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5ft 3.71in (161.8cm)
bebi said on 11/Apr/09
looks like someone (JD)cannot accept the fact that she's 5'3'' LOL
If you think about it, in almost every picture she is always shortest. Also, kristen wiig is 5'5'' and kristen next to her is shorter about 2 inches for God sake!
no need to lie for her, she's two inches shorter than kristen wiig it's what it looks like. She's most likly 5'2/5'3''
that is the fact
Bryan said on 10/Apr/09
i'd say she looks 5'3 in Twilight.If you think about it, in almost every picture she is always the shortest. i really don't think she's any taller than 5'3. that's the objective opinion of a 6'1 guy... not a girl who pretend to be a guy who might want Kristen to be taller than she is.
JD said on 9/Apr/09
i'd say she looks pretty close to 5'5 in Twilight. i really don't think she's any shorter than 5'4. that's the objective opinion of a 5'11 guy... not a girl who might want Kristen to be shorter than she is.
Darus said on 8/Apr/09
Lol, this thread is HILARIOUS! First, how come she can be 5'6'', when actually she's only 5'3. and she did "lie" about her height by saying 5'6', when actually once again she's 5'3 And, second, how is she not ugly? LoL, I just find it so funny that everyone keeps saying this (im sure it is all the same person). everyone know her real height is 5'3, no need to lie she is 5'3",no shorter and no taller. that is below average! haha, thanks guys! haha, just kidding, but Kristen is shorter than 5'5'kristen wiig and not that tall!
lying about her height,it
bebi said on 7/Apr/09
looks like someone cannot accept the fact that she's 5'3'' LOL
If you think about it, in almost every picture she is always shortest. Also, kristen wiig is 5'5'' and kristen next to her is shorter about 2 inches for God sake!
no need to lie for her, she's two inches shorter than kristen wiig it's what it looks like. She's most likly 5'2/5'3''
that is the fact
laura.... (i love twilight) said on 6/Apr/09
how does Kristen have a ugly chin. Its a chin. I think she is gorgeous - she is my fav actress. I think Kristen is 5'4. She looks around that height when you have seen a load of photos, she doesnt look that much taller than that. Whoo im 5'3. Just need to grow one more inch...
Katie said on 5/Apr/09
OK, I've been seeing pictures of her and I think that she doesn't have long legs, it's just her legs are slim and they seem long, but they're average, and that's because she looks tall, look this pic: Click Here and this one: Click Here . And jealous people shouldn't say she's ugly because she's not, she's gorgeous.
Lizabeth said on 4/Apr/09
Also Adam Brody is 5'11 and she's not that much shorter than him.
Lizabeth said on 4/Apr/09
If you think about it, in almost every picture she is leaning in some way giving the allusion that she is shorter than what she actually is. Also, Robert Pattinson is 6'1, and for someone who is sopposedly 5'3, standing next to him, she should appear to be A LOT shorter. I'm thinking she's four inches shorter than rob because it's what it looks like. She's most likly 5'6/7
Tamy said on 4/Apr/09
If i think about kristen's height it's very confused to me and i don't know her real height. Kristen's site say kristen height 5'7 but i don't think so, because if she stand near twilight co-star she looks very tiny than the other and if she stand by Robert she looks very short. I believe kristen has a very long legs and because she had long legs she looks tall. i think she's liar about her height. And kristen looks like dwarft. But i think kristen is 5'3, she's ugly
isabella said on 3/Apr/09
she's still really pretty.. i think that's what's matters:)
Deasy said on 1/Apr/09
Kristen's 5'1'', but I love Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, they make me remember Blair Waldorf and Nate Archibald, so cute. I love you, i always have and always will
Spain said on 31/Mar/09
Yea... kristen is 5'3'', look when she's standing right next to 5'5'' Kristen Wiig, she's obviously shorter than Kristen Wiig, so she's definitely only 5'3'' She always says she's 5'6", but she's clearly not telling the truth, when actually she's 5'3'', Celebrities (Stewart) lie about how tall they are all the time. blake lively is 5'10' and she's not awkward, she's hot, she still can wear heels
Larisa said on 31/Mar/09
i agree with -alexis-, kristen's no more than 5'3''. she's obviously 5'3''. blake lively is 5'9' and she's hot
Alexis said on 31/Mar/09
yeah, i think she's more 5'3'', than 5'4''
5'3'' is accurate for her. thx.
Cassie said on 27/Mar/09
Vocal- Are you around 5'11? I have a feeling you're tall, but are self-concious on it as you're bashing petite girls. If she's 5'3, she is an inch being under average which is 5'4.

I'm 5'2 myself, so I guess that makes me a midgit to you, huh? But tell me... Can you wear 3 inch heels without looking awkwardly tall?
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/09
she's no way shorter than 5'3'', she's absolutely 5'3'', but no more than 5'3''
5'3'' is the accurate height for her
Alex said on 25/Mar/09
Lol, check out this pic: Click Here

She's tiny!
Wado! said on 24/Mar/09
Lol, this thread is HILARIOUS! First, when did she "lie" about her height? And, second, how is she a DWARF? Lol, I just find it so funny that everyone keeps saying this (unless it is all the same person). Even if she were 5'2" or 5'3", that is not that short, it's taller than me! haha, thanks guys! haha, just kidding, but Kristen is taller than me and not that short!
luci said on 24/Mar/09
She is 5ft2 or 5ft3 most.btw i don
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/09
it's not 5'5"'s 5'4" and besides what's a one inch difference? you're not automatically a dwarf being one inch under average height. seriously, what the hell is it with everyone calling her a dwarf?! i have a friend who's 4'9" and SHE is indeed a dwarf. Anybody under 4'10 is.. NOT 5'3" which i merely one inch under average height.

I'm 5'3.5" and my shoes' heels are like an inch long, so I look pretty much average. I'd so much rather be short than tall. Not everyone is average, you know. Besides, average, in my opinion, ranges from 5'2"-5'6" so STOP with the dwarf comments!
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/09
u guys should stop hating on her. she is hot and 5'3-5'4 is not short at all. she is the average hieght for a girl
Rashaan said on 21/Mar/09
160 cm is not at all short. I dont know how a 5'10 girl is even considered hot when she cant wear heels without looking like a freak..i mean look at Tyra banks on her show with the heels,she looks like a man! Atleast Kristen can wear 10 cm heels and still look like a woman!!
Yvonne said on 20/Mar/09
I believe she's 5'3"or 5'2",160cm is probably the most accurate number for her.
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
5'3 is not short. it's just below average.
Tiara said on 18/Mar/09
Dwarfs are 4'10'' or shorter. People that are 5'3'' are not dwarfs. GET IT STRAIGHT!
Denise said on 17/Mar/09
Recorrect: Yeh, you're right. Ryan Reynold is 6'2 and Kristen Wiig standing next to Kristen S. is 5'5. And Kristen looks smaller than them.
Twilightfan said on 17/Mar/09
If i think about kristen's height it's very confused to me and i don't know her real height. Kristen's site say kristen height 5'7 but i don't think so, because if she stand near twilight co-star she looks very tiny than the other and if she stand by Robert she looks very short. I believe kristen has a very long legs and because she had long legs she looks tall. i think she's liar about her height. And kristen looks like dwarft. But i think kristen is 5'4-5'5
Edwardteam said on 16/Mar/09
If i think about kristen's height it's very confuse to me, because sometimes kristen looks tall and i know because she has a very long legs. If she stand near twilight co-star she looks very short than the other. But i still don't know kristen's height. And if she stand by Robert she looks like dwarft.
jennnna said on 15/Mar/09
i dunno if anyone posted this link yet Click Here
but here she totally looks really short!
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/09
I watched Twilight yesterday. In the movie i also guessed her height as 5'3 or 5'4 max, comparing her with 6'0 or 6'1 co-star Pattinson. Young and cute girl though :)
Samuella said on 9/Mar/09
Calling Kristan a dwarf at 5f3 is ridiculous. She isn't tall and is just under average. She is very very thin so she looks small. She isn't abnormally small at 5f3.
Mariah said on 4/Mar/09
There's no way this girl is shorter than 5'4". Her long, thin legs confuse us, but compare the pictures of other actresses and she definitely looks 5'4". Putting her at 5'1" or 5'6"is ridiculous, And people, 5'4" is not a "dwarf", like kate said below. It's average.
Loraine said on 26/Feb/09
true buth stephanie was wearing low heels that day which you can see in some pics form the same day, so id sa kristen is between 5'3 and 5'4, never a 5'2 or else robert pattinson would absolutely dwarf her head hits about his sholder and chin sso yea 5'4 ssounds good to me
Outspoken said on 24/Feb/09
I think she's even shorter than 5ft 4...

In this picture:
Click Here

She looks at least 2 inches shorter than 5 foot 4 Stephenie Meyer, so unless Stephenie was wearing very high heels then Kristen has top be no more than 5 foot 2 inches.
Katie said on 21/Feb/09
I have the proof, she almost 5'4". Copy this address in your explorer: Click Here Catherine Hardwicke is 5'6". Well, they seem almost the same height but.... now copy this one: Click Here here we can see that Kristen has heels, so you can subtract about 2 or 3 inches (5 to 8cm). So the result is: 168cm - 6cm = 162cm (5'3 1/4 inches). So what do you think now?
Anonymous said on 20/Feb/09
yeah, i agree with -we-

look at this picture Click Here
and this Click Here

what do you think about Kristen's shoes?
It's very HIGH heels, it looks like about 7 or 8 cm (3 or 4 inches)
She's standing exactly next to Michael Angarano still with that 8 cm HEELS

Michael is 5'7''.... hellooooooo, U CAN SEE that Kristen is totally not 5'6'' (168cm), if she's 5'6'' and wear 7 cm heels, then she will be taller than Michael, but it's obvious that dwarf (Kristen) still Shorter than Michael, so Kristen is 5'3'' or 5'4'', but i agree Kristen is 5'3,75'' (162cm), everywhere said that Kristen is 162 cm (5'3,75'')... oooh, what pathetic -missme- accept that. and look Kristen's chin is very ugly.
we said on 20/Feb/09
i dont think we are all wrong!

just use our brain, look at this picture Click Here
and this Click Here
she's standing next to michael angarano who claim to be 5'7'', and she wear about 7 or 8 cm (3 inches), pretty high. and she STILL SHORTER than michael angarano... just think with our brain, if shes 5'6'', and wear 7 cm heels, then she will be TALLER than Michael angarano, so OBVIOUSLY Kristen is 5'3''/5'4''. think carefully. use logic. and her chin is very horrible.
look at rachel bilson who 5'2'', she also has very long and skinny legs, make us think shes about 5'6''/5'7''. u know honestly the first time i saw rachel bilson, i thought shes 5'7'', but when i watch tv there's an interview with her, she claims to be 5'2'' (and shes not shame, i like her, honest girl)
missme said on 19/Feb/09
yeah, probably she is not 5 6", but ther are only to options

either she is tall and we are just all wrong or she has ver ver very (i mena VERY) long legs for a girl her height..

i don
Anonymous said on 19/Feb/09
She is my favourite actress. I agree with Kate (5 people below) she looks around 5'3 / 5'4/ She is very skinny and so that makes her look taller than she really is, also is you look at them pictures of her with Emma Roberts and people she is more Emma's height than Blake's.
claire said on 19/Feb/09
yeah, i saw kristen on regis n kelly, i was wrong. kristen is 5'3''
look Click Here this is rachel bilson who 5'2'' she also has long legs like kristen, and look Click Here(6).html its because they have slim n long legs, so it looks like they are 5'6'', but actually they short, their slim n long legs tricked us think that they are 5'6'', but actually they are only 5'3'', they are very short. and look Click Here this is shiri appleby who 5'3'', look, u can see her legs are very long, make her look 5'6'', but actually shes only 5'3''. dont trust their legs, but trust when they were stand next to other people, they look short than other people, but when they are alone, they look like 5'6''
kristen, just admit that u r only 5'3'', honey...
higher said on 19/Feb/09
look Click Here
rachel bilson has very long legs, but shes actually only 5'2'', its the same case with kristen Stewart, who has long legs too, but actually kristen's only 5'3''. shes very tiny n short like dwarfs n smurfs
Katieleung said on 18/Feb/09
hei, look at this Click Here and look at this Click Here
compare those picture
they have the same long legs, but this is shiri Appleby who is 5'3'' Click Here

and this is kristen stewart who lied about her height by said that shes 5'6'' Click Here

but its obvious they have the same long legs, they both actually have the same height which is only 5'3'', but they have very long legs which is make them looks taller than their real height. but actually their height is only about 5'3'', they are actually short. and yeah, i remember kristen on regis n kelly, kristen's shorter than kelly, n when kristen with 5'7''/170cm michael angarano kristen seems 10 cm shorter than angarano. so, that shorty kristen is absolutely is only 5'3''/5'4'', very short.
Katieleung said on 18/Feb/09
Click Here
look at that. It's a picture of Kristen with EmileHirsch in Into The Wild, u can see right? its obvious Kristen is shorter than Emile about 7 cm , while Emile Hirsch is 166 cm (5'5,5''), and both of them NOT wear Heels of course... so Kristen is totally lied, she's not 5'6'', Kristen is only 5'3''. Shes actually very very short and tiny, u know. Kristen no need to lie, just accept the fact that u r short.
kate said on 18/Feb/09
take a look at this...
Click Here

Amanda and Emma are both about 5'3", Blake is a tall girl (like 5'9"), and Kristen looks a little taller than Amanda and Emma but closer to them than to Blake. I would put her at 5'4"-5"
Denise said on 18/Feb/09
I think that Kris is 5'4 as a max. but is kristen shorter or taller than Nikki on this pics? I think she maybe looks taller because of her hair.
Click Here
Click Here
Cris said on 18/Feb/09
Obviously she's not 5'6''. I really think she's more like a 5'3''...Anyway, at that height, I don't think that she is very very short like someone said...She is just average!
Cutest said on 18/Feb/09
hello, look at this Click Here
what do you think about Kristen's shoes, its very high heels, it looks like about 7 cm (3 inches), and look at this shes with Michael Angarano still with that 7 cm HEELS Click Here
Michael is 5'7''.... hellooooooo, U CAN SEE that Kristen is totally not 5'6'' (168cm), if shes 5'6'' and wear 7 cm heels, then she will be taller than Michael, but its obvious Kristen still shorter than Michael, so Kristen is 5'3'' or 5'4'', but i agree Kristen is 5'3,75'' (162cm), everywhere said that Kristen is 162 cm (5'3,75'')... oooh, what pathetic -claire- accept that. and look at this Click Here Kristen's chin is very horrible.
Pinko said on 18/Feb/09
and in case you REMEMBER, Kristen is shorter than Kelly on Regis n Kelly, which is Kelly is 5'2,75'' (159 cm), and OBVIOUSLY Kristen is shorter than Kelly, even though both of them wear heels and a little bit different of the HEELS, its obvious Kristen is Shorter than Kelly, im not blind you know.... its no way Kristen is 5'6'', look at her Carefully on Regis n Kelly. look at Kirsten Dunst who 5'5,5'' (166cm) on Regis n Kelly, shes obviously Taller than Kelly... Geeeee, Kristen is very Short shes only 5'3'' _claire_ just accept the fact that Kristen is short. no need to lie
claire said on 17/Feb/09
i've seen her in person and i'm 5'4. trust me, she was about 2 inches taller then me and she wasn't wearing heels or anything. she's actually not short at all.
Pinko said on 17/Feb/09
yeah, shes only 5'3''
look Click Here
Pinko said on 17/Feb/09
Yeah, she's only 5'3'' or 5'4'' . Shes not 5'6''
look Click Here
and Click Here
also this Click Here

shes only 5'3''.... im surprised!! shes actually very short.... i thought shes 5'6'' or 5'6''
see this Click Here
and this Click Here

everywhere said that shes only 5'3'' (160 cm)
OMG, actually shes very short.....
Dolly said on 17/Feb/09
Click Here look at that, Kristen is 5'4''. well, maybe between 5'3''/5'4''
and look at this Click Here
who said everywhere said Kristen is 5'6'' (168cm)???
obviously everywhere said Kristen is ONLY 5'3,75'' or 5'4'' (162-163cm)
she's very very short......
see this Click Here

and this Click Here
wicked said on 17/Feb/09
look at this Click Here
shes very short... i really dont understand, why everywhere said that shes 5'6''
shes only 5'3'' hellooooooo!!!!
look at this.... Click Here
who made this website??
look at this too Click Here
KyAn22 said on 16/Feb/09
I read that she is 5ft 6 but I dont think so. If Stephanie Meyers is 5ft 4 and I see Kristen standing next to her and she seems shorter by a couple of inches. So it seems in the movie she must have some thick sole wedges in her boots or something???
Denise said on 12/Feb/09
Sanira:What communication problems?
sanira said on 12/Feb/09
if robert is 6'1 and she is 5'4 then did it like cause communication problems?
Sue said on 11/Feb/09
I thought she was 5'4. She didn't seem to be as tall as 5'6 when I saw her in Twilight. (shrugs)
jennnna said on 10/Feb/09
i heard she's like 5'7".. but i dont think so.. but how ever tall she is.. she still cant act AT ALLL. and she's not very pretty.. she looks good with blonde hair though
Anonymous said on 6/Feb/09
kristen stewart is 5'4''. this website said shes 5'4''. and when shes with jodie foster shes 5'3''. so she almost didnt GROW.... haha
-common sense- you right most people GROW, except that Shorty kristen stewart... i win!
Brad said on 5/Feb/09
Ugly chin is correct.
common sense said on 4/Feb/09
how old do u think kristen was in that pic?? I dont know about u but most people GROW she is obviouly had to grow a bit since that pic. oh and about her being ugly u might want to look up some recent pics of her because she is soooo not ugly again I dont know about your case but most kids look a little weird when going trough puberty, maibe not the case for u and u stayed funky looking but defenitely not her.
wicked said on 4/Feb/09
i really confused, why everybody said K.Stewart is 5'6''?? K.Stewart is only 5'3''.... Gee!!!
look at this Click Here
Stewart next to Jodie Foster who 5'3'', Stewart's shorter than Jodie Foster... definitely!!
and you can see Stewart next to Kelly on Regis &Kelly, she's also shorter than Kelly, even though their high heels a little bit different, but you can see that Stewart is NO WAY 5'6''...
Shes only 5'3''. trust me!!! shes also has a strange chin, very long... weird, her jaw is also big.... her face is totally Ugly
wicked said on 23/Jan/09
Look at this Click Here

Obviously kristen stewart is shorter than kelly on regis and kelly, while kelly is 5'2,5'' (159 cm), and both of them wear heels, maybe "just a little bit different height of the heels".
BUT, still it means Stewart no way 5'6
Stewart im sure she's only 5'3''
kristen please admit that...... and K.Stewart ugly as well, her jaw and her chin very strange, big and long...
thank you...
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/09
Yeah, she looked quite short in the film, especially compared to Charlie/Billy Burke. Dar, perhaps 5'3.5" or an iffy 5'4". Pattinson just TOWERS over her.
Anonnymous said on 20/Jan/09
she never claimed any height, some ppl claimed knowing one of her brothers but i doubt she ever "claimed" anything, from pictures she seems very tiny
5'3.5 seems about right
anonnymous said on 19/Jan/09
after a long study of her legs compared to nikki reed when their standing side by side, ive come to the conclusion that her legs arent long but very very well shaped, nikki and her seem to have the same EXACT height, not an inch up or down, and their legs seem to have the same lenght when side by side but kristen has a very small and thin bone structure (chicken legs) meaning they look like a models legs except shorter, lucky girl, her legs are gorgeous! and shes gorgeous as well
oh well i guess we cant all have it all now can we?
im guessing shes 5'3 5'4, she seems very tiny next to everyone ive seen her with
5 ft 3.2 said on 19/Jan/09
I recently saw her in an interview and she claimed to be 5'4" Her long legs make her look taller.
Denise said on 19/Jan/09
Her height is pretty confusing. She has so long legs but in comparing with other celebrities she isnt looking tall. I think 5'4 is right. Somtimes maybe smaller.
Vampiric said on 18/Jan/09
She looks around 5'5.
annonymous said on 17/Jan/09
hey guys look at this Click Here now if rob is indeed 6'1 hes about a head taller than kristen, so kristen cant be very tall now can she? id say shes about 5'3
annonymous said on 16/Jan/09
well kellys heels were about 5 inches and kristens are the chanel t-staps which are like 4.25 so im guessing kristen is about 5'3
nomad said on 13/Jan/09
i believe 5"4 or 5"3 are the most suited answers..i mean hollywood stars especially actresses usually fake their heights..some are like kristin kreuk n Natalie Portman...CHECK IT OUT on other sites and you'll read their confessions..anyway what's the big fuss not having the model height?...these women simply
the conclusion here is always subtract 3 inches to their sites' height description.
Vanessa said on 13/Jan/09
i think she is more than 5'4, she only seem small because her co stars are taller.
ohdreamon said on 10/Jan/09
I believe the lady in the pic with Kristen is her costar in the movie cake eaters...her name is melissa Leo. I believe she is also her costar in the upcoming movie Welcome to the rileys
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/09
kristen definitely looks 5'4.check this out Click Here
Loraine said on 5/Jan/09
Anna Kendrik is definatly not 5'4, she looks around 5'2.5, she looks very tiny compared to everyone ive seen her with, kristen is the same height as Nikki, and ive seen a picture of nikki next to kate borworth and she was about an inch shorter than her, and nikki is about an inch taller than amanda seyfried who is 5'3 so im guessing their about this height
svanah said on 4/Jan/09
Actually,there's really no way at all that Kristen is 5'4". If you watch Twilight, she is significantly taller than costar Anna Kendrick, who is also listed everywhere as 5'4". So, Kristen must be at least 5'6". After seeing that movie, there can't be any debate putting her under 5'6".

Editor Rob
she looks shorter than the girl who plays alice cullen.
anon said on 1/Jan/09
this height is spot on. emma watson is a little shorter than Katie Leung which is the same height as kristen. they are both listed here as the same height as around 163-165cm
Me said on 29/Dec/08
lenaaa, it was posted in her thread on The Fashion Spot dot com.

I don't know who the person is behind her. I assumed her mother, but I don't know.

I still think she's taller than 5'4", but what do I know.
Vanessa said on 23/Dec/08
Kristen's about 5'5 or even 5'6, I think. Emma Watson is stated here as 5'5, and Kristen looks the same.
Giulia said on 23/Dec/08
Look at this pic...
Click Here
No heels, next to Robert she's so tiny... if Robert's height is 6'1'' (1,85 m) she can't be more than 5'4''...
Annonymous said on 22/Dec/08
well the thing is kristen has chicken legs, really really stick thin legs, which makes them look long, and her tall, she doesnt seem very big to me, about 5'4 sounds about right
Me said on 22/Dec/08
She looks extremely tall here:
Click Here

I was honestly shocked to see her listed height here. I expected her to be listed as a really tall height.
rungal said on 18/Dec/08
Razz - those photos are really confusing, actually. Taylor must be taller than 5'6", and Kristen looks really small next to Robert... but maybe they're just all shorter than we think? I don't know - Kristen has such long legs that it makes everything difficult to figure out! This is really annoying though, I want to know how tall she is. I mean, maybe she's 5'6" like everyone says and we're just delusional.
missme said on 17/Dec/08
according to the photos you showed taylor CAN
Razz said on 17/Dec/08
Kristen is 5"4???????! REALLY? YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Well not according to these photos in which shes standing next to the SUPPOSEDLY 5'6 Lautner! And i wonder where Pattinson stands next to them b/c he is supposedly 6'1! Confusing.

Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/08
I think you should upgrade her to 5ft5 and a half
because Ive met her and I'm that height and she was
the EXACT same height as me.
sasha said on 13/Dec/08
She claims to be 5'6", I think.
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/08
Well i saw taylor lauther a few weeks ago and im 5'6 and there was NO way hes taller than me.Hes 5'6 if lucky.Kristen is a few inches shorter than him,so shes prob 5'2-5'3 maybe 5'4 but id say thats a bit of a stretch.
missme said on 8/Dec/08
sometimes she looks 5'5", some other days she looks 5'3" but she frequently looks like 5'4" ish... i wonder what is her exact height? would anybody answer please?
John said on 8/Dec/08
Kristen significantly shorter t han 5'6" Emile Hirsch
Click Here
do with it what you will
Alex said on 6/Dec/08
I think she is very sexy, all girls must be like this girl. What do you think noobs?
missme said on 3/Dec/08
she is a solid 5' 4 but in fact she has very long legs
Anonymous said on 2/Dec/08
i thought she looked the same height as kelly although kelly was wearing higher heels i think, kristen seems to have really long legs but she must be around 5'3 5'4
Melody said on 30/Nov/08
Click Here

The link above shows a clip of Kristen on Regis and Kelly. With heels, she was a bit taller than Regis who, as a guy, wouldn't wear heels. She was also a bit taller than Kelly who was definitely wearing heels.
Elle said on 30/Nov/08
Claims 5'7. I always thought she looked shorter.
Claire said on 27/Nov/08
In her cameo appearance in *Jumper* she was paired up beside Diane Lane who played a major character, and Kristen looked to be about two inches shorter than Diane Lane. Diane is around 5'6 - 5'7 maybe, but Kristen isn't tall, the height of her's put on here I think is most accurate.
Eden said on 26/Nov/08
I am 163cm, and my boyfriend is the same height as Robert Pat. She definitely looks as I look next to my bf, when she is standing next to Rob.
kat said on 26/Nov/08
i believe kristen is less than 5'4, she showed up at regis and kelly and she was the same height as kelly which is claimed at 5'2.5, they were in similar heels too
monica said on 24/Nov/08
she's 5'4. Believe me. My friend knows her brother. She said she's 5'4. And Ashley is 5'5. At least it's what's said one her official myspace.
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/08
next to maria bello who according to this site is a solid 5
Twilight fan said on 18/Nov/08
no shes not 5
RentGirl said on 16/Nov/08
US magazine has her at 5 foot 6 in their current issue
brett said on 15/Nov/08
I think she is shorter than nikki take a look at this

Click Here
Loraine said on 12/Nov/08
above a step? when and where? if you see the vanity fair photoshoot coverage, nikki is in very high heels and kristen in converse and yet there it not more than a 3 inch difference between them, i think nikki is either shorter than we think or kristen taller
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
kristen stewart is above a step next to nikki
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/08
Yes, I think that her long, skinny legs to give off the impression of being taller than she actually is. However, look at this picture with R-Pattz, I find it hilarious how he's bending down to be closer to her height haha. By the way, hopefully the film will give us more concrete about all actors' heights or at least the premieres.Click Here
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/08
i seriously thought she was atleat 5'7". She's always looked so much taller. I guess its because she has long skinny legs
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/08
Yes, we do. And, to Loraine, I'm a huge fan of Kristen's, she's amazing. I also am a gigantic fan of the Twilight series and cannot wait for the film to come out!
monica said on 31/Oct/08
so do we all agree she's around 5'4? LOL...
Loraine said on 31/Oct/08
as ive said i give up lol 5
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/08
What, I thought you just said you thought they are both around 5'4", so I'm agreeing with you? And, although your links for some reason did not work, I searched K-Stew on justjared and if you're talking about the pictures from the set of her new film, I'm quite sure that is not NIkki Reed, it's just someone that looks like that kind of explains why Stewart would look taller, right? haha. Nice try though, if I were to glance at the photos I would have thought they were NIkki as well. Plus, there are some photos of Cam and Kristen (and the director) and Cam looks about 6' compared to Kristen and the director, who I think is around 5'5", though. They're on as well. I can't wait until the premieres and the actual film! !
Loraine said on 30/Oct/08
pff fine i give up on trying to convince u anonymous, but i still think shes 5
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/08
Yeah, there is no way that Stewart is anything over 5'4", if she were, Rob would be about 6'6", she looks like a child next to him. Anyway, I think that Reed is actually shorter than 5'5", more around 5'4" or slightly over that.
Loraine said on 28/Oct/08
ok i just looked up on jared and found some pics of her and nikki both in converse HAHA shes definatly taller or nikki is definatly shorter than 5
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
You could be right Steph?
steph said on 16/Oct/08
i think 5 foot 3. She's considerably shorter than emile hirsch in into the wild.
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/08
Loraine, when the two got interviewed together both were standing properly and Kristen was still shorter, about an inch or an inch and a half shorter I'd say. Honestly, I think Nikki is more around 5'5" or a little under, she just never looked a full 5'5" to 5'6" in 13, the OC, etc....I'd say Kristen is 5'4" or a little under though. This is a good listing for her.
Loraine said on 11/Oct/08
anonymous, no i was talking about another party but even in the teen vogue one, kristin was always slouching and even then she looked only an inch shorter than nikki(rosalie) Click Here here and if she stood up straight im preety sure they would be the same height, like here
Click Here
and the other party i was takling about in which she is in vans-
Click Here
and her with nikki
Click Here
now nikki is about 3 inches taller than her and shes in heels, so if nikki is in fact 5'7, then she should tower over kristin, i think kristin is 5'5 or 5'6, im 5'4 myself and my cousin is 6'1 and there looks to be a bigger height difference with me and him than with kristin and rob so yea i think kristin is 5'6 lol
take care
Anonymous said on 2/Oct/08
Click Here
Taller than Lutz is Rob.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/08
Editor Rob: If Pattinson isn't over 6'1" like you said on his page, why does he absolutely tower over Stewart and the rest of the Twilight cast even without considering his hair?? You've seen photos of the duo and he's huge compared to her, absolutely gigantic!
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/08
Not at the teen vogue party though, correct Loraine? I was quite sure that they were both wearing heels and Kristen was shorter.
Loraine said on 26/Sep/08
anonymous those pictures she had on vans or sth, she took off her heals and if nikki reaed is rlly 5'7 and in heals she looked only 3 inches taller than a kristin with flats i think kristin is a bit taller than that
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/08
She posed with Nikki Reed (Roasalie Hale) at Teen Vogue's young Hollywood party and looked 2 to 3 inches shorter, accordingly. Go to getty and search the duo and you'll see what I'm speaking of.
So said on 10/Sep/08
Monica is right, look at that Click Here
monica said on 8/Sep/08
If you see the latest pics (from the VMA's) where she stands next to her boyfriend (Michael Arangano) even with those heels she is slightly shorter than him. Aaaaand on his Official Website is stated that he is 5'7. So, she is 5'4 ish maximum..
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/08
Click Here HOw tall does she look here next to R-Patz?
Taylor said on 14/Aug/08
5'4 sounds about right. she was standing next to her 5'7 boyfriend michael angarano, and she looked at least 3 inches shorter.
Anonymous. said on 11/Aug/08
I haven't seen SM's footwear from the event, so I don't know. However, I saw a photo of her, Rob, and Kristen and SM once again was a bit taller than Stewart (this was from a different day, obviously). Also, Rob just absolutely dwarfs Kristen in interviews so either he's taller or she's shorter.....?
Anonymous said on 11/Aug/08
Wow. Only 5'4"? She seems much taller in pictures.
monica said on 5/Aug/08
I don't SM in heels? cause Kris isn'
Anonymous said on 3/Aug/08
Click Here She looks slightly shorter than the 5'4" Stephanie Meyer (author of the books, if you didn't know) in this photo as well as a few others, so I think she is slightly under 5'4", could probably be knocked down to 5'3.5", but who's really counting.
monica said on 15/Jul/08
Yeah 5'4, no more than 5'5. Ashley Greene stated that she is 5'5 and she is taller than Kristen so....
rylie said on 20/Jun/08
oh way she is 5ft 4in! if you guys watch Zathura, you will definitely notice that she is a few inches taller than that. At the least, she may be 5ft 5in., but i'd say about 5ft 5.5in
glenn said on 6/Jun/08
i wish i met sure she was around when i was busy.
Anon said on 5/Jun/08
Glenn, have you met her? She seems awesome, and she and Robert Pattinson are going to be superb in Twilight. However, I don't really know how tall either of them are; she looks 5'3.5" to 5'4.5" and Rob looks 6'1.5" to 6'2.5"....he absolutely towers over her. Any thoughts?
Anon said on 4/Jun/08
She seems 5'3" to 5'4".
Grace said on 4/May/08
She's 5'6 actually.
RentGirl said on 24/Feb/08
she's shorter than Stephenie Meyer who said she was 5'4 on her myspace page and Nikki Reed who you have on here as 5'5 1/2.
Click Here
glenn said on 19/Jan/08
i love this woman.
brett said on 18/Jan/08
i agree i would say that she's about 5'3 to 5'4 range
Nana said on 17/Jan/08
She looks more like 5 ft 6 in.
Click Here

Click Here
Mr. T said on 22/Dec/07
Rob, I think it's time to either downgrade her or upgrade Hirsch:

Click Here

Editor Rob
yeah, more of downgrading this girl I think

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