How tall is Kate Moss

Kate Moss Height

5ft 5 ½ (166.4 cm)

English supermodel. In a 1999 interview magazine article said: "In the beginning, my agent said to me, 'If you were two inches higher, you'd have two more zeroes at the end of your bank account.' I was five foot six and if I was five foot eight and had, say, a 4B cup, then I would have been fine.". At her agency her vital stats are given as: Height 5ft 7.5, Bust/Bra Size: 34 inches, Waist Size: 23 inches, Hips: 35in, Dress Size 4 and shoe size 7.

How tall is Kate Moss
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My sister is 5ft 7in β€” she is just on the cusp of being tall enough, but for me I'm 5ft 5in
-- Lottie Moss

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Average Guess (49 Votes)
5ft 5.45in (166.3cm)
Charline said on 11/May/23
Rob, which heights do you consider prototypical female fashion model heights? Is 177-181cm, around 5'10 to strong 5'11 right?
Editor Rob
Today, 5ft 9.5-11.5 accounts for a large majority of fashion models.
ItalianChad said on 10/May/23
5'5'' 1/2/5'6''. I'm hearing she was only hired as a model in the early 1990s when she was scouted at Heathrow because they were hoping she'd grow at least 2 more inches, which she obviously never did. What's even more jarring is that her daughter does the same job, although in many pics she looks several inches shorter than her mom, despite the fact that her parents are tallish and daughters are almost always taller than their mothers. Why do you think she turned out so short?
Antihero said on 28/Apr/23
5'6 just like she said, she's not 5'7 or 5'5 imo.
Leesheff85 said on 25/Dec/22
Rob would her daughter lila be around five foot four. Definitely not the five six she's listed as by het model agency
Mariana said on 24/Dec/22
Rob, do you consider 5'7" tall for a woman? Is it noticeable with the majority of women that a woman of 5'7" height is tall? Thanks!
Editor Rob
Yes, I reckon once you get into 5ft 7 range you will be viewed as tall by a fair proportion of the population.
Irshgrl500 said on 16/Sep/22
Finally!! An accurate reporting of Kate's height. I've never thought she was 5'7". She's absolutely stunning & an amazing lady but 5'7" really is on the very tall side of average. Kate's exceptional in every way, including her height. 5'5.5"
Wehrmacht180 said on 22/Jul/22
165 cm
lovelyboyan said on 29/Jul/21
Click Here
how tall she could be here ?
Editor Rob
should get about 5 inches of actual height from those
Sven Radd said on 15/Mar/21
British people are definitely not a very tall race. How tall is you average british young adult? 5'9 1/2 would be my best guess and 5'4 for the average british women who sounds tiny but is truth. Most models from the other side of channel are from Northern Germany and Netherlands where people average 3 to 3'5 inches higher for every gender..saw similar think in Denmark, people are huge..
katemossfan said on 6/Mar/21
Hello Rob, I love your website! It's so informative, thank you for all your work. I'd like to ask you a question, how much do you think Katy Moss weigh in the pics below? It's at the VH1 Fashion in 1995. Please reply, thank you in advance!

1) Click Here

2) Click Here

3) Click Here
Editor Rob
I would have thought at times 115 in those shots was possible
oliviermartin said on 27/Jan/21
Rob please answer me.

How much do you think Kate Moss smight weight on this pics in 2010?

Click Here
Editor Rob
pounds to 118
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jan/21
πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Kate! πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’πŸŒΉ

Wishing Supermodel Kate Moss a fabulous 47th Birthday. My, haven't the years flown by? I remember her as a teenage model, and was pleased to hear she hails from Croydon, which is where I've all too often been on shopping sprees and to the cinema. I've never seen her, alas!

🐍 Kate starred in an episode of Blackadder, called 'Blackadder Back And Forth'. πŸπŸ‘Œ

5ft6. XX πŸ€—πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈπŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ¬

Nik Ashton said on 3/Jan/21
@ ChaosControl 6'2.5 - She ain’t as short as Jamie Brewer!
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 3/Jan/21
She must be small for a model!
Peri Wood said on 4/Oct/20
I've seen her at Anabel's in Mayfair in the '00s.
Stunning cheeckbones and far apart eyes. Her face is so beautiful.
When she got up to leave, I was amazed how tiny she was. I've seen Claudia Schiffer in NY in 1995 and she was very tall.
I'd say Kate Moss is about 5ft5 max. I know for a fact that Victoria Beckham is only 5ft3".
Kate is clearly 2 inches taller. Both in killer heels. Look up photos.
Keshta said on 1/Aug/20
I can't understand the people who think that she is like 5'3/5'4. Just look on the runways. She is always about 3 inches shorter than other models. 1,67 at least.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Apr/20
For a super model 5ft5 1/2" is a bit short since most models are at least 5ft7 , but for a normal woman 5ft5 1/2" is a good height.
Dian Roae said on 23/Apr/20
Can she be just 5ft 5 ?
Editor Rob
Would be the lowest I think I would try arguing.
Jtm said on 18/Apr/20
if G thought 5'4 then doesn't that actually make her 5'2.75? joking of course but i think he was actually right about 5'4. look at her with 5'3ish samantha morton. she would have noticeable height on her regardless of the posture or camera angles if she was a legit 5'6-5'7. 5'4 or 5'4.5 is more realistic.
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 5
range is likely, but sub 5ft 5 I don't know about that.
The hamburger said on 13/Feb/20
Click Here how much these heels gives to the height?
Editor Rob
A bit over 3 inches I'd expect
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jan/20
πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ•―οΈ Belated Birthday Wishes to Kate Moss, who yesterday celebrated her 46th Birthday. I hope she really lived it up and had a FANTASTIC time! Kate has always been my favourite model, and she doesn't hail from far away at all. Croydon used to be walking distance for me.

She even acted in 'Blackadder Back and Forth'! πŸ•―οΈπŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸ’

KOLINSpol said on 13/Nov/19
Click Here
I don't know what to say after this picture. On this picture, there are Nadja Auermann (she is 5'11) and Kate on the Versace runway in 1995. The height difference is HUGE, not 'only' 5 inches. Rob, does Kate look like 5'4 woman on this pic? What do u think?
Stasia said on 22/Jun/19
I would say she is around 5'6, definitely not taller, but not much shorter than this. She has said herself, she's 5'6 and was referred to as that height by Twiggy when they worked together. Kate's daughter, Lila Grace is quite a bit smaller. At 16 she looks around 5'2 or 5'3 so I don't think she'll be as tall as her mother.
Kelly Germany said on 23/Feb/19
Close to 5ft 6.
Jancys said on 22/Feb/19
She is way shorter than the other models, but not very short for woman. She is 3 inches shorter than Naomi Campbell, so she is 5ft 6 for sure.
Bradley said on 10/Jan/19
As listed. Very short for an Elite model. Surprising she got work as a "supermodel".
Mr.Donald said on 26/Jul/18
Update is necessary
Meow said on 14/Jul/18
Doesn't look over 166 cm ( 5'5" and a half )
BilboBaggins12 said on 27/Apr/18
Appears to be somewhere between 5' 5" and 5' 6". I would put her at 5' 5.5".
Edmund S. said on 3/Apr/18
Hello, rob!
So what would be your guess for this male model next to kate here:
Click Here
(It’s the last picture of the instagram post)
I would guess him at 177cm
What would you say, rob?
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have thought under 178 for the guy.
Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
Kate might be the first shortest runway supermodel in history. Nowadays there are quite numbers of runway model under 5'7.
Allie said on 19/Dec/17
Funny how her lookalike and fellow British model, Jodie Kidd is the exact opposite! Arguably Too tall for modelling at around 6'2!
official batman said on 17/Dec/17
How tall is her sister Lottie?
Slim 181 cm said on 16/Jul/17
5'6.5 tbh.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/17
I have liked Kate Moss since the beginning of her career!
I like her blonde, brunette, short-haired and long-haired! I think she is 5ft6.5 - 5ft7, but definitely no more.
The reason she's so successful in spite of her being on the short side for a model speaks volumes for her as a person and, let's face it, her bone structure is unbeatable!
Kate has a great sense of humour and that is the primary reason I like her so much! Also, she comes from near to where I live, but I have never seen her while I've been out shopping in Croydon, alas!
Fliffy said on 17/Nov/16
To me she looks between 5'4 - 5'5.5
Rojina said on 25/Aug/16
Heels and height add a little grace and proportion that's all. She is very pretty regardless
James B said on 22/Jul/16
I think her height is great (not too tall) and I for one Think she is very attractive
Duh said on 12/Jul/16
Everyone on here is hilarious. Obsessing over a few inches of height when Moss' height had virtually nothing to do with her success. The only thing that matters (when it comes to the perception of physical beauty) is bone structure. Weight is significant because thinner people with thinner faces reveal more angular bone structures. A group of graduate level art students at SFAI did a study where they laid a translucent photograph of Kate Moss over a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. The 5 main points of facial structure aligned almost exactly within the two photos (chin, hairline, forhead, jawline, cheekbones). Kate has slightly wonky eyes and a less than perfect nose BUT her general facial frame and structure is near perfect. This is a lot more rare than most people realize (especially without plastic surgery). This is what makes her so photogenic and successful. Her height is almost obsolete. If she were fat her bone structure wouldn't stand out as much so her waifishness became instrumental in her career.
Kris said on 14/Jun/16
It makes me mad that you can be as pretty as you like with 90-60-90 proportions but just being too short(<5'8) makes you invisible and useless in the model industry and people still believe being a model equals being a professional beauty..
realheight said on 2/Jun/16
5'5" barefoot. I'm sure. no more no less.
eizhowa said on 4/Apr/16
The people who think she is 5' are so silly. I have the same jeans as she used to wear, and they have a 31" inseam in all sizes. She has short legs, but that makes her a minimum of 5'5", because the jeans looked shorter by about an inch on her, compared to on me (I am 5'5" myself). She is most likely closer to 5'6".
BirchGirl said on 22/Feb/16
@Cathy And now you are spreading false information. 5' 1" ??? Do you even know what a 5' 1" person looks like? A 5' 1" person usually cannot fit into pants that are "regular" inseam length, let alone "tall". She would have to model for petite clothing if she was that height.
Cathy said on 24/Jan/16
why does this site still list her as 5-6 when there's a lot of picture evidence to the contrary?she'smore like 5 1. And Cara is more like 5'4. Why isn't this a big story in the magazines? about the real hight rule in the modeling world. It keeps a lot of girls out of work who think they have to be 5 9 and above when they don't.
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 1 is a bit of a stretch to believe! You could certainly argue 5ft 5 range, but lower?
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
@Mini - haha, nope, not at Storm or Women. Been in the industry for 20 years - from (fit) modeling to booking to tailoring (and pending accounts - still booking). Mostly now in LA (small time in Miami - did mostly catalog). We were both going for a booking in the same area (obviously for different things ie - me=small fry / background, kate= KATE). She was 5'7" - unless she tiptoed around barefoot. Most of the time I was sitting down moving beach balls.
Mini said on 11/Dec/15
@ Fray: which agency do you work for? I also work in the industry, was a model now a booker. I have never heard anyone refer to Kate as a strong 5'7", you don't happen to work at Storm do you?
5'5 gal said on 5/Dec/15
If Stella McCartney, one of Moss's BFF's, is 5'5 with no ambiguity, then Moss is 0.5"taller than her, see massive amount of photos available of the two of them and their footwear. Kate Moss is 5'5.5 (166.5 cm)
Janet said on 12/Nov/15
5'6 seems spot on for her
M said on 11/Aug/15
Fray I am 5'6.5" (1.69m and in the morning 1.70m)..Maybe I didn't scaneed properly her when I met her. I am glad she succeedded into Fashion World despite her height.
M said on 10/Aug/15
@Fray ok. I am very glad that she succeedded in thah industry despite oh her height..Go Kate go!
fray said on 6/Aug/15
Don't know if earlier response went through.
@M - She is 5'". Self visualization is not always correct. any times did you get back to back with someone to prove height and were surprised at discovery (usually as kids)? In castings, I've had so many girls shocked to find out their actual heights are much shorter (rarely taller) than what they thought they were.
Kate's height was never a secret. Every magazine editor and casting agent wanted to and did measure her- more than any other model because she was such an anomaly at the time. If it wasn't for her (and Calvin Klein), Jamie Rishar, Jenny Shimizu, Josie Maran, Laeticia Casta, and Angelina Jolie (All models under 5'8") would not have had such an "in".
M said on 6/Aug/15
If Kate was 5'6", than I am 5'9" and can model too anytime and anywhere :)
mariam1 said on 5/Aug/15
compared to Cara Delevingne they're almost same height. I've seen some of their pictures at Printemps christmas party in Paris, they were on same sized heels (around 2.5-3 inches) and Cara looked just 1.5 inch taller than her. Also go and check their pictures from Burberry prosum SS15 show Kate was standing 2 inches and Cara's footwear was around 1.5 inch ,so Kate looks inch - inch & half taller than Delevingne in those pics. Kate is no less than 5'6". Kate is somwhere between 5'6" - 5'7" .
M said on 30/Jul/15
@Fray no she is not 5'7" , because I am that height and saw her and she was 2" shorter then me.
Emily said on 30/Jul/15
kate as same height as rita ora 5.6.
Fray said on 28/Jul/15
She is a strong 5'7". Why do people feel the need to downgrade people just because they themselves are short?
@Tania - in castings, we prefer runway at 5'9" and above (some designers don't even want 5'9" and start at 5'10" - unless you're celeb spawn). Heidi Klum used to get rejected for runway all the time, as did Cara D.
Kate was an exception to everything..because she's Kate, and was just amazing in print and just blew everyone away. Cindy Crawford said that when she first saw Kate walk, [paraphrase] "it was all over for all of us."
Shell said on 21/Mar/15
Kate Moss started modeling around age 15, so in the beginning of her career, she likely was not her adult height. Notice she was "I WAS 5'6". It's likely she grew a bit more and hit the 5'7 height she is most often noted as being. I notice that small framed women get downgraded here, likely because they dont have a tall look.
Mini said on 4/Mar/15
I think she's around 5'5".
Tania said on 10/Feb/15
@Tunman - you're right about the female ranges, though again, the ideals vary wildly depending on what kind of modelling a girl wants to do. (Source: My 186 cm friend who models sometimes and is considering taking it up after college)

High fashion/runway/catalog - The choosiest of all. Ideally atleast 5'8", but not above 6'0"

Swimsuit/lingerie - Also atleast 5'8", but they're a little less stringent and will accept shorter women if they have the right figure. 5'5-6" with a great curvy body is as welcome as 5'8". A very pretty face can also take you a long way.

Commercial/promotional/fitness: Again, not very strict, but atleast 5'6". Fitness models must have a great body regardless of height (but that's obvious) :P

Glamour/Nude: All heights/weights/shapes/sizes accepted.

Kate Moss just happens to be a 5'10" supermodel trapped in a body a few inches shorter because she has "the look". It's how she shot to the top - but she is an exception to the tall standard.
Tunman said on 8/Feb/15
@Arch and SAK
for women models I think between 172 and 182 would be the most desired heights.
For men I think it's between 180 and 190.
That said I wonder why height is that important for models especially if you think that there are much more girls around 160-65 and men around 173-78.
I don't know...I feel that it makes tallness like a superior aspect and shortness an inferior one,when so many charcteristics are much important (beauty in the occurence).
Of course everyone including myself would like to be tall,but height won't make a person more important or more acceptable in my opinion,just about looks (again)
M said on 6/Feb/15
I saw her on the street in London and was really suprised, becuase I thought she was taller..I am 5'6" and she was 2 inches shorter than me.
Victoria said on 17/Nov/14
Hope more models with the same height or under be legends like her in the future
LANative said on 13/Nov/14
Cara is listed here as being 5'7" and Kate 5'6". The pic in this article shows them standing next to each other, Kate in 4" heels and Cara in trainers. Same height. That makes the spread more than an inch.
littlesue said on 28/Oct/14
No way Kate as low as 5ft 1 to 2. She would'nt be allowed on the cat walk. Can't see her under 5ft 5.
Cathy said on 27/Oct/14
Cara is listed at 5'10. But she stood near Selena Gomez who is 5'4 and they were the same height.Then Kate needed high heels to equal Cara's 5'4 height. So Kate must be around 5'1-5'2!You can tell they are short because they have short legs.They have the supermodel faces but they don't have the supermodel bodies or any leg length to be those fake heights.
littlesue said on 16/Sep/14
Saw that pic Suede, they are exactly the same height as you say, Carla in thick soled trainers and Kate in heels about 3 1/2 inches with no platform. Kate can't be much over 5ft5 if Carla is 5ft 7
Suede said on 15/Sep/14
Look at todays photos from Burberry show. Kate is the same height as Cara (5'7). Cara is wearing sneakers and Kate heels.
m said on 13/Aug/14
Click Here In this picture Kate is visibly shorter than Lana Del Rey (who is listed here as 5ft 6in), even though Kate is wearing high heels and Lana is only wearing kitten heels. She looks around the same height as Alexa Chung in flats (who is listed as 5ft 8.5in on here)
oregon said on 3/Jun/14
Click Here she is about 5.4 (if considered without heels) here, standing next to 5.7-5.8 noel gallagher
Lara said on 16/Mar/14
Look at pics of her next to Rita Ora who I think is listed at 5'5 on this site. If Rita is 5'5, then Kate definitely looks to be more 5'4.
lee said on 18/Feb/14
apparently marc jabobs is 5 foot 9 and she looks an inch taller than him in his shoes which probably add an inch to his height so she must be at least 5 foot 11 in the photo. her heels look pretty high but she must be at least 5ft 6 to 5ft 7
Kamryn said on 1/Feb/14
I just think it's really cool when model's are less than 5'9! I hate how the agents lie and up their heights though. What is their thinking behind that anyway? Obviously the companies will find out their real height when they're shooting them...
Emma said on 22/Aug/13
Cara is 5'6" maximum. As an obsessive fashion enthusiast, my estimation for her against other models is around that height - she's four inches or so shorter than most of them, and they're mostly ~5'10". However, 6'+ is becoming much more common - Frida Gustavsson is 6'2", Karlie Kloss is 6'3" (her agencies have started inching her listed height up, she used to be marked as 5'11" and now they call her 6'1", which is a height she can afford to have on her compcards because of her success). Most models have their heights fiddled with to put them at around the same size as each other, which helps with uniformity of casting. Put Cara up by four inches, put Karlie down by four and there you have it - a fairly even runway lineup.
someone said on 28/Apr/13
That's why I said ALMOST too tall.
From what I know, a model in the 173-176 range is considered short, 177-179 is "just right" and 180-183 is tall.

Cara Delevingne's real height is 5'8 and she is doing pretty well at the moment. Some VS models are under 5'9 as well. It's a lot harder for 5'8-5'9 girls to make a career in modeling than it is for the 5'10-5'11 ones, but it DOES happen...

She has a great bone structure and a well-defined jawline. She is also very photogenic. There is definitely something about her.
Jonathan said on 9/Apr/13
She's 5Β΄4. Look this: Click Here
thc-182 said on 8/Mar/13
i don't understand how she became a model with her height...and her face.
But i know a guy who is a model for H&M, he has participated at koh lanta(in French).On his website, he claims 6'.5" lol, i met him at the swimming, and he was more 5'10"...
Elijah said on 7/Feb/13
@SAK: It's 182 actually, not 183. When you get to 181 it's a "sorry, bye bye" and when you get to 182 it's "welcome aboard".

5'11/181 would be exception.

@little sue: I heard that as well... was pretty dumb for them to think that she would grow 2 whole inches at that height though. A lot of girls are done at that age, and even those still growing, most wouldn't get another 2 inches.
BerniceNg said on 25/Jan/13
She's awesome anyway. An ICON. :)
SAK said on 20/Jan/13
@Arch Stanton, 183-189cm is the ideal range for male models. 5f11 is acceptable for photographic modeling/catalog. And 6f3 is better suited for runway.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/13
5'11 for a guy and 5'8" for a woman I think are the minimum requirements, most prefer at least 5'9 and 6' I think.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/13
Yes that's true SAK for the women, but male model ideal is actually 180-188cm to my knowledge. 6 ft 3 is a little high for the main employers I think, and you'll get guys like David Gandy and Gabriel Aubry who are near 6'3" listed at 6'2". Gandy claimed 6'3" on Jonathan Ross and looks 189-90cm range, Aubry I thought looked 190cm range next to Bruce Willis, although somebody said he didn't even look 6'2" next to Welling which surprised me.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/13
She looks the same height as Pamela Anderson actually in thinking about it. 5'6", possibly slightly under. At times she can seem taller but that's waif build and heels for you...
SAK said on 11/Jan/13
@little sue, good point.
little sue said on 7/Jan/13
Remember Kate was only about 14 when she was 'found' the Modelling agency who signed her up probably thought she may grow a bit more but never did.
SAK said on 6/Jan/13
someone says on 30/Dec/12
sorry to break this to you erika, but 180 cm is almost too tall for a model...ideal height is 178 cm...(im guessing you are 180 cm)
I wouldn't say 180cm is too for a female model. But it is the upper end of the requirement. Many runway models are 180cm. Most female models are between 173cm-182cm. 177-178cm being ideal.
Male models are between 183-191cm. 186-187cm being best.

Kate Moss is 5f6. Don't know how she got a break. There requirements a quite specific.
someone said on 30/Dec/12
sorry to break this to you erika, but 180 cm is almost too tall for a model...ideal height is 178 cm...(im guessing you are 180 cm)
Shaun said on 28/Oct/12
Sasha says on 31/Jan/12
Rob, explain this to me, please. Why did you cite Kate's claim about 5'6 and then give her 0.25" less? A quarter of inch is not critical, but, as I noticed, you do in such way rather often. :) Do you think, that people like Kate Moss round their heights up?
[Editor Rob: I think most celebrities will say a round figure than come out with 5ft 5.5 or 5ft 5.75 etc.

in reality there are nearly as many people who would measure 5ft 5.5 as 5ft 6, but most who fall between 5ft 5.5-6 would naturally just round up.]

But if anything Rob she looks 5'6.5" more than 5'5.5...
lulo said on 11/Oct/12
Here she is with 5'6.5'' Matt Lucas (as listed on this site) she does look 5'6'', dare I say even a little bit less

Click Here
Erika said on 30/Sep/12
She is not so tall, I though models should heve at least 180 centimetres.....Maybe in Britain it is enough
little sue said on 4/Aug/12
But 6 inch heels would'nt give anyone 6 inches, maybe only about 4
Emmanuelle said on 3/Aug/12
I've met Kate. I'm 5'11.5" myself, and she was in six-inch heels, making her exactly the same height as me. She's 5'5.5".
Sasha said on 5/Feb/12
Rob, this all understandable. But why can't Kate be 5'6.25" as well? Would she round her height down in this case???
(I ask this not only because of my curiosity. :) I saw her listed 170-172cm on different sites. So I thought, that 5'6" is absolute minimum for her.)
Editor Rob
if I thought she was 5ft 6-6.5 range I might have listed her that mark.
Sasha said on 31/Jan/12
Rob, explain this to me, please. Why did you cite Kate's claim about 5'6 and then give her 0.25" less? A quarter of inch is not critical, but, as I noticed, you do in such way rather often. :) Do you think, that people like Kate Moss round their heights up?
Editor Rob
I think most celebrities will say a round figure than come out with 5ft 5.5 or 5ft 5.75 etc.

in reality there are nearly as many people who would measure 5ft 5.5 as 5ft 6, but most who fall between 5ft 5.5-6 would naturally just round up.
Dioran said on 24/Oct/11
Paula Hamilton, giving her opinion about KM to Sarah Doukas who had just discovered her, clearly states in the kate moss years documentary that she was 5'4 at that time (she was 14 and a half). Unlikely she grew much taller than 5'6.
LAN Jiao said on 22/Sep/11
she look short for model. possible 5ft5 but not less. 5ft5.25(166cm) much happening.
Shaun said on 19/Sep/11
Spot on, just shy of 5'6" which in the super model world is extremely rare. Mostly comes across as around 5'6" to me.
Irshgrl500 said on 15/Sep/11
Silke, so she's SHORTER than 1.68 m or 5'5"? Oh my. Yes, I have heard people say she's tiny in person, and has a great personality.
Odie said on 8/Sep/11
Sofiya: I am 5 ft. 4.75, but I tell people I am 5 ft 5. People like round numbers.
silke said on 22/Aug/11
I'm 1.68 m - surely NOT taller!!- and she is shorter than me..I met her in London on last june, and we were both in flats...anyway: she's GREAT!!!
Irshgrl500 said on 3/Jul/11
Well, Guinness World Records 2000, Millennium Edition, Pg. 94 (094) has Moss listed at 5'6" (NOT 5'7", James, so......)
Aimee said on 1/Jul/11
Just because Kate Moss is shorter, it doesn't mean she can't be a model. And, if you're more of a photography model, which Kate Moss is, your height isn't as important as it would be on a cat walk.
Amanda said on 21/Jun/11
dude. i didnt even know who warwick davis was. n then i saw the pic n laughed haha.

btw, what's a 4b? lol. i hope i grow to 5-6" im 5-4"
me said on 14/Jun/11
She is 166 cm.
Odie said on 11/Jun/11
Tony Greene - You would not get Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn etc. with that standard. Modelling has to do with selling clothes, and if you are perfect at 5'6'', you will still get hired! Kate is the proof:) Kate is a shortie, and 167-168cm sounds about right.
Emma said on 5/Jun/11
All you people that say that there is no way she is 5'5" or 5'6" because modelling agencies would never hire someone that short for a runway model, that isnt true. Usually they prefer models over 5'9", but in very rare cases, shorter models are hired.
Sofiya said on 23/May/11
Her own comments says she is 5.6 so why is 5.75 listed?
Pinky said on 27/Apr/11
to Tony Greene:
there is no LEGAL height to be a model. YES, agencies require a certain height, but there are models who lie about their height and that if they have anything else to be a good model, they simply put obviate that fact, dont' check it and they usually listed as 5'9.

And there are other great girls contrated by the agencies without care about their height because they have everything else, the IT thing.

There are plenty of models that are not between 5'9-5'11 which is what is required to be a model, just look at Victoria's Secret models.

The minimum height is required especially for the runway, catalog and other not so necessary. Yet there has been and will be a lot of catwalk models that not reach the 5'9 or even 5'8. Look for models such as Bambi, Laetitia Casta, Sasha Pivovarova, Audrey Marney, Mona Johannesson, Barbara Palvin, Hannah Holman, Zippora Seven, Devon Aoki,... All of them are high fashion models, not tall but have everything else and can overcome what for others would be an obstacle.

The television show of Tyra Banks is not completely accurate to the world of fashion and models, is a show.

As for Kate Moss, I saw a photo from years ago with Claudia Schiffer (around 6') in Cannes, and the difference is huge.
SAK said on 26/Apr/11
@Tony Greene, Moss is the exception to the 'at least 5ft8 rule'.

I believe she is 5ft6/168cm.
Julia said on 23/Apr/11
Tony Greene
Says who ?! HAHAHA no it's not...Calvin Klein or whatever believied in her and he wanted her to be a model...omgg...
Natasha said on 6/Apr/11
I was on the same flight as Kate Moss and she spoke very briefly to me. I am 5'5 and would estimate Kate Moss (who was wearing flat pumps) to be about 5'55 at the most. She has a very petite frame...I don't know why agencies lie about height...Kate Moss has proven that at her petite height you can reach every height in modelling. So many celebs around 5'5 photograph really well...There shouldn't be a restriction on a model's height as long as they can deliver great pictures.
Pinky said on 20/Mar/11
Photos of Kate with Naomi Campbell and Lindsay Lohan.
Click Here

According to various agencies of Kate and Naomi, their height are:
Kate_5'7.5 (NY-IMG)________________Naomi_5'10 NY (NY-Marilyn)
1.73 (Paris-Marilyn)________________1.77 (Paris-Marilyn)
5'8/1.73 (Milan-d'management)_______5'10/1.78 (Milan-d'management)

I think Naomi is about 5'8-5'8.5, and the photo of Kate with L. Lohan seems both measure the same height.
To me Kate only reaches to 5.6 early in the morning, so during the day should be about 5'5.
Dino said on 1/Mar/11
I am only 5'10 and I walked past her at Heathrow airport, and I was shocked at how short she was for a model. I would say 5'6 tops. My 5'8 wife was way taller. It was also funny seeing the poor flunky she had carrying all her luggage
Kitty said on 5/Feb/11
Er No, I have osteoperosis from prelonged use of diet pils and not eating, let that be a warning to other young girls.
domino27 said on 29/Jan/11
she is short. Thats why people always said that short girls can also model, its because of katt moss. But you need to be extra special if you want to sucess though. Don't care if she is 5'4 or 5'5 or 5'6, she's still make big money in this industry.
Phaedra said on 10/Jan/11
I met her once in LA. We were both in flats. I'm 5ft7. We were almost exatly the same height. She's 5ft7. She may be 5ft6.5 at the SHORTEST. The only reason she seems petite is because she's constantly in the company of other models who are around 5ft11 so she's short in comparison. But compared to the average woman she's actually pretty tall.
leonari said on 28/Dec/10
SAK: Moss wishes to be a full 5'6". She is the exception of the rule that models are tall.
SAK said on 28/Dec/10
Kitty says on 18/Dec/10
I clearly remember her being measuered at Westwood as 174cm, ive been on the same runway shows as her, same parties, same gigs etc, ive been in her company quite alot.She maybe a little shorter now because of age.

Do you realise we dont lose height in our 30's, or even 40's, (unless u have had an accident or something), You start to lose height much later

I think Moss is a 5ft6, no lower
Joanna said on 28/Dec/10
I am 5 ft 6 (168 cm),and when i met her she was quite shorter than me ,i give her 5 ft 5 (164-165 cm) !
Kitty said on 18/Dec/10
I clearly remember her being measuered at Westwood as 174cm, ive been on the same runway shows as her, same parties, same gigs etc, ive been in her company quite alot.She maybe a little shorter now because of age. Shes not always in heels, infact when she was going out with Docherty and on the london music social seen, I frequently saw her in black flat mockison suede boots, she wore them all the time, and she is most deffinetley not under 5ft7, I think she is 5ft7 straight now, she is about an inch shorter than 5ft8 Agyness Deyn, and about the same height as Alexa Chung, these are people ive been in the company of on the London social seen, and I know how tall they are
James said on 16/Dec/10
She is 5'7" (169cm)

Guinness Book Of Records measured her.
Get over it people.
Jess said on 14/Dec/10
Kitty, 170cm=5'7. 171cm=5'7 1/2. 172cm is about 5'8 but still a little under. 173cm=5'8. 174cm=5'8 1/2. 175cm=5'9.
If you're still unsure, check out some celebs who are 5'8 & some who are 5'7 1/2 [rob also adds how many cm their height equals]. Im thinking kate is just a tab bit under 5'6..Shes seems very tiny
crazynetboy said on 14/Dec/10
no way , she doesnt have 174, near to naomi she is very short and naomi is 177 3 cm is not so much ..even carolyn murphy is taller than kate! she is for sure 170 not much
zwip said on 1/Dec/10
dana : he has shoes too :
1,75 +3=>1,78 , 1,67 +7=> 1,74 , 1,78-1,74 = 4cm ?
claudia said on 30/Nov/10
wow shes very beautiful and about 5'6
i hate the way her agency tried to claim she was 5'8 when she really is more like 5'5
dana said on 29/Nov/10
yes but she doesnt look THAT short... i dont know, she is very thin and that gives her extra height, but i dont know, she cant be only 5'4,it seems..strange
jtm said on 26/Nov/10
dana that's because she is not since depp is actually 5'8 so that would make her 5'4.
dana said on 25/Nov/10
Click Here
well if he`s 1,75 tall, and she`s 1,67- 1,70, and she`s wearing high heels, why isn`t she the same height as he is?
Kitty said on 25/Nov/10
Would like to agree with Britt, she is spot on with that, agencies do recieve thousands of pictures each week from girls, very beautiful girls, but if you dont reach the required height requirements you are not going to be a runway/ fashion model, Devon Akoi is the only one I can remember and she got in because of her connections, she has a great face though
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/10
Kitty: if ur 4cm taller, then that means ur 5'8 and ur agency uses a ruler that purposely gives models several inches
kitty said on 24/Nov/10
174cm is around 5f7 and a half actually. In 1996 I saw her get measured she was 174cm, and I remember she was about 32,22,32, she has very little waist/hip deffinition to, her legs are quite short with a longer torso, but look longer because she has very little meat on her. I remember her being a chain smoker who are very little, she has a unique face though
paige said on 15/Nov/10
1999 book of guinness world records lists her as 169cm as the worlds shortest i think that would be right.
Jess said on 14/Nov/10
She does look 5'6, 5'6.5 at the most. &Kitty, If kate moss were 174cm like you say, then why on earth would she even claim to be only 5'7? being 174cm tall is right under 5'9.
Francophile said on 5/Jun/09
I used to be a buyer at Barneys New York in the late 90s/early 2000s, and Kate stopped by frequently. I do not believe she is over 5'5, and agree she is closer to 5'4 than she is to 5'6. Models such as Kate Moss, Devon Aoki, Laetitia Casta and Josie Maran are in the 5'4-5'5 range and NOT in the 5'6-5'8 range their respective modeling agencies claim.
i am 5'11" said on 4/Jun/09
kate moss photographs tall, and she is 5'7", says AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL, most models have to be at least about 5'9", and she doesn't do runways too much, so she is fine, but modeling agencies do not like to hire models under 5'8", and preferably taller.
Dylan said on 12/May/09
I used to think she was 5'7" however, judging by that photograph that would make Glenn 5'9"
anon said on 10/May/09
Click Here
More than "4.25 inches" height difference, i think, and in HIGH heels(looks like with small platform). Heels are shown, along with more pictures proving the greater height difference, in this daily mail article: Click Here
4.25" is practically laughable.
there are also many pictures with pete doherty online, who's height is right around david williams', to reference.
Angie said on 2/May/09
Yeah. she has to be 5'6 or 5'7...
J.J. said on 26/Apr/09
She is 5'6.5" this 5'5.75" listing is crazy. I found a picture of her standing next to this 6'3" David Williams & she was about 4.25" shorter than him. This means that she was wearing a 16cm heel that gives her 5.3" in height so she was standing at nearly 6'0"(5'11.8") to be precise. This makes her a a solid 5'6.5"
Anonymous said on 7/Apr/09
Yes. I doubt Sasha is 5'8. She's 3" shorter than Vlada, who claims to be 1.74m, but I think is listed at 5'10.
Anyway, I would say Kate is about 5'4.5 even. Not quite as low as 5'4.
Debbie said on 7/Apr/09
Who were you referring to? Who is Sasha P. Do you mean Pivovarova? I am not sure if you did but she is 5'8.
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/09
The better the face, the less that height matters. As long as the body is proportioned well, a girl of average height could be a successful short model. Just look at Sasha P.
Debbie said on 3/Apr/09
I definitely think she is 5'4. You just can't deny it when you see her standing next to 5'2 Kelly Osbourne. It really does surprise she was a runway model being that height. Doubt you could do that today. Although I believe her unique face is what sets her apart from other models. She does have a beautiful angled face that is perfect for photography.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/09
im 5'5 and i dont consider myself little. its an average height, so kate is an average height. models should appeal to average women.
Anonymous said on 1/Apr/09
I do think that she was somewhere near (below) 5'6 when she was signed, but by now its quite possible that she has shrunk a bit.
Shelly said on 28/Mar/09
She's at least 5'6, but not taller than 5'7. When she was younger, there was a documentary of some sort in which she was measured at right below 5'7 and she was laughing because her agency lists her at 5'8. I'd say she is 5'6.5.
n3 said on 26/Mar/09
1. Shorter girls do not have smaller bone structure, that is dependent upon the person.

2. Having broad shoulders does not correlate with having a larger bone structure, it's a physical trait. Most runway models are a) tall, b)small-boned, and c)have broad shoulders.
Little Red said on 17/Mar/09
julie-that's not true. shorter girls don't always have smaller bone structure. just look around. there are a lot of short people with broad shoulders and wider bone structure. there are a lot tall naturally slim girls too. and it's not the models fault they are so thin anyway. it's their job. using healthier looking models starts with the designers. they need to make their clothes bigger.
Brad said on 17/Mar/09
Weak 5' 5", just over Madonna by an inch or so from what I've seen. How she got to be a model at this height is worth an article, most gals this height are led out the door before showing their folder.
Julie said on 16/Mar/09
It's sick if she's really that short but yet set the standard of how thin models should be. Shorter girls have smaller bone structure. No wonder all the girls on the runways these days look sick and anorexic. They're trying to be the same size as someone 4 inches shorter.
Big T said on 15/Mar/09
I really think 5'4". Glenn has a general tendency to guess women taller than Rob lists them. Having a hard time believing she could be much more than the 5'4" Glenn says. She even looks 5'4" in the pic.
Little Red said on 14/Mar/09
i have no idea why storm lists her at 5'8". i think that is so dumb because everybody knows she's not. some people will argue that she is 5'7" (lol) but everyone knows she about 5'5". also, selita ebanks who is represented by women model management is listed as 5'9.5" which is also sort of a joke because everyone that has met her says she is 5'6" to 5'7" tops. even marisa miller is apperenly quite short in person like 5'6" or so. she is listed at 5'8" also. you'd think the agencies would list a height at least sort of believable like 5'7" for kate and 5'8" for selita. i still don't get some agencies and their height listings...
UNK said on 13/Mar/09
That pic with Naomi is so hott... Kate is a little thing, 5'5"(ish) - big time heel wearer for the most part. She's a doll!
Debbie said on 18/Feb/09
Kelly Osbourne is listed here at 5'2 and this pic w/ Kate Moss shows moss has to be no more than 5'4-5'5. I know you can't see the footwear but Kate does wear heels alot, IDK.

Click Here
Sandy said on 17/Feb/09
I agree with the 5 inch difference. I think kate is 5'4/5'5
anon said on 6/Feb/09
Click Here
Naomi Campbell's height is 5 ft 9.5 in.
I think Kate looks nearly five inches shorter than Naomi, if not more(?).
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/09
You can clearly tell she isn't 5'7-8 by looking at the pic of her with Glenn (with that she's probably wearing heels too) so 5'6 is probably about right (5'5 at the smallest). 5'6 is the height that they had her down as in the Guinness Book of Records one year as the shortest supermodel. I doubt she's as small as 5'4, though it would be a great comfort for the rest of us to know there is an average sized supermodel lol.
Claudia said on 20/Jan/09
I love kate moss i think she is great! well done sarah doukes because without her and kate, fashion would not be what it is today! I have seen her personally,she was wearing heels and im 5'8 and she was roughly same height as me with flats on! She is so beautiful with stunning features!
UNK said on 10/Dec/08
Thanks for posting that Sarah Doukas quote... it drives me nuts when people insist there is this "law" for models saying you can't be under 5'8"... people are so stupid sometimes!
lourdes said on 10/Dec/08
Check this picture along side petite Lindsay Lohan !!!

Click Here

PAY ATTENTION TO THE SHOES!!... of both.. specially Kate's wow like wtf! anyone can go tall like that.

in this above pic of "Glenn" with Kate .. was she wearing high heels? i wonder...
Blair said on 6/Dec/08
Looks 5'4" to 5'5" TO ME.
anon234 said on 26/Nov/08
"anon says on 3/Nov/08
Click Here

Sarah Doukas (the WOMAN WHO SIGNED KATE MOSS): "I'm considered eccentric because I will take people that are 5 ft 5in."


That is the truth and the only truth!!! Not anyone would book but other do! Try to get that.
anon said on 3/Nov/08
Click Here

Sarah Doukas (the WOMAN WHO SIGNED KATE MOSS): "I'm considered eccentric because I will take people that are 5 ft 5in."

katie said on 3/Nov/08
well, model scouts wont accept anyone over 5ft 8, and they prefer 5ft10's, to be honest, so I dont see how they would have accepted someone who is 5ft4 thats tiny in comparison.
hc said on 28/Oct/08
Thats true in the documentary "The Kate Moss Years" they did mention that she was 5'4" at the start of her career. She also said in an interview that she would notice that she was 5 inches shorter than 5'10" Christy Turlington. If Kate were really 5'7" or 5'8" nobody would have made such a big deal about her being so short for industry standards. Also Glenn reported her at 5'4",thats more than enough evidence to support that she is not the 5'7"/5'8" she is listed as. Agencies often lie about models heights and measurements so they are not the most reliable sources.
wenda said on 25/Oct/08
would you people get over thinking agency's don't employ anyone under 5'8"!

in the documentary "the kate moss years" even people who worked for her agency said she was 5'4" when she started at 14 and several people interview mentioned again and again how tiny she was compared to the other models
Salla said on 22/Oct/08
All pictures and videos and catwalks I've seen, Kate Moss is quite short (compared to the other models) but maybe modelling agency saw something about her. Her face and figure is so unique that they just love her. As we can see after many many years the height doesn't matter so much if you are in other levels so unique and different.
squashed said on 18/Oct/08
nah, she's at least 5'6. no modelling agency would employ a model under that, especially if they were discovered before the fame hit.
Caleb said on 15/Oct/08
I would have thought that she was taller than the given height, but this photo with Lindsay Lohan begs to differ.
Click Here
zoe said on 7/Oct/08
kate moss is 5"7. Pete Doherty is 6"2 and she [with out heels] was about 5/6 inches shorter. if tht. i wud actually say she was taller. her agency states shes 5"7 aswell. They dont employ girls unless there sure they willl make the 528.5 + status, if not then once they reach 16 they let them go. and she is well over 16 [shes 34 now] so i wud say she is definitely 5"7 cos they only keep on girls a TINY bit shorter and thts if there like AMAZINGLY good or hv something great to offer. and tht means they cn still only be a bit otherwise ppl wudnt have employed her. she did catwalk remember.
wenda said on 28/Sep/08
how come her height hasn't changed? come on, she's not 5'7.5", that is very obvious.

how about you knock her down to 5'6" or something more reasonable?
Marina said on 27/Jul/08
Johnny (Depp) is not a tallish guy by any means, and has always been with women on the petite scale wynona, kate, Vanessa Paradis. He used to come into the club in Miami I used to work in. I am 5' 6" and I had to wear 3 inch heels on the job. We were eye to eye when I served him. If you google Johnny Depp and Kate Moss you can find a whole slew of pics. Johnny is not a big guy...(in my opinion he stretches his height as well) and his height is often listed as 5'9" or 5'10". He often wear shoes with a thickish sole also. In this pic of Johnny and Kate he is "at least" 2 inches (if not more) taller than her (even with his thickish heels on). SO if he is 5'9" or 5'10", and she is at least 2 inches shorter than him in the pic... that would make her at least 5'7" or 5'8" in the pic with her 3 inch heels on....what is that? 5'4 OR 5'5"??? You do the math. check it out for yourself!!!
Click Here
brapp said on 23/Jul/08
god that pic of kate and kelly... even taking into account the sloping ground Kate is MAX 5'4"
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
Yea she probably is 5'5" taller than that. It's not uncommon for agencies to hire models who are under 5'8" tall provided they have a very unique look. I mean whether you like Kate Moss or not she certainly isn't Cindy Crawford!
UNK said on 7/Jul/08
Looks like Kelly has a slight advantage of the sloping ground.. but they are both in Uggs, so same heel height. I don't see Kate more than 5'5"(ish).
Debbie said on 3/Jul/08
Did anyone see the picture of Kate and Kelly Osbourne awhile back when Kate was staying in Cotswolds? It seemed Kate wasn't more than 2-3 inches taller?? Maybe it was just the angle?? Not sure. I think you can view it here, try cutting and pasting.

Click Here
missy said on 2/Jul/08
Ha to Kateis5'7: Calling people dumb I think it is you who is dumb, if you actually look properly at the picture they are all wearing the same shoes its just that Kates are black like the carpet!
UNK said on 24/Jun/08
Katies5'7" - I would be careful who you are calling "stupid". Look again, it's the exact same shoe as Linda and Naomi in a different color.. she is clearly quite shorter than Naomi. Moss herself claims only 5'6".

Do your research before you start name calling!!!
Kateis5'7 said on 12/Jun/08
Oh and I wanna add, in that pic with glenn (who I'm convinced isn't wearing flat at all) she looks exacly the same height cause I can see glenn is closer to the camera which give him that 1 inch advantage that he has.
Elle said on 11/Jun/08
Davey, it's nearer 5'8-5'9 for a min height for supermodels.
UNK said on 11/Jun/08
I know they usually choose tall models Davey. My point is that it is not the LAW... Many people think it just can't be if you are under 5'8"... that is just not the case.. Moss isn't the only successful model under 5'8".

Also, "super-models" pretty much went out when Moss came in.. that term is rarely used with todays models.

Don't get me wrong - I agree, most models are tall.
Dr. D said on 9/Jun/08
No, youre right Davey.. sad but those people really look for taller women, which is sad because it deforms our thinking of people. Its only because of those models that every girl (well, many) want to be tall and thin and think only thats the right way to be beautiful. But in fact those models are not perfect, you might say theyre strange, because there so tall
Davey said on 7/Jun/08
UNK no,The people that choose supermodels normally only choose giant women.Not that kate moss isnt attractive which im sure she is too some people,But i always though the people who choose supermodels where height driven.Its rare to find a supermodel under 5`10 i would have thought.
UNK said on 6/Jun/08
ha ha, you're joking right Davey?
Davey said on 6/Jun/08
Weird hows she 5`5 and a supermodel.
UNK said on 5/Jun/08
All you people that keep talking about having to be tall to be a model just DO NOT get modeling. There is an art to it, there are no hard cut rules.

Kate had/has a specific look that someone liked at the time - and obviously they were right.. she has come to be one of the most successfully models ever!

If you notice, she got out of runway work pretty quick, didn't she! Which is where they like to use tall models.

The girl is about 5'5" - get over the whole "omg, she is a model she can't be less than 5'8" - it's just ridiculous to think like that.
Lego said on 5/Jun/08
she looks terrible in the image provided by Anon meh, if the listing of Pete is to be believed then she's no more than 5'6.
mah said on 24/May/08
Rob what do you think about the Youtube video of Kate and Dawn French? I think that's actually quite weird, how is she a model is she is so short? i think shes more 5'4.75''
anon said on 21/May/08
Click Here
with pete doherty, who is 6'2" according to this site.
Kes said on 18/May/08
well im 5ft 3" but im still growing and actually ANDREA not all clothes look better on tall people im much thinner that kate moss im a 00 and i have very long legs in relation to my height so look tall on my own but next to someone i'm short.
olga said on 16/May/08
As a model, I can say that I see a lot of girls who are below 5'7".

A face comes first and then height second.
Many girls like Mona J, and Kate Moss have a beautiful, unique face, which is the reason why, both at no more than 5'5" have agencies and make a lot of money.

I met Kate Moss. I myself am 5'11", and this girl was in heels, and I'm in flats and she was still a good 3 inches shorter than i was.
meg said on 11/May/08
i find it hard to believe kate moss is 5'7. I believe that if she were standing next to someone who is actually believably that tall she would be a few inches shorter. I reckon once people think someone is a certain height, in this case 5'7 or even 5'6, they don't see how they are usually shorter, because why shouldn't they believe the height? although, most people already seem to think kate is shorter anyway. that was such a rant.
S said on 7/May/08
Her agency, Storm models, says she is 5ft 8, which isnt actually true! Which I find bizarre. Some of the most famous models are average height, like Twiggy.
andrea said on 26/Apr/08
1) they're setting a standard in order to sell more products.
2) clothes look better on a tall thin frame.

as for Kate Moss, judging by the French & Saunders video, i guess she's 5'4 max.
Sonja said on 25/Apr/08
I'd say 5'6". I think there should be a lower height standard in the modeling industry. After all, areb't they trying to be selling stuff to average women? How can the company sell many products, whatever they may be, if only tall, extrememly thin women fit? hmm...
Vampiric said on 25/Apr/08
I've heard on numerous occasions that Kate is 5'5.. She doesn't look much taller anyway.
anonymous said on 22/Apr/08
as for the idea that you have to be 5'7" for an agency to even look at you, she was "discovered" when she was 14, they probably thought she would grow more than she did.
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/08
glenn has got it right. 5'4 to 5'5 max. she is 5 ft 5.75inches in the pic above but (from what glenn says) that was in heels!
andrea said on 21/Apr/08
Kate is very short. here she is with Dawn French, who is about 5 feet tall.

Click Here
v said on 20/Apr/08
She's about 5"6.5/5"7. If she was 5"5 they wouldn't have taken her on at her agency.
Holly said on 18/Apr/08
I would say that she looks like she's 5'7
sofia said on 1/Apr/08
Linda Evangelista (listed here as 5'9.5"), Naomi Campbell (listed here as 5'9.5") & Kate Moss
Click Here
It looks like they're all wearing the same heels, and Kate looks more than 3.75 inches shorter considering the other two are leaning more.

so in the pic it looks like shes 5.7
anonymous said on 26/Mar/08
Linda Evangelista (listed here as 5'9.5"), Naomi Campbell (listed here as 5'9.5") & Kate Moss
Click Here
It looks like they're all wearing the same heels, and Kate looks more than 3.75 inches shorter considering the other two are leaning more.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/08
She is always listed as being 5'7, which I think she is. I too have never understood how she became a model, as I do not think her to be particularly attractive, especially when you compare her to models like Yasmeen Ghauri and Karen Mulder etc, who were around at the same time, and because the minimum height requirement for catwalk models is supposed to be 5'8. She also has a squint, and had pretty bad teeth until recently. But even she is better than today's models, who are just skinny and ugly or very weird looking. It goes to show that if someone is famous, the public is more likely to be brainwashed into thinking that they are better looking than they actually are.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/08
laetitia casta is around 5'5 but she was and is special enough.and josie maran also.
C. said on 5/Mar/08
To be a commercial model you can pretty much be any height within normal range. To be a runway and/or fashion model, they most likely won't even look at you if you're less than 5'8" (which is pushing it). 5'7" and under is too short UNLESS they think you're special enough.
Monica said on 5/Mar/08
From what I heard, you have to be about 5'7" to be a model. Maybe 5'6", but you'd have to made up the height with beauty and thinness.
Faith said on 4/Mar/08
I'm surprised. I am not even a teenager yet and I am 5' 5.5". She's like a model.
C. said on 4/Mar/08
I'm still confused as to why she still hasn't been downgraded (she's like, 5'4"-5" max), but I suppose it takes time.
Anonymous said on 1/Mar/08
hey guys , did this girl do runway before ? becasue if he is so short it would have been really notorious back then.
If she is the height listed on here ,then Marky mark wasnt standing on a box when he and her were doing that Calvin klein ad.
Jessica said on 29/Feb/08
Glenn that is such an awesome pic!

I think Kate looks to be in the 5'5 range, an average height really but it's her interesting face and thin body that caught the eye of model bookers and designers, not to mention her style.
Markus said on 24/Feb/08
How on earth did she become a supermodel if she is 5ft 5? I thought the brief was 5ft 8 minimum for women?
Louisa said on 15/Feb/08
I know someone who met her once and was surprised at how short she was. She probably isn't any shorter than what this is listed at.
UNK said on 5/Feb/08
MARIA - She does have a beautiful face... She is unbelievably gorgeous... google some pics of her when she was young
diana said on 4/Feb/08
it's because she has that waif look very frail look
which is very admired in the industry i think
im guessing she has the twiggy (a 60's model) thing going on (very long lanky legs)
Danimal said on 4/Feb/08
MARIA says on 22/Jan/08
how on earth could she be so short and not hve a beautiful face and body and be a supermodel???and will anuyone tell me who is glenn and why is he with all the famous???what does he do for a living??

WOW, someone sounds SUPER jealous and bitter. Her not having a beautiful face is YOUR opinion dear.
G-MANN said on 3/Feb/08
"how on earth could she be so short and not hve a beautiful face and body and be a supermodel???"

Because she's very thin and has right overall figure to be a model even if she's a bit shorter than most of them.
Chris said on 31/Jan/08
Probably the agencies and end customers advertise for models that are taller than they need, because they know people exaggerate. You can most likely be an inch below a height requirement and it won't be noticed.
LM said on 28/Jan/08
Keep in mind that as a model Kate ALWAYS has heels on. The requirement for runway models is 5'7"-5'10". Any shorter or taller, the model won't fit the clothes the designer has made and unless you have supermodel status, they won't be fitted for your shorter or taller frame.
brapp said on 22/Jan/08
her face is very height fashion but its still got conventional beauty. rarely are models that short but her face was so exceptional (but she realllllllly weathered now)

come one, downgrade to 5'5" MAX
MARIA said on 22/Jan/08
how on earth could she be so short and not hve a beautiful face and body and be a supermodel???and will anuyone tell me who is glenn and why is he with all the famous???what does he do for a living??
mooie said on 6/Jan/08
163-4, no doubt.

from people on the fashion spot who met her, this is what they said she was.
neishow said on 25/Dec/07
Glenn aren't you closer to the camera than her??
that would maybe give you an extra inch...which making an average could make her 5'7...
Crystal said on 16/Dec/07
A model's height requirement really depends on what kind of job they do. Kate is mostly a print model, which doesn't require a model to be very tall.
Runway models are usually 5'9" plus.
C. said on 9/Dec/07
Let's face it. Kate Moss can be shorter than the avg. supermodel b/c she IS Kate Moss. But the majority of models period are at least 5'7". You're supposed to be a walking clothes hanger, which a tall, gauntly woman gives off. So for all of the avg. or shorter women out there, why care about such a crazed 'beauty standard'? Most models are unhealthy looking anyways.

Kate looks 5'5", if that. She has a slender figure, but anyone with half a brain can tell she's not 5'7". Pretty woman, but with some serious issues.
Sabrina said on 20/Nov/07
I met Kate Moss 11 years ago (so she was in her late teens) and I was shocked at how short she was, however she could have grown since then as she was younger, at the time we met I was 5ft 4.5 and she was no way in a millions years taller than me. I too was being asked to model, what it is to get modelling contracts at a height less than 5'8 is rare, the preferred height is 5'8 plus, but if they like your face they will bend the rules. Clients will ask for a particular height, preferring 5'8 and above, so that is why height is lied about, once you audition and get to the shoot they don't care, especially if it is your face they are interested in. Agencies just do not make it public as they would be swamped with girls and woman who think or want to model who are less than 5'8. Kate Moss is a classic example of she just had the right look, I did not pursue the modelling as I really really did not like the environment or the lifestyle, but I was inundated with offers, and again I was only 5ft 4.5 and Indian, but my face was different It was strange becuase in the Indian modelling circuit I had little success, but in the western market I did, they just liked my face. I don't think that means I am exceptionally beautiful I just think they have in there minds a certain look and if your it then you get offers, I saw many Indian girls and women taller and much prettier not get anywhere in the western market and be very upset about it, but it does not mean they are not beautiful it is not the look they are looking for at that time. But times change and trends change, what was in Vogue yesterday is not today sometimes. Kate is not 5'7 and every knows that she is between 5'4 and I would say a max 5' 5.5, but in that business lying about your height is common place, it's all about getting work and contracts.
Mathilda said on 16/Nov/07
she's 5'5'' i remembered it in a newspaper article i dont think she 's 5'4'', even she is taller than that no doubt
Adriana said on 5/Nov/07
im 1.68-1.69 and i look soo much taller than kate Moss i've never really seen her in person only on tv and mags and stuff but if she looks so short at 1.67 makes me think that i look that short too o_0
luz dulcinea said on 22/Oct/07
i really think that it's ok to be short even if u're supermodel..what's the fuss bout scarily tall girls?? think bout the short guys..
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/07
Usually agencies only bump the height an inch maybe an inch and a half and 2 in some cases. Agencies lie about the models so they will get more work. A client will obviously see that a 5'7" girls is not 5'10" but if they see her in person they might brush it aside where if they were to see 5'7" or 5'8" on her card they wouldn't give her a second look.
glenn said on 9/Oct/07
yeah right greg.i look stupid.i guess that makes sense christy.
Christy said on 9/Oct/07
I donΒ΄t understand why the agencies lie about the models. The clients will discover the truth about their heights anyway when they show up. Maybe her agency lies because they donΒ΄t want every pretty girl who mesures 5'4 (like Kate) to try to become a supermodel. ItΒ΄s unrealistic: Kate is an exception and the agencies still want the average model to be at least 5'8
Hugo said on 9/Oct/07
I always thought Kate was 5'4" as she looks it. Agencies like to round their clients' heights so that they get more work. In this particular photo, you can tell Kate's in heel so 5'4" would be correct.
glenn said on 8/Oct/07
what i dont understand is why they claim 5-7 for her.i think thats the cutoff for i guess thats why.
Christy said on 7/Oct/07
Thanks for telling me, Glenn. IΒ΄m really surprised: 5'4-5'5 is petite for a supermodel. But sheΒ΄s gorgeous anyway!
Alex said on 6/Oct/07
I'd say 5'5.
Franco said on 5/Oct/07
yep, this is why i said below 165-166cm, she comes a lot to Italy so i know. ;)

no less than 165cm though.
saga said on 5/Oct/07
5'4.5 max if she's in heels with glenn.
glenn said on 30/Sep/07
thanks for backing me evanna.only those who actually see a certain celeb in the flesh would know.5-7 for moss is not even standing straight, and in those days i wore casuals that were flat soled.
Evanna said on 29/Sep/07
Glenn your estimation is 100% correct. Moss is one of the few celebs I've seen recently, I can confirm that she's about 5'5".
glenn said on 28/Sep/07
yes,christy.she was 5-5 tops to me.maybe even smaller.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/07
She has always looked 5'5"-5'6" to me.
Christy said on 27/Sep/07
Want to know if she is wearing high heels in that picture, Glenn?
Rachie..x said on 25/Sep/07
Kate Moss doesn't need to be tall, purely because she is Kate Moss. The fashion industry has moved on in the last decade or so, and it is not so accepting of shorter models anymore- even though they soooo should. I'd say 5'6.5, cos she's short, but not really short.
Franco said on 23/Sep/07
HAHAH TRUE Big-T...he does, inlcuding the jacket/t-shirt thing :D

she looks give or take 169-170cm in that picture and glenn is even leaning.

165-166cm not more.
glenn said on 23/Sep/07
i dont know who that is.i hope he isnt the fat guy jaun garcia or too ugly of a
Big-T said on 23/Sep/07
glenn u look so much like Sawyer from Lost in this pic lol
pamela said on 18/Sep/07
I think Kate is like 5Β΄5 or 5Β΄6(tops) cuz Glenn is 5Β΄8 and he looks like 2 inches taller than Kate, plus most likely that Kate is wearing some high heels...
Felix said on 15/Sep/07
I think Kate is 5 4 lets say she was wearing only 2 inches heels and Glenn is leaning in so it makes him seem shorter. Besides when she is with 5 9 Naomi she always looks a lot shorter.
Bru said on 15/Sep/07
that's exactly what I'm worried about. I'm five three.... and uhhh trying to make it in the fashion industry isn't easy. I'll do what it takes though ... :)
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/07
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