How tall is Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films like Footloose, Tremors, X-Men:First Class, A Few Good Men, Mystic River, Apollo 13, Flatliners, Hollow Man, She's Having a Baby, Diner and the TV series The Following.

How tall is Kevin Bacon
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Average Guess (83 Votes)
5ft 9.94in (177.6cm)
Neil Craig said on 25/Apr/23
Kevin is the same height as Kiefer Sutherland, who is 5’ 8.5” and stood next to our own Rob.
bmb said on 26/Feb/23
@Rob What is the minimum you thought was likely in his prime?

A) 5'10 7/8" out of bed, 5'10 1/8" at night
B) 5'10 3/4" out of bed, 5'10" at night
C) 5'10 5/8" out of bed, 5'9 7/8" at night
D) 5'10 1/2" out of bed, 5'9 3/4" at night
E) 5'10 3/8" out of bed, 5'9 5/8" at night
Editor Rob
I'm probably edging towards C-D zone.
Kalind said on 9/Feb/23
Bacon looked 5’9 in the Guardians Holiday Special. I’m guessing he was 5’10 at his peak and lost a bit of height currently
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Feb/23
I popped along to Amazon a few minutes ago and a film entitled ‘You Should Have Left’ was advertised. It has an exciting write-up, and stars Amanda Seyfried with Kev.

When I saw that there was only one copy left, I simply had to buy it. What could I do? 🤷‍♀️💿

Amazon knows me TOO WELL! 😂🤣😂
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Oct/22
When I was getting a new phone, I wanted a ‘Kevin Bacon Phone’.

I got one!
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Sep/22
Kev very likely keeps his weight down with all that dancing! He’s still very good to this day.

5ft10. 🕺
Demn said on 29/Sep/22
Seen him and kyra on the streets of NY. They are skinny not tall people. He’s 5-8 tops
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 3/Aug/22
@Vick Jane Moretti this is a low camera angle which reduces the difference. Rob is well aware of liars and can spot height-enhancing shoes reliably; he isn't going to list a 5ft 8.5 guy as 5ft 10
Editor Rob
Bacon might have lost first half inch by now, might look again at him recently.
Vick Jane Moretti said on 4/Jul/22
Kevin bacon is at least one or 1,5 inches shorter than that.In this newly posted vide of him a d Kyra barefeet ,he seems to be 3 or 3,5 inches taller than her(not 4 or 5 inches). Click Here=
Well...Men uses elevators and lie about their heughts as much as many women in hollywood.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jun/22
Might've gone from strong to weak 5ft10 zone...
QM6'1.5"QM said on 22/Apr/22
Kevin Bacon is living legend!

"Hollow man" is one of my favourite childhood movie.

Tremors ... it's like a greatest cult fantastic screen action furor :)

ChaosControl2 said on 21/Mar/22
I could actually believe a little over this
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Mar/22
Kevin looks TALL in the above picture! Is it new, Rob?

I’ve come along to Kevin’s page to tell you guys about the movie ‘Cop Car’, in which Kev plays a thoroughly bent ‘n’ boozy killer Sheriff. A couple of little boys pinch his car, with the intention of having a game of ‘Cops’! They’re so young that you think, “How can their little legs reach the pedals?”

Anyway, Kevin’s Sheriff has a badly beaten crook in the boot. It isn’t long before the kids discover him, and he cons the boys into thinking that he’s a good guy, so they let him go. He isn’t, but the film hasn’t finished yet, so there’s no telling what will happen.

Kevin’s found his car and the boys and he’s asking them if they’ve opened the boot! I’ve never seen Mr Bacon playing a drunken, slobbish, violent. psycho-cop before, and it’s funny. II think it’s meant to be a comedy. Kevin sure looks like he’s enjoying the role, and I bet a pound to a pinch of 💩 that any write-ups I come across verify this.

Now I’m going to enjoy the rest…..

5ft10, despite being in his 60s.
berta said on 19/Mar/22
no less than this. can pull off 179 alot. i remember in river wild 1994 he could look over 5´11.
Peyton@ said on 4/Mar/22
Why hasn’t Kevin Bacon ever played a vampire? He’d be great!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Dec/21
Hoorah! My film 'Black Mass' has arrived today and it'll be very exciting to compare Kevin with Johnny Depp.

I don't know whether the movie is actually about the subject of black masses; I bought it because it has an interesting cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch, who will be taller than Kevin and Johnny.

Ah - I read a bit of the write-up and it doesn't seem to cover anything supernatural at all.

Another film I received this week is 'The Darkness'; it looked interesting when I saw a bit of it on the Horror Channel last week. With Mr Bacon starring, it's a guarantee to me that it won't disappoint! 😉

I'll be back later with this exciting actor's height....
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Nov/21
I'm watching Kevin's film 'Tremors', which I haven't seen in years. It's quite funny really because the burrowing, underground, blood-thirsty worm-like monsters stink! 😷

As well as his and Kyra''s daughter, Sosie, the couple have a hunky, long-haired 5ft10 son called Travis. He plays in a group called Black Anvil, and acts as well, so he's taken after his singing Dad. I've seen Kyra sing too - and she's really good and thoroughly professional.

Kev gets 5ft10. 😄🎶🎵🎧🎸🎬
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Sep/21
I've seen that Kevin is still a good dancer at 63, so that must keep him fit and the height loss at bay.

🎁🎂 Belated Happy Birthday to Kevin, who turned 63 on the 8th July. 🎂🎁

Have a fabulous, healthy and happy year ahead!

5ft10. 😆👌😸
Magnus 6'4 said on 27/Feb/21
Rob have you seen the video of Kevin kissing Diane Keaton on the Graham Norton Show? Graham also kisses her and looks an inch smaller than her (Keaton was wearing heels) then Kevin kissed her and looked 2-3 inches taller than her. I think he at least deserves 5’10.5
Editor Rob
Diane could have lost a bit more height by 2019, but here is a link to that part of the show.
MaskDeMasque said on 16/Feb/21
The Woodsman is a fairly unknown film of his. Dark subject matter but fantastically acted by Bacon. He looked 5'10 in it as he does in other films.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Dec/20
Kevin has another new advert with bigger, bouncier hair. It probably adds at least another inch to his perceived height.

5ft10.25, excluding hair.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jul/20
🎈🎂🥓🎁 Happy Birthday Kevin! 🎁🥓🎂🎈

Many Happy Returns to Kevin Bacon, who is today celebrating his 62nd Birthday. I saw his first ever film, 'Friday The Thirteenth', at the cinema, and poor Kevin suffered a really horrible demise. That film was really pushing the boundaries for 1980!

Kevin so richly deserves his success, and two of my favourite films of his are 'Flatliners' and 'Hollow Man', both of which are highly original. I haven't seen 'Apollo 13' yet, or 'A Few Good Men', but I will definitely be doing so in the coming year.

This fantastic actor gets 5ft10. He has a fit, lean physique and I was surprised he wasn't nearer the 5ft11/11.5 mark when I first came here and checked him out.

🥂 Have a very enjoyable family Birthday, Kevin! 🍻😄👍

BT said on 22/May/20
A typical 5'10 guy who could arguably pull off a solid 178 cm range with guys like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Bomer and Matthew Morrison in 2012 (age 53): Click Here, Click Here, though maybe with a slight footwear advantage?

He still looks taller than someone like Woody Harrelson (without knowing footwear): Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. I guess 178 cm flat in his prime and 177 today at 61 is possible, but he might not have lost much at all.
OriginalAnon said on 15/May/20
178cm for Bacon, who is on some of the most annoying adverts in UK television history, almost as annoying as that "together forever" tetley tea advert.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/May/20
Thank you, Kevin Bacon, for making a video for our NHS. I have seen it a few times now and it really does reflect the mood of the rest of the World and this awful coronavirus which endangers us all.

Well done, Kevin. XXX 🤗

5ft10. 😁👍
viper said on 26/Mar/20
Maybe his posture can be real poor? Would explain 5-9 estimates but 5-8?

Always thought he was the most solid
5-10 actor.

Also it's interesting how he's been guessed at 6-0.
Ethan Couch said on 22/Mar/20
Hey Rob. Could Kevin be more on the 5’9 side barefoot?? At night how tall would he be?
Editor Rob
He might be heading that way in next few years, possibly at an age he could lose a bit of height.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/Nov/19
5'9 estimate or believing is ridiculous. Bacon is at least 5'10-5'10 1/8 peak and lost a fraction now.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jul/19
🥓🎁🎂🥓 Happy Birthday Kevin! 🥓🎂🎁🥓

Here's wishing the talented, super-fit Kevin Bacon a very Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful time with Kyra and the kids!

5ft10, but can look taller because of his excellent posture.

viper said on 19/May/19
I'm starting to think he's always been 5-9.

Mr R is very accurate with his height gauging usually. I can't see him being 2 inches off on Bacon. Another poster backed up his 5-8 sighting.

I can see Mr R being off an inch but not 2 inches.
JD 5'9" said on 29/Apr/19
Peak 5'10" current 5'9.5"
Vibram said on 16/Mar/19
He's a tough one because he has every bit the proportions of a 6ft'er (183cm) or lanky 5ft11 guy, especially in 'The Woodsman' (2003). Def. a couple of inches taller than a weak 5f9 Fred Ward in Tremors. I'd say Bacon was 5ft10.8/179cm peak and 177.5 178cm today at age 60.
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Nov/18
Because Kevin does so many adverts, he keeps making guest appearances in my dreams! He's always a perfect gentleman - and ALWAYS 5ft10!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Apr/18
178cm Peak
177cm now
Ethan Couch said on 20/Feb/18
Kevin Bacon stood next to james Corden and he is 5'8.25 and they were about the same height.
Junior said on 7/Jan/18
Thinking back when i'm still a kid over 10 years back visit this site Bacon was listed here at 5'10.5". 5'10 seem right and maybe dipping in 5'9.75" today.
Ted said on 7/Dec/17
Legit 5' 10''.
Hijopotamus said on 25/Oct/17
Mathew, be 100% sure they were both wearing lifts elevator tricky shoes whatever.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/17
Looks 177-178 cm never a full 180 cm

Nowadays maybe 175 cm
JJAK said on 22/Oct/17
Great actor hero creep funny anything he does it better than most.
Good posture most time very thin makes him look even taller than he is.
If the guy claim 5 10 I doubt he is 5 11 probably another very strong 5 10.
He does measure up with 6ers better than most so at peak a good half over the mark.
McLovin said on 8/Oct/17
Strong 1.77 peak and weak 1.75 now.
WeeburaiJones said on 3/Jun/17
He looked not much shorter than Tom Hanks in Apollo 13. Maybe inch and a half to two inches. So my guess is 5'10.25".
Jp said on 10/Mar/17
Looks a bit Shorter than Theron in Trapped.
Scott said on 20/Feb/17
I'd say 5' 11". Almost as tall as Tom Hanks
Matthew said on 7/Feb/17
I was an extra in Patriot's Day. Kevin Bacon was standing next to me. I was within arms reach for a couple of minutes. I'm exactly 5'10" (with a large build, FWIW. 240 lb. bodybuilder). I put him at 6' 0". He is/was VERY thin. Of course I don't know what was in his shoes, such as lifts, but he was significantly taller than me, and I had gauging his height on my mind. 6' even, I say. And Mark Wahlberg looked my height exactly - 5'10". I don't know what he might have had in his shoes either, of course. His page says 5'8".
Giorgi said on 4/Feb/17
Rob, he was also in Animal House.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Oct/16
I thought Kevin Bacon was at least 5ft11 and as I have ownership of 10 of his films and seen far more than that, I feel that my estimates don't seem to account for much! I've come to the conclusion that my eye is NOT a trained one!
Anyway, what with Kevin in so many adverts at the moment, I have noticed that he is very lean, hence the likelihood of being fooled is greater. I am sure he was more muscly for his part in 'Hollow Man' than he is in the skin-tight red outfit he wears in his latest ad!
I rate him as an actor and was very impressed when I saw him play guitar and sing with his brother some years back. They were introduced as 'The Bacon Brothers!'
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Oct/16
@Dmeyer: He also said that Sean Penn was 5ft6-7 so you'd be wise to take any of his estimates with a strong pinch of salt.

But I do think he could look 179-80cm range in the 80's-90's. Not much shorter than Alec Baldwin in She's Having A Baby
Dmeyer said on 9/Oct/16
Old comment frank2 says 5 ft 11 so i think not less than 179cm peak
VeryShortRussianDude said on 25/Aug/16
Click Here

Not the best photo but he really does tower oven Kevin.
Mat said on 10/Jun/16
Hey Rob, do you think of Bacon as a legit 5'10 guy in the afternoon or maybe an almost 5'10 one?
Editor Rob
generally I used to think of him as a typical 5ft 10 guy and hold that mark most of the day...I wouldn't have thought he lost any noticeable height by 50, looked in decent shape.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jun/16
Looked a strong 5ft10 for most of his career.
MJKoP said on 12/Apr/16
Definitely five foot eleven at at least one point during his life.
Dmeyer said on 23/Feb/16
To me bacon looks near enaugh 5'10,5-11 peak And could be 5'10,25 now frank2 said 5'11 hé was pretty good , also from distance hé said Sean penn apeared 5'6-7in i saw that to
ShortRussianDude said on 22/Feb/16
6'1 for Kevin Bacon is crazy the last film I Saw him in was the Woodsman and he looked 3.5 - 4 inches shorter than Benjamin bratt.

his definitely somewhere around 5 ft 10...both 5 ft 9.75 and 5 ft 10.25 wouldn't shock me.
Sportysam said on 25/Nov/15
I went to the Emmys back in September 2010 and was standing next to him for a couple of minutes. He's very very thin I would say no taller than 5 "9 or a little under that.
Goose said on 1/Nov/15
Either I'm really off or most first hand account posters on this sight are dead wrong. He was a weak 6'1 when I saw him on 5th Ave....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/15
I'd have thought a strong 5ft10 range when watching Mystic River. Easily 2in on Penn if not a bit more.
amigranny said on 19/Mar/15
His head makes him look taller and also being so thin.
Danimal said on 28/Jan/15
Rob, Kevin had way more than 2" on Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men.

Click Here

That's minimum 3" (look at the top of their heads). Cruise is under 5'7" as I've been saying for years.

And another pic of 5'10" Kevin Bacon and Cruise.

Click Here
Johan said on 2/Jan/15
I believe this guy is 5'11, I've been lucky to walk passed him back in 2009 and he's taller than me, I'm 5'10 (1.78m)

Vibram said on 19/Dec/14
177cm. Possibly 178cm 10-15-25 years ago.
Rhonda said on 15/Oct/14
He has been estimated between 5ft8-6ft1 in comments. The mean of that would be 5ft10.5", the picture of Jamie Oliver and him he looks a little taller, I've heard Jamie Oliver say he was 5ft10.
cole said on 19/Aug/14
Very often on The Following he appeared 2-3in shorter than 5'11 Shawn Ashmore. Not saying Kevin is 5'8-9, as there may have been thicker footwear on Shawn and some crafty camera-work involved, but I do think 5'9.5 / 5'9.75 is more believable for Kevin. He can look closer to Shawn in some premiere-pics, but then he's the one having a footwear advantage. His hair also helps.

Click Here

And Rob would you please have another look at James Purefoy, surely 6'1 is a bit much for him?

Click Here
James B said on 17/Jul/14
Rob 177cm possible today?
Editor Rob
I still think he can pass for 5ft 10, but then being a 1/4 inch or so under isn't impossible today
James B said on 5/Jul/14
How much do you think Kevin weighs rob? He's in good shape for his age.
Editor Rob
could be near 160s
the shredder said on 31/May/14
Look good 2 inches shorter than Jimmy Fallon earlier . 5 '9 .
MaskDeMasque said on 12/May/14
Looks about two inches taller than cruise in a few good men. 5'10 is fair.
Yazz said on 23/Apr/14
It really is hard to see him at 5'8 in Friday the 13th. He was at his leanest there.

Now 5'9 is mayyybe a possibility.
divincodino92 said on 25/Mar/14
173, could be Rob?
Editor Rob
I can't really see him being that short
Bubba said on 22/Mar/14
@MD Those boots give at least an inch and Ian is also closer to the camera. On top of that it's not a proper camera angle to compare height with.
MD said on 11/Mar/14
I'm having a hard time with this listing. Here he is with 5'9"(ish) Iam Somerhalder:

Click Here

And, here are Somerhalder's boots, which are rather regular looking:

Click Here

Even if we are to entertain Kevin is in flat shoes (and I don't see any reason to just assume that, but let's just for the scenario), it would seem that had Ian straightened up, we'd be talking a more than an inch difference. I don't see a full 5'10" in any kind of scenario in these pictures, but since we can't see his footwear, this can't be good evidence.
Lorne said on 23/Feb/14
I think 5ft10.25 would be closer; actually I thought the 179cm was believable but he is slender which can make him appear taller. But I do think he's a solid 5'10; Look at him with Michael Fassbender who is listed at 5'11, but is likely a fraction under, and also he is comfortably taller than Charlize Theron; actually if I recall they we're barefoot, and he looked 2cm taller! And he was 2.5in taller than Cruise. He definently pulled off 179cm at times, I give him 5ft10.25...
harvard said on 22/Feb/14
Kevin Bacon 5'10
Jamie Oliver 5'9.75

Click Here
DjocE said on 12/Feb/14
it's incredible how some people want absolutely reduced the size of some personality when you watch "the following" next to james purefoy, Kevin Bacon look absolutely 5'10, No offense to liars.
HN said on 18/Jan/14
I've met him at a party in CT. Talked for a while. He is 5'9" max, probably 5'8 1/2". I'm watching Stir of Echos now, and you notice that they don't cast any tall guys with him and many of the women are as tall as the guys. The one tall guy in a scene was carrying a kid and was stooped over, obvious direction. Real regular guy, very normal, not 5'10".
191 guy said on 30/Nov/13
watch picture perfect, he looked a little shorter than 5'9 Jay mohr.
DjocE said on 22/Nov/13
Mr R stops constantly saying for several years that Kevin Bacon 5'8 or 5'8 .5 this is stupid, just see him next to Gary Oldman, Senn Penn, Matt Dillon and Josh Brolin to find he is 5'10 can be a bit more might be a little less but the reality is 5'10. So stop saying bullsh ...
Arch Stanton said on 3/Nov/13
He looks 5 ft 11 next to Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men. Minimum 3 inches.
183CM said on 24/Oct/13
In Mystic River he is 1 inch taller than Sean Penn, no more. And even if Sean was using lifts, that would make Bacon 5'9
Mr. R said on 18/Oct/13
kevin is 5-8.5 I met him at a screening of a film. This is a case of the camera giving off the appearance of taller height.
Soupeman said on 17/Oct/13
i literally bumped into bacon once. he seemed tallish like minimum 180 cm i would say inbetween 180 cm and 182 cm in shoes/boots didn't notice the footwear but it was winther and he might have had boots on.
lelman said on 17/Oct/13
@goose Either he's wearing huge lifts, or you're not 5'10". There's no way in hell he's any taller than 5'10".
goose said on 18/Sep/13
Waaaaaaaayyyyyyy off on this one. I've seen him in NYC numerous times and he is tall. I'm 5'10 and he had me by 3 inches but I will admit I didn't see his shoes but from all accounts is a very down-to-earth guy so I doubt he wears lifts.
183CM said on 17/Sep/13
He is not 2 inches taller than Sean Penn in Mistyc River. And Penn is not 5'8, he is 5'7...

Bacon must be 5'9
Viper said on 23/Aug/13
jackie says on 15/Jun/12
5'10!? I though he was like 5'8! He looks short in footloose

yep, he does look closer to 5'8 in Footloose
Viper said on 23/Aug/13
Hes really, really hard to pin down. I mean physically he looks like a 5'10 guy in Friday the 13th, being as lean as he was in that movie.

But other times I think his real height is 5'8 range, from what Mr R saw.
Uncle Bechu said on 19/Aug/13
He looks max 176cm-177cm in the final scene of X-Men First Class with 180cm Fassbender.
Lorne??? said on 13/Aug/13
He was taller than Charlize Theron, and five foot nine faith hill. I thought 179cm was fine, so maybe 5ft10.25?
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jul/13
Spot on I'd say. He had 2 inches on Sean Penn in Mystic River, who I have at just about 5'8", at worst 172cm.
Knette L said on 8/Apr/13
I seen the photo of the guy, who co-stars on the following with Kevin bacon Shawn Ashmore and Kevin Bacon is still taller,than that guy, even if he's not even standing up straight. He is taller than 5 foot 10 or six foot, I do not know where some had came up with 5 foot 10 as the man's height and you can clearly see is taller than that. And in the other photo he's the tallest one in the group of the x man cast.
Giles Du Croix said on 15/Mar/13
Guttenberg seems to be a lot taller than Bacon in The Diner, and they are both listed as 5' 10.5" How can this be?
Sam said on 15/Mar/13
I think he is around as listed. Looked to be the same mark as Michael Fassbender on screen but in premiere pictures Fassbender seems to have a cm's advantage or so.
Giles Du Croix said on 11/Mar/13
5.9.5 max.
Chowder26 said on 24/Feb/13
Saw him around Union Square NYC area from 98' to 2002. I'm 5'10 and he looked at least 6'1 to me.
TonyV said on 24/Feb/13
I think I saw him (or someone extremely similar) in the New York Subway (which he himself admitted he rides on an almost daily basis). He was the same height as me (5'10), at least at first glance (didn't have much time to examine it though).
Byron T. said on 26/Jan/13
Click Here
Click Here

I'd say a weak 5'10'' compared to his other 5'11'' X-Men co-stars, Michael Fassbender and Shawn Ashmore.
Silent d said on 16/Jan/13
179cm is fine unlike those crazy 5 foot 8 rumours.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/12
Body fat under 10% for sure.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/12
He's one of those actors who are difficult to guess. His build and gaunt features can give different impressions at times. I think he looked 5 ft 11 in River Wild but on other occasions he can seem a scrawny 5 ft 9 guy.
MaskDeMasque said on 21/Oct/12
I've always seen him as 5'10. Maybe he is 5'10.5 if he stood up properly.
Silent d said on 1/Oct/12
If he is 174cm than brad pitt would be 172cm according to someone who said he was taller than pitt. That would make charlize theron 172cm. It doesn't work out. 179cm.
mcfan said on 14/Aug/12
If Lori Singer is 5'10, then Kevin is her height or just slightly over. If Tom Cruise is about 5'8, then Kevin Bacon is just over 2.5 inches taller. Look at A Few Good Men.
jackie said on 15/Jun/12
5'10!? I though he was like 5'8! He looks short in footloose
SIlent d said on 25/Jan/12
Sorry i believe you but i choose not to believe you. I guess i have to see him for myself. 179cm. I doubt cruise is 165cm. Someone said he is taller than brad pitt.
Mr. R said on 14/Jan/12
Sorry, Silent d, he is 5-8.5 I know he looks taller, but he is not. Everyone around us could not believe how short he was.

Again guys, pictures do not tell true stories. You cannot always see the feet and shoes, and sometimes the floor is not even. Just like Rob, I give you my eyewitness accounts when I stand next to these celebs. I do not intentionally downgrade. If you notice, the folks that I have disagreed with Rob about are folks that he has not seen in person.
Silent d said on 12/Jan/12
He is honest and cool. Don't really care about his height but 179cm is reasonable. Rob did he say how tall he was? Mr R you are out of your mind.
ACG said on 22/Dec/11
Then we should start planning your funeral, Mr. R. You can claim that height as much as you want, just like I can insist that the moon is made of green cheese.

There's not one single photograph or video where Kevin Bacon looks even close to as short as you're saying he is. Additionally, out of all the in-person encounters I've read, you are the only who "saw" him at 5'8.5".

I think I'll take visual proof and the word of the overwhelming majority over someone who: A) Doesn't supply any evidence B) Happens to frequently give other celebs lower estimates than everyone else does, including a guy who actually had his pictures taken next to 99% of the listed names here, therefore providing hard proof to substantiate his written anecdotes.
Mr. R said on 22/Dec/11
This is one that I will fight to the death on. He was just over 5-8. I stood next to him at a movie screening.
maio said on 19/Dec/11
5 ft 10 in/178 cm is right for him. He always looked 1 in/2,5 cm shorter than Tom Hanks, who's 5 ft 11 in.
Silent d said on 16/Nov/11
I never doubted his height. In hollowman he looked 179cm. In x men first class he looked 179cm. He always looked tall. 5 foot 8.5 is an outrageous claim by Mr. R. In trapped he looked 179cm. 179cm. End of story!
LAN Jiao said on 21/Oct/11
in SUPER along 187cm rainn wilson bacon look 5'9 without heel boots. he is 5'9.25 at best. in stir of echoes he had big heel boots look 6'0 in it.
LAN Jiao said on 16/Oct/11
I ask hotdog he say bacon is 176cm.. nah.. 176.5cm max
ray181cm said on 1/Oct/11
He does look 5'11 tall in stir of echoes and mistic river.
LAN Jiao said on 29/Sep/11
what i see bacon looks 5'9.25(176). also possible 5'9.5(177)
nybruin said on 20/Sep/11
saw him on the Hi-Line last year... appeared approx. 5'9", but he's skinny so 5'10" is possible... nothing more though. I'm 6'3.5" and I towered over him.
L said on 19/Sep/11
nothing under 5'10 nothing over 5'11
Danimal said on 18/Sep/11
Mr. R says on 18/Sep/11
kevin fools most people. He is 5-8.5. Stood next to he and Kyra at movie premiere. Believe it.

What does that make Tom Cruise in a Few Good Men then? 5'3"?
LUCOSO said on 18/Sep/11
wow he is that short in that case how tall is pitt for real
Mr. R said on 18/Sep/11
kevin fools most people. He is 5-8.5. Stood next to he and Kyra at movie premiere. Believe it.
LUCOSO said on 15/Sep/11
pitt is fun,he think people don´t realize he wears day he is the sane height as tarantino in others the shorter than kevin bacon with is 178 tops
Legend said on 15/Aug/11
He's 5'10 max
Lisa said on 11/Aug/11
I met him once a few years ago, and I'm 5'10, and we appeared to be about the same height, he may have been about .5 inch taller than me, but definately not shorter.
Red said on 19/Jul/11
Flat 5'10"
tell-em said on 19/Jul/11
looked 5'10" next to meryl streep in river wild. but he had the shoe advantage over her. he was also a bit shorter than 5'10" matt dillon in wild things. i'd say hes 5'9.5"
TruebloodFan said on 18/Jul/11
strong 5ft10 in 'Death Sentence'. outstanding actor.
Dan said on 8/Jun/11
Kevin Bacon is maybe 5' 9" max. He was just on Leno-5' 11", and he's got to be at least 2 inches shorter than Jay.
Quan said on 4/Jun/11
He looked a lot taller in xmen to me, I would've guessed 6 ft. He has good proportions.
Byron T. said on 30/May/11
Michael Fassbender has two inches on him, so he's a solid 5'9.''
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/11
178cm or 5"10 is on the ball
Theverve said on 13/Mar/11
Bacon is five ten
Reid Rothschild said on 6/Jan/11
My buddy who is 5'9" laughed his ass off when he met him. Bacon is 5'7" if he's lucky. Cruise is about 5'5".
kevin said on 24/Nov/10
in american diner hes an inch smaller than rourke and guttenberg edges him out by an half inch. id say 177-178cm for bacon.
dg said on 30/Jun/09
I saw him several times. 5' 10.5" is correct.
Mathew said on 29/May/09
Click Here
I'd go with the ranges of:
Hanks 180 - 182 cm
Bacon 177 - 179 cm
Howard 167 - 169 cm
Harris 173 - 175 cm
I think Bacon is around 5'10" +/- a bit. There are lots of people who think Hanks is a strong 6', I give him a strong 5'11" to a weak 6' tops. Clint Howard, 5'6 +/-. Ed Harris, a weak 5'9" or strong 5'8".
Mathew said on 19/May/09
6'4" for Hanks doesn't even deserve to be taken seriously. Now Kevin Bacon is up to 6'3"!
Anonymous said on 3/May/09
At a swedich talkshow,he was wearing a little uplifting shoes,and he was just about as tall as one of the hosts,Fillip Hammar. And Fillip is not so tall,around 175 cm maybe.
TELLEM said on 25/Mar/09
Mr. R IS 5'11...i doubt the man would be that off...i'll put kevin bacon at 5'9
DjocE said on 24/Mar/09
I Don't know why Mr.R wants absolutely that kevin be 5-8 to 5-9 he is not less than 5-10 at less else he is always on A stepladder in his films :). show us A photo you will be more convincing.
Julio in the city said on 22/Mar/09
He always had cowboy boots on in Footloose and was never seen next to costar Lori Singer without those boots on....she's about 5'10 or 5'11. I'd peg him at 5'9 on a good height day!
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/09
Doug and SD, you are right. Kevin is between 5-8 and 5-9.
glenn said on 18/Mar/09
he's 5-11.i see him weekly lately.
TELLEM said on 18/Mar/09
i doubt mr. R would be completely off...he says bacon is between 5'8 and 5' hes got to be around that height
Doug said on 18/Mar/09
Perhaps he is nearer 5'11 then, very surpised. Its just he was towered by the David S. bloke in The River Wild and he is listed at 5'11.5" on here. Bacon was much more than an inch smaller!!
Doug said on 18/Mar/09
Wow, 5 ft 10.5 in really? Can't see it. I always thought Bacon was a 5'8" guy, 5'9" max. He always struck me as a guy a little below average not a little above it.
SD said on 16/Mar/09
I was in London in the fall and ran into him. I am 5'9 and he was substatially shorter than I am. I would say 5'8 is even a stretch. I am actually amazed at how many actors are short. They really do create a different perspective on the big screen!
Fred said on 11/Feb/09
Looks around 5'9.5 or 5'9.75 could be 5'10 but I never seen him in person. Mabey his large face and head (and head shape) add to him seeming shorter?
Mr. R. said on 3/Feb/09
I just went to see "Frost/Nixon" (Great Film!) Everyone is fantastic, but Kevin Bacon gets overlooked. He was VERY good. There are many scenes when he stands close to Frank Langella as Nixon, and he doesn't look that much shorter. Yet, having met both of them, I know that Langella is about 6-2 (Met him at the same time that I met nearly 5-10ish Clooney), not the 6-4 that he used to be billed at. I know people can't accept it, but Kevin Bacon is between 5-8 and 5-9. I met him a few years ago when he was promoting his film about a child molester. Kyra his wife was there too. As we all left, they came out into the lobby, and we were all on level ground. Some people actually gasped when they saw that Kevin was not as tall as he looks on screen. But the Nixon movie proves to me how camera angles, footwear, and body posture can affect our sense of height. If you go to see the film, and I highly recommend it, note how the camera position changes to minimize height differential for several folks.
Ed said on 22/Jan/09
I remember seeing him in a mall when he was filming that movie "Stir of Echoes" in Chicago. I'd say his height looked to be around 5'7" to 5'8". He was wearing gym shoes from what I could tell. Factor in if he normally wears 3" healed cowboy boots that would make him 5'10" to 5'11" with ease.
glenn said on 31/Dec/08
thats odd cause he always seemed 5-11 to me.maybe he had boots with big heels?
Sterling said on 31/Dec/08
Kevin's band played in Ocean City, NJ, around August of 2008. A friend of mine had his photo taken with him. My friend is 6' tall. Bacon towered over him. It made me curious, and that's why I looked on this site. Does the guy wear lifts in his shoes?
Jay said on 5/Dec/08
He's between 5'10" and 5'11". The comments about him being 5'9" exist only because Kevin slouches.
DG said on 25/Nov/08
See him in NYC all the time. 5'11" Is a very good estimate.
Josh said on 14/Nov/08
Hes close to 5'11 so 5'10.5 fits perfectly.
William gunther said on 5/Nov/08
Ran into him naked at my club (locker room)
Its a resort and he was doing a gig nearby with his band Five eight to five nine no taller than five nine
Anna said on 14/Oct/08
He looks 5'9-5'10 to me
Carole said on 3/Oct/08
Ok, I am a little shocked that he is supposed to be 5'10. My husband ran into Kevin Bacon and some of his friends at the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally a few years back. My husband is 5'9 and he said Kevin wasn't taller than him. In fact he made a comment that he always thought he would have been bigger.
Chris said on 19/Sep/08
On screen he looks 5'9" to 5'10" to me.
Gago said on 16/Aug/08
I worked on Death Sentence, yes you're right he looked 5'11, but they did a great job making him tall, of course he's the lead. he wore 2 inch heel boots the scenes with Hedlund, that he can manage to look close to him, but otherwise if he stands errect he's 5'9.5.
Mr. R said on 3/Aug/08
Im telling you folks, he is 5-9 on a VERY good day! Has anyone else seen him in the flesh?
Daii said on 2/Aug/08
I watched Death Sentence last night and I would say he is a lanky 5'11, making him look taller because of his body frame. He is at least 5'10 from what Ive seen but I wouldnt say he is quite 6 foot.
Mr. R said on 29/Jul/08
This has always been one of my more controversial sightings. On screen he looks 5-10. I saw he and his wife when they did that child molester movie a few years ago, and he is between 5-8 and 5-9. I wish that I had taken a pic. He was the shortest guy in the theater lobby. I swear this is true.
Alex said on 22/Jun/08
I'd go with at least 5'10. He can look 5'11.
Random Person said on 21/May/08
I thought he looked pretty looked the exact same height as Sean Hayes when he guest starred on Will and Grace. 5'11" is certainly possible.
Viper said on 15/Apr/08
Hes no shorter than 5-10, thats for sure.
JOSH said on 14/Apr/08
He towered tom cruise in a few good men about 4-5inches. He could well be a full 5ft 11.
Chris175 said on 7/Apr/08
just watched death sentence and i must say it is a brilliant film, he never really looks shorter than 5-11 to me
Jake Is Back said on 6/Apr/08
Or, no more than an inch shorter than Hanks.
Jake Is Back said on 6/Apr/08
He's an inch shorter than Tom Hanks.
nashville said on 24/Mar/08
Glenn, he must have been slouching in this picture, or you were a bit closer to the camera. Your eyes are the same height as Kevins. By the way, do you find yourself standing more erect when you pose for pictures with celebs?
Chris175 said on 20/Mar/08
i think this guy is a great actor, very good in death sentence recently, cant see him being much less than 179-180
RICHARD said on 19/Mar/08
Looked 5'11 in Friday the 13th.
glenn said on 14/Feb/08
he can look 5-10 in person with terrible posture.5-11 with better.
Charliemoto said on 14/Feb/08
in Death Sentence he looks quite tall about 6'0+ although the shoes look slightly suspect.

KEVIN is 5'11 imo he just doesn't strike me like a short guy except his terrible posture.
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/07
could have been 1 cm more 15 years ago so 5'10.5 looks about 3.25 in on cruise cruise is 5'7 flat also bacon looks 3 in om penn that my 5'7 for penn
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/07
rob are you sure he is that small since he looked 3.5 in taller than cruise in low cut sneakers he is gotta be 5'10.5 or cruise is 5'6.5
Franco said on 30/Sep/07
Kevin = the worst posture in hollywood

i watched hollow man and stir of echoes and seen him once in Italy.

should he stand straight he can look 181-182cm in shoes this make him 177-178cm barefoot max.

he got the built of a 177-178cm guy than 179-180cm.
KT said on 16/Sep/07
He looked barely shorter than Laurence Fishburne in Mystic River and a bit taller than Charlize Theron (who is about 5'10) in the movie "Trapped".

I think Kevin bacon is 5'11
Adam Brennon said on 29/Aug/07
Looks 5' 9" in "Hollow Man" and 5' 11" in "Mystic River".
MHouillon said on 15/Aug/07
Yeah, more 179cm than 178cm.
Joe said on 11/Aug/07
Terrible posture as Glenn said so he can look shorter but he's definitely 5-10 minimum. I'd say 5-10 and a half is correct.
Adam Brennon said on 10/Aug/07
He looks like an ordinary, neither short nor tall man. 5'10" seems right.
JanJ said on 31/Jul/07
Defenitely 5'9

with 5'11 campbell scott

Click Here
glenn said on 22/Jul/07
exactly lt.thank you.
l.t said on 21/Jul/07
I saw Kevin Bacon in nyc with some guy and I will agree to 5'11" can't be much less
timber said on 2/Jul/07
Viper, the 3/Dec/06 post says he has even been referred to as 5-8 in print...but I agree, he's never looked it.
glenn said on 1/Jul/07
he is 5-11.looks slightly under 5-10 with a slouch.5-10 is the minimum period.
Viper said on 30/Jun/07
This 5-8 stuff is intriguing. Hes never looked that short though.
Annon said on 30/Jun/07
OK... I really know. He's about 5-8. I worked out next to him at a gym when he was on vacation and he was eye to eye with me (I'm 5-8 in my tennies). He actually seemed a little shorter than me (probably because he's so tiny).
MD said on 21/Apr/07
He was on The Tonight Show (April 20/21), and was exactly as tall as Jay, who's given 5'11", here. I still think Jay is 5'10", so he's either 5'10" or 5'11" lol
jamaican trudy said on 29/Mar/07
i just saw kevin bacon on walking north on w. broadway in a suit looking very much in a rush. i am 182 cm and was looking down on him. kevin bacon is, in my best estimate, 5''9 tops. on top of this, i was wearing sandals and he was wearing dress shoes (w/ his suit).
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
he is 5-11.i also said that.
dmeyer said on 20/Mar/07
if frank2 say 5'11 then he might be since he is accurate for people 5'10 to 6'1
Viper said on 17/Jan/07
I pretty much agree with that Glenn.
Glenn said on 17/Jan/07
Yes,he can look as tall as small as 5-10.
Anon said on 17/Jan/07
I saw him while he was picking up his daughter at school. He was wearing boots, I'd say he's about 5-11 (definitely below 6 foot). He actually surprised me with his height, but it could be his skinny frame and the fact that he was surrounded by young schoolgirls. Now, if we can only pin down his exact height, then all of Hollywood would be revealed!
Glenn said on 4/Dec/06
And this pic was taken in front of and open tour bus door in the Im on the street,now that I think of it. maybe he is too.or a few inches in the gutter.
Glenn said on 3/Dec/06
Again,he is over 5-10.he might be in the gutter in this shot.
Anthony said on 3/Dec/06
I agree, Glenn, looking at him with you and other people he's more 5'10-5'11. But he does have that slim, wiry look that makes him appear taller.

Editor Rob
5ft 8 has been mentioned in the past for Bacon, in print 12 years ago.

1994 Charlotte Observer, "But he says his hardest task was helping the 5-foot-8 Bacon" with reference to a basketball movie.
anonymous2 said on 2/Dec/06
The pic appears to jibe with Mr. Rs estimate of 5'8 to 5'9. Bacon is slouching, but Glenn is also leaning in slightly. If they were both standing straight, I think Bacon would only have an inch max on Glenn.
Glenn said on 2/Dec/06
6-1? I know people who arnt in my field that met him and say he is short.strange.I think he is 5-10.5.
Glenn said on 1/Dec/06
Lots seem shocking when it comes to height.Sly,Arnie,DMX,etc.
Viper652 said on 30/Nov/06
The guy always looked bare minimum 5-10 to me. The 5-8 estimates are shocking.
Glenn said on 29/Nov/06
He can look 5-11.he is no smaller than 5-10.
Aussie Bloke said on 24/Nov/06
C'mon, he is about the same height as Glenn, maybe an inch taller, so how can he be 5ft10? he has gotta be 5ft9 at the very max, possibly 5ft8
Glenn said on 14/Nov/06
Always seemed near 5-11 to me.
Franco said on 30/Oct/06
Kevin Bacon is 5.8.5 there's no getting around it! he used to be 5.10 indeed but must've lost an inch or so thanks to aging.

100% sure he is NOW 5'8.5 i saw him at the festival in Italy he was a guest, looked 5'10 with shoes on most probably includes lifts, i stood almost shoulder to shoulder, his posture wasn't slouching while standing straight but i agree he does slouch.

1.74cm is his true height and i ask you to please downgrade the 5.10 because is completely out, if anything at least put him at 5'9 that's the tops he is now! trust me.
Josh said on 28/Aug/06
Yeah I agree with Glenn 5-10.5
Glenn said on 3/Aug/06
He is about 5-10.5 actually.
Viper652 said on 2/Aug/06
He sure does look 5-10, but Mr. R and the other guys sighting of 5-8 has me unsure.
Josh said on 16/Jul/06
Well in those pics with Rachel he looks 5'11
The Horse of FUNK said on 7/May/06
"5'10 3/16 - no taller"

Now that's getting a little carried away...

Whatever, Bacon had some good inches over his 5'9 Tremors co-star Fred Ward. I'd say he's probably 5'11. Maybe a little taller, wouldn't be suprised.
Leung said on 4/Apr/06
Kevin Bacon does appear to be 5'11", however with his poor posture it's easy to understand how some people might mistake him for 5'9"
Mr.X said on 3/Apr/06
He looked about an inch shorter than Tom Hanks. Hanks is 5'11" so 5'10" sounds about right.
Frank2 said on 2/Mar/06
You mean the 2" s***kickers with the extra two inches hidden inside?
D. Ray Morton said on 2/Mar/06
The final scene in "Mystic River" has Sean Penn (in those 2" s***kickers) at about an inch shorter than Bacon.

"Kevin is EXACTLY five eleven"

Did you measure him?

5'10 3/16" - no taller.

Frank2 said on 2/Mar/06
Kevin is exactly five eleven. I've met him. In the film A Few Good Men he towers over Tom Cruise who for some reason wore normal shoes in that film. Sean Penn is a shrimp. I'd say seeing him from a distance he looked to be only five six, maybe five seven max.
TheMan said on 23/Feb/06
I think it's acutally possible for Bascon to be 5,9 although ive heard himbeing listed as 5,10 everyway.
sam said on 23/Feb/06
Bacon had at least two inches on Sean Penn (probably 2-3 inches) in Mystic River, so if Penn is the 5'8+" that everybody seems to think he is, Bacon may be about 5'10".
Mr. R said on 21/Feb/06
Rob, Rob, why do you persecute me so? H. Fry is telling the truth. I agree that Kevin Bacon LOOKS 5-10, but the truth is he is not even 5-9. When I met he and his wife, I was talking to her, and he was standing directly next to her, not slouching, but looking up, because everyone he was talking to was taller than him!
H. Fry said on 16/Feb/06
Mr. R is totally correct. Ten years ago Kevin Bacon and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, walked into a restaurant where I was singing, and I went up and shook hands and chatted with them after the show. I was standing two feet away from him, so I can tell you for certain that Kevin is ABSOLUTELY NO TALLER THAN 5'8". I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't even a little shorter than that. I am 5'4", and I felt as if I was looking him at exactly his eye level. He is really a little guy!!! He is thin, slight, short, petite, compact, whatever you wanna call it. A great actor, but a small guy. Not a millimeter above 5'8".

Editor Rob
well, that's some corroboration for Mr R's belief...

I would never picture bacon as ever wearing dodgy footwear, but in films can never see him looking 5ft 8. I'm still inclined to think that Bacon's slouching may give off a shorter image?
175cm16andgrowing said on 3/Feb/06
the skinny (even though he weighs a lot more than you'd expect)can look 6' sometimes. If not 6'1''. I guess heels and his slim face make him look that tall. I'd say he'S 5'10'' and he's listed as a 5'10''er so I'm happy :D.
Glenn said on 20/Jan/06
he can look 5-11 actually.
Mr. R said on 20/Jan/06
Dear Editor, if you recall, I was the one who said that Kevin Bacon was no taller than 5-9. This pic seems to confirm my sighting, yes?
CoolJ said on 20/Jan/06
Looks to be slouching.. might be 5'9.5-5'10 if he stood up straight
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/06
Guess Kevin Bacon is 5'8" too.
J.J.F said on 19/Dec/05
Think Rob is right on this one with 5'10". You can really only judge this guy by his off screen pics...
mcfan said on 26/Nov/05
I originally had him at 5'11, but I would say he is more like 5'10-5'10.5. Chris Penn was taller than him in "Footloose." He has terrible posture, though.
Mr. R said on 30/Aug/05
DjocE, I am in agreement with you that Kevin looks at least 5-10, if not 5-11 on screen. But I stood right next to him, and at 5-11.5, I was clearly more than 2 inches taller. I do think that they give him shoes in his scenes, but that he doesn't do this in his real life. I stand by my 5-8.5 sighting.
DjocE said on 29/Aug/05
I am not agree with you Mr R even if you tell to have seen him. I really think that kevin Bacon's height was near to 5ft10, if we think that gary of oldman height was 5ft10 and I think it too, so kevin bacon is absolutely not 5ft8.5 because in the film " criminal law " kevin is taller than gary oldman 0.5, and I' m sure he doesn' t wear lift.

as Anonymous I think is height is 5ft10.5 (179cm)
Mr. R said on 3/Aug/05
Well Anonymous, again, I stood right next to Kevin Bacon on solid ground at a movie screening. I would never believe him to be under 5-10 myself, but I saw him. He was pretty much the shortest man standing in the lobby, and my 5 foot friend remarked as to how short he was. At his tallest, Kevin Bacon is 5-9, but probably closer to 5'8.5". I stand by my direct eyewitness account.
MHouillon said on 2/Aug/05
There's a pic of Kevin and 5'8.5 Paul Newman. He's towering him clearly. Even if Kevin wears Lifts (which I don't think) (if someone claimes he does, I'd say Paul Newman wears Lifts too) he's not under 5'10 for sure. 5'10-5'11.
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/05
LOL at you, Mr.R. ! Mr. Klaus is right, "everything under 5'10" is totally nonsense." Look at him and his proportions in "Wild things". If he where 5'8.5" and using lifts to look 5'11", his beltline would be in an unnatural height, which isn
McFan said on 20/Jul/05
He looks like at least 5'11 unless he's wearing lifts that he's somehow concealing.
Mr. R said on 5/Jul/05
LOL back at you Mr. Klaus. I saw Kevin last December and stood next to him. I am 5'11.5", and he was at least 2 inches and more shorter than I. My friend, who is 5'1" noted that he was pretty short. Could he have been wearing strange footwear when you met him? Soon, I will buy a digital camera so that I will have physical proof to back up my assertions!
Mr. R said on 5/Jul/05
I said it before, and I'll say it again: I met Kevin last year, and he is about 5'8.5". I know he does not look like this on screen, but I saw him on level ground with regular heeled shoes.
Drew said on 3/Jul/05
I recently saw him on Will and Grace and he was exactly as tall as Sean Hayes (actor playing Jack), who's 5'11".
Mr. R said on 26/Apr/05
I said it before, and I'll say it again. I met Kevin last year on level ground, with me in regular heeled shoes, and him in boots. At his tallest he comes close to 5-9, but he is no taller than 5-8.5.
who? said on 10/Apr/05
to the editor: I don''t know if I had put my name on the last message, where I said that Lori Singer could be 6', and about dat Gena Davis downgraded herself once..but anyway, please put it on the comments-sectiuon and here that Cool can read it, thanks.
Who? said on 10/Apr/05
Oke, but that doesn't prove he is under 5.10.. Maybe Lori Singer is 6', and downgrades herself, I'm not saying that it is so, but I know Geena six foot davis did it by two inches one time... But maybe Bacon grew a little after 1984 (not likely??) and has schrunk now a bit...
I must see that movie again...
Lmeister said on 22/Mar/05
Hell that Bacon...His height varies so much maybe 'cause of slouching, camera angles, lifts?...whatever...

Maybe these pics will help to determine his height. Now I really started doubting him being 5'10''...
J. said on 22/Mar/05
What do you know?! Aging movie stars and rap stars boost their height alike! :-) Kevin Bacon? 6'0"? That's funny. He's somewhere from an even 5'8" or maybe CLOSE to 5'10". He and Wycelf are the same height. I'll try to post some pictures of those two. Also, he's extremely thin and lanky which makes him seem tall at times.
Mr. R said on 21/Mar/05
Okay Rob, you knew it was coming. I saw Kevin Bacon last November at a screening of The Woodsman. On flat ground, even with spiky hair, Kevin was no taller than 5'8.5". I know its crazy, but my neighbor who was with me would confirm it.

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