How tall is Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

American Singer and actor from The Hunger Games and The Butler.

How tall is Lenny Kravitz
Lenny and Zoe Kravitz
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5ft 8.32in (173.5cm)
JD 5'9" said on 23/Feb/19
People saying 5'7" are going to low. Google has him listed as 5'9" now. Looking at pictures of him with barefoot Jennifer Lawrence, I don't think that's too far off. I'd say solid 174 cm.
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/Jan/19
Here he is w/ Big Show (looking quite short)... Click Here
Obadiah Stane said on 28/Sep/18
Always wearing lifts
Gian85 said on 22/Aug/18
Short guy. 5ft 7 at most
Gracian said on 11/Jul/18
Please, Rob, add a photo to his page and add him to the rock singers category.
Giusi said on 9/Jun/18
The guy is VERY short. I knew that since I had seen his first video. Compare his head to the rest of his body: either he's got a gigantic head - he hasn't - or he's very short, very small. Then I chanced to meet him, some 10 years ago. I am 1.72 myself, and I recognized him while in a gelateria/restaurant in Italy. I was wearing sandals - no heels - and I still looked down on him. He had heels, and keep in mind his hairdo gifts him with 3-4 cm. Not taller than 1.66 if you ask me. Google is really giving fake data abouy celebrities. Caterina Murino, for instance, is the same height, never mind what she claims in her sites 😂
Jake94 (5'9 said on 22/Jan/18
@Eileen Nice troll. This dudes 5'8".
Autonomous Angela said on 24/Nov/17
Well you know what they say....,
it's not how tall you are, it's if you can see out the window to be able to park it in the garage.

Besides, it's Lenny! I wouldn't care if I had to give him a booster seat, 💗
Eileen said on 14/Oct/17
I am 5ft 2. 5.3 in my work boots. Had no idea who this jerk was when he tried to force his way through a secure area. I was looking DOWN on him. Literally Dude is maybe 5'2". His publicist and the radio jock came out and IDd him.
So no preconceived notions. Dude is short, end.
TMI said on 22/Apr/17
5'8" flat at the worst. Not sure why he's listed at 5'7" on Google. He's clearly an inch or two above that.
Cameron said on 3/Apr/17
If this is true then Google is currently under listing him at 5'7".
Editor Rob: you can't list Kravitz at 5ft 7 and jennifer lawrence at 5ft 9...there's full body shots of those talking and he is a bit taller.

and I doubt lawrence is 5ft 6!
Ed123 said on 13/Dec/16
5.8.5 is about right. I was in an elevator with Lenny and his assistants last year in Beverly Hills. He is about an inch shorter than I am. Very nice guy. He looked at me and said "Hey what's up..."
anonymous said on 13/Jul/16
He is barely 5,6 ! he one time passed next to me, he was waring high shoes and i was on flat shoes ( i am 5.6) and he was almost as tall as i am ! 5. 8 ha ha ha !
Mark said on 26/May/16
Saw him at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills a few years ago.. 5 foot 7 tops.. Also highly intoxicated. Lol
Mystry solved said on 3/Apr/16
This guy cannot be 5' 8.5'', he looks hardly anything above 5' 6.5''-5' 7'' and on top of that he is always in shoes with big heals.
Peter175 said on 31/Mar/16
Google "Lenny Kravitz and justin bieber palladium 2016" and look at the first image. If he is really 5'8.5, bieber is minimum 5'7.5 because he isn't even a whole inch taller than justin and looks to have a slight shoeware advantage.

Either downgrade him to 5'8" or upgrade justin to a full 5'7.5. I would think the latter since Lenny generally looks above 5'8 consistently, and justin almost always looks to be taller than 5'7.25
MD said on 13/Feb/16
Ain't no way. With 5'7"(ish) Justin Bieber:

Click Here

Click Here


Click Here

We can assume Lenny's in boots with the kind of outfit he has on and since he's almost always in heeled boots. Even the most generous listing, this 5'8.5" is not possible.
MD said on 29/Dec/15
With a 5'11" tops Kaseem Reed (Swizz Beatz) with a footwear advantage no less:

Click Here


Click Here

Your've also got to take off the hair, but it would seem that this listing is probably still too tall.
Anthem said on 26/Dec/15
He's listed 5ft 7 (170cm) on Google and IMDB, I find it interesting he's listed more here. Why is he listed 1.5 inches more here, Rob?
Editor Rob: I think it's impossible he's that short. He's taller than jennifer lawrence easily...
fuzzblaster77 said on 5/Aug/15
He is 5'6". It is shocking as they make him look 5'11" in videos.
fuzzblaster77 said on 24/Mar/15
He looks 5'7" in person.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/14
How can he be 5'8.5 and Jeffrey Wright 5'9.5 when he's shorter even in those heels?!
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/14
Rob check out his heels here!! Click Here
Kendall said on 27/May/14
5'6 guy, dwarfed by Cuba Gooding Jr in the Butler
Arch Stanton said on 1/May/14
Rob can you can actor too and mention Precious, The Hunger Games and The Butler. The .5 is questionable. Does he really give the illusion of 5'10" Rob at least without the hair Rob? He looks short range in The Butler too me. 5'8" flat I think would be nearer.
[Editor Rob: I think 174 range is what he looks, he can look taller with bigger boots he wears at times.
Damon said on 18/Apr/14
i think his hair gives him a bit of an edge, but i would say no lower than 5'7 and no higher than 5'8
Powerpete said on 28/Feb/14
Hmm it says 5"7 on i m d b
truth said on 22/Jan/14
After watching Hunger Games it made me severly doubt this listing IMO.
MD said on 11/Dec/13
Hey, taking into account any footwear difference (pictured in second photo), what's the difference here with Hutcherson?

Click Here

Click Here

With Bill Clinton, who is only topping out at 6'0", these days, bent in the first pic and standing straighter in the second:

Click Here

Click Here

I'm really starting to see a flat 5'8".
Edlt2882 said on 9/Dec/13
Just saw Hunger Games Catching Fire last night and saw a full body shot Jennifer Lawrence and Lenny Kravitz facing each other. Jennifer Lawrence is 5'7", but maybe closer to 5'8" give the soles of her footwear, while Kravitz was clearly wearing 2"+ boots. This made me think he was 5'6".
PJ said on 7/Dec/13
I've seen him in person three times, 5'7 tops.
lwntgngr said on 26/Aug/13
174cm looks right. He looked 2-3 cm longer than Lawrence in Hunger Games
Myles said on 26/Apr/13
Al Jourgensen saw him without his heels once and said he was not more than 5"2
kEBO said on 22/Nov/12
I met lenny back in the '90s, and last saw him backstage in San Diego 10 years ago. I am 5ft 8 and a half. The guy is the sam size in Converse as my then girlfriend. She was 5ft 6 and a quarter. He is a short guy, but if you think about certan sneakers and tennis shoes ad 1 1/2 to 2 inches to your hight, and boots and dress shoes and a good 3 to 4 1/2 inches. Yes, Lenny is short.
Editor Rob said on 1/Oct/12
There's a brief moment in Hunger Games where a full body shot of kravitz and jennifer lawrence shows Lenny as a bit taller, which he looked in the couple of other shots they were together.
the air up here is better said on 10/Sep/12
No way is he taller than 5"7, I guess 5"6. I met him after a concert and All I could talk about after was how tiny he was. Its not just his height, he has a very small frame. He wears boots often that have visible heels and I am sure hidden lifts as well. Which may be why he looks taller in photos . His build is very similar to that of Prince.
similar to to Prince's.
Hob said on 28/Jul/12
lenny is nothin over 5'7 barefoot.
runt said on 22/Jan/12
I always thought he was supposed to be 5-11. Funny that he's the same height as Sly Stallone but more people think he's 5-10 or 5-11 than Sly. Poor Sly. LOL, Maybe Sly could learn a thing or two from Lenny, who does more conservative heightening!
Cranberries said on 27/Dec/11
More like 5'7"... That's what the 'db lists him as.
josh said on 5/Dec/11
Pivens is about 5'8/ say this height is right
chilean said on 1/Oct/11
Click Here

lenny looks strong 5'7 next to 5'8 usher

Nowadays lenny doesn´t use so much shoes with lifts
bandet said on 13/Sep/11
pasthiminstreet, you are like most other people when they 'see' a celeb in real life. they invariably always think they are smaller than they are. what you saw with your eyes was not fact but a delusion with pre-thought.
edward said on 10/Aug/11
rob .... do you honestly think that this guy is 5ft8.5in? .. he never looks taller than 5ft7... especially in entourage next to Jeremy Piven.
pastHiminStreet said on 30/Jul/11
I passed him in a Manchester street, way back in the 90s. Im 5,8" so i would guess about his height to be 5,6". I think his publicist has been filling up blogs with 5,8" / 5,10" cause the guy defiantly wears lifts & has an issue with his height.
chilean said on 21/Jul/11
hey rob are u sure ? he looks really short sometimes
Buddy X said on 2/Jun/11
I am sure Lenny wear boots to hide internal heels, watch this vid where he can't walk properly Click Here

Click Here
me said on 27/May/11
can we please get zoe kravitz on the site? please please please!
Viper said on 25/Feb/11
If hes shorter than Piven, then hes 5-6. Piven is barely 5-7.
Lmeister said on 25/Feb/11
Based on Entourage he is 5ft7-5ft8.
Here he looks shorter than Jeremey Piven Click Here
Again shorter than Jeremy Piven Click Here
Same height or marginally taller than Jeremy Click Here
MMM said on 7/Feb/11
I think he is 5'6
Cosmo said on 18/Jan/11
No, Lenny is no way below 5'8".
Asera said on 13/Jan/11
He looks to be about the same height as 171 cm( or 5'7.5-5'8 ) Michael Jackson :

Click Here

I think he's probably a just little bit shorter than MJ though. Like 168-170 cm. But they are defnitely in the same height range. MJ,Quincy Jones,Lenny Kravitz and George Lucas.
PJ said on 16/Nov/10
Erik is correct. I've seen Lenny a number of times in SoHo, and often wearing converse. He's 5'8 tops in shoes!
stevie said on 15/May/09
love him, but when he signed my cd in la last summer he was definitely shorter then me, and I'm about 5'10''
lillee said on 5/Feb/09
Looks five foot ten next to billy joel
MHouillon said on 31/Dec/08
Just saw him at a German TV show (TV total). The host, Stefan Raab says, he (Raab) was measured 182cm (5'11.5). Compared to him, (and considering Lenny's heels), Mr. Kravitz is a 173cm 5'8 max.
Iman said on 22/Oct/08
know him, he is 175cm.
Adriana Lima is 178cm.
jk said on 12/Sep/08
tyrone good, have you seen him with adriana lima? how tall is she?
Tyrone Good said on 19/Jun/08
I went on tour with him, so I know. He's 5'8". If you need proof I'm on his website. I'm the Asian guy from New York.
BK_Daniel said on 5/Jun/08
I saw this guyand what I saw was a really ripped guy with average height, unlike most guys his height he's really thin and has great posture, so myself standing at 5'10" stand eye to ye with him but only because he has an insanely straight back and no extra weight to hold him down with extremely tight legs to keep perfect lengthy form. In conclusion his height would be 174 cms maybe 175.
stefani said on 27/May/08
Never seeing him live...but i want so much
Sword said on 21/Mar/08
I saw a picture of him on stage with Madonna, and he was same size as her, and she's a pixie girl! "rdiggity1 says on 24/Nov/07: I put my arm around him and walked next to him, I'm 6'2" and I'd say he's 5'8" cause I was pretty much a "head" taller than him" Sorry about your math, but a guy 6'2" a head taller (about 8") would make Crapass about 5'4"...Prince sized! Which is what I beleive. Guys lie about everything...
Lmeister said on 16/Feb/08
Eventhough these aren't the best clips to judge height, but I'd say he is 5ft9 max. Never have met him so cannot be really sure.
Click Here
Click Here
glenn said on 15/Feb/08
i saw lenny look 6ft to me last he has to be 5-9 min.i saw him at 5-9 in sandals 12 years ago.the 6ft encounter he had dress boots on.
Lmeister said on 14/Feb/08
Look at these boots Click Here Nice cuban heel. Eventhough he wouldn't have any lifts inside they are gonna give at 2 inches compared to his barefoot height.
miles smiles said on 2/Feb/08
There's a funny article in the new Spin magazine where the journalist says he had from numerous people that Lenny was only 5-7 (he was mentioning this because, at 6-0, he at least had one advantage over Lenny, since Lenny had looks and money and women, etc.) But when he meets Lenny for the interview, Lenny shows up in boots and appears taller than him. How could this be? It doesn't look like there are lifts in his boots, he thinks to himself. The journalist admits that his own low self-esteem makes him always feel shorter around people with a big presence, even though he's towering over them. Good little article.
Dinosaur said on 10/Dec/07
Saw him walking in Paris in 95 with a smallish waif model type carrying a lunchbox. She was no more than 18 and 5 feet even. Maybe he was 5'9, but he had these huge heels on his boots.
rdiggity1 said on 24/Nov/07
I put my arm around him and walked next to him, I'm 6'2" and I'd say he's 5'8" cause I was pretty much a "head" taller than him
Giorgio said on 27/Oct/07
I'm 5'9.5". I met him three years ago, at the grand opening of Prada showroom in So-Ho,New York. I stend next to him for a couple of minutes and he was about an inch shorter than me.
Ricardo said on 23/Sep/07
I'm 5-7 (170 cm), took a photo and talked a little bit with him on the backstage of a concert he gave in Chile. He was in sandals, I was with regular shoes. He's at most 5-8.5 (174 cm)
glenn said on 21/Sep/07
i agree miles.lenny is in the club of height chameleons.along with buddy jagger.
miles smiles said on 20/Sep/07
I'm thinking that Kravitz is another height Zelig, though not in the heavyweight category like Pitt and Jagger and DMX. I've only seen him in concert, but friends of mine have reported sightings that range between 5-7 and 5-11. I'm sure they didn't take into account footwear and the slope of the sidewalk, etc. Of course, these sighting were mostly by women (and no offense, but women usually aren't the greatest at gaging height.) I said "usually," so nobody jumps on that quote, and of course there are exceptions, etc...
glenn said on 28/Aug/07
i regret never seeing him live.but id rather have the photo with him.same goes for any legend.
miles smiles said on 27/Aug/07
Yeah, Arthur was as moody and complicated and tortured as they come. On a good night, he was undoubtedly the most powerful stage presence I've ever witnessed. I regret never getting a photo with him. Mad props, glenn.
glenn said on 26/Aug/07
arthur was great to me.heard he changes his attitude quickly though.
Daniel said on 25/Aug/07
Ok, Glenn. Can you tell us about his health too? I think he's not been a very healthy man, unfortunately. Too bad! Great musician and I bet a very cool fellow, isn't he?
miles smiles said on 25/Aug/07
A question for Editor Rob (or Glenn): Why do some names disappear from this site, like Ben Harper and the late, great Arthur Lee?

[Editor Rob: I ran a "cull" recently of the bottom 150 visited pages, something I done last year to replace with more well known names. The cull includes an exclusion clause whereby the page id is not reassigned if there is a photo associated with the id.

unfortunately, I hadn't changed the photo field in a lot of pages yet, so the 150 deletions included about 40 pages that had photos associated. I've no idea when or if I'll have time to fix it.]
miles smiles said on 25/Aug/07
I posted on the Mick Jagger forum that there are vids of Jagger and Kravitz standing next to each other looking the same height. Not sure about their footwear, though. I think it was a super-casual setting, so I don't think Lenny was wearing his heels. Of course, Jagger's true height still seems a bit of a mystery.
glenn said on 25/Aug/07
johnny winter hunches over big his prime and youth who knows? 6ft? i thought he was closer to my height with the slouch.ill ask him next month.i have a photo lost somewhere.
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/07
thank you, Glenn. We'll be waiting! And please don't forget about Johnny Winter. I hope we have him posted before this year comes to an end.
glenn said on 24/Aug/07
my first photo with this guy was 1990.2nd in 1996.both lost.3rd in 2006,but he was sitting in car.then this year i obtained one where he looks 5-11 in his big dress boots.ill post soon.
Daniel said on 23/Aug/07
Glenn, can we have any photograph?
MD said on 22/Jul/07
This may have to keep getting posted, but for adult males (both black and white) between the ages of 20 and 39, the average height is exactly 5'10". 5'9" is the average height taking into account all adults (including elderly) and all ethnicities.
glenn said on 22/Jul/07
exactly viper.30,40 years ago or more it was 5-8 i believe.
Viper said on 21/Jul/07
The official stats disagree with you. Average height in America is 5-9.
MHouillon said on 20/Jul/07
That's not true, the average height for males is not 5'9, it's 5'10 (178cm).
Pete said on 17/Jun/07
he wears big boots and also "chucks" so he seems he doesnt care about his height much.
Jon Doe said on 16/Jun/07
Ever since people found out the average height for males is 5'9 everybody thinks anything under that is really short.
PJ said on 1/Jun/07
He's 5'7 ... looks 5'8 with the fro. See my comments 6/3/06.
Viper said on 12/May/07
He does look 5-7, though Glenn says 5-9.
Nolifts81 said on 10/May/07
This man is short. He is 5'7" max. Is clear that he wears big lifts for to appear near 5'11"
UNK said on 10/May/07
The king of heels!
glenn said on 10/May/07
got a recent pic with 4th in 17 years.he looks 5-11 or more.but,he had tricky dress shoes with heels.
Canuk said on 10/May/07
Dude, he is a short man... he is NOT 5.9!!! He's like James Brown! 5.5 at most!!!!
G-unit said on 5/May/07
This guy is weird, sometimes he looks like a tiny little guy and sometimes he looks really tall
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
he is 5-9.i talked to him once while he was in sandals.
jimmy said on 21/Mar/07
lol i've seen him described in one newspaper at 6ft2 before, the power of celebrity is amazing. I'm pretty suprised to see his nearly 6 inches smaller than that.
UNK said on 9/Mar/07
He is no taller than 5'8" Kanye West, Click Here
UNK said on 22/Dec/06
Yeah, I've been pushing for 5'7.5"-5'8" for a while now. Years ago articles/sightings described in the 5'7" range. He never looks taller than that to me. You have to look thru his costumes which make him look taller.

Glad to see you bringing him under 5'9", Rob.
Marc said on 7/Sep/06
IMDb has him at 5'10.5"...but I rarely trust that site. Like Tall PD said, Adriana Lima is about 5'10, and in the subsequent pictures he posted, she seems to have about and inch on him. I'd say at most 5'9, probably less.
Tall-PD said on 19/Jul/06
Well Make your own conclusions. I think hes 5'9" without shoes.Here he is with Adriana Lima (5'10" +/-.5") Shes wearing flat shoes too. She might have an inch on him.
(Click Here)
(Click Here)
I love Adriana!!
PJ said on 3/Jun/06
I am 5'9 barefoot, I stood right next to him ... I was wearing Nikes and he was wearing sandals with about an inch platform ... I'm at least an inch taller. He is 5'8 at the very most.
OnCapeCod said on 2/Jun/06
I go with 5'8" he is VERY thin and must only scrape a buck forty five in weight his hair definitely increases his PERCEIVED height though.
MD said on 1/Jun/06
I agree. Even in his heals he seems to only scrape average height.
UNK said on 31/May/06
Still not convinced on this... he wears high heels every where and still doesn't appear that tall.
Glenn said on 29/May/06
I see him every week.looking between 5-10 and 6ft.caught him in sandles 10 years ago.he is 5-9.
PJ said on 26/May/06
I stood right next to Lenny in NYC yesterday, he is 5'8 tops (perhaps 5'7 because of the afro).
Height Detective said on 3/Mar/06

Besides Nick Lachey. That proves that he is at most 1.75...My question is : He was wearing boots or lift that day ? May be he is shorter... and second question. He is slouching a little , that may be prove that Lachey is short than 1,75 ?

I believe that in that time he forgot his boots.

In this photo , you see that he almost reach the 5.11 ft with boots besides 5.11 Lionel Ritchie.

Jonny grow lately said on 2/Mar/06
man im shocked i heard he was like 6ft 2 damn the tabloid press lies damn lies i tell you!
cendrin rovini said on 14/Feb/06
...maybe glenn can meet lenny one day, I don't think lenny kravitz is taller than 5"5', sorry...
UNK said on 22/Dec/05
Another good one on Lenny. Check out the heel on his white boots in the first pic. Then look at him next to 5'1" Geri Halliwell, who is in rubber boots with no heel at all. Again, can't be 5'9"... could he?

Heeled boot

Next to Geri Halliwell
UNK said on 22/Dec/05
Lenny with 5'1" Kylie Minogue. I KNOW you can't see their feet, so lets to this. Imagine Minogue has on 5" heels (unlikely) making her 5'6", and Lenny is barefoot (very unlikey). He still only has about 2 inches on her, and you know he has an inch worth of shoe on. Come on, there is no way this dude is 5'9".
Dominic said on 15/Dec/05
I heard an intervie in radio, and he personaly said iam 5'7'' tall.
I HATE that all short male promis make themself bigger as they are.
UNK said on 7/Dec/05
Actually, Mick looks quite taller than Lenny in the pic Lmeister posted. If Mick is 5'10", you have to get Lenny down to 5'8". My guess is 5'7.5", but untill we get total proof, I would say 5'8" or at at least 5'8.5"... the guy's is not 5'9".
Lmeister said on 4/Dec/05
At least I see more than one inch difference between Mick and Lenny...Ok Lenny is wearing Converse basketball shoes and Mick normal lookig dress shoes, but Lennys hat and hairstyle cancels that one inch difference...Rob U should downgrade him to 5'8''
MD said on 30/Oct/05
Lenny is under 5'9" (and that is obvious with his footwear), but I doubt any shorter than 5'7". I too think 5'8" would be a good compromise. He is an obviously under average guy.
Lmeister said on 30/Oct/05
Finally U are downgrading him. Getting closer to his real height = ) Personally I think he can be anywhere from 5'7'' to 5'9''...maybe 5'8'' would be a good compromise...
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Oct/05
I glimpsed a picture of this guy beside a fan when he was wearing trainers...hmm, I'm starting to think this guy not only has big heels, but something else inside his boots! Under 5ft 9 seems more plausible!
delfonic said on 19/Sep/05
5' 9,5" ??? Are you kidding? The guy is never in less than 3 inch heels, and still manages to just look average height compared to others! Lenny is the man, but is undeniably short, 5' 8" max.
UNK said on 14/Sep/05
5'10.5" Spacey is looking more than an inch taller... and you know Lenny has the heel advantage on him.{760f5a19-cbf6-4433-a662-a6eb832f23e0}
huney said on 25/Jun/05
sorry guys...i know Lenny personally and he's around 5'5"...5'6". His dad is also very short. His mother was much taller than his father.
Lmeister said on 9/May/05
I think this picture proves my point. Lenny is wearing boots with huge ass heels and is maybe half an inch taller than the Prince...5'10''- 2''= 5'8''+/-0.5
Lmeister said on 9/May/05
I totally agree with Well he doesn't look 5'9.5'' to me when using sneakers. I think he really is at least an inch shorter...
Well said on 5/May/05
5'9.5? not from the looks of that picture
boobyb said on 20/Mar/05
I met him, and I am 5-9 1/2 in bare feet. We are the same height. He does tend to wear heels, which give him the illusion of being taller.
JUSTMATT said on 27/Feb/05
Lenny is quite short, a friend of mine met him and told me that surely without shoes is no more than 5.7 max 5.8!

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