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5ft 2.36in (158.4cm)
Lee said on 31/Jan/16
Why are so many people trying to upgrade his head? He's clearly 5'2" looks like he'd be the same height as rey mysterio he's 7 inches shorter than Jamie fox and 9 inches shorter than Beckham. And roughly the same height as 5'2" Anna faris in scary movie 3
Parker said on 30/Jan/16
@MD = Eyes to bottom of nose ~1.75 inches, and Jeong has better posture in this pic
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159 for Hart, 163 Jeong. Just my opinion of course.
MD said on 25/Jan/16
Again, look at the recent pictures of him with 5'4" Ken Jeong at the Golden Globes instread of trying to compare him to someone so much taller.
Parker said on 23/Jan/16
MD said on 18/Jan/16
Why are people trying to boost him? He is not lying about his own claim.

Nobody thinks he's 5'4 MD, but a flat 5'2(157) would be level with the bottom of Beckhams chin. Freeze the video when they are standing side by side, he;s taller than 157. 159, which is still 5'2 range is a better estimate IMO. As for lying about his claim. He has claimed 5'5,5;4 and 5'2. He's got to be lying about one of them!
MD said on 18/Jan/16
Why are people trying to boost him? He is not lying about his own claim. 5'4" Ken Jeong was easily two inches taller than him at the recent Golden Globes.
Parker said on 15/Jan/16
Top of head of 5'2 listed Ray Mysterio comes to the bottom of 5'8 Robs nose.
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Top of head of 5'2 listed Kevin Hart comes to the bottom of 5'9 Jamie Foxx nose
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Rey Mysterio 157 Kevin Hart 159-160
Susie said on 12/Jan/16
157 cm is under 5'2", I never saw Hart as a legit 5'4" (163 cm), but I think he's at least 159-160 cm, just under 5'3"
Sam said on 12/Jan/16
Its admirable he carries it so well and uses it to his advantage, I would have thought taller but I guess he looks well propotioned so people wouldn't necessarily think he looks short in stand-alone shots.
John said on 1/Jan/16
Rob, please upgrade Kevin to 159cm, or at least 158. More than enough commentors are assuming that he is taller than 157cm.
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
He's almost 159, or 5'2.5". <3's for Kevin
Parker said on 24/Dec/15
You can get a better idea from the video posted 7/10. Bottom of Beckham's chin is 5'2, mouth 5'3.5, assuming he's 5'11. Hart is between those two measurements, but closer to 5'3 than 5'2 IMO. 5'2.5 (159) is a better estimate, this page is 2 cm too low. Doesn;t really matter tho, 5'2/5'3 is very short for a male, but he carries it well.

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pro gamer 31 said on 23/Dec/15
Why would you lie about your height that doesn't matter
Parker said on 14/Dec/15
He's at the bottom of Hamilton's chin, but given the pics with Beckham, Hamilton must be stood on higher ground here.
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ShortRussianDude said on 11/Dec/15
he comes up to the chest of 5 ft 7.5 Lewis Hamilton ! I do Not agree with these upgrades I will give him 5 ft 2 but I would not be shocked if he was Slightly Under.
Parker said on 30/Nov/15
gabe said on 28/Nov/15
I'm 5"6 stood next to him, looked about two inches shorter , max 2.5

From the Beckham video he's 100% b etween 5'2.5-5'4 so that estimate fits.
gabe said on 28/Nov/15
I'm 5"6 stood next to him, looked about two inches shorter , max 2.5
CD said on 9/Nov/15
In my personal opinion Hart is 5ft 2.5 and Bow Wow 5ft 3.5. 5ft 3 is the highest I'd argue for Kevin based on the Beckham pics, so 5ft 4 is the very tallest Bow Wow could be.
Duhon said on 7/Nov/15
Another angle of that Hart/Bow Wow back to back comparison Click Here
Parker said on 5/Nov/15
If Beckham was a 5'11.5 guy his mouth would be ~5'4. Top of Hart's head is below that mark, and Beckham is listed at 5'11. I think Hart is ~5'3.
Bambiohe said on 5/Nov/15
Yall downgrade him to feel better about yallselves soon yall ll be sayin hes 4'11". Hes 5 4"' he didnt even seem that short in that movie with steve carrel. He jokes when he calls himself a midget. Hes a ****in COMEDIAN. Goddamn.
Chris said on 29/Oct/15
Rob, Here's a Picture of Kevin Hart and 5 ft 4 Bow Wow, back to back with socks on-

Click Here
[Editor Rob: in the video they could look quite close]
Lee said on 8/Oct/15
There's clearly 9 inches between him and Beckham in the pic and video. He's no more than 5ft 2 he said so himself
Parker said on 7/Oct/15
If you watch al of this clip and pause at 2.44 and 4.54 there looks ~8 inches between Hart and Beckham
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Parker said on 27/Sep/15
Closer to 5'3 than 5'2 IMO
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Parker said on 14/Jul/15
He's claimed 5'4 recently, and a lot of other sites IMDB/Google list him at that, but they also list Jerry Ferrara the same, and he is at least 2 inches taller than Kevin.
Bennett said on 11/Jul/15
even though he may have said he was 5'2 i think he was being funny because he is at least 5'3.5, cause on BET him and Bow Wow were the same height
MA said on 17/Jun/15
He has a good build. He doesn't look short by himself. I have seen 6 ft men who look short, but are actually tall in person.
Rei said on 15/Jun/15
Whats the big deal? As long as he is not a bad person thats important.
Sam said on 10/Jun/15
I knew he was short but didn't realize he was this short. He's very-well proportioned for a 5ft2 guy. Guess it also helps having heaps of confidence.
Sam said on 27/May/15
Rob, would you please add Josh Gad, whose been in a bunch of recent stuff? Here's a few pictures standing with Hart.
Click Here
Also w/ Jake Gyllenhaal: Click Here
w/ Billy Crystal: Click Here
w/ Ashton Kutcher: Click Here
w/ Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel: Click Here
SHORTY said on 30/Apr/15
I remember when Soul Plane was first released and i went to see it. I immediately noticed he was kinda short but had no idea he was actually only 5'2". What was even more surprising was his height listing on IMDB at the time Soul Plane came out. He was listed over a foot taller at 6'3"!!
b-mint1994 said on 29/Apr/15
Solid 5'2". No more no less. He's just another example of heart triumphing over height.
CD said on 19/Apr/15
You could add a half inch but maybe not a full inch for him. I can definitely see a guy like him rounding down for comedic effect.
Mid190s said on 17/Apr/15
I think he is a legit 5'2. The 'up graders' on here need to stop adding inches where none exist.
grizz said on 24/Feb/15
The Exorcist says on 24/Feb/15
This is interesting! Kevin with 7'1" Shaquille O'Neal.
Click Here
I know it's wrong, but I can't stop laughing.
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Scroll down to the comment with Kevin Hart and you'll know why :D
The Exorcist said on 24/Feb/15
This is interesting! Kevin with 7'1" Shaquille O'Neal.
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Parker said on 18/Feb/15
Nick says on 18/Feb/15
In his documentary he says he was 5'3 in highschool and that he's 5'5 now.

No chance he is 5'5. Between 5'2.5 and 5'4. 5'3 best estimate.
Nick said on 18/Feb/15
In his documentary he says he was 5'3 in highschool and that he's 5'5 now.
Phil said on 6/Feb/15

This chart seems more up date: Click Here
grizz said on 2/Feb/15
@S.J.H, take a look at Hart's sneakers ;)
S.J.H said on 31/Jan/15
Only 5'2 but he look about 5'4 next to 6'2.5 Will Ferrell
Duhon said on 30/Jan/15
I think we can agree that it is at most uncommon or less common for a man to be either 5'2" or 6'4".
Parker said on 30/Jan/15
MD says on 28/Jan/15
Are you serious Parker? Can you not do the math? That's pretty damn rare.

5'2" = 6'4" Do you think those heights are rare in a male? I would class 4'11 and 6'7 as rare, but if that's your opinion, no probs.
MD said on 28/Jan/15
Are you serious Parker? Can you not do the math? That's pretty damn rare.
LizzyBee said on 27/Jan/15
I think he is adorable. Maybe because I'm only 5'1/2", I think short men are sexy.
Parker said on 27/Jan/15
@Rhonda - 5ft2 men are very rare.

Depends on your definition of very rare. There are 2 Million American males between 5'0-5'3 in a 100 million population. I personally don't think that's rare.

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Rhonda said on 26/Jan/15
Proving Actors exaggerate their heights by 2 inches sometimes even more. He is 5ft2, I am that height but he looks small because he is a man. There are plenty of 5ft2 women but 5ft2 men are very rare.
MickyMike said on 24/Jan/15
I wonder if he might be part Pygmy descent. Actually I mean that quite literally as many tribes in that area were caught up in the slave trade. I saw him from a medium distance (100-150 yards away) in New York and looked like the height of an older kid or smaller woman. I'd say 5'2"-5'3" sounds about right. He was loud and didn't stop moving for even a second and pretty built looking.
fred said on 18/Jan/15
I noticed in the car comedians in cars getting coffee with 5-9 to 5-10 seinfeld that seinfeld as short legs for his height...when they were sitting in a car jerry had about 6 inches on him...below eye 5-6 inches...weird that jerry only has 2 inches longer legs than a guy who is 7-8 inches taller than him
CD said on 17/Jan/15
Bow Wow used to be listed 5ft 4.5 and he could be that IF Kevin Hart is 5ft 3 although I still think Kevin at 5ft 2.5 and Bow Wow 5ft 4 is on the money.
Parker said on 17/Jan/15
FlameBoy says on 16/Jan/15
the listing is fine though 5 ft 3 is at least feasible 5 ft 4 is not.

I agree, although I think he's nearer 5'3 than 5'2. Standing taller against Jamie Foxx here than in the pic above
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If we assume Foxx eye level = 5'4.5/5'5, Hart is standing close to 5'3.
FlameBoy said on 16/Jan/15
his not 5 ft 4 his in hi top Sneakers that look good for adding a bit of extra height and she is in flat shoes he is No More than 5 ft 3 MAX he looks really Diminutive the majority of the time i mean bow wow edges him by like 1.5 inches are you telling me bow wow is 5 foot 5.5 ? No Chance

the listing is fine though 5 ft 3 is at least feasible 5 ft 4 is not.
CD said on 15/Jan/15
I agree 5ft 2 flat is probably a bit low, and I can definitely see a guy like him rounding down for comedic effect. I think 5ft 2.5 is probably the best shout.
Magic said on 15/Jan/15
@Parker he isn't completely stand up.Sorry but between kelly and kevin i don't see a big difference(of 4 inches 5'2" 5'6") but max (2 inches), but I haven't a concept perfect of the height, the expert is Rob!(sorry for my english)
Parker said on 13/Jan/15 poster Magic has posted Kaley Cuoco is listed at 5'6 on here.....really doesn't look more than 2 inches between them? Hart is losing height as well.
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Magic said on 12/Jan/15
Ehi Rob, are you sure he is only 5'2"?why with some photos with kaley cuoco he seems shorter than some inches (max 2) than her!Does he wear highheels?maybe he is really 5'4"
Parker said on 3/Jan/15
JDRUMS says on 18/Dec/14
he is actually 5.4

If Jamie Foxx is the 5'9 he claims the very max Hart can be is 5'3.
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JDRUMS said on 18/Dec/14
he is actually 5.4
cd said on 15/Nov/14
Kevin Hart is somewhere between 5ft 2 and 3, although probably within 5ft 2-2.5 range considering he claimed 5ft 2. He can definitely look 5ft 3 at times, Josh Hutcherson certainly isn't below 5ft 5, and if Bow Wow is 5ft 4 Kevin didn't quite look 2 inches shorter.
Concerned 181 cm said on 21/Oct/14
5'5.5? Damn! He has to be the worst height liar on this site.
Michael said on 16/Oct/14
Rob, is it possible there's more than 3 inches between Kevin Hart and Kendrick Lamar?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: from that clip 3-3.5 inch zone might be ok for the difference.]
Way to go said on 12/Oct/14
Who really cares as height doesn't make the person!
Emil 182.5 cm said on 9/Sep/14
A giant man in a very small body. Just a living proof that height don't mean bloody bullocks
Chris said on 19/Jun/14
Saw him on the Daily Show and he was much shorter than Jon Stewart. 5'2" sounds about right
Parker said on 16/Jun/14
Josh Hutcherson is listed at 5'5 and Kevin Hart at 5'2.Really doesn't look 3 inches between them to me.

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[Editor Rob: I don't really see quite enough to compare, but from the video you could say there might be just 2 inches if they had similar footwear.]
Parker said on 15/Jun/14
Michelle Keegan claims 5'4. Can't quite see her heels in this pic but is dropping her posture to match Kevin. 5'2-5'4 is his height. I think 5'2 is too low.

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Shorty said on 12/Jun/14
Kevin wears a 4" heel lift (2 1/2" outside; 1 1/2" inside [Armabel brand). He is actually 4" 10" AND VERY funny!
Parker said on 31/May/14
@Neutral. 5'6 for Hart?

That would put Eddie Murphy at 6'2

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Neutral said on 29/May/14
Absolutely no WAY Kevin Hart is 5'2". This photo was filmed at a very weird angle, thus skewing the perspective towards Jamie Foxxs favor. In truth Kevin Hart is a solid 5'5". Not only does Jamie Foxxs footware look suspicious, but he looks like he's leaning in, as if he's on his tippy toes!

Solid 5'6", end of story
Parker said on 29/Mar/14
@Costas, his shoes don't look suspicious to me, and he only looks 4 inches shorter than Catherine Tyldesley lsited 5'8 here. I've seen the clip on CNN where he says 5'2 but it was in a joking manner. He just doesn't look as short as 5'2 to me. Only an opinion, but I think 5'3 is nearer.
Costas D said on 27/Mar/14
Parker, Have you seen what shoes he's wearing, compare joe hart and kevins footwear and you'll see he really is 5'2.
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/14
He is tiny!
MD said on 17/Mar/14
Were he taller than what he has since said, he's still be claiming a taller height. It's good he was honest about being 5'2", because that's what he is.
Parker said on 15/Mar/14
5'2 could be a tad too low for Kevin. Joe Hart is listed at 6'5, Michelle Keagan 5'4 and Catherine Tyldesley 5'8. 5'3 for Kevin looks more realistic to me.

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mio said on 13/Mar/14
dang and i thought i knew short (no offense).
MD said on 24/Feb/14
He has given himself 5'2", and he certainly looks it from the pictures I left here (but were accidentially deleted). He was noticeably shorter than Bow Wow, who himself could be slightly under 5'4".
Mr. R said on 23/Feb/14
OMG! I saw him tonight and he is really short. 5-2 may be a little small, but for sure not beyond 5-3. He is SO little!
lol said on 24/Jan/14
i dont belive that kevin hart grew at 33 lol thats imposible he is joking, he is 5"2 still a great comedian
leonari said on 20/Jan/14
Claims 5'5" now. Says he had a growthspurt at 33... LOL. Starnge thing is: He does look taller for example in Grudge Match
[Editor Rob: only a comedian could say he grew at 33 with a straight face whilst standing like 6 inches smaller than ice cube.]
bnbf said on 16/Jan/14
Height is just a matter of units,so big deal whether he's 3.0 or 7.5
dmeyer said on 9/Jan/14
Near 5'2 i met him
Ted said on 9/Jan/14
Wow. I would've thought like 5'4" perhaps. Maybe that's with lifts?

Props to him for eventually acknowledging his true height. Many celebs never do.
kevin said on 8/Jan/14
yes he is 5"2 dont try to make him taller he is good as he is he already said 5"2 he could even be shorter if he was challenged even more. he looks 5"2 - 5"1 next to other celibrites but he is still awesome and funny i love him.
liftwearer said on 26/Dec/13
didn't know he was this short. He was on George Lopez, and though he was wearing what looked to be regular black converse type shoes, it just looked odd for some reason. For sure, there was a definite lift inside. Funny, i wouldnt think hed wear lifts, but yes it was a definite lift there, looked quite high, maybe 2-3 inches.
MD said on 26/Dec/13
@Emily, I don't know what happened to you, but you've turned into a Grade A troll. STOP ruining this site.
Emily said on 24/Dec/13
I don't think he's below 5ft 6. He's too awesome for that.
heigth said on 22/Dec/13
this picure he had with eddie murphy no DAmn way he is 5'2 if he was 5'2 he would almost be a half head shorter than eddie murphy but now he is like a half head and 1.5 inch! i compared my self with a real 5'9 guy i was 1.5 inch and a half head shorter! So my guess for kevin is 5'1 - 5'2 no way he is 5'4. but who the hell cares about height he is succesful and he is happy with his height
Blaze said on 28/Nov/13
he looks 5'1 with eddie and jamie.. His friend spank, who Kevin has mentioned as being 6'5, looks so ****ing huge next to him, Reminds me of how I looked with my ex who was 5'1 - 5'2 (I'm 6'5)
MrTBlack said on 29/Oct/13
I think he may be slightly over this like 5'2.5" or 5'3" just rounded down to 5'2".
MD said on 20/Oct/13
You can guess whatever you want. lol He already said he's 5'2". He is not taller than that.
Powerhouse said on 17/Oct/13
5'3 is my guess
GKay said on 23/Sep/13
Bunnie says on 4/Sep/12
He is so much older then me but im taller then him lol im 5'5 he would make me feel like a giant o.O
Like that matters! So what? big wow!
comedy_contagion said on 20/Aug/13
5'2 or 5'9 Kevs an awesome dude no matter how you measure it.
Wat Up Tho said on 12/Aug/13
Kevin Hart I thought would be 5ft flat but 5ft 2?... I don't know...
Ian said on 19/Jul/13
Look at against 5ft 6 Julie Bowen, she TOWERS like almost a foot over him. There is no way he's 5ft 2!
destroy you said on 20/Jun/13
If only he grew a foot taller he would have made the nba
lulo said on 13/Jun/13
Whaat? I am so shocked he is this short, i've only seen photos of him by himself and always imagine he was like 6'2+....suprised!!!
JonDoe said on 9/Jun/13
Isn't Jerry Ferrara slightly taller than him?
Silken said on 5/Jun/13
If i could mix Kevins height with Jamie's looks i will have created the perfect man for myself! Im short and cant have too tall a man.
Parker said on 23/Mar/13
Kevin Hart and 5'9 Eddie Murphy

Click Here
lascious said on 20/Mar/13
I love this guy but I hate he stepped out on his wife who is fine by the way. I wonder how tall she is. Omarion and bow wow should be listed as 5.3-5.4 as well. But he is the funny dude in comedy. love him.
flyghettochick said on 19/Mar/13
Dang. I knew he was short but I didn't know I was a whole 3 inches taller than him! I feel so much better now.
Me said on 6/Mar/13
Wow I knew he was short but I didn't know he was that short.
Lebensdorf said on 4/Mar/13
About 5'2, maybe 5'1.75? You wouldn't know he was short unless he's standing next to someone. He doesn't seem short at all. His body is not stocky, it's very well proportioned.
Duhon said on 2/Mar/13
I respect Kevin Hart for being open about his height now and not trying to blatantly lie like 90% of male celebs under 5'7". Embrace how you are and he does.
Lele said on 26/Feb/13
I love his show a lot. Xoxo And i,m 5'2"
Arthur B said on 18/Feb/13
He's proven, that height doesn't define a man. I notice people who are tall always bad mouth people who are shorter than they are. You tell me, who has the complex? The ones that are always trying to talk about someone else to make themselves feel better. Hart's last name says it all, and he has alot of it. Peace.
Anonymous said on 18/Feb/13
He's proven, that height doesn't define a man. I notice people who are tall always bad mouth people who are shorter than they are. You tell me, who has the complex? The ones that are always trying to talk about someone else to make themselves feel better. Hart's last name says it all, and he has alot of it. Peace.
bignela79 said on 17/Feb/13
yes he's short, but he's taller than all ya we stan on his wallet.
Nana said on 12/Feb/13
Kevin hart seems shoet on real husbands of hoollywood
Giosue` said on 25/Jan/13
Um people it's clearly says he confessed to being 5'2....stop saying he's taller. You're short just like him if you say you're a few inches taller lol.
mr danny said on 25/Jan/13
you are a grown up little man
1DB said on 14/Oct/12
This is the link to the clip where he says his true height on cnn at about 1:55 mins. Click Here
Ajax said on 10/Oct/12
Does anyone have the clip to where he says 5'2" on CNN?
SolidSnake said on 14/Sep/12
Anyone see him next to Dwight Howard at the VMA's XD.
Danish Giant said on 8/Sep/12
Seems weird. He seems alot bigger in movies and comedy.. I would feel weird standing next to him, im 6'5'' :s
Swedish giant said on 7/Sep/12
Bahahaha, what a manlet.
Bunnie said on 4/Sep/12
He is so much older then me but im taller then him lol im 5'5 he would make me feel like a giant o.O
Hullywood said on 7/Aug/12
Semms right, when Foxx really is 1.75m.
Foxx isnt a full head taller.
I´m a full head taller then a 1.52m guy or women, and i´m 1.75m too.
mb said on 5/Aug/12
yeah he's 5ft2 same as me
Felipe said on 31/Jul/12
On Opie & Anthony, Jim Norton (who is a friend of kevin) and Jason Segel commented that he was about 5'2 so i guess this is correct
John D said on 2/Feb/12
His description should be changed to say 'comedian' too. And yeah he is 5'2 I would bet.
Don't be nosy said on 29/Jan/12
I don't buy he's only 5'2" ive seen him live and I was only a few inches taller and I'm 5'7.5"
MD said on 27/Apr/09
Reference shots:

With NeYo given 5'8.25", here (too high)

Click Here

With Twista, given 5'8.5", here (also, probably shorter)

Click Here

Click Here

Even the 5'4" claim is too high. He's looking nearly a whole head shorter than Twista.
MD said on 12/Feb/09
Hmmm...he makes a lot of jokes about his height. Does anyone know if he's ever mentioned specifically how tall he is? I know, though, that this is too high. He's not even close to 5'5".
Zoe said on 22/Oct/08
He is pretty funny and good looking. He has a tight hot little body going on...
jtrain said on 11/Oct/08
I met him at Universal City Walk he is about 5 foot 4
Asia said on 1/Apr/08
he is taller then me and i am 5'0 ft but that man is sexy i love you!!!!
leonari said on 1/Feb/08
almost an inch to high.
Andre said on 29/Oct/07
Definitely no where close to 5'5, hes 5'2,5-3 ft
dmeyer said on 15/Jan/07
he looks closer to 5'3 in person
Paco said on 7/Jul/06
Hey guess what, On oksection he is listed as 6'3 ?! Whoa, no one is going to believe that.
Marc said on 29/Jan/06
Methodman (6'3") looks a head taller than him in Soul Plane. A head is about 10 inches,plus an extra 1, since Hart is shorter than Methodman's chin. That means method man is almost a foot taller.
dmeyer said on 10/Jan/06
i met him i dont think he is that tall
leonari said on 17/Nov/05
The guy is 5'3.5 MAX. Check out pictures with usher who looks like a giant next to this guy. He is 162 cm never more.But very cool actor.
dmeyer said on 18/Aug/05
i worked on barber shop the series he is 5 foot 4 max
CelebHeights Editor said on 17/Aug/05
Said in New York Daily News: "I'm only 5-foot-4, but maybe that's because I grew up in a studio apartment. I only had a section. If I'd had a bedroom, I'd be at least 5-5". Of course he's also said 5ft 4 'and a half'...
Ball-A-Hallic said on 19/Jun/05
In Soul Plane standin next 2 the 6'3 Methodman he defiently looked b-low 5'6 like at 1 time i heard he was listed at
CelebHeights Editor said on 6/Apr/05
Ah, found the interview where Kevin gave his height. On being asked by Tavis Smiley how tall he is, Hart replies: "5ft 4 and a half". So as I suspected, Frankie Muniz is really struggling with 5ft 4!

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