How tall is Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich's Height

5ft 5.5in (166.4 cm)

Danish Musician from the band Metallica.

Lars with model Jessica Miller
Photo by PR Photos

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5ft 5.35in (166cm)
abcd said on 5/Jul/17
he makes an impression 1 cm less than he is on the pictures because of his bad posture
BillisaLefty said on 9/May/17
He's definitely shrunk a lot. He's probably and even 5'5'' today. Kirk is also way shorter than you'd think. He's 5'6'' max. Lars could have been 5'6 1/2'' at his peak. In addition, Kirk and Lars' posture makes them seem even shorter.
abcd said on 20/Feb/17
anyonmious are u kidding :) than James is 180 Kirk 165 and robert 164 :) no chance :)
He is 167 cm i think thats minimum
anyonmious said on 26/Jan/17
He maybe 5'5.5" at his peak, nowadays he is around 5'4"
abcd said on 20/Jan/17
Lars slouchy posture all the time, u must act on ( 169 weak ) 166 too low, 167 min
abcd said on 20/Jan/17
Lars slouchy posture all the time, u must act on ( 169 weak ) 166 too low, 167 min
Michael said on 13/Jan/17
@Lars Dam
Wow, how delusional. That bread isn't special and doesn't make you taller. If so, show us any research please.

I'd say that it's 80% about genetics and 20% about all other factors.
Lars Dam said on 23/Jan/16
I'm Danish myself. Danish people are normally very tall. We are fed that dark rye bread from the day we go on solids. That makes tall.
Maybe he did not eat well when he was little because 165 is VERY short for a Danish. At 47, I have a full head of hair, no grays, no wrinkles.
But even though my name is Lars I would probably struggle to pull a bird like that, but I will give it a try and next month in LA.
abcd said on 11/Jan/16
Jake he looks like 179 cm,
if kerry king is 169 cm on this site, Lars is minimum 167cm.
Jake said on 1/Sep/15
Rob, how tall would you say Dave Mustaine is today? Here he is with lars, kerry king, and scott Ian

Click Here

Dave has lost height due to neck surgery. He may of been "6'0" back in the day but not anymore. What is your opinion Rob??
a said on 26/Aug/15
he is perfect 169 :)
George said on 23/Jul/15
Rob, and How tall is Jessica Miller?
Hypado said on 23/May/15
Lars Ulrich, he likes of tall girls.
drammensveien1 said on 5/May/15
I think he's even a little shorter than 166 cm Click Here
Time has not been kind to him, he looks like a little evil leprechaun,
hmmm, when I think about it, he really is, a little evil leprechaun
120 said on 31/Mar/15
166 cm is spot on
DI said on 6/Feb/15
Sam said on 23/Sep/14
Accurate listing. I think The Big Lebowski included an accurate description of Metallica as a whole but this pretentious guy still gets with several taller supermodels.
metalheadmatt619 said on 15/Jan/14
Very uncommon for a Dane
Goose said on 8/Oct/13
Seen him in Union Squate NYC -5'5 is right on.
Powerhouse said on 29/Sep/13
5'4 max
IKR said on 10/May/13
IKR said on 10/May/13
james hetfield said on 20/Jan/12
He's 174 & I'M cAn see it in his pictures with metallica.he's more than 170
linda said on 13/Jan/12
cindy you are a smart person.this height obsession with people is ridicules.are people that insecure they have to try and find something they think is wrong with someone to make themselves feel better?or is it ignorance?the height complex comes from all the people making fun of shorter people so don't blame small people for something society pushed on them=truth.
cindy said on 21/Dec/11
Lars may be shorter but does that REALLY matter? he isn't less of a man. he is still very good looking and charming and fun to watch.
tk said on 18/Dec/11
He looks really small next to his (gorgeous) 5'10'' partner Connie Nielsen.
LG69 said on 28/Nov/11
5'6" for Lars
Giuseppe said on 24/Oct/11
Some of you know how tall Matt Shadows, lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold?
FT said on 5/Sep/11
Re: Whats with these rock gods and their small stature weird....

By weird, do you mean, normal?
The Big Tuna Fish Sandwich said on 31/May/11
I met Anselmo , however it was a CD signing and he was sitting down, so no help there, but he looks about 6' on stage, and in pics. defintly no shorter than 5'11"
HellBoundPower said on 21/Apr/11
I really wish they would add a page for Phil Anselmo. I've always heard that he was 6'1", and swear I saw a picture where is was an inch of so taller than Dave Mustaine. I'll have to look around for it.

Anyway, I'll give Lars 5'6". I can't see him being much smaller than that, if James is in fact 6'1". Unless Lars wears lifts every time they're around each other. He doesn't look 7-8 inches shorter than James.
jtm said on 18/Jan/11
i agree with 5'5.5.
Danimal said on 16/Jan/11
Anonymous says on 15/Jan/11
Looks about 5'4" to me...

Napster owns!

Looks, but isn't. He isn't under 5'6".
Danimal said on 16/Jan/11
Butcher says on 8/Oct/10
Lars Ulrich is 5ft 6. Phil Anselmo is 5ft 7

Butcher is a fitting name, seeing you're butchering Anselmo's height. He's about 5'10" nowadays (after major back surgery). Used to be at least 5'11".
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/11
Looks about 5'4" to me...

Napster owns!
zane said on 17/Nov/10
Whats with these rock gods and their small stature weird....
xD said on 15/Oct/07
serious? joggin' affects your height? WTF
Danimal said on 7/Oct/07
Well, he's in his 40's and he jogs/runs EVERYDAY for the last 13 years. Jogging/running puts a tremendous strain on ones knees and back.
glenn said on 6/Oct/07
i accept 5-6.nothing more.he gives the strange illusion of much shorter in the last few years when i see him club hopping with other a-list goers laugh at his height.
Danimal said on 5/Oct/07
I still see at least 5'6".
glenn said on 5/Oct/07
exactly jim.thanks for backing me.
Jim said on 4/Oct/07
I was at the Metallica concert in 2004 in Pittsburgh and managed to be the first one in the door and got to be in the front row. At one point Lars jumped off the stage onto the floor then right into my joke. My girlfriend was right next to me when this happened and she is 5'4 and they seemed to be about the same size. I'd give Lars an inch so 5-5.5 if perfect
Stu said on 27/Sep/07
Hi, I'm the Stu guy with Lars in the pic. I can confirm that I was wearing pretty flat shoes at the time and Lars had thick-soled boots on. I firmly believe he is a 5-7 which is what most sources put him at anyway. The picture is very recent (July 2007).
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/07
are you serious, 166? damn man, isnt he 170 like hammett?
glenn said on 21/Sep/07
danimal-and your point? lars doesnt shrink too? i only met him once? your comment made no sense.and im not 5-7 at night.5-7.25 to 5-7.5.the lars thing is getting old.
Danimal said on 20/Sep/07
Glenn, in all fairness man and I say this will ALL DUE RESPECT, but you do mention that you are 5'8" straight out of bed, as I am 5'9.5" straight out of bed. MOST people don't get measured straight out of bed. Most people get measured mid-day, where they have already lost 3/4". You have said that you are as low as 5'7" by night and some of these pics of you with stars are clearly taken at night, where you are no longer 5'8".
glenn said on 20/Sep/07
exactly ras.well said.and some have the nerve to say im 5-6,5-7,which i never understood.i think i look taller than 5-8 in some photos.
mel said on 19/Sep/07
guys, shoes make a big difference!
ras said on 19/Sep/07
xD says on 15/Sep/07
why does kirk look so tall in that picture? i thought he was 5'7.5?

Because of the pavement advantage, one is slouching more than the other one, bad pose, footwear is taller, angle, etc. Sometimes Glenn looks eye to eye with 5 ft 10ish-11ish guys due to some (or maybe all) of these reasons.
glenn said on 18/Sep/07
exactly d-ray.did you ever see him in town? he is a club hopper here.
D. Ray Morton said on 17/Sep/07
He may be 5'7". In boots.
Danimal said on 16/Sep/07
There is a pic on the net, where Lars is not wearing anything back stage and is standing right next to Kirk, James and the bassist from Maiden and Lars is a fraction shorter than Kirk and they are all barefoot.
Viper said on 16/Sep/07
Seems like Lars is a shapeshifter.
xD said on 15/Sep/07
why does kirk look so tall in that picture? i thought he was 5'7.5?
glenn said on 14/Sep/07
not the greatest pics danimal and that top has lars looking 5-5.cause kirk isnt for the stu pic,so what? there are plenty of pics on the site where i look unusually short or tall.i cant see their feet,ground,or examine footwear.
Franco said on 14/Sep/07
Deanimal......did i ever told you the story of the BOOT PAIR? no?

well i won't because LARS is always wearing these 4cm or so boots and why not maybe even lifts occasionally.

i can accept 5'6 without problems but not more than 168cm.
Danimal said on 14/Sep/07
The man is minimum 5'6":
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And YES, he once was taller than Kirk Hammett.
Eva said on 14/Sep/07
well i don't see it... and how do you explain that picture with lars and stu... it says stu is 5'8... they look the same height....
glenn said on 14/Sep/07
exactly trueheight.
trueheight said on 14/Sep/07
5'5 - that pick w/ Kirk - Glenn should be the same as Kirk who's 5'8, Glenn is slouched and huddled down to about 5'4 or 5'5 - and Lars isn't much taller than that
glenn said on 13/Sep/07
and im not leaning in either in the lars pics? look how much bigger i appear.leaning in just as much,if not more in the one pic with hammet.
glenn said on 13/Sep/07
yeah eva im 5-6.the real fool is not seeing the 1000 pics up on the site,many where i look 5-9.
Eva said on 13/Sep/07
well.. fools..
i'm from denmark like lars... and he's not 5'5.. he is 5'7.. meet him once... and in the picture with glenn he looks glenns heigh... because he's leening a lot... maybe glenns too... but that still makes him around 5'7...

and by the way... are you sure you are 5'8 glenn???? i mean in a lot of pictures you seem small when you compares to the celebrities... in the picture with shakira e.x. you say shes 4'11 - 5'0.. but there are not much different betweeen you... that is the case in many of the pictures i think...
Danimal said on 13/Sep/07
Glenn, I'm sure he's the one laughing when he goes to the art gallery and sells his next painting for $30 million again. His ex-wife (Tyler) was QUITE the hot one ;).
glenn said on 13/Sep/07
he gets laughed at and commented on his height all the time here at clubs.i hear dwarf and,no,he isnt 5-7.
Franco said on 12/Sep/07
he does look 5'5 / 5'6 at most

so 5'5.5 is perfect.
Lmeister said on 12/Sep/07
He stated in some heavy metal documentary made by MTV. He was talking about how they used to laugh at Mötley Crue and that they wanted to kick his ass and he said that luckily he is a fast runner, because he is a small guy only 5'6''. I'll find the clip when I have time. I think the documentary was about Thrashmetal.
glenn said on 12/Sep/07
but he isnt 5-7.look at my pics.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/07
When has Lars stated 5'6" Lmeister. His own WEBSITE has him at 5'7" and has for the last 12 years.
maximus said on 12/Sep/07
looks 5'6 to me.....
Lmeister said on 12/Sep/07
I don't understand why people disregard the fact that Lars has stated 5'6'' not 5'7''. Nowadays he is 5'5''ish, maybe he has lost height could also be that he just has a really bad posture.
glenn said on 12/Sep/07
no way 5-6 and change.
glenn said on 12/Sep/07
he has been listed at 5-7 though.5-6 is very,very generous.
Lmeister said on 12/Sep/07
He never has claimed 5'7''. He has said in Metallica/Heavy Metal documentaries that he is 5'6''.
glenn said on 12/Sep/07
im still secure with saying 5-5.
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/07
I agree Lars is more 5'6" then 5'7"
glenn said on 11/Sep/07
no way is he 5-7.but put up as you wish.5-6 tops.
Danimal said on 11/Sep/07
The man is not under 5'6". Probably 5'6" and change.
emirturk said on 11/Sep/07
what is the correct answer? 5'5 or 5'7 ?

[Editor Rob: maybe he will creep up.]
Danimal said on 11/Sep/07
I always thought was at least 5'6".

[Editor Rob: the Stu fellow says he had flat shoes, lars bigger boots but still might be near 5ft 7.]
Insomniac said on 30/Jul/07
Lars Ulrich is 5'7". saw him and he is exactly my height. i am 5'7" and he doesnt wear lifts.
HellBoundPower said on 28/Jul/07
Actually has Kirk listed as 5'8", Lars as 5'7", Rob as 5'9", and James as 6'1". I think they're all dead on except Lars being more 5'6" than 5'7".
glenn said on 18/Jul/07
is this guy kidding me?
always right said on 17/Jul/07
why not go to their official web pages and find out 'officially'?

as listed:

lars ulrich- 5'7"
kirk hammet- 5'9"
james hetfield-6'1"
dave mustaine- 5'11 1/2"
HellBoundPower said on 4/Jul/07
I always though Lars was more 5'7", but I've never met him so I wouldn't know. Anyway, I'd say he's still 5'6". And the person talking about adding a Phil Anselmo page is dead on. Make it happen Rob.
Lmeister said on 8/May/07
Problem is that Lars has stated at least in couple of documentaries that he is a little guy and that he is 5'6''. The official website has wrong info. Nowadays he is closer to 5'5.5''.
xD said on 6/May/07
On the Some Kind Of Monster documentary, Lars and Kirk look the same, Kirk looked shorter at some points. Then, towards the end when they are all standing together onstage, Rob, Kirk and Lars looked the same height, and James towered over them. James = 185cm, Rob = 175cm, Lars = 170cm, Kirk = 176 (I think) according to Metallica website
glenn said on 26/Apr/07
rob-how about a james hetfield page?
Moodiac said on 24/Apr/07
how long are we gonna wait till you create a James Hetfield thread? Come on Glenn... You don't need a Pic, just create a Hetfield thread and the people know what they have to write...
wasa said on 8/Feb/07
166cm or not, this guy is banging one of the hottest girls on earth..
Glenn said on 3/Jan/07
Phil is 5-11.5.I heard it from his mouth.
Rock said on 2/Jan/07
Editor Rob, why not add Hetfield, huh? Also could you please consider adding Phil Anselmo, Dave Mustaine and Les Claypool ? Thanks.
Moodiac said on 8/Dec/06
Danimal bro... and Glenn too... i absolutely agree... The after-justice shit sounds like a completely different band... well wel well ok! some songs of the black album like struggle within, they still sound like "Metallica", you know.
BUT! What i mainly wanted to say is, dear Danimal, i didn't mean i am as tall as het neither did i mean he is short like i am. I just resist to believe that james is really barefoot 6'1"... don't know if he ever was that tall... look at the old pix. For example next to Dave or the other guys, he didn't wear boots they lift him by 2" and just remember when he started looking much taller than the rest! Maybe 91? 92? 93? whatever may be true, to believe he's really 6'1" barefoot i want to see a pic of glenn barefoot next to james barefoot! Glenn, i know you gonna get it done, man!
Glenn said on 11/Nov/06
So you agree with the 1983-1989 period Danimal.I heard he rarely touches a marker or poses in the last 10 years too.he was ultra cool in the early 90s.Lars was Lars is super sweet.
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
I never pay attention to lyrics,but yeah,that was the worst part.
Danimal said on 10/Nov/06
James used to give it 110% in concerts throughout their tours, but now, he can't, or chooses NOT to sustain that aggression and anger. Since he went sober, he lost his entire EDGE, including ALL of his growls, which he was notorious and KNOWN for. It's a damn shame. From 1983-1989 they had nothing but energy and talent. They have none of that today. It's all about the dollar signs.
D. Ray Morton said on 10/Nov/06
"I didnt have a problem with the sound of St.anger or lack of solos.that I thought was was the songwriting that wasnt that great to me."

Agreed. And the lyrics were awful.

"My lifestyle determines my deathstyle..."
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
I listened to them way back in 1983.havnt been a fan since 1989 to be honest.that stunning cunts concert I thought was fun to watch.I didnt have a problem with the sound of St.anger or lack of solos.that I thought was was the songwriting that wasnt that great to me.
Danimal said on 9/Nov/06
Glenn, you haven't been missing much. 1993 was there last great year live. James is a pop/country singer now and had been since the mid nineties. He was 6'1" at this peak. There is NO denying that. Moodiac, just because you stand eye to eye with someone, it doesn't mean you're the same height. Foreheads can be longer on certain people and there is also something called depth perception. Cliff Burton was 6'2" (an inch taller than the THEN mighty Het).
Glenn said on 9/Nov/06
I havnt been to a Metallica concert since maybe I will now.thanks Moodiac.
Moodiac said on 8/Nov/06
Glenn, respect man! I'm goddamn sure you gonna get it done man, you know... Are you gonna visit any 'tallica concert when they're gonna get back on stage? I guess, the guys will be cool to you, i think Metallica is one of the greatest bands they're still taking some time for the fans backstage... To me they went like "Hey buddy, yeah man, come in man, take seat!" and then i was like "Yeah! Shit! Cool!" you know... But i want to determine that the height of anyone of us depends on the day we had! I mean, if you hadn't enough sleep and didn't drink enough water, you may appear a lil' bit smaller. Of course, Hetfield is tall! And of course he seems like a giant next to Mini-Ulrich and the other guys having 4 inches on them. Once there is an idea maybe you or someone else has a specific height, you barely want to change that opinion. Some people rate me 6'1" some other say i am not more than 5'11" and that's what i mean!
Sometimes you look taller sometimes smaller... So you better find something in between and claim it, cuz you'll never be wrong with that! You know...

But again...

Glenn said on 4/Nov/06
I have a few with James.I havnt seen him since 1992.I dont have time to find the pics,and I email them to Rob,so he puts them up.I saw one James pic 2 nights, eventually,itll be up.I just had my friend email Rob a bunch of pics that didnt go through.waste of will James pics soon.thanks.
Moodiac said on 4/Nov/06
Hey Glenn, why don't you have a pic with James, man? And why doesn't Mr. Hetfield has his own "height-page"? I am goddamn sure there are many people they'd like to talk about his height, cuz i really resist to believe, he is barefoot 1,85 and he never was... Despite the fact that he is one of my heros...
I told ya, i met in Rock Im Park, in Nuremberg, I am 6 feet barefoot on a good day, with my nikes maybe, an inch taller and looked in James's eyes like we were in the same height! And he's wearing his boots, you know... never saw a pic o Mr. Hetfield without boots, except of one, 8 years ago in the garage inc. times. There he's wearing sandals and is no way more than 6 inches taller than Ulrich! Hey man, you got connections! Try to shoot a Photo with all of 'em!
and give Jaymz his own height forum!
Lmeister said on 16/Oct/06
Lars said 5'6'' in one Heavy Metal documentary. I think it is his peak height nowadays closer to 5'5''...
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/06
That looks about right. Lars has said 5'6 so close enough.
D. Ray Morton said on 26/Sep/06
Hey gang.

I met Marty in '90 after a Megadeth gig (I think they were opening for Priest on the "Painkiller" tour - the two guys who stood out that evening to me were Marty and Scott Travis - ex-Shrapnel dudes both). Not sure on his *exact* exact height, but, barefoot, I'd give him 5'6"- and that's tops. He was wearing boots that were probably about 2+ inches thick and was still basically my height.

The other thing about Marty is that he is - seriously - one of THE nicest, humblest cats I have ever met. Just a wonderful guy.

Someone I really regret not having had the opportunity to meet is Jason Becker, though I've heard repeatedly that he's an incredible person, as well. He certainly was - along with Shawn Lane and a couple of others - the most advanced guitarist to come down the pike in years. (Why must tragedy befall all these amazing characters when they have so much more music left in them?)
Glenn said on 26/Sep/06
Marty is 5-6.5 to 5-7.more on the 5-7.
billy bo said on 25/Sep/06
anybody know how tall marty friedman is?i've seen him wearing heels alot
Glenn said on 15/Sep/06
No on Carpenter.he is a west coast friend met him.6ft.
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
I remember when I saw Day of the Dead for the first time as a little kid on TV back in the late 80s. Man is that movie wild.
Glenn said on 14/Sep/06
I mean there a 3 or for Dawn prints(theatrical,european,edited,directors) from 79.I thought it was 79.
Danimal said on 13/Sep/06
Nothing can top '78's version. Will always be the classic.
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
I agree Viper.
Glenn said on 13/Sep/06
Glad you caught that! what are your feelings with the diffent Dawn versions? you know, Zombi,R-rated version,etc.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
BTW, great Dawn of the Dead T-Shirt Glenn. Romero kicks ass!!
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Or Bulemia.but I only threw up once or twice.hard to say.
Danimal said on 12/Sep/06
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Kirk looks dead on 5-7.
Glenn said on 12/Sep/06
Thanks.I dont even know for sure what I had.I was obssesed at looking was 1988.bad year for maybe that affected me.
Danimal said on 11/Sep/06
Glad you're okay now Glenn.
Glenn said on 11/Sep/06
I had a eating disorder.not serious.I got back to 130-140 fast.
Danimal said on 10/Sep/06
Glenn, you went down to 117 pounds. Dude, that's insane!! Was it pneumonia or something?
Glenn said on 10/Sep/06
Jason is being modest.he is for sure a hair over 5-9 at least.I was 117 at 5-7 to a high of 185 at around 180.
Danimal said on 9/Sep/06
What kills me is that Kirk was 134 pounds until the early 2000's. That's super thin. The least I've ever weighed at my height is 156 pounds and I was thin.
Danimal said on 9/Sep/06
Jason claimed 5'8"-5'9" and 150 pounds. He was thin, yet muscular.
Glenn said on 9/Sep/06
Kirk is a hair under 5-8.Newsted was close to 5-10! or at least 5-9.25
Danimal said on 8/Sep/06
He's claimed both 5'7" and 5'8". 5'8" is what is on the official Metallica page. They have Kirk at 5'8", Lars at 5'7", James at 6'1" and Rob at 5'9". Jason used to get 5'8" and 5'9". Mustaine 5'11" and 6'0" and Cliff Burton a whopping 6'2".
Glenn said on 8/Sep/06
Hard to say D.kirk might be a half inch smaller.I read 5-7,5-7.5 on him years ago.and he looks it.
Danimal said on 7/Sep/06
Glenn, were you Kirk's height?
Glenn said on 30/Aug/06
Thanks D.Ray!
Danimal said on 29/Aug/06
D. Ray, that was an excellent show. I haven't seen it until just now. I always knew that Lars was a very articulate and intelligent man, but my hat goes off to Chuck D, for expressing his own views in a much more open-minded fashion than Lars. Thanks for posting that.
D. Ray Morton said on 29/Aug/06
The Neverending Lars Ulrich Height Mystery! ;-)

Glenn - here's the Lars/Chuck D. link: Click Here

It's ancient news since it's about Napster, but the questions raised are valid as ever.
Danimal said on 28/Aug/06
I have read both 5'11" and 6'0" for Mustaine. The late great Cliff Burton was taller than James by an inch. In read it in his biography. Sorry Glenn, I just don't see Lars at anything less than 5'6". Back in the day Lars was taller than Kirk (1983-1984) and then they were the exact same height (1991-1993). Just watch the video for Wherever I May Roam, when they are standing in fron to the plane. If Kirk is 5'7"-5'8", Lars is not less than 5'6". No, I have never seen him in person, but I've seen enough Met pics over the last 19 years (damn, I used to hang them up in my bedroom when I was younger). Lars appears shorter than he is because of his big head.
Glenn said on 28/Aug/06
Do you know how many times I walked over to the wrong car if my friend bought a new car? cause I dont have interest in cars.or sports and other macho things such as drinking.Dr.Ray-tell me more details about the Lars/Chuck debate.thanks.
D. Ray Morton said on 28/Aug/06
"I have amazing memory for detail if Im interested"

Same here. And if I'm not...mind like a sieve.

BTW, I just saw the classic debate between Chuck D and Lars from the Charlie Rose show. The subject was (what else?) downloading music. Great stuff!
Glenn said on 27/Aug/06
Lots of pics with fact I met himbefore I met Metallica and was one of the first metal celebs I ever met going back to 1987.great guy.6ft.
Glenn said on 27/Aug/06
In fact it was Black cowboy boots to the right,biege or brown to the left.I have amazing memory for detail if Im interested.if not,I couldnt remember my friends new car the first couple of rides.
Glenn said on 27/Aug/06
Yes,Dr Ray.he is guys dont see him being smaller than 5-6,but never saw him.on the left he has cowboy boots on,and possibly on the right too.the whole world,even the newspapers here call him a midget,except you guys.
Viper652 said on 26/Aug/06
I agree with you Danimal, I just dont see Lars below 5-6.
Bull said on 26/Aug/06
Hey glenn do you have a pic with Dave Mustaine ?
Glenn said on 25/Aug/06
And Slash on the Left.
Danimal said on 25/Aug/06
Rob, you didn't mention with Lars and Kirk? Kirk is just as HUGE a star as Lars is. I think he deserves to me mentioned as well, don't you?

[Editor Rob: he's got a page and 2 pics on the site]
Danimal said on 25/Aug/06
That pic of James and Lars can be VERY misleading. James is a redneck (even though he's the best!!!) and he ALWAYS wears cowboy boots. We can't see their feet, or anything. You shouldn't post pics with only someone's upper torso. It's not valid in my opinion. There are so many better pics to provide for evidence. I still say he is NOT less than 5'6" and change.
Editor Rob said on 25/Aug/06
Pic of Glenn with Lars.
Glenn said on 28/Jul/06
I like you too Danimal.sorry I caught attitude with you that time.let me know if you want to hit the gut is getting out of control.
Danimal said on 27/Jul/06
Glenn, I like you man. You say it as it is. You're real. That's pretty cool.
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
Your an idiot Ayreon.people are starting to see it.your getting frustrated too.and possibly jealous.
Danimal said on 26/Jul/06
Lars only weighs 130 pounds. The thing is, if Lars is only 5'5", which I doubt, then Kirk was only 5'5" in 1983 (Kill'em All era). Kirk claims to be 5'7"-5'8". If anything Lars is just under 5'6". I never saw a FULL 8" difference between Lars and James. BTW Ayreon, Trujillo is not 5'9", seeing he appears the exact same height as Kirk, or even slightly shorter.
D. Ray Morton said on 26/Jul/06
Lars is definitely NOT 5'7". That you can take to the bank. He looked about 5'6" and change in sneakers when I talked to him; I made a mental note of his appearing shorter in person than his advertised height (not to mention what a small frame he had). So I'd just about bet the farm on 5'5.5" barefoot, though Glenn could be right about the 5'5" (he's doubtless seen the guy a lot more than I have, afterall).
Gotxo said on 22/Jul/06
Wow Rob West End is the posh part of London, i've heard of parking places as expensive there as a flat in other places. Well, at lesat this place is trully yours, it could make a lot more of money with proper adds & irking pop-ups, but it wouldn't be the same.
Viper652 said on 22/Jul/06
Lars has always looked a solid 5-6 to me, but I guess 5-5 could be his real height.
Glenn said on 21/Jul/06
Im not going anywhere.and I hope that if you ever sell the site Rob,that you will still be involved.I hope you stay running it,like I said awhile ago,should something happen to me or my photos,at least they are immortal here. J-thanks man! you and the other regulars rule too.yeah,I never been on a forum interest,until this site.
Danimal said on 21/Jul/06
ROB, are you making money off this site? You must with all the sponsor links? I hope you are for your sake, because this appears to be a full-time gig.

[Editor Rob: this year I was planning to decrease time spent on this site and spend more time on the golf course! But in fact haven't really...maybe now celebheights is 15-20% of what I do. As for money, well it makes some, but for the amount of visitors nowhere near what you'd expect. If it made enough for me to rent a flat near london's west end for a year or two, I'd be there already...]
J. said on 21/Jul/06
Rock on, Glenn! Actually you're my favorite on the site, next to Mr. R., you're just mad real and you know what you're talking about. Glad to see that you're not going anywhere. This is actually the one internet forum (although different writings of mines have appeared online under various pen names) that I've actually participated with.
Glenn said on 20/Jul/06
I have a million pics with Lars.I have one with him and Slash! and group photo with Metallica,countless solo pics with each computer or time to post.but itll be worth the,Im going on what is close to 3 NEW roles to develope and post.I want to post as long as Im living and site is up,for years to kick back,a feast for the eyes is coming!

[Editor Rob: I sure hope your still posting!

I'll probably stick with running the site for a good while to come unless somebody with fat wallet+greater interest in height came knocking.]
Danimal said on 20/Jul/06
Really Glenn??? Lars is only 5'5"? I would give him 5'6" and change. Dude get a pic of you two if you can and post it. BTW, where that Rollins pic?
Glenn said on 20/Jul/06
You know your stuff Lemmy!
Lmeister said on 20/Jul/06
I believe U Glenn. I was right all the time = )
Glenn said on 19/Jul/06
Trujillio isnt 5-9.he is 5-8.and Newstead is a hair over 5-9.and for millionth time LARS is 5-5.I see him all the time lately.
Danimal said on 18/Jul/06
The reason why Kirk used to appear shorter in their Kill'em days is because he probably was shorter than Lars back then. Take into account that Kirk was only 20 in 1983 and probably didn't full stop growing. Kirk has said that he is betwen 5'7" and 5'8. Lars says 5'7" and may be rounding up slightly. James does't appear as tall as his 6'1" nowadays, but in the past, with his 3" cowboy boots, he towered over people. I have an MTV awards show from 1996, where Snoop Dog presents Metallica an award for Until it Sleeps and Snoop looks 2-3 inches taller than James. Cliff had an inch on James. Jason was between 5'8" and 5'9" and Rob Trujillo says he's 5'9", but I think he's rounding, seeing Kirk appears taller than him. As for their weights, that's another discussion. James is like me. His weight fluctuates all the time. BTW, I met James about a month and a half ago and got his signature. He's tall man.
Glenn said on 17/Jul/06
Hammet is 5-7,5-7.5.Trujillio is 5-8.
Lmeister said on 15/Jul/06
Dear Rob, Could U also add the height of Rob Trujillo. I think he is really close to Kirk Hammett. Like Glenn has stated he is 5'8''not 5'9''as listed in other websites.
Glenn said on 26/Jun/06
Lars is me.end of does anyone see hammet at the same height as Lars,I dont know.when he is clearly 2 inches taller.
trueheight said on 24/Jun/06
you guys do forget that James loves wearing large boots as well. the only person who consistently wears sneakers are Rob T
trueheight said on 24/Jun/06
c'mon, why is he at 5'5? I've always seen 5'7 - 5'8. the evidence isn't all that convincing imo. that must also mean that Hammett is 5'5 as well? again, not likely
Moodiac said on 5/Jun/06
I was yesterday at Rock Im Park and went backstage. I am greek, live in germany and 181cm without shoes, proved by a doctor. At first I met James Hetfield cuz this dude is a god, he was in his boots about 1 or 2 cm taller than me, almost the same eyeline with me. Then i met the rest of Metallica and Lars can't be more than 170cm, he didn't even reached my eyes with his hair! His eyeline was somewhere above my mouth, maybe at the same height with my chin. Kirk and Rob were almost at the same height but their tallest points reached actually my eyeline. I would rate James 183cm, Lars 168cm, Kirk 175cm and Rob 173cm.

By the way you wrote Metalicca instead of Metallica!
watson said on 31/May/06
Lars said on "HEAVY: The story of Metal" that he is 5' 6"

[Editor Rob: I hadn't really checked any comments here, but just now, looking at this guy, I agree with what glenn and others had said, he is shorter...]
Sammo said on 26/Jan/06
Judging by the pictures I've seen of him 170cm sounds right,compared to other band members. Though could be shorter even .

On the subject of the height of young finns, 182cm (5'11'½) was reported to be the average of present day army conscripts, so of course the average is below that, but not by too much anymore, I myself being 182cm feel very average among people my age (19) ..sorry for this offtopic jabbering, but I had to share my thoughts :P
The Dane said on 18/Jan/06
Lars is Danish and stands at least 170 tall. I would say 176. I´m Danish. I met the dude at Roskilde. I'm 170 something, and met the dude dead in my eyes. So go guess! To you finish guys guesing shit... guess what???
Marc said on 16/Jan/06
Lars is known to be short. According to their site he is 5'7".
Anshelm said on 12/Jan/06
Young Finnish males averaged 179.2 cm (females 166.0 cm) in 1998, and 178.5 cm (women 165.3 cm) cirka 1992. I'd guess 179–180 cm (females 166–167 cm) should be about right today.
Glenn said on 12/Jan/06
he is 5-5.
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Dec/05
I've met Ulrich. About 5'6.5" in tennis shoes. Very small-framed guy, too - a twig. Where on earth does all that power come from?
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/05
Being a lifelong Metallica fan, Lars is 5'7" and 130 pounds, Kirk is between 5'7"-5'8" and 134 pounds, Cliff Burton was 6'2", Dave Mustaine is between 5'11"-6'0" and about 140 pounds, Jason was 5'8"-5'9" and 150 pounds, Robert Trujillo is 5'9" and 190 pounds and James is 6'1" and varies between 175-190 pounds, depending if he is touring or recording. The latter he is known to be heavier...Tale of the tape.
Horatio said on 21/Nov/05
James Hetfield is a head taller than the rest of the guys in Metallica. The rest of the guys are all 5'7"-5-9".
KBZON said on 19/Nov/05
Kirk Hammet is shorter.
Lobo said on 1/Nov/05
The average height of young finnish males is 182cm? Do you have a source for that?
That would make them easily the tallest scandinavians.
trueheight said on 11/Jun/05
in some kind of monster, he is barefoot alot in the studio, and actually looks 5'7. He just looks small compared to James Hetfield who is already 6'1 and wears thick heels alot. I think Lars and Kirk are about the same, there are alot of pics from their early years in which Lars if taller than Kirk... go figure
Mr. Awesome said on 5/Jun/05
I've never met Lars, but I have met Metallica frontman James Hetfield (at disney mgm studios), and he really is every bit of the 6'1'' he gets listed as. In pictures where the 2 are standing straight, Lars consistantly comes up to right under James's nose, which would make him at the very least, 7 inches shorter than James. So without taking into account any large boots Lars might be wearing, the 5'5'' measurement seems more accurate.
Paul said on 2/Jun/05
I also think he looks less than that, but he's a great drummer though.
I'm from Argentina and I'm 1,75 (5 ft 9) which is very short for an Argentinian :S
Lmeister said on 19/Apr/05
Emppu Vuorinen is pretty small around 165 cm. He is always wearing New Rock boots and still isn't the same height as Tarja Turunen (singer of Nighwish) who is 164 cm + stilettos = 174cm...but back to Lars he really looks less than 170 cm. I think he was that height 15 years ago, but nowadays barely hits the 5'6'' mark...
Smoke said on 19/Apr/05
Hmm...on Virtual Finland it has the average Finnish male's hieght at 178 cm, and the average female height at 163 cm. These averages are not at all far behind averages for the general populations of many countries. Obviously in most every country young people are taller, so Finland is no different from everyone else. I'm pretty sure the average young Dutchman is about 183 cm, and the average young Canadian is also pretty well on the 6 foot mark. May I also note that Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen's lack of height is well known.
Lmeister said on 19/Apr/05
Haha Mike Monroe that crackhead. I think he ain't that good with the numbers ;) I think his height is around 182 cm as mentioned in media. Actually I've also seen him once in grocery store. He was wearing old school basketball shoes and still towered over me. I think 182 cm is really accurate...BTW the average height of young Finnish guys is 182 cm...To add Ville Valo(singer of HIM) is 184 cm as listed in media...
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Apr/05
On the topic of Finland, I found Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks mentioning that he is "182cm, so 6'3".. I think he needs to work out if he's 5ft 11.5 or 6ft 3...that's a big difference!
Smoke said on 18/Apr/05
Well Lmeister you may be slightly below average for a Finn at 173 cm, but the average Finnish guy is only 178 cm, so you are not that short! My parents are from your neck of the woods, and I know that unfortunetaly Finns are not quite as tall as their Swedish neighbours, though Finns are better at hockey. ;)
Lmeister said on 18/Apr/05
Lars might be 5'6''. I saw him in Helsinki last summer and he really looked short.
I am only 5'8'' which is pretty short for a Finn, nevertheless I was taller than tiny Lars wearing boots...

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