels. His actual height is 5'8 which accords with the numeous accounts of Julia's height being about 5'5 or 5'6.
lily said on 14/Nov/05
she's 5'10. you can check it out in the movie "closer" check out her legs in that movie and when she stand next to jude law whos like 6 feet. and natalie portman character in that movie said "she's so tall" to clive owen. normally girls are considered taller if they're 5'8 or above. 5'4 is the average height for girls.
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/05
I was an extra in Miss Congeniality and at a SAG party before the film release, I met Julia Roberts. She is 5'6". I am 5'8".
I have met several celebs and it wouldn't even be worth me trying to tell you how much shorter most of them are because you wouldn't believe me. Julia was a surprising one, though. My friend, who is 5'10" for real, works for William Morris as a talent manager and is not allowed to be in pictures with most of her clients because it would ruin the illusion.
CelebHeights Editor said on 3/Oct/05
From email, Dierdre says: "I live in New York and work in the fashion industry so I have had the fortune/misfortune of seeing many celebrities in person. The first one that struck me on your website is Julia Roberts, who is listed at 5'8. I've seen her several times (her apartment in NY is near my office) and she is nowhere near that. I would say 5'5, 5'6 on a good day."
Z. said on 2/Oct/05
In Pretty Woman,she says that her legs are 44 inches. (112 cm) Could that be true??Because if it is, she must be at least 5'9, I think...
Z2 said on 25/Aug/05
In "Mystic Pizza," there are scenes where it seems AnnaBeth Gish is slightly taller than Julia. I wouldn't quite suggest that AnnaBeth is 5'8" that she's been listed, but is more likely closer to 5'7". There is no way Julia is as tall as her claimed 5'9". So, with AnnaBeth at a more reasonable 5'7", that puts Julia around 5'6".
mytwocents said on 5/Aug/05
I looked at another site with comments from people who claim to have met her and they say she is no more than 5'6.
Mr. X said on 19/Jun/05
I actually seen other photos of the same event (magazine photos unfortunely). And no Julia did no forget her heels. Jennifer's shoes might had been about an inch bigger than Julia's shoes, but I don't think they were any bigger than an inch. Plus they "might had been" bigger.
Amy said on 19/Jun/05
Is there another picture of the same event with Julia and Jen which shows their footwear? Cos Jen could easily be wearing some really high heels, and she is only like 3 inches shorter than Julia right?
Michele said on 13/Jun/05
I agree with Mr X in that women like to be taller than their counterparts in the movies but I think this apply for short actresses. In Julia-Cameron's case both are tall enough, so they do not need to appear taller. I think the explanation here is that both are the same height but like most of us agree Julia and Cameron are closely to 169 cm, max 170cm and not to 175 or 176cm as they are listed in many sites.
Mr. X said on 12/Jun/05
Maybe My Best Friend's Wedding is one of those classic Hollywood examples where the director perposely makes the star of the movie taller than the supporting actors. I'm sure it doesn't only apply to male actors. Can anyone find any photos of Roberts and Diaz standing next to each other in public?
JP said on 2/Jun/05
I see we all think Julia is shorter than 5'8" but she stands solidly as tall as Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding; and there are several pics abuout it, just check wireimage and gettyimages.
Mr. X said on 19/May/05
Julia is noticably shorter than Joan Allen in every scene of the movie Runaway Bride.
Pik said on 13/May/05
Look at this picture, it's very interesting.She's on very high heels, but still shorter than Clooney. I think she's not 5'9½. I also think Clooney is wearing elevator
JUSTMATT said on 5/May/05
And see also on www.gettyimages.con photo number 51725422 where Julia with at least 2 inches heels is the same height of 5.7 Billy Crystal!

Consider also this: on you can find also photos of Julia with Denzel Washington. Denzel is max 6.1 and he is always 4 inches taller than Julia who has 3 inches heels!!! (see image #810897) Julia is max 170, even if I think she is only 5.6!!!

Rob you have to downgrade her, in my opinion she is max 170 cm without heels. If you look at you will find many photos of her near Paul Newman! She has at least 2 inches heels and she is the same height of Newman that is max 5.9!!!

And always on in 3 inches (or more) heels she is shorter than 5.10 (maybe!) Russell Crowe
Mr. R said on 29/Apr/05
Since I have nothing else to do but read People Magazine, there is a picture in their Startrack section of Paul McCartney, Julia Roberts, and Paul Newman. Either one or all three have been clearly lying. Rob, see if you can find this, so we can decide!
Mr. X said on 25/Apr/05
In the museum scene where Catherine stops Julia to ask for an autograph in Ocean's Twelve, 5'7" Catherine Zeta Jones stands solidly as tall as Julia. I was reading a magazine and there was a photo of her with 5'5" Jennifer Aniston, and she only appeared 2 inches taller. Add the comment Justmatt says about her and Brad Pitt. I wonder why is it 5'7" Julia Stiles seems to be the same height as her in Mona Lisa Smile. Also she's now where near 4 inches taller than 5'5" Susan Surandon. Your 5ft 9in claim isn't fooling me Julia Roberts.
Smoke said on 17/Apr/05
I think for woman to grow into her early 20s is extremely unlikely, most girls stop growing at around the age of 15, so the likelyhood of growth plates still being open for a female are extremely unlikely. On the other hand, many males still grow into their 20s, albeit by a few cms tops. I also recall watching an episode of the Late Late Show, where a 5'10" female guest said that she grew her last inch at 21, so I guess it is possible. She also marvelled at Craig Kilborn's height and the fact that she was still much shorter than he in heals.
Skinny minny said on 5/Apr/05
Let's upgrade her to five eight and a half, if she once said I'm five ight and then five fine, then she's probabably was rounding up, unless she's has schrunk, she's 174 cm.
dmeyer said on 5/Apr/05
in ocean eleven she is wearing 4'' heels and in pretty woman when julia and richard are both barefeet he is 2 1/2'' inches taller i guess she is 173 maybe 174 cm
Smoke said on 4/Apr/05
When comparing men's heights with women, do note that a standard heal on a woman's shoe is different from that of a man's shoe. Most women's shoes have atleast a 1.5 inch heal, while a man's shoe is usually around .5 of an inch...women often wear shoes with atleast a 2 inch heal. So unless Julia Roberts is barefoot in a scene with Andy Garcia or George Clooney, it truely must be her shoes. In Erin Brokovich she is ALMOST ALWAYS IN HEALS, I wouldn't be suprised one bit if she was the type of person whom in person wouldn't be as tall as she seams on screen.
B-a-go-go said on 15/Mar/05
Julia Roberts is Five foot nine, evidence of it is standing eye to eye with Gere
(then maybe slightly over five foot 10) And Clooney (who is at max 179 or just 1.80m) and even considering she wore or wore not heels on with him....
I actually did get her height fom an article at 177cm, so either the editor was wrong.. but I think no more than 1.75m

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