How tall is Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

American model, daughter of Cindy Crawford. Her modelling agency listed her in early 2017 as being "Height. 5'7.5''. Waist. 24". Bust. 30". Hips. 33". Inseam. 34". Shoes. 8", before updating her height to "5ft 9" by June 2017 and 9.5 by 2018.
I'm 5-foot-9 on a good day. These shoes probably make me 6-foot-4. I'm taller than most of the boys in my grade.

How tall is Kaia Gerber
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Average Guess (101 Votes)
5ft 7.86in (172.4cm)
yelle said on 25/Aug/19
In recent pictures with Cindy she’s in converse, Cindy is in flats, and she’s still noticeably shorter - I think Cindy’s 5’9 and Kaia’s 5’8 on the dot
Ollie said on 7/Aug/19
Hey Rob,

How tall do you think her brother, Presley Gerber, is? He is listed at 6’ but I think he may be a touch below.
Editor Rob
He could be just in that zone 5ft 11.5-6ft range
koshkoff said on 4/Jul/19
I met her at couture castings - we are the exact same height. I'm 5'8.
CarlosTdad said on 10/Jun/19
Yes Jacobson...... believe it! She is definitely taller than Cindy now... especially if they both wear similar footwear.
Jacobson said on 5/Apr/19
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As tall as Cindy even with a 2" footwear disadvantage? Could it be?
LDS said on 20/Feb/19
I wonder what shoes she was talking about in that quote? They'd have to be some truly enormous heels to make her 6ft 4! haha
1996 said on 8/Dec/18
Am listed by my agency as 178 5.10. But my height is 5.9, max. I have a similar body type as her, but with thinner waist. You know, I'm can look incredible tall in runway. I think, she is not bad at all. Her frame is good for hf. Her eyes are just too close together.
Cindy isn't as tall anymore, she has started losing height already. (she is as same age as my mom, my mom was 6.1 on her 20"s 30's, but now she is only 5.11) She must be around 5'7'5-5.8
So...Kaia is 173- 174 cm like her mom.
CarlosTdad said on 25/Nov/18
Clearly taller than Cindy now..... upgrade her please. If Cindy is 5’9” Kais is around 5’10”
koshkoff said on 21/Nov/18
someone saw her and said she's around 172-3 (5'8). I'm 173 with a very similar frame/body type, I also model and am listed by my agency as 175 so I wouldn't be surprised.
Chouchou said on 4/Nov/18
She's probably around 1.75 cm, but thing that surprises me most about this girl is how sad look her eyes
Tunman said on 11/Oct/18
Not sure,but at times she looks closer to 5'9 others closer to 5'8.Maybe it's safe to say she stopped growing though as she turned 17 last month.
Luda said on 5/Oct/18
I mean she is always shorter then her close friend Vitto who is 5'9 . She must be around 5'8 or 7'1/2
Height revealer said on 23/Sep/18
@Gaga, how could you conclude that? They look the same height side by side even surface
Gaga said on 18/Sep/18
Kaia 171
Vittoria 174
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nas said on 5/Sep/18
170 cm
Zaydaan Chowdhry said on 5/Sep/18
Needs an upgrade edges out cindy in recent picture
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Zaydaan Chowdhry said on 5/Sep/18
Needs an upgrade edges out cindy in recent picture
Anonxcvh said on 27/Aug/18
Kaia looks to be taller than her mom. She is over 5'9. She is NOT 5'8, 5'7, 5'6, that's just ridiculous hoping by desperate midgets trying to downgrade a legit model's height. She looks very similar to Cindy Crawford when her mom was her age. Of course no one can compare to Cindy in her prime but Kaia is still a beautiful girl with mass potential. She is short waisted making her long legs look even longer and is very thin. When placed in the company of the "Hadid# sisters she clearly blows those average wannabes away. It's unfortunate that Claudia Schiffer's daughters are so homely, she was the ultimate supermodel back in the 90's.
kiki99 said on 16/Jun/18
Kaia is 173- 174 cm like her mom.
She is like a super thin version of Martina Stoessel.
Alice T said on 6/Jun/18
Here’s a recent pic of Kaia with Alexander Wang
Click Here
I think he’s around 5’9” and her heels look about 2”-3” I would say 5’8.5” is pretty spot on... she might be closer to 5’9”
@Rob thoughts?
Isabellaaaaa said on 6/Jun/18
I think that she is way less than she claims to be... img claims her to be 177cm. This can’t be true because if she’s standing in heels with probably 7cm or more next to Alex wang who is 177cm and he wears shoes with 3cm she ain’t much taller! Just look at her recent Instagram post or her story...
Rosie K said on 2/Jun/18
There is Kaia with legit 5'4 Polish photomodel- Julia Click Here
and I saw on instastories that they had pretty similar heels, or Kaia's were even higher, so I would guess that she's about 5'7 3/4 - 5'8
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 28/May/18
She's 16 so she might gain a few mm's more but not a major growth spurt, since the average girl stops around 15.
Nik said on 26/May/18
She just keeps on getting taller!
Pegs said on 23/May/18
No way is she 5'6. She is at least 5'8.5 if not 5'9 or more. Look at the length of her legs! People who think she's less than that is low-key jealous. This girl has everything it takes to be a superstar by the time she's done growing.
Chris013 said on 13/May/18
She is pictured next to 1.55 Vanessa Hudgens at the Best Buddies Mother's Day Brunch. Vanessa is wearing approx. 8 cm/3 inch heels whilst Kaia is wearing approx. 2 cm? Converse all star trainers. Vanessa reaches Kaia to just above Kaia eyebrows. I would therefore suggest that Kaia is only 5'6 maximum. Although she often wears Doc Martens and other trainers, most trainers these days have a low 'platform' heel adding a few cms (I have a 14 year old 1.70 daughter and the trainers do make a difference). Cindy is always pictured leaning in down to Kaia, so for the moment 5' 6 seems more accurate for Kaia.
CarlosTdad said on 1/May/18
She needs an upgrade..... I'd love to see some recent photos of her and Cindy in similar footwear. I'm pretty sure she has gone past her by now.
On M. said on 12/Apr/18
Kaia looks barely 5’8 with anna ewers (listed here 5’7.5) here
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This picture was taken about a month ago.
She might have grown a bit, but I don’t think kaia is anything above 1.73m
What pictures convinced you she’s 1.74?
I do believe she will reach 5’9 eventually though...
Editor Rob
It's hard to say in that photo because of Anna having advantage, they could be very close.
fashionlover said on 1/Apr/18
@Rob do yoou think she's 5'9" by now?? I've seen some pap pics of her and she looks like she got taller especially compared to her friend Charlotte. Charlotte's model stats say she is 5'10.5" so do you think Kaia is 5'11"?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
It's possible she could be near it, I will have a look at her at some point in next few months to see if she appears 5ft 9 range more often than not.
Dubstep said on 31/Mar/18
She's listed as 176cm by her modelling agency. I can agree with that.
Height Revealer said on 31/Mar/18
I don’t understand the hate with her being thin. When a young person grows as fast as she did, they are going to thin out.
Height Revealer said on 29/Mar/18
Agreed @CarlosTdad. They’ve traded places by now
CarlosTdad said on 29/Mar/18
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Check out the second photo with Cindy and Kaia.... Cindy is wearing heels. Kaia has definitely passed her in height... very very thin though. She needs to put on weight..... it is possible Cindy may have lost a half inch or so but I can see Kaia having a couple inches on her by the time she is done growing.
CarlosTdad said on 27/Mar/18
I would say she is a bit taller than Cindy now if they both wear flats 😢😢😢
Height revealer said on 20/Mar/18
Rob, what is the possibility she is taller than her mother?
Editor Rob
She might be very close to same height now
Farah99 said on 26/Feb/18
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Eduarda over 177-179 cm. She is of the same height as me)
What do you think, Rob? How tall is Kaia?
Height Revealer said on 11/Feb/18
Rob, she is now listed at 5’9.5. What can you conclude of that? Upgrade? Click Here
Editor Rob
Not looked at her recently, but she may have gained a little more and be nearer 5ft 9.
Marine said on 5/Jan/18
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with Ruby Rose and Karlie Kloss (she is over 185-188).
So Rob, how tall is Kaia?
Editor Rob: I don't think Kaia is any taller than near 5ft 8.5-9, in fact Ruby can look 5ft 6-7.
Khakim said on 13/Dec/17
what about her brother Presley?
GiGi1999 said on 29/Nov/17
I've never been a fan of her mom, her appearance is very common, there are many latin girls with her type of appearance, even prettier, like Eva Mendes, Shana Zadrick,(but not her daughter, she is more alike young Julia Roberts, with normal mouth and eyes too close together, even her body proportion same as Julia, both look taller than their real height.) Why she is so successful?
I saw Kaia, she is only 5.8(I am 5.9-5.9'5, she was as same height as me, her boots add some inches) and horrible thin.
James B said on 29/Oct/17
Marine said on 29/Oct/17
James B @ Kaia's eyes is too close together, she has no waist, her hips are very narrow that why her legs look longer. She'd need to gain about 3 pounds, I konw thin people tend to look "taller", but she's too thin, she's looks creepy with her "swollen face"(its because of starvation, I know it cuz I'm ex-anorexic).
Presley more like a mom than his sister
About her height, I saw her in paris fashion week - still 5.8.

Teenagers go through awkward phases. Cindys son also has model good looks (no homo)
Marine said on 29/Oct/17
James B @ Kaia's eyes is too close together, she has no waist, her hips are very narrow that why her legs look longer. She'd need to gain about 3 pounds, I konw thin people tend to look "taller", but she's too thin, she's looks creepy with her "swollen face"(its because of starvation, I know it cuz I'm ex-anorexic).
Presley more like a mom than his sister
About her height, I saw her in paris fashion week - still 5.8.
Antje said on 26/Oct/17
Hey rob!
I’ve found these recent pictures of kaia with her brother:

Click Here

Click Here

His name is Presley
What height would you guess him?
Editor Rob: might be nearly 5ft 11
Lila said on 25/Oct/17
She's around 5'7" at age 16, she may grow a little more. Cindy claims to be 5'9" but, she's is 5'8". I thought Cindy's kids would be taller. Both of them are shorter than their parents, but Cindy's mom is very short, so short genes run in their family.
James B said on 24/Oct/17
Rob who would you say was more beautiful prime Cindy Crawford or her daughter?
Editor Rob: Gerber is still 16, ask me when she's 20.

I think height-wise they are getting quite close and look quite similar, except around the eyes.
Intevel said on 11/Oct/17
Rob in this article, it says both ladies (Kaia and her mom) are about 6 feet tall.

Click Here
Editor Rob: I think it's just a bit of an exaggeration from the Daily mail reporter.
Carmellina said on 10/Oct/17
She'll be 5'9-5'10. Nothing weird about growing later than the rest. Im 5'10, got my grow spur at 14 and grew until the age of 17. It depends on your genes and how old you are when you get your period, in my case at 16!. My 13 year old went from 4'9 last year, to 5'4 this year.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Sep/17
@Rob, is her brother Presley Gerber worth adding? He seems to be featured nearly every day in the papers now. Surrpisingly not tall considering his parents heights, under 6 ft I think. Both siblings obviously half starving themselves for modelling!
Editor Rob: not sure yet on him.
Marine said on 25/Sep/17
now models height/weight/age is not as important as it used to be in 2000's. HF industry is really change, being anorexic is not trendy anymore. Not all designers prefer 5'9-5'11. Now, so many HF/runaway models who are under 5.8'5(Its was minimum height for runaway models) like anna ewers (172cm), kristen coffey (172), japanese supermodel yuka mannami who is 5.8(173)max, fernanda ly who is only 170 cm or 5.7, indian model pooja mor 5.8, camilla deterre 5.8, stella lucia 5.8, heather kemesky 5.8, polina oganicheva 5.6, jazzelle zanaughtti 171-172, new runaway star achok who is 5.8, Iana Godnia 5.8, Nova Orchid 5.8 max, hayett mccarthy 5,7'5 max, estella boersma (5.8 max), vera van erp 5.8, charlotte free 5.5, julia belyakova 5.8, lily nova 5,7'5, karime bribiesca 5.8, new VS girl victoria lee is over 5.8 ... + her mother is cindy crawford! so, 5.8 enough for her model career
SAK said on 23/Sep/17
She is 5'8 with long legs. Usually designers prefer 5'9-5'11/6'0. But if your proportions are good, 5'8 is acceptable.
Antje said on 15/Sep/17
She is looking more like a woman now, and definitely grew some inches from last year. Her brother though seems to not have grown that much since she gets taller than him in heels now. He probably is about 5'10.5-5'11 since last year.
What would be your bet for her final height big rob?
5'9 range??
Jenny said on 15/Sep/17
How much will she grow from now on? I stopped at 15,16 so I guess she'll hit 5'9 at most?
CM said on 13/Sep/17
I am just surprised at how she grew so much in the past year. Don't think it's normal to have such an increase at height at 15 (already in high school).
Marine said on 12/Sep/17
She is 5.8
xx said on 11/Sep/17
She's 5'9 for sure now. Just look at her runway pictures. I'm 5'9 and she looks to be at the same height as me.
MUFC17 said on 8/Sep/17
She is 170 cm.
Ella said on 16/Aug/17
I've seen her in real life while walking out of a restaurant in NYC about a few months ago. I'm 5'9 and she looked to be about a strong 5'7 if not 5'7.5
Yvon said on 15/Aug/17
a full 5.7 is a huge stretch. She is just very skinny giving the impression she s taller.
Slim 181 cm said on 16/Jul/17
172 max ATM. Will be 177 cm adult height by 18 yrs old. Will definitely be taller than her mum.
Ali Michael said on 15/Jul/17
I don't see how she's 5' 9" IMG tends to add 1-2 inches on her height every time they "update" it. Her mom is 5'8" and she's still shorter. She is also a good 3 inches shorter than her brother with flat shoes and her brother is 5'10/11" ish. I would say her height is probably 5'7" still her legs don't seem to be that long too so I'm assuming IMG tends to exaggerate her measurements to get her booked.
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jul/17
Probably a strong 5'8 now, similar if not the same height as big rob himself.
Nik said on 27/Jun/17
She may be about 5'8" now.
MM said on 26/Jun/17
She was listed as 5'4 in her agency in 2015. It's really amazing that a girl can grow 5 inches at age 15. I think I think my height stabilized around 12 (maybe I grew a bit after that age but not significantly). Good for her! :)
Ana said on 16/Jun/17
Agree with 5'8'', and I think she will end up being 5'9''.
Arch Stanton said on 14/Jun/17
Her brother can't be anything over 5 ft 10. Rare for a sister to almost be as tall as her brother. Considering the height of their parents you'd expect Presley to 6'2 or 6'3 with ease.
Height Revealer said on 13/Jun/17
@Steven, I am sure you know many people who know Kendall Jenner...
Steven said on 12/Jun/17
To Jay..she is a little shorter than Kendall Jenner and Heidi klum. Look at pics with them. Heidi is no taller than 5-8 and people who say they know Jenner say the same thing.
Jay said on 11/Jun/17
@Steven, how do you figure Cindy is 5'8 max? Where's your proof?
Steven said on 10/Jun/17
Funny she says she is 5-9 but in these shoes 6-4. But, Rob, you didn't comment. According to you, 7 inch heels only give you 3-4 inches so how is that possible. By the way, her mom is 5-8 maximum so she is NOT 5-9.
Editor Rob: yeah, even heels described as 6 inches, will be giving between 4-5, maybe 4.5
Height Revealer said on 6/Jun/17
Update the model agency info?
Editor Rob: I will mention they changed her height, though her inseam didn't change.
Inteval said on 4/Jun/17
Wouldn't you say her reaching 5' 10'' is very unlikely Rob? What's the highest you could see her reaching?
Editor Rob: it may well be possible as she's not quite 16 and has seemed to gain height within last year...
Height Revealer said on 4/Jun/17
And now her IMG page has changed her to 5'9" Rob Click Here
Tall girl said on 17/May/17
Rob, what do u think? Could she reach 5' 10''?
Editor Rob: I suppose near 16 growth will slow...but we'll see in a year if she gains more height...
Height Reavler said on 14/May/17
Like the upgrade Rob, could be more soon to follow
Falco said on 12/May/17
Her IMG page is still 5'7.5. Expect an "update" soon
Height Revealer said on 11/May/17
@Trio can you link where she said that? In recent photos she has a gap on Hailee Steinfeld even with bad posture. 5'9 on a good day could indicate a mid 5'8 at this point.
Trio said on 10/May/17
She said that she's 5'9 on a good day.
Ampa said on 13/Apr/17
She's at least 5'9.
kendall jenner said on 12/Apr/17
Height Revealer said on 12/Apr/17
She's as up tall as her mom now.
gira said on 31/Mar/17
She doesn't look as tall as 5.7ft
Shredder said on 25/Mar/17
Looks just like her Mom , I'd even say hotter! Too bad I don't stand a chance ;).
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 25/Mar/17
A 34" inseam is very long for someone of this height, even for females. Her stats are probably exaggerated by her agency. She's doesn't look like a particularly leggy girl, so in my opinion she may have an inseam of 32" at most.
Jay said on 25/Mar/17
S.J.H, she's already over 5'7
S.J.H said on 21/Mar/17
I don't think she will hit over 5'7 if stop she growing this year and more i check on her she look 5'6.5 not 5'7.5
Maia said on 17/Mar/17
I thought you had to be at keast 5'9" to be conidered for fashion model?!
Nik said on 14/Mar/17
Rob, how do you pronounce her name please? I like to know the names of the celebs!
Editor Rob: Nik, I'm not really sure, I'd have thought similar to Kai Owen
Nik said on 13/Mar/17
Yes she does look this tall.
Hans Meiser said on 11/Mar/17
She's 15.5 years old.
jay said on 4/Mar/17
no way is she 5'7" at 13 years old!
Miranda said on 26/Feb/17
Beautiful girl, the spitting image of her mother. I give her 5'7, her long legs and short torso definitely add the illusion of her being taller. My little cousin is the same (She's 5'6, but she's all legs, sometimes giving the impression of being 5'7).
Hans Meiser said on 24/Feb/17
She's only 15? Looks way older.
Importer said on 24/Feb/17
I am male :)
Importer said on 24/Feb/17
I'm around 185 and my inseam is 33-34 depending on the brand I'm wearing. Alongside S.J.H I am a bit shocked :d
Idk about how body grows but if she is 15 I'm guessing she might grow in the torso? And be like in the 5'9-5'10 range at the end of growth....just a hunch idk anything about growth spurt in female.
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Feb/17
In this photograph anyway, Kaia looks a bit like Rachel Bilson! Had she been an actress, she could have played Rachel's taller sister!
I can also see her Mother in her, but that's rather to be expected!
She has the right measurements for modelling and I put her at just under 5ft8. Now wait a minute, perhaps 5ft7.5, as written for her already, is a more accurate bet! 👗👠👠👙💄
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17

Yes true she had couple inch longer legs proportion than usual 5'7 to 5'8 girls i've seem. An average 5'7 women inseam is 30-31" and i buy that her inseam look more on the 33" zone maybe 33.5 and get a round up at 34. Thats a 6'5 american girl name chase kennedy had the longest inseam for women in america at 39" was atually measure at 38.5 and they just round it up at 39".

Click Here
Juana said on 22/Feb/17
@S.J.H I think it's weird too, but she definitely has long legs. I saw some pics of her in a bikini and you can tell she's mostly legs!
Click Here I don't think 34" inseam is too off for her, maybe a bit, but I can buy it.
Danimal said on 21/Feb/17
James B said on 20/Feb/17
Might make it to her moms height

Her mom is probably not the same height as she was back in the 90's. She's 51 years old. The average 51 year old woman has lost 1" in height from their peak (1.5" by 60, 2" by 70, 3.25" by 80 and more if they make it to 90).
Danimal said on 21/Feb/17
Can't believe she's only 15 years old!!

With those heels she's easily 6'0" tall.
Juana said on 20/Feb/17
She is the spitting image of her mother
James B said on 20/Feb/17
Might make it to her moms height
Arch Stanton said on 20/Feb/17
Must have grown as last time I saw her she looked no more than 5 ft 6. Surely has to be one of the luckiest people alive, hit the genetic lottery. She could not ask for better looking parents than hers!
S.J.H said on 20/Feb/17
inseam 34 at 5'7? That was like 5'9 to 5'11 women and 34 inseam and usually fits in a 6'3-6'5 men. I think of this should be big error. Her inseam is 32 to 32.5

Click Here
MaryAnne said on 19/Feb/17
Thank you rob:) Will she be at least 5'8?
Editor Rob: I feel she has a chance...we'll see through age 16 how much more she grows.
spainmen192cm said on 19/Feb/17
Beautiful lady, nice add Rob! But I thought she was no more than 5ft6 has she grown in the last year?
Editor Rob: spainmen, last year she was down as 5ft 6 on her agency, but yes I believe she grew and got updated, you can see her near Michelle Trachtenberg

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