How tall is Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell's Height

5ft 9in (175.3 cm)

British supermodel. A article in 2012 mentioned her saying her stature: "I'm 5 9 1/2 and when I started modelling, that was considered tall."

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Average Guess (11 Votes)
5ft 8.55in (174.1cm)
Sonnecker said on 21/Jun/17
I read of her listed 174 cm, modelling in Milan...never saw her taller of that.
ana said on 19/Jun/17
Kel said on 22/May/17
She can't be more than 5ft8. Here she is with Kendall Jenner (5ft9 I think) and she's obviously a lot shorter, both in flat shoes.
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ModelMaterial said on 5/Oct/16
Sounds like a lot of bitter model-wannabes on here. SMH...
Olivia said on 31/Jul/16
How tall do you think is this girl next to naomi?
Click Here?

Her name is bianca brandolini (italian model/celebrity) and she is listed 5'9.5
The poses are good for comparison, though naomi stands slightly closer to the camera.
I think she is about the same height as naomi, so 5'9.
What do you think rob?
Editor Rob: in that shot, I'd certainly say she could edge Naomi out a little.
Antje said on 23/Jul/16
Do you think she is a strong 5'9?Like she doesn't go under 175
Or do you think she is a weak 5'9?
Editor Rob: I would have thought a strong 5ft 9
Anton said on 14/Mar/16
But fray
Dont you think naomi is rather 175.5 than 176.3?
Still, alittle above 5ft9.
Take a look at this:

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Naomi doesnt look much taller than cara in those pics
But i still believe she is a strong 5ft9
Naomi looks 175.5 next to jourdan and cara.
176 is too much
She doesnt really look that tall next to jourdan (6ft) and cara (5ft7-8?)
My guess for naomi is 175.5.
Dont you think thats more likely @Fray?
M said on 15/Jan/16
@Fray it is so unhumangly how much they lie about their height. I don't get nothing from Naomi height whether she is 5'7" or 5'11", just wrote what I and other people noticed, how much these models could lie about their height.
Fray said on 11/Jan/16
@M - no need for hostility (especially in other pages). I understand you <3 Beyonce, and that's okay seeing as she is the bees knees. If you see additional photos from the runway with Beyonce, Naomi, and Veronica, the angle affects height (like the last one you posted, looks like Veronica is the same height, when she is clearly taller than both in straight ahead shots). Others here who have met her also state she is tall,cool...those who haven't want her to be 5'7" and that's their/your right to do so as well, cool. It's just a chill-out forum where people chat about heights. xoxo
M said on 5/Jan/16
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M said on 5/Jan/16
@Frey there are also pictures where she is just 1" taller then Beyonce so it means she is strong 5'7" - on best days 1.72m
M said on 5/Jan/16
@Fray this one picture proofs nothing.
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
@M - I can't prove to you unless I show you a picture of us together... but I found a famous Demarchelier 90's model pic online. To get perspective, Jaime Rishar is 5'6" (next to Kate Moss), Beri Smither is 5'10' (next to Naomi), Christy is slouching (note her leg length in comparison) between Bridget (who is closer to camera) and Kate.
Naomi is (was?) taller than 5'9"
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BC said on 2/Dec/15
She's not absolutely 5'9.5 because she is tall like beyonce, who is about 5'6 (search on google "naomi campbell beyonce")
M said on 12/Aug/15
@fray Naomi never was 5'9", she is 1.72m.
fray said on 6/Aug/15
in 1998 she was 5'9.375" (a little shorter than 5'10" Christy Turlington)
PJ said on 19/Jun/15
Strong 5'9 when I met her about 7-8 years ago in SoHo NYC, no more and no less.
Jewel said on 14/Jun/15
naomi is about an inch and a half taller than terrence howard in Empire season 2 - episode 10. her heels are the standard 4 inch with no platform. Howard is exactly 6.00 - i give her 5.10
MaryAnne said on 24/Feb/15
Yes ROB!!! Thanks
M said on 23/Feb/15
No she is not 5'9" because on alll pšictires with beyone she is just 1" taller then Beyonce, here is the proof Click Here
MaryAnne said on 19/Feb/15
She is 5'9. It's very clear,Rob. Maybe, you should more look at her. :)
Laura said on 6/Jan/15
She's around the same height as Heidi Klum who is truly no taller than 5"7. I have heard rumors for years that Naomi is truly 5"7.5, but have consistently heard moreso that she is no taller than 5"8. I never used to buy the 5"7.5 rumors, but I never bought her 5"9.5 claim either. Like I consistently heard, to me she always looked like a legit 5"8. However more recently, looking at Naomi next to others such as Pharrell Williams, Beyonce, Klum and Rihanna have me thinking that 5"7.5 may be true. Naomi has that typical model physique with very long legs and a short torso which always gives the illusion of being taller, that's why she has the ability to look 5"9.5, but she isn't.
MrAfro said on 19/Aug/14
I have worked with Naomi for a fashion show and she stood at 5'10" in flat shoes.
Jop said on 26/Nov/13
No way she looks slightly taller than beyonce Click Here
Jop said on 26/Nov/13
No way she looks slightly taller than beyonce Click Here
queenie said on 7/Oct/13
I did notice that she sits on a cushion as a judge on The Face so she looks the same height as Erin o'Connor and that other one.
Kyuss said on 7/Apr/13
Didnt seem much difference with kate moss and both had sort same footwear on on fashion tv channel?? Hmmmm I wonder. I'd say 5-8" more real world imo.
SAK said on 26/Aug/12
She is at least 175.5cm/5f9. But most likely 176/177cm.
Anusha said on 16/Jan/12
Seeing Naomi in the link shown below with Kate Moss (who is officially 167 cm), I think that saying she's somewhere between 173 to 175 cm is fair. She's slender and wears heels, so she looks even taller. Most models/agencies add 5 cm to their real height (like the "angels" of Victoria's Secret do).
Ash Navarre said on 6/Jan/12
Met her in Milan: approximately as tall as my ex-girlfriend (she wasn't wearing heels). So she must be in the 175-176cm range.
LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
Lol from kiora post link state 5'10 lara stone waist measurement list at 22" and look bigger than naomi 26" listed waist line.. kate moss 5'8? Lol.. shes not even 5'7..
Pinky said on 29/Jul/11
Kiora says on 17/Jun/11
On the cover of LOVE magazine she' listed as 5ft 9. I don't think the magazine would put a lie on their cover
On that cover was also Kate Moss as 5ft8 (!!!)Not even IMG models (Kate's agency in NY) give her so much, and IMG increases a lot some models' height that are not very tall, but they give her 5ft7.5.
Moral: magazine put a lie on their cover (but a beautiful lie)

Naomi and Kate: Click Here

I think Naomi is around 5ft8, maybe 5ft8.5 (and great, did you see her with her 41 years old?)
Mr. Tempus said on 9/Jul/11
She is very tall for a woman
Kiora said on 17/Jun/11
On the cover of LOVE magazine she' listed as 5ft 9. I don't think the magazine would put a lie on their cover

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SAK said on 28/Mar/11
MaJa says on 8/Mar/11
I thought that models are TALL....
I'm 187cm....AND I HATE IT!!!
Female models are between 5ft8-6ft0, with the best range being 5ft9-5ft11.
Male models are between 6ft0-6ft3, with 6ft1 as best height

So you are the height of male model, yes so ur too tall.
SAK said on 18/Mar/11
5ft9.5 with very long limbs
MaJa said on 8/Mar/11
I thought that models are TALL....
I'm 187cm....AND I HATE IT!!!
Bon said on 6/Dec/10
Nah, I don't buy her over 5'9. 5'8.5 is closer.
hey babe said on 3/Oct/07
is he that tall
Kena said on 2/Oct/07
Ok I work for a catering company and we catered a party in the hamptons, and Naomi was at one of them, I'm 5'8 and she was taller than me and she wasn't wearing heels.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
She's not 5'9.5", more like 5'8.5" if even that. I'm sorry but most people here don't know how much models exaggerate their heights in both directions. If a model is listed at 5'9" she is most likely 5'7"-5'8". How come you never see models listed at 5'8" or 5'7"? Is it because models are all taler than that? No, it's because there's a lot of lying going around. I've heard of cases where a girl who is 5'7"-5'8" is listed at 5'10.5" while a girl that is 5'11" is listed at 5'10".
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/07
Naomi is no taller than 5'8. I've watched several pics of her with several other models- Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Adriana Lima, Carolina Kurkova, Milla Jovonich, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks, Nadia Auermann, Christy Turlingon, Elle Macpherson, Iman and she's obviously shorter than all of them.
mohit said on 12/Aug/07
hmmm..5"9.5 i dont think is a pic where she is standing beside 5"8 sushmita sen..
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she is in no way taller than sush...a bit shorter than her but not taller..
Flower said on 11/Jul/07
Ohh well everyone lies in business. Supermodels always wear shoes with supremely high heels so you can't really judge that. I think they want to be taller to look greater than in fact which is a lie... Celebrities are obviously fake beauties and lie through their minging teeth. Erm.. does anyone wanna marry a celebrity? Hahahaha obviously not!
Maria Ana said on 31/May/07
I went to madame tussauds a couple of weeks ago and stand beside her wax doll. I was in flat shoes and "she" was in high heels. I am 1.70m (5'7) and she was only 10cm taller than me. so 10cm of difference minus the 6cm from the shoes, she is 1.74.
Laura said on 25/Apr/07
Im 16 years old and im 5ft10.25 (weird i know) thats, 178.4 cm according to a converter but ive grown roughly 1cm in the past four months. Ive always been tall since primary school though and my mothers tall. Im shocked to know that naiomes only 5ft9.5 seeing as i thought catwalk only accepted like the 5ft10-5ft11+ girls *-) hmmm
glenn said on 7/Apr/07
5-9 is correct.she was always nice to me.
Bud said on 6/Apr/07
She walked past me at a fashion show. She was wearing sandals (it was a sort of summer look). I was surprised at how average her height was. I expected an amazon but I'd say she was 5'8 - 5'9.
traladada said on 5/Apr/07
There's not that much height difference between her and Kate Moss, right? I always thought Naomi was way taller (like 4 or 5"), but it's really her hair and her broader shoulders that make her look THAT much taller. I think 5'8" or 5'9" sounds right.

17-18 is just the average age girls stop growing. Some stop at 15, some at 19. I'm 20 and grew 1.5" the last year while I'd been 5'3" from 13 till 18 :-)
greta said on 4/Apr/07
modeling agencies are wrong...i'm 21 and i have grown about 1 1/2-2 inches from the age of 17...i'm about 5'8 now.
IMGmodL said on 30/Mar/07
actually leonne boys are done growing at around 20...but girls are done growing between 16-18....and considering you are 15 and have 2 more inches (if you actually do) to'll be done growing by the time you are 17 or 18...most modeling agencies assume that girls are done growing by the time they are around 16-18, hence the reason why they sometimes will take very young girls that are only 5' 7'' assuming they still have an inch or two to grow.
glenn said on 23/Mar/07
she was always nice to me.people change.
D. Ray Morton said on 23/Mar/07
Friend of mine knows her and told me 5'8"-5'8½". Also said she's "really sweet." (Is "sweet" latin for "wretched"?)

It's secondhand info, but that's as close to Ms. Campbell as I care to get.
leonne said on 14/Mar/07
hmm...IMGmodL i dont really agree that by 17 your done growing its more like 20 for boys and girls, i mean im a 5'8.5" 15yr old girl and i had a x-ray a while ago (as i had a minor leg injury) showing my growth plates were still open and the doctor was telling i have at least 2ins left to grow, but i guess it depends really
kissy said on 23/Feb/07
Are the statues at Madame tussod in london real height? coze if they're she's 5.7", 170 cm not more than 172!!!
randy said on 18/Feb/07
naomi is not 5'9"! she's only around 5'8.5". I watched her at tyra banks show. tyra is 5'10' and it was very obvious that tyra is taller than naomi. they were both wearing pumps.
Chris said on 9/Feb/07
I met Naomi Campbell last year during the Fashion Week, and she's no more than 5'8" at most. I'm 5'9" and she was way shorter than me. I don't really care to be honest, but that's what I experienced.
IMGmodL said on 22/Jan/07
ChicaBonitha 178 cm is not too tall to be a model, in fact, its quite the perfect height, usually the "perfect" model height is really anywhere between 175-180 cm....and btw if your 17, you're pretty much done growing.
ChicaBonitha said on 17/Jan/07
hmmm that's not good...I'm 178 cm...i knew i was too tall...even Naomi Campbell isn't that tall..hahaha i know only differs 1 cm but i'm 17 i still have some growing to do...O god..
Pete said on 18/Dec/06
IMGmodL, there are some mens models at Pradas shows that are 5-10 and their stats say 6'.
IMGmodL said on 13/Nov/06
THANK YOU TERRI!!!! I would be a little bit more lenient though and say more between 5'8"-5'11.5" for women and 5'11"-6'2" for men!
kiki said on 10/Sep/06
You don't have to be 5'8 or taller to be a model. Kate Moss is a model and she is no more than 5'4. Agencies lie about heights all the time. Heidi Klum admitted too. She claimed to be 177cm, but next to Gwen Stefani who is 5'6, she looks the same height. They where both wearing flats.
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/06
A supermodel doesn't have to be 5''9 to 5''11, they have to be at least 5''8. So she is probably 5''9 or whatever people say.
Glenn said on 1/Aug/06
Wrong Terri.they LIE sometimes.Kate Moss is 5-4.5-9 ish is correct on Naomi though.nothing more marat.thats Bungalow 8.Im always there.say hello if you see me.
marat said on 31/Jul/06
i met her i am 5'10 we were both barefoot and she was an inch taller than me.maybe two
Terri said on 7/Jun/06
I swear you people are sooooo ignorant. A SUPERMODEL has to be between 5'9 and 5'11! It's an industry standard! She is 5'9.5! I have met her several times @ bungalo 6 in NYC. She is not short at all!
§Nate¿ said on 10/May/06
I love how z and kats ALWAYS try to degrade celebrity heights for some reason, maybe cause they're short and they wanna make themselves feel better to discredit celeb heights? I'm not sure but anyways my girl who's in the modeling gig isn't big yet and stands at 5'9 has met naomi briefly once and has stated she's a little taller like 5'10 and she looks it 2 standing next to 5'9 mariah she looks a good 5'10
Kats said on 13/Apr/06
Since I think Beyonce is taller now, Naomi might be 5'8. I still think around 5'7 though. Maybe 5'7.5. Her attitude is definitely 10'10 though.
Ujane, Moscow said on 12/Apr/06
It is all the same for me is she 174 or 177 - she looks fine, her posture is great, I like this blue-eyed panter! Don`t ya`ll too?
Kats said on 5/Apr/06
I think Naomi is 2 inches taller than Beyonce. I didn't want to judge their heights while they're walking because different strides make a difference and I could be off. But Z's second link suggests Naomi is 2 inches taller at the most. I did take into account Beyonce's hair, and Naomi's slouch.

I've said this a lot lately, but Beyonce has been found out to be probably no more than 5'5 (see her page where she is pictured with Glenn). I think she's 5'4.5. So I wouldn't be surprised if Naomi is a little under 5'7! I'll give her 5'7 for now though.

I remember always feeling heights for models were always legitimate, but now I feel like lying is just as strong for models as for other celebrities.
Nrcorkr said on 3/Jan/06
Keep in mind, though, that in those catwalk photos, Beyonce's fluffy wig adds about an inch to her height, whereas Naomi's is flat. It also looks to me as if Naomi is slouching a bit. (Notice how her neck appears short, and her chin casts a prominent shadow on it...her head must be thrust forward at least slightly.) I'd say there's up to a three-inch difference between the two, so if Beyonce is 5'6", Naomi is around 5'9". The first link 'Z' posted best shows this.
britop said on 7/Dec/05
She's dramatically shorter than Tyra at the VS Fashion show. I don't think she could go over 5'8" reasonably.
LMAO said on 22/Nov/05
i met her many times and shes between 5-8 and 5-9 no more than that.
rr said on 10/Nov/05
i am 178cm and when i went to madam tussauds i took a pic with her wax model. she was around 1/2 an inch shorter than me but with her heels on!
Z. said on 8/Nov/05
Editor, if her agency is saying 176 cm, why are you still listing her at 177cm? She could even be under that, you know, we all know that agencies lie=))) So i think you should downgrade to 176 cm.

[Editor Rob: they list in half inch measures and probably round down in converting to cm...]
What said on 2/Nov/05
She really is only 5'7-8". She is shorter than Iman, who I met last night and asked her what her real height was. She said "almost 5'9" (which means 5'8" - and I'm 5'8" and she was dead on with me).
~Nate~ said on 10/Oct/05
Looking at pics of her and 5'9 Mariah as well as 5'6 Beyonce, I'd say Naomi is pushing the 5'11 Mark!!
Blue said on 3/Sep/05
Do you notice how taller models like Naomi Campbell have smaller feet? To understand me better, take these few examples: Naomi Campbell wears a size 9 shoe, Cindy Crawford wears a 9.5 and Gia Carangi wore a 8.5 shoe. These are all tall models. My neighbor, who is 5'6.25" female wears size 11 shoes. It just seemed weird how petite models feet actually are, or my neighbor is bigfoot.
Nate said on 18/Aug/05
Actually I met Naomi at a shoot in canada and not only is she very beautiful in person shes very tall! I'm 6'0 and she was wearing maybe 3 inch heels and I was barely to her shoulder! Im guessing she is maybe 5'11 without the heels. Seh's very tall.
Woodi said on 29/Jun/05
No, he isn't shorter. Because when he was in Germany at "Wetten, dass..." he was nearly so tall like Thomas Gottschalk and Thomas is something about 1,90 cm.
And in a video of Usher, she was standing next to him and was one head taller then him!! And Usher is 178-180 cm.
So she has to be taller then 177 cm!!
Viper652 said on 28/Jun/05
If shes taller then Will Smith, then that would confirm Smith is shorter then 6-2.
Woodi said on 28/Jun/05
On a picture she was bigger than Will Smith and Will is 6'2.
I don't believe that she is 5 ft. 9.5 in!!!! Never ever!!!!!
Massimo said on 12/May/05
And what about Andre' Rousimoff ? At the beginning of his career they use to say he was 7'7", a few years later 7'5", then 7'4", then 6'9" 1/2 ! That's the reason I started calling him Andre' the Midget !
Smoke said on 4/May/05
Yes Raz I fully agree with you! I am of Northern European decent and in Finland, where I have roots, the average height for the male population is 5'10", however I have been informed by our Finnish height informant Lmeister that the average young Finnish male is 182 cm (almost 6 foot). From my visits to Finland I have never noticed the young people to be particularly tall, in fact I noticed that in Finland people were generally a little bit shorter than in the neighbouring countries of Russia and Sweden. But yes, generally in Northern Europe, and generally in many parts of Europe the average height is generally higher than in say the US. BTW for hockey fans out there, to me there is a noticeable difference between the Finnish national team and teams like Canada or Russia as far as height and size goes. It might be the uniform's effects or what not, but it looks like this to me.
Raz said on 3/May/05
Let's not forget that these heights aren't at all abnormal in any way.
For "white" women in the US, around 5% of the adult population is taller than 5'8", and probably around 2-3% are at Naomi's official height or above. And other ethnicities have higher or lower height percentiles. Massai women, for instance, have female average heights of over 5'11"!
Also, in northern Europe in general, people are, on average, taller than in the US.
The average for young male adults in Sweden (where I'm from) is 179.5 cm, or close to 5'11".
In the US, that average is just over 5'9". Ethnicity could play a part in this, of course, but averages are still averages. What is normal in one place might seem abnormal in another.
Palladium said on 3/May/05
Couldn't agree, more like Smoke 5'9.5"/10" with heals yes. Anyway, she looks to be a tall woman, even 5'8" is sensibly tall as a woman.
Smoke said on 2/May/05
Pretty interesting post Z.! Her "official height" is 5'9".5" yet she is listed just about everywhere at 5'10", picture her minus the heals in this shot and you have a girl who is probably 5'8" at best (she still looks an inch shorter than Beckford even in heals). Again the 5'10" is most certainly a fabrication.
Some of us say that women aren't quite as guilty as men when it come to lying about height, yet I think the modelling world would even make Hollywood heights look credible.
rick said on 2/May/05
Yes,the official height is 5'9.5 = Campbell, Naomi#
Height: 5'9-1/2"
Bust-waist-hips: 34-23-32 ( Alt.supermodels frequently asked questions)
Z. said on 2/May/05
Her official height, (at which her modelling agency lists her) is 5'9.5 BUT all the people who saw her in person say she is about 5'8/5'9. So, I think( and I'm quite sure) that she is 5'9.
Smoke said on 2/May/05
Boy, this is one person who's REAL height I'm dying to know! Could she quite possibly fit into the "everyone" that Heidi Klum refers to in the modelling world? Could she be one of the very rare breed of models who is honest about their height, let's just say past cases are not on her side! But next to Tyson Beckford, she does look atleast relatively close to this.

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