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5ft 7.47in (171.4cm)
Cool dude said on 23/Nov/16
Bieber is 173 cm now and I'm saying this due to his recent pics with neymar both are on the pitch wearing football shoes which hardly give any lift and bieber seems to edge him out by a cm or two
Rhonda said on 23/Nov/16
Certainly taller, he recently standing next to Gunners stars Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mesut Ozil both 5ft11ish and looks only a little shorter. and recently pictured with two Barcleona players Neymar174cm and Rafinha 174cm and Justin Beiber is taller like maybe an inch or at least a cm. So 175-176cm 5ft9 weak
rockitbaby said on 23/Nov/16
Weird that Neymar's shoulders are higher but he's slightly shorter. Bieber needs an upgrade to at least 1,74m.
John said on 22/Nov/16
He looked 173-175 cm near Barcelona players. What do you think Rob? Its possible that he grow an inch?
Strong 5ft9 said on 22/Nov/16
@Gianni Nah, Luis is leaning more towards him, so he is losing some height with that pose. While Justin is standing tall. Also Neymar's position is more closer to the camera than Justin is (search up forced perspective, trust me it would make it so much easier). I can tell easily, if he stepped back a bit. He'll be about as tall as Justin, but probably taller than him by at least a good inch if he stood up straight. Also Messi, he is close to the camera as well, but is crooking his neck a bit. Which also made him lose some height in that photo. But if he were in the same line as Justin, he would probably be a bit shorter since he isn't as tall as Neymar in this photo. Overall, He still looks a solid 5'7" to me. No more, no less.
Yesh said on 22/Nov/16
He must've put an insert into those football boots, of course you would he'd know that these pictures would be seen by millions. They did a good job on that one.
Bradi said on 22/Nov/16
Back in 2006, big "G" took a picture with Daddy Yankee and he was looking a bit taller. At that time Rob had G at 5'8'' and Daddy Yankee and 5'7''. Looking back at Daddy Yankee's page it seems he is still listed at 5'7''. (Rob you can prolly back me up on this one)

Below is a full body picture of Daddy Yankee and J Balvin: Click Here

Trying to find full body pictures of J Balvin and Bieber, but the best I could find is this one: Click Here

Going by J Balvin pictures, Bieber is 5'6.5''-5'7''.

Now looking at Neymar/Messi pictures, Messi and Bieber shoulders are almost on the same level. Messi is loosing a bit of height as well. Overall I think he's got Messi by around 3/4 inch which is as listed. If Messi stood straight and footwear was equal we could've gotten a better gauge.

In conclusion, with J Balvin he looks 5'7'' max and with Messi he looks around listed mark. Remember his head is small so the difference with Messi is not that big.

Overall, I think this listing is right on target. His height fluctuates too much. Neither Neymar nor Messi are standing completely straight, Bieber is.
JB said on 22/Nov/16
It is clear that Beiber is 5'9"! He is at least 2 inches taller than 5'7" Lionel Messi. Case closed, now get on with living people. Go outside and brush up some leaves or something, the fresh air will do you good!!!
sd said on 22/Nov/16 russell wilson who was measured at about 5-10 5/8 at the combine was actually considered generous by sports commentators..he's likely 5-10 flat he even said on letterman that people commented on how he's about 5-9 though I think that's abit low. maybe 5-9 3/4 at the lowest but he looks to be 5-10 flat....wilson towered over bieber..bieber was below even level..bieber is 5-5...even a girl mentioned how she heard people say he's like 5-5 when they saw him in person...I think he's no more than 5-5 1/2..he wears lifts to look 5-7 1/2
Johnson said on 22/Nov/16
@Moe it is Rafinha (174 cm) not Dani Alves. @Rob after Barcelona pics and videos I think he deserves a little upgrade 5'7.5 5'7.75 or 5'8
Pwned Legit said on 22/Nov/16
@sa344 I agree with you about some words, but you cant say he is 5'9. He is minimum 5'7.

Rob , i have a quest for you:

Bieber (for you) is 5'6-5'7 or a strong 5'8-5'9?.
Kim said on 22/Nov/16
@Magic10 Messi is dropping height like Rob said and I see a 3 inch difference between Bieber and 5'11.5 Suarez. Also Suarez lost about an inch or maybe a little over an inch by leaning more into him which makes him at least 4 inches taller. Makes Bieber max 5'7.5 tall barefoot.
Parker said on 22/Nov/16
I'm putting my estimate up to 5'8 after seeing those Barcelona pictures.
Cc said on 22/Nov/16
Bieber I taller or same as neymar. Time for an honest upgrade
M said on 22/Nov/16
I think he is 1.73m and still has a chance to grow 5cm (even more). He is sweet and nice person.
Nina Stromboli said on 22/Nov/16
Rob, time has come to upgrade Justin Bieber. Have you seen recent videos and pics where he was playing in Barcelona with Neymar (174cm) and Rafinha (also from Barcelona and the same height). He definitely looks 5"˜9 (175cm).
Cool dude said on 22/Nov/16
Bieber is 172-173 next to neymar both are wearing football shoes which give no lift
Editor Rob: he could pull off looking closer to 5ft 8 than 7 with those guys, I think the minimum I could argue would be 5ft 7.5
Johnson said on 22/Nov/16
@spainmen191 I agree, and no excuses for "lifts" this time. I wish Rob upgrade him!!
Editor Rob: posture can reduce an inch difference to a minimal difference.
typing... said on 22/Nov/16
I give him 5'7 (171cm) he might be 173cm Max but he's no where 5'9.
Ssn0009 said on 22/Nov/16
time for an upgrade. IN his recents pics with messi and neymar he is easily taller than both of them. So he is easily 5'9"...
Loll said on 21/Nov/16
He has new photos with messi
Moe said on 21/Nov/16
Guys, I think I have found the final answer to justin bieber's height.
Those are clear pictures of Bieber recently with FC Barcelona with Neymar, Messi and Dani Alver.

This is his footwear: Click Here
JB with Neymar and Dani Alves: Click Here
JB with Neymay, Dani Alves and Neymar: Click Here
JB with Neymar: Click Here

I think he is between (5'7.5) 172cm and (5'8) 174 cm based on the pictures.

Can anyone estimate his height based on these pictures? Rob, what do you think?
MB said on 21/Nov/16
Looks 5'8.5"

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
hydra said on 21/Nov/16
Looks consistently taller than 5'8 Neymar despite both wearing similar footwear. How is this possible?

Click Here
Johnson said on 21/Nov/16
With Barcelona players, if Neymar is 173.5, Bieber could be 172.5. I doubt between 172 and 172.5 despite in some pictures he can look taller than Neymar but if you look all pics and clips of the session he is not that tall
Cool dude said on 21/Nov/16
Guys new pictures of Bieber have emerged alongside neymar, suarez and lionel messi , Bieber is looking 172-173 cm in the pics
Nasir said on 21/Nov/16
Click Here

Consider it, Rob
DruceLee said on 21/Nov/16
hi rob...hmm, it's time for upgrade...I always think that he is about 170cm but he is definitley 175...he is an inch taller than Neymar....You can see it in video where is Justin with Barcelona players...please check this video
Michael Jackson said on 21/Nov/16
ikr, and he is only 5'7" (ノ∀≦。)ノhee-hee
spainmen191cm said on 21/Nov/16
Rob, I think his 5ft9-10 claim is too much and silly. But in this last video he looks taller than neymar who is listed at 173cm. And they are wearing similar shoes, I think he is a bit underlisted, at least in that video he looks 5ft8.
Click Here
Gggggg said on 21/Nov/16
Saw recent pictures of Justin and neymar playing football Justin looks the same height or slightly taller . Neymar is listed as 5'8 ish on here I think. Justin needs an upgrade to be honest to atleast 5'8
Cr said on 21/Nov/16
he visits FC Barcelona today and he looks at the same height as neymar and rafinha. I think justin is 172,5 cm
Gianni said on 21/Nov/16
Justin bieber with 5'11 Luis Suarez, 5'8 neymar and 5'6.5 Messi, looks like he's wearing some suspicious looking sneakers

Click Here

Click Here
Johnson said on 21/Nov/16
@Warren you don't have to mixed up out of bed height with morning medical height. Rob is 175 out of bed but not at 9:00-10:00 1h30m after waking up
Hannah10 said on 20/Nov/16
I can imagine Justin reading these comments and thinking I'm good at fooling people. Guys he is 5 '7!
Sonia said on 20/Nov/16
Google can't even get accurate birth years correct, it is all P.R. based.
javk said on 19/Nov/16
justin height is 174 cm
slurkapfson said on 19/Nov/16
173 morning, 171 evening. wearing lifts in the morning, 176-177cm; probably passes himself as that height.
ArthurJohn said on 18/Nov/16
Google needs to change their 5'9" listing for him. Its well documented (with video and photographic evidence) that he's nowhere near that tall!

I could see under 5'7" for him, but I think a solid 5'7" is the safest bet for now. 171 cm is as arguable as 169 cm for him I think. Its hard to pinpoint exactly where he lands on. He could have moments of looking barely 170 cm, and then moments of looking over that.
Warren said on 18/Nov/16
Hi Rob, I know you are over 175 in the morning but you are listing lowest claim 173
so all celebrities are at night height listing?(Justin's also)
Editor Rob: remember all stadiometer is giving an extra 1/8th inch. At my best I can hit 175cm with a tape measure, although usually it is just shy of it...then at lowest 173cm, but I would call myself 5ft 8 and a bit.

I would tend to say heights as being afternoon.
Strong 5ft9 said on 17/Nov/16
@notCC @CC maybe it's because there isn't alot of evidence to prove he's 5'8" or 5'9". Also when he's standing next with KingBach (who claims to be 5'8"). Kind of takes the cake that 5'8" is kind of pushing it. 5'8" in the morning maybe, but definitely a solid 5'7" at night. Also, How can you tell how tall somebody looks by just looking at their appearance? Just because someone is thin, doesn't mean they're always tall. Seems more like 1/3 (short, average, or tall) of a chance to guess which he's mostly like with no proper height comparison.
Warren said on 17/Nov/16
I've been checking so many pics from right here as the result
JB's at shortest 170 and at tallest 172 is the almost perfect listing it but no more taller than 173
but his proportion is not bad he can look 175, (only look)
also shorter than 173cm or 5'8 guys (Usher, Neymar, Mayweather, James Corden, Kanye West, etc...) cos I found here by many pics
Justin Bieber is ((absolutely not)) taller than 173 or 5'8, he is 170-172 ("»172 is morning height)
Sam said on 16/Nov/16
Hey CC, don't feel too bad, at least your guesses are somewhat within reason with the +/- 2 inches voting system. Unless he grows don't push it and count on him being 5'10+.
Giorgi said on 16/Nov/16
When somebody describes his height "five-nine, five-ten", you know he's nowhere near five-eight.
sa344 said on 15/Nov/16
Stop mocking people on here just because they have a different opinion than you!

None of you guys are funny

If CC wants to think Justin is tall as 5'11'' he can, If he wants to think Justin is low as 5'2'' he can

People are allowed to have opinions, this is what this page is for

So CC, please carry on posting and saying Bieber is 5'9'' if you truly believe it.
notCC said on 15/Nov/16
Yes bieber is at least 5'8. Why hasnt Rob updated yet?
screamfan96 said on 15/Nov/16
Looking at him with shoes on he can look 5'9". Without shoes on in this picture he looks like he is 5'8" I'd say. I can't really say he looks under that. Although I know his thin build it was gives him the appearance of being taller, he still looks like he could be 5'8" barefoot. Or do you think he looks 5'7" here? This was only a year or so ago.

Click Here
Eyadaw said on 14/Nov/16
i dunoo but he seems like my height here
i am 172-173 cm and i see we got the same heights

click here Click Here

what do you think ?
HonestSlovene said on 13/Nov/16
@Junior31 Honestly CC's posts are intellectually that on the level of a toddler.
andre said on 13/Nov/16
i think justin is 5ft6.75 barefeet at night 4cm taller then me
Michael Jackson said on 12/Nov/16
I feel like that too bro XD
Cc said on 12/Nov/16
Lmao so many people tilted here by the fact that Bieber is 5'8-5'9. Hilarious
Pwned Legit said on 12/Nov/16
I'm sure he is 5'6.75 / 5'7. With vans no dubt he is over 5'7.

Some fans still think he is 5'9 / 5'10. LOL really?. Where you see a solid 5'9?. Cmon...
Ben 5'11 said on 12/Nov/16
Click Here Here's Bieber with Scooter Braun (5'10").

By the way where can I find the infamous "Bieber Booster" picture? The one with Justin standing on a box to even out the height difference between him and Scooter.
Warren said on 12/Nov/16
I feel like maybe @Cc is Japanese
Mark(5'9.25 said on 12/Nov/16
If this guy was really 5'9"/5'10", I would have been 6'0" by now which is certainly not the case.
Junior31 said on 11/Nov/16
Cc said on 11/Nov/16
Click Here

At least 5'8

LOL Top 10 celeb height posts ever. Close second to the imaginary lifts you drew a month ago using an app for toddlers to color with on the computer. Please keep them coming..
Dan said on 11/Nov/16
@Cc quit embarrassing yourself
Cc said on 11/Nov/16
Click Here

At least 5'8
sa344 said on 9/Nov/16
@Kim Yeah, hard for you maybe

I still see the guy measuring at just about 5'8'' after everything that I've seen and posted.
Strong 5ft9 said on 8/Nov/16
For people who still think he is 5'9". Here's this video. Where he's next with KingBach who claims to be 5'8" and this is from a year ago when he's 20. Click Here
Kim said on 8/Nov/16
@5'9 he wore thick heeled dress shoes with his dad in that 2016 pic. He's still 5'7 max, nothing's changed.

@sa344 don't even compare him to Jonas because that was when he wore 3 inch rubber boots that night. The rest with Baldwin and Sheeran are hard to compare
6'2.4 Morning said on 8/Nov/16
@5'9 Remember Justin was born in 1994. how can a 20 year old grow two whole inches by 22? That's extremely rare if not impossible. You might get 1-2 cms at most.
5'9 said on 8/Nov/16
This picture was in august 2014*
5'9 said on 8/Nov/16
@6'4.4 This pic was taken in August 2016, and he was 5'7 max. But since 2014 he has gained 2 inches. Justin and his father in 2014
Click Here
and 2016
Click Here
I think He is a solid 5'8, maybe 5'9.
HaveToSay said on 8/Nov/16
@CC Okay, I don't think you've ever been arrested. First of all, when you go to Secretary of State YOU are the one that tells them your height. When I was 16 I thought I was 5'11" and I just told them to put that on my license. I am actually closer to 5'10". But when I was arrested, the police just took the height from my license and they didn't measure me so I was in their system as 5'11". So the obvious conclusion here is that Justin Bieber claimed 5'9" on his license and nobody has ever checked it. That is literally exactly what is going on. I would also guess that his girlfriend is not 5'6" as she claims. Her height is too similar to Nicole Richie who is around 5'1", Sofia looks more like 5'3" which would put Justin right around 5'7" being about half a head taller than her which is on average 4". This works almost every time.
CC said on 7/Nov/16
6'2.4 Morning

Ur an idiot, first off that is not 5 inches, that is at MOST 3 inches. Also, Scooter is like 5'10-5'11
sa344 said on 7/Nov/16
ahh that's great of you for ignoring all the pictures with Ed Sheeran, Hailey Baldwin, and Joe Jonas

and posting a picture from around 2013 with Scooter Braun, where he was clearly around 5'5'' 1/2

You do realise he has grown in recent years don't you?

as low as 5'6'' range? I mean who are you trying to kid? How dumb do you think people on here are?
Horseman said on 7/Nov/16
Justin Bieber is 5'7 - 5'7.25 (not 5'8 or 5'9). I think there are normal shoes can be atleast 0.5 cm , 1 cm.
For boots I think 2-3 cm normally, and huge boots 4-5 cm atleast.

@Real Height
You are absolute right. But 5'7 is good for Bieber's height.
6'2.4 Morning said on 6/Nov/16
I think Biebs is undoubtedly sub 5'7. 170-171 in the morning and 168-169 at night.

Click Here

Scooter braun has already been brought up but I don't think this picture has. It was taken in the summer. This right here looks like a 5 inch difference. Don't fall for the spiky hair.

I can see why many people are angry with his frauding, he does a great disservice to actual "5'9 5'10" folks.
Warren said on 4/Nov/16
I also that I think his morning/out of bed height thay are
well, how do u think his height?
D said on 3/Nov/16
Warren you should be banned for saying such joke. Just because Justin is skinny doesn't mean he is taller... Why so deluded people are available to post comments
Warren said on 3/Nov/16
@Cool dude
I think that very much
Warren said on 1/Nov/16
I think Ed Sheeran is 171cm Justin is 172-173cm
Kim said on 1/Nov/16
@sa344 neither of Ed or Justin's postures are perfect so still hard to compare. How come barefoot 5'8 James Corden looked an inch shorter when Justin wore dress shoes of over an inch thick.
andre said on 1/Nov/16
justin is 5'6.5 barefeet at night
HonestSlovene said on 1/Nov/16
@miko LOL the typical Sly Stallone claim, right? Except he is now a solid 5'8 and was easily 5'9 range peak. Bieber however struggles with 5'7 and even wears small 1 inch lifts in Vans in order to edge out 5'7.5 Ed Sheeran. Not to mention in case anyone forgets about the Bieber Booster pic and how it proofs just how insecure this kid really is. The average guess at a solid 5'7 is 100% correct.
anon said on 1/Nov/16
You cant tell height to the mm or that precise just by pics alone, look at posture people dont walk around like they would measured, footwear, hair etc all count for errors when doing that, the only way is side by side both in socks which wont happen.

Sheeran and Justin look pretty similar probably both 5'7 range and 5'7.5 max, sheeran said about 5'8 for his height which is acceptable, Bieber claims an extra 2 Inches to his height
Warren said on 1/Nov/16
or Hailey Baldwin is shorter than her listed 5'6.5 It's simple
sa344 said on 31/Oct/16
He is also taller than 5'7.75'' listed Ed Sheeran lol,

Yet he is still listed shorter than him. Just UnBELIEBable!

Click Here

Click Here
Kim said on 31/Oct/16
@sa344 hard to compare because Hailey looks taller in these pics instead of them looking the same height in the other pic you added Click Here
Click Here

If you go to Hailey's page on this site there are some proofs that she's shorter than 5'6.5
NC said on 30/Oct/16
Sa344 she probably isn't 5'7 most celebrities inflate their height, if they say 5'7 there most likely 5'5 tops
Cool dude said on 30/Oct/16
172 cm max for Bieber possibly 172.5 cm but closer to 172 cm than 173cm , I'm finding it difficult to actually pin point his height to be honest , also it is very difficult to tell a 1cm difference lol , a weak 5'8 max for bieber
Warren said on 30/Oct/16
yeah possibly he is max 5'8'' now but no more taller
NikeKaishi said on 30/Oct/16

Hailey Baldwin is listed at 5'6.5
Her footwear gives her at least 2.5-3 inches. Making her 5'9-5'9.5.

Bieber looks 0.5 taller than her in that picture. For him to give of this impression at 5'7.25 his footwear should give him 2.5 inches. So about the same as Hailey.

In that picture his footwear gives him 0.5', i don't see how his listing at 5'7.25 could be true unless Hailey is massively overlisted.
Johnnyfive said on 2/Sep/12
Bieber is done, no more, finito growing and is currently 5'6 flat. In the Pablo Motos pic the Biebs is packing lifts, just like in the George Lopez show, the Ellen show, the new years pic with Pitbull and countless others where he tries to pull off 5'9 but looks 5'8 or 5'7.
leonari said on 2/Sep/12
David: I was saying this for weeks but every day new fangirls come here and are so damn sure that because he is justin Bieber he will grow til the age of 25 and reach 5'10-5'11.
He is done growing!!! If he grows it will be a ridiculous amount like max 1 cm. To be honest I am very surprised he reached 5'6". With a mother that is borderline a " dwarf" (and I use it as a medical term here) he got very, very lucky. Mothers height is very important when it comes to their boys height. The guy must be the luckiest chap on earth if you ask me.
tommie said on 2/Sep/12
5 ft 6 max. barefoot.
any inch more and we're in the twilight zone.
David said on 1/Sep/12
Saying that guys usually grow until they're 25 is way off. Do you seriously think an average 18 year old still has 7 years of growing left? No way. Personally, I think I've never met someone who grew considerably after the age of 18. Maybe 1 inch, 2 at the very most, but they were all very late bloomers who were ridiculously short at the age of 16.
Brad said on 1/Sep/12
He is indeed insecure about his height. He lives in Bieber Boots to jack his height. He claims 5' 9" to inflate his ego.
Bacon said on 1/Sep/12
Bieber + his hair = 5'6"
Parker said on 1/Sep/12
Truth says on 31/Aug/12
c, there´s a new pic of Jus and Selena a few days ago at the set of "feed the dog"
Justin is wearing his lifts which i think, give him 5cm and Selena is wearing boots, i think this makes her 2cm taller. So if she is listet at 5´4 then he is IMO 5´6, no more

Agreed. He's standing at 5'7-5'8 in his Bieber boots. I don't know how much they are giving him, but 5'6 is a good barefoot estimate. He's 100% 5'5-5'7. His 5'9 claim is ludicrous. Hard to think why he would claim that.
ddoorley said on 31/Aug/12
he is around 5´7 because he did an interview with elen degeneres no too long ago and he was slightly than her, she is 5´7.
Johnnyfive said on 31/Aug/12 almost convinced that Bieber is a lift wearer and therefore insecure of his short stature. Just google pics of him next to 5'7.5 listed Pitbull and he appears antan inch taller! But yet he looks barely about 2 inches taller than his boo Selena Gomez in papparazi pics! That is a sure sign of a classic lift wearer. Rob is on the money with 5'6!
Truth said on 31/Aug/12
c, there´s a new pic of Jus and Selena a few days ago at the set of "feed the dog"
Justin is wearing his lifts which i think, give him 5cm and Selena is wearing boots, i think this makes her 2cm taller. So if she is listet at 5´4 then he is IMO 5´6, no more
jack said on 31/Aug/12
Many people grow after the age of 16. I know tons of people who grey more than 3 inches after 16. My Dad grew 3 inches after 18 even ( have growth charts from the late 70s on the wall ). At 16 I was 5'6 now I am 5'10 at 18.
stella said on 30/Aug/12
yeah i think he's around 5'5.5" to 5'6 lol if he's actually 5'9 like he said in every interview, he should've been the same height as in that pic. plus it was from the Teen Choice Awards which was only a couple months back.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 30/Aug/12
Rob, the next year he will be claiming 5'10-5'11!
Admiral said on 30/Aug/12
@stella even though he leans a bit he still doesn't look 5'6" to me , closer to 5'5" for sure ,and this pic was taken this summer so it wan't too long ago
Danimal said on 29/Aug/12
stella says on 28/Aug/12
Click Here

see the pic there. he's with will i am (who's listed here at 5'9), how tall do u think he is???

WOW, Justin looks so feminine. Looks like he weighs 110 pounds soaking wet and sporting lipstick. Put long hair on him and he can pass for a thin average height girl.
Shaun said on 29/Aug/12
Danimal says on 28/Aug/12
Yourmom says on 26/Aug/12
My grandpa was 5"2 until he was 19 now he's 6"0

Your grandfather did not grow 10" after 19 years of age. Sorry, but it didn't happen.

Well, my dad went to school with a guy who was about 5'1" when they left school at 16. He saw him again at about the age of 19 and he'd grown to 6'3". Something similar happened with Rupert Everett I think.
Drew said on 29/Aug/12
@megankalu, It is is very small minority of guys that grow after 19. My dad grew 2 inches after 19, but I highly doubt I will, I have been the same height for about 3 years now.
rkc_cat said on 29/Aug/12
@stella: If "Will i am" is 5'9" as listed, supposing that Justin isn't wearing any lifts there, he looks in the 5'5"-5'6" range. The top of his head is around his eyebrow level, meaning that he's between 3" and 4" shorter than "Will i am", depending on his head size, which is something we don't know. But definitely sure by that pic that he's not under 5'5" nor over 5'6".

@megankalu: Then congratulations, but if that's true your son is one among dozens of thousands, not the norm. The fact is that only a comparatively small percentage of boys grow noticeably after 18. Like it was said, statistically the average 16 year old grows about 1.5". Growing more than 4" is a very rare case, and cases like the one you talk about are so rare they're statistically negligible.
Danimal said on 28/Aug/12
Yourmom says on 26/Aug/12
My grandpa was 5"2 until he was 19 now he's 6"0

Your grandfather did not grow 10" after 19 years of age. Sorry, but it didn't happen.
Bieber Bro said on 28/Aug/12
He's rockin hard in those gigantic lift boots with the 5' 5" Motos. 3" at least in them.
megankalu said on 28/Aug/12
My son had a major growth in one year! At 17 he was around 5'4. A year later at 18 he was 5'10" and he is now 23 at a whopping 6'4.5". But from the time he was 11-12 yrs. he stayed at just over 5'2" and grew very little each year until he turned 17. Then he really started to grow from 17 to 20 and he tells me when he went to have his measurements taken for police college in March this year 2012, that he's now 6'4.5". So he did grow another inch and a half from 22 yrs old to 23. So ppl still do grow over 19 yrs old. That's a fact.
rkc_cat said on 28/Aug/12
@Shaun: It's true, that's the pic where he looks the tallest. But considering the amount of footwear advantage he has, posture and hair, it's easy to deduce at the very least 2" to his height there.
You said it best, until someone finds new pics of him barefoot (or with sandals, or whatever that lets us see his feet) we can only speculate, since pics like that one are useless. Until then I keep my estimate.
stella said on 28/Aug/12
Click Here

see the pic there. he's with will i am (who's listed here at 5'9), how tall do u think he is???
Shaun said on 28/Aug/12
Got to say that even with Bieber boots, posture and hair, 5'5" for Bieber looks ridiculous in that Motos picture. Best to wait until new barefoot pics become available to see if he is actually over 5'6".
shivanshu tiwari(india) said on 28/Aug/12
in his new song-boyfriend.
he looked slightly taller.
he is a teenager his height can increase.
rkc_cat said on 28/Aug/12
@Peyman: Absolutely no problem, we both can be mistaken. Still, by all the pics and videos I've seen, he looks 5'5"-5.5.5" to me in most situations. In that standing pic of Justin and Selena he doesn't look 2" taller than her in my opinion, it's his hair that makes it look like that, you can see that on my pic. If you look at pics from that day they're all pretty useful since we can see they're on equal footwear, and in most of them Justin looks about 1-1.5" taller than Selena.
Sadly, pics like that with Pablo Motos can't be used to gauge height, since he usually wears lifts on TV and award shows. Maybe he doesn't wear them as big as he used to, who knows, but for that sole reason we can't trust them.
Peyman said on 28/Aug/12
@ rkc_cat ,bieber's 2012 hair style gives him some advantage which made me think he has become 5ft 6.5in.
but in that pic :
1-gomez is closer to the camera = 0.25-0.5in advantage
2- she has raised back her head which gives her another 0.25-0.5 in
3- the differnce 1.25in + that half an inch =1.75in
& overally I think bieber has a comfortable two inches on her .
so I eat humble pie for my mistake & correct it :
Bieber I think is 5'6" ish
Parker said on 28/Aug/12
rkc_cat says on 27/Aug/12
@Peyman: I agree with 5'4" for Gomez. But 5'6.5" for Bieber is extremely generous in my opinion. Look at this pic from this summer.
Click Here

That's a walking pic. This is a better one. Selena standing at 5'5 and nearer to the camera. Bieber standing at 5'7 IMO.(If Selena is a flat 5'4)

Click Here

Bieber with Pablo Motos. If Motos is 5'5 as claimed/listed Bieber is standing at 5'8
Click Here

Here's Motos with Cruise
Click Here

Not a good pic, but if Tom is 5'8 as I think he is, 5'5 is a good shout for Motos.

So either Bieber had a one inch lift in his footwear with Motos, or Selena is taller than 5'4. Either way, I think 5'6-5'7 for Bieber is fair.A strong 5'6.
rkc_cat said on 27/Aug/12
@Peyman: I agree with 5'4" for Gomez. But 5'6.5" for Bieber is extremely generous in my opinion. Look at this pic from this summer.

Click Here

There's clearly not 2.5" between them. I'd say 1", 1.5" at most, but my bet is closer to the former. I mean, I'm exactly 1.5" taller than my brother, and when we take pics together the difference is more visible than between Justin and Selena, I can guarantee that.
Parker said on 27/Aug/12
Peyman says on 27/Aug/12
I'd say
bieber : 5' 6.5" ish
gomez : dead on 5'4"

I would agree
Peyman said on 27/Aug/12
I'd say
bieber : 5' 6.5" ish
gomez : dead on 5'4"
rkc_cat said on 27/Aug/12
@runt: There are a few pics from earlier this year of Justin and Lil Wayne. At the time it was clear that Justin was shorter than him, and Wayne is 5'5" flat, so... It would be nice if we had an even more recent pic of them together, but with what he's grown in all these months, it doesn't look to me like he's much (if at all) over 5'5". To my eyes, he's 100% between 5'5" and 5'5.5".

@Yourmom: Yeah, I'm sure there are lots of guys who have an 8" growth spurt in their late 20's-early 30's LOL
Hayley said on 26/Aug/12
I'm 5'6 and I'm a bit taller than him...(saw him at the airport although it's difficult to judge from a distance) so he's probably 5'5" 3/4 or a very weak 5'6".
runt said on 26/Aug/12
Justin Bieber was a part of Floyd Mayweather's entourage back at his last fight back in May. There are pictures all over the internet of Biebs, Mayweather, Lil Wayne and 50 cent together. Unfortunately, I haven't seen one of them that even remotely looks like it can be used for a height comparison.
Yourmom said on 26/Aug/12
My grandpa was 5"2 until he was 19 now he's 6"0
rkc_cat said on 26/Aug/12
@the shredder: Of course guys can get taller. Growing 1.5" after 16 is the average, 2" is normal too, as is growing just 1". Growing 4-5" isn't, that's the the point.
truth said on 26/Aug/12
12.5 4ft11.5
13.5 5ft2.25
14.5 5ft4.5
15.5 5ft6.5
16.5 5ft8
17.5 5ft9.5
18.5 5ft10.25

Measurings on my door frame with a ruler (even the dates of the measurements are
given/ at the end of school so thats June). I find this to be very correct.
truth said on 26/Aug/12
I was 5ft5 or 5ft6 at 14, now at 19 im 5ft10 and done growing.
the shredder said on 26/Aug/12
What are you guys talking about lol guys can get taller , at 17 I was 5'5.5 and at 19 5'6.5 !
G said on 25/Aug/12
I've been the same height since 7th grade. I'm 5'6 and 14 years now but I have not grown not even a centimeter since I was 12.
Baz said on 25/Aug/12
When I was 16, I was 5'9" and now at 18 I am near 5'11.5" at my low so I'll say 181cm. Growth can and does happen over the age of 16.
Maximus Meridius said on 25/Aug/12
Rob is there a chance Justin Bieber is still growing he is 5ft 6in now do you reckon he will grow too 5ft 8in 5ft 8in is the most i can see Justin Bieber reaching he won't get past 5ft 8in he won't even reach 6ft not even close if he does grow too 5ft 8in he will defiantly be done growing i don't think he is quite done growing yet we will just have too wait and see if he grows more it will only be 2 inches and that's it he will not grow anymore after that.
rkc_cat said on 25/Aug/12
@sean89: That works for me too. At 14 I was 5'8", so I gained 4.5", exactly the average. It's curious because I never had a big growth spurt like most guys, I just grew steadily for most of my teenage years.

Regarding Justin, from age 14 till now he's grown around 9", that's twice the average. His growth didn't follow the usual pattern: we don't have much information from his early growth, although we know he's always been short for his age; he had a massive 6" growth spurt between ages 14 and 16, and since then he's grown 3", which is also more than the average. It seems as if all the growth the average boy has in 6 years he's had it in 4 years. Another point that seems to indicate he's finished growing.

@V: Sadly doctors aren't always right. There are lots of variables we can't control that affect growth. I was told I'd end up between 6'1" and 6'2" and well, he was too optimistic I guess.
sean89 said on 25/Aug/12
according to cdc charts an average 14 yr old is 165 cm on the 50 th percentile curve so that is 4.5 inch average growth left, i think when i was 14 i was measured at 5'7. now im 5'11 4 inches growth. i stopped growing around 17.18 ish tho prob gained a lil bit but not a lot.
V said on 24/Aug/12
when i turned 16 i was 5'7'' flat now that i am 16 and 7 months i am a little over 5'7'' and a half probably 1/8th of an inch over 5'7'' and a half so yea my doctor said i would reach 5-9 to 5-11 but i doubt anything over 5-9.5 most likely will end up about 5'8.5''-5'9''
Maximus Meridius said on 24/Aug/12
Rob is there a chance Justin Bieber will outgrow his dad he only needs too grow an inch or two.
[Editor Rob: he may be finished growth now ]
rkc_cat said on 24/Aug/12
@sean89: I'm not sure, but I'd also heard that guys grow about 1.5" on average after 16. I can't speak for the others, but on my 16th birthday I was 5'10.5", and I ended up at 6'0.5" at 18 years old and 5-6 months (and obviously I haven't grown since then, and it's been a few years). But what Tony says is true, those are just charts, and don't reflect every possibility. They're pretty accurate, and most people will follow a similar growth rate, but that's the most you can get from there.
Shaun said on 24/Aug/12
With 4'11" mother they are extremely lucky to be 5'9"!! They're taller than Kiefer Sutherland who has a 6 ft 4 father!
Tony said on 24/Aug/12
@sean89 just look at the climb in inches from age 16-18 and that will show you how much an average 16 year old grows after 16. So if the average 50th percentile 16 year old boy is a little over 5'8" and the average fully grown 50th percentile male is 5'9.6 the average would be 1.5 inches after 16. Of course those are averages, and me myself am 16 and 1 month and around 5'6.75 and I hope there is hope for me, so maybe I am just trying to be optimistic about the possibilities, and ignoring the reality that maybe those charts dont reflect what happens in modern times.
little sue said on 24/Aug/12
I have marked the wall for my children when they have reached a birthday. My oldest son was 5ft 5 3/4 on his 16th birthday, on his 21st he was 5ft 8 3/4 so he grew 3 inches. He is a qualified Personal Trainer though so exercises every day and also eats loads of fish, meat and eggs and very little crap. My younger son was 5ft 8 1/2 on his 16th and on his 17th he was 5ft 9 1/4. Not bad heights considering I am under 4ft 11 and their Dad was 5ft 9 so they have followed the average heights of his family and not the short arses in mine!!
sean89 said on 24/Aug/12
hey rob somone can explain how the cdc growth charts work> somone says average growth after 16 is 1.5 inches, but the charts just give percentiles for hieght and age but how does that tell you the average growth for a certain age could somone explain how hieght and percentile relates to growth in hieght left? 16 yr old boy whos 5'9 is 50th percentile ok but how is that telling me how much the average 16 yr old grows?
Brad said on 24/Aug/12
W must have seen Ms. Gomez at 5' 7".
Tony said on 24/Aug/12
@leonari and @Bradi. According to the CDC growth charts the average 16 year old will grow 1.5 inches after 16. Just take a look at them if you dont believe me. But I do believe children are reaching their adult height sooner these days due to horomones in food.
Bradi said on 23/Aug/12
Average 2 inches after 16?

Thats totally false, the average after 16 is at most 1-1.5cm
leonari said on 23/Aug/12
sean89: keep on dreaming.
W said on 23/Aug/12
I saw him at the airport in Toronto, I'm 5'8 and was surprised he was the same! I was like dang, how am I gonna make fun of him now? haha
sean89 said on 22/Aug/12
yes maybe it is normal to be fully grown at 16 for some but the average growth after 16 is close to 2 inches .
jd said on 22/Aug/12
looks 5-5 to me... must weigh no more than 115lbs too
leonari said on 21/Aug/12
Sean89: Well like Drew and most men I was basically the same height as now at age 16. That is normal. Make some research if you don't believe me.
Tiger said on 21/Aug/12
He is 1.70 proved8-)
Drew said on 21/Aug/12
At 15 I was 5'7.5, at 16 I was 5'8 1/8th, and now at about 20 years old, I am 5'8.5. I hardly gained much of anything after 16, the same as all of my friends.
iant95 said on 20/Aug/12
My mother's 4'8 just like Justin's. Unfortunately I never knew my real father so I obviously won't know how tall he is. I'm currently 5'5 and just turned 17 years old. So yeah, based on my height I'm guessing the stated height for Justin is pretty accurate.
sean89 said on 20/Aug/12
@leonari how tall are you? you only grew 2 cm between 15 and 19? i prob gained 2 inches max tho im not sure how tall i was at 15 prob close to 5'9
leonari said on 20/Aug/12
sean89: Thanks man. I grew 2 cm from age 15 to 19.
sean89 said on 20/Aug/12
the dude leonari is right about 99 percent of boys are full adult hieght at 18 i havent grown much at all since age 17 18 i might gained a few mms in hieght and ask a doctor about less than 1 percent prob grow past age 20.
leonari said on 19/Aug/12
Just: And you got that info where? W i k i-nonsense? Probably not even 1 % grow til they are 25 years old. Most guys at 17 are done growing for good. Ask a doctor if you don#t believe me.
Danimal said on 19/Aug/12
Ajax says on 18/Aug/12
His arms also look longer so there's no doubt he's grown
Tim says on 18/Aug/12
Always thought this kid would have had a growth spurt--I don't think he will go over five seven. Genetics--plain genetics!
Just says on 17/Aug/12
Justin Bieber is only 18 years now. Boys tend to grow until they're 25. So he is still growing.

Boys stop growing at 18.
rkc_cat said on 19/Aug/12
@Tim: He did. He grew 6" in 2 years between ages 14 and 16.

@Just: Yeah, boys grow until they're 65 on average. My dad is still growing. LOL
Anon183cm said on 19/Aug/12
"Boys tend to grow until they're 25"
Well now I think that is not giving the whole picture. If they grow after 20 years old, for 99% of people it would be less than 1cm if at all, which is almost negligible in the scheme of things.
Parker said on 19/Aug/12
Pablo Motos and Tom
Click Here

Pablo Motos and Justin
Click Here
Dr JJ said on 19/Aug/12
I am now beginning to wonder whether I should have done more swimming and eaten more food when I was 18, rather than smoke, drink and spend all night out on the tiles. I may have squeezed a couple of more inches out. Biebs does appear to be growing a bit. And we all saw Tom Daly at the Olympics. 5' 10". Almost too tall to be a good diver. Looks like a couple of inches are possible around 18 years.
Rhett said on 18/Aug/12
Isn't he grown now ? He is short for a young man like Tom Cruise is only 5'7" which is below the average American Man. Cruise always married taller woman. Personally, I do not like Justin Bieber...and with the Bangs !! "The Little Rascal" all over again.
Ajax said on 18/Aug/12
His arms also look longer so there's no doubt he's grown
Tim said on 18/Aug/12
Always thought this kid would have had a growth spurt--I don't think he will go over five seven. Genetics--plain genetics!
Just said on 17/Aug/12
Justin Bieber is only 18 years now. Boys tend to grow until they're 25. So he is still growing.
jj said on 17/Aug/12
he seems 5,7.5/ 5,8 ft in shoes, most probably 5,5 ft barefoot maybe even a weak 5,5 ft. definitely not 5,9 because that's absolute bull**** because he would tower Selena Gomez if he was that realistic people, don't believe he is the height you want him to be.
Maximus Meridius said on 17/Aug/12
Rob how come Justin Bieber is not on the list of 5ft 6in guys i looked he is not there.
rkc_cat said on 17/Aug/12
@Parker: I think he's still wearing them on TV and big events, just not as big and obvious as in the past, because now with just 1" of lifts and hi-tops he can look almost 5'8"; he doesn't those massive 2" lifts he used to wear any more. Good for him, the next step is to drop them off completely and accept his height like any normal person, because there's plenty of short guys in the world, he shouldn't feel bad about it, I think.
Parker said on 16/Aug/12
rkc_cat says on 16/Aug/12
@Parker: Well, then show me, because I haven't seen any where he looked over 5'6", and in most of them he doesn't look over 5'5.5". And I've seen quite a few.

ok - Lets say footwear rather than shoes, and I agree with sam and tommie. 5'7-5'8. Where I don't agree is that I'm not convinced he's wearing lifts these days. Just my opinion.
rkc_cat said on 16/Aug/12
@tommie: That's what I mean. In shoes or boots or whatever he can be as tall as he wants, anyone can wear hi-tops with lifts inside to be 3" taller. What matters is how tall he is barefoot, since it's already been seen that his footwear is often skecthy, to say the least. And in the barefoot pics and videos I've seen, I only see about 3 cm of advantage on average over Selena. So yes, I agree with you, I only see about an inch or a bit more of difference, so a bit over 5'5" for him barefoot, and definitely in the strong 5'6" range on his usual footwear (not counting lifts or anything else there).
tommie said on 16/Aug/12
next to Ellen Degeneres (5 ft 7) he can look exactly as tall as her, maybe a tad taller. some magic shoes can help him out there. thats so funny, if he would be really 5 ft 9 he would be more than 10 cms taller than Selena (in barefoot pics), of course he isnt.
He has only a good inch on her. at the moment 5 ft 7 - 5 ft 8 in Bieber boots. nothing more.
sam said on 16/Aug/12
Parker says on 15/Aug/12
rkc_cat says on 15/Aug/12
@Genes: He's always claimed to be about 4" taller than what he really is, just look at his past claims. Another reason to think he's 5'6" in shoes now.

I think there has been enough pics lately to suggest he's 5'7 in shoes - The debate is whats in his shoes,if anything.
he never looks 5'7 barefoot or in low top shoes
the only times hes hitting 5'7 to 5'8 is when hes in hightops, everyone knows he wears lifts
rkc_cat said on 16/Aug/12
@Parker: Well, then show me, because I haven't seen any where he looked over 5'6", and in most of them he doesn't look over 5'5.5". And I've seen quite a few.
Parker said on 15/Aug/12
rkc_cat says on 15/Aug/12
@Genes: He's always claimed to be about 4" taller than what he really is, just look at his past claims. Another reason to think he's 5'6" in shoes now.

I think there has been enough pics lately to suggest he's 5'7 in shoes - The debate is whats in his shoes,if anything.
Tarik said on 15/Aug/12
5'6 seems right. Anything above 5'7 is ridiculous consider his parents' height. Of course he probably found a way to make himself look taller as have many celebrities. I'm 5'8 and I can look 5'10 with good shoes on. Pretty much anyone can.
Rokie said on 15/Aug/12
@genes He already claim 6 feet.

it's just so sad. the boy who never accept the ruth. i'm boy 18 and 167cm too and i proud of my self. shame on him
rkc_cat said on 15/Aug/12
@Genes: He's always claimed to be about 4" taller than what he really is, just look at his past claims. Another reason to think he's 5'6" in shoes now.
Genes said on 14/Aug/12
His mom is 4‘8, dad is 5‘6. Hes 5‘6 with the boots. 5‘9 is ridiculous. If he was really 1.75 he'd claim 6 feet
David said on 14/Aug/12
Seriously, 168 cm now?? So he did grow about 3 cm from 17 to 18 years old. He can consider himself lucky. If I were him, I wouldn't even complain about being 5'6 because he's already lucky to have gotten this tall considering how short his mother is.
Brad said on 14/Aug/12
I think that 24/7 Vin Diesel big tread action boot or Damon Bourne boots are the logical bout Michael J Fox normal footwear and accepting it you bozo. 5' 9", that's just pathetic and it proves he really wants to be normal height.
Brad said on 13/Aug/12
What will he wear once the Bieber Boot look wanes like his old doo? Docs with massive wedge? Priestley mountain boots? Stallone Munster action? Cycle boots? The Biebs is looking at the options.
tommie said on 13/Aug/12
Its so funny that this guy a few years ago when he was 15 years old or something, looked like a little kid. when I was that age I had my Adult height 6 ft 3.5, and didtn really look different like now with 21. but he changed his look so dramatically over the last years. never saw something like that before. never the less to claim 5 ft 9 is silly, to say 5 ft 6 and to keep his face, would be a lot better. there a lot of celebs with that height, and they gone they way too.
C10 Tim said on 13/Aug/12
Rob I noticed there's a few pics with jb 's shoes popping off a lot , can this be proof hes wearing lifts and his feet are popping out
Brad said on 12/Aug/12
Claiming to be 5' 9". Who is he trying to fool, 7 year olds?
SAK said on 12/Aug/12
now he is listed as 5ft6, he enters normal short range.
Maximus Meridius said on 12/Aug/12
Rob since he claimed 5ft 7in 5ft 8in in 2011 is it likely he will grow 2 inches and reach 5ft 8in if he also claimed with a late growth spurt he might reach 5ft 9in 5ft 9in was the highest he claimed.
zeD said on 12/Aug/12
Rob, you should change his claims to "5'9 and still growing"... Click Here But keep him listed as 5'6 ofc... lmao, waiting for the day he claims 6', stumbling around in massive Doc Martens with 5 inch lifts inside.
Picha loca said on 12/Aug/12
I think he is 1.67 - 1.70 No more he is a desproportional guy
® said on 12/Aug/12
5'5 to 5'6.
Gaja said on 12/Aug/12
I don't know if Justin will ever grow to be the height he claims to be, I honestly couldn't care less. But one thing I noticed is how this kid looks totally out of proportion. He has long arms, a long torso and super short legs. His hands also look to big for his height.
Click Here

Maybe his legs will catch up with his arms, and he'll end up a regular size guy. Who knows, who cares?
rkc_cat said on 12/Aug/12
@vur: Exactly what I think. Between 165 and 167 cm is the most plausible range in my opinion. It's pretty difficult to be more precise, since there are pics where he barely looks 5'5" flat, and other where he looks 5'6", so IMO he's definitely inbetween, and I think closer to the former, let's say 166 cm.
vur said on 12/Aug/12
It is maximum 167cm, it is between 165 cm and 167 cm. I looked at photos and videos and I concluded that it is not over 167cm but not less than 165 cm.
Parker said on 12/Aug/12
Susanna says on 12/Aug/12
In this Japanese interview Click Here at the 2;00 mark, he claims to be 5'9.

I just don't understand why such a ridiculous claim. IMHO he's 100% 5'5-5'7. Its like a 5'9 guy claiming 6 foot. Even Sly didn't do that. Baffling.
Jack said on 12/Aug/12
5'9" is BS.
Susanna said on 12/Aug/12
In this Japanese interview Click Here at the 2;00 mark, he claims to be 5'9.
the shredder said on 12/Aug/12
I still think he is under 5'7 and think he could seem about 167 cm ... Its not that I think 5'5 is too low its that some of you guys are bias that it is sick to the point that some are claiming ANYTHING to back up there estimate .
rkc_cat said on 12/Aug/12
@Parker: It's ok, we disagree on the numbers but agree on the form, it's no problem. If we didn't disagree there would be no discussion here! Still, I give 5'5" and change for Justin.

@the shredder: Of course there's a difference. If you want to talk about Sly, it's ok. I'm not one of those who think he's 5'7", I think he's in the 5'8"-5'8.5" range. Just because I disagree regarding Justin and I think he's about an inch shorter than listed doesn't mean I do that with everybody. If someone came here saying Justin is 5'3" I would also say that's stupidity.
Mambo said on 11/Aug/12
About the beach shot...
@the_shredder: No, Justin doesn't lose more than one inch as Selena is in her bare feet and she isn't even standing straight up. Even if you assume that he is losing 2 inches (which he isn't), that still makes him 5'6 at best (!) if you accept that Selena is 5'4.
Even more important, the photo shows that he has about the same body proportions as a tiny 5'4 girl. If he was anywhere near the height he claims (5'7/5'8 or recently OVER 5'9), he would at least somewhat look like it - average. But Justin has never looked average without his 'Bieber boots'. If you claim about 5'9 and don't tower over a 5'4 girl without shoes on, even if you're losing an inch or two due to uneven ground, you're busted. Simple as that.
the shredder said on 11/Aug/12
There is a difference between opinion and stupidity ... Opinion is not agreeing but still open to a realistic option ... 5'8 and 5'9.5 for Sly are opinions and realistic options ... 5'7 for Sly is not an opinion or option ... Flat out stupidity !
Parker said on 11/Aug/12
rkc_cat says on 10/Aug/12
@the shredder: Ehmm, no sorry, I'm not contradicting anything. Just do the maths. If she's 4'8" barefoot and 4'11" with heels, and he's 9" taller than her with heels (and he's on thick soled trainers that give him a whole inch, I didn't mention that, that means 4'11"+9"=5'8"

Its all about opinions. In the first pic of Justin with his parents I posted there looks to be more than 9 inches between them in footwear to me, and I'm not sure his Dad has a 1 inch trainer on.An outer pattern on the shoe can fool people into thinking that's the sole. Irrespective of that, I agree with Tony t in that Justins Dad looks in the 5'8 range to me in other pics i've seen.

There are lots of picture on the net of Justin and his Dad on a beach outing in January this year, and there does look an approximate 2 inch difference between them if you look at them all. Whether justin's grown since then I'm not sure.

5'6 and change for Justin in my opinion.
Shaun said on 11/Aug/12
Parker says on 9/Aug/12
This, in my opinion, is the best recent pic of Selena and Justin for height comparison.
Click Here

He looks about 2 inches taller, just as he looks 2-3 inches taller than Pablo Motos (gives his height at 165) and Grant Deyer (164/165)

More chance of 5'5.5"-5'6" than 5'7". His hair gives the illusion of 2 full inches but he's in Bieber boots too. I think either way though he's somewhere around 5'6"
tony t. said on 10/Aug/12
He had his growth spurt. Dude's 18.5 now. He's 5'6. His dad's maybe 5'8-5'8.5. His mom is tiny. He may put on some weight, but other than that he's done growing. End of story.
rkc_cat said on 10/Aug/12
@the shredder: Ehmm, no sorry, I'm not contradicting anything. Just do the maths. If she's 4'8" barefoot and 4'11" with heels, and he's 9" taller than her with heels (and he's on thick soled trainers that give him a whole inch, I didn't mention that, that means 4'11"+9"=5'8". Minus the inch of this trainers, 5'7" at most, what I said. So without the heels he'd be 11" taller, I didn't say anything about that. And I didn't say anything about Cruise or Stallone, so don't go there. I just think some of you are overestimating Justin's height, that's it, nothing else.
the shredder said on 10/Aug/12
rkc_cat says on 10/Aug/12
@Parker: He's a whole head taller than his mom in heels, that's about 9" supposing he's got an average sized head. That would make him 5'7" at most.

LMAO you failed BIG time ... If he is 9 " taller then someone in HEELS which add INCHES he would be at least a foot taller ... You went as far as to completely contradict yourself to fit your downgrading estimate ...Its guys like you that brain wash magazine readers into thinking CRAP like a 5'5 Cruise and a 5'7 Stallone .
rkc_cat said on 10/Aug/12
@Parker: He's a whole head taller than his mom in heels, that's about 9" supposing he's got an average sized head. That would make him 5'7" at most. In my opinon he looks exactly like a strong 5'6" man would look like. Also, in that pic you posted with Selena, Justin doesn't look 2" taller than her at all to me. It's his hair that makes him look that tall, looking here
Click Here
you can see where his head ends, and in my opinion, he only looks 5'5" there.

@lol93: Don't let his looks fool you. Look at his upper body in comparison to his legs: it's larger than usual. And also look at his legs, they're exactly the same size as Justin's. He's got the upper body of a 5'8" and the legs of a 5'5", so even if he is about 5'6" he can look taller because of that. That's pretty normal, it happens to me too (though for me it's the opposite, I have longer legs than upper body), and I'm often guessed taller than what I really am because of that.
Parker said on 10/Aug/12
rkc_cat says on 9/Aug/12
@lol93: He is about 5'6" indeed. That's what he's said to be

The only 5'6 reference I've seen to the height of Justin's Dad is on here, given by people trying to justify their guess for Justin's height. I have seen a reference to Justin's Mum saying she is 4'8. Here's some pics taken a couple of years ago of Justin with his parents.

Click Here
Click Here

Judge for yourselves. I think there is a good 12 inch difference between his parents.
lol93 said on 9/Aug/12
His father looks like at least for a 5'8 guy,and seeing justin with him on the beach justin looks maybe taller than 168.But we dont know exactly jeremy bieber's height
Ajax said on 9/Aug/12

Your Basically right. After your growth spurt which usually occurs between 12-15, you won't grow much after that. My cousin grew 2" when he was 18 and I had 1 acquaintance who grew an inch at 19. I stopped at about 15 at 6'1" then grew to 6'2" at 17. Basically as I said earlier, if your not done
growing by 15-16, you'll still 9 out of 10 times have a good idea what your final height will be unless you get limb lengthening of course.
sdfj said on 9/Aug/12
justin's dad looks 5'9. justin looks 5'6
somedude said on 9/Aug/12
He hasnt even hit puberty yet. so he could grow still ;)
Drew said on 9/Aug/12
You would be surprised how tall someone can look in a photo. My friend thought my dad was 6'4" from looking at a picture of him, but hes only 5'9 lol.
Danimal said on 9/Aug/12
5'6" is very generous. 5'5" guy all the way. Maybe 5'5.5" out of bed.
Danimal said on 9/Aug/12
Jack says on 9/Aug/12
If Justin's 5'6" then his father is somewhere in 5'8"-5'9" range.Looks pretty average in height. 5'6" men can't look that big.

Why, has there been any recent pictures of Justin standing next to his father? The answer is no, therefore all you're doing is assuming and basing your assumptions on how he stood next to his father years ago.
Parker said on 9/Aug/12
This, in my opinion, is the best recent pic of Selena and Justin for height comparison.
Click Here

He looks about 2 inches taller, just as he looks 2-3 inches taller than Pablo Motos (gives his height at 165) and Grant Deyer (164/165)

Robs listing is a good estimate. He could be 167 or 169, 170 is pushing it.
Brad said on 9/Aug/12
Just like Sly on the beach with his wife, Biebs loses the battle in his beach shot, he's exposed.
Jack said on 9/Aug/12
If Justin's 5'6" then his father is somewhere in 5'8"-5'9" range.Looks pretty average in height. 5'6" men can't look that big.
rkc_cat said on 9/Aug/12
@lol93: He is about 5'6" indeed. That's what he's said to be and what he looks like next to most people he's been seen with (the clearest one being with Justin's mom, who said she was 4'8" in an interview and she certainly looks like it). So in my opinion, with these pics it's out of question that Justin is clearly far from 5'6".
lol93 said on 9/Aug/12
rkc_cat good pictures man!!Rob how tall do you thin justin bieber's dad is??I heard about 5'6 but if he really is 5'6 then he is the biggest 5'6 guy I ever shaw haha...
[Editor Rob: I don't know about him, ]
the shredder said on 9/Aug/12
His shoes are not much in that shot and he is losing more then 1 " in the sand , stop being bias people .
rkc_cat said on 9/Aug/12
Just found some pics from last week of Justin and his dad:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

His dad has a posture and camera advantage on a couple of those pics, but the heights difference between them is too much for them to be supposedly the same height, don't you think? I really thought he could have grown up to 5'5.5" but those pics have made me realize I was wrong, he's still 5'5".
rkc_cat said on 9/Aug/12
@the shredder: He is losing inches, true, Selena has got that advantage there, maybe a couple of inches. But Selena is barefoot, while he isn't, so he's got an advantage there, about an inch. Overall, Selena has got 1" of advantage, and they look the same height, so in the end, Justin looks 5'5" on the dot there.
Maverick said on 9/Aug/12
He is not at all 5 ft 8 inches.....
the shredder said on 9/Aug/12
ARE YOU KIDDING ME ABOUT THE BEACH SHOT ... Whatever his height he is losing INCHES due to the ground .
afjeoi said on 9/Aug/12
Click Here tony hawk is 6'3. how tall does Justin Bieber look here?
Parker said on 9/Aug/12
Grant Denyer is listed at 164/165 on various sites. Justin looks about 2 inches taller here in July this year.

Click Here

Consistent with the Pablo Motos pics. Also consistent with looking 2 inches shorter than Alan Carr (listed here at 5'9 and claims it) in June.

The 'lifts' suspicion will always follow Justin, but not withstanding that he looks to me in the 5'6-5'7 range. Never 5'8 or 5'9.
rkc_cat said on 8/Aug/12
@Mambo: He did indeed grow quite a lot, but the thing is, he has always been pretty short at all ages, so most people didn't consider it that important. He had his biggest growth spurt between ages 14 and 16, when he went from 4'8" to 5'2". That was pretty damn short, sure, but growing 6 whole inches in just 2 years is quite a lot. Since then his growth has been steadily slowing down. And yes, in that pic with Selena he doesn't look any taller than 5'5".
Brad said on 8/Aug/12
That beach shot with Gomez is killer, he's still not 5' 6".
popo said on 8/Aug/12
5'6" is the best calculation.
Mambo said on 8/Aug/12
The thing is, it doesn't even matter if the average guy stops growing at 18, 20 or whatever. This is about Justin Bieber, who clearly did NOT grow that much. Even if it was possible to casually grow 4 inches when you're 18, Bieber didn't. He was 5 ft 5 flat when he was 16. He may have grown an inch at max, but that's it. He suddenly seemed taller because he started putting lifts in his shoes. People who are still in doubt about that, here: Click Here Pause the video at 2:04. Anymore questions? That's why every interviewer he talks to comments on his height - he was super short all the time and around 2011, he started looking average out of nowhere. Of course people do notice.

And to those saying he had a growth spurt and is 5'8 or 5'9 now: Click Here This picture is from earlier this year. How tall do you think is Selena Gomez (reasonably listed here at 5'4)? 5'7?
Matt said on 7/Aug/12
@Samantha no way he is 6 foot i met him last year and I'm much taller than him and i'm 6 foot this guy must be 5,5 cause selena gomez is 5 ft 4 and you can hardly tell the difference when these two are standing near each other
V said on 7/Aug/12
I saw Bieber recently im about 5'7.5'' and we were the same height about with him having footwear advantage on me by about an inch or so
Jason said on 7/Aug/12
If justin didnt end up famous he'd probably be 5'5" now. However will all his money he could easy pump himself with growth hormones just to maintain his image. So all of you saying "people dont grow much after blah blah"...growth hormones.
rkc_cat said on 7/Aug/12
@Marie: I know it's possible, but I have only ever met one guy who has grown after 19, and still he didn't grow that much. The thing is, every other single guy I know, myself included, stopped growing around 18, give or take some months. I myself grew until around 6 months after turning 18, but only around half an inch. Everyone else I know has been more or less the same.

@Admiral: What you say is true, but if out of, say 200 guys, just one has grown after age 19, you just can't say that most guys grow much, if anything, after 18. There are cases, of course, but it's just not the norm.
Statistically speaking, the average guy grows around 2" between age 16 and 18. I know I did, and you Admiral have grown even more so congrats. But Justin is already pushing it. In March, when he turned 18, he was 5'5" flat (now being maybe closer to 5'5.5", but I'm not very sure), and back in 2009, when he turned 16 he was barely 5'2". Considering his parents' height (5'6" and 4'8") and his growth rate, he's already done VERY well, but I'm not even sure he'll ever reach a full 5'6". We'll see on the next months!
Admiral said on 7/Aug/12
I was 5'5 at the age of 16 and now at 18 I'm just a tad over 5'8. Just because you and the people around you haven't grew after a certain age doesn't mean that it will apply to everybody

I don't think that Bieber it's a full 5'6 at the moment , more like 5'5.5" , but by the time he will stop growing he will be 5'6 , I don't give him more than that.
Drew said on 7/Aug/12
@Danimal, All my friends, including myself, have not grown much of anything since we were 16, and most of us are 19-20 now.
Marie said on 7/Aug/12
I know numerous friends and old high schoolmates that have just spurted since graduation. If you eat healthy food, get daily exercise and sleep well, you will grow until around 19 or 20. Anyways, he's probably barely going to grow a cm after finishing, since he is turning 19 in early 2013.
the shredder said on 7/Aug/12
" The average man stop growing at 18. "

Average , not every ... the average man is 5'9 , so every man must be 5'9 ?
Danimal said on 6/Aug/12
Marie says on 4/Aug/12
Boys grow until they're at least 19 or 20 at a rate of around 1 inch per year. Honestly, I don't really follow JB and I just put this comment out there because my friend actually talked to him and stood next to him so I would guess that she knows better than you most of you who are guessing do. She said he was around 5'9 back in 2010 and that's what I put here. He's not a little boy anymore and nobody really wants to accept that. Kids grow! Also, 5'10 isn't really that tall for a boy, it's average. But maybe I'm just tall myself.

The average man stop growing at 18.
Brad said on 6/Aug/12
I walked through a cosmetics section of Macy's and there was a "life-size" stand up of Biebs in Bieber Boots. I'd say 5' 9" if I didn't know who he was. When Miley Cyrus is in big heels and looks down on him at age 26, he'll accept it.
Hob said on 6/Aug/12
5'6 a hair. JB is a max 5'5
lol93 said on 6/Aug/12
Yeah I dont loose more than 1.2-3 cm on average at the end of the day
Drew said on 6/Aug/12
@shredder, Wow lucky, I usually lose a full 2cm, from 176ish to 174ish at night :(.
Shaun said on 6/Aug/12
Wasn't too long ago Brad than you and Physics Enemy were finding even 5'4" hard to believe!!
Ajax said on 6/Aug/12

I'm afraid to say that most boys on average don't. Actually, growing beyond 18 itself is rare for
boys. Basically, by the time a male is 15 or 16, he is done growing and if he isn't, you'll
usually have a pretty good idea what his final height will be.
the shredder said on 6/Aug/12
Just took my night height , I was just under 5'6.5 !
the shredder said on 6/Aug/12
About 1/2 .
lol93 said on 5/Aug/12
shredder how much cm you lose from waking up?
Antonio said on 4/Aug/12
Ok. Maybe he's not 5'7, but I think anything under 5'5.5" flat is too short for him. 5'6 seems about right. Justin does tend to lie about his height. He's claiming 5'9"
didi said on 4/Aug/12
he looks 170cm to me.i do believe he grow little bit
Godred said on 4/Aug/12
@Marie + Samantha - You are clearly not very good at this.
the shredder said on 4/Aug/12
I was 5'4.5 at 14 and my Doc told me I would be about 5'10 ... at 15 5'5.5 , at about 18 or 19 5'6.5 !
Mike O said on 4/Aug/12
A solid 5'6" looks about right. No more than that. Hope the kid can squeeze another couple inches out and put this height thing to bed for good. He's a slightly short young guy with short parents. Still rich as a Saudi prince and famous as God.
BIg T said on 4/Aug/12
Sure, he wears lifts, is height obsessed etc etc- but there is a ton of good shots of him out there looking 5'8ish of late. I'm from New Zealand and that NZ women who interviewed him and said she is 5'9" IS a tall woman- dunno if she is 5'9" but she's close enough. Assuming he is wearing big lifts 5'6" is a good estimate.
Marie said on 4/Aug/12
Boys grow until they're at least 19 or 20 at a rate of around 1 inch per year. Honestly, I don't really follow JB and I just put this comment out there because my friend actually talked to him and stood next to him so I would guess that she knows better than you most of you who are guessing do. She said he was around 5'9 back in 2010 and that's what I put here. He's not a little boy anymore and nobody really wants to accept that. Kids grow! Also, 5'10 isn't really that tall for a boy, it's average. But maybe I'm just tall myself.
Drew said on 4/Aug/12
@Shredder, I have only grown 1/4th of an inch in a little over 3 years, I am 19 going on 20. I think most guys are done growing at around 16, well seeing as how most of my friends haven't grown either since then. You are one of the lucky ones I suppose:D I personally wouldn't mind another half inch to be 5'9 flat, but we can all dream haha.

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