How tall is K.J. Apa

K.J. Apa's Height

5ft 10 ¾ (179.7 cm)

Keneti James is a New Zealand actor, best known for playing Archie Andrews in Riverdale and Kane Jenkins in Shortland Street. In film he appears in A Dog's Purpose. On his talent agency he is listed with measurements: "Height 180cm/5'11", Waist 84cm/33", Chest 99cm/39", although in a 2019 Wired autocomplete claimed "6 feet" and "approximately 166 pounds".

How tall is kj apa
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Average Guess (124 Votes)
5ft 10.58in (179.3cm)
Wehrmacht180 said on 15/May/23
178 cm
Keyten DeGraef said on 5/Dec/22
Rob give him the 5’11 (180cm) upgrade he’s pretty much the same height as the Asian guy in riverdale who I can’t remember the name of and he’s in the 5’11-6’0 range
Ray (5'10/177 cm) said on 2/Dec/22
I’m just gonna do my guess on most of the riverdale cast based off of how they look most of the time next to certain people and/or they’re average guessed heights some of these heights might be off by a cm at least

Jordan (sweet pea): 6’3 (191 cm) (maybe 6’2 without shoes?)
Skeet: 6’0 (182-183 cm)
Melton: 5’11 (181 cm)
Casey: 5’10-5’11 (180 cm)
KJ: 5’10 (179 cm)
Cole: 5’10 (179 cm) (I’ll give a extra one and guess Dylan as 5’9)
Luke: 5’9 (175 cm)
Drew: 5’9 (174 cm)
Lili: 5’5 (165 cm)
Madeleine: 5’3 (160 cm)
Camila: 5’1 (156 cm)
Vanessa: 5’1 (156 cm)
Rhys 6'1" said on 3/Nov/21
Reminds me of my brother, 5'10.5", give or take. Also, it is sorth noting that I have seen said interview where he claimed 6ft, and he said 6ft jokingly, meaning that he is probably closer to 5'11" or so.
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
He kinda reminds me of my cousin I’d say he’s 5’ 10 3/4”
Chaitanya Sinha said on 26/Jul/21
He is more of a 5'10 ⅝" (179.5cms)
Jeevesh said on 20/Jun/21
@Jeevehs i think we have the same name.
shweta said on 22/May/21
PaiiN said on 22/Nov/20
Do u really think he is 180cm and what’s his height in the morning, what would u guess, rob?
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 isn't exactly impossible, but I don't think I'd have guessed any shorter than that. Out of bed I expect he clears 5ft 11 easily
Liam Sullivan said on 6/Oct/20
@Bryce Well it was an evening shoot. So it's possible that I was maybe 5'7 1/2", but I couldn't have been much shorter. I'm 5'8 1/2" in the morning, so I couldn't have been more than an inch shorter at night. He was at least 3 inches taller than me, and he was wearing converse thins. To be fair I was also given converse, but not thins. In fact, I'd say he's closer to 6'0" than 5'11", so I'd give him a STRONG 5'11". He was around 19 when he started filming Riverdale, so it's possible that he grew during filming.
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Oct/20
179 area
Bryce said on 14/Sep/20
@Liam Sullivan then you aren't 5'8" or he was wearing lifts
Liam Sullivan said on 9/Sep/20
I was on set with him one evening. I got the chance to walk past him to get a sandwich, and he towered above me. I’m exactly 5’8”, and he was AT LEAST 3 inches taller than me, if not even more than that. So all these comments about him being 5’10” or below are completely false.
Chaitanya Sinha said on 8/Sep/20
KJ looks 5 10.5, with cole he looks a bit taller and charles melton is also the same range as KJ..I would round him up as a flat 179cm guy. What's Your Take Rob? My take on Cole sprouse is 177.2cms without shoes and 178-179cms with shoes.
Jeevehs said on 4/Sep/20
He looks 5’10
MD said on 20/Aug/20
This measurements is still too tall. He honestly looks a flat 5'10" to me, and can look taller because of his build. But if he's taller than that, he's certainly closer to 5'10" than he is to 5'11".
im 5"8 but claim 5"9 ? said on 16/Aug/20
i think he can drop to somewhere in the 1.78 cm range on a hard day

i correct i think even 1.77,5 cm
Jeevehs said on 12/Aug/20
He looks 5’10 1/2
Jam Cherry said on 13/Jun/20
More like 179.5 cm
184.9 said on 4/Jun/20
Hey Rob, do you know How tall is Jordan Calloway from The Black Lightning, he looks taller than K.J, Also taller than 5ft 10 Marvin Krondon III, he is listed 5ft 11 but I think is a little to low.
I'm 6'3' said on 29/Mar/20
He looks a tad shorter than all of my 5'11' friends.
TheBat said on 1/Mar/20
He's definitely not 6'0" like he claims, KJ is a weak 5'11".
Sundaram said on 26/Feb/20
Youjk97 said on 21/Feb/20
Maybe KJ is really 6ft.
Click Here
Look at this pic with Jorge Lopez who is listed as 181cm on google
Vsquad said on 12/Dec/19
I just watched the video again. I think maybe he was talking with the WIRED people off-screen trying to figure out how tall he was. Like, maybe he told them what he thinks his height is in cm, and they suggested to him that it was close to 6ft so he just agreed and nodded his head.

That's actually kinda what it looks like haha.
Vsquad said on 12/Dec/19
Sigh, Rob... KJ just claimed that he's 6ft in his new WIRED interview video. Looks like we got yet another inflation.

Although, the way he said it sounded like he didn't believe it himself. "I'm 6ft, I'm 6ft, I'm 6ft"... that's just what he tells himself I guess lol.
Jesse Dumont said on 12/Dec/19
He claims 6'0" in WIRED's new YouTube video with him at 3:08.
6'1WhiteGuy said on 11/Dec/19
he claimed 6’ in this video Click Here
it doesn’t quite sound like a confident claim, it seemed like he was kind of joking. I think he can measure anywhere between 5’10 and 5’11
snnsns said on 7/Dec/19
Rob in riverdale he was measured at his mugshot at around a on the dot 5'11 with shoes take 1 inch away because of shoes i think you should definitely downgrade him to a 5'10.2 and thats being generous
Grayloth said on 29/Nov/19
He doesn't have the proportions of a 5'11 guy. His head is too big. So either he got a big head or he is shorter than this.
MD said on 1/Sep/19
Come on with this almost 5'11" stuff. lol

With Robert Downey Jr.

Click Here

Even accounting for probably lifts from RDjr. this guy is nothing more than 5'10". Where these 5'11" estimates are coming from I have no idea. He is much closer to 5'10" than he is 5'11".
Leno511 said on 30/Aug/19
Between 5'10.5 and 5'11
DamienWhite said on 5/May/19
Hey Rob. I think he wake up as full 5'11" so around 180,5, midday around 179,5 and at night, when his spine was under heavy stress, he end up day at 178,5. People see him mostly at midday, so 5'10 3/4" in my opinion = fair listing.
Editor Rob
I think the lowest of 5ft 10.5 is possible, but I'm not sure he would fall under it.
179cm guy said on 26/Apr/19
@Rob Also the average guess gives KJ an edge towards 5'10.5
179cm guy said on 26/Apr/19
Rob, recently you said that there might be an edge towards 5'10.25 rather than 5'10.75 for 5'10.5 listed Cole Sprouse, and I totally agree with that however I can't see how there can be more than a quarter of an inch between Sprouse and Apa ( Click Here ). The more that of seen of the two together I think that Sprouse is more of a strong 5'10 and Apa is a flat 179cm. I can't see more than half an inch between Apa and 5'10 Anthony Mackie in this pic in which Apa has the hair advantage ( Click Here ), and I don't really see a difference between KJ and 5'10.5 Justin Prentice in this pic in which he also has the hair advantage ( Click Here ), Sprouse and Apa actually sort of remind me of Steven Silver and Prentice from 13 Reasons Why with Sprouse and Silver having the slim athletic figure and Apa and Prentice having the more stocky build. I can't see Sprouse and Apa edging out Silver and Prentice respectively, I also can't see Sprouse measuring outside of the 5'10-10.5 range, and KJ has just never looked like the full 5'11 to me. Rob, what your thoughts on giving a quarter inch downgrade to both Sprouse and Apa?
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 would be the lowest I'd estimate apa
GRIT said on 17/Apr/19
I think 5'10.75" is spot on, wouldnt argue higher though. I can understand 5'10.5" guesses.
179cm guy said on 20/Mar/19
Which one is the greatest possibility Rob, him being 5’10.5 or 5’11?
Editor Rob
The more I've seen of him, I think I can see anywhere between 5ft 10.5 to 11, which is why I eventually put the 10.75.
179cm guy said on 24/Feb/19
Hey, Rob have you seen this picture of Apa and Cole Sprouse walking side-by-side? ( Click Here ) Also, are 5'10.25 and 5'10 heights that you've ruled out for Apa and Sprouse respectively?
Editor Rob
the guys can look quite close, I still would say barefoot kj might edge sprouse.
Redwing said on 20/Feb/19
Hi rob, can you add Lucy Elliott she’s a kiwi actress; How tall is she in cm?
Editor Rob
he looks quit tall and agency has her 180.
abcde said on 19/Dec/18
strong 179 cm
TheBat said on 27/Nov/18
With Charles Melton. KJ clearly is around 5'11" in this photo.

Click Here
Speedy said on 10/Nov/18
@Rob Julian actually recent turned 16. So I think he can still grow another inch or two.
Editor Rob
I'll see next year how he looks.
Speedy said on 8/Nov/18
How tall do you estimate Julian Dennison, who is next to him in this picture: Click Here
Editor Rob
Julian can look near 6 inches 15 how much more can he grow? I probably would add him next year.
TheBat said on 3/Nov/18
I think KJ should be upgraded to 5'11". He looks close to the same height as 5'11.75" Charles Melton.
so said on 25/Oct/18
Would you consider someones true height there height before bed or there height after being up 7 hours?
Editor Rob
It's the never-agreed situation - I don't think we can say something is right or wrong.

If you go by averages, based on the time of day others get measured then somewhere around lunch would fit in quite well. A small percentage would get measured late at night or within 30 minutes of wakening up. The huge majority from say 1 hour to 10 hours out of bed.
Tango2 said on 13/Oct/18
Rob would this be the morning height or night? And how tall do you think he’s morning height and night height would be?
Editor Rob
A chance he does fall a bit lower than this, I can see how 179cm is a possibility
MD said on 23/Aug/18
With Cole Sprause:

Click Here
MAD SAM said on 21/Jun/18
179 cm seems accurate
AJ said on 13/Jun/18
Honestly I'd say 5'10.75" is probably the best listing. He generally does look 5'11" but at times looks under it. He's clearly taller than 5'10.5", I don't think he'd measure that short.
Anon_Escibar said on 12/Jun/18
Click Here:

Click Here:

Rob he looks 5’10.25 max with 6’2.25 Ross butler would you consider a downgrade now ?
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 isn't improbable
Anon_Escibar said on 8/Jun/18
Rob his co star Charles Melton calls him out for being insecure about his height and tiptoeing to his height he also says kJ is 5’9 and he is 6’1
Click Here
Could this mean it’s time for a downgrade for kJ to at least 5’10?
Editor Rob
KJ could be 5ft 10.5, Melton isn't really a big amount taller, an inch or so, arguably he's under six foot a bit and JK under 5ft 11 a bit.
Anon636365 said on 5/Jun/18
@JL how do you know that guy is 5’11 bro ?
JL said on 2/Jun/18
KJ is the full 5'11. He clearly edges out 5'10 1/2 Cole Sprouse by at least half an inch while wearing converse (while Cole has a bit of a heel)

Click Here
Peter123 said on 14/Feb/18
Can someone explain me what exactly is t rex arm as some commenta are saying that below ? Thank you
Bego said on 9/Feb/18
Honestly dont see him more than 178 id say afternoon height, he's 179 in morning imo. In shoes he could reach 180/181cm.
MD said on 30/Jan/18
Okay, the point is that he's obviously not 5'11" if Cole Sprouse is 5'10.5".
Editor Rob
Half an inch isn't much, I've watched their show and at times they seem close, other times I give KJ an edge. I suppose 10.75 may well be a best fit for him...I watched Dog's Purpose and with 6ft 1 Luke Kirby he was a couple of inches shorter, well, at least in the one scene you could compare them.
MD said on 30/Jan/18

Can you get a more realistic listing for him? We know from multiple picture and video evidence that he's not taller than 5'10.5" Cole Sprouse.

Click Here
Editor Rob
The lowest I'd estimate would be 5ft 10.5, the 5ft 10.75 figure is arguable.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 30/Dec/17
Same height as Cole Sprouse, one of the worst overlistings in this site along with Chris Evans and Jeremy Jordan. No offence.
Cameron said on 15/Dec/17
Weak 5'11"
Alex said on 12/Dec/17
He could be 5"11 but he looks shorter due to his proportions , his bones havent delveoped yet and he's muscular giving him a weird sought of look , he got the T rex arms - I would think nothing lower than 1.77 - 1.79
Slim 185 said on 21/Nov/17
Plus he looked really similar to me when I was 179.5 a few months to year back and other 179ers I know personally, he shouldent be listed any higher than 5’10.75”.
Slim 185 said on 19/Nov/17
Same deal as joe Keery, @rob, the highest he should be listed at is 179, no man who scrapes 182 Cm out of bed is gonna claim 5’11”.
MD said on 5/Nov/17
There is no way he's 180cm.
Alex said on 3/Nov/17
Based on his pictures with Cole and his proportionality I would sat 1.77-178 at night but he could be 1.8 maybe but he a small torso and t rex arms because he pretty muscular
Johns said on 28/Oct/17
OK, someone please make a page or declaration on Charles Melton. "Kj is standing on his tiptoes in this shot and I’m still taller-6’1 vs. 5’9" - just embarrassing. Melton barely clears 6 ft, maybe even 5'11.
MD said on 24/Oct/17
With 5'7.5" Ryan Seacrest:

Click Here
MD said on 13/Oct/17

Lots of evidence that he's actually ONLY as tall as 5'10.5" Cole Sprouse at best.

Click Here

He's much more a very weak 5'11" than a solid one.
Johns said on 22/Sep/17
Can someone make a page on Charles Melton? He's playing the new Reggie in Riverdale, and lo and behold he is the typical 5'10-5'11 guy claiming 6'1. Yet he only looks on par with Apa.
Peter175 said on 7/Sep/17
He seems the same as Cole Sprouse and Sprouse looks taller in a lot of pictures due to footwear.

He needs a 1/4 downgrade at least imo. There is definitely not half inch between them
Flexbert said on 5/Aug/17
He looks shorter
Slim 182 cm said on 30/Jul/17
5'10.75 is believable.
Ben 5'11" said on 18/Jul/17
Why do people here constantly feel the need to downgrade celebrities no matter what they claim. I think KJ is being really honest. Most actors his height would blatantly claim 6ft or even 6'1"
insomniak said on 22/May/17
Cole sprouse is always taller in the series i think cole sprouse can look more 5'11 than kj.
Josh said on 19/May/17
He's taller than Cole. Cole wears monster boots, but he seems like a weak 5'11. K.J's height listed here is perfect since he always wears flat converse and is still taller than Cole. Nothing more than this though.
Average height and slim said on 7/May/17
178 - 179 cm, his lean body gives taller appearance.
AJ said on 24/Apr/17
I think a weak 5'11 might be suited for him or Cole Sprouse as they really look almost identical.
Ian4626 said on 19/Mar/17
Agreed, 5'10 and it shows in some of the shots with Cole and other full body shots (agency usually lists an inch higher than actual so yeah)
JJbae said on 18/Mar/17
KJ Apa is 5'10" not 5'11". He's shorter than Cole Sprouse by at least 1 and a half inches. Watch enough Riverdale episodes and look at publicity photo shoots for the show and it's more than obvious that KJ is about 5'10. I don't know how you can't tell that he's shorter than Cole Sprouse. Everything is longer on Cole's body than KJ's .
Mj said on 16/Mar/17
He's 5'10", there's an Instagram picture when him and a 5'11 guy. Click Here
Deano said on 9/Mar/17
He is 5'10 1.78m at best on a best day! next to the other guy from cody--that disney show dude.
Linke said on 9/Mar/17
more 5'10 than 11. Shocked to know that he's only 19!
Liz said on 4/Mar/17
My guess is..
Redwing said on 17/Feb/17
It's okay mate, also thank you for replying to all my other replies I hope your site gets recognition by the media as I reckon you're pretty cool you actually taught me a lot on height and now I know my inches and everything about height. Kia kaha rob
Editor Rob
I appreciate your sentiments and for visiting the site
Redwing said on 15/Feb/17
Hey, how tall do you think actor sam bunkall is? He's also on Shortland street, I was wondering if you look him up and give your estimations?
Editor Rob
he has 6ft on his resume, but I really don't know much just now on him.
Mohamad ibrahim said on 15/Feb/17
Rob, u listed Cole sprouse as 179 cm, r u sure KJ is taller than Cole?
Editor Rob
they are pretty close, there might only be a 1/4 inch or so in it, but I think barefoot KJ may have the edge.
Rent said on 6/Feb/17
Looks really no more than 5'10", at best.
DefinitelyNotCC said on 5/Feb/17
Rob, just finished watching the second episode of Riverdale and this guy is definitely below 5'11, he looks the same range as 5'9.5 Luke Perry.
James said on 4/Feb/17
Looks 1.78 in that picture
CS said on 3/Feb/17
Was just looking at this guy the other day wondering how tall he is. Though we don't know footwear, he does look 3 inches taller than Ed Sheeran in their pic side by side. This listing is probably pretty close to the truth.
Borats Chicken said on 31/Jan/17
Rob, if he's 5'11 would that make Lucy Elliott 6ft to 6'1.5 range?
Editor Rob
she's claimed 6ft near 6ft 1 and said 6ft 1 and 6ft 4-5 in heels too, so pretty tall!
Redwing said on 30/Jan/17
Rob, I swear to f*ckn God I'll kiss you!!! Thank you so much mate for putting this kid up btw he's actually a quarter Samoan interesting a 🙂
DefinitelyNotCC said on 30/Jan/17
Rob, I know you haven't seen much of this guy but do you think he's a weak 5'11 or a solid one? because I was watching Riverdale and he looked 5'10 range a lot.
Editor Rob
I will take a look at an episode of Riverdale, but I think he can look near 5ft 11 more than say 5ft 10 flat.

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