How tall is Lee Majors

Lee Majors Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in tv shows like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy. In a FoxNews interview with Lee, when talking about college football he mentioned his height and weight: "I was about 5' 11", 175 pounds". On another occasion he claimed "6 foot".

How tall is Lee Majors
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How tall is Lee Majors
Bruce Campbell and Lee
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5ft 11.03in (180.4cm)
Parker said on 17/Jul/22
Strange appearance by Lee on Chili TV in the early 80's, but keeping on the topic of height gives himself 6 foot between 14 and 15 minutes of this clip.

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'll mention that at the top too, thanks.

I know his co-start on Fall Guy Doug Barr once claimed "I'm 6'2" and I weigh 185 lbs"
Parker said on 13/Jul/22
I think Lee and Guy Fiari looked pretty close in the pics I've seen. I still think Lee could measure in 5'10 range even in his 80's. He doesn't appear to have lost much height

Pics from a recent comic con
5'8 Lindsay Wagner Click Here
6'2 Sam Jones Click Here
Lee Click Here
Daniel Morris said on 28/Jun/22
Looks as if he was around 6 ft in his prime....probably a strong 5'9" today....he is in his 80s now...he was shorter than 5'10" Guy Fiari
Richie said on 25/Apr/21
Peak height was 5'11", as stated by Majors himself, closer to 5'10" these days though.
Parker said on 17/Feb/21
Assuming equivalent footwear with Bruce Campbell still holding 5'10.5 at 80 years of age. Looking good.
Carlos172 said on 20/Sep/20
I think he was a little over 5'-11" when he was younger, but not 6'-0". However, saying he is only 5'-10", or under, is plain ridiculous!
Remember that some people don't stand up straight all the time, and might look a little shorter, than they actually are!
meezemaker said on 2/Apr/20
Always looking a inch a half less that Douglas Barr 's 6 feet.

Moreover, always wearing boots whereas Douglas Barr wearing flat shoes and always shorter

178-179cm sound more accurate. Check this out Rob!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Jan/20
How exciting! I never knew that Lee starred in 'Ash Versus The Evil Dead'; it just goes to show how much of that series I watched! 😂😂😂

Five Eleven.
Hector Rivera said on 5/Nov/19
First let me start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of Lee Majors 2nd I was his Fedex courier for 3 years from 2006 to 2009 he's a humble man and a great guy he really is just a kind man I am 5'9" and he is taller then me I'd say just under 5'11" at the time
linda k christensen said on 25/Jun/19
Lee has done several physicals for movies and in each he was listed at 6ft tall. When he stood next to Peter Breck in the BV who 6'2" he was slightly shorter and with Richard Long who is also 6ft he was even and when he stood next to Elvis who is 6ft tall it was even
Keith Gerr said on 23/May/19
i sat next to Lee Majors many moons ago at a bar called krocs in ft lauderdale
He was extemely nice he was with his fiance at the time I do not remember her name
I am 5-6 and when Lee stood up he was not taller than me his height maybe 5-7 maybe
he is def not 6 foot or near that
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Apr/19
Majors and 6'5" Rock Hudson (1962)... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

W/ an even bigger guy, around 6'9" Big Show... Click Here Not sure about footwear. This is Big Show w/ 5'11" Jarvis Landry (2016)... Click Here

Maybe 5'10" Majors w/ 6'1" Jim Duggan, 6'3" Fred Ottman, and 5'10.5 Tatanka (Chris Chavis):
Click Here

Majors w/ 6'1.5" Bill Goldberg and max 6'0" Chuck Liddell... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Apr/19
W/ 7-1" Richard Kiel... Click Here

5'10" Darren McGavin and Kiel... Click Here
AnonymousMe said on 18/Oct/18
...I go to a walk-in clinic for the flu, physical, shoulder issue, short, a few times a year. Just this year "alone", I have gone in, been asked to go on the scale and get measured, and have been everything from "6 feet tall and a quarter", "6'1", "6'2" and most recently, "74 inches" (the latter from a nurse at an entirely different office). And...for the last comment from the nurse I had my sneakers on (Reebok cheap running sneakers). I respect everyone's opinion here, but height measurements at physicals don't necessarily mean anything (not just for Majors, but anyone). Even my wife asks me, after such appointments, "what's your height, this time?" But, if the man, himself, says he was around 5'11 in college, I don't know what more can be said. If anything, he'd have rounded up if he was closer to 6 feet than 5'11. Even if I was 5'11 and 3/4s, I'd still say "around" 6 feet. He had to have been less than that to say around 5'11. At almost 80, the guy still looks sturdy and great.
linda k christensen said on 11/Oct/18
I have a copy of two physicals he took for some shows he was going to do and in both physicals he was listed at 6FT tall
Caaq said on 27/Jun/18
I think I remember a height board picture in fall guy where he was wearing cowboy boots n almost no hair n looking 6 feet. That kind of told me 5 10. Maybe 5 10.5 if he stood better. So yes 5 11 in his younger days during 6 million dollar man would be fine. So I m giving my guess as an average between those two levels.
Anonymous1 said on 21/Oct/17
Saw Lee Majors at an autograph show, today. The height listed here is spot on. The man appeared from behind a curtain, wearing a dark sport coat, and for a moment I thought he was standing on a slightly raised platform or something. Still an inch under me, but a very trim and tall looking 5'11. He may be 78, but hasn't shrunk a hair. Not sure of footwear, but to my knowledge he just wears regular shoes. He looks very sturdy. Very nice guy, as is his wife.
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/17
I too is a big fan of the six million man and i love Lee Majors and the way he used to dress in the six million dollar man. I can't get enough of his bionic powers and the show. Honestly i thought he was around 6ft with those long and sexy legs in the six million dollar man.
Disco1964 said on 26/Aug/17
To Editor Rob:

Hi Rob,

Would it be possible to open a discuss about the Monte Markham's height, the famous "Seven Million Dollar Man" ?
What do you think about ?

Sorry to post this comment on this page, I didn't find the mean to contact you elsewhere...
Editor Rob
I'm not sure, a previuos commenter mentioned they heard him claim just over 6ft. He was typically described at six foot.
linda k christensen said on 19/Aug/17
According to his official statistics in Hollywood he is 6 ft tall and weighs 175 lbs. He was offered a tryout by the St Louis Cardinals after college but because of his back situation turned it down so I guess they thought he was big enough. We can do this stands next to somebody to guess his height but that is not going to change his officially listed height. Oh and Lee always says 6ft when asked and 175 lbs
Richie said on 5/Apr/17
I tend to give Majors' peak height at just under 6', he edged John Saxon in The Bionic Man, who was close to 5'11", so he was probably just shy of 6'.
LG69 said on 25/Jan/17

I saw the photo of the two men in the boxing ring. They are standing fairly straight. That being said, Foreman looks 4-5" taller than Majors. That would put him at 5'10-510.5"
CANYO said on 8/Dec/16
There is a picture on google where George Foreman was with him in the early to mid 70's (Six Million Dollar Man) and George towers over him. Lee may be under 5'10. George was probably 6'3 1/2 in his prime.
Oath said on 25/Nov/16
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/13
Mark Lee Majors was a smart man. I just read that interview recently.He realized he was to small for football.

Well there are some NFL players that are 175-180 pound range. Lee could've just added some weight, and played
at 5'11" 195 pounds(typical cornerback). He probably wasn't good enough to play in the NFL.
Marquis said on 26/Oct/16
Majors always looked about 5'10" in his prime.
Disco1964 said on 9/Aug/16
Anonymous1: Thanks for your answer. It's a good reflexion you have, in fact you're right, the good question could be: Is John Breck 6'2"
Anonymous1 said on 31/Jul/16
Disco1964; You're right, there are many scenes and photos from Big Valley, where Majors looks just a little under Breck's height. But, having watched the show for years, including the scene where Majors takes off his boots and walks by Richard Long..and looks shorter (meaning, Long has boots on and was 5'11 or 6 ft), I still see a majority of scenes and photos making Breck look at least 2 inches taller. A 5'11 college guy can be 6 ft out of bed. I go with what I saw last year at a show, Majors was 10 feet from me when he stood up, and was a respectable 5'10.5 (I'm 6 even). Not the slightest bit frail (and very, very nice). And I go with Majors' own statement about being 5'11 in college football days. And my rhetorical question of the day is, was Breck a full 6'2? 6'2 out of bed? Was long actually 6 foot?
Disco1964 said on 30/Jul/16
See another pic with more details of boots heels.

Click Here
Disco1964 said on 30/Jul/16
To Editor Rob:
Thanks for your answer.
These are 2 pictures on link below, please, look at them and explain to me how is possible to be 5'11", for Lee Majors and have maximum 2" of difference with John Breck who is listed to 6'2" with boots heels higher for John Breck
Look the boots on one of both pictures.
I put the height in centimeters and inches because I'm French.

Click Here
Click Here

Would it be possible for Lee to be between 6'0" and 6'1" at his peak ?
Editor Rob
you could make a case for him looking 6ft there....and when he talks about being about 5ft 11 in college football maybe he could be over it a bit.
Disco1964 said on 26/Jul/16
About the height of Lee Majors I saw a picture taken during "the Big Valley" with Peter Breck (6'2") and Richard Long (6'0"), hard to believe Lee was just below 6'0". I thing he was, at this moment (his peak) 6'0" too.
Now, he 's probably between 5'10" and 5'11".
See on this picture, see the difference of the size or height of boots of Peter Breck and Lee Majors...

Click Here

What's your opinion ?
Editor Rob
today he probably is 5ft 10 and change, I suppose peak it could be argued he was a strong 5ft 11 range, although he only claimed the 5ft 11 himself.
movieguy said on 8/Dec/15
Just watched an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, love 70s TV. Lee was perfect casting doubt that show would have been so big with anyone else. What made me smile though was his character Steve Austin being described as a 6'2'' male during this episode. Hollywood, lol. I would guess 5'11'' to 6ft. Richard Anderson was a brilliant actor and genuinely tall man must have been 6'2'' plus.
Shadow2 said on 25/Aug/15
I agree, McGavin was tremendous as Carl Kolchak in "The Night Stalker", aided by Simon Oakland as his frustrated boss Tony. Kathie Browne appeared in one of the final episodes as a patronising police captain or similar role. Following Peter Breck's "Bonanza" episode, Kathie played the same character in that show a few more times before marrying a "Cartwright cousin", played by 6' 2" Guy Williams.
Anonymous1 said on 24/Aug/15
...Darren McGavin; forget the monsters, the reason The Night Stalker was so good was because of his acting. You never doubt, for a second, that he is that character. I'll have to catch the ep you refer to, with Breck.
Shadow2 said on 20/Aug/15
The "Bonanza" episode was "The Cheating Game" from early 1964. Breck's co-star was the late Kathie Browne, the lovely wife of Darren McGavin.
Anonymous1 said on 13/Aug/15
...never knew Breck was on Bonanza. I'd like to see that episode.
Shadow2 said on 11/Aug/15
Anonymous1, just check out those special boots of Peter's shown in the picture with Lee on the Peter Breck website. The heels are huge compared to what others like Lee or Richard Long might have worn on "The Big Valley". Peter also appeared in a "Bonanza" episode and (without the boots) looked just 6' with the other cast members.
Anonymous1 said on 5/Aug/15
...Shadow2; But Long had cowboy boots on in The Big Valley, too, evening the scale. If Breck wasn't 6'2, then Majors was shorter than 5'11. I met him, and he was a solid 5'10.5 at 74. Who knows. Maybe you're right. One of the guys who worked directly with Majors is 6 even, and told me Majors was like an inch shorter. So, his 5'11 height is all I can go on to judge Breck's height. As for boots and heels....again, who knows.
Shadow2 said on 25/Jul/15
Anonymous1, have a look at the 1961 episode of TV’s “77 Sunset Strip”, “A Face in the Window”, that should be available on-line. In it Peter is exactly the same height as 6’ Richard Long. In the “Perry Mason” TV series episode from 1964, ”The Case of the Antic Angel” (also should be viewable on-line), Peter is three inches shorter than 6’ 3” William Hopper (regular character "Paul Drake"), and an inch and half shorter than 6’ 1.5” Raymond Burr ("Perry Mason"). Let us know what you think after watching these clips. Peter's "Big Valley" super boots sure made the difference in my opinion to give him that 6' 2" look!
Anonymous1 said on 18/Jul/15
Breck, himself, told me he was 6'2. Not saying he was right, only telling what he told me. I read an account by a woman who worked with Breck (name and source totally gone from my mind) who said when Breck stood up, he was extremely tall. Just more fodder for discussion's sake.
Shadow2 said on 20/Jun/15
I just had a look at Peter Breck's official website. On it there's a still of the cast from the "Big Valley" which shows Lee and Peter standing together with their footwear clearly in view. Lee has on typical cowboy boots with two inch heels wheras Peter has these huge heeled boots (three inches maybe?). Perhaps this explains why Peter is often incorrectly listed as 6' 2". The producers of the show probably wanted Peter to be the dominant older brother and therefore appear taller than the others (being 6' Richard Long and about 5' 11" Lee).
Janet said on 6/May/15
I'm wondering if Lee was truely Elvis's brother when I use to watch Big Valley he always reminded me of my son. I am the lady from Anderson, SC that claims Elvis to be my father, here is a photo of my mother and Elvis, hysterical fan grabbing Elvis Presley's pants leg, click on to Miami 411 scroll 6 or eight pictures she is the only one with her hands on his pants. Joe Mancina on SCETV put me onto the photo, he helped do the movie August Rush. 138 Wellington St. And., SC 29624
Anonymous1 said on 23/Nov/14
Met Lee Majors today, at an autograph show. Nicest guy. I am precisely 6 feet, and know just what additional height my shoes give me. He had comfortable shoes on. I specifically waited for him to stand up, and was 5 feet away when he did. I would put him, now, at a very respectable 5'10.5. Not even remotely frail. A one point, he stood really straight, as though to stretch from sitting. 5'10.5. I think 5'11 ish, peak, would be right. You throw on a pair of 2 inch heeled boots, and he would have been 6'1 in the 70s.
l whit said on 4/Jun/14
a good 2" shorter than Breck and near equal height to Long from Big Valley days.
Knowitall said on 23/Jan/14
Five-eleven peak. Now about five-ten.
Mark said on 20/Jan/14
I have a friend who met him recently, face to face, and swears they are both 6 feet. So who knows. But, his own quote about college football speaks volumes to me, as most people dont grow after college. As for Breck, there are two kinds of scenes and photos of him with Majors; Ones where he looks about an inch taller, and more common ones where he looks 2 plus inches taller. If he is or was more than 5'11, it's a fraction of an inch and, to me, never remotely "over" 6 foot. That's simply based on what I've read, what he himself said, seeing him on a zillion shows and comparing him to others, and looking at photos. And, not taht it matters because Cesar Romero had small feet and was tall, but I've always noticed Majors feet looked slightly least not big. Like maybe size 9 or 10, max.
Mike said on 13/Jan/14
I would say that Lee Majors is about 6'-6'1'' tall. He is about an inch or 2 shorter than Peter Breck who is 6'2. He is about 3 or 4'' shorter than Richard Anderson who is about 6'3- 6'4. He is more than 5'11.
Sean O said on 15/Nov/13
He still looks pretty tall for a 70 year old.Check out Lee Majors’ mission against the flu Click Here share this with your loved ones, especially people 65+ @NCOAging (client)
Tony said on 27/Aug/13
5' 9inch - 5' 10inch I believe is accurate. A lot of stars wear lifts a lot and they do fudge with their height.
lynn said on 23/Aug/13
According to a story in the net he had 3 inch lifts in his shoes making him 5ft 8 Picture comparisons are useless
Don said on 18/Aug/13
I was recently watching a Six Million Dollar Man episode in which Lee Majors is standing next to Sony Bono. Lee Majors appears to be an two to three inches taller. Sony Bono is listed as being 5'5", so if Lee Majors is 6'0" than he should be towering over Sony Bono.
Antonio said on 10/May/13
If anyone remembers a rather recent photo of Mamaun(sp?)and Lee had Lee up by no more than an inch over 5-8 Mamaun. Rob has taken the photo down. I also know people that met him and one who interviewed him. All said either 5-9 or 5-10. He appears 5-9 in the Mamaun photo. He was probably 5-10 as a young man. Yes he has excellent proportions and carries his frame very well.
Mark said on 4/May/13
...actually watching him now, on Big Valley. Andrew Duggan is on, a very tall guy. It's odd. Majors is a great deal shorter than him, but never looks "shorter". In other words, you see the height difference, but Majors always carries his height well, regardless if a co-star is taller. From all interviews I've ever seen, and I'm thinking of certain things I've heard Majors say that I really like, he seems like a good guy, with a strong faith. Can't imagine Bruce Jenner as replacing Majors on 6 Mil, as was possibly going to happen if Majors left.
Lynn said on 3/May/13
Hi Mark don't matter to me 5ft11 to 6ft hes my man along with EP The more I know about Lee the more I like him. He's been on TV lately
Mark said on 27/Apr/13
Hya Lynn...I was wondering when I'd see you pop back on :) Well, all I can go by is this quote from Majors, himself, in addition to someone I was in contact with about another matter who worked directly with Majors on 6 Mil, for at least half of it's run, who said he was 6 foot and Majors was about an inch shorter. Either way, he's still the man.
lynn said on 23/Apr/13
Mark It's me Lynn also anonymous. I visited Lee Majors unofficial fan page and he kept saying he was 6ft tall but it don't matter he quit football because of a congential spine defect and was almost paralyzed in football injury
David said on 23/Apr/13
Wishing you a very happy birthday Lee 74 today!!! One of my great big idols and a huge fan of The Fall Guy.Why everyone on this site thinks Lee is over 5'10 i dunno
but the truth is Lee was 5ft 10 an inch shorter than Elvis Presley.Today though and over 70 Lee might be 1.73 5ft 8.
Mark said on 26/Mar/13
...sort of true in a football sense, I guess, and yet, Anonymous, I never have thought of him as a small man, by any means. He certainly never looked small on Big Valley or Six Mil, and I still think 5'11 worked for him and is a very respectable height. Nobody could have played Steve Austin better (faster, or stronger).
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/13
Mark Lee Majors was a smart man. I just read that interview recently.He realized he was to small for football.
Mark said on 19/Mar/13
Quote from Majors, himself, with a link to the interview.
Majors: I played well enough to get my education through that. I was about 5' 11", 175 pounds, I don’t think so! I chose the right profession.
Read more: Click Here
Editor Rob
I'll add that quote to the top
lynn said on 18/Nov/12
hi mark i am learning ways to find out about people other than just putting their names in the search box i have been wanting to learn more about him but right now i have found a web site where people write big valley stories and have been glued to that site but i have been thinking about him a lot so i will begin my search soon ao good to hear from you
Mark said on 11/Nov/12
...visit Breck's site, if it's still up. His wife (widow) is a lovely lady. I recently spoke with a man who knew Majors decades ago, and surmised he was 5'10, give or take. The reason even "I" won't go that low, is because the guy who told me that is 6'6. "Everyone" looks shorter to a 6'6 guy. Even if Majors "was" 5'11, he would have likely been 6 foot out of bed. So, I think 5'11 to 6'0 works.
lynn said on 8/Nov/12
hi mark nice to hear from you again i have decided that i am the official protecter of lee majors height i wll go to my grave before i wll give up my stance today i found out that my big valley has been taked off you tube and i am very depressed i just found out that peter breck might have also been a football player i am going back in to see if i can get more info hope to hear from you again
Mark said on 24/Oct/12
Well, here I am, I'd always read Majors was 6 foot, growing up. But, in the 70s, TV Guide or Rona Barret's Hollywood was all you had to go by. Based on all I've seen, read, and been told, directly, I'd have to go with the fairly vague 5'11 to 6'0...with an emphasis on it being inbetween there, and not quite on the high end. I'm an inch taller in the morning, and so who knows when he was measured. I go with 5'11.5, tops. Steve Austin is still and always my childhood hero.
angeleyes said on 24/Oct/12
Saw a photo of him with Elvis when both were young men. Elvis looked bigger than Lee which surprised me. Maybe it was just the way that photo looked though. I'm not convinced he was the full 6ft anyway.
lynn said on 20/Oct/12
mike as i believe you are probably right that would make lee majors around his stated height of 5ft 11 and half and that is all i am saying. now i have to get back to watching my nabraska football game thank you
Mike said on 20/Oct/12
I've read Monte Markham is a little bit over 6'0 (in his own words). Markham was definitely the taller of the two when he guested on Six Mil, twice. You can debate major's posture, but it was clear Markham was taller by, I'd say, a good inch.
lynn said on 19/Sep/12
mark its me again. i intend to visit peter brecks site as soon as possible. i just found a new site on the internet regarding the big valley. people write their own stories or change certain episodes to a different view its been so much fun i have been glued to it for days. their our many different sites but the one i found first was under the barkley family also the holding pen i hope to hear from you again tina a agree that lee majors was definitly at least 6ft tall amd mike find a picture of lee majors standing next to elvis presley who was stated at 6ft and you will see they are eye to eye
Mike said on 11/Sep/12
Majors is dwarfed by Leslie Neilson in a BV episode. Neilson was often billed at 6'2, but was clearly shorter than Alan Alda (6'2.5 by all accounts)) and Wayne Rogers(6'3, by all accounts) on a 1972 MASH. He couldn't have shrunk by 1972, which means he was never actually 6'2. 6'1, maybe and he was clearly more than an inch taller than Majors in the Big Valley ep. Who knows.
Tina said on 10/Sep/12
Watch the Big Valley and you will see Lee Majors is 6 foot and Peter Breck is 6'2 ! Just look at them standing side by side!
Mark said on 9/Sep/12
...and the same to you, Lynn. Don't be a stranger, and pop in now and then. I go in spurts. Lee Majors and Peter Breck; Hollywood isn't making guys like them, anymore. You should visit Breck's site, now run by his widow. I'll take that blessing from God, and right back at ya!
lynn said on 8/Sep/12
hi mark just one more comment. i just watched the lady from mesa from the big valley and peter breck was the main barkley in this one and he is an amazing actor and oh so handsome he is missed may god bless you and yours forever
Mark said on 3/Sep/12
while I can't testify to the validity of heights posted on other sites, Majors acted with John Van Dreelen in a 6 Mil episode, and they were fairly close in height. But Van Dreelen is listed as 5'10.5. Rob; How do I post a photo?
lynn said on 1/Sep/12
mark so glad you replyed to my comment. this might be my last comment and i wan't to thank you for our conversations. i enjoyed them immensely and now i have to fight with david. he thinks lee wore high heels on the fall guy and i can tell he did NOT wear anything but regular boots i made special notice to see what he wore to compare him whith douglas barr who is supposedly 6ft1 and wore the same thing that lee wore now your making me mad.he is probably between 5ft11 and 6ft live with it.
jtm said on 23/Aug/12
i miss reading the older comments in here.
Mark said on 20/Aug/12
As mentioned, up until a couple years ago, I believed Majors to be 6'0, peak. And, I'm not entirely certain that's not the case. But, I'd never put him under 5'11. It all gets very hard to gage, as I've had many friends claim to be 6 footers, and yet I'd know they were not, because they were a bit shorter than me. I guess I'd say majors was/is 5'11 to 6 ft...and cover all the bases that way. I wish I could have met Majors when I went to Hollywood in '83. But then, I don't know how well, "Hi Mr majors...could I have your autograph and stand next to you...both of us with our shoes off" would have gone over. As for Breck, Lynn, I love the Big Valley, and he was my favorite character in it. I sent him a few emails, which he replied to, and then exchanged a few emails with his wife when Breck got ill. And yeah, I had the nerve to ask breck his exact height, a few years back. He said 6'2, and my brother, who met him around 2000, confirmed it. Breck was very hopeful about doing a Big Valley reunion, when I asked him. I'm sorry he's not here to be in the reboot movie, that apparently features Majors as Heath's father. (And thanks for the congrats, Lynn ;)
lynn said on 19/Aug/12
mark thank you for commenting. my argument was always that he wasn't 5ft8 to 5ft10 as some said on these comments. it didn't really matter to me bcause he and peter breck and richard long were just extremely handsome men and i enjoy watching them every day on insp and metv i love westerns and even today real cowboys. congratulations on your wonderful little boy
David said on 19/Aug/12
I reckon Lee Majors is 5'10 and certainly looked that on the show The Fall Guy. He always wore boots that made him two inches taller giving the effect that he was six foot tall. Douglas Barr who played Howie Munson still looked taller than Lee who had boots on without boots he looked alot shorter than Douglas. I bet Lee Majors was never five foot eleven or over in his life!! Perhaps in 2012 looking older and with a dodgy hair transplant he's looking 5'8 or 5'9.
Mark said on 17/Aug/12
Lynn...There was a guy who used to post here, but all comments preceding a certain date seem to have been deleted (for all celebrities). Maybe to make room for more, I don't know. Anyway, he apparently worked with alot of famous people, Majors included, and I enjoyed his posts. You'd think, at 47 and with a two year old, I'd have better things to do with my Alas, it's fun speculating, and I have seen that site you mention, but am wary of some of their listings. 6'0 or 5'11.5, nobody could have played The Six Million Dollar Man but Majors, in my book. I'm 6'0, but I grew up watching guys like Majors, and they were larger than life to me. That's why it's so funny to meet some of them in person, and find out they might not be as tall..or short, as I thought. My brother met Peter Breck God bless his soul), and said he was every bit of 6'2, even older.
lynn said on 16/Aug/12
mark its been fun commenting on your comments i'm kinda new at this and i really enjoyed our conversations there is a sight where you can compare your height to the supposed height of whoever you want i go into a name and how tall and they offer another page so you can compare your self to whomever elvis and lee majors tower over me i'm only 5'4 though i have probably lost some height do to old age again thank you lee majors fan but fanatical elvis fan
Mark said on 15/Aug/12
..No problem. In fact, I always believed Majors was 6 feet, myself, as that's what I always read. It wasn't until a couple years ago where I began believing 5'11 (which is only an inch, anyway), based on, as mentioned, two who worked closely with him on 6 mil, who themselves claim to be or have been 6 foot...and put him at about an inch shorter. And, though I'm not standing by it or hoping to argue about it, I had always read Elvis was 5'11. Oh to be able to snap my fingers and go back in time and stand next to some of these guys (Majors, Jim Garner, Eastwood)and gage how tall they really were in their prime. Just one of my more nonsensical whims.
lynn said on 14/Aug/12
i apoligize for the bad remarks i believe he as the height published and i felt like commenting in what i believe was true his high school also listed him at 6ft tall and elvis is also listed at 6ft tall according to his army medical records thats why i used him for comparison again sorry for bad comments
Mark said on 13/Aug/12
Rob, all other unneccesary unpleasantries from other posters aside, I "am" curious why Majors was downgraded an inch, then up half an inch. The future of the world depends on your answer!! lol
Editor Rob
it depends how much height today he has lost from his peak because he looks smaller today
Mark said on 13/Aug/12
...I've spoken to two people who worked with him, and have been a fan of his for most of my 47 years, seeing countless photos of him with others, some of whom I have met. How much more research do you want? For that matter, why can't you just post your opinions, without belittling others or being condescending...both of which you did in your posts?
lynn said on 10/Aug/12
i am not pushing up his height i think that he was the height that was published and he was certainly not any shorter than that if someone wants to comment please do some research first thank you i am a avid lee majors fan
Mark said on 6/Aug/12
...I really need to spell check. My apologies.
Mark said on 4/Aug/12
...every now and then, a female joins in on the conversation, but makes sure to point out how silly it is to engage in such a conversation. It's all just harmless shooting the bull. If you don't like it, why even come to this site?Elvis was 5'11, and almost everything I've ever read says so. I have had two of major's former co-workers say he was 5'11, because those who told em taht were both 6 foot, themselves. As for being eye to eye with Doug Barr, Larry Hagman was often taller (6'0) tahn Patrick Duffy(6'2) and Jim Davis(6'2 or 6'3). Shoes, and whatever else effects it all. And, cowboy boots have far more than one inch heels. But ...onward. Rob; I'm curious as to what prompted you to push Majors up half an inch.
lynn said on 27/Jul/12
i looked at pictures of him and elvis. elvis was 6ft tall and lee was eye to eye with him. he was eye to eye with douglas barr and was wearing boots with maybe one inch heels and why are we arguing about this its stupid
WWEFan said on 14/Jan/12
douglas barr was 6' 2" ( 6' 1" today )
Mark said on 16/Dec/11
Rob; How do I see this pic of Manum and Majors? I can't find a way, here.
Editor Rob
in the future I am no longer hosting photos which myself or Jenny haven't been in.
antonio said on 14/Dec/11
Back to Lee. About 4 yrs. ago he was listed at 6-1 here, then you shrunk him to 6-0, Rob. I wrote years ago that according to friends that have spent time with him, said that he was anywhere from 5-9 to 5-10. One person said he was wearing cowboy boots at the time. I think he maxed at 5-10 and is now close to 5-9. Mamun at 5-8 max nearly looks him straight in the eye.
C said on 10/Nov/11
I think Lee may be shorter than 5'11. I met him many years ago at a fundraiser. I'm 5'8 and I looked him dead in the eye. So, he may have shrunk. I had on no heels.
Mark said on 10/Sep/11
I had accepted it, Francine...for over 35 years. Then, I had peope who worked with him closely tell me otherwise. What kind of heel is on a flat dinner shoe? Was he in profile, with pants short enough that you can see his shoes clearly? Doubtful. Your comment suggests I can't accept him as a 6 footer, yet yours implies you can't accept him as anything but. Odd.
Francine said on 10/Sep/11
He was wearing flat dinner shoes for goodness sake and he was still taller than her with her bouffant hair style. Plus I have seen a college days report of him saying he was 6' in 1962 - pre-Hollywood & pre celebrity. Maybe people should just accept he was a 6-footer.
Mark said on 14/Jul/11
...and what sort of heels did Majors have? 30 years ago, he was legendary for 2 inchers. If she was 5'9 and had 3 inch heels, that makes her 6 even. If majors was only an inch taller, odds are he was under 6 foot, barefoot.
Francine said on 9/Jul/11
Just seen a picture of Christie Brinkley pictured with Lee Majors. She is wearing 3" heels and is an inch shorter than Lee. Her given height is 5'9". Picture was taken some 25-30 years ago, so Lee Majors may have lost an inch since then, but he sure looks a six-footer in that picture. Unless, of course, we are now saying that a top model is not 5'9".
Mark W. said on 2/Jun/11
I think 5'11 is correct for Lee... Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman) is 6 foot 3 or just slightly better and would appear alot taller the Lee Majors in the Bionic Man... The Six Million Dollar man was great with Lee and a production I can still watch today... whatever height Lee is... it works perfectly for the Bionic Man... A taller man might have looked silly in slo mo.....
Gregorovich said on 4/Mar/11
Google lee Majors and Steve McQueen and you will see a photo of them in 1979 having a beer together. Lee looks around 1 inch taller, so no way was he 6' during his prime. 5.11 is about right.
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/11
peak barefoot height 5'-11", now with age, 5'-10".
Jimbo said on 10/Dec/10
After watching episodes of the Fall Guy recently, Lee who is wearing boots that look to give him at least 2 inches in height looks 178cm 5'10. Is it possible he may have lost some height since the 6 million dollar man. I know Frank2 said 5'11 and he saw him close up, but he looks a little shorter compared to other actors on the show.
Mark said on 28/Jun/09
Frank2, have you SEEN what books are out there? Just look at how many people post, here. Think of how many more don't know about this site, who would be interested in knowing such, admittedly trivial, but fun trivia.
Frank2 said on 27/Jun/09
Thanks Mark. Some of my friends keep insisting that I write a book. I guess I'm too lazy. Plus I know such a book wouldn't sell.
Mark said on 26/Jun/09
I always enjoy your comments, Frank2.
trina murphy said on 25/Jun/09
I was intrigued when my boss asked me to look this up during work hours. I love my job. Good to know he is at least 6' tall. I can rest easier. Thank you to all of your who took the time to comment on this. It is very valuable information and a great use of time. ~Trina
Jimbo said on 17/May/09
Thanks for the info on Richard Anderson Mike, sounds about right to me, take care Mike.
Mike said on 15/May/09
My brother, 5'11 and 3/4's, met Anderson at an autograph show about 4 years ago. I have a pic of them, side by side. Granted, Anderson is about 80(?) at the time, but looking about 6'2, compared to my brother. I always read 6'3, and that seemed right. Many photos of he and Majors (including on trading cards) seem to show a solid 3 inch difference, at least. Bear in mind, that's with Majors , likely, in his high heeled 70's shoes. Anderson wore no such boots. All things point to Majors being 5'11 peak, but I'd still like to hear it from the horse's mouth (Majors). And if "Princess" posts here, again, I'd remind her to scroll down to my previous comment to her.
Jimbo said on 13/May/09
The six million dollar man did look about 180cm 5'11. Frank2 if you are out there did you ever see Richard Anderson, Lee's co star from the series, how tall do you think he was. Because Lee only looked about 2 inches shorter and Mr Anderson is listed as 6'4 but heights of course are exaggerated in Hollywood.
Anonymous said on 30/Apr/09
Lee is 70 years old this April. He was born in April 1939. at peak he was 5'-11"/11.5" now no more than 5'-10.5"
Mike said on 1/Mar/09
..I have to add, why would anybody be trying to best him, anyway? I'm sure he's a nice guy, but he's 68, has at least one fake knee and had some sort of facelift.
Mike said on 26/Feb/09
Either all the men here "want him to be less than 6' because that is one area we can best him", or you "think" all the men here want that because you like categorizing all of us, based on your own bias against men. To even go to the trouble of typing what you wrote says alot about your proclivity to the "gotcha" mentality. In any event, I'm much more inclined to go with the opinion of frank2, who is 5'11 and stood next to Majors, with him being barefoot. I've had 5'10 ish women think I'm 6'2, because of how I stand (I'm exactly 6'0).
princess said on 16/Feb/09
I've me Lee when I was in college. It was during his Owen Marshall days. I'm 5"10 and very conscientious about my height, since I'm a woman. Lee was taller thank me. He appeared 6'. Many of his bios state him to be 6'-1", stating he's slightly under the 1". I think all you men on this site want him to be less than 6' because that is one area you feel you can best him. Sorry, he's definitely 6' or slightly over. Also, fine as wine.
leonari said on 27/Dec/08
Same height as Elvis. They even had similar facial features. They could have been brothers.
Anonymous said on 26/Dec/08
I agree with Frank2, who saw Lee barefoot. Majors was 5'11 barefoot, He did not come over as a 6'0 guy in SMDM. Now with age, he is down to 5'10/10.5
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/08
Elvis could be wearing heels to, He usually had some form of Latin heel when he was all decked out in black like that.
Mike said on 1/Nov/08
How was Majors 20 years past his peak in The Fall Guy? He was, what, 41 or so when it began? I'm 43, and am actually a bit taller than I was at 21.
TJ said on 31/Oct/08
Anonymous, on one army measurement he is 5'11 and the rest he is 6'0, which suggests that the low measurement was the one where he had been up about 24 hrs (he was up all night before induction) and the others were at a more flattering time of the day. The Majors/Elvis pics are a little inconclusive as footwear is not clear. Majors could well have been wearing cowboy boots, particularly as he was shooting a western tv series in that period.
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/08
Major's was no less than 6'0 at his peak. He is a little bit taller than Elvis in the picture, at least a half inch. if Elvis was 5'11.5-6'0, I don't see how you can give Majors any less than 6'0. In the fall Guy when he got old and was 20+ years past his peak height he wore those super big 2.5 inch boots to bring him up to about 6'2 so he could be about the same height as Doug Barr his co-star.
Anonymous said on 26/Aug/08
Frank2, to me Elvis looked just about 5'11" On one army document, his height is listed as 5'11 - which i think was his real height. When Elvis said I am not even 6' he was saying he was short of 6' by an inch. 5'11.5" could have been his morning height.
Frank2 said on 9/Aug/08
No, I left because of someone who now no longer posts here.
Irish said on 8/Aug/08
Does anybody know of any other Lee and Elvis stories? I know they used to play alot of football together. There are times, they look like twins. Anybody see Elvis's movie "Double Trouble" he is blonde, looks exactly like Majors. It was actuallyt Elvis's real hair color
Mike said on 8/Aug/08
Frank2...Nice to see you back (or maybe you never left). I always seek out your comments.
Frank2 said on 7/Aug/08
Majors was 5'11" barefoot back when I worked on THE FALL GUY. He always wore custom cowboy boots with lifts that boosted him by at least three inches bringing him close to Doug Barr's height which is around 6'2". Barr wore regular shoes so he was about 6'3" with them.
Mike said on 7/Jun/08
...we need somebody here to have their photo taken with him. On a side note, wasn't he supposed to be in new series?
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/08
Lee looked about 3 inches shorter than his male co-star in the Fall Guy series who was always listed at 6'1
Anonymous said on 17/May/08
5ft10.5 to 5ft11 peak, now with age no more than 5ft10
Anonymous said on 16/May/08
I think his peak height was 5'11, now it may be closer to 5'10.
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/08
Frank2 claimed Lee was no more than 5'11 barefoot, he was on the set for 'The Fall Guy'series. To me he looked about 5'10.5
Mike said on 11/Apr/08
The funny thing is, I have know guys, over the years, who say they are 6 feet tall, and are anywhere from 1 to 2 inches shorter looking than me (I'm about 6' even). And then you get into the whole business of, when being measured, were they slouching...standing straight, etc... I was watching Big Valley, and half the time, Majors looks "at least" 2 inches shorter than Breck, who I know is 6'2. But, other times, he looks an inch shorter.
Voice of reason said on 8/Apr/08
That was his height at 17 when he was at Middlesboro High School and playing football.
Mike said on 8/Apr/08
...I'd love to ask him. But how does one do that? And how do you know he was 5'11 in college?
Voice of reason said on 7/Apr/08
I don't know of anybody giving their height to include their shoes. Have you ever thought the best way to find out is to ask him. He was 5'11" playing college football and reached 6' max.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/08
Do we Americans give our height in shoes? Hmm. I know I never have, but maybe people do. Never thought about it. Anyway, I was just thinking of Majors on TSMDM, in those high heeled shoes he wore. Even with those on, he was a good couple inches below Anderson. I know Anderson is tall, as my brother had a photo taken with him. Right now, based on the photo, I'd put Anderson at 6'1-6'2.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/08
Voice of reason: if he said he 6'0 in 1966, I am sure that was his height in shoes, as Americans have a tendency to give height in shoes. so probably 5'11/11.25 barefoot peak now closer to 5'10 with age.
glenn said on 23/Mar/08
again,this site isnt about kooks criticizing a celebs height.lee,as with alot of male celebs can fluctuate in height.lee is mentioned usually at 5-11,6ft.but stranger claims of 5-10 due crop up.i believe 6ft peak.shrunk to 5-11,5-11.5.we have alot of people come here to put us down on the the major contributer here.i defend when i can say those wernt your intentions,but it didnt sound like it.though ive read way worse from others.
Mike said on 22/Mar/08
...yeah, lol. It's kind of like going on a site devoted to the Wizard of Oz and posting something about the obsession with the movie is funny (no, I don't like the movie, just used it as an example). We all have our reasons. For me, it's just curiousity mostly. In the end, doesn't matter. But what trivial things do?
Voice of reason said on 22/Mar/08
In an interview he did in 1966 Lee Majors said he wsa 6'.
Voice of reason said on 22/Mar/08
Well, thank you for the warm welcome Glenn. I am entitled to post my comment as much as anybody. I thought what I posted was perfectly reasonable and would suggest that as this an open board you welcome comments rather than chase them away.
Voice of reason said on 21/Mar/08
Sorry mistyped the height, it should read 5'11 3/4"
glenn said on 21/Mar/08
find another site voice of unreason.we dont give a rats ass if lee is tall or short.we discuss 1000s of celebs vertical challenges or fun.because their heights can appear to mysteriously fluctuate.we try to pinpoint.not criticize.
Voice of reason said on 20/Mar/08
I do think the obsession about his height is funny. I found this site because I am a Lee Majors fan not because of how tall he is.

Reading what I have about the man I do not think he would care or deny if he was 5'11" or 5'10. He has always been honest about himself including plastic surgery done to his nose because it had been broken so many times.

Personally, I think he was 6' in his prime, he could still be but probably he has lost some height due to age as we all do or will do from 40 onwards - something like a quarter inch each decade. Plus Lee Majors has a spine condition discovered when he was temporarily paralyzed as a football player and had to wear a back brace for a year in his early twenties. Quite possibly this condition could have affected his height or even the appearance of his height over the years.

Comparisons with other actors or other people on the screen are not really reliable because people stand different, some stand more upright, some tend towards slouching, some are square-shouldered, some are round-shouldered.

However, if you want to do comparisons I saw him on an interview show just last month standing next to a guy who is 5' 3/4". Both were wearing flat shoes and he looked about the same at both shoulder and head height.

But really, at the end of the day, does it matter?
Mike said on 17/Mar/08
I, also, just watched Big Valley last night on dvd. Peter Breck, himself, told me he was 6'2. Majors always looks at LEAST 2 inches shorter, if not a bit more.
George H. said on 13/Mar/08
I think I read somewhere that Majors broke his nose and when he got it fixed, asked an Elvis model nose (they were pals). Somebody in the eighties entourage of Tom Jones told me a similar story about Jones' new nose, that he asked to model it after Presley's.
Anonymous said on 12/Mar/08
I was looking at some re-runs of BV not long ago and suddenly realized that Lee Majors favors Elvis. They look like they could have been related! Funny, as many times as I've watched the show, I never saw the resemblance before.
sf said on 12/Mar/08
I would have thought his bionic legs and skeletel structure would have prevented him from shrinking...
Mike said on 12/Mar/08
Majors guest starred on the sitcom with Jim Belushi(can't recall name) and it was on last night. I don't know how old the episode was, but it can't be too old. I also don't know who had what heels on. But Belushi is listed as 5'11. In various scenes, the 2 men looked either the same height and, in other scenes, Belushi looked an inch taller. I read alot about "peak" heights on this board. Yes, even I go up and down almost an inch...depending on the time of day. And I've asked if people with knee replacements lose height. Answer;no. Thirdly, in most cases, I don't know that men lose height by the time they are in their 60's, the way many members, here, seem to suggest. Bottom line, I think Majors was never more than 5'11. But, unless I'm next to him and we're both barefoot, I'll never know.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/08
Had some friends who met him back in the 70's. The Dad who is 6'6 kept telling me how short he was. Back then they said he was 5'10 tops. 5'10 is not short unless your 6'6.
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/08
I would say his peak height was 5-11, now maybe 5-10.5/10
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/07
Dizzy D - more details of when you met Lee Majors!
Bklyn said on 23/Nov/07
This reminds me of the line from While you were sleeping... "Ceasar Romero was tall"
They were both incredible hotties. It's kind of weird that they actually look a lot alike and are similar in heights, be that 6' or 5'11".
Dizzy D said on 18/Nov/07
I met Lee Majors and he is about 5'10''; no taller!
vandam said on 23/Oct/07
mr Mayfair :
do you have any pics of you and him together ?to prove that
Mr Mayfair said on 5/Oct/07
As Lee Majors and I were once the same height that would make him 5.11?
DerekHeath said on 10/Sep/07
Just caught a rerun of 1993 Bionic ever After with Lee majors & Lindsey Wagner when they are leaving a resturant walking she is slightly shorter by a hair.Given that she's 5'8" tall give her a three/four inch hiheal that put her at about 5'11 or 6'ft tall.I'd guess Majors to be close to 6' but not more.
obvious said on 26/Jul/07
As i read these posts ,I think it is time maybe to downgrade this guy he is obviously not 6 feet .
Ramiro said on 12/Jul/07
Yes, and Lee is compared to Elvis to state his height. If Elvis is same height or even taller than Lee, why the difference in their heights stated on this site? Perhaps because of some burdensome Elvis' fan? It wouldn't be fair. Lee hasn't his height as solidly proved as Elvis.
faudeya said on 11/Jul/07
give it a rest ! we are talking about Lee here
Ramiro said on 11/Jul/07
Pics don't say many about accurate heights. But those who think that Elvis looks smaller on the pic provided at the top of the page, please, look at it carefully and you'll see that both head tops are more of less at the same level, perhaps Elvis is even taller in a pic that at first sight could give the impression of a shorter Elvis. There are many parts of their bodies where Elvis is at the same level or over Major's ones. And Elvis is slouching! As I've said below I have footage of both with Elvis being same height or taller.
Ramiro said on 9/Jul/07
Well, Elvis is slouching in the pic provided here. And I have footage of Elvis and Lee Majors where they are talking and they look about the same height, if something, Elvis looks taller. The footage appears on "The Ed Sullivan Shows" as extra footage. But I think that pics or footage are no valid proofs, one can prove one thing and the contrary with them and there are a lot of distorting factors that make unaccurate our appreciation. Elvis had his height measured in the army at 6' for at least three times. Have we these proofs regarding Majors or other celebrities?
Mike said on 4/Jul/07
...I hear Majors was a no show. So much for that.
Mike said on 15/Jun/07
...Well would someone please attend the BionicCon2 in L.A. at month's end, have your photo taken with Lee...then post it and tell us how tall you are so we'll finally know.
lrua said on 5/Jun/07
I don't buy 6' for Lee Majors, looks in that 5'10" to 5'11" range to me.
vandam said on 2/Jun/07
aphrodite: you contradict yourself everywhere you post your comments i dont think you really know what you are talking about . like a stated many times i have people that knew him , worked with him , and all stated that he was not a solid 6 footer .
curious said on 1/Jun/07
well the king personnaly looks closer to 5'11" du to the fact that Lee is often stated as being more 5'11" than 6'. I think 6' just looks and sounds better on paper but they are or were probably not 6', still over average but who cares
Ray said on 1/Jun/07
That's funny Elvis and Majors were so close cos I was just watching the Fall Guy and he looks very like Elvis circa Aloha ('73). Don't know about a full 6' for Majors though...
DerekHeath said on 27/May/07
Kurt Russell stated on a Merv Griffin interview jut after he did the ELVIS movie he and Presley were EXACTLY the same height.5'11.5 " just shy of 6'.Elvis loved Lee Majors like a brother,they were very close friends I doubt Lee or Elvis would care which was taller.Let it go. Wanna hear a real interesting story....Lee Majors was once slapped in the face by a woman that just didn't care for his attitude,She made the mistake of doing it in front of Elvis Presley. Elvis pulled her aside and asked "Did he {LEE MAJORS} insult you. No the woman replied I just don't care for his attitude. Elvis cuffed her across the face with an open hand and said "Now you know how it feels,I think you should leave"Lee was his Guest,his friend they were close neither would care about height,why should we End of story.
vandam said on 24/May/07
for once i agree with you , that is exactly it , that is what i was trying to prove from day one .
Aphrodite said on 21/May/07
Elvis Presley's height was officially measured in the army twice and was stated at 5'11.5 inches in bare foot and 6'0.5 inches with shoes.
vandam said on 18/Apr/07
it's because elvis was not 6 feet !!
Aphrodite said on 16/Mar/07
The picture of Elvis together with Majors (6 Million Dollar Man) shows their heights are the same. Elvis was bending a little in that picture.
Glenn said on 17/Dec/06
I agree sam2.
sam2 said on 17/Dec/06
I met Majors coming out of a steakhouse in Boca Raton about 6 years ago. He is 5'11", tops. He had what I thought were normal shoes and he might have just reached 6' with the shoes or slightly less. Not a particularly big guy.
Glenn said on 16/Dec/06
My 1000 plus pics arnt valid.and Frank2 is no more again.trouble maker.
MarkO said on 15/Dec/06
...I only pop in here, from time to time, but I'm glad to see Frank2 is back. I pretty much just seek out your comments, though I peek at a few others if they seem valid.
Brad said on 14/Dec/06
I met Peter Breck. He's 6' 2" easy. Just a few over Lee.
MarkO said on 1/Jul/06
Are they talking about Lee Majors on the Elvis page? Lol..Just wondering. Thanks Frank2...but I guess I'll never be happy until Majors himself says he' was 5'11 on The Six Million Dollar Man. Although, I do believe you and respect your statements.
Frank2 said on 29/Jun/06
Maybe impossible for you, but not for me.
Ramiro said on 28/Jun/06
Frank2, it is literally impossible that you could be completely sure of the exact height of Elvis only watching at him. Please, be more humble and say: "I THINK that Presley COULD be ABOUT "X" in tall. The book "The King", that Tiger owns, has the army record with Elvis' height measurement inside, Graceland Archives have the army records and said to me that they show Elvis' height measurement at 6'0.5'' in bare foot and 6'1.75'' with shoes; Joe Esposito confirmed and explained the two measurements because he was measured too at the moment. If you don't believe in that you have to not believe in 99.9% of facts that the world has seen in history because you don't have straight access to the original documents. Many official documents are available with restrictions and many aren't available at all for general public. In the case of Elvis' army records there are some of them available through several publications and the Elvis Presley Estate/Graceland Archives. Graceland Archives said that they were quite surprised about this controversy because Elvis is one of the few celebrities who has his height scientifically measured using the anthropometric methods. There is no more accurate method than this one, and of course, if you ask a doctor to measure your height only watching to you he will surely laugh and take you to the rigid tape measure. Cartoonistguy, if you are 6 feet you are in Elvis' range.
Frank2 said on 22/Jun/06
Then feel great Cartoonistguy. You and your hero were the exact, same height.
Cartoonistguy said on 22/Jun/06
I know, I know...I need to get a life. But I MUST
know!! Lol. It's a childhood / guy thing.
At 5'11 and 3/4ths in high school (now 6 feet), I
DESPERATELY wanted that extra quarter of an inch to at
least equal my hero. If I can find out, for certain,
he was 5'11 on TSMDM, don't you see??? The 17 year old
in me will feel GREAT...retroactively!!
WHY do I admit these things in public?? lol
Frank2 said on 21/Jun/06
What the hell is "personal appreciations"?

The hard working folks I knew in Fox publicity knew a lot more than you do on the subject, that's for sure.

And one more time, show me the official Army document. You keep mentioning it like it exists and is readily available for all to see. Then when I question you on it when you cannot produce it, you balk by saying it doesn't matter that's it's not available.

You can't have it both ways.
Ramiro said on 20/Jun/06
I don't have to believe in personal appreciations Frank2, the man you mention (sorry he passed away) had a personal appreciation with NO scientific value and I remind you that Elvis was 21 years old in 1956 so he could grow up until 25 years old as many males do. Anyway, Elvis himself stated his height as 6 feet in those days on several interviews, and many people who met him said that he was a tall person (a personal appreciation one more time). In the case of Elvis it is not a question of publicity made by his music label or film company, his height was stated on a medical examination made officially by the army of the United States Of América. This moment was seen by many people and journalists, it was filmed and photographed and obviously the army hadn't any self-interest in falsifying an official record. Be sure that Elvis wasn't too beloved in the government and army spheres and they would be very happy if they could say that Elvis was 5'5''. Elvis wore on stage boots with 2'' heels as many people wore those days, in the seventies that kind of footwear was in fashion. It is almost impossible to see any show business personality without high heels in the seventies. I would even say that Elvis' boots weren't too much heeled if we compare them with the average that many showmans wore those days.
Frank2 said on 13/Jun/06
Yeah, he was joking about it. So what? He was saying, "Hell, I'm not even 6'." I knew several Fox publicity people who were closer to him than most since he was out here to make his first feature film. One of them who recently passed away (I went to his funeral) was an even six feet and he told me that Elvis was slightly shorter than him. This guy had no axe to grind. He liked Elvis. I saw Elvis up close and can confirm he wasn't 6'. I know many people who claim to be a specific height, but are in fact shorter. So what? People fudge on height. Maybe it's human nature. In Elvis's case you think if his publicity stated he was 5'11.5" instead of 6' it would have been beneficial to his career? The public expected Elvis to be tall. They expect every famous celeb to be tall. After a while Elvis started wearing height-increasing shoes and boots so he'd look well-over six feet tall. But he wasn't when barefoot. End of argument.

This is Lee Major's thread. I'm finished with arguing Elvis's height on this as well as on his own thread. I know what I know and that's good enough for me.
Ramiro said on 12/Jun/06
You said that Elvis was joking when you overheard him, this is completely contradictory with the idea of Elvis telling the people that he was shy of not being 6' tall. He was joking, you said this; don't deny it now. Don't know what you've seen but there were a lot of press and people surrounding Elvis during his height measure, his medical examination and all the rest of Elvis' moments at the induction, it was quite oppressive for him. How many eyewitnesses you want? A full stadium surrounding Elvis? Why the hell I have to believe in you while you haven't to believe in official records? There are books, as Tiger said, where the official documentation that includes Elvis' height is showed and it has been showed on the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States Of America. If you want you can do a request of information. It was a historic fact; I haven't been in Waterloo in 1815 but I believe that this episode happened there.

Editor Rob
I think Frank wants to see a scan of a document showing 6ft 0.5/6ft 1.75 figure on official docs ;-)

even a photo of a book containing the docs...
MarkO said on 10/Jun/06
Frank2...have you any photos of you and majors from the Fall Guy...each of you in stocking feet? A tall (no pun intended) order, I know. But it would make things pretty clear. I'd really love to know if he's 5'11 and not 6 feet.
Frank2 said on 9/Jun/06
I've never seen it documented except for the same, exact medium shot photo of him being measured as well as a very quick film clip. And the newsreel clip didn't state he was 6' tall either. Please show me right here the documentation in writing from an official source.

What Elvis said that day was as clear as a bell. He admitted he was just shy of being 6'. I didn't come in on some conversation that I misinterpreted.
Ramiro said on 9/Jun/06
Believe me Frank2, Elvis was measured in front on many people including the press and a lot of photographs and footage were taken at the moment. It was one of the most documented moments in show business history. I don't know the case of Alan Ladd nor if it is true of not but please, don't compare an official medical record by the army with a driver's license. I'm sure that it is quite easy to put any height on your driver's license or perhaps it could be a simple mistake. Elvis' driver license rounds his height at 6' when his true height was 6'1/2''. Elvis was measured twice in the army's medical examination: in barefoot at 6'1/2'' and with shoes at 6'1.75''. The falsification is impossible here, the record went straight from the rigid tape measure to the press and to the official documents. I remember what you said some time ago about Elvis saying that he just missed being 6 feet tall. You said that you could hear by chance Elvis JOKING with some people and you catched in the air these words. You weren't in the conversation so how can you exactly know what were they talking about? Perhaps nothing to do with what you thought. Anyway they were joking as yourself said some time ago. Elvis always stated his height at 6' (rounding numbers) or 6'1/2' (using the army record), so what could make him say that he missed being 6 feet tall when it wasn't true? And if he were under 6' and didn't want that people knew that, why to say the "terrible truth" to those persons? Yourself admited that Elvis was joking and you haven't any idea of the full conversation, you only catched in the air an isolated phrase taken out of context from what you remember of a joke made about 40 years ago. Even it could be possible that you didn't hear well the phrase.
Frank2 said on 8/Jun/06
Mr. R., you reminded me of something when you mentioned Kurt Russell's comment regarding how tall Elvis actually was. I do remember Russell saying that Elvis was just under 6' and that when he put on Elvis's original costume for the TV movie he was surprised that it didn't need to be altered. Russell is about 5'9" so I'm sure that unless he has extremely long legs, the trousers had to be shortened. Then I wondered why on earth would they allow him to use the actual costume Elvis wore when he was on stage. Bottom line is don't believe everything you read, even official documents regarding what the army measured someone at. According to what I've seen, anyone can be bribed to falsify a document. The California DMV listed Alan Ladd as being 5'10" on his driver's license. Ladd was actually 5'6". It seems that Paramount was able to get the DMV to alter it. I saw Elvis and can say that he was only slightly taller than me and I'm 5'11". Right in front of me he admitted he was just under six feet. But Elvis fans will never buy that. They have an image of him that's carved in stone.
Ramiro said on 7/Jun/06
Graceland Archives said to me that Elvis never wore shoes or boots with lifts, he only wore on stage during the seventies boots with 2 inch heels. They have the original Elvis' shoes and boots to see and believe me, they say the true because when there is something not such positive about Elvis they tell it too. Elvis was measured in the army by medical specialized personnel and with many people including the press as eyewitnesses at 6'1/2'' in barefoot, it is stated in the official records and is unquestionable. We can discuss about the height of other celebrities who do not have their heights scientifically measured, but in the case of Elvis we have the record.
MarkO said on 4/Jun/06
FYI...I was told that Peter Breck...from his own lips, said he's 6'2, with no shoes on
MHouillon said on 19/Apr/06
I guess, nowadays he's a well feeded ;-) 181-182cm 5'11.25-5 for sure.
Frank P said on 6/Apr/06
Going by his TV shows? No way is he 6"0 . Maybe 5"10. Peter breck BTW ALWAYS wore the heeled boots. He played an Indian chief on some episode on the 6 Million Dollar Man. Breck in the mocassins Lee was about 2 inches taller. I've seen him in other films and Breck is actually on the short side.
Frank2 said on 5/Apr/06
Richard Long was 5'11". Never saw Peter Breck in the flesh, but he could have been just under 6'. Andrew Duggan was around 6'4".
larry said on 5/Apr/06
Frank2: Ever see Richard Long or Peter Breck (sp?), who played his brothers on THE BIG VALLEY? IF so, how tall were they. I noticed in an episode with Andrew Duggan (again, sp?) that he was a good 5" taller than the "brothers". So, anyone know how tall Andrew Duggan was (he was the father on LANCER)?
Frank2 said on 16/Mar/06
Well, all I can say is I worked on The Fall Guy and noticed that when Lee wasn't wearing his cowboy boots, but was wearing normal shoes he was my height.
steve said on 11/Mar/06
Elvis presley was definately 6 feet tall. This is a stone cold fact. His army medical records clearly show this. He underwent a medical when he was inducted in the army in 1958 and his height (in his bear feet) was exactly 6 feet. True Elvis war cuban heeled shoes to enhance his height by anouther two to 3 inches Hence making him 6'2 or 6'3. Lee Majors was exactly the same height as Elvis. Incidently Neilson appears in an episode of the fall guy as a guest star with Jock Mahoney (of Tarzan and range rider fame) Jock Mahoney stood at 6 foot five and Nielson stands around 6 foot 3.
If you notice in that episode of the fall guy "The King of The Cowboys" all men are wearing different styles of cowboy boots.
Frank2 said on 26/Feb/06
I hate to sound like a "know it all," but I did work with Lee on The Fall Guy and he wore specially made cowboy boots with lifts which boosted his height by about three and half inches. Lee is 5' 11" in his stocking feet.
Cartoonistguy said on 7/Jan/06
Look at Majors with Leslie Nielson in Big Valley. Nielson was much taller, and I've read was 6'2. Look at Majors with William Shatner or John Saxon, both under 6 The Six Million Dollar Man. Majors isn't much taller.
Mr. R said on 18/Mar/05
During his 6 million dollar heyday, Majors was referred to as the "six foot star". In this pic, Elvis is slouching a bit. But, Elvis was listed as six feet or an inch taller, yet Kurt Russell says he did research for the famous Elvis movie, and discovered that elvis "was not quite six feet". He says that Elvis wore lifts to put him over the hump. I think this interview was with the Phildelphia Enquirer. If this true, this puts Majors below 6 feet also. Of course both Elvis and Majors are know for "enhanced footwear".

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