How tall is Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American Model and Actress. In entertainment weekly referenced her height as "5ft 9 and half", which appeared on her modelling card. Cindy herself in Chicago Tribune (8/10/90) when asked how tall she was is quoted giving "5-9". As a model in the 90's her agency listed her dress size as 8, and measurements 34B-24-35 and shoe size 9.5US.
I'm 5'9 1/2", but it feels silly saying the 1/2" at my age. I think Linda and Naomi are right around there too!
I'm still five nine and a half and I weigh between 135 and 140 pounds.

How tall is Cindy Crawford
Photo by s_bukley/
By the time I started modelling, when I was still in high school, I was 5ft 9Β½ in [176cm] and weighed about 125lb [56kg]

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Average Guess (41 Votes)
5ft 8.92in (175.1cm)
Arch Stanton said on 15/Apr/23
5 ft 9 isn't "very tall" though. I think somebody Charlize Theron sort of height is the start of very tall for a woman.
Mike O said on 13/Apr/23
I think she actually WAS a full 5'9", perhaps even a weak 5'10" at her peak. She was very tall, even for a model at the time. Nowadays, I would think she's probably right around 5'9", maybe a shade under. She's always been a Long-tall Sally.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Nov/21
Rob, any chance of her claim?
Editor Rob
maybe if she had a 10am appointment, it's arguable she might have been near it.
Roco7 said on 23/May/21
Always been confused by this one. She says she's 5'9.5" and looks it, why not give her the extra half inch?
Editor Rob
some models add half inch at times, though a fair proportion do estimate Crawford 5ft 9.5.
Nik Ashton said on 21/Feb/21
Rob thinks the half is silly too!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Feb/21
πŸŽˆπŸ’πŸŽπŸŽ‚ Happy 5️⃣5️⃣th Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ’πŸŽˆ

Here's wishing Cindy Crawford a fantastic 5️⃣5️⃣th Birthday!

5ft8.75. πŸ˜„πŸ₯‚πŸ˜

Mimi said on 20/Feb/21
A very jolly 55th birthday to this OG supermodel Cindy Crawford.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ She is aging gracefully.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Feb/21
Kaia Gerber look to have longer inseam than Cindy. I estimate Cindy Crawford inseam is about 33-33.25" if Kaia is 34".
mochi said on 4/Dec/20
i actually believe her 5’9.5 claim. next to tyra banks in the same shoes there’s not much difference Click Here

also next to christy t in the same shoes, not much difference.
Click Here

i think she was 5’9.5.
anca said on 28/Apr/20
anca said on 28/Apr/20
Cindy and Naomi were the shortest But Cindy is the fatest
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Feb/20
πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽπŸ‘  Happy Birthday Cindy! πŸ‘ πŸŽπŸ’πŸŽ‚

Wishing supermodel Cindy Crawford a joyous 54th Birthday! πŸ₯‚πŸ˜„πŸ’

My Birthday guess for Cindy is 5ft8.75.🍰🎊🎈

πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽπŸ‘ πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘—πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽπŸ‘›πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’πŸ§₯
Hopping hopper said on 30/Jul/19
I actually think more 5-8.5 peak. Now 5-8. Never looked taller than 5-9 models
Slick said on 25/Jul/19
I don't think she was ever 5'9 to begin with, more like 5'8 1/4. But with age she's fallen into the 5'7 category...
Bradley said on 17/Jul/19
5' 9.5" easy. She wouldn't lie, she's made her career already.
Mimi said on 20/Feb/19
A happy 53rd birthday to Cindy.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ You belong the greatest generation of supermodels and also you share the same birthday as my dog who turns 1 today.
1996 said on 8/Dec/18
Cindy is 52 y.o. woman, btw people lose height with age. So...she's probably around 5.8 now.
CarlosTdad said on 25/Nov/18
Thanks Zaydaan!!!! That definitely confirms Kaia is taller..... Cindy still has the better body though..... at least for now. But Kaia is stunning! People need to stop hating..... yes she can put on some weight but she is very young still
Zaydaan Chowdhry said on 6/Sep/18
recent picture of cindy and kaia
Click Here
CarlosTdad said on 22/Jul/18
Kaia was almost same height as Cindy more than a year ago but for some reason there are no public photos of them that are recent. I am almost certain she is taller than her mum now but still no photos to confirm it 😑😑😑
abcde said on 7/Jul/18
Click Here With Kirk Hammett (171 cm nowadays, maybe 172 cm peak) and with James Hetfield (186 cm nowadays and maybe 187 cm peak )
CarlosTdad said on 28/Mar/18
Way shorter than Cindy???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Kaia is definitely not shorter than her mum anymore
Height Revealer said on 28/Dec/17
Rob, why does it seem everyone thinks they can just say they saw every celebrity? "at a restraunt in LA" always funny to read.
Editor Rob
take some of those type of claims with a pinch of salt.
Slim 6' said on 22/Oct/17
174.5 CM/ 5'8.75".
John said on 16/Oct/17
To, you are confirming what has been obvious by pictures that she is max 5-8 but maybe under?
applebites said on 14/Oct/17
I saw her just this week at a Starbucks in West Hollywood. I'm a solid 5'7" and she seemed maybe an inch taller than me. We were both in flaths.
Tryn said on 13/Oct/17
Cindy is smallest than Naomi maybe 5'7" for Her.

Click Here
John said on 17/Sep/17
At New York Fashion week, I saw 2 things ( and 1st she is 3 inches shorter than Petra Nemcova. Petra is listed here at 5-10.5 but comments say she is 5-8 or 5-9. 2nd, Helena Christensen is in flats next to Cindy in heels and they are the same size. Helena is listed at 5-9.5 but comments from a person who knows her say she is 5-8. Cindy is clearly NOT 5-9.
Yvon said on 15/Aug/17
She isn't as tall anymore, she has started losing height already.
Height Revealer said on 19/May/17
Kaia has almost caught Cindy now in just a few months
John said on 15/Apr/17
Heidi klum in a pic with her is a little taller and people are finally seeing klum is not even 5-8. Cindy and Alessandra ambrosio are exactly the same height and people are finally seeing she is no taller than 5-7.5 or 5-8. Cindy is max 5-8 and probably a little smaller.
MaryAnne said on 18/Mar/17
Have Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer or Naomi lost height?
Editor Rob
I don't think anything noticeable like say 1/2 or 3/4 inch...but a small fraction isn't impossible. Some of these women do keep themselves fit and might make it to near 50 without more than a few mm's.
Lily said on 15/Feb/17
Kaia Gerber sometimes looks as tall as her mother.
Juana said on 5/Feb/17
Her daughter is being listed (by IMG)at 5'7.5, but she always looks significantly shorter than Cindy, would never have guessed over 5'6. Tho, she is still 15, she may grow an inch still.
Antje said on 7/Jan/17
@Arch Stanton At least 6'1 for the boy right?? 6'2 wouldn't be a stretch for a boy with a 6'1 father and a 5'9 mother.
And kaia looks 5'5, i think she should be at least 5'7.
What i thought is that the parents are tall but they have probably too many average height genes among the tall genes.
Maybe if we take a look at cindy's family and rande's family we will see many shorter relatives...
Rande and cindy might be the tall exception in their families, where the majority is probably average height.
So they are a tall couple with a high probability of having average height children.
Though i believe kaia will reach 5'6 and the boy will be 5'11 closer to 6'( that would make them like tallish average siblings)
They don't seem fully developed yet.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/16
@Antje I was just thinking the same thing. Her son and daughter aren't tall. Rande is at least 6 ft 1, can look closer to 6'2 with Clooney at time. Her son is now about 17 I think and only looks about 5 ft 10 or 11 to me. He looked tall a few years back but I see he doesn't seem to have grown!. Kaia is 15 now and way shorter than Cindy. You'd think her son would end up 6 ft 3 or 4 with those genes.
Antje said on 9/Dec/16
I understand that sometimes the children don't end up taller than their parents, but if both are tall than the children should as well be in a tall range
So for a couple such as cindy 5'9 and rande gerber 6'1 the girl should be at least 5'7 and the boy at least 6' i guess...
If you think that the male equivalent of a 5'9 woman is a 6'3 man, than the boy should be actually taller than 6'1 and shorter than 6'3
Maybe he will still grow some inches though.
Ana said on 13/Nov/16
Do you mind creating a page for Kaia? She is listed as all 5'6'', 5'7'' and 5'8'' but she doesn't look much over 5'6''!
Antje said on 13/Oct/16
shouldn't her children be taller?
Click Here
Her daughter is 15 and looks 5'5 and her son is 17 and looks 5'10- 5'10.5
Her husband is also tall, 6'1 or 6' i think
Maybe they are still going to grow, but for the girl at 15 is less likely i think... in my opinion she will only make it to 5'6
Editor Rob
sometimes you will end up shorter, if the majority of every generation ended up comparatively taller than their parents, humans would be towering over Giraffe's
John said on 10/Sep/16
I think that Cindy Crawford is between 171-172 cm.
john said on 10/Sep/16
At a NY Fashion event, she is barely taller than her 5-6 inch daughter, is shorter by at least 2 inches from Adriana Lima and based on the wall in the background, she comes up to Karlie Kloss' mouth. You people are insane if you think she is 5-9
MaryAnne said on 23/Aug/16
Shorter than 5'9 nowadays.
James B said on 4/Aug/16
with 5ft10 Diana in 1996

Click Here
Rebelka said on 30/Jul/16
Click Here
What do you think of the height of Cindy next to Kendall ?
Sparky said on 11/Jun/16
Cindy's daughter is 5'6 according to her agency, as she's 14 and most girls will have reached their adult height around this age, I doubt she will be as tall as her mother.
Allie said on 8/May/16
I wonder if her daughter will end up a few inches taller than her.
James B said on 30/Apr/16
Too much Botox can ruin your face. These days she looks a bit strange.
littlesue said on 7/Apr/16
She has admitted to using botox and fillers.
James B said on 5/Apr/16
Might still be near 5'9

Strikingly beutiful and sexy when she was younger. Still very good looking today actually but her face looks more masculine these days. I wonder if she's had any work done on her face?
Johno said on 2/Mar/16
She looked a bit taller then James Corden in that re-created Pepsi commercial on the beach so maybe 5'8.5
J.Lee said on 13/Feb/16
Was Glen misinformed about his height or was he just trying to lie? Would you ever let Glen come back? Has he come back?
Editor Rob
he may have popped by the site once in a while, but I think he probably stopped a while back. I don't know what he believed, but he was eventually trying to go with 5ft 8 out of bed. I don't think he reached that, but on a good day could have been 5ft 7.5 range. Unless he really shrank by age 40 by a fraction!
J.Lee said on 13/Feb/16
Rob, did you ever have her listed at 5 ft 9.75?
Editor Rob
I can't recall, but she has been at her claim for many years.
Brad said on 9/Feb/16
Still 5' 9" at the lowest. Jim wasn't on weed, the G was 5' 6.5" easy when he saw him...not 5' 8" wack height. Maybe a teething ring instead of pacification.
John said on 15/Dec/15
That pic is one of many and Kurkova is slouching in that pic (she is also in no heels). Other pics show them even or Cindy slightly shorter.
Jerome said on 13/Dec/15
Karolin kurkova is definitely a solid 5'11.
Click Here
So how does Cindy manage to look taller in normal heels?
jtm said on 8/Dec/15
hard to tell because of her posture but she isn't 5'9.
John said on 7/Dec/15
Tyra banks, who is listed at 5-10 on this site, is taller in sneakers than Cindy in heels...look at recent wire image pics in an event from yesterday.
John said on 19/Nov/15
Hi Rob. I just noticed something that I found funny. I have not seen all of these comments before and it appears you owe a guy named Jim an apology. You said he was on weed when he claimed to meet a guy named Glenn and said he saw him and he was like 5-6 instead of 5-8. An article on buzzfeed about your site said you proved that he was 5-6 3/4, so Jim wasn't on weed obviously. That means in all that guys pics with celebs, they are over an inch shorter than he said.
Editor Rob
well the guy said he was 5ft 7 and big G was 2 inches smaller...5ft 5 or even 5ft 6 was too low.

Dealing with a guy like Big G required patience and large doses of Pacification, both on here and via email.
John said on 8/Oct/15
Stop with the 5-9 talk. She was recently photographed at an event in her usual high heels next to flats wearing karolina kurkova. They were the same height or kurkova was even slightly taller. Kurkova is listed at 5-11 on this site with some saying she is 5-10. Crawford and klum are under 5-8.
oliver said on 30/Sep/15
If she's5' 9, then Taylor's also 5' 9.
pj said on 24/Sep/15
i think this height is about right. Anyone have a guess at how tall daughter Kaia is? I know she will probably hit a growth spurt, but still, she looks a lot shorter than Cindy at 14.
John said on 24/Aug/15
Same height as 5-8 Amal clooney and Cindy was wearing slightly bigger heels in recent wire image pics.
littlesue said on 23/Aug/15
Think ladies start to shrink after menopause quicks in. She may or may not gone through it yet, average age is about 54.
Kina said on 21/Aug/15
You know, girls shrink more than boys after the 40's. At 80, a lady can have shrunk 7 or more centimetres, so I think she should be around 5'8 today. At 5'9 she should have been (like Naomi and Carla Bruni) at her peak.
Allie said on 12/Aug/15
What, Claudia's aged not that well imo.. Cindy's still looking fine tbh. 5'9 at her peak.
M said on 12/Aug/15
She and Naomi are 1.72m today..But they are really very georgeous, such a models will never appear again.
MaryAnne said on 12/Jun/15
She will be always the cover girl of America!
jackie said on 8/Jun/15
agreed, she's around this height. Dont get me wrong, she's a beautiful lady, but i think she hasn't aged as well as her contemporaries like naomi, christy turlington, claudia, etc.
BGee said on 27/Nov/14
Perfect height! Still tall w/o getting crazy. And still stunning after all these years.
James B said on 1/Sep/14
Look more 5'8.5 these days
Crash said on 13/May/14
@Arch WTF? He looked clearly shorter than her back then and he still does today at 14.
Dave said on 22/Feb/14
She was 5'9.5" moat of the time and probably 5'10" peak right out of bed at age 21-40.
Now that she's way over 40, she could be as low as 5'9" by bed time but still more than that right out of bed.
J.Lee said on 24/Dec/13
Can u do a height for christie brinkley?
Editor Rob
yeah no problem
J.Lee said on 5/Nov/13
Rob, I have something interesting I want you to look at. This pic of Cindy 5 ft9 with George Clooney 5 ft 10.75. Click Here If Clooney is 5 ft 10 3/4 and wearing 1 inch shoes, how much taller does Cindy look in this pic and how high would her shoes be?
Editor Rob
I don't think he is quite standing as tall there, not sure there's many photos of them together
Gregorovich said on 25/Oct/13
Need to find picks of her with Gere. If she had on 3 or 4 inch heels, she would be several inches taller than him. I stood right next to her last year. She's around 5'9" barefoot.
Cacau said on 23/Sep/13
Richard Gere looks 2 inches taller than she, in old photos and he's 1,76 m
John said on 13/Sep/13
She's not 5 feet 9.
i.n. said on 12/Aug/13
Click Here
With 6'0 PK Subban
J.Lee said on 26/Jun/13
Rob doesn't she need to get averaged out to 5 ft 9.25 or 5 ft 9.5 if 5 ft 9 is her lowest?
J.Lee said on 25/Jun/13
Rob what do you think Cindy's height ranges from morning to night?
Editor Rob
could be nearly 5ft 10 and go to 5ft 9 flat
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
5 foot 9. One of the sexiest supermodels ever!
J.Lee said on 15/Jun/13
Rob the pic I showed below looks like a 6 inch heel, yet you said only 5 ft 11 and 6 ft
Editor Rob
I must have thought the picture at the top, yeah in the linked picture the platform is very big and so she'd be in 6ft 1-2 range
john said on 2/Jun/13
If Randy is 6 feet 2 (which I believe), how is Cindy still always 4 inches smaller and always wearing 4-5 inch heels?????? She has been quoted as saying she is 5 feet 8 by someone on this site
Gregorovich said on 23/May/13
Look, the gal is tall. I am 5'10" and was wearing shoes with a big heel when I met her and Randy in Malibu. I was still looking up at her. Sure, she had high heels on, but even if you subtract the three or four inch heels, I still put her around 5'9". Randy is easily 6'2".
J.Lee said on 20/May/13
Rob, how tall would Cindy be in these? Click Here
Editor Rob
probably right between 5ft 11 and 6ft
J.Lee said on 20/May/13
Rob let's say someone has 3 heights. Morning height. Day time height. And night time height. Which height is the one you're supposed to use? My height can fluctuate 3/4 of an inch, but I maintain half of my height for the majority of the day.
Editor Rob
some people have different views, but if you go with what people on average might be measured at (time of day), then it's more likely around mid-day compared to out of bed or late at night
J.Lee said on 19/May/13
Rob, aren't you 5 ft 9 AM? In the afternoon, don't you stay at about 5 ft 8.5 until the end of the day?
Editor Rob
by mid-day I'm near my low, maybe another 2mm by night, but I wake 6-7am most days so would only be 5ft 8.5 up to maybe 9am - the first 3 hours after waking you lose a big proportion of the morning height
J.Lee said on 18/May/13
Are you a strong 5 foot 8 rob? Seems like you could pass for 5 ft 8.5
Editor Rob
1/8th over 5ft 8 is nothing, but you could call it a 'legit' 5ft 8 because I don't drop below the mark. If I dropped to 5ft 7.75 I'd call myself more a weak 5ft 8.
J.Lee said on 17/May/13
rob do u think she's a ''weak'' 5 ft 9? What do you mean when you say weak?
Editor Rob
drops below the mark, like 5ft 8.75, a strong 5ft 9 might still be 5ft 9 and a few mm at night or just doesn't go below 5ft 9 and could be 5ft 9.25 in the afternoon.
John said on 16/May/13
No way in hell 5 feet 9. In high heels at Cannes, she is an inch taller than 5foot 7 georgia jagger. Jerry hall in flats is taller than Georgia in 5 inch heels. Cindy is probably under 5 feet 8. Most exaggerated height ever
J.Lee said on 6/Apr/13
Rob how tall would she be in these Click Here
Editor Rob
probably six one on the nose
Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/13
Their son is growing at a scary rate, he looks like he edges out his mother now and he was about 5'7" ish only a few months ago! He's only 13, he's going to be very tall for sure.
J.Lee said on 5/Mar/13
Rob, how tall would u imagine cindy waking up out of bed?
Editor Rob
I'll make that a mission to find out...

in the meantime, I'd think near 5ft 10
Arch Stanton said on 25/Jan/13
Randy Gerber is 6'2"-6'2.5" range I think. I'd guess 189cm. Click Here Their son is going to be very tall I think, look how long his legs are, he's only just turned 13 and 5 ft 7. With a 6'2" range father and 5'9" mother I could imagine him being 6'4"-6'6 when grown.
Steven said on 3/Nov/12
I'm not doubting you but how tall was randy? Cindy normally wears sky high heels. She, despite wearing 3-4 inch heels, is always much shorter than randy. He is no more than 6-2 based on him next to clooney. So, even in high heels, she is still shy of 6 foot.
Gregorovich said on 28/Oct/12
Saw Cindy and Randy at Cafe Habana in Malibu last night with their kiddies. I am 5'10" and was wearing shoes with 3/4" heel. She had 3 inch heels. My friend said she was around two inches taller than me. So I would put her closer to 176 or 177cm. No way is she only 5'8". Definitely between 5'9" and 5'10" without heels. I complimented Randy about his club "Whiskey Blue", but he was not in a talkative mood.
Steven said on 6/Oct/12
Upper case John is incorrect. Cindy has told someone who posted on the site that she is 5 foot 8 without heels.
John said on 29/Sep/12
Well to lower-case john, There's no such thing as 4 inch heels...most tall woman's heels will give 3-3.25 inches. Also, remember that the man wears shoes of 1-1.25 inches (You forgot about that, eh?) So, advantage = 2 inches. 5'9 becomes 5'11. You said she's 'still 3 inches shorter than her husband who is not taller than 6 foot 2' 6'2-3 =5'11. Cindy is 5'9.
john said on 30/Jul/12
I dont get you people. Cindy wears at least 4 inch heels all the time and is still 3 inches shorther than her husband. If she was 5 feet 9 or 10, she would be well over 6 feet in heels. Her husband is not taller than 6 foot 2. She is at most 5 feet 8 (which is what she saod she was)
J.Lee said on 13/Jun/12
rob, you sure cindy aint 5 ft 10?
ChiasmataX said on 22/Nov/11
Legend you are right, she had heels here which of course wasn't mention. She's about 172-173cm without her footwear advantage. She's 177-178cm with heels.
Silent d said on 16/Nov/11
In that photo above she looks 179cm. Probably in heels. 5 foot 9 is right on.
Silent d said on 31/Oct/11
In according to jim she is a little bit shorter than jim who i think is 178cm. I could live with 175cm. She is my top ten supermodels of all time.
sean73 said on 14/Oct/11
In my top ten all time without a doubt!5-9 flat.
James said on 17/Sep/11
About 5'11.25 (181cm) in heels next to Mamun
johno said on 15/Aug/11
marie says on 26/May/11
Back when Cindy was married to Richard Gere, they were in San Francisco where he was filming a movie. She was working out at the same gym I belonged to. One quiet afternoon I saw her in the ladies' locker room. I am 5'9" tall. I know this for a fact. Cindy was shorter. Definitely. Maybe 5'7" or 5'7 1/2", but no more

I would have given anything to been you marie :-P, back to topic

cindy 5'8.5
Kian said on 14/Aug/11
if Mnum is 5'8 she must be like 5'10 or 5'11 because theres a big difference in height between the two shes like 5'11 at most she looks loads taller IMO.
Legend said on 23/Jul/11
Or maybe 5'8.5...Oh well LOL
Legend said on 27/Jun/11
Sorry, I mean 5'8.75
Legend said on 22/Jun/11
She's 5'8 flat.
marie said on 26/May/11
Back when Cindy was married to Richard Gere, they were in San Francisco where he was filming a movie. She was working out at the same gym I belonged to. One quiet afternoon I saw her in the ladies' locker room. I am 5'9" tall. I know this for a fact. Cindy was shorter. Definitely. Maybe 5'7" or 5'7 1/2", but no more.
mish said on 23/Apr/11
john, i agree krupa seems a lot shorter. She's same height at Cindy who is in flats and krupa is in high heels.
Krupa is about 5'3 i think.
john said on 14/Apr/11
There us no way Krupa is 5 feet 7...on gettyimages, she is the same height as 5 foot 2 Kelly Osborne
Frank said on 2/Apr/11
She has to be MUCH taller. Here you can see her in sneakers next to 5'7 Joanna Krupa wearing heels and Cindy's still clearly taller:

Click Here
Click Here
Shaun said on 16/Mar/11
Rande Gerber looks a very similar height and appearance I think to Laird Hamilton (if he cut off his floppy hair) . I think 6'2.5" would be a good estimate like Laird.
Shaun said on 15/Mar/11
@Leo. I've been to Spain and Italy and by far more blokes are in the 5'6"-5'82 range than 6'3" +. Of course you get tall ones in any population but in my experience men in the Mediterranean tend to be shortish. You get a few six footers, sort of like your Ibrahimovic or Maldini types but the men are typically on the short side, especially the oldest generation.
Shaun said on 14/Mar/11
Rob how tall would you estimate Rande Gerber to be? She's in lowish heels in this photo.

Click Here

I think he might be around 6 ft 3. He definitely looks like a 6'2" or 6'3" guy in most photos. What do you think? I'd guess 190cm

Editor Rob
yeah he's got to be 6ft 2 range.
Mamun said on 29/Jan/11
I wish I did that but at this moment I couldn't feel my legs or hands ! I was
" FORZEN " brother that her hands were actually touching my shoulders !


xyz.reg said on 10/Jan/11
Hi mamun..i feel u could have also kept your hands over her shoulders..stunning beauty with great height..!
Anonymous said on 6/Dec/10
how high or the heels? did u ask her her height?
Bon said on 5/Dec/10
all evidence points to 5'8.5
Mamun said on 26/Nov/10
Yes she was in heels .


josef said on 7/Nov/10
jose mourinho is from my contry he is 5ft8(173cm) not 6ft3(193cm) but he is taller for portuguese mens portuguese mens are only 5ft6(168cm) not 5ft7(170/172cm) that they clame

portuguese are only 5ft5(165 to 168cm)
Kate said on 7/Nov/10
she seems about 5'8. there's a pic of her standing nxt to 5'5 donatella versace. she looks about 3in taller....unless donatella has taller heels.
Click Here
ahoj said on 28/Jun/09
In my opinion there are lots of lies about the height of supermodels. Just watch fashion tv, and you will see that the difference between a model and an other one is more than 20 cms sometimes, but a difference of at least 10cm is very usual, and the problem with it is that they are listed mostly in the 177-180 cm intervall, which is a difference what you can't even recognize, when they walk on the catwalk. But what can we expect from an industry which shows us girls from the 13-16 year intervall, who two days before the first modelling job watched Mikey Mouse on tv, and they not only show their face, but they present those very young girls as sexual objects. Is not it against all kinds of law and moral? Do you think that people like them won't lie about height? :) They probably lie about everything.
j.Lee said on 15/May/09
yea but so many times Cindy will look shorter than others. Rob, do you think cindy might even be 176 cm or less? it seems so in some vids
C said on 15/May/09
You can't make any kind of educated guess from that video, when there is no shot of what they were wearing on their feet.
vaj said on 4/May/09
I met Cindy she is 5'11" in 3" heels and 5'8" barefooted.
J.Lee said on 2/May/09
Yea rob. do you think maria is five nine? based on that video she is as tall as cindy
j.Lee said on 30/Apr/09
Rob! Glenn! everyone!! here is a video with cindy and maria menonous. maria is five 8. on celebheights she is five seven and 3/4. watch them stand next to each other for 3 minutes!!! Click Here
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
Any woman over 5'9" barefoot is very tall. That equivalent to 6'2 + for a guy. Tallish for women is 5'6"-5'9" anything above, very tall. Women like Uma Thurman, Weaver. Famke Jansen and Maria Sharapova are the female equivalents to Robbins, Vaughn, and Goldblum.
Jennifer said on 12/Mar/09
I saw Cindy at LAX she had heels on but was very tall. For sure without heels she is a true 5'9 maybe 5'9 1/2 and no shorter, no way!
glenn said on 23/Feb/09
thats possible j lee.i have a photo with her hugging me.she towers me in her heels and i think i was 5-7 in 1991.
J.Lee said on 22/Feb/09
Rob do you think there's any chance cindy is over five ten even at night time? she looks it. what do you think gleen
vaj said on 31/Jan/09
I just met her today at Roomstore in Houston. She was 1/2" taller than me with 3" high heels. I am 5'10.5" in shoes and 5'9" barefooted so she was 5'11" in heels puts her around 5'8" barefooted.
GF said on 25/Jan/09
Wasn't she listed as 5'10" in the 90's? In this pic, she looks it.
Austrian said on 19/Jan/09
yea.... Inter lists him as 179 cm, but im pretty sure that cant be true

by the way does anyone else think he is very reminiscent of Jude Law in some ways?

they both look similar, have this kinda intense look in their eyes, they both kinda have a similar style in clothes imo, and theyre both guys who come across shorter than they actually are
Jlee said on 15/Jan/09
rob do u think she might be five ten at night instead of five nine and half?
Doris said on 8/Jan/09
I think she is a legit 5'9.5 .yes many models lie about height but not if they are already a perfect height for the business like cindy.
formerlytoo said on 9/Dec/08
I stood side by side with Cindy on a photo-set in Chicago right after she did her first Vogue cover. She is 5'8.5" at the most and a down-to-earth, wicked smart, gorgeous girl.
That Guy said on 17/Nov/08
Definite full 5'9". Just saw her. She is legit. And still fine.
Jlee said on 10/Nov/08
So you all you have to do is put on 9 inch heels and you are five eleven. So, you can be pretty tall too.
why not said on 1/Nov/08
JLee, I envy your height. I'm less than 5 ft. 2.
I believe the height added by heels depends on the shoes. When I wear paltforms listed at a certain number of inches then that is the exact number of inches I gain in height but the amount varies with heels. I do though find wedges to be closer to the actual amount of inches gained than spikes.
I do though love them all!
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/08
saw her in dallas at the cattle barons ball. she is a real 5'9". I don't think any taller or shorter. But who can really tell. Next to my 5'9" boss, she looked exact same.
Jlee said on 23/Oct/08
rob, that thing you put on the truth about heels , i don't agree with it completely. here is why. I am five ten exactly, i would not steer you wrong. a girl five six and a half puts on 5 and 3/4 in shoes. so according to your theory, she should be 4 an 1/4 inches taller, which would make her 5 foot 10 and 3/4. But i have shoes on, so i am five eleven. but i can tell she is a little taller than me. and our heights are accurate. i really can not figure it out, I really can't. I think that you are not your shoe height, but maybe close. so i think 5 inch shoe, you will be 4 inches taller, not 3.5
Jason said on 23/Oct/08
Even if she is only 3 inches taller in heels, that makes her a little over 6 feet and she still is towered over by her husband, much more than 2.5 inches
Jlee said on 21/Oct/08
no but jason a 4 inch heel only makes you about 3 inches taller. and also her husband has shoes on to make him six foot three. does that make sense? that's why he is still way taller.
Rob i got one. you said any girl over five ten is VERY tall. well cindy is 5 foot 9.5 is she VERY tall?
Jason said on 15/Oct/08
I do and here is why.....she ALWAYS wears at least 4 inch heels which shows me that she wants to appear taller. Furthermore, in this heels, which would make her 6 foot 1 at the minimum, she is still noticeably shorther than her 6 foot 2 inch husband.
Jlee said on 8/Oct/08
Jason, do you really think cindy is shorter than five nine? Heidi klum, i do question her height because of the tyra banks video i posted on heidi's height page. But cindy does look as tall as the other models i would say.
Brad said on 14/Aug/08
Glenn's comp card said 5' 8" but he was 5' 6.5" at 9 P.M..
jason said on 13/Aug/08
Steve, models do lie on their comp cards....I assume these are from Marlow's composities? Ashley Richardson is 6 foot 1 but her comp card sayd 5 feet 10.5, Gabrielle Reece is 6 foot 3, her comp card says 6 foot 2, Carol Alt is 5 10.5, her comp card says 5 feet 9, should I keep going? The taller models lie down and the shorter ones (Crawford and Klum, for example) lie up so they wouldn't appear too short. Funny how her shoe size started as a 9, than 9.5 and finally a 10.
Steve said on 13/Aug/08
Cindy Crawford's current composite card in 2008 has her listed with the same height as it was in 1985: 5'9.5"

Cindy is represented by Storm Models in the UK. Here is her card:

Click Here

(This closes the case.)
Steve said on 13/Aug/08
Comp cards are more reliable than anything else. Don't you know all models have comp cards? Why did nobody yet post a picture of her comp card? Any modeling agency that lies about its models' stats is going to weaken its reputation and have to reprint the cards. Cindy's comp cards when she started modeling list her height at 5'9.5" and that number never changed.

1985: Click Here
1986: Click Here
1990: Click Here
jason said on 8/Aug/08
I still can't believe that she is 5 recent pics of her in St. Tropez with her husband, who is 6 foot 2, she is barefoot next to him and appears much shorther than he (more than 4.5 inches). In photos taken a few days later, they are shopping, he in flip flops and she in at least 4 inch heels and she is still at least 3 inches shorter. She is most likely 5 feet 8 tops.
Clay said on 5/Aug/08
Heels Sid, heels.
Mamun said on 5/Aug/08
Sid , Did you at least ask me weather she was wearing heels or not ?
sf said on 5/Aug/08
Ummmm...maybe Crawford had on high heels like many, many women?
sid said on 5/Aug/08
If crawford is 5'9'5 mamum isn't 5'8 she has over 2 inches on him, mamum is 5'6 to 5'7.. mamum why lie about your height.??
J.lee said on 4/Aug/08
No, I stood next to this girl in vegas one time. NO, no. I am five ten and she owned me. You go girl! you bring on the height yah!
JP_2008 said on 4/Aug/08
I think that more than 2.5 inches for women high heel is a common thing in top models scene. Yes, she must become 6 feet and more wearing heels and 5 feet and 9.5 inches without them. You must be right.
Mamun said on 25/Jun/08
Thanks BK-Daniel ! Can you please get me her number ? I shall be very very
greatful .


BK_Daniel said on 24/Jun/08
Cindy was 5 foot 9 and a half, Cindy is 5 foot 9 and a half.

PS. I think she has the hots for Mamun. When he calls himself superman, superman is flattered.
soapstar said on 2/Jun/08
I've heard/read from early on in her career & throughout that she is 5 feet 9. I wanted to grow to be that height because of it but it sadly didn't happen.
Anyway, it was stated from her early mega-media days that even though she was short for a supermodel that she had something so special and gained the title regardless.
J.Lee said on 22/May/08
I know leonari. It's just that when we are kids, we tend to think that 5 foot 10 girls are like huge. And then as we grow older, we realize its not a big deal. She is not over 6 feet, she just looks it sometimes and people that didn't know better would say she probably is. Infact, I think cindy is actually about five nine at most. Looking at some of her pics she doesn't seem hella tall.
leonari said on 15/May/08
J. Lee: what are you smokin??Just because you are tall doesn't mean all the famous girls are as tall or taller than you. 6 feet for Cindy????? What a joke!!! (In heels: yes she reaches that mark with crazy heels)
Steve said on 20/Apr/08
Ed, I agree and thanks for the firsthand proof. I just saw her (in her usual 3 to 4 inch heels, which she always wears) next to Jim Belushi. On this site he is listed at 5 feet 11. He was at least an inch taller than her and she was wearing high heels. If she was really 5 9.5, she would have been clearly taller and she wasn't.
ed said on 18/Apr/08
funny i was nose to nose with her at a party...i could have kissed her (probably should have) she was about my height in heels and im 5-11 in i dont believe she is 5.95 maybe 5.8 or so she was not THAT tall like a 5.95 woman in shoes is...simply stunningly beautiful though
Wallace said on 11/Feb/08
In the photos Cindy is taller than the females she is pictured next to but she always seems to be shorter than any male (Gere, Gerber and any others for that matter). Magic Johnson is 6'9" but even so he is a full head taller than her when she is in heels.
While I think Cindy is the finest supermodel of her era (or any era in fact) and the prettiest, she was one of the shorter ones from her time. Naomi, Elle, Schiffer, Bridget Hall, Herzigova, Stacey Williams, Tyra, Pestova, Rachel Hunter, Kathy Ireland are all taller than Cindy. If Naomi is 5' 9.5" Cindy can't be the same height. Nevertheless, Cindy is the hottest of them all.
glenn said on 5/Feb/08
the pics arnt popping up for me on my usually does.when i get to a computer ill check.i need to resend my pic with her.its a hugging pic,but she towers my then 5-7.of she was in heels.
Nat said on 4/Feb/08
Thanks Glenn for the info....then Cindy is NOT 5 feet 9 at all because if she was 5 9 1/2 and in high heels, she would be very close to her husband in height. She comes up to his nose. Take a look at the pics.
glenn said on 4/Feb/08
if her husband is still that gerber guy,he is 6-2.
Nat said on 3/Feb/08
Does anyone know how tall her husband is? He doesn't look that much taller than his buddy George Clooney and if you look at the recent Gettyimages of her in hugh heels standing next to her husband, she is not close to 5 feet 9.5. She is in at least 4 inch heels and she comes up to his nose. Clooney is 5 feet 11 and that leaves her husband at 6 feet or a little over, so Cindy would be taller than him in heels.
mf said on 29/Dec/07
There are photos of Cindy barefoot with 5'10" Gail on the website "simply cindy", which put her slightly shorter (ie., 5'9 1/2 range). There are also photos of her in flip flops with Gail and she is again only slightly shorter.
Nat said on 2/Dec/07
I agree she is short....look at the recent pics in Getty with her standing in heels next to Dean Cain. He is at least 2-3 inches taller than her and on this site he is listed at 6 feet and some people who saw him say 5 feet 10.
shawn said on 3/Nov/07
More prrof she is not taller than 5 feet 8 MAX....gettyimages. Search Cindy and the first pics are her next to 5 foot 10 Gail Elliot. Both in heels. Cindy is at least, if not more than 2 inches shorter. Elliot is not taller than 5 feet 10 based on internet sources and pics of her next to other models.
E said on 19/Oct/07
that is about right... she brushed right past me at a party one time
in a tight cocktail dress.
She was standing about 5-9 and I was standing pretty tall too.
One of the most beautiful women in the world.
talker said on 17/Oct/07
i think the listing is right.She is tall.Here she is next to Bridgette Wilson-Sampras who is over 5'8".
Click Here
btoy said on 16/Oct/07
she doesn't look 5'9" here, she looks like she's 6 ft, she may be like Kate Moss, who lies and tries to be 5'7", and she might be wearing heels, which would make her at least 2-4 inches taller.
jim said on 11/Oct/07
I don't smoke weed at all and I was not on a sidewalk....I walked right past him and knwo what I saw.
Cpt Crunch said on 11/Oct/07
maybe 5-9 flat if she take off her heels?
jim said on 10/Oct/07
Glenn, I hate to say it, but I think you are no taller than 5 feet 6. I passed by you in Washington Square Park in NYC last Saturday night. I am 5 feet 7 and was wearing flat shoes and I was at least 2 inches taller than you. So, Crawford is at least 2 inches shorther than she is listed.

Editor Rob
you must have been on a bit of weed aswell? 5ft 6 is crazy talk, or sidewalk advantage if you ever saw him.
glenn said on 9/Oct/07
my pose with crawford is better than any in the world.mamouns pic is clearer and better in quality.and mamoun does look 5-8 here.5-7 elsewhere.actually i was 5-7 in my crawford,this is tricky.both mamoun and i look the same in the pics.kind of.
Alex said on 8/Oct/07
176cm is 5'9 1/4.
l0ck n l0ad said on 8/Oct/07
Hey Franco, Rob's listing is in feet and inches as the real indicator for the celeb's height, the height in centrimeters is just a rough convertion, and does not always accurately represent the feet/inches listing.

I also grew up on the metric system as a child and when I moved overseas I learned feet/inches, it's very simple I know them both by heart.
Just remember this, one inch = 2.54 centimeters.
One foot = 12 inches.

So for example to convert 176cm to feet/inches you would do:
176 / 2.54 = 69.291... that means there are 69.291 inches in 176cm.
Now for every foot there are 12 inches, so to get your basic 5 feet, do 12inches * 5 = 60 inches.
Now take the 69.291 inches and substract 5 feet from them (60 inches), meaning: 69.291 inches - 60 inches = 9.291 inches.
What you are left with is 9.291, meaning 176cm = 5'9.291" or 5'9.3" to round up a little, it's the same as saying 5'9-3/10".
Hope that helped.
Franco said on 8/Oct/07
there's something not right.......if 5'9.5 is 177cm......what is 176cm??

i thought 5'9.75 = 177cm?

5'9 = 175
5'9.5 = 176
5.9.75 = 177
5'10 = 178


and yes lol Mamun looks more a 171 than 173cm.
Matt Thomas said on 8/Oct/07
Mamun dont look like a legit 5'8
Yeppers said on 7/Oct/07
Hey that's a good shot.
Mamun said on 7/Oct/07
Thanks Daniel ! She was the second most beautiful woman I have ever met
right next to Princess Diana.
Daniel said on 6/Oct/07
And she's the one that inspired the Prince song "The most beautiful girl in the world", I've heard. Sure, she's gorgeous, congratulations, Mamun!
Franco said on 6/Oct/07
yep, she look good too :P
Franco said on 5/Oct/07
Cindy Crawford is 175-176cm, i have seen her barefoot in various movies, pictures and even on the beach in Milan.

shes more like 175cm, i know because when she was barefoot there was a guy i knew who is exactly 175 and they were the same exact height.
Derek said on 5/Oct/07
Odds are Cindy is in heels. She is a a hair under 5'10".
ms crababel said on 5/Oct/07
shorter than gere...see the stairs in the background? i think they have alot to do with geres height advantage
jim said on 5/Oct/07
If Cindy is wearing heels, which she most likely is, she is the same height (5 feet 8) or shorther than him
Mamun said on 5/Oct/07
Message from mamun , My good friends Cindy was wearing heals and was not . I
always wear causual shoes which are never more than an inche max . The reason
I look shorter than 5 ft 8 inches is because I power lift and wheigh between
205 to 220 pounds . IN other words I am chubby . That's why my friends I look
short . But still 5 ft 8 inches in not a very tall height .
Regards , Mamun
Cairo86 said on 5/Oct/07
Here we have Mamun at estimate say 3 inches shorter. We cannot besure if Cindy wears high heels. We must assume she does, so her comment is reasonable about 5ft 9.5.
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/07
Cindy is obviously wearing heels...She looks a good 3-4 inches taller.
danius said on 5/Oct/07
Alex said on 5/Oct/07
She looks a least 5'10 in the picture above.
romeo said on 5/Oct/07
In this picture, Mr. Mamun seems to be at least two inches shorter than Cindy. According to this picture, if Mamun is 5'8", Cindy has to be at least 5'10"
Catsman said on 5/Oct/07
Has anyone here met Mamun to check he's 5ft 8? He has the build of a much shorter man. Cindy isn't even standing straight here.
Gonzalo said on 5/Oct/07
Gere must have ground advantage
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
I agree with shorter than Gere. Actually Cindy is in the 5'7"-5'8" range. She is nowhere near 5'10".
Shorter than Gere said on 1/Aug/07
Something is wrong. Cindy looks 5-6 inches shorter than 5-10 Richard Gere in this photo:
Click Here
And she was probably wearing heels. I don't believe she's THAT short (there must be camera angle, uneven ground, etc.), but I also can't believe that she's only 0.5 inch shorter than Gere. No photo can make THAT big of a difference.
In all the other photos with Gere, she consistently looks shorter than Gere by more than 1 inch (even when wearing heels). You never see her tower over him, yet a 5'9.5 woman in heels should clearly be taller than a 5'10 man.
joe said on 19/Jul/07
How is she 5 feet 9? She wears high heels and her husband still towers over her and her husband is a little taller than George Clooney in all of the pics together. I bet she is 5 feet 7 max.
Chabel said on 24/Jun/07
Cindy is 5ft,9 that what she said in 93 or 94 when she was invited in frabce to a french television show on TF1 called Coucou c'est nous with Cristophe de Chavanne. But in all the fashion magazines they say she measures 182cm?? Butdon't u remeber when she was married to Richard gere she didn't seem thiso tall beside him ,i mean tall very tall but not 182 cm.
eddie said on 14/Jun/07
Can we stick to Cindy? Does anyone know if she really is only 5 feet 7 or 8?
Brad said on 17/Oct/06
Anton was 3" added. Yeah, I'd believe 6' 2" in the photos of seen of Elle.
Brad said on 11/Oct/06
Never met Elle. Anton is freakishly tall.
mike said on 11/Oct/06
Brad..have you ever met Elle Macpherson? I swear she is well over 6 feet as well. She is freakishly tall.
Brad said on 10/Oct/06
Anton is over 6'. I was 6' 6" that day. She came in at 6' 3+" at the least in footwear. "Adds on": heels. Kate Jackson was next to Anton that day.Ray Courts' show. She's another actress I was shocked how tall she was. Amazing how Aaron Spelling got ace directors to "up" Farrah & Cheryl in that series. Both are shorter than people think. Ms. Smith I've never met. I guess she's taller than FF & CL by a few.
mike said on 10/Oct/06
Brad, I always thought Anton was WELL over 6 feet tall. She is always listed at 5 feet 11. How tall do you think she really is?

Also, I don't understand your comment about Tiegs. What does "Tiegs adds on" mean?
mike said on 9/Oct/06
If Tiegs is 6 foot and towers over Daisy (both are in heels), then doesn't it stand to reason that Tiegs is more then 3 inches taller then Daisy, thus making Daisy and Crawford under 5 feet 9?
Brad said on 7/Oct/06
Tiegs is 6' tall. She towers over 5' 9" men and boys and Daisy. I've met Tiegs. She was over 6' in heels easy.
sal said on 5/Oct/06
Daisy is not 5 feet 9...she wears 4 inch heels all the time. Go to and search Cheryl Tiegs. She towers...TOWERS..over Daisy and tehy are both in heels.
Brad said on 4/Oct/06
Daisy Fuentes is 5' 9". I saw her years ago down in Florida during an MTV thing. She towered over her Latin chiquitas & even most of the Latin guys not to mention those Bell Biv De-midgits etc.. CC & DF are right about the same.
sal said on 3/Oct/06
There are numerous pictures of her next to Daisy Fuentes, who people who know her swear she is no taller than 5 feet 8, and they are exactly the same size....also, if she wore such big heels, she would be much taller than 6 feet if she was 5 feet 9.5. In her big heels, her husband still towers over her. I don't think he is 6 foot 5.
Glenn said on 3/Oct/06
Im amazed I never sent this.shouldve been with my first batch in December.
Brad said on 3/Oct/06
She wears big boots with huge heels on them. The girl brings the height on big time. 5' 9.5" is the lowest I'd go 4-sure. She wouldn't get a job at 5' 7". Elite, etc. would point at the door.
sal said on 25/Sep/06
Brad said she was 6 foot in heels and I say she is 5 feet 8 tops in sneakers....I stood right next to her too
Brad said on 15/Sep/06
Look, I'm 6' 5", I stood right next to her: she was 6' in heels. This was in '89.
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
Read what Brad says.5-9.5 for sure.saw her enough.
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/06
Cindy Crawford was listed at 5'8" at age 19 when she started in the face biz. She is not a ligit 5'10".
Sal said on 14/Aug/06
No way...she is at the most 5 feet 8. I met her at the Revlon walks in NYC....she is not tall at all. I heard her husband is 6 foot 1. She is at least 2-3 inches shorter than him in heels..look at the pictures. 5 feet 8 might me generous.
Brad said on 8/Aug/06
Legit 5' 10" with ease. Prettier in person. Stands very tall & has no qualms wearing heels to push 6 feet.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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