How tall is Richard Gere

Richard Gere's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 10 (177.8 cm)
American Actor best known for roles in films such as Pretty Woman, An Officer and a Gentleman, Chicago, Arbitrage, American Gigolo, First Knight and Internal Affairs. A telegraph interviewer said on meeting him, "He is smaller than he appears on film, perhaps 5ft 9in".

How tall is Richard Gere
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Average Guess (32 Votes)
Peak: 5ft 9.7in (177cm)
Current: 5ft 8.69in (174.5cm)
Davej said on 24/May/20
Hey Rob. Can you add the movie 'the jackal' to his credits. Amazing movie starring along side Bruce Willis.
Peak height 5'10 1/5
Current height 5'9 1/4
Spencer said on 29/Apr/20
Barely looks taller than Andy Garcia in Internal Affairs. My guess is 5'9.75" peak
Nik Ashton said on 3/Feb/20
He’s above average for his age, by over an inch!
VitoCheng said on 31/Jan/20
Current: 177.2cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/Aug/19
πŸŽπŸ°πŸŽ‚ Happy 7️⃣0️⃣th Birthday RG! πŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸŽ

Richard Gere reaches the landmark age of 70 today, but, hey, that's nothing in this day and age - it's distinguished and 'seasoned'!

🎈 Have a fantastic day and thank you for making such brilliant films over the years. XXX 🎈

I saw Richard at the pictures in a film called 'No Mercy', in which he starred with Kim Basinger. (I saw 'Pretty Woman' on the big screen too). This (the aforementioned movie) was in the Summer of 1986 or 87. I did think he came over nearer around the 5ft11+ mark from that viewing. He's been in so many memorable films since, my favourites of which include 'The Mothman Prophecies', 'Primal Fear' and 'Unfaithful'.

A truly excellent actor.

5ft10 peak,
5ft9 now.

triplemagnum said on 30/Jul/19
@Rob What morning height would you say for a young Richard? Pretty accurate and nice work I know is not easy to guess heights. I thought I was good but seeing this page I can say you are a pro
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 at least, maybe on a good day not far off 5ft 11
Fabrizio said on 12/Jul/19
Richard gere now is 177, 5 cm
Canson said on 8/Jul/19
@Val.: that average guess is only 5’9.68 so a lot of people don’t think that way really. Rob only has him as a flat 5’10 peak and 5’9 today
Val. said on 6/Jul/19
tammie, you're a liar. Plenty people have stood next to him and he was a strong 5'10 until at least his 50s, and that includes throughout the 90s. YOu can always spot lies and fabrications and/or jealousy. This man is obviously nowhere near 5'8, even now at age 70.
tammie said on 15/May/19
I stood next to Richard Gere in 1992 in a restaurant outside of Katmandu, Nepal. I'm 5"10 and he was 5"8 at most. We both were wearing sandals. I was shocked to see how short he really is. So everybody keep on guessing but you're all wrong. I know he is much shorter than he publicizes.
Maickeyguess said on 10/Dec/18
Hi Rob what your minimum guess for him and higuest in his peak? I think he was 176 minimum 177 max
Benny said on 25/Oct/18
5'9" now. 5'10.25" peak
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/18
I have some doubts Julia is a full 5'8" and it's common practice to make sure the leading man isn't shorter than his leading lady so that still doesn't mean Gere was ever 5'10" barefoot. Cindy Crawford's claim suggests he was never taller than 5'9.5" and so does how Gere appeared with her: Click Here You can see Cindy had flats as she often did with him: Click Here Gere had good proportions at 5'9.5", but his height the last 8-9 years makes it more likely he wasn't taller.
lee168cm said on 21/Jul/18
He looked the same height as Julia Roberts in 3 inch heels in pretty woman so 5ft 10 peak sounds good
Greg said on 3/Jan/18
You can tell even in his early movies he was never 5:10 or 11 he's always been 5 9 at best. It's important for actors for the public perception that short men don't have leading roles.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Sep/17
@Arch: Good find, here's the link with timestamp: Click Here She then adds "Well if you ask him, he might be a little taller." This makes sense as I'm pretty sure Gere has claimed 5'10.5" before as I'm certain he's been listed and described at that.

I think that fits with my guess of about 5'9.5" as that's right in between the range Cindy gives. Looking at old photos of Richard and Cindy, I've noticed she typically wore flats and lower heels and Richard wore boots pretty frequently. Here are a couple of examples: Click Here Click Here But seeing Richard towered by Carey Lowell makes me think he got over any hangup he may have had about looking as tall as his wives or girlfriends.

With Rob listing Cindy at 5'9" -- a height she's claimed before -- it seems Cindy thinks of Richard as having been more 5'9"-5'9.5" than 5'10". 5'9" flat seems a bit low for Richard, but he's tricky. He often slouches and he has the type of frame that gives a taller impression standing by himself. 176 cm isn't that unlikely, though, especially seeing how short Richard has looked since age 60. I'll stick with 5'9.5" prime for now.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Sep/17
Howard Stern show around 2000 Stern asked Cindy how tall Richard was, thinking he was tall and she said "he's my height, 5'9-5'10".
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Sep/17
I have to agree with James. I have a hard time believing Gere was ever 5'10" considering he was not looking much more than 5'9" in shoes with Carey Lowell towards the end of their marriage, was edged out by 5'9" Mel Gibson when Gere was only 63 and even at age 60, he also looked to be edged out by a weak 5'9" Wesley Snipes in almost every picture from the Brooklyn's Finest premiere:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He's looked to be about 5'8.5" in his 60's. In fairness, his posture isn't very good, but I certainly think it's reasonable to say he was 5'9" max by 60 and an inch seems a lot to lose by that age. He always seemed average height to me so I'd imagine he was around 5'9.5" and has shrunk a fair amount.
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Sep/17
I would like to agree with KH that Richard Gere is an underrated actor. I have seen some staggeringly good films of his, and just when I think I've seen them all, I find more!
I searched through the internet earlier this year and found a fine array of films of his. Not one of them let me down! NOT ONE!
I can't honestly think of many cases of that happening to me. Admittedly, I am quite a harsh critic when it comes to films, but having said that, it makes his flawless record in my opinion that much more praiseworthy!

Today Richard gets 5ft9, and 5ft10 for his peak.
KH said on 13/Sep/17
Right in this range was still taller then Roberts in heels while wearing standard dress shoes in Pretty Woman. A little taller then Hector Elizondo. Incredibly good looking man and an underrated actor imo.
James B said on 17/Jul/17
Even with his hairstyle he was dwarfed by bill duke in american gigilo. I would have guessed 5'9.5 for a peak gere.

Just too say I dont think gere was the type of film star who would be bothered about acting alongside taller actors
Mary said on 2/Jul/17
Wow. A stud back in the day. Very very handsome. Aged well. James Franco a newer version of him, could be father/son. Gere more handsome though because, let's face it, James Franco is kind of crazy. Anyway, height is on point. Yes he was a beautiful man in every sense!!
RisingForce said on 20/May/17
It's definitely possible he's dropped below 5'9" the last few years, Richard. Especially since I'm now convinced Mel Gibson was always 5'9" flat without his cowboy boots. He had to have been over 5'9" peak, though how much does seem a question now. I've never heard anything about shoes with him so I have to guess being well proportioned made him look taller. His hair style can certainly help as well.

Here's Gere age 63 with his ex-wife 5'10" Carey Lowell at the 2013 Golden Globes: Click Here Click Here Click Here If she's around 6'1" in heels then he's only looking about 5'9" or so IN shoes there. At best, he could be just scraping 5'10" in shoes.

Even going back to 2008/2009, she could look 3 inches taller in heels: Click Here Sometimes less back then, but always more than 2" unless she's really bending or slouching and of course, with how taller women stand in heels with shorter men, she may not always be standing at 6'1" even if she could easily reach it standing straight.
Richardspain said on 25/Apr/17
Good looks in the screen.

But he isn't tall. He has a normal height.

Peak 176cm not more
Now 174cm.
RisingForce said on 16/Apr/17
I believe Gere was 5'9.5" peak, which would add up with the 5'10.5" he got listed at as that could have been a shoe height. A 63 year old Gere was edged out by a 57 year old Mel Gibson, who didn't have his cowboy boots and was never taller than 5'9.5" himself: Click Here Gere could have lost height, but it seems like a stretch he was the full 5'10" since Gibson himself may only be 5'9" flat.
mister_lennon said on 22/Feb/17
divincodino92 said on 21/Feb/17
At young strong 176, now 175
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Oct/16
I expected Richard Gere to be a good, strong 5ft11 at least, as his films do make him appear above average height for a male, I must say! Then he was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford, and as I hadn't seen them standing together very often, I assumed that he was taller than 5ft9 or 10, bearing in mind that a woman with her glamorous career is likely to be wearing heels and I didn't remember her exactly towering over him!
However, certain of his films I have enjoyed so much that they have left me with a great deal of food for thought. The fact-based film 'The Mothman Prophecies' was more than interesting and I can't ever get over a conversation which goes on the lines of 'what we know in this life and what there is to come is like explaining what we ourselves know to a cockroach!'
Is that amazing or what?
I found his performance in the film 'The Flock' very moving, and he played a charming part in 'Dr T and the Women'. He was also excellent in 'Unfaithful'. Yes, I think that I must like him!!
Rober said on 28/May/16
Here with Marcelo (174)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/May/16
About 1in shorter than Topher Grace in The Double
MrAverage said on 23/Mar/16
5'9 I would so because he was on HBO OZ as a background prison officer too and he look tiny compared to the guards and inmates.

Look at 1:13 on the video.
Click Here
letitia green said on 26/Dec/15
South Africa. Celebs are insecure .. I don't blame them but they sure will be happier if they stop worrying about what the public thinks of them. Richard Gere .... The BESTEST. SEXIEST and most of all ........ Looks like my boss.... Mentor and the man who put my kids through school. So I compliment u Mr Gere for MY boss Mr Brews who's looks made me stick in this company my whole life. Because he looks like you sir.
James B said on 6/Dec/15
rob you list David Keith at 5'11 on this site yet there was more than 1 inch between him and Richard in an officer and a gentleman
AGI said on 15/Aug/15
He was never taller than 5-9. Hasn't lost any height
Tommy said on 17/Jul/15
177 up to 178 barefoot for richard
Markm said on 28/Jun/15
I met Richard Gere in Vancouver back in the 90's. I was expecting him to be about 5'11". When I met him I was amazed how much height I had in him. ( I am about 6' 3/4".) the best I ever measured was about 6'1".

His posture was awful. I had to lean over to shake his hand. Nice guy though. Very pleasant.
tk said on 9/Jun/15
I don't remember if I posted this one before. I was watching Pretty Woman again the other day and I noticed a scene where him and Julia Roberts are standing outside the elevator. He is in socks, she's in flats and there seems to be a 3 inch difference between them. He definitely was 5'10'' at the time.
Markus from Italy said on 13/Mar/15
Richard Gere is a weird case... I mean: his former wife Cindy Crowford is 179 cm and he was shorter than her. Many sites list him at 172 cm, some others even 169 cm. He's clearly a lift wearer but it might be ridiculous to claim he wears huge lifts so I can buy 172 cm, with lifts on he can reach 179 cm or get close to it. Bear in mind that also simple boots (and he wears them often) can give you up to 4/5 cm in height. I daily wear Lowa boots, since I play airsoft, and they make me reach 176/177 cm ...
CDS said on 10/Mar/15
This estimate seems right to me, but this guy sure is a sloucher. Whoopi Goldberg, on a sitcom, once described him as "tall and gorgeous". I dunno about that first part. LOL. But he does give that impression on screen in spite of the fact it's clear he's more of average height by his co-stars in comparison. I might go as low as peak height 5'9.5" and 5'8.5-5'9" today; hard to say again with that bad posture...
Ian from Auckland said on 8/Mar/15
A little over 10 years ago I literally bumped into Richard Gere in Santa Monica (it was my fault). Once I realised who he was, I had a great opportunity to assess his height. I'm 177cm, he seemed just a little taller than me (178, maybe 179cm). So all of these current estimates seem pretty much right on the money.
Jesse Stone said on 25/Dec/14
A look at him next to 179 Topher Grace in "The Double". My dad is about the same age as Gere and was 177 - 178 cm at his prime. Now he is about 5'9. That's what Gere would be.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
184.3cm said on 25/Nov/14
Good listing, has the average guy look all the time. Have never seen him look tall or short in anything or on photo.
Realist said on 23/Nov/14
Strong 5'8" today. Peak 5'9.5. Similar to the Michael Douglas listing. Rob downgrade needed.
Jesse Stone said on 12/Oct/14
I think of 176-177cm as his peak, and now in the mid 60's it's not uncommon to loose height. Look at him next to Wesley Snipes (5'9). They seem to be the same height. Snipes could be slightly taller...he is younger than Gere.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

also with DeNiro:

Click Here

But no matter what height he is, he is one of the greatest actors I know!!
Guy said on 4/Aug/14
He looks like a 184 guy but when you ser him with other people he look like 178
dave said on 3/Aug/14
I reckon 5-8 to 5-9 tops
Jesse Stone said on 23/Jul/14
@Editor Rob: What do you say to the statement of the telegraph interviewer above: "Perhaps 5ft 9in." Was that a newer or an older interview ? Thanks!
[Editor Rob: more recent, it's just the impression Gere left the interviewer, that of a 5ft 9 man.]
Guy said on 20/Jul/14
Thats not necessarily true @ Meltdown
littlesue said on 31/May/14
He could have only lost half inch at 64, maybe in another 10 years an inch or two?
Meltdown said on 30/May/14
Richard Gere is 64 and only lost 1/2 inch? I think not. If his peak height was 5'10", he's got to be under 5'9" by now.
Ed Kline said on 19/May/14
He was taller than his first wife (Cindy Crawford) by a solid inch, maybe more, back in the early to mid 90's, when he was already 40+ years old. She was consistently billed at 5'9 1/2, and she's 5'9 on this site. No way Gere was under 5'10 peak height, and he might have nudged 5'11 morning height when he was younger.
Jesse Stone said on 16/Apr/14
In most movies he looks about 176cm.(Pretty Woman, Mothman Prophecies, Arbitrage,...) I don't think he ever was 5'11. Peak 5'10 !!
James B said on 17/Mar/14
He looked 5'9 range in pretty woman
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/14
Assuming Gere was still 5ft 10 in 1998/9 when Runaway Bride was made, there is a scene near the end where Richard and Hector are stood side by side in the church and Gere is slightly taller. 176-77cm peak for Hector would be a good shout if you're interested in listing him, although he's the same age as Finney and not far off 80 now so might be nearer 5 ft 8 today.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/14
Elizondo with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 6/Feb/14
Rob any chance you could add HΓ©ctor Elizondo? You remember the charming hotelier in Pretty Woman and the guy in Runaway Bride? He's also known for his TV roles in Chicago Hope and Last Man Standing. He was eye to eye with Gere in Runaway Bridge, maybe a shade shorter. 5'9.5" might be a good shout. I think he's worth adding.
Aaron said on 25/Sep/13
I'd say 5'9.5" in his prime. Here he is with David Keith in An Officer and a Gentleman:
Click Here

Around a 3 inch difference - probably more as Keith is leaning.

Here's another from the film with Louis Gossett Jr, listed at 6'3" in his prime. Looks to be about a 5 inch difference:
Click Here

Here's one more recent, taken in 2004 still that 5 inch difference:
Click Here
Silent d said on 17/Sep/13
5 foot 9. He was taller in his prime.
Mac said on 14/Aug/13
To me he always looked a bit more than 5'9" but nothing over 5'10" so this listing seems pretty accurate. After all he's perfectly average in height.
hurricane brat said on 25/Jun/13
anyone see him on the graham norton show? i always thought he was a normal-ish guy but he came across as a huge twat!
jimmy said on 1/May/13
i saw him at starbucks the other day and he was wearing scandals. so 5'9 definitely.
paul said on 7/Apr/13
I' m italian from milan. The tall actor is edoardo costa and he is 6.3. The small showman is maurizio costanzo and he is 5.3. I think that gere is now 5.9 and at peak 5.10.
Spock said on 25/Mar/13
Gere shares many scenes close to 5.3 Bai Ling, both wearing shoes. Her heels apparently a bit higher than his, perhaps an inch. According to these data, and by the way he towers her (four inches at least), he should be around 5.8 rather than 5.7, and maybe even 5.9.
Woody said on 14/Mar/13
Gere was 5'6.5" at his peak I'd say and perhaps 5'5" now. He wears elevator shoes that give him 3-4". I used to see him at Elaine's back in the 80's
Dom said on 1/Mar/13
@ Phamus. People at 6'2 are terrible at gauging heights because to them someone 5'9 looks 5'7. Basically tall people are clueless unless someone is in their height range. Noway is Gere 5'7. lol
Lo sgozzatore said on 9/Dec/12
Rob, how tall is the other guy? Click Here
He's an italian actor... I'm not sure but i found 187 long time ago. On his site he's listed at 6'2. One thing is sure, he was shorter than a guy who is around 189-190!
[Editor Rob: near 6ft 2 is quite possible]
Arch Stanton said on 1/Dec/12
I'd agree completely with this, but look at Pattinson in comparison, is he really 6'0.5"?? Looks an inch or so too high to me?

Click Here
bodwaya said on 5/Nov/12
topher shorter then 5 foot 10 topher
bodwaya said on 4/Nov/12
rob in the double he was shorter then 5 foot 10 gere is it possible he is 5 foot 9 in shoes and 5 foot 8 barefoot
Phil said on 27/Oct/12
Can't see him being more than 5'7", especially when you see him beside 6' tall actor David Keith in "An Officer and a Gentleman". He's A-L-O-T shorter than Keith
LG69 said on 7/Oct/12
Has always looked 5'9" to me.
Ronan said on 26/Sep/12
Met him in the winter of 2011 when he was giving a speech. He was exactly my height (176cm, 5"9), pretty thin (so looks taller) and in great shape.

He most def is not shorter than 175cm or taller than 177cm.
ada said on 18/Sep/12
Looked about an 1-1.5 shorter than Jay Leno(120917) => 5 foot 9.5. Footwear seemed to give equal boost.
bodwaya said on 8/Sep/12
in double was an inch shorter then 5 foot 10 grace. 5 foot 9
Phamus said on 5/Sep/12
I have met Mr. Gere at the Oprah Show a few years ago and we shook hands and he gave me a look - what was I doing there. He was a small guy 5'7" would be kind,very small hands. Nice looking fellow and a very nice person. I'm 6'2" and I felt like I towered over him but height means nothing and you need to be smaller for the movies. Hollywood prefers couples to look into each other's eyes.
Mark70 said on 2/Sep/12
Hi Rob,i'm a italian fan of your beautiful site.excuse me for my scarce english.I'm sure for Richard Gere's height is 176 centimetres, because looking with attention our photo with old editor Glenn (169 centimetres),the difference between them is at the most 7 centimetres.For me Gere is never been 178 centimetres,this height is exaggerated.think well Rob.Thank You for your attention Goodbye Mark70
shortie said on 7/Aug/12
saw him yesterday ... he's not more than 5'7", my height, ... we were eye to eye. I was surprised it was him given how short he is ... always thought he was taller. Those saying any taller are giving him credit for two inches of hair height ... which is very much thinning by the way. Very pleasant demeanor though. Fingernails manicured, tie tied perfectly. Funny, no one else around him recognized him. Heard they always filmed him to make him look taller than his leading woman ... now I know why!
Hob said on 6/Aug/12
176cm nowadays. 5'10 out of bed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jul/12
179cm peak, Rob?
[Editor Rob: not as convonced on that yet ]
ANDREA[ITA] said on 7/Jun/12
Rob, how much difference you see?
Click Here
The guy on the right is a famous italian presenter and he always look very very short! His fatness also contributes to make him look that short! I'd say max 5'4, but that's still a stretch! In this pic Richard Gere doesnt look so much taller as he should!
[Editor Rob: if he's losing an inch in height he could look near 6 inches taller I guess]
leonari said on 22/Jan/12
The man is 63 years old. He could have lost some height by now.
Herw said on 21/Jan/12
He may indeed be below 178 cm. He was shorter than Topher Grace in 'The Double'. And I would not give Topher more than 178-180 cm tops!
TruebloodFan said on 15/Jan/12
@Magi says on 31/Dec/11
I stood next to him at a cafe. I'm 5'10" and was wearing flats. He lined up to my cheekbone. I'd give him 5'8", absolute max. As for the photos with the tall wife. Any tall woman with a shorter spouse, like me, learns how to shift and bend, as to not tower over her beloved.

Magi said on 31/Dec/11
I stood next to him at a cafe. I'm 5'10" and was wearing flats. He lined up to my cheekbone. I'd give him 5'8", absolute max. As for the photos with the tall wife. Any tall woman with a shorter spouse, like me, learns how to shift and bend, as to not tower over her beloved.
John b said on 22/Dec/11
No way 5'10 just watching the film American gigolo where gear has a part in it with bill duke in a night club, duke who is down as 6'4 and a half looked anywhere between 7 or 9 inches taller he looked a giant over gear lol
Silent d said on 13/Dec/11
5 foot 10.
Gus said on 17/Nov/11
When watching American Gigolo and An officer and a gentleman,I cant see anything more than 5'9.5.
jake, 1.82 m said on 6/Nov/11
weak 1.77 m today.
leonari said on 1/Nov/11
Danno: These stupid stories...Gere is very very short...What a joke. Pathetic! He is average height.
LAN Jiao said on 1/Nov/11
he is 5foot9.25 max. i don figure his taller than solid 5'9.25 like justin long. look 175-176 range.
Tom said on 30/Oct/11
In 'American Gigolo', young Richard Gere looks at least 5'11
Aged 62, I guess 5'9 1/2 - 5'10 barefoot
danno said on 29/Oct/11
met him filming intersection in North Vancouver he is very very short 5'7 would be
kind of me. Most actors I have seen are very short and heads are larger than normal.
LAN Jiao said on 22/Oct/11
In 1997 the jackal gere looks 2" shorter peak 5'11 bruce willis.
Gere is 5'11 in lift shoe and 5'9 bare it.
Sasha said on 18/Oct/11
I don't care how tall he is he's hot and I would love to meet him. People are just jealous of him
jake said on 24/Aug/11
He really needs peak/current height listings I think. 5ft10 at peak is fair, but now 176-177 cm max.
Rene said on 12/Jul/11
Just met him yesterday, physically he is 5' 10" - spiritually he hovers quite loftily if humbly and kindly......maybe not an officer but a true gentleman.
jake said on 9/Jul/11
5ft10in peak, 5ft9.5in now.
Mr. Tempus said on 9/Jul/11
He is a mid size man, a weak 5'10 today.
jake said on 13/Jun/11
Needs a peak and current height listing..
Ange said on 30/Apr/11
He was wearing some serious cha cha heels in "Shall We Dance"
Bon_ said on 15/Apr/11
Strong 5'9 at peak, maybe 5'9.5, no more.
James said on 27/Mar/11
I think 5'10 was questionable at his peak.
jake said on 28/Jan/11
5"9.5 now Rob? He is 61.
TJ said on 15/Jan/11
Richard, you have to remember the impact that heels can have on a woman's height. Sure, she often can look 2 inches taller, but that's with heels. Occasionally she will look more than 2 inches taller, when in really large heels. But, when in similar footwear, there looks to be very little difference in their heights. Could even be the same height.
Richard said on 14/Jan/11
His wife, Carey Lowell is 5'10" and she is definitely taller than him by a couple of inches at least
Bon said on 8/Dec/10
5'9.5 at peak
James said on 1/Dec/10
5'9 (175cm) nowadays.
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/10
I met him in Moscow 15 years ago - he is about 176 cm.
Rhome said on 1/Nov/10
I met Hilary Swank and she is TINY. MAYBE 5'3. In AMELIA EARHART she is almost eye to eye with Richard Gere. She may have worn lifts, but Gere is NOT 5'10 by a long shot.
Pik said on 31/Oct/10
Gere is at least 5'10, even today. He is as tall as Ethan Hawke,maybe 5'10.5 ?

Click Here
Doug said on 22/Jun/09
Agree. Peak 5'10" today, 5'9.5". His posture makes him look barely 5'9" but he isn't height concious.
Ed said on 5/Jun/09
I think Gere is 5'9.5''. There's just to much photographic evidence I've seen to give him a full 5'10''. 5'9'' now due to age.
RisingForce said on 11/May/09
that would only make sense if leonardo dicaprio, christian bale and val kilmer walked around barefoot, misha.
Misha said on 18/Apr/09
It's hard to get two inches from shoes, but many brands will give you close to 1.5 inches out of the box with no additional "enhancements". So 5'8.5" Gere puts on shoes with an inch and a half of lift, and now he's 5'10". But if he were really 5'10", as many of you insist, then putting on those shoes would make him as tall as Leonardo Di Caprio, Christian Bale and Val Kilmer, which is patently absurd. Anyone who is really 5'10" can buy shoes that will give him a decent run at six feet. Therefore people like Richard Gere and Andy Garcia who can look 5'10" are really under 5'9" and getting a boost from their shoes. Why do so many people have so much trouble seeing this obvious truth?
Doug said on 12/Apr/09
Woaaaaaa. I just saw a pic of Gere standing with his 5'10" wife in flat shoes, he was wearing loafers and she had around 1.5 inches on him. I swear the man looked 5'8.5". He looked no where near 5'10" next to her.
east meets west said on 4/Apr/09
A good friend of mine (a 5'8 1/2" man) met Richard Gere through work and said he was surprised at how small Gere was. He was dressed casually (certainly no Hollywood shoe lifts) and, according to this friend, stood at approximately the same height, give or take half an inch.
Doug said on 1/Apr/09
And for the record a legit 5'10" is tall by Hollywood standards LOL!
Doug said on 24/Mar/09
Oh and he was standing barefoot in that film and he looked around 5'10", definately wasn't short although he sometimes looks it.
Doug said on 24/Mar/09
I used to think this guy was 5'8-5'9" and in the Mel Gibson sort of range, the average height guys that women drop dead for LOL, but I was watching Pretty Woman again last night and I can see he is actually taller and often looks nearer 5'11". I think he has to be 5'10" in comparison with Julia Roberts etc.
RisingForce said on 22/Mar/09
That's true, he did look 5'9" in that movie. I remember Costner having about 4 inches on him.
TELLEM said on 20/Mar/09
you think so risingforce? he looked 5'9 next to sean connery and kevin costner in "the untouchables"
RisingForce said on 20/Mar/09
Yeah Tellem, there wasn't much of a difference between Gere and Garcia, but maybe Garcia wears lifts? I hear him called short a lot.
glenn said on 20/Mar/09
i ignore sightings usually cause they are off.
Misha said on 20/Mar/09
I don't want to be dogmatic about Gere's height, but why is it that when someone (in this case GrLan21) posts an in-person close-up sighting, the post is often completely ignored? At 5.9.5 GrLan21 was amazed that Gere actually
looked measurably shorter than him. Either GrLan21 is so incompetent at reading heights that he estimates someone standing right next to him who is an inch taller as being two inches shorter, or Gere is shorter than what has been publicly stated through the years. Which explanation seems more likely?
TELLEM said on 19/Mar/09
he only looked .5 inch taller than 5'9 andy garcia
Misha said on 19/Mar/09
I'm with yoyo. Although I admire Richard Gere (within limits) I've been wanting to take a crack at that 5'10" claim for a while now. In "An Officer and a Gentleman", which was obviously filmed without the foreknowledge that it would make him a star, he looks at the very most 5'9" in quite a few scenes, at least to me. David Keith, who is 5'11' max, towers over him. We have seen this phenomenon of actors who look shorter in their pre-supertar films many times - Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt are two conspicuous examples. Yes, Glenn is standing tall, but there is nothing pretentious about it - he is simply alert to the moment and responding to Gere's genuine ardor. Gere is getting a little height off his distinguished-looking wavy gray locks. Rising Force, how can you look at this photo and say he looks a solid 5'10" and you would accept 5.10.5? Why can't everyone see the obvious instead of trying to ad inches onto Gere's height? The photo should be retitled "5ft 8 Glenn with 5ft 8 Gere".
yoyo said on 21/Feb/09
his out of way 5ft10. 180ish Bruce Willis had 1.5inch on him in The Jackal. i bet him 5ft9.25(176cm).
RisingForce said on 20/Feb/09
In Internal Affairs I remember one scene where he was about the same height as Andy Garcia(listed 5-9.25 here) and another scene where Gere had Garcia by more than an inch.
mobster said on 17/Feb/09
I saw "Breathless" yesterday, he looks very tall in this film, more than 5ft10, but it was made in '83.
Kel said on 15/Feb/09
It seems obvious in this photo that Glenn is standing as straight as possible and Richard appears to be just standing casually. However, I would think he is 5'9-5'10" and will of course shrink with age.
RisingForce said on 29/Jan/09
I did search a bit and found a good deal of 5-10.5 listings for Gere. So you may be right. A lot of times stars are listed at what they claim in interviews. For example Stallone was listed at 5-10.5 from about Rambo 2/Rambo 3 to atleast Demolition Man. I believe Redford started getting listed at 5-10.5 around the time he claimed it too. I know he had 6-0 listings when he was younger and 5-10 flat listings, the latter being like Stallone and Gere.

I can easily buy 5-10.5 for Gere.
glenn said on 27/Jan/09
i think he actually said that.i read it somewhere.
RisingForce said on 26/Jan/09
He claims 5'10.5"? Then I'd believe it since he looks like a solid 5'10" to me. It's not like I could tell a half inch with my eyes from pictures so if I believe 5'10", why not 5'10.5"?
RisingForce said on 25/Jan/09
I agree. He's a solid 5'10". What does he claim for his height?
anonymous said on 21/Jan/09
In pretty woman he looked 5 foot 10 next to 5 foot 9 julia roberts. In movies with diane lane, he looks 5 foot 10. 5 foot 10.
GrLan21 said on 10/Jan/09
In 1990, I worked as an airport check-in agent. I accepted Gere's ticket as he boarded a flight from Honolulu to Japan. I stood next to him and was surprised that I was taller than him. I am 5-9.5. He looked to be about 5-7 or 5-6.
RisingForce said on 21/Dec/08
Gere is 5-10.5? Wow that's surprising. I always thought he was a flat 5-10 and no more. Haven't you seen him look 5-9 too Glenn?

Redford I always thought was 5-10.5 and Sly I always thought was 5-10.5, 5-10.75 but Gere seems like he'd be a bit shorter.
glenn said on 19/Dec/08
gere is a legit is redford,stallone.
Maxwell said on 17/Dec/08
Anne-- your husband must have been joking. Daniel Radcliffe is 5'5, but no way is Richard Gere that height.
Jay said on 5/Dec/08
The stated height is correct. In his younger days, he may even have been half an inch or so taller.
Midget said on 14/Nov/08
peak of 178cm, no more. Probably lost 1cm or so with age. Max 177cm now.
Anne said on 6/Nov/08
My husband met Richard Gere at a friend's house and says he's about 5'5". Look how much shorter he is than David Keith in "An Officer and a Gentleman" and David Keith is supposedly 5'11".
Val said on 22/Sep/08
probably 177cm now,no less. 5'10 is a sure thing back in the 70s-80s-90s,He was only 1 cm under clooney,and clooney is 179cm-1cm you get 5'10.
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/08
I think he was 5'9.5 in his peak and now a bit shorter at 5'9. Have seen him listed at 5'11
Heightdetective said on 27/Apr/08
In my opinion, he never looked taller than max. 177cm in any of his movies, sometimes even a bit shorter.
Is Mr. Gere a lift wearer?
glenn2 said on 11/Mar/08
Why are you still using imperial units. Just switch everything to SI (meters)
bruce_willis said on 29/Jan/08
solid 5'10. I just saw primal fear and he looks about 5'11 in that movie.
5'9" said on 25/Dec/07

That just shows how deceiving pics can be. If you claimed 6'1" I would believe you based on that pic.

Im about the same height and can some times look tallish in 2 inch dress shoes.

At our height I find we look fairly average with shoes but barefoot we look start looking really short. Thats why I wish I was a sold 5'11 where even barefoot you dont seem short.

Probably all in my head lol.

Anyway I never thought gere looked over 5'9.

But certainly hes allways been in the 5'8.5- 5'10 range.

In the jackel he seemed pretty short and had on clunkers for shoes.

Regardless of heigh he is a great actor!
glenn said on 7/Nov/07
he slouched.and appeared 5-10,5-10.5.can give the strange illusion of 5-9 alot.even in the same evening.
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/07
Ara....How is he taller than glenn in that photo? Maybe .05 taller if you include the hair. I cant see him higher than 5'9" here assuming he IS slouching. He may have been 5'10 in his youth but no more than 5'9 today imo based on that pic.

[Editor Rob: unfortunately Gere's head is several inches further from camera than glenn's so you have to start guessing how much this effects things.]
Aratirion said on 4/Nov/07
Yep, in that picture he is about 1.5 - 2 inches taller than glenn. 5'10 is quite accurate, i don't think he is smaller ...
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/07
he looks exactly the same height as glenn in the photo which if he wasnt slouching would make him 5'7.25-5'8" MAX (as glen is 5'8 morning and likely 5'7.5" max at night) Lets assume he is slouchimg giving up 1 inch that would make him 5'8.25-5'8.75 MAX.

I believe he was 5"9-5'9.5" in his youth and now about 5'8.5ish.

glenn said on 21/Oct/07
then he wears lifts.though i couldve sworn,now i finally think of it ,i saw barefoot pics of them at the beach and gere was taller.i could be wrong.
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/07
After her divorce, Cindy Crawford was asked about Gere's height, and she was dismissive of any notion that Gere was taller than her. She said, "Nah, he's about 5'9".

Also, Gere's current wife and former Bond girl, Carey Lowell, is also tall. Gere must like 'em long.
dmeyer said on 19/Oct/07
5'10 solid peak and now 5'9.5 0.5 in loss is very normal in late 50s
Viper said on 19/Oct/07
I think hes always been 5-9.
paul said on 19/Oct/07
Hes not 5'10 but he is slouching a bit there
glenn said on 17/Oct/07
i think in his prime with good posture he reached 5-10.5.he still can actually.unless its lifts.
AshnarLynx said on 16/Oct/07
I don't think he ever was that tall. More like 174/5'8 1/2. Maybe 5'9.
Adam Brennon said on 13/Oct/07
Height-wise, he's one of the most classically average men i've ever laid eyes on.
Daniel said on 12/Oct/07
Franco, you're right, I think the same for Gere. No more than 1.76cm barefoot at his peak
glenn said on 12/Oct/07
that was a long period of 20 years for gere.
OutBenchThis said on 12/Oct/07
Glenn it seems all the actors/celebrities you meet go through a period where they're tosses and then become more open to signing..weird.
glenn said on 12/Oct/07
irshgrl500-he is usually a dick and is very difficult photo to obtain.saw him a month before this and turned me down.still turned me down here until i persisted.he is nicer now.and posing more.would rather sign.there was a time both were scarce.
Franco said on 12/Oct/07
again look at the picture, pay attention also at this shoes heels,
looks 177-178cm there with shoes.

Click Here
Franco said on 12/Oct/07
he is a very nice gentleman and a good person Richard gere, im sure Glenn can testify on this ;)

in the picture he does look 178-179cm considering glenn is closer to the camera.

as such just as i said below about THE HOAX i was definetely right (close) when i said he looked 177-178cm in shoes. that put him below 178-179cm hence his true height is 176cm.

he should be downgraded to 176cm.
Valeri said on 11/Oct/07
Well from the angle I'd say 5'9.5 at least. probably 5'10 like Glenn estimated. He was a bit under Clooney,liek half an inch as well.that would make him 5'10
Valeri said on 11/Oct/07
What did he write there? To Glenn for... ? He seems nice from the picture. in harmony with the world,being a buddhist now and all.
Anonymous said on 11/Oct/07
Looks like a real nice guy
derbi said on 11/Oct/07
chris, it is you:)
Chris said on 10/Oct/07
Is it me, or do Richard Gere, Victor Garber and Richard Noble all look similar?
Lynn said on 10/Oct/07
More then 10 years ago here in Italy, a gossip newspaper reported Gere appeared 178 cm in boots.
Adam Brennon said on 10/Oct/07
I'm 5' 10" and I scarecly feel taller than my 5' 8" sister. In pictures the top of her head is at level with my eyebrows. It's not much of a gap.
derek said on 10/Oct/07
he seems to be leaning in the pic.... glenn what did he look to you here?
glenn said on 10/Oct/07
he is leaning in.seemed 5-10ish.
Viper said on 10/Oct/07
Hard to say here. I guess hes looking 5-9 in this pic. He looks very distinguished with grey hair.
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/07
defenetly 5'10 peak 1 or 2 cm less now
Aratirion said on 10/Oct/07
Looks 5.8,5? No, in the new pic with glenn, Gere is looking 5'10 at least. But, the angle is very weird, so I think just Glenn can tell us the best estimate.
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/07
I totally agree with you, Kevin.
irshgrl500 said on 10/Oct/07
Ok, maybe and just maybe he's 5'9". He looks 5'8.5" in this photo with Glenn. I have always liked Gere but also have heard he's not the nicest guy. Did you get to talk to him much, Glenn? What did you think?
Kevin Durant said on 10/Oct/07
Definitely looks like a legit 5'9" in this new picture. I watch some of his movies and he never give me the impression that he is a 5'10 guy.
Valeri said on 3/Oct/07
He was same or half inch under clooney. either Clooney is 5'10 now or Gere might be 5'10.5 still at 58. A very good pic in fact,where both close and with similar posture.
Marcelo C. said on 1/Oct/07
I watched several films starred by Richar Here, and IΒ΄d be disappointed if he were shorter than 5Β΄10. I always had the impression he was nearly 5Β΄11. Evidently, "lifts" are magic...... .
A friend said on 22/Sep/07
Glenn not sure where you get your info. Solved people, he is 5'10 1/2 has been for years! Did he magically lose inches inside? that is plain goofy. I have stood next to him many times and he is more then 2 inches taller then I am!
Daniel said on 17/Sep/07
Glenn saw him look 5'9'' because Gere is 5'9''. Viper is right about the shoes. Those who think the guy is 5'10'' or more, take a look at the difference between Gere and Lou Gossett Jr. in the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman"
Franco said on 14/Sep/07
Richard Gere was 177cm-178cm in his prime and today he is 175-176cmm he lost at least 2cm of height that's for sure.

from the latest movie THE HOAX, heres a picture, looks 177-178cm to me with shoes.

Click Here

take a look.
Viper said on 12/Sep/07
glenn says on 12/Sep/07
"he looked 5-11 to me 2 weeks ago on the way in to a party.on the way out he strangely looked friends noticed the weird change."

He changed shoes. Only thing I can come up with.
leonari said on 12/Sep/07
Daniel: you have no clue.
leonari said on 12/Sep/07
He is 5'10" to 5'10.5". Just like Clooney. There are very recent pics of them standing face to face and they are exactly the same height. I am pretty sure on Clooney now. 179 cm. Perfect Rob.
glenn said on 12/Sep/07
he looked 5-11 to me 2 weeks ago on the way in to a party.on the way out he strangely looked friends noticed the weird change.
A friend said on 12/Sep/07
I know Richard and he is taller then what is being stated here. He is 5' 10 1/2". I am 5'7 " and he stood above me by a few inches, but I know for a fact his height is what I stated.
Daniel said on 10/Sep/07
Gere's peak height was 5'9 or 5'9.5'' maximum. He looks that tall in most of his pictures.
TJ said on 1/Aug/07
I saw him walking out of the Leicester Square Empire a few years ago at the conclusion of a film festival. Seemed around 5'10 to me.
Glenn said on 1/Aug/07
He usually looks 5-10.on rare occasion 5-9.once gave me the illusion of 6ft.
sam said on 30/Jul/07
how could he be 5'9, he's got that tall guy slouch thing and still looks taller than average height. somethin's night right, glenn, we need further varification on this one...
bam said on 30/Jul/07
he is 5'10, no shorter. When I saw this picture of him back when he was younger, I pegged him as a 6 footer.
Click Here
sam said on 17/Jul/07
richard gere does slouch but lets be realistic. he's at least 5'10, he just looks above average height, too tall to be average.
MD said on 16/May/07
He always looked 5'9", to me.
David said on 16/May/07
About 5-8 on a good day,check him against Tom Cruise
glenn said on 29/Apr/07
5-9 is a possibilty.
Viper said on 29/Apr/07
I think hes 5-9.
David said on 28/Apr/07
Did anyone see him on the Daily Show? He didn't look that much taller than Jon Stewart!
RobertJ said on 18/Apr/07
When I saw him in an officer and a gentlemen, I pegged him for a 6 footer. He seems to have really good proportions but I can definitely buy 5'10''.
Ed said on 8/Mar/07
I just watched The Jackal and Gere looked considerably shorter next to Sidney Poitier. Now I was unaware Poitier was so tall, and after looking up his height and seeing 6ft2.5, I have no doubt. Gere at 5ft10 could make sense, since he looked to be about 5 inches shorter than Poitier.
misha said on 6/Mar/07
There is a phenomenon at work here I and quite a few others have pointed out - many big stars who claim one height now clearly reveal a lesser one when their earliest work is viewed. In "An Officer and a Gentleman" Richard Gere looked a solid 5'9" with military footwear but no taller - at least to me. And to me he has simply never looked 5'10" in any of his subsequent films. An in-person close-up sighting would be very desirable here. By the way, guys who really are a legit 5'10" never seem to be the target of "shorter rumors". This is because with a 1.5" footwear boost they are making a decent run at six feet, and certainly that's never going to look short anywhere, least of all on the screen with its unlimited capacity for height-augmenting angles. What I've found in many areas of life is that these rumors that circulate along the grapevine are very often true - certainly they can be very wrong - but much
more often than not, they turn out to be subsequently verifiable. While I'd agree that rumors about height might be suspect, there is a reason that they
got started (i.e., someone saw a star without his lifts and couldn't believe
their eyes - then they told some of their friends - you get the point).
Glenn said on 12/Jan/07
Though,there are shorter rumors,I agree,he can look 5-10.on rare occassion,even more.
irshgrl500 said on 12/Jan/07
I think Richard Gere is 5'10". His wife Carey, a former Bond girl and fashion model, is 5'10". When he appears with Carey at formal events, she seems to be about 2" taller than him. I assume she's wearing about 2" heels for the evening wear occasions.
Mr Mayfair said on 27/Dec/06
I saw Mr Gere on a number of occasions in the nineties (business)and with us both wearing similar style shoes there was little in it height wise, I was 5.11, he 5.10 & 1/2. Cindy less - 5.9/5.10, slighty shorther than him.
Brad said on 8/Dec/06
5' 10" with Cindy, but, what phone books & tricks did they do to get Jennifer Lopez that tall by him?
Glenn said on 26/Sep/06
Alot of 5-8 rumors were going around with him.I couldve sworn he was 6ft once.I think he is a legit 5-10.
MHouillon said on 25/Sep/06
Yeah, 177cm fits him perfect. Just watching "First Knight". I remember him in "internal affairs", and he looked that beside 175-176cm Andy Garcia.
leonari said on 26/Aug/06
wow first time I have to agree with anonymous. unbelievable!
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/06
Richard Gere looks exactly 5'10''. Shorter (even if well proportioned) actors have clearly shorter looking arms and legs. TCruise is well proportioned but you can tell he has short arms, etc. Or even H Bogart. Gere looks a solid, consistent 5'10" in alI his movies.
Mango said on 20/Jul/06
In a 1980s political thiller called POWER, starring Gere, Hackman, and Washington, Gere and Denzel stand toe to toe and are exactly the same height. What's up with that?
kenneth pz said on 20/Apr/06
thats a part while show julia appear barefoot and standing next to gere in pretty women,she perfectly looks no more than 5''7(1.7m~1.71m)..
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
Julia is 5'6" and like so many celebs lies about her height. I've stood right next to her when she was in flat shoes and I towered over her. And just look how tall she appears in her films. So you people who still think Marilyn Monroe was half an inch shorter are just dreaming! Try applying some logic here.

Richard Gere is an inch shorter than me so he's 5'10".
Glenn said on 31/Mar/06
Saw her last month.first time since 1997.I was shocked that she looked 5-6.
Frank2 said on 30/Mar/06
Simple. Julia isn't 5'8".
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/06
so how can you have Julia R at 5'8". She's clearly 5'6" next to him. Weird.
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
In person he can look 5-9.
larry said on 23/Mar/06
Richard Gere has looked 5'10" in everything he's done to my eyes. He doesn't seem to have an ego issue, so I agree with Frank2. 5'10" is on the mark for Mr. Gere.
Claire said on 19/Mar/06
My Dad saw and spoke briefly to Richard Gere in Prague and swears blind he was slightly shorter than him. My Dad is only 5'8.5" so it would seem to indicate that Richard Gere is around 5'8".
Clive said on 7/Mar/06
Indeed Rob 177cm seems to be his real height !
I think that as 177cm=5ft9.75, people prefer rouding off 5'10 !
Many of my friend do this to look taller.
Frank2 said on 2/Mar/06
Richard is five ten. Period! And he rarely if ever wears lifts. There! I said the dreaded word again!
nolifts81 said on 13/Feb/06
Richard Gere is in the 179-180 cm range. Look at the movie Internal affair where he is 1 inch taller than Andy Garcia. Andy Garcia is for Sure around the 5'10" because some years Ago he went in Italy in a television program for promoting a movie that he did with Andie MCDowell. In that occasion he weared very normal dress shoes,no room for accomodate lifts, and he was the same height of the italian Actor Giorgio Borghetti who is 177cm.
Jeff said on 28/Jan/06
After my observartions I am sure that he is just under 5'10". No doubt about that at all. However, good, bad or indifferently, that's clearly just under 5'10" wearing high quality, custom made and somewhat attractive ELEVATOR SHOES.
J.J.F said on 21/Jan/06
Glenn - you really think he's 5'9"?? I suppose he is one of those guys who just looks taller than than he really is... like David "I wish I was 6.2" Schimmer.
Pik said on 16/Jan/06
I checked the picture again. It looks like there really is a slight slope on the ground, putting Armani on highest level. I also think Armani's shoes have a little bigger heel than Gere's. So Armani may get extra 2 to 3 cm in his favour.
Pik said on 16/Jan/06
Something is wrong on that pic with Armani. I'm 5'10" (178 cm) barefoot. When I measured myself, I also made 5'7" (170 cm )mark on the wall.This mark shows, that a top of a person's head who is 170 cm would come to the top of my nose. I hope you understand what I mean. On that picture, where Gere and Armani are, it isn't so. Maybe Armani is 173, 174 cm, I don't know. But if he is 170 cm, Gere is nowhere near 178 cm. Rob what do you think ?

[Editor Rob: yeah, he maybe not quite 178cm. Its unclear if Hutton shrank anymore since her comment though, but armani does claim 170cm, maybe he looks a little under 178 ;)]
rut said on 31/Dec/05
I think actually Gere was close to the 179 or 180 cm some sites say he was..
Anonymous said on 16/Nov/05
He's really only 5'10? parents are huge fans of his movies and we always thought he was much taller, maybe in the 6'0-6'1 range. I guess that goes to show you that celebs really do look taller on film.
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/05
i just saw a movie with gere he looks a good inch taller than lapaglia
rr said on 9/Nov/05
he looked far shorter than Cindy Crawford when they were together. Perjaps even when bnot in heels she looked taller than him
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/05
I saw Richard Gere when he was shooting his upcoming movie the Host in NYC and he is clearly 5'10 if i'm 5'5
Sakanna said on 27/Sep/05
Yes, ladies & gentleman, he IS 5'10". Me and my wife met him at a play in NY. I am 5'11" and he's about an inch shorter than me.
mcfan said on 30/Aug/05
He seems 5'10 or extremely close to it. He was slightly taller than Andy Garcia in Internal Affairs. They appeared roughly the same height but you could tell Gere was taller because slouches all the time. I think the reason many think he is shorter is because he tends to be in shots with tall women that wear heels.
CelebHeights Editor said on 21/Aug/05
From gossip group: "Richard Gere - as I remember - pretty short. Shorter than I'd expected"
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/05
in pretty woman when he and julia are barefeet he looks fairly taller maybe 179 in his pride
McFan said on 11/Jul/05
Looks more like 5'9...maybe 5'9.5.
Richard Gere said on 4/Jun/05
Definitely 5 ft 8, 5 ft 9. In ''Shall We Dance'', his height seems close to that of Jennifer Lopez, of course wearing heels, but still... In ''Pretty Woman'', there was a sceen where Julia Roberts got new clothing. With her new heels, she was an inch or two taller than Richard Gere. If Richard Gere is 177 cm, the difference wouldn't be that noticeable.
Orlando said on 4/Mar/05
Have you seen the movie "Shall We Dance"? There's a scene were he stands next to two other guys. He the shortest one. And besides he wears elevator shoes. So maybe he's 5' 9".

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