How tall is Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman's Height

5ft 9 ½ (176.5 cm)

American footballer, who has played as a wide receiver for The New England Patriots. He was recorded for the draft measuring a fraction over 5ft 10. In the Washington Post he mentioned "I wasn’t mad that people said I couldn’t play quarterback. It was kind of the transition of what I needed to do. I’m 5-10 and this is the NFL. There’s only one guy that’s done it and that’s Doug Flutie. I’d be going against the odds."

How tall is Julian Edelman
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Average Guess (26 Votes)
5ft 9.09in (175.5cm)
Canson said on 19/Nov/20
@Editor Rob: I’m going to put this into the Height Request page but Kyler Murray. That one will be an interesting debate. No one believes his 5’10 1/8”. He’s shorter than Edelman and Brown
Canson said on 18/Oct/20
Canson said on 8/Oct/20
@Editor Rob and Christian: I think they should mandate socks off and as a bonus, have someone there to audit the results. That’s in every sport
Editor Rob
Video'd measurements of sports stars is something big sporting organisations and TV should look at.

I mean people watch me, that isn't as interesting as height and a lot more people search for celebrity height than weight...

Maybe do it the way Blazer (a former poster) mentioned the military doing it when he was still in the military many years back. He said they did some PT work before measuring. Not sure if a low but it was maybe 1/4” above it at that stage.
Canson said on 8/Oct/20
@Editor Rob and Christian: I think they should mandate socks off and as a bonus, have someone there to audit the results. That’s in every sport
Editor Rob
Video'd measurements of sports stars is something big sporting organisations and TV should look at.

I mean people watch me, that isn't as interesting as height and a lot more people search for celebrity height than weight...
Canson said on 8/Oct/20
@Mickie: in addition to Viper having seen him, I saw him from a distance (apparently at the same game Viper attended from how he described it). I wasn’t close enough to him to be able to accurately gauge his height so I assumed he was probably about what he was listed or that at worst he was maybe 1” off for shoes. However I know someone else who has seen him up close and said he’s not as tall as he’s listed. He said he was somewhere around 6’2” like Viper. But I asked him about the possibility of under 6’1.5” and he didn’t think he was that low. I would guess that he’s at minimum 6’2 if not 6’2-6’2.5 range
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 6/Oct/20
Rob's speculation of lifts inside of socks isn't impossible either.
Editor Rob

Unless socks are off, there's always the risk of socklifts, though really I'd say it is still quite a rarity.
viper said on 5/Oct/20
Antonio Brown looks absolutely no taller than 5-10
Mickie said on 4/Oct/20
Yeah Shawne Merriman's height listing was a strange one.
Canson said on 4/Oct/20
@Christian: I honestly wonder what goes on behind the scenes. Merriman was obviously a misprint same with Kyler Murray. 5’10”? No chance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Edelman is at least 1” taller
Canson said on 4/Oct/20
Wow Rob lowered him to 5’9.5? Interesting
6james94 said on 4/Oct/20
I agree with this listing and actually think he might be shorter then this he doesn’t look much different then Jamie foxx with antanio brown though it kinda concerns me and confuses me that he is measured at a height that’s a quarter inch taller then a guy (Antanio Brown) who actually looks like he’s a inch and a half taller honestly Edelman and Jeff Cavalier look more similar in height then Edelman does with Brown. I kind of wonder if maybe antanio brown was measured shorter then his actual height which can happen or be measured taller or maybe he grew sometime from the time he got drafted until now.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Sep/20
I could see it being a misprint, and that he actually measured at 5'9.3". I highly doubt shoes though.
Aaron Rosales said on 13/Sep/20
Click Here Rob please check his pic with OBJ if Odell is 181 this guy must be 175
Editor Rob
He has struggled to look his measured height or claim, there was another Version like that one. Whether Julian managed to slip something into his socks to get 5ft 10 is another matter, I don't rule it out.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Apr/20
Does the NFL measure their players in shoes though?
Canson said on 25/Apr/20
@Mickie: I’m beginning to wonder if the 5’10.3 is a shoe measurement or a misprint sort of like Shawne Merriman
Mickie said on 23/Apr/20
Funny - I know exactly where that Chilis is in Walpole, MA. I could believe anything from 5'9" to 5'10".
TheDon91 said on 12/Apr/20
5’9” tops probably closer to 5’8.5”
I met him along with several other Patriots players such as Jerrod mayo, Aqib talib and Kevin Faulk, that would come into the Chilis In Walpole Mass that I use to work at while I was in college back in 2012, before he was a big name player. I’m a little under 6’1” and I dwarfed him when I walked by him as he was coming out of the mens room. He was driving a new white Kia suv and was on a date with a cute local girl that was around 20 at the time.
Canson said on 10/Feb/20
He can actually look 5’10 flat on occasion but then there are times he looks 5’9” range
Cameron M said on 29/Dec/19
Looks 5’9” next to Brady
Pat G said on 11/Oct/19
5'8" Tops, .. So many people want to see him pushed beyond that height, .. however, it's his height & it's fine, & it sure works for him...Cheers
Josue said on 26/Sep/19
Click Here
Kevin R said on 8/Sep/19
There is a photo of Julian next to 5'10 model Adriana Lima both of them wearing flats. There is at least a 2 or 3-inch difference. I'd guess 5 foot 8 1/2.
Aaron Rosales said on 30/Aug/19
By seeing his pics with Antonio brown he's 5-9 my dad is 178 I'm 176 and there not that much difference between us. Yet Edelman and brown have a big difference between them
Syephen said on 3/Aug/19
Also sorry for the missed spelling of my name, I was also looking at pictures of 5 foot 10 Devon mcortney both on stage similar foot wear Devon seems to have 2 inches on him.He can look 5 foot 9-10 sometimes but he's 5 foot 8-9 in those pictures at most even his book he said he was 5 feet tall then grew 8 inches which would make him 5 foot 8. I think the lowest he can be is 5 foot 8 1/2. Just can't explain those pictures with devon, lima ,brown, and appears to only have a 1/2 inch on wahlberg. Anyway thanks big rob best height site in the world!.
Syephen said on 3/Aug/19
If adriana Lima is 5 foot 10 how come there are a few pictures of them both in flats and she is about 2 inches taller than him easily, that would put him in the 5 foot 8-9 range
Canson said on 3/Jul/19
@Viper: I saw the full pic and it doesn’t add up. Brown looks close to 2” taller. It would mean Edelman got the Merriman treatment
Canson said on 3/Jul/19
@Viper: in one pic but we can’t see ground or footwear.

In another pic Edelman is

Click Here

I could say Edelman is maybe a weak 5’10” like Brown. Brown is likely 5’9.75 at a low 5’10.1 is a morning height
viper said on 2/Jul/19
Yeah Brown is clearly taller.

If say another fudging the measurement by the NFL
Canson said on 1/Jul/19
@Viper: Edelman is shorter than Brown?
viper said on 30/Jun/19
Doesn't make sense that 5-10.1 Antonio Brown looks taller.

I think Julian was really measured at
viper said on 9/Jun/19
Admendola is 5-10
Syephen said on 5/Jun/19
If Antonio brown is 5 foot 10 why does he look at least 2 inches taller than edelman in pictures on the red carpet.
CZV said on 10/Mar/19
Hey Rob how tall do you think Danny Amendola is, he may look a little bit taller than Edelman who I think is more like 5ft 9.5 inch than 5ft 10 especially if u look at him with Ellen De Generes
Canson said on 6/Mar/19
@Viper: next to Brady he can look 5’9.5-5’10 worst case but typically if Brady is a solid 6’4” the difference is around 6”. Although next to Ellen he looks under 5’10”
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Mar/19
That's a ridiculous thing to say. Lots of people gave quarter inch estimates on this site, including me. A few times I even gave eighth inch estimates.
viper said on 4/Mar/19
Then it was a mismeasurement.
JCP said on 28/Feb/19
Agree, looks more like a ‘5”9-‘5”9 1/2 guy
welcome2therucker said on 26/Feb/19
Absolutely no way dude is over 5'9. In a picture at the grammys with Mark Wahlberg [both dress hoes assuming], they are more or less the exact same height. A lot of overplaying goes down here...5'8.5 barefoot.
Canson said on 23/Feb/19
@Littlelee168: nobody is 100% accurate. Everyone is estimating. And Rob uses his estimate for a low as opposed to his combine measurement which he gave Curry. Both guys were measured early morning so he’s got a point if he’s only really 4” shorter than Curry. Curry is more like 6’1.5 than 6’2 but Edelman can in fact look the solid 5’10” with Brady but 1/4” off isn’t noticeable so 5’9.75 is possible since that’s 1/4” off. 5’9.75 is also 3.75” off Curry so that’s possible to make 4” difference appear
Littlelee168cm said on 21/Feb/19
Tony t you can't be that accurate to guess within a quarter in he looks 4 inches shorter than stephen curry so I see 5ft 10 here
Canson said on 20/Feb/19
He does actually look a bit less than 5’10 with Ellen. Maybe his case was one where he dipped a couple cm like Jason Witten or Lamont Jordan who were 3/4” higher at combine than their team measurements
Canson said on 19/Feb/19
He may give off a shorter impression at times but with Brady who almost always looks a legit 6’4” he can look 5’10”. This is in most pics of them. The one below isn’t great but in most it’s generally half a foot difference between the two

Click Here
Andrea said on 18/Feb/19
Exactly, Peter175. Even next to 5'6 listed Ellen DeGeneres here, he certainly doesn't give me a solid 5'10 impression: Click Here
Peter175 said on 15/Feb/19
I can't see him a mm higher than this listing.

I don't think he's a flat 5'9 but this is just generous for an at bedtime measurement. I would have guessed 5'9.5 solidly with a slight chance of 5'9.75. Anyway he definitely isn't short like 5'7 or anything, but there are clear pictures of him and Lima wearing flats and she still looks maybe 1-2 cm meaning in equal footwear she'd edge him definitely
Andrea said on 15/Feb/19
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. I really wonder if some of these NFL athletes can actually end up getting measured as much as 2 cms or so taller than they "really" are (at their low), under the "right" circumstances...
Canson said on 13/Feb/19
He looks closer to 5’10 if not spot on.
Andrea said on 13/Feb/19
Do you think he could even dip to something like 5'9.5, Rob? I know they are walking shots, and far away from being ideal photos, but someone like Adriana Lima certainly seems to have more chance of hitting 5'10 than him: Click Here
Maybe his 5'10 3/8 measurement is a bit like Shawne Merriman's and Tim Tebow's, who both can look at least 2 cms shorter under their measurements...
Editor Rob
Juilan is a strange one because in photos he can look sub 5ft 10, but maybe he was one of the first to get measured and Busting a Gut managed to be over 5ft 10...later in the day could drop shy of 5ft 10, but to only 5ft 9.5 I'm not sure.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 13/Feb/19
He is really strong 5footer 9 quarter IMO plus he is handsome American Footballer I do know!!!!!
Bradley said on 11/Feb/19
5-9 and a half.
viper said on 10/Feb/19
Didn't he once say he was 5-9. Possible mismeasurement?
Editor Rob
In his book he described himself as 5ft 10...although he also mentioned how I think sometime around junior year of high school had a spurt of 4 inches from 5ft 5 to 9.
Canson said on 10/Feb/19
He looks about 5’9 7/8 or 5’10 with 6’4-6’4 1/8 Tom Brady
Canson said on 10/Feb/19
@BWK and Peter175: I think Rob has him listed correctly for a low. If he dips below that it’s maybe 5’9 7/8. RP is right. A guy measuring 5’10 3/8 At the combine would come down to about 5’10” especially someone that size. He would likely just lose another CM
Bwk said on 9/Feb/19
This guy probably dips below 5'10'' at his low.
RPp said on 8/Feb/19
Officially 5’10-3/8” morning barefoot height @ the NFL Combine.
Peter175 said on 8/Feb/19
Adriana Lima is taller than him.
No more than 176.5 imo

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