How tall is Ken Foree

Ken Foree's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 5 (195.6 cm)
American actor best known for roles in films such as Dawn of the Dead, From Beyond and The Devil's Rejects. In Fangoria he once said "Well, I’m 6 feet 5 inches and black. Right away that puts me in killer roles, the heavy.".

How tall is Ken Foree
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Average Guess (18 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 4.89in (195.3cm)
Current: 6ft 3.71in (192.3cm)
Slamm said on 26/Sep/23
He’s shorter in the picture above with 6-4 Tony in flat shoes. I’d say 6-3 now
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 9/Dec/22
Rewatched dawn of the dead the other day, such a great film. One of the best horrors easily.

Anyway, Ken really doesn't look the full 6'5 in it, maybe he was 6'4.5 peak. I can't imagine this guy being the same peak height as John cleese was.
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 14/Sep/21
He was indeed a strong 6'5 in his young days.
Looked at least that in Zombie.

Looked strong too in front of Tyler Mane in the Halloween remake.
Dr Decker said on 18/Aug/21
Peak just under 6-5. Now 6-3.5 imo
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/21
Funny you should say that, Rob! I was watching it with my brother one evening and I thought, "No! He's not seeing this!"

I stopped the disc and took it off. If 'The Midnight Meat Train' gave him nightmares, I wasn't going to risk this!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/21
If I can stomach watching 'The Devil's Rejects' again, I can have a good look at Ken.

I don't remember him playing a baddie in that!

6ft5 peak and an inch less today.
Editor Rob
Not a film I would sit down and watch with Jenny.
Tall Sam said on 25/Sep/20
Ken is 72 and definitely old enough to have lost some height but I doubt its much, think he can still loom around 6'4".
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Dec/19
Ken doesn't look old enough to have lost a whole inch.

6ft5 and 6ft4 for Ken's peak.
Caldoni said on 3/Oct/19
Legit peak 6-5. Now 6-4 weak or bit under. Was dwarfed by Tyler so has to be near 6-5
Bobby 5ft 10in (178cm) said on 25/Sep/19
I thought he seemed about Tyler Mane's height in Halloween. Assuming Tyler Mane was still at peak height there, I thought he could have been 6'7 range himself.
Hopping hopper said on 16/Aug/19
Didn’t look more that 2” shorter than Tyler mane in Halloween.
Canson said on 5/Oct/18
I doubt he was ever 6’5.
Tall Sam said on 4/Sep/18
Would've been nice to see a photo of Ken with George Romero back when they were making Dawn of the Dead but I don't see any. In the audio commentary, Foree tells his cast mates that they were about the same height.
jake said on 2/Oct/16
this guy was bloody hugeee definately a legit six-five in his heyday
berta said on 3/Jun/16
Hm maybe a Little under 6 foot 5 peak
mike said on 11/Nov/14
Rob, can you add Dawn of the Dead?
Sam said on 27/Oct/14
Always good in his roles no matter the quality of the movie. Just saw him as an unkillable good guy survivalist in Leatherface...he gets to beat up Viggo Mortensen and Leatherface himself!
Here with Robert Pattinson he looks closer to 6'4" but I'd bet Pattison has larger footwear.
Click Here
Alex1960 said on 10/Oct/14
legit 6ft 5in
KROC said on 13/Apr/14
He did look 6'4-6'5 on the Kenan and Kel show.
Steve said on 10/Dec/12
He looked very tall in Dawn of the Dead, I thought he was like 6'7". But 6'5" seems right.
Sam said on 29/Nov/12
Looks quite huge in Cranberries photo besides Tony Todd, a true 6'5".
avi said on 28/Oct/11
@Cranberries (18m, 193cm) says on 23/Sep/11
He looks like he might be a little taller than 6'5" listed Tony Todd in this pic:
Click Here
...Or at least the same height.

same height when leaning the head in that direction can take 1/2 inch away or more. his head is clearly angled...
Cranberries (18m, 193cm) said on 23/Sep/11
He looks like he might be a little taller than 6'5" listed Tony Todd in this pic:
Click Here
...Or at least the same height.
James said on 9/Aug/11
i think he did look 6'5 in Keenan and Kel
Hansen said on 1/Aug/11
6ft4 my bet. i started to believe lots of actor inflate 1-2inch of height. i ever heard foree was described at 6ft6 , that was deeply impossible. 6ft4 is what i see.
James said on 26/Jun/11
mrknowitall says on 11/Jun/11
6'4.5 standing straight

mrknowitall said on 11/Jun/11
6'4.5 standing straight
James said on 8/Jun/11
he is massive
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jun/11
6ft4.5-6ft4.75 peak
6ft3.75-6ft4 today
James said on 26/May/11
Rob is 6'4.5 possible for his peak as well as the full 6'5?

Editor Rob
somewhere in that range
Physics Enemy said on 9/May/11
I agree with PatB, he would easily be 6' 5" by standing straight and tall and being measured in the morning, who are we to doubt him?
James said on 18/Mar/11
Is Mane a full 6'8 though?
Truthman said on 15/Mar/11
6'4 1/2 with Tyler Mane. Seems like a big guy.
big mike said on 12/Mar/11
6ft4 seems to short for Ken I would say 6ft5 I mean in the Devil's Rejects he looked a good inch taller than 6 ft 4 Sid Haig but Sid has lost some inches probably due to his age now he's like 6ft3 cause at a covention vid on youtube he looked a good 2 inches shorter than ken
linke said on 11/Mar/11
i never knew that he was 63!!He looks much younger.
CaptainSpaulding said on 29/Dec/10
Yea he looks to be slouching a bit, he still seems to be 6'5".
Jake said on 8/Dec/10
Same as Patb. I'm bout 6'5 morning and seriously by squaring up like the little guy in the picture is doing we gain much more height. I can see from the pic he's already lookin down a bit at the camera. If he looked eye level picked up and streched with good posture, I'd guess he could gain at least an inch
James said on 2/Dec/10
PatB how tall are u now?
PatB said on 27/Nov/10
I used to be 6'4". After reading this site I became 6'5". I now include my shoes.

BTW just who the hell is this supposed celebrity?

The idea that average or short people can tell the difference between 6'4" and 6'4.25" is a hoot. I gain that much height just by inhaling. If we're going to make estimates that precise you need to note just where in the breathing cycle they were when you saw them. This is a big guy. He could be at least an inch taller by just inhaling, pulling his head back and stretching. Maybe two.
James said on 21/Nov/10
Yeah I am with rampage 194cm peak, 192cm today?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/10
Was never 6"5. Strong 6"4.
James said on 6/Nov/10
6'4 1/2 peak is also possible.
LG69 said on 30/Oct/10
Looks 6'5" if you're 5'8".
Big King said on 2/Jul/09
A very weak 6'5". He could only hit that height out of bed. I would say 6'4.5" is his true height.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/09
he's at least 6'4.5". I'm 6'5" and we seemed to be the same height. He's definately not 6'3". He's no shorter than 6'4" unless he was wearing lifts.

Big King, you down grade everyone by an inch.
yoyo said on 22/Feb/09
bad posture above. but def 6ft4 in real. 6ft5 just peak.
Mike said on 24/Nov/08
Tyler Mane is definitely 6'8". i'm 6'7" & met him.
Hugh said on 19/Nov/08
Perfect listing.
Alex2 said on 20/Sep/08
Id say mane is 6'7.5" same height as Undertaker. I think a prime Undertaker would edge out Mane.
Ed(1) said on 18/Sep/08
Even if Foree is a legit 6ft5, while wearing thick heeled work boots in Halloween he was maybe 3 inches shorter then Tyler Mane who wore slippers! Mane is tops 6ft8! If Foree is less, you could probabaly shave another inch off of Mane. My guess is 6ft4 for Foree and 6ft7 for Mane!
Big King said on 18/Sep/08
Yes, Foree looks clearly eight inches taller than Mamun on this photo.
lillo thomas said on 18/Sep/08
he look about 6-4 in the pic above
Captain Spaulding said on 18/Sep/08
If ken foree is 6'4 or 6'5 then mane is 6'9, there seemed to be several inches between them in halloween. Plus mane dwarfed the 5'8" gaurd when mane was slouching to a great degree.
Captain Spaulding said on 16/Sep/08
Rob maybe you should change it to 6'4"? It seems to be the general thought here. And ed tyler mane is 6'9", they didnt look that close to me in halloween.
D-Lurker said on 16/Sep/08
O.k just to clarify my opinion..I took into account that Ken is standing in front of Mamun here. vs Barry Windham's posture and positioning..

6ft3.5 to 6ft4
Big King said on 16/Sep/08
Ed, I don't think that Foree looks bigger than 6'4". Even 6'5" is a joke. Beside Mamun he looks only eight inches max. taller.
Ed(1) said on 16/Sep/08
I meant Mane looks bigger then 6ft6, that was a typo!
Ed(1) said on 16/Sep/08
James I agree Foree looks bigger then 6ft6, I'm just going off of the 6ft3 claim by Mamun and others. I'd say split the difference, with Foree at 6ft4 and Mane at 6ft7.
Big King said on 16/Sep/08
Maybe you should choose another photo for Ken. He looks definitely 6'3" on this photo.
Ed(1) said on 15/Sep/08
James that tracks with what I'm saying!

I said Foree was shorter then Mane while wearing near 2 inch work boots to Mane's slippers. This would put Foree at 2-3 inches shorter then Mane, and if Mane is 6ft8 that would put Foree at 6ft5. If he's shorter like 6ft3, Mane must only be 6ft6!
Ed(1) said on 14/Sep/08
Well if Foree is shorter then 6ft5, then Tyler Mane is not a full 6ft8! In Halloween Foree was only marginally shorter then Mane while wearing thick heeled work boots(1.5-2in heels) to Mane's slippers with a 0.5in heel at best. If he's only 6ft3, he'd have only been 6ft4.5-6ft5 while wearing his boots in the film, which would in turn put Mane at 6ft6.5-6ft7 while wearing slippers.
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/08
Hes tall but he aint 6'5".
Dave said on 14/Sep/08
hes over 6'3 guys, this much is totally obvious
Clay said on 13/Sep/08
This guy seemingly dwarfs Mamn more than Rothwell dwarfs Danimal yet some of you are saying he's 6'3''. Unbelievable.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/08
yeah... he's about 6'5'' .. how could anybody argue, he looks gigantic.
Captain Spaulding said on 13/Sep/08
Looks 6'4" max
D-Lurker said on 13/Sep/08
definately 6ft3, if that!. i am comparing this photo to that of Barry Windham also 6ft5 (leaning in the shot)..

barry is taller!!
Charlie23 said on 12/Sep/08
Next to mamun looks 6'3.5 but maybe is because the perspective of the picture. He is 6'4.5
Jose said on 12/Sep/08
is this the actor who played kenans dad roger in kenan and kel? he looks 6'5. why does it say he's an mma fighter above the photo?
Mamun said on 11/Sep/08
He gave me a very powerful hand shake . That's what I mean by tough !


Clay said on 11/Sep/08
If he stood up straight like Supermun you would have a 6'4-6'4.5 man.
trueheight said on 11/Sep/08
looks 6'4 here. I see an 8in difference
Hugh said on 11/Sep/08
Not quite 6ft5. 6ft4-6ft4.25 is more accurate. I wouldn't go below 6ft3.5.
Viper said on 11/Sep/08
Glenn thought 6-5. Not surprising.
Mamun said on 11/Sep/08
Yes he was a nice person but also very tough . 6' 3" barefoot seems like
right. Yes he was my fan !


Lynn said on 11/Sep/08
Is that big man another your fan?

Great pic Mamun!
Ed said on 20/Dec/07
I just rewatched Zombie's Halloween again, and Foree and Mane look very close in size. Foree has to be 6ft5 at least, if Mane is really 6ft8. The old listing of 6ft10 for Mane is nonsense though, because Mane is in no way 5 inches taller than Foree. While wearing slippers Mane looks at best 2 inches taller than Foree, who is wearing thick heeled work boots.

6ft8 barefoot(6ft9.5 in boots) sounds good for Mane but no more than that, and 6ft5 barefoot(6ft6.5 in boots) seems spot on for Foree.
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/07
hes definitely 6 '5.


in halloween, tyler mane dressed up in his work dress which fit him perfectly.

end spoilers
Tom said on 6/Nov/07
I've met him in the past. He
RobertJ said on 2/Sep/07
Looked pretty close in height to Tyler Mane in Halloween. 6'5'' for sure.
D.J. said on 2/Aug/06
I remember seeing Ken on Kenan and Kel and he towered over everyone, even over 5'11" Kel. Ken definitely looks 6'5".
Glenn said on 26/Jun/06
Yeah,From Beyond isnt on of fave movies of all time.I have the vinyl soundtrack!
Larry said on 26/Jun/06
Glenn - I think I have all those flicks! Sadly, I only have From Beyond on a fairly old VHS tape. Ken's a big guy. Looks about my height in all the movies I've seen him in. I'd say 6'5".
trueheight said on 25/Jun/06
a great and gregarious guy. I can't really judge ppl's heights beyond 6'2 so from what I remember, this is right; he seemed to be a really big guy. He also states 6'5 a number of times on the Dawn of the Dead u.e. commentary

Editor Rob
I think he might be hunching recent years a little, in pics maybe
Glenn said on 24/Jun/06
Dawn of the Dead,From Beyond,The Wanderers,Devils Rejects.
Glenn said on 23/Jun/06
He is of my favorites too.

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