How tall is Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

American Cyclist.

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5ft 9.18in (175.7cm)
OriginalAnon said on 24/Apr/20
Lance Armstrong - the best road cyclist ever and one of the greatest athletes of all time.

175.3cm seems definitely too low. He is 177, more likely.
Jean-Pierre Jaboulay said on 23/Jan/20
I am 175cm and a few more millimeters out of bed and almost 174 in the evening. I met him and he stood right in front of me. He was definitely 2 to 3 cm taller than me. So 177 cm seems accurate. I don't know what it exactly represents in feet and inches though.
Jean-Pierre Jaboulay said on 23/Jan/20
I am 175cm and a few more millimeters out of bed and almost 174 in the evening. I met him and he stood right in front of me. He was definitely 2 to 3 cm taller than me. So 177 cm seems accurate. I don't know what it exactly represents in feet and inches though.
ajax509 said on 14/Oct/19
Legit 177cm to cheat folks and death. Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever. His USA Cycling listing was a conversion error, 177cm is 5.8 feet not 5'8".
SnerhagAip777 said on 5/Apr/19
Had no idea that Lance Armstrong was that. Always pictured him in the 6'-6'1 range, but i'll accept that.
ou812 said on 2/Apr/19
His son Luke is listed as 6'3": Click Here
Johnson said on 7/Dec/17
@Tunman anyway I think Contador is slightly taller than Valverde (listed 177)

Sometimes figures are rounding up and gutbusting like Valverde

I think between these 3, Armstrong would be the tallest then Contador and then Valverde
Tunman said on 6/Dec/17
Click Here
Contador is listed at 175 as you can see it.
Now you are right.He was certainly measured at 176 at a medical but remember that most of them are done early in the morning,well possibly 2 hours out of bed at max.It's more than likely that he would stand only 175 in the evening.Just keep in mind that many players in Real,Barcelona or else were slightly taller like Cristiano at 186,5 but more likely 185,5 in the evening.Not that I say it's wrong to claim a medical height but just pointing that generally it's not the lowest you reach during the day.I mean we take the lowest mark reached on the day as a reference ON THIS SITE.
hardguy said on 2/Oct/17
5ft 9in (175.3cm)
Johnson said on 18/Apr/17
How much do cycling shoes give?
Johnson said on 14/Jan/17
Hey guys, Contador is 176 cm in medical tests. Figures of riders have been checked by his new team Trek Segafredo
Johnson said on 3/Sep/16
@Tunman Valverde is listed for several years on his team website, Movistar, as 177 cm. Contador is taller than Spanish singer David Bisbal who claims 175 cm
Tunman said on 2/Sep/16
Try Alberto Contador Bios cycling base they have him at 175 and 61.He was also described 175 in 2007 in french L'Equipe before being raised to 176 from 2009 onwards.Valverde is listed both 178 and 176 (62kg).btw I'm definitely convinced that Contador is 5'8.75-9 and Armstrong 5'9-9.25".Remember also that Schleck claimed 6'1 and had a 185 listing (can't remember where exactly I hope I'll find it).Contador is at least a 4.25" shorter.
Johnson said on 7/Aug/16
@Tunman I have not seen Contador 175 listings yet... by the way Valverde is 176.5
Johnson said on 22/Jul/16
Indurain is 186 cm. He claimed so in tv
Tunman said on 19/Jul/16
Contador is definitely shorter than Armstrong by 1cm no more no less.I'm very sure about it.Now Contador is at least a solid 4" possibly 4.25" shorter than Andy Schleck who claimed 6'1 and has 185 and 186 listings in the Internet.Contador has also some 175 listings.In my humble opinion the truth is that Schleck is a legit 6'1 Contador 5'8.75-9 or 175 and Armstrong 5'9.25 or 176.Possibly the best answers especially if you assume that the difference with legit180 George Bush is about a solid 4cm maybe 4,5 tops.5'9 is fair but nothing under.The national team listing of 5'8 is strange,too many cyclists heights should be reconsidered and downgraded by a good inch if it turns true.
5ft 9.25 said on 9/Mar/16
Doesn't strike me as a 'honest' 5-9. If we take into account that Gyllenhaal well might be in the 5ft 10 range I start to trust the 5ft 8 listing of his national team.
plus said on 5/Dec/15
There's a link where it states that Indurain is 186 cm and Prudencio his brother 188 cm
Click Here
plus said on 13/Oct/15
Armstrong with Indurain (188 cm)
Click Here

Armstrong and matthew McConaughey (listed here 180 cm)
Click Here

This is proof that he is a real 177 cm
plus said on 26/Sep/15
No, guys, I've seen face to face Alberto Contador, he is a real 176 cm and Lance Armstrong is 177 cm. You can also see George Bush with Lance. Contador also has been with Nadal and Bisbal
Tunman said on 2/Feb/15
Well after paying more attention Contador could be more like a weak 5'9 anyways nearer to 5'9 than 8 possibly somewhere between 174 and 175
Looked kind of small next to schleck but schleck was thin and his his eyelevel was more average/high than low so could have given an impression of tallness.
176,2Tunman said on 9/Jul/14
He seems a hair taller than Contador,but Contador is unlikely 176.Alberto seems nearly 4"shorter than Hushovd,about 5"shorter than Schleck and a solid 4"shorter than Petacchi.
Armstrong is somewhere between 5'8.5 and 5'9.Contador I'm almost sure is either 5'8.25 or 5'8.5
Lenad said on 8/Jun/13
looks 5'9ish
noEPO said on 6/Apr/13
Lance Armstrong and the Norwegian pro cyclist Thor Hushovd. Hushovd is 183 cm / 6 ft.
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Antonio said on 23/Nov/12
I met Lance in the late 90s. My height then was 5-9. He appeared a little taller than me. Probably 5-9.5 to 5-10, but when you look at someone your own height it seems from your perspective that the other person is a little taller, so it is possible he is 5-9.

He wasn't a very nice guy. He seemed quite serious or even a little angry. Probably not as angry as he is nowadays, though!
Dear Wiggo said on 31/Oct/12
[Check this link: Click Here

He looks a bit taller than Cavendish who's 5'9".
And about 3" taller than Leipheimer who's 5'7".
Taller guys like Andy Schleck and Cancellera (both claimed 6'1" although Schleck looks taller.) don't dwarf him. I'd say around 5'9" - 5'10 is accurate.]

IMO, this photo angle is bad for height comparison, but.
1. Lance is wearing massive heels.
2. He's also wearing a hat - adds the perception of height.

I'd agree with 175cm.
Jimmy said on 1/Oct/12
He is listed as 5'8 on USA Cycling. They presumably measured him several times when he was on Olympic teams.
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Mike said on 10/Sep/12
I have meet Terenzo Bozonne several times and I am taller than him, I'm 5'7.5 without shoes. Pictures of Lance and Terenzo together show that Lance is slightly taller. He can't be taller than 5'8.
Anon said on 21/Dec/11
As a long time cyclist, I know that determining someone's height based on the size of bike that they ride is doomed to failure. It is highly dependent on many other factors including arm and leg length as well as personal preference. I am only 5'7" and have ridden a 54 cm bike all my adult life. I once lent one of my bikes to a six-footer and the fit was about right for him without even raising the saddle--the reach even looked a little long. He is Asian and has short legs and arms. By contrast, I have long arms and long legs, so I ride a bike that might seem a little large for me.
The Ben said on 17/Dec/11
Just been on a trek bike fit course (Im now a qualified bike fitter) The instructor said lance rides a 58 (why would somebody lie about that?). He has a 5.5 cm drop from saddle to bars,I ride a 5'8 madone and im 6ft, I do have more post showing than lance though, I'd say he could be 5'10 or slightly under.
Jardin said on 18/Nov/11
Met Lance as he was leaving Nike store on 57th st. in n.y.c. Shook his hand. I'm 5'9 1/3". Lance is 5'8" most.
Markus said on 14/Sep/11
Frame height doesn't say everything. The guy's got shorter legs compared to his back, so he doesn't need a big bikeframe. Also most pro riders sit quite low on their bikes.

Check this link: Click Here

He looks a bit taller than Cavendish who's 5'9".
And about 3" taller than Leipheimer who's 5'7".
Taller guys like Andy Schleck and Cancellera (both claimed 6'1" although Schleck looks taller.) don't dwarf him. I'd say around 5'9" - 5'10 is accurate.
no way said on 29/Jul/11
no way he rides a 58 frame. I've seen his bikes and they are tiny. 54 at most. i'd say he is 5'6" at best.
Will said on 22/Mar/11
Lance Armstrong is at least 5'10" tall.
bellman3000 said on 27/Jan/11
no way. i am 5'7" and have seen him on more than one occasion. the first thing i remember thinking when seeing him is that he was barely taller than me. in my opinion, he is max 5'8"
Reid Rothschild said on 6/Jan/11
Armstrong is about to be indicted by Federal Prosecutors. An article in Sports Illustrated is coming out 1/18/11. Liestrong fibs about everything else, why wouldn't he lie about his height. He's just under 5'8."
JP said on 6/Jul/09
He's listed 5'9 on the espn tour de france page
GF said on 18/Mar/09
Don't know about Lance, but Steven Colbert seems closer to 6'1." I saw a pic of him with Rush and he was taller than Alex (6 ft) and Geddy (5'11"), shorter than Neil (6'3").
Rusty said on 17/Jan/09
Maybe Lance has a 36" inseam. Ever think of that?!?!?!?!?
The Ben said on 9/Jan/09
Lance's new bike is a 58. that is big for a 5'9.5 guy, im 6'1 and i ride a 58.
Ive read on a few forums that he prefers a bigger frame.
Petey said on 31/Oct/08
A 57 cm frame is perfectly reasonable for a 5'10" rider (sorry to mix metric and imperial). I'm 5' 7" and I ride a 54 or 55 cm frame. It's not too big.
Lenad said on 19/Oct/08
Dosent look too tall next to ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson
MD said on 4/Oct/08
With 5'10" Ben Harper:

hClick Here

Click Here

(something is odd about that first photo, I think)

With 5'8.5" Lenny Kravitz:

Click Here

(there's no telling about the footwear, here, but still)

With Patrick Dempsey, also listed at 5'9.5", here:

Click Here

With Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaragosa, who I hear isn't anything over 5'8". Could be in lifts, too.

Click Here
ZT said on 3/Oct/08
listed as 5'11 but barefoot 177cm
Vibram said on 9/Sep/08
He's in the news again for he might come out of retirement. I'm shocked to find he's 5ft9.5 (177cm), I always assumed he was around 6ft (183cm) too. He rides a large sized cycle frame as well: 57cm which is a size too big for a rider of 5ft9.5.
Anna said on 17/Aug/08
I think he's taller than 5'9.5.I'd say he's at least 6'0 tall.
zerstoren said on 27/Jul/08
colbert is 5'11 he said it himself
Lmeister said on 31/Jan/08
Maybe Colbert is wearing lifts? He made sucha a big deal of Lances height. Annoying bloke...
Jeppe Larsen said on 30/Jan/08
I side with daniel. The difference between them was significant. So maybe Colbert is understated?
daniel said on 12/Dec/07
Did anyone else see him on the colbert report? stephen colbert is 5'10...lance looked MUCH shorter than him.
Reminidi said on 1/Sep/07
in that pic runnin with lance, mattie m. has some pretty short appearing legs...but in on tv, etc. appears taller...think you might be right, viper...perhaps him and simon cowell have the same cobbler...
Viper said on 6/Jul/07
I think McConaughey might be a lift wearer.
ras said on 5/Jul/07
"Well, then Matthew McConaughey must be taller then 180 cm"

Chris, Derek. You guys might want to explain me why McConaughey looks even taller than Gyllenhaal here:

Click Here
teh_pwner said on 22/May/07
Really? wow, I expected him to be around 5' 11''
glenn said on 20/May/07
in the mid 90s,matthew was 5-11.5 in front of me and a dick.
invisible said on 20/May/07
he is a bit taller then lance who is 177cm for sure. but i don't think 2 inches. maybe 5'11. glenn have you met him?
derek said on 19/May/07
Matthew McConaughey easily has 2 inches on him in every picture I have seen... either putting Lance at 5'9.5 and Matthew at 5'11.5 or his listed height I usually hear at 5'11 and Matthew at 6'1.
invisible said on 19/May/07
chris. do you know what he is hiding in his shoes? it's an event.
freetime pics:
Click Here
Click Here
glenn said on 19/May/07
matthew is 5-11.5
Chris said on 19/May/07
Well, then Matthew McConaughey must be taller then 180 cm.

Click Here

Diogeneze said on 19/May/07
5-9.75 is correct. read an interesting article in Runner's World a few months back when he was training for the marathon - it had his exact weight (don't remember exactly, but he did put on quite a few pounds after retiring; believe he was up to 166 or more, which was 10-12 lb. more than his racing weight - you can see it clearly in his face, which used to be very gaunt in the Tours).
Lmeister said on 18/May/07
I think he has gained a few pounds after ending his career, but the weight gain is probably muscle mass. He didn't look this big during his career. I think the reason why Lance sometimes looks shorter is his relaxed posture. 5'9.75'' is his barefeet height. I've seen pics of this measuring event...
D. Ray Morton said on 18/May/07
Lance looks bigger than I would have imagined - larger frame, head, etc. I'm not surprised by the height, though.
glenn said on 18/May/07
seemed 5-9.5.rob is close or correct.
Roger said on 11/Apr/07
Markus & MD, regarding Landis, I was able to see him up close after the Tour of Georgia the year before last. I'll have to reexamine the pics, but was just in front of him and would estimate him in the 5-8 range; it seems most top riders seem to be in that 5-8 to 5-11/150 lb. sweet spot for max versatility over a long tour's terrain (optimum combination of power for time trialing and light weight for climbing - incredibly high strength to weight ratio, not to mention freakish VO2 max, etc. - for evidence see Lance's body change post cancer and his increased versatility that followed). I'm no expert though so YMMV.

I too am a bigger rider (6-3.5) and yes it's surprising how much wind one can catch being taller. Luckily my main riding buddy is my height but bigger, so I can draft really well behind him. Exactly right too about musicians; the average height in the band I'm in is over 6 ft, and a sound guy at a club had forgotten our name but remembered "you were those tall guys." I'm a huge Who fan and had always heard Pete and John were tall and was somewhat disappointed when I found out they were right around 6 ft tops.
Markus said on 11/Mar/07
You're right about that Roger, I cycle myself, although in a recreative way nowadays.

Whenever I'm in a group, it's hard to find someone in front of me so I can be out of the wind. I'm 6'4", in the cycling world, 6 feet is considered tall, which is average or little above to me. And I need at least a 6 feet person in front of me to not catch too much wind!

Rock musicians is the same thing, there are just a few musicians which are taller than I expect. I always thought James Hetfield for example would be at least my height. he's "only" 6'1".
MD said on 28/Feb/07
Roger, strange you estimate Landis to be smaller than Lance considering that they both list themselves as 5'10". Where do you get the idea that Landis is 5'7"-5'8" just out of curiosity?
Roger said on 28/Feb/07
Good point below comparing him to Ullrich (who retired yesterday, BTW). Cyclists are usually smaller than you'd think, like rock musicians. Ullrich was always referred to as "Big Jan" and I remember being quite surprised to find out he is only 6 ft and 165 lb in his peak condition (he'll probably hit 200 soon unfortunately). Armstrong is probably a hair under 5-10, have seen him up close once and definitely looked on the diminutive side. Landis is kinda small too, maybe 2-3 inches under Lance.
MD said on 16/Feb/07
Bill, we don't have a page, here, for Colbert, but I've never heard anything over 5'10" for Colbert, and have actually heard 5'9". That said, I'd be interested in seeing some clips or photos of this.

Why the heck is Colbert not on here, yet?
Lmeister said on 16/Feb/07
Hmm this was measured height without shoes. He might not stand tall all the times so might look 5'8''- 5'9'' range when standing relaxed...
Markus said on 14/Jan/07
No way 6 feet. Jan Ulrich is 6 ft exactly. Get any picture of them together and see that Ulrich is clearly at least 5 cm taller.
trueheight said on 13/Jan/07
I saw him last fall - I saw 5'11 - 6ft my best estimate
Markus said on 6/Sep/06
Raising your saddle 2 inches would mean destroying your knees completely...especially in mountain stages.
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/06
since mcconaughey looks taller than him when they are both in runing shoes so that proves matt is no shorter than 180
trekbikes said on 30/May/06
Lance is just over 5'10. He rides a 58cm Trek which like ForensicNYC said is for riders around 5'10 to 6'. HE DOES NOT RAISE HIS SADDLE on mountain stages. I dont know where you pulled that one from.
Anonymous said on 29/May/06
He got measured at the start of Tour de France at 5' 9 3/4"...
I think there is a picture of it on gettyimages...
MD said on 3/May/06
Hmmm...but I'd imagine that they measure him BEFORE a bikeride and not after, wouldn't you? I think he can definitely get away with 5'10", but he was originally listed at 177cm.
ForensicNYC said on 3/May/06
Lance Armstrong is a good 5'10" BUT becomes as low as 5'9" after a long bike ride due to the stress on the SPINE. Compresive stress forces from the arms to the shoulder blades along with pounding from the pelvic region puts so much stress on the abnormaly ARCHED back during a bike ride. This man never wears lifts, so his height is easily established. Another way to establish his height is to look at his bicycle. The FRAME configuration of his bike is for a 5"10" to 6'0" person. Thousands of press photos show Lance using this frame configuration. He usually adjusts his sadle post 2" higher during mountain climbs to compensate his "standing up" pumping position that leaves the rest of the PELOTON scrambling in his wake...

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