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5ft 3.71in (161.8cm)
Cliff said on 8/Sep/12
Emmerson -

I think that's more than a 2-inch height difference between Dunst and K-Stew in your photo. Something listed earlier that she was 5'3" and next to 5'6" Dunst, that's what she looks at best
emmerson said on 7/Sep/12
Click Here

Given the fact that Kirsten Dunst has been stated as a 5'5 (min) to 5'7 (max), which is closer to the truth, Kristen Stewart looks 2 inches shorter here at least. So I'd say she is 5'4, maybe 5'4 and a half.
Selva said on 7/Sep/12
She's not 5'6" at all!!! She's 5'3" 5'4" at top... Kristen Durnst is a truly 5'6" and take a look for yourself at their pix together at the Toronto Film Festival last night!!! Yep, she looks like a troll compared to Stewart!!!!
Kstew said on 6/Sep/12
Rideawhiteswan - why not just post a picture here? If you're really her exact doppelganger, then you've already given away to everyone here what you look like.

Anyways, I agree with this listing. 5'4 seems accurate.
rideawhiteswan said on 4/Sep/12
in reality Kristen Stewart is
5'6 now was 5'4 aged 13 5'5 aged 15 shoe size 6 dress size 8 okay. I know this because I get told all the that I am the complete double of Kristen Stewart by people all the time I agree with them I am the complete double of Kristen Stewart we have the exact same everything (if you don't believe me I will send you a photo of me by email okay) here's the reality some girls actually thought I was Kristen Stewart yesterday when I was at the airport in belfast they stood next to me and I heard the words 'Kristen Stewart' 'i was going to ask if she'd sign this for me' 'cheat' 'shhhhhhh she's there eejit' 'i can't believe this' they didn't realise until they heard me speak a different accent then 'oh my she's the spiting image of' this has happenes al the time. people literally shouting out to me in the cinema 'you look like snow white' (snow white and the huntsman) so stoping being so nasty and trying to say lies about Kristen Stewart. yeah.
heyhey said on 2/Sep/12
She looks like she's 5'3 or maybe a bit shorter next to Chris Hemsworth in photos from the snow white and huntsmen premiere.
D. said on 30/Aug/12
i met her at the breaking dawn premiere last year, after she took her heels off to sign autographs she was around my height (5'3). i was actually surprised i thought she would be much taller.
Lean said on 20/Aug/12
Access Hollywood described her as 5'3, 95 pounds this past week.
JohnDosen said on 16/Aug/12
I would say 5,5" is pretty much spot on.
She IS a very beautiful and talented actress, regardless what some (mostly stupid) people says.

@ Ams. This is NOT a gossip-board, so please keep your venom to your self.
Piggy said on 14/Aug/12
She's 5'6"
Ams said on 7/Aug/12
she is just 5'4 not much taller than this. she lies over her height so much as if she is taller than Emma. Emma's a hardworking and dedicated actress not a cheater like u..:(
RK said on 30/Jul/12
I think she is 5'5" approx.
marla singer said on 29/Jul/12
I think she's at least 5'4.5"
Stephanie said on 8/Jun/12
I'd say 5' 3" to 5' 4" range, closer to the 5' 4" end. She doesn't look 5' 5" to 5' 6", especially next to her 'Twilight' co-stars.
caroline said on 10/Feb/12
All who saw her in person say she is small. I think 5'5. In the pictures of Paris in a few days ago she looked really small.
My friend is 6 '1 as Rob and I'm 5'2 and almost came to his shoulder. Kristen does not reach Rob's chin, so, 5 or 7 cm more, I think. Taylor is 5 '10 ½ "and seems more than 10 cm taller than Kristen, as shown Jamie.
*Jamie* said on 10/Feb/12
@MS: Because she is compared to people who's height is known? As for the original guess I'd say that humans are quite able to make out the height of another person from experience with their own height and friends' known heights. I'm not sure but it might even have been mentioned in some magazines (which are not always correct though, but they give you an idea).
MS said on 7/Feb/12
how do you lot know her hight is correct, she might be taller, she never mentioned it .
M M said on 7/Feb/12
Ya, Sometimes she does look taller. She has long legs and keeps her hair fluffy which makes her appear 1-2" taller than she is.
I found that pictures taken when celebs were on the move are pretty deceiving when it comes to height. And also picture from movies, magazines etc are always deceiving. That's why it's better to believe in those who saw these celebs in person like the Editor of this site.
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
5 foot 4 but i thought she was taller.
M M said on 5/Feb/12
I think she's a weak 5ft 4". She wore these platform heels in the breaking premier Click Here (probably 5-6") and still she stands at least 4" shorter than Pattinson Click Here (Pattinson is slouching).
thamyxx_ said on 2/Feb/12
She said once she's 5'6.
Silent d said on 23/Jan/12
5 foot 4 is right on the money. No way she is 5 foot 3 or shorter. She looks taller than mila kuni, natalie portman and scarlett johansson. 5 foot 4. My head is 7.5 inches and i'm 5 foot 10 so my head is really small.
M M said on 23/Jan/12
@Jamie thank you. Anyone with a logical mind will agree with this estimation.
Jamie said on 22/Jan/12
Well 5'7 is impossible.

@M M: Your estimations seem right, my head is between 8 and 9 and I don't have a big head so Rob's might actually be about 9 or 10 inches long which would make Kristen just about the height she is listed as here.
Sonia said on 22/Jan/12
But, if you see her pics when she was 13 (speak movie), she looks 5'4 or 5'5. after that she must have grown 2 she is definitely 5'6.
mona_lisa said on 21/Jan/12
i read somewhere that she's 5ft 7.
M M said on 18/Jan/12
To those who say kristen is taller than 5ft 4 I want u to do two things,
1. Measure your head from top to the chin.
2. Go ahead & google the pics of robsten where they're both in sneakers.

You'll find that
1. your head is 9-10 inch long
2. Kristen only reaches rob's neck and sometimes barely his chin.

So she's definitely 8-9 inch shorter and this makes her 5ft 3.5-4 inch.
M M said on 9/Jan/12
Hmm.. It looks like those who're saying she's taller are posting pics but those who saw her in person are agreeing with Rob or downgrading her. So this estimation is pretty accurate.
kiara said on 8/Jan/12
@Kirstine: after looking at those pics i agree that krsiten and emma is pretty close in height. you're probably right. kristen is probably 5'3-5'3.5
Helen said on 8/Jan/12
@satchy and what about this photo Click Here
.emil is 1.66 cm and kristen is the same height. so she is 1.66cm :)
Krisbian said on 4/Jan/12
She's 5'6, not 5'4. Bella (in the books) is 5'4, but... not Kristen.
aline said on 3/Jan/12
@hellen: why don't you pick a pic where she's on flats or sneakers and right besides pattinson(6') and lautner (5'7) like the ones on the hand print ceremony?? It's very obvious that this estimated could be very accurate. Kris is a tiny girl Get over it.
Kirstine said on 3/Jan/12
I think Kristen needs a downgrade. To 5'3 or so, Emma Roberts with Michael Angarano Click Here and Kristen and Michael: Click Here Kristen can't be 5'4 and Emma only 5'1,5 if Michael is 5'7..
Helen said on 2/Jan/12
here Click Here
she is a little bit taller than taylor, i know that she wears heels, and lets say that they give her 10 cm.Lautner is 174 cm acording to you, and with his shoes he is 176 ( i think that they give him 2 cm, and if we calculate and lifts that so many say he wears, then his shoes give him more than 2 cm) but lets say that he becomes 176.kristen is taller by 1 cm i think so she is 177 and if we remove the height the heels give her she becomes 167.
Sisi said on 22/Dec/11
@aline can you post the link for the photo you say?cause i can't find it
kiara said on 22/Dec/11
@Sisi: if you look at the pic of kristen with taylor (swift) and emma on the actual site (not google) you can see at the bottom it says manip. besides the link of the pic for emma's shoes that you gave, emma and taylor look exactly the same as the one with kristen in it. that should have been a huge giveaway
aline said on 21/Dec/11
@sisi: that pic is shopped. The original pis is of kristen on the side walk in the NYC New moon premiere 2009. Emma and Taylor's pic is in a Montblanc Cocktail Party February 26, 2011 in LA.
kristen is a weak 5'4. I saw her once and she's short, everybody who have seen her in person have said she's really tiny and not tall at all, so some fans should really stop.
Sisi said on 21/Dec/11
@ Jamie she is sloughing and Taylor wears lifts
and how do you explain that she is the same height as Emma Stone?
mertxe said on 21/Dec/11
sisi this picture is photoshop
Jamie said on 20/Dec/11
@Sisi: If Kristen is 1.68, how come she is about 12 cm smaller than 174 Taylor Lautner? Click Here
Sisi said on 16/Dec/11
ok i think that i can help you all :)
here she is with emma stone Click Here
here are the shoes emma is wearing Click Here
and here kristen's shoes Click Here
i know that she has a little bit higher shoes but she also seems taller than emma about 2 kristen is 1.67 or 1,68 like emma.
you're welcome!
*Jamie* said on 14/Dec/11
If Emile Hirsch is 5 feet 5.5 in then 5 ft 4 seems about right for Kristen since she is slightly shorter than him.

Click Here
Bob said on 11/Dec/11
She doesn't look 5 ft 4 here Click Here
i think you are so wrong about her height :)
Soph said on 10/Dec/11
Kristen is definitely 5'6.
Ashley is 5'5 and in many scenes in twilight u can see that she is taller than Ashley and Nikki. Kristen doesn't always wear heels at redcarpet events and she sometimes takes them off so it may appear that she is shorter than she really is. and plus she's with rob and he is 6'1
mary said on 9/Dec/11
hey here is Kristen with Margarita and Margarita is 5,6 so Kristen can't be taller than 5,4 Click Here
rosa said on 8/Dec/11
judging by the picture posted by Helen, where she's standing next to Theron Kristen cant be shorter than 5ft 6 inches.
Silent d said on 8/Dec/11
In into the wild she was about the same height as emile hirsch both barefoot and he is 166cm. I think maybe 164cm but than nikki reed and ashley greene might be taller than the claims.
celebcomment said on 7/Dec/11
In the beggining at the movie "Breaking down" Bella stand with high heels near Alis who's with very short heels and the both are the same height, so it can't be truth that ashley is 165 and kristen 163. Kristen is I guess 160 or something like that.
omg89 said on 5/Dec/11
Click Here in this pic she looks 5 ft 5 and maybe a bit more taller than 5 ft 7 michael angarano
ChiasmataX said on 4/Dec/11
@Nastya lol nice picture Robert Pattinson looks under 6 feet in that picture and he was on tip toe on one leg too. If you guys compare these pictures the differences in height between Kristen and Robert fluctuates quite a lot.
Click Here Robert had on nike air max so footwear advantage to him.
Click Here in barefoot.
In the end, I think Kristen is not above 165cm just look at the girl from recent height challenge # 11 she looks 168cm but in reality about 165cm.
Syd said on 4/Dec/11
Does she look less than 5'4 here? Bill Condon is like 5'5, right?

Click Here
GoldenPrince said on 23/Nov/11
Yeah I would definitely say 5'4" based on how she looks standing next to Michael Angarano(5'7")especially when they BOTH have pretty flat shoes.
Mary said on 23/Nov/11
Editor can you explain this to me: how can she be 5 ft 4 if when she stands near kate moss who you say is 5ft 6 moss has higher heels and she is standing straight and kristen is sloughing really bad and she looks only and inch shorter so if she stands straight she will be the same height as moss
look at this photo and tell me Click Here
Editor Rob
I think there might be 2 inches between them, whether Kate is losing as much height in stance it is harder to say.
Jamie said on 20/Nov/11
If MyAnna Buring really is 1.56 I don't see Kristen being 1.67. She doesn't look 11 cm taller, plus her platform seems to be about 1-2 cm taller too.
Josh said on 18/Nov/11
Click Here
here she is with myanna buring who is 1.56cm and they have similar shoes and kristen looks way taller than myanna
here's another photo that proves that kristen is 1.67cm
Click Here
Silent d said on 16/Nov/11
5 foot 4. I think ashley greene is quite tall.
amy said on 16/Nov/11
my sister who's 5ft 5 met Kristen Stewart today at the Breaking Dawn premiere and said that she was TINY! Like 5ft 1 if that.
Nastya said on 16/Nov/11
Click Here
on this photo she looks 5'6" to me.
If Rob 6'0.5"
Goliath said on 14/Nov/11
Alex, even a 5 ft 4 lady, when wearing high footwear can appear tallish next to a 6 foot man who wears 1 inch tall shoes. Some girls wear 5 inches of heal.

internet movie data site says Kristine Stewart is 5 ft 6, but I agree with Rob. She looks 5 -4, maybe 5 -5 tops.
Alex said on 14/Nov/11
She was on Jimmy Kimmel last week and even though she was wearing heels she looked quite tall to the nearly 6 foot Kimmel.
Jessica said on 3/Nov/11
here Click Here
she look like 5 ft 5,5
i can't understand why you insist she is 5 ft 4
kaur said on 10/Oct/11
her biography says that she is 5'6'' .. i knew she was 5'4''.. i am 5'5.5'' and i am 15... Suggest me a way to grow taller.. PLZ..
Robert said on 3/Oct/11
look at this Click Here
here she is with Michael Angarano who is 5.7 they have similar shoes and posture and she doesn't look 3 inches shorter.I am sure that she is 1.66 cm at least
Helen said on 30/Sep/11
Rob, how many inches do you think this shoes will give? Click Here
if someone is let's say 5.5 how tall she will be?
Editor Rob
that kind of heel is going to give nearly 4 inches in actual height.
Me said on 20/Sep/11
Standig next to 5'6ish Kate Moss, Kristen looks like 5'2 or 5'3. Even shorter.
.. said on 12/Sep/11
Nicole, Kristen is wearing platform heels, while Scout is only wearing like a 3 inch heels. No wonder Kristen is way taller, she's waring approx. 5 inch + platform :)
Nicole said on 10/Sep/11
Hey Rob, look at this Click Here this is Scout Taylor and she is 5.3 and the difference between them is bigger than 3 cm it's at least 6 cm, and Kristen is not even standing straight but Scout is standing straight. So what do you think?
Editor Rob
there could be 2 inches between them. It's possible Kristen has thicker heels on there.
Beth said on 8/Sep/11
Dear Rob, when you say that she is 5 ft 4 you mean first thing in the morning, in the evening or at night? cause i think that we lose about 2 cm during the day
Editor Rob
more afternoon than morning
Caro said on 5/Sep/11
I think she is 5´4 cuz in the twilight books bella claims to be 5´4, according to the makeupartist at the set, kristen was selectet for the role because of her perfect accordances, like height and the way stefanie meyer pictured bella as a real person.
Helen said on 7/Aug/11
here she is with Charlize Theron who is 1.77 Click Here
and with these heels she becomes 1.85( i think heels give her 8 cm) and Charlize is standind staight and Kristen is sloughing she look at least 1.65 cm and if she stand staight 1.67 what do you think Rob?
Jed said on 27/Jul/11
Panic room trivia talks about how she was almost the same height as Jodie foster at the start of filming and then 3 inches taller by the end. What's weird is she would have been just about 12 at the end of filming. Did she really stop growing at 12. Regardless I'd say she's 5'5.
:D said on 27/Jul/11
Click Here 5'4 is spot on.
Swati said on 14/Jul/11
I think she's around 5'3or 5'4.she's not very tall.
Aly said on 8/Jul/11
She's around 5'5 or just over I think. Look, next to a 5'5 HUGE heel wearing Lily Collins who is also leaning down, Kristen Stewart is wearing flats and on tip toe and she's a bit shorter: Click Here
Aly said on 8/Jul/11
She's probably just over 5'5. Next to a huge! heel wearing 5'5 Lilly Collins, Kristen is on tip toes and slightly shorter than her. Click Here
Chloe said on 2/Jul/09
I've seen her in the set of her new film, "The Runaways," and she does look 5'5" max. I'm 5'6" flat and she looked 5'4" to 5'5", one or two inches shorter than me. This height's accurate, I should think. Kristen has a small face and thin legs so she looks quite tall, possibly taller than she actually is.
kv said on 29/Jun/09
yeah I've always wondered how tall she is...If you watch the behind the scenes footage of the Vanity Fair shoot, the long edition, kristen is over robs shoulder, but in other photos, she reaches only his shoulder...and all when wearing converses or flip flops. ;aoeiflkanef its confusing haha
Rika said on 28/Jun/09
Madi is right. 5'2 is actually the most common height in the States for females.
i wouldn't be surprised by 5'3. But 5'4 seems a good height also.

And lmfao as the fangirls trying to make her seem taller by adding Pics that show very little proof she is taller :p.
She really does only come under PAttinsons chin and he's barely 6'1.
Morgen said on 28/Jun/09
Robert is 6'1". My boyfriend is also 6'1". Standing next to Robert, in flats, Kristen reaches his shoulders. When I stand next to my boyfriend, I nearly reach his shoulders (both in flats).

I am 5'1". By this logic, Kristen would be about 5'3".
madi said on 27/Jun/09
she seems 5"3 to me people are saying she doesnt look that shot in twilgiht and im just gonna put it out there THESE DAYS THERE ARE WAYS TO MAKE PEOPLE SEEM TALLER ON SET
rachael said on 27/Jun/09
ive done lots of calculating and comparing with amanda seyfriend emma roberts emile de ravin and ashley greene i know kristens height ... kristen is 5"3 3/4 (162 cm)
Denise said on 25/Jun/09
Emilie De Ravin (5'1.5) with Robert Pattinson
Click Here
She doesn't seems so much shorter next to Robert than Kristen.
But I still think she is 5'5 as a max.
sarah said on 23/Jun/09
Im about 5ft 4.75in and i have really long legs so you dont really have to be tall to have long legs i would agree shes about 5,4 or 5,5 maybe but thats all.
taelyn said on 22/Jun/09
Thank you Ella! Everyone that has ever met her has said the same thing...that she is 5' thank you. I haven't met one person that has met her and said she was under 5'5 in flats.
Ella said on 21/Jun/09
Sorry but no way is she 5"3 like some of you are saying because last year,the twilight cast were doing an interview at a mall before twilight was released and my friends and i had the chance to quickly have a picture taken with kristen,she was around the exact same height as me 167cm (5'5.7") . We were both wearing converses.
Clay said on 21/Jun/09
Derek I agree that she is 5'4 but comparing how tall she and Rob look next to each other to James and Sophia is faulty logic because Rob and James have completely different head sizes, same with Kristen and Sophia. Oh and Lafferty is more like 6'1.5.
taelyn said on 20/Jun/09
check this out, Click Here
and Click Here
kristen wear 10 cm (3 inches) heels, and 5'6 catherine hardwicke wear flats (only 1 inch, which only made her 5'7), if Kristen 5'5 and wear 10 cm heels that would make her = 5'5 (165 cm) + 10 cm = 175 cm (5'8,5'), 5 cm taller than catherine hardwicke, BUT.... she's still a little shorter than Catherine (maybe because she's slouching, but if she's standing straight, she would be the same height as Catherine, NOT TALLER), So Kristen is NO WAY 5'5 or 5'6, Kristen is 5'4 MAX. Even this professional site stated she's 5'4. Why don't you accept that fact???
loni said on 20/Jun/09
Click Here look at that pics, kristen wear 4 inches heels, and look
Click Here
kristen stewart CLEARLY shorter than 5'5 Kristen Wiig. Kristen Wiig is 5'5', don't made up a story that she's taller than 5'5.
Kristen is 5'4 MAX.
Paste said on 20/Jun/09
I think she's not 5'6 at all. If she is 5'6/168 cm, and wear 12 cm (about 4 inches) heels,that would make her 180cm, 10 cm taller than 5'7 michael angarano (he wear 1 inch boots make him 5'8) but STILL.. Kristen is shorter than angarano. She is no way taller than 5'4, and look at pictures of kristen use thick board to can stands the same height with ashley greene (both wear the same flas and we clearly can see them from head to foot), i really don't know why these people made up a story about kristen is 5'6, made up a story that kristen is taller than 5'4, and CLEARLY kristen is only 1 inch (about 3 cm) taller than 5'3 dakota (there's no 8 cm different height between kristen and dakota), and excuse me, grace, rob.pattinson is 6'1, NOT 6'2! Geeeee
Minako said on 20/Jun/09
Yea, kristen is totally 5'4 max. Like THIS SITE said, 5'4. And yea, kristen is shorter than 5'5 kristen wiig,and 5'5 ashley greene. Also 5'3 bethany joy next to 6'2 james lafferty, exactly the same as kristen next to 6'1 pattinson. Kristen is 5'4, and pattinson is 6'1, not 6'2. Don't made up a story. And EvERYONE who met kristen in person, said that kristen is 5'4. She grows 1 inch. When she's with jodie foster,she is 5'3, noW SHE IS 5'4. So, she grows
Weaver said on 19/Jun/09
No, summer glau is 5'5. And 5'4 sophia bush next to 6'2 james lafferty, her top of her head touches james's chin, and kristen next to 6'1 pattinson, her top of her head only reaches pattinson's shoulders PEOPLE. And pattinson is 6'1 not 6'2. Please, don't made up a story!
Grace said on 19/Jun/09
There's no way then that Summer Glau is 5'5"...the height from eyes to top of head is 4.5" 6'1" minus 4.5" is 5'9.5" would be impossible for Summer to hit Garrett's eyes...cause between Summer and Garrett there is a 6 inch height difference...and any pictures I've seen of Sophia Bush and James Lafferty...Sophia head doesn't come above his shoulder...the top of Kristen's head touches Robert's chin...and Robert has said over and over that he is 6'2" not 6'1"....and EVERYONE that has ever met her in person has said that she is 5'5"...I would believe them before anyone who tries to compare pictures...and Kristen was 5'3" when she was 11 cause she was the same height as Jodie grow the most through the ages of 12 and 16...there is no way that she just didn't grow.
Weaver said on 19/Jun/09
Yeah, look at 5'5 summer glau next to 6'1 garrett dillahunt in terminator,we can see both wear flats, summer glau reaches Garrett's eyes, and kristen standing next to 6'1 pattinson, both wear flats, only reaches his shoulders. And also 5'4 Sophia bush next to her boyfriend 6'2 james LAFFerty, both wear flats, reaches above james's shoulders,while james is 6'2, not 6'1. Kristen is totally 5'3, but this site stated she's 5'4,then she's 5'4. And 5'3 rose mcgowan also 5'4 sophia bush,they both have really long legs. Long legs doesn't mean tall. Peace.
Velve said on 19/Jun/09
Yea, i agree. Kristen is 5'4 MAX. Just look at her standing next to 5'5 ashley greene, both wear flats and they're both standing straight, she's at least 2 inches shorter, it makes her 5'3,but i think she's 5'4, because when kristen standing next to 5'3 dakota, both wear flats and standing straight, she's 1 inch taller. Kristen CLEARLY 3 cm taller than dakota, not 8 cm taller. That would make kristen is = 5'3 (160cm) dakota + 3 cm =163 cm =5'4. I can tell honestly and truthly, there's no 8 cm different height between kristen and dakota, 8 cm is a huge different. So there's no way kristen is 5'6 (168cm)use brain please. She's 5'4 MAX.
Lamy said on 19/Jun/09
Well, if you look Terminator, we can see clearly 5'5 Summer Glau next to 6'2 Brian Austin Green, Summer can reaches Brian's eyes, we can see their foot,both wear the same boots, BUT... Kristen only reaches 6'1 Pattinson's shoulders, CLEARLY Kristen is shorter than 5'5. Kristen is 5'3. Also, if you look One Tree Hill, 5'3 Bethany Joy next to 6'2 James Lafferty, both wear flats, we can see their foot, Bethany reaches James's shoulders, exactly the same as Kristen next to 6'1 Pattinson. So Kristen is 5'3. But,this site stated she's 5'4. So, i add 1 inch, she's 5'4 max. Thank you.
jess said on 18/Jun/09
Thank you anonymous, i also agree that kristen has the same height as Amanda. She's 5'3. Kristen is 5'3.
taelyn said on 18/Jun/09
Here's another one where they are standing and you can see both are on the same height of sand and Kristen looks 2 inches taller...Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/09
tealyn: they are walking on sand. So Amanda could stand on lower place than kristen.
corey said on 18/Jun/09
Either your friend is taller than 5'6" or her friend is shorter than 6'1 cause that's a 7 inch height difference and most guys heads are about 9 inches and from the chin to a nose that's more than two inches...and check out this pic of Diane Kruger (5'6.5") and Joshua Jackson (6'1.5") almost the same as your friend and her friend and Diane comes no where near Joshua's nose....Click Here
taelyn said on 18/Jun/09
Here's a pic of Kristen with Emma Roberts and Amanda Seyfried and you can tell she is at least 2 inches taller...Click Here
jess said on 17/Jun/09
My friend is 5'6. She's standing next to her friend who also 6'1 (same height with rob.pattinson), she reaches her friend's nose, but kristen only reaches rob pattinson's shoulders, it means kristen is shorter than 5'6. She's not 5'6,but she's 5'3 or 5'4 MAX! And if you look the pictures of kristen and joan jett, kristen is shorter than 5'5 joan jett, but kristen's legs looks very long than joan jett's legs. Because,kristen is very skinny and joan jett is not that skinny. People, long legs doesn't mean tall!
Jelly said on 17/Jun/09
Leven rambin in terminator is 5'71/2' (171 cm) she was born on the same year as kristen, only 1 month different, kristen is 1 month older than leven rambin, but the different height between them is so so so huge, leven is 5'71/2' and kristen is 5'4. How come?
Anoy said on 17/Jun/09
Kristen is 5'4. If you look pictures of kristen and 5'5 kristen wiig, 5'5 joan jett, 5'5 emile hirsch and we can see their foot, they are wearing flats, and kristen CLEARLY SHORTER THAN THEM about 2 inches. Kristen is 5'4 MAX. I really dont know why you people made up a story that kristen is taller than 5'4.
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/09 that pic of Joan and Kristen...Joan is closer to the camera and Kristen isn't standing straight and there is no height difference...I noticed that if you look at this one of Joan next to the car....Click Here then this one of Kristen next to the same car...Click Here Kristen is taller than Joan to the Kristen is at least the same height as Joan Jett.
Denise said on 16/Jun/09
Kristen with Joan Jett (who is 5'5) I now they are not standing straight, but Joan is still looking taller. Kristen is definitely 5'4.
Click Here
Ahali said on 15/Jun/09
Kristen is 5'4 max. If you look terminator, 5'5 Summer Glau next to 6'2 brian austin green, there's no huge different height between them,and both wear the same flat shoes,we can see their foot. And kristen next to 6'1 pattinson is just only reach his shoulders like an ant, so kristen is 5'4 max, no way taller than that. Also kristen is only an inch taller than 5'3 dakota. I don't know why u people cannot accept that.
Jelly said on 15/Jun/09
Kristen is 5'4. She is 1 inch taller than 5'3 dakota. I don't know what's wrong with that. So, she's not 5'5 or 5'6. So,stop make her taller than she really is. She's 5'4. Just face it.
Rika said on 15/Jun/09
Taylor Lautner is listed at 5'9. He might be lucky to reach 5'11 by his 20's.

And obviously no one looked at my pics -_-.
Denise said on 13/Jun/09
Clau: Taylor Lautner is listed here. :-)
Naomi said on 13/Jun/09
Kristen is 5'4. But she's still gorgegous. Kristen and rob.pattinson are really cool like christian bale and siby blazic. Sexy and hot. Hehe. 5'4 is a good height. But i also don't know why many people want to make kristen taller than she really is. 5'4 is great. Kristen is 5'4, that's a good height for girls.
clau said on 13/Jun/09
a lot of people compare kristen to taylor lautner he
taelyn said on 11/Jun/09
Here's a pic of Taylor and Kristen from the MTV Movie Awards where Taylor had on footwear that was probably about .25 to .5 inches higher than Kristen's...and according to this site from the middle of the eye to the top of head is 4.5 inches...the top of Kristen's head comes to the middle of Taylor's eye making her 4.5 inches less than him...according to this site Taylor is 5'9"...if you subtract 4.5 from 5'9" you get 5' 5.5". Kristen does not look like 5'4" next to Taylor...she looks taller...and in this pic they have the same posture...Click Here
Jen said on 11/Jun/09
Long legs doesn't mean tall. Many 5'3 actresses have long legs too,example: rose mcgowan, ashley tisdale, kate mara, sophia bush. Kristen's 5'4 max. She looks like an ant next to other people
Rika said on 11/Jun/09
Those pics aren't good.

Denis- Kristens head is down and shes further away from the camera.
Judy- They're on an angle.
Becky- Again, angle and the camera is to far from both of em.

Try this pic.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (she looks to be wearing 2in heels. Camera is in a bad place so its hard to say if she is 5'4 or 5'5.
I just took a better look and she does look 5'6 in the pic so she should be 5'4 barefoot.
Jess said on 11/Jun/09
No, justin chon is not use box to stand taller than kristen cause we can see them from head to foot (both wear flats), and kristen is shorter than 5'5 emile hirsch, we also can see them from head to foot, both wear flats. Kristen is 5'4.
Judy said on 10/Jun/09
Thanks Becky for getting the link.
becky said on 10/Jun/09
I'm hoping this link will work for the Selena and Taylor picture...Click Here
Judy said on 10/Jun/09
Selena Gomez is 5'5" and if you look at this pic of her and Taylor and then you look at this pic of Taylor and Kristen Click Here The difference in height is the same as Selena and Taylor. I agree with all the people that say Kristen is 5'5". There is no way she is shorter than that.
Denise said on 10/Jun/09
When you are walking you look smaller than you really are. (I think about 1- 1andHalf inch)

Click Here
Kristen looks about 1 inch taller than Dakota.
Anoy said on 10/Jun/09
Kristen doesn't need upgrade at all, she is 5'4!!! Even this professional site said kristen is 5'4! But i personally think she is 5'3, because she is far away shorter than 5'5 kristen wiig, and kristen HAS THE SAME HEIGHT WITH 5'3 DAKOTA!!! I agree, i don't know why you people made up a story about kristen is 5'6. She is 5'4!just face it.
Rika said on 10/Jun/09
5'3 girls can have long legs. Just not as long as taller girls.

She looks 5'3 to me. Shes tiny next to 6'1 robert pattinson.
jess said on 10/Jun/09
Here's a link to a video of Dakota and Kristen from the other day too...Click Here you can totally see that Dakota is 5'3" and Kristen is about 2-3 inches taller.
Aga said on 10/Jun/09
I think she's not 5'6 at all. If she is 5'6/168 cm, and wear 12 cm heels,that would make her 180cm, 10cm taller than 5'7 michael angarano (he wear 1 inch boots make him 5'8) but STILL.. Kristen is shorter than angarano. She is no way taller than 5'4, and look at pictures of kristen use thick board to can stands the same height with ashley greene (both wear the same flas and we clearly can see them from head to foot), i really don't know why these people made up a story about kristen is 5'6, made up a story that kristen is taller than 5'3 dakota, while actually kristen has the same height with dakota,and excuse me, sarah, no one is going to say dakota is shorter than 5'3, you don't even need to perform jada pinkett pics!
jess said on 9/Jun/09
I would totally agree that she is probably 5'5".
MissKit said on 9/Jun/09
Does anyone know (personally!) any 5'3 ladies with long legs? because im 5'3 and my legs arnt long! and no, im not overweight and my torso isnt up to my neck! :p Seriously, she does look to be at least 5'5 :) (I have gone down an inch as ppl here are making me question her 5'6 frame!)
sarah said on 9/Jun/09
Here's the link for the picture of Dakota and Jada...
sarah said on 9/Jun/09
Also..instead of looking at her and Kelly Ripa...look at her and Regis Philbin who is 5'6" wearing a heeled dress shoe making him about 5'7"...Kristen is at least an inch taller wearing heels that give her about 2.5" inches...if you look at the link on the side of this website about "heel truths" you will see that the maximum you can gain from heels is about 2.85" without a platform and that's with a 8.5 size Kristen is about 5'8" and if you subtract 2 to 3 inches you get 5'5 to 5'6...sorry but there are too many things showing that she is at least 5'5"....and in this pic with Amanda Seyfried you can easily see that she is taller than her and Emma Roberts...Click Here
sarah said on 9/Jun/09
And for those who are going to say then Dakota must not be 5'3" then check out this pic with Dakota and Jada Pinkett Smith who is 4'11.5"/5'...both are wearing the same height heels and Dakota is about 3 inches taller making Dakota 5'3"...and there is about a 2/3 inch height difference between Dakota and Kristen making Kristen 5'5" to 5'6"...and as far as Kristen Wiig maybe she is taller than 5'5"...and as far as Justin Chon....maybe he stood on a box in their scenes in Twilight so he was taller....I'm sorry but even pictures of Kristen with Taylor Lautner who is 5'10" only shows about a 4-5 inch height difference....and Taylor is 5'10"...someone who was on set even verified that.
sarah said on 9/Jun/09
Look at the new pictures of Dakota who is 5'3" and Kristen Stewart from yesterday both are in flats...Kristen is at least 2.5 to 3 inches taller...making her 5'5" to 5'6"...there is absolutely no way to argue that....she needs an upgrade....Click Here
Kyle said on 9/Jun/09
I agree with you. I think she is 5'3 or 5'4 as max. Many people are 5'3 and they have a really long legs too, example :rose mcgowan. Long legs doesn't mean tall! Kristen is shorter than 5'5 kristen wiig even she is wearing very high heels about 12cm/ 4 inches. Everyone sometimes look taller than really is. But in kristen's case ,there are too many PROOFS that she is shorter than 5'5. She is 5'3, 5'4 max. Below average.
Denise said on 9/Jun/09
I agree with you. I think she is 5'4 or 5'5 as a max. I'm 5'3 and I have a really long legs too. long legs doesn't mean tall. Kristen is shorter than Michael even she is wearing heels. Everyone sometimes look taller than really is. But is her case is too many proofs that she is smaller than 5'6.
Anoy said on 8/Jun/09
Yea, this thread is really hillarious, and it's funny people so 'insist' saying that kristen is 5'6, which is impossible. First, i agree with someone that if kristen 5'6 /168 cm and she wear 12cm heels,she would be 180cm, 10cm taller than Michael angarano (who 5'7 but wear an inch boots make him 5'8),BUT.. Kristen is STILL shorter than Angarano! Just Face it! Second, kristen Has thE SAME HEIght with 5'3 dakota fanning and amanda seyfried. Third, kristen is far far away shorter than 5'5 kristen wiig. Fourth, kristen is shorter than 5'5 ashley greene. Fifth, kristen is shorter than 5'5 emile hirsch. And yes, the different height between 6'2 JAMES LAFFERTY and 5'3 BEThany joy galeotti is the same with the different height between kristen and rob.pattinson. And on regis and kelly, kristen has the same height with 5'3 kelly. 5'6 Kirsten dunst was not wear heels still taller than 5'3 kelly who wear heels, kristen stewart wear 12 cm heels has the same height with kelly who also wear heels, that's impossible kristen is 5'6. Kristen is 5'4! So,stop make her taller than she is.
Jen said on 8/Jun/09
Everyone please just listen to your selves.. Kristen is 5'4, she is shorter than 5'5 ashley greene!! She Has the same height with 5'3 dakota fanning, also, you can check out the pics of 6'2 James lafferty standing right next to 5'3 Bethany joy galleoti from one tree hill ,both wear flats,and we can see them from head to foot, and the different height between them is exactly the SAME with kristen and rob.pattinson! Which means kristen is 5'3"! 5'6 is really tall, kristen is no way taller than 5'4. Even this PROFESSIOnal site stated kristen is 5'4.
sarah said on 8/Jun/09
PROOF THAT KRISTEN IS A 5'6" is a link to a website with pictures of 5'3" Dakota with Kristen from TODAY and Kristen is about 3 inches taller....SHE IS MOST DEFINATELY NOT THE SAME HEIGHT AS DAKOTA...Click Here ted-together-20090608&index=2
jess said on 8/Jun/09
Chcek out pictures of Zooey Deschanel who is 5'5.5" and Jim Carrey who is 6'1.5"...they look exactly like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart....and if you look at pictures of Nikki Reed and Michael Angarano they look exactly the same height and Kristen is not that much shorter than Nikki Reed...and Kristen looks the same height as Ashley Greene who is about 5'5".
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/09
I think it is also funny that people who have met her in person have posted here saying she is 5'5" to 5'6" also...I think out of everyone those people would know...and when they were looking for her stand in for Twilight they were looking for someone who was 5'5" and 105 lbs...if you know anything about stand in's they can't be off an inch because it will mess with all the lights and camera angles...therefore she has to be at least 5'5" to 5'6".
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/09
Every one please just listen to yourselves... Kristen stewart is 5'6 handsdown.
One of my friends is 5'4 and and im 5'0 and shes not that tall.. When i stand next to my friend who is 5'6 she remindes me of kristen cause shes skinny and has very long legs so kristen is 5'6.........She is so not 5'4 people think shes 5'4 because she always slouches so add those inches and you get 5'6 ... There you have it
Dandy said on 8/Jun/09
Wow,this thread is hilarious! That's so funny that anonymous said kristen is 5'6. If she's 5'6 (168 cm) wear 12 cm heels, she would be 180cm and towered over 5'8 michael angarano (who 5'7 wear an inch boots), BUT... She's still shorter than michael angarano,even though she's not standing straight, that would JUST MAKE HER half inch (0,5 CM) shorter!! So, what do u want to say now????
Test said on 8/Jun/09
Even though she's not stand straight, how much she can be shorter?! Only half inch (0,5cm), never 2 inches. Dont be over! She has the same height with 5'3 dakota fanning! And the different between her height and rob.pattinson IS The Same with the different height between 6'2 JAMES LAfferty and 5'3 bethany joy galleoti that makes kristen is about 5'3 or maybe even shorter. Thank you.
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/09 any of those pics from MTV with Michael she was never standing straight...I can make myself 2 inches shorter when I stand like her...there for you have to give her 2 extra inches making her 5'6".
Test said on 8/Jun/09
In case you remember at MTV, Kristen wear 12 cm heels standing right next to Michael Angarano who 5'7 wear boots an inch which make him 5'8, but kristen still shorter than Angarano about an inch, so kristen is 5'3. Because 5'3 (160cm)+ 10cm heels =170cm (5'7) an inch shorter than 5'8 Angarano, so kristen is 5'3/5'4. I agree with THIS SITE!
Tara said on 8/Jun/09
Yea, she's lucky has long legs, but many other actress who also 5'3 /5'4 like kristen have long legs too, like sophia bush, shiri appleby, rachel mcadams (according to this site is 5'4),they have long legs too, like rose mcgowan. Even this site said kristen is 5'4. So,stop make her taller than she is!!
Realme2008 said on 8/Jun/09
If she's 5'4", then she has some very long legs for someone who is 5'4" (average height for a woman). Click Here Most women have short legs and long torsos, so she is very lucky.
sarah said on 7/Jun/09
Here's a pic of her with Michael...Michael has on military style boots probably making him about 5'8" to 5'81/2"...and Kristen has on her converse...there is not a 4 inch height difference between them...there is like a 2 inch height difference....Click Here
sarah said on 7/Jun/09
Probably because 5'6" is smaller than 5'7".
Anoy said on 7/Jun/09
Even though she's slouching and not standing straight, how much she can be shorter, it's just half inch (0,5 cm) max, she can't be that short just by her legs slouching, but still her head is only on the level of rob.pattinson's shoulders, and it's about 25 cm, so 185-25 cm = 160cm /5'3, so kristen is 5'3 or 5'4.
Kate said on 7/Jun/09
Kristen stewart's height is 5'4, i don't think she is 5'5 or 5'6 so she is 5'4. She has long legs and small torso so people confused because her body like that,so there you have it, and when shes standing alone she seems 5'6,but when she's standing next to other people,she's the smallest,completely not 5'6.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/09
Thank you clau, i completely agree with you, kristen is no way taller than 5'4, i honestly dont think she is between 5'5 5'6, i saw her pictures when she is not lanky, but when she stands straight next to ashley greene and nikki reed and michael angarano, shes completely shorter than them. I really wish these people stop make her taller than she really is! She is 5'4 max. There you have it.
clau said on 7/Jun/09
if she is 5
MissKit said on 7/Jun/09
I honestly dont think she is between 5'3-5'4, she seems lanky in photo's and at least 5'6! Im 5'3 and I'll be blessed to look as good as she does if she were 5'3-5'4! besides, you have to consider posture too, she seems to be alway slouching, maybe thats why she looks a little shorter than 5'6 ;)
jess said on 7/Jun/09
Thank you anonymous...I completely agree with you that Kristen is 5'6...I also think people get confused because in any pictures she is never standing completely straight...her leg is always kicked out and bent making her seem shorter than she is.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/09
Kristen stewarts height is 5'6. I dont think she is 5'7 or 5'4 so she is 5'6.She has very long legs and a very small torso so i think thats were people get mixed up cause her body is like that.. So there you have it
missme said on 6/Jun/09
guys, also i don
Name said on 6/Jun/09
How come she is 5'5? She's shorter than 5'5 emile hirsch and shorter than 5'5 ashley greene!!! Even though someone said she's 5'5, it's still not 5'6. I wonder why kristen had to lie by said she's 5'6, it's shameful. I agree with this professional site! She's impossible taller than 5'4!!! I also wonder why this site doesn't matter about angelina jolie height, jolie claimed to be 5'7, and this site also said jolie 5'7, because jolie IS real tall and SHE IS 5'7. And why this site so far away matter of kristen's height, kristen claimed to be 5'6/5'7,but this site doesn't agree she's that height, this site said 5'4, because kristen is not that tall,she is 5'4,she is not as tall as 5'6 people!
rida.n said on 6/Jun/09
hi im 16 years old nd my height is 5'1.5 but my mother is 5'9,y faher is 6'0.5.i was taller in my friends last year but not they are like 5'5 i m very curious please help me as soon as you can or give an openion how to increase my height.
sarah said on 6/Jun/09
Fine that still would give him an extra inch that she wasn't getting...making their height difference 8 not 9 inches making her about 5'5".
hey. said on 6/Jun/09
Where are people finding these pics of Stewart and Fanning? I saw the ones when they went out to lunch in Italy and Dakota looked around Greene and Stewart's height, but it wasn't a very good pic as it was shot from the side....
Da Man said on 6/Jun/09
Men's dress shoes boost height by around 1", never seen a standard dress shoe boost height by anything close to 2"
Beth said on 6/Jun/09
I took a picture with her and i am 5'3 and she was about an inch taller than me. :)
Annie09 said on 5/Jun/09
I read through most of the comments here, I think its hillarious! especially when one girl did a mathmatical equation! lol
My brother is 6' and im 5'4 and I reach up to his shoulder.. Kirsten seems to reach above Roberts shoulder, so I think she might be taller than 5'4.. I dunno, she definately seems tall in her photo's! I also read here someone saying that 5'4 is a dwarf size! excuse me, but im 5'4 thank you very much and i aint dwarf! :p Also, 5'4 is the new average size now apparently ;) Besides, 5'4 or 5'6.. their isnt much difference between them?!!
Anoy said on 4/Jun/09
I agree, i saw the pictures, kristen has the same height with 5'3 dakota fanning and both wear flats, and i saw kristen standing next to 5'5 emile hirsch, both wear flats, kristen far away shorter than him, kristen also shorter than 5'6 justin chon, both wear flats, and also kristen wear very very high heels about 4 inches standing next to 5'6 catherine hardwicke who wear flats about an inch who make her 5'7, kristen has the same height with catherine hardwicke, so kristen is no way 5'5 or 5'6, she's 5'4 max. And pictures where kristen EVEN THOUGH on the beach, kristen height is about the same with 5'3 amanda seyfried and 5'2 emma roberts, and far far away shorter than 5'7 blake lively, don't make accuse about on the beach!!!
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/09
You have to remember thought that Kristen was wearing flats that gave her only a half an inch extra in height...a standard men's dress shoe gives a guy 2 inches extra...Rob was wearing standard dress shoes making him not 6'1" but 6'3"...if you then subtract the "9 inches" of difference you get a lot more than 5'4".
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/09
i'm sure that kristen has 5,4 there is no way that she is taller.
Katrina said on 4/Jun/09
She was in flats at the MTV awards and looked MUCH shorter than Rob Pattinson, that mustve been like 9 inches if the heights on here are accurate.
Anj said on 3/Jun/09
I also agree, she's definitely 5'4, she's NO WAY TALLER than that!! I really hope people stop make her TalLER ThaN She ReALLY IS!!! And, we don't hate her, we just want kristen to be honest, we hate liar, i agree with scarlett johansson who honest admit that she's 5'33/4' (162 cm), she's not lying about her height. Kristen, don't shame by being 5'3, just shame by being liar. Thank you.
sarah said on 3/Jun/09
If you look at this picture of Vanessa Hudgens who is 5'1 1/2" and wearing heels that give her about 4 inches and compare it to the pictures of Kristen and Robert from the MTV Movie Awards Vanessa compares to Rob exactly like Kristen compares to Rob in if you add 5' 1.5" plus 4 you get 5'5.5".
sarah said on 3/Jun/09
I agree definitely 5ft 4, shes just no way taller than that.
Lie said on 3/Jun/09
I want to know what pictures people are looking at that has dakota Shorter than kristen, cause all the pictures i've seen has kristen has the SAME HEIGHT WITH dakota! And she is shorter than AsHLEY GREENE!! And look at pictures where kristen use thick board to can stand the same height with ashley greene! Or maybe... Maria bello lied about her height,maybe maria is 5'3! And what would kristen wiig lied about her height?? Why would kristen wiig make her self shorter than she is??? Use brain please... Taylor lautner is 5'9 not 5'10. Stop make kristen taller than she is. So, kristen shorter than 5'5 emile hirsch and shorter than 5'6 justin chon is a lie?! Just think about it Clearly.
jess said on 3/Jun/09
I want to know what pictures people are looking at that has Dakota taller than Kristen...cause all the pictures I've seen has Kristen at least 1 to 2 inches taller than Dakota...and SHE IS THE SAME HEIGHT AS ASHLEY GREENE!!!!! Ashley is 5'4 3/4"...and how is this a "professional site"???? They are making a guess about everyone height...they are not measuring them with a tape measure...and I think it's funny that everyone is so quick to jump on Kristen and say that she is lying about her height because Kristen Wiig is 5'5" and Kristen looks shorter because check out pictures of Kristen with 5'5" Maria Bello...Kristen and Maria are the same height....anyone ever thinkm that maybe Kristen Wigg is lying and is actually taller???? And this "professional site" has Nikki Reed at 5'5 1/2" so if anonymous says that Kristen is 2" shorter (which I have never seen that big of a height difference between them) than Kristen would actually be 5' 4 1/2"! And Taylor Lautner is NOT 5'9"...he is 5' 10" and at the MTV Movie Awards he was probably gaining 1 to 1 1/2" with his shoes on making him at least 5' 11" and if Kristen were only 5'4" she would have looked A LOT smaller next to him....and when comparing Kristen to Billy Burke you CAN'T look at where her eyes are look at the top of her head...her head is above Billy's shoulder not even with it....I would like to know why you all want her shorter than she is when clearly she is not!
Gigi said on 3/Jun/09
I noticed these people are really desperate want to make kristen TALLER than she really is. And yea, this site which made by professional said kristen is 5'4, and we all think that's true, we agree she's 5'4. now actually, who really want to make her Taller than she REALLY is, huh????
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/09
I really wish people stop trying to make her TaLLER THAN she really is. Even this professional site said kristen is 5'4, NOT 5'5 OR 5'6. And i have four ways to prove it: 1) at the premiere of adventureland, kristen wear at least 5 inches heels, and she stands next to 5'5 kristen wiig who wear 4 inches heels, and kristen wiig is still Towers over her. 2) kelly ripa heels is only an inch different with kristen heels, kelly is 5'21/2',and kristen has the same height with kelly. Which means kristen is about 5'4 max, not 5'5 at all. 3) kristen is the same height as dakota fanning, who claimed to be a 5'3 RECENTLY. 4) when kristen at the vancouver with taylor lautner and nikki reed, she's about 6 inches shorter than 5'9 taylor lautner,and CLEARLY shorter than 5'5 nikki reed about 2 inches, and also kristen is far away shorter than 5'6 justin chon and 5'5 emile hirsch. For add, when kristen standing next to 6'1 billy burke,kristen's head only on the level of billy burke's shoulders. Stop make her taller than she really is.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
If you go back and look at screencaps of Kristen on Regis and Kelly you will notice that Kristen is wearing a basic black heel giving her about 3 inches in height...if you look closely at Kelly Ripa's shoes she is wearing about a 4 to 5 inch heel on top of a 1-2 inch platform. Kelly who is 5' 21/2" is first gaining 1 to 2 extra inches in a platform already making her 5'31/2" to 5'4" and then another 3 to 4 inches with her heel making her probably around 5'8"...Kristen looked the same height as Kelly but if you take the 5'8" and subtract Kristen's extra 3 inches from her heels Kristen is no shorter than 5'5"'s a link to a picture of Kelly Ripa's shoes....if it works...Click Here If not you can see screencaps at
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
KRISTEN IS TALLER THAN DAKOTA FANNING!!!! Kristen had to be at least 5'5"...and I have four ways to prove it.
1) Taylor Lautner is 5'10"...if you go to you will see a pic of him and Kristen from the MTV Movie Awards...Kristen was wearing flats...and there IS NOT a 7 inch height CLEARLY she cannot be 5'3"...I would say there is about a 4 to 5 inch height difference.

2) When she went to get her award for best actress from Abagail Breslin she TOWERED over Abagail...Abagail is 5'0"....and that night Abagail had on about 2 to 3 inch wedges and Kristen still towered over her in flats.

3) Look at pictures at gettyimages of when Twilight won best movie...Catherine Hardwicke is 5'6" and she was wearing wedges that night and she was only a little taller than Kristen in flats. If Kristen were to be 5'3" and she was next to 5'6" Catherine in 3" wedges thus making her 5'9" Catherine would have TOWERED over Kristen yet she didn't

4) In flats Kristen was still taller than 5'2" Elizabeth Rease who was wearing platform wedges that night giving her 3 to 4 extra inches.

I really wish people would stop making her SHORTER than she is!
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
I also see that pictures, and clearly kristen is the shortest than the others, and yes i saw the interview,dakota said she's 5'3. Kristen next to dakota, kristen has the same height as dakota, that means kristen is 5'3. Look at kristen on regis n kelly, she has the same height as 5'21/2' (159 cm) kelly. Clearly kristen is no way taller than 5'4. I dont know why u people want to make her TalLER THAN she really is.
me too said on 2/Jun/09
The staff from twilight lexicon stated that Taylor Lautner is 5'10 cuz someone on their staff who is 5'9 was next to Taylor and Taylor was like an inch taller so they state they believe him to be 5'10 which means Kristen Stewart is .......what 5'4 or is that too short?
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/09
i agree. especially when she was standing next to ashley greene at the very end when Twilight won best movie. kristen was wearing flats and ashley was wearing heels but she towered over her. kristen barely came up to her shoulders. she's 5'3 max.
jess said on 1/Jun/09
She is NOT below Rob's chin! Check out any pics from that clip and at and you can CLEARLY see that!
me said on 1/Jun/09
did you see her at mtv? when she and rob receive the award for best kissing scene? she was a lot shorter than rob she was even under his chin, she was just at his shoulder level. I am 5' 3" and there is a friend of mine that is the exact same height as rob pattinson and the proportions seem to be the same.... soo... by self experience all i can assume and accept is that kristen is at the very top 5' 3 1/2" (that is 1.61) ..... so you guys tell waht you think !!!
Anonymous said on 30/May/09
look at the difference between her and the other two girls in this photo shoot. she is clearly the smallest of the three by at least a few inches. and they are all wearing heels.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 30/May/09
Hello, all i know dakota was claimed to be a 5'3 girl at an interview at 20 may 2009, and kristen exactly the same height with dakota. Kristen is 5'3 too. Really. Just look at their pics. I dont know why you people is trying to make her TaLLER THAN she really is, even this professional site said she's 5'4
Loser said on 28/May/09
Yea, tHis professional Site said kristen is 5'4, i agree! But I wanna tell you something, If like anonymous said kristen is 5'41/2' it's still not 5'6 right? So kristen is lying by said 5'6. I agree, like scarlet johanson she didn't lie about her height,shes proud admit shes 5'21/2' /162 cm. She didn't shame by being that height. Many actresses are 5'2 5'3,they didnt ashame and lie. I agree i also dont like liar, its shameful. Kristen dont be a liar. Dont shame by being 5'3 or 5'4, But shame being a liar. Thank you very much.
Anonymous said on 28/May/09
I want to know why everyone is trying to make her SHORTER than she is...look at pictures of her with Nikki Reed or Ashley Greene...this professional site has Nikki Reed at 5'5 1/2" and Ashley at 5'4 3/4"...there is NOT a 2 1/2" height difference between Nikki and there is no way Kristen is 5'3"...and in any pictures I've seen of Kristen and Ashley in Italy they are the SAME height....I would say Kristen is 5'4 1/2" at the smallest...and the pictures of her and Amanda Seyfried and Blake Lively and Emma Roberts were taken ON A BEACH with uneven ground so you can't use that to guess height...and Dakota IS probably taller than 5'2" now...she is in her middle teens when a lot of girls do their growing...she could easily be 5'3" or 5'4" now....especially if you compare her to Ashley Greene too....and if you look at pictures of Kristen and Anna Kendrick...Click Here towers over her by at least 4 or 5 inches...and Anna is a least 5'0" when comparing her to others in the movie.
Matt said on 28/May/09
I dont know about her height, but clearly we can see the pictures of her,with emma roberts,amanda seyfried and blake lively. Kristen only an inch taller than 5'2 emma roberts,same height with 5'3 amanda seyfried and far far away shorter than 5'7 blake lively (according to someone). And besides, 5'4 leighton meester stands next to blake lively is not too far away shorter than blake lively both wear the same high heels,but when kristen stand next to blake lively both barefoot,kristen is very far far away shorter than blake like dwarf. So kristen is 5'3,im sure of that, she has the same height with 5'3 amanda seyfried.
Ayolah said on 28/May/09
These people so desperate want to make kristen taller than she really is. Even this site which made by professional said kristen is 5'4, oooh please,dont be such a liar.
Anonymous said on 28/May/09
Yea i totally agree kristen is 5'3. Its the accurate height for her. And yea she must be used thick board to stand taller next to ashley greene. We can clearly saw that kristen is not 5'6 at all, and when dakota 15 years old,dakota is 5'0 not 5'2, now dakota admit shes 5'2,so kristen is 5'3, an inch taller than dakota and emma roberts and amanda seyfried,and far away shorter than 5'7 blake lively.
Anonymous said on 28/May/09
Kristen is probably 5'3 or 5'4 or whatever, but clearly shes not 5'6 AT ALL, lying is shameful.
Anonymous said on 27/May/09
Also...Kristen is the SAME height as Ashley Greene who is 5'4 3/4" according to this site...she is definately taller than Dakota...I don't know where anyone is coming with Kristen being 5'3"...she is definately taller than that.
Anonymous said on 27/May/09
Dakota is only 14 or 15 she is still growing and is probably taller than 5'2" now!
Yahya said on 27/May/09
Yea, i agree kristen is 5'3, shes no way taller than 5'4. I saw pics of kristen and dakota fanning,both didNOT WEAR HEEls,and kristen only an inch taller than 5'2 dakota, they are almost the same height. Theres No way kristen is 5'6. Wht a liar.
tammi said on 27/May/09
sarah - If you look at her standing in the pic with Ashley at Kristen is leaning in towards Ashley too making her look shorter than she is...she is definately the same height as Ashley.
tammi said on 26/May/09
Here's some pics of Kristen, Dakota, and Ashley Greene...Kristen is taller than Dakota who is listed as 5'2" (but could have growns since she is so young) and she looks to be the same height as Ashley who is listed as 5'4 3/4"....You can check out the photos here: Click Here
sarah said on 26/May/09
yea i agree theres pics of her standin next to ashley greene in italy and she looks like exactly the same height, if not shorter.
Denise said on 26/May/09
She really looks 5'4 as a max. New pics Kristen with Robert P. in Italy.
Click Here
Denise said on 25/May/09
Click Here This is new pic Kristen with Robert in Italy. She really looks 5'4 as a max.
Biter said on 24/May/09
Yea, i agree. She must use a thick board to stand taller next to ashley greene. Like someone said, stewart is shorter than 5'5 kristen wiig even though stewart wear very high heels. And by the way,we dont hate her,we just dont like her lying about her height. Like scarlet johanson,she honest n tell the truth that shes 5'31/2' (162 cm),she didnt lie by said shes 5'5/5'6 we like her n we like honesty, even all people can see that stewart is totally not 5'6,why she had to lie? Its ok by being 5'3,many actress are just 5'3,why kristen had to lie? just be dead honest,kristen.
flash_of_eden said on 23/May/09
5'4" seems spot on. Kinda interesting, doesn't the first Twilight book mention that Bella is 5'4"?
Yvonne said on 22/May/09
tammi,you can't see their legs n shoes in that picture:)u know what im saying?
tammi said on 22/May/09
I know that...but in this scene there is no way they could have because it is a scene where people are walking...hopefully the link works this time...Click Here
Kwok said on 22/May/09
Yea, i noticed that kristen stewart is 5'3, shes no way taller than that and not EVEN 5'6. And yea, in the movie, actress always fake their height, like leighton meester use a thick board to stand taller next to chace crawford. LOL. Do what u want with it 'tammi'. Stewart also use thick board to stand next to ashley greene. This girl really really desperate want to make stewart taller than she really is.
Yvonne said on 22/May/09
people can be faked taller in a movie lol
tammi said on 21/May/09
I'm not here to say if Kristen is shorter or taller...I just wanted to show you this picture of her, Rob, and Ashley Greene....this site has Ashley Greene at 5'4 3/4" and in this picture from the movie Twilight her and Ashley are the same exact height...Click Here album=403&pos=147 Do what you want with it.
Kwok said on 21/May/09
All i know ... Kirsten dunst is 5'51/2' and shes far away taller than kristen stewart! Kris.stewart is shorter than 5'5 kristen wiig, shorter than 5'6 emile hirsch n justin chon. I dont know about nikki reed (only her). So im sure stewart is 5'3.
Tammi said on 20/May/09
I really really really think kristen is no way taller than 5'4. Shes max 5'4! And ActUALLY kristen is shorter than nikki reed,and well this site said nikki reed is 5'51/2' its true,n cause kristens shorter than nikki, so kristen is 5'4 n no way taller than That. Enough. Lying is shameful.
The Ring said on 19/May/09
Ya,kristen is clearly 5'4, shes no way 5'5 or 5'6. I dont understand 'these people' are insist n desperate want kristen seems taller than she really is. Pathetic.
tammi said on 18/May/09
I noticed in one of my other posts the pics of Dakota's shoes didn't show up...if you want to see the the heels she had on go to this link: Click Here
tammi said on 18/May/09
I really think Kristen is no way shorter than 5'4" and no way taller than 5'5"...she probably falls somewhere in the middle...and this site actually has Nikki Reed at 5'5 1/2". And I all I have to say about this site is even though it is professional they are still guessing cause unless you actually have a person stand against the hall and hold a tape measure up to them you don't know their actual height...they use pictures to make a good estimate. There has to be some measure of error.
The eye said on 18/May/09
Well, in my eyes kristen clearly seems to be a 5'4 girl. Honestly. But,u can check it out by yourself. Look in the pictures, kristen is shorter than 5'5 kristen wiig, shorter than 5'6 justin chon, 5'6 emile hirsch, and actually she looks shorter than 5'5 nikki reed. Well, what do u think? Thankyou very much.
Tammi said on 18/May/09
I vote for 5'4! She does has long legs, like rachel bilson who also has long legs,while actually rachel is only 5'2. But.. Kristen is no way 5'2, kristen no way is shorter than 5'3. Kristen is 5'3 minimum. But im sure shes 5'4,like ThIS PROFESSIONAL SITE said! I dont understand why u people so desperate want to make her be 5'5 or 5'6???? Just face the truth. Shes only 5'4,dwarf.
Karma said on 18/May/09
I vote for 5'4! These people really really really deadly want to make kristen seems taller than she really is. I dont know what to say anymore. Just that lying is a shameful thing. Even this Site which determined by professional said kristen is 5'4.
Loser said on 18/May/09
I vote for 5'6", her legs and arms are proportioned for just about that height. If you look at some of her modeling pictures her legs are longer than someone 5'4" can have.
tammi said on 17/May/09
I found some pictures of Dakota's shoes from when she wore them another day on this website...Click Here those shoes have to be giving her a good 2 to 3 inches...right? (use those pictures to compare kristen and dakota in this pic...Click Here in flats and dakota has the shoes on from the photos on that site).
tammi said on 17/May/09
maybe this will help...her is the first picture that I have found of Kristen and Dakota Fanning...Dakota is 5'2" and in this picture her and Kristen look to be the same height...Click Here we know that Kristen doesn't wear heels unless it is to premieres and such so it is safe to say that she is wearing flats, but Dakota always wears I found this picture of her from early in the day with Rachel Lefevre and they ended up spending the day together and then going to the cast party and you can see that she has some massive heels on...her shoes look to be on about a 1" platform and then have a wedge she is gaining some serious height...Click Here don't know if Kristen is 5'4" or taller but I think it is safe to say that she is in no way shorter than 5'4". I think we can all agree to that.
Karma said on 17/May/09
Crap... Im to curious.. Sorry! Dont dont dont dont dont dont read the post who want to make kristen taller than she really is. Kristen is short 5'4!
Karma said on 17/May/09
Crap... im too curious.. SORRY!!!!! DONT DONT DONT DONT DONT DONT DONT DONT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warned u!!!!!

when you are reading this dont stop or something bad will happen! My name is summer i am 15 years old i have blonde hair,many scars no nose or ears..i am dead.if you dont copy this just like from the ring, on 5 more sites.. or..i will appear one dark quiet night when your not expecting it by your bed with a knife and kill you. this is no joke something good will happen to you if you post this on 5 more pages
Armageddon said on 16/May/09
But if you look at pictures of her and catherine Hardwicke,who is listed on this 'professional' site as 5'6,why is kristen who wear 4 inches high heels has the same height as catherine hardwicke who doesn't wear heels????? And sometimes kristen ACTuALLY LOoks shorter than nikki reed. -anonymous- seems deadly want to make kristen taller than she really is! Pathetic.
Yvonne said on 16/May/09
By the way i really don't think Nikki Reed is 5'51/2",almost all her pictures i saw she wore very high heels....
Anonymous said on 15/May/09
But if you look at pictures of her and Nikki Reed, who is listed on this 'professional' site as 5'51/2" why are they just about the same height???? And sometimes Kristen actually looks taller.
Deb said on 15/May/09
And clearly kristen right next to 5'3 jodie foster about 5 or 8 years ago IS THE SAME HEIGHT AS JODIE FOSTER height. And now <5 or 8 years later> ACCORDING TO this Site, kristen is 5'4. Haha. She almost didn't Grow. -missme- so deadly want to make kristen taller than she really is. Lying is shameful. I really dont understand,how come she's 5'6?!! Geee... Shes really a dwarf and ugly. Thats the truth.
Anonymous said on 15/May/09
This HAYLEE girl is really deadly want to make kristen taller than she really is. She always said kristen is 5'5 5'6. While actually kristen is 5'4,even this site which is determined by professional said kristen is 5'4. Just look a picture of her n kristen wiig. Kristen wiig is 5'5, and kris.stewart is obviously n clearly ShoRTER THAN 5'5 KRISTEN WIIG. So stewart is totally not 5'5 and clearly not 5'6. Stewart is 5'4. I agree with ThIS SITE.
Cutie said on 15/May/09
Ya,i really think shes 5'3. Not 5'5 at all. All i know,shes shorter than 5'5 kristen wiig. What say u? Lying about her height is shameful
Yvonne said on 14/May/09
i still believe she's 5ft3
Lucy said on 13/May/09
Hey - Look at Kristen and Kat's eye level compared to Rob's shoulders in the pictures and look at the difference in their shoulders....there isn't much difference between the pictures then...that's what I was looking at. Also, in the pic with Rob and Kristen Rob has on some pretty thick soled boots.
hey. said on 12/May/09
Even if Stewart stood up straight she'd still be way under Rob's eyeball area....thus, theory negated (in my opinion).
Lucy said on 11/May/09
If you go to gettyimages and look at pictures of him and Kat Dennings(who is wearing heels that probably give her about 2-21/2") who is listed as 5'3 1/2" there is the same height difference between them as there is when Kristen is standing next to Rob in flats (maybe an inch difference) if you take Kat's 5'31/2" height and add 2 inches...Kristen would be about 5'5" to 5'51/2". Here's a pic of Rob and Kristen Click Here and if she were standing straight she would be the same height as Kat Denning in this photo with Rob while she is wearing heels Click Here Like I maybe an inch difference but that would still put her above 5'4".
Haylee said on 11/May/09
My cousin is 6'1 and I'm just about 5'6" and when I stand next to him...I compare to him just like Kristen Stewart is comparing to Robert Pattinson in that pic. I doubt she is shorter than 5'5". You have to keep in mind too that Kristen never stands straight in pictures...she always is about an 1" to 1 1/2" shorter than she actually is in photos because she doesn't stand up all the way.
lynn said on 10/May/09
Well, I also think she's 5'3 or 5'4.. Look at this photo: Click Here She looks very short in comparison with Rob Pattinson, who is obviously about 6'1 .. I just wonder why she looks much taller next to Rob in the movie Twilight? Maybe they faked it a little there.. ;)
lynn said on 10/May/09
Well, i think also she's about 5'3 or 5'4 ... Look at this photo: Click Here In comparison with Rob she looks really short. I just wonder why she looks much taller next to Rob in the movie Twilight? Maybe they faked the height a little there.. ;)
lea said on 8/May/09
i think 5'4 is right,because in twilight, she's shorter than justin chon about 1 or 2 inch.But if she's 5'4 she doesnt look that short next to robert pattinson?
missme said on 6/May/09
but why some sites say she is 5ft 7in?? she looks really tall but i think she is more like 5ft 4 in or 5ft 5 in... this makes me really curious.. Rob or whoever, will you ever take a picture with her and post it here so we can know her accurate height? pleaaaaaaaseeee....??
sarah said on 6/May/09
yea shes not 5,2 but i just dont see how she is 5,6.
heightlove said on 6/May/09
Oh Kristen cant be 5-2, be reasonable! Legitimate 5-2 gals like Witherspoon or Emily Osment are clearly shorter than KStew. Google their pics if you dont believe me.
Lina said on 6/May/09
Katie, I buy your argument. Your theory might turn out to be true if Rob Pattinson is really 6'1". Even if he is 6" or 5'11" as some comments claim, Kristen Stewart should be taller than 5'2" or 5'2.5". I do think she's over 5'3". At least. In my eyes she actually seems to be a 5'4" girl.
haylee said on 5/May/09
I really think she needs to be upgraded to 5'5" she is with Maria Bello who is listed here as 5'5" and they are exactly the same height. Click Here
haylee said on 3/May/09
Taylor Lautner says he's 5'10" and if you look at this picture of him, KStew and Rob you can see that he is 5'10". Click Here Then if you look at this pic of him and KStew on the New Moon set you can see that there isn't a much of a height difference.... diffently not an 8 inch height difference which there would be if she was only 5'4". Click Here Across from Lautner you can see Michael Welch who plays Mike in New Moon and he is also 5'10"...and KStew isn't much shorter than him either. I really think Kristen is 5'5".
sarah said on 3/May/09
im confused about her height i think shes 5'4, im 5,4 and there is no way im as small as anna kendrick she is tiny and when you have kristen next to stephanie meyer you can so tell there near enought the same height so i dont understand how kristen is 5'6, my sisters 5'6 an there is just no way
haylee said on 2/May/09
In really high heels Anna Kendrick is the same height as Kristen Stewart in flat shoes. Click Here I personally think Kristen is about 5'5" and Anna 5'2".
Denise said on 2/May/09
How tall is Anna Kendrick? She is listed as a 5'4 but it is not a truth.

Click Here
haylee said on 1/May/09
Check out this picture of Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick from the set of New Moon. Click Here Anna says she is 5'4" and if that is true then there is no way that Kristen is less than 5'6". But...even if Anna is lying and she's really only 5'2"...there is still no way Kristen is ANYTHING less than 5'4"....I personally would put her between 5'5" and 5'6".
nae said on 28/Apr/09
check out the photos on google of blake lively kristen steart and emma roberts and she is not tall comparing the heigghts she would be 5"3 to the max
Katie said on 22/Apr/09
OK, I've been reading Davinci's theory (Vitrubio man) and here my conclusions: Robert Pattinson claims to be 6'1 (185 cm), right? fine, Vitrubio man's theory says: head = 1/8 of man's height, then his head would be 9in (23 cm) approximately, if you see this picture of him and KStew: Click Here (if this doesn't work, try this one: Click Here), here we can see KStew top height is under his chin (and she's not wearing heels) so: 6ft1in-9in=5ft4in = 5'4 (163 cm) what do you think now? Margin of mistake: 0,5in above or below
John said on 21/Apr/09
@ Rachel: ...Have you thought about it? Maybe Robert Pattinson isn't 6' about 5'11. That'll clear things up for you :D
Jamie said on 20/Apr/09
5'4" isn't below average for a girl... it's perfectly average. 5'3" IS a bit below average though.. and I think 5'5"-5'7" is above average. :) 5'8" and up is tall..
Rachel said on 19/Apr/09
No. She is 5'6. Its quite impossible for her to be 5'4 because when she stands next to Robert Pattinson (who is 6'1) she doesn't look THAT short!
JD said on 18/Apr/09
Thank you for being so mature about this, so she's 5'4(163) then we're all in agreement?
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/09
If i think about kristen's height it's very confused to me and i don't know her real height. Kristen's site say kristen height 5'6/5'7 but i really really don't think so, because if she stand next to 5'5 Kristen Wiig she looks very tiny than Kristen Wiig and if she stand by everybody she looks very short. i really think she's liar about her height. And kristen looks like dwarf. But i think kristen is 5'3, she's ugly....Yea... kristen is 5'3'', look when she's standing right next to 5'5'' Kristen Wiig, she's obviously shorter than Kristen Wiig, so she's definitely only 5'3'' She always says she's 5'6", but she's clearly not telling the truth, when actually she's 5'3'', Celebrities (Stewart) lie about how tall they are all the time. blake lively is 5'10' and she's not awkward, she's HOT, she still can wear heels
Bill said on 16/Apr/09
I totally agree with -Bryan-, kristen's no more than 5'3''. she's obviously 5'3''. BUT i don't think kristen is 5'2, she's not 5'2 at all, saying she's 5'2 or 5'5 is ridiculous. she's no shorter than 5'3, i'm really sure of that. putting her at 5'3 is accurate i think. charlize theron is 5'11 and she's HOT, She's not awkward by wear high heels.
DJ said on 15/Apr/09
i don't understand why you people think she's 5'5- 5'6. she lied by says 5'6 and even this site, designed by professional height determiners, says she's 5'4 (not 5'5/5'6). and why would a girl pretend to be a guy to make people think kristen stewart is shorter? i mean, i can sure think of a reason why a girl (one who's obviously very defensive and insecure) would pretend to be a 5'11 guy to make kristen seem taller (JD), but nope not the other way around. this is getting ridiculous.
thank you very much
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/09
do you guys think that 5'7 is like tall cause thats about how tall i am, like 172 cm. do u think i'm to tall to wear heels would that make me freakishly tall? be dead honest
JD said on 14/Apr/09
i don't understand why you people think she's 5'2- 5'3. she claims 5'6 and even this site, designed by professional height determiners, says she's 5'4. and why would a girl pretend to be a guy to make people think kristen stewart is taller? i mean, i can sure think of a reason why a girl (one who's obviously very defensive and insecure) would pretend to be a 6'1 guy to make kristen seem shorter (bryan), but nope not the other way around. this is getting rediculous.
hey. said on 12/Apr/09
Ay, people on this thread are so bitter, haha, why??!! "Kristen is 5'3", no need to lie she is 5'3"..." Okay, why do you want her to be 5'3" so badly and, furthermore, how do you know she is exactly 5'3"? If you just want her to be "below average", you do know that her current height, 5'4", is below average, right? Calm down, I really think she is 5'3" to 5'4"...

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