How tall is Kell Brook

Kell Brook's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

Ezekiel Brook is a British professional boxer and IBF welterweight champion. In this photo, Kell had about 0.3inch more sneaker than me.

How tall is Kell Brook
5ft 8 Rob and Kell @ Collectormania 2015

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Average Guess (49 Votes)
5ft 8.44in (173.8cm)
James.B 172cm said on 2/Mar/23
Looks 5’8,25 with rob
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Feb/23
Spot on, Rob!

Johno said on 11/May/22
@Christian, those Nikes are typically ~1.25-inches thick. Rob had ~0 7-inches thus ~0.5-inch footwear advantage to Kell. Kell ain't any taller than Rob.
ChristianPerkins said on 15/Mar/22
Rob said he had a 0.3" shoe advantage, not 0.5"
Johno said on 19/Sep/21
Remove the ~0.5-inch Air Max shoe advantage and Rob's and Kell's eyelines would March. Now, Kell hasn't got a particularly large forehead and has a high eyeline, he would therefore not be taller than Rob here. 5'8.25 does seem fair. Perhaps as low as 5'8 if Rob is indeed 0.25-inches taller than Rob.
nz said on 13/Apr/21
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Ezekiel Elliot's morning measurement was 5'11.75
thus he's probably around 5'11-5'11.5
Errol spence looks half a head shorter so 5'8.5- 5'9 based on this pic (in similar footwear)
Funny thing is Von Miller's morning measurement is 6'2.5 and he doesn't look 2 inches taller than Elliot let alone 3 although his shoes seem to be less thick
nz said on 22/Feb/21
Also, given that spence is 5'9-5'9.25. I feel that the Charlo brothers may be underlisted.
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Jermell Charlo's listing of 5'11 seems accurate
And Jermall should be around 2" taller than him. so 6'1 maybe even 6'2 considering how he towered over 5'9 sergey deryvychanko
nz said on 19/Feb/21
Another faceoff where kell brook and errol spence looked very similar in height
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Kell brook is wearing slippers while Errol spence is wearing very chunky shoes that should give him a boost. Ultimately errol spence doesn't look more than .5 inches taller than brook.
nz said on 19/Feb/21
Also Danny Garcia is listed as 5'8 on boxrec and 5'9 on google. He is exactly the same height as errol spence wearing flat shoes.
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nz said on 19/Feb/21

While errol did look much taller in the official faceoff. I'm pretty sure he had a significant footwear advantage that day. All other videos of them together had them pretty similar if not brook a slight bit taller.
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At 9:41, brook and spence looked very similar with brook looking taller than spence in the ring although it could be angled slightly
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Editor Rob
I suppose within 1/4 inch is possible for them
nz said on 17/Feb/21
Hi Rob, How tall do you think errol spence

I have errol spence as a 5'9. Kell brook looked nearly the same height as him in the ring if not a bit taller despite the height difference in face off (shoes)
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Editor Rob
in the video it seemed very close, whether Spence is near 5ft 9 flat is tricky to tell in that moment, with his hat maybe enhancing him a little.
Mikester said on 13/Jan/21
according to the photo looks more like a flat 5ft8...
Big T said on 12/Nov/20
Actually I’ve just seen that Brook was basically barefoot so Crawford had over an inch footwear advantage...Crawford would be shorter than Rob
Big T said on 11/Nov/20
Interestingly he was slightly shorter than 5’8” listed Terence Crawford in their stare down. I never understood how he was above 5’8” in the picture above- whatever fractional height he has over Rob doesn’t even cover the footwear difference
Jon Richardson said on 21/Oct/20
Seen him I’m 177cm and he was bang same height easy 5”9
Nathan Hatton said on 2/Oct/20
Any Idea on Billie Joe Saunders ?

He gets listed as 5'11" but its clear he is not close to that, Looking at him next to Brook he doesn't look all that much taller, I would imagine he is more 5'9-5'9.5 range.
Editor Rob
5ft 9.5-10 at a glance might be ok, 5ft 11 looks way too high.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Sep/20
5'8 3/8" maybe
JohnMoore-162cm said on 17/Jun/20
He is 5ft8 1/4" without the 0.3" shoe advantage !
Aaron Richardson said on 27/May/20
My official Height (doctor measurements)
Is 178.1CM when (barefoot)
When I met Kell, I had flats on and hes not much shorter
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Nik Ashton said on 20/Apr/20
5’8.5”, without sneak!
Rory said on 17/Apr/20
Rob, in the picture with you and Kell he looks slightly taller, what difference would you say that is visually ? 1cm ?
Editor Rob
He has a tighter hairstyle, so I'd have said about half inch visually, although he can look 5ft 8 flat at times. I wouldn't rule that out really, 5ft 8 to 8.5 max.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jun/19
I came across Kell when I was rooting around this morning, so as he's just shown up as a Random Celeb, I shall take this opportunity to write him a comment!

Yes, he looks marginally taller than Rob, so 5ft8.5 will do nicely for the guy similar in name to actress and TV personality Kelly Brook...🥝🥝!
Bobby 5ft 10 said on 21/May/19
Can look around 5'9 with the footwear advantage.
Nik said on 27/Mar/19
I would love to know how tall he claims to be!
Nik said on 1/Jan/19
The average vote of 5'8.35" is reasonable!
Peter 180cm said on 31/Dec/18
Not over 173cm,at most he could be 173.5
Zampo said on 24/Nov/18
Taking into consideration the footwear discrepancy, he looks around 5'8.5 (174 cm) range, well I think 174 cm would be nearest cm he could measure to. I wouldn't be surprised if measured the average guess (173.6 cm) in the afternoon.
Bwk said on 16/Nov/18
Seems accurate, looks a weak 5'9'' with the footwear advantage.
Nik said on 15/Nov/18
He is at least Rob's height!
Nik said on 2/Aug/18
I see nothing to dispute this listing!
PhysicsEnemy said on 15/May/18
Agreed 'even', with similar footwear and posture his height's identical to Rob's, perhaps fraction less. Rob needs photo posture = to that on a stadiometer. :)
Faza said on 24/Apr/18
Any idea on adrien broner rob?

@ anonymous i think saunders is in tge 5ft9 range he can look 5ft10 then other times 5ft9 max but i reckon he might be 176cm if measured
Editor Rob
Not really looked at adrien
even said on 27/Feb/18
he's height is identical to rob
PhysicsEnemy said on 4/Feb/18
Same thing with Hatton/Mayweather; Kell's more upright, Rob's legs/torso is less aligned. You underrate shoe advantage, Air Max 90's add a lot. He's 5' 8".
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/17
Estimate on Billy Joe Saunders height?
PhysicsEnemy said on 9/Nov/17
Rob underestimates Kell's shoe & posture advantage over him, Kell's 5'8" max. Pic is misleading in that regard.

If they stood together barefoot, with upright posture, they'd be about same height. Rob may edge him infact.
errybodyshutup said on 30/Jul/17
"0.3inch more sneaker than me this day."

- rob the riddler

me: what the frak?
Editor Rob
well I'm in a 0.7 inch range sneaker, he has minimum 1 inch (it was possibly more, 3 people that day had nike Air Max 90, anthony joshua, this guy and nick blood), and they generally are 1-1.3 inch range, some models vary slightly.
anon said on 30/May/17
What did you guys make of Kell and Errol looked similar in height, Maybe Spence is a tad taller, shame for Kell in the fight he is very good boxer but spence was too good.

As for Saunders see him listed as 5'11 looks more like 5'9 to me, I asked Rob before on a guess for him and he said 5'10 at a guess.
Editor Rob
Errol I think looked taller
World Citizen said on 28/May/17
Around 5ft 8.25
VeryShortRussianDude said on 15/May/17
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Rob, Speaking of Saunders how many inches does he have on AVTANDIL KHURTSIDZE in this face off? khurtsidze is listed at 5'4 and if that's correct I don't see 5'10 in this clip.
Editor Rob
wouldn't have thought above 5ft 9
anon said on 25/Mar/17
Exorcist I would assume Spence was in dress shoes considering he was in a suit, Brook likely had some trainers on being he was in his training shirt, I think Errol is likely 0.5- 1 Inch taller he could be 5'9-9.5 range, Brook is on here at 5'8.5 and as Rob said it is possible Brook could infact measure only a small fraction over 5'8 flat who knows he could be a 173-174 range guy and Errol could be 175- 176cm who knows we will see in the ring when they fight.

Overall I think your estimates are good on Both guys
The Exorcist said on 23/Mar/17
Brook: 5'8.25 / 5'8.5
Spence: 5'9.25 / 5'9.5

Errol looked an inch taller than Kell, but one of them will have a shoe advantage. Unless they were both wearing the same shoes.
anon said on 23/Mar/17
Rob, Did you see the face to face presser for Brook vs Spence, If so wondering what would be you guess for Errol Spence? He looked to edge out Brook in height maybe an Inch he is listed as 5'9.5 so it could be accurate He must be at least 5'9 imo going off how he looked with Brook
Editor Rob
didn't see it, but just this moment had a look and yeah he does look at least an inch taller, in fact in one photo he looked more...but then, never rule out brook nearer my height.
anon said on 10/Mar/17
Rob, Have you seen much of Boxer Nathan Cleverly, he is listed as 6'1.5 or 187cm looks legit to me remember him looking maybe an Inch shorter than Bellew I am guessing he must be a guy who is close to 6'2.

Any Thoughts on Cleverly?
Editor Rob
not seen enough of Cleverly yet
Rory said on 30/Dec/16
De Gale looks 182cm. He's often been listed 184cm but he doesn't look that tall next to someone like George Groves. 184cm could be in footwear.
anon said on 13/Dec/16
Any Idea on the boxer James Degale?
boxfan said on 7/Nov/16
Do billy joe saunders the boxer please your site is the most accurate
anon said on 1/Nov/16
Rob, Have you seen much of the Boxer Billie Joe Saunders gets listed as 5'11 he was shorter than Chris Eubank jr, I would have put him maybe 5'9.5 or around that not that sure tho he does look a bit taller than Frankie Gavin who looked Similar to Kell Brook so maybe Frankie is 5'8.5.

What would be your guess on Saunders?
Editor Rob
he might be 5ft 10
PhysicsEnemy said on 20/Sep/16
Yes I was about to say like the others, he looked 5' 8" max vs other fighters. If you account for his posture and shoe advantage vs Rob in the pic, makes sense.
PhysicsEnemy said on 20/Sep/16
I think you're a tad taller than him Rob. If you stood side by side and straight up, then deducted his 0.3" footwear advantage, you'd edge him. 5' 8" max.
Antonia said on 16/Sep/16
Golovkin deserves a page her more than anyone else left out I think...someone many accounts for as the best P4P boxer in the world right now belongs to any comprehensive list encompassing celebrities on a broader, universal basis of public interest. Other boxers that might deserve to be added includes Billy Joe Saunders, Canelo Alvarez, Bernard Hopkins, Chris Eubank Jr.
Johno said on 9/Sep/16
Yeh anon, the difference is a bit less than 1-inch.

The weigh-in, barefooted pictures are in of the two. Very similar in build.
anon said on 8/Sep/16
Its pretty clear Golovkin looks about 0.75 taller than Brook, Golovkin is 5'9- 9.5 range likely around 5'9.25 if Brook is 174cm
Johno said on 5/Sep/16
Judging by Brook's height and current weight; he will be big as GGG in the square ring.
Lex said on 3/Aug/16
Johno, yesterday I saw a video of that new face off. GGG looks max 2 cm taller, but again that's due to his hair. If you take away GGG's hair advantage (which is about 1 cm), then GGG is only 1 cm taller than Kell.
MD said on 3/Aug/16
Yeah, that's not a full inch difference in height.
Johno said on 3/Aug/16
There is actually more to that set but GGG generally looks near an inch taller but not quite. Kell clearly clears GGG's hairline but there still seems to be about 0.75-inches left and to mention GGG's hair, which looks 0.5-inches thick.
Johno said on 3/Aug/16
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Phoeno said on 2/Aug/16
Rob, here's a brand new (from yesterday) face-off video between Kell Brook and GGG where they have the same footwear (dress shoes). They look almost the same height. I think GGG may edge him out by maybe 1 cm at most, if anything. What do you think?

Have a look here: Click Here
Editor Rob
overall in that clip I think GGG looks taller (even considering a fraction more hair), possibly 5ft 9.25 range at times
Lex said on 2/Aug/16
Johno, can you link us to the new set of pictures? I've only seen the older ones of them two at that conference.
Johno said on 2/Aug/16
Saw a more recent set of pictures of these two in formal attire. GGG lookee about 0.75-1-inches taller than Kell. A height average of 5'9.25 or 5'9.5 is fine for GGG.

Brook 5'8.5
GGG 5'9.25, 5'9.5
roberto said on 15/Jul/16
Rob, how tall would you say triple G is? In this recent face-off video with Kell, he seems to be at most 0.5 inches taller: Click Here

He's listed at 5'10.5"...when he looks 5'9" at the very most.
Editor Rob
yes as said before, in the 5ft 9 range might be more believable than over 5ft 10.
stev said on 14/Jul/16
Rob, I'm sure you have been asked before about GGG being as he's known for being the number 1 boxer in the world right now. If you look at the recent pictures of Brook with Golovkin, there is really no difference in height between them. Golovkin is listed as 5'10.5, would be interesting if you could add him. Thanks.
Johno said on 14/Jul/16
GGG and Brook just had an press conference; as i thought, GGG looks about 0.25-0.5-inches taller than Brook. Looks like a very dangerous match for Brook but i rate his will.

GGG 5'9.3 morning, 5'8.5 evening
Editor Rob
yeah that publicised 179cm for GG looks a bit inflated.

I would put him at 5ft 9 range, although I don't know what footwear he had when standing with brook...if they are equal or not.
anon said on 13/Jul/16
Kell judging from the pic is 5'8.5 at best and 5'8 at the least, dont forget too he has very little hair, lovely boxer, I think he is same height as Amir Khan really but has less hair too.
Johno said on 17/May/16
Yeh Rob, Bizier nearly had an inch on Brook and Bizier has been listed at 5'9, 5'8.5 and even 5'8 before !!!

Well i doubt Bizier can be as low as 5'8, somewhere close to 5'9 is probably in the vicinty of his true height but point being he nearly had an inch on Brook.

I do not believe a tall welterweight like Brook is taller than you Rob; i reckon he wakes up at 5'8.75 and goes to sleep at 5'8, 5'8.5 average rounded up.
Johno said on 16/May/16
Kell would have the slighty higher eyeline even when compensating for footwear but Rob's forehead is clearly larger.
Editor Rob
when brook fought bizier he looked no more than 5ft 8 really...
Johno said on 11/May/16
Virtually the same height and probably range. The only difference between the two would be ~0.15-inches, a silly difference but one which i give to Rob.

Kell Brook 5'8 afternoon
Kevin said on 21/Apr/16
This post was interesting, Kell Brook always struck me as a strong 5'9 guy. Rob how tall would you say is Shawn Porter then?
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Editor Rob
he could be 5ft 6.5 at most.
Lmeister said on 20/Apr/16
He is a tad taller than Amir Khan. Could almost give him 175cm ~ 5ft9.
CD said on 19/Apr/16
Rob, does he have an eyelevel less than 4.5 inches or am I being fooled by his really short hair?

Based on eyelevel he's basically half inch taller in this pic.
Editor Rob
well i have 1/4 inch hair he has more like 2mm of hair, but his eyelevel could be 4.3-4.4 range.
Andrea said on 18/Apr/16
Rob, he looks barely taller than you with 0.3 more shoes... He probably isn't any taller than you!
Editor Rob
he could be anywhere in 173-4 zone...I believe he edges out a guy like amir khan, I watched a clip once of them standing in the ring and there wasn't much between them.
Alucard said on 17/Apr/16
5'8... Probably the best welter around, although he's cutting a lot and he's a full Jr Middleweight/Middleweight...
Moke said on 16/Apr/16
Yes, fair listing.

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